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Marijuana products may be purchased or possessed only by persons 21 or older. This product has intoxicating eects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the innuence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children.






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July 2020


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Concentrates have come a very long way and we wanted to showcase just how big of an impact the extract market has, with our annual Concentrates Issue cover! We tapped longtime Leaf contributor and frequent cover artist Brandon Palma for this beautiful and inspiring cover piece that makes us want to get right into it and heat up our reliable old torch. ILLUSTRATION by BRANDON PALMA for Leaf Nation | @8thDayCreate


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Editor’s Note Thanks for picking up this special issue of California Leaf! Our Concentrates Issue is my favorite of the year for one simple reason: I love dabs! My first dab was around 2011 - in the century old boiler room below the now closed Northern Cross Collective Gardens in Bellingham, Washington. I remember feeling the oil touch the red hot nail as the vapor burst into my lungs with the force of a thousand bong hits. The world closed in around me and I felt the reverberation of raw THC as it pulsed through my blood and into my mind, sending me away for the next few hours - humming with a high that was unlike anything else.



Over the last decade of publishing and working in Cannabis, I have personally seen the concentrate world evolve from homemade Rick Simpson Oil and open-blasted butane hash oil, to highly medicinal mono-cannabinoid extracts and vaporizable concentrates of all kinds, to being the precursor to a new world of edibles, topicals, capsules and more. For our Concentrates Issue we sought out the best examples of the different types of extractions, to share how they affect the body and the science behind the scenes. Concentrating Cannabis means exactly what it sounds like: taking a full plant and using a process or solvent to extract the purest essence of it. This makes it incredibly important to only consume high quality, pesticide tested concentrates. Quality concentrates have the ability to impart healing values that Cannabis flower alone cannot replicate, delivering a pure flavor and experience that captures the taste and effect of fresh Cannabis in a perfect dab. Look closely and you’ll see that concentrates cover every aspect of Cannabis - every product beyond flower - from medical to recreational uses and benefits. Our comprehensive Concentrates Issue covers the different extraction methods, terminology, ways to consume and much more. So take a dab, flip through this beautiful and informational issue, and learn something new that you can share with someone in need of Cannabis - as a plant and a medicine. And as always, thanks for reading and sharing the Leaf!

-Wes Abney juLY 2020


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policy & law

“In the midst of the many crises we face as a country, it is absurd that, under the federal Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is at Schedule I, along with killer drugs like heroin.”


-Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders calling for legalized marijuana and police reform.



Nevada in June became the latest state with legal Cannabis sales to pardon folks convicted of possessing small amounts of weed, reports the AP. The State Board of Pardons Commissioners voted unanimously on June 17 to unconditionally pardon anyone convicted in the past two decades of possessing an ounce or less. That was the amount allowed when Nevada began allowing adult marijuana sales in 2017.


eople across the U.S. continue to buy record amounts of Cannabis during the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all legal states declared both medical marijuana and adult-use dispensaries “essential businesses,” allowing them to stay open as lockdowns “THE MARIJUANA began, reports Dispensaries.com. Massachusetts, the lone exception, TAX FUND IS REALLY THE ONLY has since changed course. BRIGHT SPOT IN Oregonians bought a record-setting amount of Cannabis in May, THE STATE BUDGET according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. RIGHT NOW,” Sales increased 60 percent compared to the same time last year. For the first time ever, sales exceeded $100 million in one month, according to TJ Sheehy of the OLCC. “The marijuana tax fund is really the only bright spot in the state budget right now,” Sheehy said, reports Oregon Public Broadcasting. “In terms of taxable sales it was about $15 million that’s going to go to the school fund, city and county governments.” Oklahoma had records sales for the fourth month in a row. Consumers spent $73.8 million in medical marijuana in April. In May, state lawmakers passed a bill allowing dispensaries to deliver Cannabis, and also allowing out-of-state people to buy marijuana with a 90-day temporary card. Alas, Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed that legislation.





ortland, Ore. Mayor Ted Wheeler in June announced the city will redirect $12 million of Cannabis taxes away from the police department, and pledged the funds toward supporting communities of color. The move came just one day after the Oregon Cannabis Association called upon Wheeler to stop sending Portland cops budget funding derived from Cannabis tax revenue, reports The Morning Call. According to the OCA, police budgets received more than $2 million from Cannabis tax proceeds in 2019.

West coast



ublic Health Advocates is citing two new studies to argue that marijuana tax revenue in California should go to community-led public health initiatives and investing in communities of color, rather than going to more law enforcement. LAW ENFORCEMENT “Unfortunately, three years after AGENCIES HAVE AN UNHAPPY HISTORY OF (California voters legalized marijuana), elected officials have made DISPROPORTIONATELY decisions that are failing to meet these expectations and to reverse the TARGETING course of the War on Drugs,” cites one of the two reports released by COMMUNITIES OF the coalition, reports The Sacramento Bee. COLOR The reports come as California lawmakers are considering a Bureau of Cannabis Control budget request to fund an 87-member police force dedicated to cracking down on the state’s billion-dollar unlicensed marijuana industry. Advocates, citing the two new research papers, say that law enforcement agencies have an unhappy history of disproportionately targeting communities of color when it comes to marijuana enforcement. The UC Davis study, examining Cannabis arrests from 1996 to 2016, found that black people were nearly four times more likely to be arrested and charged for marijuana-related crimes than were white people.





eforming police departments should be coupled with ending Cannabis prohibition in order to better foster racial justice, said Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) during a Congressional hearing on June 17. At the House Judiciary Committee markup on legislation focused on policing, the congressman linked prohibition to some of the problems the bill seeks to address, reports Marijuana Moment. “One of the issues I’d like to take note of is our national drug policy right now federal Cannabis policy, essentially outlawing Cannabis,” Correa said. “As you know, when we talk about arrest disparities, over 650,000 Americans are arrested every year for violating Cannabis laws.” The Congressman added that black people are significantly more likely to be arrested for marijuana compared to white people, despite comparable rates of consumption.


San Francisco Cannabis dispensaries were robbed on the night of Friday, May 29.

July 2020


coveted Illinois dispensary licenses will soon be awarded to minority entrepreneurs.


million dollars ($110 million Canadian) was lost by Aurora Cannabis before ending its partnership with Alcanna in June 2020.


percent of its former value was lost by beleaguered multi-state Cannabis company Med Men.


medical marijuana patient authorizations have now been approved in Australia


dollars was the price paid by generic drug maker Perrigo for a 20 percent stake in Kazmira, a Colorado-based CBD manufacturer.


local NEWS

CALIFORNIA San Diego Creates New Cannabis Regulatory Agency Following in the recent footsteps of cities like Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Diego is the latest to add a new Cannabis specific agency to oversee their local Cannabis industry. This agency will be made up of nine full-time employees and be funded by a roughly $1 million operating budget.

Sonoma County to Expunge Cannabis Convictions When California legalized adult-use Cannabis in 2016, some felonies were downgraded to misdemeanors and misdemeanors were downgraded to infractions, or basically overwritten as no longer being illegal.


Southern Humboldt Cannabis Farm Possible Source of Covid-19 Outbreak


OUTHERN HUMBOLDT COUNTY Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich made a public statement on June 24 and danced around confirming an outbreak of COVID-19 within a group of workers at a Cannabis farm in Southern Humboldt. When asked point blank for confirmation of the supposed outbreak and for additional details around the case, she deflected and replied, “We don’t comment on particular infections in specific workplaces unless it’s relevant to public safety. Our recent cases that we have identified in general are still under investigation and I’m not commenting on them specifically.” Giving us no leads in her statement, it’s hard to say for sure whether there was an outbreak in Southern Humboldt. And if there was, that it emanated from a Cannabis farm. Cannabis farms pose a unique challenge health-wise as many utilize seasonal labor that travels to the area during harvest season.



Within the language of Prop 64 there was a measure that described how individuals with prior Cannabis convictions were eligible to petition to have their judgements reclassified or dismissed, effectively expunging their record. Sonoma County used software to identify 2,735 low level Cannabis convictions issued to 2,110 people that were eligible under the language provided in Prop 64. Of those people, 427 had misdemeanors eligible for complete dismissal and 1,713 had charges that qualified to be dropped to misdemeanors. Regardless of the legal breakdown on the backend, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch stated her desire to dismiss all 2,735 cases instead of reclassifying some and dismissing some. “The only way to truly provide justice for these individuals is to go beyond the requirements of the statute and provide complete dismissal in each of the cases,” Ravitch explained. “We are taking aggressive steps to assist those affected.” We hope to see more counties follow suit and step up in helping undo some of the injustices dealt to victims of the drug war. San Francisco expunged 9,362 records in 2019, and in 2018 Los Angeles expunged 66,000.

This organization will not only help the state with enforcement, it will also manage the city’s licensing for Cannabis businesses. “We will be doing proactive code enforcement where necessary and revoking permits for what we call ‘bad actors’ if necessary,” Assistant Deputy Director of the Development Services Department, P.J. Fitzgerald, explained. Despite there being 3.2 million people in San Diego, there are only five active retailer licenses in the city, although another five are on deck and waiting for approval to open. Only 11 of 40 production facilities are fully licensed and operational.

highly likely


H i g h l y L i ke l y h i g h l i g h t s Ca n n a b i s p i o n e e rs w h o p a ve d t h e wa y t o g re a t e r h e r b a l a c c e p ta n ce .

The argument could be made that Bob Marley was one of the most important driving forces in creating our modern Cannabis culture and ideals. And for that we should all be thankful, because Marley is possibly the best role model a culture like ours could ever hold up. That’s because he was as close to a pure musician and human being that we’ve seen in the modern era - with much of that owed to his spiritual practice.


B caliFornialeaf.COM

There’s the age-old joke about stoners having ‘deep conversations about meaningless subjects,’ but this actually speaks to something intrinsic to Cannabis’ effects on the human body, emotions and mind. That’s because alcohol and other drugs don’t necessarily cause one to introspect, to look inside, in the way that Cannabis does. So often, we tend to disregard this important sensation that could be called ‘religious’ - because that term falls woefully short and carries Spirituality is often divorced from THE FACT THAT MARLEY along with it all sorts the zeitgeist surrounding Cannabis. CONSUMED AND WAS of inappropriate Considering what this herb can do for SOMEWHAT OUTSPOKEN connotations. us as people, this is a mistake - and ABOUT HIS OWN LOVE And yet, there’s that Marley in many ways exemplified that. FOR CANNABIS, LIKELY special something in Because he imbued such a heavy the music of Marley LED MORE PEOPLE TO dose of soul and such a potent that even people who WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT message into his unique reggae don’t use Cannabis sound, Marley helped to popularize IT WAS ALL ABOUT IN THE have felt, perhaps the ideas and religious concepts of FIRST PLACE. helping them to Rastafarianism in the world. And understand on an he accomplished this in sometimes abstract level some of the feelings or sensations hidden, metaphoric ways through song. that Cannabis users achieve when they consume In Rasta culture, Cannabis is considered to the herb. be a sacrament - something that is used as a And, while there’s no concrete evidence of it, holy tool in ceremonies to bring people closer the fact that Marley consumed and was somewhat to God. The purpose for consuming the herb outspoken about his own love for Cannabis, likely isn’t to have fun, relax or party, but rather to led more people to want to find out what it was all concentrate one’s attention on higher things. about in the first place. It could be said that real Rastas do not For these and many other reasons, today we believe in using Cannabis for recreation, still regard Marley as a pure artist and someone considering it to be a superficial purpose. integral to our eventual acceptance of Cannabis as This is an interesting concept that we can all the holistic healer we see today. I hope you agree, explore. For example, many of us have likely but even if you don’t - it’s probably not a bad felt this gravitation toward thinking on higher idea to listen to his music the next time you light things in both subtle and overt ways when something up. we’ve been under the influence of Cannabis.

EFORE WE BEGIN, we must acknowledge that much of Marley’s image and religious philosophy have been perverted. There’s the cliched scene of his posters hanging in the dorm rooms of college freshmen, a large joint in hand and smoke wafting through the air. His name has been exploited by opportunistic capitalists in countless ways, marketing products to make money off of his image. Not to mention, the famous ‘greatest hits’ album LEGEND is the butt of many a music snob’s jokes. Taking a look a little under the surface and we see that Marley was in many ways a once-in-a-lifetime phenomena - an artist who single handedly embodied a nation, a musical genre and a religion at the same time. More importantly for our purposes in this column, he helped to define a different cultural mindset around consuming Cannabis. In the West, because of the clandestine nature of consuming and producing Cannabis, our way of thinking about this simple herb has evolved to mirror the way we think about alcohol. One consumes for fun, personal pleasure, to get ‘messed up’ in an (often vain) attempt to avoid thinking about life.

The iconic musician stands out in Cannabis history as a global beacon of positive Cannabis use July 2020


cannabis equity


Black Life in the Cannabis Industry

It’s June 2, 2020. Injustice is still happening all across the country to Black people. We’re dying by the thousands! Asking that justice be served to those who are accountable and laws are upheld to protect us. It’s done to no avail, but does it surprise me? No. Laws to protect the bodies of Black Americans have always been in question, even as Cannabis is being legalized at an alarming rate. Discrimination has no face and the Cannabis industry is no different.


ANNABIS’ HISTORY OF LEGALITY is deeply rooted in racism. But because the white men who dominate the industry say it’s okay to smoke weed and capitalize off of it, it’s okay. Black people are still imprisoned by the hundreds of thousands - all across the country - for something a white person can do at their leisure. They sell it, smoke it, grow it. Light up outside. On private property. With their friends. At parties. At festivals. At restaurants. On TV. In podcasts. In music. By the beach. While driving. Doesn’t matter. They get to wear it proudly. Bob Marley t-shirts. ‘One Love’ blasting. A joint hanging square off their lips.They get a slap on the wrist. We get a knee to the throat.




With furrowed brows, they’ll say you’re high. They don’t care about credentials or accolades. It won’t matter that you genetically engineered a strain. Or made it to the Cannabis Cup. Or that you’re a grower. Or a consultant. Your name won’t even ring a bell. Because less than a fifth of the people involved at an ownership or stakeholder level are black people. So, maybe they’ll ask you to step out of the car.

I am Bria Price. A gifted black, female writer from Baltimore, Maryland who proudly And it doesn’t matter uses Cannabis to heighten my creativity and battle anxiety. There’s nothing better if you’re Black and you than celebrating each day of creating and sharing stories, with soothing sounds, radiate the scent of weed a nice breeze and a fresh batch of Garlic Cookies. because you manage a dispensary, or that you can’t own on your own because you have a prior marijuana conviction. They’ll pat you down or slap you up. Which not only bans you from the industry Call the hounds. Invite some friends. but also limits your access to jobs, housJust to get a better whiff. Trash your car and ing and educational opportunities. So your when they find nothing - get angry. dream of operating one is lightyears away. Now, you’re resisting. For a “crime” that isn’t And that scent lingers with you to your car a crime and one that you didn’t commit. But you while you drive, although you haven’t inhaled were just committed to healing. The same freea puff since 7:00 that morning. But you dom for healing as everyone else. But now that needed that puff to battle the anxieties you same healing has cost you your life. knew you would face as you left your home They’ll draw a gun. Or a baton. Raise a fist. to enter America for the day. Or bury a knee. Slam you down. Or hem you up. It doesn’t matter that you were prescribed And when your family turns on the news the it. That it was by a proper doctor. Through next day, they’ll say you were just some thug with the right channels. Rehabilitated. Dosed it weed. Because your skin is Black and theirs is right. It won’t matter once you see those red white. Because to them it’s just “medicine,” but and blue lights creeping up behind you. for us it’s a “drug.” You’ll be forced to pull over. Even if it’s That is what we’re protesting about. And this for nothing, it’s something. When you roll is just a taste of what criminal injustice looks like your window down, even with your proper for Black people in the Cannabis industry and identification and even with both hands on around the world. the wheel, they’ll smell the scent. So for those of you asking what you can do, With furrowed brows, they’ll say you’re the answer is anything. Anything to end the high. They don’t care about credentials or systemic racism and injustice currently happenaccolades. It won’t matter that you genetiing. Donate to causes that are fighting these cally engineered a strain. Or made it to the injustices. Protest. Scream Black Lives Matter from Cannabis Cup. Or that you’re a grower. Or your rooftops. Spread the right information. Sign a consultant. Your name won’t even ring a petitions. Bail out the wrongfully accused and unbell. Because less than a fifth of the people fairly sentenced. Expunge minor drug convictions. involved at an ownership or stakeholder level Use your privilege as a shield against police are Black people. brutality. Expose the posers who don’t genuinely So, maybe they’ll ask you to step out of care for Black lives. the car. Chances are they’ll “need” to search Stop wrongfully accusing us. your car - without warrant. But you have to Stop judging us. Stop killing us. get out of it first. Maybe they’ll ask you to Let us live. Let us heal. Let us breathe. step out. Or they’ll yank you out.

stoner owner





DESPITE HIS GEOGRAPHIC PROXIMITY to the innovators of Silicon Valley, hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli prefers to look to the past. We spoke to the French-born, Northern California transplant about the appeal of hashish, the importance of terroir and affinage, and some of his favorite non-pot related ways of passing the time.

July 2020



I offer a workshop called “The Lost Art of the Hashishin” to teach everyone how they can make their own hashish using an inexpensive mini-washer and a set of sieving bags. The process, in a nutshell, is to collect Cannabis trichome glands using an ice water sieving methodology based on the traditional dry sieving technique and botanical science of glandular trichomes. Once the glands have been thoroughly dried, I press them with a source of heat into a mass of resin, which then goes through an aging process. The end product is hashish. I am very much like a winemaker who collects grapes to create wine. TELL US ABOUT YOUR NICKNAME, ‘THE HUNTER OF THE MELT’?

The melt is a U.S. term to define the amount of resin formed inside a trichome gland. Every one of us working with Cannabis resin is a hunter of the melt, whether it’s someone with a CO2 or BHO extractor in a cutting-edge lab or someone in the mountains of the Himalayas collecting resin on the palm of their hands. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER TRIED HASHISH, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE IT? The effect will be

somewhat different, depending on the cultivar and on the person smoking or consuming, but the experience is like being encompassed by a feeling of warmth and an energy of simple wellbeing. It is like a protective bubble from the outside world, a mind space that makes you if not impervious, at least much less vulnerable. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO OUTSIDE OF CANNABIS?

Traveling would be on top of that list. I gave everything to be a nomad for 18 years of my life. There was nothing more magical than being in a place where everything was new, where your awareness is on constant overdrive from the daily novelty of living within a foreign culture. I am fascinated by ancient history, art and cultures, so I love libraries, museums and ancient ruins. My ultimate stress releaser is dancing. To dance and really get lost into the beat has been a favored pastime STUCK AT HOME AND WANNA MAKE HASH? since forever. However, to tell the CHECK OUT DIY VIDEOS truth in ‘normal times’ there is little AND WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS I do that it is not connected to YOUTUBE.COM/FRENCHYCANNOLI Cannabis. I have little time left and FRENCHYCANNOLI.COM there is still so much to learn. WHAT IS THE CONCEPT OF TERROIRS AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR HASHMAKERS? Terroir is more than

a concept - it represents respect and love for the land and its diversity. Terroir is a philosophy based on the combination of the land, the climate, the cultivars and the farmer. It is a dedication to quality and exclusivity exemplified in the culture of food and wine. The word expresses the uniqueness of every region and its products. It is the delicate symbiosis between the environment, the plant kingdom and the humans who nurture and enhance the characteristics of the land. Our planet is an abundance of terroirs that have been lost to a great extent due to agricultural industrialization and the globalization of the food industry. A Stoner Owner is a Cannabis business owner who has a relationship with the plant. We want to buy and smoke Cannabis from companies that care about their products, employees and the plant. You wouldn’t buy food from a restaurant where the cooks don’t eat in the kitchen, so why buy corporate weed grown by a company only concerned with profits? Stoner Owner approval means a company cares, and we love weed grown with care. Look for the Stoner Owner stamp when purchasing fine Cannabis, and let’s retake our culture and reshape a stigma by honoring those who grow, process and sell the best Cannabis possible.


Kaitlyn Isaac


W H O ’ S Y O U R FAV O R I T E B U D T E N D E R ? T E L L U S W H Y ! E M A I L N O M I N A T I O N S T O N A T E @ C A L I F O R N I A L E A F . C O M



Sanctuary for just over four months now. I think what really separates us most from others is our customer service. You can go to other dispensaries around and get in and out, but here we really try to make a personal connection with our patients to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. THERE IS A TON OF AMAZING FEEDBACK ABOUT YOU ONLINE. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS? I’m

honestly so flattered! I give my all when it comes to helping others. The fact that these patients come in, and take the time out of their day to let both management and others looking for a new dispensary know what a great experience is waiting for them here, really makes me feel like I’m doing my job well.


WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? WHAT DO YOU LOVE THE MOST? I’d have to say the best part of my

job is getting to meet new people. I’m a very social person, and Cannabis is a big topic of discussion. I love helping patients find the best medicine that suits their specific situation. Everyone’s different, so when I connect with them, I can really get an understanding of their needs and can always get them exactly what they’re looking for.



say my favorite product right now is going to be PB&J by Fire AF. They are a local brand here in Sacramento, which is awesome and they are all about clean, fresh meds. I love that moment when you first open the jar and the aroma just hits you; you can tell they take pride in their work and it definitely shows with the products they produce.



The Sanctuary 2500 Grand Avenue, Sacramento CA | (916) 254-3287 | TheSanctuarySac.com While still somewhat of an industry newbie, Kaitlyn Isaac recently began employing her naturally gifted talent of taking care of those around her at The Sanctuary, a medical and adult-use licensed dispensary in Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood. While new to working in Cannabis, she’s no stranger to providing outstanding customer service.

jUly 2020

I can say that Cannabis has had an unquestionably positive impact in all aspects of my life. I have dealt with some traumatic experiences, which has left me with really bad anxiety and causes some extreme attacks, so the fact that I’m able to help manage that with Cannabis - instead of some heavy prescriptions - is amazing. It’s opened up my mindset and understanding of who I am, and has allowed me to experience new parts of life I may not have been able to before. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Definitely

the stigma that’s behind it. I think if people really took the time to educate themselves more and research all the benefits of Cannabis, it would change the negative connotation some have about it. It would make more people feel comfortable making their own decisions towards it, to try it and benefit from it firsthand.


the clear


lead botanist & co-founder

COURTNEYMALTAIS FOR THIS MONTH’S CONCENTRATES ISSUE, I had the absolute privilege of interviewing Courtney Maltais of The Clear. Not only is she the lead botanist and co-founder of this legendary extract company, but she is also the founder and biologist at her own consulting firm - CM Botanical - which is “dedicated to educating the public on Cannabis, as well as advising business owners on manufacturing, micro-propagation practices, and product formulation.” How did you get started in the Cannabis industry?

What advice would you give to your younger self knowing what you know now?

Trust your gut - intuition may not feel practical or calculated, but in time will help in leading you towards the kind of individuals and companies that align with your ethos. By following my passion for the plant, I have met so many profound people in my life; educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and warriors of the war on drugs. At the same time, the industry is still blooming and there are a lot of shifts to come as it matures. This means there is still a lot of work to be done to refine industry practice and respect the plant, and most importantly respect the people that have suffered from prohibition. Don’t let that overwhelm you, this is a movement bigger than we can comprehend and you have all of the determination and heart to carve out a space there. Love your Cannabis sisters fiercely and support them all. The network of femme Cannabis business owners and professionals I have found myself in has been so rewarding for me both on a personal and career level. In an ever-changing space, with regulatory changes, and all the ebbs and flows of the newly legalized system - you need to surround yourself with hardworking, accountable, and creative individuals who have each other’s backs. Cannabis is a catalyst for change, and it’s crucial to honor that by reshaping corporate and workplace culture into something that protects the disadvantaged, and empowers us all to do better, and be better.




My relationship with Cannabis stems back to when I was a teenager - it was a way to connect with my peers and create intimacy with friends that may not have expressed themselves without encouragement from consuming Cannabis. I was always a sensitive and curious kid, and Cannabis only enhanced that within me. Exploring the natural world through the scientific lens was that much more fulfilling when Cannabis was involved. I think the mind has such a deeper capacity for empathy and making connections you never considered before experiencing Cannabis. Cannabis also played a major role in my healing process after getting diagnosed with an immune disease when I was in my early twenties. At the time there were few options for relief, and Cannabis helped in reshaping both my perspective and physical health. In 2013, after graduating, I picked up and moved from New Hampshire to California. I had been discussing loose plans with my friends and business partners, Chris Barone and Brian Maltais. Greatestchallenges&successyou’vefacedinyourcareer? We fused our skills in science and engineering with our love for the One of my greatest successes is my ability to inspire others about the Cannabis plant. That Spring, The Clear™ was debuted biology of the plant - and the limitless applications for April 20, 2019 at Hempcon in Northern California. I the plant, from roots to resin. “I HAD NEVER had never imagined I would have the opportunity to Since I was little, I have always had a sort-of IMAGINED I work with this plant - still to this day, I am so grateful romance with science, and to be able to apply that to WOULD HAVE THE for the opportunity to be part of an industry with such a the Cannabis plant is humbling. OPPORTUNITY TO large cultural, political, and ecological shift. Without our curiosity, the plant would remain in the WORK WITH THIS brush, fruiting and living on in the wild without us. It What was your mission and vision in is with the human touch that we discover the true poPLANT - STILL TO tential of our relationship with flora and fauna. Which founding The Clear™? How has it changed THIS DAY, I AM brings me to the greatest challenge of my career over the years? SO GRATEFUL FOR - helping to shift stigmas, empower the people, and At the time we started producing distillate oil, concenTHE OPPORTUNITY give back to the earth. trates on the market were questionable at best, with little TO BE PART OF AN We have the power to structure how we grow, proto no testing regulations. We wanted to create a product INDUSTRY WITH SUCH cess, infuse, and sell this plant, as well as who sells that offered accuracy in dosing, potency, but most imit, and the efficacy of all of those processes. We have portantly a clean alternative for Cannabis patients (now A LARGE CULTURAL, the ability to choose the companies and investors we patients and consumers). POLITICAL, AND partner with, the products we consume, the products One thing that has remained through all of the ECOLOGICAL SHIFT. ” we choose not to consume. changes, is our collective obsession with innovation and The choices we make now will play a role in the technology in the Cannabis space. Whether its in mangrander landscape. It’s almost like I’ve made it my duty to protect the plant ufacturing, cultivation, or product formulation - we are always looking to like my queen, her subjects like my people. It is my responsibility to reach refine methods and connect with scientists and industry leaders to push out to business owners and consumers to educate and give them the tools boundaries and find exciting new ways to offer the highest quality CBD to think critically about these choices. and Cannabis to the world.



July 2020


SHOP review

Nestled in the city of McKinleyville and only about two miles from the Pacific Ocean, Satori Wellness began serving its community March of 2018. Derived from the same ownership as OG skateboard wheel and hemp clothing brand Satori Movement, the front half of their dispensary is both a skate shop and clothing store. The dispensary is compact, brightly lit and packed to the gills with Cannabis products of all kinds. Between the relaxed and friendly staff, the intimate interior and high grade products gracing the shelves, the good vibes are felt in spades.


Extensive would be a serious understatement when discussing any portion of Satori Wellness’ menu. Stocked to the brim with over 50 flower options from all over the state, over 130 concentrates of all different kinds, 150 plus edible options ranging from purely medicinal tinctures to classic sweet treats, more than 30 topical products, and an insane seed catalog that regularly clocks in at over a 100 different varietals, Satori Wellness’ menu will leave absolutely no customer disappointed. Pricing as a whole is approachable and with a huge range of products, every budget has options to pick from here.

OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY’S FINEST, WITHOUT A DOUBT. Satori Movement was founded in 1998 as a hemp apparel and lifestyle brand with deep roots in the then burgeoning skateboard scene. Owner Craig Nejedly, a California native, Cannabis farmer and skateboarder, launched the dispensary in 2018 after 20 years of creating consciously crafted wares for skateboarders and hemp enthusiasts worldwide. Nejedly is also the proprietor behind Talking Trees Farms, a well-known sungrown Cannabis farm based in Humboldt, and High Grade Distribution, a Cannabis wholesale and distribution business. Their extensive menu and collaboratively focused High Grade Distribution brand clearly indicate a strong desire to work with and support their industry peers across the state.

The budtending staff at Satori Wellness consists of 10 dedicated ‘cannaisseurs.’ Executive Director Kate Haenni explains, “We host budtender training sessions through our vendors as well as in-house budtender appreciation events.” Staff is carefully selected and every budtender here has had either retail experience, Cannabis experience, or both. Unlike many dispensaries, ownership and management here not only condones but encourages product sampling “so that budtenders can better understand what makes each product unique and help each customer make the most informed decision,” says Haenni.


With an absolutely stacked menu, a friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff, a plant-touching owner, and a unique and approachable storefront you could bring your grandmother to without hesitation, this little shop just north of Arcata Bay is one of Humboldt County’s finest without a doubt. The menu alone is worth skipping others to shop from, but all of the other positive attributes present equate to an experience that is greater than the sum of their parts. 100% positive I will be hitting Satori Wellness up any time I’m passing through the area - forever.





Sisu Extracts This Humboldt County based extraction and wholesale company has been quietly busy building themselves into one of California’s powerhouse processors. July 2020

True leaders are few and far between, but without a doubt, Wynne is one of them.




isu - a Finnish word meaning grit, bravery, stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, resilience and hardiness - is the mantra of and driving force behind Sisu Extracts. More specifically, the aforementioned is a form of courage that is typically presented in situations where success is unlikely. Without a doubt, the team at Sisu Extracts honors their name, having rode the rollercoaster of going from three founders and two assistants working 24/7 in a 550 square foot warehouse, to a fully licensed and legal company with 70 employees that moves through 3-6,000 pounds a week out of a 13,000 square foot building - all in the span of only two years. That’s resilience and determination if I’ve ever seen it. The world behind the scenes at Sisu is certainly a unique one. Seemingly effortlessly, the company maintains one of the most positive and genuinely fun cultures I’ve come across anywhere in Cannabis. From an industry insider’s perspective, you would never guess that California’s leading distillate producer would weave the best aspects of Cannabis culture into the very fabric that makes up their company.

This high energy and visibly happy staff is led by power couple owners and co-founders Joe Wynne and Shannon Byers, along with partner and CEO John Figueiredo - but the source of much of the staff’s energy comes from Wynne, who serves as Co-Founder and VP of Business Development. Here this big smile wearing, mustache rocking, smooth talking ball of energy displays a deep passion for his craft and, armed with razor sharp wit and an incredible charisma, motivates and empowers his team in a way I’ve never seen. True leaders are few and far between, but without a doubt, Wynne is one of them. It’s as if the company’s staff are all feeding vicariously through Wynne, drawing from his insane energy level and using it to go about their jobs with a fervor rarely seen in the modern era. The team regularly holds staff meetings, led by Wynne, at which there is a closing ceremony that involves chanting together, drumming their hands on their knees, and then letting out a great collective roar, followed by cheers and applause. There is a tangible air of excitement amongst the entire team here, felt from the moment we set foot in their space. Everyone from the social media manager to CFO to their lab assistants greeted us with a smile, genuinely interested in who we were and why we were there. When it came time to get the team organized for the photoshoot, a buzz swept through the building as staff members eagerly piled in to be part of the shoot. This was very clearly a team full of individuals that love their job and who are grateful to be part of not only the rapidly growing Cannabis industry, but a rapidly growing company within that sector that’s being piloted by dedicated, intelligent and highly motivated leadership. >>




Sisu Extracts is one of the highest grossing Cannabis companies in Humboldt and, according to a company representative, last year accounted for a full 1% of the area’s GDP. In 2018, Humboldt County’s GDP was $1.2 billion, which, assuming it was roughly the same in 2019 and based on that 1% figure, would mean that Sisu contributed somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 million. Sisu has been running an ad campaign on billboards in and around the Emerald Triangle that pushes a simple message: “Sisu Pays More.” Between this ad campaign and their own efforts, they began doing business with 150 new farms last year, bringing their total number of partnered farms to over 325. THE NUTS & BOLTS




“Originally, Sisu began working with local farmers in Humboldt County, but as their operation grew and the demand for their services along with it, they began buying from and selling to a number of California’s larger Cannabis companies.” THE BUSINESS

There is no question that Sisu Extracts is successful in its business. From day one, the goal has been to provide a variety of need based services and products to the industry. It all began with the desire to solve the issue of inconsistent quality and availability of Cannabis distillate. For years, edibles manufacturers and vape pen companies had to source material from a variety of processors to meet their oil supply needs. Often, a processor’s product quality level or availability would change and suddenly, a new supplier was needed to ensure production goals were met and the business stayed on course. Sisu’s focus is producing clean, consistent, 90%+ THC product to supply the industry with, however they also do toll processing, cart filling

July 2020

and formulations. They provide bulk Cannabis distillate to some of California’s biggest brands. The sheer volume of product they’re moving through is astounding. If they’re moving through 4,500 pounds per week on average, that’s 234,000 pounds a year. Almost a quarter million pounds of weed will make quite a lot of distillate. Originally, Sisu began working with local farmers in Humboldt County, but as their operation grew and the demand for their services along with it, they began buying from and selling to a number of California’s larger Cannabis companies. After our facilities tour, the team invited us out for drinks and dinner where their top salesman casually showed me pictures of a 100 acre farm on the central coast - where there were light dep greenhouses as far as the eye could see.

ll of Sisu Extracts impressive feats are built upon an unlikely cornerstone: distillate. While it’s not what the headiest consumers will have packed up in their Pelican cases to pair with their $10,000 dab rig, distillate might be the most widely consumed form of concentrate on the market today. Serving as the base for all flavored cartridges, almost all edibles and even used by hydrocarbon processors as a cutting agent, distillate is used in massive quantities by hundreds of businesses across the state. Sisu Extracts has had both the hardware and know-how to clean up tainted material for years and uses their multi-step processing techniques to create clean, usable product from something that would to most be deemed unusable and thrown away. This has proven to be a hugely valuable skillset for the company to possess, with reports of 10-30% of flower grown in Northern California and 50-70% grown in Southern California being unable to pass required analytical testing in concentrate form. To handle this workload, the team at Sisu custom built a 600 square foot C1D2 laboratory within their facility to handle the massive output of oil they’re called upon to provide for their partners. The hardware employed to get the job done is a diverse array of equipment from Delta Separations, Permacool, Infinity Filters, Bizzy Bee, Across International, Summit Research, Thompson Duke, SS Brewtech and more. All their hardware is wired with probes for data collection, giving their company end to end tracking ability - a huge asset that gives them the ability to dial in their efficiencies at every level of their process. In fact, they employ a team of data analysts to constantly monitor their processes and adjust at the presence of any outliers, keeping them streamlined and efficient. They’ve also developed their own custom software built around their business. SISUEXTRACTS.COM FOLLOW @SISU_EXTRACTS


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Choosing a career in Cannabis will show you that many of your peers and coworkers are, publicly or not, medical patients. Having an invisible illness requires you to work to maintain order within your body at all times - not just when it’s convenient. When Emily and I met, we instantly bonded over our love for dabs and shared desires to sneak off to medicate with our Puffco Peaks. Not only is Emily an incredibly knowledgeable and effective saleswoman, but she was also crucial to my assimilation into the California Cannabis industry, training me to manage accounts and perform vendor days for a concentrate producer and farm out of Humboldt. This Washington native is no stranger to the wide range of benefits from Cannabis, in fact, she was also a budtender for one of the largest dispensaries in San Diego - Urbn Leaf.Â



jUly 2020



How has your life changed since switching over from western prescriptions to holistic medicine? What are some of the other herbs and supplements besides Cannabis that you use to help manage your symptoms? Having a Lordosis spine from a young age, I was in and out of many different specialists and doctors. Lordosis usually affects your lower back, neck and spine, causing in my case nausea, pain and muscle spasms. During this time of my life it was also causing serious infections inside my body. Because of this I was placed on medication after medication. Throughout this time, I noticed that these medications weren’t helping and seemed to cause more problems and side effects. When I was old enough, I decided to stop taking prescription medications entirely. Not only because I felt that the pills didn’t work, but also because I felt as if I was being experimented on instead of helped which in return caused more discomfort. When I discovered Cannabis I found instant relief. Relief from pain, relief from anxiety and relief from depression. It was completely astonishing how a beautiful little plant that had such a bad stigma could do such amazing things. It was clear that traditional western medicine was not helping. At that age I didn’t realize how much Cannabis would change my life for the better! As my knowledge of Cannabis grew exponentially, I began to reach out for more holistic ways of living. I began to use essential oils for not only medicinal use, but everyday products and household cleaning. This changed my world and my overall health and happiness. Completely removing chemicals and toxins from my life, I eventually switched to all chemical-free living. Besides my occasional checkups and visits to the chiropractor, I am in perfect health - thanks to Cannabis and other natural alternatives.

The convenience of dabs is essential for people who experience chronic pain and need immediate relief. Why do you prefer rosin over other types of concentrates? When I first started using extracts for my condition, I was using a more affordable product such as BHO. This was mainly because that was the best quality available at the time. As the Cannabis industry grew and developed, I discovered what I enjoy consuming the most is a solventless extract. Hash and rosin extracts became my go-to. I found more relief and consistency. I believe that rosin and ice water hash provide more medicinal value due to high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes that are coming from the original plant. As I began to consume more concentrates, I realized quality products that are clean were vital for my consumption and the instant relief that comes with dabbing. Does Captain Crunch like the smell of Cannabis or dab smoke? Snakes are unique creatures. They actually smell through their mouths/tongues, which is their vomeronasal organ. Captain doesn’t seem to mind the smoke or me smoking. She’s very social and just enjoys being around people in general. I have seen her flick her tongue and seem curious to smell it, but unbothered. As an artist, is your work affected by the symptoms you experience? How and what do you do to help negate this? As an artist I tend to smoke during my work. This helps not only with the creativity, but also with any distractions or pain I may be experiencing while I’m working. This could range from having my rig next to me for easy dabbing access, or rolling joints to have in hand while I paint and create. I do have to say, my back does hurt from time to time while I work and I have to take small breaks, depending on what position I’m in.

Forbidden Fruit helps you to feel more creative, but is known to not yield well. Would you dab some Blue Dream if you were offered to help boost your artistic flow? I don’t think I’d be passing on a dab, but I do have to say, Forbidden Fruit is undeniably one of those beautifully unique strains. It gives you a superb euphoric high while still being stoney enough to keep me grounded while creating my art. The creativity is off the charts right along with the terpenes. I’m usually always open to trying new strains of concentrates, but for me personally, Blue Dream hasn’t done the trick. If I were to look for an alternative to Forbidden Fruit, I would look for a similar strain cross. Something with Tangie or Cherry Pie that is seen more frequently in the concentrate world. Patients use cannabis for medicine, and access to this precious resource is incredibly important. How does it make you feel when you see influencers online taking full gram dabs as challenges? I will always be a huge advocate of the medicinal use of Cannabis, but I also can’t deny the fact that I enjoy smoking recreationally as well. I prefer some sort of education and information from all Cannabis influencers, but I’d never judge someone for taking a Cannabis challenge and having fun with recreational use - as long as it’s on safe terms. Has the coronavirus affected your social dabbing habits? Are you more or less likely to smoke out of someone else’s rig in public or at a sesh? During these uncertain times, for now seshes have been put on hold. Just to ensure the safety and health of not only myself, but the whole Cannabis community. I’ve always been the person to have my own mouthpiece or alcohol wipes at public seshes. Using these precautions not only during Covid-19 - but throughout all social gatherings and seshes - is important.





Lit House Farm






At Emerald Cup 2019, after almost two full days of shaking hands, lighting up and inspecting well over 100 different strains cultivated in every style imaginable, I met Kris Harris, the cofounder of Lit House Farm. There at his booth, he had an array of several different flavors whose tantalizingly frosted buds, still on the stem, beckoned from large glass jars. I began to chat with Kris and he invited me to give the flowers the smell test. We continued to converse as I moved from jar to jar, inspecting the aroma of each one and upon encountering the Lemon Lava, I was stopped in my tracks. I knew immediately this was a truly special cultivar and a rare find. This unique strain was developed by OG California powerhouse breeders Phinest Cannabis and Colorado’s own Cannarado Seeds. Lemon Lava is a cross of a phenotype of Archive Seed Bank’s Lemon Heads (Lemon G x Face-Off OG BX1), hunted by Lit House family friends and Cannarado’s Lava Cake (Thin Mint GSC x Grape Pie), brought to life in Phinest Cannabis’ facilities in 2018. Lemon Lava gives off a complex and intensely aromatic bouquet of citrus and sweet dough, with undertones of fresh cut flowers and fuel. The medium bodied smoke reveals an equally complex experience that starts off with big lemon and orange rind flavor, then does a 180° turn into sugary grape preserves and sweet bread, finishing with a touch of gas. Effects come on quickly, delivering a balanced and creative experience that is both heady and energetic, but not racy, while also providing a long lasting full body high that I can only describe as hefty. This strain is perfect for anyone that loves the aroma and flavor profile of classic thin-leaf varietals, but is wary of the sometimes anxiety inducing effects. By allowing the bright citrus profile to shine, but backing up the cross with the heavy handed Lava Cake, Lemon Lava truly offers one of the most well rounded and enjoyable smokes I’ve come across to date. BRED BY PHINEST CANNABIS @PHINESTCANNABIS IN COLLABORATION WITH CANNARADO SEEDS @REALLYCANNARADO (Lemon Heads x Lava Cake)

the concentrate issue

Dabbing101 The Tools


RIG: pipe or water vessel for consuming your Cannabis concentrate or extract.

Choosing a dab setup will come down to personal preference, but water filtration will enhance almost any session. Be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse your rig frequently for the safest and smoothest smoke. ISO alcohol (or bong cleaner) and some warm water should do the trick!

BANGER: the quartz, cup-like device used to hold and heat your Cannabis concentrate or extract. CARB CAP: a lid-like device used to trap heat and move air around in your banger or nail. This provides a more regulated draw from each dab.


TERP PEARLS: tiny, quartz balls used in your banger when dabbing. These aren’t essential, but may enhance your experience by spreading around the warm extract. E-NAIL: an electronic device used to keep your nail or banger at a continuous temperature without the use of a torch.


TORCH: used for heating up your nail or banger. TEMPERATURE GUN: used to monitor your nail or banger’s exact temperature and provide a personalized dabbing experience. DABBER: the tool to scoop and serve a dab with. COTTON SWABS: swabs (like Q-tips) are essential for cleaning your nail or banger after each dab.

Quality titanium, borosilicate glass or quartz tools are a must to avoid breakage and potential off-gassing when touching your warm nail surface. Similarly, it’s smart not to skimp too much when picking out your nail or banger. For an effective carb cap, make sure it covers the top of your nail or banger and includes a hole to pass air through. A heat source will be required to put all of these tools to work. If you’re just getting started, try looking into different types of creme brulee torches for an affordable option. Top of the line torches, heat wands and E-nails offer added customizations if you’re ready for the next step. Temperature is king when it comes to taking high quality dabs. THC is thought to vaporize at normal atmospheric pressure in the range 250-400º F. Terpenes will vaporize at a range of different temperatures, but are generally thought to have boiling points in the ballpark of THC. This dab devotee recommends starting out around 350º F. Temperatures as high as 550º can yield substantial vapor with minimal flavor loss, so just work your way up to a satisfactory experience based on flavor, vapor and overall effect.

Terminology FRESH FROZEN: material that has been flash-frozen fresh off of the plant to preserve the ‘live’ profile and/or potency. LIVE: a term used for products made with fresh frozen material and in reference to the plant’s potency and terpene profile while still living. FULL SPECTRUM: the ‘full’ range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds present in a particular cultivar. FULL MELT: also referred to as ‘melt,’ this term is used for hash of the highest quality. The melting reference pertains to the product’s cleanliness and ability to ‘melt’ fully without leaving plant residue on the nail (see Six-Star). SIX-STAR (6*): a numerical hash rating system from one through six developed to determine quality. The system is based on how factors like cure, contaminant, water content and more affect the overall ‘melt,’ with six-star being the highest quality. CRC: an abbreviation for color remediation column (or cartridge) used in reference to an added process some producers employ to filter extracts of color and other compounds. HTFSE: an abbreviation for high terpene full spectrum extract.

Types of Extracts BHO: an abbreviation for butane hash oil, this type of extract is pulled from the plant using butane as a solvent. PHO: an abbreviation for propane hash oil, this less common type of extract is pulled from the plant using propane as a solvent. CO2: an abbreviation for carbon dioxide, this type of extract is pulled from the plant using supercritical CO2. DISTILLATE: a high-potency, essentially odorless extract that’s been stripped of plant compounds like terpenes and waxes through further refinement after original extraction. HASH: resin (mechanically) collected from the Cannabis plant. Hash can range from smokeable to dabbable, depending on quality and presence of plant matter in the final product. ROSIN: generally made from hash, rosin is the product of heat, pressure and a system of screens to filter waxes and plant matter. Rosin is the product of further hash refinement for a cleaner dab.

jUly 2020


It’s no surprise, either, as new products emerge monthly featuring bright packaging and bold claims. If vaporgate and the flavored vape scare/ban has taught us anything, it’s that we should all be more conscious about what we inhale and allow inside our bodies. Many of us look to Cannabis to help medicinally and the last thing we want is for our harmless plant to become a negative input for a healthy life. Looking to take a deeper dive into the golden pool of concentrates? Study up on these more advanced topics to make sure your dabbing experience is safe, healthy and happy. Temperature is critical.

Think of dabs like Goldilocks with her porridge. She didn’t want to go too hot or too cold - but right in the middle. Taking a dab at the right temperature is important for both flavor and effect. Terpenes and cannabinoids break down at high temperatures, so too hot of dabs taste burnt and cause unwanted harshness and coughing. We recommend starting at a low temperature and slowly working your way up to a comfortable range for your dabbing setup. The perfect dab can be broken down based on desired effects. THC boils at 315 F, CBD at 356 F, and THCV (diamonds) at 428 F. Terpenes are combusted in all of these ranges. Low temperature dabbing is generally 350-450 degrees, with medium temp dabs running 450-600 degrees. The perfect zone depends on personal preference and type of concentrate, but we never recommend getting hotter than 600 degrees - that’s harsh! Advanced dabbers will use a laser thermometer to dial in their heat, but don’t feel like you have to get super scientific to get high. If it’s red hot, don’t do it! Wait until the temperature on a banger feels warm to the hand when held a few inches away, not hot. This is a good rule of thumb for taking a low temp dab. Remember: If it’s too cold, you can always reheat!

Don’t hold that hit!

Contrary to the old adage, you don’t have to cough to get off! It’s actually bad to hold dabs in and you definitely don’t get any higher. When taking a dab, the recommended inhalation time is one to five seconds. But an easy way to think of it is like taking a deep breath. Breathe in deeply and breathe out naturally, without an unnatural pause. The reason? The vapor released as concentrates expands and then quickly compresses after being heated and cooled, a process you don’t want to hold into your lungs. Holding your breath for longer than five seconds also deprives the body of oxygen - and you’ll be needing that oxygen to breathe through that big dab you just took!

When Cannabis is processed for concentrates it is being concentrated into a pure form. Think juice concentrate as a condensed version of a bigger jug of fresh juice. When concentrates are made, the end goal is to refine cannabinoids and terpenes for effect and flavor, but any residual pesticides or chemicals will be concentrated as well. We recommend only dabbing concentrates that have been pesticide tested in a laboratory. Most states require this, but some like Washington do not require pesticide testing. Never dab or consume concentrates from a black market or non-laboratory tested environment! Consuming chemicals, pesticides or solvents could definitely cause health complications.

Residual Solvents

If you are consuming a concentrate made with a hydrocarbon like butane or propane, be sure to check the parts per million (PPM) info on the packaging. We recommend consuming concentrates under 500ppm of residual solvents, although the best amount is less than 50ppm. While many regulations allow up to 5,000ppm of solvents in recreational concentrates, we know that rules don’t always protect consumers. Also, never dab homemade concentrates or oil that has not been tested! It’s not worth the risk of consuming solvents that have not been properly purged and lab tested.


Advanced dabbers will use a laser thermometer to dial in their heat, but don’t feel like you have to get super scientific to get high.


From everyone who first heard about dabbing as a dance move, to the absolute stoniest of Cannabis consumers, there are endless questions about the world of concentrates.

Pesticide Testing

There are a couple basic rules to enjoy the best experience with a cartridge. First, ask the budtender if it is cut with any solvent or look on the packaging. We recommend avoiding anything cut with propylene glycol, especially for patients, because there are safer and healthier options available. Also, avoid anything with an artificial sounding flavor like blue raspberry or waffles. Look at the vape package to see if the flavor is naturally derived, and if so, go for it. While there are no rules currently governing flavors in e-cigarettes or Cannabis cartridges, we feel that strain specific and naturally processed options are the best! Vaporization can be one of the most desirable and pleasurable ways to consume Cannabis, especially when discretion counts. You should not vape indoors wherever it is specifically prohibited, such as on an airplane or bus. Feel free to use outdoors when your vapor will not bother others or be near children. Consumers will find a variety of battery options, from disposable types that have a non-rechargeable battery and last about 200 hits, to ones with USB charging capabilities and adjustable temperatures.

Check out Concentrates Issues from around the Leaf Nation this month Issuu.com/nwleaf



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How Dabs Are Made As you exhale those tasty terpenes from your last dab or vape pen hit, do you ever wonder: How did some genius turn a green plant into a beautiful golden oil? The following is an attempt to explain this Cannabis complexity in the most basic terms possible.

jUly 2020

Step 1

The extract process refers to pulling the THCA, CBD and terpenes from the plant matter. This process typically uses a mix of butane and propane to break the trichomes - tiny little sacs that form on the leaves and buds that contain the THCA and terpenes - from the plant. This is done by basically freezing the plant and snapping off the trichomes. Butane and propane drop below freezing when exposed to air facilitating this process. The Cannabis is frozen and then poured into large sacks that fit into long extraction chambers.

Step 3

When completed, processors end up with a large pyrex pan filled with several hundred grams of concentrates. From here the product can go in two directions...

These large chambers are carefully bolted into an extraction machine that will allow the gas to travel through the Cannabis, removing the trichomes, fats and lipids.

If it is high quality and desirable to be dabbed, it heads for packaging where a jar is placed on a scale and a weighing technician carefully weighs out one gram, seals it up, and packages for sale on your local rack. At Dabstract the scale was hitting 1.2 grams on every jar! If it is not of high quality, the oil will be further purified using distillation. This process involves running the oil over a heated glass cylinder. At different temperatures, certain compounds are able to be removed including THCA. However, when exposed to the heat of glass walls, the THCA is converted to THC and all the terpenes dissipate. The oil is run through this process several times until the desirable level of clarity is achieved.

Step 2

After the gas has traveled through the Cannabis long enough to extract the majority of the THCA and terpenes, crude oil is expelled. This crude oil needs to be winterized, which is done by combining the crude oil with liquid ethanol, and then frozen or run through a roto-Vape, a device that winterizes at a faster rate. The freezing process separates the fats and lipids from the THCA and terpenes. After winterization is complete the final process begins, called purging. The oil is placed into vacuum ovens that heat at very even rates throughout and purge the extraction gas from the final oil. This process takes several days and will result in a dabable product containing less than 500 parts per million of residual solvent, or in many cases, zero parts.

This final product can be used in the production of edibles as well as vape pens. At Dabstract they use HTE, High Terpene Extract, which is strain specific and blended with the THC to make pure Cannabis vape cartridges and pods. The blended liquid is heated a little so it is more viscous, using calibrated machines and injected into the cartridge for your vaping pleasure. DA B S T R ACT.C O M | @ L A B S _ O F _ DA B S T R ACT



the concentrate issue caliFornialeaf.COM



ne of the most exciting new companies the Cannabis industry has produced of late is TruSteel, an extraction solutions company and manufacturer based in Grass Valley. If extraction is part of your business plan, this is a company you need to know about. In terms of hydrocarbon extraction, we’ve come a very long way in a short time. First there was open blasting, then came selectively adapted and modified botanical extraction equipment and cooking hardware, then eventually the first closed loop systems were built in the late 90s. Fast forward a couple decades later and we’re looking at an entirely different landscape in the world of Cannabis concentrate production. What was originally pioneered and shared by the nerdier (and maybe braver) Cannabis connoisseurs has now been rocketed into the next dimension with the help of recreational legalization. These days, in order to run a legal lab you have to satisfy multiple state, city and county agencies, having them sign off on your facilities, operating procedures and equipment before you can obtain a license. And even after jumping through the hoops to get licensed, many continue to operate in the same old fashion they always did - not realizing that we are living in a new age and the game has changed. Today, data is everything. Every aspect of a process can be traceable and essentially nobody is taking advantage of all the data you can capture while extracting Cannabis. TruSteel saw the gap in the market and have stepped up to fill it in a big way.

We caught up with Ray Van Lenten, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at TruSteel, to learn more about the company, their hardware and why it’s so revolutionary in the extraction world.

jUly 2020

Q&A | Ray Van Lenten

TruSteel Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

THE CUTTING EDGE Exploring Automated Scaled Extraction at TruSteel | Grass Valley, CA How would you quantify TruSteel as a business? We like to think we’re shifting more towards a solutions based company, rather than a product based company. We pride ourselves on educating our customers and working with them to get them exactly what they need. We’re an OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. We have found necessities in the Cannabis and biopharmaceutical extraction market and aim to fill that gap with a standardized product. How and when did TruSteel come to life? I founded the company in 2015 and made a lot of connections, having figured out how to make distillate early on when the tech was still underground and information on the subject was not widely available. I handled a lot of toll processing contracts and built a really great network that way. AB266 came into play in California and legalization started progressing. My interests shifted and I got bored processing. The most exciting part of it for me was building bigger, newer, more efficient machines. We incorporated in July 2017, just Andrew and I, in a 2,800 sq. ft. warehouse. Our first product was a 12x28 jacketed vessel, a really simple but versatile product. At the same time, I was experimenting building falling film evaporators to replace the rotovaps we’d all been using. With each order of vessels that

came in, I’d get a few new parts and pieces to build the prototype falling film. I demoed the first unit and someone bought it on the spot! At the time, this technology didn’t exist elsewhere. I knew we could change the game and so we set out to build the first five production model AV15s. After those sold quickly we began working on the bigger, fully automated AV30 and it’s just taken off from there. What type of equipment is TruSteel currently manufacturing? Our main focus is around the cold ethanol extraction market, but we also specialize in post-refinement techniques such as short path distillation, chromatography and color/pesticide remediation. Our equipment was designed around the industry standard basket centrifuge flow rates, so we focus mainly on systems to support this. We have an inline solvent cooler with adjustable temp down to -55 C, filtration, solvent recovery, decarboxylation and wiped film evaporators - all designed to be able to run stand alone, or we can package them together with tanks and all the pumps and process piping necessary to build one big networked system. These usually range from 100-300lbs per hour, but we can do anything from 15 up to tens of thousands of pounds per hour. We’ve also designed our machines to be compatible with pretty much every liquid (at room temp) solvent for maximum versatility.

What sort of efficiency can someone expect when operating one of your machines? That’s a good question and one I’ll counter with one of my own: How are you quantifying efficiency? We see 99%-plus recovery efficiency with our solvent recovery machines - it’s our standard. As in, if you put 100 gallons of solvent in, you should be recovering over 99 gallons of solvent with one of our units. We also have the most compact machine with the highest throughput per square foot. Are TruSteel’s units designed for hemp processing, Cannabis processing or both? Definitely both. There has been a niche market for ethanol processing for the THC side, but I think hydrocarbons are really the pinnacle of that world. However, our equipment still shines when it comes to supporting post-refinement techniques like crystallization and remediation on the THCa side. Did things change for the business when COVID-19 hit? We have really bolstered our installation documents and processes. We have been able to install a lot of our equipment almost entirely remotely and the project management team has done a fantastic job adapting to this scenario. We are able to work with the client and their local contractors to get the job done. So far our customers have been really ecstatic about it. One of the unique things about our software is that it has a remote access feature, so we can log in to a client’s machine from across the globe and help them troubleshoot if needed.

Is there anything on the horizon for TruSteel we should know about? A lot of cool stuff is in the works! We have a fully automated, continuous 300lb per hour pilot plant that only requires two operators launching soon. The technology is infinitely scalable as well. We have broken away from the batch style basket centrifuges and adopting a continuous version, all with cleanability and impending FDA regulations in mind. It boasts 98% cannabinoid extraction efficiency and also renders the waste material that comes out completely inert, unlike the basket centrifuge. Without flammability risk the waste material becomes easily transportable and also compostable, or available as feed stock for a local farmer. We are working hard to tap into international markets as well. We’re pretty close to obtaining our CE mark on the AutoVap, which includes ATEX and a ton of other European standard certifications it’ll be a year long process by the time we’re done, but well worth it. Another big change for us is switching from prototyping in real life to designing our machines entirely from our in-house developed SolidWorks library. It has really advanced our creation abilities and allows us to run flow simulations and all the calculations necessary to design a fully functional plant. We can also generate lifelike 3D animations and exploded diagram views for our manuals directly from the models. We are already in the pharmaceutical market and are hoping to tap into food and beverage, and nutraceutical industries soon as well. We are building all our equipment to be extremely compliant with all agencies and new regulations, including the FDA and UL. And we are always working towards more domestically produced components. We are currently about 80% domestic with our supply chain and trying to support jobs in America - doing our best to work with local businesses and community outreach.

“We see 99%-plus recovery efficiency with our solvent recovery machines - it’s our standard.” CO-founder & CTO Ray Van Lenten


the concentrate issue

The world of Cannabis concentrates is constantly evolving, making strides in developing new techniques and hardware each year. While this is our first time producing this Concentrate Issue for California, we’ve been making this special edition in our other markets for many years and each time we do, we learn new things about this fascinating subsect of Cannabis. In the following section, we dive in with an educational look at extract lingo, break down each type of concentrate and analyze some real world examples, not to mention learn more about some of the leading companies in the field.

Whole Plant Extract Whole plant extract describes a type of oil generally made from ethanol or grain alcohol with not just the buds, but the water leaves, stalks, roots and sometimes other parts of the plant as well. This type of oil is usually dark in color, has a very high viscosity and is extremely potent and medicinally beneficial. Whole plant is also known as FECO, or full extract Cannabis oil. It is also referred to as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), though technically RSO is a more specific term referring to a type or brand of whole plant extract.


Aunt Zelda’s Blue Berry Diesel THC Extract 70% THC, .4% CBD @auntzeldas | auntzeldas.org


Aunt Zelda’s produces whole plant extract using organic ethanol to create potent, clean and strain specific medicine. Crafted in small batches, they take great care in producing intentional, healthful products for California’s adult-use market. Unlike many other whole plant extracts, Aunt Zelda’s are not blends of different Cannabis strains, but made from a single cultivar. This is a huge benefit for medicinal users who are looking to quantify what really works for them in order to treat their specific ailment(s). This Blueberry Diesel THC extract appears black until you get it thin enough to reveal the reddish amber hues hiding within. The oil has an almost spice rack-esque aroma to it and my grain of rice sized blob presented flavors of rich earth and nutmeg, with a touch of the bitterness of slightly immature berries. I ate the blob after dinner and roughly 30 minutes later began to feel the effects come on, and after 40 minutes they had fully set in. Instead of staying up later than I should, as is the case most nights, the sedative and heavy-handed high directed me to settle in early. The following morning I woke up feeling more rested than usual and ready to tackle the day.

jUly 2020

Emerald Bay Extracts Pineapple Kush Indica RSO and GG4 RSO Full Spectrum Tablets Pineapple Kush RSO | THC- 69.72%, CBD- .76% GG4 RSO Tablets | 400mg/package, 10mg/serving @emeraldbayextracts | emeraldbayextracts.com

The bright minds and kind hearts at Emerald Bay Extracts have been producing their full spectrum, whole plant products for medicinally minded California consumers since 2017. Their oil is made using food grade ethanol to produce the highest quality product available. Just this year they launched an innovative new product for the market that’s been changing the game for whole plant medicine users - RSO infused tablets. These GG4 tablets are measured to a precise 10mg each, which removes a lot of the guess work out of the dosing aspect of using raw oil. The Pineapple Kush RSO smells like that good-good from back in the day - potent, skunky and herbal. The flavor is rich and spicy and within only 15 minutes of ingesting a small dab of the oil orally, its potent effects began to spread throughout my body. Within 30 minutes I was feeling significantly medicated off the grain of rice sized dose I consumed. The oil is carried in a high quality glass syringe with a twist-off resealable top - great for keeping its surroundings from getting sticky during travel.


Brite Labs Blue Dream Jelly Wax 65.8% THC | @britelabs | britelabs.com


A rare treat in the world of concentrates in 2020, it’s not every day you find full spectrum CO2 oils available to dab and not in a vape cart. High quality CO2 dabs are hard to achieve, but when done right, they are one of the cleanest and most effective forms of Cannabis oil out there. The Blue Dream Jelly Wax from Brite Labs presents with a gorgeous bright golden-orange hue and is easily manipulated with a dab tool - with the higher viscosity being a solid indication of a high terpene presence. Once agitated, a sweet, floral and subtly gassy aroma emerges from the oil. When dabbed at low temperatures off of clean quartz, the flavor is a complex mix of lavender, bubblegum and light fuel. Before I’ve even had time to thoroughly pick apart the flavors, I’m inundated with a creative, balanced, uplifting and motivating high. The ownership at Brite Labs are firm believers in delivering healthful, full spectrum products that maintain the full spectrum of naturally occurring bioactive compounds of each strain they work with.

Himalaya CBD 1:1 Cartridge 43.1% THC, 38.1% CBD, .99% CBG @himalaya.vapor | himalayavapor.com

CO2 Extracts

Himalaya’s CBD 1:1 oil is proudly made in small batches in their Sacramento lab using fresh frozen, full spectrum grown Cannabis, sourced from farmers across Northern California.

CO2 extracts are considered one of the cleanest forms of concentrates because by nature, CO2 is a gas at room temperature - meaning your end product is guaranteed to be residual solvent free. CO2 extracts generally retain a fuller and more complete profile than their hydrocarbon counterparts.

Their Originals line of oils are 100% Cannabis derived and CO2 or CO2-hydrocarbon blends, free from PG, PEG, MCT, VG synthetic terpenes, artificial flavors and pesticides. The oil is an attractive and bright yellow-gold color that begs to be consumed. This CBD 1:1 cartridge is subtly very effective and provided a noticeable calming effect after only a couple small puffs. The oil has a pleasantly medicinal, cherry lime-esque profile and the vapor it produces is light bodied and easy on the lungs. With minimal psychoactive effects, Himalaya’s CBD 1:1 cartridge is the perfect option to take the edge off without impeding one’s ability to stay focused and productive - making it a great choice for daytime use.


the concentrate issue

Hydrocarbon The industry standard for Cannabis extraction, hydrocarbon extracts are created by using solvents such as butane and propane to strip the plant material of its desirable compounds. Remaining solvent is then purged from the oil using vacuum ovens.


Untethered THC-A + Tractor Beam High Terpene Extract THC-A | >99% THC-A, Tractor Beam | 7.64% THC, 19.77% Terpenes @untethered.me | untethered.me


Untethered is bringing a new approach to the world of high end dabbing: mix and match for customized effects. Offering almost completely pure - we’re talking >99% - highly refined THC-A and high terpene extract pairings allows users to dial in each dab for a desired effect. Instead of your typical concentrate where each dab is essentially identical, Untethered’s products bring a more tailored approach. They are offering graded THC-A diamonds of both small and large facets to pair with an array of high terpene extracts, with everything from your morning espresso level thin-leaf profiles, to couch locking classics, to more flavor driven offerings in various new school exotics. The oils are strongly aromatic and display incredible clarity. The effects of even a modest chunk of THC-A and a dab of Tractor Beam (Death Star x Sour Diesel IBL bred by Redwood Remedies) instantly blasted me off into a cerebral and energetic high, backed by a noticeable body buzz. The effects come on fast and impressively strong - a little bit goes a long way here for sure. Getting ‘Untethered’ is truly a unique dabbing experience and a product line I plan on keeping in my head stash moving forward.

jUly 2020

Cali Kosher GG4 Sauce

82.91% THC | @calikosher | calikoshercannabis.com This GG4 sauce from Cali Kosher is so white it’s almost clear. Having almost certainly been treated with the latest color remediation technology, the resulting oil is highly refined, potent and almost entirely color-free. The wet crystals beckon from the jar and as I get closer, I can detect notes of fresh pine and fuel. The consistency allows for a dab to be readied securely and easily, melting into an almost perfectly clear puddle in a low temp quartz banger. Instantly, the tried and true GG4 profile jumps out and all the classic glue complexities that weren’t present and accounted for in the aroma come through in a big way. The vapor was smooth and medium bodied, with the resulting high being stoney, loose and stimulating the appetite. Beyond this crystally, chronic concentrate, it’s worth noting that Cali Kosher is not only Kosher certified Cannabis, they also meet EnvirOganic standards.


Live Resin

Live resin is a form of hydrocarbon extract with different enough input material, processing techniques and end product to warrant its own designation. Live resin, simply put, is utilizing only fresh frozen material during a hydrocarbon extraction. Liquid nitrogen may also be introduced as a method of flash freezing.


Wox Extracts Banana Punch Live Diamond Sauce Cart 76% THC, 6.88% Terpenes @woxextractracts | woxextracts.com

Wox Extracts, operating out of Humboldt County, is delivering intensely flavorful, high quality live resin extracts that are nothing short of delicious. While also offering their live resin in dab form, these tasty looking carts deliver an amazing flavor and are every bit as effective as their torch and nail driven counterpart. The hit from these high quality ceramic cartridges is on point and offers a smooth function and no funky off-taste that occurs in a lot of low grade hardware. Wox live diamond sauce carts have been specially formulated to never ‘crash out,’ a process by which THC crystals known as diamonds form within an extract - meaning this oil will maintain its consistency and liquid volume. The Banana Punch is exactly what you’d expect from the strain: fruit forward with a sugary sweet and banana Runts-esque profile, and well rounded hybrid effects. Within a minute or two of taking my first puff, I felt my mood elevate and a pleasantly heady but clear high creep in. Tasty, effective and conveniently mobile - win, win, win.

Absolute Xtracts Blueberry Muffin Live Resin 79.4% THC | @absolutextracts | absolutextracts.com

This fresh frozen derived live resin is absolutely bursting with huge sweet berry and bready aromas that jump out at you from the moment you crack the jar. The Blueberry Muffin is literally overflowing with terps, bringing a consistency of wet sugar and so many terpenes that they’re leaking into the jar beyond the gram lump of concentrate they were originally a part of. The vapor is smooth, medium bodied, intensely flavorful and strongly reminiscent of freshly baked blueberry muffins. In moments, a smile effortlessly crept across my face and my shoulders relaxed. The high is felt prominently behind the eyes and offered a calming effect mentally, allowing my normally overdrive speed brain to slow down and work through one thought at a time. The Absolute Xtracts line of live resins - especially this Blueberry Muffin - are available in both dab and cartridge form, and are well worth seeking out.


the concentrate issue

Solventless Solventless extracts are made without the use of volatile solvents and are instead crafted using ice, water and mechanical separation techniques. Hash, rosin and kief all fall under this category.


Papa’s Select Holy Nana Crack #2 90u Water Hash


@papas_select | papasselect.com

Ah, hash, the timeless form of Cannabis concentrate that has connoisseur grade appeal for both new school dabbers and old heads alike. The delectable blend of terpenes and cannabinoids found in this jar was cultivated in living soil by Sabertooth Farms (@sabertoothfarms) and isolated by the team at Papa’s Select - both out of Humboldt County. This incredible Holy Nana Crack #2 water hash (Banana OG x (Green Crack x Big Sur Holy Weed bred by Jesse Dodd @biovortex) is almost pure trichomes. Within seconds of exposure to room temperature, the heads will congeal into a pile of terpy grease. Preparing my dab while still in the freezer, the heads are easily pressed into a thin sheet with just the fingers and parchment paper. Big aromas of sweet guava come charging out from the parchment as I ready the trichome pancake for dabbing. My hash flag melts down beautifully and releases a light bodied vapor that has me stoned before I’ve even finished my exhale. The flavor is both delicate and complex, with rich tropical fruit, notes of banana, coffee and dark chocolate - definitively unique.

jUly 2020

CaliStripe Concentrates Strawberry Banana Live Rosin Batter

3.5% D9 THC, 84.2% THCA, 2.4% THCV, 3.9% CBGA | @calistripeconcentrates CaliStripe Concentrates is a Type 7 licensed processor based out of California’s Central Coast, producing small batch hydrocarbon and solventless extracts for the adult-use market. A medical holdout, the brand used to be known as CandyStripe Concentrates in the days of Prop 215, serving patients for years before making their move into full compliance and legitimacy as a recreational Cannabis company. That said, their tight knit team are no newbies when it comes to producing high quality concentrates, and this Strawberry Banana hash rosin is no exception. As soon as you crack the jar you’re met with decadent candied strawberry aromas that gradually develop into a more complex banana-Runts-like bouquet. The cultivator, Mendoja Farms (@mendojafarms) is proudly displayed on both the jar and the box it comes in, a trait I don’t see very often amongst concentrates in California, but very much appreciate. The flavor is a mouthwatering blast of sweet and funky fruit, and within moments my eyelids got a little heavier and my mood elevated, leaving me feeling creative and relaxed. As is typical with proper hash rosin, the effects were noticeably full bodied and felt similar to smoking really high quality flower.


Kingpen Cuvee Cookies Distillate 74.99% THC | @kingpen | kingpenofficial.com

The Kingpen Cuvee Cookies is such a pungent blend that you can smell it straight through the cartridge.

Legion of Bloom Cannabis Oil with 100% Cannabis Terpenes

78% THC, 2.9% CBG, 5.71% Terpenes @thelegionofbloomca | thelegionofbloom.com

The Monarch line from Legion of Bloom is a blend of 100% strain specific Cannabis derived terpenes and high potency distilled Cannabis oil. The cartridge is fashionably branded on both the tank and the bottom cap, with the unit constructed from ceramic, glass and stainless steel. The oil it houses is a pale gold color and when using the company’s battery hardware on its lowest heat setting, one puff stopped me in my tracks. The flavor packed into this cartridge is absolutely phenomenal! Dragon Fruit is Bodhi Seeds’ (@bodhiseeds) Super Silver Haze x Snow Lotus, and is an absolute joy to inhale. With strong landrace lineage, the flavor has that classic vibe - where a rich tropical fruit, zesty lemon, lime and pine haze profile delivers a heady, uplifting and creative high. Legion of Bloom took home 1st and 3rd place trophies for their Monarch distillate cartridges at the 2019 Emerald Cup last year. And after a few more puffs of the Dragon Fruit, I am realizing why - this may be the best distillate product I’ve ever experienced.

Sweet and floral aromas are apparent on the inhale, whereas the exhale brings a mix of spice and earth. The vapor is thin and easy to take large rips of without inducing coughing, while the high is relaxed, mellow and heady - a good option for evening decompression. Kingpen’s oils are made without any additives including PG, PEG and VG. Their sharply designed packaging is fully recyclable or reusable to protect your vape hardware on the go. Kingpen was founded in 2014 when the owners of Greenwolf, one of Los Angeles’ most renowned dispensaries, saw a gap in the market where pure and potent vape cartridges were failing to be consistently available. Today, they are one of the most widely distributed brands in California, available from licensed dispensaries and delivery services all across the state.

Distillate Distillate is distilled Cannabis, usually in oil form, that has been stripped of waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and other compounds in order to concentrate a single cannabinoid - usually THC or CBD. Distillate can be made from various types of concentrates, but is most often refined with ethanol.



cooking with cannabis


A strange summer this is sure to be. There are lots of things to think about important things that may actually make the world a better, safer place. Whether you are staying home or safely venturing out, the right strain of Cannabis makes a world of difference. I’ve been enjoying Roasted Garlic Margy from Noble Farms. For me, this strain is a combination of staying clearheaded yet remaining calm. Particularly these days, I can get uncomfortably racy from a strain - but not this one. It’s the best of both worlds. #DontFearTheEdible #BlackLivesMatter




In a small bowl combine the water, lime juice, fish sauce, canna-oil,

In a blender combine all ingredients except the chocolate syrup. Pour into glasses and stir in a heaping tablespoon of chocolate syrup. 2 cups chocolate milk


1 banana, peeled, sliced and frozen 4 tablespoons malt powder

BÁNH MÌ is a Vietnamese street snack made with a baguette and filled with a variety of ingredients. When I am in a rush, I toss the chicken with soy sauce, lime juice and canna-oil, then pile on the veggies. This sandwich is light, yet satisfying. Pro-Tip: Get the best bread you can find.

1 tablespoon cocoa 2 teaspoons canna-coconut oil Chocolate syrup

[Serves 2]

GUACAMOLE AVOCADOS have become popular because of the tremendous health benefits, as well as the great taste. Guacamole is a great way to showcase this wonderful fruit, yes fruit, and medicate at the same time. Remember to keep the pit in the guac, drizzle with lemon juice and keep covered tightly with plastic wrap to preserve it.

July 2020

garlic, soy sauce and sugar. Place the bread on your work surface. Drizzle the cut sides with the dressing. Lay the sliced chicken breast on the sandwich and top with the shredded vegetables and any remaining sauce. 2 tablespoons water

2 six-inch pieces of baguette,

1 tablespoon lime juice

sliced in half horizontally

2 teaspoons fish sauce

2 chicken breasts from rotisserie

2 teaspoons canna-oil

chicken, cooked, or thinly sliced tofu

1 teaspoon sesame oil

½ cup shredded cabbage

1 small clove garlic, minced

½ cup shredded carrots

1 teaspoon soy sauce

Sprigs of cilantro

1 tablespoon sugar

[Serves 2]

In a medium bowl mash the avocado. I think leaving it lumpy is a good thing. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. 2 large ripe avocados, soft when pressed 2 limes, juiced 4 teaspoons canna-oil ½ small red onion, diced ¼ cup finely chopped cilantro 1 small tomato, seeded and chopped (optional) Salt [Serves 4]






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FAST-ACTING MILK CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES Founded in 2015, Satori is a popular California Cannabis confectioner that specializes in delectable edibles.



Satori’s line of chocolate bars, bites and mints, carried in numerous dispensaries throughout the state and beyond, are now joined by a product that seemingly answers one of the biggest issues facing edibles consumers today: When is this thing going to kick in? Science tells us that when we normally eat an edible infused with Cannabis, it must first travel through our digestive system before the active ingredients (THC, etc.) reach the bloodstream, then the liver, and eventually, our brains. However, a new category of products known as sublingual edibles, such as lozenges, are able to kick in faster because they dissolve directly into the mouth’s mucus membranes. Satori’s new fast-acting strawberries rely on a nano-emulsifier known as VesiSorb. The inclusion of VesiSorb within each bite enables consumers to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients and phytocannabinoids within more efficiently. Simply put, Satori’s new bites are a chewable edible that hits in minutes, not hours. Dosed at 3mg THC and less than 2mg CBD per piece, Satori’s fast-acting bites cut the experienced consumer’s usual wait time in half. Thanks to each bite’s modest dosage (tins come packaged with 33 doses), one can start slow and sustain an ideal high for several hours by redosing at periodic intervals. As for flavor, the chocolate is certainly tasty. Those who turn their noses up at the scent of terpenes should also be advised that these bites definitely taste like weed. Fortunately, the dominant flavor is that of sweet strawberries, which Satori sources from alpine growers in Italy. For those who hate the guessing game of quantity and timing when it comes to edibles, this new item from Satori is truly a godsend. Given they’re retailing for only $20 a tin, expect this impressive addition to the Satori family to be flying off shelves for a long time.

S AT O R I C H O C O L AT E S . C O M | @ S AT O R I C H O C O L AT E S

July 2020

Satori’s new bites are a chewable edible that hits in minutes, not hours. STORY by ZACK RUSKIN @ZACKRUSKIN | PHOTO by NATE WILLIAMS @NATEW415

ALTHOUGH WE KNOW that topically applied THC is typically non-psychoactive, those of us who have experienced chronic pain know the feeling of relief that follows when the pain subsides and can sometimes induce a state of euphoria almost as if one were experiencing a high.





hronic pain manifests in a diverse spectrum of incarnations, but can leave you debilitated and unable to perform daily tasks depending on the level of pain. It’s crucial to those with chronic pain and inflammation to find products that not only relieve their symptoms, but can also be used to prevent flare-ups. Those exact results were delivered by Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Lotion. The 1:3 THC-rich topical solution features a laundry list of ingredients that worked quickly to soothe, with the most notable being organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, purified water and fresh pressed Cannabis extract. In addition to numerous other extracts, terpenoids, esters and oils, these ingredients were thoughtfully blended together with the user in mind. According to the box, this blend is specifically good for “skin conditions, inflammation and redness.” What’s most intriguing is that the lotion is made with freshpressed rosin, which was, until now, unheard of in the Cannabis-infused skincare world. The chlorophyll that is extracted into rosin isn’t desirable for smoking, but as an antioxidant it works wonders for skin health. Lower back soreness is smoothed over with a small drop of this lotion that leaves no sticky residue - a common problem for other formulations on the market. Aches and swelling were reduced to a slight tingling feeling, which is a good indicator that the product is absorbing. Efficacy of ingredients, paired with the aromatherapeutic effects of the Cannabis and citrus terpenes, rounds out the incredibly healing experience. Not only was the pain relieved, but the Releaf Body Lotion also left the skin feeling soft, moisturized and renewed. The only problem faced when trying this product was that it almost worked too well, and shortly after applying the lotion I jumped up in excitement and re-injured myself. Clumsiness is not cured by Cannabis. All jokes aside, Papa & Barkley’s products are imbued with integrity because their original formulation was made for their family’s patriarch, Papa, who suffered from debilitating back pain. The combination of Lower back physical therapies, as well soreness is as the healing powers of smoothed Cannabis that allowed for over with a Papa’s return from hospice, small drop of inspired founder Adam this lotion Grossman to create the Releaf line. that leaves no When taking care of those sticky residue we love the most, we tend to only give them the highest quality ingredients, which is why Papa & Barkley pledges to be the “standard of clean in Cannabis.” Using only organic, solventless, triple-tested ingredients that were farmed with regenerative practices is what truly sets Papa & Barkley apart from your average company. It is evident from the way the lotion goes on and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth, to the feeling of pure bliss when the pain truly subsides, that this brand is devoted to healing the world - and most importantly our loved ones, with Cannabis.

topical OF THE MONTH

PAPA & BARKLEY Releaf Body Lotion

tannins &terpenes






You can find over 20 unique rotating taps just off the shore of Long Beach at Beachwood Brewery and BBQ. No strangers to flavor, the founders of Beachwood are just as passionate about their cooking as they are about their brewing. As connoisseurs of fine meats smoked low and slow, they apply similar philosophies to their selection of rare beers. The house brewed milk stout, Udder Love, earned a Gold Medal in 2012 at the Great American Beer Festival’s Sweet Stout category - undoubtedly for it’s rich, smooth and creamy combination. They “begin with British Maris Otter malt for a toasty foundation, then layer on three different types of British roasted malts for coffee and bittersweet chocolate flavors.” Finished with a creamy milk sugar, this luscious stout is the perfect introduction for anyone looking for a taste of the darker side of brews. TERPENES | HUMBOLDT MARIJUANA CO.



Humboldt Marijuana Co. has a dedication to craft Cannabis that is apparent through not only the quality of their product, but also every other aspect of their brand. Attention to detail is taken at every level, from sourcing high quality and sungrown Cannabis, to showcasing their bright company culture via vibrant social media imagery. For such a smooth hit, the GMO Cookies live resin still serves up a K.O. in the terpene department. If you’re looking for the highly sought after sweaty gym sock flavor, mixed in with raw garlic and a hint of gassy lemon, look no further than this cultivar. 1.65% d-Limonene | 1.65% b-Caryophyllene 0.7% a-Caryophyllene



The combination of the Udder Love and GMO Cookies may leave you craving a sushi dinner after feasting on this dessert-y pairing. *California Leaf Warning* Anytime you combine two substances of any kind, you have to be extra vigilant of the effects. We strongly recommend conducting pairings in a safe and private space, in small quantities with friends. Always use a designated driver or have a plan to get home safely.

July 2020

Sipping sweet undertones rounds out the funky pungency of Humboldt Marijuana Co.’s GMO Cookies. Served on a low-temped quartz nail, the two flavor profiles expand together to form a unique umami flavor, reminiscent of soy sauce. The combination of Beachwood’s Udder Love and GMO Cookies may leave you craving a sushi dinner, after feasting on this dessert-y pairing. Here, the calm and relaxed high soothes both your body and mind, blending seamlessly with the modest ABV of the milk stout.






EMERALD BAY EXTRACTS Sierr� Nevad� Cannabi�

Strain Specific Full Spectrum Oil syringes - Tablets - Tinctures www.emeraldbayextracts.com @emeraldbayextracts

A Nation Divided I rubbed my eyes, stumbling into the living room. The sun was already shining brightly through the open windows and I winced in pain from the light, fishing blindly for the TV remote. My days were losing their rhythm. Grounded by Covid there seemed to be little need for the tracking of time. The kids were out of school indefinitely and most of Washington state was still in Phase 2 of the quarantine, which meant bars, restaurants and most gathering places were still shut down to the public.


I clicked on CNN for my morning dose of trauma. I had written in my last piece that the cabin fever was turning into something more insidious and it seemed I was not alone. Gone were the Covid stats and streaming medical updates that had dominated the news networks for the last several months. A new tragedy had caught the world’s eye…


Eleven minutes of inhumanity. Eleven minutes of shame and persecution had awakened an entire nation to the ugly truth of racism in America. Covid had created the perfect conditions, but George Perry Floyd was the match that lit the fire. Tens of thousands of protestors worldwide hit the streets the masks they wore to protect them from the disease now protecting their anonymity as they gave voice to the Floyd family’s injustice - some peacefully, some through violent opposition.


Confederate monuments across the nation were destroyed, buildings burned to the ground as citizens abandoned the confinement of their homes to stand arm in arm.

Several square blocks of Seattle, including a police precinct, had been completely taken over and was now occupied by protestors who had successfully managed to keep the police out of what was dubbed the ‘Free Zone’ - later modified to C.H.O.P. or Capital Hill Occupied Protest. Nothing had been particularly unique about those 11 minutes. What was unique was how well they were documented. Militarized policing had been having a disproportionate effect on minority populations since the Reagan era drug wars, but for many white Americans the George Floyd video was a startling introduction into what was for many others a sad fact of life. As often happens in times of tragedy, our home streets of Washington seemed to be pervaded by a new sense of unity. Blacks and whites were finding new commonality, united in their belief that people deserve to be treated fairly, humanely and above all, equally. While what was going on was clearly a race issue, it was also displaying the systemic and large scale inequality in this country. Black, white, yellow or brown, if you were born poor in America, statistically speaking, you would die poor, too. It’s was hard to have equality in a system where 1% of the people owned all the resources. There was no clear solution, but one thing was evident: Americans were waking up. A new generation would be in charge soon and change was in the wind...

July 2020



by Mike Ricker THE SHITUATION Remember that dude on Jersey Shore who called himself The Situation? Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with him. So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us pontificate. As kids, it is safe to say that for most of us the proverb ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ was stuffed into our mushy little brains as much as the Cookie Monster stuffed Oreos into his stoned mouth. In fact, cookies is now as much of an imperative word in the Cannabis vernacular as wedding cake, which makes a lot of sense. Weed gives you the munchies. And the word munchies is synonymous with cookies and cake. Man, I’ve gotta get a handle on my life. I am getting way off the subject. That mushy brain has become quarantinged. Anyway, people are broke. They are lonely and depressed. There will be no festivals to attend, no sporting events, no nightclubs. And who in the hell would have ever predicted a juggernaut in wearable masks and hand sanitizer as positions suggested by your portfolio manager? These are the least sexy stocks on the market, but there is nothing sexy about a pandemic, so it makes a lot of sense. Is anyone having sex? Anyway, if you ask me, I think what may have gotten us in this mess is the fact that we are wasteful. Yes, we all love the convenience of pushing a button on your hand-held pocket partner and having products magically appear at your doorstep a day later, but we seem to have lost sight of where the waste ends up. It is awfully nice to pull the toilet handle and watch everything vanish into oblivion or toss your recycling into a bin and bid a fond farewell, but this ecosystem can only handle so much of our shit. Have they opened the beaches yet? At this point, I would take the Jersey Shore.

J u ly 2020

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