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March 6th 4 pm

Chester Fritz Auditorium


This program is supported in part by a grant from the Neel Family Fund through the Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks & Region.


Program Notes - March 6 2022

THEMES FROM DOWNTON ABBEY JOHN LUNN (b 1956) is an Emmy Award winning Scottish composer, known for the music of the series Downton Abbey and many other television and movie soundtracks; he has also written operas and a violin concerto. Of the famous Downton Abbey theme he says: " It's a haunting theme that evokes the turning of years, and the uncertainty and undercurrents of tragedy that touched everyone's lives during a period of transition, from the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, through the First World War, and into the turbulent 1920s." ACADEMIC FESTIVAL OVERTURE German composer JOHANNES BRAHMS (1833 – 1897) composed this piece as one of a pair of concert overtures (the other being the "Tragic Overture," which Philharmonic performed in 2020.) He wrote Academic Festival Overture during the summer of 1880 as a tribute to the University of Breslau, which had notified him that it would award him an honorary doctorate in philosophy. His composition based on "four rollicking student songs" was not quite the serious composition that the University expected, but it has since become of of his most famous and most-performed works. THEME FROM SWAN LAKE Russian composer PYOTR I TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) wrote the music for the ballet Swan Lake in 1876; its initial staging was not successful, though many recognized the beauty of the music. Several revisions and re-stagings followed, and it is now one of the most frequently performed ballets in the world. The arrangement performed today is of one of the most beautiful themes from Swan Lake: Op. 20a, No. 1 Scène; it provides both technical and musical challenges for developing students in developing phrasing, tremolo, dynamic contrasts, and rhythmic understanding. STARFIRE : WORLD PREMIERE At age fifteen, DR. SCOTT HINES (b 1958) began a career in radio broadcasting as a DJ on several stations in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. After 15 years, he returned to school, earning his DMA in composition from the University of Memphis in 2008. He has received commissions from Ballet Memphis and the Chicago Chamber Orchestra among others. Dr. Hines is adjunct faculty in the theory department and teaches composition and sound design at the University of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music. The fanfare “Starfire” was commissioned by the Fox Valley Symphony in 2020. Dr. Hines comments, “I'm honored to receive the commission from the symphony. Dr. Sütterlin requested a fanfare ... I wanted to write something exuberant ... After several false starts, the opening trumpet fanfare came to mind and the Starfire was off and running.” DANCE OF THE YAO PEOPLE In 1951, LIU TIESHAN – a teacher at the Central Conservatory in Beijing – and several of his students traveled to southern China to study and collect folk music. Liu gathered several of the melodies they heard into a piece called Long Drum Dance of the Yao People, which his colleague MAO YUAN orchestrated in 1952 as Dance of the Yao Tribe, a multi-sectional medley of contrasting elements, beginning in haunted yearning song and ending in high energy dance. It has since been arranged in many versions, inspired several pop songs around the world, and was used in the soundtrack to the ’80s video game The Way of the Exploding Fist.

SOUL OF REMEMBRANCE, FROM FIVE MOVEMENTS IN COLOR MARY D. WATKINS (b 1936) wrote Five Movements in Color on commission from the Camellia Orchestra in Sacramento, California. Intended to be part of Black History Month, the work is described by the composer as “a statement about the African-American experience.” She describes Soul of Remembrance, the second movement: “A melody floats over a march...I saw my own people in their long march to fully express themselves as fully human—it’s bittersweet and nostalgic, a song of sorrow and a song of hope.” Watkins started taking piano lessons at the age of four. “From the very beginning I was admonished to confine my piano playing to the written notes on the page because it was of great importance that I be ‘literate,’” she says. “At some point . . . my teacher and mother knew I was playing by ear.” When she was fifteen, she entered a piano competition playing her own not-by-the-notes version of Schubert’s Ave Maria. She didn’t win, but her second place prize was a season ticket to the Pueblo Civic Symphony. That, along with some music classes she took at Pueblo Community College, convinced her she wanted to be a composer. She eventually moved to Washington, D.C. and graduated from Howard University. Since the 1980s she has focused on composing a variety of music for stage, film, dance and orchestra. John Verineau MEPHISTO MASQUÉ : POLKA FANTASTIQUE EDMOND DÉDÉ (1827-1903) was born a free black in New Orleans; his father was a professional musician of French West Indian origin. Unable to advance beyond a certain level of study because of the racism of the place and time, Edmond worked in a cigar factory by day, and played in orchestras in the evening to save enough to move to Paris, where he studied at the Paris Conservatory. He married a French woman, and built a successful career as a conductor, violinist and composer. After settling in Bordeaux in 1864, he returned to New Orleans only once, in 1893. During the voyage to the United States, his freightliner sank; he was rescued but lost his beloved and valuable violin. He persevered with a successful concert tour in New Orleans, although many venues were closed to him and other Black musicians , forcing him to perform in less than ideal settings. He returned to France, where he lived until his death. Dédé composed music in many genres including opera, ballet, chamber music and popular songs. Though famous in France, his music disappeared from the repertoire after his death; it was later rediscovered in the archive of the Bibliothèque National in Paris. The music found was not in good condition, considerable ‘renovation’ required to bring it to performing standards. Méphisto Masqué was originally for piano, and then arranged by the composer for ophicleide and orchestra. The version performed today is a newly commissioned arrangement. From the arranger: “As the first composer chosen for the Black Composer Revival Consortium, I was afforded the incredible opportunity to select a work by a lesser-known/unknown Black composer to resurrect, and decided to revitalize Edmond Dédé's Mephisto Masqué. ..While Dédé's piece is masterful "as is," I believe that these large ensemble orchestrations will aid in cementing Mephisto Masqué as standard repertoire for groups of varying skill levels for years to come.” --Lawren Brianna Ware

Coaches, mentors, and video & ZOOM coaches this season include:

Dr. Simona Barbu, Andrew Barhite, Claire Barhite, Shari Boschee, Dr. Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Erin Cummings*, Sarah Curtiss, Cory Driscoll, Katlynn Ellis*, Ligia Feo, Jessica Folson, Matthew Fowler, Gabrielle Halliday, Dr. Cody Hunter*, Sarah Harlow, Miaoqian Liu*, Claire Mellema*, Dr. Brian Pfeifer, Katie Svendson*, Angela Urlacher*, Tyler York *denotes performing today

March 6, 2022 • Chester Fritz Auditorium, Grand Forks North Dakota




Themes from Downton Abbey

John Lunn (b 1956) arr. Douglas Wagner

Academic Festival Overture

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) arr. Louis Bergonzi

Theme from Swan Lake

Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) arr. Chris Bernotas



Starfire (2021) - world premiere Soul of Remembrance from Five Movements in Color Dance of the Yao People

Scott Hines (b. 1958) Mary D. Watkins (b 1936)

刘铁山] (b. 1923) and Mao Yuan [茅沅] (b. 1926)

Liu Tieshan [

Combined Philharmonic & Symphony Méphisto Masqué: Polka Fantastique

Edmond Dédé (1827-1903) arr. L. Brianna Ware

Note: out of respect to the performers and other audience members, please do not talk during the performance. If you must leave, please exit or enter only during applause, between pieces.

THANKS TO: Chester Fritz Auditorium & staff, Empire Arts Center & staff UND Department of Music, Dr. Scott Sandberg • Behls Photography • HB Sound & Light Nix Bumble Creative • North Dakota Museum of Art & Trio con Brio these wonderful students & their school & private instructors • the many supporters, sponsors, donors, and grantors listed in this program.

PHILHARMONIC/ 2021-22 SEASON Ms. Kara Hartten, conductor Violin 1 Jasmine Hardersen, GF - South +Katelyn Hur, GF - South Charlotte Kapinos, GF - South Dimitri Kolodka, GF - Red River Kinley Maszk, GF - Schroeder Gretta Pratt, Cummings - homeschool Clarissa Sturlaugson, GF - South Briley Zhang, GF - Red River

Violin 2/3 Arienne Caoili, GF - Sacred Heart (EGF) *Eva Danielson, Thompson - homeschool Austin Hardersen, GF - South *CJ Leroux Peters, GF -Sacred Heart (EGF) Lilliana Paintner, EGF - homeschool Elaine Liu, GF - Century Annika Opsahl, GF - South Ella Pratt, Cummings - homeschool Traysen VanCamp, EGF - Central Middle School Corey Zhang, GF - Century Viola Eliot Miller, GF - Schroeder *James Smith, GF - Schroeder Surya Srivastava, GF- Lake Agassiz Cello Emerson Eastman, GF - South Isaac Hong, GF- South *Elianna Moen, GF - Schroeder Vedant Srivastava. GF - Schroeder Angela Zaruba, Northwood - Northwood HS Casey Zhang, GF - Century Bass *Julia Biby - GF Valley Flute Leigh Cable, GF - South Anna Riske, Forest River- Minto HS Trumpet Jocelyn Berg, GF- South Mairi Ferguson, GF- Schroeder Sam Goldberg, Lake Bronson, MN -Heritage Percussion Dani Ganyo, GF - Valley Jet Simek, GF - Schroeder *string principal

SYMPHONY / 2021-22 SEASON • Dr. Kevin Sütterlin and Dr. Cody Hunter, conductors. Violin 1 ++Sarah Hong, GF - Red River +Carter Schmisek, GF - Central Seoyeon Ahn, GF- Red River Ainsley Boucher, Crookston - Crookston HS Cami Antonenko, GF - Red River Violin 2 *Megan Schill, GF - Central *Gabe Sagini, GF - Red River Abby Quick, Plummer, MN - Lincoln HS Synje Peterson, GF - South Selena Wu, GF- Red River Isabelle Straus, Fertile, MN, Fertile-Beltrami HS Viola *Matthew Moe, GF - Red River Gillian Hoffman, GF- Central Calista Eliazer, GF - Red River Cello *Sarah Sayles, GF - Red River Garett Peterson, GF - Central Emerson Byron, GF - Red River Daniel Musser, GFAFB - homeschool Eli Zerr, GF - Red River Bass *Gryffin Powell, GF - Central Harp *Aspen Mendez, Crookston - homeschool Flute *Madeline Fortman, GF - Central Nivanthi Wijetunga, GF - Red River Oboe *Claire Mellema, guest / UND Elise Falla, GF - Central Clarinet *Alexia Threatt, Crookston - Crookston HS Bassoon Dr. Cody Hunter, guest Horn *David Threatt, Crookston - Crookston HS Miaoqian Liu, guest Trumpet *Liz Lucas, Arlington, VA - UND/ CMP Liam Medbery, Minto, ND - Minto HS Trombone *Elias David-Schill, GF- Central Juanita Caballero, UND/CMP Tuba Spearit Washington, Warren, MN - WAO HS Percussion *Madeline Stangl, Emerado - GF Central Elise Falla, GF - Central ++ Concertmaster + Assistant Concertmaster *Principal CMP: College Mentor-Performer fall-only CMPs: Grace Klee, bass • Cassie Fincher, viola


Back L-R : Ainsley, Sarah , Madeline, Dr. S, Carter, Gryffin, Abby Front L-R: Alexia, Sarah, Elias, Isabelle, Madeline

Elias David-Schill graduates from Grand Forks Central High School after 7 years of playing trombone and violin in NVYO programs, including Philharmonic, Symphony, and Dal Segno. Next year he plans to attend UND for Music education. Favorite pieces include Eritaj, Overture to the Merry Wives of Windsor, and Also Sprach Zarathustra. Elias appreciates NVYO for the musical opportunities and the people he met, and thanks "everyone who has made NVYO possible, the coaches (especially Ms. Halliday), and my band teachers." His advice to younger musicians is: "Keep going! It's well worth it in the end to continue to play music."

NVYO in A WORD: Fun Challenging Inclusive memories Educational Inventive rewarding

Ainsley Boucher, violin, graduates from Crookston High School after 7 years of NVYO programs: Allegro, Philharmonic, and Symphony. Ainsley's future plans include continuing to make music at university, and studying abroad. A favorite piece was Eritaj by Christopher Ducasse. Ainsley's advice to younger musicians is "Practice, but don't forget to enjoy the music you are playing!" She says that being part of the NVYO community has influenced her "to be dedicated to learning new things, to appreciate music, and to celebrate the talents and abilities of others." Ainsley would like to thank Tamara Bertram, Naomi Welsh, and Dr. Sütterlin "for their expertise, support, and encouragement over the years. I have been truly blessed!"

Madeline Fortman , flute and piccolo, graduates from Grand Forks Central High School following four years of NVYO experience, including Philharmonic, Symphony, and volunteering as a Philharmonic assistant. Favorite pieces played include Eritaj, Dances in the Canebrakes, Afro American Symphony, and Yao Dance. She plans to major in Music Education at the University of North Dakota, and hopes to teach in public schools and bring music to students who may otherwise not have the chance. Madeline says, "NVYO has widened my understanding of music and composers of different backgrounds. Without NVYO, I wouldn’t have knowledge of both contemporary and classical music." She would like to thank Dr. Lisa Bost for pushing her to constantly strive for excellent musicianship. Her advice to younger musicians is to "take your musicianship into your own hands. It may be cheesy, but the best thing you can ever do is practice."

Sarah Hong, violin, graduates from Red River High School after 8 years of Dal Segno, Philharmonic and Symphony Favorite pieces included Bal Masqué and Juba [from Florence Price's 3rd Symphony]. She says, "I fondly remember watching a professional orchestra concert with NVYO. It was a really eye opening experience that I’m glad I was able to see. And of course, I love working under Dr. Sütterlin. I always learn so much and his musical interpretations are always on point." Sarah is looking forward to studying biology and the brain in college - exact location yet to be determined, but she "hopes it is somewhere sunny!" Sarah's tip for younger musicians: "when I feel unmotivated, I tell myself I’ll just practice for 2 minutes. It’s such a short amount of time that it’s easy to convince myself to do, and usually that’ll be enough to get my foot in the door for the day. Of course there are days when I only do practice for 2 minutes, but that just means I need the break." Thanks go to: "all the teachers I've had over the years...especially Robin [Riveland] for her wonderful Kindermusik class which started everything in the first place. And of course, thanks mom and dad. I love you."

NVYO in a WORD: Inspiring Memorable Determined Fun Community Balance Musicianship Exhilarating

Gryffin Powell, bass, graduates from Grand Forks Central High School after 6 years of NVYO Allegro, Philharmonic, Symphony, and Dal Segno. A favorite piece is Yao Dance, though he clarifies "I don't think there's been a song we've played that I've actively disliked... even when difficult, it's the good kind of difficult." Gryffin will be going to UND for something in math-- preferably statistics! Gryffin says, "everyone in my family is very supportive and it's because of them that I started trying music," and adds "the music teachers I've had, especially the ones at Central, are very nice and make it easy to want to practice more." Gryffin's advice to younger musicians is: "don't be afraid to change things up. If something seems interesting, pick it up. I don't think I'd love music as much if I still played flute and violin instead of bass and bassoon. Find something that you like doing, and practicing doesn't feel as hard or boring." About NVYO, Gryffin says, "it's really fun. I'm glad I decided to start back up again for my senior year. I didn't realize how much I missed the extra music this program provides."


Abby Quick, violin, graduates from Lincoln High School in Thief River Falls after 7 years of Allegro, Philharmonic and Symphony. It was hard for Abby to choose a favorite tune, but she says she really loves the Yao Dance! Abby says, "NVYO has challenged me in the best way possible as far as the harder music that is put before us!! " She plans on going to UND to pursue a degree in Elementary Education, possibly School Psychology, and keeping music a part of her life. Advice to younger students includes: "take it in small steps. Don't put more pressure than you can handle on yourself. When you are practicing, it is so easy to lose patience when you mess up a run but don't let that make you want to quit and be discouraged! It definitely gets better with time." Abby's list of thanks includes her orchestra teacher Mr. Druse, her piano teachers, and her private violin lesson teacher, Mrs. Lindemoen, for "pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone." She also thanks Ms. Hartten and Dr. Sütterlin "for being amazing conductors and for the incredible patience you have had to get me to where I am today. All of the efforts to make us sound the best we can do not go unnoticed! And to Mrs. Welsh, thank you for everything you have done behind the scenes, from organizing the tours to getting all the "ducks in a row" for concerts and rehearsals. "

Sarah Sayles, cello, graduates from Red River after 6 years of NVYO. The Chinese Sights and Sounds piece from last year was very challenging and fun. Sarah has loved the conducting and the broadness of music styles played in NVYO, "because I was able to experience all kinds of music :)" She plans on going to NDSU for marketing this upcoming fall. Sarah's advice to younger musicians is to "just keep up with it and take as many breaks as you need but not to give up because music is such an amazing and beautiful lifetime experience. The struggle is worth the beauty of it." She also says, "I would love to thank my mother and Naomi Welsh for being my support beams in my music journey and for getting me as far as I am with music. I would also like to thank Mr. Seabloom and Dr. Sütterlin for being the greatest teachers that I’ve ever had and helping me grow as a musician and as a person. I have created memories with these amazing people that I will never forget." Carter Schmisek, violin, graduates from Grand Forks Central High School after 8 years of participation in NVYO programs, including Allegro, Philharmonic, Symphony and Dal Segno. Carter plans to attend UND and continue with music, and would like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported him throughout the years.

NVYO in A WORD: Inclusion Hard work Dynamic Beautiful music enjoyable encouraging Engaging FUN

Madeline Stangl, percussion, graduates from Grand Forks Central after 2 years of NVYO in Symphony. Her favorite NVYO memories include Eritaj, working with Dr. Pfeifer on percussion techniques, the spooky sound contest on Halloween (2021), and getting to play such beautiful pieces with fellow talented musicians. Madeline will be attending the University of Jamestown to major in Pre-Physical Therapy, playing percussion in band, orchestra, and the drumline, and also playing softball for the Jimmies. Advice to younger musicians: "Don’t be afraid to try something new just because you are afraid of failure. You end up learning more from your mistakes anyway. What you put into music is what you are going to get out of it, just like anything in life." Madeline thanks her band teachers Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Harlow for all of the opportunities they have provided, and says they pushed her to be the best version of herself. She adds, 'I have had much success in my music career thanks to their time and dedication. Now, music is an essential part of my life that brings me true happiness." Alexia Threatt, clarinet, graduates from Crookston High School after 5 years of NVYO Philharmonic and Symphony. The Afro-American Symphony from William Grant Still was one of her favorites, and she " thoroughly enjoyed Music in Bloom. Although performing was a little stressful, the experience of being able to listen to music while looking at flowers made the experience a pleasant one." Alexia is deliberating between music therapy or music performance and looking forward to the random electives that she will take in college, like the Cultural Anthropology course she took through UMC this year. Her advice to younger musicians is "play what's fun, regardless of whether the music is traditional or not." Alexia says, "I would like to thank my mother. She accompanied me to and from rehearsal, and she also funded all of my musical excursions. I would also like to thank my clarinet instructors, Cassie and Michelle, who helped me recognize that playing music could be more than just reading the music on the page."

photos courtesy Behl's Photography website: behls.net NVYO in A WORD: From our Senior surveys

Endowment Fund A gift to the Northern Valley Youth Orchestras Endowment Fund makes a lasting difference by providing sustainable, ongoing funding each year. Northern Valley Youth Orchestras' Endowment Fund is housed at the Community Foundation; the Foundation manages the fund and its investments, and NVYO receives a 5% payout from the principal each year, providing vital operating funds. Because NVYO is a qualified 501 c3 nonprofit, with an endowment gift of $5000 or more you can significantly lower the net cost of your contribution and triple its impact. Actual numbers will depend on your tax bracket and other factors; the Community Foundation can help you with details. Gifts of any amount are welcome and appreciated. Make a donation at the Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, and Region; 620 Demers Ave. Grand Forks, ND 58201; or call 701.746.0668 . Choose Northern Valley Youth Orchestras for the donation designation. OR donate online to the fund: https://www.gofoundation.org/give-fund.html and scroll down to “Northern Valley Youth Orchestras Endowment Fund” to complete your donation. All information about taxes and benefits and your IRS tax deduction statement will channel through the Community Foundation. Thank you!

Artistic Staff

Dr. Kevin F. E. Sütterlin, Artistic Director & Symphony conductor

is an internationally sought-after conductor and pedagogue. He belongs to Beyond Artists, a coalition of artists that donates a percentage of their concert fees to organizations they care about. He supports “WIRES” (Australian Wildlife Rescue) and the “Memphis Music Initiative” through his performances. In addition to his position as Artistic Director of the Northern Valley Youth Orchestras, he is Director of Orchestral Activities and Opera at Concordia College, where he and his colleagues received two EMMY awards for 2016’s nationally broadcast Concordia Christmas Concert productions. Furthermore, The Concordia Orchestra won the prestigious American Prize competition in 2018-19 under his leadership. Sütterlin is Music Director of the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonietta Memphis, and is Artistic Director of the Sinfonietta Academy for Historically Informed Performance Practice. He holds The Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Endowed Orchestra Chair as Director of Orchestral Activities and Conducting Studies of the Lutheran Summer Music Festival and Academy. Considering himself a "citizen of the world," Sütterlin has been building musical bridges across four different continents, and has led his ensembles on many successful national and international tours. He has performed and taught across the globe including Austria, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States. Institutions he has taught at include the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Sichuan Conservatory, The University of Hawaii, Lucerne Conservatory Switzerland, and The University of Memphis. This upcoming season Sütterlin will guest conduct in China, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Texas, Alabama, Connecticut, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Ms. Kara Hartten, Philharmonic conductor Kara Hartten began her musical studies at the age of five in her hometown of Redding, Connecticut. She earned both a Bachelor of Music Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in French from DePauw University, followed by a Master of Music in cello performance and instrumental conducting from the University of North Dakota. Ms. Hartten is presently an orchestra teacher in the Grand Forks Public Schools and performs with the Fargo Moorhead Symphony Orchestra as well as the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra. She founded a string ensemble she currently directs, the UND Community Orchestra, and is a past conductor for NVYO’s Allegro Orchestra; she has additionally coached NVYO Crescendo chamber music and cello sectionals.

As a cellist, Kara has performed with the UND Student String Quartet and UND’s Red River Trio, a student ensemble that toured in May of 2014 in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. Kara has studied with Drs. Simona Barbu, Darilyn Manring, YeonJi Yun, and Eric Edberg, as well as performed in master classes with renowned cellists such as Amit Peled, Matt Haimovitz, Nicholas Photinos, Emilio Colon and Laszlo Varga. In 2009, she performed with the DePauw Chamber Orchestra during a tour of Austria and Germany. She also performed the Lalo cello concerto with the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra in 2007 as the winner of its concerto competition. In 2011, she played Mendelssohn’s Octet in E-flat major with internationally known cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Dr. Cody Hunter, Symphony assistant conductor

Dr. Cody Hunter is Assistant Professor of Music and Head of Fine Arts at Mayville State University, where he directs the performance ensembles. Prior to his appointment at MSU, Dr. Hunter was the band program director for East Hardy Schools in Baker, WV. As a bassoonist, Dr. Hunter has performed with notable ensembles such as the Eroica Ensemble of Memphis, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Augusta, and the Arkansas Symphony. Most recently, Dr. Hunter has performed with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, Fargo-Moorhead Opera, and Bemidji Symphony. Dr. Hunter received his D.M.A. from the University of Memphis, his M.M. from the University of MN-Twin Cities, and his B. Mus. Ed. from the University of WI-Stevens Point.

Grants & Sponsors GRANTS for 2021-22 season: • Arts Midwest • CARES act funds, via ND Council on Arts • City of Grand Forks Arts Regrant via Community Foundation of GF • Community Foundation of GF, EGF & Region • Hal & Kathy Gershman Family Foundation • Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau • Grand Forks Park District • Key Bank Assists • Myra Foundation • Neel Family Foundation via Community Foundation of GF • ND Council on the Arts Advertising Sponsorships (Concert program and/or 2021 Dal Segno tshirt ad) Amundson Funeral Home Arioso Music Academy* Concordia College Empire Arts Center Givens Violins* Inprints International Music Camp Minot State University Popplers Music* Rehab Authority Remer Accounting Upper Midwest Chamber Music University of North Dakota Wakefield Hearing *both sponsorships 2021-22 Business/community supporters: Ground Round Bar & Grill North Dakota Museum of Art Wonderful Giving Thrivent Financial Thursday Music Club

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Board of Directors 2021-22

Executive Director Naomi Welsh

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Present NVYO Board 2021-22 (at left). President: David Krogh Vice President: Angela Harrison-Urlacher Treasurer: Gloria Rodriguez Secretary: Madhavi Marasinghe Directors: Yong Hou, Tyler Manske, Kelly Pratt, Jennifer Tarlin, Corey Thompson


Welcome! At Northern Valley Youth Orchestras, we focus on inspiring musicians and engaging communities through high-quality, challenging music education programs for young people. NVYO is about making music, making friends, and making a difference in the world. At NVYO we also take seriously our responsibility to be a welcoming presence, and to ensure that our community has opportunities to connect across race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. Music, including classical music, is for everyone. The NVYO staff and board are also committed to the continued active pursuit of diversity and inclusion in our music programming, activities, leadership, and scholarship programs.We will continue to learn about, teach about, and do our part to dismantle the exclusionary practices in the classical music world, including the racism and inequity that impacts the experiences and musical opportunities of musicians who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. We will keep working to close the gap between our stated goals and our actions, and to be truly representative of and inclusive of our community and country. We believe that we can do this together.

About NVYO... Northern Valley Youth Orchestras is in its 11th year of inspiring musicians and engaging communities. NVYO ordinarily offers two orchestras, a chamber music program (Crescendo), and summer day camp (Dal Segno). NVYO provides young musicians aged 12 to 21 with symphonic and chamber music experience, community connections, and opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves in a supportive setting. Participants throughout the year number over 120 and come from cities and towns within a 75-mile range of Grand Forks. NVYO Alumni pursue degrees in a variety of professional fields including music and the sciences, and consistently earn places at excellent colleges and universities both locally and around the country.

2021-22 rehearsal/performance spaces

NVYO's two orchestras, Philharmonic and Symphony, rehearse weekly from September to March - this year at the Empire Arts Center,and occasionally at UND - and typically perform two to three formal concerts per season. Guest clinicians and professional instrumentalists provide additional mentoring and orchestral training, and a variety of community performances are offered to students as well. Past NVYO collaborations have included events with Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome, the FargoMoorhead Area Youth Symphony, Concordia Orchestra, and the Grand Cities Children’s Choir. NVYO has an office located in the Empire Arts Center. More information about NVYO is available at www.nvyo.org, and on our social media platforms.

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Auditions and registration open soon! Check nvyo.org/join-nvyo or email info@novyo.org with questions or for more info!


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