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November 2020

Overture, continued: It begins with a slow section by the horns, strings and winds, which leads to a much quicker section with fast string passages, in a Sonata form, with an exciting conclusion.This piece sat gathering dust in the Mendelssohn Archive, apparently since the composer’s death (if not longer), until it was reworked from a cluttered, much-revised handwritten score, and recorded by the Women’s Philharmonic for a 1992 CD of music by female composers.

Program Notes

Introduction and March of the Lions - the first movement of the playful and inventive "Carnival of the Animals" presents a dramatic introduction and then the grandeur of the lion. You will hear the instruments playing chromatic scales that sound like a "roar." Saint-Saëns was adamant that this collection of 14 amusing depictions of animals would not be published in his lifetime, seeing it as detracting from his "serious" composer image. (He relented only for Chinese Sights and Sounds the famous cello solo The Swan) Carnival has since become Yuankai Bao is one of the most eminent contemporary Chinese one of Saint-Saëns's best-known works. composers and music educators, whose body of works is as varied Egmont Overture: Beethoven composed this overture and as it is large. His 1991 work Chinese Sights and Sounds is made up of six suites, each devoted to the folk music of a particular province. incidental music for a play. Beethoven was gripped by the story of the main character, Egmont, and his ability to Bao’s score uses the techniques of Western music to showcase the conquer fear to stand up against tyranny and the status folk tunes and traditional musical style of his homeland. Many of the quo, even knowing his life was at stake. 2020 marks the tunes are built on a pentatonic (5 tone) scale. 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, and this dramatic piece is one of his most well-known orchestral overtures. From the first suite, Heibei Folk Songs, The Little Cowherd is a dance tune about the dialogue between a little cowherd boy and a I Knew I Loved You: clever country girl and depicts their joyful and amusing This hauntingly beautiful composition by legendary film conversation. composer Ennio Morricone was premiered in 2007 and recorded by Celine Dion. The soaring melody is passed around the orchestra, and the piece provides a musical and Song of Riddles is a children's folk rhyme from the 2nd Suite Yunnan Folk Songs: Sketches of the Highland of Yuannan. In the rhythm of a technical challenge. An Italian composer, orchestrator, tongue twister, the song depicts two sisters engaging in questions conductor, and trumpet player who wrote music in a wide and answers. The mood is humorous, reflected by woodwind and range of styles, Morricone is widely considered one of the greatest film composers of all time. He died on July 6, 2020 string instruments. The middle part of the piece borrows the at the age of 91. melodic tune of another Yunnan folk song "Anningzhou". 1812 Overture: Originally written to celebrate a Russian victory over From the Suite #3, Shannxi Folk Songs: Sadness and Happiness on Napoleon, the innovative Tchaikovsky added both cathedral the Yellow Soil Highland, is the ballad of Lan Huahua. This song bells and cannons to the score. The sound delay from an from the north of Shaanxi Province is about a brave girl called Lan actual cannon as well as the time to reload made using them in performance difficult if not impossible. Tchaikovsky Huahua. who protested against feudalism and pursued her own happy marriage. Her struggle ends in tragedy and finally costs her actually disliked his own very popular composition, but it life, as portrayed by the different instruments in the orchestra. In remains among his most well-known and loved pieces. the end, listen for the theme in the timpani leading to the tragic ending of the story. Overture in C Major Only a few of Fanny Mendelssohn's 400 compositions were published during her lifetime. The Overture in C Major is the The 4th Suite, Sichuan Folk Songs: Mountain Songs of the Ancient only orchestral work she composed. It was never published States Ba and Shu, Yellow Poplar Shouldering Pole. This Sichuan during her lifetime, but seems to have been written in 1830- folk song is about a young man watching the girls in Qiuzhou while 32 when Fanny was in her mid-twenties. An excellent pianist carrying a load of rice. The music begins with the full orchestra to and gifted composer, Fanny Mendelssohn was limited by portray the strength of the young man, then the duet in the middle the prevailing attitudes of the day toward women. Her part of the piece depicts his relaxing during a rest break. father wrote in 1820, “Music will perhaps become a profession for your brother Felix, but for you it can and Happy Sunrise is a lively and straightforward folk song from Sichuan must be only an ornament.” After her marriage to painter William Hensel, she continued to compose privately, and her Province, depicting the happiness and pride of children when they famous brother published some of her works under his own climb up the hills to work. The melody is played by the full orchestra with highlights of brass, strings and timpani. name. The overture in C is styled very much like others of the early Romantic Period.


At Northern Valley Youth Orchestras, we are beginning our 10th season of inspiring musicians and engaging communities through high-quality, challenging music education programs for young people. NVYO is about making music, making friends, and making a difference in the world. At NVYO we also take seriously our responsibility as a partner in the Connected Communities pillar of Grand Forks' Welcoming Community Roadmap, which reads, "Ensuring all have opportunities to connect across race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status."

Music, including classical music, is for everyone. The NVYO staff and board are committed to the continued active pursuit of diversity and inclusion in our music programming, activities, leadership, and scholarship programs.We will continue to learn about, teach about, and do our part to dismantle the exclusionary practices in the classical music world, including the racism and inequity that impacts the experiences and musical opportunities of musicians who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. We will keep working to close the gap between our stated goals and our actions, and to be truly representative of and inclusive of our community and country.

We believe that we can do this together. @nvyorch


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Program November 2020 • Alerus Center


Kara Hartten, conductor

Introduction and March of the Lions from Carnival of the Animals

Egmont Overture I Knew I Loved You 1812 Overture

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) arr. Michael Story

Ludwig Van Beethoven(1770-1827) arr. Richard Meyer

Ennio Morricone (1928- 2020) arr. Roy Phillippe

Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1844-1908) arr. Andrew Balent

Symphony Dr. Kevin Sütterlin & Dr. Cody Hunter, Conductors

Overture in C Major

Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn (1805 –1847)

炎 ⻩ ⻛ 情 Chinese Sights & Sounds 2: ⼩放⽜ The Little Cowherd 8: 猜调 Song of Riddles 12: 兰花花 Lan Huahua 14: ⻩杨扁担 Yellow Poplar Shouldering Pole 16: 太阳出来喜洋洋 Happy Sunrise

鲍 元 恺 Bao Yuan-kai (b. 1944)

THANKS TO: Alerus Center & staff • Grand Forks Public Schools/GF Central HS Music Department • Empire Arts Center • Behls Photography • HB Sound & Light • ND Department of Commerce Neel Family Foundation • the school & private instructors of these wonderful young people • and the many other supporters, donors, and grantors listed in this program.

coaches, video & ZOOM coaches, & mentors this Season Dr. Simona Barbu, Andrew Barhite*, Claire Barhite*,Tamara Bertram, Dr. Sonja Bosca-Harasim, Shari Boschee, Leah Brooks, Dr. Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Dr. Yi-Ping Chen-Beyers, Ryan Christianson, Aubrey Connolly, Erin Cummings, Michael Farrick, Jessica Folson, Gabrielle Halliday, Dr. Cody Hunter*, Sarah Harlow, Mark Nelson, Dillon Parker, Dr. Brian Pfeifer, Katie Svendson* *denotes performing today

Philharmonic Kara Hartten, conductor

Violin Betty Fang, GF - Valley Rock Fang, GF - Valley Kathryn Gonsorowski, GF - Century Sarah Hong - volunteer assistant* Katelyn Hur, GF - Discovery Charlotte Kapinos, GF - South Dimitri Kolodka, GF - Red River Rhilynn Leroux Peters, GF - Sacred Heart Alexis Massey, GF - South Annika Opsahl, GF - South Synje Peterson, GF- South Kai Pasch, GF - South Gretta Pratt, GF - homeschool Jayla Sharp, GF - South Clarissa Sturlaugson, GF - South Traysen Van Camp, EGF Briley Zhang, GF - Valley Viola Elizabeth Flagg, GF - South James Smith, GF - Schroeder Cello Emerson Byron, GF - Schroeder Emerson Eastman, GF - South Garrett Peterson, GF - Schroeder Ella Speidel, GF - South Vedant Srivastava. GF - Schroeder Angie Zaruba, Northwood Eli Zerr, GF - South Bass Julia Biby - GF Valley Flute Alexis Massey, GF - Red RIver Trumpet Sophie Brakke, GF- Schroeder Eli Zerr, GF - South Trombone Garett Peterson, GF - Schroeder Tuba Spearit Washington, GF - Central Percussion Norah Goulet, Thompson Nylah Goulet, Thompson

* NVYO Symphony member


Dr. Kevin SĂźtterlin & Dr. Cody Hunter, conductors

Violin Grant Anderson, GF - Red River Cami Antonenko, GF - Red River Ainsley Boucher, Crookston, MN Sadie Hillman, GF - Central Sarah Hong, GF - Red River Neecon Mardani, GF - Central Abby Quick, Plummer /Thief River Falls HS Gabe Sagini, GF - Schroeder Megan Schill, GF - Central Carter Schmisek, GF - Central Elise Stevens, GF - Red River Isabelle Straus, Fertile- Beltrami HS Viola Gillian Hoffman, GF- Central Sophia Frank, GF - Central Matthew Moe, GF - Red River Cello Carter Byron, GF - Red River Lauren Hillman, GF - Central Claire Lapp, GF - Red River Sarah Sayles, GF - Red River Bass Daniel Hettich, CMP/ alumni Ryan Nordhagen, GF - Red River Harp Jack Bulman, Concordia/NVYO alum Flute Madeline Fortman, GF - Central Dustin Ringuette, EGF - Sacred Heart Katelyn Cermak - CMP, UND Clarinet Alexia Threatt, Crookston HS Greta Nelson, GF - Central Bassoon Dr. Cody Hunter Horn Alex Berglund, CMP/ alumni David Threatt, Crookston HS Trumpet Gabby Campani, GF - Central McKenna Emineth, GF - Red River Nolan Lapp, GF - Red River Trombone Elias David-Schill, GF- Central Haley Jorgenson , GF - Central Tuba Sophia Frank, GF - Central Percussion Andres Moreno, GF - Central CMP: College Mentor-Performer

2020 Dal Segno Camp Aug 10-14

Special thanks to our Dal Segno 2020 sponsors!

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Claire Givens Violins

Artistic Staff Dr. Kevin F. E. Sütterlin, Artistic Director & Symphony conductor

is an internationally sought-after conductor and pedagogue. He belongs to Beyond Artists, a coalition of artists that donates a percentage of their concert fees to organizations they care about. He supports “WIRES” (Australian Wildlife Rescue) and the “Memphis Music Initiative” through his performances. In addition to his position as Artistic Director of the Northern Valley Youth Orchestras, he is Director of Orchestral Activities and Opera at Concordia College, where he and his colleagues received two EMMY awards for 2016’s nationally broadcast Concordia Christmas Concert productions. Furthermore, The Concordia Orchestra won the prestigious American Prize competition in 2018-19 under his leadership. Sütterlin is Music Director of the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonietta Memphis, and is Artistic Director of the Sinfonietta Academy for Historically Informed Performance Practice. He holds The Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Endowed Orchestra Chair as Director of OrchestralActivities and Conducting Studies of the Lutheran Summer Music Festival and Academy. Considering himself a "citizen of the world," Sütterlin has been building musical bridges across four different continents, and has led his ensembles on many successful national and international tours. He has performed and taught across the globe including Austria, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States. Institutions he has taught at include the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Sichuan Conservatory, The University of Hawaii, Lucerne Conservatory Switzerland, and The University of Memphis. This upcoming season Sütterlin will guest conduct in China, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Texas, Alabama, Connecticut, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Ms. Kara Hartten, Philharmonic conductor Kara Hartten began her musical studies at the age of five in her hometown of Redding, Connecticut. She earned both a Bachelor of Music Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in French from DePauw University, followed by a Master of Music in cello performance and instrumental conducting from the University of North Dakota. Ms. Hartten is presently an orchestra teacher in the Grand Forks Public Schools and performs with the Fargo Moorhead Symphony Orchestra as well as the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra. She founded a string ensemble she currently directs, the UND Community Orchestra, and is a past conductor for NVYO’s Allegro Orchestra; she has additionally coached NVYO Crescendo chamber music and cello sectionals. As a cellist, Kara has performed with the UND Student String Quartet and UND’s Red River Trio, a student ensemble that toured in May of 2014 in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. Kara has studied with Drs. Simona Barbu, Darilyn Manring, Yeon-Ji Yun, and Eric Edberg, as well as performed in master classes with renowned cellists such as Amit Peled, Matt Haimovitz, Nicholas Photinos, Emilio Colon and Laszlo Varga. In 2009, she performed with the DePauw Chamber Orchestra during a tour of Austria and Germany. She also performed the Lalo cello concerto with the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra in 2007 as the winner of its concerto competition. In 2011, she played Mendelssohn’s Octet in E-flat major with internationally known cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

Dr. Cody Hunter, Symphony assistant conductor Dr. Cody Hunter is Assistant Professor of Music and Head of Fine Arts at Mayville State University, where he directs the performance ensembles. Prior to his appointment at MSU, Dr. Hunter was the band program director for East Hardy Schools in Baker, WV. As a bassoonist, Dr. Hunter has performed with notable ensembles such as the Eroica Ensemble of Memphis, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Augusta, and the Arkansas Symphony. Most recently, Dr. Hunter has performed with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, FargoMoorhead Opera, and Bemidji Symphony. Dr. Hunter received his D.M.A. from the University of Memphis, his M.M. from the University of MN-Twin Cities, and his B. Mus. Ed. from the University of WI-Stevens Point.

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Northern Valley Youth Orchestras

About us...

Northern Valley Youth Orchestras is in its TENTH year of inspiring musicians and engaging communities. NVYO offers two orchestras, a chamber music program (Crescendo), and a summer day camp (Dal Segno). NVYO provides young musicians aged 12 to 21 with symphonic and chamber music experience, community connections, and opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves in a supportive setting. Participants throughout the year number over 120 and come from cities and towns within a 75-mile range of Grand Forks. NVYO Alumni pursue degrees in a variety of professional fields including music and the sciences, and consistently earn places at excellent colleges and universities both locally and around the country. NVYO's two orchestras, Philharmonic and Symphony, rehearse weekly from September to March - this year temporarily relocated to the Alerus Center - and typically perform two to three formal concerts per season. Guest clinicians and professional instrumentalists provide additional mentoring and orchestral training, and a variety of community performances are offered to students as well. Past NVYO collaborations have included events with Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome, the Fargo-Moorhead Area Youth Symphony, Concordia Orchestra, and the Grand Cities Children’s Choir. NVYO has an office located in the Empire Arts Center, as well as a membership at the 701 Coworking Space, and is proud to be a lead agency in the evolving Grand Forks Welcoming Community Initiative.

Board of Directors

David Krogh, President Phil Amundson, Vice President Mark Romanick, Treasurer Wendy Bulman, Secretary Yong Hou, Tyler Manske, Madhavi Marasinghe, Gloria Rodriguez, Jennifer Tarlin, Angela Urlacher Naomi Welsh, Executive Director (ex officio) learn more at nvyo.org/staff

offering free or reduced rate rehearsal/performance spaces

More information about NVYO is available at www.nvyo.org, and on our social media platforms.

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Auditions for 2nd semester are open online. Check nvyo.org/join-nvyo or email info@novyo.org for audition options


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