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March 10, 2009

‘Sexting’ causes exploitation, prosecution keep the pictures on their phones or computer can then be charged with possession of child pornography as “Hey hottie. Just getting undressed. well, according to Want a pic? ;)” Sentences for these offenses differ Many messages similar or more from state to state but can range from revealing than this one have been sent few to many years in prison to being through text messages among teenagers. registered as a sex offender for a Such messages, along with those that minimum of ten years, according to include nude or semi-nude pictures, have recently become known as ‘sexting,’ “Although I think the sending of according to racy pictures is abcnews. i n a p p ro p r i a t e com. and gross, I don’t Teens in know if prison middle and is the correct high schools consequence,” throughout said senior the country Grace Ramsdell, find sexting “I believe there to just be should be a flirty and punishment but fun. In -Senior Grace Ramsdell just not as harsh the eyes of one.” of the law It may seem ,however, sexting is considered child like a rare thing that teens do not usually pornography and can result in a prison hear about, but how many students sentence and possibly being registered actually do send nude or partially nude as a sex offender, according to cbsnews. pictures through texts? According to com. a survey done in December by The If someone is under 18 and sending National Campaign to Prevent Teen and nude pictures, they can be charged with Unplanned Pregnancy, 22% of teen girls the distribution of child pornography, and 18% of teen boys have participated even if the pictures are of themselves, in the sharing of racy pictures of according to Those who themselves through texts.

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“Although I think the sending of racy pictures is inappropriate and gross, I don’t know if prison is the correct consequence.”

Sam Weisman MANY TEENS ARE using text messages to send racy and pornographic pictures of themselves to their boyfriends or girlfriends. Teens caught with these pictures on their phones can be charged with possession of child pornography. Although most adolescents that send pictures say they were intended for their significant other or someone they are very close to, it can go beyond that. Pictures can easily get forwarded to other people and can also be uploaded to a computer for sharing. The survey also says that 33% of teen boys and 25% of teen girls have had

racy photos sent to them of someone else that had originally meant to be privately sent to one person. Ultimately, experts say that sexting is dangerous in many ways. Not only can teens be prosecuted and sentenced to prison, but according to, their privacy is eliminated the second they press the send button as well.

Annual winter band concert entertains Staff Writer The Northview Band held their annual winter band concert on March 3 in the Little Theater. The Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and the Wind Ensemble were able to play at the concert. Most of the songs that the bands played were fast paced and upbeat songs. The Concert Band, conducted by Mr. Mark Kroll, opened the concert with Alamo March, composed by Karl King. They then played Chant and Jubilee, composed by Elliot Del Borgo. The third and final piece that they played was Panther in the Sky, composed by James

played. Swearingen. practiced to do well.” They closed out the winter concert The Symphonic Band was next to The Wind Ensemble was the final with the slow, melodic piece America the play. Conducted by Mr. Eugene Bohland, group to perform for the night. they opened their portion of the concert They opened their portion of the Beautiful, by Samuel Augustus Ward. “The majestic overtones resonating with an upbeat Bonds of Unity March, show with an up tempo piece called The another song by King. Next, they played Klaxon, composed by Henry Fillmore. from the heavenly chorus of angels that is Courtly Airs and Dances, composed by The next piece was Where Never Lark the trombone section created the illusion Ron Nelson. It consisted of six different or Eagle Flew, by James Curnow. An of a translucent eagle soaring high over a raging river of sound that songs from five different flowed directly into my countries. ears and simultaneously Prairie Dances was the next into my heart,” said junior piece played, which had a quick trombonist Matt Jahns. and cheerful style. The final According to junior Jay song they played was Concert -Junior Brandon Coutts Colville, the concert was a Suite from Cirque Du Soleil, huge success with a near arranged by Victor Lopez. “Some of the songs were a bit of a Asian themed song called Variations on full house. The NV jazz festival will be challenge,” said junior Brandon Coutts. a Korean Folk Song, composed by John the next event for the band. It will be “But it just shows how hard we have Barnes Chance was the next song they held on March 25.

“Some of the songs were a bit of a challenge, but it just shows how hard we have practiced to do so well.”

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Volume 83: Issue 8  

Volume 83: Issue 8