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FortiFlash® Butyl Joist Guard deck frame protection

Moisture protection that prolongs deck life

Your deck is only as good as the frame that supports it. FortiFlash® Butyl Joist Guard provides a layer of moisture protection on the tops of deck joists and beams, prolonging the life of the entire structure.

FortiFlash Butyl Joist Guard is a premium self-adhesive butyl flashing membrane designed for use on deck joists and beams. It is composed of a self-sealing butyl adhesive laminated to a durable UV resistant engineered film with a siliconized paper release sheet. Available in 2" tape for joists and 4" tape for beams.

To install, remove the paper release sheet and roll tape onto the top of joist or beam. Center the tape, wrap the edges slightly over sides of beam or joist, and apply pressure to adhere. Notch at intersections as needed to ensure edges of tape fully adhere.

Features and benefits

Superior water protection

Easy installation

Self-seals around screws and nails

Won't drip like asphalt tapes

Can be applied in cold temperatures

Building Confidence ™
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Tourism is an integral part of Napa Valley, but this time of year, Cabernet Season, the valley is all ours. Be a tourist in your own backyard and explore the good life.

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4 February 2023
visit. All donations support Hospice, Palliative Care, and programs for
seriously ill. Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 1428 Main St. St. Helena 707.244.4686 Monday – Tuesday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Wednesday (Donations Only) 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 345-A LaFata St. St. Helena 707.244.4687 $800 in house bloodwork dental cleaning up to 5 extractions includes Dental Special for DOGS & CATS 02/01/2023 - 02/28/2023 Dental x-rays, additional extractions, upgraded bloodwork are at standard pricing. No other discounts apply. 501 Lincoln Avenue 707-819-2112 2999 Solano Ave. Ste. D 707-254-9033
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Liz and D ave have w or k ed tog e ther for over 20 y e ars

GAW E STAT E PL A NN I NG 150 0 3rd Street, Suite F, N ap a (70 7) 6 81-5 55 6

li z@g aw est a m

dav e @ga westate pl a nning.c om

We c an t rans fer files fr om oth er l aw firms for you!

F ifty Years

2225 Brown Street, Suite 104, Napa 707.266.1792 • Cell 707.337.4840 •

6 February 2023
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NAPA • SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Photo: Alan Sheckter

Senior Living, Reimagined

wa t er mark n apa. com 4055 Solan o Ave nu e, Napa , CA 9 4 558 | 7 07- 244 -3 92 4 22 NVN 243 5A R CF E LICE NS E #286 80 3 91 9
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Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


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FFrom heart attack procedures to state of the heart valve replacements, Providence Queen of the Valley’s heart team is dedicated to saving lives.

We spoke to cardiologists Dr. Lily Chen, Dr. Manoj Eapen, and Dr. James Srebro to get answers to your heart-related questions.


Dr. Eapen: A healthy diet and lifestyle are the cornerstones to preventing cardiovascular issues. Incorporate aerobic exercise, like fast walking, and resistance training 150-180 minutes a week. Also, consider adopting a Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Srebro: Yes, the Mediterranean diet has been successful because it has variability with seafood and fresh veggies. Although it includes meat, it’s part of a meal, not the meal. Avoid smoking and obesity. Keep your intake of sodium and cholesterol low and activity levels up.

Dr. Chen: That’s right, we’re trying to lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good. Exercise helps to achieve this goal and reduces your resting heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones.


Dr. Srebro: If you are healthy and active, I think incorporating a small amount of wine with a meal, like they do in France,

is probably ok. That said, we generally are less active than Europeans; it’s important to keep that in mind.

Dr. Eapen: I agree, it varies person to person. I would add that the general guidance is no more than two glasses for men and one glass for women.

Dr. Chen: Yes, it all depends on the person. While some literature suggests wine may contain antioxidants that are heart protective, alcohol (and caffeine) can trigger episodes of atrial fibrillation in patients with this heart arrhythmia.


Dr. Eapen: We are all human, but limit ice cream and red meat, which can increase inflammation. If you have high cholesterol, opt for low-fat or no-fat dairy products.

Dr. Chen: Yes, in terms of animal fats, if foods like bacon or fatty cuts of steak bring you joy, it’s important to pay attention to quantity and how often you eat them. Also, limit processed foods. They contain a lot of sodium, which can increase blood pressure.

Dr. Srebro: That’s right, foods with a long shelf life also have trans-fat which causes plaque in the arteries—the primary pathway for heart attack and stroke.


Dr. Chen: Changes in your baseline health are an indicator

12 February 2023
The Queen of the Valley cardiology team. Photo credit: Charlie Gesell. Cover Photo: From left to right: Sergio Manubens, M.D.; Stacy James, NP; Nick Keeler, NP; Lily Chen, M.D.; James Srebro, M.D; Andrew Wong, M.D.; and Manoj Eapen, M.D. stand outside the Queen of the Valley Herman Family Pavilion. Photo credit: Charlie Gesell.

something could be wrong. For men, warning signs are typically discomfort (pressure, squeezing or pain) in the chest or the left arm or jaw. For women, signs might include chest pain, shortness of breath with exertion, indigestion or burning, fatigue, sweating, or dizziness.

Dr. Eapen: A good example is, if you used to walk two miles and now you cannot or have chest pain during exercise, that’s a change you should take seriously.

Dr. Srebro: Remember, get to the ER fast if you are having a heart attack.


Dr. Eapen: We can treat almost all cardiac issues locally so patients don’t have to travel, and we’re responsive—we don’t want patients to wait for care.

Dr. Srebro: On top of that, our cardiologists are all triple-board certified with over 100 years of experience collectively. We are highly collegial, have affiliations with UC Davis and UCSF and we support one another in caring for our patients.

Dr. Chen: I’m new here and am blown away by my colleagues. They are caring, smart, humble and know their patients’ history. That is invaluable. We also offer a variety of highly effective cardiovascular services and technology, such as Impella Heart Pump, which are not typical for a hospital our size.


Though successful in business ventures throughout his career as an investment executive, Robert has a history of failing stress tests. Since a benign irregular heartbeat was detected a decade ago, he’s been tested many times both on the treadmill and with chemically induced stress in the lab. He has never passed one of these tests—despite no blockages being found during a prior angiogram.

During his annual physical with Dr. Rony Kako, Robert debated if he should reveal that he had recently felt an occasional light heart flutter, knowing additional testing would be recommended. At the end of his exam, almost as an after-thought, Robert mentioned the flutters and, as he feared, Dr. Kako immediately scheduled a stress test.

In early April, Robert failed the test, as was his custom. An abundance of caution led to the decision to perform an angiogram. When Dr. Andrew Wong shared the results, Robert was in disbelief—an artery was 95% blocked and he needed two stents to clear the obstruction, a life-saving intervention.

With clearance from his physicians, Robert kept his plans to drive cross-country the following week to see his grandkids, whom he had not seen since the onset of the pandemic. When he returned in June, he launched what he calls his “self-improvement plans after a very close call!”

Prior to COVID-19, he worked out on the elliptical trainer and weight-trained three to four times a week. While Robert has always enjoyed favorable cholesterol levels, he was disheartened to discover that these positive metrics, “don’t give you license to eat with abandon butter and mayonnaise!”

Now, Robert rarely eats hamburgers or red meat and has upped his intake of fruits and vegetables. He thanks the Queen’s cardiac rehab team for their nutritional guidance and encouraging him to resume exercise.

“Cardiac rehab was huge in terms of restoring my confidence to work out again,” said Robert. “There’s a common experience of feeling fragile and worrying after a heart issue. [Their team] was really helpful in managing that emotional element.”

Today, Robert feels as good as he did before the angioplasty/stents. He admits he is grateful for that light occasional flutter, which he almost didn’t mention.

Learn more about the Queen’s cardiac program at

“[Robert’s] experience is an example of why patients need to maintain an active lifestyle, while remaining vigilant to any potentially significant changes to their health and reporting these in a timely fashion,” said Dr. Wong. “In this case, Robert’s reporting of the slight aberration he was experiencing saved his life.”

Lily Chen, M.D.; James Srebro, M.D; and Manoj Eapen, M.D. Photo credit: Charlie Gesell. Robert and Andrew Wong, M.D. Photo credit: Briana Marie Forgie.

Spotlight on Sara Medina

One of Napa Valley ' s Top Producing Real Estate Agents

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows how stressful it can be. However, if you’re lucky, you also know that a top-notch Realtor can make the home buying and selling process seem effortless.

Sara Medina, a Napa Valley native and Realtor with Homestead Real Estate, embarked on her real estate career in 2017 with one goal in mind: make real estate easy for buyers and sellers. Now, just five years later, she has defied the odds and become one of Napa’s top-producing real estate agents.

What has made Sara’s rise to the top possible in an industry where 87% of new agents quit after five years? Quite simply, it’s her passion for helping people find their dream home, combined with her business-savvy nature.

Sara’s commitment to sellers is evident in everything she does. Thanks to her professional marketing, photography, and videography support team, she helps her sellers get enhanced exposure, often leading to offers over the asking price. Additionally, she assists sellers with staging and getting their home sales-ready, complete with the financial backing to offer interest-free resources for minor and major home updates that will increase the property’s value. When moving day finally arrives, she has access to moving trucks and movers to make the big day as stress-free as possible.

Buyers appreciate Sara’s attention to detail, organizational skills, and negotiation expertise. “I strive to make every client feel like my only client,” she says. “Whether we are working together to pinpoint their perfect neighborhood, doing inperson or virtual home tours, or writing an offer contract, I always deliver a level of professionalism that ensures they get the home of their dreams.”

One aspect Sara especially enjoys about real estate is helping veterans and military personnel buy and sell a home.

“Unfortunately, there’s a belief that veteran home buying is difficult,” she explains. “In reality, if you know the nuances of these loans and transactions, they’re just as straight-forward and simple as any other. Our military professionals have done so much for us. I want to give back to them in this small way.” Sara’s commitment to those who have served is unwavering, and, as a certified Military Relocation Professional, she has become a trusted resources for other agents seeking advice on navigating military home sales.

This all may seem like a lot to balance, but as a single mom to five amazing children, Sara has mastered the art of multitasking. She even makes time to give back to her community. A member of Sunrise Rotary Club of Napa Valley, Sara often spends her free time volunteering and supporting various Rotary initiatives.

Looking forward, Sara’s goal for 2023 is to help 75 families achieve their real estate dream. Her five-year goal is to build a team of agents so she can leverage her time and resources in order to help even more families. “I’m so appreciative of the Napa Valley community and the trust my clients have placed in me,” she says. “I’m looking forward to many more years of partnering with buyers and sellers and supporting them however I can. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, I would be honored to be part of your journey.”

Sara Medina
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“76 years ago, Bill Kroplin started with an idea. Three generations later, his grandchildren are still providing excellent service to the county of Napa.”


Locals already know that Mustard season is one of the most beautiful times in the Napa Valley. Many visitors, who often stumble into it, can’t believe their good fortunate at being here when the valley rolls out the yellow carpet. It’s a good reason to celebrate, something Napans do well, and this year the party stretches across the Napa Valley.

Downtown Napa is focusing on Presidents Day weekend, February 18 and 19, with food and entertainment pairings. The Napa Yard is joining the party, as is CIA at Copia, Oxbow Public Market, C Casa, River Terrace Inn, Live Fire Pizza, Napa Palisades, Charlie Palmer and many others. You can visit the QR Code on this page to get full details of their offerings and everything else happening in the Valley, but here’s a teaser – The Wine Train will be offering a Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Garlic Fingerling Potatoes, Pepperonata, Green Beans and a Cognac Mustard Sauce on their Gourmet Express and Legacy Trains. If you’ve never

ridden the Train, or haven’t done so at this time of year, it’s a great time to hop aboard. The green, rain-soaked hills and vineyards, cloaked in mustard-yellow, is one of the Valley’s best looks.

The following weekend, February 24-26, downtown tasting rooms will again be offering what has become their popular passport program. For $125, you can visit over twenty rooms for a glass and a bite, maybe a library pour or some other delightful surprise. “Downtown tasting rooms feel way more approachable, almost like walking you’re your living room, to enjoy a glass of wine with your family and friends,” said Bill LaLiberte from the Downtown Napa

16 February 2023

Association. Twenty percent of your passport cost will be donated to a local charity. While you’re in downtown, enjoy Napa’s Art Walk, the Rail Arts District, Arts Council Napa Valley and the other galleries and showrooms around town.

And that’s just Downtown Napa…

The season long celebration begins in January and runs through March at Silverado Resort and Spa, with Mustard inspired bites (Deviled Eggs, Prosciutto & Cheddar Grilled Cheese bites, Sausage, Peter & Potato Skewers; all three prepared with a variety of Mustards.) February 4-5, Atlas Peak Road galleries and wineries get into the spirit with events at Jessel Gallery, Gordon Huether Studio & Gallery and Silverado Resort. Looking for a unique wine

paired with art? Stop by Bougetz, Jan Edwards, Prime Solum and Whetstone.

The weekends following feature happenings in Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville and American Canyon. Again, the QR Code on this page will tell their whole story in detail.

For eighteen years, the whole valley celebrated Mustard season with a series of events. That ending after 2010, and locals lamented the loss. Two years ago, a countywide group started planning how to revive the mustard festival, and Napa Valley Mustard Celebration was born. Unfortunately, as it did for much of the early 2020s, COVID crashed the party, and the first year was a bust. Last year, when organizers shook off the doldrums, things got going. To paraphrase the old saying, “You can’t keep a good event down.”

“Honoring what the festival was is now a celebration,” said Jessel Miller, owner of Jessel Gallery on Atlas Peak Road. For many, Miller was the face of the original Mustard Festival, or rather, her artwork was. She was the featured artist of the Festival in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2008, her artwork was used for the poster and all other printed materials. She has been a driving force in reviving

the Celebration. She designed “Mustard Muse” for the 2011 event, but that was cancelled before it began. The image is beautiful, and the organizers immediately knew that it was the perfect face to usher in a new era of Mustard Celebration last year. This year’s artwork was created by artist Beverly Wilson. “Up & Away” was hands down the choice of the organizers.

Visit Napa Valley has posted a map with some of the best vantage points from which to view and photograph mustard. If you want details, this QR Code will take you to napavalleymustardcelebration. com. At the least, make sure you get out for a car or bicycle ride in the coming weeks. You’ll be immersed in the beauty of the Napa Valley.

You can’t keep a good event down.
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Recent Napa resident patient has lost 62 lbs on the program, and now walks 5-6 miles a day.

Starting Weight was 278 lbs, and he could not walk even a block due to severe pain. His current weight is 216 lbs, and he is walking 8-10k steps per day.

He was both a regenerative and weight loss patient. He is now going to make his trip to Europe this summer walking 5-9 miles daily. NO SURGERY, NO DRUGS!

Pre therapy to mobilize the joint, Trigger Point injection to reduce pain, Shockwave therapy to improve range of motion, Laser therapy to reduce pain. Plate Rich Plasma injections, ankle bracing to stabilize the joint, custom orthotics. Weekly therapy; updated protocols.

HCT (human cellular tissue) product injection using “Wharton’s Jelly.” This helps to create sustained cartilage padding and preservation. Result: Decrease pain, better movement. No surgery, 62 lbs lost and still dropping!

NO other program can work start to finish to obtain these goals.

Get your FREE report @ now! Or call (707) 927-1488 today! Dr. David Eade, D.C. 575 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 225 • Napa, CA 94558 •
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inserts and pellet burning appliances as well. While every one of these products embody the attention to detail in design and construction, each model is quite unique. Sizing and heating capacity range from medium to large heaters.

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Things Up Downtown
660 Main Street, Napa | 266-1267 |

The visual impact of the wall-sized mural overlooking Los Agaves Napa’s dining room and bar on Main Street, foretells a colorful, and richly cultivated cultural expression of the experience ahead. This restaurant has a festive vibe and the food and beverage menus reveal a classic Mexican menu with a spicy flare. Bright music heard throughout the venue added to the up tempo atmosphere nurtured by Owner, Ricky Gonzalez, and his staff.

The restaurant is opened for lunch and dinner guests each day. We had reservations for a Wednesday evening at six o’clock. When we arrived, the host promptly showed us to a table on the outside patio, just off the river walk. The staff did a great job keeping up with what seemed like a sudden flow of incoming, hungry guests. Within a very short time every table was filled with patrons. It was unusually warm, as the familiar early-evening breeze and chill we’re accustomed to did not appear this particular evening. It was a lovely night to dine al fresco; we weren’t in a hurry and appreciated that we didn’t feel rushed.

A basket of lightly salted, house-fried chips were brought to the table with a spicy and smoky salsa soon after we were seated. We know guacamole is a must have and we ordered that to enjoy with the chips and salsa while we perused the menus. The generous portion of guacamole was more than enough for two, and it was topped with liberal amounts of tomato, onion, cilantro and a dash of lime.

Looking at the beverage menu it’s fair to say, this is a tequila bar. The libation options are many and wide-ranging in regard to variety and price. We chose a cocktail each from the menu of a dozen drinks featured this evening—all with enticing names and mouth-watering ingredients listed. I selected the Pina Caliente which consists of Tequila, homemade spicy pineapple paste, agave nectar, lime juice and a deliciously dipped rim of Tajin spice. My special guest enjoyed the Papasito made with Rum, Aperol, lime and grapefruit. Both of these beverages were new to us and very refreshing. It was nice to try something we hadn’t had before and we’ll be sure to recommend them to our friends.

The liquor list continues with flights of Tequila, Mezcal and a supreme option of a Clase Azul Tasting in one ounce pours. Domestic and familiar imported beers and wines are included on the list, as well.

A great number of Tequila varieties are on the menu at Los Agaves—dozens barely covers the numbers—there’s actually

over one hundred choices of Mezcal, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. The same as when creating fine wines or other spirits, methods of fermentation, barrel aging, and the flavors and coloring of the barrels used allow for each unique classification to come to life. Ranging in color from clear to a deep golden hue, some are best suited for making mixed drinks and others are best enjoyed by the sip; the details however, I’ll leave that up to the experts behind the bar to guide you.

When Juan, our server, returned for our order, we asked for the Watermelon Salad to share, a smart decision because there was an entrée sized serving set in front of us. The cubed melon was sweet and juicy, the orange slices, jicama, grated carrots and red and green lettuce provided texture and vivid color to the dish which was dressed with the ideal amount of strawberry vinaigrette—just enough to ‘kiss’ the ingredients without drowning the delicate flavors.

There are numerous share plates and appetizers to choose from. As I mentioned, we had the guacamole from the top of the share list, which is followed by Tacos Dorados, chicken taquitos fried and topped with lettuce, sour cream, cheese and salsa. Queso Fundido, a melted cheese dish including wild mushroom and chorizo. Sopes, two mini corn masa tortillas topped with pastor and asada. Quesabirrias rounds out the starters—beef mini quesadilla with a beef dipping sauce on the side. Appetizers begin with a Ceviche Verde Mixto, the Los Agaves Salad with mixed greens, mango, jicama, cranberries and tamarind dressing. Grilled Octopus, Tinga Tostadas, and soup of the day fill out the early offerings.

For our main meal we both chose the Alambre: skirt steak sautéed with bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, bacon and melted cheese, served with homemade tortillas. The seasoning was rich and full-flavored, yet mild enough for nearly everyone’s taste. All-in-all, the dish was filling and satisfying in flavor and presentation.

A few of the other options listed on the menu are Fish of the Day, Chilo Ajo con Pollo, a traditional chicken dish made with chile guajillo and spices from the state of Oaxaca, served with rice. Pork Chop Al Pastor is served with zucchini, grilled corn and pineapple. Wet Burrito with short rib al vino tinto, black beans, rice, onion, cilantro, cheese, cream, topped with half-red and half-green salsa. NY Steak half ($24) or full ($45) served with “frijoles charros” beans with bacon, jalapeño, tomato, cilantro. Enchilada Verdes with

Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner | Reservation Accepted
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If you yearn for a slice of old Napa Valley aesthetic in the highly coveted Coombsville AVA, welcome home! Greeted by a beautiful oak tree, enter through an automatic gate and up the newly paved driveway to this fully fenced 1.46 acre property with an 1149 +/- sq. ft. home. Come soak in porch views of neighboring vineyards, eastern hills and Mt Tamalpais. Maybe you want to plant a vineyard with the already established Napa Sanitation Recycled Water. Downtown Napa with its world class restaurants & wine bars is a quick bike ride, stroll or car ride away - just 1.5 miles! Plenty of room to build your dream home, build a barn, and a pool. The possibilities are truly endless. The opportunities for a place like this are rare, so come live the Napa Valley lifestyle of your dreams! Asking $1,195,000

Call/Text Jennifer Roberts at 707-260-5502 • Realtor® CA DRE Lic# 01450317

Great location with endless possibilities. 3 Units in this beautiful home built in 1900. Upstairs unit is 1418 +/- sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms & 1 bath.

Upper level has access to the large back yard. In the lower level are two units with 1 bedroom & 1 bath each and each has private patios. Close to great shops and restaurants.

Asking $875,000

Call/Text Nikki Davidson-Gonsalves at 707-337-3511


This lovely, single story, remodeled home is located in the heart of Napa Valley. This property is immaculate and exudes pride of ownership. Spacious two bedrooms, two full baths, with radiant heat floors, gorgeous kitchen, includes all appliances. Gleaming hardwood floors, lots of natural light, coved ceilings, recessed lights, ceilings fans and more. The outdoor space is an extension of the interior living space. The impressive back yard has two kitchen areas, perfect for entertaining, lovely gardens, fire pit. RV parking. A lifetime of enjoyment. It’s a turnkey property.

Asking $800,000

Call/Text Linda Glass at 707-486-3281


Single story, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Desirable location; close to schools, shopping, highway access; impressive private back yard; recent tasteful upgrades; natural light, clean and ready!

Asking $850,000 Call/Text Linda Glass at 707-486-3281

26 February 2023 LINDA GLASS Broker/Owner (707) 486-3281 CA DRE Lic# 00961179 WAYNE DAVIDSON Realtor/Owner (707) 486-4780 CA DRE Lic# 00379689 Davidson & Bennett Real Estate Services, Inc. 707-253-0220 • Fax 707-253-0260 1817 Jefferson Street, Napa • CA DRE Lic# 01965904
JENNIFER ROBERTS Realtor (707) 260-5502 CA DRE Lic#
LINDA GLASS Broker/Owner (707) 486-3281 CA DRE Lic# 00961179
NIKKI DAVIDSONGONSALVES Realtor® (707) 337-3511 CA DRE Lic# 02017372 LINDA GLASS Broker/Owner (707) 486-3281 CA DRE Lic# 00961179 Wendy Pomerantz, L.Ac, P.A.-C.
Dual Trained East-West Medicine • Since 1978 • Licensed Acupuncturist
Certified Physician Assistant
Nutritional & Herbal Medicine
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E & M PRESENTS A NEW SEASON OF family-friendly shows

There’s nothing quite like live performance to inspire a new generation of future performing artists. E & M Presents is bringing a new crop of shows that aim to do just that in 2023.

For the past eight years, E & M Presents has treated Napa Valley and Bay Area audiences to nationallyacclaimed touring shows created specifically for kids and families.

Past examples include: Zoppe Italian Family Circus; Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo; Doktor Kaboom; Lightwire Theater; Story Pirates, and The Amazing Bubble Man, to name a few.

The new season showcases three different musical genres plus an added attraction chock full of live performing animals sure to elicit laughs, oohs and ahhs!

To date, 2023 performances include: THE T SISTERS

Sunday, Feb. 19 | 1pm & 3pm Yountville Community Center

The talented, terrific Oakland-based T Sisters are on the brink of recording their first album of songs just for kids and families, and they’re coming to Yountville for a trial run. The Tietjen’s -- Erika and twins Rachel and Chloe -- are no strangers to the stage having toured their mellifluous harmonies and catchy melodies for over a decade. From Taylor Swift to their rendition of the classic song “Harvest Moon,” audiences are in for tasty, curated musical selections spanning original tunes and covers – pop to country to Americana. You’ll be invited to sing along and shake your free tambourine to the beats. Guaranteed to suit you to a T!

28 February 2023


Saturday, March 4 | 2:00pm Empress Theatre/Vallejo

By popular demand, E & M Presents is pleased to bring back the wildly entertaining, fun-filled, family-friendly extravaganza that is Comedy Pet Theater featuring a menagerie of cats, white mice, dogs, parrots and even a miniature horse. All performing pets were rescued from animal shelters and now enjoy life in the limelight as Las Vegas headliners with co-star, Gregory Popovich, who incorporates world-class juggling, gymnastics and balancing acts into the production. Popovich is a fifthgeneration Russian performer who has toured with the Moscow Circus and Ringling Brothers / Barnum & Bailey Circus. Comedy Pet Theater has wowed audiences in more than 20 countries. Come and see what makes this one-of-a-kind show a perennial family favorite!


Saturday, April 29 | 1pm & 3pm Yountville Community Center

Grammy Award-winner Dan Zanes and HaitianAmerican jazz vocalist Claudia Zanes specialize in a

style they call “all-ages social music,” mixing old and new songs. Every performance is a party when “… the best new thing in Family Music” comes to town! Their selections are drawn from Dan’s celebrated music catalogue, their Kennedy Center-commissioned folk opera named “Night Train 57,” the House Party songbook and their Smithsonian Folkways album “Let Love Be Your Guide.” This highly interactive concert will inspire dancing and singing along as the duo performs homespun, artful and joyful music for all to enjoy.


Sunday, July 2 | 1pm & 3pm

Yountville Community Center

Born adventurers Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing spent their childhoods exploring the great outdoors in Denver, CO, rafting down neighborhood creeks and discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains. Now, as the Grammy Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers, this passion for the outdoors lives at the heart of their special brand of Americana folk music. Five-time Parents’ Choice-award winners, Joe and Justin aim to inspire children and their parents to “step outside and get creative!” Come ready to have your kids be motivated to gain a greater respect for the natural world, their communities and themselves – and to have a great time along the way.

February 2023 29
The Okee Dokee Brothers The T Sisters

All shows are recommended for ages five and above (please, no babies), and each performance will be followed by a Q & A and post-show opportunity to meet the artists. Tickets are available through, with additional information and a link to ticketing at

Special thanks to Napa County Arts & Culture Grants, California Arts Commission, the Gasser Foundation, Mechanics Bank and this publication. ...

or call 707-224-4353.
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Villa Lane, Suite 2 Napa, CA 94558 707-253-8280
Stacy James, NP Andrew Wong, MD Lily Chen, MD James Srebro, MD Sergio Manubens, MD Manoj Eapen, MD Having tea with Belle at The Meritage Tea with a Princess. Delaney, Tatum, Izzy and Teagan enjoying the holiday ice rink at The Meritage Resort and Spa. Carson and Harper ready for last day of school before Winter Break. Mimi Adams, Bailie, Cara Mae Wooledge, Sandy Sauter, Holly Ong, Carine Hines and baby Loic at the Napa Farmers Market Give!Guide fundraising booth. Napa Valley Chamber Orchestra.


The territory is familiar as Jeri Hansen steps into the role of the Napa Chamber of Commerce President/CEO.

“Between working on committees, including the Business-Agriculture Committee and the Legislative Action Committee (now the Government Affairs Committee), serving on the Board of Directors and being its Chair in 2007, I’ve worked with the Napa Chamber for 20 years,” says Jeri. “I am invested in the Chamber and believe strongly in its mission.”

Hansen feels that one area where the Chamber can shine is in advocacy work.

“As CEO I want to continue to strengthen the role the Napa Chamber of Commerce as the collective voice of the business community.

By that, I mean our Board and members will work with community leaders and stakeholders to be a part of solving problems, finding solutions, and creating opportunities, We will continue to be engaged and involved so that we don’t just respond to issues but help shape them.”

“Chambers of Commerce can be the home base for economic and community development. Our community’s key issues: infrastructure, housing, environment, workforce, are all part of economic development. The Chamber can help build a strong and diverse local economy, one that is custom tailored to our community.”

“For us, the approach to economic development is intentionally attracting and retaining businesses and sectors that are a good fit for our community. And by working with policymakers and regulatory agencies to create an environment that will allow those businesses to be successful.”

“Also, we want to revive the spirit of camaraderie that the Napa Chamber of Commerce is known for,” continues Jeri. “The Chamber is engaged in public policy, but we also create camaraderie and forge strength through our personal connections and business goals. People come together, learn together and have fun doing it.”

In the changing business climate, she knows there are struggles.

“One challenge will be to balance potentially competing priorities –those that are ongoing and those that crop up and need a more immediate response. But I will be working with our Board of Directors to prioritize our opportunities by being focused, thoughtful and deliberate about goals. Over the last few years issues in our business community have changed, evolved and won’t be going back to the way they were. How do we adapt to that in functional and healthy ways? How do we respond to new ways of working and look at it with fresh eyes? It’s a challenge, but also an opportunity.”

She says small businesses fit perfectly into that.

“Small businesses here in Napa are the catalyst to and contain the inner workings of commerce; they are singularly valuable and important, but collectively, they are the silent strength of our community. They are the job creators; the economic diversity

and vitality measure that show our community is doing well. Small businesses are the incubators for new ideas and approaches. They’re the source of on-the-job training and first jobs. They are our neighbors; the employees are our neighbors and the customers are neighbors.”

Q: What does the Chamber offer to business?

“We are the go-to resource for education and knowledge; we empower you to help your businesses to succeed,” Jeri says. “We provide the connection to tools and resources. We can often spot emerging trends and preemptively get ahead of issues. I want to listen to what our business community needs and how the Chamber can help. We also offer opportunities for information sharing, conversation and relationship building for business owners so they are learning from one another.”

Q: What does she feel is the biggest misconception about the Chamber?

“That all we do is mixers, now called Business After Hours, and ribbon cuttings. While those are visible and important elements in what we do, the Chamber has so much more depth and breadth than just social. We do celebrate new business and make sure they get the support they need through our toolbox for resources, information and people who can

help. Programs like our Chamber Ambassadors are key to member engagement and our first line of information about the community. We are not just social, but connect businesses to education, advocacy and engagement in our community.”

Hansen has new programs and ideas to consider.

“We will continue to provide education and information to our members. For example, our Labor Law workshops start in January when employment bills are starting to take effect, so businesses are aware of new labor laws and regulations. We have Leads Over Lunch every other month where attendees have an opportunity to share what they do and hear featured speakers on topics of interest. Members get to network and gain knowledge of what’s going on in the community.”

“I’ll also be looking for information on certain sectors—such as restaurants, retail, healthcare or tasting rooms—focused on issues that these sectors are dealing with specifically and pull together resources and subject matter experts and speakers who can address those issues. As our new Chair of the Board, Christi Coors Ficeli, told me when I first started the position– ‘Everything is on the table.’ So we have an opportunity to refresh what we already do if necessary, and revisit our successful programs from the past like our

February 2023 35
“Chambers of Commerce can be the home base for economic and community development . . . The Chamber can help build a strong and diverse local economy, one that is custom tailored to our community.”
~ Jeri Hansen

Economic Outlook conference, for example. Using the lens of what’s changing on a macro-level and how it will affect our business community on a micro-level. And how do we, as the Chamber, adapt and respond so we bring value.”

“We’ve learned that there is an acceptance and an appetite for on-demand information and resources. There are times when people are interested in a topic but can’t get to the seminar or program, so we can use technology to get the information to them. On-demand could be videos of workshops, webinars—or anything—with the ease of technology. Through this we can expand our reach to members and meet them where they are. Maybe it’s in a conference room, but they can access information on

another day or time that suits their schedules.”

Q: There are so many challenges to business today, what does she see as the biggest?

“Labor and the workforce are big. I keep hearing people ask, ‘where’d the employees go and are they ever coming back?’ We need to have conversations around how to adapt to this labor shortage and new labor reality. We will also continue to work with local government to represent the voice of business concerning regulations and policies so that rules are clear and processes aren’t unintended barriers.”

She says there are a few things the Napa Chamber of Commerce members can expect this year.

“For the first several months especially, I plan to listen and learn. I can promise transparency, openness and curiosity. I want to know, as a member organization, what are the opportunities, what’s keeping you up at nighr? What is our value and how can we help? I always want that feedback loop. What is a day in the life of your business and how can we make it easier? How can we give you a break? Plus, I want to make it fun. We can take our work seriously, but we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. We are an organization made up of businesses, yes, but at the heart is that we are an organization made up of people.”

Sounds like the Chamber is in capable hands.

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To submit your event request, visit



Welcoming the return of a Napa Valley tradition with art, wine and a celebration of the Mustard season. Specials and events valleywide and all season long.



This walkable outdoor experience is free in Downtown Napa featuring 10 lighted art installations in February.


MAT KEARNEY – THE ACOUSTIC TRIO TOUR WITH MARC SCIBILIA Kearney, a Multi-Platinum songwriter and producer, has performed

live on TODAY Show, Ellen, The Tonight Show, Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live!



Feel free to express your own personal style of dance...after all, dance is enjoying moving to music! Walk-ins accepted for a $20 fee. Checkin/registration at 6:45 pm, Lesson at 7 pm, Dancing from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.



The Napa Lighted Art Festival Lantern Parade is a family-friendly "art after dark" experience that takes place in Downtown Napa. is energized by live music by Cosmos Percussion Electric. This is a free public event for all ages. Strollers are okay but no bikes allowed.

February 2023 37 (707) 252-8077 2291 Soscol Avenue, Napa | We want to make sure that you have a smile of which you can be proud. Includes: Evaluation, full series x-rays, soft tissue exam, check for gum disease. Value of $270.00 or insurance will pay. Valid for whole family, per person. Please mention ad. When making appointment and present coupon at time of service. Expires in 30 days. NEW PATIENT SPECIAL $99 DENTAL EXAM & X-RAYS
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The Napa Valley Chamber Orchestra will present music by composers Sibelius, Warlock and Harbach on Sunday at 1:30 pm at Congregation Beth Shalom in Napa. The concert repeats on February 13 at 7 pm at Open Door Church in American Canyon. The concerts are free and open to the public.



His creations have encompassed repertoire that cross-pollinate genres which include rock, blues, jazz, fusion, soul, folk, new-age, classical and even country.



The Tietjen’s – Erika and twins Rachel and Chloe – are no strangers to the stage having toured their mellifluous harmonies and catchy melodies for over a decade. From Taylor Swift to their rendition of the classic song "Harvest Moon," audiences are in for tasty, curated musical selections spanning original tunes and covers – pop to country to Americana. Shows at 1 pm and 3 pm at the Yountville Community Center.



Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, writer and actor. Festival. In 2017 he was named of the top ten comics you need to know by Rolling Stone magazine. He hosts a Podcast called The Tim Dillon Show.


38 February 2023
Weight *
February 2023 39 3207 SWISS COURT, NAPA 4 BD | 2-1/2 BA | 2100+ sf 1/2 acre lot with pool | Cul de sac location Offered at $1,700,000 | 2325 GEORGIA STREET, NAPA Zoned residential office 6 offices 3 BA Excellent corner location Lots of parking Offered at $826,000 | 4208 JEFFERSON STREET, NAPA 1st closing of the new year! 3 BD | 2 BA Stunningly remodeled, Room for ADU Listed at 1,150,000 | Sold at 1,000,000 IN CONTRACT IN CONTRACT REPRESENTED THE BUYER Ellen Politz Associate Partner Cal BRE# 01860953 707.363.2133 (direct) 888.864.4133 (fax) 1405 Second Street, Napa Ellen Politz Sells The Napa Valley Thank you for your constant referrals! When markets shift, you need an agent you can trust that knows the market that will negotiate on your behalf! Let my expertise help you achieve your housing goals in 2023! Thankful for all Sold I Love my Clients... Multiple Offers Learn more about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at or Call us at FDA-cleared | Non-invasive | Covered by most insurance Be You Again. Non-Drug Depression Treatment Put Money Back in YOUR Wallet, NOT the Energy Company’s! Why wait? Own a new furnace or air conditioner today. Replace your existing heating and air conditioning with a high-efficiency Bryant system for monthly savings and improved comfort! 4405 Solano Ave. • Napa Lic. #467256 707-252-7227 REFRIGERATION, INC. HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Reliable Your Local Napa Dealer Since 1977 Rubies • Sapphires • Emeralds Villa Iris 707-799-3414 • 618 Third Street • Napa Napa’s Treasure House Since 1949 Walk-ins Welcome
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