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NUS President ’s Message

Director ’s Message

Dear fellow alumni and friends,

It has been another exciting year for the Office

2011 has been another wonderful year for alumni relations at NUS. I am especially encouraged by the warm response to the many alumni activities and events organised by the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) throughout the year. As I met and conversed with our alumni participants, both young and old, I sense an even deeper level of engagement with the University than before. Many recognise not only the depth of their ties to NUS, but also the importance of nurturing those bonds. This renewed spirit of engagement is also taking root among our wider alumni family who live and work overseas. With 210,000 alumni in over 100 countries, NUS is truly a global community. Our Overseas Alumni Chapters play an important role in reaching out to overseas alumni while projecting NUS’ reputation internationally. They are, truly, overseas extensions of NUS.

While mounting successful events and programmes is rewarding, we have always been mindful that our ultimate goal is to nurture lifelong and mutually beneficial relationships with our alumni. Recognising that the Faculties, Schools, Halls and the common interest groups are where shared experiences and loyalties are forged, we co-organised many more “partner events” that tapped into these natural affiliations and touch-points. Another encouraging trend has been the increasing number of alumni who are taking the lead for our activities.

I am pleased that our overseas chapters have been active in reorganising themselves and stepping up the scope and reach of their activities. In addition, we will be establishing more chapters in Asia, in keeping with NUS’ strong focus on the region. Our Jakarta Alumni Chapter will be launched in February 2012, and I am looking forward to even more this year.

To rally and energise our “troops” – those committed alumni whose talents and time we crucially depend on to make a difference – we held an Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum which allowed our vital core of alumni volunteer-leaders to come together for a day of learning, sharing and strategising. And at our biennial Alumni Awards ceremony we recognised our alumni “champions” who have made outstanding contributions to society and their alma mater.

There’s a reason this renewal is happening across many fronts. Simply put, our alumni know that NUS is committed to serving them at every stage of their life journey. OAR has played a critical role in fostering a greater sense of belonging. It has also been encouraging alumni to be at the forefront of alumni-led activities, while it continues to play a catalytic and supportive role. Indeed, our alumni volunteers are now driving programmes such as the U@live series and the Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum – two very successful initiatives launched in 2011.

In 2011, we also completed the revamp of our quarterly AlumNUS Magazine and the AlumNET website – two of our most important communications platforms. Beyond a fresh look and feel, we spared no effort to improve the contents so as to better connect with our alumni.

For me, this shift is a very important one and it is very heartening to see students, faculty, staff and alumni stepping up and contributing in diverse ways to the richness that is NUS. Talent and expertise are undoubtedly critical to our future, but spirit is what motivates it and gives us a strong sense of identity and purpose. This is what we must embrace if we are to move NUS to be a leading global university centred in Asia.


of Alumni Relations, during which we continued to reach out in imaginative ways to alumni. Not only did signature events such as Alumni Day @ Bukit Timah, Alumni Day @ Kent Ridge and the Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament (now into its 20th year) draw record numbers of participants, new events such as U@live, the Canadian Film Festival and Montage 2011 also proved hugely popular.

Given the enormity of our task – we have 210,000 alumni in over 100 countries – it would be unthinkable not to exploit information technology as a key enabler. Hence our move towards a cutting-edge Integrated Alumni Database System to replace the current one. This will be accomplished by September 2012.

Thank you, alumni, for exemplifying that spirit!

Nurturing the alumni spirit is an enterprise that involves all alumni. As this annual report affirms, the rewards of doing so are both deeply personal and far-reaching. We are committed to working with you to create an even more vibrant alumni community.

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan NUS President

Associate Professor Lim Meng Kin Director, Office of Alumni Relations


The Team* at the Office of Alumni Relations The Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) is the key Department at the National University of Singapore (NUS) that engages over 210,000 alumni from more than 100 countries across the globe. The OAR Director is directly responsible to the NUS President.

Mission and Vision

As alumni are major stakeholders of NUS, the University provides OAR with the resources and infrastructure to organise events and programmes that strengthen ties with alumni and involve them in NUS’ aspirations.

NUS’ Vision

In late 2011, a review of the Department’s Mission and Core Values was conducted. The Mission statement was refined as follows: To nurture mutually beneficial and lifelong relationships with alumni and engage them along NUS’ aspirations.

A Leading Globa l Un iv ersity Cen tred i n Asia, Infl u enc ing the Fut u re

This encapsulates the raison d’être for OAR – to build unique bonds of kinship between alumni and their alma mater and to engage alumni in strengthening the University. The ethos of OAR is vividly expressed in the acronym EXCITE, which stands for our Core Values: Excellence, Commitment, Integrity and Teamwork. These tenets define the spirit of OAR and the way we accomplish our Mission.

The Office of Alumni Relations’ Mission To Nurt u re Mutua l l y Be n efi cia l and Lifelong Relations hips with Al u m n i and Engage Th em along NUS’ As p irations

The Office of Alumni Relations’ Core Values Exce l lence Commitm ent Integrity Teamwork


* The Team

Josephine Chng Josephine Chow . Richard Chong . Chua Sin Chew . Elly Wisata . Ida Ithnin . Jourdan Rosell Bernice Kiong . Noreen Kwan . Lim Geok Ling . Jerlyn Lim . Lim Meng Kin . Lo Tuck Leong Susan Ng . Wendy Ng L C. Wendy Ng Y L . Ng Yuen Wah Charmaine Ong . Poon Sern Yin . Ramy Arzilah . Roshaliza Ahmat . Seah Suh Shan . Irene See . Jennifer See . Sim May Kim Yvette Thomasz . Toh Le Guang . Valerie Vincent . Geraldine Wong Wong Peng Meng . Nichole Yeo . Yeo Wei Wei


1 Once a Student, Always an Alumnus When students enjoy their time at NUS, they are more likely to feel a bond with the University. The Office of Alumni Relations engages students through programmes that take care of their various needs from the time they enter the University until they leave.

FROM MATRICULATION TO COMMENCEMENT At the Matriculation Fair in July 2011, the Office of Alumni Relations put up a booth to introduce the various services it provides to students to make their stay at the University a memorable one. At Commencement 2011, students were given a package to welcome them into the alumni body and to help them stay connected with their alma mater. This Welcome Package comprised their personalised AlumNUS card, their first copy of the AlumNUS Magazine and AlumConnect, a souvenir autograph-cum-photo album designed as a keepsake of their student days.



BURSARY AWARDS To help students with financial challenges, the Office of Alumni Relations provides deserving students with bursaries, relieving them of their financial concerns and allowing them to focus on their studies. This is made possible through the Bank Affinity Card Programme where a fraction of the cardholder’s expenditure goes towards the bursary funds. The programme funds three bursary awards – NUS Alumni Bursary Awards, NUS Alumni Student Exchange Awards and NUS Alumni Overseas Colleges Awards. In 2011, the NUS Alumni Bursary Awards worth $2,000 each were given to 25 students for tuition fees. The NUS Alumni Student Exchange Awards valued at $2,500 each were given to 18 students to study at an overseas partner university for a semester or two. And, the NUS Alumni Overseas Colleges Awards valued at $1,000 each were given to 10 students for their studies at the NUS Overseas Colleges. In total, 53 students received bursaries made possible by the Bank Affinity Card Programme in 2011. In addition, a new bursary award, the NUS Alumni Bursary @ UTown, was launched on 30 July 2011. This award is given to deserving students to take full advantage of NUS programmes at UTown, opened on 1 August 2011, NUS’ latest thrust into transformative education as it redefines the way students learn and live on campus. The bursary subsidises accommodation and meal expenses of needy students residing at the Cinnamon College and the Tembusu College. Thanks to generous donations by alumni over the last 15 years, $1.1 million was raised. Four awards worth $5,000 each will be given out yearly, starting with 2011.

Thank you for the generous donation that has given me the chance to plan for a brighter future. I deeply appreciate the continued support of the NUS Alumni Bursary Award. MR RIBERD NG, Architecture Year 2, School of Design and Environment, Recipient of NUS Alumni Bursary Award


STUDENT SERVICE AMBASSADORS Students had the opportunity to be involved in events run at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House in Front-of-House positions and in customer service as Service Desk personnel. The jobs provided 60 students exposure to alumni activities and an opportunity for some part-time income.

STUDENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME While graduation brings much relief from years of studying and the exciting prospect of new opportunities, it also comes with some anxiety in the face of new uncertainties. To make the transition from student life to the working world easier, the Office of Alumni Relations organised three Student Mentorship sessions over the year. Alumni from the Faculty of Science, School of Computing and the Faculty of Engineering came back to campus for speed mentoring sessions. 80 students benefitted from the experiences of 14 alumni of the School of Computing who shared tips on new start-ups, IT consulting and finance on 8 April 2011. On 2 September 2011, 16 alumni from the Faculty of Engineering met 150 students; and, on 21 October 2011, 22 alumni from the Faculty of Science met 110 students. With a total 52 alumni coming back to their alma mater to mentor 340 students over the year, it was a step towards building a close-knit community of alumni and alumni-to-be. 9

2 Alumni Leadership Alumni leaders and volunteers are at the forefront of alumni engagement. Through their commitment, loyalty and passion for NUS, as well as their desire to build a cohesive alumni community, they inspire fellow alumni to reconnect with their alma mater. The Office of Alumni Relations works with these leaders and volunteers to broaden the University’s reach to the alumni body through various established alumni groups and alumni initiatives. In my frequent interactions with alumni, I have sensed a growing warmth of relationship between NUS and our alumni, and have no doubt that this is due in large measure to the many selfless and committed alumni leaders and volunteers like you. It is your loyalty to, and passion for NUS, that has inspired increasing numbers of fellow alumni to come forward, to reconnect with and contribute to NUS. NUS President, PROFESSOR TAN CHORH CHUAN, at the NUS Alumni Awards 2011


ALUMNI GROUPS Alumni are best kept connected with the University through alumni groups that they feel most comfortable in. These groups may be Local Alumni Groups or Overseas Alumni Chapters. Local Alumni Groups represent faculties, halls of residence and special interests. In 2011, two Local Alumni Groups were formed, extending the number to 51 groups by the end of the year. These included the Senior Alumni Group and the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies Alumni Group. Their activities and programmes keep the NUS spirit alive among the alumni. For example, the Senior Alumni Group comprising a unique blend of retirees from a range of professions including doctors, lawyers and teachers, ran monthly talks for about 50 alumni for two years before the group was formalised in June 2011. The NUS Nursing Alumni Group was set up in August 2011 to improve nursing standards in Singapore through alumni activities. NUS keeps alumni overseas connected with their alma mater through 15 Overseas Alumni Chapters across the world. Please turn to Chapter 4 for more information on the activities of the Overseas Alumni Chapters. 11

ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) guides the Office of Alumni Relations in the most effective ways of engaging alumni. The Board comprises alumni who are passionate about developing a vibrant community of alumni, and engaging them in NUS’ aspirations for the development of the University as a leading global university centred in Asia. Over the year, the Board has been active in initiating and running new and strategic projects to engage alumni. These include U@live, a monthly forum that features alumni who have been making a positive difference in society, aimed at inspiring other alumni to make a difference. AAB member Mr Viswa Sadasivan conceptualised the project and led the organising committee in running the monthly forum. Another significant project was the Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum that brought together about 300 alumni leaders and volunteers to discuss strategies, challenges and opportunities in alumni engagement, held on 8 October 2011. This project was led by AAB member Mr Peter Tay with a committee of other AAB members that included Dr Cheah Kim Fee, Mr Jeremy Ee, Mr Koe Khoon Poh, Mr Johnny Tan, Dr Teo Ho Pin, former AAB member Mr Harry Chan and OAR Director Dr Lim Meng Kin.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS PROGRAMME Students tend to have a strong affiliation to their faculties, schools and halls of residence. As such, Associate Directors are appointed to engage alumni of their respective faculty, school or hall of residence. In 2011, the 22 Associate Directors met with the Director of the Office of Alumni Relations every quarter to discuss challenges and opportunities for better alumni engagement.


CLASS AMBASSADORS PROGRAMME Since 2008, Class Ambassadors have been appointed to keep alumni from their cohort connected with their alma mater. They work closely with their faculties/schools and with the Office of Alumni Relations to build a strong alumni network. They accomplish this by establishing ways to keep in touch with fellow alumni, organising gatherings and keeping alumni informed of the latest news about the University. In 2011, 145 Class Ambassadors were appointed, bringing the total number to 584 since the launch of the programme.

ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD NUS harnesses the Board’s influence and leadership in philanthropy, student recruitment, corporate outreach, ties with the Government and advocacy vis-à-vis issues that are pertinent to the University.

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan Medicine ’83 NUS President; Chairman, NUS Alumni Advisory Board

Dr Cheah Kim Fee

Mr Jeremy Ee

Mr Koe Khoon Poh

Dentistry ’90

Engineering ’05

Pharmacy ’66

Mr Viswa Sadasivan

Mr Navtej Singh

Ms Jessica Tan

Arts & Social Sciences ’83

Arts & Social Sciences ’72

Arts & Social Sciences ’89

Mrs Tan Suan Imm Mr Johnny Tan Science ’82

Arts & Social Sciences ’60

Dr Teo Ho Pin

Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed

Design & Environment ’85

Arts & Social Sciences ’71

Mr Peter Tay Business ’75

Dr Lim Meng Kin Medicine ’74

Director, NUS Office of Alumni Relations; Secretary, NUS Alumni Advisory Board



INAUGURAL ALUMNI LEADERS FORUM For the first time, NUS brought together alumni leaders and volunteers from across the world to share best practices in alumni relations and to learn from one another. This new platform, the Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum, was held on Saturday, 8 October 2011 with the theme “Sharing Aspirations, Forging the Future”. The forum drew 300 participants who benefitted from the perspectives of local and overseas speakers from Oxford University and Yale University. Among them were Mr Mark Dollhopf, Executive Director of the Association of Yale Alumni; Ms Christine Fairchild, Director of Alumni Relations at Oxford University; and Ms Katherine Edersheim, an active Yale alumni volunteer who served as the first woman President of the Yale Club of New York City. All three explained their engagement programmes and discussed the challenges they faced. Also sharing their insights were the Chairpersons of 14 out of 15 of NUS’ Overseas Alumni Chapters, as well as leaders from among NUS’ 51 Local Alumni Groups. The full-day forum gave participants a better appreciation of one another’s challenges, strategies for success and future plans. It ended with a networking dinner, attended by 170 alumni. Besides allowing for a deeper understanding of alumni relations, the forum also provided the opportunity for networking and strengthening of ties, paving the way for greater partnerships and collaboration between groups to further the alumni relations cause. 1. Mr Peter Tay, Member, NUS Alumni Advisory Board and Chairman, Organising Committee for the Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum with A/Prof Lim Meng Kin (right), Director, NUS Office of Alumni Relations 2. Ms Christine Fairchild, Director of Alumni Relations, University of Oxford 3. Mr Johnny Tan, President, National University of Singapore Society 4. Professor Arthur Lim, President of the Medical Alumni Association 5. Mr Benny Lee, President, NUS Business School Alumni Association





The most important benefit of the forum is building and strengthening personal relationships with NUS and fellow alumni, especially overseas. All objectives were met. We left with good memories and stronger bonding. MR WILLIAM GAN Chairman, NUS Alumni Chapter in Chengdu


(From left) Professor Tan Tai Yong, NUS Vice Provost (Student Life); Ms Katherine Edersheim, Chairperson of Yale Global Alumni Leadership Exchange Programme; Dr Teo Ho Pin, President, NUS Building and Estate Management Alumni; Dr Cheah Kim Fee, Chairman, NUS Overseas Alumni Chapter in Shanghai, China


3RD IARU ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS SUMMIT Alumni Directors from 10 of the world’s leading research-intensive universities which form the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) gather annually to discuss alumni engagement as practised across cultures, so as to better pursue best practices and world-class standards in alumni relations. The 3rd IARU Alumni Associations Summit was held in Singapore, hosted by NUS from 10 to 12 October 2011. It was attended by alumni heads from seven universities: Australian National University, ETH Zurich, National University of Singapore, University of Copenhagen, University of Oxford, The University of Tokyo and Yale University. The summit covered topics including leveraging on information technology, motivating alumni volunteers, creating impactful programmes and communicating through print and social media. The possibility of international collaborations among IARU universities was also discussed. Among the ideas put forward were reciprocal arrangements, a summer programme for 2012 and a global alumni conference.



The delegates met NUS President, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan who also chairs IARU, senior management, local alumni leaders and their alumni living in Singapore. They also visited Singapore’s various attractions. Through the three-day programme, the alumni heads benefitted from one another’s insights and enhanced relationships, which put them in good stead to collaborate on international projects.

For three days, Singapore was presented from the very best side. I think the meeting was very efficient and brought us once more, very interesting results. DR PETER BRUNNER, Managing Director of ETH Alumni Association

1. NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan (third from right) addressing the delegates at the 3rd IARU Alumni Associations Summit 2. Mr Mark Dollhopf, Executive Director, Association of Yale Alumni (extreme left) with alumni from IARU universities 3. (From left) Mr Makoto Nakamura, Director of Alumni Relations, The University of Tokyo; Dr Peter O Brunner, Managing Director of ETH Alumni Association; Ms Christine Fairchild, Director of Alumni Relations, University of Oxford; Mr Mark Dollhopf, Executive Director, Association of Yale Alumni; Ms Tania Schwartz, Head of Alumni Relations, University of Copenhagen; and Ms Priscilla Wadham, Alumni Relations Manager, Australian National University


NUS ALUMNI AWARDS Alumni who have pursued excellence and distinguished themselves through their achievements are an inspiration to other alumni. NUS recognises them through the biennial NUS Alumni Awards. At the NUS Alumni Awards ceremony on 4 November 2011, 16 awards were given out. Dr Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations was conferred the Eminent Alumni Award for dedicating her career to the development of peace and security for people around the world. The Distinguished Alumni Service Awards recognise alumni who have distinguished themselves in rendering excellent and sustained service to NUS, its predecessor institutions and the alumni community. In 2011, the award was conferred on five recipients. The Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognises alumni aged 40 years and below and who exemplify the best attributes of youth today. In 2011, 10 alumni were conferred the award for distinguishing themselves through their achievements and bringing honour to themselves and NUS. EMINENT ALUMNI AWARD Dr Noeleen Heyzer (Arts & Social Sciences ’71 and ’73) DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI SERVICE AWARD

Mr Bob Chua (Arts & Social Sciences ’80) Ms Veronica Eng (Business Administration ’76, ’84) Mr Kong Mun Kwong (Architecture, Building & Estate Management ’71) Mr Viswa Sadasivan (Arts & Social Sciences ’83) Dr Seek Ngee Huat (Architecture, Building & Estate Management ’73)

OUTSTANDING YOUNG ALUMNI AWARD Mr Darius Cheung (Engineering ’05) Dr Darrel Chong (Engineering ’03) Mr Adam Khoo (Business Administration ’09) Mr Benjamin Lee (Arts & Social Sciences ’06) Mr Wekie Tay (Arts & Social Sciences ’98)

Mr Edward Chia (Arts & Social Sciences ’09) Mr Eric Feng (Computer Science ’07) Mr Kiran Kumar (Engineering ’07) Mr Ivan Lee (Arts & Social Sciences ’00) Ms Tung Soo Hua (Science ’97, Arts & Social Sciences ’07)

NUS provided me with my first serious exposure to intellectual analysis and debate. It gave me the time and space to deepen my thinking and interest in society. This built my solid foundation for my time in Cambridge and has served me well through my career. DR NOELEEN HEYZER, Eminent Alumni Award Recipient

<< (Seated from left): Professor Brenda Yeoh, Dean, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Mr Viswa Sadasivan; Mr Wong Ngit Liong, Chairman, NUS Board of Trustees; Dr Noeleen Heyzer; Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, NUS President; Dr Seek Ngee Huat; Mr Kong Mun Kwong; A/Prof Lim Meng Kin, Director, NUS Office of Alumni Relations (Standing from left): Mr Darius Cheung; Mr Edward Chia; Dr Darrel Chong; Mr Eric Feng; Ms Tung Soo Hua; Mr Adam Khoo; Mr Kiran Kumar; Mr Benjamin Lee; Mr Ivan Lee; Mr Wekie Tay




Alumni Events The Office of Alumni Relations brings alumni together at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House for activities organised for various groups and interests. Over the year, there was something for almost everyone through fun-fairs, reunions, exhibitions, sports events, concerts, plays and inspiring forums. These occasions were ideal for alumni to deepen ties and form new connections. U@LIVE A new monthly speaker series was launched in January 2011 to showcase outstanding members of the NUS community who are championing causes that will make this a better world. Called U@live, it aims to inspire students and alumni to make a difference in their chosen field. The one-hour show is moderated by veteran TV host Mr Viswa Sadasivan at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House in front of a live audience and streamed to online viewers who can provide real-time comments and questions directly to the speakers. The forum is an initiative of the Alumni Advisory Board to reach the wider alumni audience. Over the year, the 10 sessions were attended by 1164 alumni and had a combined web audience of 550 viewers.


Dr Noeleen Heyzer Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

Professor Kishore Mahbubani Dean, NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

A/Prof Adrian Cheok Director, Mixed Reality Lab, NUS

Ms Denise Phua Member of Parliament

Mr Tay Kheng Soon Principal Partner, Akitek Tenggara

Mr Subhas Anandan Criminal Lawyer

Dr Tan Lai Yong Doctor and Philanthropist

Mr Aseem Thakur Co-founder,

Mr Edward Chia Entrepreneur and Founder of the Timbre Group

Mr Ivan Heng Founding Artistic Director, W!ld Rice

ALUMNI DAY AT THE BUKIT TIMAH CAMPUS A record number of 650 alumni returned to the Bukit Timah campus for Alumni Day on 8 July 2011. Themed “Down Memory Lane”, the marquee event included an exhibition of stories submitted by alumni from the Bukit Timah campus, performances by alumni themselves and a celebration of the Class of ’61’s 50th Anniversary. The event saw a 30% increase in attendance over 2010.

My fellow alumni and I had a most enjoyable time at the Homecoming at the Bukit Timah campus. I was delighted to meet up with so many of my friends from my varsity days, including three who had come specially from Malaysia.

Dr Tony Tan, Science ’62, with Chief Justice Mr Chan Sek Keong, Law ’61 (right)

MRS TAN SUAN IMM, Arts and Social Sciences ’60

The Class of ’61 celebrated their 50th anniversary


ALUMNI DAY AT THE KENT RIDGE CAMPUS Alumni Day at Kent Ridge also saw a record number of attendees with 800 alumni gathering at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House for a carnival catering to a variety of ages and interests. The day-long event included a welcome concert, workshops for adults and children, a food fair and an evening of art and culture. The event saw a 33% increase in attendance over 2010. THE SHAW FOUNDATION ALUMNI HOUSE ART AND CULTURE LECTURE The Shaw Foundation Alumni House Art and Culture Lecture is part of a three-year series of annual international lectures jointly organised by the NUS Office of Alumni Relations and The China Society, sponsored by the Shaw Foundation. In 2011, the Lecture was held in conjunction with Alumni Day at Kent Ridge. The evening saw Ms Franchesca Cubillo, Senior Curator with the National Gallery of Australia deliver a lecture on the Art of Aboriginal Australia, followed by a wine and cheese reception, attended by 200 alumni.

I hope to have more opportunities to come back to school again . MR RICHARD TANG, Business â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11

(From left) Professor Tan Eng Chye, Deputy President, Academic Affairs, and Provost; >> Mr Joseph Mullinix, Deputy President, Administration; Mr Giorgio Pilla, Director, ReDot Fine Art Gallery; Ms Franchesca Cubillo, Senior Curator, National Gallery of Australia; Ms Priscylla Shaw, Shaw Foundation; Ms Julie Heckscher, Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian High Commission in Singapore; Ms Aileen Lau, President, The China Society; and A/Prof Lim Meng Kin, Director, NUS Office of Alumni Relations


20TH NUS ALUMNI AND FRIENDS GOLF TOURNAMENT At home, the 20th Alumni and Friends Golf Tournament drew 164 golfers at the Raffles Country Club on 3 November 2011, a 20% increase over the 2010 Golf Tournament attended by 134 golfers. Jointly organised by the Office of Alumni Relations and the NUS Society, the annual game strengthens the NUS spirit.

UM-NUS INTER-UNIVERSITY TUNKU-CHANCELLOR GOLF TOURNAMENT In keeping with the 43-year old tradition of gathering for the yearly UM-NUS Golf Tournament, 50 golfers comprising NUS alumni and staff met the University of Malaya from 20 to 22 June 2011 at Kuala Lumpur for the friendly tournament that fosters goodwill and strengthens bonds between both universities. The Chancellors from both Universities, His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah and President S R Nathan, graced the three-day event for 100 golfers.

CANADIAN FILM FESTIVAL For the first time, the Canadian Film Festival was held at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. The week-long festival drew NUS alumni and the Canadian community together for the best of Canadian feature films and animation shorts. The collaboration between the High Commission of Canada to Singapore and the NUS Office of Alumni Relations, with sponsorship by Research in Motion, drew 1151 alumni, many of whom had not been to the Alumni House before.

H.E. Mr David Sevigny, High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore, and his wife, Mrs Mary Sevigny (first and third from left) with guests at the Canadian Film Festival

REUNIONS The Shaw Foundation Alumni House was busier with more reunions held there in 2011 compared with the previous year. The Office of Alumni Relations supported a total of five reunions. Among the reunions, the Class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;86 celebrated their 25th anniversary with 70 alumni from five faculties on 19 November 2011. UM-NUS Inter-University Tunku-Chancellor Golf Tournament

The 25th Anniversary Reunion of the Class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;86

20th NUS Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament

NUS RAG DAY NUS Rag Day 2011 was held in conjunction with National Day Celebrations on 9 August 2011. Over 100 alumni joined in this student event at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. One highlight of the event was an alumni-themed float depicting the Shaw Foundation Alumni House as a welcome “Home on Campus” for the alumni diaspora.

TEAMNUS IN THE STANDARD CHARTERED MARATHON SINGAPORE 450 alumni joined the NUS team of 1200 runners in the 2011 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore on 4 December 2011.

THE ALUMNI COMPLEX LIGHT-UP The Christmas Light-Up on 3 December marked the start of the year-end festivities at the Alumni Complex. Organised by the NUS Society and the NUS Office of Alumni Relations, close to 200 alumni and their families were entertained by performances by a magician, the NUSS choir and acoustic duo Surath and Shane.

CHINESE NEW YEAR APPRECIATION DINNER In appreciation of various alumni groups and partnerships in nurturing a vibrant and connected alumni network, the Office of Alumni Relations held a Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner on 10 February 2011. The Dinner was attended by 220 guests, including NUS President, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan. It was also a good opportunity for local alumni leaders, NUS’ senior management staff and student leaders to meet and form useful links across groups for possible collaborations.

NUS Rag Day

The Alumni Complex Light-Up

REGULAR ACTIVITIES AT THE ALUMNI HOUSE A regular slate of programmes held at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House drew alumni with varied and niche interests. The Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dialogue Lunch drew a small group of alumni from a particular faculty each month for a discussion with NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan. Over the year, the President met with a total of 60 alumni who have excelled in their chosen fields. Every month, close to 300 alumni gathered for Feature Flicks, a free movie screening. In 2011, there was a total of 1825 attendees at Feature Flicks. The Senior Alumni Tea and Chat brought together about 50 alumni for a monthly afternoon talk on topics ranging from politics and social issues to the environment and selfdevelopment. The Invigorate Programme features alumni talent, engages alumni through their passions and provides networking opportunities among alumni with shared interests. On Saturday night, 12 March 2011, the Shaw Foundation Alumni House was transformed into an exhibition of performing arts, with 10-minute performances held at various spots over two floors. Performed by Thespis, an alumni group formed from the NUS Theatre Studies programme, the evening drew over 200 alumni keen on the arts. Similarly, photography enthusiasts had an event dedicated to them. Montage 2011, held from 4 to 9 June 2011, comprised photography workshops and an exhibition organised by the NUS Photographic Society and the Office of Alumni Relations. The opening night featured a documentary on the famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz, which drew 170 alumni.


I was v ery proud that I could come bac k here and ma ke use of this v ery space to perform at the Al u mn i House. MS THONG PEI QIN, Arts and Social Sciences â&#x20AC;&#x2122;09

4 Alumni Abroad As the University progresses towards becoming a leading global university centred in Asia, there is an increasing number of alumni living and working abroad. NUS keeps them connected to their alma mater through 15 Overseas Alumni Chapters in nine countries across the world. Alumni lunch in Shanghai, China

OVERSEAS ALUMNI CHAPTERS NUS’ 15 Overseas Alumni Chapters are in Auckland, Beijing, Boston, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Kuching, London, Melbourne, New Delhi, Perth, Tokyo, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney and Vancouver. The chapters build NUS communities around the world by organising activities that bring alumni together, as well as helping students on the NUS Students Exchange Programme and the NUS Overseas Colleges Programme. For the first time, 14 of the 15 Chapter Chairmen converged in Singapore to share their plans, challenges and strategies for better alumni engagement at the Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum on 8 October 2011. The meeting was critical in creating a common understanding and approach to NUS’ alumni engagement across the world.



SHANGHAI, CHINA In Shanghai, close to 300 alumni, including students from the NUS Overseas College, met with NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, members of the NUS’ Board of Trustees and senior management for lunch on 10 September 2011. At the event, Professor Tan kept the alumni updated on the University’s progress on developments in the Yale-NUS College, University Town and the NUS Research Institute in Suzhou. The event was organised by the NUS Shanghai Alumni Chapter and the NUS Office of Alumni Relations.


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA The NUS Business School’s Kuala Lumpur chapter and the NUS Office of Alumni Relations organised the Healthcare Reform Forum on 16 April 2011. The conference attracted 90 alumni who engaged in a lively discussion on healthcare reform in Malaysia. The Healthcare Reform Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BEIJING, CHINA On 25 April 2011, the NUS Beijing Alumni Chapter brought together close to 100 alumni for a lunch. The alumni, comprising government officials, company heads and students from the NUS Overseas College in Beijing, met with NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan who gave them an update on NUS developments.

The delegation from ETH Zurich with staff of the NUS Office of Alumni Relations and NUS Senior Alumni

Ou r a l u mn i in China hav e he l ped bu ild bridges betw een the two countries in various fields. NUS President, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, at the alumni gathering in Shanghai, China, 10 September 2011

Alumni lunch in Beijing, China


FORGING TIES WITH OVERSEAS UNIVERSITIES Over the year, the NUS Office of Alumni Relations hosted visits by 10 delegations from institutes and universities in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. A total of 80 visitors came from King’s College London & King’s Health Partners, Flinders University, Asian Institute of Technology, University of Southern Queensland, University of Auckland, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Queensland University of Technology, CASE Alumni Relations Institute, ETH Zurich and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The delegation from ETH Zurich comprised 21 senior alumni. They met with NUS’ senior alumni over lunch, hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations.



Revamp of AlumNUS Magazine

Alumni Connections Good communication enhances the quality of our relationships. Together with privileges that support the needs of alumni, the University makes it easier to stay connected. Communicating with Alumni ALUMNUS MAGAZINE The year ended with the 87th issue of the AlumNUS magazine published since it was launched in 1990. The Office of Alumni Relations found that it was time to revamp the magazine to engage the wider alumni audience more deeply. Thus, a new design and format for the magazine were developed. As a result, the January 2012 issue was launched with a wider range of topics to appeal to varied interests. The complimentary, quarterly magazine was distributed to an average of 141,900 alumni per issue in 2011, a 2 per cent increase over 2010â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s average distribution to 139,000 alumni per issue. ALUMNET AlumNET, the website for alumni, keeps alumni around the world connected to their alma mater. The Office of Alumni Relations undertook a revamp of the website to interact with alumni more closely and to create a more vibrant and engaged alumni body. The new website was launched on 6 February 2012. 36

Revamp of AlumNET

E-NEWSLETTER An e-newsletter is sent out to alumni monthly to inform them of upcoming events. In 2011, an average of 95,800 alumni received the newsletter monthly, a 7 per cent increase over 2010 when an average of 89,500 alumni received the monthly e-newsletter.

MEDIA COVERAGE The Office of Alumni Relations worked with the NUS Office of Corporate Relations to garner mass media coverage of alumni activities. As a result, alumni activities were featured in the main media as follows: the reunion of the Law Class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;61 featured in The Straits Times in January 2011; an interview on the Channel News Asia programme Prime Time Singapore in January 2011 with Dr Noeleen Heyzer (Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) as the inaugural speaker on the U@ive series; and the NUS Alumni Awards in Lianhe Zaobao in November 2011.

ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA Two advertisements were placed in The Straits Times in July 2011 on the homecoming event, Alumni Day at Kent Ridge campus. As a result, there was a record number of 800 attendees, many of whom had not returned to campus for many years.

Privileges ALUMMAIL The University gives recent graduates a complimentary email account that recognises them as NUS alumni through the email domain To help alumni maintain lifelong connections with NUS, the email account comes well-equipped with 10GB of email storage, up to 25GB of online storage, a real-time chat function and easy contact management, amongst other office tools. In 2011, there was a total of 58,900 subscribers, 5 per cent more than 2010 when there were 55,600 subscribers. 38

ALUMNUS CARD The AlumNUS Card entitles alumni to discounts from participating merchants as well as access to services and facilities at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House and NUS libraries, amongst other privileges. In 2011, a total of 10,500 cards were issued, an increase of 11 per cent over 2010.

BANK AFFINITY CARD PROGRAMME Alumni can immediately identify themselves as alumni through the DBS NUS Alumni Credit Card and the Standard Chartered Bank-NUS Platinum Alumni Card. The Bank Affinity Card Programme also benefits students as a percentage of expenditure using the card goes towards financial assistance programmes such as the NUS Alumni Bursary Award, the NUS Student Exchange Award and the NUS Overseas Colleges Award.

THE WELCOME PACK Upon graduation, students are given a pack to welcome them as alumni. It comprises their first copy of the AlumNUS Magazine, the AlumNUS Card, an opportunity to apply for an AlumMail account and AlumConnect, a souvenir book comprising a photo album-cum-autograph book, designed as a memorable keepsake of the University. The pack provides students a good start to stay connected as alumni.

Keeping Alumni Connected INTEGRATED ALUMNI DATABASE SYSTEM The Office of Alumni Relations embarked on an ambitious enterprise-wide IT project to build a shared Integrated Alumni Database System that incorporates cutting-edge information managment tools and best practices in alumni relationship management. This will also serve the needs of the various schools, faculties, halls and departments. The tender for the project was awarded in November 2011 and the system is targeted for launch in September 2012.


6 The Alumni House - Home on Campus The Shaw Foundation Alumni House is home on the Kent Ridge campus for alumni. It is Asia’s first purpose-built alumni centre with facilities, venues and services designed to serve our alumni’s social and professional networking needs. It is ideal for events ranging from meetings, seminars and conferences to concerts, social gatherings and reunions. BUZZING WITH ACTIVITY The year 2011 saw greater activity at the Alumni House. Bookings for venues went up almost four times to 840 bookings in 2011 compared with 230 bookings in 2010. The number of alumni who attended events held at the Alumni House also went up significantly. There was a 34 per cent increase in the number of event participants from 19,300 alumni in 2010 to 25,900 alumni in 2011. The Alumni Service Centre also saw more visitors with a 15 per cent increase in 2011 over 2010. In 2011, there were 25,400 visitors and in 2010, there were 21,900 visitors.


The Alumni House was busy with a range of monthly events including the U@live forum, a movie-screening called ‘Feature Flicks’, and the Senior Alumni Tea and Chat. In addition to annual events such as the Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner, Alumni Day at Kent Ridge and the biennial Alumni Awards ceremony, new events were held at the House including the Alumni Leaders Forum and the 3rd IARU Alumni Associations Summit. Other events held included reunions, workshops and conferences.


RANGE OF SERVICES AND FACILITIES The Shaw Foundation Alumni House comes well-equipped to suit a wide range of alumni needs including business and social engagements. It houses a 298-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art facilities. The Benefactors’ Foyer situated outside the auditorium displays the names of alumni and friends of the University who have contributed towards alumni and student programmes. The venue is well-suited for receptions. Meeting rooms with the capacity ranging from 25 to 60 persons cater to boardroom and small meetings alike. There are sufficient dining outlets catering to fine dining at ‘The University Club’ and casual dining. The Alumni Terrace, an open space between the Shaw Foundation Alumni House and the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, is decorated with sculptures and ideal for outdoor gatherings. Even student leaders and volunteers have a place of their own at the Student Volunteers’ Hub.

I am from Mu mbai, India. I am ov erwhe l med to see the Sha w Foundation Al u mn i House - its structu re, facilities and assistance provided to guests. Anu Aravind, Participant of the 5th Microbiology Conference, 11 November 2011

1. The Waterway >> 2. The Benefactors’ Foyer 3. The Alumni Terrace 4. The 298-seat Auditorium



3 4


Calendar of Events


from Flinders University.

27 January U@live Dr Noeleen Heyzer opened this new series with her topic ‘Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear!’

11 March Visit by Dr Hoang Le Tien from the Asian Institute of Technology.

Senior Alumni Tea & Chat This series kicked off with Prof Loh Hong Sai who spoke about ‘What you do NOT know about dentistry’. Feature Flicks This monthly movie-screening started the year with the movie, ‘My Name is Khan’. FEBRUARY 10 February CNY Appreciation Dinner A yearly tradition where the NUS Alumni Office shows its appreciation to all stakeholders and partners. 15 February NUS President’s Dialogue Lunch NUS President, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, met alumni from the School of Business. 17 February U@live Associate Professor Adrian Cheok, Director, Mixed Reality Lab, NUS, spoke on ‘The Magic of Digital Humanity’. 24 February Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Dr P N Avadhani spoke on ‘The Genetic Engineering of Crops’. Feature Flicks: ‘Heartbreaker’ 25 February Visit by Ms Megan Bruns and Ms Lucy Alder from King’s College London & King’s Health Partners. MARCH


7 March Visit by Ms Chris Jenner and Mr Geoffrey Sauer

12 March INVIGORATE Thespis, an alumni group of NUS Theatre Studies, brought their performance, ‘Re: Almost Left Behind’, to the Alumni House. 18 – 23 March Canadian Film Festival The Festival showcased the best of Canadian feature films and animation shorts at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. 24 March NUS President’s Dialogue Lunch Professor Tan Chorh Chuan met alumni from the Faculty of Science. Visit by Mr Gary Brady from the University of Southern Queensland. 30 March U@live Mr Tay Kheng Soon, Principal Partner, Akitek Tenggara, spoke on his concept of ‘Rubanisation’. 31 March Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Dr Chiang Hai Ding shared his views on ‘Saying Farewell’. Feature Flicks: ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ APRIL 8 April Alumni Student Networking Event This series allows students to meet alumni from industries related to their course. For this session, students met alumni from the IT & Media industry. 20 April NUS President’s Dialogue Lunch Professor Tan Chorh Chuan met alumni from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

27 April U@live Dr Tan Lai Yong moved audiences with lessons learnt after 14 years as a mission doctor in Yunnan.

30 June Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Ms Joan Hon spoke on being ‘An Accidental Author’. Feature Flicks: ‘Despicable Me’ JULY

28 April Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Dr Catherine Lim spoke on the topic, ‘Perils, Promises, Paradoxes: A Fraying PAP Model of Governance in Need of Change?’

8 July Alumni Day @ BTC Alumni Day at the Bukit Timah Campus drew 650 guests for this yearly homecoming event.

Feature Flicks: ‘Hot Fuzz’

25 July Visit by delegation from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

MAY 26 May Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Mr Chua Joon Eng spoke about ‘Things to do in our Golden Years’. Feature Flicks: ‘Ip Man’ 31 May Visit by Ms Karen Thomson and Ms Rebecca Brown from the University of Auckland. JUNE 1 June NUS President’s Dialogue Lunch Professor Tan Chorh Chuan met School of Computing alumni. 4 – 9 June INVIGORATE Montage 2011 was a collaborative effort between the NUS Alumni Office and the NUS Photographic Society featuring an exhibition of works by 20 alumni photographers. 14 June NUS President’s Dialogue Lunch Professor Tan Chorh Chuan met alumni from the Faculty of Dentistry. 20 – 22 June UM-NUS Golf Tournament 50 golfers from NUS met their counterparts from the University of Malaya at Kuala Lumpur for this annual event. 29 June U@live Mr Edward Chia shared his passion for grooming local musicians while running a business of it.

spoke about individuals with Autism in mainstream education and employment. 25 August Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Associate Professor Wong Poh Poh spoke on the topic ‘From Coast to Coast’. Feature Flicks: ‘The Best Bet’ SEPTEMBER 2 September Alumni Student Networking Event The second instalment of this event saw students and alumni from the Engineering industry exchanging ideas.

21 October Alumni Student Networking Event The event drew students and alumni from the Faculty of Science. 27 October Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Ms Aileen Lau spoke on ‘A Glimpse at The Scholar’s Orchid – the Chinese Cymbidium’. Feature Flicks: ‘The Orphanage/El Orfanato’ NOVEMBER 3 November 20th Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament 164 golfers took part in the Tournament held at the Raffles Country Club.

27 July U@live Professor Kishore Mahbubani, Dean, NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy spoke on the topic, ‘Do Asians Believe in the Rise of Asia?’

28 September U@live Criminal lawyer, Mr Subhas Anandan spoke about why he believes everyone should have ‘Access to Counsel and Right of Silence’.

4 November NUS Alumni Awards NUS honoured 16 alumni for their contributions to society and their alma mater.

28 July Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Mr Robert Yeo spoke on the topic, ‘Daffodils in Owkang, Bishops in Woodsville’.

29 September Senior Alumni Tea & Chat Mr Choo Heng Thong spoke on the topic, ‘In Search of Significance’.

19 November 25th Anniversary Reunion 70 alumni from the Class of 1986 gathered at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House to celebrate their anniversary.

30 July Alumni Day @ KR Close to 800 alumni and their families turned up for a day of food and fun at the Alumni Complex at Kent Ridge.

Feature Flicks: ‘Up in the Air’

Arts & Culture Lecture Ms Franchesca Cubillo from the National Gallery of Australia spoke on Aboriginal Art. AUGUST 1 August Visit by Ms Joanne Venturato from the Queensland University of Technology. 2 August Visit by the delegates of the CASE Alumni Relations Institute. 9 August NUSSU Rag Day Rag Day 2011 was held in conjunction with the National Day Celebrations at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. The Alumni joined in with a float depicting the alumni cause. 22 August U@live Ms Denise Phua, Member of Parliament,

OCTOBER 5 October Visit by a delegation from ETH Zurich. 8 October Inaugural Alumni Leaders Forum The inaugural forum brought alumni leaders and volunteers together to exchange ideas on alumni engagement. 10 – 12 October 3rd IARU Alumni Directors’ Summit The Summit was held in Singapore for the first time, bringing alumni directors from the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) to share best practices. 17 October NUS President’s Dialogue Lunch Professor Tan Chorh Chuan met alumni from the University Scholars Programme. 19 October U@live Mr Aseem Thakur, co-founder of, spoke on raising funds through his innovative website.

24 November Senior Alumni Tea & Chat The Senior Alumni held a Year-End Gathering. Feature Flicks: ‘127 Hours’ 30 November U@live The 2011 series of U@live came to a theatrical close with Ivan Heng. The founder of W!ld Rice spoke about the pursuit of his dreams. DECEMBER 3 December INVIGORATE The NUS Society and NUS Office of Alumni Relations co-organised the Year-End Light-Up of the Alumni Complex. 4 December TeamNUS in Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore NUS was represented by 1,200 runners comprising alumni, student and staff. 28 December Visit by a delegation from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.



7,570 9,793 10,292

10,850 17,748 27,828




8% 11%









25.5% 46







Age Group







Design & Environment



10,360 10,728

2010 9,400

2009 9,700

11,292 17,842





2011 10,500


AlumNUS Cards Issued

AlumNUS Magazine Average Circulation Per Issue

17,775 28,803







Website Viewings Per Month


Monthly e-Newsletter Distribution


AlumMAIL Subscribers








89,500 80,600















Arts & Social Sciences




Facebook Likes





116 367












Music Public Policy Dentistry



200 828






No. of Venue Bookings at the Alumni House No. of Event Participants at the Alumni House No. of Visitors at the Alumni Service Centre



















NUS Alumni Office - Annual Report 2011  

Annual Report 2011

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