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Busting the Myths!

Na scéalta gan bhunús a dhíbirt “You have to spend a fortune on a campaign”

Most students avail of, or benefit from, a Students’ Union service every day. Whether it’s having a pint in the College Bar or getting help appealing an exam result, the Students’ Union plays a bigger part in students’ lives than most students realise. However, many students are not aware that the Students’ Union is a democratic organisation and that it is run by ordinary students who are elected each year.

Not true! The election regulations prohibit gifts and promotional items, so even if you want to spend money, you’ll find it difficult! Most candidates print posters and flyers, and with a little time spent contacting printers, you’ll be surprised what you can get for your money. Use your materials wisely and you will keep your costs to a minimum.

Here are a few myths and misconceptions about running in an election and being a Students’ Union Officer.

“You need to have been involved in the Students’ Union before you can run in an election” No you don’t! Many Students’ Union officers’ election campaign is their first involvement in the Students’ Union! Full training and handover is provided to ensure you get up to speed before you start.

“I’m not popular enough to win” It is not about popularity! The campaign begins at 6:00pm on Sunday evening and the election takes place on Thursday. That gives plenty of time to knock on doors, go table to table in the canteen and College Bar and talk to thousands of students. Add in a few hours from your friends to hang posters and you will be as well-known as any other candidate. Hard work trumps popularity in any election.

“My class are on work experience, so they won’t be able to vote for me” Remote Vote is a system that allows students to vote online during normal polling hours. There’s only one requirement – students must register to use Remote Vote in the days leading up to the election. Once registered, students can vote online from anywhere during polling hours.

“Students’ Union Officers can’t achieve anything in a year” Officers can definitely achieve considerable success within a year – whether it’s lobbying the University for improved services or organising major events, their influence can be felt throughout all aspects of university life. Of course there are some things that you may not fully achieve within your term, but that doesn’t mean they cease to exist!

“Final year students can’t run in elections”

The only criterion to run in an election is that you are a member of the Students’ Union at the time of the election.


For more information visit

NUIGSU Election Booklet  

NUI Galway Students' Union election information #nuigsu16

NUIGSU Election Booklet  

NUI Galway Students' Union election information #nuigsu16