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In a galaxy far, far away, a budding film director dreamt up an incredibly detailed galaxy of rogue Jedi Knights, fluffy (armed!) ewoks and quirky robots called droids that obediently served their master. The director was none other than George Lucas, and it’s now been more than three decades since his initial vision – the first Star Wars film, A New Hope – made its way to the big screen. This month the entire Star Wars universe, including all six films in the franchise and more than 40 hours of additional footage from Lucas’ archives, is released to own in stunning high definition Blu-ray, and we’re more than a little excited! It’s not the only vintage film to

get a modern makeover: the 1983 Al Pacino masterpiece Scarface is also available now on Blu-ray. Meanwhile in TV land, there are new releases in all genres this month, including season two of The Vampire Diaries, Aussie dramas Winners & Losers and Offspring and all the drama from Manhattan’s upper east side in Gossip Girl season four. Playing resident bitch Blair Waldorf is all in a day’s work for Leighton Meester, who confides: “At first I thought, ‘Wow, this will be fun and easy’ – but I’m telling you, it’s work!” New tunes from Kasabian, Lady Antebellum and Pete Murray round out a month of killer music releases for September; check out the full range of new releases online at or head in store today!

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Your Highness James Franco and Natalie Portman star in this hilarious new comedy from the producers of Pineapple Express



Rio Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg lead an all-star voice cast in this animated gem


Beyonce She’s more than just her music! Pete Murray Blue Sky Blue Kasabian Velociraptor! Lady Antebellum Own The Night

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Something Borrowed Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson star

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Source Code Starring Jake Gyllenhaal Country Strong Starring Gwyneth Paltrow Star Wars is coming to Blu-ray Scarface now on Blu-ray TV on DVD: Gossip Girl season 4, The Vampire Diaries season 2, Modern Family season 2, Winners & Losers season 1, Parenthood season 2, Community season 2, Offspring season 2


BEYONCÉ PULSE It’s undeniable: a global singer, actress and all-round superstar, Beyoncé Knowles has a powerful energy unlike any other performer. It moves through her, around her, never fading as it electrifies... You see it. You hear it. You feel it: Beyoncé Pulse. The newest scent from the Beyoncé

distinctive blue-indigo color and enchanting

Parfums Portfolio, Beyoncé Pulse is anchored

scent, which is the basis for the unique bottle

by the singer’s favourite flower, the orchid. The


mysterious, unique orchid has never before

Beyoncé Pulse is encased in an ultra

Beyoncé says. “I wanted to do something completely out of the box and modern, so we created the upside down, faceted bottle that highlights the blue juice

been featured in fragrance and is displayed to

modern chrome and blue bottle that resembles

inside. The chrome cap is inspired by my stage

perfection in her new signature scent.

a luminous crystal, and is packaged in a

costumes, which I love because it incorporates

holographic carton that shimmers and shines.

fashion into the overall design… and I love

The 16-Time Grammy Award winning icon has crafted a fragrance that reflects her incredible

“I’m very proud of the Pulse packaging,”


energy and powerful femininity, with the fresh notes in Beyoncé Pulse intermingling to create a unique citrus, floral gourmand. “I believe my music makes women feel strong, and Pulse is all about finding that power inside,” Beyoncé says. Created by Bruno Jovanovic and Loc Dong of IFF, Beyoncé Pulse tantalises all the senses, pushing boundaries and appealing to the confident young woman who lives life to the fullest. “The contrasted structure highlighted by sparkling citrus blend on top and warm, deep and sensual vanilla infusion in the back characterises a citrus gourmand innovative classification,” explains perfumer Bruno Jovanic. “The final result is a high-energy charged fragrance with extreme sensuality.” Adds perfumer Loc Dong, “We tried to capture the strength of a performer like Beyoncé on stage. I was able to convey the electric energy she communicates to her audience with an overdose of citrus fizzy effect. The citrus profile of the fine flavor Curacao gives a striking freshness on top.” As show-stopping as the woman behind it, Beyoncé Pulse is powerful, feminine and one-ofa-kind. The woman who wears Beyoncé Pulse is strength into one unique package. She draws you in and sends your pulse racing. The Bluebird Orchid at the heart of Beyoncé Pulse is renowned for its curvaceous shape,

WORDS Sarah Megginson

impossible to ignore, combining sensuality and

ULTIMATE I was excited that they had thought of me for [the role], because it wasn’t an obvious choice for me – it wasn’t like anything I’ve done before. Natalie Portman

Prince Thadeous (McBride) and Prince

Portman says.

“He exploits his royalty, he’s lazy, he’s an

Fabious (Franco) are on a quest to rescue the

The sons of King Tallious (portrayed

latter’s fiancée Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel)

by Charles Dance), the warrior princes

He’s all the things that are not becoming of a

before their kingdom is destroyed. Belladonna

couldn’t be more different. While Fabious

proper prince,” McBride explains.

has been kidnapped and imprisoned by the

is dashing, handsome, popular and highly

evil sorcerer Leezar (Justin Theroux), who has

skilled, Thadeous is known for being lazy and

himself out of all of the tricky stunts and

intentions to impregnate her with a dragon


battle scenes, which is something his co-star

when the two moons converge, in order to take over King Tallious’ kingdom. It’s up to Thadeous and Fabious, warriors

Thadeous “cuts a truly repugnant figure”, writes New York Times reviewer David Edelstein, who says McBride’s hilarious

egomanic and a womaniser. And he’s a drunk.

He also had the opportunity to write

and onscreen brother only clocked onto halfway through the shoot. “It really hit home when we started filming

and brothers in arms, to assemble their band

anti-hero would be “too much the dickwad

and doing all the action scenes, that Danny

of knights and set off on a rescue mission of

without Franco to balance him out. Franco is,

had written himself a character that doesn’t

epic proportions.

fortunately, a marvel as Fabious; he is hearty

have to do any of the fighting. He can just

and generous-natured, every inch the medieval

stand off to the side and act scared!” Franco

along the way; she plays Isabel, a fearless

knight with a whiff of dreamy surfer cool.”


warrior who is seeking revenge for her father’s


Natalie Portman joins their motley crew

murder. “I was kind of excited that they had

As the film’s co-writer, co-producer and

Filmed in Ireland in 2009, Your Highness has been a long time in the making, as the

thought of me for [the role], because it wasn’t

leading man, McBride was certainly in plum

idea for the film first came about when

an obvious choice for me, which was exciting

position to craft himself the role of a lifetime as

McBride was in College.

– it wasn’t like anything I’ve done before,”

the unlikeable prince.


A two As t princes i o on nad daring arin ing m mission ission i i to t save e their land, actor/comedian Danny McBride and Hollywood heartthrob James Franco take audiences on a whimsical ride in the fantasy adventure, Your Highness.

“I went to school with David Green and

his brother is one of the most important things

we would often pitch each other crazy ideas

in his life,” he tells “So where

for movies. Your Highness was kind of born

everyone else thinks Thadeous is a big screw

from us talking about the movies we grew

up, my character just loves him no matter

up on that we loved a lot, like Conan the

what. And I thought that was really important.”

Barbarian and Dragon Slayer – those sort


of 80s fantasy action movies. We wanted to do our take on one of those films,” McBride explains. Key to the film’s central storyline is the fact that despite Thadeous’ many and varied character flaws, Fabious is his younger

Stars: Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux Director: David Gordon Green Writers: Danny McBride, Ben Best

fan, which was one of the things that


initially attracted Franco to the script. “He actually cares for his brother and the love he has for

On Blu-ray and DVD from September 8

WORDS Sarah Megginson

sibling’s biggest


From the makers of the hit Ice Age series comes Rio, a hilarious animated adventure about a rare blue macaw who lacks one of the most basic bird qualities… the ability to fly. Jesse Eisenberg voices the lead character of

“When I first had the idea, it was pretty

main character from a penguin to a macaw.

as Blu, a domesticated Spix’s Blue Macaw who

much just a paragraph or a thought of an idea.

is socially awkward and clumsy.

Because I was working on the Ice Age movies,

story of the rare blue macaw, so I decided to

Blu was smuggled from Rio de Janeiro to

“When I took the penguin out I still had the

I put that on the backburner in the back of my

create more of a love story and adapt it to the

the suburbs of Moose Lake, Minnesota and

head. But you know when you have something

whole thing being about the ‘two rarest of them

was adopted by Linda, who he has lived with

in the back of your head that you’re always

all’,” he explains. “Blu comes to Rio as a [bird]

for 15 years. While he can do all sorts of tricks,

thinking about? That was this movie,” he tells

that never actually lived in Rio for a long time, so

from logging onto a computer to shredding

I captured the essence of my original story.”

on a skateboard (and even resolve physics

Saldanha, who co-directed 2005’s Robots as

Filming an animated feature is a long

equations), he cannot fly, which is a constant

well as the uber successful Ice Age series, had

process, but for Anne Hathaway it was a familiar

source of ridicule in animal land.

been collecting stories from newspapers about

experience: she voiced Red Puckett in the 2005

penguins washing out to the shores of Rio.

animated comedy Hoodwinked!, based on the

When his owner learns that Blu is the last macaw of his kind – and that the only other

“That happens every year, you know? I

Little Red Riding Hood folktale. For Rio, Hathaway says she would voice a

blue macaw, Jewel (Anne Hathaway), is in Rio

thought it was an interesting idea, [that] some

de Janeiro – Blu embarks on the adventure of a

foreign creature comes into Rio and is kind of

scene and then the animators would spend


finding his soul, finding his heart in Rio with the

several months create the animation around

sum of the culture, the colourful birds,” he says.

her voice.

Director and creator Carlos Saldanha first had the idea for the film back in 1995, when he

But when he learnt that two other animated

dreamt up a story that involved a penguin being

films about penguins were being produced –

if necessary, revise the scene. It was quite a

washed up on the beaches of Ipanema.

Happy Feet and Surf’s Up – he changed the

solitary acting experience, as she didn’t see her


Then, she would go back to the studio and

Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg provide the lead vocal talents in Rio, but it’s not the first time they’ve worked together: they co-starred in the 1999 Fox series Get Real, which was actually the first professional acting gig for them both.

leading man, The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg, except for “socially throughout the process”. “For those of you that are avid IMDB


surfers, Jesse and I played brother and sister on a television series, a Fox Television series in 1999 called Get Real. I was his older sister Meghan Green and he was Kenny Green,” Hathaway explains. “I actually felt like I was cheating a little bit, because we had been on a television series together 10 years ago – so while we

Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan, Jemaine Clement Director: Carlos Saldanha Budget: US$90 million Gross worldwide revenue: US$482.4million

each other while we were making this


film, because we had a history together, I think I knew his timing and he knew mine.”

On Blu-ray and DVD from September 28

WORDS Sarah Megginson

didn’t get to see



When perennially single Manhattan lawyer Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) falls for her longtime friend Dex (Colin Egglesfield), it should be a cause for celebration. And it would be – if Dex weren’t engaged to her best friend, that is.

Based on the New York Times best selling

she’s still a very positive, optimistic character, so

book of the same name by Emily Giffin,

it lent itself to some fun comedy that I wouldn’t

Something Borrowed is a romantic comedy that

normally get to do.”

stretches friendship to the brink. Rachel is a talented attorney at a top New

of what she wants,” Hudson says. And then there is Ethan (John Krasinski), who has been friends with both Darcy and

Always keen to be the life of the party, Darcy

Rachel since childhood. How does he fit into the

throws a big 30th birthday party for Rachel,

picture, exactly – and can the girls’ friendship

York law firm. A generous and loyal friend,

which is where the story becomes complicated.

possibly survive this tangled mess? You’ll have

she is thrilled for her best friend Darcy, who is

After one too many celebratory drinks, good girl

to watch to find out!

prepareing to walk down the aisle with dashing

Rachel unexpectedly ends up in bed with the

Dex – even though she remains unhappily single

guy she’s had a crush on since law school…


yes, that would be Dex, Darcy’s fiancé.

“She’s always lived in the shadow of her best

So, Rachel loves Dex. Dex loves Darcy. Darcy

friend Darcy,” Goodwin explains of her character,

loves Dex, but perhaps for the wrong reasons:

Rachel, who she says she could “totally relate to”.

she has agreed to be his wife less because she’s

“The ironic thing about Rachel being a tough, smart corporate lawyer is that she’s actually terrified of conflict,” Goodwin adds. So, for

madly in love, and more because he ticks all the right boxes. “He’s a lawyer, he’s handsome, he comes

less than fabulously, Rachel is not confident

from a well-to-do family

enough to stand up for herself.

and his father was a senator. He dresses

tells “She’s really all about

nicely and he’s all the

herself and really isn’t concerned much with

shallow things that

what’s going on in other people’s lives. And yet,

Darcy thinks are the idea



On Blu-ray and DVD from September 21

WORDS Sarah Megginson

instance, when Rachel’s BFF Darcy treats her

“Darcy is so selfish and self-centred,” Hudson

VITAL STATS Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Colin Egglesfield, Steve Howey, Ashley Williams Director: Luke Greenfield Budget: US$35 million Worldwide gross revenue: U$62.8 million



Eight minutes. That’s how long decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) explosion that has killed hundreds of commuters… but as Source Code quickly reveals, Captain Colter has been tasked with the almost impossible job of finding out the identity of the bomber of a Chicago train. The only problem is, Colter knows nothing

of who is behind the bombs. “When I read the first fifteen pages of the script, I was incredibly engaged and enthralled,” Gyllenhaal explains.

script and he was thrilled to get the chance to direct the unique science fiction meets techno-thriller film. “There were all sorts of challenges and

about the mission – until he wakes up in the

“The script was amazing but I think it was

body of an unknown man. He learns that he’s

really when [director] Duncan [Jones] decided

kind of fun for me to work out how to achieve

part of a government experiment called the

to do the movie that I knew I wanted to be

all these difficult things that were set up in the

Source Code, a program that enables him to

involved, because he’s the kind of director

script,” he says.

cross over into another man’s identity in the last

who cares so much. He is so precious

eight minutes of his life.

about the performances of his actors in the

the plot of Source Code twists and turns as

A bomb has taken out a Chicago commuter

puzzles and I like solving puzzles, so it was

Much like last year’s mind bender Inception,

middle of the worlds that he creates, and we

it deals with different concepts of space and

train and while the authorities struggle to cope

needed someone like that to make this movie

time. As a result, Jones says one of his main

with the carnage, the government also has to


challenges was presenting the story in a way

deal with the fact that they’ve received word

Jones actually has Gyllenhaal to thank for

that is believable and compelling, without

of a second, much larger target – and this time,

getting him involved in the project; apparently,

dragging the pace down with too much

it threatens the lives of millions of people in

Gyllenhaal was so impressed with Jones’ debut


downtown Chicago.

directing effort in 2009’s Moon (starring Sam

A skilled solder, Colter is forced to re-live the first bombing over and over again, gathering clues each time, until he can solve the mystery


“What’s most important is that the audience

Rockwell), he lobbied for the Brit to get behind

goes along for the ride, so if we tried to

the lens on Source Code.

get too deep into the science behind the

Jones says he instantly liked the fast-paced

science fiction, I think it [would] become

h t

When I read the first fifteen pages of the script, I was incredibly engaged and enthralled. Jake Gyllenhaal

) ,


has to find out who is responsible for a horrific train there’s nothing ordinary about his mission. unmanageable and unnecessary,” Jones told

element that most intrigued her about the script.

reporters at SXSW.

“Playing the same eight minutes over and

“The script is brisk and action-intensive and I

over again and trying to make it engaging and

think trying to slow things down too much with

fresh each time – that was the thing that most

a convoluted description of how the technology

intrigued me,” she told

would work, would not have done us any


justice.” For his actors, on the other hand, the main challenge was the fact that they were essentially performing the same eight minutes’ worth of storyline over and over again. Michelle Monaghan, who was cast as

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright Director: Duncan Jones Budget: US$32 million Gross worldwide revenue: $123.3 milion

in the film after producer Mark


Gordan went looking for someone “charming, funny and sassy”, says it was the repetitive

On Blu-ray and DVD from September 15

WORDS Sarah Megginson

Christina Warren


Following an emotionally unstable music star who sets off to revive her career after rehab, Country Song is a bittersweet tale that charts the soaring highs and destructive lows of fame.

Country Song was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe in the category of “Best Original Song”.

Gwyneth Paltrow takes on the lead role of

Paltrow says she received the script and

she’s so self-assured that she’s going to

Kelly Canter, a fallen, emotionally unstable

it sat, unread, for quite some time before

blow everyone away… and I tried to not feel

country singer who is attempting to get her

producer Jenno Topping told her, “I’m going

nervous, because Kelly wouldn’t feel nervous.”

life and career back together after it all came

to kill you if you don’t read this because it’s

Although the film is set in the country music

crashing down around her in spectacular

really brilliant, and it’s a great part for you.”

world, Paltrow adds that Country Strong is not


Upon finally reading the script for the first time,

simply a tale for Nashville fans.

Struggling with both an addiction to alcohol and the intense pressures of being an international music star, a tragic incident

Paltrow admits, “She was right; I couldn’t get it out of my mind.”

“We can all relate, because we all have ups and downs,” she says simply. “We love the

“It was very haunting. The characters were

image of people rising from the ashes; that’s

occurs on tour that forces Kelly into rehab. Now

so complicated but in such a good way,” she

why when Robert Downey Jr had so much

that she’s out and is “recovered”, she and her

says. “Everyone is so real and they each have a

success with Iron Man, the world just flipped

husband and manager James (Tim McGraw)

really good side and a not so good side, and it

out. It was such a success story and people

embark on a resurrection tour to get her career

just kind of stayed with me.”

love the idea that change is possible and hope

back on track. Kelly is keen to have rising young singer-

Because she’s playing the part of an

songwriter Beau Hutton (Garrett Hedlund) open

demands that Paltrow sing in front of huge

for her each night, while James has lined up

crowds. Paltrow resisted the urge to ask her

beauty queen-turned-singer Chiles Stanton

husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, for

(Leighton Meester) to join them on tour. When

tips and instead settled in front of the DVD

the four of them hit the road, however, it

player to watch concert footage of everyone

quickly becomes clear that Kelly is far from

from Beyonce to Dolly Parton and Faith Hill.

recovered. In interviews, director and writer Shana Feste

VITAL STATS Stars: Gwenyth Paltrow, Tim Mcgraw, Garrett Hedlund, Leighton Meester Producers: Tobey Maguire, Jenno Topping Director/writer: Shana Feste

“What I realised watching Beyonce is that she has this

Britney Spears’ fall from grace a few years

confidence, above

ago prompted her to write Gwyneth Paltrow’s

everything else – and

character in the film. Kelly was also loosely

that to me was very

inspired by country star Mindy McCready, who

hard to achieve. So I

has long struggled with drug addiction.

studied her, because


On Blu-ray and DVD from September 7

WORDS Sarah Megginson

has revealed that the hysteria surrounding


is possible.”

international country music star, the role


Star Wars THE COMPLETE SAGA Dive deeper into the Star Wars universe than ever before with an unprecedented 40+ hours of special features, with the six feature films made available on Blu-ray in a 9-disc collection sourced from the Lucasfilm archives. Boasting never-before-seen content

including the three original films released

alongside the six feature films in all of their

between 1977 and 1983, and the three prequels

redefined, remastered glory, Star Wars The

released from 1999.

Complete Saga is the ultimate collection for every Star Wars fan.

the middle story.” Although he remains tight lipped about the plot lines of the future releases of the seventh,

Creator George Lucas says he had always

eighth and ninth films, he does reveal to

planned to create a series of nine films set in, “The Star Wars plot formula

the Star Wars universe, explaining in Splinter

requires the [Jabba the Hutt] species to be seen

adventure and share Star Wars with your whole

of the Mind’s Eye, “It wasn’t long after I began

in each Star Wars film trilogy – although I’m not

family. The nine-disc collection brings the

writing Star Wars that I realised the story was

going to reveal certain details about Star Wars

wonder of the entire intergalactic saga direct

more than a single film could hold. As the saga

Episodes 7, 8 and 9 at the moment.”

to your living room, where you can revisit all of

of the Skywalkers and Jedi Knights unfolded, I

your favorite Star Wars moments in stunning

began to see it as a tale that could take at least

Vader and Luke [Skywalker] in Star Wars

high definition and with 6.1 DTS Surround

nine films to tell – three trilogies – and I realised,

Episodes 7, 8 and 9 for many, many years now.


in making my way through the back story and

It’s an integral part of the story that

after story, that I was really setting out to write

can’t change.”

This is your opportunity to bring home the

The collection includes all six of the films,

BOX OFFICE PERFORMANCE Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Release date: May 25, 1977 US box office revenue (adjusted for inflation): $1,419,613,200*


Lucas adds, “I’ve had the cloning of Darth

* Source: Includes re-releases.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Release date: May 21, 1980 US box office revenue (adjusted for inflation): $782,499,700*

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Release date: May 25, 1983 US box office revenue (adjusted for inflation): $749,653,500*

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Release date: May 19, 1999 US box office revenue (adjusted for inflation): $676,061,700*

It wasn’t long after I began writing Star Wars that I realised the story was more than a single film could hold. As the saga of the Skywalkers and Jedi Knights unfolded, I began to see it as a tale that could take at least nine films to tell. George Lucas For now, this comprehensive collection

retrospectives and more. Episodes I-III and IV-VI

will keep fans satisfied, featuring numerous

will also be available as distinct Blu-ray trilogy

deleted, extended and alternate scenes,


new documentaries and a cross-section of

It should be enough to tide fans over until

the countless Star Wars spoofs that have

Lucas begins working on the next trilogy:

appeared in pop culture over the past three

although he won’t confirm anything, the


director does reveal that he’s not planning on

Marking the first time ever that the full saga is available in one complete

retiring from Hollywood any time soon. “I’m not going anywhere,” he says. “I’m

collection, this release also features a

never going to retire from filmmaking. This

coveted peek into the making of the

is what I’m going to do for the rest of my

collection with vintage documentaries, audio

life. That’s for certain. My life is permanently

commentaries, behind-the-scenes moments,

dedicated to serving the fans for many, many

interviews, prop and costume turnarounds,

decades into the distant future.”


On Blu-ray from September 14

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Release date: May 19, 2005 US box office revenue (adjusted for inflation): $472,816,900*

WORDS David Christopher p

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Release date: May 16, 2002 US box office revenue (adjusted for inflation): $426,143,700*

George Lucas is one of the film industry’s most financially successful directors and producers, with an estimated net worth of US$3.2 billion.


SCARFACE Montana aggressively works his way from a

Scarface was extremely controversial. Its

disgruntled dishwasher to kingpin of a cocaine

uncompromising violence, liberal drug use

empire in a matter of months, consuming

and abundant profanity earned it an adult

to normalise relations with the Carter

everything and everyone in his path in a violent

rating across the globe and mixed reviews as

Administration - opened the harbour at Mariel,

spiral to the heights of eighties success, before

the media struggled to applaud the brilliant

Cuba with the apparent intention of letting

imploding in one of cinema’s greatest climaxes.

narrative, cinematography and acting while

some of his people join their relatives in the

The American Dream twisted into a murderous

lamenting its uncompromising nature.

United States. Within 72 hours, 3,000 U.S. boats


Say hello, to his little friend “In May 1980, Fidel Castro - in an effort

were headed for Cuba. In the next few weeks,

It’s a brutal story, and it’s brutally told. De

Ultimately, it was shunned by all the major awards. But time has proven the ultimate

it became evident that Castro was forcing

Palma never once dabbles in subtlety, with

critic and Scarface’s influence has stretched

the boat owners to carry back with them not

ascending levels of violence, language and drug

well beyond cinema to heavily inspire music,

only their relatives but the dregs of his jail

use spitting out at the audience as the camera

television and video gaming, while providing a

population. By the time the port was closed

focuses on Montana and the escalating turmoil

string of quotes - “Say hello to me little friend”

125,000 ‘Marielitos’ had landed in Florida. An

he whips up around him, the era wonderfully

- that have imbedded themselves in popular

estimated 25,000 had criminal records.”

captured through fashion and sound.


Thus begins Scarface, accompanied by

The cast is pitch perfect. Pacino is arguably at

For its Blu-ray debut, Scarface comes with a

real footage of the events that took place

his menacing best, but Michelle Pfeiffer as the

large dollop of deleted scenes, new interviews

during those remarkable weeks. From here,

female prize, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as

with the cast and crew, a look at the video

three of Hollywood’s most iconic figures

Tony’s sister and Steven Bauer as his right-hand

game and some excellent behind-the-scenes

take over. Written by Oliver Stone (Platoon,

man all stand out. However, Oliver Stone - who

featurettes that will be devoured eagerly

Wall Street), directed by Brian De Palma (The

would go on to write and direct the corporate

by cinefiles. There’s even a nifty scoreboard

Untouchables, Mission Impossible) and starring

alternative to Scarface’s exposé of eighties

feature, which tallies each F-bomb as it drops!

an unforgettable Al Pacino (The Godfather,

greed with Wall Street - ensures every character

The transition to HD isn’t the sharpest we’ve

Heat), Scarface focuses on Tony Montana, one

lives long in your memory.

seen, but it’s still a great opportunity for

of these 25,000 criminals. Freed on the streets of Miami, we then watch in awe as the violent

While not overly excessive by today’s standards, at the time of its release

purveyors of gangster films to (re)acquaint themselves with a true classic.

VITAL STATS Stars: Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, F. Murray Abraham, Robert Loggia Director: Brian De Palma Year: 1983

Out now on Blu-ray and DVD


WORDS Chris Stead



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TV on DVD! The only way to watch all your fave shows! Gossip Girl season 4 Ross and Rachel on Friends. Marisa and

One thing led to another, and the pair ended up

“Chuck knows about her deep, dark side,

Ryan on The OC. And now Blair and Chuck

spending the night together. Blair is devastated.

and he finds it hot,” she says. “But the best

on Gossip Girl… these are the on-again,

Jenny is sent to Hudson to live with her mother.

part of their relationship is that it’s realistic.

off-again romances that have kept viewers

Chuck is exiled – hence, his trip to Prague, and

People don’t always date for a while and

glued to the screens week after week. As

his subsequent mugging. And that’s where the

then slowly fall in love. They start by hooking

season four of Gossip Girl kicks off, fans

story picks up in episode one of season four.

up one night. It takes time to get to know

are waiting to see whether Blair (Leighton

“I am a fan, which sounds ridiculous, of

Meester) and Chuck’s love can survive his

Chuck and Blair,” Leighton tells MTV News of

latest transgression – it’s a doozy – and

the on-off couple she portrays with Westwick.

in fact, whether Chuck (Ed Westwick) will survive at all…

“I love their relationship, and I really love

someone, and then you realise that you’re in love later on.” But back to season four of this fashionable drama, which chronicles the

working with Ed, which is what it probably

lives of privileged Manhattan teens. It’s

boils down to. I think maybe there needed to

action packed, as usual, as Blair and her

fighting for life in a dark alley in Prague,

be some sort of break in their relationship and

sometime-BFF Serena van der Woodsen

where he’s just been robbed and mugged.

some sort of drama. Maybe it was going too

(Blake Lively) continue their battle for social

Chuck is in Prague because he has fled the

well, and then there was the downward spiral

supremacy, while Dan (Penn Badgley)

Upper East Side after he was caught out

with his uncle, which was fun to play out, but I

reconciles his new role as college student

being a very, very bad boy.

hate fighting.”

and father of a newborn baby. That’s right

Season three’s climactic finale left Chuck

Broken-hearted and mistakenly thinking

Meester tells Cosmopolitan magazine

– Dan is apparently a dad… to Georgina

that she believes Blair and Chuck are perfect

Sparks’ (Michelle Trachtenberg) baby! We all

bumped into a lonely Jenny (Taylor Momsen).

together “because they get each other”.

know that Georgina is never up to any good,

WORDS David Christopher

that Blair no longer loves him, Chuck had




so it’s only a matter time before her true

“The evil side of Blair is somewhere in

intentions are revealed behind this latest

me,” Meester admits, “but acting her out is


like therapy. I get to do things nobody would

Of course, all the while as the drama

ever say or do in real life.”

plays out, it is narrated by Gossip Girl’s

Ed Westwick, who gets to indulge his

chatty blog, who is only too happy to share

inner-cad by playing Chuck, adds, “Leighton

the secrets and trysts of the Upper East

plays such a good bitch because she

Side’s rich and royal.

is one… I’m joking! She’s so good at it

The lion’s share of this season’s hottest

because she has fun with it.”

drama goes to Blair, who navigates new

Indeed. Season four is so full of twists

minefields at college, at work and in her

and turns, you’ll need to watch it all in one

love life, with her trademark caustic attitude

sitting to keep up. Set aside a weekend and

serving her every step of the way.

get your Upper East Side fix.


On DVD from September 7

Vampire Diaries season 2 They’re back – and they’re not alone. The

Portraying two characters on the show

seductive characters of The Vampire Diaries

means double the screen time for Dobrev,

return for a season two. With love triangles,

who first found fame as Mia Jones, a single

mysteries and more abounding at Mystic Falls,

teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next

The Vampire Diaries second season is sure to


live up to the high calibre of season one.

“It’s fun and challenging, but it’s awesome

This time, Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan

to play two completely opposite conflicting,

(Paul Wesley), Damon (Ian Somerholder)

characters,” Dobrev told fans at Comic Con

and the other residents of Mystic Falls are

2010. “I get to play against myself and it’s

joined by sinister new blood in the form of

really challenging, doing scenes with myself.”

Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine. Released

Dobrev also concedes that acting opposite

from the tomb, Katherine is back to unleash

two of TV’s hottest leading mean is every bit

her personal brand of evil to the residents of

as difficult as it looks. “I have the worst job in

Mystic Falls…. But is there more to her visit

the world,” she jokes. “I’m really lucky, I always

than a simple plan to raise hell?

pinch myself and remind myself of how

When Elena is kidnapped and held hostage

fortunate I am.”

by two 500-year-old vampires, Rose and

Throughout season two of The Vampire

Trevor – who have been on the run from

Diaries, Katherine and the Originals aren’t

the Originals, the world’s oldest and most

the only threats bearing down on the town:

dangerous vampires – it seems that Katherine

on moonlit nights, werewolves now too

may have been telling the truth when she

roam the streets in search of victims…

confessed that Elena’s life was in danger from

including vampires, who succumb to a

a bigger threat then herself.

single werewolf bite.


Out on Blu-ray and DVD from September 7

Modern Family season 2 launching last year and a huge part of that

sort of in love with the show fans have

continue to rewrite the definition of “family”

success can be attributed to its amazing cast.

been. I think that’s the thing that really feels

in the hilarious second season of Modern

One of the standout characters is the decidedly

like lightning in a bottle – when you have

Family, which brings Married With Children

camp Cameron, boyfriend of Mitchell. Cam is

both of those things in place. Typically, you

patriach Ed O’Neill to prime time once again.

portrayed by actor Eric Stonestreet, who won

have huge fan support and the critics tell

an Emmy Award for his superb portrayal.

you it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen,

The Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphy clan

O’Neill plays Jay Pritchett, father of Claire (Julie Bowen) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler

While Stonestreet admits that he was taken

or you have critical acclaim and the fans are

Ferguson), and husband to beautiful, buxom

with the script from his very first read, he

like, ‘what is this show, we don’t get it?’ So I

Colombian Gloria (Sofía Vergara). Jay’s grown

admits that the show’s phenomenal success

think the fact that we have both is rare and

children Claire and Mitchell each have a

was something of a surprise.


family of their own, which tends to breed chaos.

Stonestreet, who is straight in real life,

“I had a very, very good idea that based on the writers’ history and their very extensive

says he has relished the opportunity to take

careers that we had a really, really good shot at

on a positive, relatable parenting role on

TV cameras, as the premise of the show

being something great. Anybody that tells you


is that the family’s life is being filmed for a

in this business they knew it was going to be

European sitcom, as a representation of a

this well-received is crazy. Actually, being this

guys raising a baby, but the focus on that

“modern American family”. In certain scenes

well-received makes you a little nervous,” he

relationship is really the challenges of the

characters will dart a quick glance towards


relationship, the challenges of parenthood,

And the chaos plays out in front of reality

the camera, breaking the “fourth wall” to let the audience in on the joke. The show has been a huge success since

“It’s a bit of a surprise with how outwardly

“Mitchell and Cam are a couple of

and just trying to find the happy medium

supportive the critics have been, but by the

of keeping up a relationship while raising a

same token, how outwardly supportive and

kid,” he says.

On Blu-ray and DVD from September 21


WORDS Sarah Megginson


Parenthood season 2 Parenthood: you may remember a 1989

and their three generations. The script has

about parenting. Ultimately, it’s about the

film by the same name and even a television

evolved in order to become relevant and deal

unbelievable ups and downs of parenting,

series that came out in 1990. The idea has

with the issues that face families these days as

the absurdity of it, the pain of it and also,

once again been revisited by Ron Howard and

they were quite different issues in the 1990s.

significantly to me, the nobility of it. But, it’s

Brian Grazer, who brought us both the film and original television series. The latest series is loosely based on the original movie and revolves around the family

Howard, the executive director and creator of

also just about being responsible and being in

the show, was originally hesitant about revisiting

a family. That always creates great suspense

the project as it was always quite close to his

and great drama.”

heart. He explains the concept of the show, “It’s

He adds, “We felt that he could take this idea that meant so much to Brian (Grazer, executive producer) and I, this idea, and bring it forward to today, in a way that was compelling.” Despite the fact that the original television series only lasted one season, it seems they have got it right this time and fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the show has been signed on for a third season.


On DVD from September 7

Winners & Losers season 1 at their ten year high school reunion which has

also behind the hit Packed to the Rafters,

point of their lives which is what the new

Ever been bullied? Everyone has at some

them all questioning their lives and whether

but the shows are very different. Packed

Australian television series Winners & Losers

they have triumphed over their high school days.

to the Rafters was very family orientated

begins about. The lead four characters are

Shortly after the reunion the four win the lotto

whereas Winners and Losers is all about the

best friends from high school who had little in

and the series takes off with the consequences

importance and strength of friend ship.

common to begin with except they were all

and changes that take place in their lives after

dubbed ‘the losers’ of the school.

the win fall of a life time.

The series begins with the ladies reunited

“It is full of the fun and drama of how we all carry the inner loser inside us, no matter

The show is created by Bevan Lee who was

how much life makes a winner of us,” Lee explains. Winners and Losers is a winner for Australian drama/comedy genre with enough action to hook in viewers, the season finale will leave viewers eagerly anticipating more. “We turn the girls’ lives on their heads in a pretty major way in the final episode (of series one),” Lee said. “That will give us a new launching pad for season two.”

WORDS Caroline Muldoon


On DVD from September 21


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Community Season 2 With the creation of sitcoms like Scrubs,

The Office and 30 Rock, American network NBC had created a new breed of sitcom, sporting characters and plots that were surprising, unpredictable and consistently hilarious. Then in 2009, the network quietly aired the first episode of Community, a show that has become the next step in sitcom evolution. The series follows fraudulent and quick-witted lawyer Jeff Winger as he returns to community college and unwillingly joins a study group of kooky misfits. The show has since skyrocketed in popularity, constantly praised for its originality and intelligence. And soon enough, Australian audiences will be able to bask in the greatness of its second

Whether they’re turning the college campus

has been renewed for a third season, so

season, available on DVD September 7.

into a giant blanket fort, chasing down Troy’s pet

newcomers and fans alike will not be left

monkey or becoming trapped in a space shuttle

wanting for long.

What makes Community so fresh is its incredible cast, boasting the likes of

simulator, Glover and Pudi keep you

seasoned comedy veteran Chevy Chase,

howling with laughter.

the young and beautiful Alison Brie and the


The cast had been the focus of the

energetic Ken Jeong, of The Hangover fame.

show from the beginning. “Casting

However, it is with newcomers Donald

was 95 percent of putting the show

Glover and Danny Pudi, who play the now

together,” says series creator Dan

legendary Troy and Abed, that the show

Harmon in an interview with the

has created a comedy duo for a new age.

Associated Press. Community

On DVD from September 7

Offspring season 2 Australian TV is a confusing hit-and-miss

looking for love in all the wrong places.

business. While our networks have produced

However, the producers have fused the

some fine crime-dramas in recent years - City

formula with unique comedic interludes, akin

Homicide and, of course, Underbelly - fans of

to Scrubs. Nina is often flung into outlandish

the comedy-drama have had to search the

fantasy sequences as she hopelessly

international market for their fix.

searches for love, or instead plunged into

That is, until Channel 10’s Offspring hit our

plot-revealing flashbacks.

screens. With solid performances from a cast of

The reason this works is the show’s

talented newcomers, beautifully crafted visuals

realistic Australian identity. Shot on the

and a warm-hearted and witty script, the show

streets of Fitzroy in Melbourne, Nina’s

has deftly reaffirmed our faith in the industry.

everyday life has clearly struck a chord with

Offspring charts the frenetic life of Nina

audiences around the country. Nominated

Proudman, a young obstetrician whose home

for eight TV Week Logie Awards and two AFI

life is ironically as complex and messy as her

Awards, Offspring proves that it can match its


dazzling aesthetic quality with genuine heart.

From the creators of The Secret

Life of Us and Love My Way, Offspring has been tasked with filling the hole


its predecessors have left. And that it does. On the surface, the series appears to be a conventional drama series, as formulaic as Sex and the

On DVD from September 14

City: a young professional woman



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Pete Murray’s fourth album proves the old adage is true: from the depths of emotional turmoil come great works of art. Given his laid back and unfussy demeanour –

“My main thing in life is having my boys a lot,

which is reflected in his music – it’s easy to forget

just being a dad. When I’ve got them, it’s full-time.

that Australia’s ‘acoustic superstar’, Pete Murray,

Nothing gets in the way, no work, no one else,

single “Always a Winner” and its accompanying

has sold a million albums and had his first three

just myself and the boys.”

light-hearted James Bond meets Bruce Lee video

LPs reach number one in his homeland. His first LP, Feeler, reached number one a

Fortunately, he hasn’t let his music slip totally

what’s coming – and I believe that.” This positive outlook can be heard in first

clip. Despite the changes, Murray’s songwriting

off the radar. In fact, he’s also sought change

few months after its mid-2003 release, and his

in his music. With acclaimed producer Tom

is still all about openness and honesty; both

follow-up record, See The Sun reached a similar

Rothrock (Beck, Foo Fighters, Elliot Smith) at the

attributes he feels are significant to his work.

level of success, with all of the singles receiving

helm he recorded Blue Sky Blue at LA’s famed

Significantly, they are also traits shared by his

widespread airplay. His third studio album,

Sunset Studios, accompanied by a new band.

long-time musical heroes Nick Drake, Neil Young

Summer At Eureka, was released in May 2008.

Although he did take his regular guitarist, Bret

and Bob Dylan.

It’s been four long years but his new album,

Wood, to handle all the guitar work, Murray says

Blue Sky Blue, is out now. Self described as the

that was the only known factor. He was eager to

entertainment and music site JuniorOnline. “I try

happiest break-up album ever written, Murray

break out of the confines of the past, so all other

to write something in a way that is as interesting

spent his self-imposed exile in Byron Bay writing

‘known’ elements were jettisoned. That meant

as possible, where people can get something

songs, surfing the far north coast and avoiding his

moving towards a more electric sound with

from the lyrics and connect to it. Honesty is what

own fame, all while dealing with the heartbreak of

upbeat tempos – and none of the moody, sad

makes people connect to the song and relate

splitting from his wife Amanda in 2009. Although

songs he’s famous for.

to it.”

he says the pair are still good friends, the turmoil

“It is kind of a break-up album in a way, but it’s a happy one,” he told

now is to be a devoted dad for Pedro, four, and

The Sun Herald. “It’s not sad. It’s not

seven-year-old Charlie.

down. Any (song) that was going


WORDS Iain Hopkins

has reshaped Murray’s priorities: his main goal

“We don’t hate each other. The kids would

“It’s pretty important for me,” he told Australian

in that direction I changed lyrically

struggle with that. But they know even though

and turned it around and made

mum and dad aren’t together, they’re growing up

it more positive. It’s (about) new

in good homes,” he told The Sun Herald.

beginnings and looking forward to

Out now


Velociraptor! Multi-award winning indie rock band Kasabian are considered the best act in the world today. With their new album on the horizon and a stack of festival shows scheduled around the world, can it get much better for the British five-piece? With the dust still settling from their award winning third studio album, “West Ryder Pauper

rugby club in the English Midlands.

previous three albums. “It’s heavier than I

However, off the back of an extraordinarily

thought it would be,” he said, “It squares up to

Lunatic Asylum” and appearances throughout

successful year in 2010, Kasabian has harnessed

you and doesn’t leave you alone. It’s really in

2010 and the first half of 2011 at festivals such

a strong sense of forward momentum bringing

your face.”

as Scotland’s RockNess festival, it would be

us their fourth studio album Velociraptor! in just

more than appropriate to forgive Kasabian

under a year.

for not having found the time to work on new material.

The first taste of the album, “Switchblade

Smiles”, certainly confirms this with its punchy

The album is set for release this month and

hooks and catchy choruses. It’s easy to detect

while a number of tracks having been released

more emphatic percussion as well as a heavier

online via the bands website, the anticipation

reliance on synthesisers in place of the grungy

in 1999 have produced a steady stream of

surrounding this album is palpable. And we

guitar that featured prominently on the last

material over the last decade or so. Since

could expect no more from the band widely

album, especially in singles such as “Fire” and

their self-titled debut album in 2004, Kasabian

regarded as the best act in the world today.

“Vlad the Impaler”.

have released an album every couple of years

Velociraptor! features the same Kasabian

The five-piece who formed in Leicestershire

But this is a perfectly welcome change,

and have subsequently been honoured with

assembly with lead vocalist Sergio Pizzorno

providing a more moody sound for the band

nominations around the world as well as

again taking responsibility for the majority of the

as they continue to develop their sound. With

features on a handful of video games, films and


a more than healthy list of pre-orders for

commercials. Attention has been solidly fixed

But Pizzorno has admitted that fans can

on the band, whose first appearance was at a

expect something entirely different from the

[Velociraptor!] squares up to you and doesn’t leave you alone. It’s really in your face. Sergio Pizzorno

Velociraptor!, fans are already expecting huge things for Kasabian in the coming years.

The name Kasabian was hand picked by former band member and keyboardist Chris Karloff. While reading an article on Charles Manson and the brutal Manson family murders, the last name of the getaway driver – Linda Kasabian – stuck with Karloff. Kasabian is an Armenian last name, which derives from Kasab meaning butcher.

From September 16


WORDS Nick Hadland


A special acoustic version of “Need You Now” is included as an extra track on Own The Night.

OWN THE NIGHT It was the 2009 Grammy Awards when a little known band called Lady Antebellum popped up in the category for Best New Artist. Competing against the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Duffy and Adele (who took home the gong), the nom left millions of viewers across the globe asking… “Who are Lady Antebellum?” out on was Album of the Year, which went to

“Just A Kiss”, which has already sold over one

formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006, Lady

Taylor Swift, who’s win made her the youngest

million copies in the United States. It entered the

Antebellum were onto their second album when

artist ever to win the coveted Grammy.

Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 7 the week it

Then a little-known country band that had

they caught the everyone’s attention with the powerful, haunting ballad, “Need You Now”. The lyrics describe an all-too-familiar scenario

Need You Now went on to sell over 90,000

was released, one of the highest-charting debuts

copies in Australia and more than five million

in Billboard’s 52-year history.

copies worldwide. Now, two years and literally

“The day we wrote this song was one of those

that lonely, often heartbroken people the world

dozens of awards later, Lady Antbellum release

days that renewed my faith in the bond the three

over can relate to: placing a call to someone in

a new collection of songs with Own the Night.

of us have as songwriters,” Kelley remembers.

the middle of the night when you’re longing for

It was written and recorded in Nashville earlier

“Everyone keeps asking if we feel pressure

companionship. “All three of us know what it’s

this year with Hillary, singer Charles Kelley and

after the success of Need You Now, and we are

like to get to that point, where you feel lonely

multi-instrumentalist Dave Haywood co-writing

trying to not even think about the new album or

enough that you make a late night phone call

10 of the 12 tracks.

these songs in those terms. We are just writing

that you very well could regret the next day,” says singer Hillary Scott. Clearly, the song – and the band’s entire

“We took more time to write and record this

about what we are going through in our lives,

record than we’ve ever done before,” Kelley says.

and we hope that country music fans continue

“I remember looking at Hillary and Dave at the

to connect with them.”

Grammy’s this year, on the wildest

with audiences. The following year the band was

night of our lives, and saying ‘This

nominated in a whopping six categories at the

is amazing… we’ll never get to

2010 Grammy Awards, where the band claimed

experience a moment like this

five trophies for Best Country Album, Record

again, but now we have to go

of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Country

home and get to work’.”

Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and

The album features brand

Best Country Song. The only gong they missed

new single, the epic rock ballad

WORDS David Christopher

album, also called Need You Now – resonated


Out September 16


Cold Chisel When Cold Chisel delivered a spectacular one-off show in front of over

Janet Jackson In a true testament to the power of fan support, Janet Jackson will be bringing

50,000 people at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium in 2009, they secretly began

her JANET JACKSON Number Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour to Australia

hatching plans to reunite and hit the road together. Now, the legendary

in October and November this year, after she asked for suggestions on

rock band is getting set to launch their biggest tour in nearly 30 years! as to where she should tour next.

Performances will take place under all-weather Big Top Tents, in arenas, in

“I thank my fans and who have voted and helped me choose the Australian

amphitheatre dates, at a club gig in Newcastle and for the first time ever,

cities,” she says.

the band will also play a handful of very special winery concerts. Part of

Originally slated as a world tour of 35 cities, to match the 35 number one singles

the profits from the tour will go to the family of drummer Steve Prestwich,

from her double disc album Number Ones, Jackson is thrilled that the high

who tragically passed away earlier this year.

demand for extra shows has resulted in an expanded world tour. So far, she has

COLD CHISEL October 13 - Newcastle, Newcastle Panthers 19 - Townsville, Entertainment Centre 21 - Cairns, Cairns Showgrounds 23 - Darwin, Botanic Gardens Amphitheatre 26 - Mackay, Mackay 27 - Rockhampton, Rockhampton Showgrounds 29 - Sunshine Coast, Stockland Park 30 - Gold Coast, Convention Centre November 1, 2 - Brisbane, Entertainment Centre 4 - Coffs Harbour, Stadium Drive Hockey Fields 5 - Mudgee, A Day On The Green 7 - Tamworth, Regional Entertainment Centr 9, 10 - Sydney, Acer Arena, 12 - Hunter Valley, A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen Winery 13 - Wollongong, WIN Entertainment Centre

032 15 - Sydney, Entertainment

Centre 17 - Canberra, AIS Arena 18 - Gateway Lakes, Wodonga 19 - Yarra Valley, A Day On The Green, Rochford Wines 22 - Hobart, Derwent Entertainment Centre 24 - Melbourne , Rod Laver Arena 26 - Margaret River, Sandalford Estate 27 - Perth, Belvoir Amphitheatre 29, 30 - Adelaide, Entertainment Centre


Out now

taken the tour to North America, Asia, the UK and Europe to rave reviews. Fans will have the opportunity to hear something different at every show, as Jackson confirms that she will choose different songs from her 35-track Number

Ones album to perform each night. This means that each Australian date will see the singer offer something different, keeping each concert unique. “These concerts will be different to anything I have ever done; I will be up close and personal as possible,” she says. “These concerts are not about special effects. This is a love affair between me and those of you who have supported me and my work all these years.” Jackson also asks her fans to contact her through and tell her who they think is making a difference in their community. In each city she wants to meet 20 “young leaders” under 20 years old who her fans have nominated. The 20 winners and their 20 sponsors will be VIP guests at the show and welcomed backstage. “You all know someone who is making a difference, so get in touch,” she says. “I love you all and I can’t wait to be back on stage, I’ve missed you.” Visit to nominate!

JANET JACKSON October 18 - Perth, Burswood Theatre 22 - Adelaide, Festival Theatre 26, 27 - Melbourne, Arts Centre, State Theatre November 2 - Gold Coast, Convention Centre 5, 6 - Sydney, Opera House, Concert Hall


SPARKADIA September 1 - Margaret River, Settlers Tavern 2 - Bunbury, Prince of Wales 3 - Perth, The Astor Theatre 4 - Adelaide, The Gov 7 - Central Coast, Entrance Leagues 8 - Sydney, Metro Theatre 9 - ACT, Zierholz at University of Canberra 10 - Wollongong, Waves 11 - Penrith, Panthers 14, 15 - Ballarat, Bended Elbow 16 - Melbourne, The Forum 17 - Brisbane, The Tivoli 18 - Coolangatta, Coolangatta Hotel

------------------------------------------ESKIMO JOE September 14 - Mackay, Andergrove Tavern 15 - Airlie Beach, Magnums 16 - Rockhampton, Great Western Hotel 17 - Bundaberg, Sugarland Tavern 21 - Wollongong, Wollongong Uni 22 - Campbelltown, The Cube 23 - Newcastle, Newcastle Uni 24 - Sydney, Enmore Theatre 29 - Melbourne, The Forum 30 - Frankston, Pier Live October 1 - Deniliquin, Deni Ute Muster 5 - Coffs Harbour, Plantation Hotel 6 - Lismore, Southern Cross Uni 7 - Caloundra, Music Festival 8 - Townsville, Full Noise Festival 9 - Brisbane, The Tivoli 14 - Perth, The Astor

------------------------------------------BRYAN ADAMS September 15, 16 - Melbourne, Palais Theatre 17, 18, 19 - Sydney, Sydney Opera House 20, 21 - Brisbane, QPAC Concert Hall 22 - Newcastle, Civic Theatre

------------------------------------------ICE CUBE September 16 - Canberra, AIS Arena 18 - Sydney, Enmore Theatre 22 - Melbourne, The Espy

23 - Brisbane, The Seaview Hotel

------------------------------------------MOTLEY CRUE Special guests, Bret Michaels from Poison September 21 - Brisbane, Riverstage 23 - Sydney, Entertainment Centre 24 - Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena

------------------------------------------JOHN FARNHAM October 5, 7 - Adelaide, AEC Theatre 11, 12 - Sydney, State Theatre November 2, 4 - Brisbane, QPAC Theatre 9, 11 - Melbourne, Palais Theatre 22, 23 - Perth, Burswood Dome

------------------------------------------CHRIS CORNELL Solo acoustic tour October 7 - Canberra, Canberra Theatre 10 - Perth, Concert Hall 13 - Adelaide, Festival Theatre 15, 17 - Brisbane, QPAC Concert Hall 19, 20 - Melbourne, Palais Theatre 22 - Sydney, Sydney Opera House

------------------------------------------JOHN EDWARD October 7 - Sydney, State Theatre 9 - Hobart, Derwent Entertainment Centre 11 - Brisbane, Sleeman Complex, Chander Threatre 12 - Adelaide, Her Majesty’s Theatre 14 - Melbourne, Her Majesty’s Theatre

------------------------------------------KINGS OF LEON November 4, 5 - Sydney, Acer Arena 8 - Brisbane, Entertainment Centre 11 - Adelaide, Entertainment Centre 13, 14, 16 - Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena 19 - Perth, nib Stadium

K. D. LANG November 5 - Perth, Swan Valley Sandalford Winery 7 - Canberra, AIS Arena 9, 10 - Sydney, State Theatre 12 - Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl 13 - Adelaide, Entertainment Centre 22 - Brisbane, Riverstage

------------------------------------------DOLLY PARTON November 8 - Perth, Burswood 12 - Adelaide, Entertainment Centre 15 - Sydney, Acer Arena 19, 20 - Hunter Valley, Hope Estate 22, 23 - Melbourne , Rod Laver Arena 25, 26 - Brisbane, Entertainment Centre

------------------------------------------FOO FIGHTERS With special guests, Tenacious D November 28 - Perth, NIB Stadium December 2, 3 - Melbourne, AAMI Park 5 - Adelaide, Adelaide Oval 8 - Sydney, Sydney Football Stadium 10 - Gold Coast, Metricon Stadium

------------------------------------------ELTON JOHN November 30 - Brisbane, Entertainment Centre December 3 - Hunter Valley, Hope Estate Winery 6 - Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena 9 - Adelaide, Coopers Amphitheatre 11 - Perth, Burswood Dome

------------------------------------------ARCTIC MONKEYS January 3 - Melbourne, Festival Hall 6 - Perth, Belvoir Amphitheatre 10 - Adelaide, Entertainment Centre 12 - Sydney, Hordern Pavilion 14 - Brisbane, Riverstage



RIO (SEPTEMBER 28) The latest batch of A-list celebrities has flocked to lend their pipes to this animated hit from the makers of the Ice Age franchise. Jesse Eisenberg voices Blu, a domesticated macaw who is more comfortable making toast than taking flight. However, when a Brazilian scientist shows up with the news that Blu is the last male of his species, the skittish pet makes the trip to Rio de Janeiro on a mating mission. Once in Brazil, he’s paired with the captured Jewel (Anne Hathaway) and he quickly falls

for her adventurous spirit. But when Jewel escapes their cage, Blu obediently follows and is forced to embrace his wild roots. Listen out for a special musical performance by Jamie Foxx and







The US Navy’s crack team of crime investigators are kept on their toes during the action-packed eighth season. When Gibbs (Mark Harmon) infiltrates a dangerous drug cartel, his family’s safety is severely compromised; Ziva (Cote de Pablo) wears her heart on her sleeve when she tries to improve her relationship with her distant father; and a new batch of interns are given a baptism of fire on the trail of assorted murders, kidnappers and terrorists.

John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is one pissed off grandfather. He’s just escaped from Hell – yep, the flaming underground kind – and is intent on saving his granddaughter from the vicious cult that murdered his daughter. There’s plenty of eye candy to go along with the supernatural action by way of Amanda Heard as a waitress who is partial to short shorts, and the stolen 1969 Dodge Charger that acts as Milton’s hot-as-hell chariot in plenty of musclecar madness.

If you liked Leonardo di Caprio in Inception, you’ll love Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code. Captain Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) is riding a commuter train just outside of Chicago. Normal enough, except that the US Army helicopter pilot has no idea how he ended up there. His last memory is fighting in Afghanistan, yet the stranger next to him (Michelle Monaghan) insists his name is Sean. Soon, he discovers he’s part of a mindbending mission to stop a train bomber.



WINNERS AND LOSERS: SEASON 1 (SEPTEMBER 21) What do you want to have achieved by your 10-year high school reunion? That’s the question that faces 27-year-old’s Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith), Jenny (Melissa Bergland), Frances (Virginia Gay) and Sophie (Melanie Vallego) as they prepare to return to their own high school reunion in this Australian drama series. After much obsessing, the girls discover that the successful career and the hot husband are not necessarily the markers of success that they once thought them to be.


(SEPTEMBER 7) What is it with chicks and vampires? Elena (Nina Dobrev) is the latest love-sick teenager to fall for boys with fangs in this supernatural drama. This season, Elena’s feelings for vampire Stefan (Paul Wesley) and his immortal brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), are stronger than ever as she struggles to chose between them. Meanwhile, Elena’s troubled brother (Steven McQueen) and best friend (Katerina Graham) are put to the test.

BLITZ (SEPTEMBER 22) When a London serial killer starts targeting cops, the boys in blue call in maverick detective, Brant (Jason Statham). The grizzly crimefighting veteran breaks all the rules on his quest to bring down the killer (Aidan Gillen) in a fast-paced chase through familiar locations throughout contemporary London. This is familiar turf for steely-eyed Statham, but a role that he makes his own with his magnetic brand of James-Bond-meets-DirtyHarry action heroism.

This charming TV mockumentary continues to rewrite the definition of the ‘nuclear family’. The season opens with Claire’s (Julie Bowen) decision to sell the family station wagon, but she struggles to let go of the memories the beloved old car evokes. Later, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) takes an earthquake as a sign that God wants Jay (Ed O’Neill) to go to church, and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) decides he wants to write a book about his adopted daughter.

(SEPTEMBER 14) This quirky Australian comedy-drama centres around 30-something doctor, Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie), as she tackles the challenges of modern life with her eccentric family. After escaping her dysfunctional family and love life for a sixmonth respite in Baltimore, an emergency calls Nina back home. However, she soon discovers nothing has changed as she leaps back into life and love on the edge of insanity.



WORDS Shane Conroy

Life can be a social minefield for the privileged teens of Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City. The drama continues this season as former best friends Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) continue their bitter feud as the Gossip Girl blog (narrated by Kristen Bell) spills all their secrets. To add insult to injury, the vindictive Juliet (Kate Cassidy) appears with a dirty secret from Serena’s past, while Serena’s new relationship with her former teacher continues to grow increasingly complicated. For Blair, on the other hand, an encounter with royalty in Paris could change her life forever. (SEPTEMBER 7)

[MUSIC] Murray gets ready to drop his fourth studio album after a four-year hiatus, lead single “Always a Winner” has already proved popular with a James Bond-inspired video clip that signals an image change for the relaxed beachside crooner. Despite his split with wife Amanda Coutts since his last album, Murray has kept the rest of his new record up-beat – foregoing heartache ballads for a positive batch of summer anthems that will provide the soundtrack for countless sunny backyard barbeques. PETE MURRAY: BLUE SKY BLUE

(OUT NOW) When an injured rising rugby star picked up an acoustic guitar, little did he know that he was taking his first steps on a music career that would spawn three hit albums. As Pete NIRVANA: NEVERMIND 20TH ANNIVERSARY


(SEPTEMBER 23) There’s nothing to make you feel old like your ‘teen spirit’ turning 20. But the band who sparked the 1990s grunge revolution with smash hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on their seminal 1991 album, Nevermind, has been dearly departed for two decades now. This 20th anniversary re-release of the album that changed everything does the band justice with a stunning digital remaster of the original record, along with the unearthing of dozens of previously unreleased tracks.

(SEPTEMBER 30) Aussie country music legend Lee Kernaghan turned the keys to his studio over to his legions of fans for his “Ultimate Hits” album. Kernaghan’s fans selected the 42 tracks to include on this tribute record to his long, successful career that has produced 30 numberone hits. The tracks have been taken from his entire career, including songs from his 1992 ARIA Awardwinning debut album, The Outback Club. The highlight is his duo with Slim Dusty on “Leave Him In The Longyard”.




(SEPTEMBER 16) With Kasabian’s new album topping many preorder lists well before its official release, there is quite a buzz surrounding the band’s fourth studio record. But does the album live up to the hype? Well, this album marks a new direction for the band since 2009’s “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylim”, which may upset some hardcore fans. But, for our money, the heavier sound and chorus-heavy tunes on this album fit the band like a glove.

Hollywood director Cameron Crowe turns his attention to Eddie Vedder and his band of Pearl Jam rockers in this flyon-the-wall documentary that marks the band’s 20th anniversary. The film begins during the years leading up to the band’s formation, continues into the party-fuelled chaos following their rise to stardom, and concludes with the band’s rebirth as the hardest-working musicians in rock’n’roll. Unbelievably, the final film was edited from 1200 hours of footage.

After a killer career fronting the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger goes out on her own with her debut solo release. She began work on the album way back in 2005, and the fruits of her long labour are obvious in this polished mix of up-tempo club hits and downtempo ballads. Lead single “Poison” has been a smash hit in the US and Europe with its heavy synthesisers, and followup track, “Don’t Hold Your Breath”, is a positive pop power ballad destined for your radio.




Any musician that can beat Coldplay in a race to the top of the UK charts has big things in their future. Lead single “Changed The Way You Kissed Me” was the song that achieved that feat, and Example is the man who made it happen. His third studio album is yet another dance classic, with follow-up single, “Stay Awake”, set to unleash Example’s latest assault on the charts as the dance anthem continues to rock clubs across the globe.

After Grammy-winning track “Need You Now” launched Lady Antebellum into the spotlight and transformed their lives forever, the country trio are intent on proving that they are no one-trick pony. And they are definitely not that. Follow-up single “Just a Kiss” debuted at numberseven on the Hot 100 – a country music record – and their new album is full of slow-burning, emotional ballads composed in tour buses that will win plenty more fans.

As country music legend George Strait prepares to enter his sixth decade, he hasn’t lost any of the punch that made his reputation as the bad boy of country music. His title track and lead single, “Here For a Good Time” is an up-tempo plea to live life for today and was co-written with Strait’s son, Bubba – as are six of the album’s other songs. “A Showman’s Life” is a good old fashioned country homage to life on the road, and “House Across the Bay” is a misty-eyed memory of yesterday.


Back on his feet after falling victim to a vicious attack in New York City while on tour with Maroon 5 and Train, Gavin DeGraw is looking to cash in on some good Karma with the release of his new album. DeGraw gives a nod to his tour mates, as well as other artists such as Kings of Leon, Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett as the musical influences behind his new record that the singer says is a collage of the wide range of musical styles that have informed his career. (SEPTEMBER 9)



3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40





.98 PER 3


100 S MORE TO CHOOSE FROM 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40


3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40 • 3 for $40







STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA (SEPTEMBER 14) In a galaxy far, far away there was created a ninedisc set of such staggering high-definition clarity that Star Wars geeks came from far and wide to gaze at its unrivaled beauty. All six liveaction films are presented here in the ultimate collector’s edition, plus a jam-packed special features menu. George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and other on- and offscreen stars of the franchise provide compelling audio commentaries to each film; a Jedi’s bounty of deleted,

extended and alternate scenes are included; a tribute to Star Wars costume enthusiasts takes a look inside the fanboy culture; and a hilarious collection of Star Wars spoofs, from Family Guy parodies to How I Met Your Mother clips, embrace the franchise’s funny side.

RIO (SEPTEMBER 28) Domesticated macaw Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) has grown up in the comfortable suburbs and lost all sense of his wild roots. At least that’s until he travels to Rio de Janerio and finds himself on the run with adventurous macaw vixen, Jewel (Anne Hathaway), who proves to be the bird of his dreams. Check out the special features menu for your copy of the Angry Birds: Rio smart phone and PC game that has stormed the world.

BLITZ (SEPTEMBER 22) Jason Statham is back to his baddie-busting best in this fast-paced action thriller. When a serial killer starts targeting police officers, the uncompromising Detective Brant (Statham) is called in to bring the killer to swift justice. Brant is prepared to break just about every rule to catch the murderer, yet as he tracks him on a wild chase through contemporary London, the maverick cop is forced to question his own moral compass.

STAR WARS: ORIGINALS TRILOGY (SEPTEMBER 14) Relive the magic of the Star Wars universe with the original trilogy, remastered in Blu-Ray high definition. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is thrown into the ranks of the Rebel Alliance after meeting reclusive Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi on the desert planet of Tatooine. With his Jedi training complete, Skywalker takes on the power of Darth Vader and the dark side with his band of unlikely warriors including Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Chewbacca and C-3PO.

SCARFACE (OUT NOW) Al Pacino brings terrifying life to one of the most ruthless gangsters to have graced the silver screen in this 1983 classic by director Brian De Palma. Cuban immigrant Tony Montana (Pacino) will stop at nothing to win the power, wealth and women that he craves. Special features include an all-new documentary that explores the film’s cultural importance, a compelling featurette on the making of the hit video game, and a hilarious look at the kitschy TV series.

STAR WARS: PREQUEL TRILOGY (SEPTEMBER 31) Set 30 years before the original Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace introduces young Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and Jedi apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor), both on a journey that will eventually lead Skywalker into the clutches of the dark side. Attack of the Clones picks up 10 years later, with Kenobi and Skywalker assigned to protect Queen Padme (Natalie Portman), before Revenge of the Sith brings the events to a disastrous conclusion.

YOUR HIGHNESS (SEPTEMBER 8) Fabious (James Franco) is the perfect son of the King (Charles Dance) and is being groomed to take over the throne. His brother Thadeous (Danny McBride), however, is a lazy stoner who can’t do anything right. When Fabious’ bride (Zooey Deschanel) is kidnapped by an evil wizard, Thadeous is forced to accompany his brother on a dangerous rescue mission. On the road, they encounter Isabel (Natalie Portman), a wandering warrior with her own agenda.

MIDDLE MEN (OUT NOW) Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht) are strungout geniuses with plenty of big ideas but little street smarts to match. When they stumble upon the idea of creating a paid porn website, they are unknowingly on the cusp of an internet revolution. Businessman Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) is called in to convert their idea into a profitable business, however the temptations of wealth, luxury and women may be too much for him to handle.

RAMBO TRILOGY (OUT NOW) Whether he’s confronted with the Canadian wilderness, left for dead in the jungles of Vietnam, or hunted through the mountains of Afghanistan, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) can fight his way out of any corner. In First Blood, he’s tormented by a local sheriff with explosive results; in First Blood: Part II, he parachutes into hostile Vietnamsese jungle to rescue American prisoners of war; and in Rambo III he faces the brunt of the Soviet Army in order to save the only man who understands him.


If you like your violence gory and your women pouting, then this is definitely the TV series for you. The action goes back to the years before the events of the first series, Blood and Sand, and focuses on Batiatus’ (John Hannah) rise to power as his champion gladiator, Gannicus (Dustin Clare), brings glory to his master by brutally defeating everyone brought before him. Ambitiously poised to overthrow his father and take control of the kingdom, Batiatus is every part as brutal as his leading gladiator, as he and his calculating wife, Lucretia (Lucy Lawless), stop at nothing to win power. (OUT NOW)



XENOBLADE CHRONICLES WII The Wii’s release schedule may be thinning out ahead of the launch of the Wii U, but those that remain are real quality. This visually spectacular Japanese RPG has the hero using a sword of destiny to fight off massive mechanised beings that invaded his homeland. Thankfully the game avoids annoying Japanese design techniques like long cutscenes and turn-based combat to provide a sense of freedom in combat and exploration.

RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011 PS3, 360 No rock is big enough to hide your head under during the Rugby World Cup, so we know you’re aware that it is on. But you may not be aware that there’s not one, but two games coming out to capitalise on the big event. The first out of the gate is Rugby World Cup 2011, and it has been in production since the last world cup. This development time is evident in the quality of the visuals, as all 20 teams and their star players go at in

the New Zealand stadiums that will host the event. There are a host of game modes that allow you to play games outside those that happen at the Cup, and there is offline and online multiplayer to enjoy. Those who played the previous Rugby games will have no problems picking up the relatively easy controls, and will also enjoy the fact that many problem areas – like rucks, line-outs and set-plays – have been fixed.

DRIVER: SAN FRANCISCO PS3, 360, PC After a long break, the beloved Driver series returns with its best game to date. Unfolding over an open-world recreation of San Francisco and the Bay Area, players can swap between over 160 cars with the press of a button, controlling any vehicle they want in an instant in single or multiplayer. While the story and graphics are solid, it is the excellent controls as you drift your car through Hollywood chase-like sequences that provide the most enjoyment.

F1 2011 PC, PS3, 360, 3DS The world’s most prestigious motorsport championship has been desperately awaiting a quality gaming franchise and genre experts Codemasters have delivered. F1 2011 is a fantastic update to last year’s solid debut game, refining the graphics, improving the A.I., increasing the range of vehicular damage and the effects of weather on the car. But it’s multiplayer that really benefits thanks to a new splitscreen mode, and full 24-car grid online experience.

DUAL PEN SPORTS 3DS Sport based minigame collections are nothing new for gamers who own a Nintendo machine, but Dual Pen Sports still manages to stand out. Unlike everything else out there, the seven sports on offer – soccer, boxing, archery, paragliding, skiing, basketball and baseball – are played with two styluses at once. Its easy to pick up and play, while character customisation and multiplayer modes give it depth.

EL SHADDAI: ASCENSION OF THE METATRON PS3, 360 This is one of the most remarkable action adventures you’ll ever play. Described by many critics as being like a gaming acid trip, it follows a man’s religious quest to save fallen angels. The visuals are the star here, with a kaleidoscope, painting effect that amazes from start to finish. The combat is easy to grasp – it’s only one button – but surprisingly deep, and its broken up by sections of platforming. Gaming as art.

GEARS OF WAR 3 360 The biggest trilogy of this generation of gaming reaches its climax in a true blockbuster. Hero Marcus Fenix and his crew – new and old faces alike – battle the mutated Lambert and alien locust horde as the last few surviving humans make their last stand. The third-person gameplay the series popularised remains unchanged, although the story can now be enjoyed in four-player co-op. The great single player is backed up by a huge multiplayer mode, too. RESISTANCE 3 PS3 Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Halo franchise may not have had a blockbuster beginning, but for the trilogy’s climax it most certainly cements itself as one of gaming’s elite blockbuster franchises. Hero Joseph Capelli and a scientist have discovered a cure for the alien Chimera virus and must travel across war-ravaged America to release it in New York. Stereoscopic 3D and Move are supported.

DEAD ISLAND PS3, 360, PC Zombies have a special place in the heart of gamers, with dozens of titles using the undead and dark, dingy worlds to their advantage. Dead Island is the next big thing to hit the genre, but mixes it up by using a tropical resort on an island of Papua New Guinea as its setting and by playing out in an open-world. Brutal melee combat and co-op tiered action – think Left 4 Dead – complete the experience.

STAR FOX 64 3D 3DS The trick worked with the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so Nintendo is dusting off another of its nineties classics and giving it a new lease of life in 3D. The core gameplay, where you pilot a Star Wars-like spaceship on missions through big battles, remains the same, but the features of the 3DS come into play. This means being able to use motion to control the ship, dialogue on the second touchscreen, a multiplayer battle mode and of course, 3D.

WORDS Chris Stead


[GADGETS] CONTOUR+ DEEP IN THE ACTION We live in a world where you don’t have to be a professional stunt man or Hollywood bigwig to be involved with spectacular action sequences that light up the biggest of HD screens. No doubt you’ve seen YouTube videos where regular Joe’s have created spectacular footage on a shoestring budget. This bullet-shaped device is made of lightweight aluminium and holds within a full HD camera. It’s built to attach to things like

NYKO ZOOM BIG GAMING, SMALL ROOM Kinect has taken the world by storm. The peripheral that connects to the Xbox 360 has revolutionised motion-based everything – not just gaming – by allowing for full body tracking, voice commands and video filming. But it needs a lot of room to be played properly. In fact, more room than a lot of people have in their lounge room, which is quite frustrating. Peripheral maker Nyko has come to the rescue with Zoom, an add-on lens that clips onto

your surfboard, car door or bike helmet so it can provide a first-person perspective as the action unfolds. That would be enough for aspiring Fuel TV sports nuts, but it’s not short on other features either. GPS location technology, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, HDMI output, a wideangle lens and the ability to add-on a microphone for extra audio clarity round out an excellent package.

the front of Kinect’s iconic camera and drastically changes the amount of space the device requires to function accurately. Nyko claims that you’ll need 40% less space to function, which is excellent news. Especially for those who want to play multiplayer games (where two or more people stand side-by-side), fitness games (where you need to do activities on the ground) and dancing games (where you want to be able to jump around with reckless, drunken abandon).

by Alienware. It’s latest release, the M17x R3 is like the Lamborghini of laptops, and not just because it looks like a sweet sports car. It has serious power under the bonnet, thanks to its Core i7 2720QM processor, Nvidia GTX580M graphics card, 8GB of RAM and dual 500GB hard drives. Its screen can also

produce 3D visuals not only from content played on the device but, thanks to a HDMI input port, other devices that you connect to it such as a PS3. You pay for the privilege of course as this is a premium product at a premium price, but you’ll be the envy of every other gamer out there.

OCTAVA HD SW4A AN HD WORLD If you hadn’t noticed, the world has gone HD. Chances are the number of pieces of equipment you have connected by the old yellow AV cable has dwindled to zero. A donut. But if you’re anything like us you have more HDMI and Optical outputs than you have inputs on your TV or sound system. You may have also noticed that HD switchers that can handle both your HDMI and Optical

simultaneously are very hard to find. Thankfully HD experts Octava have just began to distribute products like the HD SW4A in Australia. This device can take in four HDMI cables and four optical cables and put out one of each, controlled via remote for ease. Standard coax audio

is also catered for. This allows you to run your Foxtel, your Xbox, your PlayStation, your PC and whatever comes down the track through the one TV and sound system without ever having to go through painful process of pulling out and swapping about cords. And that is great!

PANASONIC THP50GT30A TV VALUE FOR COIN Panasonic has long since earned itself an excellent reputation in the TV marketplace for delivering quality vision. In fact, its latest HD TV – the THP50GT30A – makes use of the 14th generation of the Neo Plasma Panel at the heart of it all and can now deliver a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, giving the viewer quite an experience. It also comes with an antireflective filter – giving it more flexibility for use in naturally lit rooms – and THQ certification in both 2D and 3D viewing.

Further to that, this is one of the new “smart TVs,” which means it uses your Internet connection to its advantage to provide content from sites such as YouTube, Yahoo!7, ABCiView catch-up TV and

a big screen to use for Skype and Facebook. But it is the price that sets this apart from its competitors. At $2,700 for certified 3D, smart functionality and 50” of gorgeous screen, this is hard to beat.


WORDS Chris Stead

WORDS Chris Stead

ALIENWARE M17X R3 LUXURY GAMING It’s a testament to today’s technology that little laptops can play the biggest and best video games on the market with ease, something that only a few years ago was restricted to mighty big desktops. And there are no better laptops than those

Store Name

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Port Central

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40 Horton Street

Port Macquarie NSW 2444 02 6584 0026


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Shop 9. Settlement City

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Shop 10, Tamworth

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Shop T7, Tamworth City

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QLD 4350 07 4634 0331


NSW 2289 02 4957 1275

Shopping Centre


Shop 18, Dalby

17-67 Cunningham St


QLD 4405 07 4662 3257

Lake Haven

NSW 2263 02 4392 0225

Mulgrave Road


QLD 4870 07 4033 6257

Shop T18, Centro Shopping

Cnr Excelsior Rd &


QLD 4570 07 5482 3294


Bruce Hwy

Shop 1073, Westfield

1-29 Millaroo Drive


QLD 4212 07 5556 0086

Boat Harbour Drive

Hervey Bay

QLD 4655 07 4124 8561

Maryborough St


QLD 4670 07 4153 1480

318 Moggill Road


QLD 4068 07 3878 3294

Shop 48,

Cnr Dawson Highway &


QLD 4680 07 4978 5336

Kin Kora Shopping

Phillip Street


QLD 4129 07 3801 2947

Cnr Duke & Fitzroy

Yambil Street

Clifford Gardens

Westfield Kotara

Northcott Dr

Lake Haven

Shop 84

Lake Haven Shopping

Lake Macquarie

Shop T50, Centro Lake

Wilsons Road

Mt Hutton

NSW 2290 02 4947 1611


Shop 34, Lismore Shopping

Mckenzie Street


NSW 2480 02 6621 8573


Shop 21-22 Lithgow Valley

Cnr Lithgow & Bents


NSW 2790 02 6352 3950

Shopping Centre



Shop U49, Macarthur Square

Gilchrist Drive


Shop 2, Hunter Mall

405 High Street


NSW 2320 02 4934 4431


Marrickville Metro Shopping

34 Victoria Rd


NSW 2204 02 9519 0910



Shoppingworld Earlville

Macquarie Fair


Helensvale Hervey Bay

Campbelltown NSW 2560 02 4628 5883


Shop 115, Stockland Shopping Centre



Shop 46, Bay Central Shopping Centre

Hinkler Central

Shop 28, Hinkler Shopping Centre



Shop 3001, Westfield Shoppingtown

Cnr Market & Monaro


NSW 2548 02 6495 1741

Kin Kora

Streets 326 Camden Valley Way


NSW 2567 02 4647 2872


Centre Loganholme


Shop 101, Market Square

Hunter Street Mall


NSW 2300 02 4927 0933


Shop 55

32-60 East Street


Nsw 2541 02 4421 0681


Stockland Nowra


Brown Plains

Brown Plains Road

Shop 67, Capalaba Shopping

Cnr Park Ave &

Cnr Wheelers Lane &


NSW 2830 02 6881 6130

Mitchell Hwy Shop 21, Orange City Centre

Cnr Mt Lindsay Hwy &

Shopping Centre


Shop 1055A


Shop 17, Grand Central

Cairns DFO


Shop 21a, Orana Mall Dubbo

QLD 4207 07 3382 0829

NSW 2580 02 4822 9640

Griffith Central, 10-12



NSW 2428 02 6554 7343

Shop 9

Orana Mall

George Street

Shop 34, Beenleigh


Shopping Centre

Shop 67, Narellan Town

QLD 4215 07 5503 0355






Shopping Centre

Shop 4, Merimbula Square

42 Marine Parade

Shopping Centre



Shop 1034, Australia Fair


Shopping Centre Charlestown

Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 02 6931 7882

Shopping Centre

Shoppingtown Castle Hill

Baylis Street

Marketplace Australia Fair

Patrick Street

Shop T12a, Wagga Wagga

Summer Street


Shop 91-92, Logan

Cnr Pacific Highway &


Bryants Road

Shop 129,

Cnr Horton & Plaza

Sunshine Plaza


Shop 66, Morayfield

Morayfield Road

Shopping Centre Orange

NSW 2800 02 6361 0619

Maroochydore QLD 4558 07 5443 4368


QLD 4506 07 5499 4088

Store Name

Address 1

Address 2


Mt Ommaney

Shop 126, Mt Ommaney

171 Dandenong Road

Mt Ommaney

57 Station Street




QLD 4074


Store Name

Address 1

Address 2




Shop G23,

Balmoral Avenue


VIC 3199 03 9770 0363


Frankston Town Centre


Shop T22, Karingal Hub

330 Cranbourne Road


VIC 3199 03 9789 0438

33 Hutchinson Street


VIC 3140 03 9739 5832

533-555 High Street


VIC 3337 03 9743 0466


VIC 3500 03 5022 7630

Shopping Centre Nerang

Shop 21-37,

QLD 4211 07 5527 2716

Shop T1010,

28 Eenie Creek Rd


QLD 4566 07 5442 4621


Shop 1145a,

Cnr Anzac Ave & North

Westfield North Lakes

Lakes Drive

Queen Street

Shop Tlg03,

204-216 Queens Plaza


Lower Level



Shop T112, Raintrees

Cnr Alfred & Koch

Shopping Centre


Mango Hill

QLD 4509 07 3491 9477



QLD 4001 07 3210 2465

QLD 4870 07 4053 6561

Shop 22, Redbank Plaza

Collingwood Drive


QLD 4301 07 3818 0766

Shop 2033a,

Robina Town Centre


QLD 4230 07 5575 7046


QLD 4700 07 4921 2509

QLD 4701 07 4928 0550

Robina Town Centre


Shop 46,

Cnr Fitzroy & Bolsover


Mildura Centro




City Centre Plaza


Shop 1m Rockhampton

Cnr Yaamba Rd And



Bruce Highway


Shop 42, Runaway Bay

Lae Drive

Runaway Bay

QLD 4216 07 5529 0182


Shop 158, Smithfield

Cnr Captain Cook &


QLD 4878 07 4038 2221

QLD 4300 07 3470 0865

Shopping Centre

Kennedy Hwys


Orion Springfield

Shop 80a, 1 Main St



Shop 57a, Stafford City

400 Stafford Rd


QLD 4053 07 3356 2542

Station Square

Shop 19, Station Square

142 Lennox Street


QLD 4560 07 4121 4555


197 Church Road


QLD 4018 07 3265 4406

1015 Sandgate Road


QLD 4012 07 3630 4713

Cnr Margaret & Dent Streets

Shop 4, Stockland Mall

310 Ross River Rd



QLD 4350 07 4637 9324

QLD 4814 07 4728 8375

Cnr Cleveland & Redland

Shopping Centre

Bay Roads


Shop 13, Wynnum Plaza

2021 Wynnum Rd


Shop T4, Yeppoon Central

40 Park St


QLD 4703 07 4930 2599


Shop 71, Westfield

Cnr Torrens & Hansons



5009 08 8243 0465




Shop 11, Elizabeth Shopping

50 Elizabeth Way



5112 08 8252 7530


Shop T2-3,

Victoria Point

QLD 4165 07 3207 9587


Shop 17, Shepparton

Midland Highway


VIC 3632 03 5822 2082


Marketplace 1239 Nepean Hwy


VIC 3192 03 9583 0872

166-188 Franklin Street


VIC 3844 03 5176 0839


VIC 3121 03 9427 0797

Shop 2088a, Westfield Southland Shopping Centre Shop 11-13, Traralgon Centre Plaza


Shop E43, Victoria Gardens

Cnr Victoria & Burnley


Shopping Centre



Shop 10-11, Warragul

Victoria Street


VIC 3820 03 5622 1058

154 Raglan Parade


VIC 3280 03 55 620296

6-8 The Arcade


VIC 3008 03 9602 4081

399 Melton Highway

Taylors Lake

VIC 3038 03 9449 1155

Waurn Ponds

VIC 3216 03 5243 6285


VIC 3170 03 9548 2184


VIC 3355 03 5339 5641

Shopping Plaza Shop 24, Gateway Plaza

Waterfront City Shop Cc G04, Waterfront City


Waurn Ponds

Shop T171, Watergardens

Shop T908


Shop 38, Waverley Gardens

Cnr Police Rd And


Shopping Centre

Jacksons Rd


Shop 70 Wendouree

Cnr Norman & Gillies

Shopping Village


Cnr Winzor Street &



5108 08 8285 5570


Shop 11, Wodonga Plaza

57 Elgin Street


VIC 3690 02 6024 3952


Shop 9, Albany Plaza

38 Albany Highway


WA 6330 08 9842 3802


Shop T26a, Armadale

Jull Street


WA 6112 08 9498 0249

227 Belmont Avenue


WA 6014 08 9479 6092

125 Riseley Street


WA 6154 08 9316 1565

106 Frederick Street


WA 6725 08 9193 7384

Shopping Centre

Wynnum West QLD 4178 07 3396 4853

Shopping City Belmont

Hollywood Plaza

Spain Road


Shop T22, Ingle Farm Village

Cnr Walkleys &

Ingle Farm


5098 08 8263 1774

Farm Shopping Centre

Montague Rds


Shop 1135, Westfield Marion

297 Diagonal Road

Oaklands Park


5046 08 8358 5974

Mt Barker

Shop T51, Mt Barker Central

Cnr Druids & Cameron

Mt Barker


5251 08 8398 5127

Shopping Centre


Mt Gambier

Shop 7, Lakes Village

Helen St

Mt Gambier


5290 08 8724 7780

15 Commercial Road

Port Augusta


5700 08 8642 4919


Shop T16a

Renmark Plaza Shopping



5341 08 8586 5232


Shop 40, Westlands

Nickleson Avenue



5608 08 8644 2579


Shop 6, City Square

28-32 Wilson St


TAS 7320 03 6431 3905


Shop 2

48-52 Rooke Street


TAS 7310 03 6423 3982


Shop 40, Northgate

Main Road


TAS 7010 03 6273 4814


Shop 25, Bunbury Forum

Sandrige Road


WA 6230 08 9721 6228


Centre court, Busselton

Cnr Prince & West Street


WA 6280 08 9751 2745

1382 Albany Highway


WA 6107 08 9458 9141


WA 6164 08 9499 3587

Central Shopping Centre


76 Charles St


TAS 7250 03 6334 3155

Shop G43

2-30 Bligh St

Rosny Park

TAS 7018 03 6245 1857

Shop 2240 Westfield Geelong

105 Malop St


VIC 3220 03 5222 4203


VIC 3550 03 5441 6671


VIC 3170 03 9560 2833



Marketplace Shop 104, Brandon Park

Cnr Ferntree Gully &

Shopping Centre

Springvale Rds


Shop 627, Chirnside Park

Maroondah Hwy


VIC 3116 03 9727 2030


Shop 43, Cranbourne Park

High Street


VIC 3977 03 5996 3162

Magid Drive

Narre Warren

VIC 3805 03 8790 1690

Lot 17 Chapman Road


WA 6530 08 9921 6547

Ellen Stirling Boulevard


WA 6018 08 9244 1573

420 Joondalup Drive


WA 6027 08 9300 9680


WA 6430 08 9021 7709

Cnr Buslem & Attfield


WA 6109 08 9493 0346

Great Eastern Highway


WA 6056 08 9250 1720

Read Street


WA 6168 08 9528 4155

Shop 90, Innaloo Shopping

Shop T110a, Lakeside


219 Hannan Street


Shop 71-72, Maddington Metro Shopping Centre Shop 99, Midland Gate Shopping Centre Shop T192 Rockingham City Shopping Centre


Brandon Park

Shop 13, Northgate

Joondalup Shopping City

Rockingham 116-120 Mitchell Street

Beeliar Drive (Cnr Kwinana Freeway)




Shop 234, Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Innaloo

Shopping Centre

Shop 1152, Westfield Shoppingtown


Shopping Centre

Shop 47, Broome Boulevard Shopping Centre



Shop 12, Garden City Shopping Centre


Plaza Ingle Farm

Shop G002, Belmont Forum Shopping Centre




VIC 3850 03 5143 2091

173-199 Pioneer Road

Shop 5, Victoria Point

Bay City



Nathan Plaza

Rosny Park

VIC 3939 03 5986 7471

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre




Shop 55, Grand Central

Port Augusta

VIC 3931 03 5973 5084

37-39 Cunningham

Shopping Centre

Victoria Point


Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre


78 Barkly Street

Shop 25, Gippsland

Shopping Centre


Shop C19, Mornington

Mccombe St


Shopping Centre

Shop 13b, Centro Toombul


Cnr Boneo Rd &


Shopping Village


Cnr 15th Street & Deakin

Shop 18,


Fair Runaway Bay

Shop 12, Taigum Central

Shop T31, Centro Mildura

Port Phillip Plaza Sale


Shopping Centre

Shop T 57, Woodgrove

Shopping Centre



Shop T13, Lilydale

Shopping Centre





Noosa Civic Mall North Lakes


Shopping Centre

Nerang River Plaza Noosa


Shop 20, Warnbro Fair

City Warnbro Sound Avenue


36-38 Hartley Street

Alice Springs

WA 6169 08 9593 6830

Shopping Centre Alice Springs

Shop T28, Yeperenye


0870 08 8952 0208

Shopping centre

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Fountain Gate

Shop 1118, Westfield


Shoppingtown Fountain Gate


2. Before becoming a musician, Pete Murray was a rising star in which sport? a) Rugby b) Tennis c) Cricket

In Drive Angry, Nicolas Cage escapes from where?

3. Gossip Girl is set in which US city? a) Los Angeles b) New York c) New Jersey 4. What tragic event recently put Gavin DeGraw in hospital? a) A car accident b) An assault c) A house fire 5. Which action hero plays the lead role in cop thriller Blitz? a) Bruce Willis b) Jason Statham c) Vin Diesel

Rio comes from the animation team behind which hit franchise?

6. Including “Velociraptor!”, how many studio albums has Kasabian released? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 7. In Drive Angry, Nicolas Cage escapes from where? a) Prison b) A mental hospital c) Hell

WORDS Shane Conroy

8. Eddie Vedder is in which world-famous rock band? a) Pearl Jam b) Foo Fighters c) Aerosmith

Nicole Scherzinger is the former lead singer of which pop group? 042

9. Hit TV series NCIS involves which branch of the US military? a) Navy b) Army c) Air Force

10. Nicole Scherzinger is the former lead singer of which pop group? a) Scissor Sisters b) Pussycat Dolls c) Maroon 5 11. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Source Code. What is his character’s mission? a) Bring down the corrupt government b) Protect a military secret c) Stop a terrorist train bombing 12. Which former Married with Children actor now stars in Modern Family? a) Ed O’Neill b) Katy Sagal c) Christina Applegate 13. “Changed The Way You Kissed Me” is a hit single by which dance artist? a) Example b) David Guetta c) Lady Gaga 14. Which of the following series’ has not recorded a Star Wars spoof? a) Family Guy b) How I Met Your Mother c) Two and a Half Men 15. Who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy? a) Hayden Christensen b) Ewan McGregor c) Harrison Ford 16. Tony Montana is the protagonist in which classic gangster flick? a) Casino b) Goodfellas c) Scarface 17. First Blood: Part II is set in which war-torn country? a) Cambodia b) Vietnam c) Afghanistan

18. Which comedian costars with James Franco in Your Highness? a) Danny McBride b) Tracey Morgan c) Will Ferrell 19. Nevermind is the seminal album by which grunge band? a) Sonic Youth b) Smashing Pumpkins c) Nirvana 20. What is the title of Lee Kernaghan’s debut album? a) “The Outback Club” b) “Leave Him In The Longyard” c) “Boys From The Bush” 21. What business do the protagonists pursue in Middle Men? a) Internet pornography b) Erotic cakes c) Adult phone line 22. What is the title of Lady Antebellum’s debut single? a) “Need You Now’ b) “Just a Kiss” c) “Own the Night” 23. Which action diva stars in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena? a) Jessica Alba b) Lucy Lawless c) Rhona Mitra 24. Nina Dobrev stars in which teen TV series? a) Gossip Girl b) The Hills c) Vampire Diaries 25. TV series Winner and Losers is centred around which event? a) A wedding b) A high school reunion c) The Superbowl

[ANSWERS] 1. C; 2. A; 3. B; 4. B; 5. B; 6. C; 7. C; 8. A; 9. A; 10. B; 11. C; 12. A; 13. A; 14. C; 15. B; 16. C; 17. B; 18. A; 19. C; 20. A; 21. A; 22. A; 23. B; 24. C; 25. B.

1. Rio comes from the animation team behind which hit franchise? a) Shrek b) Toy Story c) Ice Age