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Tatts, Tears and Tours


Meet the Real Dethklok


Immortalising Sailor Jerry


Aussie Illustration Incarnate


Tattoos ‘n Art in Israel

Photo by HoneyRock Photography


20. The People of PMI 30. P!nk 34. The Ballad of Bell 42. Erich Weiss 48. Trailer Trash Tattoo 52. Tell it, Aviv 56. The [Br]Ink of Change 62. Brendan Small 66. PMI in the USA 70. My Ruin 76. PMI Tattoo Awards

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90 seconds of domestic bliss

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19/1/09 5:52:08 PM

Welcome all to the Autumn issue of Post Modern Ink. As you, our fervent readers may have noticed, the mantle of editor has been passed on to me from mr farrelly. never fear though, i've been here since pmi's inception. Post Modern Ink has always been an ever changing, growing, and evolving entity. our visual appeal and content has always stayed true to our roots, our love of tattoos and our love of art. I intend to continue creating this mag with the same ethos. There may be some visual alterations from the last issue but hey, I'm sure you've come to expect that from us by now. I'm very lucky at PMI to be presented with article and interview opportunities from all around the world as well of lots of quality aussie content. THis issue is no exception, with interviews all the way from Tel-aviv, and amazing aussie artists such as ben ashton-bell. I'm also stoked to be providing you guys with an interview with the director of one of the best tattoo documentaries around, Hori Smoku. Erich Weiss chats to us about what it's like to get down and dirty with the colourful characters that surrounded sailor jerry and his rise in infamy. It's insightful, it's funny, it's raw. and it might just teach you a thing or two you didn't know about good ol' Mr Jerry. WE also have a great interview with Brendan Small. The animator, voice actor and musical virtuoso of Metalocalypse. As always I would like to thank you, our readers. Without you this magazine would not be possible. THANKS for your continued support and remember, Join our ranks and support us on facebook at and keep those photos, artworks, tattoos and comments coming. THis mag is for you. cheers



Up Front - Tattoos

Tatudharma the Sequel

Charity Tattoos

Say Cheese!

Council Console

Can’t Wait Three Years? Check This Out!

Two Tattooing Records Went Down in December

Doctor Stepped Down For Patient Penis Photo

Studio Zoning May Be Under Attack

One of Australia’s favourite and busiest studios, Tatudharma, has expanded to include a street-level shop front, where the studio’s artists will “work between the two”, to maximise business and accessibility given the average wait for work can be between six months and three years. “It's a collaborative endeavour with my long-term colleague Nathan Puata, who's been working with me for nearly eight years,” said Tatudharma owner, Josh Roelink. “At some point, Nathan, myself and the other artists working at the private studio will more than likely do walk-in days at the street shop, which allows clients wanting smaller one-off pieces to get tattooed without waiting a year or more.” The shop is situated on a quiet side-street between two art galleries. For more info check out:

Almost at the time we went to print with this issue, two tattoo records were broken by two different artists in the US. Kat Von D (who we're sure you all know very, very well), worked to tattoo more people in 24 hours than anyone ever has before, which she did, inking up some 400 people with a Guiness Approved “LA” (Los Angeles) logo at just US$20 each, with proceeds going to Vitamin Angels who distribute much needed vitamins to children around the world. In Tennessee, however, John Cross of Skin Graphix aimed to tattoo a single client (his boss) for 50 hours straight to raise money and collect toys for Toys for Tots, aimed at helping struggling families over the Christmas period - something Cross himself has had experience with. He managed 46 hours nonstop, breaking the record by two-hours and 10 minutes.

A top surgeon at a US hospital was stepped down from his position after it came to light he’d taken a happy snap of a patient’s penis with the words “Hot Rod” tattooed on it on his mobile phone, while the patient was on the operating table and under, and then showed it to colleagues, presumably with a lot of giggles attached at the patient's expense. Dr Hansen, who was Chief Resident of General Surgery at the famous Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, stood before a disciplinary panel and later left the hospital, though it’s unclear if he was fired, or simply demoted and left of his own accord. The tattooed penis belonged to a strip club owner who later heard of the incident and complained, though we can't for the life of ourselves think why he'd be annoyed - get a tattoo on your dick and show it off, that's what it's for.

Following an alleged firebombing of Coogee Ink, just a few days after Christmas in Sydney, NSW, the Randwick Council has raised concerns over Tattoo Studio zoning. While there’s a long history of incidents such as this throughout Australian tattoo history, the Coogee Ink studio was opened near a school, and some 30 residents were evacuated on the day, clearly making the incident stand-out just that little bit more. “It was a merit assessment; we had no policy prohibiting tattoo businesses close to schools,” Randwick Mayor, Murry Matson, told the Southern-Courier. “Perhaps in hindsight that would appear to be a mistake. “Clearly, one of the first things that should be on the agenda for the council (next year) is to debate the suitability of this type of establishment next to schools and other sensitive sites,” he added.

Photos by Mitch Bevan

Photo by Zoe Newman Photography


Photo by Mike West, Vroom Photography

30 P!nk

By Xander Cruise with contributions from James Watford Photos by Dan Annett

56 Brink

57 Artist - Ben Ashton-Bell - The Ballad of Bell

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SMALL Stephen Farrelly Vs Brendon Small

75 My Ruin

"I’ve always felt more like imitation is suicide"



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