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10 JAMAICA BREW Our new cold brew coffee 12 COVER FEATURE It's Margot Robbie's time to shine! 16 FOOD We explore the best autumn food festivals 20 TRAVEL Sky high bars 24 CHRISSIE SWAN Join Chrissie with her new show, Long Lost Family 26 SOCIAL MEDIA What your profile says about you


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LIFESTYLE SECTION 30 PROPERTY Selling Houses Australia's Andrew Winter 32 CAREER CHANGE Shifting gears on your work life 34 FINANCE Foolproof your finances 36 FITNESS Tips from a marathon woman 38 FASHION Inspired autumn looks and gold accessories 42 BOOKS Autumn reads 44 NUTRITION WITH SHARON NATOLI The road to Rio 46 RECIPES Tastes of autumn


Welcome to the autumn edition of Jamaica Blue Escape. This issue is bursting with ideas, tips and recipes to get your 2016 off to a great start. Share your autumn Jamaica Blue experience on Facebook and Instagram using #jbescape and you could find yourself in an upcoming edition like @leanne_ant...


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e u l B a c i a Jam 10 CELEBRATING


A decade has passed since Jamaica Blue entered the Chinese market, and the thriving café franchise is showing no signs of slowing. By Shane Conroy

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



t has been a busy 10 years for husband and wife team Peter Wang and Julia Y Gu. Since opening China’s first Jamaica Blue café in Shanghai in 2005, the Chinese-born couple has driven the rapid expansion of the Jamaica Blue network in their homeland, which now stands at an impressive 23 cafés across China. From busy outlets in commercial and residential towers to trendy high-street eateries, the Jamaica Blue network spans thriving cafés across Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Nantong and Suzhou. Jamaica Blue was also one of the first

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Australian café brands to enter the Chinese market – and stick around long enough to post such impressive growth. But for Julia and Peter, their journey began far from the bustling streets of China’s major cities. Rather, it was their experience at a Jamaica Blue café in Chatswood in Sydney’s northern suburbs that sparked their international café empire.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS Both passionate about travel and good food, Julia and Peter completed university in the US, spent time in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where their

daughter Sophia was born, and finally moved to Sydney’s sunny northern beaches. New in Sydney, they enjoyed regular visits to the Jamaica Blue café in Chatswood Chase where they embraced Australia’s café culture and European tastes. But pleasure soon turned to business as the savvy couple realised that the Jamaica Blue concept would be well received in China at a time when their homeland was undergoing increased interest in western food and coffee. So, wasting no time, the power couple took their thoughts to the team at Jamaica Blue’s Sydney head office. Just as enthusiastic

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Front left to right: Sheely, Julia, Yuan Qiong

Riviera Villa Club, Beijing

Rear left to right: Lion, Alex, Ella, Vivian, Tony

A BM Tower, Shanghai

1911 Plaza, Wuhan

about the strong potential on offer in a westernising China, Jamaica Blue bosses granted Julia and Peter exclusive rights to open and expand Jamaica Blue in China, and their international café empire was born.


JB39 p04-06_Spotlight10 years.indd 5

a significant language barrier when training new recruits who often had no knowledge of the western café concept, service style and menu.

RECIPE FOR SUCCESS However, Julia and Peter were equal to the challenges they faced, and 10 years on have successfully pioneered the western-style café concept in what has turned out to be a very receptive China. Like other Jamaica Blue cafés, they built their success first and foremost on quality ingredients, and even invested in China-based bakery facilities to ensure a good

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Julia and Peter’s Chinese café network. While China continues to embrace rapid westernisation today, it was a very different country in 2005 when Julia and Peter arrived from Sydney with big plans. The couple soon encountered several challenges. Many local

Chinese customers were not familiar with western café food or espresso, and tended to opt exclusively for the cakes and sweet, cold beverages. Julia and Peter also found it near impossible to source westernstyle white bread from Chinese bakers, and the vast majority of the menu ingredients they required had to be imported from overseas. On top of that, they also found truth in the old cliché, ‘good help is hard to find’. With a very limited number of western-style cafés operating in China in 2005, experienced staff were difficult to find, and Australian trainers faced


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Front Left to right: Tony, Alex, Yuan Qiong

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

Rear left to right: Julia, Ella, Sheely, Vivian, Lion


supply of quality western-style bread including beautiful artisan sourdoughs, Turkish breads and specialty pastry items. Importantly, they also eased their customers into unfamiliar western flavours with some local customisation of their menus, and used skilled consultants to develop their menus and train their staff. Their staff is also a key part of their success. Many of their employees overcame initial knowledge gaps and have remained with Jamaica Blue since its early days in China, moving up through the company over the years to join the current leadership team. The

JB39 p04-06_Spotlight10 years.indd 6

result is a new generation of Chinese managers with handson experience and an intimate knowledge of the western-style café concept. But for Julia, the real recipe for success lies in achieving the perfect balance between all aspects of the business. “We have worked hard to develop unique quality pearls in our business – our food, coffee, bakery, trainers, local team, store design, prominent locations – and we string these all together to create a beautiful pearl necklace,” she says. But Julia and Peter also know that success can’t stand still. Over the past 12 months they’ve

“We have worked hard to develop unique quality pearls in our business – our food, coffee, bakery, trainers, local team, store design, prominent locations – and we string these all together to create a beautiful pearl necklace.” - Julia Y Gu rolled out a new contemporary store design and major menu redevelopment that has been well received by customers as China’s passionate foodies continue to embrace western café culture at Jamaica Blue.

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• Trialled and tested by baristas, for baristas • Made from whole Australian grown almonds, not pastes

Try Café for Baristas Almond milk today! DATE. 14.12.2015 JOB SIZE. 223mm(h) x 162mm(w) JOB NO. REV. CLIENT. JOB NAME. 038562r01_VISO_Cafe for baristas almond milk_223x162_FA 93 MONTAGUE ST. STH MELBOURNE VIC 3205 AUSTRALIA PH. (03) 9686 7766 | W. WWW.OD.COM.AU | E. PRODUCTION@ OD.COM.AU © OPTIMO 2015



e u l B a c i a Jam NEW


From Sydney’s west to Melbourne’s north and all the way up to central Queensland, Jamaica Blue cafés are expanding into new suburbs across the country!

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



Second café opening for franchisee Nitin Verma There are new Jamaica Blue cafés popping up all over the place, with one of our latest stores opening in the Sydney suburb of Menai. It’s the second café location for franchisee Nitin Verma, who also owns and operates a Jamaica Blue café in Hurstville. “Menai is not too far from home, so it’s easy for me to manage [both],” Verma says of his reasoning for taking on a second café. “I like to be present in my stores

JB39 p08-09_Spotlight Stores.indd 8

and I’ve often thought there was a real gap in the market, in terms of what’s on offer in Menai. I feel we offer something really, really different.” Nitin credits Jamaica Blue’s loyalty program, mixed with a combination of good oldfashioned customer service, with helping to expand his client base. “The loyalty program we have is a very good one,” he explains. “But along with this, I feel that we offer great service and that’s what keeps people coming back. Being in the store and playing a part in the day-to-day running of everything is very important to me and I like getting to know my customers and welcoming

them back whenever I see them in the store.” When you’re next in Menai, feel free to pop in and say hi to Nitin, who you’ll often find promoting his café’s delicious breakfasts, when he’s not attending to his customers. “I tend to always recommend the eggs benedict with bacon,” he reveals. “Along with a warm, strong cappuccino, of course!”

15/01/2016 15:11:16

Mackay M

ackay residents are clearly coffee fans, with Jamaica Blue introducing their third café in the central Queensland town, at the popular Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre. Owned and operated by Jamaica Blue franchisees of the year, Jocelyn and Vince Lo Presti, the new café is the second for the couple, who have operated the Caneland outlet for several years. “Having a business in a small town, you get to know the regulars that come in all the time, you know their name, their coffee order,” Jocelyn explains.

GETS A THIRD JAMAICA BLUE! “We become part of the family and they become part of ours.” They are focused on delivering high quality food and service, she tells the Mackay Daily Mercury, as “it’s all about an atmosphere and an experience,” Jocelyn says. “We want our customers to come and be served, and to have a coffee

reensborough G Check it out!

MARKET FAIR Jamaica Blue is taking over south-west Sydney! Market Fair is where you’ll find our newest café in the suburb of Campbelltown; we’re located in the same centre as Woolworths and the ever popular discount department store, Trade Secret.

Next time you’re in the area to stock up your groceries, you can grab a retail bargain and perk up with some delicious coffee and food from Jamaica Blue Market Fair!


Regulars to our Greensborough café in Melbourne’s northeast would have seen the redevelopment of their favourite coffee spot in recent months, with the store undergoing a complete transformation after new owner Matthew Wong took the reigns. “It was nearly a total knock down and rebuild,” Matthew shares, just days after the doors re-opened. “It’s been a busy time, but the team at Jamaica Blue has helped me out so much. It honestly felt at times that there were a million things to organise, but it has all come together.”

JB39 p08-09_Spotlight Stores.indd 9

by a trained barista,” she adds. The couple originally started their café career in Brisbane, before heading north to Mackay. “We were looking for our next business opportunity,” Vince says. “We had our own café in Brisbane for three years and I think we hit the peak there. My wife came to Mackay to visit her parents and saw an ad for a Jamaica Blue franchise…” And the rest, as they say, is history.


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w e r B a c Jamai

Cold brew coffee is all the rage, and it’s coming to a Jamaica Blue café near you. By Shane Conroy


t seems every hipster worth his Ned-Kelly beard has jumped aboard the cold brew coffee express of late. But don’t let their slightly grizzled looks deceive you – the coffee snobs are most certainly onto something. No longer resigned to the dusty back shelf of your local alternative café, cold brew coffee has been embraced by mainstream coffee drinkers for its smooth, natural flavours and rich, creamy mouthfeel. The secret is the cold brew process that retains more of the natural flavours of the coffee beans without the bitter, acidic compounds that are released in a hot brew. But don’t get cold brew confused with iced coffee. Iced coffee is usually a hot brew that has been chilled and often contains added sugar or syrup

JB39 p10-11_JBColdBrew.indd 10

to balance out the acidity. Cold brew versions, like Jamaica Blue Cold Brew coffee (launching in February at selected Jamaica Blue cafés), are much smoother and don’t need an extra sugar hit.

THE BEANS While cold brew coffee has been a major summer break-out hit, it’s not a new trend. Also known as ‘Kyoto coffee’, Dutch traders developed it during the 1600s as a method of preserving coffee as it journeyed the trade route between Indonesia and Japan. Today, however, the emphasis is much more on attaining a smooth, flavourful brew. “Like all coffee products, the quality of cold brew begins with the beans,” says Jeremy Regan, Head of Coffee at Jahnus. “Jamaica Blue Cold Brew uses award-wining Jamaica Blue Signature Blend beans, which are selected from five regions around the world. If you prefer your coffee hot, we also have a single origin option from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains that is ideal for espresso drinkers, and a brew based on organic fair trade beans.”

15/01/2016 15:11:53


THE BREW With quality coffee beans secured, the next step in the process is the brew. As it doesn’t use heat, cold brewing is much more gentle and extracts less bitterness from the beans than the traditional hot brew process. This means a smoother, sweeter end product that can be enjoyed without milk or sugar for a healthier dose of coffee antioxidants. “Cold brewing delivers a different flavour profile, so it’s a way to rediscover your favourite blends or find new flavours,” explains Regan. “Freshly ground coffee is steeped in cold water for 24 hours, which gently unlocks the flavours without releasing any bitterness from the beans.”


JB39 p10-11_JBColdBrew.indd 11

and has become increasingly popular in the craft beer industry as brewers seek new ways to achieve a thick, luxurious texture without the carbonation of traditionally used carbon dioxide infusions.

“With nitrogen infusion, you don’t get that excessive carbonation that you see in some commercial beers and soft drinks,” says Regan. “It’s really something you must try to appreciate the difference.”

Three great coffees to choose from... JAMAICA BLUE SIGNATURE BLEND Taste Jamaica Blue’s Signature Blend in all its cold brew grandeur. Beans are selected from five premium coffee regions around the world for a perfectly balanced blend.

BLUE MOUNTAIN SINGLE ORIGIN Best enjoyed without milk or sugar, Blue Mountain Single Origin is ideal for the espresso lover with a rich flavour profile that’s unique to Jamaica’s iconic Blue Mountains.

ORGANIC FAIR TRADE Here’s one for the ethically minded. Sip with milk and sugar – or enjoy the rich blend as is – with a clear conscience and some very satisfied taste buds.

The last step in the process is to infuse the fresh cold brew with nitrogen to achieve a creamy texture. This is the same method used to brew Guinness and many stout beers, and gives the coffee a rich head and silky mouthfeel. “The head on our Jamaica Blue Cold Brew is like a crema that you’d find on an espresso, but thicker and without the acidity,” says Regan. “While you can drink it with milk and sugar if you prefer, the creamy texture and lack of bitterness makes it ideal for those looking for a gentle introduction to black coffee, or for espresso aficionados.” Nitrogen infusion is a process perfected by beer brewers

“The head on our Jamaica Blue Cold Brew is like a crema that you’d find on an espresso, but thicker and without the acidity,” - Jeremy Regan


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jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



JB39 p12-15_Margot Robbie.indd 12

15/01/2016 15:17:04

s ' t o g r a M TIME TO

With three big new movies on the way, Aussie screen siren Margot Robbie is getting ready to stamp her place as the Hollywood leading lady to watch. By Jenny Cooney Carrillo


JB39 p12-15_Margot Robbie.indd 13

idolise, saw me and said, ‘I really love your work’ and I was speechless,” the honey-eyed beauty continues with a fan-girl giggle. “I didn’t even imagine she knew who I was, that I was a blip on her radar. I just said something like, ‘I love ALL your work’ because the whole thing suddenly felt insane.” Margot may have to get used to a world where everyone knows her name – and fast. In the five years since she quit her longrunning stint as Ramsay Street’s Donna Freedman to pursue an acting career in the U.S., she’s had every door in Hollywood opened to her, thanks to iconic director Martin Scorsese casting her opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2013 comedy satire, The Wolf of Wall Street. She followed that breakthrough with the caper movie Focus, starring fellow A-lister Will Smith, but this year, Margot has three new films set for release that appear ready to cement her place as one of the new breed of Hollywood leading ladies. Her choice of upcoming roles

has been wise, as they continue to showcase her versatility. First up is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, a comedy alongside Tina Fey about a journalist recounting her wartime coverage in the Middle East. Then there’s the action adventure film The Legend of Tarzan, playing the iconic role of Jane opposite Alexander Skarsgard’s Tarzan. And there’s also the anticipated reunion with Will Smith in the dark comic book blockbuster Suicide Squad, in which she plays one of a group of imprisoned super-villains recruited by a government agency to execute dangerous black ops missions. If that triple-play is not enough, she’s so in the zeitgeist in Hollywood right now that she even has a cameo role in the Golden Globe-nominated comedy The Big Short as herself, ironically sitting in a bubble bath but throwing a twist on her sex symbol status by pivotally unraveling one of the complicated key plot points of the film. While Margot stands ready

argot Robbie was standing backstage at the Oscars last year, after presenting a segment for Technical Achievement. This young woman, who only a few years ago was a cast member on Aussie soap, Neighbours, had a significant ‘pinch me’ moment. “There I was standing next to Clint Eastwood, John Travolta in front of me and Oprah was behind me and it just felt so bizarre,” recalls the Gold Coast born 25-year-old actress, as she looks out the window of her plush Beverly Hills hotel suite. “But then Julianne Moore, someone who I absolutely



15/01/2016 15:17:14

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



on the brink of a year that looks set to land her place in the big time, she confesses she remains overwhelmed by the opportunities that have come her way in Hollywood. “I still feel undeserving to be part of all these films,” Robbie admits. “People work decades and don’t get opportunities like these so I will be guilt-ridden for the rest of my life and never feel like I really deserve this.” But then with a sincere smile, she adds, “But it’s also fantastic!” Margot Elise Robbie, the third of four children raised by a single mother, spent her childhood shuttling between the mountains near the Gold Coast and the small Queensland country town of Dalby,

JB39 p12-15_Margot Robbie.indd 14

where most of her extended family lives. Her mother is a physiotherapist who worked with the elderly when she was young and now does the same work with disabled kids. Margot reveals her most cherished accomplishment to date is the fact that, on her mother’s 60th birthday two years ago, she was able to pay off the mortgage on her house. Robbie was only 17 and working at a local sandwich shop when she was auditioned for Neighbours and was offered her first full-time acting job. She moved to Melbourne for a two-and-a-half-year stint on the soap before then heading off to Los Angeles just days after wrapping her scenes. A year later, she was on set

filming the R-rated scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street, and that was when we saw Margot in a whole new light. Who can forget the seduction scene in the family nursery as she powerfully pushed her stiletto heel into Leonardo DiCaprio’s face? “It was a really long way from Neighbours, in so many ways,” Robbie recalls with just a hint of a proud grin. She won an instant fan in her co-star DiCaprio, who helped Scorsese in spotting the Aussie beauty and casting her as his wife. “Margot’s my homie,” DiCaprio says, using the popular gang reference as a term of endearment. “I knew she’d have a big career after our film and I’m proud to see how

15/01/2016 15:21:01

“People work decades and don’t get opportunities like these so I will be guilt-ridden for the rest of my life and never feel like I really deserve this.”

JB39 p12-15_Margot Robbie.indd 15

Declaring she is happiest when she’s on a film set, Margot acknowledges that it’s also the safest place to be when trying to avoid the hype that surrounds her. “Fortunately I keep going from job to job and when you are on set, none of the other stuff really matters,” she continues. “It’s not that you take it with a grain of salt, which I think you need to anyway, but it’s just good to be busy so you don’t get too caught up in what everyone else is saying about you.” The actress, who has been dating British assistant director Tom Ackerley for more than a year, also credits her Aussie family with helping keep her grounded. “I remember going home for Christmas after The

Wolf of Wall Street was coming out,” she recalls with an amused smile. “The first morning I came out for breakfast with the whole family and was looking like rubbish, my grandmother said, ‘we've just seen all these glamorous photos of you and here you are, you look like this!’ “Then my mum said, ‘yeah, she hasn’t changed a bit - now go get the leaves out of the pool, Margot!’” There is almost a sense of pride as she tells the story, like a revelation she has not allowed the Hollywood game to change her. So much so, you almost believe Margot when she triumphantly adds as a punchline, “So they are just relieved I still look as unglamorous as ever!”

far she’s come already.” Her biggest role to date is in the upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad, in which Margot plays pig-tailed eccentric villainess Harley Quinn. It’s another stroke of luck as she only landed the role after losing out on the role of Sue Storm to Kate Mara in the recent bomb Fantastic Four. Margot admits it’s much more fun to play a complex villain. “The scenes are more interesting when you just don't know how the characters are going to react, especially with Harley,” she explains. “She’s absolutely nuts so she’s either going to kill you or laugh and give you a hug and the audience will never know which.”


15/01/2016 15:20:46


FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

Autumn offers a range of fabulous food festivals to show off all the best tastes of the season. By John Burfitt



utumn is the time of year most people associate with a dramatic change of seasons, as the colours begin to transform and the light of day gets shorter. For Danika Heslop, Jamaica Blue’s Executive Chef, autumn is a time to be excited about the range of food festivals that pop up across the country.

JB39 p16-18_ Summer Feast.indd 16

“The atmosphere at food festivals is just amazing,” Danika says. “It’s like all the people near and far coming together who love their food, whether they are the growers selling or consumers buying or chefs preparing.” While she says a city food celebration will always have her turning up, Danika admits she has a special place for a

country food fair. “There is nothing better than tasting produce from the source,” she says. “My favourite thing when I visit a regional food fair is to find a product I really love that day - maybe it’s the apples, or the first box of tomatoes for the season, buy in bulk and then take it home and start cooking!”

15/01/2016 15:21:49


Melbourne lays out the table, and we are all invited to the festival of events from the banks of the Yarra River all the way out to the regional areas. Opening day of the festival gets the party started with the iconic World’s Longest Lunch, which this year will stretch along the main straight of the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit as it entertains more than 1,600 guests. The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is full of events, including River Graze, City Cellar, Urban Dairy, MasterClass and the Wine Program. One of the landmark events this year is the Luxembourg by Tram lunch and dinner, the Latin America Street Food Fiesta and the Camp Out at the Heide Museum. Melbourne always puts on a spectacular food experience, but this festival is a food-loving revelry. WHEN: March 4 – 13 www.melbournefoodandwine.

From this stretch, foods like oysters and seafood, cereal crops, beef and lamb, vegetables and milk products are acclaimed for their tastes. Adding to the flavours are wine varieties like Shiraz, Riesling and Pinot Noir. The best local chefs and favourite cooks dish up a feast at events like the Around The World on 80 Barbies, the Rockliffe Night Harvest Market and the Sustainable Seafood Fiesta. WHEN: March 18 – April 3 FELTON FOOD FESTIVAL, QLD

Only a few hours west of Brisbane in the Darling Downs, Felton throws the spotlight on the delectable produce, stunning landscape and the people that make this Queensland region so vibrant. For a taste of real country living in one of the richest farming regions of Australia, the farmers and chefs of Felton step out to show why it has become a haven for food lovers. Over 10, 000 people visited last year’s festival.

The festival includes markets, farm tours, tastings, and a special highlight this year is the paddock to plate presentation. Among the special guests are celebrity chefs Matt Golinski, Alison Alexander and Glen Barratt, Wild Canary Head Chef. WHEN: April 10 ORANGE FOOD WEEK, NSW

NSW’s regional Orange has claimed its place among Australia’s greatest food capitals, with the 10-day F.O.O.D. Week showing off the produce from the region known as, ‘The Food Basket’ of NSW. During F.O.O.D Week, the town opens its doors to the farms, markets, kitchens, restaurants, cafés, and wineries of the city. Orange is most famous for its range of stone fruits, strawberries and apples, and as a growing region for meats like beef and venison. Among the highlights of F.O.O.D Week are the Night Market and the 100 Mile Dinner showing off the best tastes from the five main towns around Orange. This is also the chance to meet


JB39 p16-18_ Summer Feast.indd 17

Western Australia likes to offer a big adventure – and the Taste Great Southern delivers on that promise with a food escapade over 17 days with over 50 events. Located in the south-western towns of Albany, Denmark, Frankland River and Mt Barker, this festival puts on a show as one of the most diverse food and wine regions in WA, extending from the southern coastline into the farming lands of the hinterland.


15/01/2016 15:21:57

JB FOOD FESTIVALS of the valley as the perfect backdrop. WHEN: May 13 – 15 BLUFF OYSTER FESTIVAL, NZ

those who grow the produce alongside the chefs, caterers and cooks who create the dishes the Orange scene is famous for. WHEN: April 8 – 17

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



Only 100km north of Adelaide, the Clare Valley throws one of the best parties with this three day food event that puts the spotlight on the foods of this rich region. The Clare Valley is one of Australia’s premier wine regions, and the locals like to boast the Gourmet Weekend festival was one of the first food and wine events of its kind in Australia. This is the time to meet the winemakers of the more than 20 wineries of the Clare Valley, and learn what makes the drops from this region unique. The wines are then matched by cuisine produced all within the valley. One of the most popular events of the weekend is the Riesling Trail, with the beauty

JB39 p16-18_ Summer Feast.indd 18

At that time of the year when the oysters are at their very best, Bluff at the tip of New Zealand’s South Island puts on a food show to celebrate the seasonal harvest. Bluff oysters are said to be the best in the world because they are slowly grown in the icy, clean waters of the Foveaux Strait. While the oysters take centre stage at the festival, other local specialties include mutton birds, wild foods and a variety of fresh seafood. Even the entertainment is oyster-related with such events as the ‘piping in the oyster’ at the start of festivities, to the oyster sack creativity awards. When: May



Danika shares her top tips for making the most of a food festival. “Don’t buy the first thing you see. Make sure to have a good look around the whole show first, before returning to purchase your favourite things.” “Try lots of things, especially those which are new to you. This is the perfect forum to experiment with new flavours and ask lots of questions.” “It’s the most fun with company. This is the perfect day trip with friends, family or that special someone.”


The Singapore Food Festival has become one of the red-letter days on the food calendar for the celebrations of all the tastes found in this part of South East Asia. Held throughout July, this gourmet event offers a variety of culinary experiences, with chefs serving up new tastes and experimental creations through to the acclaimed signature plates that made them world-famous. Then there are the classic favourite dishes from the Asian streets that are presented in a whole new light to enjoy. WHEN: July

15/01/2016 15:22:08


jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

s r a B h g i H y Sk


For some travellers, these are stopover cities, a place to rest while embarking on long journeys to Europe or North America. For others, these are destinations all of their own, with a world of culture rolled in with the excitement of fast shopping and fine dining. But one thing all these cities know how to turn on is a rooftop experience with some of the world’s best sky-high rooftop bars. As any visitor will agree, one of the great things about travel is kicking back as you look out over the city you are visiting, while perched high in the clouds with a chilled cocktail in hand. And all these places deliver on that promise. By John Burfitt

JB39 p20-22_ Sky High Bars.indd 20

SINGAPORE - Ce Le Vi Skybar


he ship-shaped Marina Bay Sands remains one of the most popular of Singapore’s many attractions, and for good reason – the views in every direction are breathtaking. Head 57 floors up to the Ce Le Vi Skybar, offering panoramic views of the city skyline and the waters of Singapore Strait. The circular Skybar is where cocktail lovers gather to sip and stare as they take in all that makes Singapore one of

the world’s most remarkable cities. There is a range of classic cocktails on the menu, along with some delicious Modern Asian cuisine. Ce La Vi was previously known as Ku De Ta, but went through a major makeover mid last year. The result is a unique experience in this unique city. Be sure to try the Whisky Charlie Mango, a mix of malt whiskey, mango and the tang of lemon.

15/01/2016 15:23:03

s KUALA LUMPUR - Marini’s on 57


arini’s on 57 is the place to go to find the glamorous life in downtown KL. Located in the heart of the city, across from the landmark Petronas Twin Towers, this sleek bar occupies the entire top floor and claims its rightful title as the highest


he Bund is the most famous strip in all of Shanghai, and the eclectic Waterhouse Hotel at Shiliupu on the South Bund waterfront is earning a big reputation for all the right reasons. The classic Roof Bar offers a new take on the Shanghai skyline view, in this transformed former army headquarters lovingly adapted into a 19-room boutique hotel and topped with the popular high bar. It is slick and chic, but the tough past of the building has been preserved with all its character so this feels like a step back in time. This high terrace above the bustle of the city is the spot to enjoy the Pudong skyline from a southerly vantage point, and

JB39 p20-22_ Sky High Bars.indd 21

rooftop bar and restaurant in KL, with unsurpassed views through its expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and glass roof across the cityscape. It is the tasty cocktails that have helped the Art Deco-styled bar earn its stripes. Also on the level is the Cigar Lounge, like a classic

gentleman’s club from another time, and the appropriate place to down the fine tastes of Johnnie Walker Gold. But if it is cocktails you want, be sure to order the refreshing Sapphire Mermaid, with its Bombay Dry Gin, fresh lime juice and mint leaves.


a menu of wines, craft beers, and creative cocktails. Fans of this place insist on the signature mojito, made with mint from the

hotel’s own in-house herb garden nestled behind a row of tables. And you can’t get fresher than that!

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jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



n a city famous for its many rooftop bars, Zoom Skybar is the new kid on the block – and giving its neighbours across Bangkok a run for their money. With views from the 40th floor of the chic Anantara Sathorn Hotel, smartly-styled and open air Zoom covers the entirety of the roof across two levels, presenting innovative 360º cityscape views. Take in the view at sunset as you watch the sky turn red as the sun goes down and then the cityscape turns on its lights. Meet, sip, dine and set new trends for a great night out on top of the city. The menu of French Mediterranean plates along with some Asian Delights is matched by a selection of alcoholic beverages and wines. The cocktails include a number of original creations, one of the best being the tropical Paradise on Earth, a heady mixture of brandy, apricot, banana and grenadine. www.bangkok-sathorn.anantara. com/zoom-sky-bar-restaurant JAMAICA BLUE ON YOUR TRAVELS When travelling through some of these stopover cities, know that a Jamaica Blue café is never too far away. See Page 49 for a complete listing of our locations in: Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai

JB39 p20-22_ Sky High Bars.indd 22

DUBAI - Level 43 Sky Lounge


his smart modern restaurant and lounge sits on the 43rd storey of the Four Seasons by Sheraton building on Dubai’s busy and bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, providing visitors with a spectacular panoramic view of the skyline of this Middle Eastern metropolis. From the Sky Lounge, take in the view of the city's most iconic monuments like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Dubai Mall, and the Jumeirah coastline.

But Level 43 has more than just a unique outlook of Dubai, with a menu that ranges from afternoon high tea through to cocktails. After a day of exploring all this desert metropolis boasts, a frosty cocktail is a fine way to wind down. Locals claim the sweet sparkling grape and peach flavour syrup is a long-time favourite, as are signature drinks like Skyline, Sun Liss and Level 43, all of which fit in nicely with the rooftop vibe.



ith the harbour cutting through it and a grand mountain range as the backdrop, Hong Kong remains one of the most dramatic cities in Asia. Sugar has become the place for cocktails in this busy town, with devotees flocking to the extensive al fresco terrace for the magnificent views across the city. Sugar is located on 32nd floor of the East Hotel in the Quarry Bay district, a short trip from downtown but more than worth it as it presents a different perspective of the city and offers

a different outlook to some of the city’s other bars. Modern style is the go at Sugar, with its wooden and white tones and long couches that invite guests to slink in and enjoy the experience. On the menu is an impressive line-up of cocktails, including the Summer Signature Piscine with Crème de Cassis and prosecco, and the Eastern Summer Punch with a snap of Stoli Vodka, lemon, mint and prosecco. Sugar is sweet, but that place has a definite kick.

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DATE. 19.03.2015 JOB SIZE. 223mm(h) x 162mm(w) JOB NO. REV. CLIENT. JOB NAME. 035257r01_LION_223x162mm_Mag Ad 93 MONTAGUE ST. STH MELBOURNE VIC 3205 AUSTRALIA PH. (03) 9686 7766 | W. WWW.OD.COM.AU | E. PRODUCTION@ OD.COM.AU © OPTIMO 2015


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oject yet, one


Family ers t t a M

Chrissie Swan has embarked on her most personal TV project yet, one that reflects her love of all things associated with the family. By John Burfitt


he one topic that comes up often in conversation with Chrissie Swan is the importance of family. Mum to three young children – Kit, Peggy and Leo - with her partner Chris Saville, Chrissie says any success she has

JB39 p24-25_Chrissie Swan.indd 24

enjoyed on TV and radio over the past decade pales into insignificance when compared to what she has worked to create within the Swan-Saville home. “I don’t think there is anything more important than family,” Chrissie says

during a chat after finishing her morning radio show on Melbourne Nova. “No matter what other success you have in life, nothing compares to working to build a great relationship with your kids or parents or siblings. “I am mindful there are so

15/01/2016 15:25:02

many people who have yearned for that sense of belonging and connection to a family in their own life, and that has always meant the world to me. It is about being human.” With such an outlook, it comes as little surprise that Chrissie was the first choice to host the new TV series Long Lost Family, now screening on Network Ten. She is joined in the hosting duties by comedian and author, Anh Do. The series, based on a hit UK concept by the BBC, sets out to reunite families who have lost touch over the years, but yearn to be reunited with their former loved ones. As scattered people are brought back together, Chrissie and Anh track the families’ journeys and emotions as they embark on the reconciliation. “I have always been fascinated by families, the way they function and what happens when people are brought back together,” she says. “There is something about that bond within a family story that just intrigues me. I believe that need to belong is within all of us.” Chrissie Swan with Anh Do

The combination of Swan and Do has been hailed as one of the best TV pairings in a long time - Chrissie with her sunny ‘everywoman’ nature matched by Anh with his endearing likeability. “Anh is so authentic and he is a real man of the people,” she says. “You look at Anh, and you think ‘this guy could be my friend’. He is just a great man to be around.” ‘Authentic’ is a word that has often been used to describe Chrissie since she first came to prominence on the 2003 season of Big Brother. While she did not win the reality show, she has emerged as the biggest star the franchise has ever produced. Rather than cash in on her instant fame before fading away as most do, Chrissie instead took a different path. No newcomer to the world of media, having previously worked as an advertising copywriter, she knew she needed more up-front experience, and signed on for four years of breakfast radio on the Sunshine Coast. In 2010, she returned to her

Long Lost Family, screens on Network Ten.

JB39 p24-25_Chrissie Swan.indd 25

hometown of Melbourne, to take her place on the panel chat show The Circle. Within a year, she had won a Logie award as TV’s Most Popular New Talent. She has rarely been out of the media spotlight since, taking on a number of radio gigs as well as presenting such TV shows as Can of Worms and The Great Australian Spelling Bee, and as a contestant last year on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here. It was her tenure as an ambassador for the weight loss program Jenny Craig that also showed another, refreshingly honest side to her nature. While Chrissie did lose 30 kg in the process, she refused to ever apologise for her size or appearance. “I always thought I was all right, and I think a lot of overweight people assume they should feel bad or ashamed about being big, and I never felt like that,” she says. “That is not saying I think I am perfect as believe me, I know I am not. But I don’t let the other stuff bother me – I think I am doing okay.” The one thing that takes priority over all others is family matters. As she says, her various media roles are easily slotted in around the needs of the young clan. “Now they are a bit older, it is all a little easier,” she admits. “We all hang out and we have good quality family time together. We are at a great place.”


15/01/2016 15:25:43


? u o Y


Are you an open and curious creative, or a yawn-inducing narcissist? According to new research, your social media profile could hold the answer. By Shane Conroy

jamaicablueescape | Autumn Summer2016 2015-16


44 26

hether you’re a Facebook fiend, fancy a good Tweet or can’t stop taking happy snaps for Instagram, social media has become an almost constant presence in our digital lives. In fact, according to the latest research by the Pew Research Center, 72 per cent of adults online have Facebook accounts and 70 per cent report that they log in daily. Pinterest and Instagram use has also doubled since 2012, and almost one in four online adults are now on Twitter. And it’s clear that social media is here to stay with real science driving our love of online sharing. A University of Queensland study recently revealed that active participation on social media sites gave users a greater sense of connectedness, and when study participants were asked to not post on social media for two days, they reported a negative affect on their personal wellbeing. Yet while social media may be helping us stay happier and more connected, it doesn’t come without its frustrations. From rampant over-sharing to the

JB39 p26-27_Social Media.indd 44

obsessive need for validation, we all know a serial social media pest who insists on polluting our newsfeeds with yawn-inducing content. But if one person’s trash is another’s treasure, how can we be sure that our latest enthusiastic post is not crossing over into cringe territory? Are you coming across as a narcissist, or just plain neurotic? Do you have low selfesteem, or are you a well-rounded curious and creative online citizen? A new study by Brunel University in the UK seeks to answer those questions. Researchers found that social media users tend to post in accordance with their offline personality traits, and the types of content you post can reveal much about your digital persona.

TYPE OF POSTS: PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Personality profile: People who post regularly about their personal achievements tend to be perceived as narcissists. This is particularly true of selfie posts that are associated with personal diet and fitness achievements

(those that fall into the ‘how-gooddo-I-look?’ category). ‘Liking’ these posts just adds fuel to the fire – researchers say that narcissists seek validation through a high number of ‘likes’. QUICK FIX: Keep your selfie posts and humble brags to a minimum.

TYPE OF POSTS: POLITICAL OR INTELLECTUAL Personality profile: Researchers found that the big thinkers on social media tend to rank highly in openness, curiosity and creativity. They see social media more as an opportunity to share information than to engage in social interaction, and post very little personal information. Political ranting, however, is one of the fastest routes to the ‘blocked user’ list. QUICK FIX: Avoid holier-thanthou ranting and take a more inclusive approach.

TYPE OF POSTS: KIDS AND FAMILY LIFE Personality profile: According to researchers, people who post predominately about their kids tend to be conscientious and are more aware of how their

15/01/2016 15:28:05

social media content is perceived online. However, people who frequently post about their family life also run the risk of being drawn into competitive parenting by other conscientious posters. QUICK FIX: Keep your family posts light hearted and soft on parenting advice.

TYPE OF POSTS: SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Personality profile: People who post mostly about their social activities are more likely to identify as extroverts. They tend to view social media as a tool for social interaction over

information sharing, and were also found to be less motivated by ‘likes’ and more interested in genuine engagement. QUICK FIX: Take the time to comment on other people’s posts too – social interaction is a twoway street.

TYPE OF POSTS: RELATIONSHIPS Personality profile: Researchers found that people who post about their romantic relationships tend to have lower levels of selfesteem. And it’s not just all about drama-heavy posts – even those who post positive things about their partners may be perceived as having greater insecurities and were even found to be less likable. QUICK FIX: Keep public love messages low key – social media is not the place to score browny points.


JB39 p26-27_Social Media.indd 45

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JBLifestyle Fitness | Fashion | Books | Nutrition | Food |Fitness | Fashion | Books | Nutrition | Food


n Make this autum our ith w er ev st be ur yo and fashion, fitness s. tip ce an fin


JB Autumn 2016

Fashion p38

Home Career



p42 p44




Fitness JB39 p29_Lifestyle contents.indd 29



Recipes 15/01/2016 15:46:01

e one



jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

“What I love is a challenge, and real estate is always that”


JB39 p30-31_Andrew Winter.indd 30

15/01/2016 15:47:16

PROPERTY t HH o When it comes to real estate, Andrew Winter is the guru the country turns to. By John Burfitt

JB39 p30-31_Andrew Winter.indd 31

days, it can change within days. And some parts of the country might be booming while other areas are very slow.” Andrew’s own property activity is just one such example. While the southern capitals of Sydney and Melbourne were in a frenzy in the past years, he explains the Gold Coast, where he lives with his wife Caroline, has been sluggish. “There were many bargains to be had across that time, and it was a matter of looking around – you had your pick,” he says. On that matter, Andrew is speaking as an authority. The new home he and Caroline have just bought was on the market for over five years. The waterfront property has now become the Winter family’s next project. “We had built what we were sure was our forever home, and then this one came along just around the corner and we had to have it,” he says. “The view is so good, we thought let’s see what we can do with the house. I am not the kind of person who walks in and wants to rip down the house. I believe if you already have a house there, make the most of it. And that is where the architectural challenge of it all comes in.” One of the first people Andrew turned to for advice about the new family digs was his SHA co-presenters, designer Shaynna Blaze and landscape architect Charlie Albone.

“I ask their advice as I know it is superb, and when Shaynna was recently looking at a place to buy, she called me to talk it over as well,” he says. “We all have good trust between us.” This passion for all things property is something that began almost 30 years ago. UK born, Andrew has worked in real estate since the age of 17, buying and selling property in Central London in such prestigious addresses as Canary Wharf, Baker Street and Regents Park. He later worked with a firm of Chartered Surveyors to fine tune his knowledge of construction, structural issues and building faults. Fifteen years ago, Selling Houses began and became a UK hit. After he and his family moved to Australia in 2005, he started on SHA. He continues to operate as a real estate consultant, and as he does on camera, advises people who have a house that just won’t sell. “What I love is a challenge, and real estate is always that,” he says. “That is why I believe there is still a place for this show as it is a real experience – what you are watching on TV is what we are doing and what the home owners are going through. We go on the journey with them, and being a part of that is something I can’t ever imagine tiring of.”

Selling Houses Australia season nine is screening on The LifeStyle Channel

e is the man two countries have turned to over the past decades with all range of questions about the world of real estate. When it comes to a passion for the game, Andrew Winter says real estate is to him what football is to other people. “It is really like my footy – I just love it!” he says. But despite having doled out countless advice about where and when to buy a home in the UK on the original TV show Selling Houses and over the past nine years in Australia on its local hit version Selling Houses Australia, for which he has won the title of Most Popular Presenter on five occasions, there remains one question Andrew admits he can’t answer. And that is about the future of real estate. “I get asked that all the time, but it is the one that stumps me,” he admits during a break in filming on Selling Houses Australia, currently screening in its ninth season on the LifeStyle Channel. “What I can say with full certainty is that real estate in the future will be doing exactly what it is doing now – it will boom, and then slump, and then another boom, and another slump, all of which is part of a larger cycle that just keeps going. “Just when it is going to do that exactly is the hard part to pick. There are always signs of booms and of downturns, but these


15/01/2016 15:47:34


e g n a Ch


The mid-life career change is more on the agenda than ever, with professionals readily shifting gears on their work lives. By John Burfitt

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



he changes in superannuation and pension eligibility laws of recent years have had a life-changing impact on the way many of us look to the future. For many, it is recognising that we will be working for a lot longer, and so the mid-life point around 40 is fast becoming a time for reconsidering careers and embarking on all-new adventures. We asked two who tossed in the towel on their old careers to embark on a dramatic change of direction – Jamaica Blue café owner Sam Achmar and retail shoe entrepreneur Carol Haffke – to share the tales of their inspiring journeys and the lessons they learned along the way.

JB39 p32-33_ Career Change.indd 32

CAROL HAFFKE OWNER, THE SHOE GARDEN, HAWTHORNE, QLD “There was a morning in November 2011 when I woke up in tears from sheer exhaustion, and I knew something was very wrong. I was burnt out and after 23 years in media and PR, I’d had enough. Four hours later, I decided to open my own women's shoe shop specialising in longer foot sizes. I had always joked that because I have a longer than average foot, I should open my own shoe shop. And once that is what I decided to do, I never had one doubt. The only thing was, I had no experience in the shoe industry, and didn’t know what I was doing. So, the learning curve

was huge. I was starting all over again and it was a matter of being brave and determined. It is also a matter of being prepared to work at all hours and knowing you have to add something to what you are offering to make it work. Since the day I opened the doors of The Shoe Garden in April 2012, business has been good, and getting better every year. There is a demand for this kind of store and I have new customers discovering me every day. It is especially wonderful to change careers in your 40s, as you have already proven what you need to. I'm happy to be a small business and have myself

15/01/2016 15:48:57

at the centre of all customer engagement. I nearly burst with pride every time I walk into my shop. Between 50c to $5 from every pair of shoes sold is donated to Microloan Foundation Australia.

In late December 2014, I visited Malawi where MLFA gives loans to women to start or expand their own business. The women we met were smart, savvy, brave and bold. It was a life changing experience.”


JB39 p32-33_ Career Change.indd 33

the way they do business. It seemed the right fit for me. But it was also a matter of building up my confidence and my skills as this was an all-new area. The biggest challenge was being persistent, as I was learning an all-new business from the ground up. And building a new business is something you can not do overnight. It takes time, persistence and patience. I learned to work with my new staff and also understand all the good skills they had to bring into the business. I learned so much from just watching them do their jobs really well. We have come such a long way from where we were just over two years ago. Our staff and customers have bonded and this is like a gathering place. I now

wake up, excited about all the things we have to do that day. It is a happy place to be, as I know I have a good future ahead.”

“Before I took over the Jamaica Blue café in December 2013, I had never worked in a café or a restaurant. This was an all-new adventure for me. I have a degree in computer science and had previously worked in the IT industry, managing a large network of businesses providing international money transfers. But it had become very stressful. I was waking up worrying about what each day had ahead. It was the right time to move on, so I began looking around for something I could be hands-on with and also have plenty of dealings with customers. I figured what better place than the food industry. I went to see a lot of other Jamaica Blue cafés and I liked


15/01/2016 15:49:06


s e c n a Fin

FOOLPROOF Small actions can result in achieving huge goals when it comes to taking charge of your personal finances. By Blake Dennis


And if it’s not, then take action. When it comes to money, even the smallest actions applied consistently across a year can add up to making a huge difference in the final accounts. Whatever your circumstances, your money needs to be working for you. We asked three top-drawer

financial advisors for their tips on the strategies to put in place now so that 2016 becomes the year that changed all the fortunes –for all the right reasons. These tips our experts offered are not particularly challenging or difficult. If anything, they are just applying common sense.

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

ow that the year is up and running, this can be the best time to make a resolution to turn all your fortunes around. It’s time to cast a tough eye over your finances and determine if everything is in the shape you want it to be.


JB39 p34-35_Finances.indd 34

15/01/2016 15:50:21


Abigail Koch Compare the Market DON’T OVERPAY FOR PETROL Most of us drive every day but how often do you fill up when you know fuel prices are at their highest in your area? “Even on days when petrol prices are on an up, use the fuel comparison tool on to find the cheapest petrol in your city or suburb,” Abigail says. “Prices can vary by up to 42

Dana Fraser Finance Partner, Dream Design Property HOME LOAN CHECK-UP Make sure your home loan is set up correctly and that you are getting the right features on your loan. “Having your mortgage set with an offset account can reduce your interest repayments each month,” Dana says.

Joe Gardiner Financial Advisor, Profy INCREASE YOUR PAY When did you last receive a wage increase? Maybe it is time to ask for more money in your pay packet. “Talk to your boss and you need to be prepared to prove your value and why you are entitled to that,” he says. If you struggle to establish a reason for a pay rise, then Joe

JB39 p34-35_Finances.indd 35

cents per litre. That could be a difference of $25 to fill up a car, and that can add up to over $650 a year.” SHOP AROUND FOR HEALTH INSURANCE A recent survey found 36 per cent of Australians haven’t switched their health insurance policies in more than five years. “The thought of finding new cover is too complex for many of us, so we just renew and forget, sometimes not even paying attention to

“Any money in your offset account is working to offset the interest you are paying on your home loan. Redirect your pay and any lump sum payments such as a tax rebate into your offset account.” CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBTS Be sure to talk to your broker about refinancing all your debt and consolidate these into your home loan. “Most personal loans, credit cards and car loans attract

suggests it is time to make some achievement plans through 2016. “This might be the time to get busy so you prove to your employer your value to the company through 2016. Then when you ask for that pay rise, you feel you have earned it.” ADD TO YOUR SUPER Joe says he is always surprised how many people don’t make the most of taxation concessions. “You can make a salary sacrifice from your pay – even if it is $50

whether the coverage is still relevant or why we’re paying more in premiums,” Abigail says. “People who allow their policies to roll over each year could be paying up to $1500 a year more than necessary on their private health cover.”

rates far higher than home loan rates,” Dana says. “And while you are at it, pay down credit cards. Transfer your available redraw to pay out your credit cards, which attract much higher rates. It all makes good sense.”

per week – and have it deducted directly into super,” he says. “What you will see is your super become supercharged and that will help enormously in retirement. Many people can’t even name their super account or what they invest in. It is time to take control of it.”

15/01/2016 15:51:25


n a m o W

MARATHON Runner Jessica Trengrove has victory in her sights in the marathon at Rio Olympic games later this year. By John Burfitt

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016


ess Trengrove is a woman who knows a thing or two about crossing the finishing line first. Her track record in running over the past four years has included wins in Adelaide’s City to Bay Fun Run, the Australian Cross Country Championships and Sydney’s City2Surf. Just months ago, she also won the Melbourne Marathon. And in 2014 at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Jess took out the Bronze medal for her personal best performance in the Womens’ Marathon. Jess is currently Australia’s best hope for glory in the marathon at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August. She is currently in training as she embarks on the Road to Rio. While training to be at her peak is all part of her daily – and often twice-daily - routine, Jess admits the one mistake she sees other people make is approaching fitness too hard and too fast.

“It is a matter of time and building up slowly, adding a little every week,” Jess says from her Adelaide home. “It is like the marathon. You can’t just pull on your shoes, start running and hope to cross the finish line. You have to build up to it. A general fitness routine for any person should be the same. One step at a time.”



Working out with friends is one of the best ways to stay inspired. When other people expect you to turn up for a workout, there are expectations to fulfill – for them and yourself. “Making yourself accountable will help keep you at it and also give you something to look forward to as a fitness routine becomes a social time,” she says. “When other people are relying on you, it adds to the commitment.”

CONSISTENCY Jess insists consistency is the key to success with a fitness routine. It is a matter of setting a routine and following it at an even pace. “It needs to be something you know you will commit to over the long haul, and enjoy it as you do,” she says. “It is important to be enthusiastic, but don’t be so overzealous that you quickly burn out from sheer exhaustion. Start slow and then build.”

WALKING This is the exercise anyone of any age and fitness level can do, and the more you do, the better it is for you. “What I love about walking is you can do it in a favourite environment like a park or a trail or though a forest,” she says. “If you want to add a challenge, then include hills or stairs to get the heart rate up and pumping. And when it seems to be getting

ON A MISSION Having already competed at the 2012 Olympics, Jess is now determined to turn in her best performance yet this year at Rio. “There is such an inspiring

feeling at the Olympics, as people from all over the world are in the one place, and all with the drive to be the very best,” she says. “And you feel very proud to wear


JB39 p36-37_Fitness.indd 36

15/01/2016 15:54:10


easier, add another kilometre to keep moving ahead.”

RUNNING “Running is an exercise I love, but pace yourself with it from the start,” Jess advises. As someone who has had a passion for the sport for years, Jess suggests starting with short, gentle jogs, and varying the intensity to build up strength before embarking on longer runs. “Have a goal to your running, be it a fun run or a half marathon,” she says. “It gives you a purpose and is great for motivation.”


the green and gold!” You can follow Jess on her mission at her website and blog at

If you are doing the work to get the body into better shape, just be sure what you are putting into it is helping the cause. “Try to have good energy food before a big workout to power you on, or afterwards, eat something healthy with protein and carbs to assist with the recovery,” Jess says. This is also the time to cut down on sugars and increase lean meats and vegetables. “This is all food that will make you feel better about yourself, and it is good for you too.”


JB39 p36-37_Fitness.indd 37

15/01/2016 15:54:36



Stay cosy this autumn with these key pieces. By Cheryl Tan

AUTUMN LOOKS Jumper $142 Grana

Poncho $275 Karen Millen karenmillen.

Pants $288 Skin and Threads

Dress $325 Karen Millen

Loo1k Loo2k

Heels $179.95 Wittner

Skirt $99.95 Decjuba


Earrings $79.95 Mimco mimco.

Earrings $59.95 Mimco

Bag $179 Tilkah

Ballet flats $300 Pretty Ballerina JB39 p38-39_6-looks.indd 38

Heels $179.95 Wittner

Clutch $249 Mimco, 15/01/2016 15:55:55

Jumper $288 Skin and Threads

Skivvy $109.99,Oskar

Skirt $119.99 Oskar Pants $119.99 Oskar

Dress $445 Karen Millen karenmillen.

Lo4ok Ballet flats $360 Pretty Ballerinas prettyballerinas.

Lo6ok Heels $139.95 Nine West

Lo5ok Necklace $69 Tilkah

Bracelet $120 Code Love JB39 p38-39_6-looks.indd 39

Boots $229.95 Wittner Bag $450 Mimco mimco.

Bracelet $130 Code Love

15/01/2016 15:56:06

JB FASHION Ballet flats $330 Pretty Ballerinas Bangle $59 Oxford

Earrings $79.95 Mimco Scarf $49.95 Seed Heritage seedheritage. com Scarf $49.95 Gregory Lander available at all David Jones and Myer



Earrings $29.95 Witchery

Add a little gold to your winter staples...

Earrings $189 Samantha Wills Pouch $79.95 Mimco Tote $59.95 Seed Heritage

Bangle $29.95 French Connection frenchconnection.

Bangle $49.95 Witchery

Heels $179.95 Wittner

Shoes $99.95 Wittner

JB39 p40-41_Acc-Style.indd 40

Scarf $39.95 Gregory Lander available at all David Jones and Myer

15/01/2016 15:56:31


Look as chic as Asher Keddie with these two key styles

Heels $239 Oxford

Earrings $99 Pandora

Top $85 Karen Millen


Dress $219.95 Sheike

NIGHT Pants $119.95 Witchery Jacket $445 Karen Millen

Necklace $69 Oxford oxfordshop.

Boots $219.95 Wittner

JB39 p40-41_Acc-Style.indd 41

Bag $220 Simpatica

Bangle 59.95 Mimco

$29.95 nection ection.


15/01/2016 15:56:47


jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016


By Sarah Megginson

Big Magic

The Things We Keep

Swimming Home

By Elizabeth Gilbert

By Sally Hepworth

by Mary-Rose MacColl

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert – who has already inspired millions of readers around the world with her memoir Eat Pray Love – is back to share her unique perspective about creativity. Big Magic encourages us to embrace curiosity, be passionate and live a creative life that will allow us to feel free and inspired. With her frank and empathetic approach, Gilbert reminds us that we can find creativity in all things, from pursuing a dream to simply living our day-to-day lives more fully. Reaching into her own processes, she also discusses the habits and attitudes that allow ideas to flourish and shows us that anyone can create magic.

It’s so easy to lose yourself in Sally Hepworth’s meticulously researched narrative that you may find you devour this novel over one weekend. Within the walls of Rosalind House, an assisted living facility, we meet Anna Forster, a 38-year-old in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease; and Eve Bennett, a oncewealthy wife accustomed to the finer things, who must cook and clean to make ends meet. With both women facing uncertain and unwanted futures, and with only shaky memories to guide them, they must learn to rely on something a little closer to their own hearts. What follows is a story of love, renewal and selfdiscovery.

From the author of the muchbeloved In Falling Snow comes an extraordinary story of family, acceptance and self-discovery. Set in the 1920s, it introduces Catherine, who has been swimming the warm waters of tropical Queensland since she was a child, moves to London to stay with her aunt Louisa, a dedicated surgeon. When Louisa is convinced to bring Catherine to New York to swim across the English Channel, both women begin to understand the bond between them. A heart-wrenching tale of self-acceptance and the pursuit of happiness, Swimming Home reveals characters who are just beginning to understand just what makes them extraordinary.


JB39 p42-43_Books.indd 42

Astrology Secrets of the Moon By Patsy Bennett Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

In Astrology Secrets of the Moon, renowned astrologer Patsy Bennett delivers a detailed guide to understanding the moon’s north node signs – each of which can help you define your own talents, interests, challenges and

potential pitfalls. It’s perfect for anyone looking to delve deeper into their astrological psyche, as this new kind of astrology offers insights and affirmations to help you focus on your own special attributes and discover your most successful career opportunities.

15/01/2016 15:57:13

Every Bite Takes You Home Compiled by Gaye Weeden and Hayley Smorgon Publisher: Ilura Press

Food has a somewhat magical quality: It sustains us, gives us pleasure, comforts us when we’re sick, and can remind us of memories we’d long forgotten. Every Bite Takes You Home is a treasure trove of memories shared by 16 asylum seekers who now call Australia home. They tell

seeker support centres and organisations.

Tallowood Bound

follows Erin Macalister, who escapes her broken marriage to return to Tallowood and care for her beloved grandmother. When digging through old photographs, she finds some pictures of a soldier that bring up vivid memories for her grandmother, sending Erin on a journey of love, loss and discovery as she tries to unravel the secrets of her family’s past.

By Karly Lane Publisher: Allen & Unwin

If you love a good Australian novel set in the country’s distinctive landscapes, you’ll love Tallowood Bound, a heart-wrenching tale of first love and second chances. Set in Townsville during WWII, while also showcasing the stunning landscapes of modern day regional Queensland, it

JB39 p42-43_Books.indd 43

of their experiences, traditions and of course, their favourite recipes. Delight your tastebuds with Persian Kebabs, Tibetal Momos, Afghan Kabuli Pulow and Sri Lankan Kaffir Prawn Curry, to name a few. As an added bonus, authors Gaye Weeden, a Melbourne-based food editor, and Hayley Smorgon, a dessert chef and self-confessed foodie, are donating all profits from the sale of the book to asylum


15/01/2016 15:57:22




s athletes from all over the world gather for the Rio Olympics this year, it’s a timely reminder of the significant diversity of cuisines that exist internationally. From rice, vegetable and fish based cuisines in Asian countries to nuts, olive oil and seafood styled cuisines in Mediterranean countries, there are many and varied ways to eat a healthy, varied and interesting diet. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of a selection of your favourite traditional dishes from around the world and to pick up a few tips on how to include these healthy dishes as part of your regular diet!

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016



JB39 p44-45_Nutrition.indd 44

Mediterranean countries including Italy, Spain, Greece and Morroco have dietary patterns which are characterised by an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fresh fish and moderate amounts of wine, while containing little processed foods. People who live around the Mediterranean eat a diet high in monounsaturated fat which mostly arises from the regular inclusion of olives and olive oil in their traditional dishes. These healthy fats, along with omega-3s from fish and seafood, antioxidants from herbs, spices, fruit and veg, and the significant

15/01/2016 15:59:30

amounts of key nutrients found in their typical foods are thought to combine in a unique way to provide protection against heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. UNESCO recently listed the Mediterranean diet as an intangible heritage item, aiming to preserve many of the aspects of this style of eating. Importantly, the Mediterranean diet involves more than just food. It also promotes communal meals, social customs and festive events. This way of eating also respects the land and the importance of biodiversity by ensuring the conservation and development of traditional activities and crafts linked to fishing and farming are maintained. Bring the benefits of the Mediterranean to your own table with these meal ideas:  Minestrone, salads, bruschetta, natural oysters and grilled octopus for starters.  Legume dishes flavoured with herbs such as oregano, basil and plenty of garlic for mains.  Grilled lean meat with lemon, served with plenty of vegetables dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for mains  Cheese, yoghurt and fresh fruit for desserts.


JB39 p44-45_Nutrition.indd 45

NORDIC CUSINE The Nordic diet has recently come into vogue with a greater interest in the traditional eating patterns of countries in this region, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This interest has arisen partly as a result of recent research showing eating a diet that includes foods typical of this region has health benefits including reducing blood pressure, heart disease, risk of type 2 diabetes and prevention of the typical weight gain that is seen with age. Like other traditional diets, the predominant foods are those that are locally available and produced and include foods such as oily fish (like salmon and herring), different types of cabbage (including white, red, kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts), rye bread, oatmeal, apples, pears, berries and root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and beets. They also include plenty of canola oil as it is made from rapeseed, a

cool climate crop. To benefit from the variety of foods typical of the Nordic diet, try the following dishes:  Potato salad with herring and dill  Codfish soup  Braised pork with rye and apple  Cabbage salad with salmon  Grilled mackerel with roasted beets  Mussels with fennel and herbs

OTHER ‘WESTERN’ NATIONS Countries including some parts of Europe, North America and Australia are commonly clumped together as being part of the ‘West’, and the Western eating pattern is characterised by high amounts of red meat, processed meats, refined grains, fried foods, sweets and desserts. From a health perspective, studies consistently show that this type of eating pattern is associated with greater risk of heart disease, cancer and higher rates of mortality in general. In Australia we are lucky enough to have access to an abundance of world cuisines, so it’s easy to enjoy the variety of tastes and flavours and experience the health benefits of traditional dishes from around the world. Try cooking a new Mediterranean, Nordic or Asian dish at home this week or choose something adventurous next time you’re eating out. By taking a leaf out of these other countries’ books you’ll be well on the way to eating your way to better health! Sharon Natoli Accredited Practising Dietitian Food & Nutrition Australia

Follow us on Twitter @ foodnutaus

Asian diets tend to be low in the unhealthy type of saturated fat and include largely plant-based foods like leafy green vegetables, soy products and antioxidantrich green tea, herbs and spices plus omega-3 containing seafood, all of which are renowned for their health benefits. On the down side, Asian-style diets can be high in salt from the sauces and seasonings they use, which can lead to high blood

pressure and stroke so when eating Asian style dishes, be sure to use small amounts of the highly flavoursome sauces and condiments. The next time you head to your local Japanese, Thai or Chinese restaurant, here are some healthier menu options to choose:  Miso soup, tom yum, sweet corn, ramen or clear broth soups  Steamed dumplings, sashimi and sushi rolls, rice paper rolls  Skinless chicken, beef or tofu meals with steamed vegies  Steamed fish dishes, BBQ octopus or calamari  Minced chicken salads with lemongrass  Thai beef salad


15/01/2016 15:59:39



jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

INGREDIENTS  2 cups frozen peas  2 cups water  1 cup milk  ½ red onion (diced)  250g haloumi cheese (grated)  2 tbsp parsley (chopped)  1 tsp salt  1 tsp pepper  3 eggs  1 tsp baking powder  1 cup flour  2 tbsp olive oil


METHOD  Place the peas and water in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 90 seconds. Strain peas from the water and place in a blender or food processer along with the milk. Blend until it is a puree.  Pour the puree into a large bowl and add in the diced red onion, chopped parsley, salt, pepper and eggs. Mix to combine ingredients.  Add the grated haloumi cheese and baking powder into the mixture. Combine well.  Fold the flour through the mixture.  Warm a fry pan on low heat and add the olive oil. Measure out ½ a cup of the mix and pour from the cup measurement into the pan. (You can cook more than one at a time, depending on the size of the pan).  Cook for approximately 3 minutes, then flip the fritters. Cook for a further 3 minutes or until golden on each side. When the fritter is firm to touch and golden in colour, remove from the pan and place onto an oven tray.

JB39 p46-47_Recipes (REVISED).indd 46


Makes 6 Fritters

TO ASSEMBLE INGREDIENTS  6 pea and haloumi fritters  2 cups rocket (washed)  12 pce bacon rashers  1½ cups hollandaise sauce (can be purchased from the supermarket) METHOD  Warm the oven to 190°C.

Heat a large fry pan on medium heat. Add the bacon to the fry pan and cook until crispy.  Place the tray of fritters into the oven and heat for 5 minutes.  Warm the hollandaise as per packet instructions.  To serve, place the hot fritter on the plate then top with the rocket and cooked bacon. Pour the hollandaise over the top and serve. 

15/01/2016 16:04:04



INGREDIENTS  2 tsp cinnamon ground  ½ tsp nutmeg ground  ½ cup caster sugar METHOD  Add the cinnamon, nutmeg and caster sugar into another small dry bowl and mix well; set aside.

TO SERVE INGREDIENTS  3 brioche rolls  20g butter (for cooking)

Makes 6 Donuts


METHOD  In a bowl, place the coffee and cream. Whisk until soft peaks form, then set aside in the fridge.

METHOD  First separate the egg yolks from the whites.  In a bowl, place the egg yolks, cream, vanilla essence, caster sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix together until combined, then place in the fridge.

EGG MIX INGREDIENTS  3 eggs separated (yolks only)

JB39 p46-47_Recipes (REVISED).indd 47

400ml cream 1 tsp vanilla essence  ½ cup caster sugar  1 tsp ground cinnamon  ½ tsp ground nutmeg 

INGREDIENTS  300ml cream  30ml espresso coffee – 1 shot (chilled)

METHOD  Heat the oven to 180 degrees.  Trim off a thin layer from the top and bottom of the brioche using a bread knife to expose the inside of the bun. Cut through the middle of roll to make halves.  Heat a large fry pan on medium heat.  Place the sliced half brioche roll into the egg mix and submerge to coat generously.  Press down on the brioche to allow mix to soak into the middle of the bread.  Allow the brioche to sit in the egg mix for 1 minute to absorb the mix then place the brioche onto a plate to drain excess mix from brioche before grilling.  Place the butter into the pan, then place the brioche into the pan for approx. 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden brown.  Transfer to an oven tray and place in the oven to cook through for 3-4 minutes.  Once the brioche is cooked, toss it in the cinnamon sugar mix until evenly coated all over.  Place the sugar coated brioche onto a platter and serve with the coffee cremé.


15/01/2016 16:03:53




With the opening of their second Jamaica Blue cafe in Mackay in December 201.51 Franchisees of the Year Jocelyn & Vince Lo Presti, co-owners of Jamaica Blue Cane/and and Mount Pleasant, bust a Jew my ths to owning your own cafe ...

I want to open my own cafe with my own unique personality, but I feel like a franchise system is a one-size-fits-all approach. Was this true for you?

JOCELYN: With a Jamaica Blue cafe you really have the opportunity to put your own mark on your business. The reason we chose Jamaica Blue over any other franchise was simply because of the business model that it offers; the flexibility it allows us as franchisees to tailor our business. I like the idea of owning a cafe but I have no previous experience in the hospitality industry, is this an issue?

JOCELYN: I guess, like anything, background experience certainly does help. It gives you a heads足 up on what's to be expected. The training provided by Jamaica Blue though, certainly would set anybody in good stead for owning their own cafe. The training we received was quite intense and hands-on; it covered food, coffee training and business skills.

How much support can I expect after I buy the cafe?

VINCE: All the training and all the support we received over the first couple of weeks setting up our own business and getting it going - it was just amazing. Anyone could do this given all the support that the Jamaica Blue franchise offers. JOCELYN: Jamaica Blue want you to have a successful business as much as you do. Being part of a franchise group means there's always somebody there to support you - to help you and guide you to make decisions. Would you recommend buying a Jamaica Blue cafe to others?

VINCE: I'd definitely recommend the Jamaica Blue franchise to anyone who's contemplating starting their own business. Our success is totally a reflection of the support that has been given to us by the Jamaica Blue family. JOCELYN: Vince and I will often stand back and just look at the shop, at how busy it is. We shake our heads and say we can't believe that this is our cafe. This is what we've built with Jamaica Blue. How do I get started?

Easy, just enquire on our dedicated website with the state or site you're interested in and a Development Manager will be in contact with you to get you started toward owning your own Jamaica Blue cafe!

Operating in 7 countries around the world Known for lresh1 classic dishes with a twist Award-winning exceptional coffee :160 ca/es worldwide

We have more than 70 cafe sites available nationwide.

Visit for current opportunities.

JB LOCATIONS Come and visit us at over 160 locations across Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE and the UK.

AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES Albury Myer Centrepoint Albury 525 David Street Albury, 2640 (02) 6021 0101 Bondi Junction Westfield Bondi Junction Bondi Junction, 2022 (02) 9386 9531 Blacktown Westpoint Shopping Ctr 17 Patrick Street Blacktown, 2148 (02) 9642 8036 Burwood Westfield Burwood Burwood, 2134 (02) 9747 0719 Campbelltown Macarthur Square Shopping Centre Campbelltown, 2560 (02) 4626 6575 Campbelltown Private Hospital Macarthur, 2560 (02) 4626 8088 Castle Hill Castle Towers Shopping Centre Castle Hill, 2154 (02) 8850 5995 Charlestown Charlestown Square Shopping Centre Charlestown, 2290 (02) 4946 2746 Chatswood Victoria Avenue Chatswood, 2067 (02) 9415 4880 Chatswood Chase Chatwood Chase Shopping Centre Chatswood, 2067 (02) 9410 0522 Coffs Harbour Park Beach Plaza Pacific Highway Coffs Harbour, 2450 (02) 6651 8218 Eastgardens Westfield Eastgardens 152 Bunnerong Road Eastgardens, 2036 (02) 9849 3629

Erina Fair Shop T 321/322 Erina Fair Shopping 620-658 Terrigal Drive Erina 2250 Forster Stockland Forster Forster, 2428 (02) 6555 9966

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Hornsby North Westfield Hornsby Hornsby, 2077 (02) 9476 3830 Hornsby South Westfield Hornsby Hornsby, 2077 (02) 9476 6685 Hurstville Westfield Hurstville Cross Street Hurstville, 2220 (02) 9585 2000 Kotara Westfield Kotara Kotara, 2289 (02) 4952 9395 Lake Haven Lake Haven Shopping Centre Lake Haven, 2263 (02) 4392 3693 Lake Munmorah Woolworths Lake Munmorah Shopping Centre Lake Munmorah, 2259 (02) 4358 8808 Lingard Hospital Lingard Private Hospital 23 Merewether Street Merewether, 2291 (02) 9642 8036 Macquarie Macquarie Centre Cnr Herring and Waterloo Roads North Ryde, 2113 (02) 9888 3092 Market Fair *NEW* K1 Market Fair S/Centre 4 Tindall Street Campbelltown, 2560 (02) 4625 6319 Menai *NEW* Shop GD 018 Menai Marketplace 152-194 Allison Crescent Menai, 2234 (02) 9541 2888 Miranda 1 Westfield Miranda Miranda, 2228 (02) 9531 0073 Miranda 2 Westfield Miranda Miranda, 2228 (02) 9531 1858 Moore Park The Entertainment Quarter Moore Park, 2021 (02) 3980 8507 Mount Druitt Westfield Mt Druitt Mt Druitt, 2770 (02) 9625 7072

Nowra Stockland Nowra Nowra, 2541 (02) 4422 0022 Penrith Westfield Penrith Penrith, 2750 (02) 4732 4811 Roselands Centro Roselands Roselands, 2196 (02) 9740 3288 Shellharbour Stockland Shellharbour Lake Entrance Road Blackbutt, 2529 (02) 4296 8568 Tamworth Centrepoint Tamworth Tamworth, 2340 (02) 6766 5438 Tuggerah Westfield Tuggerah Tuggerah, 2259 (02) 4353 0788 Ultimo The Quay Retail 61-79 Quay Street Sydney, 2000 (02) 9208 3716 University of Western Sydney Richmond Stable Square Building K4 Hawkesbury Campus Bourke Street Richmond 2753 University of Western Sydney *NEW* Goldsmith Avenue Campbelltown, 2560 Vincentia *NEW* Vincentia Marketplace T18, 5 Burton Street Vincentia, 2540 Wagga Wagga Sturt Mall Wagga Wagga, 2650 (02) 6971 7691 Warringah Westfield Warringah Warringah, 2100 (02) 9939 3281 Wollongong Wollongong Central Shopping Centre 174-200 Crown Street Wollongong, 2500 (02) 4227 6937 NORTHERN TERRITORY Casuarina Casuarina Square Darwin, 0811 (08) 8927 1183 QUEENSLAND Brisbane CBD Macarthur Central *New* 229-259 Queen Street Brisbane, 4000 (07) 3236 5639

Cairns Cairns Central Shopping Centre Cairns, 4870 (07) 4041 0577 Carindale Westfield Carindale Carindale, 4152 (07) 3843 1455 Chinchilla Shop A, 25 Bell Street Chinchilla, 4413 (07) 4669 1757 Cooroy 2a Emerald Street Cooroy, 4563 (07) 5472 0065 Fairfield Gardens Shop 8, Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre 180 Fairfield Road Fairfield, 4124 (07) 3255 3182 Gladstone Stockland Gladstone Gladstone, 4680 (07) 4978 7007 Hervey Bay Centro Hervey Bay Pialba, 4655 (07) 4124 2207 Indooroopilly Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Indooroopilly, 4068 (02) 3378 0852 Ipswich Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre Downs Road Ipswitch, 4305 (07) 3281 1666 Kawana Kawana Waters Shoppingworld Corner Nicklin Way and Pt. Cartwright Drive Buddina, 4757 (07) 5444 2680 Kingaroy Kingaroy Shopping World Cnr Youngman and Alford Streets Kingaroy, 4610 (07) 4162 4611 Mackay National Australia Bank Building, Mackay, 4740 (07) 4953 4544 Mackay Caneland Caneland Central, Mackay, 4740 (07) 4944 1757 Mount Gravatt Shop 1347 Westfield Garden City Kessels Road Upper Mount Gravatt, 4122 (07) 3420 0853

Entertainment Qtr 122 Lang Road Moore Park, 2028 (02) 9380 8507

Gosford Hospital Nth Gosford Private Hospital 9 Burrabil Avenue North Gosford, 2250 (02) 4324 3906


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Mt Ommaney Kiosk KI018 Mt Ommaney Centre 171 Dandenong Road Mt Ommaney 4074 (07) 3376 0525

West Lakes Westfield West Lakes West Lakes, 5021 (08) 8355 0211

Richmond Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, Richmond, 3121 (03) 9428 2322


Mount Pleasant *NEW* Shop 140, Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre Corner Bucasia Road and Philip Street Mount Pleasant, 4740

Bendigo Bendigo Marketplace Bendigo, 3550 (03) 5443 0388

Ringwood Shop K205 Eastland Shopping Centre Ringwood, 3134 (03) 9870 9155

Noosa Noosa Civic Mall Noosaville, 4566 (07) 5455 6145 North Lakes Westfield North Lakes Mango Hill, 4509 (07) 3482 2177 Rockhampton Stockland Rockhampton Rockhampton, 4701 (07) 4927 6244 Sunshine Plaza Horton Parade Maroochydore, 4558 (07) 5451 0350 Toowong Shop G26 Toowong Village 9 Sherwood Road Toowong QLD Tel: (07) 3371 5148 Toowoomba Grand Central Shopping Centre Toowoomba, 4350 (07) 4632 1633 Toowoomba - The Ridge The Ridge Shopping Centre Toowoomba, 4350 (07) 4635 0005 Townsville - Castletown Castletown Shoppingworld Pimlico, 4812 (07) 4772 0793

jamaicablueescape | Autumn 2016

Townsville - James Cook University Corner Mt Stuart Street & James Cook Drive Douglas, 4814 (02) 4728 8303


Townsville - Stockland Stockland Townsville 310 Ross River Road Aitkenvale, 4814 (07) 4755 0381 SOUTH AUSTRALIA Adelaide Myer Centre Adelaide Rundle Mall Adelaide, 5000 (08) 8410 3678 Colonnades Centro Colonnades Noarlunga Centre, 5168 (08) 8382 8101 Port Pirie Port Pirie Shopping Centre Port Pirie, 5540 (08) 8633 1541

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Box Hill Box Hill Central South Shopping Centre Box Hill, 3128 (03) 9890 6999 Cheltenham Westfield Southland Cheltenham, 3192 (03) 9584 2674 Chirnside Park Shop L01 713A Chirnside Park Shopping Centre 506/239 Maroondah Hwy Chirnside Park, 3116 (03) 9726 6951 Craigieburn Shop DOO-20 Craigieburn Central 350 Craigieburn Road Craigieburn, 3064 (03) 9219 0507 Cranbourne Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre Cranbourne, 3977 (03) 5996 6275 Doncaster Westfield Doncaster Doncaster, 3108 (03) 9855 9454 East Preston Northland Shopping Centre East Preston 3072 (03) 9478 8213 Epping Epping Plaza S/Centre Epping, 3076 (03) 8401 3477 Forest Hill Forest Hill Chase S/Centre Forest Hill, 3131 (03) 9878 1108 Frankston Bayside Shopping Centre Frankston, 3199 (03) 9783 8848 Greensborough *NEW* Shop 228/229 Greensborough Plaza 25 Main Street Greensborough, 3088 (03) 9432 7320 Narre Warren *NEW* Fountain Gate Shopping Ctr 352 Princes Hwy Narre Warren, 3805 Point Cook Stockland Point Cook Town Centre Corner Main & Murnong St Point Cook, 3030 (03) 8353 9545

Ringwood *NEW* Shop 1037 Eastland Shopping Centre Ringwood, 3134 Southland Westfield Southland Cheltenham, 3192 (03) 9584 2676 Wantirna South 1 Knox City Shopping Centre Wantirna South, 3152 (03) 9801 1865

Carousel Westfield Carousel 1382 Albany Highway Cannington, 6107 (08) 9358 3615 Fiona Stanley Hospital 102-118 Murdoch Drive Murdoch, 6150 (08) 9312 2771 Garden City, Booragoon Garden City Shopping Centre Booragoon, 6154 (08) 9316 1988 Gateway Cockburn Gateway S/Centre 816 Beeliar Drrive Success, 6164 (08) 9414 3263 Hay Street Hay Street Mall Perth CBD, 6000 (08) 9322 2599

Wantirna South 2 Knox City Shopping Centre Wantirna South, 3152 (03) 9801 8926

Hillarys Westfield Whitford City Hillarys, 6025 (08) 9403 5527

Watergardens Watergardens Town Centre Taylors Lakes, 3038 (03) 9449 9444

Joondalup Lakeside Joondalup 420 Joondalup Drive Joondalup, 6027 (08) 9300 0519

Wendouree Stockland Wendouree, Kiosk 6 Cnr Norman and Gillies Streets Wendouree, 3355 (03) 5339 6382

Karratha Centro Karratha Shopping Centre, Karratha, 6714 (08) 9185 4555

Werribee Werribee Plaza Werribee, 3030 (03) 9749 2055 Woodgrove Shop T106, Woodgrove Shopping Centre 533 - 555 High Street Melton, 3337 (03) 9743 8812 WESTERN AUSTRALIA Armadale Armadale Shopping City Armadale, 6112 (08) 9399 6130 Baldivis Stockland Baldivis Baldivis, 6171 (08) 9523 6483 Belmont Belmont Forum Shopping Centre 227 Belmont Avenue Cloverdale, 6105 (08) 9477 2003 Broome Broome Boulevard Broome, 6725 (08) 9192 7000 Bull Creek Stockland Bull Creek Bull Creek, 6149 (08) 9312 2387

Karrinyup Kiosk K24 Karrinyup Shopping Ctr 200 Karrinyup Road Karrinyup WA 6018 Leederville West Leederville Centre West Leederville, 6007 (08) 9388 8648 Midland Gate Midland Gate Shopping Centre Midland, 6056 (08) 9250 2151 Mirrabooka Shop K0012 Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre 43 Yirrigan Drive Mirrabooka, 6061 (08) 9345 5663 Morley Centro Galleria Morley, 6062 (08) 9275 9561 Ocean Keys Shop 121, Ocean Keys Shopping Centre 36 Ocean Keys Road Clarkson, 6030 (08) 9407 9210 Riverton Stockland Riverton Riverton, 6148 (08) 9457 8081

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Rockingham City Rockingham City Shopping Centre Rockingham, 6168 (08) 9527 2441

Park Avenue Shop Shop 115, Park Avenue 6 Chaoyang Park South Road Beijing, 100026 +86 10 8587 4568

Secret Harbour Secret Harbour Shopping Centre Secret Harbour, 6173 (08) 9524 9402

Riviera Villa Club Villa Club lobby 1# Xiang Jiang Bei Lu Chaoyang District, Beijing +86 1 8450 6596

Warnbro Warnbro Centro Warnbro, 6169

Yosemite Lobby 1 Yosemite Club No.4 Yuyang Road, Houshayu Town Shunyi District +86 10 8041 3301

Waterford Plaza Waterford Plaza Shopping Centre Karawara, 6152 (08) 9450 3980

NEW ZEALAND Auckland Airport Ground Floor, Formule 1 Hotel 2 Leonard Isitt Drive +64 (9) 275 0492 Greenlane Kiosk Greenlane Clinical Centre Gate 1, Greenlane West, Epsom, Auckland, NZ +64 (9) 630 7239 Manukau Westfield Manukau Great South Road Manukau NZ +64 (9) 978 9939 North City, Porirua North City Shopping Mall Titahi Bay Road Porirua NZ +64 (4) 237 0345 NorthWest NorthWest Shopping Centre 1 - 7 Fred Taylor Drive Auckland NZ Riccarton Westfield Riccarton 129 Riccarton Road Riccarton NZ + 64 (3) 348 2642 Silverdale Silverdale Centre 40 Hibiscus Coast Highway Silverdale 0932 Auckland NZ +64 (9) 426 5689

CHINA Beijing Central Park Shop 107, Building No.16, Phase 2, Central Park Apartment, No.6, Chaoyang Menwai Dajie, Chaoyang District Beijing, 100020 +86 10 6533 6556 Jiaming Centre Shop 103 , B Tower, Jiaming Center, No.27 Dongsanhuan Beilu Beijing, 00020 +86 010 6503 5239

JB39 p49-51_Store Locations.indd 51

Ambassy Club B Floor, 1500 Huai Hai Road (Central), Shanghai +86 21 3401 0814 BM Tower Store Lobby, 218 Wusong Road Hongkou District, Shanghai +86 21 6357 6066 Chevalier Shop 82 Urumuqi Road Shanghai, 200052 +86 21 5404 7610 Corporate Avenue 222 Hubin Road Shanghai, 200052 +86 21 6340 6877 The Exchange Donghai Plaza 299 Tongren Road Shanghai, 200040 +86 21 6288 7308 Shanghai, Pudong China Art Museum World Expo Park 161 Shangnan Lu, near Guozhan Lu Shanghai, Pudong Jinqiao Area 576 Biyun Lu Shanghai KIC 102A Shop,NO,33 Songhu Road, Shanghai L’Avenue Kiosk on 2nd floor Office Entrance LÁvenue Shopping Centre +86 21 60671788 LiXing International Plaza Shop Shop 101,1319 West Yan’an Road, Shanghai Nanjing Road 719 Nanjing Road (East) Shangahi, 200052 +86 21 6351 3303

SHENZHEN Shenzhen Tianli 139-142, BlockA Tiley Central Plaza +07 55 8693 9836

Nantong Shop Building No.3, 101 Plaza Xinhu (Star Lake) Avenue Nantong Technology Industrial Park, Nantong, 226001


World Trade Centre Unit# LG-28C World Trade Centre Mall Yas Mall Lower Ground 002 Yas Island DUBAI

1911 Plaza No.5, Ground Floor, Building B, 959 Xinhua Road , Wuhan +86 27 6583 7119

American Hospital Out Patient Building, Ground Floor Plot No. 319-197, Street 19 Off Oud Metha Road Oud Metha

Wuhan Tiandi 1618 Zhongshan Avenue Wuhan +86 27 8270 8301

Al Ghurair Unit# FB21, 1st Floor Al Ghurair Centre Al Rigga Street, Deira

Wuhan Citizens Home Ground Floor (Lobby) Wuhan Citizens Home 117 Jinqiao Avenue, Wuhan +86 27 6583 7119

Battuta Mall Tunesian Court Sheikh Zayed Road +971 43685615

XI'AN Hang Tang House No.7 Nanchangxiang Nanxin Street, Xián +8629 8738 9765

SINGAPORE CityLink Mall *NEW* 1 Raffles Link #B1-10 CityLink Mall Singapore 039393. +65 6327 9234 Raffles Place 1 Raffles Place #01-62 Singapore 048616 +65 6694 8107 Suntec City Mall 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-606/607 (at the entrance of Tower 3) Singapore

MALAYSIA Mid Valley Megamall Level 1, South Court Lingkaran Syed Putra Kuala Lumpur, 59200 Plaza Low Yat *NEW* G-032 & G032A Plaza Low Yat No. 7 Jalan Bintang Off Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, 55100 Setia City Mall Persiaran Setia Dagang Setia Alam 40170 Shah Alam Selangor

UAE ABU DHABI Wahat Hili - Al Ain Unit No. RB078, First Floor (Opp Geant Hyper Market) Wahat Hili Mall Baniyas Street Hili District, Al Ain

Flora Hotel (Lobby) Al Riqqa Road, Dubai (Next to Mall of the Emirates) Medcare Hospital Garden Medcare Outlet Medcare Hospital Jumeirah +9714 407 9153 The Boulevard Unit SH, Ground Floor, Bldg#9, Building Residences II, The Boulevard, Downtown +9714 3608536 Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital (MOSH) Matloob Building #3 Ground Floor, Street 9-B, Sheikh Zayed Road, after 2nd interchange, Exit 47 Society Of Engineers Al Wuheida Road, Street No 46, Al Mumzar The Loft, Media City *NEW* (Behind OSN Building), Entrance E, Loft Office 2, Dubai Media City

UNITED KINGDOM Cambridge Lion Yard Shopping Centre Unit 38 St. Tibbs Row Cambridge CB2 3ET





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Jamaica Blue Escape Autumn 2016  

The in store magazine of Jamaica Blue cafes

Jamaica Blue Escape Autumn 2016  

The in store magazine of Jamaica Blue cafes