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MARCH 2013

the newsletter for Nuçi’s Space, a nonprofit musicians’ support/resource center

We Need Your Help More Than Ever


hroughout my childhood and adolescence I was a fiercely independent kid. I often took on ideas and projects that were well beyond my capacity to complete successfully without help. I had a gift for conceiving and developing ideas. However, when it came time to implement the plan, my efforts often fell short of expectations. Despite my pursuit of personal growth, this is an old habit that I continue to struggle with occasionally. For reasons beyond my full understanding, as a young person I had an innate need to prove to myself, and sometimes others, that I was “strong enough” and capable of “going at it” alone. I can recall countless occasions when my parents, grandparents and teachers would remind me and actively encourage me to ask for help. Their wisdom and experience could clearly see the inevitable, often undesirable, results of my stubborn and blindly-independent approach. It was with experience and more specifically, my experience at Nuçi’s Space that I began to not only see the value, but the necessity of knowing when to ask for help and not hesitate to take action. This lesson has been an invaluable asset in my personal life as well—my marriage, my relationship with my daughter, friendships and my mental health have benefited. Ironically, it was my stubbornness and independent nature that first drew me to Linda and her dream for Nuçi’s Space. My emotional connection to Linda was almost instant. She possessed a confidence, intensity and unyielding determination that I could relate to and wanted to be immersed in. However, with Linda as my mentor and friend, I learned the importance of not only building a community, but actively being a part of that community. The responsibility of all community members is to give and receive support. Today, in this open letter to you—our friends, family and supporters—I am practicing the lesson I resisted for so many years in my early life. I am asking for your help. On behalf of Nuçi’s Space and the thousands of lives that have been positively affected by our work in the community, we need your help. As mentioned in our last newsletter regarding the Counseling Assistance Program, Nuçi’s Space reported a 44% increase during the past two years in the “average number of clients served per month.” Continuing this


Bob Sleppy

trend into January 2013, we reported the largest number of client intakes in one month since our inception. For the most part, this is great news. It means that more people are asking for and receiving the help they need. Nuçi’s Space has succeeded in becoming a trusted, wellrespected and effective access point for musicians, artists and others seeking support and mental health treatment. The troubling aspect of our success is that the demand for services is drastically outpacing our ability to raise the funds needed to meet demand. In many ways it could be said that Nuçi’s Space is quickly becoming a victim of our own success. Rather than leave you with a general appeal for help, I’ll offer a few specifics suggestions of how you can help us. First and foremost, if you have contributed financially to Nuçi’s Space in the past, please consider continuing your support. If you have not contributed in the past, please visit our website, learn about our organization and consider making a donation online or use the giving envelope provided. If you have a question or would like to contact us please don’t hesitate to call or send an email. We’d love the opportunity to meet and share our story with you. Second, please share this newsletter, our website and your experience of Nuçi’s Space with your friends, family, co-workers and anyone that you think would be interested in supporting our mission. We’ve included a basic overview of Nuçi’s Space, including a couple of financial graphs, to review and share. We need your help to widen our reach and build our network of support. Lastly, we would like your help in telling the Nuçi’s Space story and its impact on your life, your family or someone close to you. You’ll read a more in depth appeal from Will Kiser, our Counseling Advocate, later in this newsletter. If you have financially supported, volunteered, worked as an intern, attended a support group, rehearsed or performed a benefit at Nuçi’s Space please allow us the opportunity to share your experience with others. We’d like to know “why supporting Nuçi’s Space is important” to you. We are hopeful and optimistic that by sharing your Nuçi’s Space story and experience, it will motivate others to follow in your footsteps. Please email us with any questions, suggestions or correspondence at or As always, thank you and take care.

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Host your event at Nuçi’s Space Spring is on the horizon which means benefit concerts at Nuçi’s Space! Around January we start getting an influx of calls and emails from various organizations wanting to put on benefit shows or events. This is not only a great source of fundraising for our mission, but also a great way to introduce new folks to Nuçi’s Space. This year we will be welcoming some new organizations as well as some organizations that have used the Space in the past such as Sigma Alpha Iota, Medlife at UGA, and The Athens Human Rights Festival just to name a few. Our building is available to host all sorts of events, from private birthday parties to small weddings, so when you are looking for a venue for your next gathering please consider Nuçi’s Space! To inquire about the facility, date availability and private rental rates, please contact Chris Byron via email at

Help Us Tell Our Story


e’ve always had a hard time explaining what Nuçi’s Space is and what it is we do. This isn’t something we can ignore either—as we grow, we have to be able to explain ourselves in a concise and compelling way, especially to charitable grant-making organizations. Maybe it’s so difficult because what we do is completely original? Maybe it’s because we do so many different things? Lately we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to really illustrate what Nuçi’s Space does is to hear from the people who we’ve helped. In other words, we need you to help tell our story. We need to hear from people who’ve received therapy through Nuçi’s Space but we also want to hear from people who haven’t—people who might have attended a support group or talked with Nuçi’s mom Linda Phillips for advice. Maybe you have a family member or loved one we’ve helped? We would love to hear from you. In the past, we’ve shied away from doing this because we didn’t want people to feel like they had to do it, and we wanted to protect confidentiality. One way of looking at this venture is that yes, your testimonial will help us tell the story of Nuçi’s Space, but it will also help inspire others to seek help or to reassure them that there is hope. This is something that more and more nonprofits, hospitals and community health organizations have begun instituting. They’re basically “beneficiary” response programs— these organizations can learn from patient feedback and are able to adjust their programs on the fly.


Will Kiser

What we’re asking for

We have a few different methods that you could use to contribute your testimonial: • Print. Whether you’d like to write just a few sentences or compose a letter, we’d love to share your written testimonial with others—you could email us or send us a letter. If you’d prefer, we wouldn’t need to publish your name—your feedback is what we need and we can delete any names from the document if you’d like to remain anonymous. • Video/Audio. Filmmaker and photographer Jason Thrasher has been working with Nuçi’s Space over the past year, creating short films that highlight different aspects of the Space. We want to film one that highlights the counseling program and we need people to talk about their experiences. Names would not be required, even if you were on camera. If you weren’t comfortable with video, but still wanted to contribute more than just an email we can do audio testimonials. Those would be used as a voice-over during the film. Please send your written testimonial or interest in helping with a video/audio testimonial to or send mail to P.O. Box 1028 / Athens, GA / 30603. We’ve got some examples of what we’re looking for on our website—check out and especially the YouTube video labeled “Building Bridges” for ideas of how you can describe your experiences with Nuçi’s Space. Thank you in advance!

Camp Amped 2013 Applications Available For the 7th summer in a row Nuçi’s Space will be producing Camp Amped, our summer music program for middle and high school musicians. For two weeks, participants will work with their bands and instructors to write, learn and record music, and then they’ll showcase everything they learned at a Grand Finale on the final Saturday of each session. We will have two sessions (June 3–15 and July 8–20) with a capacity of 20 young musicians each, so if you’re an 11–17 year old musician interested in applying, please go online to to fill out your application. We also have scholarship funds available for families in financial needs thanks to generous donations from organizations such as the BCB Art Collective and AthFest Educates! We’ll only be accepting program and scholarship applications until Monday, April 1st, so be sure to apply soon! For more information, please contact Youth Programs Coordinator Laura Ford at

Athens Business Rocks 2013 nuçi’s space Staff

Bob Sleppy Will Kiser Laura Ford Chris Byron Lesley Cobbs Matt Hudgins Peter Hill Dave Chamberlin Recent Volunteers

Aaron Stone Angel Brown Bowen Kendrick Dave Chamberlin Deb Carroll Dylan Lightle Grace Polaneczky Jenifer Strickand Joseph Butler Katelyn Binder Katherine Curry Katie Lee Harmon Lesley Cobbs Renee Arnold Samantha Reyes Sarah Wigton William James

It is no secret that the Athens community has some talGrand Finale, which included performances from the 3 ented individuals, but some of the most talented musicians finalists as well as some memorable acts from the eliminain town aren’t necessarily the first names that would come tion rounds. Double Oh Zone wowed the crowd with verup in conversations about the music scene. Just because a sions of James Bond movie theme songs, Punch List nailed person doesn’t play in a band at a set of Huey Lewis and the News a downtown venue every week cover songs, and 40 Cent brought or have their name in Flagpole down the house with renditions WINNERS on a regular basis doesn’t mean of songs like “Superfreak”,” Der 1st Place: 40 Watt Club “40 Cent” they are not a part of what makes Kommissar” and “The Groove is 2nd Place: TSAV “Punch List” Athens’ music scene so special. in the Heart”. The Nuçi’s Space 3rd Place: The Red Zone “Double Oh Zone” That notion is the inspiration staff even got in on the fun and Non-competing Finalist: for Nuçi’s Space’s annual Athens performed soul music as the Çitlin Bel-Jean “80# Cougar” Business Rocks Benefit, which was Southern Soul Revue, which held for the 3nd year in a row this included a performance of Sam Judges Favorite: past February at the 40 Watt Club. and Dave’s “I Thank You” featurAvid Bookshop “Book You!” The basics of the 3rd Annual ing Ansley Stewart, Cole Taylor, TSAV “Punch List” ABR were simple: employees of Claire Campbell, Patterson Hood local businesses formed bands and and volunteer coordinator Lesley Crowd Favorite: competed against other businesses Cobbs as surprise backup singers. Partner Software “Kneel Before Diamond” on stage at the world-famous 40 Bel-Jean “80# Cougar” Watt Club. The ultimate goal was to raise money for Nuçi’s Space while having as much fun as possible. This year we had 17 bands compete in the elimination rounds, and finalists for each night were decided by through judges’ scores, audience popularity, and votes ($1=1 vote). The talent level on each night was absolutely phenomenal, proving local software developers, lawyers and booksellers could easily hold their own against regularly gigging musicians. There were some truly memorable acts this year including the Jimmy John’s band Super-Proof covering Spinal Tap songs, Avid Bookshop’s band Book You! Covering songs like “Conjunction Junction” and the 40 Cent “Reading Rainbow” theme, and Partner Software’s band Kneel Before Diamond doing uncannily accurate covers of Neil Diamond hits. The competition was fierce, but It was a close race, but in the end 40 Watt Club’s 40 Cent in the end three finalists were chosen to compete in the took away the title of ABR 2013 Champion. Grand Finale on February 23rd. Unfortunately Bel-Jean’s 80# Athens Business Rocks 2013 was a huge success, and Cougar had to drop out of the race, leaving TSAV’s Punch we genuinely appreciate everyone involved who made it List, The Red Zone’s Double Oh Zone and 40 Watt’s 40 Cent happen. The performers and the Nuçi’s Space staff all had to vie for the “Athens Business Rocks 2013 Champion” title. a great time and we took away some wonderful memories. Over 200 people came out to support the finalists at the We would especially like to thank the 40 Watt Club for hosting the event and all the wonderful volunteers who helped make each show a success. We all had a lot of fun and we’re already looking forward to Athens PARTICIPATING BANDS Business Rocks 2014, so make sure to start thinking Auto Max “Sam & The Backbreakers” about the band you want to form with your coworkAvid Bookshop “Book You!” ers next year! For candid shots and official band Baxendale Guitar “The Fret Dressers present: STEPPINPOOP” photos from Athens Business Rocks 2013, please Bel-Jean “80# Cougar” check out Nuçi’s Space’s Facebook page at www.faceDaily Groceries Co-Op “Jesus Thrice” Epting Events “PotPie” Flagpole “87 Is A Place On Earth” 40 Watt Club “40 Cent” Heirloom Café “Turnip the Beets” Jimmy John’s Baxter “Super-Proof!” Law office of Chris Blanchard “Notary Public Enemy” Oglethorpe County Schools “The Torpideros” Partner Software “Kneel Before Diamond” Ruby Sue Graphics “King Cotton & the Sweaty T’s” State Botanical Garden “BotJam” The Red Zone “The Double Oh Zone presents: Shaken Not Stirred” TSAV “Punch List”

THANK YOU! Celebrity Judges: Lisa Love, DeWitt Burton, Bob Sleppy, Dave Marr, The Late B.P. Helium, Patterson Hood, Brant Rackley, Claire & Page Campbell Hosts: Will Kiser, Ansley Stewart Photography: Jason Thrasher, Chad Osburn Sponsors: Thrasher Photo & Design, Al’s Beef, Viva! Argentine Cuisine

2013 Drive-By Truckers Benefit Weekend at the 40 Watt This year’s Drive-By Truckers/Nuçi’s Space 3-show benefit weekend was a contrast of extreme musical highs and emotional lows for everyone involved. Fans were treated to three emotional and powerful performances by the band over the course of those three days. Excitement surrounding the DBT Homecoming weekend was clouded by the devastating loss of DBT crew member and Athens music stalwart Craig Lieske. Craig died suddenly on January 18th—the morning after playing a blistering set of Springsteen covers with his fellow DBT crew members (band name: Thundercrack—they opened up for the Truckers on Night 1). One of our last memories of Craig is him in a state of pure joy, sharing the stage with his fellow road crew members.

executed on their own. In November of 2012, moderators for the forum sent out a message to all the members asking for donations. Forum members who donated received a DVD of a live performance by the Truckers at the 2011 Nuçi’s Space benefit. In 2012, Three Dimes Down raised $3,600 but this year, Three Dimes Down presented Nuçi’s Space with a check for over $6,400 on the last night of the 3-night run. When the weekend was done and all the donations were in, over 100 individual 3DD members contributed a total of over $7,500. The following excerpt from the donation request email that came from Three Dimes Down focused on the connection between Nuçi’s Space, Drive-By Truckers and their fans.

Lester Johnson

“The Drive-By Truckers’ annual homecoming shows in Athens, GA are more than a celebration of the band and its hometown. They are a living, breathing acknowledgement of the extraordinary bond between a band, its fans and their community. Among the many reasons the members of feel so strongly about DBT and so loyal to it is the band’s concern, as expressed in their songs and in their actions, for people in trouble, people on the edge, people like us. Last year, to acknowledge that commitment and celebrate the special community we have created around DBT we started what we hope will become an annual tradition like Homecoming itself: a fundraising drive for Nuçi’s Space in honor of the Drive-By Truckers. DBT’s longstanding and energetic support of Nuçi’s Space embodies many of the special qualities that make the Truckers unique. Concern for people who are trying to get by on the margins of society while providing practical help for real people coping with real problems unaddressed by the usual institutions is what distinguishes Nuçi’s Space and characterizes so much of what the Truckers sing about and so much of what the band members are personally committed to.” Craig Lieske plays with Thundercrack on Thursday January 17, 2013. (RIGHT: DBT crew member Cole Taylor). At the 40 Watt, Craig was a manager, where he hired and tutored a host of local musicians who became—and some who remain—employees of the venue. As a musician he was an ardent devotee of free form rock and roll. After years of carrying the torch for improv rock, he became the standard bearer for that genre in Athens. He was the face of the DBT road crew. Actually, to call Lieske a “DBT crew member” is to sell him short by a hundred miles—band member Patterson Hood called Craig the band’s “ambassador.” He was immensely popular with the fan-base—standing at his post behind the merchandise counter, Craig was the first person fans saw when they entered the venue and the last person they saw at the end of the night. And even if he never picked up a guitar, or managed a venue, or helped propel DBT onward and across the globe, Craig’s impact would’ve been felt by his personality alone. He was someone everyone knew, and there was no small talk with Craig—he got right to the heart of the matter when he was talking to you. He was also a serious Nuçi’s Space enthusiast and he took us with him every time the Truckers hit the road. Over the years we’ve received countless emails and donations from fans who said that Craig told them about what we’re doing here in Athens and why they should support us. For the second year in a row, members of the Truckers online community Three Dimes Down raised money for Nuçi’s Space–on their own. Their donation was not part of the Drive-By Truckers benefit concert— this is something that the moderators of the fan forum devised and

We continue to be grateful every day here at Nuçi’s Space and focus on the positive people that surround us… and when we do we think of people like Craig Lieske, Three Dimes Down, Drive-By Truckers and all the fans and musicians who help keep us going. WE LOVE YOU CRAIG.

DBT’s Matt Patton with 3DD moderators Mark Lynn, Sarah Henderson and Tom Huster

Volunteer Profile:

Welcome Sam!

Sam did some online research and talked with her friends about Nuçi’s Space before deciding to volunteer and we are really glad she did! While all her classmates from Prince Avenue Christian School went to Honduras for a mission trip for their spring break, Sam decided she would rather stay in Athens and spend her time volunteering at Nuçi’s Space. She is doing a multitude of different tasks for us during her break, and she plans on returning to help out again during her other school holidays. Sam is a lot of fun to have around, so working with her is a pleasure. When she isn’t studying English and Anatomy she can be found with her nose in a good book or enjoying the freedom of driving. She can carve a mean pumpkin, is an excellent puppeteer and is the best at Pac-Man! We are always in need of volunteers to help with everything from taking photos at special events to manning the front desk during the week. If you would like to volunteer at Nuçi’s Space, please visit the website and fill out the volunteer application form or email

Upcoming Events at Nuçi’s Space March


Wednesday 20th: Survivors of Suicide Meeting [5:30 pm]

April Monday 1st: Camp Amped Application Deadline Wednesday 3rd: Free Dental Clinic for Musicians sponsored by MusiCares. (Please call MusiCares at 1-877-626-2748 to schedule your appointment. Space is limited.) Wednesday 17th: Survivors of Suicide Meeting [5:30 pm]

May Wednesday 15th: Survivors of Suicide Meeting [5:30 pm]


for options. color copies • forms• fax • digital output flyers • newsletters • binding full and self-service copies announcements & invitations volume discounts

Saturday 15th: Camp Amped Session 1 Grand Finale [7:00 pm]

July Saturday 20th: Camp Amped Session 2 Grand Finale [7:00 pm]

Mon - Fri 8 am - 7 pm • Sat 10 am - 5 pm • Sun 1 pm - 5 pm

163 E. Broad Street Downtown Athens


right side glows the newsletter for nuçi’s space, a nonprofit musicians’ support/resource center

our mission Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit mental health

our services

and music resource

• Counseling assistance for musicians

center in Athens, GA.

• Assistance with finding affordable mental health treatment for non-musicians

Our mission is to prevent suicide by providing

• Fully-equipped, low-cost, hourly rehearsal space for musicians

obstacle-free treatment

• Resource library with music and mental health related materials

for musicians suffering

• Camp Amped music programs for youth

from depression and

• The area’s only Survivors of Suicide support group

other related disorders.

• Volunteer opportunities • Venue rental for private events

Nuçi’s Space 396 Oconee St. Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-227-1515 Fax: 706-227-1524

The Nuçi Phillips Memorial Foundation FUNDRAISING DRIVE

Donor Support Is More Important Now Than Ever Because of today's economic climate, the need for counseling services provided by Nuçi’s Space has drastically risen, but monetary support from businesses and individual donors has not increased to meet this demand. $500,000 $390,000 $280,000 $170,000 $60,000





Total Income

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Total Income

Total Expenses


$500,000 $390,000 $280,000 $170,000 $60,000


Nuçi’s Space 396 Oconee St. Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-227-1515 Fax: 706-227-1524


The Nuçi Phillips Memorial Foundation FUNDRAISING DRIVE

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