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Contents English Pre-Primary

Español 2

Cosplay Series



GAMEnglish YLE Skills Practice Hide and Speak English … with Me! Series Vocabulary Wheels



Solo español Mi cuaderno de español İspanyolca Cepte Tapa y habla español Mi diccionario de Español con pegatinas Lecturas ¡Yo sé leer en español! ¡Me gusta leer en español!



Mon dictionaire d'autocollants Français



Discovering English


Copri e scopri Italiano



Focus on Reading / Mastery in Reading Stories of My Life Start Up Way Out

Grammar & Vocabulary



Grammar File Vocabulary Wizard Vocabulary Odyssey Vocabulary 4000 Nova's 500 Words, Phrases, Idioms for the TOEFL iBT


Հայերէն Ermenice-Türkçe Sözlük Yoldaş Pançuni (Ermenice-Türkçe)


The Compass Series



Travel and Tourism

Teacher Development


Current Trends in ELT Theoretical Considerations in Language Education

Readers Nuance Readers

Русский класс Матрёшка Русский сезон Приглашение в Россию Kolay Rusça Rusça Türkçe Sözlük Русский со мной Прописи для обучения письму Мой русский словарь Маша и Миша Я читаю по-русски!


Nova's TOEFL iBT Series IELTS Series Nova's SAT Prep Course Nova's GMAT Prep Course Nova's GRE Prep Course Focus on Paragraph

English for Academic Purposes




Cosplay Series Pre A1-A1


Başak Elmas, R. Michael Baylis, Nicole Toma

Brings the children to the entertaining and lively world of English.

Cosplay brings the exciting and entertaining world of English to life. Children will love following the adventures of the characters, who create an imaginary world of fun. Cosplay uses a cross-curricular approach, helping children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, all while learning English. Cosplay uses stories, games, songs, TPR activities and chants to focus children's interest, energy and enthusiasm towards learning English. Motivating themes are used throughout the course to stimulate children's imaginations and interest.

Cosplay is unique in helping the children to develop the below skills. • Physical Development (Fine and Gross motor skills and eye-to hand co-ordination) is achieved by Cosplay through the activities such as colouring and cutting activities, card and miming games, matching and tracing activities, playdough, plasticine and popsicle stick activities, finding hidden items in a picture, ball and ballon games, board games and more. • Social and Emotional Development is achieved by Cosplay through the activities with group work and pair work, conversations, dialogues and presentations, stories and role playing, projects, and more. • lntellectual Development is achieved by Cosplay through the activities such as collage and playdough activities, examining similar and different items in a picture, categorizing objects, creating and making new things, and more. • Cognitive development and learning is achieved by Cosplay through the activities such as drawing pictures, talking about social skills, role-playing, memory games, puzzles, songs and chants, the five senses and guessing games and counting (math) activities, and more.


Cosplay Series Pre A1-A1




Cosplay Math / Cosplay Science


Created in line with the series, Cosplay Math and Cosplay Science concentrate on developing very young learner's interest and love for science and math through exciting activities whilst helping develop their primarily motor-skills as well as receptive and productive skills through a holistic approach. With Cosplay Math and Cosplay Science, children will be introduced to simple math and science language, symbols, terms, equations, real life applications, experiments, science facts and problem solving skills. NEW!


Cosplay Starter Pupil's Book with So�ware Cosplay Starter Trace and Colour Book (Activity Book) Cosplay Starter Big Book Cosplay Starter Teacher's Book with So�ware Cosplay Starter Posters (7 Posters, 54x76 cm) Cosplay Starter Flashcards (40 Flashcards, 24,5x33,5 cm) Cosplay Starter Mini Flashcards (40 Mini Flashcards, 7,0x9,5 cm) Cosplay Starter Photocopiable Extras Book

978-605-5450-22-9 978-605-5450-23-6 978-605-5450-26-7 978-975-7103-64-6 978-605-5450-38-0 978-605-5450-36-6 978-605-5450-37-3 978-605-5450-53-3

Cosplay 1 Pupil's Book with So�ware Cosplay 1 Activity Book Cosplay 1 Big Book Cosplay 1 Teacher's Book with So�ware Cosplay 1 Posters (8 Posters, 61x87 cm) Cosplay 1 Flashcards (78 Flashcards, 24,5x33,5 cm) Cosplay 1 Mini Flashcards (78 Mini Flashcards, 7,0x9,5 cm) Cosplay 1 Days of the Week Cards Cosplay 1 Photocopiable Extras Book

978-605-5450-00-7 978-605-5450-20-5 978-605-5450-24-3 978-605-5450-21-2 978-605-5450-43-4 978-605-5450-40-3 978-605-5450-41-0 978-605-5450-39-7 978-605-5450-42-7

Cosplay 2 Pupil's Book with So�ware Cosplay 2 Activity Book Cosplay 2 Teacher's Book with So�ware Cosplay 2 Posters (2 Posters, 54x76 cm) Cosplay 2 Flashcards (122 Flashcards, 13,5x9,5 cm) Cosplay 2 Teacher's Resource Book

978-605-5450-56-4 978-605-5450-54-0 978-605-5450-55-7 978-605-5450-57-1 978-605-5450-58-8 978-605-5450-70-0

Cosplay Alphabet Book Cosplay Scissors Skills Book Cosplay Masks – Betty Cosplay Masks – Nicky Cosplay Masks – Sally Cosplay Masks – Teddy Cosplay Finger Puppets – Betty Cosplay Finger Puppets – Nicky Cosplay Finger Puppets – Sally Cosplay Finger Puppets – Teddy Cosplay Puppet – Betty (for Cosplay Starter & Cosplay 1) Cosplay Puppet – Nicky (for Cosplay Starter) Cosplay Bag

978-605-5450-27-4 978-605-5450-52-6 978-605-5450-48-9 978-605-5450-49-6 978-605-5450-50-2 978-605-5450-51-9 978-605-5450-44-1 978-605-5450-45-8 978-605-5450-46-5 978-605-5450-47-2

Cosplay Math Starter Cosplay Math 1 Cosplay Math 2 Cosplay Science 1 Cosplay Science 2

978-605-9518-39-0 978-605-9518-40-6 978-605-9518-41-3 978-605-9518-42-0 978-605-9518-43-7


GAMEnglish Pre A1-A1+


Burçin Hasanbaşoğlu

for kids who want to practice English with games When fun goes out of education, so does the learning. GAMEnglish is a three-level primary English series that will help children practice English in game-like activities. GAMEnglish makes language learning experience fun and memorable through a variety of activities revolving around the adventures of a fantasy character, Hyper, as well as the unit posters that colorfully display the target language introduced in the units. Exploring the life of Hyper throughout the book, children will unlock engagement and find learning English more exciting than ever!


GAMEnglish Book A + with 12 posters GAMEnglish Book B + with 12 posters GAMEnglish Book C + with 12 posters


978-605-9518-16-1 978-605-9518-36-9 978-605-9518-38-3

GAMEnglish… • engages all learners through the fantastic life of Hyper • motivates learners to reach their full potential through a variety of fun-filled activities • teaches learners the target level vocabulary items through the engaging activities in the units and the catchy unit posters that make learning a part of learners' lives • gives practice in the target language, creating a world of excitement • builds confidence, empowering students in stress-free and motivating activities • inspires a love of learning

YLE Skills Practice

for Starters, Movers and Flyers Pre A1-A2

Gamze Koc, Burcu Kurt

• Skill-boosting activities appropriate for Cambridge English Exams-practicing all of the grammar, skills and vocabulary essentials in accordance with all the fields of the syllabus. • Extra grammar revision activities to boost the given structure including examples of their own. • Multi-function pictures at the very beginning of each unit, to help both speaking and writing activities • Mock tests at the end of each three unit to prepare students for the Cambridge YLE Exams. • Booklet designed to help the students to remember and review each theme of vocabulary and grammar necessary for the Cambridge English Exams. Can be cut out to create personal booklets. • Classroom Presentation Kit supplies online lesson contents, including audio and online resources for teachers and students to use inside and outside the classroom.


YLE Skills Practice series reflects the new specifications of the 2018 Cambridge English Qualifications. The series provides:

Features: • Bright, full-colour and interactive preparation materials • Wide range of activity types including speaking and listening activities such as puzzles, colouring and labelling • Online resources for teachers and students • Downloadable audio • Interactive whiteboard software


YLE Skills Practice for Starters YLE Skills Practice for Movers YLE Skills Practice for Flyers

978-605-9518-44-4 978-605-9518-45-1 978-605-9518-46-8


Hide & Speak English More Hide & Speak English A1


Susan Martineau, Catherine Bruzzone

An enjoyable and practical way to learn the first essential words in English!

Hide & Speak English and More Hide & Speak English go further than most picture word books. Each of these books offers an effective and simple way to learn over 130 key English words following the tried-and-tested method of “look, cover and speak”. Using the two wipe-clean flaps at the back of the book to cover the words or the pictures, you can practise speaking or writing the words as many times as you want. Hide & Speak English is organized into 15 popular themes including farm, school, family, colours and food. More Hide & Speak English is organized into 15 popular themes including days of the week, sports, shopping. Each theme contains: • 9 key words and picture prompts • Simple phrases using the key words • A humorous full-colour picture illustrating each theme

How To Use? Using the two wipe-clean flaps at the back of the book to cover the words or the pictures, you can practise speaking or writing the words as many times as you want.


Hide & Speak English More Hide & Speak English

978-605-9518-07-9 978-605-9518-08-6

...with Me! Series Pre A1-A2

…with Me! is an innovative vocabulary development series created as a supportive material for Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE). The notebooks can be easily used as a supplementary material along with any Young Learners course. All the words in the series are given in contexts with pictures and various activities.


English Notebooks

The series consists of three notebooks: Start with Me!, Move with Me! and Fly with Me!. All designed with original, colourful and attractive shapes and illustrations. Key features • Can be easily used as a supplementary material along with any Young Learners course • Various activities to develop cognitive and affective skills of learners • Sentences for the target vocabulary • YLE word lists for each level Start with Me! Move with Me! Fly with Me!

Multilingual Vocabulary Wheels

978-975-7103-60-8 978-975-7103-61-5 978-975-7103-62-2

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

Vocabulary wheels are a great tool for students to learn, reinforce and practice vocabulary. Each wheel covers one topic and includes 32 items of vocabulary. As students turn the wheel, each picture can be seen accompanied by the corresponding word in 5 different languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian). The wheel can be used as a picture dictionary to help students find out the words for themselves or as an alternative to flashcards to help them assimilate the words. 21 cm diameter. Body Parts


Clothes Fruit & Vegetables Sports

978-605-5450-02-1 978-605-5450-07-6 978-605-5450-08-3

In the House In Town At Work Multilingual Vocabulary Wheels Set (7)

978-605-5450-05-2 978-605-5450-04-5 978-605-5450-06-9 978-605-5450-03-8


Discovering English A1-B1


Brian Abbs, Ingrid Freebairn, Alison Wooder, Jon Marks

Discovering English is a three-level lower secondary course written for students aged 11 to 14. It provides a well-balanced communicative syllabus covering functions, structures, vocabulary and grammar plus listening, speaking, writing and study skills. Students will love the delightful illustrations and photography, and the entertaining approach to learning English. Teachers will appreciate the easy-to-use format, imaginative activities, and helpful guidance in the Teacher's Guide. Discovering English combines the work of well-known and respected authors Brian Abbs and Ingrid Freebairn with new work by talented authors Alison Wooder and Jon Marks.

Level 1: A1 to A2

Key features • Rich and lively, visually-exciting presentation • Up to date and varied topics which provide many opportunities for students to talk and write about their own lives • A clear learning focus and regular revision lessons in each course • A series of graded language structures and functions to create communicative trust • Lively, likeable characters in a contemporary setting • Four language skills are developed through a thorough integration of CLIL topics accompanied by the 4C's of the 21st Century Learning and Innovation Skills (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication) Components • Students' Book • Workbook • Teacher's Book • Test Book • Downloadable audio • Interactive whiteboard software

Level 2: A2


Level 3: A2 to B1

Discovering English 1 Students' Book +Audio Discovering English 1 Workbook Discovering English 1 Teacher's Book Discovering English 1 Test Book

978-605-9518-18-5 978-605-9518-21-5 978-605-9518-20-8 Downloadable

Discovering English 2 Students' Book +Audio Discovering English 2 Workbook Discovering English 2 Teacher's Book Discovering English 2 Test Book

978-605-9518-19-2 978-605-9518-22-2 978-605-9518-23-9 Downloadable

Discovering English 3 Students' Book +Audio Discovering English 3 Workbook Discovering English 3 Teacher's Book Discovering English 3 Test Book

978-605-9518-24-6 978-605-9518-25-3 978-605-9518-26-0 Downloadable


• Fifty stimulating and easy to teach lessons with a clear language focus • Lessons contain dialogues and texts, pictures, language exercises, reading texts, writing tasks and listening activities • Look! boxes highlight points of grammar language which need special explanation • Did you know?/Joke time! - small factual items and simple jokes which are linked to the lesson either thematically or linguistically • Projects - an occasional feature which is linked to the theme of the lesson. It aims to take the students outside the textbook, to develop reference and study skills and to link English to the general curriculum • Round-up lessons revise and draw together the previous four lessons with additional practice in reading, listening and writing • Check your English - grammar summary in each Round-up lesson give an overview of the system behind the language the students have been learning • Word lists - active word lists for students to learn are printed lesson-by-lesson in the reference section at the end of the Students' Book


Focus on Reading / Mastery in Reading A1-B2


James Bean, Gillian Flaherty, Jane Bowring, Chris Coey, Nicholas Dunlop, Naomi Waterman

Focus on Reading / Mastery in Reading is an innovative five-book reading and vocabulary development series. The series is in two parts: • Focus on Reading consists of three books and caters for elementary to low intermediate students. • Mastery in Reading consists of two books and caters for intermediate to upper intermediate students. Each book covers a number of contemporary themes such as entertainment, natural wonders, amazing news stories, crime and sport. The carefully written exercises help students to develop effective vocabulary-building strategies, as well as a broad range of reading skills. Key features • Wide range of fascinating topics • Reading texts based on a carefully graded core vocabulary • Thematic approach to vocabulary building • Focus on understanding texts at sentence, paragraph and text level • Additional extension material at the end of each unit • Audio

Focus on Reading 1 +Audio Focus on Reading 1 Teacher's Guide Focus on Reading 2 +Audio Focus on Reading 2 Teacher's Guide Focus on Reading 3 +Audio Focus on Reading 3 Teacher's Guide Mastery in Reading 1 +Audio Mastery in Reading 1 Teacher's Guide Mastery in Reading 2 +Audio Mastery in Reading 2 Teacher's Guide

978-975-7103-24-0 978-975-7103-23-3 978-975-7103-21-9 978-975-7103-22-6 978-975-7103-19-6 978-975-7103-20-2 978-975-7103-28-8 978-975-7103-27-1 978-975-7103-26-4 978-975-7103-25-3

Stories of My Life B1-B2 Odiléa Rocha Erkaya

An Integrated Skills Approach to Learning ESL/EFL Through Literature Stories of My Life contains eight short stories. Each short story deals with a different topic appropriate for teenage and older learners of English. The textbook is for intermediate to high-intermediate learners of ESL/EFL. The textbook was designed in a way that there is an emphasis on the four skills and consists of eight units. Each unit is comprised of a short story with six parts; “Before You Read”, “Focus on Comprehension and Discussion”, Focus on Literary Elements”, “Focus on Role Play”, Focus on Language”, “Focus on Writing”. In addition to eight units, it includes a glossary of terms, bibliography, and sources for instructors. All units are organized the same way. Stories of My Life helps students to listen to and understand their instructor and peers; participate in discussions; and practice speaking, reading, and writing the language. It will also help them to speak and write better. As far as critical thinking is concerned, our students must be trained to be critical thinkers because critical thinking is an essential skill.

Stories of My Life



Start Up A1-A2 Fırat Özcan

Start Up is a practice book which develops the learners of the English language at elementary level into intermediate level. It consists of 20 units and each unit has got 4 main parts; vocabulary, grammar, reading and an extra part with a writing exercise.


Comprehensive English Practice

Start Up mainly aims to help learners improve their language skills and use them in everyday English. Key features • Clear, comprehensible explanation for each subject • Functional examples that help learners comprehend the differences among the uses of grammar structures • Tips that help learners avoid making the most common mistakes • A large variety of exercises • Vocabulary studies with attractive illustrations and photographs • Interesting reading activities • Short but functional writing activities • Whiteboard software

Start Up Student's Book +Audio Start Up Teacher's Edition Start Up Test Book

978-975-7103-57-8 978-975-7103-56-1 Downloadable

Way Out A1-A2 Erhan Yıldız

A Reading-Based Multi-Skills English Course Way Out is a carefully designed multi-skills course book for elementary to lower-intermediate learners of English. Way Out presents a thematic course of study that stimulates students to improve their language skills and their fluency in English. It encourages students not only to talk and write but also stimulates pair and group discussion activities. The activities in Way Out are widely varied; and with its broad range of topics, it appeals to students of diverse interests. Each unit has been designed to develop fluency in the reading, speaking and writing skills. In addition, presentations of grammar points and vocabulary help students communicate with greater accuracy.

Key features • A multi-skills course developed to foster fluency in English • Exercises designed to actively engage learners • Activities that reinforce comprehension and communication skills • Key vocabulary accompanied by definitions and in a communicative context • Grammar reference designed to clarify structural complexities through examples • Full-color photographs that help learners relate to the content

Way Out +Audio




Aytaç Ören, Fırat Özcan

Use, Form & Practice Grammar File is a comprehensive grammar reference and practice book for elementary to intermediate learners of English. It provides the learners with the usage, form and practice altogether for each unit. Grammar File presents necessary grammar points in order, from easier to more difficult ones. The book aims to develop essential structural points in language learning. It can be used in class as well as a self-study guide. • A hundred and five two-page units • Each unit contains a large variety of exercises after the brief explanation of the related topic • Consolidation exercises after each five units • Extra tests to be used as evaluation tests after each ten units • Revision tests at the end of the books Grammar File Student's Book Grammar File Teacher's Edition

978-975-7103-59-2 978-975-7103-63-9

Vocabulary Wizard Veli Barışkan, Barbara Anne Strachan

The Most Common Words in English Vocabulary Wizard is a unique vocabulary book which is based on the findings of the modern Corpus Linguistics. Vocabulary Wizard employs concordances to provide many different contexts for each word. The words are presented in interesting and graded texts. • The most common 1000 words - their common collocations and meanings • The most common phrasal verbs - their meanings, usage and sample sentences • The most common prefixes and suffixes - their meanings and sample words with their common collocations • Tests: multiple choice tests, cloze tests, phrasal verbs tests

Vocabulary Wizard Vocabulary Wizard Answer Key

978-975-7103-10-3 978-975-7103-18-9

Vocabulary Odyssey / İngilizce Kelime Yolculuğu Çağlar Kök

55 Thematic Glossaries and Vocabulary Notes Vocabulary Odyssey is a great resource for those who are learning English, those who want to keep their vocabulary knowledge alive and/or expand it, and those who take delight in dealing with English vocabulary. Vocabulary Odyssey tackles various aspects of English vocabulary. In the book; • there are 55 glossaries regarding both daily and specialized topics, and word lists, • explanations concerning various aspects of English vocabulary (such as idioms, formal versus informal English, abbreviations, acronyms, foreign words in English, collocations, prefixes, suffixes and many more), • almost all the aspects of vocabulary have been covered in the book under 20 titles.


Vocabulary Odyssey / İngilizce Kelime Yolculuğu


Vocabulary 4000 Jeff Kolby

The 4000 Words Essential for an Educated Vocabulary

Many vocabulary books list esoteric words we quickly forget or feel selfconscious using. However, there is a bounty of choice words between the common and the esoteric that often seem be just on the tip of our tongue. Vocabulary 4000 brings these words to the fore.


English offers perhaps the richest vocabulary of all languages, in part because its words are culled from so many languages. It is a shame that we do not tap this rich source more often in our daily conversation to express ourselves more clearly and precisely.

All the words you need for success in business, school and life! • 4000 Words Defined • Word Analysis section • Idiom and Usage section • 200 Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes • Concise, practical definitions • Great for the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, and other entrance exams Vocabulary 4000



Nova's 500 Words, Phrases, Idioms for the TOEFL iBT Bruce Stirling

This TOEFL book is different because it uses an integrated vocabulary learning system called recycling. For each set of ten vocabulary words, you will complete four quizzes: • A multiple-choice vocabulary quiz • A sentence-completion quiz • A spelling quiz • A typing quiz This method keeps you integrating and applying new words using six TOEFL skill sets: reading, listening, speaking, writing, spelling and typing. Recycling will help to remember each new word, phrase and idiom more effectively so it can be applied more proficiently on test day. Bonus material • Typing lessons and tips to improve accuracy and speed • Learn how to structure opinion-based and fact-based TOEFL essays • Audio CD to practice listening skills

Nova's 500 Words, Phrases, Idioms for the TOEFL iBT with Audio




Nova's Scoring Strategies for the TOEFL iBT Bruce Stirling


TOEFL students all ask: How can I get a high TOEFL iBT score? Answer: Learn argument scoring strategies. Why? Because the TOEFL iBT recycles opinion-based and fact-based arguments for testing purposes from start to finish. In other words, the TOEFL iBT is all arguments. That's right, all arguments. If you want a high score, you need essential argument scoring strategies. That is what Nova's Scoring Strategies for the TOEFL iBT gives you, and more! Test-Proven Strategies: Learn essential TOEFL iBT scoring strategies developed in American university classrooms and proven successful on the TOEFL iBT. Rhetorical Analysis: Learn how to predict testing points by rhetorically analyzing reading, listening, speaking, and writing tasks. Argument Recycling: Learn how the TOEFL iBT recycles opinion-based and fact-based arguments for testing purposes in all four test sections. Argument Mapping: Learn how the graphics-based scoring strategy called argument mapping applies to all TOEFL iBT tasks. Nova's Scoring Strategies for the TOEFL iBT +Audio

Scoring Strategies for the TOEFL iBT

Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT


Speaking & Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT



Nova's Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT Bruce Stirling


For non-native English speakers, the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL iBT can be the most intimidating - they force a test taker to think on the spot and communicate effectively in English without the benefit of multiple-choice answers. Though these sections are difficult, they are very learnable! Boost your confidence in the writing and speaking sections and maximize your TOEFL iBT score with the strategies outlined in our easy-to-follow TOEFL iBT prep book. Nova's Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT introduces a revolutionary new method called “Argument Mapping” that has been shown to significantly improve TOEFL iBT scores. The theory behind argument mapping is that students acquire speaking and writing skills more effectively and efficiently if they can visualize their answers first. Learn the art of argument mapping and discover how this one essential, adaptable skill will help you in all six speaking tasks and both writing tasks! • How to tackle every type and structure of essay the TOEFL iBT may throw at you • Step-by-step basic responses for all speaking and writing tasks • Step-by-step advanced responses for all speaking and writing tasks • Step-by-step emergency responses for all speaking and writing tasks • How to revise your spoken and written responses to maximize scoring • How to rate your own spoken and written responses as an TOEFL iBT scorer would

Nova's Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT +Audio



Nova's Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT Bruce Stirling

Nova's Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT contains four full-length tests, with answer keys and audio scripts. Perfect for self-study and classrooms. Each TOEFL iBT Practice Test… • Reflects the design of the official TOEFL internet-based test • Tests academic English-language proficiency expected of university students in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and England • Provides extra practice before you take the official TOEFL ibt • Will help you identify those areas of academic English you need to improve for a higher TOEFL ibt score • Will give you an unofficial, TOEFL ibt range score within a 10-point range • Answer key + tapescript included

Nova's Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT +Audio



101 Helpful Hints for IELTS Garry Adams, Terry Peck


101 Helpful Hints for IELTS has been specifically designed to assist candidates to prepare for and better understand the Academic Module version of the IELTS examination. The 101 helpful hints provide information to familiarise students with the IELTS exam format and the types of questions involved. They also offer practical guidance with clear reference to the practice tests to help students learn from their errors, as well as advice about further practice that can be of use. The unique format of the book enables students to complete the first practice test and review their performance before attempting the next test. This is achieved by linking each hint to the appropriate pages of the practice test, so that students can easily identify problem areas and understand why they may have made errors. The tests increase in difficulty as students progress through the book. Key features • Essential Advice for Academic Module candidates • Extensive Help sections for all 4 sub-tests • 2 Practice Listening Skills Tests • 4 graded Practice Academic Reading Tests • 4 Practice Academic Writing Tests • 2 sets of Practice Speaking Test questions • Speaking Test Practice Board Game • Listening & Reading Test questions with notes • A Score Interpreter • A Glossary of academic terms • Listening Skills Test Tapescripts • Full Answer Keys And Writing Test Model Answers 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – Academic Module +Audio

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS

202 Useful Exercises for IELTS


404 Essential Tests for IELTS


202 Useful Exercises for IELTS Garry Adams, Terry Peck

202 Useful Exercises for IELTS is an IELTS practice workbook, designed to give students of English extensive and guided IELTS examination practice. All of the 202 exercises involve the various skills required to take the IELTS test.


Essential for Academic and General Training Module candidates of IELTS – for use in the classroom or for self-study

The book can be used together with the 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS course book, provides 202 targeted exercises for the various question types in the Listening, Reading, and Writing Sub-tests of the examination. Key features • Exercises in Listening, Reading, Writing, Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary • 3 Dictation Tests • 8 Listening News Items • 5 Listening Lectures • Information on various subjects in 5 modern topic areas: 'Communication and the Arts', 'The Environment', 'Technology', 'Politics in Britain', 'Youth and Education'. • 27 Listening Exercise Tapescripts • Full Answer Keys and 10 Writing Test Model Answers 202 Useful Exercises for IELTS +Audio


404 Essential Tests for IELTS Donna Scovell, Vickie Pastellas, Max Knobel

404 Essential Tests for IELTS has been written to give candidates extensive practice with instructions, question types and content used in the actual Academic Module version of the IELTS examinations and includes detailed descriptions of the four test sections. The book includes four complete practice tests for the IELTS examination. 404 Essential Tests for IELTS can be used by the student for self-study or integrated into a course programme. Key features • 4 Practice Listening Tests • 4 Practice Academic Level Reading Tests • 4 Practice Academic Level Writing Tests • 4 Practice Speaking Tests • Detailed descriptions of the four different test sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking • General Pointers and Immersion Ideas to improve Candidates' listening, reading, writing and speaking skills • A Complete Answer Key for the Listening and Reading Tests • Tapescripts for the Listening Tests • Full Answer Keys and Writing Test Model Answers • A Score Analyser to interpret systematic errors and to set a realistic time frame to prepare for an IELTS test • A Glossary of Academic Terms • Useful information about effective studying for IELTS

404 Helpful Hints for IELTS – Academic Module +Audio



Nova's SAT Prep Course EXAMS

Jeff Kolby

Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for the SAT! Nova's SAT Prep Course provides the equivalent of a 2-month, 50-hour course, complete with twenty-two chapters of content review, detailed explanations to hundreds of test questions, and sections that take you behind the scenes into the mentality of SAT question writers. Key features • Math: Twenty-two chapters provide comprehensive review of SAT math properties, including the new concepts from Algebra II. • Reading Comprehension: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a passage. • Writing: Comprehensive analysis of the SAT Essay, including writing techniques, punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style. • Contains detailed solutions to hundreds of questions!

Nova's SAT Prep Course


Nova's GMAT Prep Course Jeff Kolby

Nova's GMAT Prep Course provides the equivalent of a 50-hour, 6-week course. This comprehensive test prep book provides twenty-two chapters of review material and hundreds of GMATstyle practice problems and examples. Plus, we'll take you inside the heads of test question writers to help you understand and outsmart the GMAT question mentality. Key features • Math: Twenty-two chapters provide comprehensive review of GMAT math. • Logical Reasoning: Discover the underlying simplicity of these problems and learn the tactics the GMAT writers use to obfuscate the answers. • Reading Comprehension: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a GMAT passage (pivotal words, counter-premises, etc.). • Writing Assessment: Learn how to get top scores on your Analysis of Issue and Analysis of Argument essays. • Mentor Exercises: These exercises provide hints, insight, and partial solutions to ease your transition from seeing GMAT problems solved to solving them on your own. • Test Mentality: 15% of this book is dedicated to training you to think like a test writer to help you spot red herrings AND correct answers. • Hundreds of GMAT-style questions with detailed solutions! • Study plan suggestions based on the amount of time you have before the exam • Software: - In Mentor Mode, you are immediately told whether you answered the problem correctly, and you can view a solution of the problem - In Test Mode, you can take a test timed and scored by the program


Nova's GMAT Prep Course +Software


Nova's GRE Prep Course Jeff Kolby


Nova's GRE Prep Course provides the equivalent of a 50-hour, 2-month course. This comprehensive test prep book provides twenty-two chapters of review material and hundreds of GRE-style practice problems and examples. Plus, we'll take you inside the heads of test question writers to help you understand and outsmart the GRE question mentality. Key features • Math: Twenty-two chapters provide comprehensive review of GRE math. • Verbal: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a passage (pivotal words, counterpremises, etc.). Also, learn the 4000 essential GRE words. • Writing: Comprehensive analysis of the writing task, including writing techniques, punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style. • Mentor Exercises: These exercises provide hints, insight, and partial solutions to ease your transition from seeing GRE problems solved to solving them on your own. • Dual Exercises: These are pairs of similar GRE problems in which only one property is different. They give you insight into how GRE problems are constructed. • Detailed solutions to hundreds of GRE questions! • Software: - In Mentor Mode, you are immediately told whether you answered the problem correctly, and you can view a solution of the problem - In Test Mode, you can take a test timed and scored by the program

Nova's GRE Prep Course +Software


Focus on Paragraph Aytaç Ören

Focus on Paragraph has been written as an important guide and source for intermediate and advanced learners of English. Reading comprehension is the most important part of the exams such as KPDS, YDS, or ÜDS and other mainstream exams. All the passages are authentic and their subjects vary from health to economy or from history to science. With the help of vocabulary given before each exercise, you're able to remember or memorise some words in an easier way.

Focus on Paragraph



THE COMPASS: Route to Academic English B1-B2


Meriç Gülcü, Gonca Gülen, Burçin Hasanbaşoğlu, Elif Şeşen, Gökçe Tokdemir

Navigating the rough patches in the academic landscape is a tough experience… All you need to survive is… “THE COMPASS”! The Compass: Route to Academic English adopts a constructivist and learner-centred instruction by integrating the four skills -reading, writing, listening, and speaking- using a thematic approach. The Compass: Route to Academic English 1 looks at the theme of “change” from different views and each unit dwells on one specific aspect of the concept, starting with the concept of “Changing the Self” and gradually moving towards a broader topic: “Changing Generations”. The Compass: Route to Academic English 2 looks at the theme of “power” from different views and each unit dwells on one specific aspect of the concept, starting with the concept of “Power and the Individual” and gradually moving towards a broader topic: “Power and the Rich”. Key features • Designed for tertiary-level learners • Develops four skills in language • Introduces the conventions of academic discourse • Teaches paragraph and essay writing basics • Teaches basics of research skills for academic writing • Teaches fundamentals of apa reference rules for documentation • Provides varied samples and exercises on summarizing, paraphrasing, using direct quotations and synthesizing • Teaches argumentative and reaction response essay writing with clear models • Encourages students to be better writers and speakers • Enhances cognitive skills • Helps learners analyse, synthesize and evaluate ideas • Provides a variety of speaking and writing tasks • Addresses students' affective domain with the contemporary and controversial issues • Recycles the skills covered


THE COMPASS: Route to Academic English 1 +Audio THE COMPASS: Route to Academic English 1 Teacher's Book THE COMPASS: Route to Academic English 2 +Audio THE COMPASS: Route to Academic English 2 Teacher's Book

978-605-5450-63-2 978-605-5450-65-6 978-605-5450-67-0 978-605-5450-68-7

THE COMPASS: Route to Academic Speaking B1-B2 Canan Duzan, Evrim Yalçın

The book consists of four thematic units which explore different aspects of carefully selected and stimulating themes like mind, art, marketing, and technology & science. The tasks in each unit build upon each other both thematically and skills wise and the units end with a culminating presentation assignment where students are expected to display their understanding and command of the themes and skills focused on in the relevant unit. Key features • Designed for tertiary-level learners • Follows an integrated skills approach with the primary focus on the speaking skill • Utilizes authentic listening and reading materials which serve as a springboard to provide the necessary context and background knowledge for the speaking tasks • Offers an array of speaking tasks like debates, discussions, role plays and oral synthesis • Encourages fluency and spontaneous language production • Helps learners build confidence in speaking English • Contains “speaking help” sections and “the sound of English” sections to help learners improve their fluency and pronunciation • Facilitates critical thinking skills • Provides input and practice for the presentation skills required in academic and professional contexts


The Compass: Route to Academic Speaking is a course book designed with the aim of equipping English language learners with the essential speaking and presentation skills they need in order to perform successfully in academic contexts.

The Compass: Route to Academic Speaking ensures that students will acquire the language skills they will draw upon not only in their academic life but also in their future career. THE COMPASS: Route to Academic Speaking +Audio THE COMPASS: Route to Academic Speaking Teacher's Book

978-605-5450-64-9 978-605-5450-66-3

THE COMPASS: Setting Sail for Successful Careers B1-B2 Çiğdem Mekik, Meltem İzgören

The Compass: Setting Sail to Successful Careers is a course book aiming to equip prospective university graduates with the knowledge and skills they need on the path to their future careers. The book consists of four units, each building upon each other to develop students' self-awareness and career readiness. Concepts, language/terminology and skills concerning the job search, graduate school applications and preliminary on-the-job performance are presented through a constructivist and learnercentered approach. All tasks in the book are designed to prepare students to seize the career opportunities most suited to them by facilitating knowledge construction starting with self-discovery through reflection on their personality, skills, values and interests followed by making applications, preparing for interviews and practicing vital skills for work life such as socializing, telephoning and meeting skills. Key Features • Is designed for tertiary-level learners • Provides the necessary background and information on the basic concepts and skills for work life • Presents clear, user-friendly explanations and samples for writing cvs, cover letters, application forms and statements of purpose/letters of intend • Provides a variety of tasks to help learners prepare for interviews • Promotes active learner involvement in the making of meaning and knowledge • Seeks to create progress in learners' skills with a range of activities moving from controlled to free practice • Offers ample language and vocabulary practice and listening materials for self-study • Recycles job related vocabulary and language • Develops all four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking • Encourages fluency and spontaneous language production through role play activities • Offers instructors a broad range of suggestions for planning and implementing activities to achieve course objectives THE COMPASS: Setting Sail for Successful Careers +Audio THE COMPASS: Setting Sail for Successful Careers Teacher's Book

978-605-5450-85-4 978-605-5450-87-8


Travel and Tourism A2-B1 Ruth Wajnryb


Travel and Tourism is a listening and speaking course aimed at students who are studying English for the hospitality industry. It highlights the vocabulary and grammatical structures commonly used by travellers, whether for business or pleasure, and people they must converse with. These range from travel agents to airline staff, hotel staff, waiters and tour guides. Travel and Tourism is accompanied by 60 minutes of video that contain all the dialogues filmed in actual locations. Every effort has been made to ensure authenticity of language and situation. • Real-world integration with video and photographs integrated into the course • Simple, accessible, easy-to-follow format • Conflict resolution strategies and language • Practice activities that mirror real-life situations • Emphasis on anticipating and resolving problems, providing confidence and skill in dealing with unexpected situations Travel and Tourism +Video Travel and Tourism Teacher's Guide

978-975-7103-12-7 978-975-7103-13-4

Current Trends in ELT Edited by İsmail Yaman, Emrah Ekmekçi, Mü�t Şenel


Considering the numerous changes and developments that have taken place in many areas that closely affect human life, it is not rational to think that old language teaching practices are totally valid and applicable today. Under this framework, the specific field of foreign language teaching as a part of the general realm of education welcomes new paradigms each passing day and this poses a must for language educators to keep up with the latest developments in the field. This must promises better teaching practices for language teachers and, in turn, better learning experiences for language learners. Current Trends in ELT aims to enable teacher trainers in ELT programmes at universities, pre- and in-service English language teachers, and those who have interest in ELT to have access to a single to-the-point resource on the current trends in ELT. The book consists of twenty chapters each of which has been written meticulously by distinguished authors from the ELT programmes of various universities in Turkey. The covered trends are presented in a categorical manner throughout the book and each chapter aims to provide practical implications of a specific trend for English language classes rather than a merely theory-laden content. Current Trends in ELT


Theoretical Considerations in Language Education Edited by Betil Eröz-Tuğa

Implications for English Language Teaching English Language Teaching (ELT) is a field that has not produced its own theories. Instead, the field has been influenced by and has borrowed theories from other branches of social sciences, such as psychology, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, and educational sciences. The diversity of theories in social sciences is a great advantage to ELT as there are many applicable and meaningful theories from its related fields that have the potential to enhance the practices of language teaching professionals and researchers around the world. Designed for diverse audiences from pre-service and in-service language teachers to teacher trainers and researchers, this edited book brings together a variety of theories from disciplines related to ELT, describing their historical development and connecting them to language teaching and learning. Each chapter of this volume displays how a specific theory has influenced principles, practices, and methodologies in language teaching/learning and language teacher training. Each chapter also provides additional insights and pedagogical suggestions into how to adapt and apply the basic principles and guidelines of the theory into classroom settings.


Theoretical Considerations in Language Education


Nuance Readers A1-B2 General Editor: James Bean


Nuance Readers is a six level award-winning collection of exciting fiction readers for students of English. These highly engaging original stories will entertain students whilst improving their English and extended reading skills. Each reader is carefully graded according to grammatical structures, vocabulary and length and comes with accompanying audio files. • audio files of the complete story alongside specially chosen extracts for comprehension exercises • meaningful exercises that emphasise vocabulary and comprehension • careful vocabulary and grammar grading • useful glossaries • written in a fresh and lively style • wide range of genres from mystery and thrillers to fantasy and science fiction • illustrated in full colour • free downloadable worksheets & exams

"The Bookshop", "The Winning Shot", and "Body on the Rocks" have won the Extensive Reading Foundation's "Language Learner Literature Awards".




B1 (Threshold)

A2 (Waystage)

B2 (Vantage)


Adventure in the Alps

Cousins and Crocodiles

Pauline Francis (Adventure)

Jane Bowring (Family relationships)

Lisa is scared of skiing! Little by little, she gets better at it, but at the end of the day she is still too afraid to ski down the mountain with her ski class. She is about to get onto the ski lift when she sees that someone from the class is in danger. Lisa is the only one who can help. What will she do?

Why did Susie's English cousins come on holiday if they don't want to have fun? They are in the north of Australia! There's a lot to do and a lot to see, but Alice is always reading and Jamie is always naughty. When Jamie disappears and the family can't find him. Where is Jamie?

ISBN: 978-975-7103-54-7

ISBN: 978-975-7103-49-3

A Dangerous Race

Divers in Danger

Sue Murray (Thriller)

Sue Murray (Adventure)

Sophie and her father are sailing their yacht Salsa in a race on Sydney Harbour. Before the race starts, Sophie sees Zenith, a big luxury yacht. On board Zenith are American billionaire Conrad Rossiter and his son Ryan, who are visiting Sydney. As Salsa and the other boats race around the harbour, Sophie sees something strange happening on Zenith – Ryan Rossiter is in danger.

Ben Harrison loves scuba diving. He is with a group of students on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. They are learning how to dive and how to stay safe under the water. But Karl, one of the other students, wants to do things his own way. Ten metres down, Karl gets into trouble. Ben has to stay calm and think fast to get the two of them out of danger.

ISBN: 978-605-5450-76-2

ISBN: 978-975-7103-79-0

The Fast Lane

The Football Match

Claire Craig (Adventure)

Pauline Francis (Travel-Adventure)

Alex thinks he is going on a nice drive in the country with his dad. But when they stop at a café, Alex's day stars to go horribly wrong. A dangerous-looking man gets into the car and drives away, taking Alex with him. Where is Alex's dad? Who is this man and what will he do to Alex?

There's an exciting email for Ben from his friend Nico in Italy. Nico has two tickets for the Italy–England football match! On the plane from London to Rome, Ben makes a new friend, who is also going to the match. But the boys get a nasty surprise – their tickets are missing!

ISBN: 978-975-7103-52-3

ISBN: 978-975-7103-50-9




The Game


Sue Murray (Adventure)

Sue Murray (Adventure)

Every night, Dylan plays Orloff's Castle, a computer game. In the game he has to free Princess Zia, a prisoner of the evil Count Orloff. But one night something strange happens – by magic, Dylan is pulled into the computer. He's not just playing the game now – he is in the game! His only way back to the real world is to go into the castle and find the princess. Can Dylan defeat Count Orloff?

There are grizzly bears in Yoho National Park in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Before Joe and Randall go walking in the park, Joe's mother tells them be careful. They should stay on the trail, stay together and never stand between a mother bear and her cub.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-65-3

ISBN: 978-975-7103-82-0

Land of Gold

Lost in the Rain

Claire Craig (Travel-Adventure)

Jane Bowring (Mystery)

Maddy and her friend Cate are in Egypt on a school trip. They keep seeing a mysterious man in a black suit. Then they look in Cate's bag and are shocked at what they find. Should they tell somebody about their discovery? Why is the man in black following them?

When a cute little dog turns up at Sally's front door, the first thing she wants to do is keep it. After all, the dog doesn't have a name tag, so how can Sally find its home? But one day in the park she talks with someone who tells her about the dog's owner. This gets her thinking: The owner loves that little dog…I have to find him.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-66-0

ISBN: 978-975-7103-53-0


The Right Team

James Bean (Adventure)

Alan C. McLean (Sport-Social issues)

Gary Kent is a planespotter – he loves watching planes take off and land. He knows all the planes and all the flights. When Gary sees something strange at the airport one afternoon, soon he realises that Flight PP401 to Los Angeles is in danger. Gary knows he has to help – but who's going to listen to a thirteen-year-old boy?

Mumba Siwale is the best football player in his town in Zambia. His life changes the day a man comes to see him play and invites him to join a top English football club. Mumba is very excited. But when he arrives in England, things don't work out the way he expected. Will Mumba ever play for the team he loves?

ISBN: 978-975-7103-67-7

Stars of Tomorrow

Stop that Musketeer!

Alan C. McLean (Relationships)

Denise Kirby (Thriller)

Ellen's friend Holly shows her an advertisement for a TV show. Are you under 16? Can you sing? Then you can be in Stars of Tomorrow. 'We can enter,' says Holly. Ellen is very nervous about it – the other singers are so good, and one of the judges is very nasty!

ISBN: 978-975-7103-68-4

At Abby and Dean's school, there is a costume party to collect money for a history trip to France and Italy. During the party Abby discovers that the box with the money is missing. At the same time Dean sees a man in a Musketeer costume and notices that the man has the money box! Dean tries to talk to him, but the man runs away. Who is the misterious musketeer? Can Dean and Abby stop him?

ISBN: 978-605-5450-93-9

The Winning Shot

The Young Riders

Alan C. McLean (Sport-Adventure)

James Bean (Adventure)

Mitch has a new camera. He wants to win the prize for the best photograph at the Vancouver Giants' ice hockey game. He takes pictures of the players on the ice and the people in the crowd. But some people aren't happy to have their picture taken, and one of Mitch's pictures gets him and his brother Ben into big trouble.

Ariuna and her brother Tuli live in Mongolia. When Tuli and his horse are hurt and cannot ride in an important horse race, Ariuna decides to take his place. Some people say that her horse isn't fast enough, but Ariuna is determined to show that they are wrong.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-81-3


ISBN: 978-975-7103-80-6

ISBN: 978-975-7103-51-6


The Black Night

Denise Kirby (Adventure)

Denise Kirby (Humour-Thriller)

Scott Gordon lives near the beach and belongs to the surf club. Soon he's going to try for the Bronze Medallion – the first step to becoming a real lifesaver. But his grandmother doesn't like the idea. When she tells Scott the story of a day that changed her life, he begins to understand how dangerous the sea can be.

Archie loves to draw. He often goes to the Art Gallery to make copies of the beautiful paintings there. One evening he finds himself locked in the gallery after it has closed. It should be easy to get someone to let him out. But Archie is not the only person in the gallery that night. There are other visitors – and they are up to no good. When he realises there's a robbery happening, Archie knows it's his job to stop it.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-44-8

ISBN: 978-975-7103-85-1

Blue Moon Beach

The Bookshop

Sue Murray (Adventure)

Denise Kirby (Mystery)

Sam Martin loves watching the beautiful sea eagles flying over Blue Moon Beach. But when two suspicious-looking men arrive, Sam begins to get worried. What do these men want? Soon Sam and his new friend Tim realise that the sea eagles are in danger, and they decide that they have to stop the men and save the birds.

It's work experience week for Lucy Gardner and her classmates, but Lucy isn't happy – she has to work in an old bookshop that nobody ever goes into. And worse, the owner of the shop is a very grumpy lady. But when Lucy finds an old diary in the shop one day, things start to get interesting. Many years ago, the person who wrote the diary hid something very valuable. But what was it, and where is it hidden?

ISBN: 978-975-7103-48-6

ISBN: 978-605-5450-77-9

The Bride Wore Black

Death at Hadrian's Wall

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Denise Kirby (Thriller)

A wedding reception turns to tragedy when robbers arrive to steal the guests' jewellery and a man is shot dead. Molly thinks there's something very strange about this crime. 'It's not a job for you', her friend tells her. 'It's a job for the police.' But she wants some answers. Was this just a robbery gone horribly wrong?

Jack and his friend Mitchell are going to 'Walk the Wall' - they're going to walk for eight days along Hadrian's Wall, the old Roman wall in the north of England. 'It'll be easy,' says Mitchell. But the walk isn't easy. The boys get sore feet and tired legs. There are hills to climb, and there's rain. Then they make a terrible discovery, and a difficult walk becomes a dangerous adventure.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-71-4

ISBN: 978-605-5450-31-1

Hot Air

Lucky for Some

Denise Kirby (Adventure)

Paula Smith (Sport-Social issues)

Donna and her family are going on a ballooning weekend in the country. 'It's going to be great,' says her brother. Donna isn't confident at first, but when the balloon goes up into the air, it feels strange and wonderful – and she feels free. Then things start to go wrong…

Can a basketball jersey bring bad luck? Madison Munroe is usually a great basketball player. But ever since she joined her new team and started wearing the number nine jersey, she's played badly. Then she hears strange stories about the jersey – people say the bad luck started with a girl who wore it many years ago. Madison and her brother decide to find out what happened to her.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-69-1

ISBN: 978-975-7103-83-7


Playing with Fire

Pauline Francis (Adventure)

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Anna has a holiday job helping out on a yacht called Summer Cloud. She's excited because two very important passengers are coming on board. Kit has to get photos of Anna's passengers for a new magazine. But out at sea, Kit discovers that the people who gave him the job want more than just photos…

Something strange is happening near Lizzie Baxter's farm. At night, there have been fires in old houses and barns. Someone calls the fire brigade every time, but doesn't give their name. Who is lighting these fires? When there's a fire on Lizzie's farm one night, she comes face-to-face with the danger.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-70-7


Between the Flags

ISBN: 978-975-7103-84-4




Ride for Your Life

Ruby's Gift

Pauline O'Carolan (Adventure)

Sue Murray (Travel-Adventure)

Annie isn't happy when she is sent to her aunt's farm. When she arrives, something is wrong – Aunt Jean is behaving strangely, and Annie's cousin and uncle are nowhere to be seen. When Annie decides to find out for herself what's wrong on the farm, things get dangerous and she has to ride for her life.

Jeremy and his mother are on holiday in San Francisco. They buy a toy monkey. It's a gift for Jeremy's baby sister. But they are not the only ones who want that monkey - there are other people who want it very badly. After someone steals it from him, Jeremy can't understand why. What's so special about this toy monkey? Jeremy gets a big surprise when he finds out.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-46-2

ISBN: 978-605-5450-28-1

The Secret by the Lake

Shopping for Trouble

Jane Bowring (Mystery)

Paula Smith (Social issues)

While on holiday at a beautiful lake, Sally and her dog Callie meet a strange, unfriendly woman, who tells Sally to keep her dog away. The woman doesn't want anybody coming near her place. 'Some people just don't like dogs,' says Sally's mother. But Sally asks some questions in the nearby village and begins to think the woman is hiding something… This story is a sequel to 'Lost in the Rain' Nuance Readers Level 1.

Colette is studying English in London. She loves art and is thrilled when she and her friend Annika are allowed to visit the National Gallery. But Annika thinks they can have more fun elsewhere. Colette isn't happy, but she goes along with her friend. Then she sees –or thinks she sees– Annika do something that gets them both into serious trouble.

ISBN: 978-605-5450-97-7

The Show Must Go On

Worm Juice

Sue Murray (Social issues)

Denise Kirby (Adventure)

Tom and Fraser are excited when TV star Heath Mason visits their school and announces a play competition. The best actor in the competition will go on TV! The boys decide to put on a play together. But that's the easy part. As the night of the competition gets closer, they face more and more problems … The show must go on – but will it?

Mrs Peterson gives her class a big new project – they have to find something they can sell at the Tunbridge Town Fete. At first, Justin's group don't know what to sell, but then Justin has a bright idea – they'll sell 'worm juice'. Worm juice is a wonderful fertiliser for plants! But they soon discover that setting up a worm farm isn't easy…

ISBN: 978-975-7103-45-5


ISBN: 978-975-7103-47-9

ISBN: 978-975-7103-72-1

A2 (Waystage)


Sue Murray (Thriller)

Sue Murray (Comedy)

“You wanted an adventure, didn't you?” That's what Jim Franklin says to himself, all alone in the middle of Guatemala. Jim has come to visit his uncle, who takes him to stay in a small village in the jungle. It's a beautiful place, but it's also a place of secrets and surprises. The village people are keeping secrets, and so is Jim's uncle. And then the strangers arrive. Why have they come? What do they want? Jim's search for answers takes him deep into a mysterious cave – and into serious danger.

CHOIR is the Central Headquarters of the Organisation for Invention and Research. It's topsecret! At CHOIR, highly intelligent young people make new inventions that will help the world. Harley Baxter has invented a robot. It's so lifelike that he is sure nobody will ever know it's a robot. But when Harley takes his robot home and to school, things don't go quite the way he planned! CHOIR Boy is a play. You can read it like any story, or you can act it out with a group-like real actors!

ISBN: 978-605-9518-28-4

ISBN: 978-975-7103-86-8

Deadly Holiday

Double Trouble

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Pauline O'Carolan (Travel-Adventure)

Annie is on holiday in Australia with her friend Pat. They're visiting Pat's mother Noreen and her new family. But there's something odd about these people. When Annie hears a conversation between Noreen's new husband and a strange man, she starts to get worried. Then accidents start to happen. But are they really accidents? Or is someone trying to kill Pat and his mother?

Some strange things happen to the Robinson family on their holiday on the Fijian island of Tavioka. At first it's just small things that go wrong – someone steals their shoes, and they find their rooms full of toads! But then they start to feel their lives are in danger. It becomes clear that someone doesn't want them to stay on the island. But who? And why? Their Fijian friend Iveri helps them to find out.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-87-5

ISBN: 978-975-7103-88-2


In Sarah’s Dreams

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Sam Bowring (Fantasy)

Jenna isn't sure about her new brother. She is sixteen, and it feels strange that her mother has just had a baby. Then when something terrible happens to the baby, some people think that Jenna may be to blame. But Jenna is determined to save her little brother and find out what has really happened.

Sarah hasn't made any friends at her new school. And Jill, the school bully. But when Sarah goes to sleep at night, she has a strange friend who comes into her dreams and shows her how things might be different. It's okay while these things only happen in her dreams, but soon it becomes clear that Sarah's world is changing.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-73-8

ISBN: 978-975-7103-43-1

The Key

The Man Next Door

Denise Kirby (Mystery)

Pauline O'Carolan (Mystery)

It's just a little key. Somebody sent it in the mail. But the person it was sent to never got it – and nobody knows who sent it. So now it's in the Dead Letter Office at the city post office. When Danny hears about it, he decides to solve the ''BIG mystery of the LITTLE key.'' Danny and his friend Emma search for answers all over town…

When Pat Devlin goes to visit his friend Annie in Glasgow, he is surprised at how rude her next-door neighbour is. The man isn't only unfriendly – he also makes a lot of noise, which keeps Annie and her mother awake at all hours. Pat and Annie begin to suspect that this strange man is not who he says he is. They decide to investigate.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-42-4

ISBN: 978-975-7103-39-4

Mystery at Lion Rock

The Rainbow Girl

Alan C. McLean (Mystery-Thriller)

Philip Voysey (Fantasy)

Hannah Fox and her friend Jo are on the holiday island of Mallorca. The sun is shining and the water is perfect for swimming. But in this beautiful place, something terrible is happening. Hannah learns that their mysterious rich neighbour is hiding something – a secret project that could lead to the deaths of many people. He must be stopped, and Hannah wants to be the one to do it.

Maribella is different from other children –she has a humpback. The people in her village say she brings bad luck, and they don't let their children near her. But her mother Luz tells them, “My daughter has a big heart. One day she will do something special”. And one day she does, the villagers will never forget.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-89-9


The Cave of the Jaguar

ISBN: 978-975-7103-40-0



A2 (Waystage)

The Secret in the Farmhouse

Stranger Danger

Paula Smith (Thriller)

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Four friends - Alex, Dan, Matt and Hannah - are spending a week in the country on a school trip. In an old, empty farmhouse, they discover hidden boxes full of stolen things. They tell the police what they've found, but someone makes sure the police don't believe them. What has happened to the boxes? Who is keeping the secret in the farmhouse? When the four friends try to come up with some answers, they find themselves up against a group of dangerous criminals.

Chris Jones doesn't want to spend the weekend camping with his dad. But he has been in trouble, and his dad has decided that a long hike in the forest is just what he needs. As they sit round the campfire at night, Chris and his dad hear a noise and decide to find out what it is. What they see shocks them both, and puts them in great danger. This is an exciting thriller!

ISBN: 978-605-5450-30-4

What Rose Saw Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

After a terrible car accident, Rose doesn't like to go out. Instead, she watches the world from her balcony. She sees people down in the street below. She watches them coming and going from her building. One day Rose sees someone acting strangely and decides to watch more closely. She soon finds out that two people in her life are in danger. She needs to do something to help - but is she brave enough?

ISBN: 978-605-5450-29-8


ISBN: 978-975-7103-41-7


Blown Away

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Sue Murray (Travel-Adventure)

Mia Alati gets a shock when thieves arrive at her family's villa in the Italian countryside. They have come to steal her father's fabulous art collection. The thieves have guns, but Mia and her grandmother are smart. When they are taken prisoner, the two of them use some quick and clever thinking to get out of a dangerous situation.

Corey Cassidy and his friend Grant are driving around the beautiful Pacific island, looking for good places to surf, when the weather changes. The sea gets rougher and the wind gets stronger and stronger. A tropical cyclone is coming. Corey tells the story of the terrible storm, and the people who help him get through it.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-38-7

ISBN: 978-975-7103-37-0

Kidnapped in Cornwall

Murder Weekend

Paula Smith (Thriller)

Denise Kirby (Mystery)

“I want to go on an adventure.” says Emily's best friend Ava. On holiday on Cornwall, the two girls go camping in a cave that long ago was used for smuggling. But their overnight stay is interrupted by the arrival of some very unpleasant characters, and soon the girls witness a shocking crime. Things go from bad to worse when the girls are caught. When they overhear what their captors are planning, the girls know they only have one choice – they have to escape!

In an old country house, the celebrations for Adrian Bennett's fortieth birthday are going well. Everyone is enjoying themselves – the guests; the actors who are acting out a murder mystery to entertain them; and Milly, who is helping her mother cook all the food. But the weekend is ruined when a real crime takes place. The road to the house is closed because of bad weather, and the police can't get there.

ISBN: 978-605-9518-27-7

ISBN: 978-975-7103-90-5

Road to Nowhere

A Second Chance

Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller)

Paula Smith (Fantasy)

Walking near the beach near his family's farm one night, Nick Bennett sees a boat bringing something unusual to shore – people. He suspects that they are illegal immigrants. When he goes to investigate what's happening on a nearby farm, he realises he was right. Soon Nick finds himself involved with a brother and sister and their desperate attempt to escape from a ruthless people-smuggler.

Joanna Jones dreams of being an actor in the theatre. She meets Mr Joseph, a kind old man who knows a lot about acting and singing. He believes in Joanna and offers to teach her what he knows. The two of them work together in secret, and when an unexpected chance comes along, Joanna is ready!

ISBN: 978-975-7103-91-2

ISBN: 978-975-7103-36-3

The Singing Stones

The Sky Readers

Sue Murray (Fantasy quest)

Sue Murray (Fantasy quest)

'Find the stones… You will find the way to help all of Avondel.' Finn doesn't understand the note that his great aunt gave him, but he doesn't have time to think about it. When soldiers come to his village looking for him, Finn has to escape and go on a dangerous journey. He soon learns that only he can defeat the evil warlord Gondar. But he'll need the help of the singing stones…

Lewin's quiet life changes on the day he turns sixteen and finds out that he is a sky reader – he has the power to read the past, the present and the future. Lewin leaves home to learn the ways of old magic from his grandfather Laylan. When they start to see dark, troubling visions, the two sky readers realise they must make a journey to the city of Liana to help save their land from evil. The Sky Readers, like The Singing Stones, is a story from the Avondel Chronicles.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-92-9


The Alati Collection

ISBN: 978-975-7103-93-6

What Happened at Seacliffe Denise Kirby (Mystery) Cully Robinson is in the English village of Seacliffe, trying to find where an ancestor is buried.She meets some distant – and very wealthy – relatives who live there today. When Cully investigates the family history, she learns of a crime hidden for two hundred years – a crime that changed the lives of everyone in the family. Her relatives don't want the truth to be known. But why? What did happen at Seacliffe all those years ago?

ISBN: 978-975-7103-94-3



B1 (Threshold)

Racing the Tide

River of Dreams

Denise Kirby (Thriller)

Philip Voysey (Social issues)

Ella is staying near the beach in Broome. The tides aren't the only things in Broome that Ella finds unusual – there's also the strange couple next door, and the story of a missing schoolgirl. When Ella finds a beautiful bracelet, she believes she knows what's been happening. She goes looking for answers, but what she finds is terrifying.

When a terrible flood hits Bangladesh and destroys their village, Khushi and her brother are left all alone in the world. They go to the city to make a new life for themselves, but things get worse when another disaster separates sister from brother. Will they find each other?

ISBN: 978-975-7103-35-6

ISBN: 978-975-7103-95-0


When the Sea Came In

Philip Voysey (Social issues)

Mary Tomalin (Science fiction)

Sorrow wants to change. He's come from a small village, he's going to stay with his uncle and he's starting at a new school – it's the start of a new life. But the people Sorrow meets and the things that happen to him in Chimuka change him in ways that he never imagined. He soon has to learn for himself what is right and what is wrong.

In the future, the world is much hotter and life has completely changed. Sea levels have risen. There have been three 'Great Floods', when huge waves covered coastal cities and towns. In the small Australian town of Axel, life for Meena and her brother Mark is calm, but not completely safe. There is danger from bandits, and there is always the possibility of another Great Flood…

ISBN: 978-975-7103-34-9

ISBN: 978-975-7103-96-7

Wild Water Sue Murray (Adventure) 'Do you want an exciting adventure? Then come on the Black Bear whitewater rafting trip!' Four friends – Mouse, Scott, Dario and Ryan – decide to go on the trip down Black Bear River. At first it's a lot of fun. But when things start to go wrong, they find that whitewater rafting can also be deadly.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-33-2

B2 (Vantage)


The Art Show

Body on the Rocks

Paula Smith (Social issues)

Denise Kirby (Thriller)

Sophie loves painting and wants to become an artist, but her parents have other ideas. Her good friend Dorothy gives her some advice – 'Show them that you are good enough to go to art college.' She offers to help Sophie put on her own art show. While working to prepare for the show, Sophie discovers a sad secret about Dorothy's past and decides to try to help her friend. It's a life changing time for both of them.

On a beautiful holiday island, Becky and her friends make an awful discovery – a dead body beneath a cliff. Did the man fall, or was it murder? Becky can't stop thinking about it. When she learns the dead man's name, she wonders if this death could be linked to a murder that happened many years ago. Becky is determined to find out. But as she gets closer to the answer, she finds she's getting into great danger herself.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-98-1

ISBN: 978-975-7103-97-4

Broken Wings

The Creature

James Roy (Survival story)

Alan Milson (Science fiction)

Angela and her brother Simon are about to fly to a gold mine in the Australian outback. She's a little surprised when she meets the pilot of the small plane they're taking. Something about him doesn't seem quite right. But Angela reminds herself that flying is safer than riding in a car.

Kin Zen is on the star ship Voyager, exploring the outer galaxy. When the Voyager arrives on a new planet, Kin is part of the team that goes looking for new forms of life. They capture a bizarre alien creature, but it soon becomes clear that the creature has powers beyond those of its human captors.

ISBN: 978-975-7103-31-8

ISBN: 978-975-7103-32-5




Español 32 Italiano 38 Français 38 Руссkий 39 Հայերեն 48

Solo español A1-A2 María Teresa Ferrero Gil


Método de español para adolescentes Solo español es un método de español en tres niveles (A1.1, A1.2 y A2.1) para adolescentes. Solo español está adaptado al ámbito escolar que refleja situaciones relacionadas con el mundo actual de los jóvenes estudiantes. Es cercano, dinámico y contiene ejercicios y actividades amenos que promueven la participación y el interés por aprender de los estudiantes en la clase. Cada libro abarca los contenidos correspondientes a los niveles (A1.1, A1.2 y A2.1) establecidos por el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia (MCER). Consta de 7 unidades con temas en los cuales los estudiantes se sienten directamente identificados. Cada unidad se enmarca dentro de un enfoque comunicativo de la enseñanza adaptado a las necesidades y estilos de aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Dota a estos de recursos para que realicen tareas que les pongan en contacto con la vida cotidiana y realicen pruebas relacionadas con el Diploma DELE ESCOLAR.


Componentes • Libro del alumno y de ejercicios +audio descargable • Ejercicios de refuerzo • Guía didáctica del profesor • Material digital



Solo español 1 (A1.1) Libro del alumno y de ejercicios +audio descargable Solo español 1 (A1.1) Guía didáctica del profesor Solo español 2 (A1.2) Libro del alumno y de ejercicios +audio descargable Solo español 2 (A1.2) Guía didáctica del profesor Solo español 3 (A2.1) Libro del alumno y de ejercicios +audio descargable Solo español 3 (A2.1) Guía didáctica del profesor

978-605-9518-49-9 978-605-9518-50-5 978-605-9518-47-5 978-605-9518-48-2

Mi cuaderno de español

Mi cuaderno de español



Mi cuaderno de español es un cuaderno preparado con el fin de ayudar a los estudiantes de los niveles básicos a enriquecer su vocabulario en la lengua española.

Mi cuaderno de español que contiene palabras presentadas con figuras correspondientes a los métodos está formado por: • Las unidades organizadas según los temas • Las palabras presentadas con dibujos en todas las unidades • Frases ejemplares en niveles básicos • Tablas de los verbos en español • La lista de palabras organizada según DELE Escolar A1

Elif Erarslan, Tahsin Aydoğdu

İspanyolca dilbilgisi kurallarını en basit seviyeden başlayıp ileri seviyeye kadar, Türkçe açıklamaları ve uygulamalı örnekleri ile veren İspanyolca Cepte, İspanyolca öğrenmekte olanlar için olduğu kadar, İspanyolca bilgilerini tazelemek isteyenler için de bir temel başvuru kaynağı niteliğindedir. Índice: El alfabeto español, Los números, Preguntar y decir la hora, El verbo, La construccíon de la frase, El sustantivo, El adjetivo, El pronombre, Ser Estar, ¿Dónde?, Tener, Hay, Gustar – Paracer – Doler, Obligación de los adjectivos, El tiempo, La gradiación de los adjectivos, Tiempos verbales, Frases compeustos, Los preposiciones, El uso de 'para' y 'por', Estilo directo – Indirecto

İspanyolca Cepte



Tapa y habla español / Más tapa y habla español A1


Susan Martineau, Catherine Bruzzone, Sam Hutchinson

¡Una manera amena y práctica de aprender las primeras palabras esenciales en español! Tapa y habla español y Más tapa y habla español van más allá que la mayoría de libros de vocabulario. Cada uno de estos libros ofrece una manera simple pero efectiva de aprender más de 130 palabras clave en Español siguiendo el método ya probado y testado de "mirar, cubrir y hablar". Usando las dos solapas situadas al final del libro para cubrir las palabras o las imágenes, puedes practicar tu vocabulario hablando o escribiendo tantas veces como quieras. Tapa y habla español está organizado en 15 populares temas incluyendo la granja, la escuela, la familia, los colores y la comida. Más tapa y habla español está organizado en 15 populares temas incluyendo los días de la semana, los deportes, compras. Cada tema contiene: • 9 palabras clave e imágenes • frases simples usando las palabras clave • una divertida escena a todo color ilustrando cada tema

Usando las dos solapas situadas al final del libro para cubrir las palabras o las imágenes, puedes practicar tu vocabulario hablando o escribiendo tantas veces como quieras.


Tapa y habla español Más tapa y habla español

978-605-9518-09-3 978-605-9518-10-9

Mi diccionario de español con pegatinas A1 Catherine Bruzzone, Louise Millar


Simples y coloridas escenas con pegatinas para niños y niñas aprendices de lenguas. Une la palabra a la ilustración para hacer tu propio diccionario de pegatinas temático (En el zoo, En la calle, En el campo, En clase, En el supermercado, En el huerto, En el puesto de la fruta).


Palabras cotidianas y temas populares en coloridas escenas con pegatinas

• Las divertidas pegatinas incentivan la práctica el español • Cada palabra en español está claramente ilustrada para aprender fácilmente • Existe una lista alfabética de palabras al final del libro

Encuentra las pegatinas con las imágenes en la ilustración principal

Cubre la palabra en Español con la pegatina

Date un ¡bravo! a ti mismo cuando termines el tema

Mi diccionario de español con pegatinas



¡Yo sé leer en español! ESPAÑOL

A1 • Actividades lúdicas para trabajar las cuatro destrezas lingüísticas (comprensión lectora, comprensión auditiva, expresión oral y expresión escrita) después de la lectura. • Incluye audio descargable con la grabación del texto íntegro. • Atractivas y coloridas ilustraciones. • Incluye un marcapáginas recortable.

Cachorrito encuentra un amigo Catherine Bruzzone / Thessa Judkins

Es sábado y Cachorrito quiere jugar. Él intenta jugar con sus amigos del patio, pero todos tienen algo más importante que hacer. ¿Tendrá que jugar solo? ¿Al final encontrará un amigo? Cachorrito encuentra un amigo


¡Quiero mi plátano! Mary Risk / Rosa Martín

El mono está muy triste. Tiene hambre y no puede encontrar su plátano. Otros animales de la jungla quieren ayudarle... Pero, ¿son realmente amables? ¿Conseguirá comerse el plátano? Quiero mi plátano


¡Me gusta leer en español! A1 • Actividades lúdicas para trabajar las cuatro destrezas lingüísticas (comprensión lectora, comprensión auditiva, expresión oral y expresión escrita) durante y después de la lectura. • Incluye audio descargable con la grabación del texto íntegro. • Atractivas y coloridas ilustraciones.

La granja de Tomás Paloma Sánchez González

Tomás vive en un lugar fantástico rodeado de animales y jugando sin parar con su mejor amiga, Bolita. Aunque, a veces, tendría que escuchar más a su madre y ser menos travieso, porque las madres, siempre tienen razón.


La granja de Tomás


Pepe y sus amigos Paloma Sánchez González

Pepe está harto de no tener más amigos en su pueblo que su gato Boquerón. Hasta que un día, de un mundo lejano, reciben una visita inesperada que hará a Pepe y Boquerón muy felices. Pepe y sus amigos




¡Me gusta leer en español! A1+


• Actividades lúdicas para trabajar las cuatro destrezas lingüísticas (comprensión lectora, comprensión auditiva, expresión oral y expresión escrita) durante y después de la lectura. • Incluye audio descargable con la grabación del texto íntegro. • Atractivas y coloridas ilustraciones. • Incluye un juego de mesa al final del cuento.

El blog de Daniel Stephen Rabley / Rosa María Martín

¿Es esto el final de la reserva de los orangutanes de Pumai? ¿Quién va a parar a Brad Coram antes de que lo destruya todo? Danny tiene un plan, que tú descubrirás leyendo. El blog de Daniel


La roca roja Stephen Rabley / Rosa María Martín

Lara está emocionada por unirse a su padre en el rodaje de su última película de aventura, pero de repente algo terrible pasa y Lara deberá ser rápida para salvar a su padre. La roca roja


Los mellizos del tiempo Stephen Rabley / Rosa María Martín

¿Quieres descubrir que pasa cuando Tom y Sophie descubran el último invento de su abuelo? ¿Y te gustaría viajar en el tiempo? ¡Pues vamos a leer! Los mellizos del tiempo


Un extraño en la nieve Lynne Benton / Rosa María Martín

Anna siempre imagina cosas raras y su hermano Paul se burla de ella. Pero un día un extraño entra en su vida y lo pone todo del reves. ¿Quién es él? ¿Lo descubrimos? Un extraño en la nieve


Un nuevo mundo Stephen Rabley / Rosa María Martín

Magnus es un niño que sueña con viajar por el mar con los Vikingos. Una gran aventura le espera. Él lleva un secreto importante para el futuro. ¿Descubrimos de qué se trata? Un nuevo mundo



Mon dictionnaire d'autocollants Français A1


Catherine Bruzzone, Louise Millar

Mots courants et thèmes populaires sont dans des scènes d'autocollants colorés Scènes d'autocollants simples et colorées pour les jeunes apprenants de langue. Associez le mot à l'illustration pour créer votre propre dictionnaire d'autocollants thématique (Au zoo, Dans la rue, Dans la forêt, Dans la classe, Au supermarché, Dans le potager, A l'étal de fruits). • Les autocollants amusants encouragent la pratique française. • Chaque mot française est clairement illustré pour faciliter l'apprentissage. • La liste alphabétique français est à la fin du livre.

Trouver les images de l'autocollant dans l'illustration Couvrir le mot Français avec l'autocollant Donnez-vous un autocollant "bravo" lorsque vous terminez le thème Mon dictionnaire d'autocollants français


Copri e scopri Italiano A1


Catherine Bruzzone, Susan Martineau

Un libro interattivo di parole e immagini Copri e scopri va oltre i semplici dizionari illustrati. Presenta un modo efficace e semplice per imparare piú di 130 parole italiane fondamentali seguendo il comprovato metodo del "Guarda, copri e ripeti". Usando gli alettoni riscrivibili alla fine del libro per coprire le parole o le immagini, puoi fare pratica ripetendo o scrivendo le parole tutte le volte che vuoi. Il libro è suddiviso in 15 principali aree tematiche come fattoria, scuola, famiglia, colori e cibo. Ogni tema contiene: • 9 parole chiave con relative immagini • Frasi di esempio che utilizzano le parole chiave • Un'immagine spriritosa e colorata che illustra ogni tema Un modo pratico e divertente per imparare le prime parole essenziali della lingua italiana!

Usando gli alettoni riscrivibili alla fine del libro per coprire le parole o le immagini, puoi fare pratica ripetendo o scrivendo le parole tutte le volte che vuoi.


Copri e scopri italiano


Русский класс


Л.Л. Вохмина, И.А. Осипова

Русский класс A1-A2 Задача учебника — формирование коммуникативной компетенции на материале тем и ситуаций, актуальных для подростков.


"Русский класс" комплекс предназначен для учащихся старших классов школ, лицеев в возрасте 12–17 лет, у которых русский язык является вторым или третьим иностранным языком.

Рабочая тетрадь используется в комплекте с учебником. Ко всем урокам учебника тетрадь содержит задания, направленные на формирование навыков и умений письменной речи, начиная с русской графики и орфографии и кончая умением написать записку, поздравление. Значительное количество заданий предназначается для формирования грамматиче ских навыков. к учебнику даётся звуковое приложение. Русский класс B1 Задача учебника — формирование коммуникативной компетенции на материале тем и ситуаций, актуальных для подростков. Общая программа первой и второй частей комплекса включает учебный материал, необходимый для достижения I сертификационного уровня (уровня В 1 по европейскому стандарту). Рабочая тетрадь содержит тренировочные упражнения ко всем урокам учебника, направленные на формирование лексических, грамматических и речевых навыков. Особое место в рабочей тетради отведено работе с глаголами, их управлением и спряжением. к учебнику даётся звуковое приложение.

Русский класс A1-A2 Учебник +Аудиофайл Русский класс A1-A2 Рабочая тетрадь Русский класс B1 Учебник +Аудиофайл Русский класс Рабочая тетрадь

978-605-5450-32-8 978-605-5450-34-2 978-605-5450-35-9 978-605-5450-33-5


Матрёшка РУССKИЙ

Н.Б. Караванова

A1 Элементарный разговорный курс русскoго языка Учебник Матрёшка является универсальным пособием для всех начинающих изучать русский язык и рассчитан на самую широкую аудиторию. Исходя из потребностей учащихся, yчебник Матрёшка создан из двух книг: Матрёшка 0 и Матрёшка А1. Матрёшка 0 содержит Вводно-фонетический курс, Правила чтения и письма, Элементарные грамматические сведения. Матрёшка 0 состоит из 20 небольших уроков, каждый из которых рассчитан на 15–20 минут занятий. Матрёшка 0 содержит; • буквы и звуки русского языка, • правила их письма и чтения, • основные фонетические законы, • интонация, • элементарные лексико-грамматические конструкции, • aудиофайл. Матрёшка А1, которая является продолжением Матрёшка 0, включает в себя Элементарный разговорный курс, Основы русской грамматики. Эта книга представлена в 10 уроках, охватывающих самые необходимые темы общения. Матрёшка A1 содержит; • речевые модели на самые актуальные темы общения, • простые и понятные объяснения правил русской грамматики, • фонетические и грамматические упражнения для тренировки, • диалоги разной степени сложности, • интересные тексты для чтения и аудирования и задания к ним, • тесты для проверки пройденного материала, • ключи ко всем упражнениям и заданиям, • русско-турецкий, русско-английский и русско-немецкий словари, • aудиофайл.


Матрёшка 0 +Аудиофайл Матрёшка A1 +Аудиофайл Матрёшка 0-A1 +Аудиофайл

978-605-5450-72-4 978-605-5450-73-1 978-605-5450-71-7

Русский сезон


М. М. Нахабина, В. Е. Антонова, И. И. Жабоклицкая, И. В. Курлова, О. В. Смирнова, А. А. Толстых

Настоящий учебный комплекс по русскому языку как иностранному предназначен для взрослых учащихся и обеспечивает подготовку в объеме элементарного уровня. Он включает; • учебник, • рабочую тетрадь со словарями, • аудиофайл.


Учебник и pабочая тетрадь по русскому языку. Элементарный уровень.

Учебник включает в себя 14 уроков, заключительный урок 15 – тест. Учебник рассчитан в среднем на 100-120 академических часов. Отличительными его особенностями являются активная направленность на обучаемого, стимулирование усвоения материала методом «открытия» и формирование на его основе самостоятельных выводов. Работа с учебником предполагает развитие новых умений и навыков в результате активного включения учащихся в работу при выполнении творческих заданий. При этом развиваются общие компетенции, которые проявляются в способности обучаемых анализировать, синтезировать и сопоставлять предлагаемый материал.

Русский сезон A1.1 +Аудиофайл Русский сезон A1.2 +Аудиофайл

978-605-9518-14-7 978-605-9518-15-4


Приглашение в Россию



Е.Л.Корчагина, Е.М. Степанова

Интерактивный комплекс Приглашение в Россию — серия учебных материалов, позволяющих подготовиться к тестовому экзамену на I Сертификационный уровень. Учебный комплекс формирует уровни коммуникативной компетенции в соответствии с Общеевропейской шкалой уровней владения иностранными языками. Состоит из 2-х частей, каждая из которых включает: • Книгу для учащегося. • Рабочую тетрадь. • аудиофайл. Первая часть серии адресована иностранным учащимся, которые хотят овладеть русским языком на элементарном уровне, и Вторая часть серии адресована тем учащимся, которые хотят овладеть русским языком на базовом уровне. Комплекс выполнен в русле личностно-ориентированного обучения. Языковой и речевой материал комплекса отвечает реальным коммуникативным потребностям учащихся. Учебный процесс ориентирован на обучение говорению как ведущему виду речевой деятельности. Основная форма обучения — диалог и несложный дискурс. Рабочая тетрадь содержит упражнения и задания ко всем урокам учебника, направленные на формирование навыков и умений письменной речи, начиная с русской графики и орфографии и кончая умением написать поздравление, записку, элементарное дружеское письмо. В неё включены также тексты для дополнительного чтения (страноведческие или юмористические), которые служат для обучения письменной речи и работе со словарём.


Приглашение в Россию 1 Учебник (A1) +Аудиофайл Приглашение в Россию 1 Рабочая тетрадь +Аудиофайл Приглашение в Россию 2 Учебник (A2) +Аудиофайл Приглашение в Россию 2 Рабочая тетрадь +Аудиофайл

978-605-5450-74-8 978-605-5450-75-5 978-605-5450-81-6 978-605-5450-82-3

Kolay Rusça / Очень просто! A1 Г.М. Копытина

Kolay Rusça, öğrencilerin gerekli durumlarda ihtiyaç duydukları ifadeleri kısa sürede öğrenmelerini ve Rusçayı kullanır duruma gelmelerini amaçlar. • Her bölümde basitten karmaşığa doğru giden bir yol izler, • Konuşmada mutlak gerekli olan durumları kapsar, • Rusça dilbilgisini oldukça basit şekliyle sunar, • Ses dosyası telaffuz ve dinleme çalışmalarını kapsar, • Öğrenciyi kendi cümlelerini kurmaya, düşüncelerini ifade etmeye ve diyaloglara katılmaya sevk eder.


Русский язык для начинающих

Цель Очень просто! - быстро научить иностранных учащихся использовать нужные слова в конкретной обстановке. Грамматические сведения русского языка изложены в очень простой форме с опорой на турецкий язык. Элементарные объяснения помогают учащимся легко усвоить главные аспекты русской грамматики. Новые слова вводятся через диалог, контекст и в лексико-грамматических конструкциях. Такой подход позволяет учащемуся самостоятельно строить предложения, выражать свои мысли и участвовать в разговоре. Книга предназначена для индивидуальных занятий с преподавателем или на краткосрочных курсах. Учебник включает аудиоматериалы с записью диалогов, текстов и фонетического материала. Kolay Rusça / Очень просто! +Аудиофайл


РУССКО-ТУРЕЦКИЙ СЛОВАРЬ RUSÇA-TÜRKÇE SÖZLÜK A1-A2 Людмила Носова Курал, Олеся Горбунова Онер

Элементарный и базовый уровни Данный словарь составлен в соответствии с требованиями Государственного стандарта Российской Федерации по русскому языку для граждан зарубежных стран. Словарь содержит лексический минимум элементарного и базового уровней (А1 и А2), необходимый для прохождения теста и получения сертификата Российской государственной системы тестирования. Словарь включает 1300 слов и предназначен для взрослых учащихся различных форм обучения.

A1 ve A2: Temel Seviye Bu sözlük, Rusya Federasyonunun yabancı ülke vatandaşları için belirlemiş olduğu Devlet Dil Standartlarına göre hazırlanmıştır. Sözlük, söz konusu standartlarda temel seviye (A1 ve A2) için belirlenmiş ve Yabancı Dil olarak Rusça (TORFL) sınavında A1 ve A2 seviyelerinde devlet sertifikası alabilmek için gerekli olan kelime haznesini içermektedir. Sözlükte 1300'den fazla kelime bulunmaktadır. Sözlük, çeşitli öğretim kurumlarında Rusça eğitimi alan yetişkin öğrenciler tarafından kullanılabilir.

Русско-Турецкий Словарь / Rusça-Türkçe Sözlük



Русский со мной РУССKИЙ

Figen İyidoğan, Elena Gribkova Hamiti

Рабочая тетрадь по русскому языку Тетрадь подготовлена в соответствии с Европейской шкалой уровней владения иностранными языками и ориентирована на лексические минимумы, разработанные для Российской государственной системы тестирования по русскому языку (элементарный уровень А1). Тетрадь может быть использована в качестве дополнительного материала на уроках русского языка как иностранного (неродного). Темы представлены по принципу избыточности материала, чтобы преподаватель мог построить урок по своему усмотрению. Характеристики: • Ударения • Тематический список слов • Богатый иллюстративный материал • Учебные задания, направленные на развитие языковой компетенции • Предложения и выражения для активного усвоения материала • Простые и короткие диалоги как модель для построения собственных высказываний • Разнообразные игровые задания

Русский со мной - Рабочая тетрадь по русскому языку


ПРОПИСИ для обучения письму / Rusça El Yazısı Pratik Defteri Людмила Носова Курал, Олеся Горбунова Онер

Прописи предназначены для обучения иностранных учащихся технике написания русских букв и слов. Подходят для всех возрастов, начиная с младшего школьного. Могут использоваться в обучении письму детейбилингвов. Особенность данного издания в том, что слова отобраны в соответствии с темами, которые составляют основу курса А1. Таким образом, отрабатываются не только навыки письма, но и ведется работа над лексикой. В прописях специально оставлены пустые строки и страницы, чтобы учащийся имел возможность делать пометки, тренироваться в написании трудных слов и т. п. В теме «Знакомство» пустая страница дается для составления и записи учащимися диалогов из слов и фраз данного раздела. Rusça El Yazısı Pratik Defteri, Rusça öğrenenlere Rus harf ve sözcüklerinin yazım tekniklerini öğretmek amacıyla hazırlanmıştır. İlkokul çağındaki çocuklar başta olmak üzere her yaş için uygun olduğu gibi Rusça ve Türkçe eğitim alan çift dilli öğrenciler için de kullanılabilir. A1 seviyesine uygun olarak hazırlanan El Yazısı Pratik Defteri, yazım tekniklerini öğretmesinin yanında Rusça kelime haznesinin de gelişmesine yardımcı olacaktır. Defterde kimi satırlar ve sayfalar boş bırakılmıştır. Bunun amacı yazması zor olan kelimelerin üzerinden yeniden geçmeye ya da kitapta yer almayan sözcükleri yazmaya fırsat tanımaktır. “Tanışma” bölümündeki boş sayfada ise öğrencinin verilen kelimeler ve cümlelerden kendi diyalogunu oluşturması amaçlanmaktadır.


ПРОПИСИ для обучения письму / Rusça El Yazısı Pratik Defteri


Мой русский словарь / Resimli Rusça Sözlük


Н. Г. Бабай, В. В. Дронов

Словарь содержит алфавитную и тематические части, а также специальные занимательные упражнения по развитию речи ребёнка с использованием картинок. • Цвета • Вес, размер , • Числительные • Глаголы • Семья • Комната • Стол, еда • Овощи и фрукты


Словарь поможет детям выучить русские буквы и узнать более 400 русских слов. На ярких весёлых картинках изображены хорошо знакомые детям предметы.

• В магазине игрушек • Одежда • В зоопарке • Город, улица, транспорт • За городом • Спорт, отдых . Части тела • Природа, времена года • Работа (профессия)

Rusça'ya yeni başlayanlar için olduğu kadar, başlangıç seviyesinde olanlar için de bir kılavuz niteliğindeki “Moy Russkiy slovar'” hem Rus alfabesini hem de 400'den fazla kelimeyi öğretmeyi amaçlamaktadır. Sözlükte hem alfabetik, hem de tematik bir düzen bulunmaktadır.

Мой Pусский Cловарь / Resimli Rusça Sözlük Мой Pусский Cловарь Пособие для преподавателя / Öğretmen Kılavuzu

978-605-5450-80-9 978-605-5450-83-0


Серия книг «Маша и Миша»



Figen İyidoğan, Elena Gribkova Hamiti


Серия книг Маша и Миша состоящая из четырёх рассказов адресована детям, изучающим русский язык как иностранный, детям-билингвам, а также детям соотечественников, проживающим за рубежом; подготовлена в соответствии с Европейской шкалой уровней владения иностранными языками и ориентирована на лексические минимумы, разработанные для Российской государственной системы тестирования по русскому языку. Серия может быть использована на самых ранних этапах изучения русского языка для повышения общего владения языком, обогащения лексического запаса учащихся и формирования навыков самостоятельного чтения. • Каждая книга снабжена аудиоприложением • Небольшие диалоги, направленные на активизацию разговорной речи, помогут получить навыки элементарного устного общения на русском языке • Тексты сопровождаются заданиями на понимание прочитанного и на развитие речи и заданиями, помогающими повторить грамматические формы, актуальные для данного уровня обучения. • Каждая книга содержит грамматические таблицы и ключи к упражнениям. • Слова в словаре после каждого текста даются с переводом на турецкий язык и сгруппированы по темам.

Маша и её семья 160 слов / A1 (Темы: семья, дом, профессии, цвета) В книге представлен оригинальный рассказ о девочке Маше, её семье, её доме, её саде. Книга содержит ключи к упражнениям и следующие грамматические таблицы: • Именительный падеж • Род существительных • Множественное число существительных • Притяжательные местоимения • Прилагательные • Именительный падеж прилагательных • Антонимы • Союзы Маша и её семья +Аудиофайл


Маша в музее Гарри Поттера 250 слов / A1 (Темы: дом, посуда, одежда, цвета, волшебные вещи) В книге представлен оригинальный рассказ о девочке Маше. Это история о том, как Маша идёт в музей Гарри Поттера и какие волшебные вещи они там видит. Книга содержит ключи к упражнениям и грамматические таблицы: • Предложный падеж • Глаголы предложного падежа • Образец спряжения глаголов • Предложный падеж существительных • Множественное число существительных • Прилагательные в единственном и множественном числе • Превосходная степень прилагательных: слово самый • Союзы Маша в музее Гарри Поттера +Аудиофайл



Маша любит школу 280 слов / A1 (Темы: школа, школьные предметы, фрукты, овощи)

Маша любит школу +Аудиофайл


В книге представлен оригинальный рассказ о девочке Маше и её друге Мише. Это история о том, как ребята проводят свой школьный день, какие предметы им нравятся и чем они занимаются на уроках. Книга содержит ключи к упражнениям и грамматические таблицы: • Дательный падеж • Глаголы дательного падежа • Образец спряжения глаголов • Дательный падеж существительных • Дательный падеж местоимений • Винительный падеж • Глаголы винительного падежа • Образец спряжения глаголов • Винительный падеж существительных • Наречия • Наречия-антонимы • Порядковые числительные • Союзы 978-605-5450-99-1

День рождения Маши 320 слов / A1(Темы: украшения на день рождения, подарки на день рождения, праздничный стол, еда, напитки) В книге представлен оригинальный рассказ о девочке Маше. Это история о том, как Маша празднует день рождения со своей семьёй и своим другом Мишей, какие подарки ей дарят на день рождения. Книга содержит ключи к упражнениям и грамматические таблицы: • Творительный падеж • Глаголы творительного падежа • Образец спряжения глаголов • Творительный падеж существительных • Родительный падеж • Родительный падеж существительных • Родительный падеж местоимений • Местоимение «какой» в восклицательном предложении • Союзы День рождения Маши +Аудиофайл


Я ЧИТАЮ ПО-РУССКИ! Опасные соревнования


Sue Murray / Elena Gribkova Hamiti

Эта книга включена в серию «Я читаю по-русски!». Тексты книг ориентированы на лексические минимумы, разработанные для Российской государственной системы тестирования по русскому языку. Книга адресована детям, изучающим русский язык как иностранный, детям-билингвам, а также детям соотечественников, проживающим за рубежом. Характеристики: • Ударения • Русско-турецкий словарь • Задания для предтекстовой и послетекстовой работы для каждой главы • Лексико-грамматические задания для каждой главы • Задания на развитие навыков письма • Ключи к заданиям • Аудиофайл • Динамичный сюжет с элементами детективной истории • Богатый иллюстративный материал

Лиза и её папа Александр участвуют в соревнованиях на своей яхте «Балтика». Соревнования яхт проходят на реке Неве в Санкт-Петербурге. До начала соревнований Лиза видит шикарную яхту «Зенит». На палубе «Зенита» Пётр Романов – известный русский миллионер, и его сын Юра. Они приехали в СанктПетербург на праздник «Алые паруса». Соревнования яхт начинаются и заканчиваются у причала «Дворцовая площадь», где и стоит «Зенит». На «Зените» происходит что-то странное. Лиза видит, что Юра Романов в опасности... Опасные соревнования +Аудиофайл



Ermenice-Türkçe Sözlük

New Titles


Հայերէն / Հայերեն – Թիւրքերէն / Թյ� րքերեն Բառարան İbrahim Çağlar

ENGLISH / Pre-Primary | Cosplay Series | p.3 • 22.000 civarında Ermenice kelime, Cosplay Math / Cosplay Science • Kelimelerin hem Batı Ermenice hem de Doğu Ermenice kullanım şekilleri, • Kelimelerin kullanım yerleri için örnekler, • “Kelime Türeten Ekler” bölümü, • “Coğrafi İsimler” bölümü.

ՀԱՅԵՐԷՆ ԹԻՒՐՔԵՐԷՆ ԲԱՌԱՐԱՆ • Շ� րջ 22.000 Հայերէն բառը, • Բառերի թէ' արևմտահայերէն թէ' արևելահայերէն գործած� թեան ձևերը, • Բառերի գործած� թեան տեղերի համար օրինակները, • “Ածանցական մասնիկները” բաժինը, • “ԱշխարհագրականENGLISH ան� նները” բաժինը: / Primary | YLE Skills Practice | p.5 ENGLISH / Primary | GAMEnglish | p.4 Book A, Book B and Book C

for Starters, Movers and Flyers ՀԱՅԵՐԵՆ ԹՅ� ՐՔԵՐԵՆ ԲԱՌԱՐԱՆ • Շ� րջ 22.000 Հայերեն բառը, • Բառերի թե' արևմտահայերեն թե' արևելահայերեն գործած� թյան ձևերը, • Բառերի գործած� թյան տեղերի համար օրինակները, • “Ածանցական մասնիկները” բաժինը, • “Աշխարհագրական ան� նները” բաժինը:

ENGLISH / Teenage | Discovering English | p.8

Ermenice-Türkçe Sözlük


Ermenice-Türkçe İki Dilli Baskı Yervant Odyan Çeviri: İbrahim Çağlar

Yabancı dil çalışması yapanlar için “iki dilli” olarak hazırlanmış eserler, öğrenilen dile kapsamlı bir bakış açısıyla bakabilmeye imkân verir. Edebi kalitesi yüksek ve dili sade orijinal bir eserin, akıcı ve berrak bir çeviriyle “iki dilli” yayımlanmasının, dil çalışması yapanların işini büyük ölçüde kolaylaştırdığını söylemek mümkündür. ENGLISH / Vocabulary | Vocabulary Odyssey | p.12 Yoldaş Pançuni'nin bu iki dilli baskısı, Ermenice öğrenmeye başlayanlar için orijinal Batı Ermenice metinleriyle Türkçe çevirisini karşılıklı sayfalarda bir arada sunmaktadır.

ESPAÑOL / Métodos | Solo español | p.32

ESPAÑOL / Lecturas | p.38

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