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Greeting from your 2014 Emcee Editors! There are less than 100 days until NUDM weekend! We are so excited to help you prepare for NUDM 2014 over the next few months as you fundraise with your friends, attend NUDM special events, and learn about our amazing beneficiaries this year, Team Joseph and the Evanston Community Foundation. In this issue you’ll learn all about our primary beneficiary, Team Joseph, catch-up with last year’s beneficiary the Danny Did Foundation and learn helpful fundraising tips from our friends at STITCH and Spoon! You’ve certainly made the right choice to dance this year and we’ll be right here with you every step of the way. Check out the Emcee online for more stories and videos! We hope this issue gets you in the NUDM spirit and we look forward to helping you on your journey to NUDM all year!


meet team joseph


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meet team joseph BY ANNA ZAMBELLI

Get to know the 2014

primary beneficiary


fter receiving a shocking diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy for her then five-year-old son Joseph, Marissa Penrod knew she had to find a way to help. “I gave myself about a day to cry and then I decided it was time to get busy,” she said. “That was the very beginning of Team Joseph, just making that decision.” Team Joseph is a non-profit organization in the Detroit area whose mission is to fund research with the hope of finding a treatment or cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The NUDM Executive Board chose Team Joseph last spring to be the primary beneficiary for 2014. But what exactly is Duchenne? It’s a genetic disorder and one of nine types of muscular dystrophy. It’s typically diagnosed between the ages of three and five and primarily affects boys. As the most common form of muscular dystrophy in children, Duchenne affects between 1 in 3500 and 6500 boys, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Affected boys become wheelchair bound between ages seven and 13 and can live into their 20s or 30s. There is no treatment or cure. Team Joseph works to change that by funding various scientific projects that have potential to affect this generation. Penrod has worked to coordinate amongst Duchenne-specific organizations worldwide to make sure that research is being funded

effectively. “Based on the amazing science research that is taking place, we are close to a treatment or a cure for Duchenne,” Penrod said. “Days count, hours count, and minutes count and every single dollar makes a difference.” To fund this research, Team Joseph organizes fundraisers such as golf tournaments, concerts and run/walks. Additionally, the organization receives corporate and personal donations as well as celebrity support from local sports teams, radio show hosts and other figures. Penrod said she knows that being a beneficiary for NUDM 2014 will make a significant difference in Team Joseph’s fight against Duchenne. “I really feel like now we have a whole army behind us,” she said. “I named this organization Team Joseph and I included the word ‘team’ because I knew I’d have to rely on people that I’d never yet met to help me in the fight for Joseph and all the other kids with Duchenne. At some point, it’s going to take just one more research project to turn the tables on Duchenne. This could be the tipping point.”

(FAR RIGHT) The 2013 primary beneficiary, the Danny Did Foundation, accepts their check from NUDM last year. NUDM raised $741,394,10 for Danny Did(RIGHT) Marissa Penrod and Joseph. (LEFT) The Team Joseph logo. Founded in 2010 when 5-year-old Joseph was diagnosed with Duchenne muscual dystrophy, the 2014 NUDM beneficiary has been working to fund research to find a cure for Duchenne.



DL on danny did

catch up with the Danny Did Foundation and learn about NUDM’s impact a year later


fter you poured your hearts into Dance Marathon and the Danny Did Foundation last year, it’s only fair that we tell you what has happened since then. To do so, we talked with Tom Stanton, the executive director of the Foundation. “Dance Marathon infused our foundation with a huge burst of energy, creativity, and excitement,” he said. “The money raised through NUDM has allowed us to fund more research, to help more families, and to advance education and awareness. Those were our three goals for the money, and it has been gratifying to see them come to fruition.” Stanton also acknowledged how Dance Marathon helped boost the Foundation’s profile, and was ultimately a “game-changer” for the organization. The Danny Did Foundation is currently in the early stages of funding two different research projects. One is taking place

at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and the other at Boston Children’s Hospital. Stanton considers both projects to be part of Northwestern students’ legacy through NUDM. He noted, “the progress and advances that these efforts bring forth are a direct result of our partnership with DM, and we’ll always be grateful for that.” The Foundation’s supporters have been facilitating the spread of epilepsy awareness from “coast to coast” in honor of November National Epilepsy Awareness Month. ESPN 1000 AM radio in Chicago ran a Danny Did radio campaign, and Neurology Today (a magazine read by more than 23,000 neurologists) ran a print ad for the Foundation. Additionally, the Foundation hit its 43rd state (of South Dakota) in its goal to fund seizure alarm monitors for a family in each state, and it funded monitors internationally in Brazil and Luxembourg. There are a variety of ways in which you can continue to support the Danny Did


Foundation. You can stay connected to Danny Did by “liking” its page on Facebook, following its Twitter handle @dannydidorg, or signing up for its monthly newsletter. NU graduates can also work to connect their companies with the Danny Did Foundation in a potential partnership. Tom ended with words he would like all Northwestern students to hear: “The four-year anniversary of Danny’s passing is December 12. Every day his memory, his smile, and his love drive us to keep working to reach more people. Last week we funded a seizure alarm device for a recent Northwestern graduate. It was an opportunity for us to give back in a small way to a community that has given us so much. The Institute of Medicine reports that one in 26 Americans will develop epilepsy over a lifetime. It’s a jarring statistic that speaks to the urgency and scope of our challenge. We have to keep pushing.”




Canning 101 Fundraising Can Be Fun


s finals and winter break approach, NUDM may seem far away. But now is actually the perfect time to get involved and raise your $400 by canning. Standing outside in the cold may not seem like the most enjoyable idea, but canning is a great way to raise money. Many students have said they had a blast canning with their friends, just don’t forget a warm coat and gloves. The NUDM dancer relations committee co- chairs, Ander Aretakis and Johanna McCarthy, said people have raised as much as $200 in one day of canning. Weinberg sophomore Jacob Greenberg added that last year canning contributed to around 40 percent of the DG/ZBT’s team’s total profit. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s all worth it in the end,” Greenberg said. “It’s actually a humbling experience to see how generous people can be.” There are creative ways dancers can have fun and earn more money while canning, Greenberg added. He’s known for dressing up in a turkey costume, complete with feathers and a headpiece. “I think sometimes it makes people pity me,” Greenberg said. ”But some people see the costume and they are like, ‘Wow, he must be a committed member.’” Aretakis and McCarthy added that

last year they played music on their phones and used the cans as makeshift speakers while dancing on the sidewalks. “The more we danced, the more people donated to us,” Aretakis said. “We also made friends with some policemen who approached us because we looked like we were having so much fun.” Aretakis and McCarthy believe that canning helps spread the word about NUDM and the beneficiaries, especially in areas throughout downtown Chicago where people might not have heard about it. Greenberg said it’s important to remember the reason for canning. “Remember that you’re there not for yourself, but for a bigger foundation and beneficiary. Just don’t be embarrassed and don’t think you are annoying people. Because you’re not doing this for some obnoxious sale, you are doing this to help children with Duchenne,” Greenberg said. But how do you starting canning? Dance group heads and individual dancers can pick up cans and bib from Norris, 3rd floor Office D. The boundaries for canning in Evanston are Clark St. to Grove St., and Chicago Ave. to Ridge Ave. Remember to only can on the days and times that are announced on the NUDM website! So start canning and watch your fundraising totals grow!

Style experts from STITCH share their tips for the perfect canning ensemble. BY ALYSSA CLOUGH


OPTION #1: CLASSIC Since warmth is now a priority, make sure to have all the proper winter accessories on hand so you are able to enjoy your canning experience! Styling a black pea coat with colorful, printed or neutral scarves, hats, and gloves is a fast and easy way to stay

While canning is a fun way to fundraise, bond with your team members and raise awareness for the cause… styling the yellow bib isn’t always as fun. Don’t fret! NUDM and STITCH are here to provide you with creative ways to rock the canning bib with pride!


Weinberg sophomore Jacob Greenberg shows off his creative canning strategy- wearing a turkey costume.

are YOU canning yet? 3 THE EMCEE



When canning in Chicago, it’s crucial to identify yourself with the NUDM cause. The bibs let the community know that you are involved in some campaign, but they might not be familiar with NUDM. By wearing Northwestern gear, you might pique their interest or even attract some alumni, many of who reside in the city.

Not one to opt for neutrals? Mix and match prints and bright colors to augment the bright yellow hue of the bib. You probably already have a pair of colored jeans and a bright coat in your closet; all you have to do is combine them! The result will be an impeccably executed, colorblocked outfit that will catch the attention of passersby. PHOTOS BY KYLIE GILBERT




Spoon corner

The best dessert inside of a dessert ever created!

NU’s favorite food magazine talks about NUDM Looking for a way to fundraise indoors? Stay warm this winter and raise money for NUDM with these three easy recipes that will have you well on your way to fundraising success.

No-Bake oreo bars

no oven necessary!

Recipe courtesy of Kendra Valkema

The ultimate brownie LEVEL: EASY prep time: 10 minutes cook time: 30-35 minutes total time: 40-45 minutes INGREDIENTS:

1 box brownie mix 1 package Oreos ½ cup peanut butter, melted 1 tube pre-made cookie dough


prep time: 5 minutes cook time: 10 minutes total time: 15 minutes


1 package Oreos 1 package large marshmallows 4 tablespoons butter or margarine


photo and recipe by Kendra Valkema


1. Line 8×8-inch baking pan with aluminum foil. 2. Put Oreos into a large Ziploc bag. 3. Crush Oreos until no large pieces remain. 4. Melt butter and marshmallows in a large microwaveable bowl for about 2 minutes, until marshmallows fluff up and butter melts. 5. Add crushed Oreos immediately and mix until combined. 6. Press mixture into lined pan. 7. Cool bars for 10 minutes until set. 8. Cut into nine large bars.

Photo by Kendra Valkema


1. Preheat oven to 350ºF and line a 9×9 pan with parchment paper. 2. Press cookie dough evenly into bottom of pan. 3. Place Oreos on top of entire cookie dough surface. 4. Pour melted peanut butter over Oreo layer, but far enough from the edge to keep it from seeping out when baked. 5. Follow package directions for brownie mix and pour over peanut butter layer. 6. Crumble Oreo pieces on top, if desired. 7. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Flourless 3 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Gluten-free goodies

LEVEL: EASY Total Time: 35-40 minutes

SERVINGS: 24 cookies

Recipe courtesy of Katherine Dempsey


1 cup natural peanut butter 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 egg Chocolate chips


1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter the baking sheet. 2. Mix peanut butter and sugar. Mix in egg, vanilla extract, baking soda and chocolate chips. 3. Scoop into balls and flatten with your palm. 4. Bake until light brown, about 10 minutes. THE EMCEE 6


Get to KNOW your

2014 NUDM


ith over 95 students in the class of 2017 and 300 total at Northwestern receiving scholarships from QuestBridge, the Quest Scholars group has grown into a prominent organization on campus. This year, the organization hopes to expand its reach even further and strengthen its support network. The first step? Creating a team for NUDM. QuestBridge is a national nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for low-income students. The organization began working with Northwestern in 2008, and currently provides a record-high number of scholarships to Northwestern students. With over 13 percent of last year’s student body coming from low-income backgrounds, the students make up a large minority on campus. However, Quest Scholars, which originated two years ago as an extension of the QuestBridge program, is the only lowincome advocacy group on campus. Senior Emily Rivest, the social chair of Quest Scholars and co-team head for the group’s Dance Marathon team, explained how the organization hopes to grow through participation in NUDM. “One of the main goals of our organization is to create a community for low-income students on campus and doing NUDM is a great way to bond


It’s really increased my sense of community here. There aren’t that many times when we all come together to work towards one goal. You spend so much time walking down Sheridan road and noticing how many people you just don’t know, and the one time where you get to be friends with all those people is at NUDM. The one time you can go up to them and say hi and give them a hug and it won’t seem unnatural at all is when you’re all in that tent together for 30 hours.

What do you think makes you well suited to keep over 1,500 students motivated for 30 hours? Well, the fact that we’re insane. There’s a unique chemistry that we have working together. We’re very much in sync in what we’re thinking, and if one of us has an idea the other can easily play off of it.

Daniel Flores

with people,” Rivest said, “NUDM is the NUDM sends an important message perfect way to combine the fun with for students across campus. giving back to the Evanston and the “NUDM is for everybody and it’s greater community as well.” something that every Northwestern Like other NUDM teams, members student should try at least once,” Rivest are busy brainstorming ideas for said. “Giving back and fundraising for fundraising. As students of low-income really great causes like Team Joseph backgrounds, the prospect of raising and the Evanston Community Foundaover $400 is daunting to some team tion isn’t just something for wealthier members. The team has created a students to do.” fundraising committee to ensure that Fighting the misconception that only dancers receive the support they need. wealthier students can participate in “A lot of our dancers can’t necGiving back and fundraising for really great essarily ask their causes like Team Joseph and the Evanston family or extended family for a lot of Community Foundation isn’t just something donations,” Rivest for wealthier students to do. said. “So we’re -Emily Rivest trying really hard as a team to help all of our dancers by NUDM, the Quest Scholars are proving doing a lot more group fundraising to that students of all backgrounds can help everybody out.” take part in the traditions that define Many Quest Scholars dancers will Northwestern. also benefit from the Associated StuRivest hopes that the Quest Scholars’ dent Government’s recent allocation participation in NUDM will also bring of $4,000 of the Senate Project Pool more attention to the organization. to subsidize the registration fees for “Our long term goal is to be the premany dancers. The bill made parmiere student group for low-income ticipating in NUDM possible for many students on campus, providing comstudents, including Quest Scholars. munity, advocacy and a chance to give “That’s what makes me the happiback,” Rivest said. “Anything we can do est,” Rivest said. “It really is getting to put ourselves out there and get inpeople dancing who wouldn’t be able volved in the larger Northwestern comto otherwise.” munity, like through Dance Marathon, The Quest Scholars’ participation in is just one step towards that goal.”

A New team on campus W

What is the most important thing you’ve taken away from NUDM?

Emcees How did you meet? We met last year on the dancer relations committee; very briefly, we didn’t really know each other. We met a couple of times and liked each other’s vibe, and thought, hey- I could work with you. Then we started hanging out at the beginning of this year and getting to know each other and we actually became really good friends.

What previous NUDM experience do you have? For both of us, this is going to be our second year. I’m a senior but I only started last year. I still can’t believe you didn’t do it freshman or sophomore year. This thing was built for you. Commissions have been funded to do research into why I have not done NUDM before. Governments have gone bankrupt trying to figure it out.

It’s hour 25. Your voice is gone and you can barely stand, much less dance. What’s the one song that gets you back on your feet?

We’re the kind of people who finish each other’s sentences and people just think it’s weird. Also, both of us are just little balls of energy. It doesn’t make any sense but the less sleep I get, the more crazy and bouncy I get, which is very well suited to NUDM.

Why is Team Joseph an important cause to you? I’ve watched my grandmother suffer through another fatal neuromuscular illness, and I’m currently watching an aunt of mine struggle through it as well. I have a very good sense of what these families are going through, and it’s hard. It’s really hard. I think about how Duchenne affects 1 in 3500 boys. It’s out there and it’s not slowing down. This organization needs help, and they need it now. These boys have so much to offer the world and it’s just awful that they’re not going to be able to contribute to the world in the way that they were meant to, so I really think it’s a great thing that we’re helping Team Joseph. I also think it will help students to meet these heroes, and it will remind them that we are very fortunate to be where we are. In a way, we’ll help each other.

What’s the one, single thing you’re most looking forward to for NUDM this year? I’m looking forward to Block Ten, when we have the final reveal. There’s that moment when we all finally realize just how many people we’ve helped along the way and that it’s all because of everything we’ve done together as a community. I’m probably looking forward to the first time we step on stage. It’s going to be really bittersweet because it’s going to be over before we know it, but it will also be the first time we get to see everything we’ve been working towards and where all of our time and effort has gone.

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii


The road to nudm A checklist to help you keep the NUDM spirit alive all

. B E F E T A



Dance Marathon doesn’t begin in the spring – it begins now! Fundraising efforts are just as much a part of NUDM as the 30 hours of dancing itself.For this reason, the Special Events co-chairs, Andrew Christy and Emily Blumberg, have organized exciting events throughout this year to minimize the troubles of fundraising, and maximize the enjoyment you can get from the experience. Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings is arguably the most popular special event, and it takes place every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. It costs $5, and provided that you’re a trivia rock star, it’s a great way for your team to pick up some extra money. In this upcoming winter quarter, there will be events like “Top Chef,” “Battle of the Bands,” “Battle of the DJs,” and the “Student Athlete Talent Show.” Each of these events has had a successful history in the world of NUDM fundraising, and they are sure to be successful again this year. Additionally, stay tuned for some new events that haven’t been announced yet, but will surely get everyone even more excited about fundraising. Blumberg’s personal favorite event is Top Chef. “I’m a huge foodie and having an event in Norris is really fun for people to watch as they pass by,” Blumberg said. “But I also think any of our events that combine fundraising and a great activity could be the best and most successful, because they bring people in for a particular reason and connect them to the beneficiary.”


For dancers who are looking for ways to motivate their friends to go throughout the year, Blumberg offered some advice. “One of the best motivations is catering to specific interests of my friends to get them to come to events I think would be most fun for them. Different trivia themes help out with this.” To Andrew Christy, special events carry a special significance. “NUDM is way bigger than just 30 hours,” Christy said. “The impact that it has is pretty incredible and this is only possible because of everything that happens throughout the whole year. We love hosting fun events not only to remind people that what they are doing is pretty incredible, but also because we want to be able to have a presence the whole year to make the greatest fundraising impact possible.” Christy also reiterated that yearlong fundraising helps NUDM participants to become more connected with this year’s beneficiary, Team Joseph, which is ideal since students devote so much time individually to the cause. He added that special events also help Team Joseph to feel more connected with Northwestern students. Attending these events is a win-win situation, so whether you’re a dancer or a friend of a dancer, come on out and make fundraising fun! We’ll see you there!

Follow Dance Marathon on Twitter at @NUDM and “Like” Dance Marathon on Facebook to get updates! Go to http://www. to learn more about Team Joseph! Keep Fundraising!

Athlete Talent Show Dancer Kick-Off Meeting (Block Themes Announced!) Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings every Wednesday


mid FEB. Battle of the Bands Battle of the DJs Hero Party Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings every Wednesday

5K Run Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings every Wednesday March 7: Arrive to NUDM a few hours early to get ready! March 7-9: Enjoy the best 30 hours of your life! March 9: Congrats on completing NUDM!


Top Chef Alumni Anniversary Gala Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings every Wednesday THE EMCEE 10

dancer registration BREAKS RECORDS

NUDM MERCH is here. Get your hands on the newest NUDM gear. Every Friday, come to the Norris ground floor and check out the NUDM Merch Store! Open 11 pm - 5 pm. Cash or check only.

too cold to leave your house?

Order merch online at!

The most registered dancers in NUDM’s 40 year history BY ANNA ZAMBELLI

A record-breaking 1500 dancers registered to spend the last weekend of winter quarter dancing alongside one another for the 40-year anniversary of NUDM. Freshmen make up the largest percentage of those dancers at 40.6 percent, followed by sophomores at 26.8 percent, juniors at 17.4 percent and seniors at 15.2 percent. The finance


co-chairs Janet Brown and John Park believe that new public relations and marketing campaigns contributed to the increased registration. “We really did a lot more than we’ve done in the past,” Park said. “One thing that I think was really cool was that the public relations committee put dancer door decorations on every single person’s door who registered and is living on campus. If you see that all of your friends in your hall are doing it then you’re more likely to do it as well.” Additionally, NUDM worked with the Associated Student Government to pass a piece of legislation allocating $4,000 in scholarships for students needing assistance to pay the $50 registration fee. The aid was given confidentially through the Center for Student Involvement. “That $50 registration fee can seem

like a lot to pay at one time when you’re also then having to go out and do the fundraising,” Brown said. “[The funding] was really helpful and people who might have hesitated more and then missed the deadline decided to just go ahead with it right away.” Brown also said that more total dancers will affect the presence of the organization. “Including our record-breaking number of committee members, [the registration record] means that NUDM is one of the largest organizations on campus,” said Brown. “It means that everyone on the campus is going to be in some way affected by the organization which is exciting because it’s going to help us really spread the word about our organization and our beneficiaries.”


Dancers, Norris is here for you. During your 30 hours dancing... and throughout school year.

Study space • Student organization offices • Center for Student Involvement • The Cat Shack • Norris Outdoors • Game Room •  Starbucks • Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life • Frontera Fresco • Employment • Performance space • Subway • Meeting rooms • Mini Courses • ARTica Studios • Student Organization Finance Office • Cashier’s Office • and much more...





trivia is back. JAN





OLYMPICS Starting Wednesday, January 15th $5. Buffalo Wild Wings

Models used in this campaign are volunteers. Statements do not reflect their experiences or situations.

Support starts here


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The Emcee - Issue 1  
The Emcee - Issue 1