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Building A Local Cancer Web Portal

This report describes the process of building, a one-stop local web portal for the local cancer community. It begins with the rationale and description of the entire project, providing findings of background research done on the topic. Next, it describes the information-gathering process from local cancer stakeholders in order to make the web portal relevant to the local cancer community. The following section provides a detailed analysis of how each feature of the web portal was decided on, based on the inputs of various stakeholders. Management protocol for the sustainability of the web portal is also included, and the report concludes with a final segment that addresses possible future developments of the web portal.

Authors //Soh Wanxian / Pung Wan Qing / Koh Sabrina Xin Fei Supervisors //Fernando De La Cruz Paragas / Mak Ka Ying Angela Report available in DR-NTU

This is a podcast about the employment difficulties that visually impaired graduates in Singapore face. For people with visual impairments, academic qualifications do not necessarily translate into better job prospects and such graduates typically find themselves either underemployed or unemployed. Their dreams and ambitions are hindered not so much by their physical limitations, but by our perception of them —of what we think they can and cannot do.

Out of Sight Authors //Fan Di / Yeo Yamuna Yin Ling Supervisor //Bradley C Freeman


Report available in DR-NTU Podcast available in DR-NTU



Documenting Singapore’s Fading Trades—RewindSG Authors //Chan Joanne Hui Ting / Pang Canphylia Shi Jia / He Shuwei / Izzat Hafsah Binte Saiful Imran Supervisor // Nicole Lorrain Draper

The Migrant Trap Authors //Zhu Yanling / Hong Avril Supervisor //Lau Joon-Nie

RewindSG is a collaborative documentary website that aims to be a platform on which collective memories of Singapore’s fading trades can be built. It is a multimedia documentary that features user-generated content and a mapping project that documents the locations and stories of the tradespeople or their customers. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU

The Migrant Trap is an interactive web documentary about the middleman system through which Bangladeshi men find work in Singapore. The producers decided to embark on this project after finding out about the high cost of migration for these men which places them at a great disadvantage even before they set foot on our shores. The project was put together by assembling dozens of interviews, over two thousand images, and text. The documentary sets out to uncover why the situation is as such and what can be done to improve it.

Report available in DR-NTU



FEATURE WRITING 逐乐之龄 Authors //Ng Sie Yen / Seow Kia Hui / Wu Shiyan Supervisor //Xu Xiaoge 逐乐之龄 is a news feature which aims to bring positive awareness to public’s perceptions of ageing and inspire with stories of individuals who have proved that active ageing is not beyond reach. Singapore is beginning to understand the importance of active ageing and has erected numerous initiatives to promote continual physical and mental stimulation among the elders. However, societal, psychological and infrastructural limitations have dampened the momentum of these initiatives. Targeting both young and old, this project is presented on two platforms: a print magazine and a news website. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC

The Food Divide Authors //Law Elizabeth Shi Ming / Khoo Fang Xuan Supervisor //Debbie Goh Pei Chin This feature writing project explores the multi-faceted issue of dietary consumption patterns amongst Singaporeans and attempts to explain why the government and health agency face great difficulties when trying to influence positive dietary changes amongst Singaporeans. Whilst Singapore is frequently deemed the food paradise, it is also known to be one of the Asian countries with a high rate of diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. These statistics have prompted the team to look at past and current health-related campaigns as well as to examine the dietary habits of Singaporeans. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU

Generation Alzheimer’s Authors //Goh Gillian Yimei / Jennifer Mary Dhanaraj / Foo Jie Ying Supervisor //Hedwig Rasamah Alfred The number of people who will develop Alzheimer’s disease is expected to go up as Singapore’s population ages. This feature report examines this illness, its impact on Singapore, and assesses how ready the nation is to battle the disease. With the baby boomer generation in Singapore being defined as those born between 1947 and 1964 (aged 48 to 65 now), better educated and more affluent, a majority of them are expected to be financially secure as they age. With this changing profile of elderly in Singapore, the report focuses on how caring for this group of people, especially those implicated with a neurological disease like Alzheimer’s Disease, will change in the future. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC



FEATURE WRITING The Green House Effect Authors //Xue Jianyue / Lim Marie Shimin Supervisor //Debbie Goh Pei Chin The Green House Effect is a feature writing project about green buildings in Singapore. It explores the rising popularity of environmentally friendly buildings and the impact it has on Singaporeans in terms of energy savings and protection from the effects of global warming. Green buildings are defined as environmentally-friendly buildings which are constructed and maintained in a way that minimises damage to the Earth’s ecosystem and the natural environment. This 16-page news publication is divided into three sections: The Big Players, The Community and The Science. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC

An Honest Living Authors //Ng Soon Kiat / Eng Yuwen Supervisor //Duffy Andrew Michael This is a feature writing project about Singaporeans making the choice to live responsibly each day and how they have proven it is feasible to live ethically even in an island where carbon emission is high. Their narratives shed light on the misconceptions of ethical living in Singapore, and that sustainability is anything but idealistic. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU

Identitee Authors//Yip Jieying / Shairah Binte Thoufeekh Ahamed / Sandra Ootheya John Ganapragasam / Siti Maziah Binte Masramli Supervisor //Duffy Andrew Michael This final-year project is a journalistic feature in which the team explores the significance of the plain white T-shirt. Blank, simplistic and often underrated, this sartorial hero has been quietly working hard in expressing elegance and comfort. However, it is also a garment with history and takes on important personal meanings for people all over the world. The white T-shirt has been used for protests, advertising, to carry statements, challenge fashion boundaries and show off the body. Above all, the white T-shirt also reveals more about the individual wearer than expected. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC



FEATURE WRITING The Malay Underclass Authors //Maryam Binte Mohamed Mokhtar / Noor Ashikin Binte Abdul Rahman / Ang Mavis I-Wen / Amellia Binte Abdul Razal Supervisor //Cherian George This feature writing project explores the lives of the Malay underclass, four decades on since the term “Malay problem” was coined. It assesses the reasons behind why the Malays remain over-represented in the low-income group even after Singapore has prospered economically since its independence. Despite being accorded a ‘special position’ by the Singapore Constitution, the Malays are the racial group with lowest social mobility. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC

Singapore’s Hawker Culture: What Lies Ahead Authors //Lim Yi Han / Lei Jia Hui / Ng Tze Min / Teo Sheryl Wen Yuan Supervisor //Hedwig Rasamah Alfred This feature offers a glimpse into the hawker profession and seeks to find out the direction in which the Singaporean hawker culture is heading towards. With the younger generation nursing higher expectation on the standards of living and age catching up on the current hawkers, the threat of extinction of local fare is very real. Using the perspectives of experts, hawkers and the public, this feature attempts to shed light on the potential directions that the Singaporean food culture will be taking. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC

Stopped at One Authors //Aw Yeong Maxie Jia Jia / Goh Kai Shi / Kwan Hui Xian / Neo Wen Tong Supervisor //Hedwig Rasamah Alfred The number of families with one child is rising in Singapore. This project explores the various aspects of this trend. Macro aspects include government policies, population, education and healthcare issues. As for the micro aspects, they include family dynamics and financial planning, psychology of the only child and how society perceives them. Report available in DR-NTU Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC





Roots Authors //Loh Supei / Heng Linette Wei Ling Supervisor //Debbie Goh Pei Chin In Singapore, traditional dialect food, as well as traditional methods of preparation is dying out in the age of modernisation. The various dialect groups, with their distinct cultural heritage are losing their significance. This illustrated feature project explores how some of these food are surviving or declining. Report available in DR-NTU Illustrated Feature available in DR-NTU

The Solo Network Authors //Wee Kenneth Zhi Qiang / Lim Audrey Hui Ching / Lin Melissa Jieming / Chu Sze Ee Supervisor //Duffy Andrew Michael

This illustrated feature seeks to uncover why some young Singaporeans choose to travel solo, and the tools they use to do so. The Solo Network contains stories of how social media is changing the travel landscape and includes profiles of five travellers under the age of 25 who set out to achieve different goals through the same means—by travelling alone. Report available in DR-NTU Illustrated Feature available in DR-NTU & ACRC

Transcending Gender: Singapore's Transgender Community Authors //Wong Yun Tian / Wang Simin Supervisor //Xu Xiaoge This illustrated feature takes a look at how accepting or open Singapore has become towards the lgbt community, with a focus on the transgender community in Singapore which is the least talked about and heavily-stereotyped group within the lgbt umbrella. The narratives take a closer look at the treatment transgender people receive in the various aspects of their lives, ranging from their homes, religious communities, workplaces to the society. Report available in DR-NTU Illustrated Feature available in DR-NTU



CAMPAIGN A Public Relations Campaign to Promote Arts and Culture in Singapore in Collaboration with Nerf Creative Authors //Tsen Audrey Si Jia / Tee Hui Sheng / Cheng Xin Yi / Zhang Yunxi Supervisor //Yeoh Kok Cheow

This paper presents the promotional campaign for art and design collective, “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee” (FLABSLAB), an initiative with advertising agency Nerf Creative Pte Ltd in Singapore. The campaign sets out to raise awareness of the toy art culture scene through curated exhibitions amongst pmebs in Singapore, aged 25 to 40.

Report available in DR-NTU

Brick by Brick Authors //Low Charlene Ying Xiu / Seng Stellina Qian Ling / Sufiyan Bin Sulaiman / Seet Sean Seng Joo Supervisors //Yeoh Kok Cheow Targeted at primarily youth and young adults aged 18-35, this public communication campaign aims to promote awareness about troubled and at-risk youth in Singapore, as well as the various organisations that have been set up to provide assistance and guidance to this group of youth, with particular focus on the efforts of Boys’ Town Singapore. The campaign also looks to contribute towards Boys’ Town’s fundraising efforts, mainly through the sale of locally designed merchandise, as they are undergoing a much-needed and financially intensive overhaul of their premises. Report available in DR-NTU

Building Mental Resilience in Young Children Authors //Heng Cheryl Ziqi / Sivakangai D/O Thirumeni M K / Yeo Abigail Wan Ni / Tang Hui Ling Supervisor //Tim Clark This public promotional campaign aims to promote awareness among parents with children aged 0-6 years about the importance of building mental resilience in their children from a young age. It is the first promotional campaign conducted in Singapore that is addressing the topic of early childhood mental resilience. Report available in DR-NTU Advertising clip available in DR-NTU Campaign Review available in DR-NTU



CAMPAIGN The Happiness Revolution Authors //Chan Agnessa Cassandra Li Chuen / Teo Yea Shi / Peh Yin Ren / Seah Jeslynn Hui-Yen Supervisor //Lee Chun Wah This paper presents the communication campaign “The Happiness Revolution”, a movement for positive mental well-being. Targeted at tertiary students aged 18-25, this activity-based campaign aims to broaden perceptions of mental health through a focus on positive psychology theories and techniques, moving beyond an association with mental illness.

Report available in DR-NTU Campaign booklet available in ACRC Video Report available in DR-NTU

Her Juggling Act Authors //Tan Ying Han / Chan Carol Yan Ru / Jiang Germaine Yun Shuang / Quee Samantha Jie Ying Supervisor //Lee Chun Wah This report will detail on an initiative to promote awareness for the lack of work-life balance of working women in Singapore. The campaign was conceptualized and executed to raise the awareness of the struggles and difficulties working women in Singapore face today. Through the celebration of women’s contributions and achievements, we will also highlight further efforts that should be taken for women to move towards a healthier juggle between work and life, as well as to provide inspiration for young women who have yet to enter the workforce. With International Women’s Day celebrated annually in the month of March, the campaign’s main event, ILoveFit 2012, takes place on 24th and 25th March, in commemoration of International Women’s Day through sports and fitness. Report available in DR-NTU

Live It Up without Drinking Up! Ladies Night Out! 2012 Authors //Kwok Denise Pei Wen / Tan Angeline / Koh Clarice Jingping / Koh Carina Fang Ting Supervisor //Tim Clark This paper presents the “Ladies Night Out! 2012” (LNO) project, a responsible drinking health campaign. This campaign is primarily targeted to reach female youths in Singapore, aged 1825 years old. lno aims to build a larger community of responsible and aware drinkers.

Report available in DR-NTU



CAMPAIGN Operation C.Z.A.R Authors //Sim Walter Mao Xian / Tay Hendric Poh Teck / Poh Wee Koon / Ooi Eldon Zhi Yi Supervisor //Tim Clark

Report available in DR-NTU

“Operation C.Z.A.R”, short for Corporate Zombie Active Resistance, is a strategic communications campaign designed as a five-week Alternate Reality Game (ARG). The first student-led initiative in Asia targeted undergraduates from NUS, NTU and SMU aged 19 to 25, with the objective of enabling them to properly manage the school-to-work transition. The multi-dimensional campaign builds on nascent frameworks by HPB and MCYS instead of adopting triedand-tested means of conveying work-life harmony strategies to the incumbent workforce. In a narrative driven by fictional elements, the T manifested through gamification on offline (98.7FM, guerrilla events etc.) and online (social media, websites etc.) platforms. It succeeded in raising awareness of the means available for an undergraduate to manage school-to-work transition, evident from a pre-and-post campaign survey. The campaign has been featured as a case study on industry publication ‘Campaign Singapore’, an offshoot of ‘Campaign Asia’.

Project at First Sight Authors //Zheng Kiki Tianqi / Tay Karyn Kai Wei / Sim Yi Wen Supervisor //Lee Chun Wah

Report available in DR-NTU


This health care campaign aims to address the increasingly prevalent contact lenses use amongst youths today, and the risks that associate with contact lens misuse. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of contact lens care amongst local university youths aged 18-25 years old. The report will include a literature review and an outline of the key campaign strategies and execution process, followed by an assessment of the campaign’s effectiveness, its limitations, as well as potential for future growth.


CAMPAIGN Project Raw Gems Authors //Lim Sarah Yu Tian / Cheong Yiling / Xiao Joanne Qiu’En/ Phua Jamie Hui En Supervisors //Shin Wonsun / Chua Joo Kee Melina

Report available in DR-NTU

This paper details the collaborative efforts between Project Raw Gems team and the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) to raise awareness about autism in Singapore, and educate target publics about the employability potential of people with autism, if they are given proper training and support. To do this, the team organised a public communications campaign that targets three distinct publics—employers, family caregivers and the general public. The fulfillment of these objectives demands the pre-requisites of research, publicity, event planning and evaluation.

See and Be Seen Authors //Au Yong Grace Xiao Pei / Chia Ginger Wenqi / Shieh Alex Jun Fa / Yong Marcus Wen Wei Supervisors //Kim Hyo Jung / Fernando De La Cruz Paragas

Report available in DR-NTU

See and Be Seen was ‘Singapore’s First Night Cycling Safety Initiative’. Its main aim was to raise awareness about night cycling safety and visibility, hence the slogan ‘Stay Safe, Stay Visible’. The primary target audience was youth aged 15-24. The campaign was executed in four phases from January to March 2012. Phase 1 was a digital outreach programme to raise awareness about the cause. Phase 2 focused on generating publicity and registrations for the capstone event, the ‘See and Be Seen Night Ride 2012’ (i.e., Phase 3). Phase 4 focused on post-event coverage and preserving the audience’s interest for future See and Be Seen efforts. Outcomes of the campaign were matched against four main objectives, namely informational, behavioural, media and digital objectives.

Walk with Me Authors //Pai Su Qin / Leow Xian Yin / Ng Jun Feng Supervisor //Lee Chun Wah “Walk with Me: A Caregiver’s Journey” is a social health support campaign. This communication campaign aims to raise awareness on the issue of family caregiving among Singaporeans aged 35 to 60. The literature review explores the rising trend of family caregiving, in light of modern demographic shifts. The report outlines the formative research undertaken, as well as the communication plans and key strategies used. The effectiveness of the campaign is measured by the evaluation of objectives and assessment of campaign feedback from stakeholders, and future recommendations are provided.

Report available in DR-NTU



RESEARCH Adoption, Usage and Impact of Family Folder Collector (FFC) on a Mobile Android Tablet Device in Rural Thailand Authors //Rodricks Regina Marian / Chong Vanessa Wan Ting / Lim Michelle Huimin Supervisors //Arul Indrasen Chib / Fernando De La Cruz Paragas

Report available in DR-NTU

This paper examines the implementation of a Family Folder Collector (FFC) healthcare application used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the province of Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. The FFC is an Androidbased application developed to replace the physical paper folder system of medical data-collection. Using the Extended TechnologyCommunity-Management (TCM) Model (Lee & Chib, 2008), we examine the impact of the device.

The Asian Stereotype— Do We Buy It? Authors //Lew Cassandra Jun Xuan / Lim Derrick Wei-Cong / Chua Xin Yi Supervisor //Jung Younbo

Report available in DR-NTU

This study aims to find out the effects of physical similarity on purchase intention and memory, mediated by perceived homophily and attraction based on similarity attraction theory. The physical appearances of the models were manipulated into two conditions (stereotypical Asian vs. typical Chinese Singaporean). Results of the experiment revealed that physical similarity between the models and Chinese Singaporean participants had significant effects on participants’ levels of perceived homophily and attraction to the models.

Cancer Survivors and Work Issues from the Organizational Perspective in Singapore Authors //Foo Philemon Fangming / Lim Pei Yi / Tan Irwin Yi Leong Supervisors //Mak Ka Ying Angela / Kim Hyo Jung Report available in DR-NTU There is an imminent need to address problems faced by cancer survivors as they embark on their journey back into the workforce and resume their lives. A previous pilot study of the top 500 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in Singapore was conducted to examine employment problems faced by cancer survivors upon re-entry to society after primary treatment. This research study expanded on the previous research, covering a wider and broader base of larger scaled organisations and corporations, examining the issues from an organisational perspective.



RESEARCH Civic Participation through Social Media: The Role of Social Capital and Civic Efficacy Authors //Chua Jemin Yong Xin / Yew Xiao Qian / Lee Chin Kim / Loke Samantha Sherie Hui Ling Supervisor //Marko M Skoric

Report available in DR-NTU

This study investigates the role of social media in promoting civic participation and efficacy among Singaporeans, specifically examining the informational, entertainment and relational uses of these media. The concept of social capital—bridging and bonding—is used to explain the relationships. Findings are based on data collected through a random digit dialing (RDD) telephone survey of 1,141 Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents conducted in January 2012. Unlike past studies which focused more on traditional forms of organised engagement, this study includes measures of ‘soft’ engagement—informal forms—framed in a localized context.

A Comparative Culture and Gender Study: Self, Parents and Media Influences on Adolescents’ Exercise Intentions Authors //Chin Chi Hua / Loke Evadne Yixin / Liang Job Berlian Putera / Leong Sin Yu Supervisors //May Oo Lwin / Shirley Ho Soo Yee Report available in DR-NTU By integrating the Hierarchical Model of Physical Self-Perceptions in the physical domain (PSPP), the Youth Physical Activity Promotion (YPAP) model, and concepts from parental mediation of media use, this thesis examines the potential direct and indirect relationships of parental influence, body dissatisfaction, internalization of appearance ideals, and physical self-worth with adolescents’ intention to exercise.

Differences in Perceived Effectiveness of Upward Dissent Strategies between Employees and Managers Authors //Seow Yen Nie / Chia Hui Jun / Tan Yanyu Supervisor //Suwichit Chaidaroon / Kim Hyo Jung

Report available in DR-NTU

The way employees communicate dissents in workplaces effectively is one of the keys to successful internal communication. Previous literature on organizational dissents primarily identified different upward dissent strategies and compared the perceived competencies of these strategies only through employees’ self-report. This study, however, compared the perceived effectiveness of upward dissent strategies from both managers’ and employees’ point of views, specifically in Singapore’ context.



RESEARCH The Effects of K-pop on Singaporean Fans’ Perception of Korea as a Potential Tourist Destination Report available in DR-NTU

Author // Teo Grace Zhenlan Supervisor //Liew Kai Khiun

With an annual increase in the number of Singaporeans traveling to Korea, there is a need to study the effects of K-pop on influencing Korean tourism. This research paper examines the level of consumption of K-pop content such as variety programmes, dramas, movies, music, and celebrities among the K-pop fans in Singapore, by looking at how much, why, and what they consume. This data is then used to study the link between consumption and how it influences the choice to travel to Korea.

For Fit’s Sake:

An Explication of Proximal and Distal Social Norms, and Personal Norms on Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours through the Influence of Presumed Media Influence Authors //Tham Tiffany Hui Min / Ng Kaijie / Leong Grace Shu Hua Supervisor //Shirley Ho Soo Yee Report available in DR-NTU This study uses the influence of presumed media influence (IPMI) model as the theoretical framework to examine how social norms, incorporated with a social distance construct and personal norms, are associated with the influence of healthy lifestyle media messages on Singaporeans’ intentions to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors. Data collected from 1,055 respondents demonstrates support for the key hypotheses that make up the extended ipmi model, highlighting the importance of a norms-based approach in health communication. Practical implications for health communicators in designing media messages are also discussed.

Is Saying Sorry Good Enough? Authors // Loh Jun Qi / Nur Hanisah Binte Zelani / Rodriguez Sarah Ann / Peh Marilyn Hui-Ying Supervisors //May Oo Lwin / Augustine Pang Report available in DR-NTU When facing crises, organisations are increasingly faced with the prospect of apologizing to their stakeholders to maintain a good image and diffuse the anger and hostility directed at them (Hearit, 1994). While research has found that apology is the most effective crisis strategy (Kim, Avergy, & Lariscy, 2009), there is currently a lack of research on types of apology used and how primary stakeholders receive them. Through the Attribution and Apology Grid which we developed, this research examines public response to the types of apologies offered post-health crises against the levels of responsibility. From the findings, the Perception-Behavioural Framework of Crisis Response was refined, and the opportunities for future academic research, as well as implications for practitioners are also discussed.



RESEARCH The Role of ICTs in the Lives of Foreign Wives in Singapore Authors //Goh Siew Luan / See Abigail Shyang Ling / Ng Xiao Xuan / Cheang Rebecca Jia-Hui Supervisors //Arul Indrasen Chib / Lin Tsui-Chuan Trisha Report available in DR-NTU This research aims to understand the factors that lead to exclusion among foreign wives in Singapore and the role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) plays in inclusion and empowerment. Increasingly, there has been a trend of migration through marriage in Singapore, especially between foreign brides and Singaporean men. Present literature show that ICTs can be a source of social support to help migrants adapt to life in their host country (Choi & Chen, 2006). We conducted in-depth interviews with 27 foreign wives in Singapore and found that although not a direct cause of empowerment, ICTs act as an agent to enhance social, political and economic inclusion. We also found out how respondents adopted ICTs differently to achieve inclusion, yet the very same benefits ICTs bring could have negative impacts too.

Smart Phone Use and Romantic Relationship Maintenance in Singapore Authors //Sharanya Kadayam Venkataraman / Lee Pearl Puay Ying Supervisor //Lin Tsui-Chuan Trisha Report available in DR-NTU This research project employs a mixed method of a survey (241 respondents) and interviews (24 interviewees) to understand smartphone use patterns of Singaporeans aged 25 to 40 for communicating with their romantic partners and maintaining their relationship. It investigates how men and women in various relationship stages (i.e. casual dating, seriously committed, cohabitation, engagement) use smartphones to maintain love relationships and manage conflicts. Additionally, it examines the gender difference in such usage patterns.

The Tale of Two Dialectics: Reconciling Regulatory Fit and Self-determination Theory in Sustaining Exercise Motivation Authors //Darwitan Andrew / Eng Herbert Weiwen / Lee Jonathan Chengchun / Thamonwan Rojanawanichkit Supervisors //May Oo Lwin / Jung Younbo

Report available in DR-NTU

Promoting exercise is a major concern of health-related government agencies worldwide. The current work is an early foray in investigating how exercise may be motivated by way of people’s self-maintained volition towards using 3G mobile applications to complement their fitness regimes.



RESEARCH Towards Developing a Filipino Radio Station based on Public Service Broadcast Model Authors //Neo Joyce Li Yun / Goh Sharlene Ching Yi Supervisors //Liew Kai Khiun / Mak Ka Ying Angela Report available in DR-NTU Over the years, there has been an influx of migrants from the Philippines to Singapore with the current estimated figure at 200,000 making Singapore one of the top ten destinations where Filipino nationals are deployed. Although they have had an established presence in Singapore since the 1960s, there is no dedicated radio service to cater to this large community. Using the Filipino community in Singapore as a case study, this research aimed to identify the potential of developing a radio station for the Filipino community in Singapore based on the Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) Model.

When Should Organizations Apologize in Times of Crises? Authors //Lau Liang Tong / Ho Benjamin Meng-Keng / Cheng Brinda Shu Yu / Nur Aini Binte Malik Fadjiar Supervisors //Augustine Pang / May Oo Lwin Report available in DR-NTU When an organization commits a transgression, its stakeholders would expect the organization to respond and offer an account of its actions. Issuing an apology is one such response. The question remains: In times of crises, especially one where the organization is seen to be at fault, when should the organization apologize? To explore this, the authors developed a framework called the Apology Alignment Model. This model first contextualize apology in a crisis life cycle. The consequential impact of the timing of the utterance of apology is explored by borrowing insights from procedural justice (Ha & Jang, 2009) and prior organizational reputation (Coombs & Holladay, 1996).




Durga Authors //Huang Jing / Tan Juliana / Kwok Kevin Cheung Meng / Wong Jingyu Supervisor //Nicole Lorraine Draper Durga, a 17-minute documentary, examines the practice of child marriage in rural India. Shot in Meghwalo Dhani, a village in Jodhpur, India, the film tells of the story of Durga, a 16-year-old child bride, trapped in a situation she had not bargained for. At 14, she was married off to a man she had never met. Because of the pressure from her community and the need to keep her father’s honor, Durga felt she had no choice but to keep to the marriage. Through Durga’s narration, the audience experiences her ordeal as she went through the marriage. From the dreams she harboured as a young girl, to the helplessness and despair she experienced during the marriage, Durga lets audiences into her inner world and emotions as her marriage unfolded before her. Despite being stuck in what might seem like an impossible situation, she holds on to the hope of breaking free by being educated and finding means to support herself. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC handle/10356/49921

Finding Bukit Brown

Moris Mai: To Be Born

Authors //Siti Nurbaya Binte Rameh / Chee Janie Alison Hui Yen / Shiu Pedro Pui Kar Supervisor //Lau Joon-Nie

Authors //Toh Yan Wei / Loh Jing Ting / Cai Yun / Har Jia Wei Supervisor //Lin Tsui-Chuan Trisha

“Finding Bukit Brown” is an 18-minute documentary about Bukit Brown Cemetery prior to its redevelopment. As the largest Chinese cemetery outside of the People’s Republic of China, Bukit Brown is considered by many to be a cultural treasure of Singapore. The first phase of redevelopment is the construction of an eight-lane road that spans 2 kilometres across Bukit Brown. Through the eyes of the five men, the documentary explores not only the heritage value of Bukit Brown Cemetery but also the contrasting thoughts and emotions of different Singaporeans towards the eventual demise of the cemetery. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC handle/10356/50316

Moris Mai (meaning “to be born” in Tetum, the indigenous language of Timor-Leste) is a 20-minute documentary on the pressing child and maternity issue in the young nation, its root causes, practical implications and the hopes of the locals towards an improved healthcare system. The documentary highlights the main causes of the high death rates from childbirth through the voices of our interviewees. While the state of healthcare system in TimorLeste requires much attention by the international community, Moris Mai—To Be Born is the first documentary to be made on the maternal healthcare issues in the nation. Through the documentary, we hope to break new grounds and bring about emphasis and awareness on its current child and maternal situation. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC handle/10356/49058



VIDEO DRAMA 《樂》(Melody of Love) Authors //Tan Shi Hui / Koh Bee Kwee / Wu Charmaine Jiawei / Chan Eunice Wan Wai Supervisor //Lin Tsui-Chuan Trisha Set in a Chinese family, this 24-minute short film, Melody of Love aims to address the erosion of Chinese culture in Singapore. This film focuses on the clash of Western and Asian values which is represented by the differences in the music genres associated with the protagonist and his father. In this film, the protagonist plays cosmopolitan rock music, a genre adopted to symbolize the Western culture, while his father plays the traditional Erhu, most commonly used in the Chinese Orchestra. The film questions the passing of traditional roots by juxtaposing Chinese beliefs with Western thinking reflected in the conflicting and molding scenes involving the protagonist, his aged father and the young Western-educated grandson. These conflicts lead us to the question as to whether there can be a point of reconciliation between popular culture and our precious heritage roots. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC

Domestic Help Authors //Lai Florence Kit Wah / Tham Jayne Hew Kuan / Yeo Wee Lie / Oh Jeremy Wei Xuan Supervisor //Adam Joel Knee / Kym Campbell Domestic Help is a short film that touches on the social issue of foreign domestic helpers and their plight in Singapore. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC

El Gris Perfecto (The Perfect Grey) Authors //Thia Grace Hui Min / Yap Trixie Sher Li / Ho Edwin Chang Yong / Ang Felicia Miao Fang Supervisor //Kym Campbell El Gris Perfecto (The Perfect Grey), a narrative short film, tells the story of a SingaporeanSpanish boy who embarks on a journey of self discovery in Barcelona. It focuses on the ambiguity—symbolized by the colour grey—that is present in human relationships, and is a concept rarely explored in a Singaporean context. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC



VIDEO DRAMA Kairos Authors //Lim Song Lip / Tan Jeremy Aik Wei / Foo Derek Ming Zheng / Leong Joel Ming Wei Supervisor //Kym Campbell Upon completion of his national service, 21-year-old Kai struggles to make sense of his newfound freedom. As he watches moments of his life pass before his eyes, a series of events leads him to realize he has to take charge of his life before it’s too late. Kairos is a dramatic short film that tells the tale of a young boy’s coming-of-age in the midst of a young nation’s awakening. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC

Press Play Authors //Wee Zhi Yuan / Chew Mingyi / Abadines Valerie Kristin Laraya / Lee Eileen Supervisor //Nicole Lorraine Draper Press Play is a short film about Dave, a journalist, in search of a breaking story. He encounters Nur, a poor but feisty young prostitute who becomes his key source of information. Armed with an expose, which might endanger Nur, Dave has to make a decision between doing his job and helping Nur. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC

Rent-a-Friend Authors //Chia Terence / Nashita Binte Kamir / Yap Jun Hua / Lim Jeanette Wan Yan Supervisor //Kym Campbell In a socially dysfunctional future not too far away, the rapid emergence and acceptance of rent-afriend agencies bring to light a worrying fragility of human relationships as a material commodity. Greg is a professional “friend”. For a fee, he will, and can perform a variety of social roles ranging from a boyfriend, to a far-flung relative. Greg’s sister, Amanda, is vehemently opposed against her brother’s occupation, seeing it as demeaning of human relationships. However, it is only through Malcolm, a client who rents Greg to accompany him in his final moments that Greg begins to see the rationality of Amanda’s words. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC



VIDEO DRAMA Staring at the Sun Authors //Yueh Hui Ying / Tay Lide / Lee Elizabeth Mei Chieh Supervisor //Kym Campbell Staring at the Sun is a light-hearted take on the enduring issues of mortality and temporality. Mixing comedy with drama against a backdrop of highways and rural landscapes, the film hopes to not only manifest an acceptance of death’s inevitability, but also deny it from upstaging the many joys and wonders of living. Report available in DR-NTU Video available in DR-NTU & ACRC

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WKWSCI FYP Project Catalogue 2012  
WKWSCI FYP Project Catalogue 2012