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Runners on your marks, Get Set, Go.

I remember the excitement and anticipation when hearing those words as the Washington Grade School track team lined up to begin the relay race. There is something special about a team representing their community. The work they do in preparation, the opportunity to bring success, and the execution all must come together. I am feeling the same excitement today as we stand on the starting line of the next great chapter in Norman’s history.


It is important to emphasize the team that has come together this year in preparation for what is to come. The Chamber, NEDC, and VisitNorman have joined together for the first time. The synergy is already evident, and the sharing of costs and ideas has greatly benefited the efficiency and efficacy of all. But the race to come requires more teammates, and we have them. The University of Oklahoma has been an outstanding partner to

the community in preparing for the movement to the Southeastern Conference. Joe Harroz and Joe Castiglione, among many others from the University, have been present and engaged as groups meet to prepare the city of Norman for what can positively impact the community in every way. The number of fans that travel in the SEC are staggering. We don’t want to just join the SEC, we want to win the race by being the best destination those fans experience. That creates opportunity and challenge. The anchor leg is our government partners. The City, County, and all their departments are an integral part of our team. At this writing I can tell you, they are all working hard to win the race.


Countless meetings of the team members have occurred throughout the year to make sure every member is prepared, understands their role, and is fully engaged. One of the significant activities in preparation was the One Norman Visioning process. Through this effort a cross section of the community joined the team to help define what success looks like. The effort was facilitated by the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, an experienced facilitator who takes different opinions and helps find common ground. The feedback has been very positive, and the Vision is exciting.


In the end, it comes down to execution. That is where the final member of the team will make all the difference. It will be critical for the Chamber membership to get behind the actions needed

as they are developed and presented. We will need you to reach out to all your family, friends, and community to provide the support that each of the team members need to be victorious. This is a race to achieve exciting new opportunities that don’t come along very often to a community. We will need your help and involvement to be successful.

The Chamber’s preparation has been exceptional. We have increased our ability to reach members of our community who are supportive of the business in two ways: by utilizing a market research team to identify people with pro-business beliefs who are likely to participate in elections; and by establishing a committee that will enhance our use of social media to spread the good news of what is happening in Norman, and to support critical initiatives of the Chamber.

Scott Martin and the Chamber staff have been heavily involved in every aspect of the Visioning process and the SEC readiness efforts as well as the many activities regularly performed by the Chamber. In addition, we conducted a membership drive netting 250 new members. The Chamber thrives because of its members. The Chamber has a terrific staff, wonderful Board members and volunteers. We are truly prepared to run the race and win.

I know you will be as excited as I am to bring success to Norman’s business community.

David Nimmo Board Chair, Norman Chamber of Commerce Chickasaw Nation Industries



David Nimmo

Chickasaw Nation Industries

Secretary/ Treasurer

Rocky Williams Arvest Bank


Gary Armbruster MA + Architecture

Jennifer Austin Occasions

Eddie Blankenship Cox Communications

Robyn Castleberry Moore Norman Tech. Ctr.

Nancy Coggins Sooner Theatre

Chair Elect

Lucien Bridges

Hitachi Vantara

Past Chair

Richie Splitt

Norman Regional Health System

Vice Chair, Business and Membership Development

Laura Moxley, dba Your HR Resource

Vice Chair, Leadership and Quality of Life Initiatives Kimberlee Adams OGE Energy Corp.

Vice Chair, Operations

Scott Hofmann BancFirst

Vice Chair, Government Affairs

Jim Wade BancFirst

Derick Colwell Sooner Mall

Tom Cooper Vision Bank

Lisa Dionisio Paxus CPA

Meredith Dunn Sooner Station at University North Park

Gary Gage Landers Auto Group

David Goodspeed OEC Fiber

Laura Hilgenfeld Chick-fil-A

Connie Hobby Johnson Controls

Brandon Hopper First United Bank

Kevin Hopper MidFirst Bank

Melissa Houston 929 Strategies

Farooq Karim REES Architecture

Mark Ledbetter Armstrong Bank

Tyler McManaman BAI Consulting/SiteAware

Cortney Parker Halff

Chuck Thompson American Investment Group

Mark Yeary University of Oklahoma

Amish Zaver Country Inn & Suites

405.321.3361•400 24th Ave. N.W. •roseroc kvet We areafull-service, companion-animal hospital committed to providing your pet with lifetime quality care. Loving Care for Your Pet
7 As adedicatedmember of theNorman business community we are committed to building abrighterfuturetogether. Learn Building promising futures. DESIGN WITH PURPOSE.


Norman is on the move! Our community is coming together for big things. The ONE Norman community visioning process brought together a diverse cross-section of citizens who care deeply about seeing Norman succeed. The Chamber was proud to be part of the process, as we work daily to foster these kinds of mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities for engagement. We are honored to be a community convenor, and a place where good things can happen when we all pull on the same rope.

Not a day goes by that I do not appreciate the great work Norman businesses do for the community. While we make plans to join the Southeastern Conference, work towards a solution for regional transit or see significant


completion of Norman Forward projects – it is the little things our businesses do day in and day out that truly enhance the quality of life and economic vitality for our citizens.

Norman is ranked as one of the best places to live in America. That is no surprise to those of us who are lucky to call Norman home, but word is getting out. Whether you are an entrepreneur, gig worker, student, retiree, or part of a growing family – there is something for everyone in Norman. The Chamber will continue to boldly advocate for Norman’s economic prosperity so we can continue to be the destination of choice for all. Working together, we can have the best environment for individuals and businesses to reach their full potential.


We advocate for Norman’s economic vitality and the prosperity of our business community.


The Norman Chamber of Commerce serves as a visionary, proactive community partner in the development of innovative projects. We are responsive to changing local business needs in a rapidly evolving global environment. The Norman Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for linking education, government, and business together to work toward common goals, including economic growth that supports and enhances our quality of life.



Healthy Relationships Integrity

Visionary Engagement Service

Celia Perkins Vice President of Marketing and Communications Melissa Peterson Senior Vice President of Operations Leigh Disney Special Projects Coordinator Sharon Hewitt Receptionist/Bookkeeper Scott Martin Chamber President Jennifer Shattuck Vice President of Membership
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One Voice. One Vision. One Norman.

In 2021 and 2022, the Norman Economic Development Coalition hired consulting firm Economic Strategy Professionals, LLC (ESP) to conduct a community analysis. Principal Elizabeth Hennen-McKinney asked 42 confidential questions to 141 community leaders, listening intently as they provided historical knowledge and diverse perspectives on quality-of-life issues, growth and development potential in Norman and Cleveland County, as well as the skill level of elected and appointed leaders to navigate our political terrain and move us forward. Targeted with identifying themes of “what is going right and what is going wrong”.

Norman’s opportunities and challenges quickly became apparent.

In the context of the times, post-COVID, post-recall petitions, and post failed bond referendum, interviewees had plenty of insightful information to share. Very quickly it became clear to ESP that Norman is a community brimming with cheerleaders and champions

that are enthusiastic, committed, and aligned in the optimism and hope of a brighter future for Norman. Yet, it is also clear that Norman’s reputation over the last two decades has suffered statewide as misinformed activists, revolving door elected leadership, and a “we vs. them” mindset has become Norman’s new normal. Self-appointed city experts have opposed nearly all city leadership decisions, police funding, the public school system, behavioral health, homelessness, as well as broader community development. While community voices are essential for fostering constructive dialogue and accountability, the toxicity stemming from these anti-everything activists has clouded Norman’s ability to lead, sustaining the “Quality of Life” that families, visitors, businesses, and talent seek. Norman’s business, civic, and elected leadership had become paralyzed - with no vision, game plan, or collaboration to affect change.

Shifting from pessimistic perceptions to the reality of solving community problems takes optimism, foresight, partnerships, and more important than ever before, courage to speak up for big ideas and challenge the status quo that it “can’t be done” in Norman. With BOLD ideas, the collaborative leadership of Team Norman (NEDC, Norman Chamber, Visit Norman) turned its’ focus to the fall 2021 announcement of the University of Oklahoma’s move into the Southeastern Conference, a multi-generational opportunity turning the national spotlight on the city, region, and entire state. Twenty-two subcommittees later, everything from RV parking to Game Day Experience to Infrastructure to Tribal Engagement, was formed. With in-depth discussions, and information provided by athletic directors across the country, as well as in-person leadership visits to other SEC communities, the need for a unified vision was identified as the number ONE priority of all twenty-two focus areas. In parallel with the community findings of ESP, the mandate for a community vision was readily apparent, giving birth to ONE Norman. Privately funded, ONE Norman Founding Vision Partners chose the nonpartisan statewide organization, Oklahoma Academy, to lead Norman through a facilitated six-month visioning process. David Nimmo, CEO


of Chickasaw Nation Industries and Matt Peacock, Ward 8 City Councilman were chosen as CoChair(s) and soon thereafter 34 other community leaders were selected to lead the ONE Norman Vision Steering Committee. Additionally, 100 additional individuals were selected from public applications as ONE Norman Vision Task Force members, with particular attention paid to diversity of experience. Essential elements of success were also factors in selection. First, enthusiastic leadership of people with the resources to make change occur; second, the insights of people with the expertise and knowledge to recognize realistic opportunities; and third, the participation of persons representative of Norman’s demographics. Attempting to mirror the diverse makeup of Norman, a thorough analysis was used to seek community members willing to commit their time and talents. Finally, the public was invited and encouraged to participate in multiple town hall meetings and were allowed to select additional task force members. Historical data and metrics were compiled to gauge how Norman compares to peer communities.

Further, it is well known that “what gets measured gets done” increasing exponentially the chances for improvement. For any community attempting to achieve a 10-year vision, identifying the correct metrics is crucial because when outcomes are tracked against goals, citizens can visualize the “big picture.” Transparency builds trust and counterbalances generalized, uninformed statements.

In addition to reviewing data from federal sources, Quint Studer of Vibrant Communities presented results of a Quality-of-Life Survey by the Washington D.C. firm Mason-Dixon Polling. Diagnosing the problem helps identify the solution, while objective data and measurement provides area residents with a clear picture of what is going well and brings clarity to elected leadership.

As ONE Norman gained momentum, Task Force meetings and Stakeholder Summits resulted in the identifi-

cation of six Foundations: Quality of Life, Education, Government, Infra- structure, Economic Development and Private Sector Leadership. After citizen input, results of the Task Force efforts were compiled, prioritized, and voted on. Analysis of the prioritized data revealed the top goals for each foundation, allowing the Steering Committee to craft bold, reflective vision statements. To collaboratively implement this vision, public and private organizations and individuals are now being asked to become Vision Partners. Vision Partners are tasked with identifying ONE Norman goals that aligns with their organization, then create and facilitate their own strategies for implementation and benchmarking. Annual partner progress and updates will be documented by ONE Norman staff, and the collective alignment and impact on the community will foster greater success.

In the dynamic landscape of community and economic development, collaboration and partnerships emerge as an essential catalyst for propelling growth and prosperity. The intricate tapestry of factors that weave together a thriving community and a robust economy demands a concerted effort from various stakeholders, each contributing their unique expertise and resources. However, the journey towards progress, especially here in Norman, is often accompanied by a chorus of critics whose voices have sown seeds of division that hinder advancement. It becomes imperative, then, to recognize the significance of collaboration, while also navigating the delicate balance of ignoring dissent that impedes positive transformation.

As we have experienced, one of the most significant benefits of a community vision is its ability to inspire collaboration. When citizens are willing to recognize that their shared values and aspirations are at the heart of the vision, they become more willing to set aside differences and work towards common objectives. Business leaders, in turn, see the potential for sustainable growth and innovation that aligns with community values.

Public officials find a framework to guide policy decisions that are in harmony with the greater good. While skeptics may cast doubt upon the efficacy of collective efforts, it is essential to recognize that progress and innovation often stem from the constructive interaction of diverse perspectives and talents. Mistrust, though it may arise from differing opinions, has the potential to be the catalyst for transformative change when harnessed constructively. It is within this context that the power of forging a community vision emerges- “One Voice. One Vision. One Norman” - a shared aspiration that not only bridges divisiveness but also serves as a beacon guiding us toward to a more inclusive, harmonious, and exciting future.


In the summer of 2021, the University of Oklahoma announced its intention to enter the Southeastern Conference. With the announcement came a lot of excitement, a little trepidation, and a number of questions. The predominate query is – are we ready? While we all tend to armchair quarterback at times, we knew our role was not on the field or court. We needed to answer the question, is the community ready for this transition? To better understand what “ready” means, OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione suggested we visit a few SEC communities to see firsthand what their fan and visitor experience is like. This seemed very much in our wheelhouse and something we could glean lots of practical knowledge from. In typical Joe C. fashion, he wanted OU and Norman to enter the SEC with the same purpose and vigor that had led to one of the most prolific athletic programs in the country and Norman’s reputation as a top destination to live, work and play.

A small team set off in the fall of 2022 and visited three SEC communities: Fayetteville, Tuscaloosa, and Lexington. These three cities were chosen on purpose. They have a similar look, feel and vibe to Norman. While no two cities are the same, it made sense for us to visit communities with more demographic similarities.

Fayetteville is a beautiful community in northwest Arkansas. They are known for their regional cooperation, bike trails, and art. The lush topography and rolling green hills make for a desirable destination. They have unique downtown and campus shopping areas, plus an RV park called Hog Heaven. We were told time and again, SEC fans travel, and they love their RV’s.

Next, we headed further east to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Their football team has been on a “roll” the

last few years, and their local economy is better for it. They described it as the Saban-effect. In addition to a 100,000 plus seat stadium, they tailgate exceptionally well. It is so extensive a map of the Quad is required to fully appreciate the experience. They have many historical buildings and wide tree-lined streets throughout their downtown and campus area.

Our last stop was Lexington, Kentucky – a blue blood on the basketball court. Being a city/county unified government presents unique opportunities and challenges. Their large industries are – horses, bourbon, basketball, and Toyota. Rupp Arena, home of Kentucky basketball, has recently completed a $300 million renovation and is next to Lex Live, a downtown entertainment venue. They put a premium on public art, with a nod towards the horse industry.

We met with city and community leaders in all three destinations to better understand the needs and stresses of a SEC home football experience. All acknowledged the importance of public infrastructure and their ongoing work to improve and better serve their citizens and guests. We noticed at varying levels, transportation infrastructure – pedestrian, automobile, bus, and air. They all have unique shopping districts, like our Downtown and Campus Corner areas. Mixeduse multi-family housing was noticeable and an area of focus in and around each campus.

While we work to become SEC-ready, we have numerous built-in advantages; abundant shopping districts, fantastic local fare, university owned airport, part of a larger metropolitan area, great hospitality, and friendly people – on top of a tradition-rich athletic program across all sports. The city of Norman will grow into this new opportunity, like our beloved Sooners will adapt to the new challenges.

Photo courtesy VisitNorman

Norman Chamber of Commerce Mission and Priorities

Our Mission

We advocate for Norman’s economic vitality and the prosperity of our business community.

2023-2025 Strategic Goals


Strengthen and enhance member engagement

Build and raise awareness within our community of Chamber programs and value.





Demonstrate courageous leadership by supporting issues that impact our mission and business community

Enhance the local economy through strategic partnerships that impact the workforce.



Diversify revenue generation within niche markets.

The Norman Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating a culture where all aspects of our organization look like a cross-section of our local community including Board of Directors, membership, committees, and our strategic partners.

14 Other 27 9% Healthcare and Social Assistance 13 3% Education 12 5% Retail Trade 12 3% Leisure and Food Svcs 9% Public Administrat on 8 4% Professional and Tech Svcs 7% Manufacturing 6 2% $0 $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2023 Home of the University of Oklahoma 405.573.1900 424 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 E C O N O M I C E C O N O M II C O V E R V I E W O V E R V II E W NORMAN POPULATION OKLAHOMA CITY MSA POPULATION 131,344 1,459,380 MEDIAN INCOME PER HOUSEHOLD INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 25 Minutes from downtown OKLAHOMA CITY and WILL ROGERS WORLD AIRPORT Right to Work State WORKFORCE TOTAL LABOR FORCE (60 mile radius) 734,939 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 2.4% CURRENT WORK FORCE WITH A BACHELORS DEGREE OR HIGHER 44.9% #1 in the nation among public universities for national merit scholars enrolled HOUSING CLEVELAND CO. MEDIAN REAL ESTATE TAX SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING UNITS MEDIAN HOME VALUE $3,146 57,752 City $226,792 County $218,455 #2 lowest cost of living among all major metros Cost of Living Index #5 least expensive state for household bills Doxo #3 most affordable metro to buy a new home CLEVELAND COUNTY POPULATION 304,679 NORMAN MEDIAN REAL ESTATE TAX $3,134
15 Management Business & Financial Computer and Mathematical Architecture and Engineering
Physical, and Social Science
and Social Service Legal
Training, and Library
Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media
Practitioners and Technical Healthcare Support Protective Service Food Preparation and Serving Related Building & Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Personal Care and Service
and Related
& Administrative Support Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Construction and Extraction Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Production Transportation and Material Moving 405.573.1900 424 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 E C O N O M I C E C O N O M II C O V E R V I E W O V V E R V II E W MEDIAN HOURLY WAGE Personal Income Tax $27.27 $28 97 $31 57 $35 29 $30.50 $20.17 $32.05 $21 04 $18 21 $27 97 $12.85 $22.20 $11.07 $11.80 $11 43 $13 76 $16 06 $12.91 $18.80 $20.97 $18 45 $15 86 $51.62 $36.95 $48.29 $40 24 $35 74 $23 74 $45.76 $27.64 $27.90 $37.38 $16 16 $21 85 $14.25 $16.28 $15.07 $16.96 $19 67 $16 33 $24 31 $24.08 $19.19 $18.24 Cleveland Co National TAXES 4.75% Corporate Tax Rate 4 00% 2022 Property Tax (Ad Valorem) City of Norman County Norman Public Schools Technology Schools $7 70 $23 07 $66.60 $17.79 TOTAL $115 16 *Valuation is 12% of Fair Market Value per thousand of assessed value Sales Tax State of Oklahoma City of Norman Cleveland County 4 50% 4.125% 0.125% MAJOR EMPLOYERS OU ranks among best large employers Forbes Sources:, BEA, Redfin, Cleveland County Assessor, City of Norman, Emsi, Avalara Tax $27.39 $28.08 $31.16 $34 22 $30 86 $19 70 $30.57 $21.70 $17.33 $28 65 $12 46 $21 80 $11.38 $11.57 $11.32 $13 45 $15 37 $11 72 $18.32 $19.70 $18.25 $14.83 Norman

Leadership and Advocacy Priorities

We take our mission very seriously, to advocate for Norman’s economic vitality and the prosperity of our business community. Whether at city hall, the county courthouse, the state capitol, or the halls of Congress, we are working on your behalf. Now more than ever, businesses need certainty and an environment that drives innovation and competition. Our success is predicated on the relationships we build with our councilmembers, county officials, state lawmakers, and congressional delegation, plus their professional staff.

The voters of Norman are increasingly being asked to head to the polls. From franchise agreements, guest tax, school bonds, utility rates, and candidate elections, the Chamber is the trusted source for issue and candidate information. We have taken critical stances on issues of importance to businesses and increased civic knowledge and voter turnout.

impacting their bottom line. In addition, our election forums allow the voters to gauge candidate positions on important topics.

The rubber meets the road on the local level, and we have been vocal in our support for more housing options to meet the growing demand of our workforce. In addition, we know arts and entertainment are key pieces to our local economy. We have supported efforts to grow live music and public art. We have worked to address water quality issues by creating collaborative dialogue between our building community and city officials. In addition, we have begun to address the vacant shopping cart issues by bringing local retailers and city staff to the table and finding mutually beneficial solutions.

Not only do we execute an aggressive get out the vote effort, but we also provide opportunities for the voters to become better educated on the issues and engage with their elected officials. Our spring and fall Coffee with the Council events have provided business leaders with the chance to share face to face with our council on items that are directly

At our annual Legislative Breakfast, we hear straight from our state legislators on their priorities and expectations for the coming legislative session. This event is always followed by our Impact Norman Advocacy Luncheon, which highlights state or federal leaders on topics that are important to the business community.

Not only do our leadership classes become fully immersed in the state legislative process by spending a day at the capitol, but we also partner with the University of Oklahoma to host members of the OU Capitol Alumni Club during the legislative session each year.

Each year we lead a contingent of local business and political leaders to our nation’s capital for our Washington D.C. Fly In. We meet our Congressional delegation to discuss federal priorities and learn from policy experts about the critical issues facing our country. We often focus on infrastructure issues such as road projects like Interstate 35 and 36th Avenue NW, rail projects like the extension of the Heartland Flyer or creation of commuter rail in central Oklahoma, and the renovation and expansion of Max Westheimer Airport. All these aid business in their efforts to grow and succeed.

We are the voice of business at all levels of government, and we are working non-stop to make Norman the most business-friendly community in America.


U.S. Congressman Tom Cole (District 4) – (202) 225-6165

2207 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515

2424 Springer Dr., #201 (405) 329-6500

Norman, OK 73069

205 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510

3817 NW Expressway, #780 (405) 208-8841

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

U.S. Senator James Lankford (202) 224-5754

316 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510


Oklahoma City, OK 73102

17 Mail may be sent to state officials by addressing it to their attention and mailing to State Capitol Building, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., OKC, OK 73105
Officials State and Federal
U.S. Senator Markwayne
Mullin – (202) 224-4721
N. Broadway Ave.,
(405) 231-4941
State of Oklahoma
Rob Standridge State Senate
Mary Boren State Senate District
Jared Deck State Representative District Jacob Rosecrants State Representative District 46
States DriveThrough •Pick-up •D eli very or Dine In 405-703-3000 Nor man •320 N. Porter Ave.,Moore 1991 TowerDrive SuiteA Just East of I-35 on 19th St Doing BBQ Right Since 1930 An Oklahoma Tradition! ORDER ONLINE
Annie Menz State Representative District 45

Volunteer Opportunities Chamber Committees


Jennifer Shattuck, Staff Member

John Richardson, BOLD Multimedia, Chair

The Chamber’s Ambassadors make personal visits to Chamber members throughout the year to gather feedback on their perception of the Chamber’s programs and services. They attend ribbon cuttings, grand openings and mentor new members for the first year of any new membership.

Aviation and Transportation Committee

Melissa Peterson, Staff Member

Lance Lamkin, Max Westheimer Airport, Chair

This committee meets every other month on even months for lunch and program. It promotes aviation in Norman and Max Westheimer Airport as valuable community assets. The Annual Norman Aviation Breakfast and Festival are projects of this committee.

The Committee also monitors transportation issues relevant to the Norman community and provides related information to the Chamber’s membership. Representatives from the City of Norman and the University of Oklahoma are in attendance to provide relevant updates.

Business and Education Committee

This group links business with education by promoting businesses’ support and recognition of Norman Schools. The committee’s activities include coordinating the Partners in Education Program and planning its annual breakfast.

Membership Committee

Jennifer Shattuck, Staff Member

This committee provides vision for growing and enhancing the value of the Chamber by recruiting and retaining members. The committee plans and participates in the Chamber retention and recruitment efforts via the membership drive and the biannual Thank-A-Thon. The committee also supports and works closely with the Ambassadors committee to further the Chambers focus on our members and providing value to our members. The committee meets monthly.

Small Business Council

Jennifer Shattuck, Staff Member

The Small Business Council works to provide small businesses in the Norman community resources they need to thrive in the areas of Human Resources, Finances, Marketing, Technology, Personal Development, and a Retail Roundtable in the form of workshops. The Small Business Council also promotes the importance of shopping local via Small Business Saturday and highlights the various small businesses who are Chamber members.

Total Resource Campaign

The Total Resource Campaign (TRC) is a group of volunteers who help raise funds for Chamber events through selling sponsorships and advertising to Chamber members. This committee meets July through November. Volunteers who raise up to a certain amount are eligible for a reward trip.

Weather Committee

Deidre Peters, Valliance Bank, Co-chair

Dr. Christopher A. Fiebrich, OKlahoma Mesonet, Co-chair

This group provides leadership within the Norman weather community via regular meetings that serve as a crossroads for all stakeholders. This committee meets quarterly with the luncheons mostly being held at the National Weather Center and feature speakers and discussion among the members. The annual National Weather Festival is a project of the Weather Committee.

Women’s Leadership

The Women’s Leadership Committee strives to empower women to be strong business leaders. They seek to engage, foster, support, network and help advance female leaders who actively inspire other women. They promote the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, devote time and energy to Norman, Oklahoma in a meaningful way, and forge the paths of leadership for other women to follow. Women’s Leadership holds four luncheons a year and awards the Women’s Leadership award at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet.


Benefits of Membership

Joining the Norman Chamber of Commerce is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make for your business.


The Norman Chamber is your advocate for business at every level of government. Being a member of the Norman Chamber has the effect of adding an additional staff of government affairs experts to your business, working on your behalf.


The Chamber works to strengthen and grow the local economy by showcasing member businesses.


Be informed about what is happening in your community and open up doors for giving back by volunteering for boards and committees.


Expand your network by connecting with more than 1,200 member companies at more than 100 events.


Increase visibility for your company by having a Chamber ribbon cutting or grand opening, advertising in Chamber publications or hosting or sponsoring Chamber events.


When consumers know that a business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of it and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.

For more information about joining the Chamber or how to get more involved, contact Jennifer Shattuck at or (405) 321-7260.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Norman

Leadership Norman is a program designed to identify, motivate, and place emerging leaders to develop their potential for community leadership. This is accomplished by stimulating an interest in the quality of life in Norman, and by providing a common meeting ground of shared concerns among leaders from all sectors of the community. It prepares participants for more active involvement in the community.

Throughout the course of the program, participants attend a variety of sessions focused on community history, current community issues, leadership, and self-discovery. Leadership Norman is a great way to learn more about your community and build your own personal network.

Leadership Norman is open to anyone who either works or lives in Norman. Each class runs from fall through the spring, with a graduation ceremony in April.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Tomorrow’s Leaders program is designed to identify high school sophomores in the Norman area who have demonstrated leadership qualities and to help further develop their potential. The Tomorrow’s Leaders program includes nine sessions covering such topics as team building, education, youth and community leadership, ethics and diversity, communication, city and state government, community service, and leadership styles.

The program, which will begin its 32nd year in January, will conclude in April in a joint graduation ceremony with members of Leadership Norman. Applications for the next Tomorrow’s Leaders class will be available in October.

Women’s Leadership Committee

The Women’s Leadership Committee strives to empower women to be strong business leaders through engagement, fostering, supporting, networking, and helping advance female leaders who actively inspire other women. The committee promotes the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, devotes time and energy to Norman in a meaningful way, and forges the paths of leadership for other women to follow.

This group hosts three lunch meetings annually in addition to one holiday event each winter. They also accept nominations for the Women’s Leadership Award, which is awarded at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet.

For more information about these programs go to

or call (405)321-7260

Celebrate with a Ribbon

The Norman Chamber is excited to celebrate milestones with our members whether it is the grand opening or ground-breaking for a new business, a significant expansion, or a noteworthy anniversary.

Ribbon Cuttings celebrate the following events:

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the location of a new business site

Grand Opening (within a year of the business opening)

A business anniversary of 10 years or more (with increments of 5 years after the 10th year) A new or additional location for your business

Your first step should be to coordinate a date for your ribbon cutting with the Chamber. You should contact the Chamber at least two weeks before the tentative date. Ribbon Cuttings are on a first come, first serve basis, and subject to scheduling with Chamber events and staff availability.

Once a date is set, the fun begins! The Chamber will start promoting your event and you are encouraged to also promote the event on your own social media.

What you get from a Chamber ribbon cutting:

The Chamber will provide the ribbon and giant scissors for the ribbon cutting, along with Chamber staff, and Chamber ambassador representatives.

The Chamber promotes its ribbon cuttings through Chamber calendar, social media and our weekly email newsletter.

At the event we will provide a Facebook LIVE video during the event and other photos of the event and your business.

The Chamber CEO or other representative will make a short introduction speech and you will also have the opportunity to speak.

The Chamber will tag your company when applicable to the various social media platforms.

Please visit the Norman Chamber’s Facebook page to see the LIVE videos of past ribbon cuttings. Most of the Chamber’s ribbon cuttings follow this script.

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Ribbon Cutting

The success of any ribbon cutting is determined on the effort you put into it. The Chamber encourages you to invite family, friends, clientele, etc., who know your story and will share in the excitement of your celebration. Many businesses choose to make the event into a big party with prize drawings, games, and cookies and drinks or even a food truck. It is up to you what you want to include.

Please contact Jennifer Shattuck, Vice President of Membership, to schedule your ribbon cutting at (405) 321-7260 or

Ribbon Cuttings should be scheduled during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and are FREE to active Chamber members.

Ribbon Cutting/Ground-Breakings

August 2022 - July 2023

Boyd Street Ventures

Direct Orthopedic Care

Eide Bailly New Offices

Garner Insurance

Immediate Care

J. Rowe Chiropractic

K & N Furniture Consignment

Karen Barbalace Aesthetics, PLLC

Next Day Access

Salvation Army - 130 Year Anniversary

The Center at Restore Behavioral Health

Hatch & Sidecar - Groundbreaking

Safety Town Re-Dedication and National Nite Out


Club Car Wash

Crunch Fitness

Dillard Cies

Johnson Controls 50th Anniversary

Norman Regional Hospital - NINE

Pho House

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt - Anniversary

Raising Canes

Red Rock Behavioral Health’s Norman Outpatient Clinic

Rose Rock Habitat for HumanityNew Home opening

Rose Rock Habitat ReStore

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

Sooner Station at University North Park

Stansel Insurance Agency Inc.


Stride Mortgage

The Ranch Steakhouse

The Surf Bar

Wal-Mart South - Renovation

Wunderhaus Furniture Consignment


How to Add Content in the Info Hub


Log in to the Info Hub by clicking MEMBER LOGIN at the top right corner of your screen. This will pull up a box for you to login using your username and password.

If you have never logged in before, choose CREATE ONE option next to the SIGN IN button and follow the prompts to set up your account. If you cannot login to your account or create an account, call (405) 321-7260 for help.

Once logged in, you can access your account info, billing info and how you would like your company listed in both the print and online directory and also add your own events to the Community calendar.


Once logged in, you should see a black column with menu options on the left side of your screen. Choose the MY DIRECTORY LISTINGS option.

Review the information displayed and make any changes. Be sure to look at the CATEGORIES listed for your company. Your company will be listed under the PRIMARY BUSINESS CATEGORY shown here.

To change your category, click on the drop-down menu and choose an appropriate category.


To add an event your organization is hosting, just click EVENTS in that left-hand column.

A calendar for the current month will open. Click the RED “ADD NEW EVENT” BUTTON in the upper right corner.

Then fill in the blanks on the form with your information. At the bottom of the form are two dropdown lists. The first is for CATEGORY the second is for CALENDAR. Choose one of the five options for “COMMUNITY” under Category. Then choose ‘COMMUNITY CALENDAR” again under the calendar option.

Then click DONE. You will then see a screen showing your event listing with an option to EDIT up in the top right corner.

Adding a graphic to your event

If you would like to add a graphic or flyer to your listing, Click EDIT on the confirmation page. The system can take JPG, JPEG, and PNG only.

To add the graphic file, scroll down to the description area and place your cursor in the box. Then click the small icon on the bottom row that looks like a mountain. Then click to find your image on your computer and the image will be placed in the description box. There is also a secondary IMAGE location that you can use in the same way.


can be added in a similar way by clicking the corresponding option in the lefthand column and filing in the necessary information.

An automatic message will be sent to us to approve your event, deal or job listing. Once we receive the notice, we will review the information and approve your item and it will show live on the Community Event Calendar, Hot Deals or Jobs. You should receive an email confirming approval.

25 405-364-7700

Engaging Members

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Through Networking

Events By The Number


Signature Events (Banquet, Auction, Trivia)


Networking Events (BAH, ThAH, BBH)

27 2022-23 EVENTS 60 33 27 14 12 4 3 2 2 Membership Drive & TRC New Member Receptions Signature Events (Banquet, Auction, Trivia) Women’s Leadership Member Events (Lunch & Learns, Luncheons) Advocacy Events Networking Events (BAH, ThAH, BBH) Ribbon Cuttings/Grand Openings Board and Committee Meetings
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Small Business is Big Business for Norman

Through our Small Business Council we focus on providing resources and support to help small businesses thrive and grow in Norman. By offering a range of services and programs to assist entrepreneurs and business owners in various aspects of their operations, including marketing, and mentorship opportunities, we empower small businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.


Recent topics in our quarterly lunch and learn sessions have included how to help employees and customers through mental health crises, how to create a financial plan for your business, new technology trends and how your business can work with Sooner athletes.


We also partner with the City of Norman and VisitNorman several times each year to support our locally owned small businesses and promote the importance of shopping local. These initiatives include promoting National Small Business Week in early May and Small Business Saturday in November as well as organizing a city-wide sidewalk sale in July. These events provide extra exposure for small businesses at no cost to them.

Additionally, our fall Women’s Leadership Brunch and Buy event provides an opportunity for small businesses to sell their products to a targeted group at the beginning of the holiday sales season.


Top 10 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Small Businesses are the heart of our community!

1 Community Support

Supporting small businesses helps create a sense of community and helps to build stronger relationships between businesses and their customers.



3 Job Creation

Small businesses are the largest employers in many communities and supporting them can help create jobs and boost the local economy.

6 Better Customer Service

Small business owners often provide personalized customer service and are more likely to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


Environmental Impact

Small businesses typically have a smaller environmental footprint than larger corporations, as they tend to use fewer resources and produce less waste.

Unique Products and Services

Small businesses often offer unique and specialized products and services that are not available from larger chain stores.

Cultural Preservation

Culturally-significant Small Businesses (CSBs) are a crucial driver of neighborhood economic prosperity that also provide a bulwark against gentrification and displacement.


Supporting small businesses helps to promote entrepreneurship and gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

10 Boosts Innovation


Economic Benefits

9 Entrepreneurship

Small businesses play a crucial role in creating economic stability and growth and can help to stimulate local economies by keeping money in the community.

Social Responsibility

Small businesses are often more socially responsible than larger corporations, as they tend to be more invested in their local communities and the people they serve.

Small businesses are often the breeding ground for new and innovative ideas that can drive economic growth and development.

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Norman Small Business Districts

Norman features a wide variety of shopping, entertainment and dining options for all budgets, styles and tastes.

Brookhaven Village

A Norman treasure with an array of restaurants and coffee shops, day spas, galleries and boutiques including A-1 Pet Emporium, Henry Home Interiors, The Bridal Boutique, Loft, Chico’s and Wild Birds Unlimited. Spas include Le Visage and Lion Day Spa. Dining venues include Pub W, Louie’s Bar & Grill,

Campus Corner

Soak up the nostalgic university atmosphere on Campus Corner with more than 75 retail, dining, and entertainment facilities in one convenient district. When the sun goes down, enjoy live music, dancing, and fun at Campus Corner’s many hot spots. Boutiques include Apothem, Balfour, Blueberi Lane, Lucca and Underground Printing. Character-filled restaurants abound with fan-favorites like Pepe Delgados, O’Connells Irish Bar & Grill, Hideaway Pizza and Othello’s.

Downtown Norman

Downtown Norman blends art, architecture, entertainment, shopping and dining. Enjoy charming antiques, an array of stores and a delicious variety of local restaurants. Locally-owned shops like Green Feather Book Company, Guestroom Records, and Re:Supply offer unique gift ideas. Restaurants, breweries and coffeeshops like The Garage, Das Boot Camp and Gray Owl Coffee Shop dot Main Street, Gray Street and surrounding areas. The area is also home to the 2nd Friday Art Walk.

The Main District

The area is known for divine shopping with locally-owned boutiques featuring home furnishings, gifts and clothing such as The Clothing Bar, Kidoodles, Occasions and Cayman’s, located inside Carriage Plaza. Near Carriage Plaza are other specialty shops, including Mitchell’s Jewelry, and Brockhaus Jewelry.

Ed Noble Parkway Plaza and Redbud Plaza

National retailers and specialty home stores line this exciting shopping district with such fine stores as Barnes & Noble, Boot Barn, PetsMart, Ross, Cost Plus World Market, and J’s Hallmark and Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts store.

Sooner Mall

All your favorite stores in an inviting, family-friendly environment. Featuring favorites American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, Express, Buckle and Old Navy to the trendy Hot Topic, Journeys, Torrid and Shoe Depot along with children’s favorite The Children’s Place, plus Francesca’s or Hallmark are great for gifts. Fun activities for the whole family are available with GetAir trampoline space and the seasonal FunBox Bounce Park. Anchored by Sun & Ski Sports, Dillard’s, and JCPenney’s, Sooner Mall has something for everyone.

University North Park

UNP is the newest shopping area in Norman. New stores are continuously being added to this one-mile stretch along I-35, which is currently home to Super Target, Crest Foods, Mathis Brothers’ Sleep Center, Ashley Furniture, Vintage Stock, Kirklands, Kohl’s, Maurices, Metro Shoe Warehouse, Versona Accessories, Office Depot, PetCo, TJ Maxx, Ulta Beauty, Academy Sports, HomeGoods, DSW Shoes, Michael’s and much more. The area is also home to Terra Apartments, IMMY Labs and Legacy Park which features outdoor concerts.

33 Thank you for voting us BEST TREE SER VICE 6years in arow! “Ask ACertified Arborist” 405-850-3304 3CERTIFIED ARBORISTS 1BOARD CERTIFIED MASTER ARBORIST Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Fully insured with liability and worker’scompensation for your protection

Community Elected Officials

City of Norman

Larry Heikkila Mayor (405) 366-5402

Helen Grant City Council/Ward 4 (405) 650-9088

Matthew Peacock City Council/Ward 8 (405) 433-4321

Mail may be sent to city officials by addressing it to their attention and mailing to Norman City Hall, 201 W. Gray St., 73069

Austin Ball City Council/Ward 1 (405) 652-9444

Michael Nash City Council/Ward 5

Lauren Schueler City Council/Ward 2 (405) 204-6633

Elizabeth Foreman City Council/Ward 6 (405) 479-9599

Cleveland County

Rod Cleveland County Commissioner, District 1, Suite 260 (405) 794-2166

Jacob McHughes County Commissioner, District 2, Suite 260 (405) 321-3811

Rusty Grissom County Commissioner, District 3, Suite 260 (405) 872-3888

Doug Warr County Assessor, Suite 120 (405) 366-0230

Tammy Belinson County Clerk, Suite 210 (405) 366-0240

Marilyn Williams, District Court Clerk (405) 321-6402

Bree Montoya City Council/Ward 3 (405) 310-9332

Stephen Holman City Council/Ward 7 (405) 535-7523

Chris Amason, County Sheriff, 128 S. Peters Ave. (405) 701-8888

Jim Reynolds, County Treasurer, Suite 100 (405) 366-0217

Mail may be sent to county officials by addressing it to their attention and mailing to Cleveland County Courthouse, 201 S. Jones, 73069


Important Numbers

Emergency Services – 911

Mental Health Emergencies - 988

City of Norman

General Information (405) 366-5406

Action Center (405) 366-5396

Darrel Pyle, City Manager (405) 366-5402

Ti any Vrska, Chief Communications O cer (405) 217-7723

Sara Kaplan, Chief Business & Community Relations O cer (405) 366-5257

Brenda Hall, City Clerk (405) 366-5406

Jason Olsen, Parks and Recreation Direcector (405) 366-5472

Shawn O’Leary, Public Works Director (405) 366-5453

Ken Komiske, Utilities Director (405) 366-5443

Utility Billing/Customer Service (405) 217-7739

Animal Welfare (405) 292-9736

Fire Department (Administration) (405) 292-9780

Police Department (Administration) (405) 321-1444

Sanitation/Recycling (405) 329-1023

Water/Sewer Emergencies (405) 329-0703

Water/Sewer Emergencies After Hours (405) 321-1600

Cleveland County

County Election Board, 641 E. Robinson, Suite 200 (405) 366-0210

Health Department, 250 12th Ave. NE (405) 321-4048

Health Care Services

Care for Women, Norman Regional (405) 793-2229

Gri n Memorial Hospital (405) 321-4880

J.D. McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities (405) 307-2800

Norman Regional Hospital (Porter Ave) (405) 307-1000

Norman Regional HealthPlex (405) 515-1000

Norman Regional EMSSTAT (405) 307-1000

Norman Regional NINE (405) 307-1000

Oklahoma Veterans Center, Norman Division (405) 360-5600

Red River Youth Academy (405) 701-8530


Norman Public Library Central (405) 701-2600

Norman Public Library East (405) 217-0770

Norman Public Library West (405) 701-2644

Magazines and Newspapers

Boyd Street Magazine (monthly) (405) 321-1400

Cleveland County Lifestyle (monthly) (405) 541-5650

Norman Transcript (daily) (405) 321-1800

Norman Magazine (bi-monthly) (405) 366-3554

OU Daily ( (405) 325-3666

Postal Services

Norman Main Post O ce, 129 W. Gray (405) 321-0281

Sooner Post O ce, 200 36th Ave NW (405) 366-6149

Robinson Crossing, 1236 N. Interstate Dr (405) 364-1151


Norman Public Schools (405) 364-1339

Moore Norman Technology Center (405) 801-5000

The University of Oklahoma (405) 325-0311

All Saints Catholic School (405) 447-4600

Children’s House Montessori School (405) 321-1275

Community Christian School (405) 329-2500

Leland Wolf School (405) 573-3809

Terra Verde Discovery School (405) 366-6362

Trinity Lutheran School (405) 321-3443

Veritas Classical Academy (405) 850-5309

Senior Citizens

Aging Services, Inc. (405) 321-3200

Alzheimer’s Association (800) 272-3900

Arthritis Foundation (800) 283-7800

Full Circle Senior Adult Day Center (405) 447-2955

Norman Senior Citizens Center (405) 329-4200

Social Security Administration (866) 964-4260

Synergy HomeCare (405) 254-3046


Cleveland County Assessor (405) 366-0230

Oklahoma Tax Commission (405) 521-3160

Tourism Information

VisitNorman (405) 366-8095

Oklahoma Department of Tourism (405) 230-8300;



Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART) (405) 325-2278

Max Westheimer Airport (405) 325-7233

Voter Registration

Cleveland County Election Board (405) 366-0210

Oklahoma State Election Board (405) 521-6457


National Weather Service (24 hr.), Norman (405) 325-3816

Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety (Road Conditions) (405) 425-2385

Youth Services

Crossroads Youth & Family Services (405) 292-6440


Internet Services AT&T (800) 288-2020







Cox Communications (405) 600-7676 OEC Fiber (405) 217-6868


AT&T (855) 660-8925

Cox Communications (405) 600-7676

Water, Sewer, & Trash

City of Norman (405) 217-7739

288-2020 Cox Communications (800)
Electric OEC
(Residential) (405)
Gas (800)

If You Build It, They Will Come

On May 9, 2023, the Norman citizens voted to increase the visitor guest tax from 5 percent to 8 percent with nearly 70 percent of the voters saying yes to the increase. VisitNorman intended for the increase to be dedicated to creating a Norman Sports Commission and promote Norman’s sporting facilities, many of which were built or improved thanks to the Norman Forward quality of life initiative passed by Norman voters in 2015.

During the COVID-19 pandemic as tourism radically curtailed, one of the first segments to return to travel was the youth sports market in the summer of 2020. Creating a sports commission seeks to attract sporting events, tournaments and competitions to Norman’s recreational facilities while not in use by the city’s leagues and organizations. Attracting outside dollars to our city builds the Norman economy as those overnight visitors not only stay in our hotels but also dine, shop and experience all that we have to offer. Additional money coming into Norman builds the sales tax base which is the city’s revenue source.

One of the largest Norman Forward projects to date is the Young Family Athletic Center which is scheduled to open later in 2023. This multipurpose facility will contain a competition aquatic facility along with eight basketball courts with 12 volleyball courts which overlay the basketball courts. Norman Public Schools, University of Oklahoma and National Basketball Association basketball player Trae Young’s family foundation donated $4 million toward the construction of the YFAC. The YFAC is located near four Norman hotels with more than 600 hotel

rooms within walking distance and about 15 miles from the intersection of Interstates 35 and 40, two of the main north-south and east-west arteries in the United States.

Norman Forward also greatly enhanced the Griffin Park Soccer Complex. The home of the Norman Youth Soccer Association, there are 22 lighted regulation fields for competition with upgraded amenities including additional parking and restrooms.

Baseball and softball fields, originally located at Griffin Park, moved to Reaves Park to accommodate the additional fields for soccer. The renovated facilities offer 14 fields, 10 of which were renovated and four additional fields for Under-5 through 8 players.

Norman Forward allowed the Westwood Tennis Complex, often a site for U.S. Tennis Association-sanctioned tournaments, to expand to include two climate-controlled indoor courts along with two new lighted outdoor courts. The complex now offers 12 outdoor championship-size courts along with four 36-foot youth courts.

Incorporated in May 1993, VisitNorman’s mission is to promote the city; to attract overnight meeting, convention, sport and tourism business to the community and to enhance and contribute to the overall identity and economic wellbeing of the city. VisitNorman’s vision is to be the leader who proactively markets and develops Norman as the preferred destination in Oklahoma.

For more information about Norman Sports, contact Trent Brown, director, via email at Trent@VisitNorman. com, or phone at 405-366-8095.

37 Come Patio With Us! Come see whycustomers consider us aNor man Legend! Open Daily 11 a.m. -2a.m. Full MenuServeduntil 12:30 a.m. Corner of Boyd &Classen Blvd. •405 329-3330

Empowering the Community

Norman, Oklahoma, has embarked on an extraordinary journey of transformation through the Norman Forward initiative. This resident-led half percent sales tax capital projects fund passed at the polls in October, 2015. It aimed to revitalize the city by constructing, renovating, and funding various quality-of-life projects, spanning recreational facilities, libraries, parks, athletic venues, public art, trails, swim complexes, and more. As we embark on the halfway point in the 15year Norman Forward initiative, many significant projects in the program have already been completed and are being enjoyed in the community, such as the Westwood Family Aquatic Center, the Norman Public Library East and Central branches, and the well-loved Ruby Grant Park. With significant progress currently being made on several other key projects, including the Young Family Athletic Center, the Adult Wellness & Education Center, Griffin Park, and Reaves Park, the city is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation.

The Young Family Athletic Center is set to become a premier sports and wellness destination, offering additional attractions that add to the overall experience. In addition to its impressive facilities, the YFAC will house a concession service, providing visitors with a convenient and satisfying dining option. Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat between games, or fueling up before a workout, the concessions operator will cater to the diverse needs of athletes and visitors alike.

The Young Family Athletic Center

One of the cornerstones of the Norman Forward initiative, the Young Family Athletic Center (YFAC), is poised to become a focal point for sports, wellness, and community development. This sprawling facility, spanning approximately 122,000 square feet on a 12-acre site, embodies the mission of Norman Forward, thanks to a generous $4 million donation from the Trae Young Family Foundation. The aquatic section of the center boasts two pools: an 8-lane, 25-yard competition pool with ample spectator seating, and a 4-lane, 25-meter warmup pool for swim competitions. Adjacent to the pools are the men’s and women’s locker rooms, ensuring convenience for athletes and visitors alike. Beyond competitions, the YFAC pools will be accessible to the residents of Norman for general swimming and recreational use.

The Multi-Sport Gymnasium, still under construction, is set to house an impressive eight basketball courts alongside twelve volleyball courts, with the basketball courts strategically overlaid by regulation-size volleyball courts running in the opposite direction. This innovative layout maximizes versatility and accommodates various sports activities, promoting a dynamic and inclusive sporting culture within the community.

In addition to the sports facilities, Norman Regional Health System is developing “NMotion”, a two-level space which spans approximately 25,000 square feet in the center of the facility. NMotion will function as a sports and human performance center—complete with physician clinics that will further contribute to individuals’ holistic wellness and development.

Sports enthusiasts and Trae Young fans will be thrilled to learn that an Adidas® store will be situated within the YFAC, offering exclusive merchandise inspired by Norman’s own renowned NBA star. Trae Young has supported the realization of the YFAC and created a unique opportunity for fans to own a piece of memorabilia associated with his legacy. This unique Adidas® store will showcase a range of merchandise featuring Trae Young’s brand, allowing fans to show their support and connect with their favorite athlete in a tangible and meaningful way.

The project is expected to reach substantial completion in Winter, 2023, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for December, 2023. For more information on this exciting project, visit

The Adult Wellness & Education Center

The Adult Wellness & Education Center, with an approved project budget of $14 million, is set to redefine the concept of wellness and education in Norman. This expansive facility, spanning over 30,000 square feet, will offer world-class amenities designed to cater to a wide range of interests and passions. Visitors can look forward to a walking track, a warm saltwater pool, and multi-purpose rooms equipped for classes and exercise. Multiple classrooms dedicated to art will provide ample space for creative pursuits, while a designated strength and cardio training area will encourage physical fitness. Furthermore, the teaching kitchen will offer a platform for culinary exploration, promoting healthy cooking classes for beginners and advanced learners alike. Operated by Healthy Living & Fitness, Inc., the Adult Wellness &


Through Quality of Life Projects

Education Center will be a thriving hub for private training, group exercise classes, and various engaging programs. The facility will also host events such as movie nights, festivals, and seminars, fostering a vibrant and interconnected community. The center’s ribbon-cutting ceremony is expected in October, 2023, marking the beginning of a new chapter in community wellness.

Griffin Park Renovation

The eagerly awaited Griffin Park project is nearing completion, with just a few finishing touches remaining. Progress has been remarkable, with five out of the eight new soccer fields already sprigged and significant strides made on the rest. By fall 2023, all eight new fields will be fully playable, along with the previously-built 14 fields, providing a premier sporting destination for athletes and enthusiasts. Notably, the championship field has recently undergone sprigging using a carefully selected “Tahoma-31” Bermudagrass variety, ensuring a superior playing surface that meets the highest standards of excellence. The grand opening of Griffin Park is slated for Fall, 2023, promising thrilling sports events and fostering a culture of sportsmanship within the Norman community.

Reaves Park Renovation

With a budget of $10.2 million, the Reaves Park renovation project is set to breathe new life into the baseball and softball fields within the park. The ambitious undertaking includes the construction of four new baseball fields, complete with restrooms and concessions specifically catering to 5-8U teams. Additionally, a new park loop road and expanded parking lots will enhance accessibility and convenience for visitors. The project also includes the creation of a picturesque pond and significant upgrades to eleven other baseball and softball fields, ensuring that the entire park embraces a renewed sense of beauty and functional-

ity for nightly youth and adult softball and baseball league play and weekend regional tournaments. Designed by Halff Associates, and expertly managed by Flintco, LLC, the Reaves Park project recently celebrated its ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 25, 2023; and has already completed its first successful season of play.

The Norman Forward initiative stands as a testament to the power of community-driven efforts, empowering residents to shape their city’s future. From the state-of-the-art Young Family Athletic Center to the transformative Adult Wellness & Education Center and the rejuvenated Griffin Park and Reaves Park, these projects promise to elevate the quality of life for residents, fostering a vibrant, connected, and active community. With numerous ribbon-cutting ceremonies on the horizon as multiple projects near their completion dates, Norman, OK, residents have much to anticipate. The legacy of Norman Forward will leave an indelible mark on the city, inspiring generations to come to embrace a life enriched by sports, wellness, and lifelong learning


Norman Regional Setting Standards of Care with Centers of Excellence

Norman Regional Health System is expanding both its physical buildings with the construction at its HealthPlex campus, but also enhancing the care it provides through Centers of Excellence.

Centers of Excellence are services that have earned national accreditations for quality outcomes.

What is a Center of Excellence?

Centers of Excellence at Norman Regional are identified as providing the most expert level of care.

Criteria that Centers of Excellence are graded on include:

Quality of patient outcomes

Length of patient stays

Commitment to education and research

Community impact

Demonstrated patient safety practices

Norman Regional’s staff, who it calls healers, continuously strive toward better quality, higher satisfaction and lower costs.

Norman Regional is the proud home of multiple services that have been designated as Centers of Excellence.

OBED (Obstetrical Emergency Department)

Norman Regional HealthPlex’s OBED (Obstetrical Emergency Department) was the latest to reach this milestone with the first-in-the-nation accreditation by CIHQ (Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality) as a Center of Excellence. This distinction marks the first time a health system anywhere in the country has been recognized for obstetrical emergency care.

Norman Regional will now serve as a blueprint across the nation for other health systems hoping to be recognized for their OBED.

The Maternal Child Teams located at the Norman Regional HealthPlex received further accreditation in 2023 as the Joint Commission recognized our Advanced Perinatal Care services. The Joint Commission surveyors evaluated critical care elements for Labor & Delivery, OB Emergency, Mother Baby, Newborn Transition, Lactation

Services, Women & Children and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The Joint Commission surveyors found that Norman Regional’s Maternal Child program met all of the standards for certification.

Bariatric Center of Excellence

The prevalence of obesity in the Unites States is 41.9% of the population, with 9.2% of the population classified as severely obese, per the Centers of Disease Control. Obesity can lead to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and certain types of cancer.

Norman Regional’s Bariatric Program is a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) Accredited Center and preferred provider for most major insurance carriers.

The Center offers multiple surgical procedures, most of which can be performed using minimally invasive surgery. Weight loss surgery has been proven to result in significant, sustainable and long-term weight loss. Many health benefits of weight loss surgery begin almost immediately after and continue over time.

Cardiac Center of Excellence

When a heart attack happens, minutes matter. Norman Regional is home to a cardiovascular Center of Excellence. Norman Regional was the first hospital in the

. . . . .

metro area to be nationally accredited by the American College of Cardiology Chest Pain Center.

Orthopedic Center of Excellence

Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Just over half of the Oklahoma population 65 years of age or older have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. At Norman Regional’s Orthopedic Center, our Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement programs are dedicated to helping our patients live their best life. Norman Regional was the first program in Oklahoma certified as a Center of Excellence in Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement by the Joint Commission. More than 300,000 people over the age of 65 fracture their hips each year in the U.S.

Stroke Center of Excellence

Stroke is a time-sensitive, medical emergency that occurs when a blood clot blocks the blood supply to part of the brain or when a blood vessel in or around the brain bursts. Stroke is a leading cause of serious disability in the U.S, and more than 1,900 Oklahomans die from stroke each year.

The Norman Regional Stroke Center of Excellence has been a nationally certified provider of stroke services for Moore, Norman and the surrounding areas since 2008. Since that time, Norman Regional has been nationally recognized as a leader in stroke care for seven consecutive years.

Our multidisciplinary team led by board-certified physicians offers gold-standard treatment options, such as powerful clot-busting medications, and provide comprehensive services including emergency medical services through ambulance service EMSSTAT, a designated inpatient stroke unit, rehabilitation, and educational opportunities related to stroke recognition and prevention to the surrounding communities.

Inpatient Rehab Center of Excellence

Norman Regional’s Inpatient Rehab also maintains the Center of Excellence in Rehabilitation Services designation from the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ). This means when patients come to Norman Regional for rehabilitation services, they can rest assured knowing the people taking care of them have proven their ability to deliver the highest quality care available to two of the most highly regarded accrediting bodies in healthcare.


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Norman Public Schools Bond Update

The 2023 Norman Public Schools bond is an investment in creating inspiring opportunities for all students, not only those of the present but also for generations to come. Through projects such as STEAM classrooms at all elementary school sites, a new facility for the Oklahoma Aviation Academy and so much more, NPS is investing in the future with this bond.

In February 2023, Norman voters approved the 10-year, $353.9 million school bond proposal, which will touch every single school site and be transformational for the district. In Norman, bonds are steps in a long-term plan to maintain and enhance excellent educational opportunities, and the 2023 bond will build on that plan. Construction is set to begin in fall 2023, continuing over the next decade.

School bonds play a vital role in the success of NPS by providing a means for the district to acquire the funding necessary to make improvements, upgrades and additions to facilities and invest in technology and educational resources, including textbooks. As part of the 2019 bond, all NPS school sites will have storm shelters when the current construction is complete at McKinley and Monroe Elementaries. The 2023 bond gives NPS the ability to eliminate portable buildings across the district through classroom additions and includes plans for every elementary school to have STEAM classrooms. These needed upgrades and improvements not

only enhance the learning environment for all children but also help to attract and retain quality teachers, coaches, directors and other staff, which in turn leads to better educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. Along with site-specific projects, the bond will allow NPS to invest in district-wide projects including a new fine arts facility, FFA farm, transportation building and more.

The Oklahoma Aviation Academy, which launched in the 2022-23 school year, will receive $20 million of federal dollars in addition to the bond funds to construct a stand-alone facility for the immersive academy. Currently, Norman High School and Norman North High School share Harve Collins Stadium. Through this bond, NPS will build a new competition stadium for Norman North, which will be utilized by not only the football team but also track and field teams, the marching band and other student groups. Likewise, Harve Collins will receive upgrades to become Norman High’s own stadium.

Visit to see a list of projects by site, a project schedule, FAQs, presentations about the bond and more. Also keep an eye on the website as well as Norman Public Schools’ social media pages to see the most recent updates and progress throughout the design and construction process. Thank you, Norman voters, for passing this vital bond and for your support of our schools.


Workforce Training Soars to New Heights at Moore Norman Technology Center

For 50 years, Moore Norman Technology Center (MNTC) has been leading the way in innovative career and technical training. MNTC plays an essential role in strengthening Oklahoma’s workforce and promoting economic development in Cleveland County by creating a pipeline of skilled workers who are ready to fill high-wage, in-demand jobs. Keeping its finger on the pulse of Oklahoma’s economy, MNTC has launched first-of-a-kind training programs to prepare students for highly sought-after jobs in growing industries including transportation, public safety, health care and aerospace.

Taking flight in the fall of 2023, MNTC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program provides students with a direct path to a career in aviation mechanics. Through hands-on training, students learn how to conduct preflight inspections, perform routine aircraft maintenance, and repair airframe and powerplant (engine) components. Students train in a real-world environment at the MNTC Aerospace Training Center, located at the Franklin Road campus in Norman. The newly renovated space includes classrooms, training labs, top-of-the-line equipment, aircraft components, a hangar, and a tarmac.

es students in STEAM-focused curriculum with an emphasis on aviation and aerospace.

OAA’s first freshman class, who completed the 2022-23 school year, will have the opportunity to participate in MNTC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program in their junior year. This innovative partnership is transforming the traditional education environment to connect student learning to high-tech industry readiness.

Upon completion of the FAA-approved, 18-month program, students will be prepared for certification in Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics. Highly trained and federally-certified, aviation maintenance technicians have access to well-paid opportunities with an average starting annual salary of $60,000.

Aviation and aerospace is Oklahoma’s second largest and fastest growing industry, supporting more than 240,000 jobs in the state with another 10,000 projected over the next five years. With more than 1,100 aerospace entities operating in the state, there’s no shortage of employment opportunities in the field.

After launching with its first cohort of adult students, the program will soon expand to serve high school students, like those attending the Oklahoma Aviation Academy (OAA). A partnership among MNTC, Norman Public Schools, the University of Oklahoma and industry partners, OAA engag-

MNTC’s aerospace and aviation programs are not only helping meet workforce needs of commercial, military, and private aerospace companies in the region, but also provide a local impact in Cleveland County. More than 28 aerospace and aviation-related companies operate in Cleveland County with 19 located in Norman. In addition, Cleveland County residents comprise 25% of the workforce at Tinker Air Force Base, which is Oklahoma’s largest single-site employer providing 26,000 jobs. With exclusive access to one of the premiere aerospace training centers in the state, Norman and Cleveland County residents are well poised to help support this growing industry.

To learn more about the MNTC Aviation Maintenance Technology program, visit

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We want to recognize our members who support the Chamber by providing financial support via membership dues and sponsorship dollars. We appreciate your commitment to the Norman Chamber and the Norman business community. Members are listed in descending order by investment.

Executive Partner

$20,000 - $29,999

First United Bank

Senior Partner

$10,000 - $19,999


Arvest Bank

Armstrong Bank

Moore Norman Technology Center

Johnson Controls


Landers Auto Group

Chickasaw Nation

Norman Regional Health System

University of Oklahoma - President’s Office

Chamber Partner

$5,000 - $9,999

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative/OEC


Valliance Bank

Oklahoma Natural Gas

Walmart - West

Primrose Funeral Service and Sunset

Memorial Park



Chickasaw Nation Industries Inc

Sooner Station at University Park

Midfirst Bank

R.K. Black

City of Norman

First Fidelity Bank

Chamber Associate

$2,500 - $4,999

Eide Bailly

Cox Communications

Norman Transcript

MA + Architecture

KREF - The REF Sports Radio Network

Walmart - South

Bank of Oklahoma

First Citizens Bank

HeyDay Entertainment

Vision Bank

Walmart - East

Hal Smith Restaurants

First Liberty Bank

Hitachi Computer Products

McClain Bank

Nelson Mazda

Rieger Law Group

Gray Blodgett & Company

Embassy Suites Norman Hotel & Conference Center

Communication Federal Credit Union

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Walden Cleaners & Laundry

1NB Financial Center



Listings are organized by category to help you find businesses easily. Each listing is condensed to the primary representative and is listed under the business’s PRIMARY category.

Membership list current through July 31, 2023


Ameri-Tax, Inc.

Tena Harding

121 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-4134

Castleberry Associates, P.C.

Robert Castleberry

540 Merchant Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-5830

Cindy Holden, CPA

Cindy Holden

2202 W. Park Dr., #Ste. B Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-9300 norman/cynthia-holden

Compliance Solutions, Inc

Wes Johnson

3208 NW 158th Terrace Edmond, OK 73013 (214) 226-7813

Gray, Blodgett & Company, PLLC

Ted Blodgett

629 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5533

Harrison Henderson PLLC

Doane Harrison

131 E. Main St., #201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-3110

Insight Financial PLLC

Sean Marley

2900 W. Lindsey St., #105

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 297-4655

King Price CPA, JD King Price 3750 W. Main St., Suite AA Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-0043

Koskie & Eulberg CPAs, P.C.

Jenyle D. Koskie 220 N. Peters Ave. Norman, OK 73069(405) 360-5210

Larry Pace & Co., P.C.

Larry Pace 1225 W. Main St., #124 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-3026

Operation Accounting, Inc

Kendra Wesson 121 Collier Dr., Suite 400 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 200-6570

OSCPANorman Chapter

Ross Roye C.P.A. 629 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-2926

Paxus CPA

Lisa Dionisio

102 W. Eufaula St., #101 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 808-4543

Peck & Associates

Frank R. Peck 401 W. Main St., #400 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-3040

Picek & Hollingsworth, P.C Phil Hollingsworth 3500 W. Robinson St. #104

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-0101

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T. Clouse CPA

Todd Clouse 1011 N. Flood, Suite A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 706-8870

Valiant Partners LLC

David Harter

102 W Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 252-0101


Advertising Specialties & More, LLC

Lisa Lehr 2340 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-7579

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Stephen Koranda

3716 Stansbury Rd Norman, OK 73072 (405) 637-6225


Krystyn R. Richardson (405) 701-8103

Clout Public Affairs

Josh Harlow 11816 Leaning Elm Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 850-4471

Koch Comm

Kym Koch

300 W. Memorial Box 814, Suite 123 Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 815-4027

Lindmark Outdoor Media

Trent Lindmark 2700 Technology Place Norman, OK 73071 (405) 928-5800

Rothman PPC, LLC Jason Rothman (405) 757-4337

Tyler Media

Tony Tyler

5101 S. Shields Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73129-3217 (405) 429-5015


WildCare Oklahoma

Inger Giuffrida 8505 Wildwood Lane Noble, OK 73068 (405) 872-9338


Alameda Pointe Apartments

Laure Deshoteo E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-3622

Artisan Crossing


Whitney Curtis 1303 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-8835


Christine El Haji 2920 Chautauqua Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-0158 avalon

JHB Properties, LLC

Jeff Bryant PO Box 722033 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 830-8672

Landing on 9

Kristi Carlson 3232 Conestoga Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-4862

Ray Apartments

Gene Swanson

312 E. Boyd, Apt. 1 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-4968

rayapartmentsnorman. com

Sage Cobblestone

55+ Active Adult Apartment Community Rebecca Reinhart 4403 12th Ave SE Norman, OK 73072 (405) 643-8886

Savannah House of Norman II

Carolyn Laws 2500 Meadowood Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-8440

Savannah Ridge Apartments

Amber King 4701 Heritage Place Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-7887

Terra at University

North Park Apartments

Vanessa Codner 2751 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 515-9321

The Falls at Brookhaven, LLC

Coral Keeley 3730 W. Rock Creek Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-8233

The Icon at Norman Ryjeil Cook

6475 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-4767


ADG Blatt Architects

Jason Cotton 920 W. Main St. Oklahoma City, OK 73106 (405) 232-5700

Architects In Partnership, LLC

Matt Graves

3220 Marshall Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-1300

Barrett L. Williamson Architects, Inc

Barrett Williamson 219 W. Boyd St., #203 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-1566

Cornerstone Architecture

Shane Labeth 1601 SW 89th St. Suite G100

Oklahoma City, OK 73159 (405) 609-6161


CWA Group

Clarence Williams

River Oaks Plaza

3637 W. Main St.

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-0423

JHBR Architecture Jack Joiner

600 NE 4th St., Suite 200 Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (405) 526-0280

Krittenbrink Architecture LLC

Mark Krittenbrink

119 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-7883

LWPB Architecture

James Howard

128 E. Main St., #100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 722-7270

MA + Architecture, L.L.C.

Gary L. Armbruster

110 N. Mercedes Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 525-8806

MIDL Architects, LLC

Cory Miller

200 N University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 512-9662

Peacock Design, LLC

Matthew Peacock

231 W Main Norman, OK 73069 (405) 990-8249

Pinnacle Design Group

Jeff Maack

333 12th Ave SE #201 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-1102

Prime Architects

Gene Lavastida, AIA

212 N. Crawford Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (866) 226-8071

Rees Associates

Farooq Karim 9211 Lake Hefner Pkwy #300 Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 388-3880

Renaissance Architecture, LLC

Lori Packwood 11100 Stratford Dr. Suite A100

Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 637-7805

Tap Architecture

Zach Maggia 2121 Williams Circle Norman, OK 73071 (405) 232-8787

The McKinney Partnership Architects

Richard S. McKinney, Jr. 3600 W. Main St., #200 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-1400


Firehouse Art Center

Andy Couch 444 S. Flood Ave.

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-4523

The Crucible LLC Mark Palmerton

110 E. Tonhawa St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-2700


Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma 210 36th Ave. SW, #1H Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-4161

Campus Corner Association

Carrie Hendricks 765 Asp Ave., Box #211 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 928-1509

Cleveland County

Moose #2725

Wendell Baxter PO Box 1502

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 217-2686

Cross Timbers Rotary Club

Phil Moss PO Box 5843

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 641-0528

Friends of the Norman Library

Fern Gaorfalo PO Box 6308

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 701-2610

Junior League of Norman, Inc. Erin Burgess 300 W. Gray St. #104

Norman, OK 730697103 (405) 329-9617

Norman Board of Realtors

Robin Johnson

4211 28th Ave. NW #101

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-8724

Norman Downtowners Association

424 W. Main Norman, OK 73069 www.downtownnorman. com

Norman F.O.P.

Lodge #122

Robert Wasoski PO Box 5205 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 830-8712 NormanFOP/

Norman NEXT

Cameron Brewer

Norman Rotary Club

Steven Wood PO Box 867 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 200-8170

Norman T.I.P.S. Club

John Kiosterud PO Box 1410

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 226-434

Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCOC)

Amy Lee

100 N. University Dr. Box 103 Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 974-6233


American Litigation Law Group - John Cloar, Attorney at Law

John Cloar

3750 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-4562

B.I.C. Legal, PLLC

Betsy Brown

104 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 568-3828

Bailey & Poarch

R. Lindsay Bailey

301 E. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-6600

Ball Morse Lowe


David Morse

3201 S. Berry Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-5355

Blaney Tipton

Hiersche Odom PLLC

Trey Tipton

204 N. Robinson Ave.

Suite 150

Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 235-8445

Cain & Cain, Estate Planners for Life

Tamara Cain

1770 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-2246

Cheek & Falcone

Robert Norman

6301 Waterford Blvd.

Ste. 320

Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 286-9573

Crowe & Dunlevy

Judy Hamilton Morse

324 N. Robinson Ave. #100

Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 235-7700

Dewberry Law Firm, PLLC

Rachael Dewberry 2425 Wilcox Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 261-8900

Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C.

Douglas J. Smith

104 E. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-2660

Elwell and Spain, LLC Jarred Elwell 3311 W. Rock Creek Rd. #110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 322-5622

Evan Taylor Legal Group

Evan Taylor

102 E. Eufaula St., Ste. A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 322-5745

Farzaneh and Patel Law Firm LLC

Amir Farzaneh 1025 SW 4th St., #201 Moore, OK 73160 (405) 528-2222

Floyd & Driver, PLLC

David Floyd 118 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-6660

HB Law Partners, PLLC

Rodney Hunsinger 4217 28th Ave. NW #STE 101

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 561-2410

Hetherington Legal Services PLLC

William C. Hetherington Jr. 301 E. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 413-2250

Hickman Law Group

Bill Hickman

330 W. Gray St. #170

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 605-2375

Kennedy Law

Jason Kennedy

2809 Cynthia Circle

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 534-1861

Nichols Dixon PLLC

Greg Dixon

104 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-3739

Odom & Sparks, PLLC

Ben Odom

2500 McGee Dr. #140 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-1863

Pitts, Amend, & Lynn Law Group

Kelly Lynn

2845 Broce Dr., #A Norman, OK 73072 (405) 857-7492

Plainview Legal Group PLLC

Travis Dennis

515 S. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-0183

Renaissance Legal Solutions

Felina Rivera 1435 N. Rockwell Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 664-3272

Rieger Law Group

Sean P. Rieger

136 Thompson Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-5274

Schumacher Law Group

Tracy Schumacher

114 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-1882



Sam Talley

219 E. Main St. Norman, OK 730691304 (405) 364-8300

Unity Legal Services, PLLC

Mona Guziar

3750 W. Main St., Suite AA

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 857-8231

Ward & Glass, L.L.P.

Kristy Varva 1601 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-9700


Aspen Productions LLC Keaton DePron Norman, OK 73019 (405) 274-1696

EDGE Productions

Jane Anderson CMP 5601 Huettner Dr. Norman, OK 730699509 (405) 265-8400

Frontier Music Company

Robert Archer

101 General Dr. Ardmore, OK 73401 (580) 704-4231


Enviro Products, LLC dba Auto Image USA

Mike Miller 2701 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-4444


AJ Caldwell 1301 DaVinci Norman, OK 73069 (580) 401-0485

Texas Tires #51

Samer Elqutub 1300 Alemada St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 857-8378


America’s Car-Mart of Norman

Katy Cerasale

524 Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 515-7033

Bob Moore Nissan

David Turley

3901 Journey Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 217-7000

Carl Cape Auto Sales

Marie Cape 1019 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-7700 carlcapeautosales

Cavender Subaru of Norman

Kirk Albarian

3305 Corporate Centre Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 644-3100

Confidence Ford

Robert Rendino 825 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2411

Eurosport Motors, LLC

Chris Anderson 3050 NW Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-3876

Ferguson Buick GMC

Gary Burton

1015 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-5820

Fowler Holding Co.

Jonathan Fowler 2721 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 573-9909

Fowler Honda

Christopher Powers 955 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-1077

Fowler Toyota of Norman

Dallas McClary

4050 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 322-5799

Fowler Volkswagen of Norman

Charles Grady

617 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 217-1800

Landers Chevrolet of Norman

Gary Gage

481 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8228

Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Gary Gage

1221 Ed Noble Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-7021 landerschevroletnorman. com

Nelson Mazda


Josh Emert

821 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-4488

Trucks Direct LLC

Steffan Jones

3920 Classen Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 294-0505


Alpine Motorsport LLC

Michael Roberts

2719 Bart Conner Court #115

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 881-3768

Auto Hail Logistics

Casey Keck

449 NE 144TH Place Edmond, OK 73013 (405) 886-4700

Christian Brothers AutomotiveNorman

Curtis Henning 3050 Yarbrough Way

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-1811

G & S Automotive

John McKimmey

500 S. Jenkins Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-2955 gandsautomotiveservice. com

Gerber Collision

Trey Brown

1107 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-1717

Jacky’s Transmission Clinic

Dylan King 2880 Classen Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-2954

Mickey’s Garage

Mickey Weatherly

1231 W. Rock Creek Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-3580

Million Paint and Body

Adam Million

5501 Huettner Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-8880

Quick Wrecker

Zac Johnson 2630 12th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-1500

Top Tech Automotive

Billy Brown

2102 Research Park Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-3366


Cruise Aviation Associates, Inc.

Jon W. Marshall

1700 Lexington Ave. #109

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-8062


Max Mamas

Paris Earle

2214 Tecumseh Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (806) 679-0175


Coop Cake

Daniela Cooper Marr 1009 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 620-6076

La Baguette

Rudy Khouri 2100 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-4910

Nothing Bundt Cakes Norman

Mark Jones

2073 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 289-5827

The Baked Bear

Katelyn Howard 731 Asp Ave., #B Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-3773 norman


1NB Financial Center

Jason Casey 716 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-5626

Armstrong BankDowntown Norman Mark Ledbetter 401 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-2756

Armstrong BankWest Robinson

Josh Edge 3550 W. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-2712

Arvest BankChickasha

David Snell 1927 S. 4th St. Chickasha, OK 73018 (405) 574-7341

Arvest BankDowntown Steven McDaniel 1355 W. Lindsey Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-3067

Arvest Bank - South

Kelly Brander PO Box 55500

Oklahoma City, OK 73155 (405) 419-3870

Arvest Bank - West Robert Grider 3615 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 217-7123

BancFirst - East Side

Tyler Still 333 12th Ave. S.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-6061

BancFirst - Main Scott Hofmann 1201 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-6061

BancFirst - West Side Scott Hofmann 1117 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-6061

Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., Norman

Catherine Landeros 1251 Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 272-2548

Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., Norman

Carry Vanover 3550 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-3610

City National Bank & Trust

Neil Noey P.O. Box 2009 Lawton, OK 73502 (405) 434-4832

First Bank & Trust Co. Jason Groves 2330 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-1810

First Bank & Trust Co. - East

Nicole Huneke 2330 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-1810


First Citizens Bank

Troy Duncan 3800 Journey Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 253-3840

First Fidelity BankBrookhaven

Suzanne Symcox 3595 W. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 801-8141

First Fidelity BankDowntown Matt Robinson

131 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 416-2222

First Fidelity BankLindsey

Michelle Hays 1337 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 416-2222

First Liberty Bank

Lydell Williams 3500 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 561-0300

First United BankHwy. 9 West

Eric Engstrom

4925 S.E. 44th St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-7000

First United BankNorman NW

Andy Sherrer

570 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-7000

Great Nations Bank

Scott Kemp

2200 E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 310-4900

Great Plains BankMortgage Division

Ronette Hauser-Jones 6701 Broadway Extension #401 OKC, OK 73116 (405) 720-7064


Carol Easley 501 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 949-6547

Liberty National Bank

Don Hiebert 13300 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 222-0550

Luminate Bank

Darren Graves 112 Brees Way Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 473-3315

McClain Bank

Kelly Nemecek 2900 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 447-7283

MidFirst Bank

Robby Bradley 630 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 767-7825

MidFirst Bank

Kevin Hopper 315 W. Boyd St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 767-7842

MidFirst Bank

Karl Hillerman 3601 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 767-7884

Oklahoma State Bank

Bart Byrns PO Box 720420 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 260-2265

Prosperity Bank

Steve Florea 3501 W. Robinson St. Norman, OK 730723352 (405) 951-9061

RCB Bank

Sean Fuller 3151 W. Tecumseh Rd. #200

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 801-4471

RCB Bank

Michael Tidwell 2596 W. Tecumseh Rd. #126

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-1210

Valliance Bank

Matt Clouse

1501 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 286-5750

Vision Bank

Tom Cooper 901 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 914-3100

Vision Bank Trust


Eric Cook PO Box 2419 Ada, OK 74821 (580) 645-9680


Interstate All Battery Center

Ian Terry 1065 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-1313


The Montford Inn

William Murray

322 W. Tonhawa St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2200


Behavioral Health Center at Porter Health Village

Dax Parker

5360 Legacy Dr. Bldg 2, Suite 101 Plano, TX 75024 (337) 802-7789 ohc-location/behavioral-health-center

Country Road

Recovery Center

Drew LaBoon 24962 Okay Rd. Tesumseh, OK 74873 (405) 595-9558

J.D. McCarty Center for Children w/ Dev. Disabilities

Sharla Bardin

2002 E. Robinson St.

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-2800

Red River Youth Academy

Katherine Leidy 3400 Deskin Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-8530

Red Rock BHS

Norman Outpatient Sanarai Okongor 900 N Porter Ave Suite 110 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 914-4850


Buchanan Bicycles, Inc.

Jon Denton

561 Buchanan Ave

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-5513


CSL Plasma

Elizabeth Vaughn

1327 E. Lindsey St.

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 447-9977

Oklahoma Blood Institute

Heather Browne

1004 24th Ave. NW #101 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 928-6502


Nichols Marine

Jordon Nichols

1700 Ann Branden Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-4111


Green Feather Book Company

Heather Hall

300 W Gray St Suite 108

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-7427


Cayman’s Clothiers, Inc.

Shelley Coleman-Cox 2001 W. Main St. #107 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-3913

Christmas Expressions

Kathy Cox 2214 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5211


Susan Austin 2001 W. Main St. #119 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 217-8467

Tribes Gallery

Leslie Pate 512 W Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-4442


Paige Potts-Beal 570 Buchanan Ave. Norman, OK 730695710 (405) 217-9322


Sooner Bowling Center

Mandy Haws 550 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-3634


405 Brewing Co.

Jonathan Stapleton 1716 Topeka St. Norman, OK 730698224 (405) 801-4053

Legally Brewed

Tracy Mowdy 123 W. Main Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-8950


1st Oklahoma Homes

Ali Farzaneh 2316 N. Broadway Moore, OK 73160 (405) 701-5557

Armstrong Homes, Inc.

David K. Armstrong PO Box 1327 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 517-3677

Aztec Building Systems, Inc.

Chris Strait 3361 Deskin Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-0255

Baer Hall Homes

Craig Hall 4617 Kingsland Rd Norman, OK 73072 (405) 691-6770

Best Choice Homes, LLC

Yosef Hooshyar PO Box 720162 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 417-7757

Brookfield Custom Homes

Diana Fletcher 1704 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 573-7774

Byrd Building Consulting LLC

Rick Byrd 1601 36th Ave. NW Suite 120 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 250-7941

Carlsbad Management Group, LLC

Steve Jones 100 48th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-1411

David Caddell

Construction, Inc.

Sally Caddell PO Box 721163

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 640-1867


Franklin Business


Gene McKown

1320 N. Porter Ave.

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-1152

Hallbrooke Development Group

Trey Bates 2110 Hallbrook Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 229-9687

Heritage Fine Homes, LLC

Jay Cervi

770 W. Rock Creek Rd. #103 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-3225

Home Creations

Vahid Farzaneh

2240 N. Broadway St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 364-9999

Homes by Taber

Staretta Witte

305 W. Memorial Rd. Ste A-2

Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 285-5105

Ideal Homes of Norman, L.L.C.

Gene McKown

1320 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-1152

Landmark Fine


Donna Thompson

2900 Washington Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-5263

Law Construction

Barry Law

3000 Marigold Trail Norman, OK (405) 919-7118

Logatoré, LLC

Xavier Neira

613 Sturtz Circle Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-3752

Majestic Fine Homes

Cheryl Motiei

3750 W. Main St. #AA Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-4394

Minick Materials Co.

Jesika Skinner

326 N. Council Rd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73127-4930 (405) 329-2458

Mirage Homes

David Yazdanipench 2220 36th Ave. NW Suite 110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 761-5091

Riverstone Homes, LLC

Evan Nixon 1203 Brookhaven Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-0256

Rose Hill Builders

Derek Swann 15254 Laytons Court Edmond, OK 73013 (405) 922-3842

Sheridan Homes LLC

Abdi Malakouti 3110 Tara Lane Norman, OK 73069 (405) 641-0447

SiteAware & BAI


Tyler McManaman 6201 Blue Hills Court Norman, OK 73026 (405) 203-7287

Stonewall Homes, LLC

Pete Jackson 3701 Traditions Trail Norman, OK 73069 (405) 735-6030

Todd Cooper Homes

Todd Cooper 10013 S. Pennsylvania Ave., #Bldg G Oklahoma City, OK 73159-6905 (405) 760-1648

Uplands Development Co., LLC

Trey Bates 2110 Hallbrook Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 229-9687

Vesta Homes, Inc.

Brian Fowler

1245 S. Eastern Ave. Moore, OK 73160-6169 (405) 659-7819


Forest Building Materials

Zack Rathkopf

1051 W. Rock Creek Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-1130

OMS Enterprise, LLC

Chris Thomas

2808 N. Shields Blvd. Moore, OK 73106 (405) 245-9911


Front Sight Services

Barrett Storm 3950 Rushcreek Rd. Edmond, OK 73025 (405) 888-3083

Helmo Investments

Chavdae Havlin 2661 NW 191st St. Edmond, OK 73012 (918) 407-6206

J Carman Billing & Consulting

Jimi Carman PO Box 722252 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 410-5121


Ross Buhrdorf 5511 Parkcrest Dr. Suite 103 Austin, TX 78731 (512) 765-4985 zenbusiness-comparison


iScout a KPA Services Company

Deren Boyd PO Box 1151 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 249-7284

JLB Enterprises, LLC

Jason Blair

31105 San Juan Terrace Moore, OK 73160 (405) 833-7002


Apple Tree Chocolate

Scotty Jackson

209 E. Main St.

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-3959

Bedre Fine Chocolates

37 Colbert Dr. Davis, OK 73030 (800) 367-5390


Friendly Market

Robert Cox

301 S. Porter Ave. #130 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-7017

Pro Stash

Chris Johnson 7820 Harryman Rd. Newcastle, OK 73065 (405) 432-3572

We Grow Oklahoma

Jason Bigley

114 S. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-0420


Club Car Wash

Brittny Goran 1591 E Prathersville Rd Columbia, MO 65202 (833) 416-9975


Kings Worldwide Transportation

Joey Allen 4801 NW 10th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 733-5466

Norman Charter Bus Company

Hala Faruqi

3340 Peachtree Rd. #100 Atlanta, GA 30326 (405) 233-0934


Rose and Stag Woodworks

Miles Davidson 4303 Wakefield Ct. Norman, OK 73072 (918) 629-5770

SW Master Craftsman

Stan Wanner 9625 N. Robinson Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 474-5937


Sooner Cleaning & Restoration

Carrie Mitchell 4389 S. Penn Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-8999


Riverwind Casino

Reed Schonacher 1544 W Hwy 9 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 322-6000

Thunderbird Casino

Scott Norman 15700 E State Hwy 9 Norman, OK 73026 (405) 360-9270


Better Bites By Liz Barfield LLC Liz Barfield 1605 Baycharter St. Norman, OK 73071 (229) 809-6159

Catering Creations

Kim Torres

200 S.E. 19th St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 814-9699

Nosh Restaurant Event Center and Catering

Kim Torres

200 S.E. 19th St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 814-9699

Social Butterfly Catering

Mandy Haws 550 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 630-0711


Chickasha Chamber of Commerce

Cassie Poole 221 W. Chickasha Ave. Chickasha, OK 73018 (405) 224-0787

Del City Chamber of Commerce

Erin Stevens PO Box 15643 Oklahoma City, OK 73155 (405) 677-1910

Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce

Sherry Jordan 825 E. 2nd St. #100 Edmond, OK 730345375 (405) 341-2808

www.edmondchamber. com

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Christy Gillenwater 123 Park Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102-9005 (405) 297-8900

Midwest City Chamber of Commerce

Shaina Bennett 5905 Prosper Blvd. MidW. City, OK 73110 (405) 733-3801

Moore Chamber of Commerce

Kim Brown 305 W. Main Moore, OK 73160 (405) 794-3400

www.moorechamber. com

Mustang Chamber of Commerce

Renee Peerman PO Box 213 Mustang, OK 73064 (405) 376-2758

www.mustangchamber. com


Noble Chamber of Commerce

Kim Adams

114 Main St.

Noble, OK 73068 (405) 872-5535

Norman Chamber of Commerce

Scott Martin

424 W. Main St. Norman, OK 730697203 (405) 321-7260



Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Runge

112 E. Paul Ave. Pauls Valley, OK 73075 (405) 238-6491

Piedmont Chamber of Commerce

Louanne Trammel PO Box 244 Piedmont, OK 73078 (405) 883-6162

South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Elaine Lyons

701 W. Interstate 240 Service Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73139-4641 (405) 634-1436

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

Justin Minges

409 S. Main St. Stillwater, OK 74074 (405) 372-557

The State Chamber of Oklahoma

Chad Warmington

330 N.E. 10th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (405) 235-3669

Wynnewood Chamber of Commerce

David Roderick

102 E. DA McGee PO Box 616 Wynnewood, OK 73098 (405) 665-4466

Yukon Chamber of Commerce

Pam Shelton

10 W. Main St., #130 Yukon, OK 73099 (405) 354-3567




Nursery School & Kindergarten

Skye Diers 602 Villa Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-0087

Kingdom Kidz


Stephanie Stephens 2715 Forest Oak Circle Norman, OK 73071 (469) 971-7660

Middle Earth Child Development Center

Alexandra Riddle 201 Triad Village Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 561-7579


DeLong Family


Jill DeLong

2214 Tecumseh Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-5345

Griffith Chiropractic and Sports Recovery

Kreg Griffith 481 Merchant Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-2000

J. Rowe Chiropractic

Jacob Rowe 2751 36th Ave NW Ste 129 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 371-5152

Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective

Ty Womack

4109 SE 41st Norman, OK 73071 (405) 496-2169

Woods Chiropractic

Adam Woods

828 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-8000


Bethel Baptist Church

Matt Brown

1717 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-3749

Everlasting Life Baptist Church

Terry N. Wilson 925 E. Brooks St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-0831

First Baptist Church of Norman

Dr. Wade Smith

211 W. Comanche St. Norman, OK 730695610 (405) 321-1753

First Presbyterian Church

Michael East

555 S. University Blvd. Norman, OK 730695747 (405) 321-0933

Grace Fellowship

Rick Anthony

1017 Elm Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 641-6577

Grace Lutheran Church

John Vieths

900 24th Ave. NW, #3 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 795-6545

Life Church Norman

Ryan W.rup

1500 E. Imhoff Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-6556

McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church

Stephen Mitchell

419 S. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-3484

New Life Bible Church

Jayson John

3308 Broce Ct.

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-3101

NorthHaven Church Sheri Ridenour

1100 W. Main St. Ste. 200

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8170

Paradigm Church at Brookhaven

Ryan Wood

4301 Country Club Terrace

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-4428

St. John’s Episcopal Church

James Detrich 235 W. Duffy St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-3020

Timber Creek

Fellowship Church

Abbey Mings 2800 W. Indian Hills Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 510-0060

Trinity Presbyterian Church of Norman

Justin Westmoreland PO Box 6016 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 568-7000

Victory Family Church

Felipe Lopez 4343 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-0976

Wildwood Community Church, Inc.

Herschel Thompson 1501 24th Ave. NE Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-3939


The Cigar Co

Andrea Marler

1244 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-2427 TheCigarCompanyOK/


Walden Cleaners & Laundry

Tonny Walden

505 Highland Parkway

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-6464


The Clothing Bar

Amanda Clark 2001 W. Main St., #103 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 488-4353 shop.theclothingbar


Aayush Awasthi 516 W Main St Norman, OK 73069 (405) 562-1117


Beanstalk Coffee & Sno

Jennii Buendia 3408 36th Ave NW #124

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 887-4484


Mackenzie Jewell 1002 N. Porter Norman, OK 73069 (405) 658-5797

Not Your Average

Joe Coffee

Madi Taylor 1001 Elm Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 265-5733

Scooter’s Coffee

Jason Metcalf 7101 S. 82nd St. Lincoln, NE 68512 (405) 857-8369


Chickasaw Personal Communications

Butch McCurdy 4201 Classen Circle Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-5210

Communicate Now!

L.P. dba AT&T Store Cory Dutton 152 12th Ave SE Norman, OK 73071 (405) 233-4241

NewCall Communications

Steven Newkirk 5181 120th Ave. NE Norman, OK 73026 (405) 821-4775

Stolz Telecom

Rachel E. Stolz 6825 Camille Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73149 (405) 632-2262


Trans-Tel Central LLC

Kent Bresee 2851 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-5025

Warmar Technology Solutions, LLC

Steven Marshall 1901 N. Moore Ave, Ste 22 Moore, OK 73160 (405) 237-1267


DMC Services

Dave Moore PO Box 861 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 227-0306


A&L Concrete

Amanda Yanez 5720 12th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 255-4249

Genesis Concrete

Blake McDowell 2072 Fox Lane, Suite B Tuttle, OK 73089 (405) 392-3360



A Bowers

Construction Company

Adam Bowers

601 Golden Eagle Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 999-6793

Affordable Construction Co.

Dan Glazier

6401 N. Interstate Dr. #160

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-7113

Benchmark Construction Services, LLC

Jay Henry 3430 MacDonnell Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-9935

Bowers Construction Jim Bowers, Jr.

10415 Greenbriar Place #Ste. C

Oklahoma City, OK 73159-7652 (405) 691-5226

C.A. McCarty


Curtis McCarty PO Box 720608 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 310-3210

Cavins Construction Group LLC

Jessica Cavins 1839 Atchison Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 573-3048



Aaron Stoops 408 N.E. 145th Place Oklahoma City, OK 73013 (405) 748-5043

Direct 2 Completion

Annette Cooper 7134 S. Yale Suite #400 Tulsa, OK 74136 (918) 289-0417

Dolese Bros. Co.

Kermit Frank Jr. 8300 N. Oklahoma Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 297-8273

Dramco Construction, LLC

Doug Wohletz 1504 SW 133rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 209-0802

Ergon Construction Solutions

Christopher Althoff 217 Summit Ridge Ct. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 303-9129


John Whitaker 1225 N. Broadway Ave., Suite 105 Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (405) 835-6363


James Geddes 1400 E. Imhoff Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-1460

Hammer Construction, Inc.

Robby Moore

4320 Adams Rd. Hammer Construction Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-3160


Renovations, Inc.

Sam Haralson 1821 Abbotsford Norman, OK 73072 (405) 414-7306

J.W. Designs, LLC

John Woods 9201 Button Ave. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 740-0322

JE Dunn Construction Company

Tyler Sublett 4 E. Sheridan Ave., #200 Oklahoma City, OK 73104-2417 (405) 302-4500

L & L Retail Construction

Nathan Howard

5601 Huettner Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-2775


Construction Co.

Brooke Haneborg 410 N. Walnut Ave. #105

Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (405) 254-1050

Metro Contractors & Potter Co. Designs

Allan Potter 921 N. Lahoma Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-3353

Meyer Brothers, LLC

Casey Peterson 1964 NW 12th Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-2221


Construction Co., LLC

Shayna Martin 45 N.E. 52nd St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105-1825 (405) 600-1022

MOHR Construction


Steve Mohr

2278 Industrial Blvd. #103

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-3605

Nabholz Construction Corporation

Kristi Spomer 6400 Superior Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73149 (405) 979-4458

Norman Door & Plywood, Inc.

Chad Swindell PO Box 1688

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 329-4221

Ponderosa Construction, LLC

Steve Frakes

621 S. Frote Ave. Edmond, OK 73003 (405) 417-8450

Providence Construction & Restoration Company, LLC

Rayson Sanchez

415 W. Washington St. Purcell, OK 73080 (405) 760-4238

Rain Guard, Inc.

Ron Simmons

3241 Double Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-6490

S.H. Vaughn Construction Company

Amanda Yanase

524 Tower Dr., #C Moore, OK 73160 (405) 703-1133

Shellback General Contracting

Matt Richardson

4401 N. Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73118-5040 (405) 406-1449

Silver Star Construction Co., Inc

Aaron Parker 2401 S. Broadway Moore, OK 73160 (405) 793-1725

Sooner Traditions

Hunter Miller

2221 W. Lindsey St., #201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 217-9273

Superior Services & Supply, LLC

Minette Stevens PO Box 431 Mustang, OK 73064 (405) 590-3449

TC Grissom Building Co., LLC

Tim Grissom PO Box 532 Noble, OK 73068 (405) 535-8864

The Boldt Company

Delmi Menendez 101 W. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 752-5885

Thornton Construction Company, Inc.

Rod Thornton 1701 36th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 447-8181

Three Kings Construction, LLC Rance Riley PO Box 7030 Moore, OK 73153 (405) 630-8406

Vickers Sand & Gravel, Inc.

Tara McMahan 3976 S. Harvey Norman, OK 73072 (405) 573-1989

Windstone Construction

Joey Wishnuck 3110 N. Interstate Dr. #200 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-7979


Authencity Works

Rhonda Mayberry (405) 990-4034

Bitzofstyle, Fashion & Beauty

Mary Westman 3312 Wauwinet Way Norman, OK 73071 (405) 726-0246

Fancy Comma, LLC

Sheeva Azma 116 W. Main St. Suite S3 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 437-4950

Good Warrior

Consulting Chele Rider 4705 Enclave Pl Norman, OK 73072 (405) 850-8988

NSC Solutions

Dirk O’Hara 1126 Rambling Oaks Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-4370

SMC Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Terence Haynes PE 815 W. Main St. Oklahoma City, OK 73106 (405) 232-7715


Karly Hartford 4701 N. Stilex Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 525-0453

Triumph Team, LLC Rennie Cook 2405 Wilcox Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 823-2178

Your Chamber Connection

Jimmy Cuoco 8208 Bridge St. North Richland Hills, TX 76180-5534 (800) 678-6241 yourchamberconnection. com


929 Strategies

Melissa Houston 1216 Cruce Steet Norman, OK 73069 (405) 369-6195

CMA Strategies

Pat McFerron 201 Robert S Kerr Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 236-0971

Hustings Group

Alan Wright 4526 Preserve Place Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 550-7202


Moxley & Associates

Consulting, LLC dba Your HR Resource

Laura Moxley 4900 Kathy Lynn Dr Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-2160


Johnson Commercial Group

Chris Johnson 3421 W. Rock Creek Rd. Suite 110 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329.6976


Noles Development Group

Jade Noles

3000 S. Berry

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 808-4543

Steople Group

Cristina Filippo PhD 103 W. Apache, #101A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 231-0940


7-Eleven, Inc. Store 1

Tonya Chavedo 2400 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-9136

7-Eleven, Inc. Store 2

Tonya Chavedo 2800 Chautauqua Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-6541

Mr. Shortstop

Chad Thompson

2007 W. Lindsey St. #Ste. A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 315-3062

On Cue Express

Scott Minton

916 N. Main St. Stillwater, OK 74075 (405) 372-3579


Oklahoma Copier


John C. Miller

650 Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-7700

Standley Systems

Chris Johnstonbaugh PO Box 460 Chickasha, OK 73023 (405) 224-0819


Elizabeth Younger -

Mary Kay

Elizabeth Younger 11004 Winelake Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (786) 302-2002


Amanda Francisco


Amanda Francisco

1504 Rangeline Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 583-7762

Cross Roads Youth & Family Services, Inc.

Wendy Swatek

1333 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-6440

Ellen L. Donaldson, M.H.R.

Ellen L. Donaldson 330 W. Gray St. #Suite 100-6C Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-3191 www.ellendonaldson.

Grace River Christian Counseling Clinic

Christy Rockwood 2212 Westpark Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-7624

Living Hope Eating Disorder Center

Meghan Scears MD 909 26th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-2323

Norman Counseling Clinic

Lynda Cerveny 1215 Crossroads Blvd. #216 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-0556

Restore Behavioral Health, LLC

Kelly Lashar 1008 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-3262

Serenity Mental Health Group, LLC

Jennifer Lancaster 4330 Adams Rd., Ste. #100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-8400


The Trails Golf Club

Alan Hager

3200 S. Berry Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-3790


Communication Federal Credit Union

Stephen Lark

300 12th Ave. S.E. Norman, OK 730714924 (405) 307-8800

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Lorie Stueven PO Box 45750 Tinker AFB, OK 73145 (405) 732-0324

True Sky Credit Union

Toni Miller

1212 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 682-1990

True Sky Credit Union - W. Tecumseh Branch

Diana Broms 3301 W. Tecumseh Norman, OK 73072 (405) 761-6555


Massay’s Dancestar Productions

Rockie Massay

3300 Bart Conner Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-1759

Premiere Dance Company

Stephanie Govich 3505 12th Ave. N.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 217-2363

Shall We Dance?

Jaya Periasamy

2260 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-3308


Black Dog Systems

Jed Boersma

5935 Cardinal Lane Norman, OK 73026 (405) 823-5935


MidWest Wrecking

Chris Kates PO Box 14668 Oklahoma City, OK 73113 (405) 478-8833

Vulture Services

Kolby Kruse PO Box 5524 Norman, OK 73070 (580) 678-9211


Blum & Tinsley

Dental Clinic

Kathy Blum

700 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5566

Bobby J. Carmen, D.D.S

Bobby Carmen

1141 Sonoma Park Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-2200

Braden Stoltenberg, D.D.S.

707 24th Ave. SW, #201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-6064

Brick House Dental

Zach Moffitt

201 S. Berry Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-3800

Clifford Family


Nick Clifford 801 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-2121

Craig & Streight Orthodontics

Laurel Bodin

706 24th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-1926

David L. Miller, D.D.S.

David Miller

3441 W. Rock Creek Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-6777

Dental Depot

Jim Vidmar

701 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 253-4364

Dental DepotTecumseh

Jim Vidmar 3401 W. Tecumseh Rd Norman, OK 73072 (405) 237-6615

Dental Design Studio, LLC

Jennifer Jenkins 561 Merchant Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-6166

Endodontic Practice Associates

Sherry Sullivan 707 24th Ave. SW, #100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-7936

Espire Dental

Brooke Sampson 550 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73069 (202) 486-6513

Express Dental Laboratory, LLC

Tra’ Chambers 1350 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 217-2282

Gabriel Bird, D.D.S 227 W. Main St., #200 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2525

James C. Griffith II, D.D.S.

3924 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-8550

Mask Dental Studio

Derek Mask, D.D.S. 3560 RC Luttrell Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-5143

Norman Endodontics

Brock Miller 3321 W. Rock Creek Rd. Suite 130

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-8200

Norman Family Dentistry, P.C. Amanda Venk 709 W. Main Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-6506

Norman Pediatric Dentistry/Dr. Amanda Ward, D.D.S., PLLC

Amanda Ward

1001 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5233

Norman Perio

Scott Renfrow

521 Merchant Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-6106

Oklahoma Dental Implants & Oral Surgery

Perry Brooks

3441 W. Rock Creek Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-3500

Oklahoma Family Dentistry

Barrett Hall

3505 Medical Park Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-8420

Orthodontic Specialists of Oklahoma

Renee Moore

3560 R.C. Luttrell Dr. #200 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-4608



Kylie Thomas 2214 W. Boyd St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2735

Rose Rock Dental

Ben Humphrey 1049 12th Ave. N.E. #100 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-7800



Wal-Mart - East #2734

Jeffrey Moomey

601 12th Ave. N.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 579-5203

Wal-Mart - West

Neal Deitzman

333 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-4000

Wal-Mart South

Brandan Branum

3651 Classen Blvd.

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 515-7024


Custom Outdoor Design & Services, LLC

Matthew Smith PO Box 722156

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 659-7780

Principle Design

Rebecca Smith

770 Rock Creek Rd., Suite 105 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 615-0454

Pro Line Designs, LLC

Anthony Wuestenfeld 1215 Crossroads Blvd

Suite 204A

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 473-0973

Wallace Design


Madison Wedel

410 N. Walnut Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (405) 236-5858


Nexus Productions

Adrian Buendia

3460 MacDonnell Dr.

Suite 200

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 512-4354


Absolute Data


Brian Reid 3505 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-7226

RiteWay Shredding

Justin White 1131 Enterprise Ave., #20 Oklahoma City, OK 73128 (405) 605-1405


DW Drywall

Derrick Willis

1500 Drury Lane Nichols Hills, OK 73116 (405) 417-5921

Southwest Drywall

Daniel Mendell 13919 N. Harvey Edmond, OK 73013 (405) 463-7171


Edmond Economic Development Authority

Janet Yowell 825 E. 2nd St., #200 Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 340-0116

Ethian Group

Brady Neal

114 W Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (800) 860-0637

MNTC Economic Development Center

Tim Burg 2900 Telephone Rd. Suite 100 Moore, OK 73160 (405) 801-5000

Norman Economic Development Coalition

Lawrence McKinney 424 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 573-1900


Class 101 Norman

Rennie Cook

2405 Wilcox Norman, OK 73069 (405) 823-2178

Kelly Education

Stefani Dufner

2836 N. Ann Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73107 (816) 785-3319



Tom Cole

Jessie Troutman 2424 Springer Dr. #201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-6500

District Judge Tupper

Michael Tupper

201 S. Jones Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-9788

District Judge

Jeff Virgin

201 S. Jones Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 306-4295

Mayor Larry Heikkila

1221 Broad Acres Drive Norman OK 73072 (405) 205-3574


Jacob Rosecrants

Jacob Rosecrants

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Rm 503.2 Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 557-7329


James Lankford

Estela Hernandez

1015 N. Broadway Ave. #310 Oklahoma City, OK 73102-5849 (405) 231-4941

Senator Markwayne Mullin

Graham McDonald 3817 NW Expressway


Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 208-8841


Mary B. Boren

Mary Boren

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. #Room 514 Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 521-5553


Rob Standridge

Rob Standrige 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 521-5535


Barnett Home Services

Darren Barnett 1333 SE 25th Oklahoma City, OK 73129 (405) 794-9800

Bliss Electric

Shaelyn Stark 2620 Pole Rd. Moore, OK 73160-4122 (405) 793-8208

K Line Electric, LLC

Kyle Hohlier PO Box 2765 Moore, OK 73165 (405) 620-43355

Schaffner-Valouch Contractor, Inc.

Leanne Warren 1019 N. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-9192

Wade Electric

Brett Wade 1821 Atchison Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-1940


Plug Chargers, LLC

Blake Hogan 4515 N. Santa Fe Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (713) 515-3694



Express Employment Professionals

Veronica Zamora 2424 Springer Dr. #103

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-6060

Force Personnel Services

Brandi Brooks 116 S Walker Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 605-7808


Bergey Windpower

Michael Bergey 2200 Industrial Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-4212

Circle 21 Energy Tommie Herell 3818 Warwick Ct. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 517-2023


Brady Neal 831 W Adkins Hill Rd Norman, OK 73072 (405) 708-4830

Grayton Energy, LLC

Brian Russell PO Box 720565

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 226-6141

Mayhawk Energy

Eric Hawk PO Box 720864 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 590-9164


Allen Consulting, Inc.

Heath McKee

110 N. Mercedes Dr. #100

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-2282

Campbell & Associates, Inc.

Robert A. Campbell 3111 Broce Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-2784


Josh Dougherty 4555 W. Memorial Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73142 (405) 753-4200

Garver, LLC

Michael Graves 1016 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-2555

Kirkpatrick Forest Curtis PC (dba KFC Engineering)

Karen Munroe

525 Central Park Dr. Suite 202 Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 528-4596

KSA Engineers

Joe Sober P.E. 2720 Washington Dr. #120

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 233-3676

MacArthur Associated Consultants

Darla Mullett 2420 Springer Dr. Suite 215

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 848-2471

METCO (Midwest Engineering & Testing Corporation)

Tina Morgan 2025 S. Nicklas Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73128 (405) 681-6737



Kevin Bloss

11600 Broadway Ext. Suite 300

Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 242-6600

Rhombic Engineering Cortney Parker

201 David L. Boren Blvd. #221 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 510-0925

Salas O’Brien Company

Art Lantagne

2600 Van Buren St. #2635 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-9926

Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC

Kelly Smithee

2500 McGee Dr., #100 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 840-7094

Urban James

Uwem Ekpenyong

505 Jean Marie Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 243-0672


BCA Fastpitch


Amanda Prince

2124 E. Karen Terrace Mustang, OK 73064 (405) 615-6590

Cleveland County Fair Grounds

Holly Rains

615 E. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-4721

Cunningham Recreation

Justin Long PO Box 240981

Charlotte, NC 28224 (620) 440-9831

HeyDay Entertainment

Tracy Bates

3201 Market Place

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-3500

Norman Youth

Soccer Association

Jessica Knehans

1001 E. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 573-0070

Oklahoma Race Company

Debbie Uglean

18344 Stagecoach Trail Norman, OK 73072 (405) 206-3615

Oklahoma Motorsports Complex, Inc.

Winston Berryhill 3501 S. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-5278

Royal Family

Kids Camp

Joseph Roberts 5500 Whisperng Lakes Dr. Noble, OK 73068 (405) 203-1723

Team HQ

Yves Saintelo 1050 N University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 355-3170

Trae Young Family Foundation

Rayford Young PO Box 720367 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 210-6953

Westwood Tennis Center

Marc Claude 2400 Westport Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 640-9638


J. D. Listen, LLC

Jackie Listen 14455 Cemetery Rd. Noble, OK 73068 (405) 642-3498


Baber Environmental Assistance & Remediation

Scott Baber 4205 Crystal Springs Moore, OK 73160 (405) 659-8115

CC Environmental

Cathy Canty

3533 National Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8181

StanTech/Associated Environmental Industries

Joseph Datin

3205 Bart Conner Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 424-8378

Stormwater Solutions, LLC

Apryl Meyer

2710 Crittenden Link Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 326-4545


Embassy Suites

Norman Hotel & Conference Center

Scott Klovalick

2501 Conference Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-8040

The Grand Canadian Theater

Gisela Wolfinbarger 116 W Main St Purcell, OK 73080 (405) 693-0449

The Venue at Freedom Farms

Nancy Longacre 4701 N Porter Ave Norman, OK 73071 (405) 657-7823


Countdown Events

Shannan Hinckley 102 W. Eufaula St., #205 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 708-8607

Sooner Valet

Patrick Clark

2007 Trailpine Court Norman, OK 73072 (214) 533-4910

The Center at Restore

Melissa Pattison

2475 Boardwalk St., Suite 105

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-1575


Wells Christmas Tree Farm

Jesse Wells

4091 E Franklin Rd. Norman, OK 73026 (405) 473-3300


DWM Fence

Dillon McDonald PO Box 7222585

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 217-2886

VanHoose Fence Mark VanHoose 4203 Native Way Norman, OK 73071 (405) 735-1167


Ameriprise Financial/ Kindred Wealth

Mark Woody

581 Merchant Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360.8836

Boyd St. Ventures

James Spann

331 W Boyd St. Norman, OK 73069 (312) 231-4081

Bravest Wealth Management

Matt Branstetter

111 S. Main St. Noble, OK 73068 (405) 872-1160

DA Davidson & Co.

Tom J. Thompson

3750 W. Main St. #240

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-9238

Divelbiss Financial

Kenny Divelbiss

2720 Washington Dr. Suite 100

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-0030

DM Wealth Management, Inc.

Peggy Doviak

309 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-8884

Edward Jones

Investments - Jolene Nauman Jolene Nauman 2350 McKown Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-0603

Edward Jones

Investments - Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson 224 W. Gray St., #104 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-3300 scott-richardson

Eide Bailly LLP

Kelley Grace 3501 24th Ave. NW Ste. 201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-2900

Exencial Wealth Advisors

Jeff Baty 9108 N. Kelly Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73131 (405) 778-9249

Financial Planning Resources

Daran Tucker 2520 McGee Dr. Suite 110 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 914-4800

Greg Heiple

218 E. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-5535

Infinity Capital Partners

Bryan Vahlberg 201 NW 10th St. Suite 200 Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (405) 400-8977

Investment Center Advisor Group (Hart & Associates Inc)

Vincent Hart 2122 W. Main St. Norman, OK 730696460 (405) 260-9862

Kerry Graham Country Financial

Kerry Graham 804 NE 19th St. Moore, OK 73069 (405) 948-1406

M3 Technology Solutions, LLC

Lynn Fletcher 2771 Washington Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 227-0547

NFA Wealth Management Sandi Hegeman 808 24th Ave NW Suite 202 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-9907

Partners in Planning Financial Services

Shayne Lester, CFP 3311 W. Rock Creek Rd. #110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-2269

Pat Hall

2006 Morning Dew Trail Norman, OK 730726663 (405) 640-2260

Principal Financial Group

Travis Martin 5080 Spectrum Dr. Suite 1210-E Addison, TX 75001 (214) 842-3790

Revive Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

Jordan Cramer 1601 36th Ave. Suite 130 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 436-9106

SW Brokers, Inc.

Brett Wimberley 900 36th Ave. NW, #105 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 834-0600

Stephen H. McDonald & Associates, Inc.

Ron Fisher

2200 McKown Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-0123


Stride Wealth Management

Brad Wallace

4747 Gaillardia Pkwy (2nd Floor)

Oklahoma City, OK 73142 (405) 595-2022 wealth-management.html

TerraWealth - Ryan West

Ryan West 1215 CrossRd.s Blvd. Suite 204B Norman, OK 73072 (405) 544-3974

Tom Johnson Investment Management

Doug Haws

201 Robert S. Kerr Suite 510 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 620-3643

University of Oklahoma Foundation Stacey Willenborg 100 Timberdell Rd Norman, OK 73019 (405) 321-1174


Noble Fire & Safety

Don Hobbs

7311 Rutherford Rd. Noble, OK 73068-8236 (405) 201-0018

Superior Fire Alarm, LLC

Margie Donaldson

P. O. Box 1115

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 371-5929


Dirt Rhoads


Bryce Rhodes

1832 E. Veterans Memorial Hwy Blanchard, OK 73010 (405) 597-2100


Camp Gladiator

Reagan Danner-Brooks

1916 E. View Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (580) 339-0777


Bryan’s Flooring

Cody Caywood

3935 W. Reno Oklahoma City, OK 73107 (405) 634-4136


Betty Lou’s Flowers & Gifts

Devonne Carter

445 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-2400

Redbud Floral, Inc.

Lorie Stewart 913 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 730697641 (405) 292-0758

www.redbudfloralok. com


Artisan’s Pride Quality Meats

J. Zane Edwards

1965 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-4130

Crest Fresh Market

Gary Tiedke

2550 Mount Williams

Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 809-8100

Homeland #200

Val Schluter

1724 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-7048

www.homelandstores. com

Homeland #219

Jason Lee

2600 W. Robinson St. Norman, OK 730696359 (405) 321-1313

www.homelandstores. com

Homeland #255

Pam Keller

1251 Alameda St. Norman, OK 730713006

(405) 447-4730

www.homelandstores. com

Midway Grocery & Deli

Bob Thompson

601 W. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-7004

Sodexo, Inc.

Brian Ollison 4100 N. Flood Norman, OK 73069 (405) 573-3551


Children’s Health Foundation

Linzy Farrant 901 N. Lincoln Blvd. #305

Oklahoma City, OK 73104-3207 (405) 821-4046


Management, Inc. Frank Merrick

1024 E. Britton Suite 200

Oklahoma City, OK 73131

(405) 755-5571

Moore Norman Technology Center Foundation, Inc. Angie Crandall PO Box 6586 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-5000 mntc-foundation

Pioneer Library System Foundation Will Merrick

300 Norman Center Court

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 801-4521


Havenbrook Funeral Home

Deana Kelly

3401 Havenbrook St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-0101

Primrose Funeral Service and Sunset Memorial Park

Becca Hart 1109 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-6000

Sunset Memorial Park

Brandi Lewis 2301 E. Indian Hills Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-2553

Tribute Memorial Care

Shane Vice 708 24th Ave. NW #300 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-4787


Ashley Homestore

Anthony Thomas 2831 Conference Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 951-1434

Henry Home Interiors

Katelynn Henry 3720 W. Robinson St. #112

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-1000

K & N Furniture Consignment

Noel Ladd 2270 W. Main Norman, OK 73072 (405) 521-0012

Mathis Brothers


Kathy Unguran 3434 W. Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73107 (405) 943-3434

Mathis Brothers

Sleep Studio

Toby Martinez

1200 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 730696491 (405) 951-1454

Mister Robert, Inc.

John Carl 109 E. Main St. Norman, OK 730691302 (405) 321-1818

Wunderhaus Furniture Consignment

Beth Ketchum 1284 N Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 831-5908


Gaming Capital Group

Melissa Cox 500 NW 32nd St. Newcastle, OK 73065 (405) 392-5474


DoorTec Garage Doors

Brent Trotter 111 N. Cooley Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 720-7107

Norman Garage Door, Inc.

Darren Bone 1905 Atchison Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-4194

Top Quality Doors, LLC

Selena Belvin 2320 Beverly Hills St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-3667


Accent Glass Services, LLC

Stacey Henry 1006 N. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5800

Commercial Glass & Material

Kenneth Kirksey 1220 W. Rock Creek Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-9336

J & R Window and Glass, Inc

Ronald McGee 476 W. Center Rd. Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 288-6109


ABS Golf Cars

Krystal Woods 303 S. Main St. Noble, OK 73069 (405) 872-5671

Belmar Golf Club Stacey Riley 1025 E. Indian Hills Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-0111

Compliance Solutions Championship/Anera Sports, LLC

Rob Addington 765 Asp Suite 210 Norman, OK 73069 (214) 226-7813

Westwood Park Golf Course

Rick Parish 2400 Westport Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-9700


the international pantry

Johnny Bates 1618 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-0765



Chickasaw Alliance Group, LLC

Carly Johnson

2600 John Saxon Blvd. Suite 2224

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 253-8200

Chickasaw Nation Industries Inc.

David Nimmo

2600 John Saxon Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 253-8200

City of Norman

Darrel Pyle

201 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-1600

Cleveland County

Rod Cleveland

201 S. Jones Ave. #Rm. 260 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-0200

Cleveland County District Attorney

Greg Mashburn

201 S. Jones Ave. #300 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8268

Cleveland County Health Department

Jackie Kanak 250 12th Ave. N.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-4048

Cleveland County Sheriff

Chris Amason

111 N. Peters Ave., #600 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-8888

National Weather Service Radar Operations Center

Terrance Clark

1200 Westheimer Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 573-8803

NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory

Keli Pirtle

120 David L Boren Blvd. #2401

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 203-4839

Norman Police Department

Kevin Foster

201 W. Gray St., Ste. B Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-1600 public-safety/police-department

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension-Cleveland Co.

Courtney Dekalb-Myers 601 E. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-4774 county/cleveland/

Oklahoma Department of Commerce Hopper Smith 900 N. Stiles Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104-3234 (405) 815-6552

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management

Mark Gower PO Box 53365

Oklahoma City, OK 73152 (405) 521-2481

Oklahoma Indigent Defense System

Tim Laughlin

111 N. Peters Ave., #500 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-2601


National Guard

Kerri Keck

3515 Military Circle

Oklahoma City, OK 73111-4305 (405) 228-5241

The Chickasaw Nation

Kyle Impson 520 Arlington St. Ada, OK 74820-2204 (580) 436-2603

TSET Healthy Living Program

Sara Sancak

901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 912-3581



Ellen Sartin

345 Park Ave. San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 753-5826 acrobat/online/extract-pdf-pages.html


Bart Conner


Paul Ziert

3214 Bart Conner Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 447-7500


Burn Boot Camp


Scott Christian

1344 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 217-2824 locations/norman-ok

Cleveland County Family YMCA

Crystal Wicker

1350 Lexington Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-9622

Coredination Pilates

Sharin Wolfe

128 E. Main St., #201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-8140

Crunch Fitness

Travis Knost 2300 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 322-5859


Toby Johnson

1210 McGee Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (304) 532-5603

Norman Regional Health SystemHealth Club

Micah Howell 2301 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-5050 thehealthclubnorman. com

Planet Fitness

Wendy Cox

1000 Alameda St Norman, OK 73071 (405) 633-1900

Solid Rock Training

Derek Geiges

4310 48th Ave NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 571-9509 teamsolidrocktraining. com

StretchLab Norman

Rob Miles

1636 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73114 (405) 702-2412


Hardware Expressions

Patricia Welch

210 36th Ave. SW #Ste. F Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-0539


Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC

Sheila Hamlin

2600 John Saxon Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 996-8821

Cornerstone Nutrition & Diabetes

Christie Bruehl 2429 Wesport Drive Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-9909

Eden Clinic

Jodi Shumway 1125 N. Porter Ave., Suite 200 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 579-4673

Elite Wellness

Jessica Kinney 16925 NE 23rd St.

Unit 103 Choctaw, OK 73020 (405) 620-0049

Gallion Sports Nutrition

Kevin Gallion

2228 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-8438

Justin Porter/ Oklahoma Pain Management

Justin Porter 4023 N. Flood Norman, OK 73069 (405) 550-8040

Karen Barbalace

Aesthetics, PLLC

Karen Barbalace 1636 W Lindsey St Norman, OK 73069 (405) 351-1585

Norman Behavioral Health Group

Dr. Bobby Martin 712 Wall St., #100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-7500

Oklahoma Hypnosis Centers

Vicky Thomas 1818 W. Lindsey Building C Suite 120 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 956-5098

Pathology Consultation Services

Eric Thompson

501 Alameda St., #B Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-0370

Weaver Clinics

Tiffany Jacob 1125 N. Porter Ave. #305 Norman, OK 73071 (580) 470-9800


Pioneer Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. Rebekah Rutledge 515 W. Gray St., #A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-3931


Air Comfort Solutions

Ron Gregory 908 Messenger Lane Moore, OK 73160 (405) 721-3740

Airco Service Inc.

Bob Taylor

1431 N. Moore Ave Moore, OK 73160 (405) 715-2665

Brad’s Heat & Air

Jason Bennett

683 Pryors Ct Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 550-9975

Direct Air, LLC

Josh Benavides

1917 Atchison Dr. Suite A2

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 778-2896

Doug’s Heat & Air

Doug Lohrer 1824 Atchison Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 414-9660

Emerald Heat & Air

Sarah Hiler 609 W. Acres St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 613-7997

Johnson Controls

Robert Bidelman 5005 York Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-4040

Johnstone Supply (Moore)

Mike Mays

2050 S. BRd.way Moore, OK 73160 (405) 799-8576

Kelso Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

John Kelso

2421 S. Berry Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-7755

Lashar Home Comfort Systems

Kelly Lashar 3535 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-3113

Metro Air, LLC

Patrick Neidel

3921 Preston Ct. Norman, OK 73072 405-320-2326


Norman Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC

Angela Porch

PO Box 720924

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 823-9641


Heat & Air

David Winterton 15000 96th St. Lexington, OK 73051 (405) 527-7135

Simply Comfort

Heating and Air, LLC

Timothy Van Valenburg 11821 SE 134 Oklahoma City, OK 73165 (405) 694-9449


Heating & Air

Tony Waggoner 1351 E. Indian Hills Rd.

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-2076


Good Shepherd


Lori Rowin

1370 N. Interstate Dr. #160

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 943-0903

Humanity Hospice


Keisha Jackson 2812 Washington Dr. #120C

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 418-2530

LifeSpring Home Care

Karen Vahlberg 2411 Springer Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 203-2715

Peace Homecare, Inc.

James Harrell IV 1818 W. Lindsey St.


Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-5951


Kaplan Home Inspections

Seth Kaplan Norman, OK (405) 388-4083


BR Handyman

Ronnie Baugh 13913 Technology Dr. Edmond, OK 73134 (405) 849-5542


Feather Creek Farm, LLC

Dynah Korhummel 1501 72nd Ave. NE Norman, OK 73026 (925) 580-9841


Behavioral Health Center at Porter Health Village Dax Parker

5360 Legacy Dr. Bldg 2, Suite 101 Plano, TX 75024 (337) 802-7789 ohc-location/behavioral-health-center


John Krodel 4300 W. Memorial Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 760-4995

Norman Regional Health System

Richie Splitt 901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 730716404 (405) 307-1050

Norman Regional Health SystemBreast Care Center

Trevor Wall 3440 RC Luttrell Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-2600

Norman Regional Health SystemCancer Management Center

Dan Ottis

901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 730716404 (405) 307-1703

Norman Regional Health SystemCorporate Communication

Heather Bogle-DelaCruz 901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-1056

Norman Regional Health SystemDiagnostic Imaging

Trevor Wall 901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-1600

Norman Regional Health SystemEMSSTAT

Eddie Sims

901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-1560

Norman Regional Health SystemHuman Services

Theresa Ewing 901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-1535

Norman Regional Health SystemOccupational Medicine

Sharon Miller 724 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-6868

Norman Regional Health SystemPhysical Performance Marge Liesenfeld 724 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-1571

Norman Regional Health System - Tobacco Control Program

Heather Humphrey

226 W. Gray St., #210 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 912-3583

Norman Regional Health SystemVolunteer Services

Wendy Fiebrich 901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-1069


Comfort Inn & Suites

Amish Zaver

840 Copperfield Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-5200 hotel/ok154

Country Inn & Suites

Amish Zaver

960 Ed Noble Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-0240 normanok

Courtyard by Marriott Norman

Alexandria Morris

770 Copperfield Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-8900 okcno

Days Inn Norman

Kyle Brown

2543 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-1234

Fairfield by Marriott

Kimberly Bonta

301 Norman Center Court

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 447-1661

Hampton Inn & Suites

Lindsey Johnson

2300 Conference Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-3014

Hilton Garden Inn

Paul Van Raamsdonk

700 Copperfield Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-0100

Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Paul Van Raamsdonk

2500 Conference Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 928-5300 normanok

La Quinta Inn & Suites Norman

Amanda Rowe

930 Ed Noble Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-4000

NCED Conference Center and Hotel

Lisa Webb

2801 E. State Hwy 9 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 447-9000

NOUN Hotel

Scott Lambert

542 S University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (918) 760-2333

Sleep Inn and SuitesNorman, OK Jason Patel 2601 Bankers Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-0919 ok172

StoneHill, Trademark Collection by Wyndham Tyrone Shannon 3100 Medical Park Pl Norman, OK 73072 (405) 801-2100

www.wyndhamhotels. com/trademark/ norman-oklahoma/ stone-hill-norman-trademark-collection/overview

Super 8 by Wyndham


Suman Patel 2600 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-1624 www.wyndhamhotels. com/super-8


2 Green Chicks

Amy King 267 34th Ave SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-8535


Sooner Human Resources Society

Wendy Souder PO Box 1395 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 274-9017


Anne Clouse

1009 Parkside Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 830-0191

Bill Scanlon

3001 Harwich Ct. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 366-5402

Bryce Binyon PO Box 665 Blanchard, OK 73010 (405) 760-2706

Casey Vinyard

3813 Danfield Lane Norman, OK 73072 (405) 642-7673

David Boeck 922 Schulze Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 919-8242

David Hopper

4017 Pleasant Grove Norman, OK 73072 (405) 620-7502

David Nimmo 3120 Millbrook Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (580) 399-0227

Don & Dot Adkins 2803 24th Ave. NW Apt. 3122 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-9043

Donald Sickles 4801 Gaillardia Parkway #100 Oklahoma City, OK 73142 (405) 302-1922

Florence McCann 6002 Flaming Oaks Circle Norman, OK 73026

Frank Gatewood

Frank Gatewood 904 Corbett Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-0200


George Langley

420 Misty Ridge Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-5051

Glenn & Ingrid Boone

4526 Derby Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-9280

James Chappel

136 Thompson Dr. Norman, OK 730695245 (405) 642-7338

Jamie Wade

405 College Ave Norman, OK 73069 (405) 313-9375

Jerry McConnell

1600 Westbrooke Terrace Norman, OK 73072 (405) 308-8626

Joe Wilhite

816 Bob White Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 414-8283

Justin Covey

2610 Berry Farm Rd. Norman, OK 73070 (405) 694-1514 bruner

Kate Vahlberg

4904 Wellman Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 650-6269

Kathleen Kennedy

702 Sedona Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 409-0897

Kelly Foster

800 Villaverde Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-4916

Korey McMahon

416 W. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (760) 709-1214

Lenore Walder

1303 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 635-5352

Leon & Vicki Shattuck

2812 Misty Lake Ct. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-0737

Linda & Bill Lockett

910 Elm Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 922-0557

Liz McKown

4409 Cannon Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 401-6603

Lynne Miller

801 48th Ave. S.E. Norman, OK 73026 (405) 834-3009

Matt Clouse

1009 Parkside Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 830-4810

Morgan Fernandez Student 1319 Brookdale Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 628-9569

Nancy Sangirardi

2705 Barry Switzer Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 657-0042

Nasim Farsaneh

PO Box 721535

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 517-4707

Nick Wu 4109 Bentbrook Place Norman, OK 73072 (405) 270-1856

Olene Lifset 211 N. Robinson Suite 1810 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 230-1704

Patrick Crowe

3801 Truman Dr. Norman, OK 73072

Polly Christian 2626 Brentwood Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-2605

Robert Braver 816 Oakbrook Dr. Norman, OK 730727007 (405) 360-7462

Scott Martin 2916 Stonebridge Court Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-7260

Steve Johnson

20021 Palmer Rd. Harrah, OK 73045 (405) 882-9744

Sydney Shilling

3404 Enclave Ln Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-9810

Tim Mauldin Ph.D. PO Box 722100 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 364-0660

Tom Seale 1416 Vine St. Norman, OK 73072 (808) 589-6634

Wendi Schuur

3936 Pimlico Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 431-8799

Will Mattoon 3113 Millbury Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-2160

William M. Cameron 9000 Cameron Parkway Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 523-5016

William Scanlon

Retired Individual 3001 Harwich Court Norman, OK 73071 (405) 579-1679

Woodrow Acord 3016 Highland Glenn Norman, OK 73069 (479) 253-3438


AAA Oklahoma

Steve Pfohl 2520 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-7771

Allstate Insurance

Josh Nelson Agency

Josh Nelson 1100 Rambling Oaks Dr Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-9500

Andrew Ruiz - Shelter Insurance

Andrew Ruiz 1800 E. Memorial Ste. 104 Oklahoma City, OK 73131 (405) 478-7714

www.shelterinsurance. com/CA/agent/DRUIZ

BFS Independent Insurance Inc. Jackie Hils

2604 Halifax Way Norman, OK 73069 (479) 407-9119

Brian McPherson Agency, LLC

Brian McPherson

303 E. Tonhawa St. #109

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-9025 www.shelterinsurance. com/bmcpherson

Buffalo Insurance

Travis Gatewood 2460 Boardwalk St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 561-6220

Buwick Benefits & Insurance Group

Greg Buwick 3100 S. Berry Rd. Ste. 200B

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-6000


Gregory Barnes

1640 Dallas Parkway Plano, TX 75093 (972) 863-5642

Doyle-Crow & Associates

Betty Doyle

108 S.E. 3rd St., #Ste A Moore, OK 73160 (405) 793-0893

Ed Preble

Insurance, LLC

Ed Preble

515 W. Gray St., Ste. B Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2348

Employee Benefit Advisors, LLC

Reggie Ozeroglu 2761 Washington Dr. #101A

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-2040

Fairway Insurance Group, LLC

Chase Moore

2500 Boardwalk Dr Ste 112

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-9090

Garner Insurance

Jared Garner

402 W. Main St. Norman, OK 730691313 (405) 366-8700

Geico OKC SouthWarren Stowe

Warren Stowe

1500 W I-240 Service Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73159 (405) 248-9509 oklahoma-city/warren-stowe/


Mike McCurdy 3510 24th Ave. NW, #201 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2700

J. Charles Insurance

Justin Peavler 2276 36th Ave. NW, #120 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-4441

James Parker State Farm Insurance

James Parker 3052 Classen Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-1104

Jeff McCormick Agency

Jeff McCormick 3802 Bellwood Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 255-8154

Jeremy Eduvigen

Insurance Agency

Jeremy Eduvigen 620 E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-7778

Jim Holmes

Insurance Agency

Jim Holmes 453 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-4664

LaReau & Associates, Inc

Tyler LaReau 116 S. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-1711

LegalShield - IDShield

Wynne Pedlow 705 N. 3rd Ave. Purcell, OK 730802403 (405) 245-5855

Mann & Associates, Inc.

Mickey Mann

136 Thompson Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-2554

Overman Insurance Agency - A Division of USI Insurance Services

Charles Johnson 2761 Washington Dr. Suite #101B Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-2020

Professional Insurors

Chris Moxley 7301 Broadway Extension, #200 Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 843-9191

Shadowlake Benefits

Tom Nichols 3100 S. Berry Rd. Suite 100

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 207-4160

Southern Pillars Insurance Group, LLC

Mike Akeno

2761 Washington Dr., Suite 101-A

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 500-1600

Stansel Insurance Agency Inc

Elise Stansel 709 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-3730

State Farm Insurance - Cindy K. Nashert

Cindy K. Nashert

855 12th Ave. N.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-0500


State Farm Insurance

- Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis

2224 36th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-0600

State Farm Insurance

- Julia Chew

Julia Chew

701 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-3311

State Farm Insurance - Larry Potts

Larry Potts

1901 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-7070

Strategic Benefit Partners, LLC

Holly Peppler

114 W Main St Norman, OK 73069 (405) 261-8490

Summit Insurance


Jason Clements 2001 S. Broadway Suite 107B

Moore, OK 73160 (405) 701-0633

Taylor Moore Agency - Farmers Insurance

Taylor Moore

323 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-0153 wmoore


Mark McClure

PO Box 721946 Oklahoma City, OK 73125 (405) 366-8520

Travis Hammer Farm

Bureau Insurance

Travis Hammer 800 SW 134th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73170

(405) 912-5021


J.P. Designs

Jan Penner Dewbre 210 36th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-4919

Tarasina & Co.

Tarasina Compagni PO Box 1206 Norman, OK 73070 (970) 250-3545


Cox Communications

Sydney Hand

715 N.E. 122nd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 286-5075


Bedlam Computers

Chris Martin PO Box 1722

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 329-4228


Maribel Gery 913 N. Broadway Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102-5810 (405) 232-1264

IT Service Station

Chris Dunlevy 4509 N. Classen Oklahoma City, OK 73018 (405) 706-3377

Natuv INC

Heaven Pool

119 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 928-6164

Norman Nerds

Karena Crawford

3929 Warwick Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 203-9358


Alliance Maintenance, Inc.

David Ridgway 2770 Washington Dr. #110

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 573-7881

Jan-Pro of Oklahoma City

Courtney Ferguson 1105 Sovereign Row Oklahoma City, OK 73108-1827 (405) 606-3300

Jani-King of Oklahoma City

Jill Harper 3535 NW 58th St. #200 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 943-5464


Brockhaus Jewelry

Brad Shipman

2107 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-4228

Mitchell’s Jewelry

Gina Mitchell 2201 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-2515


1776 EZ-Flow I rrigation

Matthew Blalock PO Box 445 Newcastle, OK 73065 (405) 669-1325

Bentley Turf Farms

Dennis Brigham 2211 Westpark Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-7511

Greenshade Trees, LLC

Justin Linao 1905 Nicklas Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73128 (405) 265-1980

Grissom Landscape Nursery LLC

Rusty Grissom

P.O. Box 160

Noble, OK 73068 (405) 872-3216

Irish Green

Lawn Care

Sharletta McLaughlin

240 Industrial Blvd. Suite C1

Moore, OK 73160-6210 (405) 794-5296

Landscapes USA

Bill Turner 2101 S. Missouri Oklahoma City, OK 77129 (405) 520-4000

M&M Landscaping and Lawn Care

Christine Massey PO Box 5906

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 366-8068

Managed Mowed

Shelly Braisher 10600 S. Penn, Suite 16 Box 714

Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 437-4092

Marcum’s Nursery Monty Marcum

169 N. Main Ave. Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 288-2368



Justin Askins PO Box 1297 Tuttle, OK 73089 (405) 856-5826


Brady Neal 831 W Adkins Hill Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (800) 348-2578

Tip Top Crane & Tree

Curtis Box

P.O. Box 722052

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 413-3057

Tree Wizard, LLC

Brittany Wells 4202 Briarcrest Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 850-3304

Twigs, Inc. Apryl Meyer 2710 Crittenden Link Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 990-4533

West Franklin Sod

Chase Gordon 4310 48th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 808-1120


Pioneer Library System Administration

Lisa Wells 300 Norman Center Court Norman, OK 73072 (405) 801-4500


Musco Sports Lighting - Oklahoma Rico Velazquez 2720 Kathleens Crossing Yukon, OK 73099 (405) 479-5693

Prestige Lighting Solutions

Marco Arzate 12224 Woodland Hills Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73109 (405) 412-9904

Waters Electric, Inc.

Sherman Griffin 310 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8246

www.waterselectricinc. com/contact


Corkscrew Wine & Spirits

Lux Patel 2319 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 730693909 (405) 573-9273

Joe’s Wine & Spirits

Kathy Hallren 1330 Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-9262


Don’s Mobil Lock Shop, Inc.

Amy Ardrey

326 E. Acres St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-0508



Marketing Services

Jeff Tucker 2039 Industrial Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5674

University Presort

Jim Cook

309 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-1235


Acorn Growth Companies

Rick Nagel 621 N. Robinson Suite 550 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 737-2676


Pharmaceutical Services

3300 Marshall Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 217-7670

Chasm Advanced Materials, Inc.

David Arthur 480 Neponset St., Bldg. 6 Canton, MA 02021 (781) 821-0443

Dan Munson

Dan Munson

208 Waterfront Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 203-7055


F5 Metalworks LLC

Jacob Adams

3501 Wellsite Dr., #175 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 416-0261

Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc

Mark Wright 1800 E. Imhoff Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-5500

Ironwolf Manufacturing

Lindsay Justice

9000 S. Highway 77 Noble, OK 73068 (405) 872-1890

Southwestern Wire, Inc

Jeannie Franke

3505 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 730698282 (405) 447-6900


Hite Digital Norman

Amy Singleton

513 SW 156th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 701-9245


Growth Strategies

Kyle Muzny

3510 24th Ave. NW Suite 102 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 689-0123

Phuel Marketing

Steve Parham

1933 Red Prairie Dr. Edmond, OK (405) 760-3374



Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate Academy

Scott Mincey 310 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-1204

Jackson Lee Academy

Shawn Lee 3525 Wellsite Dr Suite 101 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 561-2250

KI International

Rodney Guinn 19836 E. 121 St. Broken Arrow, OK 74014 (918) 814-9330



Sooner Sports Properties

Brian McKinnell 180 W. Brooks St. Norman, OK 73019 (405) 325-2148


Aim To Thrive - Shelli

S Jackson, PhD, PLLC

Shelli Jackson 2500 Boardwalk St., #203 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-8501

Behavioral Health

Center at Porter Health Village

Dax Parker 5360 Legacy Dr. Bldg 2, Suite 101 Plano, TX 75024 (337) 802-7789 ohc-location/behavioral-health-center


Medical Aesthetics

Elizabeth Greenhaw MD 2110 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-6270

Dread Not Mammoth, LLC d.b.a. Ellie Mental Health

Ryan Dent 1215 Crossroads Blvd. Ste. 106 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 203-5417

Flex Care

Infusion Center

Kaisha Gabriel

3321 W. Rock Creek Suite 120

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 509-6599

Lynn Institute

Steve Petty

3555 NW 58th Suite #800

Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 602-3939

Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic

Scott Dennis

3580 RC Luttrell Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 235-0040

Variety Care, Inc. Camden Maxwell 6800 N. Broadway Ext Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 632-6688

West Norman Endoscopy Center, LLC

Erica Wiskur

3101 W. Tecumseh Rd. #100

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-5900

Women’s Healthcare of Norman

Josie Bradshaw

3440 RC Luttrell Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-1264


Miller Vision Care

Chris Miller

316 W. Main St., #100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-2733

Nicole M. Kish, O.D., P.C.

Nicole Kish 3110 N. Interstate Dr. #110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 573-9166

Norman Eye Associates

Katie Buser

3960 W. Tecumseh Rd. #110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-8100

University Optical, Inc Andy Masters Jr.

2201 McKown Dr., #2 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-8220


Direct Orthopedic Care

Dan Melvin

5040 Addison Circle 4th Floor Addison, TX 75001 (405) 445-0155

McBride Orthopedic Hospital Clinic

Julie Muller

3700 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 230-9600

Ortho Stat

Tish Marshall

3400 W. Tecumseh Rd. Suite 101A

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 515-5575


Norman Pediatric Associates, P.C. Donna Jackson

3231 Healthplex Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-5114

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health

Norman Specialty Clinic

Kelli Walsh 3421 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 494-4002

Unlimited Potential Pediatrics, LLC

Brandie Phillips 713 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-2007



Physical Therapy

Central Candace Lott 2821 36th Ave. NW #130

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-5224

Physical Therapy


Casey Kirkes 440 Merchant Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-1600

RPT Physical Therapy

Mike Rinderman 1025 SW 4th St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 503-8715



Classen Urgent Care Clinic

Hussein Torbati 2824 Classen Blvd. #110

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-7111

Immediate Care of Oklahoma

Nathan Cook 3321 W. Tecumseh Rd., 125 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-6900

Stellar Pediatric Urgent Care

Rhiannon Baker 1201 Magnolia Ct. Suite 101 Moore, OK 73160 (405) 857-7681


iMed Equip

Gina Nowlin 3750 W. Robinson St. #150

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-2166


CSL Plasma

Elizabeth Vaughn

1327 E Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 447-9977



Machine Inc.

Lynda McPherson

5013 S.E. 44th St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-6292



Brad McMullan

941 26th Ave. NW, #110 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 635-5651


AMC-Associated Mortgage Corporation

Randal Coder 940 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 594-8518

First United Bank Mortgage

Cheryl Jenkins Koontz 570 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-0101

cjenkins.firstunitedteam. com

Gateway Mortgage Group

Chris Doke 3700 W Robinson St., Suite 200 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 253-2276

McClain Bank Mortgage

Carlee Jacks

2900 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 477-7283


Stride Mortgage Division

Erica Pierce

3351 W. Rock Creek Rd. Suite #140

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 857-8160


Little Guys Movers

Ryan Hamblin

6301 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 265-5876 Norman

Serenity Moving Services

Nicholas Hayer 3217 Bart Conner Dr. #D Norman, OK 73072 (405) 437-8243

The Armstrong Company, OKC

Dan Webb

4800 W. Point Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73179 (405) 947-8001

Two Men and A Truck

Brandy Myers

216 Cooley Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73127-1051 (405) 708-7707

Voy Rental

Craig Grotts

10010 S. Memorial Tulsa, OK 74133 (819) 830-2273


Gilliam Music

Pat Crumpley

2280 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-0080

McMichael Music

Wess McMichael

230 E. Alameda Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-1199

Vitam Musica Foundation

Dylan Madoux 1819 Beverly Hills St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 623-2500


Boyd St./19th St. Magazine

Casey Vinyard 2020 E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-1400

The Norman Transcript

Katherine Miller 215 E. Comanche St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-1800



Jan Malone 300 N. Crawford Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-3922

Aging Services, Inc.

Tammy Vaughn 1179 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 443-7760

Among Friends Activity Center, Inc.

Chris Bojarski 1185 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 361-5529

Assistance League of Norman

Megan Sherrer 809 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-9400

www.assistanceleague. org/norman/

Bethesda, Inc.

Saeed Sarani

1181 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-0333

Better Business

Bureau of Central Oklahoma

Judith Soto

17 S. Dewey Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102-2421

(405) 239-6081

Big Brothers

Big Sisters of Norman

Jeff Moody

502 E Main St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 226-8865

Boy Scouts of America

- Last Frontier Council Kristen Stein 3031 NW 64th Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 840-1114


Stacy Bruce 1670 Stubbeman Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-9280

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Carly Akard

1232 N. Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73106

(405) 523-3000

Center for Children and Families, Inc.

Melissa Simpson Klink

210 S. Cockrel Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-1420

Community After School Program

Terri Craig 1023 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-5970

Cops 4 Kids & Community

Sara Doherty

402 Beacon Ave. Norman, OK 73070 (405) 205-3978

Dale K. Graham

Veterans Foundation

Jon Foti

1233 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 550-8806

Feed The Children

Sandra Leaver

333 N. Meridian Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73107-6507 (405) 942-0228

Food and Shelter, Inc. April Heiple

201 Reed Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-4954

Fostering Futures (formerly Citizens Advisory Board of the Cleveland County)

Jaci Williams PO Box 581 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 579-5000

Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma Patti Martin

316 S. Blackwelder Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73108-1418 (405) 236-4451

GP Victim

Impact Panel

Shelby Fulks

102 E. Eufaula Suite D Norman, OK 73069 (405) 639-8366

HUGS St. Ministry

Elena LeGree

314 Sonora Lane Norman, OK 73069 (405) 443-5190

Jazz in June

Norman Hammon PO Box 2405 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 928-4161

Kiwanis Club of Norman, Ok Inc

John Otto, DVM PO Box 913

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 514-8413

Legacy Rotary Club of Norman

Lainey Phillips

401 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-2791


Ed Taylor

151 12th Ave. S.E. #100

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 397-9576

Mary Abbott

Children’s House

Andree Danley

231 E. Symmes St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-5800

Meals on Wheels of Norman, Inc.

Lynn Haynes PO Box 1371

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 321-7272

Mission Norman, Inc.

Mike Butler

2525 E. Lindsey St.

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-8880

National Weather Association

Janice Bunting 3100 Monitor Ave.

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-5167

National Weather Association Foundation

Janice Bunting 3100 Monitor Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-5167

Norman Arts Council Erinn Gavaghan 122 E. Main St. Norman, OK 730691301 (405) 360-1162

Norman Business Association

Jerry Hatter 792 Asp Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 496-4753

Norman Crime Stoppers

Tonja McCawley 1110 W Main St. #105 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 410-6052

Norman Masonic Lodge #38

Steve Sichterman

1700 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73070 (405) 321-7310

Norman Optimist Club

Brent Lorr

1005 Lexington Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 990-9688

Norman Park Foundation, Inc.

Joyce Pitchlynn PO Box 6523

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 826-1459

Norman Public School Foundation

Alesha M. Leemaster 131 S. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-5947

Norman Regional Health Foundation

Erin Barnhart PO Box 1665

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 307-1077

Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Rick Fernandez

1000 N. Broadway Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 235-5603

Pantry Partners, Inc.

Angela Jimenez-Calhoun 517 W. Gray Norman, OK 73069 (405) 833-3671

PASSPORTS - Norman’s Int’l & Sister City Org

Tricia Carleton 2801 Chelsea Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 395-7110 PASSPORTSNormanInternational

Paula M. and Bob D. Norman Christmas Day Community Dinner Foundation, Inc. Bob Magarian P. O. Box 1763

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 364-3273


Professional Educators of Norman

Brittany Arnold

4100 N. Flood Ave. Room 122

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 294-2658 normanprofessionaleducators

Rose Rock

Habitat for Humanity

Randy Gardner

1100 W. Main St. STE 100

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-2813

Salvation Army

Beatrice Johnston

1124 N. Porter

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-9910 cleveland-county

Sarkeys Foundation

Angela Holladay

530 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-3703

Scissortail Productions

Susan Adams-Johnson, Ph.D.

410 Merkle Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 274-1783

South Central CASA of Oklahoma

Sherri Wing-Marsico

2241 W. Lindsey St. #500

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5295

Summit Church

Tehia Worley

616 Bud Wilkinson Dr. SW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 691-2115

Sunhive Collective, Inc

Loralei Gann

3651 Cascade Blvd. PO Box 1673

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 630-8319

Team Veteran, LLC

Sara Raney 18800 Cashton Ct Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 315-0339

The Christmas Store of Cleveland County

Justin Davis PO Box 256

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 447-5547

The Oklahoma Academy

Julie Knutson

333 12th Ave. S.E., #110

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 307-0986

The Pisces Project, Inc.

Nancy Yoch

1203 Brookhaven Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 503-7357

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Chan Klingensmith 3355 S. Purdue Oklahoma City, OK 73179 (405) 972-1111

The Virtue Center

Teresa Collado

215 W. Linn St.

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-0022

Thunderbird Clubhouse

Linn Blohm

1251 Triad Village Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-7331

Transition House, Inc.

Bonnie Peruttzi

700 Asp Ave., #2

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-7926

United Way of Norman

Daren Wilson

570 24th Ave. NW Suite 110

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-2025


Dan Schemm

424 W. Main St.

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-8095

Wilderness Adventures Ministry

P.O. Box 2183

Noble, OK 73068 (405) 693-4771

Women’s Resource Center

Kristy Stewart PO Box 5089

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 364-9424


Norman Notary Plus LLC


McCoy-Washington 2100 N Eastern Ave Suite 8R Moore, OK 63160 (405) 310-7551


Worksite Solutions, Inc.

Lynn Crandall

3015 Ladybank Lane

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 202-7167


Lawson Holdings, LLC

Mike Lawson

2201 Tecumseh Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 435-0055

Masters Oil Co.

Melanie Moulton 2132 W. Main St. Ste. A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-5210

Oil Bank Resources

Cole MacDonald PO Box 722168

Norman, OK 73070 (918) 638-8108


Allison’s Fun Inc.

Kyle Allison

3200 Double Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-1118

Yard Signs By Jen

Jennifer May Norman, OK (405) 606-5883


BluFin Payment Solution

Robbie Wood

11492 Toady Mountain Rd. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (580) 229-7028

Sync Premium Pay

Heriberto Cepeda 101 Park Ave. Suite 1300 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (305) 814-0998


Atlas Termite & Pest Control/

Atlas Greenlawn

Justin Blank 3301 Deskin Dr. Norman, OK 7306 (405) 321-4643


Pest Services

Nick Craft

210 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 651-9003


Annie’s Ruff House

Sereta Wilson 1043 N. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-3084


Joanies Pet Salon, LLC

Ralph Buchanan 1258 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-5090

Peachy Paws

Grooming, LLC

Caitlyn Innis 984 NW 5th St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 808-3762



Cassie Pomeroy

360 24th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-2549

Wet Pets by Steve

Paula Hand

504 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-5530


GSK, LLC (O You Stop)

Gaurav Pradhan 101 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 473-3355


Doctor’s Park Pharmacy

Jackie Straughn 500 E. Robinson Norman, OK 73071 (405) 659-9219

Osborn Drugs

Norman/Physicians & Surgeons Pharmacy Shauna Stinnett

900 N. Porter, #101 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-5222

Thunder Discount Drug

Rory Forinash 2296 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 212-3177


Aerial Images


Daniel Brown 703 Midland Valley St. Norman, OK 73069 (580) 695-2344

Candid Color Photography

Kelsey Parker 1300 Metropolitan Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73108 (405) 947-8747, ext 253

Caro Liz Creative, LLC

Caroline Thurmaier 1601 E Imhoff Rd Apt. 4044

Norman, OK 73071 (281) 685-3916

Global View Photography, LLC

Richard Jackson 1111 Merlin Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (281) 979-9004

Main St. Photo-Video

John Thomas 131 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 292-6686

Orion Photogenics

Elizabeth Kuhlman 3124 Harwich Court Norman, OK 73071 (405) 519-1030

Red Stiletto

Whitney Stilwell 226 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 561-3330

Sharlee Rother


Sharlee Rother 221 Deerhurst Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 820-0364

Shevaun Williams & Associates

Shevaun Williams

221 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-6455


Heart Clinic Central Oklahoma

Dilawer Sandhu 500 E. Robinson Suite 900 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-0199

Integris Family Care

Norman Mohsin Ahmad 700 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-0555 integris-family-care-norman


Mudassir Nawaz, MD, PC

Mudassir Nawaz

500 E. Robinson St. #800

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-1004




Crystal Jarvis

1515 N. Porter Ave. Ste. 100 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 366-0969

Physicians Surgical Center

Kathy Moore

3121 S. Telephone Rd. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 364-9789

Ronni E Farris, MD Obstetrics, Gynecology & Wellness

Ronni Farris

3928 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-6717

Steven E. Cox, DO

Steven Cox

905 24th Ave. NW, #C Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-3060

Victor T. Wilson, M.D. 700 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-7337


Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center-Norman (OSC)

Vytautas Ringus

825 E. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-7900

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Steven Schultz, M.D. 4217 28th Ave. NW #111

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-4211


Premiere Pediatrics

Glen Diaz

3261 24th Ave. NW #101

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-6432


Norman Urology Associates, P.C.

Gayle Baker

500 E. Robinson St. #1300

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-9966


Norman Regional Journey Clinic

Lana Nelson 3400 W. Tecumseh Rd. #105

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 735-2049


Bob Usry and Sons, Inc., Plumbing Contractors

Kristie Hyde 1800 Industrial Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-1001

Brads Plumbing

Brad Hart Norman, OK (405) 250-7020

H&H Plumbing & Utilities, Inc

Carl Hendrix 381 W. Adkins Hill Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 288-2346

Reliable Septic Services

Charles Freude 110 84th Ave. S.E.

Norman, OK 73026 (405) 329-0853

Veteran Plumbing Services

Shannon Wheeler

330 W. Gray

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 777-3059


Hooper Printing Company

Randy Hooper

301 W. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-4288

King Kopy

Aisha Ali

119 W. Boyd St., #103 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-0202

R.K. Black, Inc.

Trevor Turner 4000 NW 39th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112-2964 (405) 985-4455

Transcript Press, LLC

Lance Knight

222 E. Eufaula St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-7999

Walker Companies

Brooke Carter 121 NW 6th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73102

(405) 235-5319


Chickasaw Defense Logistics, LLC

Sherri Ellis

2600 John Saxon Blvd. Norman, OK 73071

Chickasaw Management Services, LLC

Amy Kirby

2600 John Saxon Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 200-7660

CNI Manufacturing

Jonna Kirschner

601 N. Brentwood Ave. Marietta, OK 73448 (405) 253-8409

Ethian Group

Brady Neal 114 W Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (800) 860-0637


Bare Property Management, Inc

Lydia Bare

213 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-7368

Dawn Asset Management, LLC

Laura Beasley 100 48th Ave. NW #210

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-2500

Dunman Properties, LLC

Denise Drace Dunlap 6123 Lupton Dr. Dallas, TX 75225-1920 (214) 797-9894

Investors Property Management, LLC

Randy Woods 1161 Sonoma Park Dr. #400

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-7143

RentKing, LLC

Sarah Hand

3402 Enclave Lane Norman, OK 73072 (405) 801-2293

Sterling Property Management, LLC

Bryan Stambeck 15100 S. Western Ave. #100 Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 630-8069


KGOU Radio (OU Outreach)

Dick Pryor

860 Van Vleet Oval Norman, OK 73019 (405) 325-5468

KREF - The REF Sports Radio Network

Casey Vinyard

2020 E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-1400

Perry Spencer

2020 E. Alameda Norman, OK 73071 (405) 213-4046


Clifford Appraisals

Cliff Barger

330 W. Gray St., #115 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-0938 cliffordapp/


329 Partners Rainey Powell PO Box 1184 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 364-5533

Adair & Associates Realtors

Ashley Adair-Garner

111 N. Peters Ave. #101 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8984 adairandassociates/

Archer Commercial

Real Estate

MacKenzie Britt 102 W Eufaula St Suite 200 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 230-0975


Management, Inc.

Charles Nicholson

110 N. Mercedes Dr., Suite 400 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 388-7975

Blue Line

Home Inspections

Corey Lambrecht 200 36th Ave. NW #720484

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-9358

CHC Investments, LLC

Carolina Cunningham 2511 Smoking Oak Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (214) 519-4177

DMG Real Estate Services

Dana L. Hare 3560 Macdonnell Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-4114

Domain Commercial Realty

Charlie Nicholson

110 N. Mercedes Dr. #400

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 388-7975

Fortitude Real Estate

Joe Hadaway 5830 NW Expressway Suite 309

Oklahoma City, OK 73132 (405) 440-3490

Fulton Worster Group

Brad Worster

132 N. Santa Fe Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-0200

Gayla Artman - Equity Commercial Realty Advisors

Gayla Artman PO Box 721771

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 826-7975

Keller Williams


Peggy Wright 3421 W. Rock Creek Rd. #110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329.6976

Meraki Real Estate

Zan Waldenville 708 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 306-7766

Millsap Enterprises, LLC

Regan Millsap 2637 SE 7th St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 431-9772


ROI Real Estate, LLC

Blake Matthews

4251 28th Ave. NW #101

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 358-3311

Connect Home Team

Metro Brokers of Oklahoma

Sarah Neal

400 Daybreak Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 206-2112

The Cies Companies, Inc.

Marilyn Bourlier 1203 Brookhaven Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 979-7297



American Investment Group

Chuck Thompson 2022 N. BRd.way Moore, OK 73160 (405) 301-7955

Bremner Real Estate

William Mooney 8900 Keystone Crossing Ste. 605 Indianapolis, IN 46240

Charles Thompson Companies

Charles Thompson

2022 N. Broadway St. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 794-4188

Chromis Capital

Crystal Caruthers PO Box 1617

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 819-5141

Dowell Properties Inc.

Fred Dowell

1932 W. Lindsey St. #Ste. A

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-6480

Gable & Grace

Real Estate

Millie Eubanks

3008 S. Sunnylane Rd. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 476-3466

INOK Investments

Bruce Morain

3411 W. Rock Creek Rd. #130

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-4665

Mark Cox

Enviro Group Phase I

2900 W. Lindsey St., Suite #103

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 740-2225

McAfee Enterprises, LP

Mark Williams

P. O. Box 1087

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 321-5999

Mickey L. Clagg

4700 Harrogate Dr. Norman, OK 73072

Remington Enterprises

Abri Lanham PO Box 722217

Norman, OK 73070 (866) 343-7326

Rieger, LLC

Sean P. Rieger 136 Thompson Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-6070


Abide Property Solutions

Kendra Augustine

4 N.E. 10th St., #221 Oklahoma City, OK 73104-1402 (405) 928-0008

Aria Real Estate Group

Lisa Talley

3110 N. Interstate Dr. #120

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-8881

Amy Bladow - Century 21 Goodyear Green

Amy Bladow 119 W. Main

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 229-8414

Coldwell Banker-Heart of Oklahoma

Melissa Mabry

920 Wall St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-9600


Colleen Roux

102 W Apache St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 224-6813

CSO Development Corp

Peter Petromilli 14708 Stone Manor Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73142 (405) 821-4434

Dillard Cies Real Estate

Darlene Bowline 1203 Brookhaven Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-7707

Dillard Cies Real Estate - Dan Quinn Dan Quinn 1203 Brookhaven Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-0256

Dillard Cies Real Estate - Karen McIntosh Telford Karen McIntosh Telford 1016 Reginald Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 590-2763 agents/mcintosh-telford-karen/

Dillard Cies Real Estate - Mike Hawley Mike Hawley

3550 W. Robinson St. #200

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-7707

Dillard Cies Real Estate - Patti Krings

Patti Krings

3550 W. Robinson St. #200

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 990-9748

Grey Oak Homes

Walter Schimmel

8117 N. Classen Blvd. Suite E Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 510-7195

Harbin Incorporated

Steven G. Morren

P. O. Box 722004

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 250-3000

Jeanne Wheeler

Providence Real Estate

214 Roserock Dr Norman, OK 73026 (405) 249-9122

Keller Williams

Mulinix Real Estate, Donna Davenport

Donna Davenport 3421 W. Rock Creek Rd. #110

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 818-3723

Dillard Cies Real Estate

Lilia Durham 4201 Eagle Cliff Dr Norman, OK 73072 (405) 808-8803

McCurdy Real Estate, Inc. - John Tune

John Tune

1006 NW 24th Ave., Suite 130

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 630-8484 www.JohnTuneRealtor. com

Metro Brokers of OK - Walt Terrell

JoAnn Terrell 3750 W. Main St. Suite 150

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 820-1485

Metro Brokers of Oklahoma

Gwen Holmes

3750 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-8320


Warren K. Taber

102 W. Apache St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-1111

Rieger Realty LLC

Dana Rieger

136 Thompson Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-2796

RJH Realty

Rudy Hymer

1217 Lindsey Plaza Dr. #101

Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-4801

Connect Home Team

Metro Brokers of Oklahoma

Sarah Neal 400 Daybreak Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 206-2112

Susan K. Ford LLC 1530 SW 89th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73159 (405) 388-2416

TAC Real Estate Services LLC

Teddi Clanton 2500 Boardwalk St. Suite 208 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 990-2550

Thao Nguyen Realtors - Spearhead Real Estate

Thao Nguyen 1915 NW 23rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73106 (405) 514-0930

Vawter Real Estate Sallie Vawter

2332 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-5635

Vawter Real Estate - Doug Bergman & Frank Nees

Doug Bergman 2332 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-5635

Weichert Realtors, Centennial Mitch Biesemeyer 360 24th Ave. NW #126

Norman, OK 730696499 (405) 360-0303


Dianne KittingerDillard Cies Realtor

Dianne Kittinger 3901 Bellwood Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 706-5351

Homeboy Inc.

Grady Carter

1914 Trailview Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 474-2905

Lori Blair Realtor Lori Blair 2201 SW 119th St. Suite B Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 735-8797

Mark CalhounNorman Homes


Mark Calhoun PO Box 1777 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 365-4000

Richard Jennings Real Estate, LLC

Richard Jennings 193 Bree Way Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 669-6710


Urban Remodeling

John Starcevion

317 Nathan Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 999-3673



Sean Bauman 2701 Corporate Centre Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-4669

Natuv INC

Heaven Pool 119 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 928-6164



Bad Daddy’s

Burger Bar

Kim Cordero

2050 24th Ave. NW Ste #101

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 561-1067

Das Boot Camp

Laura Gmeiner

229 E. Main St., #110 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-3748


Crystal Mitchell

2216 Bridgeview Blvd Edmond, OK 73003 (405) 657-2555

Hollywood Corners

Stacey Riley 4712 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 447-3813



Rusty Loeffler 1150 Ed Noble Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-9200


Jenny Dunham

214 E Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-7880

O’Connell’s Irish Pub and Grille

Jeff Stewart

769 Asp Ave.

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 217-8454


Crystal Mitchell

2216 Bridgeview Blvd Edmond, OK 73003 (405) 657-2555

The Mont

Patrick Kallin

1300 Classen Blvd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-3330

The Standard Chris Paluska

1613 N. Broadway Ave.

Suite B

Oklahoma City, OK 73103

(405) 822-2005 the-standard


Ray’s BBQ

Darrol Ray

1514 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-4040

Vans Pig Stand

Route 77 Bar-B-Q

Mark Shuman

320 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-0600



Breakfast House

Jon Hunnell 309 S. Peters Norman, OK 73069 (503) 887-2459


Pho House

Nguyen Pham 331 White St. Norman, OK 73069 (972) 375-8397

Volcano Sushi Bar & Habachi

Henry Chow

3700 W. Robinson St. #164 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-5388


Firehouse Subs

Coby Jones

320 12th Ave. S.E., #120 Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-7002

McAlister’s Deli

Laura Farley

1924 24th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73069 (214) 373-3400

Panera Bread

Erin Barnhart

2200 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-0000

Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe, Norman Brittany Wills 2204 Promenade Blvd Suite 3 Rogers, AR 72758 (573) 999-7560



Brian Hilgenfeld 2437 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-1500

Chick-fil-A (Norman East)

Nick Mauldin

120 12th Ave. N.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 310-3189

Del Rancho/Gees 3D

Donna Porter

2300 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-0627

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Kim Heitz 2401 W. Main St. #110 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-1120

McDonald’s - #07268

Gigi Jacobs 1150 E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-1228 us/en/home.html

McDonald’s - #13527

Gigi Jacobs

351 E. Robinson St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-8221

McDonald’s - #29739

Gigi Jacobs

1551 Ann Branden Blvd. Norman, OK 730711593 (405) 360-5676

Raising Cane’s Chicken

Nathan Packer

3617 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-2201 www.raisingcanesok. com/franchise/kdr

Sonic (#1205)

Lori Morris

1300 E. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-4244

Sonic (#1207)

Lori Morris

1000 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-0709

Sonic (#1211)

Lori Morris

1730 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-3515

Sonic (#5196)

Lori Morris

2850 Chautauqua Ave. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-2122

Sonic (#5271)

Lori Morris

2300 E. Alameda St. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 366-2123

Sonic (#6202)

Lori Morris

3450 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-4100

The Devin Group LLC (Pinkberry)

Devin Pauley

323 W. Boyd St Norman, OK 73069 (650) 933-8722

The Surf Bar

Tyler Huebert 582 Buchanan Norman, OK 73069 (405) 617-5359


Clint Latham 1812 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-9464


Some Like It Tot

Nela Cowen

25434 Rolling Hills Dr. Tecumseh, OK 74873 (405) 287-9012 gourmettots


Benvenuti’s Italian Restaurant

Margaret Wehrle

105 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-5271

Gaberino’s Homestyle Italian Restaurant

Laura Duprez 400 Ed Noble Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-2229

Othello’s Italian Restaurant

Jennifer Weiss 434 Buchanan Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-4900


El Huevo

Ryan Springer 3522 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-3157

Ted’s Cafe Escondido

Sarah Brown 700 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-8337



Double Dave’s Pizza

Trey Bates 3201 Market Place Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-3500

Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen

Tina Adkins

18932 Selah Way Norman, OK 73072 (405) 267-4992



Legend’s Restaurant

Joe Sparks 1313 W. Lindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-8888

Ranch Steakhouse

Norman David Souza 2120 24th Ave Norman, OK 73069 (405) 414-5880

Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

Brady Sexton 132 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-2900


Hal Smith Restaurants

David Brauckmann 3510 24th Ave. NW #200 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2600

SFK Oklahoma Restaurants, LLC

Hadib Jared 4404 Blue Sage Rd. Norman, OK 73072


Servpro of Norman Jan Whittle 3200 Deskin Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 292-0808




Brian Atwood 1719 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-1100

Balfour of Norman

Jerry Hatter 792 Asp Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-6539

Daves Deals

David Gandesbery 2124 Oakvista Circle Norman, OK 73071 (405) 514-2312


Kelsy Keiser 763 Asp Norman, OK 73069 (405) 630-8757

Metro Appliances & More

Josh Beale

7400 W. Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 787-7400

P & K Equipment, Inc.

Jordan Long 5029 S.E. 44th St. Norman, OK 73072(405) 321-5439


Kelly Long

2500 Middlebrook Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 857-7034

Wells Christmas Tree Farm

Jesse Wells 4091 E Franklin Rd. Norman, OK 73026 (405) 473-3300


Bohon Roofing

Heath Bohon 1827 Atchison Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 730-4316

Coontz Roofing

Scott Coontz

14708 Santa Fe Crossing Edmond, OK 73013 (580) 541-3155

Coryell Roofing and Construction, Inc.

Chris Coryell

14220 S. Meridian Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73173

(405) 392-4800

Elite Roofing Systems

Craig Cox 1130 Rambling Oaks Dr. Suite 200 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 361-3094

Excel Construction Group

Erica Moody 14427 N Penn, Suite L Oklahoma City, OK 73134 (405) 657-5059

Mallard Construction and Roofing

John McHughes 3501 S. Service Rd. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 364-4501

Maupin Roofing & Construction

Connie Bankston 10601 S. Western Ave. Suite 105 Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 703-3843

McRay Roofing

Jeff McRay 13412 Railway Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73114-2272 (405) 692-4000

Milton David Residential Roofing LLC

Ronald Whimper 422 Highland Parkway Norman, OK 73069 (806) 663-0559

NMT Roofing & Construction

Jason Seapy 1400 48th Ave. NE Norman, OK 73026 (405) 217-0668

Palladium Roofing

Andrew Gasper

2100 N. Eastern Ave. #7 Moore, OK 73160 (405) 726-0432

Patriot Roofing

Josh Puckett

2845 Broce Dr. Building 1 Unit B Norman, OK 73072 (405) 996-6787

Power Roofing and Construction

Tyler Burns 3532 National Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-7697

Rockstar Roofing, LLC

Makayan Pruitt 2036 S. Green Ave Purcell, OK 73080 (405) 595-9123

Salazar Roofing & Construction, Inc.

Brandy Salazar 209 E. Main St. Yukon, OK 73099-2238 (405) 350-6558

ScissorTail Roofing & Construction

Kristi Cain Morgan 3110 N. Interstate Dr. #200

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-8089

Statewide Roofing, Inc. Amber Watts

5001 E. I-240 Service Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73135 (405) 790-0109

Universal Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Vernon Rowland 604 Messenger Lane Moore, OK 73160 (405) 799-6400

Washita Roofing & Construction

Stephany Haxel PO Box 722806 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 928-6282


Atlas Safe Rooms

John Amis

3445 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 888-9797


ARK Resources/ European Wax Center Kelli C. Adams 1690 24th Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 823-5329


Kristy Watson

111 24th Ave. NW, #120 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 420-9785


Jennifer Williams

300 W. Gray St., #100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-7555


Tamera Kim

3324 Quidnet Rd Norman, OK 73071 (405) 701-9150

Kims Magic Hand, LLC

Kim Shalberg 1051 12th Ave. NE Norman, OK 73071 (405) 760-7724

Le Visage Spa & Wellness

Kathy Morris

3720 W. Robinson St. #127

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-3223

Paul Mitchell the School Norman

Jackie Cooper 3030 William Pereira Norman, OK 73072 (405) 928-5200

Precision GroomingNorman

Tonya E.ridge

755 Asp Ave

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 615-9130

Robyne RiceSalon De Beaute Robyne Rice 2308 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072


Cuts for Kids

Kyle Allison 3451 36th Ave NW Suite 140 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 447-1118

SkinLab Injectables

Rebekah Voda 227 W. Main St. Suite 100 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 246-5990


All Saints Catholic School

Lou Ann Wood 4001 36th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 447-4600


Selena Ordaz 2751 36th Ave NW Suite 101 Norman, OK 73401 (405) 217-3337

KISS Institute for Practical Robotics

Steve Goodgame 1818 W. Lindsey St. #Bldg. D, Suite 180 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 579-4609

Le Monde International School, Public Charter of Norman Lance Seeright PO Box 944 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 701-2125

Moore Norman Technology Center

Brian Ruttman 4701 12th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 801-5000

Moore Norman Technology CenterSouth Penn Campus

Brian Ruttman

13301 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (405) 801-5000

Norman Public Schools

Nick Migliorino

131 S. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-5955

Terra Verde

Discovery School

Eric Snyder 1000 36th Ave. SE Norman, OK 73026 (405) 366-6362

Victory Family School

Caitlyn Melton 4343 N. Flood Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 857-7777


Bamboa Sportswear

Brent Marquardt

2709 Bart Conner Court #109 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 573-3267

Hard Edge Design

Deborah Billingsley 1013 N. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-9714

Inklahoma Screenprinting & Embroidery LLC

Danny Morris 808 SE 83rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73149 (405) 206-0500

Massive Graphics Screen Printing, Inc Kent Johnson 2895 Broce Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-3594


Underground Printing

Jessica Beets

566 Buchanan Ave.

Suite B

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-6735


DIGI Security Systems, LLC

Josh Herron PO Box 470708 Tulsa, OK 74147 (918) 864-1861

Network Alarm Services, Inc.

Mike Nelson

1829 Atchison Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-1000


Arbor House

Assisted Living Centers, L.L.C.

Christi Dobbs

4501 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 292-9200

Full Circle

Adult Day Center

Kim Zaman 4223 28th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-2955

Grace Skilled

Nursing and Therapy

Josh Wood

4554 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 366-8800

Home Instead

Senior Care

Jeff Delancy

222 E. Eufaula St., #210 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-2756

Ignite Medical

Resorts Norman

Mollie Wooldridge

1050 Rambling Oaks Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 292-2273

Next Day Access

David and Angelia Goss

2301 Forest Rd. Circle Norman, OK 73026 (405) 928-6238


Independent Living

800 S. Canadian Trails Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-0606 find-a-community/oklahoma/rivermont-independent-living.html

Silver Elm Estates of Norman

Calia Deyalsingh 2100 36th Ave NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 515-8300 silver-elm-senior-apartments-norman/ Sooner Station at University North Park

Meredith Dunn 2803 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 504-9007

The Carlstone Active Adult Living

Chad Ernst 100 48th Ave NW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-2951

West Norman Living

Mike Manchester

13600 N. Blackwelder Ave., #147 Oklahoma City, OK 73134 (405) 818-2029

Wyndam Place

Senior Residences

Shawn Coonen

301 Triad Village Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 310-2266


K & S Smith Services, LLC

Kevin Smith 4209 60th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 650-2848

Potts Services, LLC

Tim Potts

2412 State Highway 39 Blanchard, OK 73010 (405) 827-7347


Norman Offices

JoAnne Stiles

207 E Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-8005

The Daily Offices

Jurrii Oesterling

3408 36th Ave NW, Suite 120 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 473-1399



Shopping Center

Nathan Foreman

125 E. Gray St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-5120

Park on Main

Angela Parker

3750 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-7999

RedBud Plaza, L.L.C.

Charla Bird PO Box 722361

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 613-1796

Sooner Mall

Derick Colwell 3301 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-0341


Elqui-International, LLC

Jim Reali

312 Oliphant Ave Norman, OK 73026 (918) 977-1378


Jeff Ahl

900 24th Ave. NW, #2 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-2890

fastsigns com/2040


Michael Hughes

231 E. Robinson St.

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2224


Kurt Williams

2108 Research Park Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-5191

Sublime Signs, LLC

Jason J. Wells

3557 National Dr., #B Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-1700


Quest Executive Services

Deborah Davis PO Box 720655 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 388-2746


Mamaka Bowls

KK Goodwin

119 W Boyd St., 112 Norman, OK 73069 (214) 738-8245


Jeff Jarrett-Solar Power of Oklahoma

Jeff Jarrett

14800 Santa Fe Crossing Dr. Edmond, OK (405) 294-2441


Norman Stamp & Seal

Tyler LaReau

110 S. University Blvd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-5143


Morningstar Storage of Norman

Nicholas Kincaid 1606 24th Ave SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 546-1109 ok/norman/norman

Securcare Self Storage

Jeff Sanders 2430 12th Ave. N.E. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 550-3494

Sooner Road Self Storage, LLC

Doug Rogers 14500 Sooner Rd. Norman, OK 73165 (405) 226-1211

Switzer’s Locker Room

Craig Bodenhamer 2576 W. Tecumseh Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-2676

Village at Cambridge Mini Storage

Heather Hanna 4801 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-0445


Accurate Points Surveying

Doug Alford 2119 Riverwalk Dr., #162 Moore, OK 73160 (405) 517-6124

Parkhill Lemke Land Surveying

Maria Jay 3226 Bart Conner Dr. #200

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-5058 norman/

Pollard & White Surveying

Tim Pollard 6951 72nd Ave. NE Norman, OK 73026 (405) 443-8100


Aquatic Design Pools

Greg Wolkiing

3337 Deskin Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 252-0177

Galaxy Home Recreation

Calvin Smith

3449 W Main St., Suite 2002 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 308-4445

Lockhart Pools, LLC Jon Lockhart 2709 Bart Conner Ct. #113

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 740-3250

Service by Luau, Inc.

Ricky Collins 10670 120th St. Lexington, OK 73051 (405) 872-1110

Signature Custom Pools

Robin Allen 2431 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 256-8764


Pool & Patio, LLC Robin Allen 2431 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 795-6444

Spartan Pool and Patio

Sam Stroud 1400 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-1912

Westwood Family

Aquatic Center

Josh Holman

1017 Fairway Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 447-7665



Fuson Tag Agency

Charles Fuson

1236 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-1151


The Dubs Group

Allie Weber (210) 289-8835


Hall of Tattoos

Kenny Hall

328 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-7335



Michael Friedman 2233 W. Lindsey St., #117 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 551-8811




Jan Moran

14 East 1st St. Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 330-3480

U.S. Cellular

Jeremy Brown-branch 1411 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 307-0878


Cox Communications

Sydney Hand

715 N.E. 122nd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 286-5075

OETA Community Affairs

PO Box 14190 Oklahoma City, OK 73113 (405) 848-8501


The Grand Canadian Theater

Gisela Wolfinbarger 116 W Main St Purcell, OK 73080 (405) 693-0449

The Sooner Theatre of Norman, Inc.

Jennifer Baker

101 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-9600


Chicago Title

Donna Hamit 4241 28th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-8680

First American Title Insurance Co

Abigail Kordsiemon 2751 36th Ave NW Suite 117 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-5599


Escrow And Title

Erica Bird 3401 W Rock Creek Rd Norman, OK 73072 (405) 724-6244

Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma

Jan Foreman 905 24th Ave. NW

Suite A Norman, OK 73069 (405) 364-1702

www.oldrepublictitle. com/oklahoma/

Stewart Title

Stephanie Holloway 4211 28th AVE NW

Suite 111

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 476-6288


William CrookeMATCO

William Crooke 816 E. Hughbert Norman, OK 73071 (405) 696-6660


Quality Towing

Georgie Emo

4204 Classen Circle Norman, OK 73071 (405) 360-1869


National Center for Employee Development (Postal Service)

Gi Gi Griffin-Earnest 2701 E. Imhoff Rd. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 366-4300


Amanda Achord

Travel (Affiliate of AA-Travel Fun)

Amanda Achord

3809 Waverly Court Norman, OK 73072 (405) 701-0553

Charming Vacations

by Britane

Britane Outlaw

18324 Frontier Trail Norman, OK 73072 (405) 642-8671 charmingvacationsbybritane

Charming Vacations by Lori

Lori Blair

3405 San Juan Terrace Moore, OK 73160 (405) 830-1923

Charming Vacations

by Whitney

Whitney Hollingsworth 179 Galye Ct. Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 740-5908

Cultivating Connections

Travel Planners

Erin Smith

P.O. Box 1686 Noble, OK 73068 (405) 310-7588

Michelle’s Destinations


Shelly Ramirez

239 34th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-4482

The Joy of Travel Joy Crutchfield P.O. Box 892246 Oklahoma City, OK 73189 (918) 618-2344

Time 4 My Vacation

Terri Rindermann 3309 Waywinet Way Norman, OK 73071 (405) 503-8750


Arbor Image

Koree Vanzant

3540 S. Telephone Rd. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 815-7959


Elite Trophies

Gentry Golden

110 S. Berry Rd. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 366-7800

Sooner Trophies & Awards

Sherry Peters

307 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2325


Oklahoma City Community College

Mautra Jones

7777 S. May Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73159

(405) 682-1611

University Of OklahomaPresident’s Office

Haley Rader

660 Parrington Oval #Rm. 110

Norman, OK 73019 (405) 325-3916


OEC Fiber

David Goodspeed 242 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 217-6868

OGE Energy Corp.

Kimberlee Adams

321 N. Harvey

Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0321 (580) 216-4146

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Patrick Grace 242 24th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-2024


Natural Gas

Jaclynn Pyle 401 N. Harvey Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 365-0892


13 Vapor Co LLC Stacey Bell 1004 24th Ave. NW #104

Norman, OK 73069 (405) 701-8788


Interstate Equine Hospital

Josh Blyden 2536 S. Ladd Ave. Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 288-6267

Main St. Veterinary Hospital

Kerry Shafer-Ray 3520 RC Luttrell Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 329-6555

McGee Street

Animal Hospital

Greg Emmert

1140 McGee Dr. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-0181

Oklahoma Equine Hospital

Joe Carter

2652 Reece Lake Rd. Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 288-6460

oklahomaequinehospital. com

Park Lane

Veterinary Hospital

Jennifer Holland 1525 24th Ave. SW Norman, OK 73072 (405) 364-7793

Rose Rock

Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort

Beverly A. Fritzler 400 24th Ave. NW Norman, OK 73069 (405) 321-3361

Sooner Veterinary Hospital

Jennifer Schoonover

107 Vicksburg Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 364-2197


Animal Hospital

Dr. John Otto

1218 Lindsey Plaza Dr. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 329-6889

Veterinary Emergency Referral Center

Andrew Diaz

2121 McKown Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 360-7828


Veterinary Care

Ashlee Harrington 3750 W. Robinson St. #160

Norman, OK 73072 (405) 310-2345




Tech, Inc.

Ken Parker

2701 E Imhoff Rd Norman, OK 73071 (405) 673-5588

Spivey Media

Chase Spivey 120 E. Tonhawa St., #103 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 673-6800


J & R Equipment

Rodney Womack

8800 SW8th Oklahoma City, OK 73128 (405) 495-5110

Republic Services

Myles Pedlow 7540 SW 59th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73179-5803 (405) 745-4141


American Water Solutions, LLC

Cameron Corbin PO Box 1049 Newcastle, OK 73065 (405) 406-1621



J.T. Johnson 201 David L Boren Blvd. #270 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 579-7675


Genie in a Website

Mateo Baisden

102 N Eufaula St STE 200 Norman, OK 73069 (888) 333-5350

Light Alive Marketing

Angel Melvin PO Box 5477 Norman, OK 73070 (580) 699-2729

Making The Impact


Melissa Li 1110 W Main St. PMB 62 Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-9329

Total Resource Campaign Software, LLC Joseph Steadman (720) 630-4068


The Venue at Freedom Farms

Nancy Longacre 4701 N Porter Ave Norman, OK 73071 (405) 657-7823


Costco - Moore

Tracy Woodard 2651 S. Telephone Rd. Moore, OK 73160 (405) 300-7661

Hiland Dairy Foods Company

Kami Lindsey 302 S. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 (405) 321-3191


Air Products Supply

Darrin Beller

266 Industrial Blvd. Goldsby, OK 73093 (405) 288-0233

Sam’s Club 4761

Farrokh Moinian 3400 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-8374 x 4



Window Services

Robert Crawford PO Box 1261 Norman, OK 73070 (405) 626-3423

Glass Pros

Richard Frederick 1800 W. Tecumseh, #104 Norman, OK 73069 (214) 519-4177


Window Film

Jill Splitt

8001 N. Rockwell

Oklahoma City, OK 73132 (405) 848-8656


Quest Executive Services

Deborah Davis PO Box 720655

Norman, OK 73070 (405) 388-2746

ABLE Community-Based Services is a community-based nonprofitthathas been ser ving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1982. HereatABLE,weprovide daily living assistance, group facilities, vocational training,day activity programs,on-the -job coaching,and communityser viceactivities

By acquiring self-sufficientliving abilities and marketable work sk ills, people with special needs can expand their options of lifestyle,housing,and employment.

Ourmission is to enable adults with special needs to lead meaningful lives ABLE strives to fulfill it ’s mission by empowering our individuals to live and work with as much independence as possible.The goals and aspirations of our clients arevastand attainable with the help of ABLE

2300 Industrial Blvd. Norman, Ok 73069 USA

As�isted Liv�ng a�� M�mory C�re

Ar bor House Assisted l vingisabout personal freedom and choices. Wepride ourselves in providing high quality service in acomfortable, secure environment.

• If maintaining independence is key - you cancontinue to thrive and socialize wi�� an amazing group of senior adul��

• � personalcare assistanceisneeded our s��ff can help you live aheal��ierlif�style.

• If you are caringfor someone with Alzheimer's or another typeofdementia, we specializeincaring for thosewho arewalking the journeywith adementia causing disease



[{I Professional Care!
[{I Promoting Healthy Lifest les! [{I Clean andLoving Environment!
People! Check
ffyourTO-DO List! Give
We Can Help! ARBOR HOUSE ASSISTEDLIVING 4501 W. Main �t. �orman, �K73072 {405) 292-9200 �E�INISCE �ENTER �E�ORY ��RE 151 48 th �ve. �W �orman, �K73072 {405) 310-2499
Great Food! Great Service! Great
us o
Us aCall!


Stormwater is not treated to remove pollutants.Itflows directly into our rivers, creeks, andlakes along with any pollutantspicked up along the way.


Check your septic system regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. A poorly functioning system can contribute harmful bacteria to our waterways.

Use arain barrel to collect waterfor later use on your lawn or garden. They can also reduce stormwater runoff from your property.

Properly dispose of pet waste, whichcontains harmful bacteria, in the trash.

Maintain buffers, or vegetated areas, around waterways to provide wildlife habitat, reduce pollutants and reduce erosion.

Plant arain garden to infiltrate stormwater before it flows into astorm drain or waterway.


(405) 292-9731

74 Moore Norman Technology Center is proud to celebrate 50 years of career and technology education in Norman. | 405.801.5000 Franklin Road Campus: 4701 12th Ave. NW, Norman, OK 73069 South Penn Campus: 13301 S. Penn Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73170 Economic Development Office: 2900 S. Telephone Road, Suite 100 Moore, OK 73106
76 DISCOVER Banking YOU CAN TRU ST* OURGOOGLE REVIEWS SAYITALL! 405.230.1328 www.focusok .com Callustodayat *Federally insured by NCUA. Applicants subject to membership eligibility requirements. Or visit us online
77 Welcoming our new owner, Johnny Bates! 1618 WLindsey St. Norman, OK 73069 ph: 405.360.0765 Norman’sCulinary Destination Since 1978 2300 W. LindseySt.,Norman, Oklahoma73069 405-364-0627 | Serving Norman Since1979 TheOriginal Steak Sandwich Supreme Created in 1959 $7. Steak Sandwich OU Football Game Days Onl y!!! TRUSTED SOURCE FOR SAND, GRAVEL AND DIRT WE STRIVE TO GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS THE BEST PRODUCTS WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY. SAFE AND TIMELYDELIVERY THROUGHOUT OKLAHOMA OFFICE: 405.573.1989 FIELD FOREMAN: ROGER WHALEY 405.550.6162 LOCATION: 3976 S. HARVEY Norman, Oklahoma73072 Most Product also available for Pick-up

Milestone Anniversary:

In January 2023, the Norman Economic DevelopmentCoalition (NEDC) celebrated25years of job creationand economic development success, including therecent location of AdvancedCall Center Technologies with 1,000+ new hires in the Saxon Business Park on Highway 9.

SoonerCenturion Economic Development Council:

For 25 years, the Sooner Centurions have been acommitteeofthe Norman Chamber of Commerce. This year, Sooner Centurions became asubsidiary of NEDC with acountywide mission of economic development. Enthusiastic about the future, meetings, and collaborative discussions have begun with the communities of Noble, Lexington, Slaughterville,and Moore. With the forward-thinking leadership of Chairman Rod Cleveland and Commissioner Rusty Grissom, Cleveland County Industrial Development Authority became afounding member. The Councillooks forward to stimulating economic growth throughout ClevelandCounty through astrategic economic development plan that increases opportunity, advances prosperity, and enhancesthe overall qualityoflifefor all330,000 residents in the region.

Start-Up 405Expansion:

For 20 years, NEDC has operated incubators, first with the EmergencyTechnology Entrepreneurial Center (ETEC) and thenwith the ETEC2. After ETEC2 caughtfire,NEDC purchased anew HQ-the Commerce Building- andhas been leasing limitedoffice space for asmall number of tenants.With ARPA funding assistancefrom both the City of Norman and Cleveland County,NEDC purchasedthe Copelinbuilding on Main Street. Public and privatefunds will be usedtorenovate it to create working spacesfor entrepreneurs while also creatingasignature entrance to downtown. Between the two buildings, NEDC will haveinvested$8millionindowntown revitalization.

Oklahoma Aviation Academy:

After monthsofcollaborative effortsand numerous presentations at theOklahoma State Capitol, NEDCwas fortunate to receive $20 million in state ARPA dollarstosupplement theconstructionof the Oklahoma Aviation Academy. Norman Public Schools system is the first aviation-centric High School in Oklahoma. NEDC’s strategic focus on aerospace,weather, and radarindustries is further positioning Normanand ClevelandCountyasthe ideal workforce andtalent pipeline viapartnerships with NPS, MNTC, andOU.

ONE NORMAN Visioning Process:

NEDCfully funded the creation of adiverse Steering Committee and Task Force of 135 individuals to provide visionary goalsinEducation, EconomicDevelopment, Quality of Life,Infrastructure, Private Sector Leadership, and Government-the sixcorefoundationsfor any visionary city. Withpublic input and atransparentprocess, the Steering Committee is finalizing thematerial for publicationand the future alignmentofvision partners. In an era marked by complexity andrapid change,the imperative for collaboration has become morepronounced than ever before. It is within this context that the powerofacommunity vision emerges -ashare aspirationthat notonly bridges dividesbut alsoserves as the roadmap guiding Norman towardamore unified andthrivingcommunity.

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