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Helping homeless youth - really? The phone rings. The voice is distraught, “I was robbed by a homeless youth I was trying to help and the police wouldn’t even come out and take a report.” Seems stupid to bite the hand that feeds you, but for a youth or young adult who has been on the street the cardinal rule is simple – survive. Every moment of every day the driving force is to survive, if it wasn’t the homeless youth/young adult would be dead. Period. Besides seeking food and water, warmth in the winter and respite from the heat in the summer, you navigate fights, muggings, sexual assault and random violence. And that is what you do every day – not to mention dealing with emotional and sometimes mental health issues of your own. What put this person on the street? Was he/she kicked out? Were they beat? Sexually assaulted? Very few homeless young adults/youth are there simply because they didn’t like home. The young woman who says she didn’t get along with her mom

had cigarettes put out on her arms. The young man who says his step dad threw him out, had his first broken arm at age 4 or 5. The one thing all of these street youth have in common is distrust of adults. Adults have lied to them, neglected them, beat them and possibly worse. So replay the scenario above, but ask one question – “Were you having sex with them?” Answer, “Yes, but…” There is no “but” you are one more adult in that young person’s life who has taken advantage of them. They know it and deep down YOU know it. Don’t fool yourself that this young person really wanted to have a sexual relationship with you. They were surviving. What were you doing? One more thing – don’t call me and please don’t tie up the police with your complaint. I’d rather they use their time on someone who deserves it.

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Pride Center closure planned By Frankie Reynolds Everyone’s heard the saying, “all good things must come to an end,” right? It’s a well-known English proverb dating back to the 1300s. Even in the Dark Ages people understood that there is an inevitable end to everything, even good things that we love and care about. Sadly, that time has arrived for the Prescott Pride Center. The Pride Center’s leadership team has made the difficult and necessary decision to close the community center by the end of September, 2012. For many of us, this announcement is bittersweet—both a sad and happy occasion. You’re probably wondering how we can see it that way, yet the reasons are very clear to those of us who’ve been actively involved with the Pride Center over the last dozen years. Yes, it’s a disappointment to lose such a wonderful place, but we’ve provided so many resources to so many people that it’s hard to look back without feeling a sense of pride in our accomplishments. There’s so much history to be celebrated, even in the face of impending closure. Did we do everything perfectly over the years? Of course not, but every day we tried our very best to honor our original vision and make a positive contribution to the Prescott-area GLBT commu-

nity. For more than a decade, the Pride Center has served thousands of people and affected the lives of countless individuals. We’ve been a reliable source of information and support for local GLBT people who had nowhere else to turn, and we provided a safe and welcoming environment for anyone who came through our doors. The Prescott Pride Center stood proudly in this community when “the closet” was the safest place to be, we reached out and collaborated with other organizations when fear was

Your friends are living it up...

the dominant theme, and we served the GLBT community intrepidly through all sorts of challenges, doing what others said could never be done in Prescott. It’s that same courage and commitment that allows us to acknowledge and accept that the time has come to wrap things up and call it a day. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the Pride Center’s success over all these years, particularly our staff and volunteers. Each person who was actively involved with the Center or supported it financially deserves special acknowledgment and high praise for a job well done. The community center may not be here in the future, but rest assured that we’ll be leaving behind a wealth of knowledge and experience for others to draw on, along with an important framework in which local community members can develop new ventures without having to start from scratch. Yes, the Prescott Pride Center is closing, but that just gives us all an opportunity to lift our eyes to the future and create a new vision for the Prescottarea GLBT community. As evidenced by the very existence of the Prescott Pride Center, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish when we work together!

You’re waiting for a tow truck WWW.COMMUNITYTIREPROS.COM North PhX 602-992-2830

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news / politics / business / opinion | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 5


HRC to honor three women By Luis Garcia Three extraordinary women who have fought for the equal treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals will be honored by the country’s largest civil rights organization. The Arizona Human Rights Campaign will award Dr. Rebecca Allison, Angela Hughey and Nicole Stanton with the 2012 Equality Award during its annual gala dinner on March 24 at the Phoenix Convention Center. According to Gala co-chair Eliana Morrison, it really is the must attend LGBT event in the state each year. “The night is full of passion and motivation, but also a night that is a lot of fun. You have the opportunity to catch up with friends, enjoy a huge art filled auction, and share a great dinner while hearing the latest news from LGBT leaders,” said Morrison. “It is a really special night. And we plan to make it memorable for every-

one that attends.” It is the first time in the Gala’s history that all the three awardees will consist of a lesbian, transgender and allied woman. Allison, a Mississippi native, moved her cardiology practice to Arizona after deciding to begin the process of transition. After finding much success in  Phoenix, Allison decided to share her story of transitioning, creating a blog about her experiences and other issues important to transgender people. The  website became a resource for people looking to find a therapist to aid in transition and for those seeking to have the information changed on their birth certificates. In 2004, Allison was elected to the Board of Directors of the Gay and Lesbian  Medical Association, and served as GLMA President from 2009 to 2011. In 2011, she was elected to the Board of Directors of

6 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Stanton is a well-respected member of the Phoenix law community  and is partner at Quarles and Brady LLP. A graduate of University  of Arizona, she is listed in Best Lawyers of America’s 2012 edition for malpractice law. Stanton is a distinguished lecturer, author and  activist, with many contributions to the Phoenix community. As the wife of Mayor Greg Stanton, she has adopted an agenda of her own—launching an anti-bullying initiative. The issue is close to  her, as her brother was gay and bullied in high school. Though he  was not out at the time, football players beat him for displaying  effeminate mannerisms and asking for funds for the arts. She is concerned about the rise of cyberbullying and its growing effect on children. “I have long admired the work of the Human Rights Campaign and their support for equality for all people. HRC continues the great American tradition of fighting for human rights and civil rights. Because of their work we are a stronger and better community and country,” Stanton told ‘N Touch News Hughey is the co-founder and president of ONE Community, an interactive web and for profit events  community for gay, lesbian and allied individuals and businesses.  Past positions include co-founder and  president of Filling the Gap, a home entertainment company

that focused on LGBT programming for home video markets; vice  president of acquisitions/national sales for Spectrum  Entertainment; sales manager for Desert Mountain Media; a position at Clear Channel with a focus on Hispanic outreach; and as Director of Sales and Marketing at Latino Perspectives. This year will mark the organization’s eighth annual celebration, bringing together an array of  local supporters to “Be a Part of Equality,” the 2012 gala’s theme.  There will also be chances to win exciting items at a silent auction. “The HRC Annual Gala is a great time to get together as a community to celebrate the many accomplishments the LGBT community has made in the past year—and there are especially a lot to celebrate this year,” said Patrick Gamble, Gala cochair. “We are making real progress on marriage equality and family issues throughout the country. But we know that there is a very long way to go. This is especially important this year when there are so many political candidates going after our community in order to appeal to their conservative, hate driven agendas. We want to make sure we elect proequality candidates. This could be a life-changing year for equal rights.” For more visit

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Candlelight vigil for Maurice Green By Councilman Tom Simplot Maurice Dupree Green, a local young member of the gay community, was walking northbound on 35th Avenue in the early hours of a Tuesday morning when he was shot in the back and killed. Maurice was dressed as a female at the time. He was only 22 years old. March 21st of this year will mark the sixth anniversary of Maurice Green’s murder. This event was a tragedy no matter if it was a targeted murder or a random, senseless act. A young man in the prime of his life was gunned down while walking along a public street in a Phoenix neighborhood. It is of particular significance to the LGBTQ community because Maurice was one of our members. He participated in the one n ten youth group and was active in theatre and the arts. He was just figuring out who he wanted to be in this life when it was so violently taken away from him. No one was ever arrested or charged with this crime, so the murderer is still at large. We owe it to our youth to bring Maurice’s killer to justice and to prevent this type of senseless violence from harming even one more person from our community. We have a responsibility to protect, empower and teach the next generation—gay or straight, rich or poor, regardless of religion, race or ethnicity—how to accept themselves and one another. Although Maurice Green’s murder was not officially classified as a hate crime, it is hate, fear and

news / politics / business / opinion

intolerance that drive a person to commit such a heinous act. As a community, we must combat this hate by keeping Maurice’s memory alive and living by example. We can honor his life by spreading compassion, love and acceptance regardless of our differences. Every year, I work with Maurice’s family, ‘N Touch News, Echo Magazine, the GLBT Police Advisory Board, the Phoenix Police Department and Silent Witness to hold a candlelight vigil in his honor. We reach out to the neighborhood and nearby residents to look for clues and invite them to join us at the ceremony. The tradition will continue this year with a vigil on Wednesday, March 21st at 6 p.m. at Cielito Park, 3402 W Campbell Ave. I hope you will join me and other members of our community to remember Maurice Green, share in the hope that we can find his killer and heal as a community. As the years pass, people come and go from the area where this crime happened near Glenrosa and 35th Avenues. Neighbors move out and new ones move in, and fewer people remember the details of the crime. But the case remains open, and the Phoenix Police Department is still vigilant about it. Silent Witness is offering a cash reward of up to $4,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the suspected killer. I urge anyone with information about this murder to contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS

or toll free at 1-800-343-TIPS. I also remain personally committed to solving this case, and this year, as in the past, I will donate another $1000 to the reward fund. This year, we also have help from other community partners, CBS Outdoor and PMT Ambulance. CBS Outdoor has stepped up as an ally to our community and has made a commitment to help publicize the Silent Witness call for information about the Maurice Green case. They have agreed to donate space on a digital billboard to bring attention to the case. Our other great partner is PMT Ambulance. PMT is showing their support by donating a bench at Cielito Park that will be dedicated to Maurice’s memory. This bench will serve as a reminder of Maurice’s life not only on the night of the annual vigil, but every day of the year. I hope to see you out at Cielito

Park on March 21st to celebrate the life of Maurice Dupree Green. By working together and standing proud, we can combat the hate and violence that brought about Maurice’s death. We can bring about a brighter future for young people in this community so that they may live without fear, and without compromising who they are. | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 7


Will newly drawn district help "out" democrat? By Luis Garcia It is not uncharacteristic for an “out” gay or lesbian person to run for state legislature in central Phoenix, but when it happens in a district that historically votes for right-wing candidates it’s going to make some news. Democrat Karyn Lathan, of Chandler, is hoping that the newly drawn districts will favor her in the upcoming elections. She is vying for the Arizona House of Representatives seat in District 21, which will now cover Chandler and Sun Lakes communities. All the seats in both the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives will be up for grabs during the next election this year. Democrats are hoping that the new district lines will make some of the races more competitive, especially in the East Valley. “The new District 17 is almost evenly split with registered democrats, republicans and independents,” says Lathan. “I am hopeful that the registered independents will be able to relate to me and vote me into office. “As an Arizona native, I remember when Chandler was a rural farming community.  Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of watching our community grow into a vibrant place to work, live and raise a family. We still however, have challenges to overcome. In the last few years we have seen partisan politics come before the needs of the people of

Arizona.” Lathan is a military veteran who has spent 25 years in law enforcement and corrections ending her career in law enforcement as the Restorative Justice Coordinator for Arizona Department of Corrections. She has devoted the past five years working and volunteering with victim services organizations. Currently, she is the Chairman of the Chandler Domestic Violence Commission, Program Manager for the Phoenix Anti-Violence Program, Board member for the Arizona Sexual Assault Network, and member of the Arizona Coalition of Victim Services. “Karyn has been working for the rights of victims of sexual assault and abuse for years,” said current District 21 Democratic Chair Sandra Fischer (District 21 will become District 17 this election cycle). “Her dedication to the people who need her most is above reproach. She needs to be the next representative in the house for the new District 17.” Lathan told ‘N Touch that she is running because the political climate is getting out of hand. “It is crazy out there,” said Lathan. “But you really can’t complain about things if you are not willing to stand up for what you believe, and that is why I am running. This is the first time in a while that we are going to have a Democrat running in both the senate and house race in my district.” According to Lathan, her sexual orientation is

not going to be an issue to the voters of her district. “More and more people are ok with LGBT individuals,” said Lathan. “What is going to be the real challenge is that I am a democrat running in Chandler. I am not saying a democrat can’t win in that area. It has just been a long time since a democrat has reached out to the residents in my community, but I intend to do just that. Once that happens a lot more people are going to come out and vote and feel comfortable voting for a democrat.  We are not really the minority that people think here in the East Valley. You would be amazed home many of us there are. “ For more information on Karyn Lathan’s campaign visit

Victory Fund and HRC endorse Sinema

The Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund have endorsed Kyrsten Sinema, an experienced and passionate leader, for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District. Sinema is a former state Senator and Representative and has been the Arizona legislature’s strongest pro8 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

ponent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. “Kyrsten is an innovative leader and a passionate fighter for the values she believes in, the same values shared by most fair-minded Americans. That’s why I know she’ll be an effective representative for her community in Congress, and that’s why the Victory Fund is proud to support her in this campaign as it has throughout her state legislative career,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  “Arizona has a great opportunity in Kyrsten Sinema to send a strong leader to Congress,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  “The tireless commitment to equality that she has brought to Arizona is desperately needed in Congress.”  “I am proud to have earned the endorsements of the Human Rights Campaign and the Victory Fund. I have worked hard to build a record of standing up for equality for every family. Families who work hard and play by the rules deserve better than the partisan bickering coming out of Washington. I’m ready to go there and fight

to improve our economy for all Arizonans,” said Sinema. Sinema was the chair of Arizona Together, the group founded to block the ballot measures defining marriage in the Arizona Constitution, and in 2006 that campaign was the first and only to successfully beat such a proposal at the ballot box. Her work in the legislature included efforts around workplace non-discrimination and adoption and she led on a bill for domestic partnership benefits for state workers.  Later she was instrumental in Gov. Napolitano’s executive order extending equal benefits and the blocking of Gov. Brewer’s attempt to rescind those benefits.  The Victory Fund has previously endorsed Sinema in her campaigns for the Arizona House and Senate.   She is also a graduate of a Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute program for mid-career LGBT public officials - the David Bohnett LGBT Leadership Fellows at Harvard Kennedy School.  Sinema is the 7th openly LGBT federal candidate endorsed by the Victory Fund so far in 2012. news / politics / business / opinion


Thousands expected at March for Equality Event By Luis Garcia CASA GRANDE - Three years ago 300

people from all over Arizona gathered in the small town of Casa Grande to increase LGBT visibility in the rural community. Together these LGBT individuals and allies marched on a busy street to establish an LGBT presence and celebrate diversity. This year March for Equality Public relations executive Christopher Hall is expecting close to a thousand attendees. “Approximately 500 individuals attend each year, but Central Arizona Rainbow Education (C.A.R.E.) hopes those numbers will double this year,” says Hall. “C.A.R.E. really made it their mission this year to get more local involvement from the greater Casa Grande community. “For those who have attended the event in the past, I think they can expect to see big changes this year. This year marks the first time a national figure will headline the event. Both Thai Rivera, a former resident of Casa Grande and stand-up comedian, and Shangela from Ru Paul’s Drag Race season two and three will be among this year’s entertainment. Also gracing us with their presence are The Men of Strut, Celia Putty, Barbra Seville, Janee Starr, CAMALO Dance Company,

Diva, Micheal Weakley, Kathy Young and several others.” “I believe it’s important to stand up for equality,” 2012 Miss Gay Arizona America Celia Putty told ‘N Touch. “Obviously, marriage equality has been on the forefront, and it’s dumbfounding that in this day and age we are still confronted with inequality - considering how many strides our community has made. All men/women are created equal, so until the laws reflect that, we stand, we march, we perform.” Special Guest Speaker Daniel Eckstrom could not agree more with Putty. “Arizona has always meant a great deal to me.

As a child growing up I was taught that everyone deserves to be equal. Equality does not only span across big cities like Tucson, Phoenix or Flagstaff but must be taught in cities all over the state. Central Arizona Rainbow Education is doing such important work in Central Arizona to educate people on equality. The March for Equality not only brings the GLBTQ community together but it also allows our straight allies to celebrate equality and stand together for our common purpose,” said Eckstrom. According to Hall, the fourth annual event which takes place on March 31, kicks off with an official 3-mile walk at 10 a.m. and will conclude with a 4-hour festival at Peart Park, 350 East 6th Street in Casa Grande, begins at noon. The event is free and is open to all ages. A meet and greet with Shangela occurs between 1-2 p.m. Central Arizona Rainbow Education (C.A.R.E.) is an organization that serves the LGBTQ community in the rural areas of Central Arizona. C.A.R.E.’s mission is to provide both resources and services to under-served areas within Central Arizona by working with already existing LGBTQ organizations. For more information visit

Diva by Diva! Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus’ small ensemble Canyon Echoes presents “DIVA BY DIVA!” This is a musical celebration of the music of our favorite female vocal ICONs such as - Marlene Dietrich and The Andrew Sisters. Marie Magdelene Dietrich von Losch (aka Marlene) was born in Schöneberg bei Berlin, Germany on December 27, 1901. Her father was an army officer who had served in the Franco-Prussian War. Because of his constant absences due to his army duties, Marlene and the family had to rely on themselves. After he died, while she was 11, Marlene’s mother married Eduard von Losch and he adopted the Dietrich children. Marlene was known in school for her “bedroom eyes” and her first affairs were at this stage in her life - a professor at the school was terminated. Marlene enjoyed music and attended concerts. She was adept at playing the violin and piano. By the time she was in her mid-teens, Marlene had discovered the stage. Acting was to be her vocation. In 1921, Marlene applied for an acting school run by Max Reinhardt. She was accepted. She appeared in several stage productions, but never had more than a couple of spoken lines. In short, she wasn’t setting the stage world on fire. news / politics / business / opinion

She attempted films for the first time in 1922 Her first film was So sind die Männer (The Little Napoleon) (1923) which was followed by Tragödie der Liebe (Love Tragedy) (1923). On this last project, she met Rudolf Sieber and married him in 1924. The union lasted until his death in 1976 although they didn’t live together the whole time. The Andrews Sisters were a highly successful close harmony singing group of the swing and boogie-woogie eras. The group consisted of three sisters: contralto LaVerne Sophia Andrews ( July 6, 1911 - May 8, 1967 Age 55), soprano Maxene Angelyn Andrews ( January 3, 1916 - October 21, 1995 Age 79), and mezzo-soprano Patricia Marie “Patty” Andrews (born February 16, 1918 Age 93). Throughout their long career, the sisters sold well over 75 million records (the last official count released by MCA Records in the mid-1970s). Their 1941 hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” can be considered an early example of rhythm and blues or jump blues. The Andrews Sisters’ harmonies and songs are still influential today, and have been covered by entertainers such as Bette Midler, the Puppini Sisters and Christina Aguilera. The group was inducted

into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1998. Join Canyon Echoes at the Memorial Concert Hall at Steele Indian School Park - 300 East Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ - on March 31. Cash Bar Cocktail Reception at 6 p.m. - Showtime 7 p.m. and the admission is only $18. Concert is benefiting Grand Canyon Performing Arts (Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus) and the Trevor Project. There will be an opportunity to participate in a Silent Auction with wonderful items if you choose. Visit for on-line ticket sales and information. | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 9

LOCAL NEWS "Radiant Women" reveals true heart of AZWIT By Luis Garcia

The longest running woman’s choir in the Valley of the Sun, with the mission to increase lesbian visibility by providing a safe and nurturing environment for all women, will commemorate Women’s History Month with two powerful performances dedicated to celebrate women composers and poets and songs about women. Arizona Women in Tune (AZWIT), led by distinguished choral artistic director Dr. Lucik Aprahamian, will perform two concerts on

March 31 and April 1 at the Faith Lutheran Church in Phoenix. The 60+ diverse member choir will attempt to enlighten those in attendance with music that reflects the earth’s bountiful creative force with songs about spring. “Radiant Women features music that reflects different facets of what it means to be a woman,” said Aprahamian. “This concert reveals the true heart of AZWIT. We are reflective of the light in and around us. We are powerful. We are at our best. Be there to witness it.” Founded in 1993, AZWIT is recognized not only as a performing arts organization, but also as a valuable member of the broader LGBT community. AZWIT is a non-auditioned chorale group and maintains a membership of women with various levels of musical abilities. “Since coming to AZWIT, I have begun to see strengths I thought

10 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

were long removed from my weary soul,” AZWIT ‘s Laural Bragg told ‘N Touch. “The music, sisterhood, and support have given me courage to take back my life. I am standing back and watching my true self emerge, ‘growing like a plant/ripening like fruit,’ as the song says. When I first arrived in Phoenix, I was too afraid to use the swimming pool at my apartment complex, because I was so afraid of others. Now I am venturing out and sharing my compositions at open mics. I am standing tall and feeling proud - no longer ‘dissolved and shaken’. With music breathing life back into my soul and the amazing support of my AZWIT sisters, I am conquering fears I never dreamed possible. “ According to Aprahamian, “Radiant Women” will include Africanthemed music while containing traditional song as well that will reflect on the topic of loss.

‘We know that art must also reflect darkness. Throughout our lives we experience joy and success, sorrow and loss. With time, beauty can be found in all of it. As a community we have lost many loved ones over the decades - we are here to sing to keep their memories alive,” said Aprahamian. AZWIT is still accepting applications for their 2011-2012 season. Rehearsals are held each Thursday night from 6:45 to 9:15 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church. For more information please call AZWIT Executive Director Terry Gunn , 602-487-194, E-mail info@azwit. com or visit “Radiant Women”, takes place March 31 at 7 p.m. and April 1 at 4 p.m. Faith Lutheran Church, 801 E Camelback Rd in Phoenix. Tickets are $18 pre-sale online at azwit. com, $20 at the door.

news / politics / business / opinion

ND PRESENTS U F Y C A C O V IZONA AD EQUALITY AR Octane Raceway 317 S. 48th St. Phoenix, AZ 85034

A R I Z O N A’ S


Teams of 2-10 Trophies and Prizes for the fastest and slowest





6:30 - 9PM



ting NEW ut this exci o b a n o i t ities, a form ied commun l l a d For more in n a Q T rg r i z o n a ’s L G B ityarizona.o l a u event for A q e . w w w please visit Membership in Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund is included with payment. Contributions or gifts to Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

EXCLUSIVE EQAZ use of the entire Octane Raceway facility

Racing, Pit Crew Challenge, Climbing Wall, Arcade and Billiards

Cost includes: 2 races per driver, unlimited H20 & soda & and a pizza dinner Full bar service is available

LOCAL NEWS BRIEFS Hospice of the Valley offers grief support for spouses & partners

4th Annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show PHOENIX -The GLAD Dart League’s Have A Heart Project will be having The 4th Annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show and Underwear Auction on Saturday March 10, 2012 at 1:30 pm at the Bunkhouse located at 4428 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ. All proceeds will benefit three charities – Bryon Wiley Memorial Scholarship, GreenHouse Project of Tumbleweed and Joshua Tree. This show will feature Miss Gay Pride 2011 - Olivia Gardens as our Auctioneer and MC, Imperial Court Princess Royal 2012/Miss Kobalt 2011 – Paula Sha, Miss Amsterdam 2012 - Kayla Krawford, Miss Rainbow Cactus 2012 - Nikki Starr and very special guest Lady Godiva. There will be at least fifteen models showing off the latest fashions in underwear up for auction. There will be raffles, a beer bust, and Jell-o shots. Come join us for a fun filled afternoon. Underwear donated by Off Chute Too.

New one n ten opens in Mesa PHOENIX - one n ten, Phoenix’s LGBTQ youth services organization, has opened its newest satellite location in Mesa, an area that has since been underrepresented in regards to LGBTQ support services. one n ten in Mesa will feature free, fun, educational, social, and support programs on a weekly basis. LGBTQ youth and allies ages 14-24 are welcome to attend. Mesa programming will run each and every Thursday evening from 7-8:30 p.m. and will enable one n ten to reach further east to provide valuable services and support for LGBTQ youth. Located conveniently near the light rail and bus routes, the program will be held at the Mesa Family YMCA at 207 W. Mesa Drive. For questions regarding the new drop-in location or to get involved, please contact Micheal Weakley at or 602-4002601.

12 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

PHOENIX - Hospice of the Valley offers “Picking Up the Pieces in Mid-Life: When a Spouse or Partner Dies,’’ a free grief support group. The group meets from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on six Wednesdays March 21 to April 25 at Hospice of the Valley’s west office, 9435 W. Peoria Ave. in Peoria. Group size is limited and registration is required: 602-636-5390. The group is designed for those in midlife whose spouse or partner has died. Participants will learn how to deal with loneliness, shift identity from a couple to a single person, negotiate relationships with friends, family and social networks, and find new roles as a parent or grandparent.

Health issue not moral issue PHOENIX - The HIV epidemic is a serious public health issue in the Latino community. In 2009, Latino men accounted for 79% of new infections among all Latinos. The rate of new infections among Latino men was two and a half times as high as that of white men. While Latina women accounted for 21% of new infections among Latinos in 2009, their rate of HIV infection was more than four times that of white women. By the end of 2008, an estimated 111,438 Latinos with an AIDS diagnosis had died in the US. In 2007, HIV was the fourth leading cause of death among Latinos aged 35-44 and the sixth leading cause of death among Latinos aged 25-34 in the US. HIV is 100% Preventable.  Education is the key to the success of HIV prevention.  The CPLC LUCES Program is the key to anyone living with HIV to live longer and healthier by providing access to medication, medical care, and other life sustaining services. HIV is not a moral issue, HIV is a health issue. Llama al 602-246-0464.

QTalk Arizona listener meet-up
 PHOENIX - Meet the fans, listeners and hosts of Arizona’s Gay Talk Radio Network — QTalk Arizona! Join the gang for happy hour on the Ticoz outdoor patio with complimentary appetizers and great drink specials, March 21. Just like they say on “Queers!’ — Eat, drink and be fabulous! This is also a benefit event for Aunt Rita’s Foundation SAVORlife. Aunt Rita’s Foundation supports 19 local HIV/AIDS service organizations. If you can, please donate to Aunt Rita’s and

you’ll get a ticket to attend the big SAVORlife Soiree at the Phoenix Art Museum on 3/30, use the link below. Otherwise, please come out to our Listener Meetup and have a great time — it’s a free event, but please RSVP at

Wingspan honors outgoing program director TUCSON - Wingspan honors outgoing Program Director Oscar Jimenez, whose association with the organization spans 15 years. Oscar first became involved with Wingspan as a volunteer in the youth program, and grew with the organization to become the lead staff person. “Oscar’s body of work is evidence of his passion for Wingspan’s mission to promote the freedom, equality, safety and well-being of LGBT people,” said Kara Jones, board president. During his tenure, Oscar has produced groundbreaking work at the agency, including developing Wingspan’s rural outreach to LGBT survivors of violence and cultivating Latin@ Gay Pride. In collaboration with local organizations, Oscar has continued to spotlight the need for anti-bullying awareness and policies in Tucson schools. Over the years, he has been part of Wingspan’s expansion of its LGBT hate-crimes education and outreach to health-care professionals and members of the military and Border Patrol. “I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to give back to the organization that supported me as a young gay man. During my employment with Wingspan, I met some of the

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most wonderful, gifted and generous people. I am proud to have contributed to the strong national reputation Wingspan has built over the past 23 years,” Oscar said. Oscar leaves the organization to focus on his academic and creative goals. In the interim, Program Manager Casey Condit will address responsibilities of the director. Wingspan’s dedicated staff will continue to move the organization forward while the board actively searches for a replacement.

Fourth Avenue Spring Street Fair TUCSON -The 42nd Fourth Avenue Spring Street Fair is the 23, 24 & 25th of March, and takes place between Ninth Street and University Blvd. along Fourth Avenue. Hours are 10a.m. to 6p.m. all three days. Free to the public, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair brings together 400 arts and crafts booths, 35 food vendors, 2 stages, street musicians, food, jugglers, street performers, “VAN GROW” kids hands on art pavilion, face painting, balloons,


and tons of other fun activities, and then packs them into three days of celebration. Come for the shopping: 400 booths featuring arts and crafts that cover the spectrum from fine art to country crafts. Glass, clay, wood, clothing, metal, jewelry, pre-packaged food, all hand made and on sale by the artist/craftsperson. Come for the food: 35 food vendors selling an eclectic mix of good things to eat. Come for the music: 2 stages with something for everyone! Main Stage South with all original music (no cover music) from Tucson. Main Stage North our community stage with steel drum, dancers and all sorts of entertainment offer by and for the community of Tucson. Held twice a year the Fourth Avenue Street Fair began 40 years ago when Fourth Avenue merchants put tables in front of their stores to attract customers before the holidays. From that beginning it has developed into one of the premier street fairs in the nation, drawing crowds of 200,000 to 400,000 and ranking as one of the top visual arts fairs in the country. The Street Fair has also developed into a Tucson tradition and an event that has an impact on every Tucsonan in one way or another. The Street Fair is the source of funding for 50+ non-profit groups that derive (in some cases the majority of ) their income from the Fair, to the City which obtains a boost in sales taxes and a savings in services demanded, to the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association that earns the funds to keep Fourth Avenue a draw for all who live and visit Tucson. The two annual Street Fairs are Tucson’s biggest event!


520.906.7048 Phone 5956 E. Pima, Suite 130 520.296.8157 Fax Tucson, AZ 85712


"Q" saves lives Support just a phone call away By Mike Carr My first exposure to the work and mission of GLSEN Phoenix occurred in Social Work graduate class in 2004. Valley of the Sun United Way had just awarded a grant to the Empact-Suicide Prevention Center and GLSEN Phoenix for design, implementation, and assessment of a high school intervention program. The class had the opportunity to design this program, which would address issues of teenaged suicide. The ideas that came out of that class were farreaching, occasionally idealistic, and often unrealistic—but they eventually grew into the Q Programs. The Q Programs were and still are the Q Training, Q Network, and the Q Line. Q Training provides schools, social service agencies, and community groups with individualized training to address LGBTQ youth issues. The training can be as simple as gaining some knowledge about what LGBTQ means, to more advanced work, such as developing inclusive policies. The GLSEN Lunchbox 2 serves as the basis for a comprehensive training program aimed at providing educators and community members with the background knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make schools (and communities) safer and more affirming places for actual and perceived lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. The Q Line is Maricopa County’s own 24-hour support line for LGBT youth and their allies. The hotline is staffed by professionals who are not only trained in phone crisis intervention, but also have specific knowledge about LBGTQ youth issues. What makes the Q Line unique compared to many other support help lines is that the staff has access to Maricopa County’s crisis response system for behavioral health emergencies, and can have a mobile crisis team dispatched to the crisis when necessary. The Q Line is also able to provide a list of local resources that may meet some of the needs of LGBTQ youth; its phone number is 480-736-4925 (local) and 800-527-4747 (toll free). Q Network is a quarterly meeting of community agencies serving LGBTQ youth in Maricopa County. The meeting is hosted by La Frontera Arizona, Empact – Suicide Prevention Center. GLSEN Phoenix and La Frontera Arizona, EMPACT - Suicide Prevention Center continue to collaborate to provide services to the LBTQ youth, adults, and allies of Maricopa County, and GLSEN Phoenix has a cadre of trainers available to provide individualized training. For more information, contact them at

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Unsung Heroe: Megan Schmitz By Luis Garcia and faces from LGBT organizations around town. When I got to Rainbows that Saturday, it felt like all of a sudden, everyone was all together in the same place! The weather was amazing, and we were all having a great time, catching up, hugging, and saying how fabulous everyone looked. It was fun, and it felt like we were truly a community. ‘N Touch: Who has inspired you and how so? Schmitz: People in this community inspire me every day. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people who are committed to making a difference. There are too many people to name them all, so I’ll mention just a couple. Councilman Tom Simplot is an incredible mentor, and he has taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to make it happen. The One n Ten kids also inspire me. They are just awesome and it is such an honor to work with them and the one n ten staff, board and volunteers. Immediately after Megan Schmitz moved to Phoenix from Cleveland, Ohio in 2006 she began working for Phoenix’s first and only openly LGBT City Councilman, Tom Simplot, as liaison to the LGBT community, and as lead staff on small business advocacy and neighborhood outreach. Schmitz has also worked with Councilman Simplot on the Federal Communication Commission’s Intergovernmental Advisory Committee, Phoenix LGBT Police Advisory Board, and METRO Light Rail Board. Megan is currently enrolled in Valley Leadership’s Class 33. Megan joined the One n Ten Board of Directors in April of 2007 to get more involved with the LGBT community in Phoenix. She has enjoyed being a part of two Executive Director Search task forces, as well as participating on the Board Development and Finance committees and serving one term as Board secretary and one term as vice chair. She is currently serving as Chair of the Board. Schmitz told ‘N Touch News Magazine that she is inspired every day by her amazing One n Ten board, staff and volunteer colleagues. She wholeheartedly believes in the mission, vision and purpose of One n Ten and the incredible potential of the young people they serve. ‘N Touch: Why don’t you begin by telling us why you decided to get involved with the LGBT community? Do you remember your first event? Schmitz: Yes, I will never forget my first LGBT event in Phoenix. It was Rainbows Festival, 2006. I had been the LGBT liaison in Councilman Tom Simplot’s office for a few months, and was just getting to know many of the names news / politics / business / opinion

‘N Touch: How do you feel knowing that there might be someone out there who looks up to you and wants to be like you? Schmitz: It gives me goose bumps. Honestly, I’ve never thought about it before, but that’s an amazing and powerful thing. It reminds me how much our actions can impact people around us, and what a great opportunity that is. It’s like that old saying, “character is how you act when you think no one’s watching.” If someone is watching, I hope that I have a worthy character and make a positive impact. ‘N Touch: What are some of your most memorable moments in your involvement throughout the years? Schmitz: Without a doubt, my most memorable moment was the first time I walked with the One n Ten group in the Pride Parade. I had been on the board for a short time, and hadn’t had much interaction with the kids. Then I got to the Pride group and watched 250 young adults cheer, dance, do flips and throw one another into the air (and catch each other every time thank goodness!). Seeing those kids walk down the street of the 6th largest city in the country being out and loud and proud of it was an amazing experience, and one that I never had at that age. ‘N Touch: You are currently on the board of 1n10. What made you make that decision? Schmitz: For anyone who’s not familiar with One n Ten, it is a nonprofit organization that provides social and service programs for LGBTQ youth aged 14-22 that promote self-expression,

self-acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices. I joined the board several years ago because I believe in the mission, and I felt like it was a place I could really make a difference for the future. I’ve seen the organization grow and evolve, and it has been very fulfilling and humbling to be a part of. Now we are getting ready to open our new program space at 3660 N 3rd St in Phoenix. We just launched a high school diploma completion program, Q High, in partnership with Arizona Virtual Academy, and we continue to expand our weekly youth discussion groups and sports programs. We are always in need of volunteers and other support to sustain our programs, so I encourage folks to check out our website at for more information. ‘N Touch: Is there anything you want to do or change that you have not had the time to do in the LGBT community. Schmitz: Of course, there are still so many things to do, but hopefully I have plenty of years ahead of me to keep working on them. I’m not quitting anytime soon! ‘N Touch: Tell me about the Greenhouse Project and your involvement with that? Schmitz: A coalition of organizations, led by Tumbleweed, and including Gina from ‘N Touch, came together to develop a new transitional housing program to focus on homeless gay youth. They invited me to join and represent Councilman Simplot on the committee. When we heard the staggering statistic-- 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ-- we knew there was really a need in the community and that we had to get involved. The program has been up and running for a few years now. It has been a great success, but there are still some basic needs. If anyone is interested in donating, the wish list is on their website at greenhouse_project.php ‘N Touch: Is there anything you’d like to leave us with? Schmitz: I am really honored that you thought of me for this column, and I appreciate the opportunity to share a little bit about what I do. I would just end by saying that there are outstanding organizations serving the LGBT community here in Phoenix, and there are so many ways to get involved. You don’t have to work for a politician or be on a board to give back to the community, you just have to believe in something and roll up your sleeves. I encourage everyone to try volunteering, going to a fundraiser, or hosting a dinner for a good cause. You’ll be glad you did! | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 15


Same-sex custody battle could change Florida law By James L. Rosica TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) - A custody battle in Florida between two lesbians could fuel the growing national debate over the definition of motherhood. It also might force state lawmakers to reconsider a 19-year-old law regarding the rights of sperm and egg donors. The women, now in their 30s and known in court papers only by their initials, were both law enforcement officers in Florida. One partner donated an egg that was fertilized and implanted in the other. That woman gave birth in 2004, nine years into their relationship. But the Brevard County couple separated two years later, and the birth mother eventually left Florida with the child without telling her former lover. The woman who donated the egg and calls herself the biological mother finally tracked them down in Australia with the help of a private detective. Their fight over the now 8-year-old girl is before the state Supreme Court, which has not announced whether it will consider the case. A trial judge ruled for the birth mother and said the biological mother has no parental rights under state law, adding he hoped his decision would be overturned. The 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach obliged, siding with the biological mother and saying both women have parental rights. At issue is the 1993 state law meant to regulate sperm and egg donation. Scholars debate whether the constitutional right to procreate includes outside-the-body technologies used to conceive. Also at issue are constitutional questions about gay people’s right to raise children and claim equal protection under the law. Another appellate court ruled Florida’s ban on gays being able to adopt unconstitutional in 2010. The biological mother, however, isn’t concerned about being a legal or social pioneer, her lawyer said. She just wants her child back in her life. “She hasn’t seen her daughter in years, and it’s been terribly, terribly difficult for her,” said Robert A. Segal, a family law attorney in Melbourne. The birth mother’s lawyer, Robert Wheelock of Orlando, did not respond to written questions sent by email. The battle over what defines motherhood is being played out on prime-time television shows

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and in courtrooms across the country. Lisa Miller, a Virginia woman who renounced her homosexuality, has been in hiding with her daughter since 2009 after a court ordered that her former partner, Janet Jenkins, be given custody. The two entered into a civil union in Vermont in 2000. Miller’s own egg was artificially inseminated and she gave birth. The Virginia Supreme Court ultimately agreed with a Vermont judge’s custody decision; the case raised questions about one state’s duty to recognize same-sex relationship rights created by laws in another. More recently, former North Carolina state Sen. Julia Boseman, the first openly gay member of that state’s Legislature, is suing for joint custody of a 2-year-old son born to a woman Boseman had called her spouse. In the Florida case, the women agreed to use “reproductive medical assistance,” have a child and raise that child as a couple, court records show. It’s unknown why they later decided to separate, but “their separation does not dissolve the parental rights of either woman, nor does it dissolve the love and affection either has for the child,” the appellate decision said. The birth mother cites the state’s law on sperm and egg donation, which says that donors “relinquish all maternal or paternal rights,” to argue that the biological mother wasn’t the child’s parent. The trial judge ruled for the birth mother, but said he didn’t agree with the law and told the biological mother, “If you appeal this, I hope I’m wrong.” The appellate judges reversed him 2-1 in a decision that found the biological mother wasn’t a “donor” as contemplated by the law because she and her partner intended to be parents together. “We can discern no legally valid reason to

deprive either woman of parental rights to this child,” said the majority opinion by Judge Thomas Sawaya. He ruled that the donor law was unconstitutional as applied in the case. That law was passed 15 years after Louise Brown, the world’s first “test tube” baby, was born. But Judge David Monaco, in a concurring opinion, said the statute “was not designed to resolve the problem of how to treat children born by in vitro fertilization to a same-sex couple.” One of the original sponsors of that law agrees. “I think it’s unlikely we discussed this kind of fact situation,” said Brian P. Rush, a Tampa lawyer who served in the Florida House at the time as a Democrat. “We were trying to facilitate assisted reproduction technologies ... and eliminate litigation.” But in a blistering dissent, Judge C. Alan Lawson said the trial judge got it right. A child can have only one mother, he wrote. The court shouldn’t recognize two mothers “unless we are also willing to invalidate laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, bigamy, polygamy or adult incestuous relationships on the same basis,” Lawson said. Moreover, allowing people to plead intent could allow any donor to “make an after-the-fact claim” for parental rights, he said. Monaco and Lawson agreed, however, that the Legislature needs to pass a new law on the science of human reproduction to reflect the times. “We think we’re solving problems with technology, but it just leads to more problems,” said Alan Williams, a health law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville. “Moral and ethical dilemmas arise that laws were never made to deal with.” John Stemberger, president of the conservative Florida Family Policy Council, says the appellate court’s decision “redefines the legal nature of families in opposition to Florida’s law and constitution.” Florida voters adopted a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in 2008. Shannon McLin Carlyle, an appellate attorney who also is representing the biological mother, said the majority didn’t come up with a gay rights decision: “It’s a pro-parent decision.” “But it does solidify gay couples’ right to retain a relationship with their child,” she said. “If it goes the other way, parenthood could be subject to risk on the whim of the other partner.” Ultimately, the state Supreme Court may have to wrestle with Judge Monaco’s closing sentences: “We still ought to come to grips with what is best for the child. Here, having two parents is better than one.” news / politics / business / opinion


San Diego's 40th Anniversary Coronation Ball SAN DIEGO - San Diego’s 40th Anniversary Coronation events now hold the record for the most elected officials and dignitaries ever to attend a Royal Affair of the International Court System of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Mayor Jerry Sanders, U.S. Congressman Bob Filner, U.S. Congresswoman Susan Davis, the Majority Whip of the California State Assembly, Honorable Toni Atkins, San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Sheriff Bill Gore, City Councilman Todd Gloria, City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, San Diego School Board Member Kevin Beiser, State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and many other officials attended the “Imperial State Dinner” celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the crowning of Queen Mother I of the America’s, San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez and the 40th Anniversary Coronation Ball, “A Military Affair” and other Royal events that attracted well over 1,000 people during the celebration weekend. It became a very obvious that the vast array of powerful public office holder in attendance was because of their personal relations with Nicole Murray Ramirez, a Latino and GLBT activist for over 45 years. Many of the Republican and Democratic officials brought Federal, State and local proclamations and awards honoring the Imperial Court de San Diego’s forty years of fundraising and charity work that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for countless causes and organizations. The outgoing 39th elected Monarch’s gave out over $70,000 in community grants and during the three day celebration student scholarships and a financial grant were also presented, including $3,000 raised at one of their bar events for the Tijuana AIDS Fund and a $1,000 grant for G.L.E.S.E.N. sponsored Youth Student Summit. Among National G.L.B.T. leaders in attendance were Stuart Milk, Founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation, Russell Roybal, Deputy Director of the National Gay

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Lesbian Task Force (N.G.L.T.F.), Commissioner Robert Gleason, National Vice-Chair of the Victory Fund and Ms. Lorena Gonzalez, Executive Director of the AFL-CIO Labor Council. Since Nicole Murray Ramirez succeeded World War II Veteran Jose Julio Sarria, the first openly gay candidate to run for public office in 1961, as the titular leader, Chairman and C.E.O. of the International Court Council, over $200,000 has been raised by the Chapter Courts for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, Trevor Project and the Harvey Milk Foundation in just the last few years.

There are almost 70 Court Chapter in the cities across the United States, Canada and Mexico and their financial fundraising power has more than ever caught the attention and admiration of the GLBT community and its national organizations. City Commissioner Murray Ramirez is the Chair of the Harvey Milk U.S. Stamp National Campaign and inded the courts in America have taken this on going letter writing campaign into the national spotlight. The Imperial Court de San Diego made history when it presented over 250 school books for students 8 years old and over on Harvey Milk’s life to the San Diego School District, officially accepted by a school board trustee during the Coronation Ball, held at the Marriott Hotel. Elected and crowned San Diego’s 40th Monarchs were, Emperor Tom Dickerson and Empress the Lady Ajax. Among the long time gay activists in atttendence were Emperor I Omar Lowry (1972), Empress II Toby Lear (1973), Empress V Morgana (1975) and Grand Duchess I Norma (1972). | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 17

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Resentment toward the West bolsters Uganda's new anti-gay bill KAMPALA, Uganda - At first, it was a fiery contempt for homosexuality that led a Ugandan lawmaker to introduce a bill in 2009 that carried the death penalty for a “serial offender” of the “offense of homosexuality.” The bill’s failure amid a blitz of international criticism was viewed by many as evidence of power politics, a poor nation bending to the will of rich nations that feed it hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. But this time around — the bill was reintroduced this month — it is a bitter and broadbased contempt for Western diplomacy that is also fueling its resurrection. “If there was any condition to force the Western world to stop giving us money,” said David Bahati, the bill’s author, “I would like that.” The Obama administration recently said it would use its foreign diplomatic tools, including aid, to promote equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people around the world. Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain has threatened to cut aid for countries that do not accept homosexuality. But African nations have reacted bitterly to the new dictates of engagement, saying they smack of neo-colonialism. In the case of Uganda, the grudge could even help breathe new life into the anti-homosexuality bill. Antigovernment demonstrations sometimes turn violent and news about corruption scandals fills the tabloids here, but two things most people agree on is that homosexuality is not tolerated and that Westerners can be overbearing. The United States says it remains “resolutely opposed” to the bill, and at the American Embassy in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, officials are actively engaged in lobbying Ugandan policy makers to oppose the bill, too. “Our position is clear,” said Hilary Renner, a State Department spokeswoman. The pressure has worked, to a certain degree. Some of the most contentious elements of the bill — the death penalty, and a clause ordering citizens to report known acts of homosexuality to the police within 24 hours — would be taken out, Mr. Bahati said in a recent interview. That could make the bill less explosive for lawmakers. But the diplomatic tensions surrounding the bill also seem to be increasing its popularity. “While covert behind-the-scenes donor pressure on the Ugandan government has been useful in the past,” said Dr. Rahul Rao, a lecturer at the Center for International Studies and Diplomacy in London, “overt pressure can be extremely counterproductive.” The government of President Yoweri Musev-

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eni, while distancing itself from the bill, defended the right for the bill to be debated in Uganda’s Parliament, saying in a recent statement that “cultural attitudes in Africa are very different to elsewhere.” Kizza Besigye, an opposition leader who has courted the West, said Western pressure on the issue of homosexuality was “misplaced” and “even annoying.” “There are more obvious, more prevalent and harmful violations of human rights that are glossed over,” Mr. Besigye said. “Their zeal over this matter makes us look at them with cynicism to say the least.” When Mr. Bahati reintroduced the bill in Parliament, he did so to rounds of applause. In this religious and traditional society, the tug of war between advocates and opponents of gay rights remains tense. Days after the bill was reintroduced, a clandestine gay rights meeting at a hotel was broken up personally by Uganda’s minister of ethics. “In the past they were stoned to death,” said the minister, Simon Lokodo. “In my own culture they are fired on by the firing squad, because that is a total perversion.” Last year, a newspaper published a list of gay people in Uganda and urged readers and policy makers to “Hang Them.” Much of Africa’s anti-homosexuality movement is supported by American evangelicals, the Rev. Kapya Kaoma of Zambia wrote in 2009, who are keen to export the American “culture war” to new ground. Indeed, American evangelical Christians played a role in stirring the antihomosexual sentiment that culminated in the initial legislation in Uganda. The few gay rights advocates in Uganda who work publicly on the issue have seen their own exposure — and support — widen, too. One received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award last year. The organization whose conference was shut down this month receives tens of thousands of dollars from the American Jewish World Service, according to the organization’s Web site. As for Mr. Bahati, orphaned at the age of 3 and until recently a relatively unknown poli-

tician, the past several years have been a rollercoaster-ride of emotions, from obscurity to fame and infamy. The American news media, he said, have shredded his reputation. “They really worked out on the word ‘death,’ ” he said, referring to coverage of the bill’s death penalty provision. “We used to have friends in America, but most of them are now scared even to identify with us.” It was in the United States, Mr. Bahati contended, that he first became close with a group of influential social conservatives, including politicians, known as The Fellowship, which would later become a base of inspiration and technical support for the anti-homosexuality bill. Mr. Bahati said the idea for the bill first sprang from a conversation with members of The Fellowship in 2008, because it was “too late” in America to propose such legislation. Now, he said, he feels abandoned. “In Africa we value friendship,” Mr. Bahati said. “But the West is different.” Richard Carver, who said he served as president of The Fellowship until August 2011, said members of his group were actively involved in Uganda, including one with close ties to lawmakers. But Mr. Carver said the group never took an official position on the proposed legislation. “This is a very large group,” said Mr. Carver, adding that “individuals can speak for themselves.” Mr. Bahati contends that African nations like Uganda, by contrast, cannot speak for themselves — that reliance on international aid makes “unindependent.” Nothing was more telling, he said, than Prime Minister Cameron’s threat to cut development aid to countries that refuse to accept homosexuality. As for the United States, the State Department has pledged at least $3 million to civil society organizations working on gay rights. According to Mr. Bahati, his anti-homosexuality bill would upend that. A clause in the bill prohibits organizations that support gay rights from working in Uganda, potentially including the development arms of foreign governments. “It becomes very easy,” Mr. Bahati said. “Their licenses will be revoked.” A parliamentary committee has 45 days to debate the bill before sending it back to Parliament or asking for an extension. Mr. Bahati said that he was confident the bill would pass, but that if it did not, he had a Plan B: hope for a Republican victory in November. “The good thing with the West is that we know that Obama can influence the world only up to 2016,” he said. “That’s a definite.” news / politics / business / opinion

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Phoenix Gay Chamber

Net Mix The GPGLCC net mix will take place March 21 from 5:30-7p.m. at Duck and Decanter, 1651 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix. Go to for more information.

Board of Directors Meeting The GPGLCC Board of Directors meets every month on the second Wednesday at 8 a.m. Members are welcome to attend the meeting. If you wish to address the board, you must do so in writing by emailing Tony Felice at and by calling in advance 602-237-5572.

Tucson Gay Chamber

Net Breakfast Breakfast Meetings will be held the third Thursday of the month at the The Manning House, Lavender Ballroom, 450 W Paseo Redondo # 212 in Tucson. Go to for more info and to rsvp.

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Historic partnership advancing science on the Grand Canyon's North Rim FLAGSTAFF - Against the stunning backdrop of the Kaibab Plateau and Vermilion Cliffs, a pioneering partnership has been forged to bolster the science guiding resource management and public lands stewardship along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. On January 25, 2012, the Grand Canyon Trust, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Bureau of Land Management, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, U.S. Forest Service, and U.S. Geological Survey signed a Memorandum of Understanding, ushering into existence the Kane and Two Mile Research and Stewardship Partnership - a collaborative group of scientists, livestock producers, and resource managers actively pursuing science-based solutions to the challenges facing this dramatic landscape. “This Partnership creates an exciting opportunity for us to pool resources across organizations and to work collectively to answer the questions most relevant to land managers,” according to Ron Sieg, Regional Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. “Formalizing this Partnership is an endorsement of all the hard work everyone has put in since the 2005 purchase of the ranches by the Grand Canyon Trust and The Conservation Fund. We are entering a new era in public lands stewardship, and this commitment to applied research will benefit conservation efforts across the West,” added Tom Sisk, Director of the Landscape Conservation Initiative at NAU. Guided by the Kane and Two Mile Ranches Applied Research Plan, the Partnership has identified several key research initiatives designed toinform management across the 850,000 acres of private land, BLM, and USFS grazing permits that

comprise the ranches. These include evaluating the sustainability and effects of various livestock management strategies, identifying key factors responsible for the spread of non-native species, developing methods for restoring semi-arid grasslands, and creating tools for monitoring environmental change, particularly the effects of climate and land- use change. “The partnership encourages and facilitates research with universities and other entities to answer these very important questions,” said Lorraine Christian, Bureau of Land Management Arizona Strip Field Manager. “Sound science is essential for the development of effective solutions to the challenges faced by land managers,” said David Lytle, Director of the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center. “The USGS looks forward to helping provide the information necessary for our partners to manage their resources sustainably.” “As both grazing permitee and conservation organization, we are dedicated to actively pursuing solutions to the conservation challenges posed by a rapidly changing environment,” said Matt Williamson, manager of the Kane and Two Mile Ranch Program at the Grand Canyon Trust. “This Partnership provides an opportunity to do just that.” The Partnership is meant to formalize an innovative approach to carrying out the science necessary to inform public lands management and address the often contentious issues that arise across the Southwest. In an era of declining budgets for land management agencies, this public-private partnership will enhance capacity to address high priority conservation and stewardship activities. Work occurring under the auspices of the Partnership is already underway, and will expand rapidly over the coming years.

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ASBA names new CEO The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) has hired Rick Murray as its new chief executive officer, effective February 27, 2012. The announcement concludes an extensive national and local search for a professional with association management, public policy and small business ownership experience. Murray will have the responsibility of managing ASBA’s business operations, directing the staff, and continuing to build upon the tremendous growth and success the organization has experienced in the last three years. Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, Murray’s previous experience includes heading up the New Mex-

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ico State Fair, managing a $13 million annual budget and 400 staff; as well as leading the New Mexico Dental Association. In 2002, he was recruited by the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA), which he led for six years until 2008. Under his leadership, the AzDA’s income grew from $800,000 to $2.8 million annually and he spearheaded the development of one the nation’s premiere dental conventions. “On behalf of the ASBA Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome Rick Murray as our new CEO,” said ASBA 2012 Board Chair, Joe Higgins. “Rick brings personal small business experience, public policy acumen and successful association management experience to the organization. Over our 40year history, ASBA has been committed to serving and advocating on behalf of all of Arizona’s small and mid-sized businesses. Rick is the perfect person to carry that legacy into the future” Rick is also an avid entrepreneur having run several of his own businesses including an advertising

agency, a production company and, most recently, a dental consulting business. His diverse professional background also includes careers as a news photographer and television news reporter. About ASBA – The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) is the largest trade association in the state representing 11,000+ member businesses, and over ½ million employees in all 15 counties. ASBA members enjoy access to significant group discounts, countless opportunities to do business with each other, a wide array of insurance products, and active advocacy efforts on public policy issues to protect their businesses. Discover more at www.asba. com. Join ASBA. Be amAZed®

Save fuel costs Community Tire & Automotive Service Specialist reminds you that if fuel costs on the rise one of the best things to do for your car’s mileage is maintenance. If you think changing your oil regularly and keeping up with

the rest of your engine’s maintenance  doesn’t impact your fuel economy, think again. As your oil ages, it thickens, and that makes your engine work harder with every revolution. What’s more, neglecting parts like your vehicle’s oxygen sensor can trick your car into thinking it needs more fuel than it actually does. It’s impossible to say just how much keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance can improve your fuel economy, but doing so will keep those mpgs as close to what they were from the factory as possible as your vehicle ages. For other tips go to | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 23


Dumbbells have several advantages By Robert Scimeca, NSCA CPT Resistance training can be performed in many ways. One of the most beneficial forms of it is with the use of dumbbells. Dumbbells have a number of advantages over traditional barbells and machine exercises. The first advantage is that they are better for developing both sides of the body. This is because while performing a dumbbell exercise, each limb works independently to recruit the muscles necessary to perform the exercise. Therefore both sets of muscles will be developed independently. In short, one side of the body can not compensate for the other. A one handed exercise will be more effective at isolating muscles, joints, and movements than the traditional two handed barbell or machine exercise. Dumbbells also help develop joint stability. For example, while you are performing a barbell shoulder press, as you raise the bar, the bar stabilizes the movement. When performing the same exercise with dumbbells, each arm works independently and you have to concentrate and stabilize your muscles in order to perform the exercise properly. Dumbbells place greater demands on the nervous system. This is because dumbbells can move in more planes (directions) than barbells or machines. Example: when performing a bench press exercise with dumbbells, not only does the weight move upward and downward it also can move side to side or forewords and backwards. You can even rotate the hands thereby increasing the number of muscles being exercised. Given these facts, dumbbells are a great way to body build as well as tone up. Dumbbell exercises are also an excellent tool in athletic training as well as rehabilitation. Their availability in light weights and ease of grip provide numerous exercise options. Tears of the bicep tendon and rotator cuff injuries are more often than not treated with a series of light weight dumbbell exercises. Muscle balance is another important consideration in dumbbell exercises. It is very important all of the muscles around a joint receive attention. If this is not the case, it could result in a strength imbalance and consequently lead to injury.. For older adults, it is not uncommon to find differences in strength from one side of the body to the other. Dumbbell training can be very beneficial in correcting these imbalances in both strength as well as in overall balance. Dumbbell exercises are broken up into 5 cat-

24 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

egories: • Pressing Exercises; including all forms of bench presses. Flat, Incline and decline as well as the overhead shoulder press and the triceps overhead extension. These exercises work the pectoral muscles of the chest, as well as the anterior and medial deltoids and the triceps. • Lateral Raises target the deltoid group. Exercises include the front and side shoulder raises and the bent over fear fly. • Rowing Exercises include the bent over row, upright row and the single bent over row. These exercises target the upper back & bicep. Specifically the rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, and the teres major & minor. • Shoulder Shrugs train the trapezius muscles. • Arm Exercises train the flexors and extenders of the elbow; triceps brachii for extention and biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis for flextion. Bicep exercises include all forms of curls, hammer curls, concentration curls, preacher curls as well as the dumbbell curl with rotation of the wrist. Tricep exercises include the overhead triceps extension both single hand and double. A common error made when performing dumbbell exercises include touching them together at the top of the exercise. This sounds cool but it actually takes the strain off of the muscles and defeats the purpose of the exercise. It can also damage the dumbbells. Some of the more difficult exercises will require a spotter. Spotting dumbbell exercises require the spotter to be able to grab the wrist or forearm; not the elbow. This is the only way to assure pushing the dumbbell out of the way if necessary. I use dumbbells regularly and see the advantages. The next time you work out, try a dumbbell routine. I bet you will notice the difference.

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LGBT Sports

Runaway Brides vs. Schoolyard Scrappers and Coffin Draggers vs. Brutal Beauties

Leagues Spotlight

Sports leagues of the Valley provide a safe, friendly, and fun social setting for the LGBT community. Whether a new comer, veteran, or a fan, everyone is welcome.


Hellraisers Hoops Open Play Sundays from 2 – 4 p.m. Sports Club of City Square www.

Flag Football

PHX Hellraisers Flag Football League

Saturdays 9 a.m. January – April Colter Park 602.284.9207

Rugby – Men Phoenix Storm

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7 p.m. Longview Elementary School PHOENIX - Competitive, full-contact, adrenaline-filled, hard-hitting action! And women only! The Arizona Derby Dames (AZDD) return to the coliseum with fresh faces and new strategies in bout four of season seven. Top-ranked Runaway Brides face the Schoolyard Scrappers in an attempt to maintain their position in first place. The Coffin Draggers hope to continue their undefeated season against the Brutal Beauties on the only banked track in Arizona. “The Scrappers are going to win because we have been training hard on strategy, endurance, and mental focus,” said Hillary Skank, league manager and skater for the Schoolyard Scrappers. The team is considered the “underdog” for the upcoming bout but season attendees know this team should not be discounted. This game is sure to be a fan favorite. AZDD recently held a draft, welcoming skaters out of the substitute pool and onto one of the five teams. After initial tryouts skaters start out in “Fresh Meat” until they prove they have mastered the skills required to skate safely with seasoned roller girls. Skaters are placed in the substitute pool after passing a skills test until they are claimed by a team in a draft that occurs every 5-6 months. The process from initial tryouts to draft can take 6 -12 months. AZDD is women owned, operated, and sustained. Skaters must help run the league in addition to practicing and maintaining outside life. Fulfilling business requirements, training other skaters, participating in mandatory volunteer and

news / politics / business / opinion

charity projects, and writing articles for the newsletter are all responsibilities of skaters. Kimber Slice, co-captain of the Brutal Beauties, substitute-pool trainer, bout production staff, and member of AZDD’s travel team, the “Hot Shots,” said, “I like best that because I am so involved with the league I feel like it is a part of me and has made me a better person.” The Hot Shots are set to play in the Pro Roller Derby invitational, a national tournament, on April 6th and 7th where they could win $5,000 for the league. Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum is located at 1826 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85007 (602-252-6771). Doors will open at 5:00 p.m. with the bouts starting at 7:00 p.m. General admission tickets for the stadium seats in the Coliseum will be $12, children under 12 are free. Two hundred general admission tickets are available for standing room on the floor around the track for $12. General admission for children 12 and under is free. VIP tiered seating right off the floor (with access to a nearby VIP only bar and restrooms) will be $20 for adults and children. Parking will be $7. Tickets will be on sale the day of the event at the Coliseum box office starting at 4 p.m. Advance tickets may be purchased until 2 p.m. on March 24th through Group discounts are also available by contacting the Coliseum phone number. Follow the Derby Dames to Chopper John’s at 2547 E Indian School Road for their 21 and older after party immediately following the bouts.


Cactus Cities Softball League

Sundays starting at 8 a.m. Spring: Feb. – May; Fall: Oct. - Dec Ceasar Chavez Park


The Phoenix Sunfish

Year around schedule Mon, Tues, & Thurs - 6:30 - 8 pm Saturdays - 4:30-6 pm Three Locations throughout the valley

Volleyball – Indoor

Desert Volleyball Alliance February - May Saturdays 12 – 3 p.m. Kingdom Courts

Volleyball – Sand

Arizona Gay Volleyball Association

Three seasons to choose from Feb – May, June – Aug, Sept – Dec Indian Steele Park & Radisson City Center Mondays & Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 25

Art in the city

Something for everyone... Art Detour 24, is a free, two-day, self-guided tour of artist galleries, studios, and other art venues in downtown Phoenix organized by Artlink Inc. in cooperation with participating venues. This year’s event will take place Saturday, March 17 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday, March 18 (Noon to 6 p.m.). What began as a few dozen people touring a handful of art spaces now draws thousands of enthusiastic arts supporters each year. Music and performance art plays a huge part of Art Detour’s appeal, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to explore Phoenix’s art scene in a fun, festival environment. So, whether you’re an established art collector or new to the arts and interested in learning more, Art Detour24’s diverse base of participating art galleries and activities promises something for everyone - and for all ages. As one the oldest, all-volunteer run non-profit arts organizations in Downtown Phoenix, Artlink also runs and operates the monthly First Fridays art walk, the annual Art Detour self-guided tour, a Juried Exhibition and an art-related fundraiser. To help support artists in downtown Phoenix, Artlink manages two galleries in space donated by the City of Phoenix., the Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square and Artlink A.E. England Gallery. The Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square showcases contemporary artworks of all varieties of mediums by emerging as well as established artists. The Artlink Gallery is a non-profit gallery and functions as an exhibition space. The Gallery is housed in the 1899 Carriage House at Heritage Square Park. Open every First

and Third Friday of the month, and on festivals. Visitors will find an ever-changing display of artwork, and with the new expansion of the First Friday Art Walk to Heritage Square Park the gallery is amongst a lively and entertaining atmosphere. The Artlink A. E. England Gallery is located in an historic building at Civic Space Park. The gallery’s mission is to feature established and emerging artists who push the boundaries of art as expression, test the limits of media, and broaden the perspective and consciousness of audiences. Artlink A. E. England Gallery is open to all disciplines of art, to include experimental, digital, traditional, and integrations thereof. Both galleries will be participating in Art Detour. Highlights of Art Detour 24 include:

The Arizona Center: The First Stop for Art Detour weekend with two days of art, music, performances, restaurant discounts and more plus free parking for Art Detour 24 participants. Kids’ Detour: Designated areas of the Detour for kids to choose from a variety of art projects to participate in. To make the walk itself more fun, Kids’ Detour will feature a photo scavenger hunt, with a child-friendly goodie bag for children who complete the scavenger hunt. The Public Hanging: An exhibition where visual artists of all ages and levels of expertise are invited to submit “hangable” works of art for display at Artlink’s A.E. England Gallery.

Willo North Gallery: The gallery will present Public Eye: New Work by Peter Bugg and DOSE. The exhibit features stunning Papel Picado portraits that Bugg created in collaboration with artist Molly Mendoza. In his newest work, Bugg continues to explore his fascination with American celebrities, tabloid magazines and the paparazzi. While in the past his artwork has featured text, rather than images, Bugg’s latest creations explore  our obsession with celebrity gossip using photographs of pop culture icons.  Among these is a series of Franklin Mint-inspired “collector plates” depicting celebrities alighting from automobiles sans panties, and the Papel Picados, each an homage to a dead pop idol—Amy Winehouse; Anna Nicole Smith; Heath Ledger. Also on display are new works by DOSE, a multi-faceted visual artist  who’s re-emerging with paintings that displays his current transition from  “ street artist,” known primarily for graffiti-inspired murals. His new work includes large, wall-sized paintings and smaller works on paper—stunning, colorful political and social commentaries that employ traditional graffiti art materials, like stencils and spray paint, in a new way. Public Eye runs from March 2 through April 27. Practical Art: This gallery of handmade crafts presents “staring down Andy” by Bryn Corbett. This exhibition of slow motion monochrome video portraits was recorded in downtown Phoenix in June and November 2011. Each video captures a face relaying a narrative that is as individual as it is universal, and viewed continued on next page >

< continued from previous page

collectively, these works reveal a portrait of a creative community continuously in flux, a community navigating the burgeoning systems of alternative economies, new models of cultural exchange, and an ulterior quest for legitimacy. Hazel Gallery: This unique gallery presents the work of Fred (Freddie) Tieken. Prior to putting brush to canvas in 2010, Fred Tieken had already enjoyed successful careers as both a musician and graphic designer. For more than 30 years, he was principal designer and creative director of his internationally recognized graphic design firm. During that time he received over 200 design awards and, in 1999, he was named one of the top 50 art directors in the world by Art Direction magazine. Fredâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work has been published in numerous design annuals and his singular illustration style has appeared on magazine and CD covers, retail packaging and advertising. Prior to his career in design, Fred was a well-known musician and producer, releasing three albums and four singles that are still in demand today. His music also has been featured on compilation albums in the United States and Europe. When faced with an impending health crisis in 2010, Fred turned to painting as a way to manage his anxiety. The health issue has since been resolved and he is steadily gathering a fan base of collectors. Fredâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s abstract contemporary and pop art paintings received critical acclaim at his fifty-piece, one-man show in October, 2011. His paintings come from the heart and tell the story of his life experience with intensity and enthusiasm. Combining his art with his love for animals, Fred is donating 100% of the net proceeds from the sales of his art to no-kill animal shelters. No matter what your tastes, Art Detour has something to stimulate your senses!

Participating venues: Bokeh 214 E Roosevelt Street Please call 602-499.4013 Monorchid 214 E Roosevelt Street Made 922 N. 5th st 602 256 6233 Heritage Square 115 N 6th St Suhu Gallery 335 E. McKinley A.E. England 424 N. Central Ave Deus Ex Machina 1023 NW Grand Avenue 602-487-0669 Eye Lounge 419 East Roosevelt Street (602) 430-1490 The Artery/ Studio 6 623 E Indian School 602 332 1849 Firehouse Phoenix Art Museum 1625 N. Central Avenue (602) 257-1222 Tilt 602.716.5667 919 W Fillmore Street Willo North 602 448 9041 2811 N. 7th Avenue

Braggs Pie Factory 1301 W Grand Avenue 602.391.4016

Cycle 1100 North Central Avenue Alwun House 1204 E. Roosevelt St. (602) 253-7887 The Hive 2222 N 16th street 602 254 1641 Five15 515 E Roosevelt St. Phoenix Center for the Arts 1202 N. 3rd St. (602) 254-3100 Olney Gallery 100 W. Roosevelt St. Practical Arts 5070 North Central Avenue (602) 264-1414 Hazel Gallery 480-544-2162 Edge Industries 1007 Grand Avenue Modified Arts 407 East Roosevelt Street Phone: (480) 823-8236


Theatre of Blood


heatre of Blood is a fantastic movie from 1973 starring Vincent Price and Diana Rigg. It is the perfect combination of deliberate camp and chilling atmosphere, about a hammy actor who decides to exact revenge on the critics who have ridiculed him throughout his career. As an added plus, you finally get to see Price perform Shakespeare, albeit in short quotes here and there. This is not a column about this great movie. Instead, I want to address the idea of horror on the stage. Horror is no stranger to the stage. McBeth and Hamlet are both bloodbaths. The book Dracula was adapted into a stage play in 1924, and it was Bela Lugosi’s performance on stage that gave him his break into film. While not what people think of when they think of the stage, horror theater continues to this day, with the theatrical adaptation of The Woman in Black being one of the longest running shows in London’s West End. And then there are the musicals. While most people would not think of horror and a catchy tune going together, but they have been happily married for a long time. Evil Dead, Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Dance of the Vampires, Young Frankenstein, Lestat – people like to watch singing and dancing with blood and death. The horror geeks and theater geeks get to come together at last. And there are four that are quite noteworthy – Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Show, Sweeny Todd, and Phantom of the Opera. Little Shop has an interesting history. It was originally a black comedy movie from B-movie director Roger Corman. It tells the age old story of boy meets girl, boy finds carnivorous plant, boy and girl fall in love, plant eats everyone, the end. Along the way, you get to see an early Jack Nicholson performance. Like many Corman films, this gem developed a well-deserved cult following. Two of those fans would be composer Alan Menken and writer Howard Ashman, who in 1982 turned the movie into a successful off-Broadway show. In 1986, this in turn was turned into a successful Frank Oz movie starring Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis. Then in 2003, it finally hit Broadway, where it even garnered a couple Tony nominations. B-movie to award nominations, all thanks to the addition of music. Another musical comedy took a circuitous route to Broadway as well. A twisted project from Richard O’Brien, The Rocky Horror Show tells the story of a Transvestite mad scientist who is determined to create a man to fulfill his sexual needs. The production started in London in 1973, then moved to Los Angeles where it caught Hollywood’s attention. Then in 1975 it opened on Broadway where it failed miserably.

news / politics / business / opinion

By Edward Pulley

As most people know, this was not the end of the story though, thanks to being turned into a movie called The Rocky Horror Picture Show just prior in 1975, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and Barry Bostwick, and featuring Meatloaf. While not an immediate success, it quickly acquired a fan following that continued to watch it at midnight movies around the country. This interest helped bring it back to Broadway in 2000, where it had a much more successful run and was also nominated for Tony awards. Possibly the beginning of a trend for horror and musicals? Let’s see… Leaving horror comedy behind, we come to Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd (or more fully Sweeny Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street). Based on stories dating back to the 1800’s, Sweeny is the bleak yet clever story of a barber who returns to London for revenge after being at a penal colony for 15 years on false charges. He finds a devilish partner who helps him dispose of the bodies in some immensely popular and tasty meat-pies. It opened in 1979 with Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou in the lead roles, and was a moderate success, running for about 2 years. Tony awards? It took home 8 of them that year. The complex musical score has been performed by opera houses. In 2007, it was (joylessly) turned into a film by Tim Burton, featuring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, which took home some Golden Globes and an Oscar. But it also stayed a strong force on the stage. Revivals on Broadway and in the West End continue to garner award nominations and the 2005 revival from director John Doyle was notable for having the actors on stage also be the musicians. This could easily be argued as the king of Broadway Musical Horror. Well, it could be if it wasn’t for Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Phantom of the Opera. Based on the Gaston Laroux novel, it opened in 1986 on the West End then moved to Broadway in 1988. I almost feel as though a description of the plot is completely unnecessary, since it has now celebrated its 10,000th performance, now being seen by over 13 million people. But, for the small handful who has not seen it, it is essentially the story of a young opera singer who becomes the student and obsession of a deformed madman who lives be-

neath the opera house (although I like to describe it as Stockholm Syndrome set to music.) Phantom is a colossus. It spawned a long running Vegas production, a movie adaptation, and now a sequel, Love Never Dies. The year it opened, it took home 6 Tony awards. And let me repeat something – 10,000 performances! Sorry, that is wrong. Over 10,000 performances now, with no signs of slowing down. What got me to thinking about horror musicals? The return of Carrie - the Musical. Based on the Stephen King novel, it opened in 1988 on Broadway, and closed after 16 previews and 5 performances. It cost millions, and went down as one of the most costly Broadway flops of all time. And it is coming back, off Broadway, starring Sutton Foster. Can’t decide if this is exciting for the right or the wrong reasons. Time will tell. Good luck Carrie. Off-Broadway, you can’t get a Tony, but maybe you will still find your way to join the giants. In the meantime, we need to have a movie night and watch Theatre of Blood together. I’ll bring the pie! | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 31


Why choose an LGBT Realtor? By Dorian Kreiling What is the difference between LGBT and straight realtors? A straight Realtor will tell you there is no difference; they may even assure you of their friendliness and tell you that they have a cousin who they are pretty sure is Gay. The fact is, there is a big difference. Buying a home, gay or straight, might well be the most important (and largest) financial purchase one will ever make. Buying that house with a partner without the protection of marriage adds to that fact. Lumped on top as tasty frosting is the fact that we are talking about your new home, making it the largest emotional purchase you will make as well. A LGBT person will often be more comfortable with LGBT agent. This is not the time to have to hide who you are. As a Gay Realtor, we “get it”: More than just purchasing a home, we are often tasked with the responsibility of being confidant, chauffeur, negotiator, counselor, ini-

tial social director, area expert and warm ear. Our client expects help in finding safe, gay friendly neighborhoods. As more and more LGBT people come to the Valley of the Sun, they are looking to their Gay Realtor to find them a home and get them socially acclimated within the community. Phoenix has no Gay District per se but the LGBT Buyer has a right to expect a home located in an area rich in social acceptance and diversity. Where is the nearest Gay/ gay friendly church? Is there a Gay District? Gay Bars? Networking? Try as hard as they may, the straight Realtor could not answer those questions. In fact, one LGBT client (who fired their straight Realtor for their ignorance) asked him, “Do you know what area of town you people congregate?” (You people???) When a childless gay couple asked about the schools in the area - an excellent consideration if only for resale values - the straight Real-

32 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

tor questioned their interest because, after all, they certainly are not going to have children, are they?  LGBT Realtors understand the need for a large Master bedroom and cringe when we hear insensitive stories of straight Realtors wondering where each Buyer sleeps. The gay agent surrounds themselves with gay and gay-friendly resources that understand and are sensitive to their LGBT client’s needs. The fact is, when you use a Gay Realtor verses a straight one, you probably will be more insulated from that type of thoughtlessness than at any other time. A Gay Realtor is not going to jeopardize your Real Estate experience with them by encouraging you to use an inspector, termite company or escrow officer that is not completely in sync with who you are as a person.

Most importantly, we as LGBT people need to become well informed consumers just like our straight counterparts. We need to take care of our own. We need to use other LGBT people as our vendors of choice knowing we will not have to explain to them who we are, what we are, how we are or why.

Dorian R. Kreiling is a Realtor with her partner, Melinda Murphy, GRI with Keller Williams Lifestyle Realty. She can be reached at 623-694-4737 or

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Title Sponsors

th 25 Anniversary


Reno Gannon Memorial

Benefit Auction and Extravaganza


Saturday May 12th, 2012

Photography by Creatista

Kennedy Fiesta Park Tucson, AZ


Tickets: $20/Advance $25/Door Pre-Party at 3:00pm Wrestling at 4:00pm

Tickets/Info: • 520-628-7223 All proceeds benefit the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

My Name is Kamora Shaggy. My source of strength in life is fashion design. This activity makes me feel motivated and happy, which helps me to become a great person, both inside and out.

The Q Line is a 24-hour crisis hotline & information referral for LGBTQ youth and allies. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis please call the Q Line at:


Skin a little dry? By Dr. Damien Brandeis Dear Doc: I have dry skin, what can I do about it? A reader Flaky, dry skin is unattractive and uncomfortable. It looks unhealthy and is irritating to the person that suffers from it. There are several metabolic reasons for this. The person could have a low functioning thyroid gland. This is confirmed with lab testing. The person may be consuming many drugs and substances that dehydrate the body, particu- larly a diuretic. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and many prescription drugs promote the loss of water. Of course, the environment is a major problem here in the desert, so all of us are subject to dehydration and consequently dry skin. Environmental toxins, sun exposure and harsh soaps may make the issue worse. In temperate climates during the winter, people complain of dry skin because the humidity is low due to indoor heating. That’s a problem year round in the desert. The body excretes moisture with every breath, and by perspiration to cool the body down. If we don’t take in enough water, those processes alone will result in dehydration. That said, a number of diseases and pathologies may also cause dry skin.

The best way to rule out a disease process or some other pathology is to have regular check ups and see a doctor when symptoms like dry skin appear suddenly without an apparent explanation. That said, here are my general suggestions for dealing with dry skin. If they don’t provide relief for your dry skin, you might consider seeing a doctor in case you dry skin is a symptom of a health problem you aren’t aware about. There are many cosmetic preparations that one can try. Using a soap that contains oils and moisturizers is a good place to start. Using cool water and not hot water to wash the skin with one of these preparations is an excellent solution. • Hot water dehydrates the skin, so avoid it. • Consider using grape seed oil or olive oil as a moisturizer. They are cheap and plentiful. If a substance is healthy by mouth, topical application is rarely a problem. Massage these oils into your skin at bedtime and leave them overnight. • For something really different, get very ripe bananas and rub the inner skin onto your face for 15 minutes. Allow the application to dry and then rinse with cool water. Pat your skin dry, always. Very ripe almost black avocado fruit will work quite nicely in the same way as the banana skin. • Of course, we have plentiful supplies of Aloe vera here in the Valley. You can grow Aloe vera

in pots and harvest these plants frequently because they grow like weeds. Peel the skin from the outside of the plant and apply the sap to your skin. It will moisturize your skin and tighten loose skin. Think of Aloe vera as herbal plastic surgery. • Other options include fish oil. You can eat more omega 3 fatty acids but also apply the salmon oil to your skin to moisturize it. You can use the actual skin from fresh Salmon. If your skin is full of blackheads, scruff with boiled oatmeal and pat dry with cool water. Apply any of these oily preparations to rehydrate after your cleanse. • If you have acne or other dermatitis issues, apply a beaten raw egg yolk and allow the yolk to dry on your skin for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cool water. • Mineral or pure water is always preferred to tap water. Do this several days and eventually all of your skin issues will disappear. If you are fond of baths, add lavender essential oil or the oil from grains like oats for your soaking regimen. • Daily exercise also improves circulation in the body which promotes good healthy skin. • If your dry skin is located on several parts of your body, there are several supplements that may improve your skin’s health. Vitamins A, D, E, K and B are necessary for healthy skin. Sufficient daily intake of these vitamins would vastly improve the dryness. Increase your vegetables and fruits that are rich in these natural vitamin sources. Rehydrate by consuming plenty of water. Moisturize with any of these naturally oily products. Use pure cool water. Increase your vitamins in your food. Avoid those substances that cause you to loose water from your body. Protect your skin from too much sun. If these solutions do not work, there may be an underlying metabolic issue that needs to be diagnosed and treated by a physician. Protect your skin. It is the wrapping for a wonderful gift -- you. If you have questions for me, please send an email to or to editor@ Best of health to you! Dr. Damien Brandeis, NMD has a private practice located in northwest Chandler. For more information about Dr. Brandeis and his practice, visit

More News Online! 34 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Understanding manipulators By Dr. Dina Evan


ow you feel in your relationship? Does your partner enrich your life? Does he or she bring you joy. Do you feel better, more peaceful and fulfilled when you are with him or her? Do you share the same values, visions and ethics? Does your partner treat you with respect and reverence? If your answer is yes to these questions, you are in a great relationship. If you say you are experiencing confusion and chaos or a lack of fulfillment and joy then you may be with a manipulator. Many of us, rack our brains trying to figure out what to call this passive–aggressive form of abuse that is so hard to identify, but is nonetheless crazy making. I hear it in my office. I experience it in my personal life, and have been trying to put my finger on exactly what it is that is so troublesome about people with this character flaw. It’s called manipulation! This kind of manipulator communicates with a smiling, Who me, demeanor and hides behind a shroud of innocence, good intention and catchy new age or program sound bites. They will say they love you and then treat you like you are invisible. They will talk about how important you are to them, but never show up to offer real support. When confronted with bad behavior, they will respond with they do it because you do it and the focus is

news / politics / business / opinion

now on you. This kind of person seldom takes so much as a modicum of personal responsibility. Manipulators trivialize your concerns or feelings and make them insignificant which leaves you trying to explain yourself over repeatedly thinking there must be something you didn’t explain well. After all, it is inconceivable to you that this person cannot see the pain you are in, much less be unwilling to do anything about it. Didn’t they just say they loved you? This of course leaves you appearing to be the one who neurotically just can’t let things go. Of course, you can’t let it go because the anger keeps coming at you and the aggression keeps being acted out in passive-aggressive ways that are debilitating to you and the relationship. This elusive, pervasive hidden aggression leaves you feeling violated and frustrated and often with the only out being that you ultimately separate yourself, physically and emotionally feeling exhausted. This kind of denial kills your relationship and drains your spirit. It is the most insidious, unfair and dangerous. It can make you feel crazy. Overt abuse is easier. You can name it. You can see it. Others can validate it. The manipulator in your life never does these things in front of others consequently, he or she may be thought of as kind and caring and when and if you try to explain this behavior to others they may wonder what is it you are complaining about. There are many myths about manipulators. Perhaps they were abused as children, some may have been. Perhaps their previous partners hurt them. Hmm, maybe. Perhaps he or she is filled with painful feelings. Perhaps he or she feels so strongly about you that she can’t help him/herself. However, the truth is simply they act this way because they want to maintain control and power. Manipulators have

an exaggerated idea of how important their feelings are and they act them out all the time. That is why for years therapists and partners have been making the mistake of trying to fill these individuals up with good feeling about themselves, thinking they had low self-esteem, so they will stop manipulating. The result was they just increased their manipulative behaviors because they felt validated and important. If you choose to stay with a manipulator, you have to remember there are no short cuts to healing this issue and the truth is unless this person is deeply committed to his or her healing process, very few changes occur, no matter how badly you may be hurting. You will not change a manipulator by trying to figure him or her out – their emotional problems do not make them manipulate. Their addiction to control does. The most important thing you can do for yourself is getting to an Al-Anon meeting and start to work on yourself and your own bound-

aries. There is probably nothing wrong with you, and this is not your problem to fix other than strengthening your own boundaries and self esteem. Remember, you have rights in a relationship - the right to emotional support, the right to have your own view even if it differs from your partner’s, the right to live free from contempt and the right to feel safe in your relationship. The point is Do Not Put Up with being manipulated under any circumstances by anyone.The longer you remain in an abusive relationship the harder it becomes to get out because your self-esteem takes such a hit that you loose courage and the strength to set boundaries for yourself. You must learn to value and see yourself for all of the goodness in you. Do not allow yourself to fall for the thinking that you deserve to be abused in any way. See yourself as someone who is deserving of love and trust and a great relationship.  That’s the truth.

Dr. Dina Evan is an author and licensed MFT in California and a Spiritual and Executive coach in Arizona. She has won national acclaim as a human rights advocate and motivational speaker. You can reach her at,, 602-997-1200 or here at ‘N Touch ( and on her weekly podcast The Doctor Dina Hour at | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 37


Pets in search

Your questions answered

of a Loving Home

By Dr. Alicia Ruiz Located in Phoenix, Arizona Rescue is the last voice for dogs and wcats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at our county pounds.

Finley Finley is an easygoing, sweet, and downright irresistible little guy - he’s a charmer alright and will have you wrapped around his paws within mere seconds of being in his presence! What is it about him that pulls you in? Is it his squeaky meow? Could it be the way he drools whenever he is happy? Or is it the way he snuggles close as you hold him? The answer is simple - it is all these things and so much more!

Why are cats so lazy? Cats are nocturnal creatures by nature so they are genetically programmed to sleep during the day and hunt at night. They are also built to store energy to be used in bursts so they tend to not expend it unnecessarily. In the wild cats sleep during the day, hunt at night eat their prey and then sleep. They are also social creatures and if they are alone will tend to rest so they can be active when we are home. We have made pet cats adapt to our schedules and so it makes it seem like they sleep all day. As wild fire season approaches Pets & Animals in Distress strongly suggests that all pet owners have an emergency supply kit for their pets, including:

• Current photos and descriptions of pets. • A three-day supply of food and drinking water, as well as bowls, cat litter and a container to be used as a litter box. • Up-to-date identification, including 
an additional tag with the phone number of someone out of the area in the event the pet becomes lost. • Medications, medical records and a first aid kit stored in a waterproof container. • Sturdy leashes, harnesses, and carriers to transport pets safely as well as blankets or towels for bedding and warmth. Carriers should be large enough to comfortably house your pet for several hours or even days. 
For more information about pet disaster preparedness, visit petsandanimals. org/pet_ disaster_tips.asp

Dr. Ruiz is a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine at Central Phoenix Animal Hospital, 602- 277-5155. Questions for Dr. Ruiz can be emailed to news / politics / business / opinion

Abby Abby was terrified and even took a couple of days to feel comfortable in foster care. If you look at her photos now you can see how much better she looks and she has come out of her shell. Abby now walks like a pro on the leash, is house trained, crate trained, not a barker, loves to roll on her dog bed, sun bathing and if she sees an open lap, it’s fair game for her to jump into it and snuggle in for a nap!

To learn more or about Finley or Abby, go to | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 39


March menagerie of artistic happenings around the Valley By John Thomas Lotardo

With spring in the air, there’s a flurry of artistic activities around town this month. Scottsdale is hosting the annual Arts Festival March 9-11. The Scottsdale Arts Festival, which was named one of the top arts festivals in the nation by the readers of AmericanStyle Magazine and “Best Arts Festival” by Phoenix New Times, will feature nearly 200 juryselected artists from throughout the United States and Canada, continuous live music and entertainment on two stages, and gourmet food by the truckloads. This year the festival will add a bit more quirkiness with Texas artist Natalie Irish. Irish’s art is eye-popping celebrity portraits created with lipstick and hundreds of her carefully planted kisses- without a single case of “Mono” no less. Her works and unconventional technique have attracted international headlines from The Huffington Post, Yahoo!,

Time, Glamour and Daily Mail. The YouTube video of Irish at work on a portrait of Marilyn Monroe has been viewed more than 500,000 times (why, thank you ever so Scottsdale for bringing Irish to the party). The Scottsdale Arts Festival takes place on the scrumptious grounds of Scottsdale Civic Center Park. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for students and free for children 12 and under. Additional information is available online at or through 480499-TKTS (8587). Also, on the Civic Center compound, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is showcasing the latest arts from Australia and New Zealand as part of its inaugural Discovery Series, which features three performances by the cutting-edge circus troupe Circa March 16–17. Internationally recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative ‘new circus’ companies, Circa offers a bold new vision blending bodies, light, sound and new media. Synchronized to stylish music, the troupe’s seven members perform daredevil acrobatics and tumbling, thrilling dance moves, impossible contortions and more. Circa is directed by Yaron Lifschitz and presented in association with ArKtype. Tickets are available for $29 and $39 online at or through the Patron Services Box Office at 480-499-TKTS (8587). A special $19 matinee ticket is avail-

40 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

able by phone for children 12 and under for the 2 p.m. performance on March 17. The evening shows include adult content (sorry readers, I wasn’t able to find out just how “adult” those performances will be). When we head downtown we have just as many selections including several at the Herberger Theater located at 222 E. Monroe St. in downtown Phoenix. These include Center Dance Ensemble and their recent homage to Arizona’s Centennial with new dances inspired by myths and folk tales. The performances include: Siyotanka, from the Native American legend of The First Flute, Western Footprints featuring Aaron Copland’s music “Billy the Kid”, La Llorona, from the Mexican folk tale of the weeping woman. They’ll even have a guest performance by Keuter/Mooney Dance. Francis Cohen, the artistic champion behind CDE, is sure to please with this varied and full-bodied modern dance event. The performances will be in the Stage West of the Herberger and will run March 22-24 at 7:30 p.m. and a matinee on March 25 at 2 p.m. You can get tickets at 602-252-8497 or Prices are $21.50 for adults, $17.50 for seniors and $9.50 for students, all plus box office fees. They’ll also have special performances with excerpts of the show for the Herberger’s Lunch Time Theater program March 22 and 23 at 12:10 p.m. in Stage West

$6; box lunches are available. Also, at the Herberger is Arizona Theatre Company’s production of The Great Gatsby. Considered shocking in its portrayal of The Jazz Age, it is the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic of the highest caliber you’ve come to expect at ATC. Directed by ATC Associate Artistic Director Stephen Wrentmore, The Great Gatsby, adapted by Simon Levy, marks the fifth and final year of ATC’s AMERICA PLAYS! Celebrating Great American Stories series and plays in Tucson from Feb. 25-March 17continuing its run in Phoenix at the Herberger March 22-April 8. This is the first authorized theatrical adaptation of The Great Gatsby since 1926. Set in 1922, the world is a different place. It has just seen the most destructive war in history and the Roaring Twenties are just beginning. Prohibition is in effect and flappers have burst onto the scene. Into this world of wealth and privilege on Long Island, New York, two new men have come to town: Nick Carraway, a Mid-Westerner drawn to big city vitality and Jay Gatsby, a wealthy and mysterious man. Fitzgerald’s characters stagger and zigzag amidst a story of love, grandeur and tragedy when finally their worlds collide making for some fabulous drama and some grand theater. So buckle up everyone, this one is going to be bumpy.

news / politics / business / opinion


ATC commissioned play nominated for Edgar Award

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of The Suicide Club by Jeffrey Hatcher, which received its acclaimed world premiere at Arizona Theatre Company last fall has been nominated for an Edgar Award in the category Best Play. Each spring, Mystery Writers of America presents the Edgar Awards, widely acknowledged to be the most prestigious awards in the genre. The Edgar Awards will be presented to the winners at the 66th Gala Banquet, April 26, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York City. Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of The Suicide Club, directed by ATC Artistic Director David Ira Goldstein, was commissioned by Arizona Theatre Company. It is the third ATC commission/ premiere in the last six years to be nominated for the award following Hatcher’s widely produced Dr. Jekyll and Mr., Hyde in 2008 and Steven Dietz’s Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure which won the Edgar Award in 2006 and has since received dozens of produc-

news / politics / business / opinion

tions world-wide. Hatcher’s Sherlock Holmes play is loosely suggested by three Robert Louis Stevenson short stories published in 1878 under the title of The Suicide Club. Hatcher’s play is set on the eve of World War I, wherein the heart of London, behind the impassive facade of a windowless house, some of Europe’s most powerful men gather to play a game. The game is murder and this is The Suicide Club. But the Club has a new member: Sherlock Holmes--brilliant, perceptive, the greatest detective in the Englishspeaking world. Does Holmes wish to die? Will he have to kill? Can his old friend Dr. Watson save him? Or doesn’t Holmes want to be saved? Jeffrey Hatcher is the author of Ten Chimneys Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Ella and co-author of Work Song: Three Views of Frank Lloyd Wright and Tuesdays with Morrie - all of which have been seen on Arizona Theatre Company’s stages. Arizona Theatre Company is Arizona’s leading professional theatre company engaging over 130,000 audience members each season in the Temple of Music and Art in Tucson and the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix. For more information about Arizona Theatre Company please visit | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 41

4442 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85013 602.712.0111 | | Living without fear, shame or isolation.

One Voice Community Center serves as a cultural focal point, uniting LGBT individuals and organizations, and reinvests in the community by providing vital educational, social, and wellness programs in the Metro Phoenix area.

Visit the FREE Cyber Center, LGBT Library and Resource Center Open Every Day!

SCHEDULE OF PROGRAMS MONDAYS • Men’s Discussion Group (7-9p) • FREE HIV Testing (4-7p)

THURSDAYS • Older Men’s Discussion Group

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Every other Thursday 9-10:30a

• FREE HIV Testing (4-7p) TUESDAYS • Bipolar, Depression and • Coming Out Discussion Group (7-8p) Anxiety Group (7-9p) 1st & 3rd Tues of the month Every other Tuesday 7-9p

• LGBT Boomers & Beyond 1st Tues - Caregiver Support Group 9-11a 3rd Tues - Education & Discussion 9-11a

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AGRA Roadrunner Regional Rodeo

Rawhide, Chandler

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Greenway Thunderbird



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7023 N. 58th Ave, GLEN | 623-931-0562

7125 E. 5th Ave, SCOTTS

4428 N. 7th Ave., PHX

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10. The Chute 1440 E. Indian School, PHX | 602-234-1654 11. Cruisin 7th 3702 N. 7th Street, PHX 12. friends Again

1028 E. Indian School Rd., PHX

13. Icepics Video Bar

3108 E. McDowell Rd., PHX

14. Karamba

1724 E. McDowell Rd., PHX

15. Kobalt Bar 3110 N. Central Ave., PHX

19. Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek Rd., PHX | 602-971-1086 20. Rock, THE 4129 N. 7th Ave., PHX | 602-248-8559 21. Roscoe’s 4531 N. 7th Street, PHX 22. SLICE OF SICILY PIZZA 3724 E. Indian School, PHX | 602-667-3331 23. 24 - TWENTY FOUR

2424 E. Thomas Rd., PHX

24. ZOAN 4301 N. 7th Ave., PHX

16. Linda’s on Osborn 2333 E. Osborn Rd., PHX | 602-956-4420 17. Oz 1804 W. Bethany Home Rd., PHX 18. Plazma 1560 E. Osborn Rd., PHX | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 45


other fun events. For more information, or to make a reservation, go to The Rock is located at 4129 N 7th Ave., in Phoenix. Phone: 602-614-4154

TUCSON March is gonna be an amazing month at The Rock! They have live musicians from San Francisco and Berlin, Award Winning Burlesque and Cirque Artists and some of the most entertaining Queens the Valley has to offer… all under one roof! Sunday March 11th at 9p.m. set sail for exFont: Eras otic shores with the New Show from the Valley’s Favorite Burlesque Troupe…S.S. Scandalesque! This show features some truly breathtaking burlesque and cirque acts performed by members of Scandalesque in an intimate setting. See why SPIN Magazine called their show… “The Best Night Out In America”. $10 Cover We have a double header planned on Friday March 16th …You Get Two Shows for the Price of One! First at 8pm The Imperial Court of Arizona presents Beauty School Dropouts…The Empress Ball! Come on over and Show Them Some Love… $5 Suggested Donation at the Door. Then stick around for Pandora’s Birthday Soiree featuring Bebe Sweetbriar, all the way from the Bay Area in support of her new album Free 2 Be Me! They will be joined by Lady Christian, Savannah Stevens, Olivia Gardens and lots of other Special Guests! Admission for Pandora’s Birthday Soiree is FREE! The Madness begins around 10pm!!! Every Wednesday at 9pm join Victoria K Bacon, Felicia Minor and Tabatha Lovall for Open Wide Wednesdays. This show features a wide array of entertainers with a different theme each week. Cover is only $3! On March 21st they will be welcoming Kamikaze Queens, the saucy, tough and tantalizing female fronted rock’n’roll performance band from Berlin self defined as “Berlin Punk Cabaret”. They will be joined by Valley Burlesque Legend Pyrrha Sutra and the infamous Pandora DeStrange! Show starts at 9pm! Cover $15. And you can’t forget the New Show from Eclipse on the Last Sunday of Every Month at 8pm! This show features a very eclectic cast chosen by audience votes and a judge’s panel. It celebrates the multi-talented performers Sasha Bratz, Kira Daniels, Asia La Vega, Raul Martinez, Eva Love, Barbie Bratz, Dakota White and Carlos Montufar with Flamenco on the Rocks. There is a $5 Cover for this show! The Barbra Seville Show takes place Every Saturday with the legendary Barbra Seville and other local and national celebrities. Each week we host poker, darts, Karaoke and 46 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

Colors restaurant and nightclub host Retro Game Show Night, the hit monthly show that engages the audience in hilarious versions of vintage television games shows. It’s also hosted by a gigantic drag queen, so what’s not to love? Mistress of ceremonies Tempest Du Jour and her extra-special guests will hold their own hilarious version of the classic game show the 2nd Saturday of the month from 7-10 p.m. All admission proceeds to Retro Game Show Night benefit local nonprofit organizations. Admission: $3 per person. Ages 21 and over only. Thursdays it’s the vocal stylings of Melody Louise from 6-9p.m. Fridays at 9p.m. it’s Honeybaked Glam with Janeé Starr and Jasmine White. Colors is located at 5305 East Speedway Blvd., Tucson. Call 520-323-1840 or go to for more information.

make fantastic tacos for only $1 each. On Wednesdays, the ever-popular Janee Starr and special guests put on Viva La Diva. It is always a large and fun crowd. Therapy Thursdays follow with go go dancers and 2 for 1 drinks and all the fun begins at 10p.m. On Friday’s, China Collins hosts Flawless Fridays. Friday also starts the three day-long karaoke sessions. Yes, karaoke is on Friday’s, Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend continues with the award winning Saturday Night Starlets with Janee Starr and finish off the weekend with Cheap Ass Sundays. IBT’s is open Mon - Sun from noon until 2 a.m. To see what’s happening go to IBT’s is located at 616 N 4th Ave., Tucson. Phone: 520-882-3053.

Exciting things are happening at Woody’s in Tucson - Mike Kramkowski of IBT’s is proud to announce that he has purchased Woody’s from Dave Huff and Frank Shepis and is looking forward to injecting new energy into one of Tucson’s long-time night spots. Mike intends to keep some of the popular events and improve both the property and the offerings. Look here for more information as it evolves. Enjoy 2 for 1Tuesdays and Karaoke on Sunday Nights. Woody’s is the neighborhood bar where you can relax with your friends and enjoy the new dart boards, video games, and indoor pool table. For more information go to Woody’s is located at 3710 North Oracle Road, Tucson. Phone: 520-292-6702.

Come party in the entertainment district of Tucson, N. 4th Ave., and enjoy all of the offerings of IBT’s. IBT’s has been the center of LGBTQA fun for 25 years. Every night is something different. On Mondays, celebrate reverse happy hour. If you haven’t had the tacos on Taco Tuesday, you must make a point of trying them. James Espino and Joe Villegas are the chefs for this night. They news / politics / business / opinion


Ranting and raving By Pandora DeStrange I have been somewhat alarmed lately. Apathy appears to be running rampant in my community although the powers that be are ripping away our rights and government assistance of any kind at an alarming rate. Violence towards gays is rising right outside our doors and the people who have pledged to protect and serve simply look the other way in most cases. Where is the outrage? Where are the queens pulling up parking meters and demanding justice? When I came out, there were groups like Act Up, Queer Nation, The Pink Panthers and the like, taking to the streets and insisting that equal rights are for everybody! Silence = Death! Remember that little ditty? However, these days honesty loves anonymity and many people will spend a countless amount of time in a crowded bar or coffee house and never actually speak to another person. I see my community hiding behind laptops, ipads and cellular phones…connecting with each other, but at a safe distance. These days when someone is pissed about the state of the world, they simply blog or tweet about it and move on. How are we ever gonna affect change if we can’t connect with others in our community…face to face. Think about it folks! Lately I find myself wanting to smack the phones out of people’s hands and go on a wild rant about connecting in the Age of Technology. I am not Old-Fashioned by any means, but this shit has gone too far. We should not rest on our laurels while our rights are being ripped away from us. Too many people died in an effort to affect positive change in the world. We need to raise our voices TOGETHER until our cries for FREEDOM are heard. The day we are free to love unabashedly, out loud and in public will mark the day I will finally be able to sit back, relax and surf the web silently in a room full of people. If I can’t get married because the right-wing assholes who run the world want to protect the sanctity of marriage, then I say They Should Outlaw Divorce! Then we can talk about how sacred marriage is! Are you feeling me? Think about the decades of struggle our ancestors endured to get the freedoms we now enjoy. And although we have come a long way, there is still a lot of work to be done before any of us are actually FREE! Don’t let our ancestors deaths be in vain! Rise up! Come Together (and NOT just in the bedroom or the bath house)! We need to stomp down to the capitol and tell Jan Brewer that it is Not okay for her to drop so many people’s insurance! It is NOT OKAY for her to wag her finger in the President of the United States Face and then try to play the victim when she is called on it! Joe Arpaio Should Not Be Able to Get Away With the Atrocities Committed In His Jails and news / politics / business / opinion

He Should Not Keep Getting Re-Elected! We are the sixth largest city in the United States and there are more of us than there are of them, but many people I know Don’t Vote! What the hell? Wake Up Folks! Take Action! Put Your Hands On Your Heads And Heal Yourselves…Before it is too late!!! The other night I was dining out with some friends and on our way out of the establishment a drunk asshole called my friend a faggot as we were leaving and the employees just laughed about it and no one seemed to care…so I wrote a poem. It’s entitled… Faggot I am not who I fuck. I am much more than that. I am an actor. I am an artist. I am an activist. I am a poet. I am a person. I am a talented, passionate, opinionated, optimistic observer of life and all its many facets. I am a Teacher. I am a Temptress. I was even told in a past life I was an EMPRESS! I am a Motivator. An Educator AMover A Shaker And A Catalyst For Change As you can see I am many things! I am Magical Magnificent Magnanimous

I Am Multi-Faceted. Shit I am Mythological, honey! I am a homo A Queer A Fairy A Pansy A Punk Rock Princess A Poof or Pooftah A Drag Queen A Tranny A Fruit A Creampuff A Sodomite BUT I AM NOT A FAGGOT! I looked it up… The Merriam Webster Dictionary says: Faggot from the 14th Century Anglo-French term Fagot a: a bundle of sticks b: a bundle of pieces of wrought iron to be shaped by rolling or hammering at high temperature c: a ball of chopped meat, usually pork liver, bound with herbs and bread and eaten fried d: a bundle of anything So, You see, If you are going to try to insult me, Try to be a little more creative! And Just For the Record… I Am Not Who I … you get the picture!!!

More News Online! | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 47


Right to Marry Walk's two sides By Karon Bohlender & Deborah Sprich

Karen’s side: When I heard that the Right to Marry Walk was coming through Southern Arizona this year I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I talked to Deb and the Tucson Pride Board about being a part of it and got the support from all.    I was excited when I was chosen. When the time came to leave for Phoenix I had mixed feelings.  On the one hand I was excited about the adventure I was going on but it would the first time in almost 5 years that I would be away from Deb for more than a weekend.  I knew that I had her support and that I would see her when we were in Tucson so that helped. I did not know what to expect from the training.  I thought it was going to be about learning the facts to support our stance on marriage equality.  I soon found out that I was to find my story about why I walk.  My story changed over the walk from family issues as a mother of a 23 year old child to property and tax issues as a CPA.   I related to those listening to my story that my relationship with Deb was just like theirs where we had a home where we ate dinner together, paid out bills and entertained our friends.  I found comfort in talking about Deb. I quickly learned that there was not going to be a lot of time to call home and talk with Deb.  She was constantly on my mind.  There were a lot of 2 minute conversations to check in to say I love you.  Sometimes it was a text before collapsing into bed. The walk started out well in Parker with a brief 6 miles into the evening.  I was getting to know all of the other walkers.  Before each walk I would take off my watch and store my cell phone in my pack.  I wanted to be present for everything.  Yuma was Saturday and we started out around 9am and were met by wonderful PFLAG supporters and Alberta.  We walked 6 miles and joined them for lunch.  To say that it was hot in Yuma was an understatement.  It was sweltering but I was determined to keep walking.  I had trained hard to be able to complete the full 99 miles.  After lunch we had another 3 miles to 48 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

walk to City Hall and then an open forum with community members. I made it to the end. And then it happened.  I ended up in Emergency Room at Yuma Medical Center nauseated and dehydrated.  One of the support individuals was with me.  As I was laying there having an EKG and blood drawn I knew that anything was possible but I felt like I would be okay.  3 bags of fluid and anti-nausea medication as well as magnesium and I was back to feeling better.  I had waited to call Deb so that when I talked to her I could tell her that I was okay and that I was getting ready to leave the hospital.  I was worried that she was going to ask me to come home and that she would come pick me up.  I was relieved when she did not.  I promised that I would take really good care of myself and that I would not walk the next day. Sunday I worked support all day filled with excitement that I was going to be in Tucson that night!  I texted Deb throughout the afternoon letting her know when I thought that we would be at the hotel.  It was after 10pm but she was a trooper and was waiting in the parking lot with our dogs with her!  I was so happy to see her and the dogs also since I knew that I was not going home.  After what I went through in Yuma it was hard but I stayed with the walkers. I was able to walk again in Tucson for part of the day.  I got see Deb again at the Reid Park Rally and we were able to share a quick dinner.  Then it was off again to the next city the following morning, Nogales and Sierra Vista.  It was an important day, it was my in-laws wedding anniversary.  Deb’s mother is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and her father wrote a long email about his visit with her delivering her a bouquet and taking her out for lunch and how hard it was for him because her mother did not know who he was.  That night I seriously contemplated leaving the walk to be home with Deb.  And when I talked to her she reminded of how important the walk was to our future and the ability to be able to see each other if we were ever in the same position. The next day we went to Bisbee and Tomb-

stone. I was missing Deb so much that I asked her to come to Tombstone, which she was not able to do.   We had four days left in the walk.  I knew that I would be okay.  I continued to check in everyday at the end of the day. I woke up Sunday morning excited because I knew that I would not only see Deb but I would be able to come home with her.  I knew that she was going to walk this last mile with us.  As it turns out she got to Phoenix early and saw us walking down the street so she hopped off the light rail early at Roosevelt.  I gave her a quick kiss and walked on.  After we reached City Hall and walked under the “arch”  I was finally able to really hold her and I did not want to let go. Deborah’s side: When Karon first told me about the walk, I really didn’t understand all the details and what they were going to try to accomplish. After some research of my own, I found out what the walk was all about. I had months to let it all sink in. It was definitely going to be a challenge since we had only been apart for that long one other time since we got together in 2006. Two things made it easier for me. One was knowing I would be able to see Karon during their stop in Tucson. The other was knowing that she was doing this for us and how very proud of her I was for that. I continued to go to school during the day and deliver pizzas on the weekends. I also put in a few evening nights at the pizza place since I had nothing better to do. For the first two days of the walk, Karon called when she could. It may have just been to say, “I love you,” but she would always call before she went to bed. My job had me working from 10:00 to 7:00 on day three of the walk and I didn’t hear from her all day. I knew they were in Yuma and it was to be a long day. I was exhausted when I got home a bit after 7 that evening. The dogs were crossing their paws to go out and letting me know I had been gone to long because it was past their dinner time. That’s when I got the phone call and the whole experience just became much more difficult. She called to tell me she was spending some time in a Yuma hospital bed for dehydration. I was worried every day after that until I received her call in the afternoon. I told her that what she was doing meant nothing if she didn’t come home from the walk. I thank every one of the walkers for taking care of her after the scare in Yuma. Two days after the Yuma incident I got to see her in person here in Tucson. That was nice. We didn’t have a lot of time together but we did get to have dinner together. I even took the dogs with me to see her when they pulled into Tucson very continued on page 53 >

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Out in the Desert Film Fest

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915 W Prince Rd, TUC | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 51

CLASSIFIEDS ANNOUNCEMENTS If you have ever been abused by anyone in our support community, please come forward. Your disclosure will remain anonymous.


Free Social Group and Nonprofit listings. List your social group or non-profit organization for free at! Click on the community directory page and add your listing today!

COUNSELING Licensed Professional Counselor - Call Rene Broussard, LPC for a Caring Counselor who knows our community, from the inside out: 480-751-1020. Sliding Scale Fee and Free Initial Consultation Available.



MOBILE HOMES & PARK MODELS FOR SALE in Mobile Home Community. Starting at $7,000 - Financing any credit. Walk to Light Rail, stores & Restaurants. 19th & Camelback. 602-2428812.

Experienced Licensed Massage Therpist and Experienced Cosmetologist for upscale central Phoenix salon. Call George or David at 602277-8849 for more information.

LUXURY PENTHOUSE 207 W. Clarendon #22E 1566 sq.ft. 2 split Master BRs/2 full baths. Eat-in kitchen. LR/ DR. Pool,spa,tennis,light-rail. 24/7 front desk. $395,000.00. Linda Pool - Keller Williams - (480)600-7504

Mobile bookkeeper for small business. I’ll crunch your numbers so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact Dave Connell at 602-400-5383.

HAVE GIN − WILL TRAVEL Professional Bartending Services. Weddings • Holiday Celebrations • Private Parties • Corporate & Special Events • Arizona Title 4 Certified. Michael Woodward @ 520.977.4714 or Having a bad hair day? John Krebs of Panache Salon can help you with all of your hair needs. 5533 N. 7th St, Suite 401, Phoenix. Call (602)678-5517.


Gay & Lesbian Swing Dancing and lessons in Old town Scottsdale at Dancing! Arizona 7077 East Main Street Ste. 11-12. Swing dance 1st Friday of the month 8 PM Swings lessons. Open dancing 9 - 11 PM All are welcome! http://www.meetup. com / Swingin - Out- G ay - and Lesbian-Swing-Dancingin/

‘N Touch News is growing, and would like to add you to our Advertising Sales Team. E-mail if you are interested in a contract/commission position.


Now, Voyager Hypnotherapy/ Coaching- Let me help you improve many areas of your life. Visit for some ideas or call 602-3016551. The Mind Is The Greatest Vessel!

FOR RENT/LEASE Studio, 1 & 2 br apts $500 & up. Swimming pool, Sauna, Covered Parking, Granite countertops, Hardwood floors, Pets allowed. Specials plus $300.00 move-in bonus with this ad. Gay owned and managed. Woodside apts: 2930 N.52nd St. Phoenix.602-840-3053 Studio Apartment for Rent. Completely Remodeled. Walk to Light Rail, stores & Restaurants. $450 monthly. 19th & Camelback. 602-242-8812.

FOR SALE: 1024 W Georgia Ave, Pasadena Neighborhood, Energy efficient 3 bedrms, 1.75 baths. 1900 sq. ft, home office entry. Corner lot, walled privacy, paddle fans, skylights, A/C & evap. Security doors & alarm system. Detached 2+ car port with secure storage, Offered at $235,000. MLS # 4186597, 1024wgeorgia ave.epro p er t ysites.c om. Owner/agent John E. Hughes, Jr. (520) 907-6792.

2 akc registered English bulldogs (male and female), for a giveaway to a good and loving home, vet checked and very friendly, if interested contact James Miller millerj135@ gmail. com


HEALTH Are you experiencing any of the following? Hot flashes, mood swings, low sex drive, weight gain, depression, headaches, anxiety, foggy thinking, vaginal dryness, prolonged fatigue? Call 1-888-314-3413

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ARIZONA HOOKUPS CHAT LINE Arizona's Premier Bisexual and Gay Hookups Chat Line 602-910-5489 | Call | Browse | Chat | Hookup | FREE 30 Minute Trial Must be 18 years or older. 24/7 Customer Service

RENT TO OWN a Home!!! Mobile Homes & Park Models in Mobile Home Community. Rates start at $460 monthly. Walk to Light Rail, stores & Restaurants. 19th & Camelback. 602-2428812. RV Site with adjacent newly remodeled Studio Apartment. $450 monthly. Long Term Lease preferred. Walk to Light Rail, stores & Restaurants. 19th & Camelback. 602-242-8812.

52 | Issue #92 | March 2012 |

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CONTINUED Two Sides... < continued from page 48 late in the evening. They were as excited to see her as I was. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful until Saturday, the day before the walk would end in Phoenix. I arrived at work at 10:00 and by 10:30 I was having a friend come pick me up because I had slipped on the floor and fallen right onto my front teeth. So, I went home and got put on pain killers from the on call dentist then spent most of the day sleeping. Now it was my turn to worry her. Not what I had planned. Now I was worried I wouldn’t be able to walk the last mile with her. This was completely unacceptable, so I made sure I was able to drive to Phoenix the next morning. After I arrived I had to take pain pills, since I could not take them while I was driving and I was handing over the keys when I got there. I parked at the hotel they were staying at and it was a short walk to the light rail. My plan was to ride the light rail to Washington Street and then walk to the meeting point, but Karon called me when they turned onto Central and told me to get off at the next stop. I had just passed the stop she was calling from so I got off at the next stop which was just one stop short of the plan. I waited in the shade on the side walk and after a short time I heard what sounded like a military marching group. After going through boot camp a very long time ago, I remembered what it sounded like when we marched. One person would say something and everyone else would repeat what was said in unison. I couldn’t completely understand everything until they got closer. It was a very moving experience. All of a sudden they started chanting that they saw me. That brought tears to my eyes. I was going to be the first non-walker in Phoenix to join them. I couldn’t even enjoy the moment with Karon because there was no stopping. When they reached me, I just had to grab her hand and join in the walk. Once we arrived at the downtown destination, we could finally hold each other. I didn’t want to let go. We even saw our embrace later that evening on the news. The last mile was amazing. It was incredible to see just how long the line of people following the walkers had gotten. Would I go through it again? Absolutely, but the next time I would volunteer to be support for the walkers so I could be with her every day of the walk. Unfortunately with my knees, I could not actually do the walk, but I could definitely drive the vehicle and keep them hydrated. I am just so very proud of Karon and the rest of the walkers for what they did. Both Karon and Deb will be participating in this year’s 100 mile Right to Marry Walk, each in their own way. Support the walkers and the support teams, go to

news / politics / business / opinion | March 2012 | Issue #92 | 53

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'N Touch News Magazine Issue #92, March 2012  

Arizona's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally Community and News Authority

'N Touch News Magazine Issue #92, March 2012  

Arizona's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally Community and News Authority