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World Class Music Industry training, right here in SLO? MMA’s exclusive partnership with the Academy of Contemporary Music in London enables musicians to come to the Central Coast to get the kind of training & opportunities you’d expect to get in LA, London, or New York. Check out our ACM Diploma Programs! 12 Hours a week, September through May. These are the programs that are attracting attention from top working musicians and the region’s most exciting new artists. Instructors include Producer Darren Clarke, Jon Anderson (of ‘Yes’), Terry Lawless (with U2) George Nauf (Grammy Winner) Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller Band) Inga Swearingen, Billy Imperial & more for 2011-2012...

"There’s nothing like this around... Since I started the Diploma Programs myy band is getting way more gigs and doing so much better!” - Molly Reeves, Red Skunk Jipzees

"I learned more at MMA about the Music Industry and Performing Live, than I had in all my years as a musician. The curriculum is always current, informative & relevant. It’s an environment where musicians of all kinds feel welcomed, encouraged, motivated & driven to learn & grow. I would suggest MMA to anyy musician looking k g to take k it to 'The Next Level', & I m applying again for another year. - Bentley Murdock, Class of 2011

Founder Darren Clarke says, “From the moment we opened in 2003, our dream was to offer guitar players, song writers & musicians some world class industry-related programs. Musicians can get a more boutique, customized experience than they would find at M.I or other music trade schools. We see it as an asset to be able to stay on the Central Coast between SF and LA, in such an inspirational environment, as opposed to moving away to study music”

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42 •Ssoundcheck OUNDCHECK 2011 2011


ou can’t escape music. It’s in your home, it’s in your car, it’s in your workplace, it’s in the air around you. Music weaves itself through every aspect of the Central Coast—a fact you’ll recognize as you flip through this, our annual Soundcheck issue. Each year, we compile (what seem like) countless listings COVER PHOTO BY STEVE E. MILLER highlighting local singers, musicians, instrumentalists, bands, songwriters, and other soundmakers [10], venues, spaces, performance opportunities, festivals, concert series, and music-friendly locales [18], and studios, engineers, labels, teachers, craftspeople, fixer-uppers, and other tech types [22]. We also explore local movers and shakers in larger stories. Check out National Reso-Phonic Guitars, a world-famous business that crafts unique guitars in San Luis Obispo [8], meet a man whose keyboard know-how will send you RED, WHITE, AND BLUE National Resoover the moon [17], and tap into Phonic Guitars president and CEO Don Young tests guitars before they head native and natural history at Camp out from the SLO-based company. Ocean Pines’ new outdoor amphiNational’s stringed creations—“brandnew antiques,” as he calls them—travel theater [20]. from the Central Coast to the rest of Whatever your favorite sound, the world. whether you listen or create, sit or dance, take the spotlight or stay behind the scenes, we know you’ll find something that resonates.

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8 OUNDCHECK 2011 2011 8 •Ssoundcheck supplying them with something Guitar Center can’t offer,” said Shanon Smith, the company’s administrator. It takes 22 people to keep the guitars coming, and a tour of the business revealed a factory that doesn’t feel like a factory at all. Instead of assembly lines, there are separate departments or teams that work on different aspects of the instruments. The work is methodical and careful, but it also looked fun. “I really enjoy what I do,” said Craig Hartnell, the body maker for the wooden instruments. “I’ve always loved music and working with wood, and this lets me put those two passions together.” Mario Jiminez echoed that sentiment. “This is literally the best job I’ve ever had,” he said. “At other places, I never felt like anything more than part of the machine, but we’re all craftsmen here.” Jiminez is in charge of the guitar necks, which don’t have much influence on the instrument’s sound but require a precise shape and feel to maximize comfort and playability. “The piece that comes out of the machine isn’t really friendly to a player’s hand,” Jiminez explained. “I try to make parts that I’d want on my guitar.” Young said they make 98 percent of the parts for their instruments, ordering just the tuning machines, strings, and fret wire. The process starts with his engineers, who design the shape of parts on desktops and then load a program into Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines, which essentially “print” the parts in three-dimensional wood or metal. Mill supervisor Ryan Cook oversees setup and maintenance on the CNC machines. “As an apprentice, I did everything by hand,” Cook said. “This really speeds up the process.” Young lets Cook use the equipment to build traditional electric guitars for his own company, Esoterik. “They’re really supportive of my business, which is totally separate,” Cook explained. “My guitars are a totally different style, so there’s no competition between the companies.” After the basic components leave the mill, they go to the next stage, where Hartnell and Jiminez assemble the wooden pieces, and Michael Marten’s crew works on soldering and polishing the metal body guitars. “We use brass, steel, and German silver,” Marten said.

TEST ’EM ALL Don Young, one of the owners of National, likes to test the sound and fit of every guitar that leaves his facility.

SOLID ELECTRIC Resoelectric solid wood bodies await finishing in the woodshop.


t’s world famous in some circles, but many local folks have no idea that the warehouse and headquarters for National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc., is tucked away in a nondescript building in the industrial center off of Broad Street in San Luis Obispo. For the last 23 years, the company has been making some of the world’s finest guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins, building upon a vintage style developed before the invention of electric pick ups. “We make brand-new antiques,” said Don Young, the company’s president and CEO. “These instruments are the result of the quest for volume in pre-electric days.” With modern technology, you can plug any random axe into a wall of amplifiers that could really blow the wigs off those stodgy squares in city hall, so why bother with some heavy old thing with built-in tin speakers? In only takes one note to answer that question. The vibrations from the strings travel through specialized speaker cones and echo within the guitar’s metal body to produce a deep, textured sound with a country twang that can’t be matched. The word “rich” comes to mind, and is especially fitting considering the guitars’ price tags. National builds several dozen styles of guitar—from eight-pound brass beasts to wooden hollow-bodies and the “Resoelectric,” which looks kind of like the love child of a Les Paul and a grandfather clock. Prices start at $1,400, and some styles cost upward of seven grand. Still, you get what you pay for, and plenty of people are more than willing to fork over the cash for these handcrafted, artisan instruments. “We don’t build a guitar until there’s an order slip for it, and we ship out 80 to 100 every month,” Young said. “We have dealers worldwide.” That doesn’t mean you can buy National guitars just anywhere. They only work with approved dealers and refuse to sell their instruments in big chain stores. You can sample their wares locally at Butch’s Guitar and Repair in San Luis Obispo or Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven in Arroyo Grande. “We like to help keep the mom-and-pop stores in business by


r e v e n

l a c o l g n i Buy od o g o s d e d n u so

STRING THEORY Mark Calvert carefully measures string spacing on a vintage National wooden body guitar he recently restored.

METAL LORD Dylan Kesner, metal department tech, is surrounded by metal guitar bodies in various states of completion.

SOUNDCHECK 2011 • 9 2011 soundcheck 9 DUELING CNCS Chris Broemmelsiek (right) and Ryan Cook operate two CNC machines making fret boards and guitar necks.

they come off the line. “We strive to make a high-quality instrument,” Young said. “We’ve got the best people in the world working here to make that happen.” When Young talks, it’s clear he’s still in love with these guitars. He sounds reverent and amazed at the works of art his team can produce. “These have such an incredible, warm tone. It’s a completely unique sound,” he said. “As much as I love hearing the old blues guys play them, the most exciting part is hearing the HAND ASSEMBLY young musicians REQUIRED come along and do National does use something new.” some automated Ben Harper is probmachinery to create ably the clearest its instruments,

“Integrity is really important to us. With new technology and tools, SOLDERING these guitars will last 100 years or more.” SOFTLY Dylan Kesner solders The only part of the process the crew doesn’t do in-house is the a faceplate into nickel plating. Strict environmental restrictions in San Luis Obispo place on a metal County prevent them from using the caustic chemicals necessary to give guitar body. it that shiny, finished look. “Musical instruments gotta sound good and play right, of course, but they also gotta look good,” Marten noted. National guitars look freaking amazing, especially the tri-cone steel bodies, which somehow seem to come from the future, despite their vintage design. Choirs of angels sing when SPINNING ALUMINUM Resonator cones are spun by hand on a lathe.

but the company prides itself on hand assembling each guitar in house.

PRECISION COUNTS Mark Calvert, assembly technician and expert vintage guitar repairman, works on a new model single cone resonator guitar.

example of this idea, but OLD, BUT there are countless other STILL STRONG professional musicians Some minor repair addicted to the Resowork is done to a vintage National Phonic sound. Bette guitar that dates Midler commissioned a from the 1920s. signature ukulele from the company, and local rising star Molly Reeves of the Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band rocks the single cone “O” style guitar. National Reso-Phonic also does repairs and sells parts and conversion THE MOST IMPORTANT Two different resonator cones, blanks, and the mold sit on a tabletop in the machine shop.

STAMPS A LOT Ken Hall, master metal technician, stamps designs into the brass plates cut from the water jet machine.

ELECTRIC RED Strings are being placed onto an almost finished Resoelectric guitar. FINISHING TOUCHES Dennis Rayray, finishing technician, puts the final touches on the wood bodied guitars and ukuleles. GARNET WATER A water jet machine cuts out brass plates using high-pressure water combined with crushed garnets.


kits for Do-It-Yourselfers to add Finished wooden guimechanical amplifiers to their own tar necks await their body mates. guitars. Check out the company’s merchandise online at, or call 546-8442 for more information. S✔ Contributor Nick Powell can be contacted through

10 OUNDCHECK 2011 2011 10 •Ssoundcheck


Boomerang Contact: Rick at

Contact: David Orr, 801-4783 URL:

Acoustico has the “originals, oldies, and other music that pleases...” After 30 (Rock) Contact: Pieter, 431-3119 or

Fueled by the rocking tunes of songsmith Pieter de Groot. Fans have compared de Groot’s sound to classic artists like Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Gordon Lightfoot. The Dave Aguallo Band Contact: Dave, 471-3643 URL:

Playing the best of country, oldies, Motown, and Latin music, they can do a four, five, six, seven piece, or more combo. Mike Annuzzi (Pop/Acoustic/

Blues) Contact: Mike Annuzi, 2959826, URL:

Mike Annuzzi has built a grassroots following as an independent artist in California. He was recently honored with Best Song by WCS in San Francisco, Berkeley, Redwood City, and twice awarded South Bay’s Best Performance. Maria Apostoles (Meditation/

Classical/American Songbook/ Celtic, and Folk) Contact: Maria, 924-1626

A lifelong concert, alto, and bass flutist, Maria performs both as a soloist and with fellow musicians at weddings and other special events. Appelation Bluegrass Band

(Bluegrass), Contact: Tom or Wendy, 489-8269 URL:

Appellation Bluegrass Band (“The Abbies”) brings authentic, acoustic music that began in America, reinvented for California. The Axia (Rock/Hard Rock/

Acoustic Rock) URL: reverbnation. com/theaxia

The Axia is a psychedelic, alternative hard rock band out of the Central Coast, offering a new sound that’s been long awaited by listeners everywhere. BackBeat (Rock and Roll)

Contact: Jim Love, 481-7172 URL:

BackBeat performs a wide variety of dance music from ‘50s classic rock through the present. Bad Assets (Rock and Roll)

Contact: via myspace URL:

Bad Assets Band has been playing high-energy rock and roll shows since January of 2009. Bare Feet (Reggae/Alternative

Rock/Hip Hop) Contact: Justin 878-4448 URL: barefeetmusic.

Best friends from the sixth grade, Leif Garrovillas, Justin Davidson, and Jacob Rocha bring their ideas together with their bass, guitar, and vocals. Jon Bartel (Americana/Folk

Rock) URL:

Local outlaw singer-songwriter Jon Bartel is a rasp-voiced troubadour whose dirty tales of woe churn along like an emotional


305-0063 URL:

an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs Acoustico (Folk/Rock/Pop)


Booker T. and the MG’s.

freight train bearing down on your happiness.

Boomerang plays songs from the ’50s through ’80s. Most songs are vocals accompanied by two guitars, a bass, keyboard, drums, and a harp—yes, a rock and roll harp.

Beaujolais (Jazz/R&B/Pop)

Eric Brittain (Anything with Strings) Contact: Eric Brittain, 440-5784

Led by Keith Barbour, ex-New Christy Minstrels member, along with wife and singer-songwriter Linda Barbour, Scott Bailey, Matt Franscioni, and Rick Auricchio, this group soars with four part harmonies.

Eric Brittain, a world-renowned studio recording artist, plays anything with strings (almost). With more than 55 albums to his credit, his versatile genre abilities and recording sensitivity will make any recording endeavor the best!

Contact: Matt Franscioni, 712-0547

Big Daddy’s Rhythm and Blues Band (R&B), Contact: Joe Piilloud, 549-9435 or bigdaddy@ URL:

The music of Big Daddy’s Blues Band pulls all ages of blues lovers out to boogie. Big Rock Balalaikas (Gypsy/ Cabaret/Eastern European Folk) Contact: Judy Sherman, 772-5530.

Experience an authentic Russian and gypsy cabaret-style orchestra in traditional costume, performing authentic Russian and Eastern European folk tunes 50 to 700 years old. The Blips (Rock/Pop), Contact: URL:

The blips play costumed live rock and pop. The BlueSouls (Blues/Soul/

Americana) Contact: Ted Waterhouse, 783-2681 or edcat@ URL:

The BlueSouls have been serving up a savory blend of musical styles in Central Coast wineries and clubs for almost a decade. They can simmer with sweet soul, or turn up the heat a little for some down-home Americana and original songs. Bluz Dogz (Blues/Rock) Contact: Linda, 234-3161 URL: bluzdogz. com,

They are a local party/dance band and play a wide variety of blues, rock and groovin’ originals at popular venues county-wide. BODY (Funk-Rock/Jazz) Contact:

Scott Andrews, 459-6939 or URL:

BODY is a local headlining stage band inspired by a time when funk-rock and jazz music were blending together and music was not overproduced (think FUNKY). Bob & Wendy (Folk/Americana) Contact: Bob, bliepman @yahoo. com URL:

Husband and wife folk and Americana duo, Bob (cello and mandolin) and Wendy Liepman (voice and guitar) play haunting and beautiful original music. Bonnie Dune (Indie/Rock) URL:

Bonnie Dune is Justin Wilczynski and Jason Massey. Justin grew up on a ranch far outside of Paso Robles. Jason lived in the only known haunted mansion in Paso ... they still hear screams in the night. The Booker Tease (Instrumental/R&B/Soul)

Contact: Keith, 904-5228 or thebookertease@gmail.comURL:

The Booker Tease mix a high energy cocktail of classic instrumental Memphis R&B/Soul, based on the organ-driven sounds of

of bluegrass and Americana act Little Black Train gives his guitar a workout during a live performance.

The Guy Budd Band (Blues/

Jazz) Contact: Guy Budd, 772-8080; or Ken Burton, 460-9591 or; Howard Emmons, 543-0338 URL:

The Guy Budd Band is one of the premier acts on the California Central Coast. Their blend of blues, rock, funk, and jazz is highlighted by the masterful guitar work of Budd. Rudolf Budginas (Classical and Beyond) Contact: Rudolf Budginas URL:

Dr. Rudolf Budginas recently mounted a new show, “Lounge Classique,” that takes classical compositions and garnishes them with Latin rhythms, jazzy grooves, and his own European accent. Burning James and the Funky Flames (R&B/Soul/Funk/

Blues) Contact: 550-3941 or URL:

Burning James and the Funky Flames are a live, tight funk and soul-powered quartet from the Central Coast. Café Musique (Waltz/Tango/Gypsy/ Folk) Contact: Duane Inglish, dinglish@ URL:

Café Musique plays an exhilarating mix of jazz and Gypsy music panache. They promise listeners an odyssey that will transport them to exciting and beautiful musical landscapes. Calliope House (American

Traditional) Contact: George Ellis, 235-6366 or

Calliope House performs Celticinspired traditional waltz and fiddle music. Candle (Folk/Country/Rock)

Contact: Kevin URL: candlemusic

Candle was formed by singer/ songwriter Kevin Coons in 2005, when he first started recording his own original songs. Diana Lynn Carter (Children’s Music) Contact: Diana Carter, 549-0270 URL:

Diana Lynn Carter, with Carter House Productions, offers live music for special events, advertising music jingles, custom songwriting, and children’s music. Damon Castillo (Jazz/Pop/Rock/

Funk/Soul) Contact: Dean, (310) 869-0981 or URL:

Led by Berklee College of Music grad Damon Castillo, this jazzinflected pop band oozes soul and offers tightly delivered pop nuggets. Catalina Eddy & The Breeze

(Blues/Soul/Rock/Jazz) Contact: Ted Waterhouse, 783-2681 or edcat@ URL:

Catalina Eddy & The Breeze play a great energetic mix of blues, soul, old rock’n’roll, originals, old country, and jazz.

The Central Coast DJ

in a r T k c a l B e l t t i L

(DJ Music/Emcee) Contact: Ronnie Simons, 772-0407 or URL:

tic) traditional jazz bands, play hot jazz and blues from the 1920s. .

The Central Coast DJ is a full service mobile DJ and entertainment company owned and operated by Ronnie Simons who was born and raised in London, England.

Mark Crisp URL:

C.FLO (Club Rap, Hip-Hop, Top 40) URL:

DJ C.FLO was voted Best Club DJ in New Times’ 2009 and 2011 Best Of readers polls. He’s been a DJ for more than 10 years, but recently began spinning videos along with his tunes for the club scene. The Clear (California Rock) Contact: Kyle Sumner URL:

“Maybe the process of sitting alone will help me with the answers neither one of us know. We always felt this way, so we could never forget it. We just wrote it ’cause we finally found the words that’d fit it.“ Cody Pendant (Country/

Electro/Metal) Contact: Dave Kneller URL:

Old Cody Pendant ain’t one to be pigeonholed. “Mm … if you took old honky-tonk, some traditional cowboy music, early ’80s punk/hardcore, 18th century classical music, British dance jams, and perhaps a little Electronica, then had an orgy and someone got pregnant, this baby would represent the result of it and what I sound/write like.” James Conroy (Rock/Celtic/Folk/ Jazz) Contact: Jim Conroy URL:

Whether solo, as Jim Conroy and Friends, or in his alter ego as the Seamus Conroy Band, Jim Conroy knows how to entertain. Samuel Coulter (Easy Listening/ Bagpipes) Contact: Samuel Coulter, (559) 392-6800 URL:

Coulter performs easy listening, light jazz, jazz-oriented rock from the ’60s through the ’90s, and old school R&B. Creole Syncopators Contact: Jeff Beaumont, 466-8370 or URL:

The Creole Syncopators, one of the West Coast’s leading (authen-

Crisptones Band (Rock) Contact:

Perkins grab Dick Dale and head for Memphis.” That just about sums up “The Demos!” The Dentures (Acoustic and

Electric Surf) Contact: Ron, 5498530, URL:

Crisptones Band is a local SLO County group with strong classic covers, really nice award-winning originals, along with some tasty instrumentals. Crisptones play for all events throughout the entire county.

The Dentures are a surf-fundance band that collects and plays a wide range of surf music from the Ventures, the Surfaris, Dick Dale, and many more.

Criticnue (Rock/Soul/ Experimental) Contact: Robby Hart, 975-5396 (cell), 438-5860 (home) URL:

Chris Dollahite, 801-5445 URL:

Criticnue is a local band that has been performing around the state for the last four years. They love the local scene in SLO. Cuesta Ridge (Bluegrass and

Beyond) Contact: Patrick Pearson, 234-7298 or patrickpearson1969@ URL:

Formerly the Cuesta Ridge Mountain Boys, Cuesta Ridge has honed its live show to one of the best the county has to offer. Dale Curtiss (Guitar/Vocals/

Recording/Live Sound) Contact: Dale Curtiss, 234-6205 URL: dalecurtiss. com Email:

Dale Curtiss’ music is rock-pop based with classical and jazz influences. Deathbear (Indie/Garage Rock) Contact: Christopher, 345-6781 URL:

Deathbear, formed in late 2008, bashes out catchy rock’n’roll tunes with a proto-punk grit and vibe. Deeds of Flesh (Death Metal) Contact: Erik Lindmark, 528-2880 URL:

Deeds of Flesh was created back in mid-’93 by Jacoby Kingston, Erik Lindmark, and Joey Heaslet. Denis Degher (Roots Rock/ Blues) Contact: 296-2562, info@ URL: mojocellars. com/the-music

Sleepy Guitar Johnson (aka—Denis Degher) rocks roots and blues on dobro slide, vocals, electric guitar, and harmonica. His reinvention of classic covers and original tales are like a road trip across America. The Demos (Morro Bay) Contact: K. Blackwell, 709-4057 URL:

“Buck Owens, Joe Tex, and Carl

Derailed (Hard Rock) Contact:

Derailed is a driving force in the Central Coast music circuit, displaying a true commitment to hard rock and all its glory. Dionysius aka—DJ Payne

(DJ Electronic) Contact: Josh Payne URL:

Cedric Joshua Payne, also known as Dionysius, has been creating electronic music since 1997 and DJing since 2000 under the name DJ Payne. Dirty Pink Slips (Rock)

Contact: Shea, dirtypinkslips@ URL: dirtypinkslips

Fuzz, garage, psychedelic, and punk guitar mingle over the visceral thump that is rock’n’roll. This femalefronted quartet serves an estrogenlaced musical cocktail that brings no regrets the next day, moving dance floors from Paso to Lompoc. The Dr. Danger Band (Rock) Contact: Brad Kyle URL: myspace. com/drdangerband; reverbnation. com/drdanger

In their fourth year performing together, Dr. Danger continues a soulful blues-based rock tradition going back to Chicago Blues roots and forward to the sound of the Bay Area in the ’60s and ’70s, and up to the soul revival of Amy Winehouse.

Enso (Prog Rock) Contact: Katrina Dohlen, 909-9037 URL: myspace. com/ensorocks

Enso is adrenaline on stage. The band covers classic, dance, progressive rock, and originals. Enso is Katrina Resewehr, vocals; Eric Pettit, bass and vocals; Erik Cooper, lead guitar; Ross Wood-

TALENT continued page 11

SOUNDCHECK 2011 11 2011 soundcheck • 11 TALENT

from page 10

land, drums; Mgr. Howard Dohlen, sound and lights. Amy Estrada (Country/Pop)

Contact: Claudia Estrada, URL:,

Amy Estrada is a singersongwriter and Nashville recording artist residing in Atascadero. Merrell Fankhauser & Tiki Lounge Dancers (Surf Rock/

Hulu/Psychedelic) Contact: Merrell Fankhauser, URL:

Merrell is host to a cable access show called Tiki Lounge, screening on stations in SLO and Santa Barbara counties and throughout Hawaii, and also available at The six-piece rock’n’roll band is available playing ’60s surf and classic rock. Fighting Chance (Rock/ Ska/Reggae) Contact: Ryan East, 709-7991 URL: fightingchance

Fighting Chance has played in more than 40 states over the last five years. All of their albums are available for listening and purchase on myspace, iTunes, amazon. com, their website, or at Boo Boo Records in SLO. The 1st Line (Aggressive Rock) Contact: Dom Atoigue URL

Hailing from the Central Coast, The 1st Line is fueled by ferocious drums, catchy lyrics, aggressive guitars, and the Levins brothers battling in a Fugazi-like vocal duel. Their album What’s New to the Old You? is available on northeastrecords. com and iTunes. For fans of Pegboy, Face to Face, and Rise Against. Fish Out of Water (Rock/

Funk/Reggae/Hip-Hop) Contact: Greg Deane, 234-4547 URL:

Fish Out of Water (F.O.W.) is your premier rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop specialist. Over the past 12 years, they have developed an exceptionally entertaining, all original live show by combining these musical styles into one formula known as RoPhunk RaeHop. This high-energy class act brings a solid groove with a positive message, captivating the audience with their music.

Five City Five (Jazz/Classic Rock/R&B/Blues) Contact: Steve, 473-3481

Together playing the Central Coast for 14 years at parties, weddings, wineries, and local venues, they serve up a wide variety of music for your enjoyment. Flight (DJ of Hip-House, Electro-

Hipster, Flight-Hop, Throwback Hits) Contact: Bryan Sosa, 354-2132 or URL:, or Myspace. com/theDJFlight

In haiku form: Mind transforming beats/ unique, fresh, and innovative/ SLO’s home grown talent. Catch Flight rockin’ the decks at The Library Lounge, Native Lounge, and DTB every week! 40 Years (Country/Americana)

Contact: Launnie 542-9441 or URL: myspace. com/launniesmusic

40 Years is an acoustic trio, playing all original music with fun, uplifting songs about life. “Guitar Wizard” Billy Foppiano (Rock/Blues and

Beyond) Contact: Billy Foppiano, 546-TUNE (8863) URL:

Award-winning “Guitar Wizard” Billy Foppiano dishes up lively tunes using an electronic feature called “looping” to create musical layers that form a dense palette of sounds. He can create atmospheric ambience with a fat slice of joy. Garon (Folk/Country/Americana) Contact: Gary or Sharon, 543-7385 URL:

Garon (Gary + Sharon = Garon) is a folk/country/Americana duo that plays a variety of music, from Patsy Cline to John Prine, from Carole King to BB King, some wellknown songs and some you’ve never heard before—maybe a few you’ve heard before, but won’t recognize! Imagine that! The Gillie Wheesels (Celtic) Contact: David, 710-3309 URL:

“The Gillie Wheesels” were a band of 17th century Scottish gypsy troublemakers. This is an uptempo band of four playing Scottish, Irish, and Celtic music. Their acoustic music flows from upbeat tunes to ballads. Glitch (Alternative Rock) Contact: Rolf Gehrung, URL:

Glitch has a rockin’ ’80s sound

that core member Rolf Gehrung describes as “97 percent water, two percent organic matter, one percent magic.” Jason J. Grant (aka J-CHILL)

Contact: 863-3310

This Central Coast artist’s other monikers include Chillioniare , Mr. Chillinton, Chilly Swaggert, Chilly Hu$$le, and Chilly Bone. Notable releases include “I Said It B-4,” “Battle Ready,” “Simma Down,” “End Game,” “Have Tha Heart,” and “Tyme 2 Groove.” His label is 805 Kingdom Ent./Brain Child Mgt., and he’s affiliated with Suga Free, Dj. Quik, Bino Mo-Thugs South, Oscar Chavarria, and Konvict Muzik. He’s also CEO/owner of 805 Kingdom Royal Pride Wear Clothing. Richard Green (Jazz/Folk/Rock) Contact: Richard Green, 801-1412 or URL:

Richard Green is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, arranger, and producer with a home studio for hire. He leads the Richard Green Band performing inspired originals, performs solo in supper clubs, or plays his comprehensive repertoire with his wife for weddings. From Beatles to Brazilian samba, he covers the musical bases. Green Ribbon (Rock/Surf/ Dub) Contact: Glenn URL: or

Having a party and need the ultimate party band? Green Ribbon is it. A favorite south of the border, the Paso Robles-based band will recreate a hot Mexico afternoon at Papas & Beer just for you. Grenade for Pacifist (Prog/

Live Electronica/Alternate) Contact: Brett, grenadeforpacifist@yahoo. com URL:

At times gloomy, other times New Wavey, always trippy, Grenade for Pacifist is a musical entity on the Central Coast. Jenn Haase (Indie/Folk) Contact: URL:

New SLO Town transplant Jenn Haase, a Los Angeles native, has been a part of the Hollywood music scene since 1998. Her

incredible vocal stylings and profound original lyrics tell of her life experiences, hopes, and dreams. Catch Jenn at one of the many local venues she frequents, such as Gather Wine Bar, Steynberg Gallery, Otter Rock Café, and The Pour House. Scott Handley (Rock/Jazz/

Country) Contact: Scott Handley, URL:

Scott is a musician, songwriter, and record producer in Pismo Beach. Natalie Haskins (Blues/Jazz

Vocalist) Contact: Natalie, URL:

Natalie’s recent performance on her original song “Crying These Blues” won its inclusion in the New Times Music Awards’ Top Twenty CD. Her stunning voice and stage presence make her a welcome addition to any concert. Matt Hatfield Trio (Folk Rock)

Contact: Matt Hatfield (541-4642 or This trio plays an assortment of original and traditional folk songs with a lively country-bluegrass feel. Hayburner (Country/Folk/ Bluegrass) Contact: Hayley,

Four fiery pickers ignite Hayburner, a young string band with a gritty, old soul (and a knack for burning down barns and bars). Shredder Jared Levanway, bass thumper Katelen Frye, banjo frailer Hayley Thomas, and fiddle extraordinaire Scott Marlin bring the down-home, dirty fun. It’s a boot-stomping spectacle steeped in Americana tradition. Held For Ransom (Country/

Rock) Contact: Shannon Ransom, 674-3258,

This new country and rock band plays bars, wineries, and private parties. The band includes lead vocalist Shannon Ransom, Steve Eddy (bass and vocals), Hal Gio (guitar and vocals), and Michael Antonette (drums). They often have special guest stars like Jill Knight (guitar and vocals).

Hellmore and Friends (Folk/ Western/Acoustic) Contact: Darren Delmore, 458-3327 URL: myspace. com/hellmore

Darren “Hellmore” Delmore’s storytelling and harp-accompanied fingerpicking venture into

talent an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs flickery worlds like the medicated living room of a television-addicted divorcee, a love that leaves a man with acid reflux, and fry cooks who know grease traps more than their kids. Julie Cooper beautifully accompanies him on the fiddle. Lynn Henrix (Acoustic/Folk

Rock) Contact: Lynn Henrix, 7104638, URL:

Lynn Henrix is a singersongwriter whose sound lies somewhere between Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Tristan Prettyman. Although Lynn plays bass, guitar, and drums, you will most often find a ukulele in her hands.

Hester Prynne (Classic Rock)

Contact: Steve, Bside Artist Management, 476-2225, URL:

Whether performing as a solo artist or ripping it up with his highenergy backing band, Hester Prynne leaves no doubt why he’s referred to as one of the top performers in Southern California. Decades of touring with national acts have created a stage performance that will entertain. Higher Movement (West African Traditional Dance and Rhythms) Contact: Marsha Butler,; or Bruce Ogilvie,

Higher Movement is a performance group focused on traditional dance and rhythms of West African countries of Guinea and Mali. They feature live drummers supporting a performance of traditional dances. Dance class is Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. in Performance Athletics, 4484 Broad St., SLO (across from the airport). All levels welcome. Hip Pocket (Funk/R&B) Contact:

Darrell Voss, 441-3535 or Billy Foppiano, 546-TUNE (8863) URL:

Hip Pocket pumps out grooveladen funk with touches of soul and R&B, working audiences into a dance frenzy. Hip Pocket features some of the best funk musicians in SLO County: drummer Darrell

CUSTOM GUITARS & BASSES By DeLorenzo Beautifully Sculpted instruments with electronics & hardware just as you always dreamed.

Ask for Doc

2032 Bush Drive, Los Osos 805.528.8083

Voss, bass player extraordinaire Bobby Santa Cruz, “Guitar Wizard” Billy Foppiano, and cool saxman Scott Wright. Honor Bound Heroes (Punk) Contact: via myspace URL:

Honor Bound Heroes started out with the purpose of bringing a little NYC attitude to the Central Coast, and honoring the men and women of our Armed Forces. After leaving NYC for the West Coast in the summer of ’05, Pete Truent went on the hunt to find the right people who shared the same passion for music, and he found them. These guys rip! The Hot and Cool Orchestra (Big Band/Swing/

Latin) Contact: Ted Waterhouse, 783-2681 or URL:

The Hot and Cool Orchestra puts together a great musical concoction, mixing up ZydecoCajun swamp blues with Western swing and crossing it with Gypsy jazz and tango for a sizzling show. They drive it home with accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass, and drums. The Howlie Playboys

(Western Swing/Hawaiian Swing/ Jazz) Contact: Ted Waterhouse, 783-2681 or; or 748-1759

The Howlie Playboys provide the best in Hawaiian Cowboy Viper Blues. From Hawaiian swing of the 1920s and ’30s, to Western swing, viper jazz, and other crazy stuff, the five-piece acoustic Howlies employ National Hawaiian guitar, ukulele, fiddle, guitar, string bass, and percussion to deliver a mighty entertaining show. The Hydramatics (Rockabilly/

Roots/Country) Contact: Dave Bourbon URL:

The Hydramatics are a roots rockabilly band hailing from Central California. They keep to the roots of rock’n’roll and rockabilly with a very traditional sound but

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12 OUNDCHECK 2011 2011 12 •Ssoundcheck

talent an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs TALENT

from page 11

could also rev it up a little for the younger crowds. They’re exactly the kind of band you’d want to see at your local drive-in burger joint or kustom car show. Idiosyncratic Rabbit

I.R., as fans call them, bring a rockin’, mesmerizing live performance, powerful as it is melodic. The three-piece band, Matt Brandon (drums), Mike Frick (guitar), and Houston Hayes (bass) fill the room with inspiring sounds and energy in a way you won’t forget anytime soon. Impossible Sunday (Rock/

Punk/Reggae) Contact: Jeff Hodde, (415) 420-9030 URL:

What do they sound like? “Mix your favorite cartoon with caffeine, sci-fi, and some black and blue paint and you have us! But really we’re straight-up rock with some fusion of punk, reggae, and groove. We aim to be your life’s soundtrack!” Impromptu (Folk Rock/Classic

Rock/Americana) Contact: Larry Allen URL:

Impromptu is four seasoned musicians on guitars, bass, percussion, and trumpet. Their unique original music is a dynamic blend of acoustic-electric rock laced with Caribbean rhythms, a dash of funk, and an occasional hint of country. They also play an extensive repertoire of classic and eclectic rock, reggae, blues, and standards to fit most any venue. Tim Jackson (Folk/Rock/

Americana) Contact: Tim,, 546-9225 or 540-0877 URL:

Acoustic artist Tim Jackson, born and raised in San Luis Obispo, opens new doors into the realm of modern day Americana. Tim has

The JD Project (Rock/Pop) Contact: Doug, 441-5026 or URL: myspace. com/thejdproject

Featuring singing and piano playing dynamo Doug Groshart, The JD Project plays hooky, accessible, radio-friendly rock. J.J. Ford (Folk) Contact: URL: facebook. com/jjford54

J.J. Ford is a singer-songwriter musician performing original folk, folk-rock, popular folk, and country cover songs. He performs as a solo, duo, or combo at a variety of venues throughout the Central Coast, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. His first album is due for release in September 2011. Jude Johnstone (Folk/Country/ Pop) Contact: Bob Burton, bob@ URL: BoJak or myspace. com/judejohnstone

Best known as a songwriter whose material has been covered by Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, Trisha Yearwood, and Johnny Cash, among others, in the last few years Jude has started recording and performing her own material. The Cambria resident has been interviewed on NPR and played plenty of big shows. Julie & the BadDogs (Blues/ Rock/Country) Contact: Julie Beaver, 235-7155 or info@ URL:

Julie & the BadDogs serves up a tasty variety of rock, blues, and country dance music. Julie Beaver (violin and vocals) adds a unique flavor to the group with her creative use of the violin. Bruce Sorensen (bass) is an amazing R&B singer, and Art Dougall (drums) keeps it groovin’. To top it off, guitarist Glen Rathbone brings

considered a county treasure. Soulful and eclectic, she’s garnered a wide and diverse audience.

Van Zandt, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more authentic singersongwriter.

KatchaFiya/Majestik Sounds (DJ Reggae) Contact: DJ

Joe Koenig (Folk/Soul/Acoustic)

Mark Lancaster (Blues/Jazz/

KatchaFiya URL: djkatchafiyamajestiksound

Born in the Northwest and grown in the Bay Area, this DJ has always had music as a big part of his life: “It’s a meditation. It refreshes, inspires, and fuels us. What we hear in an artist’s expression is likely to influence how we lead our lives. Mixing is an opportunity to build on that. Listen to my mixes, and hopefully you will see it. And if you like it, show some love!” Kauzafex (Hip-Hop) Contact:

Jared Moore, (530) 277-3802 or URL:

An amazingly talented local group performs conscious, intelligent, and provocatively positive lyrics over masterfully crafted beats. Formed by childhood friends Hume and Lemore, with the multi-talented Evol, Kauzafex brings a completely unique and compellingly different style of underground hip-hop, with live performances not to be missed! The Kicks (Reggae/Rock Steady) Contact: Mike URL: thekicksreggae. com

The Kicks have a solid handful of new songs, and the addition Tuff Tim Cordero (drummer from Resination) on percussion. If you’re looking for rock steady riddims and a hot female vocalist, check out The Kicks. Klockwyze (Reggae/Rap/Soul)

Contact: Via myspace URL:

Seeping out of the garages of the Central Coast comes a distinct sound that refuses to go unheard, a developed style that showcases the musical influences and raw talents of seven individuals’ contributions toward orchestrating chaos. Don’t worry; this is not a reality T.V. show or a caged wrestling match. It’s more like a well-devised, well-executed plan to make you get up and dance. Jill Knight (Folk/Rock) Contact:

Jill Knight, 927-3909 or jkmusik@ URL:

Award-winning singer-songwriter Jill Knight is the grand dame of the acoustic folk scene and widely

Contact: Joe Koenig, 550-3685 URL:

Joe Koenig delivers a strippeddown acoustic sound with honest, introspective lyrics. His strong, soulful vocals often steal the show, soaring over songs that have their roots in country, folk, rock, and soul. His debut album Somethin’ Concrete was released in August 2008. Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue Contact: Valerie Johnson 423-8592, bluesyall@ URL:

Serving up blues, R&B, traditional jazz, and gospel, Al B Blue’s guitar style travels from the Mississippi Delta to Jamaica and back to Funkytown, while Valerie Johnson’s soaring vocals dish up an earthy, sultry, and gutsy mix of classic and original tunes. She caused one reviewer to exclaim, “Janis is back!”

Pop) Contact: Mark Lancaster, 772-1360 URL: marklancaster

Mark has been playing piano since his early years of classical training—playing and singing in the Northwest with many rock and cover bands to professional show bands. Now he is a singersongwriter, living in the Morro Bay area. He won “Best Song” at a songwriters contest for his solo

They are featured at the Cambria Pines Lodge. Ted Lester (Pop/Emcee/Comedy) Contact: URL:

Ted combines state-of-the-art computer music technology, live keyboard performance, and witty comedy bits to create a compelling, unique entertainment experience. Audiences can easily join in the fun and sing along, because they can see the lyrics on a screen. The show is almost completely requestdriven, and produced on the spot from Ted’s extensive music library. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SWINGIN’ DOORS

(Alternative/Rock) Contact: Jared Moore, (530) 277-3802 or URL:

opened for Dwight Yoakam, The Neville Brothers, Roger McGuinn, and many other national acts. He can be found nightly up and down the Central Coast playing solo or with his band the Bootleggers.

with him more than 30 years’ experience with Monte Mills & the Lucky Horseshoe Band.

THE SWINGIN’ DOORS Yhana Rose and Ted Waterhouse are The Swingin’ Doors, specializing in western swing and honky tonk.

Valerie Johnson & Her King Bees

(Traditional New Orleans Jazz, Blues) Contact: 423-8592, bluesyall@ URL:

When you can’t make it to New Orleans and are craving a heapin’ helping of swinging, traditional New Orleans jazz, just give VJ & Her King Bees a buzz. Lakes (Rock/Folk/Indie) Contact: Seth Roberts URL:

Seth Roberts was 13 when he started his first band, Watashi Wa, which went on to sell more than 50,000 records, tour the United States, and play for thousands. Seth went on to play with the world-renowned punk band MXPX. Don Lampson (Folk/Blues/

Country) Contact: Don, 438-3912 or URL:

With a well-worn voice full of true grit and a songwriting style that rips a page from Steve Earle, John Prine, and Townes


s r o o D ’ n i g Swin

song, “Trust.” Piano and vocals and recording are his passion now. The Travis Larson

Band (Prog Rock) Contact: Travis, 528-4471 URL:

With five records and two full-length performance DVDs, the award-winning Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music’s premiere acts. Well known for their live performances, TLB delivers full-throttle rock fusion that soars with originality. LBS Contact: 801-8614

LBS is an acoustic duet featuring two members of the Shameless Band. Both members sing, and they play acoustic guitar and bass.

There’s no “dead air,” no fumbling for sheet music while the audience waits. Little Black Train

(Americana/Folk/Bluegrass) Contact: Stuart Mason 534-9021 or URL:

What do you get when you mash up a virtuosic bluegrass mandolinist, a traditional Irish fiddler, and an old-timey songster? Kenny Blackwell (mandolin and guitar), John Weed (fiddle), and Stuart Mason (guitar, banjo, and mandola) are the bluegrass-roots trio Little Black Train. They perform a fun, refreshing fusion of vintage fiddle tunes, blazing mandolin, and songs of old-time Americana.

Live Music Every Sunday

on our outdoor patio

Turn Your Party Into an Event! Celebrating 35 years of Music Entertainment

2336 Main Street • East Village, Cambria • 927-0175

Open Daily • Patio Seating • Lunch • Dinner • Cocktails & Food To Go

Quality Never Goes Out of Style


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SOUNDCHECK 2011 • 13 2011 soundcheck 13 TALENT

from page 12

LBT combines new words and melodies with traditional songs from sources such as the Carter Family, Doc Boggs, and Charlie Poole. Local Vocals (Popular Music

Variety) Contact: Jim Love, 4817172,

This engaging group serves up vintage and contemporary tunes, guaranteed to set your toe a-tappin’, to place words on your lips and a glow in your heart. The “locals” are Jim Love on percussion and Kevin Mounts on guitar. Local Vocals will include additional musicians and special songs to personalize your event. Rocky Logue (Acoustic/Tropical/

Hawaiian) Contact: Rocky Logue URL:

riffs, The Loveless Estate brings a fresh approach to the all-toooften dreary music scene. Writing, recording, and performing all their own music, The Loveless Estate has been busy at work. Sebastian Luna (Folk/Jazz/Pop) Contact: Sebastian Luna, 550-7456, URL:

Sebastian Luna currently fronts his own electric bass and drum duo. Lux (Reggae/Funk/R&B)

Contact: 550-8188 or URL:

True to the Latin meaning of light, Lux is an inspiring radiation of musical energy from the Central Coast. Lux is a band made up of members from “Resination,” “The Kicks,” and “Funk in Public,” among others. David Lynch (Singer-

Rocky plays a mixture of guitar styles ranging from Hawaiian slack key guitar to classical. Blending music from around the globe, Rocky plays songs from Ledwaard Kaapana, Bob Marley, The Police, and Pepe Romero, along with a diverse collection of original pieces. Michael LoveGene (Rock/ Reggae/Pop) Contact: Michael LoveGene URL: 124955695

Michael has been playing music with Al “Shival” Redwine for many years at the Annual Sharing the Dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in San Luis Obispo County. For the past four years, Michael has been in his band laying down rhythm guitar and background vocals. Michael’s a lead vocalist, songwriter, and recording artist as well. The Loveless Estate

(Acoustic/Alternative/Folk) Contact: Donny Kidd, 975-7971 URL:

With warm vocals coated over engaging acoustic guitar

Songwriter/Acoustic) Contact: David Lynch 540-4980 or URL:

“California Bluegrusion” is the singularly unique music style of California Central Coast singersongwriter-guitarist David Lynch, whose I Can See Sound has received great reviews. “The Norman Rockwell of lazy day music” (Cashbox); I Can See Sound is the shining example of his writing (Music New Nashville). On tour this summer. Christy Lynne (Country/Rock)

Contact: URL:

Christy Lynne is a songwriter, singer, and upright bass player from the Central Coast. Born in Bakersfield, it’s only natural that she plays real rockin’ country music with a heavy dose of West Coast rockabilly. Some of her influences are Johnny Horton, Wanda Jackson, Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, and, of course, Buck Owens!

Machine (Alt Rock/Rock) Contact: Rolf, 423-0382 URL:

Webster’s defines “machine” as any device that transfers or converts energy from one form to another. Machine materialized as a result of two people writing and recording one song per night, converting their take on the human condition to music. Maheyla & The Ritual (Psychedelic Roots/Rock/ Blues/Covers/Originals)

Contact: Maheyla, 440-6602 or URL:

This outstanding trio of gifted pro musicians features exotic songbird Maheyla on all sorts of guitars, lap steel, and blues slide. Her powerful and sweet rock voice blends with the incredible Timmeh Tarzan’s must-hear vocals and bass. World famous Maurice brings it on drums, vocals, and keyboards. Together they perform their unique original songs, rich in harmonies, groove rhythms, and emotional symbolic lyrics. Malikmiko (DJ Soul/Funk/

Afrobeat/Reggae/Hip-Hop) Contact: Malik Miko Thorne, 8017959 or URL:

Says Malik, “I’ve always been about anything with a soulful groove. College radio (KCPR) opened me up to a variety of genres, and public radio (KCBX) offered me a platform to play on a weekly basis. Managing a record shop has helped me pursue a novice degree of ethnomusicology.” Stuart Mason (Americana/Celtic/ Bluegrass) Contact: Stuart Mason at 534-9021 or URL:

Stuart Mason is known in the California traditional music community for his driving guitar, melodic mandola picking, authentic singing style, and inability to

UNFINISHED BUSINESS Retro rockers Unfinished Business specialize in ‘60s rock and soul.

hold his whiskey. He’s a member of Molly’s Revenge, a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band, as well as the bluegrass-roots trio Little Black Train.

Matthias & The Cry (Indie/

Pop/Soul) Contact: Matthias Clark URL:

Matthias and The Cry is a collaboration of world rhythms and soul. Matthias takes the East Coast to the West Coast and back again. With a childhood of strumming the blues on his guitar in the subways of New York City and a family of California art industry executives, he collaborates his blues soul with a funk form of folk to produce songs that reach people’s hearts and minds. Stephen McAndrew (Pop and American Song Book) Contact: Stephen, stephenmcandrew2@gmail. com URL:

Stephan is a singer/pianist who’s performed at Hearst Castle, the Clark Center for the Performing Arts, and various venues in the SLO area. His background includes musical directing, studio vocals, musical theater, and nightclub work, performing popular music including The American Songbook and music of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Chase McBride (Central Coast

Folk/Rock) Contact: Chase McBride, (406) 672-2312 URL: chasemcbride

Chase McBride and his band, comprised of drummer Jonathan Withem and bassist Austin Mello, are on the rise. Formed in early 2008, the group has already released a successful EP, and the music video for their single, “1937,” quickly became a local favorite and New Times Music Award winner. Champion McConnell (Blues/ Folk/Jazz) Contact: 406-2069 or

Singer/songwriter, poet, and artist Champion McConnell with multi-instrumentalist Joe Payne perform McConnell’s original songs as well as covers. The style is a unique amalgamation of several American styles, including blues, rock, folk, funk, jazz, and bluegrass. Casey McDonald Contact: 704-8792 or kcmacd@

Singer-songwriter Casey McDonald performs at wineries, cafes, clubs, festivals, and other venues throughout the area. He has been host to songwriter showcases at various venues over the last five years. Memphis Soul Stew Review (R&B) Contact: Michael

Dias, 878-6186 URL: memphissoulstewreview

s s e n i s u B d e h s i n Unfi

This group captures the Memphis style of rhythm and blues from late 1950s through the early 1970s, drawing on the influences of Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Eddie Floyd, Booker T & the MGs, and more. Their high-energy horndriven sound captures the soul of R&B. The Mighty Croon Dogs

(Rock/R&B/Blues/Reggae/More) Contact: Billy Foppiano, 546-TUNE (8863) URL:

Longtime SLO County favorites the Mighty Croon Dogs are the top choice for special events

talent an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs and celebrations. Their musical prowess crosses genres and age groups, taking audiences on an unforgettable joyride through rock, R&B, blues, jazz, Latin, reggae, country, and more. These energetic, talented musicians ignite the dance floor with their fun, frisky (and volume-appropriate!) music. The Dave Miller Band

(Blues/Rock) Contact: Dave@ or; Debra 471-4093 URL:

Hear searing blues/rock with jaw-dropping guitar riffs by Dave Miller, a strong rock style harmonica from Debra Windsong, a powerful rhythm section by Stan Whiting on percussion, and Johnny Punches on bass guitar. Kevin Mounts rounds it out on rhythm guitar. Monte Mills and the Lucky Horseshoe Band (Country/

Bluegrass) Contact: Monte, 4383030 or URL:

Monte and his musicians play about a 50 gigs a year, ranging from barn dances, weddings, barbecues, election campaigns, jail dedications, and birthday parties to full-blown concerts. The group is known as a country band, and they do play mostly country music, but they can just as easily slip into ’50s and ’60s oldies rock’n’roll, 1940s big band, or gospel. The Mixolydian Band (Rock

and Beyond) Contact: Ruth Montano, 709-4246 URL: myspace. com/mixolydianband

Check their website, which includes 10 of their original songs. They are all local SLO County musicians and play a wide variety of music. Mooks (Classic Rock) Contact: Bill Love, 441-6929, or Jack Collins, 305-9786 URL: mooksband

You’ll love the “Mooks” band. The audience will know the words to every song, and each song is very danceable, making the night out fun and exciting. This highenergy trio with its smooth vocal harmonies will keep you listening and rockin’ through the night! Moon Pie (Rock/Blues/Jazz)

Contact: Chris Roullard, 550-4609 or, Pete Ryan, 550-4609 URL:

“It’s kinda like an open mic. Everyone is welcome. Once together, we each bring our collective experiences, tastes, and skills, and we find a way to express them together through music. Friendships are formed, bonds are forged, and new understanding takes root.” Morning Rise Reggae SoundSystem (DJ Reggae)

Contact: Chookie, 471-3628 URL:

Strictly reggae, strictly niceness! This artist has got an extensive vinyl collection, specializing in all eras of roots, dancehall, and dub.

The Mother Corn Shuckers

(Alternative Bluegrass) Contact: Che Miller, 441-8224, or URL:

The Mother Corn Shuckers are an eight-member group great for playing at a variety of venues. With their blending harmonies and melodies to their foot stomping, get-up-and-dance originals, whether it’s your winery event, wedding, bar, or backyard party, your guests will have a good time. The Mud Skippers (Dixieland/ Big Band/Polkas/Ragtime) Contact: Gil Delcid, 534-9019 or gildelcid@ URL:

The Mud Skippers is a four- to six-piece band that plays not just good dance music, but also a dynamic mix of high-spirited, toe-tapping, Dixieland, big band swing, polkas, Latin, standards, and ragtime … fun music! Jody Mulgrew (Folk/Jazz/Pop) Contact: Jody Mulgrew URL:

Breezy, sometimes jangly, always an engaging collection of pop nuggets filled with jazz, roots, and folk hooks, the songs of frontman Jody Mulgrew get under your skin no matter how jaded you might be. The Mystery Bros (Rock/Blues) Contact: Jim Conroy, jimconroy@ URL:

A local quartet made up of Jim Conroy on guitar, Bruce Beck on keyboards, Billy Baxmeyer on bass, and Greg Astle on drums—they play about 50 percent originals mixed with covers of rock and blues. Natural Incense (Reggae/ Rock) Contact: Eric Singer, 1-858229-2592, naturalincense420@ URL:

Natural Incense is a reggae-rock fusion, easily inducing a meditative and philosophical state of being in the best tradition of socially conscious reggae. Burning Spear and Steel Pulse are influences, as is Chili Peppers’ funky spirit; and Slightly Stoopid’s genre mixing keeps these dub tunes flowing nicely. Narrow Road Band (Country/

Classic Rock/Blues/Gospel/ Bluegrass/Christian Music) Contact: Laurel Marshall, 296-5825 or info@ URL:

Narrow Road Band has performed at weddings, private parties, barbecues, park concerts, as well as church and ministry events. They are real crowd pleasers! Everyone is sure to have a great time. Their sound is upbeat, with superb vocal harmonies. Their music is family oriented, with close attention to song themes and lyrical content. New Tomorrow (Punk/ Hardcore) Contact: Danny Derrick, (209) 628-3220 URL: newtomorrow.

New Tomorrow has an extremely energetic live show. They are signed to Skeleton Crew Records,

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VALERIE JOHNSON & AL B BLUE Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue serve up blues, R&B, traditional jazz, and gospel.

an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs TALENT

from page 13 owned by My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero. They’ve done seven coast-to-coast DIY tours, played more than 250 shows, and released three full-length albums. Nothing Ever Stays (Indie Alternative Rock) Contact: Ryan Kirkpatrick, 423-6800 URL:

Nothing Ever Stays, hailing from San Luis Obispo, is one of the bands to look for this year. Producer Jeff Schnewies (Tooth & Nail Records) recorded the band’s first EP, titled Progression. Oasis Band (Rock/Jazz/Swing) Contact: Ed Harris, 541-8891 URL:

“We’re the most versatile band on the Central Coast. We go above and beyond to play a variety of musical styles that appeal to people of all ages.” From Big Band to good time rock’n’roll, blues, jazz, and swing, Oasis has built a reputation for creating magic on stage. Of Scarlet Letters (Rock/Alt) Contact: Dave McAbee, 459-1381 URL:

Scarlet Letters has been making history for almost five years. Dan (vox/guitar) met Dave (bass) in the summer of 2004 when Dave attended the church where Dan was leading worship. They soon became close friends and roommates. When Dan married Kari (keyboards) in 2006, they knew that she had to be a part of the group. Josh (drums) was added, and the band recorded its first EP, Alder House, currently available! OGMA (Alternative Rock)

Contact: Sam Crimmel ogmanow@ URL:

“Melodic, and upbeat conscious music created with positive intention to uplift, inspire, and energize the listener.” Ogoun (Doom Metal/Stoner

Rock) Contact: Derek Schultz, 704-6994, hawthornhaze@ URL: ogounband

Ogoun is a stoner-doom power trio from San Luis Obispo laying down bluesy, heavy riffs inspired by giants of the genre such as Kyuss, Clutch, High On Fire, and Sleep. Ogoun is currently booking shows in the Central Coast and greater California area, as well as recording a yet-to-be-titled EP. One (Hip-Hop) Contact: URL:

One is a hip-hop collective featuring Triple X, James Kaye, The Kid Rick, and Caprilord. Louie Ortega and the Wild Jalapenos (Tex Mex/Rock/Folk)

Contact: Louie Ortega, 541-2208 or URL:

Grammy Award-winner Louie Ortega offers several incarnations: Louie Ortega solo (guitar and vocals), duo, or trio; Louie Ortega and the Wild Jalapenos (a quartet); or Louie Ortega and the Wild Jalapenos featuring the West Coast Horns (a septet). When you want

the best, Louie’s your man. Chuck Osborne (Accordionist) Contact: Chuck Osborne, 937-9021 or

The Rogue Canaries

(Jazz/Blues/Rock) Contact: Matt Franscioni, 712-0547

Hire Chuck Osborne for your next event that requires live music. Chuck performs solo on the Roland FR-7, the world’s first completely digital accordion. Specialization of repertoire for restaurants and wine and beer events includes Italian, French, Bavarian, traditional, Oktoberfest, American/Broadway standards, Country and Western, and more.

Instrumental jazz, blues, rock, and standards fuse into an eclectic mix with The Rogue Canaries. Scott Bailey, Matt Franscioni, Adam Levine, and Bill Wingfield bring together a unique depth of experience and professionalism.

Tim Pacheco (Acoustic/Folk)

Contact: Tim Pacheco, 674-2819, URL:

Tim’s CD, The Gathering of Guides, was released on Solid Air Records. Primarily focusing on fingerstyle guitar, Tim also sings vocal tunes from the ’50s to the present. The Paisanos (Acoustic Blues/ Folk) Contact: Joe DiVincenzo, 434-1323,

The Paisanos get their inspiration from the close-knit paisanos of Monterey fame! They play a wide variety of rock ‘n roll, blues, and country, from all generations! It’s all mixed in with their unique original compositions to create a classic sound. Pennyjar (Alt Country) Contact:

Patrick Hayes, 235-1506 URL:

Alt.Country is a term for bands that are neither alternative nor country. It has been called a code word for “good songwriting” or “doesn’t sell.” “So far, we embody both,” they say. Pennyjar are as comfortable with Hank Williams as they are with the Stooges. Mostly they like playing twangy rock’n’roll.

ous regions of California bands together to preserve hip-hop’s true elements.

n o s n h o J e i Valer AL B Blue &

Que Cosa (Latin/Spanish Pop)

Contact: URL:

¡Qué Cosa! es el dúo de compositores talentosos Maite Garcia (vocalista) y Larry Arone (piano). Qué Cosa esta escribiendo su nuevo disco. Loren Radis (Folk/Acoustic/

Rock) Contact: lorenradismusic@ URL:

“The songs I write are about what’s important to me; life, love, sadness, and joy, and the meaning of it all. I hope that making good music and being honest are enough to make it as a musician. I love the music of artists like Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith, and Damien Rice, and I hope that my style emulates a similar feel. Thanks so much for listening.” Ragg (Rock/Metal/Melodic)

PK (Rock) Contact: Travis, 610-

Contact: Monique Grajeda, 5419155 URL:

Recently being featured in Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top 16 unsigned rock groups in the nation, scrappy, energetic rock quintet PK have worked hard writing and recording a follow-up EP to Into the Roaring.

Ragg is a band with an audio and visual expression of power overlaid with melodic transitions of dynamics and tempo dramatics. The female and male forces of the band blend into strong emotions portrayed in the messages of the words and patterns of music heard in the songs.

2810, URL: or

Project 41 (Classic Rock) Contact: Skip James, 610-5051 URL:

Original rock’n’roll for the soul, music is created and performed by Project 41, with great, original lyrics and music written in the classic-rock style. Public Defendaz (Hip-Hop)

Contact: Cassidy Wright, 215-4053 URL: defendaz

The group known as Public Defendaz is a diverse collection of musicians who represent their personal views through the lifestyle and music of hip-hop. Their purpose: to bring audiences a quality of music that directly reflects the “voice” of the people. By combining the driving forces of lyrical wordplay and versatile productions, this group from vari-

been doing shows from Santa Barbara to SLO and all the way up to the North County. With a fresh new West Coast sound meets kicked-back Cali style, he’s sure to make big noise all through California and beyond.

Rancho Deluxe (Country/Rock and More) Contact: Mark Adams URL: deluxe or

Playing old-school twang with an up-to-date energy, California country-rock band Rancho Deluxe formed in 2005 with singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Adams and lead guitarist Jesse Jay Harris.

Ras Danny (Reggae) Contact: Wendy, URL:

Hailing from Trenchtown, Jamaica, Ras Danny is the Central Coast’s “most authentic roots reggae artist.” He’s recorded with many of the best reggae artists at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong recording studio. Red Eye Junction (Classic

Country/Honky-Tonk) Contact: Reid Cain, 441-7521 URL: myspace. com/redeyejunction

If you like your country music

steeped in the sounds of Bakersfield and honky-tonk that reeks with the aroma of beer and sawdust rather than hair mousse and celebrity fragrances, then REJ’s your cup of shine. It’s the music of Saturday-night sinning and Sunday-morning salvation. Red Eye Junction are the new heroes of honky-tonk.

Remnants (Rock) Contact: Ron

Yapo, 925-6207 URL: the-remnants. net

Say The Remnants, “We’re just a bunch of guys who love playing music who have a big all-ages following in Lompoc. We play several times a month in clubs at DJ’s Saloon and The Wicked Shamrock. Lots of parties, lots of benefits. No special plans for the band. Just make happy for everyone.” Resination (Reggae/ Dub) URL: or myspace. com/resination

Resination is one of the Central Coast’s most established reggae acts, featuring top-notch musicianship from players who are also members of the Tipsy Gypsies and Cuesta Ridge. Revelation Bill Ballesteros at

Christian Ministry Outreach, 7727456 URL:

Revelation was formed more than 20 years ago by the Ballesteros Family as a means for the family to witness their faith through song. Hear upbeat swinging music with lead guitar arrangements and many originals written by Bill Ballesteros and the band. The music brings a various styles of rock, blues, and rockabilly sounds. It’s great family music with a wholesome message honoring the Lord. The Ridge (Rock/Folk/Country)

Contact: Matt Franscioni, 237-0054.

The Ridge plays a wide variety of styles, including everything from classic Southern rock’n’roll to acoustic folk with some country and bluegrass, too. They can even throw in some Miles Davis styles. RoAch Clip (Hip-Hop) Contact: Nicholas Roberts, 975-7444 URL:

RoAch Clip is the next up-andcoming hip-hop act in the Central Coast. After the release of his debut solo album I’m Back, he’s

Rough House

(Roots/Rock/ Country) Contact: Tony, 459-6880; or Mickey, 237-1507.

Rough House is the best band you’ve never heard! They play a combination of roots, rock, and country that spans decades and styles. With great vocals, strong musicianship, and danceable music, Rough House delivers a great time and good sounds. RTO (Rock) Contact: John Collins, 712-3065 URL:

RTO is a high-energy trio whose original approach to rock has made a fan of everyone who has listened. This quickly growing band offers a variety of music with influences of funk, hip-hop, and blues grooves played through hard rock. It’s a band you must see live. Rusted Stone (Rock/Hard Rock) Contact: Shawn Logan, 286-6098 URL:

Rusted Stone is a high-energy hard rock band that delivers an exciting live show. They’re finishing a full-length CD and lining up summer shows. T-Shirts and a fivesong CD are available at all shows and through their website. Rusted Stone plays music that will get your rocks off! Sad Lisa (Rock) Contact: Graham Haworth URL: myspace. com/sadlisamusic

A few years back, the members of Sad Lisa were just five close friends, holding acoustic jam sessions in their cave-like apartments near the train tracks of San Luis Obispo. Little did they know that within five years, their sound would morph into heavier electric realms of sound.

San Luis Chamber Orchestra Contact: 528-7795 or info@ URL:

The San Luis Chamber Orchestra is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, organized exclusively for charitable purposes. The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for amateur musicians to rehearse and perform orchestral music, furnish inexpensive live orchestral music performances to the public, and foster appreciation for the live performance of orchestral music. San Luis Obispo County

Band (Patriotic, Classical, Marches) Contact: Curtis Reinhardt, 773-4173 or URL:

The SLO County Band has been playing continuously for 135 years. Records show that it was formally organized in 1881, but the existence of the band was mentioned in newspapers as early as 1874, when its ancestor, the San Luis Obispo Military Band, was founded. San Luis Obispo Symphony Contact: Michael Nowak, music director, 543-3533 URL:

Hear a 10-month season of concerts, events, and music education activities throughout the Central Coast. The San Luis Obispo Wind Orchestra (Classical and Pops) Contact: Shannon McNeely, 5740692 URL:

The SLO Wind Orchestra boasts some of the area’s most accomplished wind and percussion players as its members. The orchestra performs the finest works written for wind band at the highest possible artistic level, fosters an appreciation of the repertoire, and contributes to the cultural vitality of the Central Coast community. Schwing Thangs (Love Songs) Contact: Billy Foppiano, 546-TUNE (8863)

Love the songs of the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, and how about something with a melody? These guys only do songs with a melody, and usually the artist must be dead, or very close to on their way. Screaming Jimmy (Folk/Rock/

Blues) Contact: Jim Townsend, URL:

As a performer, Jimmy likes to do a lot of different things ... hence all of the different “Jimmys.” He plays the piano and guitar, singing originals, covers, jazz, blues, country, and rock songs. Sometimes he plays all by himself as either Jim Townsend or Screaming Jimmy, depending on his mood or the venue. Sexy Time Explosion (Glam/ Punk/Garage) Contact: Erik McCornack, 459-2212, URL: Facebook. com/SexyTimeExplosion

Turbonegro tribute band Sexy Time Explosion is located on the Central Coast, but Turbonegro was Europe’s reigning king of death punk in the late 1980s. Like the original, Sexy Time is big on theatrics and puts on a very entertaining show, along with playing good music. Shameless Contact: 464-104

Shameless has been playing on the Central Coast for more than 20 years. They are a classic rock band and do originals as well. They play most of the clubs on the Central Coast as well as The House of Blues and BB Kings in Universal studios while playing a tribute to Jethro Tull with original Tull bassist Glenn Cornick. Sheppard’s Pie Contact: John at 1-895-464-1047

Sheppard’s Pie is a three-piece acoustic band. The three members are from the Shameless Band, and feature acoustic guitar, bass, piano, flute, sax, and hand drums.

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2011 soundcheck •



from page 14

Sherwood (Indie/Pop/Rock) URL: or

Sherwood started at Cal Poly and was one of the first bands to sign to Myspace Records. Though they still consider SLO Town home, they spend most of their time on the road touring. In fact, they’re arguably SLO’s most successful band! The Shival Experience

(Reggae/Rock/Blues) Contact: Al “Shival “ Redwine, 305-1031 or 528-7396 URL:

The Shival Experience is a local group from San Luis Obispo County. They have a “dreadadelic” style of music that expertly blends reggae, rock, blues, funk, and soul in addition to their own originals. SLO Mambo (Latin Jazz) Contact: Bruce Knowlton, 481-6940,

SLO Mambo is a Latin jazz ensemble featuring three horns and a four-piece rhythm section, with a female vocalist. The band performs throughout the county at winery events, Concerts in The Plaza, the Morro Bay Harbor Festival, and for your private event. Solomon


(Country) Contact: Chuck Williams, 937-5752 URL:

“We are focused on traditional country music, influenced by Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, too many to list. We play all over, from Santa Margarita to Santa Ynez, clubs and private parties. SoulSauce (Rock/Reggae/Blues/ Soul) Contact: Chet, 440-2495, URL:

The SoulSauce Band has become a popular band for wineries, nightclubs and special events. They blend influences of rock, soul, reggae, and blues with a sweet and funky feel. Whether it is a rockin’ soul song or a heartfelt ballad, the talent of these veteran musicians playing and singing in four part harmony creates a stew of cookin’ tunes you’re sure to enjoy.

Soundhouse (’70s to ’90s Rock) Contact: Erik McCornack, 4592212, URL:

This band is a rock cover band comprised of five talented local musicians who know how to entertain, and when they hit the stage, no one is disappointed! Spanky (Solo Americana/

Folk) Contact: Spanky,

Spanky has been playin’ gigs around the ’80s, starting at the Darkroom, then Wine Street Inn, and was the first musician to play at SLO Brew. Spanky plays songs you forgot you wanted to hear. Catch him at Fins Grover Beach every Saturday. Sparrows Gate (Folk/Gospel)

Contact: Zebedee Zaitz, URL: myspace. com/sparrowsgate

Drawing inspiration from John Steinbeck and the western landscape, Central Coast alt-country quartet Sparrows Gate makes music that feels like today, but will remind you of yesterday. When 20-something front man Zebedee



an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs Zaitz sings in his raspy tenor, “Most of the time I’m livin’ in 1961,” you believe him.

and styles and has recently had the opportunity to share the stage with some of their heroes.

Spiro (Rock) Contact: Chad, 264-5961 URL:

Shane Stoneman (Americana/

Spiro is a modern rock band playing originals and cover songs at venues on the Central Coast. Guitarist Ryan Ritchie writes catchy and energetic songs with a punk flair, accompanied by Bradley Anthony on bass and Chad Hinkle on drums. Stage


(Classic Rock) Contact: Fernie Monreal, 995-3454 URL:

Stage Fright plays music from practically every genre: from oldies to dance music, love songs, country, and even some Top 40 … and of course, classic rock’n’roll. Dave Stamey (Country/

Western) Contact: Dave Stamey, URL:

Award-winning Western singer-songwriter Dave Stamey knows of what he sings. The former cowboy still rides a lot, but mostly takes dudes out on the trail, where he entertains them around the campfire. Starling & Wright (Classic

Hits/Original) URL: starlingwright

This acoustic duo featuring Christine Wright and Bill Starling can be seen in a rock band as the two lead singers of the Stellar Band. Stellar is a seasoned fourpiece classic rock dance band with both female and male lead vocals. They cover hits spanning from the ’60s to current. When adding keyboards, Stellar performs a Fleetwood Mac Tribute show. Their last show was sold out! Cliff Stepp (Singer-Songwriter/ Raconteur) Contact: Cliff Stepp, 202-4655, cliff@thecliffnotes

Cliff’s college band was with T.P. Waterhouse and the Electric Screendoor Salesmen. They opened for bands like Question Mark and the Mysterians, Shadows of Knight and Joe Walsh’s James Gang. More recently, he has opened shows for Tommy Castro and as a featured performer in the Robert Johnson Tribute Show under his blues name, Cliff “Crawdaddy” Stepp. Steppin’ Out Contact: 720-6872 or URL:

Billing themselves as the Central Coast’s finest dance band, these musicians say “Our passion is music; our priority is you.” Still Time (Eclectic Groove Rock) Contact: Todd Newman, URL: or myspace. com/stilltimeband

One of the Central Coast’s most successful musical exports, Still Time, who met more than five years ago while students at Cal Poly, are now full time and nationally touring musicians. The groove rock band prides itself on a very diversified catalog of songs

Join us for

Indie) Contact: Shane Stoneman, 471-9367 URL: shanestoneman

 Entertainment

“If I have to use labels for you to know me, then I’d define myself as a surfboard shaper, painter, and songwriter. After traveling the world as a ‘minor league’ pro surfer, I studied English literature at Cal Poly in the 1990s. Since that chapter, I’ve been chasing my artistic endeavors with both a serious work ethic and a sense of humor ... and I’m still doing it after all this time.”

 Local favorites

SwampTalk (Funk/Soul/Jazz)

Contact: Wayne Walcoff, 528-1944 or

This Central Coast band has a strong syncopated bass, classic B-3/ keyboard support, and soul-picking and soaring leads on guitar, and a strong female lead singer. Everything emanates from funk-fusion and poly-rhythm drumming. The Swingin’ Doors

(Country/Honky Tonk) Contact: Ted, 783-2681 URL:

The Swingin’ Doors is a western swing and honky tonk band featuring the musical talents of vocalist/songwriter Yhana Rose, guitarist/songwriter/bandleader Ted Waterhouse, fiddler Allan Dick, pedal steel guitarist Bob Hamilton, bassist Fred Murray, and drummer Dean Giles. David Talmage (Acoustic Folk/ Country/Rock) Contact: David Talmage, 995-2320, 909-0553,

David plays acoustic guitar and does a little singing. He presents handcrafted originals and well-chosen covers from personal heroes such as John Prine, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Steve Goodman, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, and Willie Nelson.

every evening in our Fireside Lounge, featuring everything from Karaoke, acoustic solos, folk, and the best rock on the Central Coast Grammy winner Louie Ortega, Jill Knight, Billy Foppiano, Julie and the Bad Dogs and Soulsauce are just some of our regular players. On cool evenings, there’s a roaring fire in our huge stone fireplace.

 Enjoy a delicious dinner

and then relax in the lounge, let us entertain you, and…

 Spend the night

in a traditional hotel room or a Large Suite featuring two fireplaces…have breakfast and take a stroll through our lovely gardens.

Brew to your own Music

Ten Toe Grip (Rock) Contact: Johnny URL: toegrip

“We are the consummate party band.” The music is infectiously danceable and high energy, and the set list is a who’s who of new and classic rock. That Evening Sun (Contemporary Folk/Americana)

Contact: thateveningsunmusic@ URL:

With three singer songwriters at the core, That Evening Sun delivers a diverse sound with each songwriter taking turns up front. Backed by a dynamic rhythm section, expect an uplifting contemporary folk sound with three-part vocals and fine instrument arrangements that include driving harmonica and occasional mandolin, banjo, and bouzouki. Threes and Nines (Indie

Rock) Contact: Max Triplett, 3456553 URL:

Home Brew Kits Kegging Equipment Wine Making Supplies Fresh Ingredients Friendly Advice

The band formed in 2003.

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781- 9974

TUES – SAT 10am - 5pm 855 Capitolio Way #2 SLO • WWW.DOCSCELLAR.COM

16 • soundcheck 2011


FEEL THE VIEW and TASTE THE FUN Cocktails | Happy Hour | Sunday Brunch

talent an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs TALENT

from page 15

Lead singer Jake Brebes writes the songs. Max Triplett plays the drums, and Tasha Brittain plays stand-up base. The band has opened for Slightly Stoopid, Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats, and also played the Live Oak Festival summer of 2006. Three Legged Dawg (Folk/

Americana/Pseudo-Psycho-HippyGrass) Contact: Spanky,

Hear Fred Rodriguez (guitar, mando, dobro), Spanky Baldwin (guitar, banjos, ukulele), and No. 23 Andy Bird on downright and upright bass. These members of Fryer Duck and the Raindawgs, Midnite Ryder, and the Skydawgs have been layin’ it down for more than 25 years. Three Martini Lunch (“Rat Pack” Swing) Contact: Michael, 878-6186 URL: threemartinilunch3

Drawing on the influences of the “Rat Pack” era, this band will entertain you with a variety of jazz that’s hip, cool, and swingin’. As they play a lush ballad, a fiery Latin number, or croon to sweethearts in the audience, you’ll love this fabulous trio. Get Swankified. The Tipsy Gypsies (Gypsy Jazz/Pop) Contact: Forrest Williams, 215-8785 Forrestt@ URL:,

The Tipsy Gypsies are a gypsy jazz group that draws heavily from their influences of ’30s to ’50s French and American swing music and infuses their music with modern influences and witty lyrics. Jim Townsend Blues Band

(Blues/Rock) Contact: Jim Townsend, 459-3576 URL:

The Jim Townsend Blues Band, aka Jimmy Jams, hails from the Five Cites and is one of the best dance bands in SLO County. This six-piece show band covers music from classic rock to traditional blues and puts on a great show. Trio Internationale (Polka and More) Contact: Chuck Osborne, 937-9021 URL: myspace. com/triointernationale39

This group performs for anniversaries, weddings, dances, trial separations, and more. Read about and hear several complete selections of their musical offerings on their website. Triple Threat Contact: 528-3380

MARISOL AT THE CLIFFS 2757 Shell Beach Rd. Shell Beach 773.2511

ask k about b t

PRIVATE PARTIES up to 200 people

Triple Threat is a three-piece classic rock band from the Central Coast. Best known for their faithful cover versions of numbers by Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, and The Doors. Tropo (Live Electronic/Dance/ Trance/House/Rock) Contact: Tyson Leonard, 441-2569 URL:

Originally as an artistic outlet, violinist Tyson Leonard commenced writing the music for Tropo beginning in early 2006.

Jam sessions eventually mushroomed into a full collaboration between Tyson Leonard, Grant Leonard, and Ryan Johnson, all formerly of the group Glider. Truth About Seafood

(California Rock) Contact: Brad Daane, 810-2723 or URL:

Truth About Seafood is a local band with a big sound, delivering tight California rock and good times. Karen Tyler Trio featuring Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue Contact: 423-8592, bluesy- URL:

It’s been said that Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue make music that walks right into your heart and shakes hands with your soul. The duo cooks up a perfect stew of blues, traditional jazz, and Janis Joplinesque rock n’ roll. Mix in Karen Tyler’s country-blues vocals, fingerstyle guitar, and original songs, and you have a three-course meal that’s sure to satisfy the soul. Unfinished Business (’60s

Rock and Roll/Soul) Contact: Ed Miller, 929-5211, URL:

Think Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Motown, and much more. It’s high energy rock ‘n’ roll for all occasions! Up in the Air (Jam/Latin/

Lounge) Contact: John Beccia, 438-5855, URL:

Up in the Air blends elements of jazz and improvisation into musical styles as varied as folk, pop, Dixieland, bluegrass, Latin, and world beat. The result is a fresh and ultimately danceable musical experience with a conspicuously multi-cultural sound. Urban 805 (Smooth Urban Jazz) Contact: Mitch Watts, 546-9108

Smooth urban jazz has never sounded so good! San Luis Obispo-based band Urban 805 has just released their new self-titled, 11-track CD, which the group confidently predicts will take urban jazz into “new and exciting territory.” Veiler (Alt.Rock) Contact:

Dawson Stemper, 712-0037,

The band name is Veiler, their genre is alternative rock, and they’ve been playing together for a year—all local boys, born and raised. Venomous Voices (Hip-Hop/

Jazz/Funk) Contact: Jake Bonilla, 266-4761 or jon@venomousvoices. com URL:

Venomous Voices are the premier genre-breaking hip-hop group from the 805 that combine live instruments and ultra-smooth rhymes to create a soulfully funky and head-nodding live performance not to be missed! Devine Wallace Contact: Devin Wallace, 772-2046 or devinwalla@

Wallace does bluesy, jazz-

tinged originals, performed with guitar and accompanied by trumpet or saxophone. He cut his teeth writing music for theater, so his songs have a dramatic storytelling quality, exploring what it’s like to go “Wading in the Human Condition.” Jan Walters (Classical/Folk/

Celtic) Contact: 602-6464, URL:

Harpist Jan Walters performs and records all over the world. Her music encompasses traditions from classical, contemporary, folk, Celtic, and early music played on different harps. Ken Warrick (Rock/Ranch/ Retro/Big Chill/Country/Blues/ Swing) Contact: Ken Warrick 5502398, URL:

Music for all occasions, classics to the abstract, Warrick’s mixology serves up sizzling torch tunes and ballads. An eclectic repertoire of classic musical cocktails gets the party started. Ted Waterhouse (Everything) Contact: Ted Waterhouse, 7832681 or

Ted Waterhouse, aka Catalina Eddy, plays a great mix of music as a solo performer. From delta blues to jump swing, rockabilly, honkytonk, and favorites of the 1950s, ’60s, and later, as well as his own originals, Ted sings and plays out on a flattop, National bottleneck guitar. The Wedding Industrial Complex (Rock/Folk/Punk) URL:

Made up of Derek Senn (guitar and voice) and sometimes his wife Melanie (drums), the Wedding Industrial Complex sings original material inspired by contemporary politics and the couple’s ongoing struggles to juggle work and their two young sons. Wild Anderson (Pop/Spank/

Funk) Contact: Greg Moore, 6104375 URL:

Wild Anderson is a local band steeped in snappy “original music” with a dash of re-worked classic and not-so-typical cover tunes, all bent on keeping the crowd moving and wondering what they just heard. Wildwood (Folk/Bluegrass) Contact: Julio, 459-6019

Wildwood is an acoustic trio specializing in folk, roots country, and bluegrass music. Sunny Wright (Jazz/Soul/Blues) Contact: Sunny Wright URL:

With a stunning voice, stage charisma, and an innate sense of lyricism, vocalist Sunny Wright is a welcome addition to any jazz affair. Xylon (Alternative) Contact: Bryant William Barodte URL: myspace/xylonband

Xylon is a one-man band conveying the message of empathy. Zongo All Stars (CaliCubano) Contact: Paul Irving, 441-3344 URL:

Zongo’s 100 percent original, hot, fun, and exciting CaliCubano style fuses Afro-Caribbean, Latin jazz, reggae, and more into an irresistible dance mix. S✔

tech SOUNDCHECK 2011 17

music-related businesses on the Central Coast Got a busted synthesizer? Moon can fix it! By Glen Starkey


rd a o b y e k The

JUST A SAMPLE Tucked away in Moon Powell’s in-home recording studio are nearly 80 keyboards he’s acquired and repaired. Some he rents for gigs, others he loans while repairing clients’ broken electronic instruments.

to have one, so I sold the Uzi and bought that synthesizer.” He decided to move west to get into the film business. “I left Missouri with a bag of clothes and a keyboard because I wanted to get into sound effects,” he laughed. Instead, he became a martial arts instructor: “I’m a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Kempo and a Shin Gahn Do master.” He eventually came north, and for years he worked at Owens Music Company, where he repaired keyboards. He’s fixed keyboards for SLO High, rented keys to Cal Poly, and has six CDs for sale on

d r a z wi

THE DOCTOR IS IN Warfus “Moon” Powell, Jr., diagnoses problems with keyboards, but he’s also a musician with smooth jazz outfit Urban 805 and an account executive with local radio stations The Beach, Wild 106, KYNS, and KPIG, for whom he writes jingles and creates ads.

“Johnnie used to come to the house all the time,” Moon recalled. “You remember him? He sang ‘Disco Lady.’” Then Moon breaks into song: “Shake it up, shake it down , move it in, move it round, disco lady.” It’s a quick reminder that Moon is a member of one of the most enduring smooth jazz outfits on the Central Coast, Urban 805, as well as a jingle writer for local radio stations The Beach, Wild 106, KYNS, and KPIG. If you listen to those stations, you’ve no doubt heard one of Moon’s most popular ditties for Ribline. How he got to the West Coast from Missouri is one of those coming-of-age tales straight out of Dickens. A bit of a rabble-rouser in his youth, he at one point owned an Uzi machine gun. “I was looking through a magazine and saw a photo of a guy with a keyboard with a strap that he wore around his neck like an electric guitar,” Moon recalled. “He seemed so free, and he could walk around the stage. That was it for me! I had—two with Urban 805 and four with his musical partner Mitch Watts and saxophone great Bubba Ramey. “Mitch and me, we’ve been making music together for, like, 30 years,” he said. “We’re like the Steely Dan of Urban 805.” Moon’s also been featured in Keyboard Magazine and has a CD called Going to a Party buried in the time capsule by the clock at the SLO County Government Center. “They’ll open it 100 years from now, and we won’t be here and nobody will know who I was,” quipped Moon, now 54 yeas old. Maybe so, but for now, Moon’s the guy to go to when your synth is sick. S✔

Contact Soundcheck Editor Glen Starkey at

Photos by Steve E. Miller

ave you ever, out of curiosity, looked inside an electronic keyboard? Unless you’re an electronics wiz, you’re likely to encounter a foreign landscape of green circuit boards filled with microchips, transistors, and resistors next to a series of little rubber switches under the plastic keys and buttons. It might as well be the anatomy of a space alien’s body. The idea is, when you push a key or a button, it presses on the little rubber switch, which completes a circuit that sends a signal to a microchip—part of the keyboard’s computer—which in turn creates an electrical signal making the speaker emit a particular sound. Every keyboard has hundreds of electrical signals stored in its memory, and each represents a unique sound. So what do you do when your keyboard stops working? If it’s a cheap model, cheaper than $100, it probably ends up in a landfill, but some keyboards cost much more than $1,000. Regardless of the original cost, local musician Warfus “Moon” Powell, Jr., can probably fix it. “There’s only been two or three in my whole life I haven’t been able to fix,” boasted Moon, whose nickname was bestowed upon him at birth by his “auntie” due to his then-hazy blue eyes. How did he learn to repair these confounding, complicated pieces of electronics? “I went to the same high school as Walt Disney—Central High in Missouri—and I took one class in learning how to read resistors,” he explained. “Well, it must have clicked in my head, because I’ve been able to repair any keyboard ever since.”

Even though Moon has an imposing presence and looks like he could have been a football tackle, he describes himself as more of a nerd. “You know Urkle? The black nerd on Family Matters? That’s me!” he said. “I took one class in how to read resistor color charts, and now I’ve made speakers, made my own wireless microphones, whatever I want. You know how some people letter in football? Well, I lettered in chess. I’m just able to manipulate things. I’ve got that kind of brain.” It may have helped that he came from a music family. His father, Warfus Powell, Sr., was a quartet singer and gave voice lessons, most famously to blues and soul singer Johnnie Taylor.

Welcome to Synth Heaven! Warfus “Moon” Powell, Jr., is the local expert on fixing electronic keyboards at his business Synth Heaven. He owns nearly 80 keyboards, which he can loan during repair, or rent if you need a certain instrument for a gig. Contact him via e-mail at, call his cell at 440-9257, or visit his website at synthheaven.

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART It takes a certain kind of mind to work through the labyrinth that is the inner workings of an electronic keyboard, and Moon Powell of Synth Heaven has that kind of mind.

18 • Ssoundcheck OUNDCHECK 2011 2011 18

targets SLO County clubs, venues, festivals, and concert series

South County Venues

Branch St. Deli: 203 E. Branch St., Arroyo Grande, 4899099. Café Andreini: 131 E. Branch St., Arroyo Grande, 481-6117. Cliffs Resort: 2757 Shell Beach Road, Shell Beach, 773-5000 or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: 354 Five Cities Dr., Pismo Beach, 773-6420. Dolphin Bay/Lido: 2727 Shell Beach Road, Shell Beach, 773-4300 or Fin’s Seafood: 25 W. Grand Ave., Grover Beach, 473-3467. F. Mclintocks Saloon & Dining House: 750 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach, 773-1892 or Gather Wine Bar: 122 E. Branch St. in the village of Arroyo Grande, 474-4771 or Harry’s Night Club and Beach Bar: Cypress and Pomeroy, downtown Pismo Beach, 773-1010. Java Shack: 783, Price St., Pismo Beach, 773-9410. Mongo’s Saloon: 359 W. Grand Ave., Grover Beach, 4893639 or Mr. Rick’s: 404 Front St., Avila Beach, 595-7425.

The Santa Maria Brewery: 112 Cuyama Lane (where Hwy. 166 meets Hwy. 101 on the west side), Nipomo, 3492090. Seaventure: 100 Ocean View, Pismo Beach, 773-4994. Shore Cliff/Pelican Point Restaurant: 2575 Price St., Pismo Beach, 773-0000. SLO Down Pub: 1200 E. Grand Ave. (at Brisco Road), Arroyo Grande, 473-0102. Spyglass Inn and Restaurant: 2703 Spyglass Drive off of Shell Beach Road, 773-1222. Steamers of Pismo: 1601 Price St., 773-4711 or

SLO Town Venues

Bon Temps Creole Café: 1000 Olive St., 544-2100. Cielo Cantina: 1023 Chorro St., 547-5544. Courtyard by Marriott: 1605 Calle Joaquin, 786-4200. Creeky Tiki: 782 Higuera St., 903-2591 or Frog & Peach Pub: 728 Higuera, 595-3764. The Graduate: 990 Industrial Way, 541-0969 or

Higher Groundz: 3230 Broad St., 783-2264. Kreuzberg: 870 Monterey St., 439-2060. Linnaea’s Cafe: 1110 Garden St., 541-5888. Madonna Inn: 100 Madonna Road, 543-3000. Mother’s Tavern: 725 Higuera St., 541-8733 or Pappy McGregor’s: 1865 Monterey St., 543-5458. SLO Brew: 1119 Garden St., 543-1843 or Steynberg Gallery: 1531 Monterey St., 547-0278. Utopia Bakery Café: 2900 Broad St., 544-8867.

North County Venues

The Carlton Hotel: 6005 El Camino Real, Atascadero, 461-5100. Downtown Brew: 1108 Pine St., Paso Robles, 237-8444. Elkhorn Bar: 1263 Mission St., San Miguel, 467-3909. Last Stage West: Halfway Station on Hwy. 41 (15050 Morro Road at Toro Creek), 4611393. Level 4 Speakeasy: 1216 Park St., Paso Robles, 237-2111 or Lombardi’s Pasta Familia: 836 11th St., Paso Robles, 237-7786. The Pour House: 1331 Vendels Circle, Paso Robles, 2392868 or Pappy Mcgregor’s: 1122 Pine St., Paso Robles, 238-7070. Paso Robles Inn and

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Steakhouse: 1103 Spring St., 238-2660. Pine Street Saloon: 1234 Pine St., Paso Robles, 238-1114. Pony Club at Hotel Cheval: 1021 Pine St. in Paso Robles, 226-9995. The Porch: 22322 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita, 438-3376. Pozo Saloon: 90 W. Pozo Road, Santa Margarita, 4384225. The Ranch Restaurant And Honky Tonk Nightclub: 1285 Mission St. in San Miguel, or 467-5047. The Range: 22317 G St., Santa Margarita, 438-4500. Stacked Stone Cellars: 1525 Peach Canyon Road, Paso Robles, 238-7872. Villa Valdemosa Inn: 2552 Old Grove Lane in Paso Robles, 237-0170.

North Coast Venues

Cambria Pines Lodge: 2905 Burton Drive, Cambria, 927-4200 or cambriapineslodge. com. Ciao Bella Trattoria: 725 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 7727175. Coalesce Book Store Chapel: 845 Main St., Morro Bay, 772-2880. The Embarcadero Grill: 801 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 772-0700. Epic Light Gallery: 1062 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos, 528-7385.

Fuel Dock: 900 Main St., Morro Bay, 772-8478. The Hamlet At Moonstone Gardens: Hwy. 1, Cambria, 927-3535 (restaurant), 927-0567 (show reservations). Inn at Morro Bay: 60 State Park Road, Morro Bay, 772-5651. Las Cambritas: 2336 Main St., Cambria, 927-0175. Morro Bay Coffee Co.: 948 Morro Bay Blvd., 772-8880. Mozzi’s Saloon: 2262 Main St., Cambria, 927-4767. Old Cayucos Tavern: 130 N. Ocean Ave., Cayucos, 995-3209. Otter Rock Cafe: 885 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 772-1420. Rock Espresso Bar: 275 Morro Bay Blvd., Morro Bay, 7723411. Rogue Wave Cafe: 72 South Ocean Ave., Cayucos, 995-1968. Rose’s Landing: 725 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 772-4441. San Simeon Beach Bar and Grill: 9520 Castillo Drive, San Simeon, 927-4604. Sea Pines Golf Resort: 1945 Solano St., Los Osos, 5282333. Sweet Springs Saloon: 990 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos, 528-3764. Windows on the Water: 699 Embarcadero, suite 7, Morro Bay, 772-0677.

Northern Santa Barbara County Venues

Addamo Vineyard/ Tasting Room: 400 E. Clark

scratch and listen Repair service for your mixer, amplifier, speakers, and other pro-sound equipment

$ 159

10/04/11 – 10/25/11 Tuesday, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm


Be a Wine Bargain Hunter:

Finding Great Wine in Lean Times


10/11/11 – 10/20/11 Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

California Wine Appreciation

$ 210

Introduction to the Wine Industry

$ 290

11/02/11 – 12/07/11 Wednesday, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (No Class 11/23/11)

11/12/11 & 11/19/11 Saturday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Michael S. Friedlander Grover Beach, California License C7 # 947806



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Ave., suite E, Santa Maria, 9376400. Live music Wednesdays from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Club 805, Aka Stinky’s Bar & Grill: 2430 South Broadway, 614-9316. Cottonwood Canyon Winery: 3940 Dominion Road. 937-9063. Dj’s Saloon: 724 E. Ocean Ave., Lompoc, 736-5109. D’vine Wine Bar And Bistro: 107 W. Ocean Ave., Lompoc, 735-8771. Elmers: 115 E. Clark, Santa Maria. Features live music. Elmo’s Nipomo Saloon: 131 South Thompson Road, Nipomo, 929-5362. Karaoke Friday and Saturday nights. Historic Santa Maria Inn: 801 S. Broadway, 9287777. Live DJ Friday and Saturday, from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Dress code enforced. Live music by Steppin Out every second Saturday of the month. Jaspers: 114 S. “H” St., Lompoc. Karaoke Thursday from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Live D.J. on Fridays from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., 735-1509. Johnny’s Bar And Grill: 321 W Ocean Ave., Lompoc. 736-8978. O ‘Sullivans Pub: 633 E. Main St., Santa Maria. Info: 9250658. Orcutt Brew Co.: 315 S. Broadway, Old Orcutt, 934-3471 or Louie B’s: 213 E. Main St., 925-1193. Wednesday and Sundays: Karaoke. Thursday, Friday, Saturday: DJ.


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Tickets on Sale Now! Call 543-3533

SOUNDCHECK 2011 • 19 2011 soundcheck 19 TARGET from page 18 Maretti’s: 221 N. Broadway, 925-3622. Marisco’s Ensenada: 1127 W. Main St., 922-9095. Live mariachi music on weekends. Maverick Saloon: 3687 Sagunto, Santa Ynez, 686-4785. Fridays and Saturdays live entertainment from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. Concert on the deck at 3 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays DJPJ and his Light Show, 11:30 p.m. Office Saloon: 2712 Santa Maria Way, 928-6916. DJ on Fridays and Saturdays. Roadhouse Grill: 1423 S. Bradley. Info: 928-3668. A bike night is every first Thursday of the month from 6 to 9 p.m. Radisson Hotel: 3455 Skyway Dr., Santa Maria, 928-8000. Rancho Nipomo Deli & Bbq: 108 Cuyama Lane, Nipomo. 925-3500. Live music on weekends. The Wicked Shamrock: 143 North H St., Lompoc, 7369132. Zoe’s Hawaiian Bbq: 2880 Santa Maria Way, suite A-2, Santa Maria, 357-7635. Live Hawaiian music every Friday from 6 to 8 p.m.

Rental Venues

Arroyo Grande Rotary Bandstand: Heritage Square Park Village of Arroyo Grande: Contact AG Parks, Rec, and Facilities Department. Nadine Elliott: 473-5474 or nel- The Grange Hall: 2880 Broad St., San Luis Obispo, 5430639. Mitchell Park Bandstand: Mitchell Park, San Luis Obispo. Contact SLO Parks and Rec’s Karen Divine at 7817222. Acoustic concerts only! San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church: 1515 Fredericks St., SLO, Sanctuary and Activity Center, 543-7580 or The SLO Vet’s Hall: 801 Grand Ave., San Luis Obispo, 781-5930 or Sustenance Studio: 2033 Santa Barbara Ave., San Luis Obispo, 543-2186 Trinity Hall: 6565 Edna Road, San Luis Obispo, 541-3229.

Festivals & Concert Series

Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival: Contact, 773-4173, or Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival: Contact strawberry_fest.shtml, 773-4173, or Arroyo Grande Summer Concert Series: Contact 473-2250 or arroyogrande Arroyo Grande Village Summer Concert Series: Contact 773-4173 or curtis@ Atascadero Summer Saturday Concerts: Contact 470-3178 or

Avila Beach Blues Festival: Contact Bruce Howard 924-1142; or 1-888-825-5484 for tickets. Avila Beach Farmers Market: Info at visitavilabeach. com. Back Bay Jazz Festival: Contact 528-4884; info at Basin Street Regulars Of Pismo Beach Concerts: Pismo Beach Veterans Memorial Building, 780 Bello St., Contact 550-4865. Basin Street Regulars Presents Jubilee By The Sea: Contact 550-4865, 5281612, 481-7840, or pismojazz. com. Brown Bag Concerts: First Presbyterian Church of SLO, Contact 543-5451. California Mid-State Fair: Mid State Fairgrounds: 2198 Riverside Ave. in Paso Robles. For info and tickets call 1-800-909-FAIR or midstate Cal Poly Music And Festivals: Contact 756-2787 or 756-2406; info at Cambria Concerts At Shamel Park: Contact 9273624; info at cambriachamber. org. Central Coast Children’s Choir: Info at Central Coast Railroad Festival: Contact 773-4173 or; info at California International Choral Festival And Competition (Cicfc): Contact 541-6797 or 756-2787;

The Shival Experience

Our unique “dreadalelic” style of music expertly blends reggae, rock, blues, funk and soul in addition to our very own originals. We are also available for any special occasions… Concert, Night Clubs, Private Parties, Vineyards, & Wedding Receptions For bookings or for more information…Contact us website: email:


info at Clark Center: Contact 4899444; info: at Cliffs Resort Summer Concerts: 2757 Shell Beach Road in Shell Beach. Contact 773-5000; info at cliffsresort. com. Cuesta College Concerts: Contact 546-3195; info at Concerts in the Paso Robles Park: The City Park Gazebo, 12th and Spring streets. Contact: 237-3988 or 237-4741. Festival Mozaic: Contact 781-3008; info at festivalmozaic. com. Festival Mozaic Wintermezzo Series: Contact 781-3009; info at Grover Beach Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series: Ramona Garden Park, 993 Ramona Ave. Contact 473-4585; info at PAC and Cal Poly Arts Concerts: Contact 756-2787; info at or calpolyarts. org. Live Oak Music Festival: Lake Cachuma, off of Hwy. 154 in the Santa Ynez Valley. Contact 781-3030; info at Main Stage Entertainment at Farmers’ Market in SLO: Higuera and Nipomo streets. Contact 541-0286. Morro Bay Music Festival: 714 Embarcadero. Contact 772-1155; info at Pacific Breeze Concert Series at Dinosaur Caves Park in Pismo Beach:

targets SLO County clubs, venues, festivals, and concert series Contact 773-4173 or curtis@; info at Pops by the Sea: Avila Beach Golf Resort. Contact 5433533; info at Pozo Saloon Concerts: 90 West Pozo Road, east of Santa Margarita. Contact 438-4225; info at Red Barn Concerts: 2180 Palisades Ave. and 2220 Snowy Egret Lane, Los Osos. Contact 528-4530 or stu@helmintoller. com. San Luis Chamber Orchestra Performances: Contact 528-7795; info at Schoolhouse Rock at Salisbury Vineyards: 6985 Ontario Road off of the Avila Beach exit. Contact 595-WINE; info at activities. SLO Blues Society Concerts: Contact 541-7930; info at SLO County Band Summer Concerts: Mitchell Park in SLO. Info at SLO Downtown Association Concerts in the Plaza: The Mission Plaza. Contact 541-0286; info at SLO Farmers Market: Higuera Street. Contact 5410286; info at

SLOFolks Concerts: Contact 528-8963 or; info at SLO Symphony: Contact 543-3533; info at slosymphony. com. SLO Vocal Arts Ensemble Concerts: Contact 541-6797; info at Steynberg Gallery Concerts: 1531 Monterey St., SLO. Contact 547-0278. Stone Soup Music Faire: 8th, 9th, and Ramona streets, Grover Beach. Contact 4899091 or 473-4580. Sylvester Winery Summer Sunset Concerts: 5115 Buena Vista Dr., Paso Robles. Contact 2274000; info at sylvesterwinery. com. Templeton Concerts in the Park: Contact 434-4900; info at events. Paderewski Festival: Contact 227-2888; info at Tuesdays in the Park Concert Series in Atascadero: Atascadero Lake Park. Contact 466-2044; info at Vina Robles Saturday Live Series: Contact 3690140 or 227-4812; info at S✔

Former Gourmet Grub Chef Chris Logan has now joined the Otter Rock Team. Come by and try his specials!

Full Bar & Live Entertainment Nightly Karaoke - Wed. 8pm | Open Jam - Thurs. Night

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily Kids Menu & Breathtaking Bay Views

885 Embarcadero, Morro Bay (805) 772-1420


SLO County clubs, venues, festivals, and concert series



he Chumash people, so their legend goes, originated on the Channel Islands, the progeny of little magic seeds planted by the goddess Hutash. And at first, the little seed people thrived off the wealth of the land and sea. But over time, the islands slowly became too crowded, so Hutash extended a rainbow bridge over the Pacific Ocean to the unpopulated California coast. Of those who survived mythic journey, some would settle as far south as Malibu. But others made their way north, finding their idyll among the Cambria pines. Thousands of years later, their story is recalled in the concrete of Camp Ocean Pines’ outdoor amphitheater, not far from a Chumash gathering place. For millennia, says Chris Cameron, the camp’s executive director, “people have been meeting at this site, sharing food, sharing songs, telling stories—and we’re just the latest ones.”

CAMPY Camp Ocean Pines’ freshly completed

Chumash drawings popoutdoor amphitheater features a rainbow ulate the amphitheater mosaic and traditional Chumash designs. stage, revealing stories like that of the rainbow bridge. “We’re just one step in a long continuum,” adds Cameron, who’s worked at the camp for 10 years. In operation since 1946, Camp Ocean Pines welcomes campers, offers outdoor education, and provides workshops for adults on storytelling, songwriting, weaving, Native American flute playing, and other cherished traditions. The camp christened its new stage just weeks prior to this writing, in a concert featuring Severin Browne, Alan Thornhill, Penny Nichols, and others. But according to Cameron, public concerts are to be relatively seldom, and never occur It was one such without purpose. A concert will kick off a concert—a classical string weeklong workshop on music, for example, quartet performance delivered from the or showcase what campers have learned camp’s old, rapidly disintegrating wooden stage— during their stay. that unexpectedly launched the amphitheater’s

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Camp Ocean Pines’ new amphitheater links music to Chumash history

targets overhaul in 2006. The late Bobbie Monroe, a Cambria local, noted the stage’s condition and donated a generous $10,000 toward the reconstruction of the space. After obtaining a permit from the county to rebuild, the camp worked with several landscape architects and civil engineers, among them Randy Davidson of local engineering consulting firm Taylor and Syfan, who traded construction calculations for summer camp for the company’s engineers’ children. The amphitheater, which seats roughly 200, was made from donated concrete, covered in locally sourced flagstone, and decorated by a rainbow mosaic—the product of a free weekend retreat for volunteer mosaic-makers with a little time and unwanted dishware on their hands. Newly finished, the camp’s stone gathering place—an expression of the trademark Ocean Pines creativity, connection to nature (they sleep in cabins made from hay bales!), and to the past—may prove it’s best preserved. S✔

w o b n i ra

Contributor Anna Weltner can be contacted through

SOUNDCHECK 2011 • 21 2011 soundcheck 21

CD Duplication & Packaging Kufala Recordings

Contact: Brady Lahr, 239-4201,, 1401 Park St., unit 103, Paso Robles, 93446, URL:

Kufala specializes in CD reproduction using environmentally friendly materials—no plastic in either the CD cases or wrapping! They can do short runs of 100 to 200 discs in a one-day turn around, or run thousands. They work with major acts such as Pearl Jam, but are equally happy to help local bands.

Consultation & Management AMS Entertainment

Contact: 202-2020, 1-800-5493472, or slo@amsentertainment. com URL: amsentertainment. com/slo

Celebrate in style with a large selection of DJs, emcees, live musicians, bands, and entertainers. Obsession Entertainment Contact:

886-4040 or reza@obsessionent. com, 793 A East Foothill Blvd., suite 295, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 URL:

Obsession Entertainment is an event management and production company providing specialized lighting for worldclass DJs, helping clients find the venues of their dreams, and more. Reinhardt Event Services Contact: Curtis

Reinhardt, 773-4173 or curtis@, 2251 Shell Beach Road, suite 6, Pismo Beach, CA 93449 URL:

Curtis helps plan and organize events. He’s been booking and promoting concerts for years and works to make sure events run smoothly, including the Central Coast Railroad Festival, the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, and Village Summer Concert Series. Unfinished Business Productions Contact: Ed

Miller, 929-5211,, URL:

Find planning, organizing, promoting, and presenting live music events (concerts, parties, dances, fundraisers, wedding receptions, etc.) and music industry trade shows.

Equipment Sales & Rentals A-Town Audio Video Contact: 462-2732, 6040 El Camino Real, Atascadero

A-Town Audio Video is the source for AV solutions. They

design, install, and sell products like Shure, Crown, JBL, Lexicon, Soundcraft, Tascam, Neutrik, Dbx, Aviom, AKG, etc. Give them a call or come on by to check out their retail store.

Audio Flair Sound Reinforcement Contact: Mike Bacciarini, 400-0306 or, URL:

Audio Flair offers the setup and operation of sound systems for live events, with special attention to an artful mix. Their expertise gives you the freedom to concentrate on other matters during a busy show. Licensed and insured, Audio Flair prides itself on efficient setup, safety, courtesy, and responsiveness. Concert, church event, school, or festival, their sound systems are scalable to your needs. Audio Visual Solutions and Rentals Contact: 7870342, 575 Leff St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-4349 URL:

Audio Visual Solutions has been a vendor for hotels and banquet facilities in SLO County since 1997. Rather than catering to bands and music venues, it provides professional audio and visual equipment for meetings, conventions, wine festivals, awards shows, and banquets. Bill Gaines Audio Inc.

Contact: 545-8366 or rental@, 840-A Capitolio Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 URL: billgainesaudio. com

Bill Gaines Audio is a full service production company for both sound and lights. Their rental department has a large selection of sound equipment and lighting for events from small speaking engagements to large concerts. They also have DJ lighting and audio equipment as well as recording gear. Delivery and engineering available. Five Cities Music and Sounds Contact: 481-7121, 618 E. Grande Ave., Arroyo Grande, CA

Find guitars, amps, pro sound, cables and accessories, band instrument sales, service, rentals, and repairs. Get guitar, drum, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone instruction. There’s a full-service audio and video production and recording studio. Get location production and work with national awardwinning producer-director. Join production classes and ProTools and recording seminars. Get help with a performance venue, sound stage, and YouTube videos. The staff is friendly and helpful! “You’ll be hearing from us!” Owens Music Co.

Contact: 543-9588, 1441 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo URL:

For the past 36 years, Owens

Music has been serving San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties with a consistent selection of musical supplies. The company lays claim to being the largest music store on the Central Coast and the only piano dealer from Ventura to Salinas. Owens Music invites people to feel free to stop by and play a tune or two.

Music Instruments & Repair Butch’s Guitar & Repair Contact: 782-9419,

570 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo

Butch Boswell is certified to make warranty repairs on almost a dozen major brand guitars, as well as smaller makers, including Martin, Taylor, National Reso-Phonic, Santa Cruz, and Fender. Butch boasts that he can fix almost anything with strings, including banjos, mandolins, fiddles, ukuleles, and orchestral instruments.

Drum Circuit Contact: 5430338, 280 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo URL:

The Drum Circuit reports being inspired and run in the tradition of some of the great drum shops around the country. The shop prides itself on its service, accurate information, integrity, and a special love for drumming. Ernie Ball Inc. Contact:

544-7726, 151 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo URL: ernieball. com

Guitar and string maker Ernie Ball has been producing guitars and accessories for decades. Slash, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, The Eagles, John Mayer, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, and Jack White are a few of his many famous customers.

Esoterik Guitars Contact: 215-0784, 871 Via Esteban, San Luis Obispo URL:

Esoterik Guitars makes high end, neck through, electric guitars. The customer chooses from select woods, premium finishes, and the very best in hardware. They feature dual spoke wheel truss rods and optional glow-in-the-dark side dots. Their solid neck through design provides the best in sustain, and they can accurately handle any tuning you could possibly desire. Grand Performance Music & Sound Contact:

489-7181, 620 Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande

Grand Performance Music and Sound offers a range of audio products, from individual pieces to complete systems for a variety of uses: live performances, clubs, houses of worship, background music, and


music-related businesses on the Central Coast public address.

Jensen Guitar and Music Co. Contact: 934-8687,

1130 E. Clark Ave., Santa Maria URL:

Come in and see the experienced sales staff about the selection of new and used guitars, basses, drums, mandolins, banjos, fiddles, ukuleles, autoharps, and more. The knowledgeable guitar techs are trained to perform expert repairs on most stringed instruments. They also have more than 15 instructors offering guitar, bass, and drum lessons to all ages. Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven Contact: 481-2226,

100 E. Branch St., Arroyo Grande URL:

Check out Lightning Joe’s for guitar needs. The shop boasts a knowledgeable staff and “huge stock” of more than 1,400 guitars and accessories. Matt’s Music Stage & School Contact: 237-0054, 211

S. Main St., Templeton 93465 URL:

Matt’s Music is a full-service music center in downtown Templeton. Matt has more than 40 years of experience and does most repairs himself. Concerts and workshops by international artists provide the community with entertainment and learning experiences. It’s open Monday through Saturday, and Sunday by appointment.

MP Ukuleles Contact: Mike Pereira, 226-8368, mikeinslo@, PO Box 381, Shandon 93461, URL:

A very cool custom ukulele builder right in our own backyard, he worked for National Guitars years ago. M.S. Friedlander Electrical Electronics

Contact: 481-2518,

Get technical and repair services for bands, studios, live venues, home theaters. Meet a bench tech and sound engineer with 35 years’ experience. Find planning, design, and installation; License #947806. National Reso-Phonic Guitars Contact: 546-8442, 871 Via Esteban, San Luis Obispo URL: nationalguitars. com

National Reso-Phonic Guitars prides itself on creating high-end reso-phonic stringed instruments reflecting the 1920s design that amplified an acoustic guitar’s sound through cones in the guitar body. National does custom guitars and offers a line of various models of Reso-Phonic guitars.

Triplett Harps Contact: 544-2777, 220 Suburban Road,

San Luis Obispo URL:

Morro Bay, 93443 URL: slojazz. org

Triplett Harps has been designing and building musical instruments since 1980. All of the harps are designed with consideration for tone, lines, and workmanship, featuring a range of sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of beginning and advanced harpists.

Central Coast jazz lovers have come together to create the SLO County Jazz Federation, which serves to support and encourage jazz appreciation by sponsoring live jazz performances, jam sessions, and scholarships, as well as grants for Central Coast musicians with a passion for jazz music.

Faultline Music Contact: 226-7400, 1526 Spring St., Paso Robles, 93446 URL: fault

Faultline Music recently moved to a new building at 1526 Spring St. in Downtown Paso Robles. Faultline carries beginner to pro-level guitars, amps, drums, and accessories, as well as offers lessons, repairs, and PA system rentals.

Music Organizations San Luis Chamber Orchestra Contact: 528-7795

or, URL:

The San Luis Chamber Orchestra is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, organized exclusively for charitable purposes. The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for amateur musicians to rehearse and perform orchestral music, furnish inexpensive live orchestral music performances to the public, and foster appreciation for the live performance of orchestral music. SLO Folks (San Luis Obispo Folk Music Society) Contact: 528-8963

or, 2495 Tierra Dr., Los Osos, 93401 URL:

SLOfolks, a nonprofit organization, brings live music from Appalachia to Mali, a diversity reflecting the cultural history and expression of the people’s music played on a variety of instruments. Listeners will hear sea shanties, ballads, work songs, Gypsy music, West African Kora, Celtic, and bluegrass, as well as French musettes and Brazilian instruments. SLO Blues Society

Contact: 541-7930, P.O. Box 14041, San Luis Obispo, 93406 URL:

The San Luis Obispo Blues Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the Central Coast with high-quality blues music performances at reasonable prices. The society typically produces seven shows per year. SLO Jazz Federation

Contact: 546-3733, P.O. Box 1888,

SLO Song Makers

Contact: 772-1875 or dpj1942@

Join other amateur musicians in acoustic jams for fun and mutual support. They play mainly old-time, folk, bluegrass, and country music, using a “song circle” format. The group is sociable, with occasional potlucks and most meetings in local homes. Bring “Rise Up Singing” songbook, if possible. They meet monthly in SLO or Morro Bay areas.

Music Schools & Teachers ArcSongs Vocal Studio Contact: 801-2814 URL:

Teaching genuine vocal technique for truly healthy, expressive performance, this studio welcomes students of all ages and musical styles. Initial consultations and minilessons are free of charge. Set your voice free and sing with all colors of your true voice. A. Rosalind Crew, BM, MM Contact: 801-2814 or Arc@

Learn to sing any musical genre in your style with power, range, agility, and command through proven techniques and professional coaching. All ages and musical styles are welcome. Your initial consultation/mini-lesson is free of charge. Set your voice free! Cal Poly Music Department Contact: 756-

2406, URL:

The Cal Poly Music Department is part of the university’s College of Liberal Arts. The department boasts numerous student ensembles, including the Arab Music Ensemble, choirs, Student Opera, jazz bands, Mustang Marching Band, RSVP Multi-Media Productions, symphony, and wind bands. Dozens of recitals and concerts are presented each year, several of which feature guest and faculty artists. Visit the online calendar of events

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22 soundcheck 2011 2011 22 •SOUNDCHECK

Modern Music Academy Contact: 542-9528,

from page 21

at Central Coast Children’s Choir Contact: 541-5323, Arroyo Grande URL:

Founded in 1994, the Central Coast Children’s Choir provides children in San Luis Obispo County the opportunity to experience the joy of singing in live choral performances while receiving a music education. Coastal Dance & Music Academy Contact: 489-5678,

1012 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande 93420 URL:

This academy is dedicated to providing dance, theater, fitness, and music students with a family atmosphere that’s technically based, age appropriate, and that develops self-confidence and self-esteem.

Drum School 101 Contact: 543-0377, 280 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, 93401 URL:

This school’s instructors are musically educated, professional, working drummers.

Mary Sue Gee Contact:

Located in Los Osos, Mary Sue Gee teaches private singing lessons for all skill levels, from ages 15 to senior citizens. Basic vocal technique is emphasized and a variety of literature is used in lessons. The studio operates from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Grand Central Music Conservatory Contact:

785-0275, 3195 S. Higuera St., San Luis Obispo URL:

Grand Central Music and Conservatory does more than just sell musical instruments. The conservatory also features a lesson facility, guitar and equipment repairs, sound installations, do-it-yourself wedding lighting and sound rentals, and more.

Jessica Teaches Piano

Contact: 709-9907 (cell) Grover Beach

Jessica Nelson is a piano teacher in Grover Beach. She teaches beginning students to read music and the foundations of music theory. Her desire is to teach her students to love music while learning to read music. Kindermusik Contact:

Kimberly Casazza 478-1553, 705 S. McClelland St., Santa Maria 93454 URL:

Kindermusik is a music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids. You and your child will play, listen, and dance to musical activities specifically designed to stimulate early childhood development and strengthen neural pathways in your child’s mind. Matt’s Music Stage & School Contact: 237-0054,

247 Cheyenne Dr., Paso Robles, 93446 URL: mattsmusicinpaso. com

The teaching staff at Matt’s Music believes no one is too old, too young, or too experienced to learn something new. Teachers include Dorian

265 Pacific St., units C and D, San Luis Obispo, 93401 URL:

Modern Music Academy has been making musicians in San Luis Obispo since 2003. This independent trade school provides world-class music industry training for guitarists and songwriters. With connections to industry and the Academy of Contemporary Music in London and Oklahoma, MMA offers Certificate programs in professional music, artist development, and music information technology. You don’t have to move to L.A. to give your music a real shot. Rhythm and Keys School of Music Contact: 473-9800, 1310 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande, 93420-2422

This school teaches piano lessons and more at all levels.

Jim Thurman has been teaching various stringed instruments for the past 18 years. These include old-time and bluegrass banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, fiddle, and ukulele. He also teaches harmonica and keyboards. Rates are $100/month for an hour lesson every week or $30/hour every other week.

Natasha Yufe Contact: 931-0301, natashamnyd@gmail. com

485 Alisal Road, suite G2, Solvang URL:

Following the Suzuki Method approach to music education, they guide students into developing positive relationships with the piano, guitar, and choral singing that

Music Stores Boo Boo Records, Inc. Contact: 541-0657 or infor@, 978 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo URL:

Voice Workshop Schedule New Times is celebrating




of excellent news and entertainment coverage! Come celebrate with us in our 25th Anniversary Issue! It’s going to be a special issue that you will want to be a part of.

Sept. 24, 9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. Tuition $75

544-0686, 563 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo URL: cheapthrills. biz/CT

Cheap Thrills is known for its large vinyl selection, but also offers a deep catalog of CDs and even cassette tapes. Talk to the staff to find the music you need.

Online Resources Central Coast Entertainment URL:

TECH continued page 23

Enjoy bands ’s, playing Top 40 Contemporary sic Rock Dance Mu lts Nightly for adu of all ages from 9pm to 2am!

dliner at local & hea h Featuring gre y at 9pm, wit bands nightl d n ays turdays & Su ban d s o n S a 2 am m & 9pm to at 3pm to 8p

Healthy Belting

Sept. 24, 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Tuition $125

Preparing for a Vocal Audition

Oct. 22, 9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. Tuition $75


Estill Voice Training Level I & II

Ad Deadline 7.28.11 Published 8.11.11

Jan. 14-16, & 21-22, 2012 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. $575 plus workbooks $55

Call 805-546-8208 or email for rates and more information.

Call or register online at Click on “Estill Voice Training”





3 Steps to a More Powerful Voice

Borders carries new CD releases, as well as classic albums, collections, and music DVDs.

Check out this site for listings of upcoming entertain-

Since 1974, Boo Boo Records continues to celebrate

for Private Voice Lessons call Judith Dunlore · 489-5687

Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, 93405

Cheap Thrills Contact:

According to Natasha, “I am a bone fide teacher of singing. The method I use is the Bel Canto, the method that has been around the longest. This teaches the singer to preserve and protect the voice for as long as the student lives. My hours are flexible and I have many years experience under my belt.”

Song in My Heart Studio Contact: 680-4986,

Borders Books & Music Contact: 544-8222, 243



The curriculum is for all levels, beginner to pro. Students can work on improving technique, developing reading skills, and learning a variety of styles. The studios are equipped with wide screen monitors and highquality sound systems.

Jim Thurman Contact: Jim Thurman, 541-5276, or

and support the musical lifestyle of the Central Coast. Jump start your vinyl collection, browse new and used CDs and LPs, grab tickets to the best concerts, or pursue our deep selection of music, clothing, and cultural keepsakes. Come in and enjoy a San Luis Obispo treasure.



music-related businesses on the Central Coast

will bring joy and personal expression at any age.



Michael, Julie Beaver, Jacob Odell, Emily Yurcheschen, and Grant Chase.


10am to 2


One block up from the Pismo Pier!

690 Cypress, Pismo Beach • 773-1010

2011 soundcheck •


from page 22

ment events.

Central Coast Rocks URL: presents the latest California concert listings, a local calendar that features “everything going on in the 805,” concert photos, and interviews with major acts. The site is updated daily for music fans looking for what rocks. Other features include a local bands page—which showcases groups and artists from Lompoc to Paso—and concert ticket giveaways. New Times URL: newtimesslo.


Read about upcoming music events and post information about your band—all for free!

Promoters Azz High as the Sky Promotions and Productions Contact: James Gi

at 467-9782 or jamesg2010pro@

“Hi, I’m James Gi! I have combined our musical knowledge and artistic ideologies to formulate a network to bring performers to the Central Coast and beyond— booking the best deals of all genres of music and events and providing leasing halls and daily permits for alcohol sales during shows. Our mission is with you the clientele base, fans, performers, sponsors, and business execs who make it happen in and out of the entertainment business; we thank you in advance for your support to make all dreams of the music industry a reality to all.” Bluegrass Music Society of the Central Coast URL:

BMSCC promotes and preserves bluegrass, old-time, traditional and gospel music for Central Coast enthusiasts by organizing and conducting programs, producing events, and networking with kindred individuals and organizations.

Cal Poly Arts Contact: 7566556 or cparts@polymail.calpoly. edu, 1 Grand Ave., San Luis Obispo, 93407, URL:

Cal Poly Arts books shows in the Performing Arts Center and the Spanos Theatre on the Cal Poly campus, with an aim to deliver an eclectic program that will appeal to a wide variety of community members. Grateful Family Promotions Contact: Kevin

Costigliolo, 305-0460; Fax: 7850247, 5067 Davenport Creek Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 URL:,

Grateful Family specializes in reggae and world music, seeking to keep its shows positive. Kevin is also the Festival Coordinator for the SLO Jazz Festival. Numbskull Productions

Contact: 987-2026 or, 2490 Deerfield Ct., suite P, Camarillo, 93010, URL:

Eddy Burgos of Numbskull Productions has been bringing the Central Coast punk, alternative, and metal music for two decades.

Otter Productions, Inc.

Otter Productions, Inc., strives to bring live music of all genres to the people of the Central Coast. “We are in this business for the long term, and we will do our best to conduct our business in a fashion that will insure repeat customers, with the audiences we serve and with the performers who we work with.” Reinhardt Event Services

Contact: Curtis Reinhardt, 773-4173 or 801-9636 (cell), 2251 Shell Beach Road, suite 6, Pismo Beach, 93449, URL:

Reinhardt Event Services offers multifaceted business capabilities in both events and special media marketing to its Central Coast commercial and tourist-based economic partners. Its efforts have already enhanced the culture of San Luis Obispo County through its work with both commercial and nonprofit organizations. Unfinished Business Productions Contact: Ed Miller,

929-5211 or URL:

They handle planning, organizing, promoting, and presenting live music events (concerts, parties, dances, fundraisers, wedding receptions, etc.) and music industry trade shows.

Record Labels High Fidelity Records

Contact: Frank Hayes,, P.O. Box 1071, Grover Beach, 93483, URL:

High Fidelity Records is a DIY independent record label based out of Grover Beach. The label places a heavy focus on metal, hardcore, punk, and other fringe extreme genres of music. Since being established in 2002, HFR has released 30 recordings with formats ranging from CD to 7-inch to LP. Geojazz Records Contact:

Henry,, P.O. BOX 544, San Luis Obispo, Ca 93406, URL:

GeoJazz Records is an independent label based in San Luis Obispo. The label is focused on avant garde, modern, and free jazz. Established in 1998, the label continues to record and distribute music locally and on the web. Check them out at geojazzrecords. com.

Recording Studios Avalon Digital Recording Contact: Kip, 546-0789

Kip Stork has been a professional sound engineer for decades, starting in Los Angeles before moving to the Central Coast to start


tech Dove Systems

It also produces shows in the Southern California and the Salinas Valley.

Contact: Bruce, 924-1142; Taylor, 794-8208; bruce or; P.O. Box 464, Cambria, 93428-3226, URL:


music-related businesses on the Central Coast this recording facility. He’s also the in-house soundman for Downtown Brew and has set up many sound systems in SLO County.

Blue Universe Recording Contact: 787-0507, 3195 McMillan Ave., San Luis Obispo, URL:

Blue Universe Recording invites musicians to experience “the sonic excellence of a vintage 32 channel Neve console, 2-inch analog tape, or Nuendo DAW.” They boast Westlake monitoring, Bryston power. The Digital Soup Kitchen Contact: 423-0224, URL:

Digital Soup Kitchen provides audio recording and editing on ADAT hard disk and direct to computer using Logic and Bias software, automated Flying Fader mixing on a fully digital console, and the best analog mic-pres and compressors. They have an excellent keyboard selection, as well as electronic and analog drums, tube and solid state guitar, and bass amps. Their low rates will allow you to take the time to get it right. Fast Trax Recording Studio Contact: 543-2729, 874

Via Esteban, suite A, San Luis Obispo, 93401 URL:

Fast Trax seeks to accommodate a variety of recording needs, from local businesses looking for a catchy jingle to artists looking for a place to make music. Moon Productions and Recording Contact: 709-2131,

1885 Pomeroy Road, Arroyo Grande, 93420

Moon offers 48-track digital CD recording. Call for prices and studio availability. Old School Ranch Studio

Contact: Denis Degher, 296-2562,, URL:

Before Old School Ranch Studio owner Denis Degher moved to Paso Robles, he worked his mojo at his Red Zone Studios in Burbank and Santa Monica with the likes of Tupac, Brian Setzer, Earth, Wind & Fire, L.A. Guns, Fabulous T Birds, Questlove, Killing Machine, Buddy Guy, and many more. Says Degher, “I’ve cut metal, blues, jazz, rap and soul and love it all.” In the heart of the wine country, Degher and studio are available for hire at his hilltop compound overlooking Paso. Got Mojo? Painted Sky Recording Studios Contact : 927-8330, 4111 Bridge St., Cambria, 93428 URL:

Painted Sky reveals its most important goal is to help musical artists achieve the realization of the sonic vision they hear in their head. They combine classic 2-inch analog and digital gear with a platinum award-winning engineer with years of real-world recording experience. Radiant Radish Contact: 925-

8268, 1107 S. Miller St., Santa Maria 93454

This locally owned, 24-track recording studio is for music projects of any type, specializing in full album projects and movie scores. Offering low prices for artists of all genres and skill levels.

Rockwell Sounds Contact: Brian Wallace, 466-1351 or brian@, 5935 Entrada Ave., Atascadero URL: or

Professional Lighting Control for Churches, Theatres and Clubs Dove Controllers & Dimmers are rugged, reliable and built here in the USA.

Rockwell Sounds is a full-service recording studio in Atascadero, specializing in music production, post, duplication, and video. The studio complex features eight rooms, an outdoor 200-seat live venue, duplication, and CD printing suite, and the West Coast offices of the PennyReel Record Label.

Silver Lining Audio Contact: Jesse Eaton 801-8037, URL:

Looking for a quality recording engineer on the Central Coast? Jesse Eaton at Silver Lining Audio will provide great rates, experience, and sound. Bands like Sanctus Real, Dominic Balli, and Everyday Sunday contribute to Silver Lining Audio’s credits. Sutton Sound Studio

(805) 541-8292 28 years in San Luis Obispo County, CA., USA

Contact: 466-1833, 8390 Curbaril Ave., Atascadero, 93422

Sutton Sound Studio has been around since 1975 and operates with both Pro Tools digital and 2-inch analog equipment to help musicians get the sound they’re looking for. Greg Youngman Music

Contact: 688-1136, Santa Ynez, 93460, URL:

Greg Youngman Music is the recording studio of choice for Central California musicians. A modest arsenal of some of the finest equipment available, coupled with Greg’s 40 years of audio recording experience, will produce the professional results that fine musicians demand.

Rehearsal Spaces Entrada Studios Contact:

Mark Jansen, 712-3320, or, URL:, 5945 Entrada Ave., Atascadero

Find a suite of acoustically superior, soundproof rooms rented hourly for practice, jamming, or your own recording project. Rooms are equipped with PAs and other backline to save you time. No commitment required: Use occasionally or for regular practices. Buying time in advance considerably reduces price and never expires. Also find gear storage, a break room, a loading dock, and parking, all close to Hwy 101. S✔

Come enjoy good music, good friends and good brew! Thursdays Open Mic Night Fridays Live Music Proudly serving STUMPTOWN COFFEE Local Beers On Tap




5760 El Camino Real Atascadero


practice safe listening Wearing ear protection today can preserve your hearing for tomorrow

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The human ear can withstand only so much loud sound. We offer long-lasting custom-fit earplugs for musicians, motorcyclists, airline personnel, and others who want to reduce noise levels without muffling speech and music. Tell a friend.


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SoundCheck 2001  

Music Resource to the Central Coast

SoundCheck 2001  

Music Resource to the Central Coast