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Orfalea College of Business Cal Poly Faculty Ballot:

Interdisciplinarv Concentration in International Business Voter Pool: Tenured and tenure-track faculty Deadline for submitting ballot: Friday. September 23, 2011 before 4:00pm to Katherine or her assistant at the (Ganakis) Administrative Services Window on the fourth floor.

Please Vote

for One (Yes or No)

This Ballot is modeled after the UPC Ballot that was the basis for a College Faculty vote in June, 2011. This ballot presents only two options, YES or NO. The language for these two options has been retained from the prior ballot.

"Should International Business concentration continue to be approved as an interdisciplinary course of study, irrespective of its location within the Orfalea College of Business?


Please circle ONE option: (Ballot choices are YES or NO) YES - I vote to retain the interdisciplinary concentration in IB as I understand that the YES vote means:



j. ,a .d NO


it appears in the 2011-13 catalog.

A cross-functional, cross-Area curriculum oversight body must be formed (one faculty representative from each of the 6 Areas) to perform the following firnctions: 1. To review and evaluate any existing assessment data, propose curricular adjustments, and further develop the assessment procedures for this IDC 2. Meet at least quarterly to discuss issues of importance to the curriculum All Areas will be required to actively participate in the delivery of a high qualrty curriculum, including the designation of future faculty hires to support resource requirements generated by the cross-disciplinary group. The administrative tasks needed to deliver this IDC will be shared by All Areas The Dean may appoint faculty to perform the above functions The UPC will solicit participation to move forward with the majority will.

I vote to remove interdisciplinary concentration in IB from the 2011-13 Catalog. I understand that the NO vote means: .a Not a single existing IB course will be eliminated ,A No tenure-track faculty member will be terminated ,a OCOB will continue to offer courses and support the currently enrolled IB students. L All interested faculty will be encouraged to develop new curricular proposals that will ensure quality coverage of globalization throughout our curriculum A The UPC will solicit participation to move forward with the majority will.


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