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Director's Cup Smart pan and tilt unit for improved neutralizer aiming.

Large capacity hopper for neutralization rounds to fire at enemy targets.

Wireless antennas used for remote command and control.

Custom neutralization mechanism built using additive manufacturing. It precision fires one or more neutralization rounds. The brushless motors with closed loop velocity control give us the ability to customize the trajectory of each shot. Outdoor rated LIDAR primarily used for obstacle avoidance and situation awareness.

Machine vision camera used for target classification and real-time shot tracking.


About the software used: Our team used the Robot Operating System architecture to create new autonomy nodes, as well as modify and utilize pre-existing packages. More details: Two Jetson Xavier embedded computers divided the workload of navigation and classification tasks so that they do not compete for resources on a single board.

June 2019 | 15

Profile for NSWC Panama City Division

Coastal Compass June 2019  

2019 Director's Cup Issue

Coastal Compass June 2019  

2019 Director's Cup Issue

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