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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

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APRIL 2019


West coast

inspired design Award-winning local designer Jamie Banfield talks home design

Spring clean up: Photo: Steven Chen


Small kitchen:


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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

Don’t move. Improve. With the help of Capilano Kitchen and Bath. after


At Capilano Kitchen and Bath, we guarantee that we will turn your home into a place worth keeping. We provide top of the line cabinetry and design for all of your renovation needs. Our team of experts work with you starting from the initial design through completion to relieve you of the stress of managing your own project. Cabinets are not just for kitchens and bathrooms; we design cabinetry for anywhere that storage is needed. Anything from laundry room cabinets, mudroom bench seating, home theatre units, and banquettes… we have you covered! Our North Vancouver showroom offers a wide range of cabinetry styles to choose from as well as quartz countertops, tiles and hardware. Book a free consultation in our beautiful showroom with one of our designers to get inspired! It’s never too late to create the space of your dreams. ■



We guarantee to transform your home into a place worth keeping. Call us to book your showroom appointment or visit our website.


3-1433 Rupert St., North Vancouver | 604 971 5660 | www.capilanokitchenbath.ca |


@capilanokitchenbath |


FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

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West coast inspired design


SIX TOP TRENDS We love for spring

SPRING CLEAN UP Refresh your backyard in time for spring

Finding the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bathroom is as easy as…

one, two, three

SHOP AND DESIGN CENTRE : 1073 Churchill Crescent, North Vancouver www.persaj.com l 604.770.2854


We help you to choose the right material and colour for your project and your budget.


We utilize a digital templating machine to take precise measurements that are right the first time.


We send in a professional and skilled crew to install your custom countertops.

Do it right the first time and love your new countertops for years to come. To book an appointment at Persaj, please call 604-770-2854.

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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019


inspired design


ward-winning interior designer, Jamie Banfield has become a creative force in the industry. He and his team have the ability to transform and create spaces that exude both function and beauty. Jamie frequently lends his talents to TV outlets, lifestyle talk shows and regularly gives his style advice on home show stages across North America.

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

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JAMIE BANFIELD by Michelle Hopkins

It seems award-winning interior designer Jamie Banfield’s creative spark took root at an early age. As a tyke, he loved building with Lego, drawing, changing the colour of his walls regularly and rearranging his parents’ furniture. In Grade 5, his parents’ best friends were looking to build a log cabin and asked the youngster to draw his vision for them. “They actually built a cabin similar to my drawing ... in fact they framed my design and it hangs in their cottage,” says the veteran designer. “Growing up, I thought that what I was doing was normal.” Fast-forward to today, he is frequently invited to lend his style on stage at such shows as: BC Home + Garden Show, Vancouver Home + Design Show, and the Edmonton Renovation Show, to name a few. In addition, he launched The Banfield, a high-end line of cabinetry. In 2015, Banfield was recognized as North American Kitchen and Bath Association’s Top 30 Under 30 designers. When he isn’t transforming interiors, he loves to cook for family and friends and explore the world. Find your own inspiration by logging on to Banfield’s blogs at jamiebanfield.ca or on Instagram at @jamie_banfield_design. What is your definition of home? The home is a place where you gather, relax, enjoy and build memories. As we work on these projects day in and day out, it was brought back to the top of our priority on a recent project. An empty nester with two sons, our amazing client wanted to create a space that the family and her future grandchildren can gather, host family birthdays, make cookies and foster memories. When creating a home, it is very important to showcase the personality of the home owners, their inspirations, needs and habits. Layering in many details that truly reflect the clients’ personality, how they want to live, and a place to welcome guests. How do you describe your own design style? This is a fun question that I have been asked many times over the years. At first my response was “we have no style” in the way that we gather inspiration for the project surrounds, the clients wish list and focus on the client’s overall reflection of style. As I look at our body of work, we totally have a style. We are very West Coast-inspired, lots of texture, natural elements and not afraid to play with contrast. Our spaces are approachable, lived-in and timeless. You can see many details of myself in all of our successful designs, a nod to natural elements, gathering of textures and of course some wood. Somewhere!

ALL PHOTOS: The Atkinson project in Langley, B.C., is the perfect example of layering details that reflect the homeowners’ personality and how they want to live. Photos by Janis Nicolay

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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

Your North Shore Landscape Supply Store! CREATIVE BRICKS ‘N’ BLOCKS


Just around the corner to 70 Senator Rd. (Former location of Norgate Sand & Gravel)


Bulk Sands, Aggregates, Soils, Bark Mulch and Manure ARISTOKRAT SERIES PORCELAIN SLABS 2cm Lightweight, porcelain slabs in a glorious selection of size, color, texture and finish.

The clean, modern look of 24” x 24” Texada Natural Concrete Slabs.

Classic Standard Series Concrete Pavers perfect for patio, poolside and driveways.

PisaLite retaining wall system; lightweight, easy to install multi-piece system available in 6 colours.


Bricks ’n’ Blocks

70 Senator Rd, North Vancouver 1371 McKeen Ave, North Vancouver604.984.3008 604.984.3008 (access us via the Philip Ave Overpass)

Mon to Fri 7:30am-4:00pm • Sat 8:00am-4:30pm • Closed Sun & Holidays

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

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Where do you turn for inspiration? We moved our office from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver to Port Moody about two years ago. This was a strategic move to surround our team in our core values, such as building communication, leaving our environments in better shape than when we found them and innovation. Port Moody is a growing community wrapped with water, mountains, trees and the outdoors. I love surrounding myself with the mountains and bodies of water and tend to pull inspiration from washed up pieces of wood, trail runs, morning and evening strolls on the water bank. Nature plays a massive hand in where we find our inspiration. How do you stay ahead of new trends while honouring lessons from the past? I think staying ahead of the trends means just being completely honest, always having an open mind, a desire to grow and learn and always asking “why.” The whole JBD team asks “why” to the conventional “this is how it is done,” and we have accomplished some amazing timeless design details by doing so. We have wrapped faces of cabinets in quartz Caesarstone and played with many other materials in ways it was not initially intending for, while keeping practicality, wear and timeless design in mind. What do you think is the biggest challenge people face when creating a look for their home? The biggest challenge most homeowners have is building up a curated space which is to scale and size.We see many homes where the area rug is one size to small or how the art has no real impact based on how small it is for the wall. Ideally with an area rug we would like each piece for the gathering to sit on the rug, whether it’s just the front legs or one-third of the sofa. When thinking of art, think of the wall it is to be placed on as the “frame” for the art.The height, width and spacing between each piece. Also stand back and see how these pieces are to be enjoyed. Are your guests seeing this as they enter your home, sitting at a running table or gathering in your living room? Most home owners undersize these impactful foundational pieces. What are the top design trends you’re seeing for the spring season? Hickory hardwood, terrazzo, pastel colours and mixed metals.

Small kitchen improvements that maximize functionality Many homeowners wish for expansive and modernized kitchens that include soughtafter features and showcase the latest trends. As desirable as such kitchens may be, some homes simply don’t have enough space for a centrefold-worthy kitchen featuring an island, wine refrigerator and walk-in pantry. However, homeowners with small kitchens can still improve the form and function of their existing spaces. Reconfigure and revamp cabinetry Homeowners whose kitchens are small often lament their lack of storage. Redesigning the layout of cabinets, and possibly adding some more cabinetry, may take care of certain storage issues. Work with the walls Small kitchens require clever usage of vertical space. Vertical storage units, hooks, shelving, and more can move items out of drawers and off of counters. Use scaled-down appliances When shopping for new appliances, consider compact versions that won’t take up as much space. Consider the ultimate function of the kitchen and then think about which appliances will serve them well. Add some glass Glass lets you see through the objects, thereby enhancing the feeling of spaciousness or what designers call “negative space.” Glass also can be reflective, visually expanding the space. Embrace high-end materials It costs less to renovate small spaces than bigger areas, so consider investing in high-end materials that really add personality to a kitchen. Flooring, counter materials and quality fixtures can really set small kitchens apart.

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Now is the time to begin spring cleanup outside During the cold months of winter, many people stare longingly out of the window dreaming of spring and time spent outdoors. For those with green thumbs, images of tending to the garden and other aspects of their landscapes no doubt dominate such daydreams. Draw inspiration from those budding crocuses and daffodils pushing through the last remnants of snow and employ these tips to prepare for the upcoming gardening season. ! One of the first steps is to apply a preemergent weed killer to get a head start knocking out weeds that can plague the lawn during the growing season. Killing weeds at the roots early on can mean far fewer hassles in spring and summer, and may prevent new generations of weeds from cropping up each year. !While it may be tempting to take a prematurely warm day as a sign that spring is in full force and purchase a bunch of annuals, it’s better to know the last of the possible frost dates (check “The Farmer’s Almanac”); otherwise, you may waste time and money planting flowers or vegetables only to have them zapped by another frosty day. ! Amend the soil so that it is the right consistency - just crumbling when lifting it. Soil that is too muddy after spring thaw can harden, making it difficult for plants to flourish later on. Speak with staff at a local lawn and garden center about which types of amendments you can add to the soil in your particular area to enrich it. ! Lawn and garden experts often suggest filling in bare patches of lawn now by mixing a few

shovelfuls of soil with grass seed. Water and continue to care for these areas until the spots fill in. ! Spend a day in the garage or shed tending to the lawn mower and other gardening equipment. Clean all tools and ensure that everything works, repairing parts as needed. ! Give outdoor entertaining spaces a good cleaning. Start with a leaf blower to blow away any leftover leaves. Once done, some surfaces may require some scrubbing and/or pressure washing to remove any dirt and grime that may have accumulated over the winter. ! Check if the front porch, railings or decking need painting and/or staining. Tackle these projects when the weather is cooler and there is no threat of rain, so everything will be ready for those peak spring days. ! Think about any annuals you might want to plant in the landscape this year that will complement any existing shrubbery or perennials. Come up with a theme so that the entire yard is cohesive. Now that winter is behind us, it is time to once again enjoy long days spent outdoors. Get a jump start on spring lawn and yard prep as soon as you can.

“Soil that is too muddy after spring thaw can harden, making it difficult for plants to flourish later on.”

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

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Grow your own VEGETABLES Cool season vegetables are ready to plant outside now.

A little tip: succession plant your leafy greens to extend harvest time. Lettuce and other leafy greens mature uniformly so all the seeds you sow will be ready at about the same time. Plant in smaller batches with some time in between so you do not have 10 or more heads of lettuce to eat all at ounce.

Berries Galore Strawberries

This everbearing runner variety bears large fruit which can be harvested frequently throughout summer and autumn. It has glossy, deep green leaves and large early blooms. Productivity increases with the age of the plant.


French Marigolds Lar Large 2.25� flowers bloom all summer long on vigorous bushy plants. Flowers change colour as they mature for maximum contrast. Marigolds add ad great colour to the vegetable garden and attract slugs, so that they stay off your precious food cr crops. French Marigold produce chemicals that repel whitefly. Avoid planting them near beans.

Companion plants

Scabiosa - naturally attractive to hoverflies and predatory tachinid flies, it is very useful for pest control in organic companion planting.

for your vegetable garden

Monarda - This plant blooms in late summer, and is very attractive to bees, parasitic wasps, and hummingbirds

Nasturtium – These plants make a good trap crop for aphids and the flowers attract a variety of pollinators.


460 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver 604.985.1914

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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

Kivet patterned cushion cover from Finnish designer Marimekko EQ3, $75.00

Sheep skin throw rug Ikea, $39.99




S P R I N G Indoor/outdoor decorative baskets EQ3, from $19.99

Marset Follow Me Lamp Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, $273.23

Innit Acapulco Chair Grey Cord/ Black Frame Vancouver Special, $399.99

Custom planters Pot Ink Prices vary

Why it makes sense to hire a professional painter Few things can revitalize a home more readily than a fresh coat of paint. Thanks in part to the affordability of paint and its ease of application, painting is something that even novice DIYers can typically handle. As DIY-friendly as painting can be, when attempting to paint the interior or exterior of their homes, homeowners may learn that some painting projects are best left to the professionals. Painting requires skill, patience and a knowledge of how various paints - including finishes for particular applications - will hold up. Professional painters have spent hours upon hours learning the ropes of what works - and what does not. Painters often understand that painstaking preparatory work is crucial to getting pristine finished results. Professional painters also have an eye for details. And because professional painters make a business out of doing interior and exterior surfaces, they understand which techniques can improve efficiency. That means a professional job can typically be completed much more quickly than a DIY project. Even though some people think they’ll save money by painting their own homes, that’s not necessarily true. Professionals already have all the equipment necessary, unlike novices who may need to make repeated and potentially costly trips to the hardware store for supplies.

“Professional painters have spent hours upon hours learning the ropes of what works and what does not.”

Safety can be a large motivator for turning painting over to a pro. Navigating exterior areas or tall interior ceilings can be challenging and may require scaffolding or tall ladders. Risk of falls or other injuries increase with lack of experience. Painting can give a home a facelift, and oftentimes it is smart to turn the work over to professionals to ensure the job is done just right.

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

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Business Profile

Twin Lions Contracting: Your North Shore condo reno expert Twin Lions Contracting has built an enviable reputation as a condominium and townhouse renovation expert on the North Shore. Last year the North Vancouver-based contractor won a pair of coveted HAVAN Ovation Awards (formerly GVHBA) – including one for best condo/townhouse renovation $300,000 and over. This year, Twin Lions is a finalist for two more awards in the condo/townhouse category in the HAVAN Ovation Awards. “A growing number of North Shore residents – especially retirees and empty nesters – are opting to sell their family homes and move into a smaller condominium,” explained Kevin Hatch, co-owner of Twin Lions. “Often they want to renovate that space to fit their particular needs while remaining on the Shore.” This type of custom condo work accounts for up to 40 per cent of Twin Lions’ reno projects, which has given them extensive experience in customizing condos. You may think that smaller-scale projects like these would be easier than say, an extensive single- family

remodel, but these jobs can be as challenging, if not harder. That’s because of the logistics involved, including dealing with individual strata rules, neighbours, parking and elevators, possible issues of noise transfer in older, wooden buildings, among other things. “We are experts when it comes to navigating the condo renovation process, taking care and attention to respect neighbours and common areas and working closely with property managers and stratas to adhere to each building’s specific regulations,” says Hatch. “Our crews are always personable, tidy and respectful. The little details keep people in the building happy.” Remembering this level of care and attention paid to their building is often the reason other owners contact Twin Lions first when they consider a reno to their own unit. Ready for your dream condo reno? Visit: twinlionscontracting.com Email: info@twinlionscontracting.com Call 604-210-8435


604-210-8435 www.twinlionscontracting.com

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL RENOVATION ■ Know your contractor. Do they have experience with condo renovations? Do they know how to navigate strata bylaws and regulations and secure permits? ■ Know your strata. Understand your strata rules and attend meetings. Depending on your renovation project, you may need strata approval. ■ Know your neighbours. Walk them through your renovation. Provide regular updates and at the end of the project a thank you card or bottle of wine is always appreciated!

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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

lilive outside CANVAS Grassmat Stripe Toss Cushion 16” 088-2136-8 $14.99

CANVAS Toucan Toss Cushion 18” 088-2137-6 $19.99

CANVAS Jensen Conversation Collection Couch 088-1925-6 $600.00 Armchair, Set of 2 088-1926-4 $500.00 .00 Coffee Table 088-1927-2 $199.99

CANVAS Granville Gas Fire Table 085-1562-4 $499.99

VERMONT CASTINGS Vanguard 4-Burner Convertible BBQ 085-3156-0 $1,199.99

CANVAS Newhaven Sunshade Pergola 088-2016-4 $699.99

CANVAS Palm Breeze Dinner Plate 059-7343-4 $4.99

CANVAS Pineapple Tealight Holder 059-0743-4 $19.99

CANVAS Grappa Bar Cart 088-1901-2 $349.99

FOR LIVING Solar Pineapple String Lights, Warm White 052-1608-6 $14.99

CANVAS Galvanized Outdoor Clock 059-0744-2 $69.99

See the Spring/Summer 2019 WOW GUIDE for all your summer needs.

1350 Main Street, North Vancouver 604-982-9100 | www.canadiantire.ca

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