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June 2018


Rural sector still relies on print media

Integrity community media

by Andy Bryenton The Wairarapa Farming Lifestyles is published with pride by Integrity Community Media, a privately owned NZ company. Phone: 0800 466 793 Email: info@integrity.nz General Manager: Deb Wright | deb.wright@integrity.nz | 021 639 696 MEMBER OF:

Editorial: Ann van Engelen, Paul Campbell, Andy Bryenton

In a digital age, print media still stands tall for the decision makers of rural New Zealand. That’s the finding of a major survey undertaken recently by four of the major publishers who serve the farming community — and it’s one, which proves that good old-fashioned ink on paper is more than just ‘still relevant’ — it’s a force for change in the Kiwi heartland.

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In fact, the survey shows that a whopping 88% of Kiwi farmers read a specialist rural paper weekly. 82% put what they read into practice, ranking rural print media as one of the top three factors in their decision-making. Fully one-third admit that rural publications alone has convinced them to make a purchase for the farm. It seems that these purchases aren’t small, either — the breadth of coverage and the ability to lay out a complete detailed review mean that tractors, vehicles, vet products and agrichemicals top the list of items bought — thanks to the influence of the press. The Rural Media Habits Survey 2018 focuses in on those who manage either large areas of land or substantial numbers of livestock. It drills down to the media access preferences of those at the forefront of agriculture. While the answers unsurprisingly acknowledge the influence of the internet as a communications tool, the importance of print media is thrown into stark focus. Like the ebook, which has resolutely failed to supplant the old-fashioned paperback, the internet is revealed as a preferred tool for quick communication — 80% of respondents picked ‘email’

as their number one digital task, followed by online banking. Third place, went to doing further research into things they’d seen in rural newspapers and magazines. Another key factor in the survey is good news for businesses wishing to reach out to the rural sector. There’s a very clear answer given, here, to the vexing question of quantifying the impact of marketing to our nation’s farmers. When asked how likely they were to pay attention to advertising each week across different media streams, the greatest number agreed that they were likely to read advertising material in rural magazines and newspapers. The area where ads were unlikely to be payed attention to were on the internet and television. It has been tempting in recent years to give credence to rumours that the world of media is going entirely digital. This survey proves otherwise in clear and simple terms. Because out there in rural New Zealand, it seems that the real news is still delivered on paper, and still carries a hefty amount of decisioninfluencing information, appreciated by an audience with their minds on business.


About half the value comes from shipments of sawn timber, paper and other processing.


Unlike the dairy industry, which exports nearly all it produces, for forestry, we use a lot in New Zealand. Most of our homes are made from wood.


We are celebrating. Exports of New Zealand forest products will top $6 billion for the first time this year.

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June 2018

Agriculture sector salary increases


After little movement in wages in recent years, people working in primary industries have made gains in what they earn according to the latest Federated Farmers Rabobank Remuneration Survey. Responses were collected from 940 employers on 13 separate farm positions across the dairy, sheep, beef and arable sectors. The report also provides data including weekly hours worked by employees, employee age, length of employment and recruitment ease. The most notable jumps were in the dairy sector for the mid to highly skilled positions of assistant herd manager — 6.6 per cent, herd manager — 5.5 per cent and farm manager 5.5 per cent. There was a modest increase for the entry-level farm assistant position of 2.8 per cent. Federated Farmers Employment spokesperson, Chris Lewis, says it was great to see salaries heading in the right direction. “After a couple of years of very little growth in reported salaries, it’s good to see some meaningful movement in the face of a tight labour market, especially when you consider the current rate of inflation is sitting at just 1.1 per cent. The outlook for the next 12 months is also favourable.” The survey revealed dairy employees were working longer hours. “The weekly hours worked by permanent dairy staff in the previous year’s survey was an average of 45 hours per week, and this has now risen to 49 hours,” says Chris. The report found strong growth for most positions while a drop in the mean

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salary of arable farm managers was recorded. There has been good salary growth with the average salary increase for non-management positions up by close to six per cent. “The salary data came back a bit for arable farm managers; however, we again had a low number of survey respondents for this position, and this has meant the mean salary has jumped around quite a bit for this role.”

Employees in the sheep and beef sector saw stable salaries overall although there was a significant jump in mean salary for the sheep and beef farm manager position which rose by 5.2 per cent since the previous survey.


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Chris Lewis, Federated Farmers employment spokesperson

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June 2018


Rural enterprise means remote living in many cases, with the nation’s farming community scattered away from urban centres and essential services, including health provision.



ealth advice is now available at the farmhouse doorstep through Amanda Haskell, who believes wholeheartedly in natural medicine as a way of helping others, through her company Orange Clinic of Natural Medicine. “My consultant Libby Adams and I have a wealth of experience in the health industry and offer consultations nationwide via personal clinic appointments, video link, skype or phone,” says Amanda. “Libby holds diplomas in naturopathy and herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, iridology, massage and homoeopathy.” Amanda has advanced diplomas in naturopathy and medical herbalism, a BA in health science majoring in complementary medicine, and is a registered enrolled nurse.

“Naturopathy is about treating the cause of problems, not just the symptoms. We aim to get people’s health back on track quickly with a clear treatment plan and support. We are members of the NZ Society of Naturopaths Inc and have access to a large group of technical advisers and support networks to provide first-rate health assistance. “Our appointments by videolink are proving very popular with families unable to get into the clinic. Herbal treatments have been used for more than 2,000 years and are still the number one treatment for more than 70 per cent of the world’s population because they work.” Amanda and Libby regularly attend seminars to keep updated with new products, treatments and current

Libby Adams and Amanda Haskell from Orange Clinic of Natural Medicine offer consultations via personal clinic appointments, video link, skype or phone

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technologies. “ U n l i ke phar maceutical dr ugs, naturopathic treatments have no side effects and are safe to use alongside prescription medicines if prescribed by your naturopath,” says Amanda. “I trained as a nurse and was giving out drugs left, right and centre. Each medication had additional medications to counteract side effects. It didn’t make sense to me, but it wasn’t until I experienced this for myself that I realised how shocking it was. Through research, I decided to retrain in natural therapies. “I had an overweight client on blood pressure medication and was sick for the five years involved. She has lost 15 kilos, is feeling incredible, and is transitioning off her meds as she no longer requires them. “The proof is in the pudding with natural therapies. We get people bursting into tears because it is so easy to feel healthy again and they wonder why they haven’t been shown this way before.” The pressure many farmers are under is intense, and their ailments vary including migraines and digestive issues, but the cause is often stress. “We love working with farmers because animal care is their number one priority; however, they often forget about their own needs. “Years ago my friend’s garage was full of supplements including magnesium,

Amanda and Libby believe wholeheartedly that natural medicine is a positive way to help keep the whole family healthy

iron, and molasses for her horses. She came to me for health advice, and it was clear from her deficiencies that she required exactly what she was giving her animals. She hadn’t realised that she also needed nutritional care.” Environmental situations including drought, too much rain, and diseases coming through the farm can cause problems not only to the animals but to their carers. “We offer natural and effective support to look after our humans as well as their animals,” says Amanda. New clients can make an appointment and fill out a health questionnaire on the orangehealth.co.nz website.


“Once the completed questionnaire/ health profile is received we start with a phone or video call. “The questions help us gather information and see the whole picture of issues that can cause illness and request blood tests if required.” Treatment often begins with a specifically designed herbal formula to assist the immune and digestive systems and support the side effects of stress both in and on the body. “An old name for natural medicine was folk medicine, based on various plants and their healing qualities. One doctor wrote that his use of natural medicine came from watching animals.


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He visited an alpine village where people were strong and robust into their 80s. “After obser ving their natural lifestyle and remedies, he retrained as a naturopath and herbalist. “He learnt not to sleep with windows open on cold nights because you need to breathe warm air to avoid getting sick. “He watched chickens tuck their beak under their wing to sleep and keep a natural temperature balance — it all makes sense. Hay fever, anxiety, depression, palpitations, insomnia, headaches, mood swings, and fatigue, boils, rashes, aches and joint stiffness can be treated naturally. “We can help with allergies, arthritis, immune disorders, asthma, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, bloating and constipation, PMT, menopause, infertility and fibroids,” says Amanda. “Pre-conception and post-natal care, high and low blood pressure, high cholesterol, varicose veins, glue ear, ADHD, and all childhood conditions. Balancing weight, diabetes and blood sugars, detoxification of the liver and bowel, presence of heavy metals and much more are within our care. “At times the issues you have may be a side effect of something else going on in your system. Natural therapies are a positive way to improve your health and well-being.”


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June 2018


Every farm has a story, and Palliser Ridge is no different. This is a story about how an employer’s faith in a young farming couple paid off. by Ayla Miller


alliser Ridge is currently home to 8,000 sheep and 1,200 cattle, situated in the Wairarapa on the grassy hills above Palliser Bay. The station is owned by Jim and Marilyn Law and managed by shareholders Kurt and Lisa Portas. Kurt came to the Law’s farming business in Pirinoa, South Wairarapa as a 22-year-old stock manager in 2008. With only two years’ farming experience on a sheep station in Gore after graduating from Smedley training farm, he had impressed Jim and

Marilyn so much they offered him the management job of the 1,000 hectare farming operation. When Kurt and Lisa first moved to Palliser Ridge, Lisa’s career was based in retail management for department stores such as Farmers and Briscoes. When the time came for them to start their family, Lisa left her role as store manager and began life as a mother. “Kurt and I had discussed that juggling my previous job and a young family would be challenging, and I really wanted to be able to attend the


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children’s sports days, and be around for them as much as possible. When Kurt began expanding into direct lamb marketing, I was able to join him and work on brochures and labels, which I really enjoyed,” she says. “After becoming shareholders in the most recent land purchase on-farm, Jim and Marilyn discussed with us that the new ventures would need someone to manage and coordinate that business. The hope was that I could be that person and that the role would grow as my children did, hopefully leaving me with a pretty busy week once both boys were at school. “Many rural women know the choices that you have to make regarding heading back to work in town, or finding something that will work with your family as it grows and changes.” Over the years, Kurt and Lisa have worked to expand the farm’s productivity with wool, tourism and soon honey, which Lisa says were predetermined a number of years ago. “We are fortunate enough to sell our lamb through Gavin Green, an awardwinning butcher. “This was really the first way that we were able to attend events and market Palliser Ridge, which was a new concept to us. Kurt was extremely instrumental in this, and was driven not to stop at lamb, but wanted to see our lambs’ wool spun too, which 18 months later, sees us sending almost 1,000 kilograms into production, with our first wool entering the manufacturing realm this coming season.

June 2018


When they aren’t working Kurt and Lisa make the most of family time away from the farm

“The last twelve months have seen the tourism venture come to fruition, with the Kaikoura Lookout, our off-grid retreat in the middle of the farm, as well as a range of farm tours so that people are able to view for themselves where each of our products come from and learn more about our industry.” Kurt and Lisa are aware that to be the best at what they do they must take time away from the farm and once a year they hire a campervan and explore. “There’s so much going on around our own back doorstep; we love tiki-touring around finding hot pools and cool little campgrounds.” Lisa says she feels extremely grateful

to have that balance between work and family. “It has been important for us to remember what it is we work hard for. Jim and Marilyn have always made our family time a priority, and in the early days encouraged us to head off-farm and take a break when needed.” Over the years the couple’s situation and responsibilities have changed and so have their motivations, but ultimately, Lisa says they are driven by the farm’s successes. “As Kurt was offered the role of manager at a young age a lot of his drive came from wanting to make the most of the opportunity, and to prove that Jim

and Marilyn had made the right choice in taking that gamble on him. “In the beginning, we were motivated by getting results, seeing the stock looking good and the farm looking great. We enjoyed supporting the team on-farm as they worked through extramural study, as both of us were able to do also. “Since becoming shareholders, and parents, our motivations from the past are still there, but we really feel like we are building a life now, not just for us, but for our family. We hope our children, one day, are proud of what we’ve achieved, and we hope that Jim and Marilyn are proud of who they have chosen as business partners.”

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DTW - 121435 Wairarapa Farming Lifesytles w Bleed.indd 1

27/06/2018 2:52:11 PM


June 2018


by Ann van Engelen

Helen and Derek Melser planted a small olive grove in the Wairarapa Valley with the understanding that warm summers and cold winters would provide ideal growing conditions for their 250 trees.


he property originally had cattle, and we cleared them off for the grove. A lot of people were planting olives for oil at the time, but we planted them for pickling,” says Helen. Olives quickly became a passion as the couple discovered the many health benefits of the olive fruit, oil and leaf. “While our grove was maturing, I decided to see the olive in its traditional surroundings in France, Crete, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece, China and Syria and talked to growers, tasted countless olives and oils, was given family recipes and lots of wonderful advice. It was heaven for an olive lover.

“World expert on olive tree diseases, Dr Vera Sergeeva, has said some people in Australia over spray and such groves are now unable to cope on their own. We grow along organic lines, without pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers — we use a seaweed spray and prune once a year.” Helen completed a herbal diploma and through this she discovered the health and well-being benefits of the olive leaf. “We began experimenting with olive products including marinades, tapenades, pestos, pasta sauces and salads — there are not many recipes we have not tried. Some ideas worked, and

Helen Melser planted 250 olive trees knowing that warm summers and cold winters would provide ideal growing conditions



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others definitely did not. One, which did, and is very popular is my dessert olive. “Sweet olives are not new — the Cretans cured them in salt, honey, grape must and sweet wine. The French Tanche are beautiful as is the crisp, green Picholine and the juicy, Greek Kalamata aren’t far behind. “Last year my sister and I went to the Croatian Island of Brac; to the very first World Olive Picking Championships. Teams of four competed to harvest the most fruit. The organisers were excited to have us compete and found an 83-year-old and a 40-year-old grower to join our team to represent New Zealand. They are hoping this becomes an annual event to celebrate the industry. “I stood on the Greek island of Crete beside the Vouves tree, which is estimated to be more than 3,000 years old and I look tiny compared to it.” Helen says people in Mediterranean countries chew the leaves for a toothache and use as a mouthwash. “It certainly worked for Derek for four days when we couldn’t get to a dentist. “Drinking fresh olive leaf juice, which is made with water in a blender and left to infuse then strained, is also very refreshing. It can also be used as a skin and scalp tonic, antifungal and can help with infections.” Harvesting involves booking into the local olive press and gathering a group of friends to help. “We have big rakes to rake the fruit from the branches and mats to gather the fruit on to. You have to get the fruit to the press that day or the

morning after because they can’t be left lying around as they get hot and the quality deteriorates.” Helen says if kept overnight, they are best on a mat on the floor in the garage in one layer to keep cool. “Many growers in Masterton win awards for quality and this is thanks to the pressing company’s expertise and cleanliness — it is all very relevant. “I can harvest anything from green to black and rosy to crimson; you get varying colours — depending on where the sun is. They can be strong, bitter, mellow, medium and sweet. The big green Spanish olives are picked green for table olives, and the Greek Kalamatas are picked black. Soil and climate affect the taste, like grapes in a vineyard, and professional oil tasters are similar to wine tasters. “I have my own brand called Elaia Gourmet Olives and a website called gourmetolives.co.nz for people to get information from. I love experimenting, and I have written a booklet called Tasting the Olive, which includes recipes for the olive flower, fruit, oil and leaf. “I am now focussing on promoting olive leaf tea, and my hope is that it will soon be accepted in the same way as green tea. Research is showing the olive leaf has the potential to be one of the main health and well-being medicines of the future. “Olive leaf extract has been proven by the Liggins Institute in Auckland, to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and it is said to have antifungal, bacterial, viral and parasitic properties.

June 2018

Derek and Helen continue to produce new products through Elaia Gourmet Olives and appreciate the goodness the fruit provides

There are about 100 different compounds in a leaf, and huge amounts of research are being done. The oil, fruit and the flower are used in bach natural remedies — it has potential to be a future antibiotic. We are lucky to have so many top-quality olive groves here in

New Zealand, who can provide us with all the wonderful products of the olive tree. I am excited that they are coming into their own now and helping people across the world. We love the olive — it is an undervalued food source.”

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June 2018



What causes osteoarthritis? by John Arts

Part 1 Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of joint pain. All chronic disease starts with damage to certain cell types that then damages tissue which causes the symptoms we feel. The real driver behind cartilage loss is the health of specialised cells called chondrocytes. These amazing cells secrete and repair cartilage matrix. Anything that affects chondrocyte cells could cause cartilage damage. Mechanical force (injury) can trigger an increase in free radicals, which can cause the death of chondrocytes. In some cases, it is as much about a failure of cell antioxidants defences. The problem is that chondrocytes cannot replicate. Once a chondrocyte dies, the tiny patch of cartilage it maintained will eventually disintegrate. The body tries to fix the problem through the process of inflammation, which is ineffective — it ends up making the problem worse. In my experience, the inflammatory part of OA causes more pain and discomfort than the actual cartilage loss. Just a note that commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication can

either cause joint pain or worsen the pain from existing arthritis. In these cases, I add a high-grade coenzyme Q10 (CoQSol) to replace that lost by the medication. Call me for details. I have many clients that are largely symptom-free despite having significant cartilage loss. I have been dealing with a couple where one has an arthritic knee while the other has OA in the spine and hip. I started them on a double dose of my joint supplement. This meant that they were initially taking 1,600mg of both chondroitin and glucosamine and 400mg of a potent 95% curcumin (turmeric) extract. I put both of them on a double dose of my high chondroitin/turmeric joint product, and both are much more comfortable. The sore back is much better, and the hip and knee pain have significantly reduced. John Arts (B.Soc.Sci, Dip Tch, Adv. Dip.Nut.Med) is a nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health Ltd. For questions or advice contact John on 0800 423559 or email john@abundant.co.nz. Join his full weekly newsletter at abundant.co.nz.

Abundant Health Bettaflex Super Joint Formula New What is Bettaflex?

How can Bettaflex help?

BEST BUY! ∙ Chondroitin and glucosamine are building blocks of cartilage. $89.95 for 3 bottles ∙ Supplementation with correct levels can support healthy cartilage function and cartilage repair processes. free freight or ∙ Curcumin from turmeric helps to balance immune 1 bottle for $32.95 function to support joint health. plus $4.99 postage ∙ Research suggests chondroitin is highly effective at 800mg daily. John Arts comments: “My latest Bettaflex formula with more chondroitin and over double the Curcumin is based on the latest research into joint-support compounds. The normal dose is 2 daily but I recommend a double dose for 1-3 bottles to saturate joint tissue.” John Arts, Founder Abundant Health Ltd Cautions: Do not take with anti-coagulant/platelet medication. If in doubt please consult your healthcare professional. Not suitable during pregnancy or lactation.

TO ORDER PHONE: 0800 423 559

Or order online at www.abundant.co.nz or post a cheque to Abundant Health Ltd, PO Box 4347, Mt Maunganui South, 3149



In their second year, applications are now open for Silver Fern Farms Plate to Pasture Youth Scholarships. The scholarships award six young people around New Zealand $5,000 to assist with developing their careers and capabilities in the red meat sector. “The response to last year’s inaugural scholarships indicate a bright future for the red meat sector,” says Silver Fern Farms chief executive, Simon Limmer. “Silver Fern Farms welcomes applications from the industry’s emerging talent who want to contribute to a sustainable future for our red meat sector — from plate to pasture. We are excited to continue to support young people who want a future in the red meat industry.” Mr Limmer says last year the winners delivered outstanding ideas on a vast range of industry issues, from biosecurity challenges, exploring ways to sustainably add value to farming businesses, as well as challenging the industry to think big and be bold, with consumers in mind. “We look forward to seeing the range of ideas and fresh perspectives in the applications again this year. The scholarships suppor t our vision: Inspirational Food created by Passionate People. They are an important opportunity for us to support our emerging

leaders to contribute to our industry.” Scholarship applications are open to people wanting to develop their career in the food or red meat industry with interests in red meat, food production, agriculture, food marketing, marketing and sales, research and development, food processing, cooking and food technology. “Through the scholarship process, shareholders in Silver Fern Farms cooperative engage with the applicants who require a shareholder to support their bid for a scholarship,” says Silver Fern Farms co-operative chair, Rob Hewett. “Silver Fern Farms is proud to support the future of farming and the communities where we live and work, by helping to create these new relationships. Recognising and rewarding excellence in our community is important to the co-operative.” Applications close at 5pm Friday August 24 2018. Visit silverfernfarms.com for full details.

enhanced formula

∙ Bettaflex is a joint support formula to promote healthy joint cartilage function. ∙ Bettaflex combines high grade chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and a potent 95% Curcumin (turmeric) extract. ∙ New Bettaflex (per cap) has 400mg of high grade chrondroitin 400mg of glucosamine and 100mg of rapid absorption 95% Curcumin.

Abundant Health

Youth scholarship opportunity


Malcolm Coombe (Wanganui) Richard Trembath (Manawatu) Emmet McConnell (Manawatu) Darryl Harwood (Horowhenua) Cameron Smith (Pahiatua) Ross Karam (Wairarapa) Todd Bray (Hawkes Bay) Chris Hay (Wanganui) John Watson (Rangitikei) Clint Worthington (Dannevirke)

06 357 1875 06 354 2347 06 359 1602 06 356 5629 06 354 7892 06 308 6108 027 235 5991 027 602 4454 027 494 1975 021 209 2236

These are free phones direct to our mobiles. Office (06) 324 8135 Web www.mylivestock.co.nz


Retailer of Rural Piping and Farm Supplies


June 2018


Super Maxi Twinwall Culverts Introducing Rural Direct’s Spiral Wound PE 100 Pipe. Available in standard lengths 6 metres. Made to order continuous lengths up to 13 metres. Size for size 10% weight of concrete. 1000mm ID x 6m 1200mm ID x 6m


1500mm ID x 6m 1800mm ID x 6m

LDPE Water Pipe

MDPE Pressure Pipe

Rural Nominal Bore Pipe ID nominal bore

Pressure rating (PSI)

15mm 20mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm

130 116 94 72 65 50

Outside diameter

$ per 100m

$ 81 $152 $181 $239 $283 $372

25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm

25mm x 100m 94PSI



Enviro Culvert Pipe 200mm 250mm 315mm 375mm 450mm

$ 95.00 $120.00 $225.00 $299.00 $399.00

$ per 100m

$ per 200m

$136 $171 $232 $349 $532

$266 $333 $452 $681 $1037

PVC Pipe

Recycled HDPE Culvert Pipe 6m Price

9 Bar Rural Pressure Pipe

Other pressure ratings also available Suits compression and electrofusion fittings

Anka & Hansen fittings available

Diameter OD

$2500.00 $2995.00 $4495.00 $5995.00

Joining Sleeve

$10.00 $12.00 $14.00 $20.00 $22.00

Joiners and custom fittings available

TARANAKI / WHANGANUI 83 Wallscourt Place Normanby Phone (06) 272 8187 Email taranaki@ruraldirect.net.nz

All items in this advertisement are while stocks last.

100mm DWV X 6m


150mm Stormwater X 6m


Made in New Zealand

MANAWATU / HAWKES BAY 77728 State Highway 2 Dannervirke Phone (06) 374 8971 Email manawatu@ruraldirect.net.nz

Phone Rural Direct for conditions of delivery.




June 2018


Holiday Guide



CANYONLAND USA 2018 OVER 50’s NATURE/WALKING TOUR 25 Day Tour: Departs NZ 05 October 2018

$12,800 (includes airfares ex–Auckland) California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada Join us for 22 beautiful nature walks and wildlife spotting amongst the red– rock canyonlands of south western USA. Tour visits Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Arches & Canyonlands National Parks and 5 State Parks. Plus Sedona, Moab, Monument Valley and the Arizona–Sonoran Desert Museum. THIS POPULAR KIWI TOUR HAS IT ALL! ∙ Nature trails and walks every day ∙ Autumn Colours ∙ Mild Temperatures ∙ Picnic Lunches Included ∙ Smaller Crowds ∙ Quality lodgings ∙ Designed for Senior Walking Groups

for travel less ordinary

Wildside Travel 0800 874 748 www.wildsidetravel.nz

Planning your escape by Jill Dickie

Living the dream lifestyle on a farm or lifestyle block sounds idyllic, and there should never be a need to leave, but the reality is everyone needs to get away from the routine now and then. That means considering the animals’ feed supply, the mail pickup and how safe and secure your property will be while you’re gone. The most reassuring option is to arrange to have someone live in your property for the duration. There are various minding and house-sitting services available to choose from, with responsible, knowledgeable people who will care for your home and stock. Another option for your animals is to rotate their grazing paddocks in such a way that they will be placed close to a road where a friendly neighbour can keep an eye on them for you, and take action if needed, and perhaps they have a teenager at home that might check on your cat and feed your chickens. Maintaining healthy relationships with neighbours is important for cooperative living and at holiday times the friendships built to enable you a relaxing trip away confident in the knowledge your property is well looked after. If you’re holidaying in summer months, it’s a good idea to do a quick maintenance check ensuring

fences are in good repair, and water troughs are functioning and set up an automatic sprinkler system on your vegetable garden. Indoor pot plants can be set in buckets to draw up the water when they need it. For the winter months similar things apply with regard to fencing and water, but also some thought should be given to animal shelters or sheds. You may choose to lock gates around and into your property, though this can be a signal that you’re not home, and if your home isn’t visible from the roadside potential unlawful visitors won’t be seen. If you have precious stock like cattle that are clever at opening gates, it may be an opportune

time to put a combination lock on. So far none have been known to work out the correct number! As is ‘Murphy’s law’ whatever doesn’t happen when you’re at home, will potentially happen when you’re not, so leaving a thorough list of instructions and contact phone numbers with a housesitter is a perfect way of counteracting troubles. An instruction list should include animal feeding schedules, where to turn off electric fencing, combination lock numbers (but don’t let the cows see!), emergency contact details such as doctor, vet and neighbours and your own itinerary and contact number. Happy travels.

Spring to the


$14 9


PLAN YOUR TRIP, SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR OPENING HOURS museumswellington.org.nz Part of Experience Wellington. Principal Funder Wellington City Council.

0 8 0 0 S O LWAY

R E S E R VA T I O N S @ S O L W A Y. C O . N Z

* Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. Offer only valid from 1 Aug 2017 until 29 Sept 2017. Complimentary breakfast for Children under the age of 13 years.


June 2018




Earn more from your land


Raglan Sunset Motel


Off the Beaten Track connects lovers of the great outdoors with undiscovered locations and experiences that are privately-owned, connecting landowners who can earn money by sharing their piece of paradise with holidaymakers who want to experience unique New Zealand and enjoy a break away with a difference. Off the Beaten Track was created by Waikato dairy farmers, Michele and Roy Connell, who were inspired while watching an episode of Country Calendar in 2015. A family living on a beautiful farm with both ocean and river views that offered privacy and experiences seldom seen commercially were featured, yet the only people able to enjoy that stunning property… was the family themselves. As farmers, the Connells were personally aware of the hardship that many farmers often experience, and so the idea was borne of sharing private land, the lifestyle you love, offering unique experiences in undiscovered locations, whilst being able to diversify farm income. At offthebeatentrack.co.nz it is free to list your property; the website is simple to use and sharing the land you love can provide you income utilising what you already own. This could be unused shearers quarters, a shed or barn, trampers hut or even that perfect spot on your land to pitch a tent or to park a motorhome. You also highlight the amazing experiences

Downtown Raglan close to restaurants, bars and shopping. 100m from water. 22 studio rooms with private outdoor balcony, one 2-brm apartment, 1 executive suite. Fully equipped for weddings and conferences. Licensed bar, spa pool, laundry, BBQ/ courtyard dining, kitchen facilities. Sky TV with 50+ channels and free high speed wifi. 7 Bankart St, Raglan Ph: 07 825 0050 E: book@raglansunsetmotel.co.nz www.raglansunsetmotel.co.nz

your region offers. Your place might be close to a stunning bush walk, cycle tracks, hot pools or have a fantastic pub down the road that does a great lunch. “It is with pride that we can share the paradise we live in, provide unforgettable experiences in rural New Zealand while offering an exciting alternative for holidaymakers,” says Michele Connell.

“Quite simply, New Zealand is too beautiful not to share, and we would love for you to be a part of it. Want to share the land you love? No problem, list with Off the Beaten Track today.” Visit otbt.co.nz.



The Maharajah’s Tour 22 Nights | 12 Cities | $7995pp

2001 – Taj Mahal Cheryl & Craig Woolliams veteran travel experts have 35 years travel experience escorting small groups of Kiwis throughout India. NOW ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT For each departure date: 8th Oct 2018, 1st Nov 2018, 30th Jan 2019 & 1st Mar 2019 from Akld, Wgtn or ChCh.

Tour price includes; all flights, first class hotels, land transport, all (on tour) meals, monument entry, bottled water, free WiFi and many activities.


With a max of just ten passengers we always fill fast.


email india@xtra.co.nz | tel 021 193 0091




June 2018


Recognising women in business

Avoid Drink Driving Be THe SOBER D FOR A nIGHT

Heaven Scent Florist FOREVER TO REMEMBER, THE GIFT OF RESILIENT BLOOMS Providing quality service and treasured floral creations made with passion, designed with flair and with options suitable for all occasions. Contacts: Find us on Facebook @HeavenScentFloristNZ, or visit our website: heavenscentflorist.co.nz Ph: 06 378 9512 E: HeavenScentTeam@gmail.com

Entries for the inaugural NZI Rural Women New Zealand Business Awards 2018 are now open. The awards were launched by Rural Women New Zealand and Premier Partner NZI at Fieldays this year and is set to offer extensive opportunities for rural business and communities. “Fieldays brings together the best in the business, providing the perfect opportunity to be launching and showcasing the awards,” says national president, Fiona Gower. Previously known as the Enterprising Rural Women Awards, a review and refresh of the awards have been undertaken. It now includes a two-stage application process and includes the categories: Emerging Business, Love of the Land, Creative Arts, Innovation, Rural Champion and the Supreme Award. “The award ceremony will be held on the evening of Tuesday, November 20 2018, following the Rural Women New Zealand AGM at parliament in Wellington. “We are delighted to be the Premier Partner for the 2018 NZI Rural Women New Zealand Business Awards,” says NZI

Back In Action


NEW STORE OPENING. 10% off storewide exclusive to the evening and luxury giveaways. Available to online customers as well.

A professional, and friendly team committed to helping you!

> Physiotherapy > Chiropractic > Workplace Health > Acupuncture > Massage > Equipment Pilates

450 Queen St, Kuripuni, Masterton @hebedesignerboutique P: 06 378 8924


general manager customer experience and marketing, Donna Williams. “We are proud to have partnered with RWNZ on this initiative as we see these awards as a great opportunity for rural businesswomen to be recognised for

Snooty Fruit

Thursday 5th July, 5pm – 7.30pm


Rural Women New Zealand national president, Fiona Gower

06 379 8487

55 High St Sth, Carterton

06 377 4422 9 King St Masterton

Book Online!

Easy booking portal to get that appointment when you need it. www.getbackinaction.nz

available from selected outlets in Featherston, Farmers Market Masterton, Taihape, licorice cafe and Hokowhita Market, and Online @ www.snootyfruit.co.nz


Caterers HELPING MAKE YOUR DAY A SUCCESS Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Jo & Tweet Bird

Ph: 06 378 8535 • M: 027 443 9044 E: office@ambassadorcaterers.co.nz W: www.ambassadorcaterers.co.nz

Buteyko Breathing Method A natural approach to relieving asthma, anxiety, stress, insomnia, hay-fever, snoring, sleep apnoea, and many other related disorders. Breathing techniques taught during a series of 4 x 1 ½ hr small group sessions over 4 weeks.


Meet Leon the new freestanding multi-fuel fire from Wagener

Next adult classes starting Monday 23 July,10am-11.30 or 5.30pm-7pm and Friday 27 July, 10am-11.30am. Class numbers limited.

He’s designed to work hard & stand the test of time with a heat output of 16-18kws, an optional wetback & top rails & a fixed log box base for wood storage.

Bowtech-Bowen Therapy

A gentle treatment for many conditions affecting muscle pain and tension, nerve pain, digestion, anxiety, stress, jaw problems, headaches and migraines, balancing the whole body. Suitable for all ages.

Creators of Gourmet products of smoked olives, tomatoes and mushrooms and salami.

their contribution to local communities, and to acknowledge business excellence,” says Ms Williams. Entries close Wednesday, August 1, entry forms and further information can be found at ruralwomen.org.nz.

Janet Williams


Ph 0274 275 287

5 Allen Bell Dr, Kaitaia Ph (09) 408 2469


36B Bannister Street Masterton naturaltherapyoptions@gmail.com


Home of the Wagener Fairburn, Sparky, Butler Multi & CookTop Wagener Stove






June 2018

Women in business Nell Macdonald With approximately 18 years in the Real Estate business, I am still enjoying the challenge and excitement of achieving the absolute best results for every satisfied customer. I work in partnership with my husband John, and for those who know me – yes it seems to work! I am also chuffed to be a member of the PGG Wrightson Real Estate team, and part of a company that is very much a part of our New Zealand culture and lifestyle. My invitation to you is to take advantage of the services that this company offers and the advantages of listing your residential or lifestyle properties with me and PGG Wrightson Real Estate.

Contact me today! www.pggwre.co.nz

Nell Macdonald

M 027 252 5152 | E nell.macdonald@pggwrightson.co.nz Helping grow the country

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, licensed under the REAA 2008

It’s called Kalli’s Kids Club, and it’s mean as! Here’s how it works…


Get your mum or dad, or even better, your gran and grandad to come into Paper Plus and join you up. Once you’re a member, three books will arrive by special delivery to your house every three months. You’ll love them because they’ll be picked by Kalli, she’s the president of the club and no-one in this town knows more about cool kids’ books than she does! They will all be new or classic titles, they will all be chosen to suit your age, and most importantly, they will be all yours! In no time at all you will have the best kids’ collection of books in the street. Respect! Now the adult stuff, you don’t have to worry about this.... Membership cost for kids five and under is $199, same for kids five to 12. For young adults, 12+, membership is $239. Membership includes three books every three months from the date of joining, delivery costs, a personalised membership certificate, and the satisfaction that your kids and grandkids are looking at a page, not a screen. So come on in to Paper Plus and fill out your Kalli’s Kids Club membership application today! They’ll love you for it.



June 2018


The cost of ownership by Jill Dickie

This is a question most smaller-scale farmers are faced with at some point in their year. “Do it myself or get someone in?” A decision can be made with some simple calculations and consideration in weighing up the pros and cons. Farmers should consider whether investing in machinery is affordable for their business, especially the more expensive items such as hay balers, seeders and sprayers, and whether the upgrade will generate further revenue or become a drain on resources. Upgrading or purchasing new equipment has benefits, such as maintaining control of jobs and getting them completed when required, and the individual farmer may also have the skill level required, but at times when there are several jobs demanding attention — it can be easier to call a contractor for assistance. This frees up the farmer’s time for other tasks, and contractors generally have the right tools for the job — and

can get the job done faster. Hiring a contractor is also a tax deduction for businesses. There are services available for a range of farm tasks ranging from paddock preparations, crop planting and harvesting to animal management and husbandry practices such as lamb and calf marking, crutching and shearing. The costs of repair and maintenance, as well as registration and overall care of plant and machinery, falls on the contractor. On the other hand, at times of peak demand, such as haymaking, for example, a contractor can be held up or run behind schedule, or bad weather may affect the job’s completion, resulting in penalties for the farmer.


Heavy Vehicle Service and Repair

✓ Air conditioning ✓ Factory trained mechanics ✓ Engineering ✓ Workshop & field service ✓ 43 years in tractor industry ✓ Hydraulic hose service ✓ Total Oil distributor YOUR ONE STOP TRACTOR SHOP, USE THE BEST

• Service dealer agents for Scania & Isuzu • Tractors • 4WD vehicles • Heavy earthmoving and forestry machinery • Engineering Work

Building a good relationship with a reliable contractor is essential to success, as is working in with neighbours to secure several jobs for the contractor while in the area. Ownership costs are relatively high if a machine is only used for a short time during the year, such as a hay baler, but some implements, for instance, a

tractor, can be used often, so there may be a ‘break even’ point when the cost is calculated over a per hectare basis. When evaluating machinery options, farmers should not only consider the capital cost of the equipment but also their seasonal challenges and the risk of delays in getting the job done on time.

• Wind/frost protection machines • Hydraulic repairs & hoses • 24hr breakdown service

15 Edwin Feist Place, Masterton 06 370 3818 or Email office@waidiesel.co.nz

8 Makirikiri Road, Dannevirke Ph 06 374 7731 • 24 HRS / 7 DAYS Craig 027 246 8540

Pay attention!

Wairarapa Diesel Services

around road works

CUSTOM DESIGN POLESHEDS Get your POLESHED custom designed by the EXPERTS For enquiries and FREE on-site measure, contact our rural specialist: Chris James, Mob: 027 412 4233 Office: 06 304 7193 chris@crightonsgtown.co.nz

Advanced chemical application service (utilising Tracmap for mapping, proof of placement and audit reporting)

Two trucks • 15m and 18m boom options.

GPS Guidance with computer controlled auto shut off — minimises chemical use and over application.

Allen’s WEED & PEST


| MOB: 027 499 0015


June 2018


Travel Italy in Style The best of

+ Opera & markets! Sunday September 9th – Saturday September 29th 2018 (21 days) This unique itinerary is designed for 20 discerning travellers.

Bathe in the Mediterranean Sea; visit seaside villages and ancient gardens with stunning views! Meet our friends in Tuscany for lunch on the farm, enjoying their deliciously fresh produce and wines. You will not be bored by lots of facts and figures! No standing in long queues, because we make appointments and book suitable times well ahead. You will be immersed in the daily lives of Italians because you are travelling with an

Italian!! Most tourists do not have this opportunity!! Accommodation in 4 and 5 star quality small family run hotels for 3 and 4 nights in the historic centres, so you can be immersed in the daily lives of the locals! We will introduce you to our Italian friends who accompany us during parts of our daily programme!! Daily ‘a la carte’ dining in local restaurants, including wine and beverages of your choice.

Our regular clients choose to travel with us because “quality is better than quantity”!! They thank us for immersing them in the real culture that the average traveller would never see. The age group of our ‘discerning’ travellers is generally 40’s to mid 70’s, professional and like minded people – all wanting to experience something new, have fun, relax and travel hassle– free and at a gentle pace!

Entry fees and all tipping included. Your luggage will be handled by porters during your travels with us! You will NOT be coach bound – we only travel short distances – refreshments en route included!

Also available are itineraries for 14 travellers to Sicily; Italian Lakes & Cinque Terre; Italian Opera in Verona; Corsica & Sardinia 2019. P.O. BOX 556, WAIHEKE ISLAND, AUCKLAND 1840, NEW ZEALAND. Tel 0800 387 872 or Email susan@etruscan.co.nz • www.travelitalyinstyle.com • Directors: Susan Williamson and John Percy

DO YOU HAVE A MESSAGE FOR RURAL NEW ZEALAND? THEN THE STATISTICS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES The Rural Media Habits Survey of 2018 is here and it provides interesting reading. After talking to farmers from all over New Zealand the survey revealed that... • 88% read a print publication weekly • 82% rate print media in their top 3 factors when making business decisions on the farm • 35% make purchases based on what they read in print • 63% go online for further research after seeing a product or service in a rural publication

What actions have you undertaken as a result of reading your Rural Newspapers and/or Publications? Accessed a website from an article


Attended an event


Passed Rural Newspaper/ Publication onto others Made a change on-farm due to an article read

40% 38%

Made a purchase


Called or emailed a representative with a query


Other None of the Above

1% 9%






And 74% were likely to pay attention to advertising in rural newspapers, the best result for any media channel.

All this adds up to prove that print media is STILL the best way to promote your business! SO IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO YOUR LOCAL RURAL COMMUNITY, TALK TO US!

Integrity community media

Phone: 0800 466 793 Email: info@integrity.nz Web: www.farminglifestyles.co.nz



June 2018


Pay attention!

New faces at Norwood Norwood Farm Machinery Centre Masterton is pleased to have two excellent young men join its workshop and parts departments.

around road works

The tractor and agricultural machinery business recently advertised for a parts salesperson and manager, Craig Sargent, interviewed Topaz Robinson and Harry Hefferen for the role. Topaz got the job; however, when Craig interviewed Harry, he could see the spark in his eye when the subject turned to mechanics. OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH OUR STAFF BRINGING NEW AND FRESH IDEAS TO THE BUSINESS.


• Farm Accounting:

– Economic surplus analysis – Payroll services – Budgeting & business planning – Real time reporting

• Trust administration

Establish the need then do it right.

• Software solutions

Selecting the best solution and managing that with you.

• Tax and GST

Complete taxation services to ensure you’re compliant and paying the right amount at the right time.

124 Main Street, Greytown | P: 06 304 8550 M: 027 448 6606 | E: office@dbosborne.co.nz www.dbosborne.co.nz

It just so happened that Norwood was also looking for a new workshop apprentice and Craig, who has experience in service and parts departments, could see Harry was the ideal person for the position. Finding Topaz and Harry together has been a real bonus, Craig says. “We’ve been really lucky. They are both just what we were looking for.” Topaz previously worked as a paint maker for Resene Paints in Upper Hutt and had moved to Wairarapa where his partner lives. Harry finished school in Masterton Apprentice Diesel Technician Harry Hefferen (left) last year and had been getting and Parts Salesperson Topaz Robinson work experience with a local automotive repair workshop. year is celebrating its 70th anniversary. After sales service is an important part C B Norwood Distributors Ltd was of Norwood’s business, Craig points out. established in Palmerston North in 1948 “We were really lucky to find a young, — importing, assembling and selling keen guy with great customer skills.” Massey Fergusson tractors. Soon after, Harry will assist the technicians in it opened a branch in Stratford and the workshop as he trains to become then Carterton. a qualified diesel mechanic over the “We see employing Topaz and Harry next four years. Topaz and Harry are as an investment in the future of the youthful additions to a business that this business,” Craig says.

SIS BALL COCK VALVE Price $99.50+GST EACH Freight free anywhere in NZ • Buy 10 receive 12 and 2x service kits • 3 models available – all the one price • Nearly indestructible • Only NZ Manufacturer providing lifetime guarantee on the body of the ballcock

www.sisballcock.co.nz | 0800 175 720 Only available direct from manufacturer



SERVICE OFF! At Norwood Farm Machinery Centre we offer personalised services tailored specifically to your needs. Book your preventative maintenance inspection today to ensure your machinery


YOU NEED IT THE MOST. MASTERTON 320 High Street Ph 06 377 3184


June 2018



Sailing into the new season by Andy Bryenton

Here’s a fun fact about the Vikings, those far-sailing explorers and reavers who terrorised the British Isles centuries ago. Before setting out on a voyage, each one of those huge hairy warriors had to sit down and knit part of the sail for their longship out of wool. If the thought of a big axe-swinging warlord gripping a pair of knitting needles seems funny, bear in mind that it was a necessary task to even get the voyage started. Sometimes, it takes a whole lot of people to pitch in to get things sorted. Furthermore, that takes us neatly to a different kind of Viking — Yamaha’s new model of their big farmcapable side-by-side. Or in this case, side-by-side-by-side. Just like the old sea warriors who gave it its name, the Yamaha Viking packs in ranks of burly troops — it has seating for no less than six. That’s not to say that space for cargo is limited, either. The rear tray of this big machine is the size of a pallet, and it’s beefy enough to ferry the whole team and their kit to pretty much anywhere, on or off the beaten track. This is achieved with a classic combination of wide, knobbly tyres, a generous ride height, independent suspension and 686cc of overhead cam, four-stroke grunt. The long wheelbase — a necessity when it comes to fitting in six comfy seats, each with its own headrest — means that there’s a danger of getting ‘beached’ on lumpy terrain.

For electrical and diagnostics on all makes and models of motor vehicles. Battery sales for all machines, trucks, tractors & Motor cycles. Electrical parts sales.


Ph: 06 378 8126 Yamaha’s Viking off-roader seats six in comfort as well as hauling tools for the crew

However, the rails of the Viking’s tough frame slide off, and there’s something uncanny about how much grip those wheels can find, even when the Viking is fully crewed. Another fun fact about the old Norsemen is that their longships were modular — easy to take apart to stow for the winter, and easy to upend to create a rough and ready shelter on foreign shores. Similarly, the Yamaha Viking boasts supreme ease of access to its

engine for service — flip up the tray and there everything is. That means it’s easy to clean mud and dirt away from vital parts, easy to change filters and check fluids, and simple to maintain without downtime and a handful of wrenches. This year’s Viking builds on a solid platform and cements its place in a very particular market niche. If you have a large team who have to get into the back blocks for hard work, this is the top machine for the task.



Chem-Dry Removes:

98% 89%

of allergens from carpets and upholstery of airborne bacteria, improving indoor air quality

Using Chem-Dry’s proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process.

2018 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Priced at


143 Cornwall Street, Masterton 06 3788312 • 027 664 9507 www.chemdrywairarapa.co.nz


27 Chapel Street, Masterton Phone: 06 378 2997 Fax: 06 378 2428 Web: www.schrodoco.co.nz Email: lins.auto@xtra.co.nz

Available and ready to go now Fagan Motors | Proud vehicle sponsor of Life Flight Trust


75 Dixon Street, Masterton 06 378 6159 • 0800 500 051


Ute and trailer covers, leather pouches. All custom made by us to your specifications. FULL REPAIR SERVICE!

190 South Road, Masterton • (06)378-2417

admin@robertsoncanvas.co.nz • www.robertsoncanvas.co.nz









Profile for Integrity Community Media

Wairarapa Farming Lifestyles, June 2018  

9,693 copies DELIVERED FREE to rural delivery address in Wairarapa Region

Wairarapa Farming Lifestyles, June 2018  

9,693 copies DELIVERED FREE to rural delivery address in Wairarapa Region

Profile for nsmm

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