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September 14 2011


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Pouto Mystery for TV Series

by Joanne Speechly

Kaipara’s Pouto Peninsula and an aeroplane crash that occurred five years ago, will be the focus of a new documentary set to air on New Zealand television later this year

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New transport solutions for Dargaville

The episode will be part of a new series by Greenstone Pictures, exploring unexplained happenings across the country. On November 25, 2006, a home-built, highperformance, two-seater Smyth Sidewinder plane crashed into the Tasman Sea about 20 metres off shore at Pouto Beach. The crash killed pilot Hassan Khayami, 56, and young Finnish tourist, Jaana Kristiina Koskela, 24. In 2008, Civil Aviation Authority safety investigator, Alan Moselen, released a report and declared there were no mechanical defects that could have caused the plane to crash. Instead, it appears that a series of human factors contributed to the tragedy and a Greenstone Pictures television crew have been in the Kaipara to investigate. Dargaville locals, Graeme Lawrence and Shane Munn, were fishing on Pouto Beach the Friday before the crash when they saw a small plane land. “It was late in the evening, pretty windy A Greenstone Pictures film crew and the weather was bad. The pilot seemed overlooking the site of an unexplained air crash five years ago at Pouto disoriented and couldn’t find anywhere to land, so they landed on the beach,” said Graeme. “We drove down the “I understand the film crew is going around New Zealand making beach toward the plane and the woman waved us down. documentaries about unexplained events and this is just one of a “We then towed the plane away from the tide mark and on to series. I became involved because the television crew needed to get the soft sand for the night. I rang my employee, Peter Mitchell, and their gear down to the lighthouse and I have the transport. Also, I he said his Pouto-based parents, Ross and Bev, could check on the was partly involved when the plane crashed. pilot and passenger the next day. “I was having a cup of coffee with Roy, who owns the Lighthouse Lodge, when we received a telephone call from Ross Mitchell “I was one of main players, I guess,” says Ross. “We towed regarding the plane crash. I grabbed some life jackets and went to the plane from the soft sand onto the firm sand, helped the pilot get going and then Bev and I watched him take off. In less than a help but it was impossible — the plane had sunk already, and there was quite a sea running. minute, the plane crashed about 100 metres in front of us. “I took a number of photos during the morning and Greenstone Pictures were very interested in these. However, there are none of the crash — I was simply dumbfounded.” Pouto resident, Jock Wills, was also interviewed for the upcoming investigative series.

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Building academy a huge success

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Headed for the big time 1 rn Sharks 201 Under 15 Weste

“Eventually that afternoon, with the help of the Te Kopuru and Dargaville Fire Brigades, the plane was located and pulled in but the pilot and passenger died on impact.” Greenstone Pictures have declined to comment on the upcoming television series.

Back Row : Centre Row : Front Row :

Matson, Daniel Daniel Fulop, Tane Haimona Tierney, a, Coen Beynon, Jade eatu, Stanley Takulu . Taoho Edmonds, Forrest Tibbits-Filimo Taruke Edmonds, Michael Maake e Tibbits-Filimoeatu, m, ki Bretherton, Jordain Frood, Blake Malcol ), Pehu Mahe, Manaa Eric Comber, Finau Apai. Takulua (Captain), on, Sione Chris Fulop (Coach , ) Robins Perone ki ers, Patrick ore, Waiari Paki (Asst Coach Tierney, Greg Baand Irving, Mabien Blackm r (Manager), William Matea Combe ), ine Coach Cather Hoori Reupena, Darrell Irving (Asst isbury, Joren Fiora, Sam Hardiman-Sal

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SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

New council Building Half-time at and Resource Consent Manager the Kauri Museum Kaipara District Council’s new member, Graham Pollard, is taking on a completely new role as the Building and Resource Manager but says he is not at all daunted by the task. The British national has recently moved to Dargaville from Taupo with his wife and two children and is looking forward to a new challenge. “After four years in New Zealand,” says Graham “It’s great to have a job that will enable people to achieve what they want — within the constraints of the law — and hopefully, council can help people do this as smoothly as possible. “It’s a team effort. The developer, community and council need to work together.” Originally from the United Kingdom, Graham studied zoology and ecology at university, before beginning a career in wildlife conservation and countryside management. His responsibilities included creating new wildlife habitats and working with dairy farmers to provide advice to the Queen’s Duchy of Lancaster estates. Graham’s success in enforcing wildlife protection legislation led to an interest in law. “I went back to university and qualified as a lawyer,” adds Graham. “And it is these skills and mindset, as well as many years of management experience that I bring to my job at Kaipara District Council.

“My management experience includes six years as a director on the Board of Chester Zoo. This is one of the UK’s largest, leading international conservation organisations. It attracts over one million visitors every year. “Since arriving in Dargaville, I have also teamed up with the beleaguered Zion Wildlife Gardens, to help them find a plausible future.” On a personal note, Graham is a Shakespearean and comedic actor, who enjoys music — ‘Beethoven rather than Bieber’ — and has led volunteer expedition teams into the Amazon. With other interests including cricket and archery, it is no wonder he is descended from the Norwegian Vikings!

STAR at Dargaville High School STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) funding is a capped resource provided to state and integrated schools to fund programmes in non conventional subjects for mainly senior students. It is a tagged fund and schools must show evidence that they are spending this money in an appropriate way. The intention of STAR funding is to assist students in a smooth transition from school to further education or employment. The objectives are to facilitate transition to the workplace, particularly those students who intend to go straight to the workplace or who are at risk of leaving school without any formal qualifications. It also aims to provide or purchase tertiary courses which better meet the students’ needs and which will motivate them to achieve and to support students to explore career pathways and help them make informed decisions about their future. Here at Dargaville High School, our STAR courses cover a wide range of student interests and local work opportunities. STAR funding supports in-school courses in Agriculture, Hospitality, Wood and Metals Materials Technology and the Building Academy. We also run short courses for Defensive Driving with Kaipara Driving Academy and a Tots and Toddlers course with Plunket and support the Young Enterprise Scheme. Many individual senior students use STAR funding for Distance Learning courses and this year we have students studying Early Childhood Education with Open Polytechnic, Retail with Skills4Work, Aviation related Tourism with ATTTO and Computer Technician work. A new initiative this year has been to offer three Maori Art courses via Te Wananga O Aoteroa where the students

Community involvement in the Rugby World Cup event extends well beyond the nation’s stadiums and playing fields and a measure of this is an exhibition of Otamatea rugby memorabilia that is attracting crowds to The Kauri Museum — including a number of rugby veterans treated to a ‘half-time orange’. “We had a lot of past Otamatea area rugby players here reminiscing and sharing a laugh,” said the museum’s collections Garth Preston and manager, Andrea Terry Hannah at the opening Hemmins. “A half-time morning tea was provided with traditional sliced oranges with our staff wearing red T-shirts in support of the paint it red campaign.” The exhibit features the John W. Isaacs Memorial Trophy on loan from the Northland Rugby Union. John Walter Isaacs was the second eldest of a family of seven. He started his rugby at Aratapu and it was not long before he was representing Northland Primary Schools against Auckland. In 1946, at the age of 22, he was picked to play for the New Zealand Maori team and selected again in 1948. He was also chosen for the North Auckland team in 1946 and played 53 games as a front row prop, a side row and lock forward. Johnny was a member of the North Auckland team which won the Ranfurly Shield for the first time in 1950. He played for North Auckland against the 1956 Springboks. Johnny retired from playing at 33, then took on administration of the game and became president of the Vikings Club and the Dargaville Rugby Football Club, life member of the Dargaville club, selector for North Auckland and Northland Maori teams. He also served on the Northern Wairoa Rugby Sub-Union, the North Auckland Rugby Union, the NZ Rugby Council and the NZ Rugby Advisory Board. He died on 27 December 1977, aged 53 and is buried in Dargaville.

Listen to Big River FM

“It’s your Community Radio Station” Amy Hales on the Tots and Toddlers STAR course

attend four days per course and can gain 4 Level 2 credits in Drawing, Design or Whakairo (carving). For students STAR provides a chance to try out possible careers and to gain new skills that are appropriate for the workplace and that may lead to further qualifications. It can give students the chance to experience practical “hands on” work based experience, try a different learning environment and wade in at the shallow end to the type of training they may want to continue with once they leave school. Transitions from school to work or further training are increasingly complicated in this day and age with a large number of training options, courses and providers marketing to students in what is currently a very competitive and tough employment market. For Dargaville High School STAR is a useful tool to help students explore their options for work or ongoing education in a way that will hopefully make their eventual transition from school more successful.

Dargaville High School Plunket Street, Dargaville P 09 439 7229 E

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‘Council on Watch’

by Paul Campbell

Local Government minister, Rodney Hide says he does not see a need to step into the affairs of the Kaipara District Council, but ‘the council is on watch’. He was speaking after a meeting with Mayor Mr Neil Tiller, outgoing CEO Jack McKerchar and a representative of Local Government New Zealand following a number of requests from groups and individuals for government intervention in the council. “While I am sympathetic to people’s concerns I am strongly of the belief that it is preferrable for local issues to be resolved locally and therefore I do not see a need to intervene at this time,” Mr Hide said. “The council is taking steps to address the issues it is facing. For example it has commissioned independent financial advice, has appointed a treasury advisor to help manage its debt, and is seeking to build internal capability in these areas. “I accept that the concerns which have been raised are significant and I am taking them seriously, but I believe the council needs time to resolve its issues. “But progress needs to be made. I told the mayor the council is on watch. “I have asked my officials to continue monitoring the situation in Kaipara and to keep me apprised of progress. I have also asked the mayor on behalf of the council to report progress to the new Minister of Local Government by 30 April 2012.

SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

New transport solutions for Dargaville


by Joanne Speechly

Kaipara Community Health Trust has provided the community with shuttle transport to and from health appointments for over ten years and during this time the service, and passenger numbers, has evolved considerably. To this end, with everincreasing running costs, fewer grants and a decrease in koha from passengers, it is no longer viable to operate the shuttle service in the same way. Changes to the Kaipara Community Health Trust’s Health Shuttle are being introduced this month. The focus is firstly, to help our community access specialist health appointments in Whangarei and secondly, assist people living rurally who don’t have friends, family or a vehicle to access health appointments locally. However, this necessary change means that the Lynn from Ritches, and Ruben, driver Health Shuttle service will no longer of the Health Shuttle helping to provide transport solutions for Dargaville be taking people who live in the Dargaville Township to appointments in Dargaville. Ritchies are able to collect people from their homes, if they are just off the bus route, and take them to appointments provided a prior As an alternative, Dargaville town residents booking is made at least thirty minutes before the run commences — who live inside the 100 kilometre per hour signs, phone 439 6306. with appointments at the Medical Centre, Te Ha O Te Oranga and community clinics, may choose For people from Ruawai North who live outside the Dargaville Town to utilise Ritchies’ new town service. Ritchies boundary there will be no change — you will still have access to the Health has reduced its fares to ten dollars per return Shuttle. Fortunately, the decision to alter the Health Shuttle’s operation trip and will run to a scheduled timetable route, comes at a time when Ritchies Bus Services plan to trial its new town which will do a circuit of Dargaville four times service. Ritchies see this as a community project and to attract customers each day. they have reduced their fare from $14 to $10 return.

Next Week’s Entertainment

Don’t miss a great night’s entertainment We will be open for all international rugby games on Sky in September and October with spot prizes to be won after every match. Members, friends & clubs with reciprocal visiting rights welcome

Northern Wairoa Memorial


Hokianga Road • Ph 09 439 8164


Located at Foster’s Arcade No.38

ACC co payment $10 per treatment

Extended hours: We are now able to offer two evenings a week for those that are unable to attend an appointment during the day – Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Ring to make an appointment.

ACC and private treatments – no GP referral needed

Victoria Street, Dargaville 09 439 1656 Maungaturoto Medical Centre 09 431 8576 Mobile: 027 273 6939 Email: Open Monday to Friday in Dargaville and Tuesday and Thursday evenings


SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

This is a series of regular articles keeping you informed of happenings on our harbour today, and from bygone days — truly the ‘Jewel of the Kaipara’.

Baffling winds brought disaster by Brian Eastwood Loaded with 183,000 feet of squared timber and 20,000 flitches at Point Curtis on the Otamatea River, the barque Mathieu set sail, outward bound for Sydney. It was 24th March 1885 as she passed Pouto Lighthouse, hoping to quickly head out from Kaipara Harbour. But things did not go well. Her master, Captain M. C. Magnussen, told the story: ‘I tried to get out the following Wednesday but failed so went back to Pouto. Started again, on Thursday at 10am with a fair, steady breeze and an ebb tide. Passed the lighthouse at 11.30am but the wind fell light and hauled ahead. We could not get steerage way and the vessel got into a very awkward position’. He was alongside the dangerous Tory Shoal but with the ‘occasional slight puff, I managed to get her into thirteen fathoms of water and dropped anchor. I then got up the anchor intending to go in to the station again, but a heavy swell and baffling winds drove us ashore’. At 4 o’clock Mathieu hit heavily on the beach, one mile from the lighthouse. Within ten minutes she had broken her back and she began to break up with her deck load swept ashore and scattered along the beach. All the crew got off safely in the large ship’s boat especially built for her six years before, in Auckland. Four seamen and the mate stayed with Mathieu at Pouto and were

looked after by the lighthouse staff. Magnussen and four crewmen went down to an enquiry in Auckland, where the crew and the officers were acquitted of all blame. Timber, boats, bells, blocks, oars, awnings, ropes, sails and compasses were rescued from the wreck and sold at auction one month later in Queen Street, Auckland. The timber, owned by Magnussen, sold for £120 and the hull for £70. She was insured for £600. An Australian owned wooden ship of 367 tons; Mathieu was built in France in 1870 and traded between New Zealand and Australia and up to the Pacific Islands, often back-loading across the Tasman with timber from Kaipara. A typical round trip took her from Dunedin to Sydney with more than a thousand sacks of oats, one hundred and fifty sacks of potatoes and general cargo. Sailing back from Newcastle she brought five hundred tons of coal, four and a half thousand spokes, forty pair’s naves (hubs for cart wheels) and one hundred cases of dynamite. Then it was in ballast up to Kaipara for a shipment of timber. On that calm March day, Magnussen’s

The Kaipara Harbour on a calm day

problem had been a lack of wind. Usually it was stormy seas and head winds that put sailing ships on Tory Shoal or North Head to give Kaipara Harbour it’s undeserved and long lasting, bad reputation. But, whether there was a complete lack of wind or in bad conditions, those sailing ships were helpless without engines to get them out of trouble.

Public meeting to air concerns A group of Kaipara residents concerned about the Crest Energy Marine Turbine proposal at Kaipara Heads, are holding a meeting at Aratapu Tavern on Monday, September 26 at 6.30pm. All are welcome to attend this open meeting. Many people, community groups, iwi and hapu strongly object to the approval for Crest Energy to install up to 200 power generating underwater turbines at the entrance to the Kaipara Harbour. Major concerns include; the detrimental impact on our marine environment, the Maui dolphin and fish stocks and also the social and

cultural implications of depletion on isolated harbour communities. Early this year, both the Environment Court and the Minister of Conservation gave their approval for the staged installation of 200 turbines off the Poutu Peninsula at the north head of the Harbour entrance. Initially, the approval stipulates, three turbines will be installed and over two years the Northland Regional Council will monitor the impacts. After this period, another 17 can be installed and if no adverse impacts are detected, installation can increase to 40, then 80 up to a maximum of 200.

New Zealand Dividends


New Zealand companies pay some of the highest dividends in the world. Dividends offer investors the opportunity to earn income while invested in the share market. The companies below are some of the higher yielding shares on the NZX. This is general advice and not particular to anyone’s personal situation


Adam Lynch

Vital Healthcare Property Trust (VHP.NZ) Current Price $1.10 Gross

Dividend yield 11%

VHP invests in high quality health and medical-related properties. The fund does operate the healthcare facilities itself. Their function is to identify, purchase, and manage quality healthcare properties and lease them to experienced operators. Some of the medical facilities include Ascot Central, Ascot Hospital, and Kensington hospital (Whangarei).

17 School House Lane, Paparoa 1960’s weather board home, consisting of 3 bedrooms, open plan living and single garage on a flat 1318m2 section, offering room for everyone. FNW11378

Restaurant Brands New Zealand (RBD.NZ) Current Price $2.28 Gross

Auction: 30th Sep, 12.30pm, First National Office, 180 Bank St, Whangarei

RBD operates the New Zealand outlets of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks coffee. These brands have been successful around the world for the service and experience they provide. Methven (MVN.NZ) Current Price

$1.42 Gross

Dividend Yield 11%

Dividend Yield 9.6%

MVN has been around in New Zealand since 1886. They began as a brass and iron foundry and then moved on to manufacturing faucets and copper laundry vessels. They are New Zealand’s longest established, largest supplier and a leading designer of shower heads, faucets and hot water valves to home renovators, plumbers and the building industry. Kathmandu (KMD.NZ) Current Price

434a Pahi Road, Pahi “Looking for lifestyle with coastal dreams? Look no further than this 1970’s 3 bedroom home with attached carport minutes from the Pahi settlement. Distant harbour views of the Kaipara Harbour, offering a 9729m² section with a northerly aspect. Ticks all the boxes!” Auction: 30th September, 12.30pm First National Office, 180 Bank Street, Whangarei. Allan Inglis

Enquiries to:

Mob: 021 333 311 Bus: 09 438 8667 A/H: 09 438 9843 Email:

$2.00 Gross

Dividend Yield 10.6%

KMD was established 24 years ago and has been a good performer on the NZX since listing in 2009. They are one of the leading specialists in clothing and equipment for travel and adventure in NZ and Australia. Fifteen new stores are supposed to open in 2011,they assessing over 50 locations in NZ and Australia. Data and research taken from FNZC and company websites.

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09 438 8667

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SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

Building academy a huge success by Joanne Speechly

In less than a year, a pilot programme at Dargaville High School has made huge gains and turned around the lives of the young men involved Eight senior students will complete the 2011 school year as very employable citizens.


Kaipara holding it’s own Kaipara’s economy is recovering after a long recession, according to the government’s quarterly economic monitor to June this year, with GDP up 1.5% although the level of economic activity is still well below its pre-recession level. The report issued this week also says Kaipara’s labour market is recovering. The number of unemployment beneficiaries fell to 280 from 330 a year ago and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.4%. With the economy now growing, it says some businesses are beginning to hire staff again. Just over 120 residential building consents were issued over the last year in Kaipara and the report continues that building activity has fallen significantly over the last year due to the weak housing market.

Licenced builder, Tim Pratt, who returned to the Kaipara after a number of years abroad, is the very proud tutor and mentor to Dargaville High School Building Academy students.

Prospects for non-residential building are also poor with consents down to levels last recorded in 2005. The Kaipara housing market is relatively weak. The volume of house sales fell more than 35% over the year to June, but house prices managed to remain steady even as prices across the rest of Northland slipped.

“The programme is a first for Dargaville High School and when we started in term one, noone knew how it was going to go,” says Tim.

Looking further afield, the report says annual economic growth nationally is expected to be a modest 1.4% for the year to June 2011.

“Initially, we were supposed to receive some funding but this didn’t eventuate. Instead, we Tim Pratt pictured with eight very employable young men decided to seek some Tim concludes that the project is a raging outside work and, through a friend, started success for Dargaville High School and has given some work at the Commercial Hotel. his students a new vision for the future. “Simon and Pauline Gough have since given “They have developed into a team of us a really big job that involves a number of respectful and talented young men, who will skills. It started out as a garage but now it’s soon be looking for a building apprenticeship, a garage with bathroom, studio, bedroom, in Dargaville and beyond.” mezzanine floor and stairway, retainer wall — absolutely everything to do with building, so it’s been a great job for these guys!

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Kaipara peaked was lower than in Northland region (7.9%) and lower than in the national economy (6.5%).

“The Building Academy is completely selffunding and, at the moment, we appear to have enough work lined up to keep us going for the next couple of years. The guys are better than some of my former employees. Tim and his eight students have recently purchased an eleven-seater van, their own tools, a container and a shed — all with their own funds. The full-time programme, which includes a theory component provided by the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), is similar to the programmes at Kaikohe’s Northland College. “At the end of the year, these guys are going to be very employable. They will have most of their apprenticeship theory work completed and they have the necessary skills — they’re already building places and most builders simply don’t have the time to teach the young ones everything.”

The level of GDP was $366 million in Kaipara during the year to June 2011. This accounted for 10.9% of GDP in the Northland region, and 0.3% of national GDP during the quarter.

Total guest nights in Kaipara remained static during the year to June 2011 compared with the previous 12 months. However, in the Northland region, and nationally, guest nights dropped to minus figures. Visitors stayed 97,000 guest nights in Kaipara during the year to June 2011. The number of cars registered in Kaipara increased by 24% in the year. Growth was higher than in the Northland region (13%) and higher than in New Zealand (14%).

In the past we have shared word for word unsolicited comments from our residents. We now share word for word some positive comments from our residents family/support person obtained through a recent written questionnaire in June 2011.

r u o y l l i St nwriter g i S l a c o l 47 Port Rd • Whangarei (in the Hot Mama Red Building)

P. 09 438 7954 0800 SIGNS R US

“Mum always says she is spoilt.” “Over all I love my Mum being there and I feel she is safe.” “Mum always seems happy with meals.” “Most impressed with the care that Mum receives since being at Norfolk.” “Uncle is very content at the home and often comments he is well looked after.” Norfolk Court Rest Home Ltd “Staff great and always approachable.”

Norfolk Court

Norfolk Court Rest Home Ltd • 68-72 Normanby Street, Dargaville Phone 09 439 6214 • Ask for Carla RN/Manager or Stuart CEO

The Right Choice • Locally owned and operated Member of New Zealand Aged Care Association


Kaipara Community Health Trust

Important Changes to the Health Shuttle Service

Alistair Nauman Registered Financial Adviser

YeS - you can book the Health Shuttle to take you to your appointment in Whangarei. YeS - you can book the Health Shuttle to get you to appointments in Dargaville IF you live outside of the Dargaville town boundary.

Eileen Nauman Registered Financial Adviser

... for us it’s about Outcomes ‘For Professional Insurance Advice’

For bookings please phone Te Ha Oranga 439 3013. If - you live inside the Dargaville Town boundary and need an appointment in Dargaville please phone Ritchies Town Service on 439 6306, trips cost $10 return

Insurance is not about leaving things to chance...

ADAMS TRIMMER NAUMAN LTD Insurance Brokers and Consultants

Lisa Vallance Registered Financial Adviser

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SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

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SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

Headed for the big time The boys in Dargaville’s Under 15 Western Sharks rugby team have proven that hard work, motivation and passion can pay dividends in the long run. The team have finished the season in the top four of the Northland JB-8 Under 15 competition and were only narrowly beaten in the semi-finals by Whangarei Boys High. The top-four ranking is only one of several substantial achievements for the high school team, who started the season without a coach. Sixteen of the talented squad were initially selected for the combined Rodney/Ruawai/ Northern Wairoa representative squad. “Thirteen players went on to the rep team and three were later released due to age cutoff restrictions.” says proud head coach, Chris Fulop. “The rep team only narrowly lost against Whangarei by 2 points — and then convincingly beat the Bay of Islands a day later. “From those two trial games, nine of our

boys were selected to play for the South Zone reps. They played against North Zone in Kaitaia the other weekend and from that game, four of our boys have made it through to the Northland Under 15 squad. They will play against Tonga’s Under 15 squad later this month.

Pride and passion on parade!


It was still a few hours until kick-off, but the party atmosphere came alive on Dargaville’s main street last Friday as a loud, proud and colourful parade of fans came out to support the mighty Tongan rugby team. With facepaint, flags and banners in bold red and white the local Tongan community got the World Cup season started in style, and were met with cheers and applause — as well as a few defiant All Blacks flags proudly flying the silver fern!

Chris adds that the Western Sharks rugby club has indicated a willingness to continue their support of the boys as Under 16s next year. The boys themselves are also very keen to stay together and play next year. “The assistance and encouragement from parents, supporters, assistant coaches, Darrell Irving and William Paki and manager, Catherine Comber, has been awesome and is much appreciated.” Twins, Taoho and Taruke Edmonds, Haimoni Tierney and Stanley Takulua have been selected for the Northland team.

Under 15 Western Sharks 2011

Aranga School quiz night Aranga School is holding its Annual Quiz Night on September 30 and the small, rural school is seeking donations from the local business community for prizes. “We appreciate the support everyone has given us in the past and hope that people will be able to assist us again in some way,” says principal, Myles Ferris. “We realise that times are tough and we have also experienced difficulty in stretching our budget to provide learning resources and opportunities for our students. Our Quiz Night is one of the ways we can raise funds to address this problem.” This year’s Quiz Night is on September 30 and businesses are welcome to contact Mr Ferris or Aranga School’s office administrator, Carol Blair on 09 439 0634 or chairperson, Hinerangi Himiona on 09 439 8738 for information or to make a donation. “We will be happy to collect your donation,” adds Mr Ferris.“And don’t forget no donation is too big or too small — every little bit helps our children.” Back Row : Centre Row : Front Row :

Forrest Tibbits-Filimoeatu, Stanley Takulua, Coen Beynon, Haimona Tierney, Daniel Fulop, Tane Matson, Daniel Frood, Blake Malcolm, Taruke Edmonds, Michael Maake. Chris Fulop (Coach), Pehu Mahe, Manaaki Bretherton, Jordaine Tibbits-Filimoeatu, Taoho Edmonds, Jade Tierney, Greg Baanders, Patrick Robinson, Eric Comber, Finau Apai. Darrell Irving (Asst Coach), Matea Irving, Mabien Blackmore, Waiariki Perone, Sione Takulua (Captain), Sam Hardiman-Salisbury, Joren Fiora, Hoori Reupena, Catherine Comber (Manager), William Paki (Asst Coach)

Kauri Coast

Rest Home & Hospital


Giving wholehearted care to the older person

TOWN SERVICE Below is an example of the return bus scheduled route. We hope this will help you to plan your appointment times around the bus pickups. Remember we are happy to collect you from your home if you’re just off the bus route, please phone 09 439 6306 to arrange pickup at least half and hour before scheduled service commencement.

Dargaville Town Service Bus Scheduled Route We start at the bottom of Logan St (by roundabout) Hokianga Rd Cobham Ave Montgomery Ave Hospital (outside DMC) Finlayson Park Kapia St

9.30am 9.35am 9.45am 9.48am 9.55am 9.58am 10.00am

Then return in reverse Kapia St (Dinny’s Bakery) Warehouse / Countdown Finlayson Park Hospital Montgomery Ave Cobham Ave Hokianga Rd Logan St

10.05am 10.07am 10.10am 10.15am 10.20am 10.23am 10.28am 10.35am

This is an estimated timetable only. Timetable: depart bottom of Logan Street at 9.30am, 11.30am, 2.00pm and 4.30pm. We do this route four times a day for your convenience. Fare: Adults $5 one way, Children under 14 $2 one way. Please show your support and use this community transport service.

Kia Ora te whanau, welcome to aged care matters again. This month I want to talk about the staff we have at Kauri Coast. Just as we like to get to know our residents for who they are – as a culmination of everything they have been and achieved in their pasts we also like to get to know our staff. They are great people with diverse and interesting backgrounds and with day to day struggles and joys like us all. They come from other places in New Zealand and locally. They come from Fiji, the Philippines. India, South Korea, Zimbabwe. We have Christians, of varying denominations, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, and many more. Maori, Pakeha, Asian, Pacific Islands. As I am typing this I realise what an incredibly diverse group we are and how amazing it is that when we come to work all those differences blend to achieve the common purpose and goal of providing the best care we possibly can to a highly respected group of our community, the elderly. We have a team of 46 who, as well as the diversity already mentioned also have varying life commitments. Most are married and therefore have spouses and children and the ones who aren’t are involved in community groups like St Johns and they balance all their commitments to be able to work and provide care to our residents. The reason that they choose to work in aged care is because they have a strong affinity for helping people. This is evident in the extra things that are done to add value to residents lives. Like making sure the gardens are kept nice, writing great poems about residents for their families when they pass on, the extra time spent on news letters, making sure people can get where they need to go for family gatherings even on weekends, individualising activities, and many more. Care giving in a Care Home is a demanding, challenging role. While routines help they are ever mindful of the need to keep the individual needs of each resident in mind. As well as the practical physical needs of the residents there are the needs of families who need to be kept informed, to have questions answered and to be involved as part of the team. The staff give of their own time to develop their knowledge and skills through the Career Force Training programme supported by Bupa and are involved in various training and development. The Personal Best programme run by Bupa encourages staff individually to identify a way that they make a difference to one or more residents in a personalised way that is above the standard care provided. There are 3 levels to this programme. 92% of our staff have attained the Bronze level and we are working others through the Silver level. 3 people have attained Gold level with others working towards it. Our staff come here every day and despite their incredible diversity and any challenges they may have on the personal front they form a team for the shift that makes the needs of their residents paramount. We do have a great team. We recognise that no one person here can provide great care on their own. It takes a team who are committed to residents, to the families and to each other. As the manager at Kauri Coast Rest Home and Hospital it is a pleasure and a privilege to have such a team.


SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

Spring Fashion FASHION 5x7



LIFESTYLER Look great this Spring


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Give your fashions a new lease of life Make them look and feel like new again FULL DRY CLEANING SERVICE AVAILABLE 106 Victoria St Dargaville Ph 09 439 7139 or 0800 808 820

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jeans + sneakers NZ T–ShirTS - NeW SeASON’S rANge here fOr SpriNg frOM $30 Or On the Web... McKays Arcade • Victoria St • Tel 09 439 4526 Open Sat 10–1pm • Open weekdays 10–5pm

Womens Specialist Lingerie

by Kaipara Lifestyler fashion correspondent

Spring is traditionally a season of rebirth and new life — so it’s the perfect time to breathe some new life into your wardrobe and re-invent your look for the new season. In Dargaville there are ample opportunities to keep up with the latest fashion trends, with a variety of fashion stores bringing you the best styles from around New Zealand and the world, whether you’re into funky casual wear, surf and skatewear, or even the cream of the crop from some of Europe’s well known fashion houses. Polwarth Designs are a well-known Dargaville institution, bringing true couture from the catwalk to the high street in style. Sheryl and Jo are more than just purveyors of up-tothe-minute fashion (from formal to fun and everything in between), they’re also talented stylists in their own right who love re-inventing and revitalising their customers’ style. Hot this Spring at Polwarth Design is a broad palette from across 20th century fashion, with bold influences from many eras. Bright floral colours are in, as are fitted three-quarter length jeggings, oversized T’s and bold, individualistic

New Seasons Summer P.J’s Boys & Girls 1-5 years Z Made Possum/Merino - N Gloves & Socks

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styling. The key to a fashionable spring season is to be yourself — and to stop by and visit Sheryl and Jo for some timely fashion advice! Over at Jon Matich Surfwear spring heralds a sizzling hot collection of big-label brands. Jon and Becky share a wealth of expertise which spans 60 years, and this season their store is crammed with new summer stock, including all the major surf brands, clothing and accessories. Come on in and scope it out! Just down the arcade you’ll find a vast range of irreverent, patriotic, fun and funky shirts at B’arch Wear — whether it’s a pic of your favourite band, some cool NZ made designs, or just a slice of kiwi humour, they’ve got it all. Check out their range of BOOM sneakers, fitted caps and accessories too! Of course a re-invention of your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without taking care of your intimate wear, lingerie and sleepwear — all of which are well represented with new styles and colours at Lynley’s Lingerie and Linen. With the perfect blend of comfort, practicality and sensual fabrics like satin and lace, all the major international labels have something new for Spring which is sure to catch your attention. As the weather grows warmer and the evenings longer, it’s time for a change of pace and a change of style! These local fashion stores are there to help you look great and feel awesome this spring and beyond.

Your wish is our command... YOU WANTED COLOUR? Here it is!


98 Victoria Street • Dargaville Phone 09 439 0007

Sizzling Hot Surf Fashion Jon Matich Surfwear


New Season’s Intimate Apparel Instore Now Olivia - Intricate guipure lace in refined neutral tones. Nicole - Practical everyday comfort with silky smooth fabrics. Christie - Ruffled trim designer lingerie fit for a princess!

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Jon Matich Surfwear

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M o to re


78 Victoria St Dargaville 09 439 7341 Open Saturdays 9.30am–2.00pm

W th B

W w &


SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011


InternatIonal rUGBY neWS

Brought to you by empire liquor centre – Your one stop before all the big games! The Liquor Centre Group 81 Victoria Street, DargaVille empire liquor centre Wines & Spirits Open 6 days Ph 09 439 8786 • Fax 09 439 4760

A week of world-class rugby action by Kaipara Lifestyler rugby correspondent New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup 2011 is well underway across the country and rugby fans, here and overseas, will be embarking on a brand new relationship with the big screen. September 14 marks day one for the RWC in Whangarei, when Tonga challenges Japan at Northland Events Centre at 5pm. Prior to this, Samoa tackles Namibia at Rotorua International Stadium at 2.30pm and later in the evening Scotland versus Georgia at Invercargill’s Rugby Park at 7.30 in the evening. Tonga showed great form against the All Blacks on Friday, with their try in the second half a beautiful orchestration of applied pressure on our defensive line! Look out for these guys — they have fanatical support, massive pride and a pool of skilled players. On Thursday, September 15 the ‘clash of the cold war’ erupts in Taranaki as the USA takes on Russia. These former adversaries will be looking to build their game, as both nations are ‘learners’ in international rugby compared to the ABs or the Boks, but there’s no mistaking their passion, and rivalry. On the following day the All Blacks face the boys from Japan at Waikato Stadium. With the legendary JK himself coaching the Japanese this is going to be a steep learning curve indeed for them, especially as the Kiwi team look to tighten up on some of the ball-handling fumbles which marred their victory over Tonga. On Saturday, 17 September, three games are spread out across the country. First up Argentina takes on Romania. The Pumas almost mauled their opponents last weekend down south, and they are favourites to roar ahead this time! This is followed by a capital game at Wellington Regional Stadium, which sees rugby super power South Africa tackle our Fijian neighbours at 6pm. The late game of the evening sees Aussie kick off against Ireland at Auckland’s Eden park at

Matakana House



French rugby visitors celebrating in Dargaville

8.30. Both of these matches feature powerhouse players from the recent tri nations. Rounding off the RWC weekend we will see strong contenders kick off across the country. This starts with Wales and Samoa at 3.30pm, then England take on eastern European hopefuls Georgia in Dunedin at 6pm. England are tipped to bring home the win over the relatively inexperienced Georgian side, but the game between a spirited Welsh team and what almost counts as the home-advantaged Samoans may go down to the wire! If that’s not enough, Canada and France go head to head at

PaddocK roLLerS LocaLLy buiLt, reLiabLe and tough

We are just a short drive from lots of local wineries, beaches, golf courses, marine reserve & Kawau Island via ferry from Sandspit.

Your hosts Denis and Marilyn Guest Phone: 09 422 7497 Email: Website:

We’re backing New Zealand for the win! Phone

Mike O’Halloran Concreting

021 88 22 86


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Full menu, bar snacks and courtesy van available Follow us on Facebook • Doors Open 11:00 am

Phone 439 6544

We still have rooms available during the international rugby tournament. Buses available to Auckland games.


• Watch the international rugby action on our big screen

34 Beach Road daRgaville

Matakana House Motel is situated in the heart of Matakana Village. Just a 100 metre stroll to the Farmers Market, Movie theatres, three restaurants and bars & café.

8pm, with national pride on the line for the world’s two largest Frenchspeaking nations (yes, it’s official outside of Quebec too!) After a breather on Monday the boys in blue from Italy will clash with Russia on Tuesday, with the Italians coming off a spirited match last weekend in what appears to be fighting form. Wednesday, September 21, is a one-day game but one that many Kaipara residents will be attending — remember, bus transport is available. Close neighbours to New Zealand, Tonga and Japan, will fight it out at Whangarei’s Northland Events Centre at 7.30 in the evening. We can expect the Tongan team to be favourites on the day. Finally, to round off an exciting RWC week, former Webb Ellis Cup holders, South Africa will take on Africa’s Namibia at 8pm at North Harbour Stadium.


63 Victoria Street Open Mon–Fri 7–5.30pm, Sat 8–1pm

Phone: 09 439 8647


Open From 10am

Come down to the Central and watch all the Rugby Action with the team @ Central Hotel

BLACK’S OUR COLOUR! Bar snack available Happy hour all day & night for all games

Cnr Victoria & Edward Sts, Dargaville • Ph 09 439 8034


SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

brought to you by Quantum Laboratory Freephone: 0800 85 77 33 • Maree: 021 260 6991 Web: • Email:

The letter’s in the mail

Precision for better pastures and crops Jason Williamson has been in the spreading industry for 22 years — that’s 88 seasons of ensuring better pastureland and crops for the farmers of the Kaipara district. From dairy farms to kumara and all things in between you’ll find his trucks out there delivering the goods to ensure healthy and sustained growth — and now Spreading Northland have forged an alliance with worldfamous Ravensdown Fertilisers to add hightech precision to their operation. Using Ravensdown’s proprietary Ravtrack system of GPS equipped trucks, Jason and his team can accurately cover vast areas without overlapping, saving big money for their clients and avoiding sensitive waterways. It’s this dedication to adopting new and better technology which has seen them become the only accredited Spreadmark operator in Kaipara — a respected industry hallmark which guarantees excellent results. In fact, they’re the only ones who can deliver a certified proof-of-placement map to evidence a job well done — taken from a satellite in space! No wonder then that agribusiness operators all over the district are turning to Jason and Spreading Northland to boost productivity and save on their pasture management costs.

by Our Agricultural Correspondent After some years in preparation and the fine-tuning, the mandatory national animal identification and tracing scheme, Nait, will come into effect for cattle on July 1, next year, providing, as expected, legislation passes through parliament after this year’s election. Compliance details will be posted out to farmers throughout the country next month. NAIT Ltd is the industry-owned company that will implement the scheme for cattle and deer, which is designed to comprehensively to link people, property and livestock. The scheme is aimed at ensuring overseas markets that a livestock disease can be quickly contained in the event of any biosecurity incidents. The project has Beef and Lamb New Zealand, DairyNZ, and Deer Industry New Zealand as shareholders. Chief executive for Nait Ltd, Russell Burnard says this follows achievement of key milestones giving confidence to proceed with planning for a July 2012 mandatory implementation for cattle. Deer are set to join the scheme on March 1, 2013.

Spreading Northland

• • • • • •

We apply what you need, where you need it Ravtrak advanced guidance Proof of placement maps Experienced local operator

The precise way to grow

Milestones include a recent agreement for the scheme’s IT system to be provided by New Zealand company Fronde Systems Group. “NAIT’s cross-party support in parliament bodes well for the NAIT Bill being passed after the election,” said Mr Burnard. NAIT Ltd will be writing directly to all cattle and deer farmers next month to provide more detail. This will include practical information on tagging of animals and what farmers need to do and when, for registrations and animal movement requirements. The information will also give farmers details about public consultation planned for October on proposed tag and slaughter levies. “Our message to farmers continues to be: keep on tagging your animals with NAIT-approved RFID tags, added Mr Burnard. “Tag your animals when they are young and easier to handle to prepare for the NAIT scheme next year and to avoid double-handling or re-tagging costs. “To date, uptake has been impressive.” The IT firm which will track farm animals, Fronde, is an existing member of MAF’s supplier panel and currently develops and supports the MAF Climate Change Information System (CCIS) and Incursion Response System (IRS), along with other core MAF business applications.

Williamson Agriculture Ltd Ltd


If your month KingQ

• 400c oil c • Solid axle by tw abso • 5 for Hi/Lo • Torq diffe • Leve 2WD • Easy leve


We can cart and spread from all fertiliser stores Call us today: Jason Williamson 027 499 2530 Ravensdown Customer Centre 0800 100 123


Laser Drainage & Trenching Cultivation work with 5m hoe Limestone & Drainage Metal Supply Mobile Crusher Hire Phone Craig 0274 714 889 or Phil 0274 770 199

$1 R

Spring C shown S

SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011


brought to you by Quantum Laboratory Freephone: 0800 85 77 33 • Maree: 021 260 6991 Web: • Email:

A Dog’s Tail . . .

Wot’s wiv the pointy heads?

Gidday, Billy Border Collie back wiv youse. Tell ya wot, it’s got reel quiet ona farm these days. The Boss is spending a helluva lota time ina wool shed wiva wisescreen TV. I ’spose it figgers ’cos he rilly got it ta wotch tha werld rugby cup ina first place. Mind you, he hasn’t changed ’is tune that much wen it comes ta tha townies wots runnin’ tha show. Even Sharlene, ’is girlfriend (’an me best mate jus’ quiet-like) sez she’s a bit flummixed (wotever that rilly means) at tha amounta munny bein’ chucked ata rugby circus. (That’s wot she calls it.) “Looky here Dog,” she sez. Didja see them firewerks ona Friday night for tha openin’ ceremony? How much munny ya reckin went up ina clouda smoke eh? Bloody near a cupla million dollas!” Wow. Tha woulda paid a few speedin’ tickits fer tha Boss eh? Not ta mention a few bagsa Tux. Then Sharlene went on — ana Boss wuz

noddin; agreement from ‘is seat ona casa stubbies: “‘An just lookit that blimmin’ party central place ona waterfront. Here we got a blimmin recession ana cafe’s ’n restronts an’ bars all over town needin’ lotsa customers. So wot happins. Tha govmint open’s up it’s own bloody bar an’ restaurant in competition under a nine millyin dolla umbrella ona wharf. Ya wooda thought all them people coulda gone explorin’ town an’ findin’ tha reel kiwis. Nah, they come ’ere ta New Zealan for a rugby, an’ I bet many of ’em will go ’ome reckinin’ we’re just a giant wharf wiv a television screen eh? “An anover thing.” I lookit ova ta the Boss an’ he was sittin’ back wiv ’is eyes closed. I thort he wuz concentatin’, till I saw ’is beer startin’ ta spill, so I wen’ over an give ’im a nudge wiv me nose. “Wassup, wha — yes dear,” he muttad. Sharlene din evin notice. “Anover thing. Look ata news, All ya get is rugby werld cup. Hasa hole werld stoppt in its tracks?” Boss was a bit more awake now. “Yep dear. Well, if ya lookit tha peeple they got ona telly, wot more can ya ’spect. Alla bloke’s got pointy heads.” He turned ona TV. There wuz this bloke ana Boss wuz right. He wuz talkin’ to another bloke wiv a mikrofone. They had pointy haircuts lika ridge of hair I got on me nose. Stiking out like wot tha Boss callsa ‘proverbial’ dog’s xxxxx (can’t say it in fronta Sharlene). “Nex’ thinga ya no,” saida Boss, “Bloody players’ll be tha same.

TrailRototuna BiKE ridE Forest Te Kopuru and Pouto Schools Combined

Sunday 2nd October 2011

All weather track • Expert loops • Kids Loop Quad-friendly • Signposted south of Dargaville Entry Fee: Adult – $35.00 • Under 16* – $15.00

Clean up with amazing KingQuad savings! If your farm bike has taken a pounding over the winter months, now’s the time to climb aboard a brand new KingQuad, especially at these super hot Spring Clean prices.

KingQuad 400 4x4 • 400cc electric start oil cooled 4-stroke • Solid enclosed rear axle supported by two shock absorbers • 5 forward gears with Hi/Lo ratios (man) • Torque sensing front differential • Lever action 2WD/4WD select • Easy select reverse lever



$10,778 +GST $11,648 +GST Randells Suzuki 8 Kapia Street, Dargaville Phone 09 439 6952

Enquiries: Te Kopuru School 09 439 1802 Pouto School 09 439 5251

Monster MX specials

Up to 30% OFF tHoR MX GEAR

NEW 2012 Thor MX gear arriving this month! Call in and check out the new designs and SUpEr loW pricing!

34 Beach Road daRgaville

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ORIGIN AGROUP Co-operative power working for you

SPRing Sale

Make us an offer on our great range of agricultural equipMent


paddock roller 3mtr Heavy Duty HeaVY dutY log splitters, Tractor 3PL tYM T450 4WD Tractor + FEL alpego RG-300 Power Harrow 180hp feeder leader 3PL Bale Feeder Hustler Bale Clamps pearson Mighty 2.4m 2 Ram Blade kingHitter SER 2 Post Driver lYndon atV 5’ Spiked Harrows rata Quick Hitch sinopower 2.8KW Genset sinopower v-twin 96Ltr Compressor Elec “BatY” Badger 3PL Bale Feeder “BatY” chariot Quad Trailed Bale Feeder a.e.s. tornado 150/14 Comm Waterblaster, Honda

USed MachineRy

ford 6600 + C/A F.E.L a.e.s. tornado Comm Waterblaster 3,000 psi kuHn GMD 600 GII Mower no reasonaBle offers refused

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Dargaville Honda Authorised Honda Dealer

Spring Clean not offered in conjunction with any other promotional activity. Savings shown are based on recommended retail prices and include GST. Offer applies in September 2011 only or while stocks last. Only at participating dealers.

I heard ’im reminisking before eh. So decided to go dig up a bone. Gotta ’ave sumpin ta chew on fer tha next six weeks eh?

*Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Start 9.00am • Last Loop 2.30pm • Food available all day

Including clothing, body armour, gloves, goggles, kidney belts and socks

SAVE $1,000

Now back in my day, ina Otamatea Railway team……”

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• ALL PRICES + gSt • gENERAL ENgINEERINg & REPAIRS • fARM MACHINERY • full workshop service for all makes of tractors and implements.

• pto drive shaft repairs. • tractor parts and accessories for most makes.





SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

Northland Toyota . A T O Y O T W E N A CHOOSE . L A E D R U O Y E THEN CHOOS Brand New Toyota

2011 Yaris 5 Door Auto Hatch

Brand New Toyota

2011 Corolla GX Auto Hatch

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Brand New Toyota

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2011 Highlander LTD

$29,990* RRP $35,990

*based on a brand new 1.3 Yaris 5door automatic hatch excluding on road costs, subject to availability.

Hilux D/Cab 2WD

Brand New Toyota

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*based on a brand new 3.5 Highlander LTD excluding on road costs, subject to availability.

Brand New Toyota SAVE OVER

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Hilux SR5 Extra Cab


$44,400* RRP $52,513

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$40,865* RRP $51,556

INCLUDES CHOOSE YOUR DEAL OFFER *Based on a manual Hilux SR5 4x4 diesel d/cab excluding on road costs and GST. Subject to availability.


INCLUDES CHOOSE YOUR DEAL OFFER *Based on a Hilux SR5 Extra cab excluding on road costs and GST. Subject to availability.




From your local Toyota Dealer, Northland Toyo ta, Town Basin, Whangarei


Corner Carruth & Robert Streets, Whangarei PHONE: (09) 430 4360 AFTER HOURS: Barrie 021 867 093; Nigel 021 923 269 David 027 284 4456 or Jason 021 662 100

“Proud Supporters of Northland Rugby”

SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011


Kaipara Service Directory ATS ProPerty Maintenance & rePair


PH/FAX 09 439 7392 MOB 027 414 1250 PUKEKO ST DARGAVILLE 0310

Fences & Repairs • Kitchen/Bathroom Fit Outs Wet Wall Lining • Flooring Repairs • Decks • Water Blasting & Chemical Washes • Windows & Latches • Plus Much More

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• All general engineering requirements • Suppliers of Waikato Milking Systems • Lowara Pumps • Hi Tech Effluent Systems

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Normanby St, Dargaville Craftsmen, Plumbers, Drainlayers Sheetmetal, AND Roofing Contractors


FARM / ATV / MX / TRAIL Parts, tyres, batteries and accessories

Phone 09 439 7270

725 POUTO RD, RD1 DARGAVILLE 09 439 0170 •

We Service The Kaipara District


• Household Items • Boats and Vehicles • Surplus Stock • Documents • Retail Storage • 24 hr, 7 day access • Very suitable as trade Phone base for a Small Business

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Phone: 439 7335 Normanby Street Dargaville


Our Systems • Low application rates • Low capital costs • Low labour input • Lower risk of compliance failure • Auto rain shut off • Auto low pressure shut off

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Best under pressure Micheal Jenkins Ph: 0274 717 331 A/h: 09 439 4102

Floor Sanding

Lyn’s Creations

Greg Brownie

Locally owned and operated • Floor restoration • New floors sanded and coated

Cakes for all occasions no job too big or too small

• Prepwork • Concrete grinding

Phone Lyn

Quality workmanship guaranteed 3 Parore St, Dargaville • Ph 09 439 8881

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Northland Laser Drainage Ltd

• Carpet & vinyl • Residential & commercial • Floor preparation • Top quality installations • Measure & quote • Mobile service

Ph 09 431 1017 Ah 09 431 8760 Mobile 021 515 415 Christine Barrott

Neil Carter Trading as

Subsurface Drainage Specialists (Nth) All Services & Maintenance Available

PO Box 1174, Whangarei Ph 09 434 7741 Mobile 027 273 6865

09 439 0751 Your Vision on Paper

Plans 4 U

Architectural Design & Draughting Services Email: Phone: Grant Smith (LBP-D2) 09 433 9774 or 021 433 462


RODNEY CONTRACTORS Earthmoving Specialists

CERTUS Financial Group

Stuart Sterling

0800 0H 2 DIG - 0800 642 344 021741998

QFE Adviser Local scrapping goodies & classes

“No job too small we look at them all.” Driveways * Housesites * Farm work * Cartage * Footings * Hole boring * 3.5 - 12 tonne diggers available * PHONE NOW FOR A FREE QUOTE

Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs 10am–3pm | Sat 10am–1pm Appointments welcome outside hours 66 Austin Rd, Maunu whg | 09 438 3940 | No eftpos




New and Old Floors Carpet and Vinyl Preparation Quality Solvent & Water based Coating






Self Storage

subject to unit availability



Greg Newman Ph 09 439 0853 Mobile 027 258 9931 Email

Landscape Services & Sculpture on Commission

Ph: 027 510 1360 A/h: 09 439 8069

0274 914 091


09 436 3929

Mobile: Phone: Fax: Res: Email:

021 985 108 09 439 8651 09 439 6500 09 439 7425 Representing

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UILDINGS SKYLINE B SERVICING THE KAIPARA AREA CONCRETE • Driveways – Footpaths • Cowsheds & Wintering Pads • Commercial & Domestic Floors • Colour Imprinting John Vuletich: • Colour Overlay 0274 972 116


Building & Civil Engineering Contractors 14 Normanby Street Ph 09 439 4700

SKYLINE BUILDINGS • Cottages • Sleepouts • Garages • Carports • Garden Sheds Your Kaipara Representative Robyn Webb: 0274 395 866

Member of the NZ Master Concrete Placers Association


SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011



09 4 027 6









Kaipara Lifestyler Classifieds

Phone 0800 466 793

Closing date for classified advertising for the 21 September 2011 edition is 10am, Monday 19 September 2011. See our terms and conditions online at For Sale

For Sale

½ PRICE Beds – Factory Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.

STAINLESS STEEL tubs (2) $10 each, 3 phase motor $20, kitset wooden shelves 900x800x300 new in packaging $30, HP Photosmart printer $15, Single bed fold up with mattress $30, old copper laundry bowl $30, 3 phase pottery kiln 11 cub ft plus shelves. Ph 09 431 6740.

½ PRICE Beds – Factory Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. ½ PRICE Beds – Factory Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. CAR MATS – All Blacks - $25 set of four. Auto One Dargaville. 09 439 8219. DIESEL OIL. 10 litre 15W/40. save $25, September only. Auto One Dargaville. 09 439 8219. HAY FOR SALE. Conventional bales. Phone 09 439 7715 after 6pm. HUGE RANGE. Fruit trees. Roses, Spring flowering and Weeping trees, disease resistant varieties. Adams Nurseries, 4 Connell Rd, Waipu Phone 09 432 0121. JVC USB/CD receiver with free 16cm speakers $249.99 Auto One Dargaville 09 439 8219. NEW HOMES available now for immediate delivery. Yes! You can afford it. Contact us now 0800 534 844 or 09 425 0103. PUPPIES! LABRADOR/WHIPPET - 3 black males, 1 white male & 2 white females. Strong Lab resemblance. Phone 021 1821 744 or 09 439 5781 after 5pm. SOCKET SET ½” drive, 42 piece. Now only $199.99, saving $100. Auto One Dargaville. 09 439 8219.

For Sale

TILES TILES TILES. Best range, Best Prices, Best Installation. Your Local Tile Store. Tiletex Ltd, 66 Victoria Street, Phone 09 439 4455. WASHING MACHINE Fisher & Paykel Top loader 5 litre. As new $600. Phone 09 439 1662.

Got2Go Got2Go Plants compostPlants bright leaf ™

AT Duck Creek Garden Centre, Dargaville 09 439 8386 & Wellsford Garden Centre “Growing Goodness”


500cm high $5 each

Hours: 9.00am– 4.00pm 55 West Coast Rd


GAIN A RARE CENTRAL LOCATION 388m² Huge price reduction Must sell – Won’t last

Only $49,000

For more information Phone 027 428 7806

Plants & Nurseries

BATHROOM WARE Full range of Bathroom ware, Tapware, Kitchen sinks and more at Plumbing and Heating Centre

 0800 326 123

102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

House For Sale RELOCATABLE HOME Brand new, 3 double bedrooms, fully decorated, sundeck included. For details please phone 027 477 5340 or 09 431 6964. $99,000 +GST.

For Hire

Cabins to Rent Northland Your ideal solution to short or long term accommodation. 3 sizes available.

Flatmate Wanted MATAKOHE, ONE or two bedrooms available, street access, broadband, sealed road, near museum. Phone 09 431 6740.

Work Wanted BACK 2 WOOD Demolition. For your renovation needs. Servicing Northland — Auckland. Specialising in Windows, Doors & Ranchsliders. Also Kitchens, Vanities, Roofing & More. Phone 09 408 7163. Builder available Design & build all your plans. New homes, additions, alterations. Free quotes, quality workmanship. Phone Tony Greenfield 027 477 5340 or 09 431 6964 AH. DOG GROOMING, clipping and bathing. Lifetime of experience. Reasonable rates. At Mangawhai. Phone Michelle. 09 431 5048 OR 021 242 4103. FREE CURTAIN MAKING on all thermal fabric purchased in store. Clothing repairs and alterations service also available. Tiletex Ltd, 66 Victoria Street, Phone 09 439 4455.

Te Kopuru

09 439 5556 Open 9am–4pm

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HARDY COASTAL PLANTS available from Babylon Coast Gardens Ltd. We have a broad range of quality native plants with prices starting at just $2.50 plus GST with great discounts for purchases of 50 plants or more. Delivery service available. Enquiries welcome Thursday to Sunday on 09 439 4223 or 0274 323 336.

Sleepout, home office, storage worker accommodation etc

Ph: 0800 CABINS

GLASS REPAIRS. Aluminium or Wood. Free quotes. “Give me a break and I will fix your pane”. The Glass Dr. Ray 09 439 5377. SAND BLASTING. Rust never sleeps. Blast, prime, topcoat for structural steel, barns, cowsheds, tanks, machinery, chassis, swimming pools. Western Blasters. Phone 09 439 6330.

SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011


Kaipara Lifestyler Classifieds

Phone 0800 466 793

Closing date for classified advertising for the 21 September 2011 edition is 10am, Monday 19 September 2011. See our terms and conditions online at

Pinaki Sand & Clean Fill

beat the rush

09 439 1505 027 614 6309

Take your beasts to

Turn your Beef, Sheep and Pigs into Steak, Sausages and Bacon etc.

SnookS SnookS For Processing


Install a Solar system and save up to 75% of your water heating costs call Plumbing and Heating Centre

for expert advice and service

 0800 326 123

102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

09 439 8882



Classified Advertising Call

0800 466 793

Ruawai Homekills Full service slaughtering & processing of Beef, Sheep, Pigs & Deer On farm killing of Pigs & Sheep (Conditions apply) Over 25 years experience • Return deliveries by arrangement For prompt & professional service contact Wayne & Annette Ph 09 439 2020 • 021 401 934 Ah/Fax 09 439 2910 Covering the Kaipara and Whangarei Regions

RIVERVIEW HOMEKILLS We pride ourselves on Prompt & Professional Service


Situations Vacant

Public Notices

DAIRY FARMER WORKER WANTED. 15 minutes out of Dargaville. Accommodation provided. Would suit Single or younger person. No experience necessary. Just keen to work and learn. Ph Aaron 09 439 1857 or 021 129 6508.

AGM SENIORNET. Monday 19th September 1.00pm at Learning Centre 7 Liverpool Street. All welcome.

R.N. Position

Norfolk Court Norfolk Court Rest Home Ltd

Hours: 7am–3.30pm Shared on call Accommodation on offer Contact: Nurse Manager Carla Doran (09) 439 6214

Randells Suzuki Motorcycle Technician required, qualified or experienced person required to work on all makes and models. Up to 32 hours per week, but must be flexible. Applications in writing only to: Randells Suzuki, 8 Kapia St, Dargaville 0310

DELIVERERS WANTED PMP Distribution is one of NZ’s most established distribution companies. We are seeking to employ the services of well-organised, conscientious people to deliver advertising material into letterboxes within Dargaville. Ages over 11 years are welcome to apply. If you are interested in this position please call Petrina on 09 439 0226

Ph Willy or Shirley Hutchinson

09 439 6378 | 027 294 1306 Wanted to Buy COLOSTRUM / PENICILLIN & whole milk. Phone 021 190 0972.

Driver Education KAIPARA DRIVING ACADEMY. For all your driver licencing needs. We offer competitive pricing. Contact us for more information. Phone 09 439 5088.

Property Maintenance ATS PROPERTY Maintenance & Repair. Fences & repairs • Kitchen/bathroom fitouts • Flooring repairs • Decks • Waterblasting • Windows & latches • Plus much more. 10% discount for senior citizens. No job too small. Phone/fax 09 439 8628. Cell 027 455 7750. TANK WATER Testing. High quality testing for T and E-coli in your tank or bore water. Printed clear lab results provided with recommendations. Phone TWT 09 422 9345.

The Dargaville MeDical cenTre

Public Notices

FREE CONFIDENTIAL Budgeting Service. To make a booking call 09 439 8592. We also offer a complete money management service if required. FREE CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE educating you. Kaipara Budgeting Service, 58 Hokianga Road, Dargaville. Please Telephone 09 946 5440 (free local call) for an appointment! NORTHLAND WESTERN Riding Association Club Day. Sep 18th 10.00am Maungatapere Rodeo Grounds. Come and try western riding. Any horse or gear acceptable. Contact Amanda Broughton 09 433 5677.

Tempist Fujit

Live @ The Dargaville Club 1st October. Tickets from Empire Wines. Limited tickets available. Ruawai Community Sports Club Inc

AGM To be held at the Ruawai Community Sports Club Tuesday 20th Sep 2011 at 7pm ALL WELCOME

RAFFLE RESULTS. Northern Wheels Car Club. Draw No 007. 1st $50: LB, 2nd $20: Scott, 3rd $10: William Conway. Drawn under police supervision. Phone 09 439 8053.

For more information please contact Heidi Dreyer at 09 439 7059 or e-mail: Improve your career prospects with an outstanding career study opportunity through a

Death Notices


Rotary sponsored 4 week trip to Iowa USA in March/April 2012.

Goodbye mate

Applications close shortly. If you are aged between 25-40 this once in a lifetime chance could be yours to experience!

I will see you in dreamtime

Contact Dargaville Rotarian Neil Clements 439 8160 now.


Kaipara Lifestyler Crossword 1

For further information or queries:

Whangarei will host the Tonga versus Canada game this week, September 14, and Tonga versus Japan on September 21. “The cost will depend on the number of people we have travelling on the bus but we estimate that it will be between twenty and twenty-five dollars. It’s a forty-five seater bus and I am hoping to have at least thirty-five people per trip to make it worthwhile. People who are interested in travelling on the bus are asked to contact Trevor on 09 439 5413 or Sue Taylor at the Dargaville Visitor Information Centre as soon as possible.

 0800 326 123

102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

The draft management plan for the Pou To O Te Rangi – Harding Park is now available at the Kaipara District council office at 42 Hokianga Road, Dargaville for public submissions. The closing date for entering submissions is on 12 October 2011.






Closing date 19th September

“The Kauri Coast Promotions Society decided to put on a bus to Whangarei for the world cup games and have a bus organised from Paparoa via Dargaville for both games subject to getting people to come onboard,”says chairman, Trevor Donald.

Plumbing and Heating Centre

When students do not have exams they are on exam study leave. This means that students are either at school doing their exams, attending supervised workshops or at home studying.

Practice Nurse part time (approx 20 hrs per week)

The seventh quadrennial Rugby World Cup is underway and Northland is ready for match fever to descend. However, if you are still stuck for transport to and from the games in Whangarei, then Kauri Coast Promotions Society have a solution.

Call in to our showroom to see the large range of quality tiles available at

Pou To O Te Rangi – Harding Park

Asthma Nurse to work within our team 20 hrs per week

Rugby Bus – save your seat!


Dargaville High School will be conducting Year 11, 12 and 13 Senior Mock NCEA External or Internal exams during the week of Monday 19th of September through to Friday 23rd September 2011.

We are looking for an:

Judy Harris, Practice Manager Dargaville Medical Centre,PO Box 257, Dargaville Email: 021 2233 512

103 Victoria Street, Dargaville Phone 09 439 0605



Must have a current Practicing certificate

Traditional roast meals & yummy steamed pud!

7 8 9





14 15



© Lovatts Crosswords –

Across 1. Unbending (5) 4. Torment (5) 7. Hindu teacher (5) 8. Popular style (5) 9. More refined (5) 12. Mines (5) 14. Auxiliary (5) 15. Coils (5) 16. Clothing line (5) 17. Refuse (5) Down 1. Newspaper exposé (5) 2. Guidance (11) 3. Aptitude (5) 4. Animated (5) 5. Breathing aids (6,5) 6. Song of the Swiss (5) 10. Nary (5) 11. Travesty (5) 12. Infra (5) 13. Group of twenty (5)

Answers Across 1. Stiff 4. Agony 7. Swami 8. Vogue 9. Purer 12. Bombs 14. Extra 15. Rolls 16. Range 17. Waste Down 1. Scoop 2. Instruction 3. Flair 4. Alive 5. Oxygen Masks 6. Yodel 10. Never 11. Farce 12. Below 13. Score

Work Wanted




SEPTEMBER 14 - 2011

Roper & Jones 36 Tirarau Street

51 Awakino Rd

4West Coast Rd,Te Kopuru

13 Jellicoe Rd, Ruawai

27 Awakino Road

116 Gordon Street


•2 double bdrms •3 bay garage •Completely renovated, new •Spacious living kitchen, bathroom, paint, •3 bedrooms carpets. •Separate lounge •Sit back & relax $239,000 $225,000 REF 2963 REF 2978 RACHAEL de Vries 021 943 900

27 Logan Street

•2 bdrm cottage •Immaculate 3 bdrm home •Fabulous covered deck •Conservatory •Fully fenced •Handy location •Single garage & workshop $125,000 $158,000 REF 2969 REF 2851 MICHELLE Tomlinson 027 339 5937

85A Jervois Street

Donnellys Crossing

Freyberg St, Ruawai

proudly supporting

We put you first 12 Gordon Street

89 Awakino Road


•Refurbished 3bdrm, 2 •Refurbished 3 bdrm home bathroom home •New carpet, lino & curtains •Rewired & replumbed •Great Backyard for kids •Excellent location vendor wants action $235,000 $149,000 REF 2977 REF 2841 RACHAEL de Vries 021 943 900





•2 bdrm townhouse •3 bdrm family Home •Sunny conservatory •Freshly painted, papered & •Easy care fully fenced section carpeted •Short walk to town •Conservatory $185,000 •Semi rural outlook REF 2976 $265,000 REF 2961 MICHELLE Tomlinson 027 339 5937


sole AGenCY

•3 bdrm home •3 Bedrooms •Open plan living •Sunny lounge •Single garage & single •Double garage with internal storeroom access •Large section. •Fully fenced back yard $179,000 REF 2970 $165,000 REF 2822 RACHAEL de Vries 021 943 900

242 Pahi Rd, Pahi




3 bdrm home on 5ha(approx) 3 bdrm home on 3 levels. fenced to 12 paddocks. On the ground floor 4th bdrm Garage/workshop or sleepout. or easy self contained flat School bus at gate. conversion. Double garage & $265,000 easy care section. REF Hl2008 $215,000 REF 2935 MICHELLE Tomlinson 027 339 5937

Heatly Road, Whakapirau

39 ha (approx. 96 acres) makes a super lifestyle, or retreat with an income, great yards, races, limestone quarry, 2bdm home, choice of both off-grid power source and mains, hills and flats, views for miles. $495,000 +GsT REF 1208 RHODA MORRISON 0274 800 691 / 09 431 6912





Price reduced. 779m2 residential section in Maungaturoto, walking distance to shops, café and park. Lovely rural outlook. NOW ONLY $89,000. REF 1801137 SHEILA BOON AH 09 431 6955 or 0274 985 651



River boundary – Cattle Yard, Wool Shed, Quarry, 4 bedroom House. 3 titles, Minutes to boat ramp at Pahi.

This Has it All Sheltered by native bush this 4.025 block has access to a boat launching facility just across the road. Maungaturoto- 12.5km apprx & 10km apprx to Whakapirau. Enjoy the peace & quiet & listen to the bird song. $235,000 REF:1205 BEv HADDRELL 09 431 9017 / 021 708 839

GV $1.1m WAs $775K. NOW $675,000 + GsT if AnY JILL WILSON 021 505 712

110 Victoria Street, Dargaville

Redecorated cute 3 bdrm home. Polished floors,open plan living. Wide deck, small easy care section. Easy amble to school & shops. $199,950 FELICIA DOORNENBAL 021 858 115

•344HA (852 acres) •7 titles •Woolshed and covered yards •Quarry •Rolling to Hill contour •Carrying 580 Head of Beef •4 Bedroom Home •Private & picturesque •Central to 3 towns $2,499,000 REF HL1928 JOHN POWELL 021 439 555

09 439 7295

Licensed under REAA 2008


Hooper 3m springtine cultivator with crumbler roller. Farmguard ‘bulldozer’ grader blade, 3 ram and landwheel, 2.7m. Walco 12.75, PTO, 3 pt fert spreader. Maxam 2500 mower with wilter Mowzip Crusader 4000, 3.9m hyd fold topping mower. Trimax 2.3m procut orchard mower. UFO hydraulic lift mowers. Fieldmaster Jumbo, 1.8m heavy duty rotary slasher. Berti Eco-Forestry, 1.8m heavy duty scrub mulcher. Nobili BNU230 Y flail mulcher. Tortella TP15-250, 2.5m Y flail mulcher. Hay rakes, good used units available, Kuhn, Vicon RV187 Opticut round silage baler.

Tonutti, Vicon, Krone. Tanco 1080A and 2020A bale wrappers. McHale 991B trailed bale wrapper. McHale 995LM 3 pt, conventional bale wrapper. Hustler CH8000, trailed multiple bale/silage feeder. Hustler chainless 2000 round and square bale feeder. DML trailed bale feeder, self loading. Giltrap MSX100, tandem axle, side feed silage wagon. Giltrap RF9, tandem axle, side feed silage wagon, with scales McIntosh Multicrop 800 tandem axle side feed silage wagon Buckton CF800, side feed, tandem axle silage wagon. Seed Drill linkage mounted, 3.0m, 100mm spacing, triple disc with roller.

Duncan/Austin roller drill with transport wheels. Aitchison 3016 3PL seed drill. Duncan 750 till seeder undersower, seed & fert box. Aitchison 1120 trailing see drill, seed and fert. Connorshae 18 row trailing seed drill. Cambridge rollers, good selection ready now, 2.1-2.7m. Water roller 4T, 2.7m wide, removable drawbar - new. Maxiscoop 400 HYD earth scoop, tilt axle, near new. CUB 8T hyd tip trailer, tandem axle, steel deck. Celli K255 100” rotary hoe with cage roller. Tortella RPT6-320 3.0m spike rotor hoe with Aitchison seedbox and packer roller. Gallagher 2 leg shakerator. Buckton 6t trailed fert spreader.

✓ we trade ✓ we deliver ✓ we demo MASSEY ASSEY FERGUSON AND A VALTRA TRACTORS


Sam 5T tandem axle fert spreader, plastic hopper, cover, latest model. Sam 4.75 fert spreader, tandem axle, flotation tyres. Case CX80, 3950h, rops, Pearson loader. Claas 696RZ cab, 145hp, hyd shuttle and 4 speed power shift creap box. Case MX100, cab, Pearson loader, 4wd, 4700h. International 454 2wd, loader, 50hp International 674, 2WD, loader, 70hp. John Deere 6300 cab, 4wd, loader, 90hp. John Deere 6520S 4500h, factory loader, 24 speed, 115hp. John Deere 8400, 250hp, 7920h, near new tyres, duals. Massey Ferguson 28, tidy tractor. Valtra T131. Cab, 4WD, Stoll loader, 1040h, front suspension, 150hp. McCormick MTX140, speed sequencer trans, 4700h, loader.

New Holland TSA115, cab, 4wd, self levelling loader, 115hp. Shibaura 1840, rops, 4wd, 18hp with mower. CAT 3111 digger, aux piping, 3 buckets, 11T Komatsu PC120-6 digger, 5024 h, hyd tilt + hitch, aux piping. Yanmar Vi017 digger, on trailer, spade + rock buckets, expanding tracks. Komatsu PC40-8 digger. Blade, tilt bucket, digging & trench bucket. Kobelco SK70 digger, blade, cab, hyd tilt hitch, thumb. Kobelco SK100 Digger, 5327h, 2 buckets, tidy. Hitachi EX40U digger, tilt bucket, blade, cab. Hitachi EX120-3 digger, tilt bucket, rock bucket, quick hitch. Sheeps Foot roller, 1.9m. Very Heavy. Saki SW700 and SW25 road rollers.



With every 20 JAC 0Lt r O kE rd T e r


Northland Machinery Dargaville 0800 699 688 • Wellsford 0800 555 005

Dargaville 104 Jervois Street, Phone 09 439 3333 Jonathan Cashmore A/h 09 438 8555 WellsforD 20 Port Albert Road, State Highway 16, Phone 09 423 7736 Grant Walton A/h 09 423 8356, Ken Marchant A/h 09 423 8950

Kaipara Lifestyler, September 14 2011  
Kaipara Lifestyler, September 14 2011  

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