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March 26 2013



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Schoolroom in the sky  by Rose Rees-Owen

Four students from Kaipara’s unique Aviation Academy, based at the Otamatea High School, were a mix of nerves and excitement last weekend as they took control of an aircraft for the first time.

A film of firsts

Since doing the national circuit with the 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival, Baby Steps has been selected to show in competition …


Mixing salsa with solar

 Academy members, Ben Linton, Briahna Dawson, Joseph Morley and Jacob Webster enjoying their first lesson with instructor Murray Hargreaves

Carla Rosseels was so impressed by Eric Jansseune’s moves that she made the big move to New Zealand …

While most 16-year-olds are learning to drive, Ben Linton, Briahna Dawson, Joseph Morley and Jacob Webster received lessons from Otamatea Aero Club flight instructor Murray Hargreaves, in the club’s LP-200 and also flew in academy director, Paul Morrison’s 1953 Vintage Auster. They are the second group of four to take to the air with all twelve academy members getting the opportunity, funded by Mark Ottaway, Steven Jaques and the Kaiwaka Sports Association. Joseph’s name was drawn out of a hat to fly with Paul from Omaha Beach to the airfield at Ruawai and he describes the experience as ‘really cool’. He wants to join the airforce and become a pilot and is excited about the


Bringing fitness and health in from the cold

A fit body is one which fights off winter ills most effectively so a visit to your local gym may be what you need!



possible flow on effects of the academy, the only one in New Zealand. Twelve Otamatea High School students are currently in the process of building a CA18 Cub Flyer and restoring an original World War Two Auster. “We’re the first in New Zealand to construct an aircraft. There are other schools that are assembling kitsets, and that’s the big difference,” says Paul who is a qualified pilot and holds an aircraft engineering licence. It is the students’ second out of three years in the academy and once they have completed the Cub Flyer the academy will sell it on to fund future students while the Auster is an ongoing project. Briahna Dawson is one of two girls

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in the academy and her mother, Sue Dawson, says that she is quite used to boys’ company with two brothers. She wants to be a forensic scientist and believes building her confidence and learning new skills through the academy will help her achieve her goals. Paul says that the main reason that he began the academy is to give students a leg up when looking for employment. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for our kids and Paul really puts everything he’s got into it,” says Joseph’s mother, Jessica. The students have the option to put their flying time towards a micro-lite licence and if their gigantic grins are a measure, there will be a few more pilots in our skies. ■

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MARCH 26 - 2013


Kahurangi came to town

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Easter Sunday

 BNZ bank staff, Plunket volunteers and members of the public show their support for the Plunket society’s ‘Hug a Bear’ promotion — raising money to help our smallest citizens get a great start in life! To pitch in for this worthy cause, visit the BNZ in Dargaville or wait for the big blue bear.

Restoration project underway

31 March, doors open 11am

Traditional Easter Ham & Beef Roast Meals Adults $25 Kids $10

Full menu, bar snacks and courtesy van available Follow us on Facebook Doors Open 11am

Your Meal Purchase includes: Magic/Balloon Show 2pm Easter Egg Hunt & Bouncy Castle (Kids 10 & Under)

Phone 09 439 5923 •

Dargaville HigH ScHool Plunket Street, Dargaville P 09 439 7229 e

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Upcoming dates to take note of: Please remember that all schools, including Dargaville High School, have Easter holidays coming up on Friday 29th March until Tuesday 2nd April 2013. Dargaville High School will reopen for instruction on Wednesday 3rd April. On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th April 2013 we are holding our Academic Coaching interviews where Parents/caregivers meet with their child’s Vertical Form Tutor for 20 minutes at a scheduled appointment time. Please contact the School Office

to make an appointment. The school will be closed for normal instruction on these two days. We have also been advised by the Ministry of Education that secondary schools in Northland will be taking part in a Jumbo day on Monday 6th May – the first day of Term 2. Dargaville High School will be closed for instruction on Monday 6th May. Our staff will be involved in professional development meetings aimed at understanding how they are to align the new NCEA Level 3 standards into their courses. David Bargh Principal

 The restoration of Tinopai’s Puapua Creek wetland has begun with community members erecting an electric fence to keep out stock. The next stage will be to plant a range of native species determined by those found naturally in local wetlands. “All we need now is plenty of rain!” said organiser, Mikaera Miru. Members of the local community erecting an electric stock fence, left to right Tim Livingstone, Tahiroa Bishop, Mikaera Miru, Guy Bucchi.

Fundraising trek for trip

DaTeS For THe Diary

Wed 27th March

• NSS Tennis • Rugby League • Junior Tennis Doubles • WINGS Enrichment Day

Thurs 28th March

• No Scheduled events

Fri 29th March – Tues 2nd april

• Easter Holidays — school closed

Tues 2nd april

• Sport and Rec Rugby Referee Course (during Easter holidays)

Wed 3rd april

• School reopens after Easter • Junior Tennis Doubles

Thurs 4th april

• Drama Performance Night • NSS Showjumping • Peer Mediation training

Fri 5th april

• No Scheduled events

Thurs 18th & Fri 19th april

• Academic Coaching Days — please contact the School Office to make an Appointment

 Ruawai College horse trekkers enjoy Waikara Beach, north of Maunganui Bluff. Over 30 riders took part recently in the trek organised by the college PTA with lunch provided by history students fundraising for a Vietnam trip in July.

A film of firsts

 Rose Rees-Owen

Since doing the national circuit with the 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival and a showing in January at Skabmagouat, an indigenous festival in Finland, Maungaturotobased Tinopai Film’s first short, Baby Steps, has been selected to show in competition at the Aspen Shortsfest festival in Colorado.



Ratepayers go to court  by Paul Campbell

Legal papers seeking a Judicial Review have been served on the Kaipara District Council in the latest development in the ratings impasse between the council and the Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Association. The association is backing a strike against rates to cover debt incurred by council over the area’s wastewater scheme. MRRA chairman, Bruce Rogan, says the Review involves the court examining decisions made by the council, to determine if they were legally based or not. “If they are not, the court can order the decisions to be set aside, and for all actions taken as a result to be voided,” he said “We have also asked the court to confirm our view that ratepayers do not have to repay loans that were raised illegally even if the council

does have to. “Council will fight us with our own money, of course, and that is one reason why we have chosen the battlefield with great care. “At this point we are not ‘suing’ anyone, especially the council, because, if we did that and won, we would, in effect have to pay ourselves the awarded damages.” Mr Rogan added that the association remains willing to resolve the issues out of court. “But there has been not the slightest sign of willingness on the other side to do that. The government does not want to be involved and has taken a sink or swim attitude to KDC although, ironically, it is now being run by government appointees whom we pay for.” The KDC Commissioners’ chair, John Robertson, has described the ratepayers’ action as regrettable.

Embracing Dalmatian heritage  Fred Renata (right) and crew on the set of Baby Steps

“It’s great that it’s doing so well,” says producer and cinematographer Fred Renata, “we finished shooting two years ago, but it still has around a year of festival life." As well as being Tinopai Film’s first production, Baby Steps is the writing and directing debut for Mark Ruka, whose acting credits include the features River Queen and the World’s Fastest Indian, and also the first film role for music artist Tiki Taane. Tiki’s character, Joe, left in sole charge of his baby for the very first time, must leave his past behind and prove his readiness for fatherhood. The film is dedicated to the memory of the late Pauly Fuemana, lead singer for OMC and best known for his hit, 'How Bizarre', whose son Santos stars as the baby and whose unrecorded song 'Always', features on the film's soundtrack. “I met up with Mark for a coffee and he presented his script," Fred says. "I read it and it evoked Pauly’s song, which I had heard him rehearsing just prior to his death in 2010." After Aspen Fred says they plan to

enter the short in ImagineNATIVE in Canada, a prestigious international indigenous festival. Born in Paparoa and brought up in Maungaturoto, Fred moved to Auckland for film opportunities. Working in Tinopai in 2004 as cinematographer on Barry Barclay's documentary, The Kaipara Affair, he was inspired to return to the Kaipara to set up a work base and tell Kaipara stories. “We have three or four documentaries on the cards — there is a lot of history in the area — and for me, it’s about telling the positive stories that people are doing to create change.” Tinopai Film also plan to produce a documentary about Pauly Fuemana and his unpublished work, collaborating again with Tiki Taane. Now based in a warehouse opposite the Maungaturoto Railway Station, the goal for the business is multi-functional. They have built a recording studio and are setting up an edit suite, and in the future Fred would like to provide local tuition in film making. Contact: ■

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Ruawai Kindergarten invite you to enrol your child for the 2013 year and beyond Ruawai Kindergarten would like to


24 houRs 7 days a week Community Flavour and Variety

 The Dargaville Dalmation Tamborica Band entertained 120 guests from Bream Bay, Kamo and Whangarei as well as 30 Kaipara members for a Dalmation Day hosted by the 60s UP club at the Lighthouse Convention Centre. Secretary Cynthia Shirtcliffe says the day was ‘very successful’ with the band having toes tapping and hands clapping and Leader Nich Puharich explained how all instruments were hand made in Croatia.

We are taking enrolments for the waiting list now and offer ‘20 Hours ECE’ for all children over 3 years of age.

Phil & Mitch

09 439 3003

Our session runs from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Our philosophy is based on the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whaariki. Give us a call or come on in and register your child today.

4376A State Highway 12, Ruawai 0530

09 439 2415 Find Ruawai Kindergarten on



MARCH 26 - 2013


Artistic attire a must

The soldiers’ stories

 by Sheri O’Neill

 by Brian Eastwood

Organisers of the annual Paparoa Wearable Arts Gala are hoping local designers will be head over petticoats for the next few months getting their ultimate creations ready for the event.

Help has come from family members to identify some of the World War Two soldiers in the photo recently found by Dargaville’s Brian Warmington. And our own searching has come up with surprising and sad stories of how their adventures turned out.

Spokesperson, Loraine Rowlands, says they are giving plenty of notice this year, with entries closing on July 31. “And there’s a whole new range of categories to inspire creative imaginations to dizzying heights,” she says. Categories include a mask or full headgear for children 12 and under, open categories ‘Pasifica’, ‘Bloomin’ Ridiculous’, ‘Rubbish’ and ‘World of Sci-Fi’, and two special sections designed to titivate audiences: ‘Curious Codpiece’ and ‘Bizarre Bra’. “We’re very excited to have artistic directors Dennise Brownlie and Penny Goodall and choreographer

 2012 WAG overall winner ‘Muireartach (Seawitch)’, created by Penny Goodall and Louise Sims

Lyn Jordan on board, along with new judges, and the major prize is two tickets to the World Of Wearable Art in Wellington, accommodation included.” The gala itself will take place on August 24 at the Paparoa War Memorial Hall, and Loraine says WAG is currently seeking sponsors for the event. “With shows at 2pm and 7.30pm, it’s a great promotional opportunity. The Gala is now in its eighth year and is always a sell-out.” Entries and enquiries: or phone 09 431 8636 or 09 431 6515

It is now clear that these men went to Auckland in the first few days of January 1940 to become part of 21st Battalion in the 2nd Echelon, 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Some were later sent to various other units. The 1st Echelon had already left for Egypt but because of the possible invasion of England, 2nd Echelon was diverted in June to the United Kingdom where they stayed until February 1941. E. (Pud) Groome tells how his uncle Edgar (Blot) Warmington, who had trained in the Field Engineers and is pictured on right back row, wrote home to his family. ‘If you meet an Englishman shout him a beer because the people here have been really marvellous to us’. Blot was shot on Crete by a sniper. Wellsford man, Gary Warmington, believes that the man standing next to Blot is Wallace Bernard Switzer from Te Kopuru and son of Roy and Eleanor. Sent to the 27th Machine Gun Battalion, Wallace was killed in action March 1943 in Tunisia and is buried there. The man sitting left front is thought to be Victor Trevor Parkin. He went on to join the airforce and became captain of a Stirling bomber but was shot down returning from a raid August 1943. Victor is buried in Heverlee Cemetery, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium. Son of F. J. Parkin, a paint and wallpaper merchant in Victoria Street, Dargaville, he was 22 years old. And the Samoyed dog? His name was Sergeant


in the heart of the Kauri Coast


3 bedroom home on 4.2 hectares — mixture of native and established lawns. Versatile double garage workshop on own septic system. Close to Kai Iwi lakes. Large powered barn with mezzanine 9 x 10 x 4 stud height, ideal contractors workshop. 20ft x 12ft x 4ft Intex pool. In-deck powered and woodfired spa. Landscaped gardens.

 Some have been identified following earlier publication in The Lifestyler.

Noodles, mascot of 21st Battalion and marched with them on their last Queen Street parade in New Zealand. It is recorded that he followed his master Private M. P. Ryan everywhere, even on route marches. But when they tried to smuggle him aboard the ship to England, a ship’s officer saw them and stopped it. Auckland woman Karen Miller tells the saddest story of all. She says that the soldier front right is her uncle, Private Elgar Samuel Brown, always known as Mick. He lived in Dargaville, Katui and Kawarua in Waipoua Forest. He joined 21st Battalion from Waimamaku and served in the Western Desert. Taken prisoner, he was being transported to Italy when a British submarine torpedoed the ship. Mick Brown was drowned. Other Northern Wairoa prisoners drowned on that ship too while some managed to escape. But that is another story. ■

Take a book fishing in Mangawhai  by Sheri O’Neill

Those who want to try their luck fishing at Mangawhai over Easter weekend can also take a few books along in case nothing is biting. On Easter Saturday and Sunday the Mangawhai Historical Society will hold its annual Monster Easter Book Fair, and president, Christine Bygrave, says the entire interior space of the new museum building in Molesworth Drive is now filled with thousands of books, sorted and ready for sale. “We’ve had up to fifteen people working flat out on the books every Monday for weeks, and we have so many now we’ve stopped collecting,” she says. Christine says the fair is a lot of work but has proved a wonderful source of funding, last year raising around $27,000. “This year’s funds will be added to our recent ASB grant of $150,000 and used for the interior displays.” The fair runs from 9am to 2pm both

days, at the new museum. Once you’ve sorted out your winter reading, you can pack a couple of volumes to take fishing. Mangawhai Boating and Fishing Club president, Trevor Downey, is hoping for a good weekend weather-wise for the club’s Easter fishing contest. “It doesn’t matter if it rains, as long as the wind stays away.” A briefing will be held at the club rooms at 7pm on Good Friday, March 29, with the contest on Easter Saturday and Sunday in reserve as a bad weather day. “We’ve got the usual fish categories and good prizes on offer, and two $500 ticket prizes.” Tickets are $30 and available from Mangawhai Fishing and Tackle in Wood Street, Mangawhai Heads, or at the briefing on Friday night. ■

REMEMBER See Trade Me #492501925

Contact Paul or Lesley 09 439 7607

It is ILLEGAL to use a hand held cellphone while driving a motor vehicle



Kahawai the winners on the day Mixing salsa with solar  by Sheri O’Neill

Carla Rosseels was so impressed by Kaiwaka resident Eric Jansseune’s moves on an Antwerp dance floor that she packed up her Belgian home and with son Luca made the big move to New Zealand.

 Despite only tagging 132 fish, more than 400 fishers competed in the Kauri Coast Surfcasting Contest at Ripiro Beach on Saturday, March 23. “It was a lovely day on the beach, although the fish were sparse,” says organiser Debra Law. Funds raised will go to local schools. Left to right: Kahawai winners Sean Passel (first: 2.425kg), Joseph Tana, Reece Neho, Stephen McPherson, Arthur Tarawa and Robert Commiskie.

Kaipara’s views for NRC  by Sheri O’Neill

The Northland Regional Council will now include the public in Kaipara meetings to discuss the future structure of local government in Northland. The Kaipara Lifestyler was informed their final recommendation to the by the NRC last week that two meetings LGC will depend on feedback from scheduled for March 27 at next week’s meetings “and the Dargaville Town Hall others”. were not open to press The Dargaville sessions or public and invitations this Wednesday follow had only been extended to those in Kaikohe and selected Kaipara community Whangarei on Monday and focus groups made up of Tuesday. The first session, iwi and local organisation from 1pm to 4pm, remains representatives. a participative workshop The invites were sent with the community focus out two weeks ago on the groups, followed by a heels of an announcement second, shorter session by the Local Government from 6.30pm to 8pm. Both Commission — currently are open to the public. considering a unitar y N R C ’s Kaipara authority proposal by the representative, Graeme Far North District Council —  Graeme Ramsey (Top) Ramsey, said all of and Craig Brown that it is satisfied there is a Northland was at the start level of support in Northland for the of a definite process of change. reorganisation of local government. “This is just an exploration of the The LGC will now publicly notify the issues with the stakeholder groups, FNDC proposal, and has invited the and the very beginning of a discussion other Northland councils to submit that will involve everybody in the alternatives before a deadline of April community.” 15. Once alternatives to the Far North NRC Chairman Craig Brown says proposal are on the table, the LGC that refusal by the LGC to extend the will consider all options, including the deadline, coupled with public and status quo. If a change is determined, media interest in the meetings, has a draft proposal will be developed and prompted the decision to open them publicly notified. to the wider public in a bid to gather Public submissions would then be as much feedback as possible. considered. Once a final proposal was “We would be doing our community issued a poll could be requested by 10 a disservice if we did not make some per cent of electors in any one of the comment by 15 April as requested.” affected districts, with the change only Mr Brown says the council’s current activated if 50 per cent voted in favour. ‘holding position’ is for two possible Information: options — either the status quo or a LGreform. single unitary authority for Northland See this on our Facebook page with two tiers of governance — but

“We met at a dance, and he invited me to jive. It was great fun. Later we also found ourselves dancing salsa together and by the end of the evening realised we were perfectly matched dance partners.” Eric was in Antwerp visiting family after moving permanently to New Zealand seven years ago, and he and Carla spent a lot of dancing time together before he returned home. Carla, a psychotherapist, dance teacher, DJ, journalist and avowed city girl, says she had been thinking of moving out of Belgium: “Perhaps to Spain. But I didn’t know anything about New Zealand and could not even imagine myself living there in a paddock.” Eric, an environmental solar engineer who lectures at AUT, has a solar powered ‘Positive Energy’ house on the outskirts of Kaiwaka. “We Skyped a lot after he left and he promised me his set up was so good if I came over I could use my hairdryer as much as I liked.” Carla and 15 year old Luca moved over in January this year. Carla now plans to apply for partner residency. “Luca needed no persuading to come and has settled well — he speaks good English and that was a plus.” Carla and Eric are holding a series of evening dance workshops at the Kaiwaka Hall. Starting at 8pm on

Oops… A wrong phone number was supplied for our story on the Ruawai Boating Club. For membership enquiries, please call the Commodore on 021 707 764.

 Salsa couple Eric Jansseune and Carla Rosseels

Friday, April 5, Carla will be teaching the Dance of Life, a meditative dance practice, and from Saturday, April 13 the couple will facilitate Latin Fun, beginning at 8pm with a salsa class for singles and couples and finishing with a dance party with Carla as DJ, mixing rhythms from all over the world. Eric is also holding a morning solar energy workshop at his Kaiwaka house on Saturday April 6. Information and workshops registration: or 09 431 2408. ■



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Maungaturoto Hotel Est. 1902


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MARCH 26 - 2013


Special day for OHS athletes  by Sheri O’Neill

Six Otamatea High School athletes who took part in a Special Olympics day of track and field returned home with ribbons for several events. Ladene Hunter, from OHS’s Learning Centre, said the students had a wonderful day with all of them winning ribbons. “Marion Rabuatoka and Georgia May Clark came first and second respectively in both the 50 metre walk and the 100 metre sprint. A very exciting highlight was a photo opportunity with New Zealand shot-put champion, Valerie Adams, who happened to be training at Millennium that day.” As well as athletics, the Special Olympics NZ programme holds swimming, football, basketball, table tennis and ten-pin bowling events throughout the school year.

Regional coordinator for Special Olympics NZ, Trudi Bridges, says the programme provides unique opportunities for athletes to represent their schools and form interschool relationships, with the March event attended by 150 students from eight schools. “Although divisions are determined by time and ability the events are run to code and the level of competition in the Auckland programme is very high,” she says. “The OHS students are an awesome group and it’s wonderful the school supports them to attend almost every event we offer. They’re all great athletes and always enjoy the day.”

 Georgia May Clark (Left) and Marion Rabuatoka with Valerie Adams

Kaipara Kai celebrations continue Accolade for flying farmer  by Rose Rees-Owen

 by Rose Rees-Owen

With the Kaipara Kai and Fun Festival all wrapped up, organisers look forward to the celebration dinner crowning the inaugural Miss Kaipara Kai at the Lighthouse Function Centre on Saturday.

Brian Taylor, a member of the Dargaville Aero Club’s ‘flying famers’ subdivision, won the Singer Trophy recently adding to his collection that he has gained since he learnt to fly in the mid 80s.

“I expect it to be a fun and entertaining evening and we’re looking forward to finding out who will be the first Miss Kaipara Kai,” says organiser Margaret Tier. Nine contestants were evaluated on their knowledge of the Kaipara at the festival last weekend and Judge, Eryn Wilson-Collins who was the last Kumara Queen in 2000 Photo: James Brackenbury says it will be hard to pick  The nine Miss Kaipara Kai contestants at the festival last weekend a winner. “They are all confident, friendly Portanger says it’s still anyone’s guess. Kim’s Cuisine are catering the BYO girls who take a real pride in dinner for the third year and she says their appearance.” it will be a three course meal as well A Facebook poll asking who will as nibbles and she gives a teaser of an be the winner shows Cheyanne Ball, 15, from Paparoa is in the lead with entree; kumara nests with mushroom, 159 votes while Hannah Mitchell, bacon and a rocket salad. Ruawai crooner Jone Yelcich will 15, from Dargaville is a close second provide entertainment, and the Miss with 147 votes but organiser Grace Kaipara Kai contestants will give speeches before the three judges, Eyrn LOVELY 3 BEDROOM Wilson Collins, Marion McEwing and HOME ON 2759M2 Charlotte Colthurst, present them with their prizes. Tickets cost $65 contact Margaret Tier, 09 439 7493. ■

Around 20 planes competed, flying 270 nautical miles around Northland, including Waitiki landing near Cape Reinga, Whangarei Gliding Club’s Puhipuhi strip and Dargaville, honing their flying skills. Local pilot Graham Walker presented the award. “Flying is something I’ve always had a bit of a fascination for as a teenager Photo: John Wegg but never thought I’d be able  Brian Taylor in his Jodel is a familiar sight in Dargaville to do,” says Brian. It wasn’t until he was in his 30s Dargaville and the event was open to that Brian learnt to fly and he felt it all aviators. gave him a release from the day to Co-organiser, Greg van der Hulst day stresses of being a dairy farmer says that the event has turned into an in Aranga. extension of the ‘legendary’ Saturday Now he lives in Whangarei and lunches at the club which can see in owns a Jodel aircraft and often excess of 20 aircraft flying in from all makes the 15 minute flight to the points of the compass. Dargaville Aero Club where his flying “The impression left on all visiting career began. pilots was the incredible natural beauty The trophy was first awarded in of Northland. Many have promised they 1973 to the pilot with the highest will be back next year for what is fast score at the annual Amateur Aircraft becoming a popular addition to the New Constructors Association fly in at Zealand aviation calendar.” ■

OPEN HOME SAT 30TH MARCH 11.30-12.30 37 PAHI ROAD PAPAROA Private & peaceful 3 bedroom home with beautiful polished wooden floors on 2759m2 (¾ acre) on the edge of town in Northland. Walk to shops and boat ramp. Large double garaging long enough to fit the boat with workshop, hobby room/man-cave plus an attached two bay car port. Vendors ready to move. Contact Jan Anderson 09 432 1077 or 021 380 032 View Online at Residential ID GGW11112

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Financial New Year Checklist!

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Below are some matters relevant to all business entities which you should consider before 31 March, some of which may help you reduce the amount of tax you have to pay for 2013. Holiday pay and bonuses for employees

Amounts owing for holiday pay, bonuses, redundancy payments, long service leave etc. can be claimed, if the employer is committed to them at year end and they’re paid within 63 days.

Valuation of trading stock (not livestock)

Dispose of obsolete trading stock by 31 March or alternatively write it down to its net realisable value, the lesser of cost or market value.



Have you invoiced retentions that are not due and payable for another year? If they are not receivable in the current year they need not be declared as income and the income will be deferred to a subsequent year.


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Repairs and maintenance

Bad debts

Fixed assets

The information provided above is intended as comment only and should not be relied upon or used as a substitute for professional advice. Professional advice should be sought in relation to any particular situation or circumstance.

If you have assets no longer in use, the book value can be written off — provided

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the cost of disposal is expected to outweigh the proceeds from its sale.

Consider undertaking repairs and maintenance to key assets before 31 March to ensure a full tax deduction. Deciding whether expenditure on an asset is deductible as repairs and maintenance or should be capitalised is often a difficult decision — consult your advisor.

To claim a deduction you need to physically write off bad debts in your debtors’ ledger before 31 March. You must have taken reasonable steps to recover the debt first.

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BusinEss advisERs ChaRtEREd aCCOuntants

Ean Brown

seeing your business from a different angle

Chantal Gilmore striving to tackle your business needs

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MARCH 26 - 2013



Do You Want To

Happy 21st Birthday Norfolk Court

GROW Your Business?

Rest home’s milestone

• Connect with new CUSTOMERS • Build a strong BRAND

 by Rose Rees-Owen

• Boost your SALES

Norfolk Court rest home has celebrated its 21st birthday, after opening for business on March 22, 1992, in the historic homestead of the founder of the town, Joseph Dargaville.


Call us TODAY and lets get growing!



p 09 439 6933 | 0800 466 793 email


 Former staff member Geoffrey Hall entertaining party goers


Staff surprised CEO Stuart House with a 21st key, and manager Carla Doran presented him with a photo collage birthday card and champagne.

21YEARS serving the Kaipara Community

Former staff member, Geoffrey Hall, entertained with a sing-along from songs from ‘yesteryear’ and is very pleased to be celebrating Norfolk Court’s

“Sometimes I forget to say thanks for all the little things you do… But I want you to know that even when I do not say so, I am so thankful for your thoughtfulness, your caring, your willingness to please. Your efforts never go unnoticed!”

Love from Betty Johnson (resident)

Don’t your loved ones deserve the best? Please enquire re: vacancies.

Norfolk Court

Norfolk Court Rest Home Ltd

Norfolk Court Rest Home Ltd 68–72 Normanby Street, Dargaville Phone 09 439 6214 Ask for Carla RN/Manager or Stuart CEO

Preferred Gas Supplier of Choice to Norfolk Court To get started or find out more, visit now Terms and conditions apply. See for more information. Westpac New Zealand Limited in association with MYOB NZ Limited. *Free for the first 12 months

“Gas & Tyres’ management of our gas supply is unmatched in service. Our team never have to worry about running out — supply is extremely reliable!” Stuart House, Norfolk Court

Gas & Tyre SER V ICES


JN9176 Getonline ad A4.indd 1

– For the best in service call us TODAY for your winter GAS requirements

10/10/12 3:52 PM


0800 788 288




Happy 21st Birthday Norfolk Court

 From left: Manager Carla Doran, CEO Stuart House and staff member Wendy Hutchen who made and decorated the cake

milestone with his wife, Marilyn who also worked there. Staff invited long standing residents, Audrey Peebles, Dorris Panther and Harry Lendrum to join them to cut the cake decorated with intricate roses made by staff member, Wendy Hutchen. “I’ve been here for eight years and it’s been wonderful,” says Audrey, “I’m very close to the people that have been so kind and caring for me. Especially when you’re on your own, and the rest home becomes your family.”

“Many people who choose Norfolk Court to reside at have been recommended by others because of the homely friendly atmosphere where their needs are met.”

CEO Stuart House and his wife and company director Michelle, have been there from day one and have seen the rest home grow from 10 in beds in 1992 to 59 beds including 11 beds in the Dementia facility and they added four more beds in 2012. “Prominent points would be having the privilege of caring for many of our local pioneers and hopefully enriching their golden years as well as providing employment for many staff over the years, approximately 35 people at any one time, and designing, overseeing and establishing a business from scratch,” says Stuart. Before their present roles, Stuart was a mechanic with a garage and car painting business and Michelle was a hairdresser. When the homestead overlooking the Dargaville river became vacant, they saw a need ‘for a local residential home for the older population of the Kaipara area, so families and friends did not have to travel out of town to visit.’ He says the past 21 years have had their challenges including dealing with government bureaucracy and underfunding, but what keeps his team going is the appreciation from their residents. “Many people who choose

Norfolk Court to reside at have been recommended by others because of the homely friendly atmosphere where their needs are met.” Stuart’s future goal is to incorporate a hospital wing into Norfolk Court hoping for many more happy years caring for the elderly. ■

JC & KJ Cuthbert Plumbers LTD

Dargaville Auto Spares & Repairs

Plumbing • Drainlaying • roofing • New homes • Renovations — Extensions • Decks and general carpentry • Light commercial • Increase the value of your investment

Mike Foster: 021 057 5575 PO Box 398, Dargaville

Proud to be the Plumbing Professionals of choice for norfolk court

Congratulations on your

21st anniversary Phone: 09 439 7218 Fax: 09 439 7218 A/h: 09 439 7451 Mob: 0274 817 602

28 viCToria ST, T DargaviLLe T,

 Long standing resident Dorris Panther cutting the cake with CEO Stuart House

• Full workshop repairs & servicing – WOF

• New & used parts

– Nationwide Partslink

• Exhaust Specialists

– Repairs or made to order

• Authorised Smith & Smith Autoglass Dealer

Only Local Authorised Agents For:

48 Beach Rd, Dargaville Ph/Fx 09 439 6352 Email

Hart Funerals wishes Norfolk Court Rest Home a happy 21st Birthday. Hart Funerals – Your life, your way, your funeral. Call us today for a friendly consultation. Dargaville 09 439 8048.

Caring Funeral Professionals


MARCH 26 - 2013


It takes tha biskit

“Y’know Dog, that blimmin French fraze ya used inya colum a week or so back, ya no, about tha more things change tha more they stays tha same? Well, I don’t reckin thats rilly rite.” Whoops. Boss seems ta be ona hobbyhorce again. We wuz up havin’ smoko again ona ridgeline, cos we bin goin’ roun’ alla troffs ona farm, an’ spectin’ the main dam. She’s getting’ pritty dry eh. We gotta few mills ina rain last week eh? But not enuff, tha Boss rekins. Anyaway, Boss wuz talkin’ up a storm, so I stuck me chin on me pours, gave him me best eye, an’ lissind.

“Yep Dog,” seda Boss. “Here we is at smoko and lookit this biskit. I got this packit atta stall outside tha supermarket in town, and it sed it was a genuine ole fashioned original recipee gerl gydes biskit. “Now I remembers wen I was a kid, havin’ reely good gerl gyde biskits fulla butter and brown and crunchee an’ rich. But wot I got hear is a bitta blimmin mass-produced plastic I rekin. Nothing like the old time quality! Hear Dog, try one.” Boss flipped me a biskit an’ I cort it ina flash an’ hada chomp. Taystid reel fine ta me, but then agin, I neva had one

Ideal for boat washing etc.

We’re engineering better Water solutions

before. Mine you, it didint match upta Tux tho. “Ya see Dog, nuthin’ reely stays tha same, wotever tha French reckin.” (I shuda tole tha Boss I didint rilly rite that French stuff. It wuz Sharlene, but I juss let it ride.) “Yep Dog. Lookit that wether. That’s tha best example about nothin’ stayin’ tha same. Larst year we had plinty of rain ina summa, an’ this year we gotta 40 year drout. I spose we are pritty lucky cos I always hava good store of supplimint feed for a stock, ana creek feedin’ that dam comes froma blimmin’ good spring ina hills. We gonna get thru okay I rekin. But that deary farmer blok downa hiway is dryin’ off and sellin’ stock, cos’ he put too many stock on juss cosa Fonterror’s last big payout. “Now look wot’s happinen. Fonterror’s auction prices are zoomin’ up high, cos • Water Pumps • Water Tanks • Spa & Pools

perfect for BAcK Up sUpply pply — 500 lItre — 30,000 lItre tANKs

• Sales & Service • Water Blasters • Filtration Systems


see BrIAN for prIcINg & specIfIcAtIoNs

Splash Water Specialists also offer: • Water Filters • Pool Valet • Water Testing • Water Treatment • Spray Equipment • Mobile & Workshop Service

The Blue Building Pukeko Street Dargaville

09 439 7392


we gotta milk shortige in Northlind. So it juss shows wot I sed. Nothin’ stays tha same.” Well, Boss lent back ona straina post lookin’ pleesed with hisself for explainin’ things ta me. Nex thin he wuz dozin’ off ina sunshyne, wiv his hat over his eyes. Seemed lika bluddy good opportoonity for me, so I wriggild forward to his smoko tin. It wuz opin so I snaffild the packit of biskits. They wuz gone ina flash. Well, Boss sed it eh? Nothing rilly stays tha same. So he can’t rilly blame me eh? An ya kin bet the wether not gunna stay tha same. An’ hay, afta the rain lass week, we gunna look for mushrooms fer Sharlene ona way home. Cheers then, Billy

Open Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Sat 9am to 12noon



S R A L L O D A D N O H 0 ES 0 K I 0 B 1 M $ R A F D ’S AN V Winter Weather is coming! T A D E T C E L E S N O Visit our showroom: 31 Woodcocks Rd, Warkworth • Ph 09 425 9100 email web


is your system ready?


Get up to $1000 off anything else in-store when you buy selected Honda Farm Bikes and ATVs this month.* All Honda Dollar values include GST.** Featured models below – more selected models in store.















30,000L $3,270 CTX200










*Terms and conditions apply, visit HondaDollars can be earned from the 11th March 2013—5th May 2013.

Dargaville Honda Authorised Honda Dealer

Jervois Street, Dargaville • Ph 09 439 1089

25,000L $2,747

• tanKs • PumPs • drainage • sePtic • Plumbing lumbing • Fully qualiFied rooFers Alkathene from $0.94 per metre

Culverts from $143.10 per 5m section


Prepare for the big Wet with the Kaipara’s First choice in plumbing 102 Jervois street, rD2 Dargaville, Po BoX 377

 0800 326 123  09 439 6124  




Turning your grey water into ‘green’ savings What happens to all those litres of water which exit your home down the plughole? It’s not a thought that often crosses people’s minds when they are in the shower, but it’s one which the recent dry spell has brought to the attention of many Kaipara residents. And here’s another thought to ponder. With many homes on a septic system routing all of their grey water (water from sinks, baths, showers and the like) directly into the septic tank, what happens to the bacteria-killing chemicals so proudly advertised as the main ingredients of today’s household cleaners, bleaches and sprays? It’s a bigger concern than many may imagine, because your septic system requires ‘good’ bacteria to work properly. Flushing shampoo, detergent and soap into the septic tank is rather like pouring sugar into your car’s petrol tank, and it has the same disastrous results! Kaipara company Natural Flow have  A Kiwi made system; the perfect fit for Kiwi farms come up with a solution, as part of their research and development — it makes sense to take a look at your into modern, eco-friendly wastewater and sewage systems. Their options and start treating your grey water engineers have talked to plumbers and drain layers, discovering separately from the rest. that the combination of grey water into ‘black water’ — effectively sewage — is a stopgap fix which never should have happened. The solution to ailing septic tanks and the noxious problems and smells associated with them is to re-separate grey water from black water, with a cost-effective in-ground system. True to form, they’ve devised a simple, single chambered Servicing the Kaipara and Whangarei Districts. system with no moving parts — one which allows a home If we cant do it, we know someone who can. owner to split their grey water and black water systems without

Windy ridge contracting Ltd

completely replacing their septic tank. This has two huge benefits. Firstly, the grey water can be used again to help alleviate the dry conditions we’ve felt this summer. Instead of tapping into valuable reserves of clean water, it makes sense to tend the garden or even wash the car with processed grey water stripped of all the nasties — plants love it, and your water bill is sure to shrink! Secondly, septic tanks handle a huge load with grey water in the mix. Take away this strain (up to two thirds of the entire septic tank throughput in some cases) and struggling septic systems gain a new lease of life. Best of all the new Natural Flow system is modular, allowing customers to complete the package whenever they want by adding the tried-and-tested black water system module also produced by the innovative wastewater company from Maungaturoto. For so many reasons — economic, environmental, and practical

Fast efficient service — satisfaction guaranteed

• Round Bale Hay and Silage • Medium Square Baling • Cultivation

Also sourcing standing grass, hay and silage.

Sinusitis just refers to inflammation of the sinus membranes. Usually the inflammation is caused by an infection like the cold virus, other times the inflammation is a response to an allergen or a faulty immune system response. Regardless of the cause, in most cases chronic sinusitis is an indication of a poorly functioning immune system. The target of therapy is topical, trying to sterilise the nasal passages, and then to target the immune system chaos. Our respiratory tract from our nose to our lungs is lined with special tissue called respiratory epithelium. The role of this mucus secreting membrane is to help protect us from airborne germs and allergens and then to act as our internal air conditioning system to filter air, to control humidity, regulate temperature and to protect our vulnerable lungs. When working well it is a brilliant piece of design effectively linking and regulating the outside world from our sensitive internal tissues and organs. However when it malfunctions it causes all sorts of misery. Last week I commented that I had 15 years of lower respiratory problems. During this period I also lived with chronic sinusitis which brings the joy of a sinus headache and regular

John Arts is the founder of Abundant Health Ltd. If you have questions or would like a free nutritional plan contact John on 0800 423559 or email You can join his weekly email newsletter at or visit

Phone Colin 09 439 7266 or 021 882 857

re-grassing time —

Book now for undersowing, Power harrow and air seeder.

Drainage Problems?

Abundant Health


Super Antioxidant... Multi Mineral... Multi Vitamin

How can Cell-X help you?

• Support antioxidant defences to help fight the free radicals that cause health decline. • Cell-X has 11 powerful antioxidants, a full multivitamin (A, B complex, C, D and E) plus all 50+ minerals needed for healthy cell function.

• Farm Drainage • Races/Roading • Earthworks

• Pipeline Cleaning • Laser Drainage • Maintenance • Trenching

• 6-Wheel Tippers • General Cartage • Truck & Trailers

Northland Wide Driver Laser Covering - from Warkworth to Kaitaia


Phone: 09 439 7235 • 0800

infections. Fortunately these are no longer part of my life. This is one group of problems that can respond really well to nutritional therapy. Nutritional medicine practitioner Robert Iker recommends developing a systematic programme for chronic sinusitis. This includes practising nasal hygiene with steaming and irrigating, having a healthy anti-inflammatory diet and taking antioxidant and antiinflammatory supplements. My advice is similar but I like to add colloidal silver as a nasal spray to help keep nasal passages sterile. To this I add a cocktail of antioxidants based on OPC’s (grape seed extract) vitamin C, bioflavonoids, trace minerals and many more. For adults my base supplements are up to 8000mg of fish oils and a comprehensive multi antioxidant/mineral plus another 200mg of pure OPC, 2000mg of vitamin C and 500mg of mixed bioflavonoids. If low vitamin D levels are suspected or confirmed, we also add vitamin D, often with an intensive period then a lower maintenance level. This seems to help reduce mucous membrane inflammation, mucous secretion and help to reduce susceptibility of infections. Call me if you need help or more information.

932 206 • Mobile: 027 493 2206

• Supports good blood vessel and heart function for healthy circulation. • Supports good eye health. • Helps natural energy & vitality.

Buy a 3 pack for $66.25 per bottle SAVE $9.65 per bottle & delivered freight FREE!

SAVE over $60!! OR... buy one for $75.90 Standard price $85; 120 capsules; post $5.10

“Try Cell-X for 3 months and see what you have been missing!” John Arts, Founder, Abundant Health Ltd. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

For a full ingredient list and more information go to or phone...

0800 423 559


MARCH 26 - 2013


Feel Fit & Look Fab Avoid those winter ills and chills Do you fear the onset of winter because of the ill health which often accompanies the cold? Here are some top tips from A Natural Approach’s Tracey Morgan to keep you healthy and happy despite the temperature outside! Keep warm and hydrated! Bugs that occupy your throat like a specific temperature, so if you can raise your temperature in that area even by a single degree, you can drive them off. Hydration helps your body work at peak efficiency (our cells are mostly water!), so drink plenty of pure, chemical-free water. Consider taking a prophylactic (preventative) herbal anti viral. If you are already unwell consider a product called Pepticol by Clinicians — this formula helps to support a healthy immune response by ‘irritating’ the immune system to kick in much sooner than it would ordinarily. It’s delivered great results.


Another product by Clinicians called MSM-flamm nasal spray can give relief for a blocked nose or sinus. Nutrients such as high dose vitamin C (not for people with gastric ulcers — you need a buffered version), Zinc and Vitamin D all help to support immunity, bolstering the body’s natural defence mechanism against disease. Sage and Thyme from the garden are both excellent antibacterials. If you have a sore throat pick some and take it as a tea! If using sage while pregnant just gargle the tea and spit. Manuka honey is also very good, but recommended for grownups and kids over 2. Remember supplements aren’t a replacement for a balanced diet! If you are on any medications, or are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult your health professional before undertaking a course of supplements, and have a healthy and safe winter!

Pure wool carpets best for allergy and asthma relief Despite the common misconception that carpet in the home is not an option for those who suffer from asthma, there is no reason why asthmatics can’t enjoy the comfort and warmth of wool carpet. The single greatest trigger for asthma attacks is sensitivity to dust mites and their droppings. But not only are modern wool carpets inhospitable to dust mites, wool’s long, coarse fibres also cannot be easily inhaled and therefore do not affect asthma sufferers like the fibres of other carpets. Research performed by the German Applied and Experimental Allergy Research Association (GAF) showed that when wool and nylon carpets (one of which was treated with an anti-microbial finish) were compared for dust mite populations, the wool carpet performed best in resisting dust mite infestation. In a dry indoor environment (heated by a fireplace, heat pump or conditioned by a dehumidifier or ventilation system), asthma sufferers can breathe easy with wool carpet. To the dust mite, carpets are a hostile environment — cold, dry, exposed to light (especially UV light from the sun) and too regularly cleaned.

Your total fitness destination in Ruawai

Yearly memberships from only $270 Free weights, cycles, machines, zumba fitness classes, pulse and cardio classes

GET IN SHAPE FOR SUMMER WITH US! ON THE P U L S E FITNESS Staffed hours Mon-Fri 9.30am — 6.00pm Late night Mon & Wed till 8.00pm

PHONE 09 439 2783

JusT iN Time for WiNTer... muNN’s flooriNg XTra briNg you The WarmTh & comforT of

Tracey Morgan


Naturopath and medical Herbalist. Degree qualified practitioner. 32 Victoria St, Dargaville 09 439 0646 or 021 996 869 Opening hours Monday — Friday 9.30am — 5.00pm

A simple pass over with the household vacuum cleaner is disastrous for these tiny creatures! Wool carpets also generally contain very low levels of permethrin, a naturally occurring substance that kills very small insects. As dust mites are among the tiniest of all arthropods (related to spiders and scorpions) they are very susceptible to this natural defence, thought to have been evolved by sheep themselves as a barrier against parasites. It’s harmless to humans. Natural wool acts as its own filter system too. The coarse woollen strands rapidly absorb common contaminants in indoor air like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, as well as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Studies have shown that a new pure wool carpet can have a purifying effect in the air inside a home for up to thirty years, ‘locking’ harmful contaminants away. Add to this the fact that wool is an ecofriendly renewable resource, and a substance which naturally resists fire, and the benefits of flooring your home with this naturally evolved miracle fibre begin to really stack up. New Zealand produces the best wool in the world, and carpets made from Kiwi wool are second to none when it comes to comfort — both for allergy and asthma sufferers and for winter warmth. If you or your family desire a warmer, healthier home, talk to your local wool flooring experts today and beat those winter ills and chills!

Experienced professional treatment for musculo-skeletal injuries

   

Pure NZ Wool

Healthy Hypo-allergenic Kiwi made Fire resistant

It’s passed it’s biggest test before it became carpet!

Kaipara Physiotherapy LYNDSEY BARGH PHYSIOTHERAPY Located at Foster’s Arcade No.38




TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS FROM 9AM Victoria Street, Dargaville 09 439 1656 Maungaturoto Medical Centre 09 431 8576 Mobile: 027 273 6939 Email:

rmth of Talk to us today about the wa wool for your home Cameron Barbour 50 Normanby St, Dargaville t: 09 439 8868 e:

ACC co-payment $10 per treatment ACC & private treatments – no GP referral

Lyndsey Bargh

Monday, Wednesday & Friday — Maungaturoto Monday to Friday — Dargaville (Evenings by appointment)



Feel Fit & Look Fab Bringing fitness and health in from the cold There’s a definite chill in the air these recent mornings, but while some of us take this as a cue to wrap up and stay in bed, others are keen to start training for winter sports, or continue the good habits of summer fitness into the new season. Whether or not you’re hitting the paddock with your local rugby or soccer team, a fit body is one which fights off winter ills most effectively, so a visit to your local gym may be just the tonic you need! In Dargaville we are lucky enough to have at our disposal a world class fitness training centre – Brian’s Gym, run by champion powerlifter and skilled trainer Brian Froggatt, his wife Karen (also a world bench press champion and national powerlifting champion), and personal trainer Janine Parry. With a wealth of knowledge at their disposal, they are trusted by athletes across many codes to get them into top form for competition, and by people from all walks of life to attain their fitness goals. Added to Brian’s expertise is a gym full of the latest equipment, from traditional weights and kettle bells to treadmills and rowers. They even have a sunbed (with new, revitalised bulbs) and a sauna on site. But the most important fitness training equipment of all may very well be Brian’s pen and paper – and his ability to craft a training plan to meet your body’s needs and your own aims. These

could be anything from losing weight to building muscle, developing stamina or even recovering from an accident or injury; Brian works with local physios to provide ACC services. A couple of great examples are regular patrons Alan Harrison and Jolene Morris – Alan has used the gym to prepare for knee surgery, and has been able to stop using a walking stick BEFORE the surgery

thanks to his exercise plan. He’s still going strong at 82! Jolene is recovering from a serious neck injury, and credits the gym with helping restore her to health fast. As the days turn colder and the nights draw in (bringing with them the promise of some much needed rain), it’s also far more comfortable and convenient to exercise indoors!

Shaolin Kempo Teaching: Colour Cuts & styling extensions straightening hair & makeup

one–on–one personal hair stylist

Call Tom on

Tel: 09 439 2990 021 147 8421

Shaolin Kempo Tai Chi Chuan Confidence Health Fitness Self Defence Falls Prevention Classes Beginners Programme Children to Adults

or visit me on Facebook at

Leaders in the field of martial arts Ph 439 6226 River Rd Dargaville

 Brian and Karen of Brian’s Gym


Stay fit and healthy for next summer Check out the range of supplements available at Randells Suzuki. Top quality brands like, Mutant, Optimum Nutrition and iSatori. We have everything you need to stay in shape over winter. Maybe building muscle and increasing recovery is your goal? We have protein powders, recovery products, lean mass gainers — you name it, we have it! PURCHASE ANY SUPPLEMENTS NOT ALREADY REDUCED AND GET A 10% DISCOUNT + PROTEIN BAR WHILE STOCKS LAST


Randells Suzuki 8 Kapia St, Dargaville

Phone 09 439 6952

this Winter!

Get fit — feel healthy Special

16 per week*

Pay only $

• no joining fee • no minimum sign up time • SAVE $65 and get in top shape NOW! *Conditions apply

Hurry! Offer valid until 12th April only! 09 439 6360 • 10 Victoria St • Dargaville


MARCH 26 - 2013


Kaipara Service Directory AFFCO LIVESTOCK ATS ProPerty Maintenance & rePair

Terry North

• Fences & Repairs • Flooring Repairs • Decks • Kitchen/Bathroom Fit Outs • Wet Wall Lining • Water Blasting & Chemical Washes • Windows & Latches • Plus Much More

No jobRing tooAndrew small

Phone 09 439 5902

Mobile 027 484 1823 • Fax 09 439 1320

CHICKEN FERTILISER & LIME A natural, cost effective all year round N.P.K fertiliser for pasture, maize crops, market gardens & small blocks. We supply, cart & spread. Also: • Lime • Wood shavings • Metal • Sand

Phone: 021 724 327 (Neil) or 021 270 6828 (Bruce)

Office: 09 299 64 86

Covering the Kaipara! Cell 0274 557 750


PH/FAX 09 439 7392 MOB 027 414 1250 PUKEKO ST DARGAVILLE 0310

• All general engineering requirements • Suppliers of Waikato Milking Systems • Lowara Pumps • Hi Tech Effluent Systems

Dargaville Bobcat Services


• • • • • •

• Household Items • Boats and Vehicles • Surplus Stock • Documents • Retail Storage • 24 hr, 7 day access • Very suitable as trade Phone base for a Small Business

Calfshed – Stockyard Site Preparations Drilling Driveways Metal Spreading etc…

Mob: 027 271 2022


Self Storage

subject to unit availability

09 439 3075

51 Beach Road, Dargaville •


Phone: 439 7335 Normanby Street Dargaville

relax revise renew web:

phone: 09

439 6880

8 Portland Street Dargaville

Specialists in Skin Health Skin Rejuvenation Permanent Hair Reduction Anti-aging Treatments All aspects of beauty therapy


Locally owned and operated • Prepwork • Concrete grinding




Quality workmanship guaranteed

34 Beach Rd, daRgaville

New patients welcome!

Ph 09 439 6544

Phone / Fax: 09 439 7172 E:

•  Audio Visual •  Domestic Wiring •  Lighting Shop •  Security / CCTV Systems •  Heat Pumps •  Refrigeration •  Repairs & Maintenance •  Cowshed Electrical Systems •  Air Conditioning / Ventilation

Lyn’s Cake Creations Cakes for all occasions no job too big or too small

love your smile

Phone Lyn

09 439 0751

30 Hokianga Road Dargaville | Ph 09 439 8170 email: |




28 Years’ Experience All types of Agricultural Spraying Undertaken PHONE 09 432 0181 a/h MOBILE 027 474 3436



Lo caL D e a Le rs fo r:

3 Parore St, Dargaville • Ph 09 439 8881

Greg Brownie

Phone 027 439 7565 or 439 7564

Conditions apply

Best under pressure

Floor Sanding • Floor restoration • New floors sanded and coated


Pick Up & Delivery Service Available

Established over 60 years your local funeral director Male and Female staff available to discuss all funeral arrangements Pre-paid and pre-arranged funeral options

FREECALL 0800 66 77 47 199 Kamo Road • Whangarei • 437 5799 • Tollfree 0800 667 747



40+ years experience • All designs/plans council guaranteed FREE site/house visit • Plan printing available from A4–A0 Ask Brian for your discount 72 SPINDLER ROAD WELLSFORD 0972 (off Wayby Valley Road) office 09 423 8092 mobile 021 276 7389 email


3 3 9 6 9 3 4 9 0 se ti r e v d Phone to a



Kaipara Lifestyler Classifieds

Phone 09 439 6933

Closing date for classified advertising for the 2 April 2012 edition is 10am, Thursday 28 March 2012. See our terms and conditions online at For Sale

Property Maintenance

½ PRICE Beds — Beds & More Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday — Friday 8am — 4pm. ½ PRICE Beds — Beds & More Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday — Friday 8am — 4pm. ½ PRICE Beds — Beds & More Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday — Friday 8am — 4pm.

ATS PROPERTY Maintenance & Repair. Fences & Repairs • Kitchen/Bathroom Fitouts • Waterblasting• Flooring Repairs • Decks • Windows & Latches • Plus much more. No job too small. Phone/fax 09 439 8628. Cell 027 455 7750.

Made locally

Quality coMpost brightleaf

• RICH & DARK • NO STINK! • EXCELLENT SOIL BOOSTER 40 L bags Sold at Dargaville ITM 09 439 8730 BULK $70 per m³ Sold at 103 Beach Road Call Bernie 09 439 6785

CHIMNEY SWEEPING & Services. Make sure your chimney is clean for insurance purposes. It’s never too early to have your chimney, flue & fire box cleaned safety checked & repaired for winter. Phone John 09 439 5289 or 022 642 1376. Crawford Solutions. DARGAVILLE BOBCAT services. Drives, Patio’s, Paths, Tree Felling & Clearing. Fences, Lawn & Rubbish Clearing etc. 33 years experience. 027 271 2022. OFFAL HOLES 750dia x 5.5m deep with concrete lid with lift out hatch $385.00 Phone Wals Holes 09 437 3936 or 021 932 225. PAINTER & PAPERHANGER, inside & out. Roof repairs & spraying. Quality work, references available. Crawford Solutions, Phone John 09 439 5289 or 022 642 1376. WATER TANK Vacuum clean, Full tank OK, Waste no more than 1000 litres. $250.00 for up to 25,000 litre tank. Also full pump out and scrub and leaks fixed. Phone Wals 09 437 3936 or 021 932 225.

Work Wanted SAND BLASTING. Rust never sleeps. Blast, prime, topcoat for structural steel, barns, cowsheds, tanks, machinery, chassis, swimming pools. Western Blast ‘n’ Paint. Phone 09 439 6330.

DENISE CLARK Toenail & Fingernail Cutting Service



Summer Firewood ClearanCe Limited Stock


$90 Per Cubic metre $160 for 2 metres mac $90 Per Cubic metre Gum $90 Per Cubic metre wattle $90 Per Cubic metre Bagged firewood $10 mac or Ti Tree Kindling $10 Bag $ 5 Carton manuka Sawdust $10 5kg sack Stacking service available at $15 per metre. Free delivery in Dargaville ONLY (tip off).

16 Edward Street ph 439 8133 Business For Sale DARGAVILLE ICON 29 years young, great lifestyle, brilliant returns, golden opportunity. Improve your lot and get a life! Phone 09 439 6068.

Property For Sale NEWLY COMPLETED 3 Bdrm house, double glazed, insulated. New carpets and curtains. Large integral lined & insulated garage. Trade Me no: DAT 465. PRIVATE SALE $229,000. Phone 09 439 0559.

09 439 6068 Nick Evans MSF UK Osteopath for Back Pain Relief

09 439 2620 021 185 4856

Pinaki Sand & Clean Fill 09 439 1505 027 614 6309

Gasfitters Craftsman gas fitters available.

For all your gas installations & maintenance requirements. Service agents for Rinnai & Bosch.

 0800 326 123 Plumbing and Heating Centre 102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

Homekills Full service slaughtering & processing of Beef, Sheep, Pigs, Deer, Goats

All Beef aged Salami ~ Bacon ~ Ham ~ Sausages Hamburger Patties Traditional Manuka wood smoked Bacon, Ham & Salami Over 25 years experience For prompt & professional service contact Wayne or Annette Phone 09 439 2020 • Cell 021 401 934 Information Packs Available Covering the Kaipara and Whangarei Regions


Short term & Day to Day Relievers

Casual relieving teachers are required in the Northern Wairoa area at the following Centres: Dargaville Kindergarten, Selwyn Park Kindergarten and Ruawai Kindergarten.

Public Notices BE AT The Lighthouse for the Crowning of Miss Kaipara Kai Celebration Dinner. 30th March. Tickets at Dormavilla. DARGAVILLE RIVERSIDE Produce Market. Thursdays 2.00—5.30pm. Ad Focus Carpark, Dargaville. FRESH & LOCAL FREE & CONFIDENTIAL NW Family Budgeting Service. Advice & complete money management if required. Call at 5 Portland Street or Phone 09 439 8592.

Teachers with a recognised early childhood qualification are invited to register as a relief teacher. Applicants who hold Dip.Tch. (ECE), Primary trained or recognised equivalent and current teacher registration can apply.

CAKE STALL, Thursday 28th March. From biscuits to cakes & muffins — there will surely be something for you, if you’re quick! Come down to the CAKE STALL outside Gloria’s Flowers on Victoria Street. Starts at 9.00am. All proceeds go to the Westmount School Kaipara campus.

Please phone 09 435 9099 ext 2 or email to request a relieving pack.

EASTER EGG Hunt, Riverside Produce Market. THIS THRUSDAY 3pm START. Children 10yrs & under.





MISS KAIPARA Kai Celebration Dinner, Jone Yelcich entertains. Tickets at Dormavilla $65. WHO WILL be Miss Kaipara Kai. Join us at the Celebration Dinner. Lighthouse 30th March. Tickets at Dormavilla $65.



We are expanding our telephone sales division, due to our community focus and belief in the NZ economy.

What you can bring: • Enthusiasm – heaps of it; actually you need truckloads! • The ability to build relationships – it’s true, some of your clients will become great friends. • Great communications skills and the ability to work as part of a team… Okay, so not just someone who can yak and socialise, but actually empathise with clients and commit to your workmates.

WE arE oFFEring: • Opportunity – We are going places and we’ll take you with us!

Te Puna O Te Reo O Takiwira TKR

1pm, Tinopai Hall


Sunday 31 March

27 March 2013 6pm

All welcoMe

Nau mai haere mai


Make sure your fireplace is safe this winter. Call Plumbing & Heating Centre to arrange a chimney clean and a FREE firebox inspection today! Plumbing and Heating Centre 09 439 6123 • 0800 326 123 102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

• Stability – our growth has been through the roof. • Ongoing Training – we know we can always learn more – and we’ll teach you! If you think you can keep pace with us (If you can then you will already know it…), then call in the first instance – we are local and we want your first contact with us to be easy – and we’ll all work out if we’re a good fit for each other.

09 439 6933 Do you have what it takes to accept our challenge? Publishers of Kaipara Lifestyler, Northland Farming Lifestyles, Waikato Farming Lifestyles, Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, and Canterbury Farming.

Hannah assisting a couple from the UK

Good Luck Hannah Mitchell – Miss kauri info centre – (Visitor information centre)

from rick & sue taylor

To Let 2 BDRM cottage, Te Kopuru $170pw, available 14/4. Email applications to: or write to: Rental, PO Box 26, Te Kopuru 0341. Ref Required. 3BDRM NEW house, central Dargaville, lock up garage, good street. $275pw please txt 021 183 2738.

Nurseries & Plants ORDER NOW Place your orders for the planting season with Babylon Coast Gardens Ltd, and be ready when the rain comes. Great discounts for purchases of 50 or more plants, delivery service available. Visit the Nursery at 1246 Babylon Coast Road, Dargaville on Saturday’s 10am to 4pm. Enquiries welcome 09 439 4223. Please note: We will not have a stall at the Riverside Market in April.



Thursday 2:30 – 5:30pm | AD Focus Carpark, Kapia St, Dargaville

Eggs Pork Fish Herbs Bacon Fruit & Vegetables Soap Honey Cheese Kumara Crafts Plants Potatoes Preserves Onions Live Music DARGAVILLE

Interested stall holdersRIVERSIDE and buskers PRODUCE MARKET please contact: Deb 09 439 8824 or 021 549 427

MARCH 26 - 2013



O Ho pe m n e


Ray White founded his real estate company with the vision of local people helping grow communities. Over a century later his values are being carried on by Jean Johnson and her colleagues in Dargaville. Local knowledge counts for everything in the world of real estate and it’s great to know (both as a house hunter or as a vendor) that the real estate professionals you’ve chosen to help you with your investment have the right credentials! Jean has over 20 years experience in the Kaipara property market and is a proud resident of the area they represent. That means they know the region, the land and the people… the cornerstones of the community. And of course this means they’re all the better at finding just the right home for you… or promoting your property to the wider world! Don’t forget that if you’re over 65, Ray White offer an unbeatable gold card discount of 10% off your commission fee upon settlement. If you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or move house, talk to Jean and her team first.

10% off

Baylys Beach 5 Moeatoa Lane Look what you can Buy!


3 double bedrooms with ensuite bathroom, entertainment area off the lounge. Large front decking with awesome sea views from bedrooms and lounge. Plenty of underhouse storage for future development. Excellent 9x6 double garage with workshop area. Rates approximately $1366. Good neighbours around you down a private lane.

View Sunday 31 March 1.00–2.00pm Jean Johnson 027 499 6493

Ray White Dargaville

Ray White Dargaville are proud to offer a 10% discount on our service fee to SuperGold Card Holders

Simply inform your agent that you are a SuperGold Card holder prior to listing your property for sale. You will receive a 10% discount off our service fee (commission) upon settlement.

Congratulations to Norfolk Court on their 21st Birthday Ray White Dargaville

NZ’s Leaders in Eco Sustainable Sewage Systems Now bring you the latest in WATER SAVING technology Powerfree | Odourless | Robust | Cost Effective | Reliable • Is your Septic Tank failing? • Would you love to save water?

Our new Grey Water Recovery System is the solution! Add years of life to your septic system and save water!

Garden Irrigation



For more information








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