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February 22 2012



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Council ‘sorry’ for rating debacle

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Hard graft for a record

by Paul Campbell

A financial storm over the Ecocare wastewater scheme which has blown up between the residents of Mangawhai and the Kaipara District Council is on the agenda for a meeting this week ‘to sort out this terrible mess’.

The description comes from the chairman of the Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Association, Bruce Rogan, in the wake of the admission that the collection of $9.5million in rates from Mangawhai ratepayers was fundamentally flawed. A legal review by Jonathan Salter from the legal firm Simpson Grierson, ordered after a protracted dispute over the Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme, has found that the council has not met its legal requirements. The review identified serious statutory breaches by council and has drawn an apology from Mayor Neil Tiller. “I apologise to the community of Mangawhai — council clearly got it wrong and it is simply not good enough. We need to get these things right. We also need to look at how we move forward with the Mangawhai community and begin to repair relationships.” The first step has already been taken. “A meeting has now been set with the KDC chief executive, Steve Ruru, for this Friday,” said Mr Rogan. “It will explore how we can extricate ourselves from this terrible mess.” But he said in the meantime he would be recommending that “Mangawai residents stop paying rates as the $9.5million already paid was illegally gathered, and should be refunded.” Mr Ruru said council had to learn from its mistakes. “An issue of this size and importance will have dented the community’s confidence in council. We simply have to do better and I am committed to changing the way this council operates and the way it interacts with its communities. We need to work closely with our communities and address issues of concern to them before they escalate. We will also be reviewing the way in which we have set other rates in recent years to ensure that they are correct.”

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Celebrating the heart of a real Kiwi town

Bruce Rogan

Steve Ruru

The Simpson Grierson review sets out a number of options, including the promulgation of a local Bill to validate the money collected, and this would depend upon parliamentary support. Mr Rogan however pointed the finger of blame squarely at Wellington as well as the KDC. “The problem has been brought about by central government’s consistent failure to monitor council actions, as it is required to do, over a 10-year period. When the Simpson Grierson findings reached the KDC, Deputy Mayor Julie Geange asked why the council audit had not picked up the errors, and councillors John Blackwell, Andrew Wade and Jonathan Larsen questioned assurances during the term of former CEO, Jack McKerchar, that the complaints from Mangawhai were unjustified and could be dismissed. The council went into closed session, after which Mr Tiller issued the apology to Mangawhai.

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Multisport fun rocks Kaiwaka


1-3 March 2012

State HigHway 14 – Dargaville

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Pub veteran comes to rest A 19th-century sideboard that has seen a lot of drinking over more than a century as a bar centrepiece in several New Zealand pubs, has finally come to rest at the Kauri Museum. Built in 1898 for the Criterion Hotel in Whanganui it graced the lounge bar until a latter-day publican, Wayne Young, moved it to to his Waitara hotel and then on to the Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell. Standing more than three metres high, it is an imposing piece. “If only its mirror could reflect the sights it must have seen and the events that it’s witnessed over the 123 years of its time,” said museum collections manager, Andrea Hemmins. “Wayne made this generous donation to the museum ensuring its future care. Cleaned and oiled, it now stands proudly in the Volunteers Hall.”

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Mavis Smith, 101, a founding member of the museum, with the sideboard which predates her by just 22 years.

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Hard graft for a record At 169,324 bras and still counting, Dargaville Girl Guides leader, Robyn Martinovich, drew a line of completion under what has been a twoyear marathon effort to break a Guinness record for a bra chain, while at the same time raising awareness of breast cancer. More than 100 volunteers were at Dargaville’s Memorial Park over the weekend to help hook a hoped for 170,000 bras together. The previous record was set in Australia in 2009, with a chain of 166,625 bras. “In fact, we had about 10,000 bras still to go by 9.30 on Sunday night, but enough was



enough,” said Robyn. “We had our die hard volunteers but it would have been great if more of the people of Dargaville got out to give us a hand to really smash the Australian record. But we still broke it anyway. I won’t be doing this again though — the last two years have been the hardest two years I’ve ever done.” The record number in the chain was witnessed by Kaipara Mayor, Neil Tiller, and Northland MP, Mike Sabin. And now? Robyn is hoping to salvage goodquality bras from the collection to ship to aid agencies working in Africa and the Pacific.


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Students at Kaiwaka Primary School will be among the first in Northland to benefit from the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme, with the delivery of 250ml packs early next month. “We have a healthy food policy at Kaiwaka Primary School and discourage any drinks other than water,” said principal, Barbara Bronlund. “Milk will provide a fantastic alternative that will be good for the kids.” Sixty-seven Northland schools have already registered to take part in the pilot milk programme. Fonterra will be monitoring the pilot over the first three terms to establish how to best introduce it nationwide and iron out practical details such as getting the milk to schools, keeping it cool and recycling the packaging. Schools that would like to participate need to register by February 29. Schools that apply after this date will enter the pilot during Term Two. Visit

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FEBRUARY 22 - 2012

This is a series of regular articles keeping you informed of happenings on our harbour today, and from bygone days — truly the ‘Jewel of the Kaipara’.

Earlier days will be recalled by Paul Campbell In a few short weeks, the Kaipara Harbour will host the 150th reunion of the Albertlanders, the descendents of those pioneer settlers who arrived at Port Albert, and later, Maungaturoto, Paparoa and Matakohe, in the latter half of the 19th century. Some of that ‘hosting’ will be literally on the water, as boat trips around the northern Kaipara coastline are a major feature of reunion activities over Easter weekend. It will be a far cry, however, from the days when the forebears of one family made the journey from Helensville to Port Albert. A leading light in the original Albertland was the Rev. Samuel Edger, and a diary he kept sheds some interesting light upon the travails of the time. He had a touch of Victorian English. ‘On Monday, September 22’, he wrote, ‘we started in a small boat across the Kaipara Harbour — delays, dangers. For an hour we rode over the boiling sea, our eyes fixed on the distant shore some three or four miles away, and our thoughts very various.

photo courtesy of the Albertlanders Heritage Centre

People attending the reunion will be able to relive traditions, such as exploring the Kaipara Coastline

‘I have no fear of death, but I could not forget what a disordered condition all would be left if this little boat should be unable to ride out the gale. Away goes the jib and nothing but our oars remain. There is only one thing to do, to drive the boat into the nearest point of land and there, leave her. ‘After wading three-quarters of a mile, up to our knees in mud, we rejoiced not a little to feel the solid earth. We were met by natives, who showed us every kindness that a native hut could afford, ludicrous perhaps to a stranger, but relief after peril. ‘The story of the next two days is easily told, but it was hard to live. We walked, tugged, the sun went down; advanced one mile and camped under the open sky, round a blazing fire. ‘Toiling again at sunrise, again camped in the bush, and it was not until ten on Friday had we reached the end of our few miles through bush and forest. ‘We had however been seeing a good deal, and had killed a wild pig, which we found excellent eating. Pork here, I may mention, can be bought for 4d a pound’. Later in his diary account, the Reverend gentleman rather sums up the privations of the time. ‘Blistered, and sore in foot; wet, cold and hungry, without a dry garment to put on, or even a dry place to sit down without intruding into another’s tent! ‘All one’s friends were far off; rain and wind were beating in all directions — well, if a man gets through this he need not mind!’ Reverend Edgar did indeed survive and prosper, and he went on with his pioneering peers to build a church, where he became the burgeoning district’s first minister of the cloth. His descendents will have much to recollect at Easter.

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Clubs to lunch at lighthouse

FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


Community work claim rejected by Paul Campbell

It will be a ‘first’ for members of the Northern Wairoa Social Club and Dargaville Settlers Club when they meet on Saturday at Lighthouse Function Centre. Social Club secretary Marion Williamson (nee Wilkins) expects about forty visitors to travel by bus or car to be with the Settlers Club. “It is the first time we have arranged a lunch meeting between the two clubs, although some are members of both.” In spite of the name, Northern Wairoa Social Club is an Auckland one for expatriates from the big river town who have shifted to the city. Formed fifty-two years ago so that they could keep in touch, it is still going strong and still has a membership of about 150. Their President is Nick Bercich. Marion says, “They meet three times a year for lunch and some travel down from the Dargaville club to attend. For many years Leila Tibbutts has made a Christmas cake for our end of the year luncheon. Greatly appreciated.” “In 2009 our 50th Jubilee was held at the Lighthouse with a lunch and dinner. This Saturday there will be some speeches, some entertainment and an opportunity to visit the Museum.” It is certain that there will be many memories shared and tales retold before the day is over. If you would like to know more check out the 50th Jubilee booklet on sale at Dargaville Museum.

The Kaipara District Council has roundly rebuffed criticism that it has failed to take advantage of work hours available under the Department of Corrections community work scheme. A recent meeting of the Northern Wairoa Branch of the Northland Justices of the Peace Association, was adressed by the services manager for Community Corrections, Lance Kennedy. According to minutes of the meeting ‘the audience was amazed to learn that in Dargaville alone, more than 6,000 man hours were available every three months for community orientated work projects and that so far none of this had been accessed by the Kaipara District Council. ‘Mr Kennedy was hopeful that this might change very soon as far too much time was wasted travelling to places such as Te Hana where a large part of the marae project there had been accomplished using Dargaville labour’. However, a strawpoll of the Kaipara District Council would indicate otherwise.

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“I have spoken with staff and been advised that we do use these hours where we can,” said corporate services manager, Barbara Ware. “We have used them at the Dargaville Museum and at the Kai Iwi Lakes. I understand that we are also considering using some of these hours for the beautification of Dargaville and for the possible development of a community garden in Finlayson Park. “I spoke with the lady whom we contact when we need anyone and she said she is responsible for an area that stretches from the Waipoua Forest in the north, Wellsford in the south, Pouto in the west and Mangawhai in the east. “She said Dargaville Intermediate was just about to be completely repainted using these hours along with a local marae. Two kindergartens had been painted, one here in Dargaville and one in Ruawai.” Community Work is a community-based sentence which requires offenders to do unpaid work to pay something back to the community.

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New Zealand

The Freemasons of Northland invite all visitors to the Dargaville Field Days to visit our display and find out what Freemasonry is all about and some of its mystery.

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FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


A Pahi marlin ‘double’

Almo Bradshaw with his catch — which was soon off to the smokehouse

In an unusual fishing double, the same family member has taken part in landing marlin, caught off the west coast, at the Pahi Wharf — with the fish hung from the wharf crane on only two occasions so far in 2012 — and these were ten years apart. Last Saturday, Brad and Leah Greenall were out on their boat Either Side about 10kms off Poutu when fellow angler on board, Almo Bradshaw, hooked up. “It was a great battle there for a while,” he said as his 121.3kg striped marlin was hoisted onto the wharf crane, before a crowd of admiring onlookers, attracted by the flurry of late evening activity on the foreshore. And it was the locals comparing notes who soon established that it was a good 10 years since another marlin had been hung there. Leah’s mother, Sue Mockett, then realised that that fish had actually been caught by Leah on a family fishing trip.

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The days success was duly toasted, and the marlin was soon lowered to the bed of a small truck, destined for a local chiller for the night — and the smokehouse the next day. The Pahi marlin was one of a number of good catches recorded off the west coast, with fishers saying there is a good run so far this season.

Ready to hook a world title Local Kayak fisherman Jason Dassler is checking his charts and prepping his top-of-the-line Ocean Kayak for a shot at international fame and glory as he gets ready for the World Cup event in his chosen sport. Kayak fishing is a fast-growing pastime both here and overseas, and this weekend at the Century Batteries Beach and Boat fishing contest in Bream Bay the big names in the sport are going head to head to claim the inaugural kayak fishing world title. Ocean Kayaks, a local Kiwi company specialising in innovative fishing and recreational kayaks are putting up the prize for this gruelling ‘marathon at sea’ — a contest which covers multiple species of fish and a demanding 13 hours of paddling and angling action. With Canada, the USA and Australia fielding strong contingents, Jason says he’s prepared to give up all luxuries for the three days it takes to compete, with the aim of keeping the World Cup right here in Northland. “I’ve fished Bream Bay before and had some big ones get away — now I’m coming back to settle the score,” says the Dargaville angler. “Luck and local knowledge will play a major part, but I’m going to give it what I can and come away with a good result.” Northland is known as a world Kayak fishing destination, so it’s only fitting that the biggest trophy in the sport should reside on Jason’s mantelpiece — we’re all behind him 100 per cent!


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Back in 1962 when Wellsford District High became an independent school the new students would have thought of 2012 as the far future — the realm of comic book science fiction. But while many things have changed in the 50 years since that inaugural class signed in, some things have remained the same. One of the most important values which hasn’t changed a bit is the role of the school as the heart The ceremonial cutting of the cake marks of its community — a 50 years of academic pride at Rodney College truth brought home this weekend as past and present students and teachers gathered to commemorate half a century of educational excellence at Rodney College. The spirit of community was there in the names which graced the occasion, many of them belonging to families with a strong generational connection to the college. Original teachers from the class of ’62 John Cavander, Allen Simons and Keith Webster would not have missed the milestone event for the world, and students from across the 60s, 70s and 80s got together to reminisce at a Saturday night dinner and dance. Earlier that morning visitors were greeted with a Powhiri and the symbolic planting of a Kauri seedling which will grow to maturity over the next 50 years. Just how much Rodney College means to Wellsford is also apparent in the number of staff members who were once students at the school — Colleen Wright, Judy Weatherall, Kaylene Bassett, Peter Wynwood and Jeannette Macdonald have all returned to serve their community where they once learned, and some teachers even have their own children at school with them! Special mention must also go to the Simons family — original teacher, Allen’s four sons attended the school with one earning the title of head boy. Another went on to marry Helen Simons (nee Phillips), a current faculty member, and Allen’s grandson Aidan was head boy too! It’s fitting that a contingent from the Simons family cut the cake commemorating a wonderful 50 years at Rodney College — truly a school at the very heart of its community.

Don’t miss an unforgettable Sunday afternoon! Here’s what the critics say about Jan Preston — the honky-tonk and boogie musician who’s set to shake things up in the Kaipara on Sunday February 26. ‘An inspirational and gifted pianist, performer and entertainer with grace, unbelievable dexterity, warmth and poignancy — a remarkable evening that touched us all and will not soon be forgotten’. And it’s the right time of year to get up on the dance floor to the rhythms of the American south. Overseas it’s carnival season, and the spirit of the boogie and the blues is alive and well as cities as far apart as Spain and Brazil get ready to party. Jan Preston’s infective brand of piano-based swing and honky-tonk comes out of the rich tradition of southern music — from the roadhouses and speakeasies

which gave birth to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. Jan adds her own rich resonant vocals to the mix to create a style all her own, and the end result is an afternoon of toe tapping music which you won’t soon forget. Jan has toured across the world, wowing audiences in Australia, Europe and New Zealand, and has won numerous accolades, including no less than four Best Female Blues Artist of the Year awards. Jan Preston is playing one show only in Dargaville, bringing the fun and energy of the carnival season to town for a single unforgettable afternoon. Don’t miss this one — it’s the kind of show which will be talked about around the Kaipara for years to come!


Shakespeare returns to the Kaipara Kaipara’s theatre group Platform Thirteen will perform Shakespeare’s The Tempest, outdoors at Dargaville’s Taha Awa Riverside Gardens on Saturday March 3

Cast members of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

The play begins at 6pm, and a picnic atmosphere is encouraged, according to Platform Thirteen’s Sheri O’Neill. “Summer Shakespeare was inaugurated several years ago at the Landing at Paparoa by the now defunct Bogwood Productions,” Sheri said. The event returned to Paparoa this month. “Judging by the audience response to the sometimes challenging but entertaining spin on Shakespeare’s final play, it was a welcome return.” The Dargaville performance will be

followed by another at Julia Sutherland and Colin Bennett’s Olive Grove, 35 Insley Street, Mangawhai on Saturday, March 24, beginning at 5.30pm. Tickets are $15 and $7 and available at the venues on the day. “Winter indoor performances of The Tempest in Northland and Matakana restaurants are planned, and Platform Thirteen may take the production even further afield,” Sheri added. “Discussion is currently underway with a Shakespeare group in Shanghai, China, with a view to a cultural exchange in the future.”

Queen of the Keyboard

JAN PRESTON An afternoon of toe-tapping boogie woogie and ragtime “One woman, a piano, and a whole lot of talent’’ . . . Edinburgh Festival

Lighthouse Function Centre Dargaville

Sunday Feb 26 at 1pm tickets $15 tickets available from . . .

Muddy Waters Gallery

on Gumdiggers Corner Corner of Kapia St and Parenga St, Dargaville

Kaipara Lifestyler 107 River Rd, Dargaville

Skelton’s Paparoa Drapery Paparoa

Afternoon tea available

Proudly presented by the Dargaville Arts Assn

Arts ion


Celebrating the heart of a real Kiwi town

FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


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FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


1-3 March 2012


A partnership with a solid foundation

It’s a match made in heavy-machinery heaven — a partnership between an innovative local company and a tried-and-true established firm looking to the future On the one hand we have Gravel Lock, creators and originators of some literally groundbreaking products to suppress dust and create rock-hard surfaces out of mere gravel. On the other we have Harrison Contracting, a well-known and long established Dargaville company who have the heavy metal rolling stock to tackle the biggest jobs. Harrison Contracting have followed the rise and rise of Gravel Lock with interest, and after a very successful trail at Mangawhai’s Estuary Road Richard Harrison was convinced. He brings years of experience to match the innovation and enthusiasm of Gravel Lock’s Grant, Lance, Don and team, as well as a garage full of powerful graders, rollers and other road-building machines which he’s no stranger to using. In fact, many local roads and building projects have relied on Harrison Contracting’s expertise — the partnership with Gravel Lock is simply another step toward bigger and better projects in the future. To that end Harrison

Currently the joint force of Gravel Lock and Harrison Contracting are taking care of business at Dargaville’s Field Days site, laying down three kinds of stabilisation and dust suppressant products for visitors to appraise as they walk all over them! Come and see both the Gravel Lock team and their Kaipara allies Harrison Contracting at the Field Days — they welcome your questions about how they can help you at your place.

Behind the scenes at the 2012 Northland Fields Days, a hardworking and dedicated committee has been working all year towards the success of the event

Full Workshop & Engineer Available Your local applicators for Faster, stronger, more cost effective roads, driveways, races, feed pads & more. 25 Station Rd, Dargaville Ph/Fax: (09) 439 4788 Mobile: (0274) 984 133

Dave Phillips Dave has been a committee member for 24 years and is on the Employment subcommittee. He also spent 17 years as president.

Colin Finlayson Vice President and one of the original founding members, Colin has been a member for 28 years and organises the sound systems, lighting and electricity.

Staff Members: Deborah Parkinson – Assistant Administrator. Gwenda Reid – Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator. See next weeks issue of the Kaipara Lifestyler featuring the rest of the hard working Northland Agricultural Field Days team.


ATS Trucks are the Northland dealer for the true American Western Star and the German engineered MAN. Our one stop truck shop offers customized truck sales through to parts sales, vehicle servicing and repairs.


Site No. 9 & 11

HARRISON CONTRACTING LTD Diggers, Trucks, Rollers, Graders, Stabilising Hoe, Water Truck For Hire • Farm Races • Cow Underpasses • Site Work • Feed Pads • Civil Engineering • Drainage • Driveways • Traffic Management Plans • Retaining Walls • Metal/Limestone/Sawdust/Fertiliser Cartage • Palm Kernel Cartage (For Farmlands and RD1 Clients) • Suppliers of Quality Limestone


The people that bring you the Northland Agricultural Field Days

Lew Duggan It’s Lew’s second year as president. He has been on the committee for nine years, is chair of the Employment subcommittee, and is on the Marketing and Finance sub-committee.

Contracting are now the Kaipara applicators for the revolutionary Gravel Lock system — a move which makes sound business sense.


7–9 South End Ave Whangarei 021 878 144



Thu 1st Mar Fri 2nd Mar Sat 3rd Mar

Chad T & Rich T Northern Wairoa Country & Western Club Urban Country & Western Band


Full menu, bar snacks and courtesy van available Follow us on Facebook • Doors Open 11:00 am Phone 09 439 5923 •


FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


3M Water Filtration 347 A - A & R Pumps 269 AB Equipment Limited 141 Able Catering Food Court 2 Able Solar Ltd 322a Absolute Concrete Ltd 174 Access Rural Women NZ 928, 930 ACO 193 Advantage Feeders 288 Afikim Mobility Scooters 302 Ag & Earth Ltd 89 Ag Brands Products Ltd 248a AG HUB 191 Ag Research 622 Agricom 237 Agriculture Industry Training Organisation (ITO) 162 AgriFert 640, 641 Agri-Mat 107 AgriSea NZ Seaweed Ltd 300 Agrissentials NZ 187 Airfoam Wall Insulators (Northland) Ltd 342 Alpego 120 Altum 96 Ampro Quality Tools 344 Anglomoil NZ Ltd 190b Angus Pure Burgers 143 ANKA 98, 347 Anthony Preston Ltd 601 ANZ 235 Apex Valves 347 Arag 269 ARC Security Solutions 637 Arnold Franks Ltd 98, 100a ASB Rural 197 Auckland Mobility Wharehouse 302 Autex 153a B - Bailey Tanks 170 Ballance Agri-Nutrients 191 Barfoote Construction 81 Bargan Sprayers 269 Bay Audiology 220 Bayer Animal Health 254 BdMax Ltd 112 Beacon Heat Detectors Pty Ltd 648 Bee Kind Ltd 705 Bell-Booth Ltd 237 Bertolini Australasia 147 Betacraft Apparel 148 Big Country Outdoors 319 Big Fun Events 350, 352 Blue Wing Honda 275, 277a BNZ 246 BNZ Save the Kiwi 249 Bogballe 120 BOSCH 306b Bourbon NZ Ltd 922 BP Solar 322a Bradford Gold Insulation 654 Briggs and Stratton 285 Brookes 207a Brookings Agencies Ltd 896, 898 BRP (Aust) Pty Ltd 266

See us at field days site 911

WindoW & door ServiceS WINDOW & DOOR SERVICES

Supply, InStallatIon & ServIcIng

• Retro Fit Double Glazing to

WINDOW & – Insurance • Glass Replacement • Mirrors • TableTops DOOR • Cat/Dog doors • Security Doors SERVICES Existing Aluminium Joinery

& Grills • Locks • Stays

phone Kevin Sowter 32 gladstone St, Dargaville Mob 027 275 0918, ph/Fax 09 439 6458

Bryant Tractors/Renton Machinery Bugatti Valve Bullseye Direct Ltd BullShirtNZ LT Bushman Saws C - Cable Price Ltd Café Latino Carruth Hostel, WBHS Carters Case Cato Bolam Consultants Ltd Cattlemaster CBEC EcoSolutions C-Dax Ltd Celestial Wines Chainsaw Outdoor Power CHAOS SPRINGS Chapel Grove Chapel Olive Oil Ltd Chemz Products Civil & Site Ltd Claas Harvest Centre Northland Classic Builders Clearlite Industries Clic Wheel Systems Ltd Coin Jewellery New Zealand Ltd Compass Trailers Corkill Systems Ltd Coronary Health Improvement Project Cotec Paint Country Dawn Quilting Craigs Investment Partners Croplands Equipment Northern NZ Cropliner CRV Ambreed Cub Cadet Mowers Cuddle Buddy NZ Ltd D - D&A Wordsworth Contracting DAE Group Dairy Build Dairy Care NZ Dairy Flo Dairy Wall Coatings Dal-Bo Dargaville Ford Dargaville ITM Building Services Dargaville Realty Ltd Dargaville Sewing & Curtain Centre Davey Davey Water Products Daytech Engineering DeLaval Ltd Denz Co Ltd Department of Conservation DOC DEUT 2 Devan Plastics Ltd Diesel Performance Solutions Ltd Dinerite Ltd DLF Seeds DogMaster Trainers Donaghys Industries Ltd Double Batty Products Doug McFarlane Ltd Doug the Digger Dow AgroSciences NZ Ltd Duncan Duracrete E - Eco Insulation Northland Ecoat Floor Finish Systems Ecolab ECU Chips Ltd EINBOCK Elanco Animal Health Elders Merchandise Electrolux Elite Mobility EME Communication Emuology Ltd Endraulic Ltd Engineered Timber Solutions ENJO Envirolock NZ Ltd Environmental Fertilisers Eternal Flame Jewellery ETN Eurocorp Eurocorp Profence Exhibit Group Extreme Boats F - Fairbrother Industries Ltd Farmers of New Zealand Inc. Farmgard Farmlands Trading Society Ltd Farmquip Woolaway Const Ltd FarmSafe Federated Farmers of New Zealand

63, 65, 67, 69 347 264a 728 881 7 Food Court 2 901 135, 137 95, 99 271a 186 153b 279 894 285 112 868 868 344 240 27, 29, 82, 84 625 245 322b 918 3 247b 905, 907 245 865, 867 194 269 269 264b 268 917 118 111 201 220 347 160a 120 196, 198, 200 245 151 900 98 312 61 207a 205 249 91 209 152 890 250 364 35 875, 884 310 349 237 89 201 924 638 148, 237 78 86 237 250 306b 302 344 862 76 245 864 240 728 932 125 250 148 246 222 72 175, 177, 220 104, 106 148, 150 286 629 223

Feed Pad Solutions 123b Ferrari 283 Fiber Fresh Feeds Ltd 273 Fieldpower Northland Ltd 37, 39, 92, 94 FIL 241 Firestone 283 Fisher & Paykel 306b FMG 192 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited 272, 274 Freemasons of New Zealand 903 Fudge It 2007 Ltd 885 Future Spread - Fertiliser Technologies (Heliag) 603 Fyran Boats 222 G - Gallaghers 148, 250 Gaspardo 91 Genetic Technologies Ltd 643 Gilmore Brown Ltd 607, 608 Giltrap Engineering Ltd 25, 80 Gliderol 203a GME 306b GME Marine Radios 222 Go Vertical 351 Godfrey’s Chainsaws & Mowers 285 Good Ground Real Estate Ltd 134b Gourmet Mussel Fritters and Smoothies Food Court 1 Gourmet Shuttle Food Court 2 GPS Pumps 88 Grandpa’s Feeders / Windsong 632 Gravel Lock NZ Ltd 240 Great Plains 120 Greenwood 242 Grundfos 312 Guest Agricultural Contracting 175 Gunson McLean Ltd 188b Gutter Solution North 304b H - Habipax Industries Ltd T/A Farmgate Direct 142a Hansa Chippers 189 Hansen Products (NZ) Ltd 224 Hardout Kiwi 735, 736 Harvest Farm Advisory Ltd 636 Hatuma 191 Hatzenbthler 120

Health Options Healthy Homes Taitokerau Hectan Products Helinorth Agricultural Ltd Hella Lighting Herd Homes Systems Ltd Hi Tech Hi Tech Enviro Solutions Hi Tech Irrigation Homeopathic Farm Support Ltd Hopkins Farming Group Hot Dog Express Hot Shots Coffee Huddleston Hypnotherapy Hydroflow Distributors Ltd Hynds Pipe Systems I - IC MotorGroup 1 Ideal Buildings Iglu Online Solutions Inghams Nutrition Insulpro Interbloc Limited Invacare Iplex Pipelines Irri Max Ltd Irripod Flexible Irrigation ISD Iseki ISL Animal Health Isusu D-Max J - James Engineering Ltd Jaylor Just Diggers Ltd Just Horse ‘N’ Around K - Kaipara District Council - KDC Kaipara Workwear & Safety Kaiwaka Clothing Kauri Park Nurseries Keenan New Zealand Keith Hay Homes Keri Cell Nursery King Springs

Diploma in Rural Business Certificates in Agriculture/Horticulture/Equine/Apiculture/Forestry • Full time training; campus and accommodation on our 88Oha commercial farm. • Campus/farm tours – Taster weeks 2012 in July and October School Holidays. • Over 30 correspondence courses available. You choose your start date. • Courses include: Equine, Farrier, Small Farming, Beekeeping, Camelid, Agriculture, Dairying, Horticulture, Forestry, and Organics. Plus our new programmes Dog Handling and Pasture Management.


call O8OO 835 367 visit

FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


915 153a 61 ral Ltd 211 344 ems Ltd 271b 98 utions 248b 88 m Support Ltd 631 Group 70 Food Court 1 Food Court 2 otherapy 882 tors Ltd 347, 372 ms 164 183, 185, 226, 228 909 ns 323, 325 237 153a 284 302 148, 193 283 gation 181 312 63 158b 156 ring Ltd 61 91 116a und 307 t Council - KDC 231 & Safety 221, 260 237 es 220 and 102 117 252b 344


King’s College 190a KIOTI 91 Kippers Mussel Fritters Food Court 2 Kiwi Kai Kart Food Court 1 Knauf Earthwool 924 Koru Fashionz 734 Kotte Garant 211 Krone 86 KSN Products 299b Kuhn NZ 95 Kuhn NZ 99 KYB & KONI Shocks 344 L - L2 Apparel 714 Lawrence Electronics 222 Leafbusters Northland 872, 874 Leafscreen NZ Ltd 642 Leisure Therapy 305b Lely 89 LIC (Livestock Improvement) 244 Lime Distributors Ltd 626 Lister Petter 21 LJ Hooker 212 Lorentz 322a M - Mac Boats 222 Manip 120 Marine North Ltd 85 Mark Cromie Holden 83, 85, 87, 136, 138, 140 Marley NZ Limited 237 Marsden Cove Ltd 877, 879 Maschio 91 Masport 285 Matamata Ag Centre 202 ,204 Matariki Magnetics 863 Maui Motorhomes 175 May Intl Trading 153a Mazda 129 McCoy & Thomas Hunting & Fishing-Dargaville 339 McHale 91 McIntosh Bros Engineers Ltd 61, 114 McQuinn Pumps 2008 Ltd 312 Mend-A-Bath 906, 908 Merlo 91

Metal Craft / Colour Steel 203a Mico Pipelines 193 MicroTrac 269 Mike Bags Ltd 298 Mike Pero Mortgages 267b Milk Bar (McInnes Manufacturing) 243 Milk Hub 623, 624 Mimico 31 MK GEL Batteries 302 Model Barn Ltd 297a MONOSEM 86 Morgan Engineering Ltd 43 Motorola 306b Mountain Fresh Ltd 886 Mr Whippy (Whangarei) Foodhall MTF Orewa 149 Muriwai Valley Farm 127 MYEBIZ International 145 N - Name Art 715 Nanave Healthcare 169 National Animal Identification & Tracing 604 Native American Crafts and Music 701, 702 Natural Insulation 654 New Zealand Bed Co 902, 904 New Zealand Blood Services 883 New Zealand Fire Service 232, 234a Newman Engineering (2004) Ltd 90 Ngahiwi Farms Ltd 134a Nitrosol/Rural Reseach 277b NKV Coastguard 179a Noel Remnant Filtration 601, 602 Normanby Fibreglass Ltd 68 North Country Grains 158a Northable Disabilities Services 925 Northern Honda 303 Northern Truck & Bus Ltd 5 Northern Wairoa Hire 163 Northern Wairoa Voice for Life 876 Northland Autos 172 Northland Boating Centre 222 Northland Dairy Development Trust 280 Northland Farm Services Ltd 88 Northland Farm Water Solutions Ltd 248b Northland Kia Ltd 156 Northland Red Devon Cattle Breeders 127 Northland Regional Council 251, 253 Northland Toyota 259, 261, 294, 296 Northland Tree Works 324 Northpower Ltd 218 Norwood Farm Machinery Centre 71, 73, 124, 126 NRM 148 Nufarm NZ 148, 237 Number 46 LTD 75a Nuplex Industries 639 Nutritional Services Ltd 630 Nuttz Gourmet 914 NZ Agriseeds Ltd 148, 237 NZ Fudge Farm Partnership 861 NZ Historic Places Trust 655, 656 NZ Institute of Rural Health 622 NZ Landcare Trust 249 NZ Police 232, 234a NZ Vehicle Sales 149 NZ woodproducts 245 NZAgBiz Ltd 237 O - Ocean Organics Ltd 300 O’Dwyer’s Butchery & Homekill Service 142b OEX Electrical Spares 344 Oil Seed Products 250 Ombro Leather Goods Ltd 708 Omnistar 645 One Spice 889 Open Wananga 305a Origin Agroup Ltd 120 Orion 250 OSIM NEW ZEALAND 871, 873 Outback 322a Outgro Bio Agricultural Ltd 315 P - Pacific Motor Group 129, 131, 133 Pacific Seeds 250 Palm Co 252b Palms Lifestyle Village 899 Pam and Stan Torkington 713 Panasonic 153a Paslode 148 Pearson Engineering Ltd 81 Penguin Sea and Surf Ltd 308 Performance Products Ltd 306a Persona Beauty Aotearoa 916 Pfizer New Zealand 237 PGG Wrightson 199 PGG Wrightson Seeds 148 Philips 153a Phillips Audio 344 Pink Solution 923 Plasma Biotec Solutions 282a

Plunket Car Seat Rentals Poland Motors Polaris Motorcycles Poppa G’s Pottinger Power Farming Wholesale Ltd Power Tarps PPI Corporation PPP Industries Ltd Precision Automobiles Precision Planning Pride Mobility Printing . Com Whangarei Pristine Air (HRV Northland) Probitas North 2010 Progressive Red Devon Prolan Promax Plastics Pro-Sales Direct Ltd T/A Fastwax Prosol Ltd PS Marketing PSP Plastic Public Trust Q - Quadbar NZ Quick Spray Hose Reels R - Rabobank Raven Ravensdown Fertiliser Rayglass Boats RAYLITE RD1 RDS Systems Ltd Real Fruit Ice Cream Recharge Battery Revitalizer Redline Farm Machinery Redpath Pacific Ltd Reporoa Engineering Limited Ria’s Natural Health Soap Ringrose Stockfoods Ritar AGM Batteries Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd Rock up Rock Wall Rockgas North Rotowiper Ltd Rouse Motorcycles Rovatti Royd Pawson - Wooden Toys Ruahine Wines Rumble Electrical & Solar Rural Post/New Zealand Post Ltd RX Plastics Ltd S - SAB Plastics SAME Schaad Bro’s - Switzerland Scooterworks Seales Winslow Seasole Semex NZ Ltd Shaw Diesels Ltd Shed Boss Shelter Station Northland

354 268 258 Food Court 2 120 91, 93, 144, 146 43 193 270 346, 348 220 302 649 317a 128a 657 282b 347 160b 157a 652, 653 245 926 123a 269 188a 269 217, 219 222 322a 237, 239, 276, 278 627 Food Court 2 155a 95, 97, 99 615, 616 187c 880 287 302 320b 356 621 103 256, 258 283 888 866 313 635 154 347 63 322b 302 191 250 658 21 203a 60

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Northland Field Days 1st to 3rd March 2012

KIDS! Get your picture taken with 'Dubdub' the goodGround dog and go into the draw to win an awesome

digital camera!

Visit us as site #134 For more details check us out online

Diploma in Rural Business Certificates in Agriculture/Horticulture/Equine/Apiculture/Forestry • Full time training; campus and accommodation on our 88Oha commercial farm. • Campus/farm tours – Taster weeks 2012 in July and October School Holidays. • Over 30 correspondence courses available. You choose your start date. • Courses include: Equine, Farrier, Small Farming, Beekeeping, Camelid, Agriculture, Dairying, Horticulture, Forestry, and Organics. Plus our new programmes Dog Handling and Pasture Management.



call O8OO 835 367 visit

FEBRUARY 22 - 2012

NORTHLAND FIELD DAYS SITE LISTINGS Shoprider Mobility Shuzi NZ Ltd Sieraden Designs Silvan SIMBA Sime Sinopec Lubricants Skin and Vein Clinic Snap Happy Marketing Sock Lady Solarpeak Waikato/Pratts Sovrano Limoncello Speedy Corporation Ltd Stallion Equipment Ltd Stallion Plastics Ltd Steel & Tube Roofing Steel Shed Systems Steelfort Stihl NZ Ltd Stoney Creek Strainrite Fencing Systems Strautman Sunz Ltd Super Air SUPREME Surface Protect Surprising Discoveries Suzuki New Zealand Ltd Sweepa NZ Ltd SWWP T - Taege Engineering Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre/Northtec Tatoma Taupo Native Plant Nursery Limited Tbfree New Zealand TechniPharm New Zealand Ltd Teeter Hang - Ups Telecom Accessories Telford Rural Polytechnic Tewalana The Better Back Company The Drench Company The Feeder Leader Company The Liquorice Lady Ltd The Little Green Kitchen The National Bank The Watt Shop The Wrangler Ltd Tiaho Trust Tifone Sprayers Tiletex Ltd Tint a Car Whangarei Tokoroa Engineering Ltd Tongue Hammer Food Ltd Toolwares Sales Total Flooring Total Span Northland/Gunadoo Ltd TracMap NZ Ltd Trailblazes Trans Diesel Ltd Tree Wise Northland Trojan Trueform Products LTD Tulloch Farm Machines Turiwiri Produce LTD Tuturu Products Ltd Tyres 4 You U - UDC Finance Ltd Urban Adventure V - Vanson Northland Veronica’s Delights Versatile Homes and Buildings Vertex Viafos Importing Ltd VICON Vitality Sales Tupperware Viterra Vodafone NZ W - Wade Concrete Products Ltd Waikato Milking Walker Mowers (Stevens Products) Warren Hay Marine Waterways Environmental Services WES Westpac New Zealand Whangarei District Council WDC What Power Crisis ltd Whites Handcrafts Williams Williams Engineering Wilson Plastics Windows & Doors Services Winter Gardenz (Greenhouses) Women on Wheels Woodcraft Creations Wrack Auto Electrical Y - Yamaha / Outboards Yamaha Motor NZ Ltd Yamaha Motorcycles Your Health Naturally NZ Ltd Yovich & Co Yovich Hayward Pevats Johnston Ltd Z - Zero Pak Vacuum Sealers ZTR Dixon

302 887 913 63 91 283 344 919, 921 891 206a 155b 869 281 601 148 245 179b 95, 99 285 148 254 211 229 191 86 906 893, 895 178, 180, 182 650 322a 74 647 120 207b 604, 605, 606 173 169 306b 220 153a 646 250 122 912 Food Court 2 233, 235 322a 247a 927 269 910 203b 119 870 245 639 41 651 353, 355 100b 121 322a 340 86 220 252b 139 233 729 33b 301 230 306b 252a 91 929, 931 148 309, 311 184 88 64, 66 166, 168 249 306b 280 249 223, 262 297b 98 248b 193 911 267a 149 62a 344 222 171 258 920 267b 267b 609 89

If you are reading this then so are your customers Call 0800 466 793


For those who demand more • More powerful • More versatile • More economical

SEE US AT FIELD DAYS SITES 95, 97, 99 Normanby Street, Dargaville Ph: 09 439 3266

• More advanced • More PRODUCTIVE


Supporting the farmers of Northland for over 130 years The National Bank has stood by the farmers of this region through thick and thin. And, once again, we’ll be right by your side at the Northland Field Days. You’ll find The National Bank, ANZ and UDC Finance representatives in our marquee on the corner of RD1 Road and Fonterra Whey. The National Bank lends more to the rural sector than any other bank, so if you’re looking to take your farm to the next level, come visit us at the Northland Field Days or call today on 0800 80 77 11. ANZ and The National Bank are part of ANZ National Bank Limited. UDC Finance is UDC Finance Limited.



FEBRUARY 22 - 2012



The team to help you keep cool this summer Laser Electrical Dargaville (formerly Dargaville Electrical) has long been a trusted name in the Kaipara when it comes to qualified tradespeople providing top-notch service But there’s another side to the popular local company — they also now have a team with decades of refrigeration engineering experience between them. Refrigeration is a huge part of modern farming — ask any dairy farmer what happens when the chiller breaks down! And there are many other applications such as walk-in chillers, water chillers and domestic fridges which make use of advanced cooling technology, all of which needs the professional touch to run at full efficiency. The popularity of heat pumps in both business and residential applications has also powered a big demand for refrigeration technicians to keep these machines operating quietly and efficiently at times of extreme heat and humidity. Recent recruit to the Laser refrigeration team Paul Emsden has more than 30 years of experience in refrigeration engineering, and he’s backed up by Jon Walker, Bruce Metzener and Paul Dickens — a crew who cover all of the Kaipara. Sound experience and a prompt service are their promise, and they deliver 24-7 to keep the wheels of local business turning.

Our club is your Club during the Northland Field Days

Come and enjoy our great facilities where you get great meals and entertainment. We have made our club available to all during the field days.

Thursday 1st March Meals and refreshments

Friday 2nd March

Meals and refreshments PLUS Live Music featuring

With some people waiting days for repairmen out of Whangarei or even Auckland, the Laser Refrigeration team thought that Field Days was a great time to introduce their services to the wider Kaipara area.


They’re the truly local alternative with a great reputation and a ton of experience — and they’ll be there when you need them to help your machinery and plant keep its cool this summer.


Led by a fully qualified refrigeration engineer with 30 years experience – we are the team who can do it all!

Paul Emsden (based in Ruawai)

Real local service!

Jon Walker

Bruce Metzener

Paul Dickens

• Dairy chiller plant • Cool rooms • Water chillers • Air conditioning • Heat Pumps

24–7 Service

P: 09 439 7172 E:

MARSDEN COVE’S SUMMER SECTION SALE There’s never been a better time to buy in Northland’s most desirable coastal neighborhood.

Cry Wolf

with original band Members Melissa Wilson, Kim Fowlie, Stuart Johnston, Raul Franich and Bruce Aiken.

Don’t forget we have an awesome big screen for Super 15 Rugby and a Courtesy van operating both nights.

021 0256 0588 for details after 4pm

OmniSTAR Customers Satellite Frequencies Are Changing! Avoid the stress and get informed...

New Zealand users will need to change their current frequency (OCSAT) 1535.185 to the new frequency of AUSAT, 1539.9625. For more information please visit:

Site 645 Northland Field Days

Enjoy thE world’s bEst coastal lifEstylE in northland’s most prEstigious nEighborhood. Example 1.

Example 2.

A huge waterfront section with the ability to add a jetty and moor right outside your home. Reduced by $235,000 to $750,000

Waterways site overlooking an attractive reserve and beach, with unobstructed views. Reduced by $55,000 to $295,000

call sharleen 021 336 860 Sale finishes April 30

MAR 9996

Between the 26th of January 2012 - 22nd of March 2012 you will need to change the frequency on your receiver.


FEBRUARY 22 - 2012



T r $



$20,870 PLUS GST

Featuring a rubber mounted 24 horsepower 904cc three-cylinder diesel powerplant for low vibration and lower-speed torque, the Polaris Ranger Diesel side-by-side gets the job done at industry-leading speeds up to 56 kmph. 4x4 Mode Turf Mode


















1 month only (March)

Masport LE2000

Masport Kingston

Metro Eco Wee Curve

Firenzo Bronte

SAVE UP TO $725 Great Savings on all Fires in stock,

Starting From $115 Off

Metro Eco Euro Ped

Introducing the

Wagener Cooktop

t e in


in h


Magnum P100

p th d s b

m Pyroclassic


Your Local Gas Fire Specialist RINNAI Free fascia

Ambience Series

From the initial spark to the final embers slowly burning out, the Ambience Series by Metro is the embodiment of minimalist design, smooth styling and efficiency. Create an ambience of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

p n

Metro Eco Xtreme Ped

First in first served

Kent Astron

t G c

DEAL! O B M CO Purchase a it and Fire & Flue K E gift. receive a FRE 5 Valued at $7

with both the Symmetry and Arriva gas fires.

ESCEA Huge discounts

DX1500 $250 off Other Escea fires $200 off

102 Jervois street, rD2 Dargaville, Po BoX 377

 0800 326 123  09 439 6124  

re a

n o b h ra c D


FEBRUARY 22 - 2012 Advertisment

An open letter to the people of the Kaipara ‘‘Our once proud district is on the verge of financial collapse. Contact your local councillor and demand that the council resign, then contact your local Member of Parliament and demand a commissioner be put in place to salvage what we can” The council’s new management team have already identified $4.5 million in errors in the Annual Plan which will require trimming $2 million in services that were planned, and borrowing an additional $2.5 million on top of the $5 million being borrowed to finance the annual plan. A $4.5 million error The Salter Report from the law firm Simpson Grierson just released by council has confirmed fears that the EcoCare rate struck by the council is without legal substance. A $9.5 million error

Can we really expect the same group of people who are responsible for the massive financial crisis we are in, to fix the problem? Demand that a Commissioner be appointed — Now I personally find it ironical that when I was a councillor on the Kaipara District Council, I continually warned the councillors at that time, namely Mayor Tiller, Julie Geange, Tom Smith, Mrs Sutherland, Richard Alspach, Brian McEwing, Brian Burnett and Graeme Taylor, over the issue of inadequate financial reporting, authorising loans without reliable data to back it up and failing to challenge the then Chief Executive’s performance. I have a quiet smile when I think how Mayor Tiller laughed at my warnings and made comments in the press regarding me personally, and accusing me of scaremongering and spreading falsehoods, while the rest of council simply dismissed my numerous notices of motion regarding the above and persuaded Mayor Tiller to remove my portfolio responsibilities in regard to finance. The chickens have come home to roost. I am predicting that rates will have to increase a minimum of 20% each year for the next three years to cover monies needed to service the $90 million worth of debt that Kaipara has around its neck and to service the extra $2 million a year that will be required to fund the Mangawhai loan, when the current interest rate of 3.5% plus the premium increases in 2013 to normal market rates. It is also possible that to cloud the issue, the council may decide to increase the rates by a smaller percentage and borrow more money. Either way the Kaipara District will have to pay. I also believe that it is almost certain that the rest of the Kaipara District will be required to pay towards the sewerage system in Mangawhai. In fact one may ask the question, should the Mangawhai ratepayers continue to pay their sewerage rates as they have been charged $9.5 million in error.



We are facing amalgamation of local government caused by a lack of professionalism and incompetent governance by elected councillors. If we think that Whangarei or the Far North will take over Mangawhai or Kaipara’s debt of $90 million, the reality will be that any new form of local government structure will require that the current $90 million debt will stay and be paid for by Kaipara ratepayers. The rest of Northland will not accept the responsibility for what clearly is mismanagement. The councillors should resign, as I believe they must accept their share of responsibility for the predicament that the Kaipara District Council ratepayers are now facing. It is not good enough for them to dismiss the financial reviews that are now becoming public, as simply documents that state that Kaipara has made one or two mistakes. The Mayor has implied in the press that this has been because of staff issues. Under the Local Government Act, councillors can be held responsible for the decisions they have made. It is high time for Kaipara ratepayers to demand that the Minister of Local Government holds a formal commission of enquiry into the decision making processes of the Kaipara District councillors involved past and present.

Bill Guest — ex councillor and Mayoral candidate

They are burning the boat to fuel incompetence



FEBRUARY 22 - 2012

Read the paper online “Quality used vehicles wanted” Cars

NEW Kuga Titanium SUV AWD 2.5 Turbo Petrol, 19" alloy wheels, leather, dual zone a/c, keyless start, etc ...................................................................................................$53,990 NEW territory 2.7TD Titanium AWD 6 speed auto, GPS, rear DVD, 7 seater, dual climate A/C, leather trim, reverse camera and sensors, choice of colour .............................$49,990–$69,990 NEW Falcon XR6 All Blacks Special, luxury pack trim, dual zone a/c, leather, premium audio, limited edition All Black decals. SAVE $10,000 ........................................ $46,990 11 Mondeo 2.0 TD Zetec auto, very low kms, driven by co-director. Huge savings ..............$39,990 11 Falcon FG XT, painted edge, pre-registered, driveaway ......................................................$39,990 11 Falcon FG XR6 Ford executive driven, only 4,400km, tow bar etc....................................$39,490 11 Falcon FG XT, stunning in new colour (havana), towbar, m/f etc, save $12,285 on recommended retail price, drive away – only 3,000km ............................ $37,990 11 Fiesta AB35 manual, Mountune performance kit, 104kw of power, body kit, spoilers, leather trim, personalised number plate AB35YP (Only 35 built) ....... special $33,990 11 Fiesta 1.6TD manual, highlight silver, 20,000km, FREE RUC, mudflaps fitted, preregistered......................................................................................special $25,000 10 Falcon FG XR6, great value and very tidy, 50,000km, painted Silver..............................$31,990 08 hyundi santa Fe Elite 2.2 diesel, 7 seater, leather, 1 owner, 79,000km, new tyres, painted burgundy ....................................................................................................... $37,990 08 Focus 2.0 auto, 1 owner, 53,000km, painted kelp green ................................................... $18,990 07 territory Ghia AWD SY, 7 seater, 1 owner, towbar, roof rack, etc ..................................$32,500 07 territory TX AWD 2 owners, high kms but great order, tow bar reverse camera etc.. $20,990 07 (Dec) Mondeo 2.3 Zetec auto, 1 very good owner, 65,000km, very nice in panther black .............................................................................................................$23,990 06 Mondeo 2.0 sedan auto, only 52,000km, awesome condition ........................................$15,990 05 territory TX AWD, 7 seater, towbar, 137,000km, painted offshore blue .................... $19,990 03 Focus 2.0 Zetec manual, 94,000km, looks and drives great ............................................ $10,990 02 FairMont AU111 Ghia V8, these are hard to find, painted white, leather trim ................ $9,990 99 laser 1.8 GLXi auto hatchback, very tidy, only 123,000km ................................................. $8,990 98 MaZda caPella 2.5 auto wagon, alloy wheels, CD stacker, nice condition .................. $5,990 96 daewoo esPero 2.0 manual, genuine 61,600km, nice in burgundy.............................. $5,990

Light Commercials

NEW MODEL ranger XL 4WD Crewcab, complete with h/d towbar, painted aurora blue ... $55,630 10 ranger Wildtrack 4WD, 3.0TD, auto, 1 owner, 64,100km, great value at .......................$39,990 10 holden colorado 4WD LT Crewcab, lots of extras, 60,000km ........................ due in soon 07 MaZda Bt50 Cab-Plus, 4WD Alloy Flatdeck, 2 owners (very hard to find)....................$22,750 06 toyota hilux 3.0TD SR5 Crewcab auto, loaded with extras .........................................$34,990 00 courier XL 2WD Crewcab, 2.6 petrol, 2 owners, 191,500km, towbar, tonneau cover ..$11,990 96 isuZu Elf 4.3 Diesel, dual rear wheels, flatdeck, very nice condition .................................$12,990

Ring us today. Finance subject to credit approval.

Massey Ferguson add comfort to tractor practicality Massey Ferguson is a name synonymous with tractors, and one which is ingrained in the farming history of New Zealand In fact the company began life 150 years ago as a joint British and North American merger, bringing together the people who built the world’s first combine harvester with the visionary engineer who brought us the three-point linkage. Never a company to rest on their laurels, Massey Ferguson have been innovators and trend setters through the years, and with modern farms calling for greater and greater productivity they have stayed amongst the luminaries in their field by producing some of the best tractors on earth. This year’s range are no With 150 years of experience, Massey Ferguson know how to make great tractors exception, with the MF 6400 especially singled out as a great all-round workhorse, providing power with tap to provide both ample traction and power comfort for a demanding day’s work on the to front and rear linkages, the real advantage farm. And while up to 170 horsepower is on here is at the driver’s fingertips in the form of a comfortable air-conditioned cabin designed by farmers, for farmers.

4 SERIOUS PETROL HEADS NEW!! The ‘Certificate in Employment Skills – Automotive’ A free, full time, full year course.

Spend half the week in the classroom and half in the industry with hands-on work experience. Learn the skills you need for the industry, gain a National Certificate, your NCEA L1 and credits towards your apprenticeship requirements. If you’re serious about an automotive career, between 15 and 18 years old, male or female CALL Lynn NOW for a course outline and enrolment pack.

Dargaville Ford


54 Normanby Street DARGAVILLE P 09 439 7315 F 09 439 5961 Lindsay 09 439 7152 or 027 499 1516 Jonathan 09 439 5273 or 021 100 1048

CALL US TODAY! 09 425 8493

Heat reflective glass has been used to construct the high-visibility cab, and noise has been dramatically reduced to make the MF 6400 a comfortable ‘office’ for the working farmer. Instruments are clustered in intuitive groupings to operate onboard systems and linked machinery, and everything is well illuminated — not just the dials themselves, but the exterior by night as well under a battery of xenon lights. All in all, the Massey Ferguson 6400 series is a tractor which takes into consideration the most vital working part in any agri-business — the farmer. The driver’s seat of this capable and well-built machine is the perfect place to oversee greater productivity on your farm, and must be experienced to be believed. Stop by Northland Machinery in Dargaville or take a look at one of the Massey Ferguson machines on display at the Field Days and you’ll see why this company is still strong after 150 years.



WOF Service Available


NOW $695

SAVE $100

HUGE STIHL FS 38 LINETRIMMER 27.2cc/0.6kW/4.1kg

• Excellent Service • • Buy local and SAVE • • Courtesy Car available •


FROM $237

PLUS BUY ANY ROLL OF STIHL NYLON AND GET THE SECOND FREE** *Offer applies to MS 211 standard version only. **Second roll of nylon must be of lesser value to original purchase. Offer valid while stocks last.

09 431 8288

range of RV tyres by


09 431 8288 TYRES Phone For all Applications

FEBRUARY 22 - 2012

Maxxum offers maximum performance Case tractors and the International Harvester brand enjoy a long history of innovation and quality — they stand at the forefront of agricultural machinery technology as one of the ‘big names’ in the business. When a company is in this position it’s easy to push the envelope with superlatives — bigger, more powerful, more rugged, more highly advanced. But it’s a more difficult proposition to achieve the fine balance between power, price and size which produces a truly superb allrounder — a tractor which suits the multi-disciplinary demands of the modern Kiwi farm.

the running costs — for a tractor which can effortlessly bale, lift, feed out and harrow the cost in diesel is miniscule. Technology really has come a long way in this vital area to keep overheads down. Second only to the versatile platform of the Maxxum


series is the amount of additional machinery which can adapt the tractor for a variety of roles. The versatility of an easy coupling front hitch system with integrated PTO is complemented by exterior fender switches for operating stationary implements, and when it comes to lifting and carrying the Maxxum teams up with the Lynx C-series loader to get the job done with ease. A neat feature of the Maxxum is the upper loader view window which makes operating the Lynx (or any high-up applications) safe and easily visible. Designing a tractor to suit the multiple needs of the modern Kiwi farmer is a balancing act between size, applications, cost and ongoing upkeep, and with the Maxxum X-line series Case IH have ticked all the boxes. See Redline’s stand at the Field Days to check out all the features of this versatile machine — you’ll find that the final pleasant surprise is the price to take one home!

Case IH more than rise to the challenge with the Maxxum X-line series, a medium-horsepower tractor able to fulfil a number of roles. With a choice of engines spanning the popular 100 to 140hp band (and the option of a powerful intercooler turbo to add grunt) there’s a surprising amount of gutsy torque from this mid-sized machine. But the real surprise comes when you add up

Kaipara Service Directory Comber & Seymour ltd

Normanby St, Dargaville Craftsmen, Plumbers, Drainlayers Sheetmetal, AND Roofing Contractors

Phone 09 439 7270 We Service The Kaipara District

phone: 09

439 6880

8 Portland Street Dargaville

Mike Collins

021 22 33 470

Conditions apply

Specialists in Skin Health Skin Rejuvenation Permanent Hair Reduction Anti-aging Treatments All aspects of beauty therapy


Lo ca L D e a L e r s f o r :

3 Parore St, Dargaville • Ph 09 439 8881 •  Audio Visual •  Domestic Wiring •  Lighting Shop •  Security / CCTV Systems •  Heat Pumps •  Refrigeration •  Repairs & Maintenance •  Cowshed Electrical Systems •  Air Conditioning / Ventilation

The local law firm committed to you and your community

Phone us, we’re here to help

PHONE 09 439 7099

Hokianga Rd, Dargaville • Email

For your

Phone / Fax: 09 439 7172 E:

Greg Newman Ph 09 439 0853 Mobile 027 258 9931 Email

Floor Sanding Greg Brownie

Locally owned and operated • Floor restoration • New floors sanded and coated

• Prepwork • Concrete grinding

Phone 027 439 7565 or 439 7564

Les Sweeney Builders • New Housing • Commercial • Alterations • Additions

Les Ph: 0274 972 929 A/H: 09 439 7524

Lyn’s Creations Cakes for all occasions no job too big or too small 30 Hokianga Road • Dargaville • Ph: 09 439 8170 email: hokianga

Landscape Services & Sculpture on Commission

Quality workmanship guaranteed

The team at Hammonds provide the highest quality legal service and advice in all areas of law and business

dental needs

Pick Up & Delivery Service Available


relax revise renew web:

• Engagement Portraits • Weddings • Family Portraits

Phone Lyn

09 439 0751

UILDINGS SKYLINE B SERVICING THE KAIPARA AREA CONCRETE • Driveways – Footpaths • Cowsheds & Wintering Pads • Commercial & Domestic Floors • Colour Imprinting John Vuletich: • Colour Overlay 0274 972 116


Building & Civil Engineering Contractors 14 Normanby Street Ph 09 439 4700

SKYLINE BUILDINGS • Cottages • Sleepouts • Garages • Carports • Garden Sheds Your Kaipara Representative Robyn Webb: 0274 395 866

Member of the NZ Master Concrete Placers Association

WindoW & door ServiceS WINDOW & DOOR SERVICES

Supply, InStallatIon tallat on & Serv ServIcIng ng

Glass Replacement - Insurance • Catdoors • Security Doors & Grills • Insect Doors & Windows • Interior Sliding / Wardrobe Doors • Locks, Stays Catches • Replacement Windows & Doors

WINDOW & DOOR 32 gladstone ladstone St, Dargaville SERVICES Mob 027 275 0918, ph/Fax h/Fax 09 439 6458


FEBRUARY 22 - 2012

Alizarin Lizard to rock the Funky Fish The Funky Fish continues its summer of top-flight music with a visit from Dunedin group Alizarin Lizard this February, further cementing the west coast restaurant’s reputation as a musical venue not to be missed. The band are supporting their new album ‘The Weekend Went Without You’ with an extensive tour of the nation, travelling far and wide to take in some of the most iconic live music spots across both islands. Their energetic and eclectic mash-up of pop, rock, jazz and psychedelic sounds has proven a hot favourite on the festival circuit, and excitement is building as the tour lights up town after town. Already this year the Funky Fish has

played host to musical luminaries like the Nameless Sons and Tim Guy, as well as welcoming guests to their laid-back Sunday Sessions out in the courtyard. Now with Alizarin Lizard topping the bill and with more big names planned in the near future, the friendly little Bayly’s Beach restaurant is being named alongside places like the Leigh Sawmill and the Mangawhai Tavern as a musical destination as well as a hot spot for tasty cuisine. Alazirin Lizard will be playing at the Funky Fish on the February 26 with support from local group Jetson Slinky. Don’t miss an afternoon and early evening of great tunes and great food at the number one venue on the coast.

Multisport fun rocks Kaiwaka

Travellers along State Highway One through Kaiwaka will surely recognise the imposing face of Baldrock Mountain – that ancient core of volcanic rock scoured by the wind and rain into a natural sculpture commanding the valley below Few, however, get the chance to ride, run and hike up and over the great monolith — except during the annual Top of the Rock multisport event, held each year by the Kaiwaka Sports Association. This year over 200 Brendon ‘Money Man’ Johnson, handing out the prizes entrants dared the slopes in a challenging 10km run and 14km mountain bike while Michelle Lyons was the first woman course, or an alternative 10 or 5km run across the line in the 10km run, the men’s and walk course. Entrants ranged in contest came down to the wire with Rhys age from only two-years-old (Savannah Shadbolt and Mitchel Piper both gaining Anderson) all the way up to 76-years- top honours. young Bruce Grant who won a prize from ‘Money Man’ Brendon Johnson was Mangawhai Tyres for his efforts. there to hand out the awards — with Participants ranged from the competitive to the purely recreational, taking on the challenge while drinking in the amazing views from this landmark spot. At the end of the day Jeremy Smart took out the solo run and bike prize for men, with Hannah Cullen securing the top spot in the women’s competition. Brett and Jay Wallwork brought home the gold for the team run and bike, and

generous sponsors digging deep there were over 80 prizes up for grabs. Special thanks must go to the Coates Family Trust, the volunteer marshalls and officials, the tireless bar and kitchen staff, photographers and of course the St Johns and Fire Brigade members who made the day possible, as well as the locals who kindly allowed the event’s route to cross their land.

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FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


Kaipara Lifestyler Classifieds

Phone 0800 466 793

Closing date for classified advertising for the 29 February 2012 edition is 10am, Monday 27 February 2012. See our terms and conditions online at For Sale

For Sale

½ PRICE Beds — Factory Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday — Friday 8am — 4pm. ½ PRICE Beds — Factory Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243.Open Monday — Friday 8am — 4pm.

For Sale



For repairs or replacements of your roof or spouting, Call us today for a free onsite consultation

 0800 326 123

Plumbing and Heating Centre 102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

Make sure your fireplace is safe this winter. Call Plumbing & Heating Centre to arrange a chimney clean and a FREE firebox inspection today! Plumbing and Heating Centre 09 439 6123 • 0800 326 123 102 Jervois Street, Dargaville

Read the paper online

Dargaville $245,000 ono Newly Renovated

bright leaf

bark Mulch In BULK ™

3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Lockup Garage 2023sqm (1/2 Acre) Close to town

excellent moisture retention & weed suppression

phone marion 021 439 808 or 439 4247

Ph berNie 09 439 6785

Work Wanted

Property Maintenance

DOG GROOMING, clipping and bathing. Lifetime of experience. Reasonable rates. At Mangawhai. Phone Michelle. 09 431 5048 OR 021 242 4103.

ATS PROPERTY Maintenance & Repair. Fences & Repairs • Kitchen/Bathroom Fitouts • Flooring Repairs • Decks • Waterblasting • Windows & Latches • Plus much more. 10% discount for senior citizens. No job too small. Phone/fax 09 439 8628. Cell 027 455 7750.

PAINTING. TAKING orders for wallpapering, interior/ exterior painting houses and other buildings. Competitive rates, quality assured. Contact John at Crawford Solutions 09 439 5289 or 022 642 1376. SAND BLASTING. Rust never sleeps. Blast, prime, topcoat for structural steel, barns, cowsheds, tanks, machinery, chassis, swimming pools. Western Blast ‘n’ Paint. Phone 09 439 6330. WATER BLASTING Houses, cowsheds, driveways etc. Also spouting cleaning. Crawford Solutions 09 439 5289 or 022 642 1376.


Nick Evans

Toenail & Fingernail

MSF UK Osteopath for Back Pain Relief

Cutting Service


09 439 6068

09 439 2620 021 185 4856

Ruawai Homekills Full service slaughtering & processing of Beef, Sheep, Pigs & Deer On farm killing of Pigs & Sheep (Conditions apply)

OFFAL HOLES 750 dia x 5.5m deep with concrete lid with lift out hatch $385.00 Phone Wals Holes 09 437 3936 or 021 932 225. WATER TANK Vacuum clean, Full tank OK, Waste no more than 1000 litres. $250.00 for up to 25,000 litre tank. Also full pump out and scrub and leaks fixed Ph Wals 09 437 3936 or 021 932 225.

Plants and Nurseries LAST CHANCE for great specials during February on quality native plants from Babylon Coast Gardens Ltd. This weeks specials Coprosma Robusta, selected Purple Ake Ake, Cabbage Trees, Green Flaxes, Dianella Nigra all at $1.80 each for purchases of 50 or more while stocks last. Enquiries welcome, phone 439 4223. Open Saturdays 10am–4pm and at other times by prior arrangement.

To Let

Advertise in the Kaipara Lifestyler Classifieds

0800 466 793 Read the paper online

TWILIGHT GALA. Anglican Parish Hall. Meals $13.50, Children $5.00. Cakes, Produce & Books available. 24th February 6:30pm.

We publish the Kaipara Lifestyler, Kaipara’s only regional paper which is distributed weekly to 10,000 homes. The company also publishes four monthly rural newspapers, the Northern Farming Lifestyles, Canterbury Farming, Waikato Farming Lifestyles and Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles. These mastheads are produced from modern spacious offices in Dargaville and serviced by state-of-the-art technology. The position calls for comprehensive writing, sub-editing and layout skills, using Adobe InDesign, as well as people skills overseeing and managing the output from in-house and freelance writers through to print-ready PDF.


Annual General Meeting

of the Kaipara Citizens & Ratepayers Association Inc. will be held on Saturday 10 March 2012 at 11 a.m. at the Dargaville Dalmatian Social Club Inc. hall, 20 Normanby Street, Dargaville BBQ Lunch Provided Business Election of Officers Future Local government re-organisation of Northland For further enquiries: Secretary Anne Warner 09 439 5219 | 027 289 2488

Please reply with comprehensive CV to Applications close 7th March.

Best Sunhat Competition

Public Notices DARGAVILLE BOWLING CLUB Grocery Raffle Results. 1st: 450 Aaran Johnston 2nd: 556 “BIG” John Hill 3rd: 349 Theo Rahui 4th: 476 Diane Jensen Thankyou for your support.

March 3rd 4.30 pm at Kauri Coast Pool in Dargaville

FREE CONFIDENTIAL Budgeting Service. To make a booking call 09 439 8592. We also offer a complete money management service if required.

Free Fun for Families Circus Kumarani Sausage sizzle Water Safety Demo Followed by KIDSZONE 6pm-8pm

KAIPARA HARBOUR Cruise Dargaville to Helensville, and coach back. 4th & 18th April. PHONE Sue at the Visitor Information Centre 09 439 4975.

The winners of our Beach & Boat tickets contest are:

Philip & Julia Leaf

They’ll be attending the biggest fishing contest in the southern hemisphere thank to Century Batteries, Beach & Boat, and the Kaipara Lifestyler

Kaipara Lifestyler Crossword 1






7 8 9


Bookings are essential

Over 25 years experience • Return deliveries by arrangement For prompt & professional service contact Wayne & Annette Ph 09 439 2020 • 021 401 934 Ah/Fax 09 439 2910 Covering the Kaipara and Whangarei Regions

We are seeking a mid-grade journalist-sub editor, ready to take a step up to the position of News Editor at NorthSouth Multi Media Ltd.

For Hire

All Beef hung for two weeks Salamis now available

News Editor

5 BRM HOUSE, 2x garages, Ruawai, $250.00pw, Phone 09 439 2577.

WOOD SPLITTER for hire, powerful and best in the west! Phone 09 439 6330.

Public Notices SOUTHERN UNDER 18 training, Tuesday/Thursdays, 6pm onwards. Max McCahon Coach.




14 15



© Lovatts Crosswords –

Across 1. Immovable (5) 4. Comprehensible (5) 7. Cuban bass drum (5) 8. Surfaced (5) 9. Veers (5) 12. Flexes (5) 14. Biblical deadly sin (5) 15. Meld (5) 16. Antechamber (5) 17. Ledger item (5) Down 1. Mine access (5) 2. Hesitance (11) 3. Breeds (5) 4. Memorise (5) 5. Cargo (11) 6. Male bee (5) 10. Parody (5) 11. Madagascan primate (5) 12. Tolerated (5) 13. Peruse (5)



Across 1. Stuck 4. Lucid 7. Conga 8. Risen 9. Turns 12. Bends 14. Pride 15. Merge 16. Foyer 17. Entry Down 1. Shaft 2. Uncertainty 3. Kinds 4. Learn 5. Consignment 6. Drone 10. Spoof 11. Lemur 12. Borne 13. Study

½ PRICE Beds — Factory Outlet Store, Ruawai. Clearance lines, seconds, deleted models. Dozens of beds at ½ price or less. 22 Freyberg Road, Ruawai. Phone 09 439 2243. Open Monday — Friday 8am — 4pm.

Situations Vacant


FEBRUARY 22 - 2012


Vicon CM2400 6 disc mower. Krone AMT5000CV, 5m folding trailed mower conditioner. Vicon 632T mower conditioner. UFO Hydraulic lift mowers. Hay rakes, good selection. Tortella E6 3.5m powernarrow with packer roller. Celli K305 120” rotaryhoe. Walco 12.75, PTO, 3 pt fert spreader. Mulchers All used stock reduced to clear. Berti Eco-Forestry, 1.8m heavy duty scrub mulcher. Nobili BNU230 Y flail mulcher. Tortella TP15-250, 2.5m Y flail mulcher. John Deere 550 round baler. New Holland 376 conventional hay baler. Hustler CH8000, trailed multiple bale/silage feeder. Duncan Sidewinder, round bale feeder. Feeder Leader feedlot bale feeder. Bucktons SD83, tandem axle, side feed silage wagon. Giltrap MSX100, tandem axle, side feed silage wagon. Webco CF800 T/A, side feed silage wagon Trioliet 15m³ mixer wagon, side elevator, load scales. Sam 10m³ tandem axle, side feed silage wagon. Duncan 734 triple disc seed drill, 19 row, twin box end tow kit. Aitchison 1414 grass farmer seed drill with discs. Aitchison Moore triple disc trailed seed drill with press wheels. Connorshae 18 row trailing and 3pt linkage seed drills.

DAL-BO AXR-E300 trailed, tandem 26” discs, transport wheels, hydraulic transport wheels and T ring roller. Kinghitter hydraulic post driver. Cub 8T T/A trailer, steel deck, hyd trip. Abbey 9000Ltr slurry tanker, brakes, autofill. Tortella RPT6-320 3.0m spike rotor hoe with Aitchison seedbox and packer roller. Buckton 6t trailed fert spreader. Sam 4T tandem axle fert spreader. Case CX80 Cab, 4WD, loader, 3500h. Case CX70 ROPS, 4WD, pearson loader. Case MX90C, 4WD, pearsons H/D Loader, 5300h. Claas 696RZ cab, 145hp, hyd shuttle and 4 speed power shift. Iseki 6500, 4wd, rops, loader, 65hp. John Deere 2130, Loader, 2WD, 75hp, tidy. John Deere 6300 cab, 4wd, loader, 90hp. John Deere 8400, 250hp, 7920h, near new tyres, dual wheels. Massey Ferguson 5465 DYNA4 4wd cab, stoll loader. 460h, be quick. Massey Ferguson MF3075 CAB, 4WD, pearson loader. CAT 304.5 Digger, Cab, 4.5T, Blade, Swing Boom. Kobelco SK70 digger, blade, cab, hyd tilt hitch, thumb. Kobelco SK100-3 Digger, 5330h, 2 buckets, tidy. Sumitomo SH100-2, ROPS frame, thumb, piped, quick hitch, rock bucket. Yanmar Vi050 ST digger, cab, blade, piped. Komatsu D20PG bulldozer, 6 way blade, |tidy. Sakai SW700 and SW25 road rollers.

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$33,000 + gST


Or finance from just $587 per month*



No Deposit 2 yr Interest free finance*

10% OFF ALL BLADES* *Conditions apply, all prices GST exclusive, valid till 31/3/12.

Full parts and service backup For all Farm machinery

Northland Machinery

Dargaville 104 Jervois Street, Phone 09 439 3333 Jonathan Cashmore A/h 09 438 8555, Arne Stewart A/h 09 431 8296 WellsforD 20 Port Albert Road, State Highway 16, Phone 09 423 7736 Grant Walton A/h 09 423 8356, Ken Marchant A/h 09 423 8950

Dargaville 0800 699 688 • Wellsford 0800 555 005

Car of the week

2008 Hyundai Getz 1.4 Auto 1 NZ Owner, 4 out of 5 fuel rating: 7L per 100km, 2 available Blue & Silver


Neil 021 217 7317

Marcel Junior 021 504 487

2008 Honda Accord V6 L Sedan 3471cc, 5 Speed Auto, Leather Trim


2000 Ford Mustang GT Only $5,000 dep $19,990 Convertible, 4600cc, Automatic

2008 Toyota Aurion 3.5P AT-X 6A Sedan, 3456cc, 6 Speed Auto


1966 Chevrolet Impala Sedan, 4600cc, Automatic, Pillarless


2006 Toyota Hilux D/C 4X4 W/S Ute, 2982cc, Manual


2008 Ford Roadster 27T Hot Rod, 5700cc, Automatic


2006 Toyota Hilux D/C 4x4 5M Ute, 2982cc, Manual


2003 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide 100th Anniversary. Strictly limited edition.


2008 Hyundai Accent 1.5 Diesel. Red, Ex fleet. Exceptional condition.


2004 Toyota Hilux D/C 4x4 5M Ute, 2986cc, Manual


2008 Hyundai Accent 1.5 Diesel. Blue. Ex fleet. Exceptional condition.


2003 Honda Odyssey Coach Leather Trim Van, 2253cc, Automatic


NEW 2010 Holden SS AGM Facelift model

$Price–in process

2005 Daihatsu Delta Serious Offers Considered Tipper, 2800cc, Manual 2007 Ford Escape XLT V6 Sport

$Price–in process

Marcel Motors LTD

142 Victoria Street, Dargaville Phone 09 439 7399


2006 Nissan Navara 4x4 D/Cab Wellside Ute, 2953cc, 5 Speed Manual


2005 Holden Commodore SV8 VZ Ute, 5700cc, Automatic


1998 Nissan Camper Expressions of interest over $60,000 Motorhome 7 - 7.9 Metres, Diesel, 121,383 kms

“Don’t see your dream car here? Call us today & tell us what you’d like!


Kaipara Lifestyler, February 22 2012  

Kaipara's regional community newspaper. 10,000 copies delivered FREE throughout the Kaipara: Dargaville, Ruawai, Paparoa, Matakohe, Maungatu...