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October 2012

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chain’ over farm purchase

by Hugh de Lacy

It may have been five years since it sold its dairy farm for $7.7 million, but the Rangiora High School Board of Trustees says it’s not dragging the chain on buying a replacement for its agricultural curriculum And in the meantime the buying power of the capital is not being eroded by the $1000-a-day in interest being spent on school operations and maintenance, board chairman Warren Newbury told Canterbury Farming.

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A journey back through history

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He was responding to the fears expressed by a former boarder at the school’s agricultural training hostel that the board was deliberately under-bidding on replacement properties just to keep the interest revenue flowing into its operational coffers. Noel Miles of Nga Pari farm on Mt Thomas Road on the southern bank of the Ashley River, where his family has farmed for 114 years, fears the board is ignoring the caveat placed on the dairy farm when the school acquired it in 1930. The caveat, imposed by the farm trustees at the time, required that in the event of the land ever being sold, the capital would be reinvested in another farm to maintain the school’s long tradition of being

the centre of secondary-level agricultural learning for the South Island and the Chatham Islands. Rangiora’s 15-hectare dairy farm on Kippenberger Avenue was sold in 2007 following a change in its zoning from rural to urban, and has become a part of the town which is expanding rapidly in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes. Since then the board of trustees has bid on several replacement properties, but Miles told Canterbury Farming the bids never came near the properties’ market values. He cited the case of a 200ha property 15km west of Rangiora on the main road to Oxford that sold for $4.5m last year, against a bid from the school that was a million dollars lower. The farm, called Randlea, contained a piggery, granary and woolshed which have since been demolished, and the land has been cut up into 4ha lifestyle blocks. “That would have been an absolutely ideal training farm

for the school but I suspect the board deliberately bid low so it wouldn’t jeopardise the income the school’s getting from the interest, and in the meantime the value of the capital is steadily eroding,” Miles said. Another farm the board had looked at was Waikene Station on the Inland Road south of Kaikoura, but Miles said that was too far from the school, was mostly bush-covered, had no capacity for arable or intensive livestock farming, and is “good only for pest control and hunting.” Even to consider such a block of land as a replacement for the dairy farm “seems to reflect the urban belief that former Prime Minister David Lange once expressed, that agriculture in New Zealand is a sunset industry,” Miles said.

and most of the $2 million collected in interest so far had been added to the capital. The replacement farm fund was now up around the $10 million mark. “We’ve put in place protocols to protect the CPI (Consumer Price Index) value of the capital, because we’re not fools by any stretch of the imagination,” Newbury said. “We are well aware of the potential to erode capital if it isn’t managed well, so the priority is that the capital value is maintained.

Registered Master Builders

Newbury said the board fully appreciated Rangiora High’s “special character” as a centre of agricultural learning and “the hugely advantageous position” it conferred, compared to other high schools.

“Interest over and above that is being used to provide facilities and things for the school over and above what the normal operating budget would provide.” The board had bid unsuccessfully on four farms so far, and negotiations over a fifth are presently at a delicate stage.

Other parcels of land were added over the next couple of decades, and in 1930 the total farm area reached 45ha.

“That idea’s been blown out of the water by agriculture’s performance since the international financial crisis, but it’s taking so long for the school to buy a replacement farm that it looks as though the board of trustees still thinks like Lange. “Without a training farm such as the one Rangiora High School is supposed to have, where are young people going to learn their farming skills?” But board chairman Newbury said the failure so far to replace the dairy farm was not because the school was spending the interest on operations and maintenance,

‘Two Generations, One Focus’

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“We have to satisfy educational needs, and satisfy the Ministry of Education of those needs.”

Rangiora High School introduced agricultural training in 1910 after it leased a halfacre next to the school for 25 shillings ($2.50) a year, and the local community subscribed £80 ($160) to purchase equipment.

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October 2012

QEII Trust celebrates 35 years conservation on private land

by Kate Wilkinson

This month’s column is dedicated to hundreds of special New Zealanders that have worked for 35 years to protect special conservation areas and biodiversity on their own private land That could be no other group than the QEII National Trust which was founded in 1977 to “encourage and promote, for the benefit of New Zealand, the provision,

protection preservation and enhancement of open space.” So I was delighted to read in their recent Annual Report that in the year of the Queen’s 60th Jubilee

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this independent statutory organisation is celebrating 35 years in New Zealand. As Conservation Minister I believe protecting our conservation areas is the responsibility of every New Zealander. The QEII Trust does a great job working alongside the Department of Conservation and land owners to identify and protect special features on their land. This is usually with open space covenants — each covenant is unique. Covenanting is voluntary but once in place binds the property owner and their successors on title, and acts as a trustee to ensure the covenant is protected for future generations. As at 30 June 2012 there were 3,659 registered QEII covenants on private land covering 99,782.67 hectares. An impressive 149 covenants covering 3436 hectares were registered this year alone, and an additional 155 covenants covering 8475 hectares were approved for registration.

But this is not just the land being protected. There were 47 new approvals that will protect values associated with New Zealand’s waterways and wetlands. Threatened species are also included on these sections of land and include the habitats of the New Zealand dotterel, long finned eel, little blue penguin, Hochstetter’s frog, king fern, native mistletoe, rare hebes and Hector’s tree daisy. The Trust has clear set a series of four priorities. Three of these are to protect our indigenous vegetation on our land, to protect indigenous vegetation that was already considered “originally rare” before man made changes intervened, and the habitats of acutely and chronically threatened indigenous species. The fourth priority is the protection of our sand dunes and wetlands; ecosystems that have become uncommon due to human activity.

Kate Wilkinson, Minister for Conservation

The QEII Trust have a great example of this priority working in the recently registered Kit Pawsey wetland covenant in Canterbury. The area

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is dominated by swamp flax, cabbage trees, sedges, raupo and rushes. A team of botanists lead by QEII regional representative Miles Giller identified hundreds more species in the wetland. The Trust focussed on the wetland as they are aware that the land management in the 1970s and 80s caused their drainage, putting the areas plants at risk of further depletion. The Kit Pawsey wetland is also significant as only 5 per cent of Canterbury’s wetlands remain. QEII covenants are fantastic because they demonstrate farmers actively involved in biodiversity protection on their own land and doing so voluntarily — another great mix of agriculture and conservation working together.

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October 2012


From the Minister

David Carter, Minister for Primary Industries A new school opened its doors in New Zealand this month — not just any school, but the cooking school with the famous French name and long English connection, Le Cordon Bleu International. It’s great news for our hospitality industry that the school which first opened in Paris in 1895 has chosen Wellington for a new home, and will eventually be training up to 300 budding international chefs. What I was particularly pleased to hear was the comment made by the president of Le Cordon Bleu International, Andre Cointreau that New Zealand’s strong reputation for food and wine made it “a perfect fit’ for the culinary institute. He went on to say, “It’s a rather unique country. Where is another country who has so much agriculture, food and wine?” This is a great vote of confidence for New Zealand producers. The people and businesses that make up our primary industries, from producers through to processors and exporters, are among the best the world. Even in the face of a tough global economy and high exchange rates, the outlook is good, with emerging markets for our products continuing to grow.

need to increase production and increase the value of what we produce. We need to be even more innovative, build on our strengths and continue to earn our reputation for safe, high-quality and sustainably-produced food. After all, this is the drawcard that’s attracted Le Cordon Bleu International to our shores. As Government, we are committed to working with the primary sector to lift our export earnings through more value-added products, developed through market-leading research programmes. To get higher economic growth and greater prosperity, New Zealand as a whole has to keep investing more in innovation — it’s as simple as that. This is why I’m such a staunch champion of the Primary Growth Partnership which has now pledged around $600 million towards cutting-edge primary sector research and innovation. This is the most ambitious R&D programme of its type ever seen in New Zealand, and I’m very proud of the commitment shown by industry to work with the Government to lift primary production to a new level.

There is a wealth of opportunity for New Zealand’s farmers and growers. We are rich in natural resources and we sit on the doorstep of the world’s fastest growing region.

In three years, PGP has been an outstanding success — attracting proposals across a broad spectrum, from dairy, red meat and wool to seafood, manuka honey and forestry. And I know there are plenty more ideas in the pipeline.

Growing our economy depends on the primary sector. After all, the agri-food sector accounts for more than $24 billion of exports, about two-thirds of our total merchandise export earnings. But to succeed further, we

As I have said many times, every New Zealander stands to benefit from innovative investment in the primary sector because our food, fishing, fibre and forestry industries are the key to our future prosperity.

Service and customer focus alive and well In this modern age of website shopping, young people behind shop counters who are obviously more interested in their iPhones than you and the word ‘assistant’ being totally a figure of speech rather than a reality, it is nice to be able to share some very good news with you Being slightly more than three score years, and valuing the finer points in life such as a dram or two and the comfort of a Jaguar when driving, I naturally gravitate to the traditional and well founded shopping spots. While ‘those national chain shops in the Malls’ are discounting their clothing that all looks the same, I still prefer to go to Ballantynes where I am recognised, appreciated and get superb service. I recently wanted to buy a pair of dress boots, but they didn’t have my size so they were ordered. When they arrived but were misplaced for a few moments you’d have thought I was royalty, and that’s how they made me feel. Total service and whatever happened — I was never to be inconvenienced. I have since skimmed a few adverts and the myth that Ballantynes is expensive evaporates as fast as the warm glow of buying two garments for the price of one made in China. [if you get my drift] The other lovely thing about feeling part of the store you shop in is that you actually feel part of it.

Try calling on Colin Johnson at his grocery container in the re-start and you’ll get just that feeling as well. So the other established business that is fighting myths about prices happens to be the franchise holder for Jaguar cars. Because I believe in health insurance for myself, I also take it out for my cars, so any repairs are kept to the level of the excess the warranty people charge. I needed a new electronic key for the car, so I head off to Archibalds and again the warm glow from the feeling that I was the only person important to the team. Total old fashioned respect, service and nothing is a problem. The waiting room offering leather chairs and real coffee, and staff chatting to me as though they has always known me. Very pleasing stuff. Then when the car was returned and the very reasonable fee paid, I note that the car had been washed, vacuumed and the tyres blackened at no cost. Thank God for old fashioned service from well established Canterbury companies, and yes these comments are totally unsolicited.


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October 2012

O’Connor Comments With Damien O’Connor, Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture

Equal education essential

Education has featured in the news lately, particularly in Canterbury. The National Government Ministers seem determined to restructure the schools around Christchurch regardless of their damage or location. Some change is inevitable but drivers of that change need to be well understood and accepted by the community. After all, the Government expects the community to administer the schools and supply the shortfalls in needed funds Rural schools have been left in limbo when shifting population movements from the city are still unclear. Overall the process has been rushed and flawed resulting in very frustrated communities at a time

when cohesion and pathways to a better future are essential in Christchurch. The wider Canterbury communities are just as reliant on vibrant well-resourced schools for their children and

their future as the city. What we have seen over recent years is a squeeze on resources for schools when our economy and society expect higher and higher levels of communication and knowledge. Technology has


helped, but erratic broadband delivery outside the major cities leaves many rural kids at a disadvantage. Combine this with homes that don’t have broadband access and parents who now can’t get access to local Adult Community Education opportunities, and the widening disparity between rural and urban continues.

Recent reports into agriculture have highlighted the need to attract the best and brightest young Kiwis into the sector so we can continue to innovate and grow. But increasing concern that rural schools can’t deliver the scope and range of subjects students want and need means too many parents are reluctant to stay in our rural communities. This exodus has led to an increasing reliance on migrant labour to fill many jobs in our farming sectors. That in turn is leading to increased pressure on rural schools to provide English as a Second Language (ESOL) teaching to students and more complex support networks for a now multicultural rural community. I welcome the diversity but have been asked how to provide the extra resources needed for rural schools.

It is the Government’s role to provide good quality education to our children. That is a basic value of our Kiwi culture — a fair opportunity for all. But Government must also recognise the unique and growing challenges of rural schools and fund what is necessary to ensure rural kids get a fair go. The National Government closed down most Adult Community Education courses in rural New Zealand. It is now closing down schools in Canterbury. It says it wants to improve the quality of education for our kids. A national standard for children who don’t have the same access to resources and support will end up being a low standard for rural kids. That is simply not good enough and it is up to the National Government to boost resources for rural schools and rural education. The country needs it.

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October 2012

Just how much more can our soils be pumped up to increase production? Intensive farming methods can only go so far. This in spite of the Government’s wish for ‘growth’ in our export industries which is mostly land based. We have already run into environmental problems, particularly on our lower rainfall light porous soils. And currently hitting the mass media is water pollution.

dairying, particularly in much of the Canterbury Plains, eastern parts of Otago and Southland, issues of the potential land carrying capacity for livestock is starting to arise, with dire effects both environmentally and economically. Many dairy farmers, farming companies

estimated that no dairy or dry stock farmer in tested cases could meet that standard. And only 40 percent could meet the 30kg standard. The basic problem is mitigating these losses. Dairying and fertiliser companies contend that considerably more research was needed to quantify figures, as well as catchments differing in soil types, and a one strike regulatory system just would not work. The one solution is to cut stock numbers. Most properties are under irrigation. The biggest losses occur under border dyke while the most efficient is a light spray system with centre pivot, although there can be transpiration losses in hot windy conditions. But the main factor is the cost of installing irrigation systems and high land prices. Add to that are farming corporates with main emphasis on bottom lines for shareholders

Urbanites are on a rolling maul, blaming landowners for stuffing up our rivers. Water quality has definitely deteriorated. It must all boil down to just how much volume per hectare average soils will produce, animal or vegetable. Currently lining up in our southern provinces, principally within the eastern sea board, are local regional councils attempting to dictate to landowners on exactly how much nutrient leaching, and runoff of nitrates in particular, will be regulated in an attempt to enhance water quality. The battle lines are drawn. Farmers against the regional regulators, backed by the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management and the Resource Management Act. With the huge areas of convertions to intensive

scientific research has been implemented towards crop growth, animal health and increased production of wool, meat and milk products. Soil scientists, independent of fertiliser companies, should (hopefully) monitor soil health and advise on the limits of production. Although well aware of being labelled something of an agricultural Luddite, I hark back to Lincoln College in the late 1950s. I think it was either Dr ‘Sharky’ Iveson or Prof Walker who opined that the best all-purpose organic fertiliser was ‘FYM’ (acronym for farm yard manure). In other words whatever could be recovered from dairy sheds, under woolsheds, or just harrowed directly on the pasture after a round of heavy stocking of dairy and beef cattle. Then there was Dr Hec Orchidson, a highly qualified soil scientist, who I hazily recall lecturing us diploma students that soils without worms and associated bug life would be dead. And he was dead right after viewing some spent land after over

application of chemical sprays combined with droughts in parts of the US, Africa and Australia. Which brings us back to current problems with intensive (mostly) dairying. How to recover and recycle defecated nitrogen to good effect instead of polluting watertables, streams and rivers. Nitrogen is most necessary for many forms of plant growth which currently is included in fertiliser mixes with phosphates and other minerals and trace elements. Not too long ago I read of some Canterbury farmers using rock


phosphate in larger particles that slowed down leaching to the extent one application would last a number of years. And another group had some success with plain crushed rock which released a variety of elements in the soil to aid fertility. As one old-timer used to say: ‘There are more ways of killing a cat than by smothering it in butter’. In other words some innovative thinking beyond the square, and using the resources at hand, can kill two cats with one stone, save money and enhance water quality.

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and corporates say it would not be feasible to carry on if the Overseer version 6 proposed plan change to 6A, currently under scrutiny during a series of water plan hearings in Otago, is implemented by the regional council. To put it simply it’s to do with allowable nutrient runoff and leaching of nitrates into waterways, limiting nitrates to 20kg per hectare. Various experts and the odd independent scientist have

rather than the capabilities of the land. Ever heavier annual inorganic feritilser dressings can add costs as soil fertility declines. Although fertility can be built up, many light soils have a finite limit. It’s to do with the biomass, the bugs, bacteria, enzymes, base elements and trace elements that provide for vegetative growth. The old-time family farmer knew this and avoided taxing the land, over cropping and over stocking. Much

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October 2012

WINZ — Asset testing Some years ago the Government of the day raised the asset threshold for eligibility for a subsidy for rest home care. Prior to that change anyone applying for a government rest home subsidy had to finance themselves until their assets were reduced to $15,000.00 plus a pre-paid funeral. Small monetary gifts over the previous three years were allowed. The threshold was raised considerably and it was intended by the government at the time that it would increase by $10,000.00 per annum. Inevitably when a change to government occurs there will be some changes to the rules for financial assistance by government. Instead of increasing by $10,000.00 annually the increase is now set in accordance with increases in the CPI so that a single person, or married

couple (combined and both in care) can have assets up to the value of $213,297.00 plus a pre-paid funeral of up to $10,000.00. Monetary gifts of up to $6,000.00 made in the five years prior to application for a subsidy can be excluded from the financial means assessment. WINZ is now adopting a much more robust attitude to the means assessments and it has discarded the former policy of not worrying too much about arrangements entered into more than five years before application for a subsidy although it always had the power to make whatever enquiries it saw fit. It now scrutinises all applicant’s property dealings at any time and if it believes that an applicant has divested him/ herself of property to ensure that it is not counted as the applicant’s assets, WINZ may

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deem the assets, which have been divested, as the applicant’s property. The Social Security Appeal Authority has recommended that WINZ assessments look at other property related activities to ascertain whether an applicant has divested him/ herself of assets. Recently a man applied for a rest home subsidy and it was discovered that he had gifted assets to his family trust and had built up the value of those assets by his own efforts. The decision made it clear that the Appeal authority was of the view that appreciation of assets in a family trust could, in some circumstances, be taken into account in a means test. There are numerous similar decisions which should be a timely warning to everyone to take extreme care when entering into estate planning schemes. I have been told by a WINZ staff member if the only asset of the trust is the family home WINZ would be unlikely to embark on a major enquiry although WINZ would require evidence of the transactions and gifting programme. WINZ will have a good look at all property transactions where other valuable assets have been transferred to the trust. It is always difficult to predict the future and estate planning arrangements need to be carefully considered as it is apparent that it will be more difficult to get a rest home subsidy in the future. This article has been prepared by Bessie Paterson, a Partner with Ronald Angland & Son, Solicitors, who may be contacted on Tel: 03 349 4708 or e-mail

Money Talk

W ith Andrew W yllie

We are definitely on the downhill to Christmas now, with daylight saving and generally warmer temperatures a sign of summer to come There are plenty of lambs running around the paddocks with favourable spring conditions a real bonus. This may offset, to a degree, lower market prices for lamb. On the investment front, the biggest question we have from investors at the moment is just what to do with cash available for investment. We have seen a good number of clients who have recently realised large sums from the sale of a farm or from EQC payouts, plus those already with cash to invest. Many investors are frustrated at the continuation of a low interest rate environment with an outlook for more of the same. All are looking ultimately to protect their capital and generate a reasonable return, which exceeds current cash rates. So what are the options? First and foremost we are advising clients to consider their preferred asset allocation, before we recommend any specific investment options. Asset allocation is the term used to describe the spread of an investor’s capital across the main investment classes. It will have a material influence on the return an investor receives and the risk taken to achieve that return. Asset allocations can range from “defensive”, with large fixed interest weightings, right through to “growth” portfolios, with a large weighting to equities.

At the end of the day it comes down to an investor’s appetite for investment risk, investment timeframe, income requirements and any future capital needs. Completion of an investor “risk profile” will help determine what type of investment strategy is most likely to be suitable. It may now be appropriate for many people who have historically been rolling-over term deposits or debentures, to revisit their current asset allocation and consider making decisions with a longer timeframe in mind. While maintaining cash deposits is an easy, low-risk solution, the nominal returns received need to be adjusted to take into account both tax and inflation. Once an investor’s preferred asset allocation has been determined, the most appropriate specific individual securities can be researched and recommended. It may well mean that an investor who previously had a cash bias could ultimately be better served by owning a mix of

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short term deposits, quality liquid corporate bonds and a portion in quality income earning shares. In the last few months we have seen a solid increase in demand for existing quality bond issues, New Zealand Listed Property Trusts and New Zealand listed shares. Many local shares offer very good yields and this has been reflected in the year to date returns of NZX shares.

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A new bond issue is coming to the market from Infratil. In summary, a listed six year term with 6.85% coupon payable quarterly. If you would like further details about new issues or to confidentially discuss your investment requirements please give me a call. Andrew Wyllie is an Authorised Financial Adviser with Forsyth Barr in Christchurch. To contact him about Portfolio Management, fixed interest or share investments e-mail andrew. or phone 0800 367 227. This column is general in nature and should not be regarded as personalised investment advice. Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge. Forsyth Barr Limited has been appointed as the Organising Participant and a Joint Lead Manager to the Infratil bond offer and will receive fees in relation to those roles. For information about Infratil or a more detailed explanation of the offer, please see the Simplified Disclosure Prospectus (SDP). A copy of the SDP and more about Forsyth Barr can be found at

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Farming leader fears for future

by Paul Campbell

Chairman of Farmers New Zealand, Ian Walker, is concerned that the negative flak against farmers and agriculture is pushing ‘generation y’ into ‘cooler’ industries

“It’s what they call ‘the Peter Jackson effect’ — the politicians are very good at promoting it and movies are a cool thing to do, so we have piles and piles of students doing media studies, with no chance of a job, and with all the negative commentary around agriculture, we have less and less students signing up to do agricultural science degrees.” When Ian studied agricultural science in the 1970s he says that the industry was thriving and farmers were perceived as ‘hard working good blokes’ and he believes the perception has changed in 2012 to ‘environmental monsters’. “When the majority of people think about farmers they think about effluent going into the waterways and animal health and that’s what goes on the television. ‘Generation y’ likes to be liked. They like to be contributing to society in a constructive and positive way and if the dairy industry is akin to cigarette manufacture — why would they go there?”

Personalised investment advice

FBCH1139 - © Forsyth Barr Limited June 2011

Ian Walker, Chairman of Farmers New Zealand

to farming for the industry to continue, grow and prosper and attract newcomers. “While you have that populist thinking that farming is always going to be bad for the environment people aren’t going to want to go into the industry. I actually think that we’re being given a bad rap — we’re being blamed for past misdeeds because we didn’t know they were misdeeds such as clearing kauri forests in the nineteenth century.” “You actually don’t have to farm in conflict with the environment but in order to do that your efforts have to be recognised by the government and society. Sure there are some environmental vandals out there, but 98 percent of farmers in the industry want to sustainably manage their farm.”

Forsyth Barr’s portfolio management services ensure you receive personalised, confidential, investment advice backed up by quality research from our highly regarded research team. To find out more, call Forsyth Barr Investment Advisor Andrew Wyllie on 03 365 4244 or 0800 367 227, or email him at Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.

He believes that there needs to be a serious attitude change

October 2012


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October 2012

Good time to

buy a horse

by Rob Cope Williams

Racing and breeding horses is a passion for many people, but sadly for every success story there’s a raft of horses that didn’t make it ENSURE YOU ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY COMPLIANT





However according to my mate Bob McArdle there has been no better time to get into ownership of a good one. Bob who has been breeding and producing top race horses for longer than most can remember is now running his own stud just out of Christchurch. Known as Bromac Stud he has left behind doing the numbers game and is now breeding a selected few, and doing it very successfully. His view on the industry at present is very simple; there are very few being produced either here or in Australia, so those that are left are the best available

Bob McArdle

WIDTH UP TO 5 M LENGTH FROM 8–16 M Concrete Water/Feed Troughs • Septic Tanks • Silage Pits • Water Tanks / Effluent Tanks • Concrete Bunkers • Pump / Agri-Chemical / Killing Sheds For any quotes or enquiries contact us on 03 308 4816 or call into the yard at 205 Wilkins Rd, Tinwald Ashburton. email:




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October 2012 simply because the average ones have been culled and therefore lost to the industry. Even if the numbers do climb again, it will take a long time for that to make a difference, so strike now and buy horses with the best chance of buying a winner and therefore a money earner. Syndicates seem to be a very good way of getting involved and of course that means you can share the action, the excitement and the pride in owning a

horse without the capital outlay being greater than your mortgage. It also means that training fees become something that can be managed out of cash flow rather than becoming an issue brought up when the visa bills come in — if you get my drift. Bob has a great looking herd of youngsters he will be selling at the yearling sales this year, and I know he’d be very happy to talk to you about what to look for when you want to become part of the industry.

His view on the “ industry at present is very simple; there are very few being produced either here or in Australia, so those that are left are the best available simply because the average ones have been culled and therefore lost to the industry

The main points he will talk about are breeding, temperament and a willingness to give everything. After years seeing it and producing it in his horses it has become an instinct in him, but he will certainly take time to point out the finer points if you are serious about learning. As with most things in farming, timing is vital, and if Bob McArdle says the timing is right now, it will be. It is the most natural thing for him to have coined the phrase ‘Passion, Pedigree and Performance’ to sum up his philosophy of Bromac Stud.

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October 2012

Two Generations, One Focus. by Rob Cope Williams

Gear the way you’d design it.

Dog Training Products

KEEP YOUR WORKING DOGS ON THE JOB Up to 6 rechargeable waterproof collar units and remote units.

NEW MODELS • Model SD-1825 – 1.6kms range (1 mile). • Model SD-800 – 800metre range. • Tone and Vibration options. • 24 levels of correction. • 3 year warranty.

Several years ago Adrienne Malcolm took over the apple orchard that her husband had set up and started to build a fruitful business She expanded the operation by buying more land, which wasn’t easy when you consider that the orchard is nestled

Typically Adrienne turned what had been a hobby block



into a profitable operation that self-funded its own expansion. Cool stores and packing sheds vital tools for the one person operation, but then her son Andrew arrived after finishing his university studies.

Watching the pair working together you can only marvel at the way they co-operate and function. There are many family operations that would envy their ability to work in harmony.

More land was bought and more trees planted to make the operation a two person, or in fact, a two family one.

With the advent of more production came the need for more automation, and Andrew’s eyes light up as he describes the machinery he uses for quality control and grading.

Andrew’s focus was instantly on the commercial front and while his Mother concentrated on the growing aspects, he moved into the marketing and processing aspects.

Apples are brought out of the cool store and ‘floated’ out of their bins, washed, lightly scrubbed, a touch of oil added to give them a shine, and then they travel onwards to the grader.

The Constant Angle Knife Sharpening System

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within the city boundaries.

Mother and Son team Adrirenne and Andrew Malcom focus on the growing and commercial aspects respectively

6m x 3m 12m x 3m 15m x 5m 16m x 4m 16.5m x 7m or Ph 0274 935 444

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October 2012


Can your body heal?

A successful operation starts with old fashioned growing skills

This is when technology suddenly becomes very relevant. The apples need to be sorted into batches based on size, weight and colour plus juiciness. Andrew has a computer system that does all that without a single human on the grading line. The only staff needed close off the bags of apples after the process has been completed. Mind you the bags are automatically opened and filled to a specific weight set by Andrew on the computer The grading machine literally takes about 20 photos of each apple to assess the colour

Higher production levels have let to the need for more automation

levels, and sorts them into bins depending on the settings Andrew sets for the computer, sizes them into groups and by weighing the fruit can depict the amount of juice within each one.

This is an operation that shows us just how technology and old fashioned growing skills can work extremely well together to make a small operation successful.

Without our in-built healing systems our first health problem may well have been our last! The health issues that we experience are often the result of these repair processes not working properly or at worst even working against healing. When unwell we need to make sure these repair processes are able to work as well as possible. If not you may be consigning yourself to a lifetime of poor health. Every health problem creates its own nutritional requirements. For example, people with inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis have a lower level of vitamin and mineral absorption because their digestive system has been compromised by the disease. This is especially true of some B vitamins, notably B12 and folic acid, vitamin D, calcium and zinc. These can be obtained from a good multi-nutritional supplement. Additionally anti-inflammatory compounds such as those in acai, grape seed and turmeric can be useful if given in the right combinations and doses. As an example of how this works in practice, I have been helping someone with arthritis, muscular pain and low energy. After investigation we found she had long standing arthritis and had developed statin myopathy. This is the muscular weakness and pain from long term use of cholesterol lowering medications. These can also interfere with normal energy metabolism as they restrict co-enzyme Q10 needed for energy conversion within cell mitochondria. We made sure her diet was antiinflammatory then added a broad spectrum multi-nutritional supplement plus a high grade CoQ10 supplement. I have just spoken to her and after only two months she has had a major reduction in muscle and joint pain and has had a significant increase in her energy levels. While her results have been excellent there was nothing particularly difficult about what we did. We just identified the healing processes compromised by disease and medication then added these from both supplements and a good diet. If you are unwell, it maybe your body telling you things are not well. If things are not what you would want them to be it may pay to review what you are doing and then to implement measures to re-build your healing processes. Give me a call if you need help. John Arts is the founder of Abundant Health Ltd. If you have questions or want a free health plan contact John on 0800 423559 or email john@johnarts. You can join his weekly email newsletter at or visit

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October 2012

NorthSouth Multi Media Ltd Privately Owned and Operated

Irrigation Issues Dr Tony Daveron

How will you farm with irrigation in the future? Delivered FREE 10,000 every week Delivered FREE 33,400 every month Delivered FREE 30,000 every month Delivered FREE 22,300 every month

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p 09 439 6933 e PO Box 474, Dargaville 0340

The time has passed and all good things must come to an end — so the saying goes. What we do know is that irrigated farming, if not all farming will be very different by 2017, just five years from now. Do you know why and will you be prepared? The crystal ball gazings last month regarding the onset of irrigation and groundwater availability were pretty good By the time you read this article the time will have passed. What time you might ask? It is the time to make a submission to the Draft Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP). This plan will supersede parts of the NRRP that was battled over for many years and that has not long been operative. The Land and Water Plan has also been developed to reflect the objectives and directions of the Canterbury

Water Management Strategy (CWMS). So here is hoping that: a) You know about the LWRP; b) You attended at least one of the forums/ workshops/road shows run by ECan staff; c) You have become informed about what is in the plan; d) You have considered

and formed an opinion regarding how the policies and rules will affect your farming operation; e) You have discussed how different policies and rules in the notified plan could affect how you farm with your sector group, irrigation user group, irrigation scheme or at least across the


Reduce the risk of electrocution and electrical fires on the farm. Contact Orion to arrange free onsite advice. 0800 363 9898


October 2012

fence or bar with your neighbours; f) You have supported the submission of one of the primary sector parties like FAR, Dairy NZ, INZ, Fed Farmers and the like; and/or g) You made your own submission. If none of the above I strongly suggest you do have a read and see what is in store — go to the ECan site and download a version. While the submissions made by various parties will soon be public and you have the opportunity to look them over, I don’t think there exists the opportunity

or mechanism to give support to submissions that

Farmers, FAR etc. At the very least you should still talk to them.

save “Remember, your seasonal

Let’s move from one depressing subject to another — the irrigation season is here. As I wrote last month, the global climate measurements suggested an El Nino phase — and so it has remained. While the Southern Oscillation Index has remained negative (indicative of El Nino) it has weakened with the last update in early September sitting at -5.

volume — there may be a more valuable time to use it than have it drain out the bottom of the root zone

have been made by various parties — for example, Fed

Spring is typically a time of windy weather although the west to south-west predominance of wind is sort of typical of El Nino.

further depressing aspect to all this; the rule of thumb that ‘irrigation isn’t needed till the Leeston Show’ is this year just a myth.

plains area. So it would be — it would take six to eight weeks for deeper aquifers to respond to the early August rainfall.

Last month I speculated or crystal ball gazed that there would be plenty of groundwater available this season and likely be a greater rise in groundwater levels in deeper aquifers when the bores were measured again in September. Actually it is not really crystal ball stuff — we just know it takes time for the excess rainfall to reach the depth of bores like M36/1926 in the mid

And so it was. In the month following the measurement on August 13 water level rose 3.25m and is likely to keep rising for a while yet. The water level is now well above that required to ensure reliability for users, the environment and those with adaptive management consents. All good it seems then for the irrigation season. All we need now is a little shower of rain to help out.

If you are on better soils, pastures will need to have been irrigated by the time this is read. Be cautious with irrigation though — crop water use is only about 2mm/day. While water use is relatively low, it is the insidious accumulation over much of September (with no significant rainfall) that has resulted in moisture limiting deficits. It is not too difficult to multiply two by seven and get 14. Therefore, 15mm/week or one round of a pivot per week or an 11 hour run with a Roto-rainer will do the trick. Remember, save your seasonal volume — there may be a more valuable time to use it than have it drain out the bottom of the root zone. There is one



… for water when and where you want it!


This weather pattern, the longer days associated with post equinox days and soil temperatures finally reaching 10°C by 9am (or 10am with daylight saving) has required a start to the irrigation season. As usual, it is the early grass seed crops, kale and rape crops, and pastures on light soils (those with stones in the root zone) where a start has been required. As well anyone with a long rotation (10-14 days) on the lighter soils should have started, probably into their second round by the time this is read.

Domestic Irrigation Environmental & Investigation Drilling Pump Sales & Service Over 25 years Drilling Experience Water Testing

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34 High Street, Geraldine PHONE (03) 693341403 High St, Geraldine Ph: 03 693 1403 Wayne 027 221 1467 Email:


October 2012


The award-winning Clean Green Effluent System The Clean Green Effluent System, designed and produced in Southland by Lindsay Lewis, could be the future of dairy effluent disposal Featuring a small patented concrete-lined, double weeping wall, followed by 33,000 litre tanks, this system eliminates the risk of pond leakage and tendency of large storage ponds to smell, as well as increasing the life span of the pond. Clean Green Effluent Company owner Lindsay Lewis said the system has a green water storage facility which significantly reduces the amount of water used by recycling green water for yard cleaning.

”A patented valve controls

the amount of effluent going to K-Line applicators

A super low application of a quarter of a millimetre depth allows effluent to be absorbed by pasture, reducing run-off risk or effluent passing through the root base. It was the low application rate that drew the support of Southland dairy farm owner Gary Swney. He found the cost of installing the system was significantly less than a large storage pond. Super low application rates ensured all nutrients would stay in the root base and be utilised. Pasture could then absorb nutrients from the balanced fresh aerobic effluent more effectively. A patented valve controls the amount of effluent going to K-Line applicators. Mark Hamill installed the system on his Southland dairy farm four seasons ago and found his water usage has reduced to more than half the water take Environment Southland had allocated to his property. The Clean Green Effluent System has been recognised with numerous awards.

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October 2012

Forecast — Canterbury Rainfall

Airflow in September was mostly westerly or northwesterly for the month, with the first half seeing regular periods of northwesterly airflow drying out the region, but the second half seeing southeasterly changes bring some rainfalls as anticyclones disrupted the westerly flow. Up to mid-October low pressure systems have been more dominant over and near New Zealand (as predicted in last month’s outlook) resulting in plenty of rainfall and many cold southerly outbreaks for Canterbury September was a typical spring month for Canterbury with no major deviations from the long term climate normals. RaInfall across the eastern Plains was either near normal or up to 35% below normal, but totals across the western plains and hill country were near normal. Temperatures were also either near normal or up to +0.5deg warmer than normal. Sunshine hours were up on the long term average, but only by up to 10%. So far in October rainfall is well up with totals already near the monthly average by midmonth, and temperatures -0.5 to -1.0deg colder than usual. Sunshine hours are near normal. Over the last few months we have talked about a developing El Nino in the tropical Pacific which we expected to be short lived and relatively weak. Over the last month equatorial waters have cooled a little, with the fledgling El Nino event decaying and showing little sign of further development. Other atmospheric parameters continue to fail to point to any likely significant El Nino in the next few months, and most computer models now expect neutral ENSO conditions through to the end of the year, and probably through the summer also. We consider there is some possibility the tropical Pacific may move towards La Nina patterns later in the summer. With no clear El Nino signal to affect the climate over the next few months, our broad expectation for the rest of spring and the 12/13 summer season is for near normal conditions overall. However, previous spring/summer seasons with a similar atmospheric background have

tended to show some marked month to month contrasts, with extremes of very dry and very wet months tending to balance each other out over the longer season. We cautiously predict that at least one of the next four to five months may be very dry, and one very wet. Temperatures may oscillate with some cold periods (such as we are seeing mid-October) and some warm spells.





Drier than normal

Near normal

Sunnier than normal

More anticyclones


Drier than normal

Warmer than normal

Sunnier than normal

More anticyclones


Near normal

Near normal

Near normal



Wetter than normal

Cooler than normal

Cloudier than normal

Lows near the North Island

The easiest way to get an accurate weather forecast? Call the only LOCAL Canterbury weatherline…

0900 4CAST Calls cost $1.29 per minute

We can help with custom forecasts for local areas, snow warnings, frost prediction, long term and seasonal forecasts

We expect the rest of October and early November to continue to see low pressure systems moving over or near New Zealand, with higher rainfall and periods of cold temperatures. The period from mid-November through December, and possibly into January may see anticyclones ‘blocking’ to the east of the North Island, bringing a warmer, dry spell to Canterbury. At some point in January we may well see a reversal to more depressions, with increased rain again.


Blue Skies Weather The only weather forecasters located right here in Canterbury

03 314 7318 email:

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October 2012

2-4 November

Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton




Three action packed days | Two exciting Night Shows – selling fast! | Top clinicians including: Julie Goodnight, Brett Parbery, Jen Hamilton, Vicki Wilson, Tina Fagan, Teresa Trull and NZ Horse Help, Sarah Rolston, Mark Chamberlin, Jody Hartstone, Ken Dromgool, Bert Elstob, Joseph Lumsden, Lyn McIntyre and Dunstan Kapiti Vaulting, plus many others! | Late night shopping | 200 retail sites | On-site camping available Special prices on combo day & night tickets (available pre-event only) It’s a full timetable in 11 areas; clinics, demos and seminars over 3 days; and fast-paced entertainment in both night shows! There’ll be exciting performances such as circus-style vaulting, traditional displays, trick riding plus lively musical entertainment. Additionally Friday night hosts an electrifying Equidays Barrel Race; Saturday night an entertainment show, climaxing in Australasia’s finest equestrian talent competing in the breath-taking Equidays 2** Showjumping Grand Prix!

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October 2012

Nutrient limits add to farmer uncertainty in Canterbury By Eric Jacomb, Canterbury FarmWise Consultant

If the proposed Land & Water Regional Plan (LWRP) is accepted, all farms in the Canterbury region must be able to demonstrate, by 2017, that they are meeting industry-good practice in terms of minimising nutrient losses. The Selwyn-Te Waihora sub-regional plan is likely to go a step further by setting individual enterprise nutrient discharge allowances. It is anticipated that similar approaches will be introduced in other catchments over the next five years.

There is a great deal of uncertainty about how these proposals will affect farmers, which is already impacting investment decisions. Anything that adds costs, results in red tape, lowers stocking rates, and/or reduces land-use flexibility will reduce incomes and investment.

Land values will inevitably be affected; clients who are currently looking at land purchases are requesting advice on how nutrient limits will affect the viability of the proposed purchase. When considering an investment decision on farm, it is now prudent to consider potential effects on nutrient losses. There are valid concerns about what criteria were used to decide which areas are zoned ‘red’ for water quality (effectively the whole Canterbury Plain). There are also valid concerns about the accuracy of Overseer as the tool for modelling a farm’s nutrient losses. A further concern applies when Overseer 6 is used to model losses on light freedraining soils: Much higher losses are predicted than were predicted on previous versions of Overseer. I have run Overseer 6 on Temuka soils, and achieved

very low nitrogen leaching. The model is highly sensitive to soil type; on some properties a detailed assessment of soils by a qualified professional may provide lower modelled nutrient losses. If active irrigation management is selected on Overseer 6, there is a significant reduction on nitrogen leached, particularly on light soils. Because the 10% increase is based on ‘2011-2013 modelled nitrogen leaching on properties’, a property not actively managing irrigation has an advantage. This highlights how important improved irrigation management will be when it comes to managing nitrogen leaching. This is one area where significant reductions in modelled nitrogen losses can be made by using soil moisture metres (for making informed, proactive decisions). Overseer 6 takes into account the fact much nitrogen leaching comes from urine patches


University Dairy Research Farm will be of great benefit in providing information.

for 12 months of the year, thereby giving us the ability to produce milk at low cost.

We are likely to see cows removed from paddocks more in the autumn, winter, and early spring on some properties; these may be the properties on light/free-draining soils, where modelled nitrogen losses are high.

FarmWise is running a tour to the UK to look at alternative wintering systems; there is much interest in these systems and how effectively they work in terms of reduced nitrogen leaching.

We have to be extremely careful that we do not reduce our competitive advantage of having a good climate which allows us to run cows outdoors

Farmers in red zones, and/or those intending to purchase or intensify their land in particular, are advised to consider the potential impact of the LWRP on their business plans.

deposited throughout autumn — making autumn management extremely important. Nitrogen inhibitors (eco-N) should be applied earlier in the autumn to obtain a significant reduction. By using 3 applications of N-inhibitor, I obtained a 30% reduction in nitrogen leaching using Overseer 6; I suspect sales of eco-N will improve in 2017! Farming practises will need to be adapted so they operate within nutrient limits; the challenge will be how to do this profitably. There will be a large number of proposals put to farmers. It would therefore be prudent to have a qualified expert (in both nutrient management and the profitable integration of farming systems) provide advice on individual proposals before making significant changes. There has been a significant increase in research on nutrient management recently; in particular, the work being undertaken at Lincoln


OW LJohn over 60 available call NOW! Deere O




OSL 353 John Deere 6930 Premium, PQ, 4000 3 x 818 Fendts available from 4700 hours and Hrs, JD753 Loader, Duals Option. $99,500 starting at $69,000

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All prices are GST exclusive. Conditions apply. 60 tractors available! Osborne Sales & Lease Ltd

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North Island Brett Brindle 021 270 1888 South Island Ben Halstead 021 986 277 • Brent Osborne 021 986 271

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October 2012

Forestry Market Report Allan Laurie MNZIF Laurie Forestry Ltd

Correct shelterbelt maintenance Brian Kirk is the manager at Lake Coleridge station. Kirky is well aware of the importance of good stable shelterbelts with even tree growth especially where he is located, as gale force winds are not that uncommon. However past plantings are showing uneven growth and the trees are not a healthy dark green colour, but more of a yellow/green. As the photo suggests the trees are competing with rank grasses such as deep rooted cocksfoot. Not only

are these grasses depleting the trees of valuable moisture and nutrients they are not allowing the roots to fully develop. Kirky’s idea is to completely eliminate the grasses around the trees and follow this up with an application of boron chip. I think he is right on the button. We’ll keep you informed how things progress. Joke Time: An Irish woman went to her local doctor to ask if there was anything that could improve her husband’s libido. The doctor suggested Viagra but

TREE HUGGER TREE TOPPING SERVICES LTD • Grabs, cuts trunks up to 500mm diameter, and lowers them in a controlled way • Can top to 8m high • Minimise damage to buildings fences, garden etc • Tree & hedge removal • Free quotes Canterbury wide

Phone Peter Whyte 027 426 5595 03 347 4941

she insisted that her husband won’t even take an aspirin not to mention a sex pill. The doctor then suggested Irish Viagra. “It comes in powder form and you simply sprinkle into his cup of coffee and he’ll never know,” explained the doctor. Several weeks had passed and no sign of the woman. Until one day the doctor saw her down the street and asked how her sex life was going. Obviously embarrassed she tried to ignore the doctor, but he insisted. So red faced she took the doctor to a quiet corner of the street and explained. “Oh doctor it was terrible just terrible.” The doctor was really confused and asked her to explain in full. “Well,” she said in a quiet voice,” I did what you suggested and sprinkled it in his coffee while he wasn’t looking. The effect was almost immediate. He jumped up ripped of my clothes and took me right there and then on the coffee table, it was just terrible.” Still confused the doctor asked “wasn’t the sex with your husband that good then?” With a slight twinkle in her eye she explained that it was the best sex she has had in 25 years of marriage “Well what is so terrible about that” asked the doctor. ‘Well as sure as I am sitting here” she started to explain, “I’ll never be able to show my face in Starbucks again!!!” For further information on the above or any past articles please give me a call — Andy McCord — Technical Forest Services Ltd. Andy: 027 224 3271 Sammi: 027 282 7580 Office: (03) 313 4153

The year continues to perform as expected in terms of log markets. Prices across both export and domestic segments have remained stable and demand generally equal to supply. Indeed it has been encouraging to see wood fibre hold value when other commodities have come under downward price pressure. For our key market for both log and lumber, China demand has continued although in recent weeks sentiment has generally deteriorated. I have just come back from another week in the market in China. This trip has given some pretty clear direction as to what we can anticipate over the next few months given current trends. A little reported situation relates to credit lines. Whilst the Chinese Government has recently injected another $1 trillion in to a stimulus package, they have also been clear to avoid any policies that might restimulate the housing sector. As a consequence construction is expected to remain subdued. Part of policy making has seen a retraction of credit lines in an attempt to rein in inflation. This sees developers struggling to keep going on projects and start new ones. Credit terms are being extended, sometimes beyond the usual 90 days. At the sawmilling end of the business, factories are struggling to establish sufficient credit for forward purchases and Letters of Credit have become harder to open. Mind you my trip included travelling through five major cities and it is pretty hard to pick where the slow-down is. New housing developments are going on everywhere and cranes litter the skyline. New bridges and roads are being built and airports redeveloped — again. It was very encouraging to see manufacturers starting to use Radiata pine in higher value end uses. New baby cots and solid wood furniture have ensured a burgeoning market for our clearwood logs and lumber. Prices in this segment have generally increased, demand

is good and a visit around wholesalers suggests stock is moving, mostly domestically. Some of this has filtered down to a general lift in kiln dried pith free furniture grade lumber with the general commentary suggesting a US$10 per cubic metre lift in recent weeks. This is encouraging news but badly needed for NZ sawmillers trying to compete with FOREX and freight cost increases working against them. It was encouraging also to see a continuing lift in wage rates with a reported 13% increase in the last twelve months. There is no doubt in my mind that continuing increases will see a labour to machinery technology shift and we will also see a transition to where the likes of a Kiwi manufacturer can more readily compete in this market. I have started to push our industry to consider much higher level investment in this market for both log suppliers and our sawmills. The opportunity for growth in this market is huge but it will not happen unless we as an industry start to invest. We also need to get a lot smarter about working together rather than competing with each other. It is sobering to remember that whether we send China logs or lumber, by far the majority is used to hold up concrete and to a much lesser extent packaging. The same applies to all softwood supplies. It doesn’t matter whether it is Douglas fir, hemlock or spruce from the US or pine from Russia or Australia it just about all goes to construction projects as solid wood or plywood. Indeed Radiata generally sits at the bottom of the preferred species stakes where it is generally regarded as a lower quality to its competitors. However NZ does enjoy a solid reputation as being good people to deal with. China is also aware there is plenty more to come, whereas they do have concerns about continuity of supplies from other sources.

Shipping has been an ongoing challenge. Although the market indicator Baltic Dry Index has reached a seven year low, Handy Class vessels are now earning more in daily rates than the much larger Capesize and Supramax classes. This is a reflection of a steel and coal demand decline. Also NZ lacks port berth size and loading and discharge systems that would otherwise allow the larger vessels in. The Handy’s have onboard cranes which are required for loading. For the moment at least, whilst good fixtures have been challenging to secure, shipping costs have remained reasonably stable which is likely a plus but at a time when they should be really going down. Slow steaming and shorting the market allows the complex game play to stay in the shippers’ favour. The Christchurch market remains subdued with local sawmills able to sell all they can produce locally or to Australia. However it is clear few will have to be concerned about a big tax bill this year. Any attempt to try and prise a few extra dollars per tonne for a framing grade log has been met with stern resistance. Indeed it would be easier to extract a tooth from a chook than get a price increase right at the moment. Outdoor lumber for the likes of fencing continues to sell well but as in framing, margins are tight and likely to remain that way until demand lifts significantly. Lumber also continues to flow into the region from just about everywhere else increasing competition and decreasing any chance of making some sensible margin for all stakeholders. Overall we are still saying it will be a year of pretty flat but stable market pricing with longer term indicators remaining positive. Thus it has never been more timely to remember the only way forward for climate, country and the planet is to get out there and plant more trees… please!

All you need to know

Wastewood grinding Your site or ours Wood Chip Supplies Dairy Conversion Cleanup

Laurie Forestry Ltd

Harvesting & Marketing, Consultants & Managers

SUPPLIERS OF FORESTRY SERVICES • Consulting & Management • Valuations • Harvesting & Management • Carbon trade & registering in the ETS Office: Phone 03 359 5000 Fax: 03 359 5099 Email: Unit 3 337 Harewood Road Bishopdale Christchurch 22 Shearman Street Waimate

(and some things you don’t)



• Woodlot establishment • Aerial pre plant & release application • Aerial boron application • Boron supplies • Herbicide supplies

Andy McCord Resident forestry writer (and joke teller) for Canterbury Farming

Technical Forest Services Ltd 30 Pentecost Road Rangiora e-mail web site

Office 03 313 4153 Andy 027 224 3271 Sammi 027 282 7580


October 2012

Specialists in farm workers accommodation



from $105,000 inc. gst



from $145,000 inc. gst




650 90




90 90



from $185,000 inc. gst
















1,000 90









Floor Plan







2,310 90










1 4

2 3

ProposedFloor Plan

Scale: 1:50



Scale: 1:50

• Prefabricated kitset homes • Selection of plans to suit all requirements • Designed specifically for accommodating farm workers Call us today for a free catalogue, or visit our website for a full list of available plans. Please note: conditions apply to the above pricing, contact us for details.

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1 3



1,690 90 2,820







90 90







Bedroom 3


Bedroom 1









Master Bedroom



Laundry HWC








2,855 3,100

Store Lounge






Bedroom 2


90 90

405 405

90 600

90 90





Bedroom 2


Master Bed


450 6,18090





Dining / Living





















Bath / L'dry







October 2012

Trusted Bale Handling Attachments


Saving Time

Transport four bales at once, super strong construction, 3PTL mounted, effective counter tion weight for front loader. ac p om C il d So

∞ Soil testing - Brookside Laboratories ∞ Fertiliser Recommendations & Custom Blends


WRAPPED BALE CLAMPS el Farmer Mod Contractor /

Powerful soft grip, slim arm design handling round or square bales, equaliser bar for greater control & safety, even clamp pressure avoids ripping, mounted to Front End Loaders & Telehandlers.

Viafos, a genuine phosphate that will make a real difference to your pasture and stock. Cert TM

ViaMSK, a 3 in 1 ( Mg-S-K), single 5101 product fertiliser that is low in chlorine.


For Every Farm Essential Item

Robust frame, excellent visibility, forged spring steel tines, high back 2 bale Dealers option.

0800 65 65 88

NZ Wide

Contact us to discuss your needs 0800 802 478 E:

Mark Jackson (Mid/South Canterbury) Ph: 027 620 3085, (03) 614 7494

Calvin Bracken (Canterbury/West Coast) Ph: 027 290 9942, (03) 312 6865 Email:


Lester Gibson (West Coast) Ph: 027 431 0058, (03) 732 3422

QUIVOGNE FOLDING ROLLERS, breaker ring/levelling board combo! • Available in 5.3m, 6.3m, 8.3m and 9.5m

Finance available from

4.99% October only! normal lending criteria applies

• Airseeder option available • ‘Even weight distribution’ over the entire width of the machine due to the individual pivots on outside gangs and central adjustment angle • 70mm roller axle and 4 spoke gusseted roller rings for durability! URE





Contact us now on 0508 450 450

Used 8.3m Quivogne roller, with levelling boards, seldom available be quick, only $34500 + GST

4 spoke roller ring Strongest roller ring on the market!

Levelling paddle - Strong hydraulic controlled levelling boards, these do an amazing job!


10 Curraghs Road, Rolleston, Christchurch 7678 PO Box 16069, Hornby, Christchurch 8441 Email:


Phone 03 349 4450 Fax 03 347 3580




Toll Free 0508 450 450 IN
















October 2012


PASTURE management Six steps to pasture renovation Successful pasture renovation starts with getting the basics right. Here are six key steps to ensure pasture renovation is successful without a high price tag Soil test


It’s important to consider the fertility requirements of pastures to be renovated at least six months in advance. If soil pH needs to be corrected, lime applications should be made 3–6 months prior to renovation.

Your soil test results will determine fertiliser requirements to correct soil nutrient levels. In soils with low fertility some fertiliser can be applied with the seed at drilling to help pasture establishment, with the balance being applied as a broadcast application (preferably prior to drilling).

Spray-out One of the keys to successful pasture renovation is complete control of existing pasture and weed species. Glyphosate is the chemical of choice for both single or twospray programmes combined with Accelerate to ensure maximum penetration and uptake. Consider tank mixing an appropriate companion herbicide (Granit or Dicam 480) to remove clover and other difficult to kill weeds.

Direct drill Where soil fertility is high in the topsoil additional fertiliser may not be required at sowing for pasture renovation as long as you continue to apply the normal maintenance topdressing. In low fertility swards additional fertiliser will be required at sowing to overcome nutrient deficiencies. Phosphate and sulphur are best applied drilled with the seed rather than

broadcast to help establishment and early vigour of the grass seedlings. Broadcasting may also be required. • Avoid germination damage by drilling with safe fertilisers such as Serpentine Super. • Superphosphate and 15– 30% Potash Super are suitable for broadcast, but should not be drilled with seed.

(Cropmaster DAP, Ammo-Phos MAP) can be used. Soil cultivation increases the rate of nitrogen mineralisation of organic matter, leading to a release of nitrogen available for newly sown pasture. As there is little or no soil disturbance with direct drilling renovated pastures will have a requirement for fertiliser nitrogen.

After sowing When it is required, nitrogen should be applied 2-4 weeks after emergence. Either Urea or Ammonium Sulphate are suitable at 25–50kg N per hectare (25–50kg for high fertility soils). Followup dressings at the same rate may be necessary for low fertility soils. Care




to ensure clovers are not depressed through vigorous ryegrass growth. Nitrogen will increase ryegrass tiller numbers in autumn and tiller growth in autumn and spring.

Grazing Grazing should be of the quick ‘on-off’ type, preferably with a large mob of young animals. This will reduce pulling of the young ryegrass plants.

• Fertilisers that contain boron or copper and those that have more than 15% nitrogen and/or potassium should not be drilled with seed and minimal rates should be applied only in the seed bed. This includes Potassium Chloride, 50% Potash Super, Urea and Ammonium Sulphate. It is important to remember that: Clovers are very susceptible to fertiliser germination injury; germination injury is more likely in dry soils and high fertiliser rates will increase the likelihood of seed damage. When using cross-slot drills that provide separate fertiliser placement, where fertiliser is not in direct contact with the seed, high analysis fertilisers





Ravensdown has all the seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals you need for cropping or regrassing.

Call 0800 100 123 or visit for advice and product details.


October 2012

PASTURE management Ideal for the job Topping pasture correctly is very basic grazing land management. Done correctly, it returns the pasture to the ideal grazing height. Fresh green leaf starts growing from the finished mowing height, so it is essential that the stem is kept as close to ground level as is practical. The correct pasture topping height is 50mm (2.0”). Some of the worst topping jobs are done when cows are put into paddocks that are already overgrown. The cows are then expected to remove maybe 50–60% of the best of the grass, and the topper is expected to knock the paddock back into shape.

REMEMBER It is ILLEGAL to use a hand held cellphone while driving a motor vehicle

Which machine is used to get the paddock back into shape is another question altogether. Perhaps unexpectedly, the worst machine is an ordinary topper. These machines can’t cope with excess grass, and they are unlikely to take the cutting height down to 5cm as they will scalp the ground trying to cut this low. As toppers have got wider, their ability

to cut close to the ground has been dramatically reduced. This is because they rely on the skids on the outside of the machine to set the cut height. The distance between these outside skids has created a huge unprotected area which allows the blades to contact the ground and scalping it, even on only slightly undulating paddocks. Toppers typically have a lot lower blade speed and thicker blades than mowers, so do not cut the grass as cleanly, hindering regrowth. Disc mowers are often used for topping, however they are not designed for this job and are a lot more complicated to use and more expensive to repair. MAXAM mowers are ideal for all mowing and topping

requirements as they can mow low, accurately following all ground contours closely without scalping. The reason for this is the long, wide skids underneath the cutting drums which mostly sit on the ground when mowing.

The all new side mount New side mount, all the Maxam performance now in side mount. - 2.5m cut - Twin discs - Hydrulic fold - Wilters avalable

Other crucial advantages of the MAXAM mower include the ability to mow and spread all crops, regardless of how heavy they are. This includes all silage, baleage and hay crops, not just topping jobs. The high speed blades cut cleanly under all conditions

This is the renowned 3300 version 3, low maintenance high output! - 3.3m cut - 4 discs - Sprung linkage - Under disc skids - Wilters available


2 The amazing

From $10300 + GST

USED MAXAM 2500 WITH WILTER, workshop checked, tidy order, Special $6750 + GST

The spread topping decomposes quickly and the lightly conditioned and scattered crop wilts to the correct dry matter content faster than any other method.

Call us now for an early season special deal, November only!

The mighty 3300III

From $12400 + GST

The MAXAM mower is the only mower that can leave either a tidy windrow, or a full spread of conditioned grass. Leaving the cut grass in windrows is ideal for precutting the pasture before grazing, or when you suspect your crop may get rained on before harvesting. By simply fitting the Wilter spreader tynes, the grass can be fully spread out to wilt quickly.

A clever spring loaded top link system allows the mowers to float over rougher terrain whilst keeping the cut height the same distance from the ground.

The Mighty Maxam Mower Range From $14700 + G ST

and the Wilter spreader will scatter the crop out to a full spread regardless of density.

USED MAXAM 3300 WITH WILTER, workshop checked, ready now, Special $7450 + GST

this is the one Version 4 out now, your seriously on for nippy work undulat ing country. - 2.5m cut - Twin disc - Sprung linkage - Wilters available

USED MAXAM 3300 WITH WILTER, workshop checked, only $8950 + GST CUR RAG HS ROA

10 Curraghs Road, Rolleston, Christchurch 7678 PO Box 16069, Hornby, Christchurch 8441 Email:


Phone 03 349 4450 Fax 03 347 3580




Toll Free 0508 450 450 SO















October 2012


PASTURE management

Liquid seaweed fertiliser; a popular choice Bio Ag & Hort Ltd is the South Island distributor of NATRAKELP liquid seaweed products for pasture, plants and animals. Natrakelp is made from Tasmanian Bull Kelp (Durvilleae potatorum)

Natrakelp liquid seaweed fertiliser will: • Promote stronger root development in plants. • Provide plants with micro-minerals and trace elements for healthy growth. • Increase photosynthesis of plants from increased chlorophyll content. • Make pasture sweeter and more palatable for live stock. • Produce healthier stock with quicker weight gains.

Over time you will be able to reduce your solid fertiliser application rates, therefore increasing the profitability of your farm. Liquid fertiliser products


• Natrakelp pure seaweed • Natrakelp plus added NPK • Bio Marinus liquid fish • Humates

• Liquid fertiliser spraying Canterbury wide

0800 NATRAKELP Natrakelp products include an organic liquid seaweed fertiliser and an organic liquid seaweed tonic for animals. Natrakelp also has a NPK range that has 65% Natrakelp plus added NPK.The NPK ratings are 18.3.10, 12.3.12, 5.3.19. Available in 25, 220 and 1000 litre containers.

how to increase your profitability, visit Barry at site number E47 at the Canterbury Show or call 0800 NATRAKELP.

Liquid Seaweed

for Pasture, Plants & Animals


237 Wainoni Rd, Avondale, Christchurch 8061. Email


• The latest taege drill for dry hire • Guaranteed maintenance check before hire • Excellent trash clearance • Lower horse power required, lower fuel costs • Fast calibration, accurate seeding results • Drills all types of seed/fertiliser • Drills from cultivated to very hard ground conditions • Drill calibration setup available • Close row spacings, excellent filth • Large hoppers/harrows • Endtow available for vehicle pick up • From $42.50 per hectare • Discount applies for over 100 hectares • Discount for CRT members

Other biological fertilisers that Bio Ag & Hort use include Bio Marinus liquid fish fertiliser, liquid humates and Bio Vermis vermicast. Bio Ag & Hort has just recently purchased Canterbury Soils ltd. Company director Barry Davidson of Bio Ag & Hort Ltd says “Canterbury Soils was only providing liquid fertiliser spraying services to lifestyle block holders, now the service is available to sheep, beef and dairy farmers as well.”

0800 379 4473 Sheffield, Canterbury, NZ –


Is your farm really as big as you think it is? It could be costing you money.

Don’t waste your time with an inaccurate farm map. Talk to us today. BECAUSE SIZE MATTERS

0800 2 GPSIT



• LE





For more information about why you should increase the biological activity in your soil and

Quality Agricultural Hire


• Increase the beneficial microbes, bacteria, fungi and worm count in the soil therefore improving the overall health and biology of the soil.

Liquid fertiliser is a cost effective way to revitalize or maintain the beneficial micro organisms in your soil. By adding liquid seaweed or liquid fish fertiliser to your solid fertiliser program you will increase your natural fertility of your soil and the health of your animals.



Boost your brassica crop now with cropzeal DAP boron boost, and maximise your crop yield with confidence. One, convenient granule delivers an even ratio of boron, nitrogen and phosphorus - the key nutrients brassicas need for a healthy head start. So there’s no hassle, no mixing and no guesswork.

BAL19804 CntrbryFrmr14x5 FA.indd 1

To order, call 0800 222 090 or contact your local Ballance Technical Sales Representative.

WAVE19804 CntrbryFrmr14x5

Natrakelp liquid seaweed fertiliser is becoming a popular choice to revitalise or maintain the biological activity in soils and to aid plant and animal health. Natrakelp liquid seaweed contains vitamins, micro minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring growth stimulants — auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins which are all beneficial to plant growth.

Sustainable and profitable biological fertiliser solutions

13/07/12 2:04 PM


October 2012

PASTURE management

Sector-wide scheme to certify nutrient management advisers The primary industries sector has established a national standard for the training, certification and continuing professional development of farm nutrient management advisers Sixteen (16) primary sector organisations have committed to the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme. DairyNZ commissioned the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand to develop the certification programme as part of its Primary Growth Partnership, funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries. The certification programme is run by an industry advisory group which sets standards, manages certification and continuing professional development and operates a registration system.

“The programme will ensure New Zealand nutrient management advisory standards are maintained to the highest level internationally. It will give confidence and credibility to the increasingly important role of managing nutrient cycling and nutrient loss within environmental limits on farms.






At the core of our programme is work



“It will also give assurance to central and regional government regulators, local and international markets and the public at large that the primary sector is managing its nutrient footprint consistently nationwide.”


NZ’s No.1 Disc & Harrow

He says the programme will ensure advice is conveyed to farmers in a consistent way through advisers who are working to the same agreed standards across the country.


“The importance of this programme to improve the production value farmers will extract from the investment they make in nutrients and reducing the impact nutrient

loss has on the environment shouldn’t be underestimated.”


Russ Tillman, Chair of the Advisory

Group, anticipates that within two years, half of all nutrient management advisers will be certified.





 $$$$ increase farm production  More growth, more profit  Perfect seed bed preparation  85 years proven design means complete ground coverage

undertaken by the fertiliser industry to train its fertiliser representatives through postgraduate courses in sustainable nutrient management, taught at Massey University. The certification framework will be extended to all in the primary sector who provide nutrient management advice to farmers, or who are involved in the broader field of farm management. The website for the programme will be available soon at www.nmacertification.

Ballagh Contracting ltd Windwhistle

Phone: Operating:

Sam 027 279 1344 A/h 03 318 6542

John 027 432 1988 A/h 03 318 6847


Kverneland reversible plough HEVA disc-roller with Combi-Tiller, minimum till machine Great for the working of ex kale or stubble ground

for over

John Deere 750A Direct/Convetional Drill



Also available, 30ft Roller Drill with finishing roller for grass and small seeds Sub-soiling and pipe laying also available


First for Seeds


Pasture grasses • Specialty mixes • Stockfeed crops NZ agent for Nodulator Lucerne Incoculant Granules • Water divining Fertilisers & Chemicals • Chook food — check out our prices Proprietary Lines:

Leafmore, Rape

Gromore, Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

Redmore, Red Clover

Gromore Plus, Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

Whitemore, White Clover

Grazmore, Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass

Promore, Lupins

Pernmore, Diploid Perennial Ryegrass NEW

Hercules, Plantain

Boxmore, Tetraploid hybrid Ryegrass

Kiwi, Chicory

Fescmore, Meadow Fescue

Brimstone, Sulphur Prills

Phone Peter Stevens — qualified consultant for sales & advice Phone: 03

for all your large or small block sowing requirements 347 2613 or 0274 323 356 Email: or call into the office at 27 Link Drive, Izone, Rolleston

Now Running a UTV vehicle for steep and wet country – low impact

CALL ROSS BROWN 03 689 8171 OR 027 481 9190 Email • Registered Chemical Applicator


October 2012

My point of view Allen Cookson

A widespread misunderstanding Back in 1817 English economist, businessman and politician David Ricardo published his revolutionary theory of comparative advantage This is the basis of free trade. Ricardo showed that nations trading with each other benefit by selling what they are best at providing, and buying what they are worst at providing. This has provided the rationale for abolition of trade barriers such as tariffs, subsidies and quotas. However there are assumptions in Ricardo’s argument which do not apply today. A crucial one is that there are no international capital flows. It has been recognised and proven mathematically by some economists that free trade is fatally flawed if there are international capital flows. If a country spends more than it earns in a year, (ie it runs a current account deficit) the deficit must be balanced by an

inflow of capital (aid, foreign direct investment or loans). This is followed in subsequent years by outflow of money in the form of dividends, interest, repayment of debt and, when shares are sold, realised capital gains. In the table, current account balance is the sum of all the

columns to the left. Income is investment earnings; transfers are pensions, gifts, etc. This table is for a time when NZ was thought by the government to be in a healthy state. The global economy was active. Government component of the above figures is small. Both Labour and National have shown a casual attitude to private debt,

New Zealand International Accounts $M Balance on goods

Balance on services

Balance on income

Balance on transfers

Current account balance
































while focussing on government debt. The income column in the table shows that international investment earnings are by far the most important contributor to our chronic current account deficit. At some stage we will be in a debt trap with sovereignty largely ceded to our foreign creditors. Yet I continue to hear farm advisors, farmers and politicians say ‘this country was built on foreign investment. We need all we can get’. The IMF, many economists, and many countries, favour control of capital flows. NZ is exceptional in its lax attitude which is destroying our productive capacity and social fabric. There are solutions which also address problems with our exchange rate. Another article will deal with these things.


Brassica crops benefit from early planning Brassica crops provide high-quality forage for stock, but balancing production goals with input costs is vital to ensure planting a paddock of kale or turnip is a cost effective alternative to pasture. New Zealand farmers grow about 300,000 hectares of brassicas a year, often as a break crop when pasture quality or performance starts to decline. Ballance Agri-Nutrients Lower North Island Technical Extension Officer Jeff Morton says that to achieve the best result with a brassica crop, nutrient deficiencies need to be resolved well ahead of sowing. The first step to focus on is a soil test, ideally at least 6-12 months ahead of sowing. Farmers need to think ahead with this and consider where their crops are going to be on the farm. Testing well ahead gives enough time to apply lime to correct pH, so early paddock selection is important. Mr Morton says brassicas, and the pastures that will follow them, require pH levels between 5.8 and 6.2 and lime applications to achieve the right balance can take up to a year to take full effect. The soil should also be tested for levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur magnesium and boron in the six months before sowing.

“All of these nutrients can have an impact on achieving the optimal crop yield or feed quality and if the mix is wrong it’s possible you won’t fulfil the expectations you have on the level of dry matter or animal performance you’ll achieve from your crop.” Mr Morton says farmers don’t need to work in isolation when making these decisions. “There is a wealth of information and targeted advice available to ensure the right decisions are made for each specific farm.” “Brassica crops can be expensive to grow. While fertiliser is likely necessary to ensure the best crop, it should only be applied at a rate that will ensure an economically optimal yield rather than the maximum yield. “It doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense to maximise your yield because it gets to the point where the small yield gain you’ll get over what is economically optimal will unlikely cover the extra cost of achieving it. However, on the flip side as the value of the feed you grow increases the difference between ‘economically optimum yield’ and ‘maximum yield’ diminishes. The brassica calculators are great tools for evaluating these scenarios and optimising return on investment for your needs.”

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10.25% Phosphate 26% Calcium Alkaline / pH 8 Smooth release over 12 months (approx) A very efficient product Generally low application rates Healthy for soil, plants and stock Minimise runoff, leaching, lockup & help release fixed P Sow down the sprout or spread for winter feed and crops

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October 2012

Two stage liquid innoculant made easy Naturally as soon as pasture is cut decomposing bacteria and fungi begin to operate and it begins to decay Silage King has a unique two stage action to the preservation of silage by manipulating suitable bacteria to excrete bacteriocins. These are bacteria’s natural defence proteins. Bacteriocins selected for Silage King Production have the ability to kill off fungi, yeasts and undesirable bacteria without harming the natural lactic acid producing bacteria. Their job is to clean out the bad bugs.



Then Silage King’s signal molecules kick in by starting a chain reaction with the multiplication of the lactic acid producing bacteria’s population, thereby allowing a faster, more even spread of lactic acid producing bacteria. The end result is a consistent, fast and efficient ferment. All the required bacteria are already in your silage — Silage King simply tells which ones to multiply and which ones not to.

Silage King has been successfully used on pasture, lucerne and cereal crops, as has Maize King with many satisfied users. This technology has also produced Hay King which contractors have used to make higher moisture hay successfully without heating, catching fire, going mouldy or losing feed value. Silage King and Hay King are available as granules but are proving

Swift Silage Stacking with

Push-off Forks

For well-fermented silage, efficiency is needed when working on the stack.



FROM 4m3 to 20m3 Pit Silage 3 to 6 bale models for square and round bales. Robust and reliable.

MODELS FROM 10m3 to 40m3 super heavy duty monocoque body. Removable sides for square and round bale loading. Many options.

The Rata Push-off Buck Rake combines both efficiency and quality, giving you an attachment with over 30 years experience worked into its design. The fast acting push-off and large capacity allows you to evenly fill the bunker quickly, while the robust construction including high tensile pivot pins, forged spring steel tines and fully greaseable bushes ensure a sustained life. Little maintenance is needed with high strength nylon rollers and renowned hydraulic components, making this fork a winner for all.  3PTL or loader mounting P  Optional side tines P  Suitable for high horse P power tractors

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October 2012

themselves with convenient premixed liquid dispensed directly from 20 litre containers. Stable and non-corrosive, they require no rinsing, cooling or added water. Extremely easy to use they are and now matched to a simple non expensive dose pump giving reliable applications dispersed accurately onto the target (not shaken off or sticking to the wrap) increasing the efficiencies and consistently making good silage. Silage King’s unique mode of action also kills the spores left by the

deceased pathogens which would start to decompose when exposed to oxygen when the plastic is broken. Stacks will stay in better condition for longer and when opened their faces remain cold and don’t reignite and begin secondary ferment. Damaged wraps from transportation and rodents show that mould is contained and waste minimised. Animal health and production also benefit by reduced exposure to detrimental fungi, mycotoxins and pathogens. Silage King is made by Biostart — a New Zealand company specialising in microbiology and manufacturing a range of products that includes rumen modifiers, plant elicitors and soil microbial activators.

SILAGE KING Their unique Signal Molecule technology is used in all of their products where they identify the bacteria already present and which they need to multiply to simultaneously inhibit the opposing pathogens. White Heron Stockfeed has many farming and contracting clients who see the animal health and plant growth from these products and also the effluent pond activator which shows the technology working impressively.



Unique 2 stage action – Counteracts decomposing bacteria – Activates existing ensiling bacteria – Reduces moulds and fungi – Reduces waste – Increases palatability Consistently makes great silage

New dose pump - applies liquid from original containers


Silage, not compost

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October 2012

a journey back

through history

by Andy Bryenton

The mighty Southern Alps – immortalised in the works of writers like Barry Crump and as the real-life equivalent to Tolkien’s Middle-Earth – are an unforgiving but harshly beautiful landscape, a place of wide vistas and wider skies. Where the Rangitata Gorge cuts down through the foothills the scenery evokes all the stark grandeur of nature, and it is here, at the top of the gorge that one of New Zealand’s most unique farms operates Erewhon Station (the name is nowhere spelled backwards, which hints at its relative isolation) is a place where the horse still beats the internal combustion engine for getting the job done. With a herd of Merino sheep to take care of and a wide expanse of land to traverse, horses can go where no quad or tractor can, and farmer Colin Drummond relies on four-legged horsepower rather than the kind fuelled by petrol. Colin may have been raised on a dairy farm, but he describes the chance to share in his high-country lifestyle with partner Erin Cassie as a dream come true. His trusty team of Clydesdale horses began as a hobby, but over

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the years they have become not only indispensable to the running of Erewhon but also a valuable second source of income. Erewhon Station is

Photo: Bev Bell from

not only a producer of fine, sought after merino wool — it’s also one of New Zealand’s small number of Clydesdale stud farms, producing award-winning horses famed for their power and their gentle temperament. The big horses provided the muscle which built early New Zealand, and they were a common sight in colonial times, with large numbers

Photo: Bev Bell from

Twenty horses in the Rangitata Riverbed on Erewhon Station

KRONE BIG PACK 1270xc BALER FELLA SM310 FRONT MOWER Multi bale system, 1 owner from new and presented in immaculate well serviced condition, only 33,000 bales. 2.5% finance* with repayments to suit, price includes freight NZ wide, what could be easier!


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shipped here from Scotland to plough, haul heavy loads and work side by side with settlers on the land. The Clydesdale derives its name from the Clyde river area of Scotland, where strong, even-tempered horses were needed to fuel local industry and agriculture. Interestingly, the Clyde river which crosses Erewhon station shares its name


James Blackler 0274 794 374 Rennie Barnes 027 433 7714

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October 2012 with that same watercourse in the old country. Nowadays few dedicated Clydesdale breeders remain, and Erewhon Station is unique in keeping alive the traditions of true working horses in Canterbury. Work normally apportioned to a tractor is handled with aplomb by teams of the big horses

horses to reach far-flung mustering blocks, trusting them to see them safely across flood-prone rivers and miles of open country. There are few sights more evocative and inspiring than watching a full team of Clydesdales fording a river with a wagon in tow — an image which conjures up stories of the

the majestic landscape, and an insight into a way of life which has disappeared into history elsewhere. Colin Drummond lives a life very different from that of most Kiwi farmers — he’s a high-country sheep musterer, tour guide, and horse breeder as well as running a property so large it’s almost a small country. But in this demanding and wild place he’s created something unique; a legacy that connects the best of the past and the present.

Colin Drummond lives a life very different from that of most Kiwi farmers — he’s a high-country sheep musterer, tour guide, and horse breeder as well as running a property so large it’s almost a small country working in unison, while horses are also used during the muster in a tradition going back centuries. It takes eight Clydesdales working four abreast to work the ground at Erewhon, but even the latest tractors would be hard pressed to match them in the long run. The Clydesdales can harrow, cultivate, plough and drill — with the added bonus that they can ‘sidestep’ in a way wheeled vehicles can’t! During the muster Colin and his team rely on their

old west and our pioneering history.

It’s no surprise that visitors come to Erewhon to experience the stunning scenery and encounter the station’s unique way of life. Colin and Erin offer many ways for guests to share their passion for the land and for the mighty horses who work beside them there — from wagon rides behind a full team to overnight treks staying in the heart of the mountains. Visitors take away enduring memories of

Erin Cassie enjoys the reclining option on the new drivers seat


Al l-R ou nd er





How much do they hold? Chooketerias hold 5 kgs of pellets and the double sided All-Rounder 10 kgs. How many chooks do they feed? Working on 125gms of pellets a day per laying hen, 8 hens should get 5 days from a full Chooketeria and twice that from an All-Rounder. What size chook can open it? Small bantams like sebrights weighing around 500gms can easily open them. Chooketerias are also being used for ducks, pheasants and other birds. What happens when a chook is feeding from the side when the lid closes? Not much, the balance between the step and lid is very light so there’s no weight in it, they just pull away shake their head and get on with life. What are they made of? Laser cut aluminium, fastened with alloy rivets, stainless steel fasteners, zinc plated hinges with brass pins and 3M SafetyWalk on the step.

Ashworths Road,Ohoka 027 315 0627 • 03 3134 250


Chooketeria? BECAUSE -When you keep chickens every sparrow, mouse and wild thing turns up for a free meal. In our experience, around 40% of our chooks feed went to these freeloaders. That wasn’t the only problem because while waiting for their free meal they’d poo all over the washing lines, fences, roof and shrubs. Goodness knows what diseases they were introducing. The rats and mice would chew through our wooden and plastic feeders and the rain ruined their food if we weren’t around to move it inside. That’s why we designed the Chooketeria. As soon as we installed the first one our problem was solved. The open feed box allowed any type of food to be put inside so nothing edible was out in the open. The strong aluminium construction meant it stood up to the worst weather conditions and kept our chickens food perfectly clean, dry and free from rodent attacks.

Chook Manor Your one stop chook shop

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How you can save money by keeping your septic system effective and healthy Septic tanks and multi-stage septic systems are delicately balanced environments. It does not take much to upset them. Common practice is to ignore the septic system until problems occur. Good and best economical practice is to always keep your septic system well maintained. A malfunctioning septic system can become a health hazard. When a system is not maintained or operated as a delicately balanced environment, problems occur. These problems include nasty odours, leach line blockages, untreated liquid rising to the surface, toilets gurgling and taking time to empty. At this stage your septic system is a serious health hazard to you and your children. Human waste produces faecal coliform bacteria, a source of viral and bacterial gastroenteritis as well as Hepatitis A and other diseases. Hepatitis can be a debilitating condition and cause long-term harm to children. There are only three remedies. One: stop using the septic system until it recovers. This can take over a month and is not normally practical. Two: excavate your septic system and relocate it. This is very costly and time consuming, sometimes requiring new resource consents and different systems. Three: treat your septic system with Septi-Cure™ every six months. Septi-Cure is Cost effective. By far the most cost effective solution is to pour one litre of Septi-Cure™ down each toilet bowl every six months. This simple action will help keep your system working at top efficiency by reducing solids and scum. Instead of emptying your tank frequently, the reduction in solids and scum saves you expensive pump out costs. Your irrigation field and leach lines will become clear of slimes and

b blockages so nature can handle the gradual seepage and evaporation for you. When this is happening your system will be operating effectively and not endangering you or your family’s health. What is Septi-Cure™ Septi-Cure™ is a concentrated mixture of selected naturally occurring microorganisms. These harmless tiny organisms live and multiply by feeding on waste material. When introduced to your septic tank system, they go to work straight away digesting waste material, reducing solids and scum, allowing your septic system to start operating to its maximum efficiency. As they progress through to your irrigation field they feed on the slimes that prevent seepage and evaporation. When seepage and evaporation return to normal, you have reduced the risk of contaminating groundwater and the environment as well as reducing the chances of infection for you and your family. Eventually, they get washed out of the system and have to be replaced to continue their work. This is why you introduce Septi-Cure™ to your septic system every six months for maximum efficiency. A satisfied customer in Hamilton has been using Septi-Cure™ for three years. He says this allows them to have an odour-free septic tank with low maintenance costs. He also says that his service person is amazed at how well Septi-Cure™ works, keeping their tank in very good condition. Problematic septic tanks – treat with Septi-Cure™.

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October 2012

Evenings at my grandparent’s farm By Lorne Kuehn

I’ve written before in these pages about the troubles that I had settling the estates of my two bachelor uncles at the family farm homestead near Edmonton in Alberta (such as the search for buried coin treasure in the garden) IF YOU ARE BUILDING IN THE COUNTRY AND WANT THE BEST



bio YCLE


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travelling salesmen had come through the farm early on in the last century and sold them all sorts of gear. (This also explains how they wound up with two organs for one living room).

However, I’ve never written about the evenings spent in the homestead lounge while visiting the farm with my brother when we were both young lads. Our uncles would both be out in the barn for the evening milking, leaving us free to rummage around the lounge.

The oddest contraption was one that we never understood at the time but was deemed necessary for medical health far out on the prairies from the nearest hospital. I now recognize it as a clyster syringe — a device for inserting liquids or powders into the anus of a recumbent person in the hopes of making them better from a variety of ailments. It was considered an essential tool for the isolated bourgoisie farming family.

It was a very dark place in the evenings since there was no electricity to the house at that time (some sixty years ago). Light was provided by a forced-air kerosene lamp, hissing away, with the illumination generated by kerosene burning on a flimsy ephemeral mantle which never seemed to deteriorate unless one touched it. So the room was gloomy with many shadows, a little frightening for two young lads who imagined the house to be haunted by their grandfather. The lounge was dominated by two large organs which our uncles would play (together) when the schnapps was out and flowing. They were both frustrated untrained musicians and also had guitars, violins, and harmonicas scattered about, all of which we were allowed to play. The whole house would shake when we all got going — both organs and various instruments with everyone singing their hearts out — mostly lonely western frontier ballads like The Red River Valley. There was also a large radio contraption with a large speaker, powered by a tractor battery. It was good fun since it had a short-wave section that was connected to an external antenna. We were able to listen to radio stations from all over the world and improve our understanding of the geography that we were learning at school.

Our uncles were avid packrats (which seems to be a family trait, judging by the trouble I am having in downsizing my possessions), with many newspapers and paperback novels (mostly westerns) lying around. Neither uncle was very neat or tidy in their habits so the whole atmosphere was that of a large bachelor pad and probably resulted in my brother and me carrying on with similar arrangements up to this very day. Various odd contrivances could be found around the room from the period when both grandparents had been alive. Their portraits and those of their own antecedents hung on the walls. Various

It had a narrow tube applicator for insertion into the back passage (which required another person to assist) and a plunger to drive home the contents. If this was water, then the device was effective in relieving constipation or clearing out the colon or one could insert various medicines (alternative or conventional) to help the person. Midwives frequently used it to assist mothers going into labour. Since my grandmother’s children were born at the homestead, it probably eased the passage of my uncles into this world. Anyway, there was one such device sitting around for decades on — one of the organs. Being of a technical biomedical disposition, I wanted to claim it as a curio when my brother and I were cleaning out the homestead after our uncles died but he got to it first and now uses it to jazz up various dinner and stag parties where he is living in southern California.

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October 2012

Continued from last month

26 Organic matter (OM) is the single most important factor determining profit, yet just one kilogram of excess nitrogen will account for a loss of 100kg of soil carbon, so organic matter will decline slowly but surely.

Forty four facts about fertilisers and soils Part Two

by Brett Petersen 15 Not all N, P, K, Mg, S etc is equal. Natural forms are far superior to chemical forms, and some chemicals are worse than others. The bioavailable forms of nutrients are the healthiest options.

19 Sixty percent of the sugars manufactured in leaves are transferred to the roots at night. Because sugar content in leaves is highest then, endeavour to cut hay or silage in late afternoon or evening.

16 A fertiliser programme must feed the microbes first, which will then feed the plants. Microbes include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nemotodes, algae, ciliates, arthropods and earthworms.

20 Fifty percent of that root sugar is exuded into the soil to feed the microbes. Microbes in turn make minerals available to the plant. The nutrient responsible for that happening is boron.

17 Bacteria have a carbon nitrogen ratio of 5:1 which means for every six bacteria eaten, five parts of N are released. Nematodes are 100:1, so for every 20 bacteria they eat, 19 parts of N are released into the soil. This is why it’s so important that the soil life be in balance.

21 Brix levels are a measurement of soluble solids (superior nutrition). Ureafed pastures have low Brix readings. The minimum reading for pastures able to resist pests and diseases is 12, while an excellent pasture will measure 24. A bee will not work flowers/ nectar with a Brix level below 7; otherwise it will expend more energy in collection than it will get back. Using a refractometer regularly will aid in monitoring Brix levels.

18 The number of earthworms in the soil is an excellent visual sign of a healthy soil, and they can produce 30-300 tonnes / ha of casts per year. Worm casts from 20 worms per spade square contain 5xN (1.2/ha), 7xP, 3xMg,11xK and 1.5xCa, far more than ordinary soil (62 earthworms per square metre). Sulphur iron, zinc and trace elements also increase. Pasture fibre increases by over 100%.

22 There are 74,000 tonnes of free nitrogen above every hectare. This can be sequestered in the soil by having Ca at 6570% and Mg at 10-12% of base saturation, available phosphorus, iron, cobalt and molybdenum. If one of these five requirements is

missing, you may have to import nitrogen. 23 Dr Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, stated: “In my opinion, one can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to mineral deficiency.” If you accept this statement, then: •

Stock health problems are caused by poor fertiliser practises •

Insect problems are a system of poor fertiliser programmes •

Fungal and bacterial diseases are symptoms of poor fertiliser programmes •

Fruit and vegetables that do not store have been grown with incorrect fertilisers •

If you are dipping, dagging and drenching, your fertiliser programme is not working •

If you have to constantly re-grass areas of your farm, your fertiliser is failing you 24 Most people confuse symptoms with causes. This is deeply ingrained in our lives. The disease itself is not the cause; it is a symptom of an already failing and deficient system. Once you accept that, you will have control over

Safety & Tools

25 Replacing the nutrients removed on an annual basis will not keep your soils in top efficient working order if you do not do that from a balanced platform.

28 Over time, correct fertiliser policies substantially droughtproof the soil, build organic matter and improve health. 29 If 1% humus soil can only hold 24,000 litres, or the

equivalent of 24mm rain before the water runs off, then 5% humus soil can hold 144mm of rain. More than 144mm of rain falling on soil with 5% humus will be lost to runoff, (depending on intensity). If soil does not have good levels of humus, it will not store enough water to feed rivers over summer, which is why summer river flows are decreasing. 30 On average, 73% of acid phosphate products complex (tie up) with aluminium, calcium, manganese and iron within six weeks of application. Alkaline phosphate products cost more, but are better value, as they do not tie up and become fully available.

0800 472 563 0 8 0 0 4 PA L M E R S Kverneland • Overum • Kuhn Lemken • Dowdeswell • Vogel & Noot • Gregoire Besson • Clough • Duncan • Terradisc • Maxitill • Yeoman • Vibroflex • Connershea • Goliath • IHC • Sunflower • Topdown • Salford • Kongskilde • Napier • Vaderstad We can also manufacture any point you need! Spaldings Flatlift SubSoilers • Dale Plough Shares • Plough Conversion Kits • European Plough Parts • Cultivation Points & Tines • Tractor Parts & Equipment • Combine Harvester Croplifters | 34 Robinson Street, Riverside Industrial Park, Ashburton



How does yours compare?



whether you and your property will be as susceptible to disease and other stresses (eg drought) or not.

27 Most farm soils being ‘fed’ by chemical fertilisers are losing organic matter and the ability to hold nutrients and moisture. They are becoming more droughtprone, and pasture growth rates are decreasing, especially with applied chemical urea.


By simply correcting your soils calcium and magnesium base saturation levels with calculated application of fine ground Golden Bay Dolomite you will significantly reduce your farms liming/animal health & fertiliser outgoings.


BASE SATURATION PERCENT Calcium (60 to 70%) Magnesium (10 to 20%) Potassium (2 to 5%) Sodium (.5 to 3%) Other Bases (Variable)



3.818m x 1.950m Kit Sets 4mm Polycarbonate Aluminium Framing Wooden base not included Great Buying RRP $1895.00




Call 027 261 6172

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FFor a no obligation consultation of your farms soil contact:

Ron McLean North Island Sales Manager

Ph 0800 549 433 NZ’s finest magnesium fertiliser



October 2012

Fiercely competitive ute market With the seven Japanese brands being joined by a Korean, a Chinese and a German, the Ute market has seen spectacular growth and huge choice in the last 12 months I constantly get asked “which is the best Ute?” and the question is becoming increasingly hard to answer. With most brands offering base, mid range and luxury variations, today’s buyer is hard pressed to find the right model let alone brand. So instead of the all singing and dancing top of the range model review I’ve picked three at the base level. I had wanted the Korean SsangYong Actyon as it starts at $32,990, though as yet I haven’t driven it. So lined up are the latest Isuzu D-Max LX at $49,990 against the newly released Nissan Navara RX at $49,490 and the Great Wall V200 at $30,990.

The range covers 2 and 4WD versions in single and double cab with a Space cab in 4WD base model LX guise.

footing. Strangely though there was something very familiar to me about it. Isuzu used to provide the platform and body for the Holden Colorado. Since the split between the companies during the GFC it was assumed that Holden and Isuzu would go their separate ways. However now the Colorado is the base for the D-Max and it shows in the interior and to a lesser degree on the body itself. Thanks to a new tail and an even better nose assembly the D-Max arguably looks better than its donor.

I drove the LX 4WD over a few days and was hugely impressed with the leap forward from the 7th generation. Quieter more powerful and easier to drive it now challenges the more established brands on an equal

However that’s where the similarities end as the power plant and transmissions are not shared. The 3 litre 4JJI-TC carried over from the previous model now boasts an increase in power to 130kW and 380Nm

All are 4 cylinder turbo diesel double cabs with 4WD, two with 5 speed manuals and the V200 opting for six… Adoption of a rotary 2-4h-4lo selector is common as is the technology such as ABS ESP TC and Cruise control as well as AM/FM radio CD units with Bluetooth only on the Isuzu.

Isuzu D-Max

“Hilux Combo Spring Special” FOR SPRING ONLY Ironman 4x4 is offering the following


Supplied and fitted by authorised Ironman 4x4 dealers for

• Ironman 4x4 commercial Bull bar • Ironman 4x4 Airforce Snorkel • Ironman 4x4 Hilux Suspension upgrade - 45mm Lift • Underbody Protection kit Also available for Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton

$4800 + GST

Latest D-Max Ute a worthwhile upgrade

(from 120 and 360). That may not seem significant but it does translate to better drivability and reduced fuel consumption, down to a claimed 8 l/100km.

On the road the D-Max is such a leap forward previous Isuzu owners will be very impressed as will prospective clients to the brand.

Nissan Navara

By comparison the Colorado with its 2.8 litre donk, ups the kWs to 132 the Nm to 440 in manual 470 auto and both tow rated a class leading 3,500kg braked. The Isuzu sticks to the 3,000kg in line with most of its other competition. However in price terms the Isuzu is the big winner being around $4,400 cheaper than its Holden equivalent model for model. The LX manual compares with the Holden also an LX in very similar spec that retails for $54,400.

I didn’t have time to drive much off road though with ground clearance up to 235mm and app/dep angles of 30 and 24 degrees should be very competent. I’ve been promised a longer drive in the 4X4 so will review its abilities later.

Unlike the other two here Nissan does see the benefit of offering auto and it’s available in every model in the D40 range. The latest Navara, the newly released RX I drove was so equipped and judging by orders and sales so far that’s the preferred tranny.

Strangely against the trend seen with most companies now, the 5 speed auto is accessible only in the top spec LS at $56,990. Given that market leaders Ford/Mazda now sell over 60% of their respective Utes in Auto it seems a pity

I liked the easy drive and quiet nature of the RX which loses little to its big brother ST. With washable vinyl floor and 16 inch steel wheels it will appeal to the rural sector. Somewhat strange are the absence of Bluetooth and a


TOLL FREE - 0508 IRONMAN (0508 4766626)

Multi-T Multi-Terrain Vehicle

MORE RANGE NEW AC MOTOR • Range up to 70km • Top speed 45kmh • Hi/low ratio • Quiet motion • Plug-in recharge • Low Maintenance Cost Demo from authorised dealers FROM



* Terms and conditions apply- 2005 Hilux models onwards Mobile: 027 296 2346 TERRAQUIP NZ LTD Email: 176 Waterloo Road, Hornby, Christchurch, 8042 Telephone: 03 349 0037

the otherwise excellent Isuzu D-Max has not stumped up with a self shifter to the entire range.

Stewart Farming & Recreation 225-229 Hilton Highway Washdyke, Timaru Telephone: 03 684 7967



0800 38 44 50 per month Lease from $649 +GST


*The offer is based on a non-maintained operating lease including on road costs and floor mats, it is subject to normal lending criteria and is not available in conjunctionwith any other offer. This offer applies to vehicles registered before the 31/10/2012.

Avon City Ford

Cnr Main South Rd and Epsom Rd, Sockburn | CHRISTCHURCH | P 03 348 4129 or 0800 655 551 Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | P 03 313 7059 |

Go Further

RURAL WHEELS rear bumper, which gives the truck a half finished look. I also lamented the deletion of powered mirrors especially the left which is large and easily bumped by people or objects as the whole body moves when adjusting it. Doing so from the driver’s seat isn’t easy.

easily accessed across the shingle by the Navara. Towing the 1,500kg boat was easy and barely noticeable. I like the easy access of the big Nissan with wide opening doors and a lower cabin height than some Utes available now. The Navara due for upgrade in two years time remains a well sorted unit with models for most applications in its huge range, including the fabulous V6 Diesel with 550Nm.

The 2.5 litre 126kW 403Nm diesel is long in tooth now, yet provides an adequate if not exciting drive. Sipping fuel at 9.1 l/100km the 1,900kg truck finds 0–100km in 11.3 seconds and with standard cruise control needed to hold the speed within the law is an easy drive on the tarmac or on loose metal where the ESP intercedes to tidy up excess slippage.

Great Wall Diesel With a new less gawky front end from the first model released 3 years ago, it has a much more balanced styling and I wondered what other improvements I’d find.

Off the Road the 205mm g/cl aided by 32/27.5degree ap/dep angles the Navara continues to impress and with this one equipped with a towbar I hooked up the Jet boat and enjoyed some time in the river

Initially I was less than impressed, the 105kW 310Nm 2 litre diesel turbo required 1,800rpm before the turbo took effect, meaning a very pedestrian launch at traffic lights

from the long legged first gear ratio. Slipping the clutch till the revs rose will provide a faster more acceptable acceleration. The clutch and the new six speed gearbox (no auto offered either) are light and a joy to use. I drove over a variety of road surfaces including loose gravel. On the seal the aggressive A/T tyres were a little noisy though still allowed easy conversation. They provided excellent road holding on the metal roads and were better with 4WD selected to keep the tail in check. The ride while firm was acceptable and even over long distances will be similar to most light trucks. We averaged 8.5l/100km fuel use. Off the road; I loaded the dogs on the tray of the double cab 4WD and took it around the toughest spots on the farm to see how long it would take before we had to return for the tractor to extract ourselves. In fact it

October 2012

Nissan Navara at a clearing sale provides excellent tray space

is surprisingly capable off road with good approach/departure angles though only boasting 200mm ground clearance, is well protected with a front bash plate guarding the sump. The leather seats and spacious interior hallmark the V200, which is likewise a leap forward from the previous 2.4 litre petrol model that’s still available. Electrics for windows/ mirrors and remote central locking as well as standard air conditioning. Towing is rated at only 2,000kg braked. Overall all three are good value and the decision will be both price and use driven. Yes the V200 is an improvement and the Navara offers refinement, though in this company the fuel sipping D-Max is hard to ignore and would be the only pick, if an auto was offered.

Great Wall V200 turbo Diesel ute is the value leader

Quality Brand, Great Service,


DRUMMOND & ETHERIDGE IS PROUD TO BE THE FIRST DEALER IN NEW ZEALAND OF THE AG CAT TELEHANDLER The Cat TH336 model is well suited to the agricultural market, being renowned for its versatility and reliability. » 3300kg load capacity » Improved visibility cab » Single joystick for precision » Extended service intervals » 6100mm max lift height » Easy to read controls CHRISTCHURCH 714 Main South Rd 03 349 4883

ASHBURTON 832 East St 03 307 9911

0800 432 633

GOUGHS is the dealer for the entire Caterpillar range


Highfield Machinery Working with the farmer Items Currently In S toc k

Prices excl. GST

Bamford six reel hay rake, tidy condition, some new bearings....... $800 Bisley seven reel hay rake....................................................ARRIVING SOON Buck Rake 2.5m wide, would fit Begg FEL................................ SOLD $800 Clough Grubber 11 foot, sound and straight ...................................$1,500 Diesel tank 400 litre, fitted with hand pump....................................... $400 Diesel tank (including ladder), 1,500 litres, repainted....................... $900 Farmall super A tractor fitted with front and rear tool bars shed stored OBO ..................................................................................$4,000 Grader Blade, home-made, 2.3m blade ............................................... $450 Grain Feeder, tidy condition 700kg capacity....................................... $600 Kale Cutters - locally made, easily fitted to most four wheelers..... $565 Lemkin Smaragd* 4m, one pass cultivator, new steel................ $14,000 *For Hire: phone today for our competitive rates Monzentra S fodder beet drill, 6m, end tow kit ............... SOLD $10,000 UFO 2070 twin drum mower, as new condition.................. SOLD $3,000 Wilder Mulcher 1.8 cutting width .......................................................$3,000

For further information and viewing phone

Hamish 027 424 6637 or Jeff 027 653 7969 1857 Highfield Rd • RD1 • Christchurch 7671

Diesel Power Chipping



October 2012

Not Just Dairy Lanes

Hoof Print With Fred Hoekstra

• Dairy Lane capping – time proven screened rotten rock • Driveways & yards • Roading metals – crushed – all grades • Free Quotes


Saving you time and money Why is proper hoof trimming so important? What is there to be gained? Whoever answers those questions should include animal welfare and loss of profit. But things like staff morale, loss of time, farming image and management issues can be used in that answer as well. Different people may have those points in different order of priority but animal welfare and loss of profit are the most important ones. I know that most people would agree with me about that and yet a lot of farmers are not willing to spend money and effort to streamline the hoof trimming procedure. We often get comments that people have been trimming cows for many years and know how to do it. I have not yet met anyone with no formal training who is good at trimming cow’s feet. Time in and of itself is not going to produce a good hoof trimmer. There is teaching needed and then practise. That is why many of the people that we have trained get so much

Specialists In Farm Waste Turning Waste into Liquid Fertiliser Don’t waste your waste - spread it & save dollars! Call us today for a free quote!

better results than what they were getting before they did the course. Better results translate into less animal welfare problems and faster recovery and therefore more profits. I can guarantee that anyone can get better results in hoof trimming if they spend some time in proper training, no matter how long they have been trimming in their life. I would even be willing to refund any trainee if they don’t

learn better hoof trimming techniques on one of our courses. At the end of the day we don’t trim cow’s feet to make ourselves feel better — we do it so that the cows feel better. We don’t just want the cows to come right, we want the cows to come right as soon as possible. Yet often the cows don’t heal any faster when they are trimmed by an untrained person than what they do if they are not trimmed at all. I would even


• Bulk / Industrial Liquid Waste Disposal • CCTV Inspection of Drains • High Pressure Water Blasting • Drain Cleaning & Unblocking • Septic & Holding Tank Cleaning • Farm Waste Spreading Trucks available in your area • Grease Trap & Sump Cleaning • Farm Effluent Pond Stirrer Available 100% ed n a c • Farm Effluent Pond Cleaning lo lly oew ted a r p o and • Yard / Washbay / Stormwater Sump Cleaning

• High or Down Country • Specialist bulldozer and side-mounted post-driver setup • Explosive licence • Reliable prompt service

If the cost of a lame cow is around $400, you can halve that by trimming that cow properly — then effectively you would earn $200 in the time you trim that cow. Even if it takes you 30 minutes you still make $400 dollars per hour — most lawyers don’t even make that sort of money! ‘A very thorough course! If you want to learn how to do lame feet properly, this is the best money can buy!’ –Daniel Gardener, Leeston

Quality Fencing South Island Wide • Sheep fencing • Cattle fencing • Deer fencing • Dairy conversions • Post & rail fencing • Yard building • Residential & Security

argue that often the problem is made worse rather than better with untrained people. The reason is that if we only hollow out the lesion in a hoof we create a prolapse of the corium. Many people call that proud flesh. This will take a lot longer to heal than a claw with a lesion that is not prolapsed.

FCANZ Accredited Fencing Contractor

Geoff Rogers 021 640 748 |

‘Great value for money for what you learn, considering how much lameness costs you!’ — James Hartshorne, Tapanui



Ploughing • Cultivation • Drilling Mowing • Pivot Tracks 0800 155 669

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October 2012


Soil Matters — with Peter Burton How improved soil structures lower fertiliser costs One of the functions of a healthy soil is the recycling of nutrient for plant uptake, and as soil becomes more efficient at holding onto nutrients the requirement for costly fertiliser input reduces The ability of soils to retain applied nutrient is based on a number of factors with good physical soil structures perhaps the most important, and physical soil structures can be measured accurately using Graham Shepherds Visual Soil Assessment developed here in New Zealand. When the physical structure is ideal, or somewhere close, beneficial soil organisms are able to breathe, carbon is sequestered and humus is rapidly developed. Humus is what is left when dead roots, dung and other litter on the soil surface is digested by soil organisms that breathe air. It’s stable and able to store large quantities of moisture and nutrient. Humus is sometimes referred to as the ‘glue’ in the soil and, because without humus soils cease to exist, it is regarded by many as more valuable than gold. Regardless, soils containing the most humus have the greatest growing potential and it is unwise to do anything that destroys it or limits its development. There are two factors that are universally accepted as contributors to the degradation of soil and therefore limit the development of humus. They are, excessive downward pressure by animal’s feet, and fertiliser nitrogen. A fair question is how much of each is excessive? By going to extremes the answer can start to be obtained, however as always

it will depend on a number of factors. Cows creating mud behind wires in wet weather destroy humus, or at the very least limit its development. Air is squeezed from the soil and valuable top soil exposed with a subsequent loss of carbon and pasture production while natural repair takes place. How much nitrogen is too much? Ask a dozen people and a dozen different answers are likely depending on the knowledge and experience of those asked, and whether or not they feel they have an immediate need for it. What we do know from twelve months of results from

Nitrate Nitrogen leaching work carried out near Edgecumbe by Rotorua Lakes and Land Trust is that there is measurably less Nitrate N being leaked under carefully managed permanent rye and white clover pasture using less than 25kgN/ha annually than under soils where pasture growth is driven by regular urea applications. The farm applying less than 25kgN/ha has grown in excess of 18 tonne of DM/ha in each of the last two seasons and over 1,465kg of milk solids per hectare has been produced in each of those seasons.

low it is likely that the loss of other nutrients is also low. There is no down side to a healthy well structured, biologically active soil. More feed of higher quality is produced during the main growing part of the season. More of all nutrients is retained in the soil and made available for plant growth, with less being lost to groundwater.

year requires an understanding of plant nutrient requirements as well as astute and thoughtful daily management. Two key nutrient inputs for high performance are calcium and magnesium, with dolomite from Golden Bay being the magnesium product

Creating and maintaining a soil capable of producing in excess of 18 tonne of DM every

of choice when the focus is on maintaining excellent physical soil structures, and nurturing animals capable of outstanding performance with very low illhealth costs. For more information phone Peter or Coralie on 0800 436 566.

NZ’s Finest Magnesium Fertiliser

BioGro Certified, 5117 & 5099

For a delivered price, call 0800 4 Dolomite

0800 436 566

This is at least twenty per cent more pasture than a typical N driven programme, with almost all of the extra feed produced from mid-October until mid-May. Based on Ministry for the Environment information the Nitrate N levels contained in leachate from this property are no more than natural background levels. Where Nitrate N levels are

Ground Supplies Try us for your compost/mulch requirements We deliver to all areas, or available ex yard • Composts • Bark/Wood chip • Ground cover mulch • Soil • Spreader avail for large areas

Canterbury Greenwaste Processor Ltd P O Box 5321 Christchurch

Phone: 03 352 2909 email:

• Underpasses • Box Culverts • Dairy Lanes

Ashburton Contracting Limited

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Notes from the


with Mike Prendergast

Winter is a fairly easy time for chilling your bulk milk. Chilling water temperatures are low and most milk volumes are small. However, it won’t stay that way for long. Summer is on its way and temperatures will rise, including water and bulk milk temperature. In the NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) Code of Practice it states: “Milk must be cooled to 18 deg C or less at the completion of the first milking into the bulk milk tank, and should not exceed 13 deg C at the completion of subsequent milkings and milk must be cooled to and maintained at 7 deg C or below within 3 hours of the completion of milking and kept at 7 deg C or below until it is collected or the next milking.” This is a tough ask for a lot of dairies with primary chilling water for some at over 23 deg C during summer. It is a reality, however, that the dairy companies are quickly toughening up around this Code of Practice. Dairy companies will now not pick your milk up if it is over 18 deg C after the morning milk or above 14 deg C after subsequent milkings. Unfortunately, the solutions are not cheap. They have to be designed to

suit your dairy and your milk load to ensure your milk gets into the vat and is maintained at the right temperature. Any cooling system has to be maintained properly to be cost effective. It is the long term solution that you need to focus on when upgrading your cooling systems. At Milfos we have the iCONVERTER Cooling Solutions that can snap chill the milk into the vat at around 5 deg C, maintain the vat temperature and supply free hot water up to 85 deg C in abundance. It can also save you around 35% of your electricity costs. You don’t need to have a Milfos dairy to enjoy the benefits, so check out our website for details or a consultation. You will find a lot of details about Cooling options available in the market in our new catalogue on the website.



October 2012

“In the field”

Pasture tips with Pasture First by Nigel Johnston

Which Endophyte is right for me? For those of you who still haven’t sown your spring pasture and are still wondering which variety to use, the question of which endophyte to use may be causing some confusion. There are a range of options to choose from, and while it may seem confusing, this choice means there is hopefully something suitable for your farm

So what are endophytes? Endophytes are a fungus that lives in between the plant cells in some ryegrass types and has an effect on the plants persistence as well as the grazing animals’ health. Endophytes produce a compound that gives the plant a level of protection from insects that may attack the plant. Different endophytes produce different levels and types of compounds, and these different types have varying effects on different insects. For a long time, ‘wild endophyte’ sometimes called Standard Endophyte or High Endophyte, was the only endophyte available, and the compounds produced by this endophyte had serious consequences on animal health. ‘Heat stress’ and ‘ryegrass staggers’ are common effects of wild endophyte. In more recent times, ‘novel endophytes’ have been created that provide a level of protection against insects, but with significantly reduced effects (or in some

cases no negative effects) on animal health.

Novel Endophytes available

AR1 AR1 provides protection against insects such as Argentine Stem Weevil and Pasture Mealybug and has no ill animal side effects. It is suited to all types of farming including dairy, sheep, beef and deer. Because of its insect range it is not considered suitable for areas where Porina, Root Aphid or Black Beetle are a problem.

Use Waikari Lime Rubble for your cows dairy lane •Reduce the number of lame cows •Reduce amount of manure in dairy shed •Reduce travel time to & from dairy shed HARBOURS NO BACTERIA SO CAN HELP IMPROVE HOOF CONDITION VIEW OUR FULL STOCK RANGE AT







Waikari Lime Rubble is lighter and goes further than competing lane rock products

John Deere 6420SE (2004) 21890 O John Deere 6520SE (2005) 21931 T 4WD, 110hp, 5620 hours, A/C Cab, JD 631 4WD, 115hp, 4617 hours, A/C Cab, NSL Loader (No bucket), Passenger seat, Stoll F36 loader, Very tidy. Very tidy. $75,000 $59,000

John Deere 6200 (1993) 21959 K 2WD, 84hp, 7488 hours, A/C Cab, PowerQuad, 2 Remotes, Extra lighting, Very tidy order $25,000

John Deere 7920 (2005) 22049 O 4WD, 200hp, 5620 hours, A/C Cab, IVT Transmission, 3PT Front Linkage, Field Office, Rear Quick Hitch. $110,000

John Deere 6220 ROPS (2004) 22377 K 4WD, 90hp, 4224 hours, JD 631 NSL Loader, 16-Speed Powershift, Very tidy order. $57,000

John Deere 6510SE (2002) 22285 T 4WD, 105hp, 10300 hours, A/C Cab, PowerQuad Trans, Stoll F31 Loader, Multi coupler, Pickup drawbar. $38,000

John Deere 7930 (2006) #22265 O John Deere 6220SE (2004) 22294 B New Holland TM165 (2001) 21895 G 4WD, 220hp, 4340 hours, A/C Cab, JD 746 4WD, 90hp, 3032 hours, A/C Cab, 4WD, 165hp, 7085 hours, A/C Cab, Loader, IVT Trans. PowerQuad Trans, JD 651 SL Loader. Tidy unit.






Warwick St 3 Charles O’Connor St 80 Beach Road 16 Poutama St Main North Road 40 Racecourse Road

Ph 03-579 1111 Ph 03-768 5116 Ph 03-319 7119 Ph 03-543 8041 Ph 03-437 1111 Ph 03-687 4005

all prices exclude GST


Murray Taylor 03 314 7254 or 0274 323 250

NEA2 NEA2 provides protection against Black Beetle (adults), Argentine Stem Weevil, Pasture Mealybug and some Root Aphid protection. It provides very good animal performance and health and is suited to all classes of animals. It has not been tested on Porina.

AR37 AR37 has the widest insect spectrum of any of the novel endophytes, offering protection from Black Beetle (adults), Argentine Stem Weevil (larvae) Pasture Mealybug, Porina and Root Aphid. However, some occurrences of ryegrass staggers and associated poor performance may occur, although its frequency is significantly less than ‘Wild Endophyte’. AR37 is not recommended for horses or deer.

Endo 5 Has a similar insect spectrum and level of control to NEA2. Its protection to Root Aphid varieties between the varieties it is in. Is suited to all classes of livestock and provides good animal performance. For more information contact Nigel Johnston on 03 347 6440 or 027 777 2877 or visit Nigel Johnston is an independent pasture agronomist and Managing Director of Pasture First.

October 2012


Control without chemicals — aphids Dr Tim Jenkins

Aphids are making their appearance again. There are numerous species with many of them being very select in the host plants that they will attack. A few species like the green peach aphid are however, able to attack many woody and herbaceous crops Aphids are sucking insect pests with stylets that pierce into the plant. They extract plant sugars so are quite literally a drain on the energy levels of a plant. They also have the potential to transmit damaging plant viruses. One of the issues with aphids is their speed of breeding. While populations over winter consist largely of a few adults on host vegetation, as conditions warm up again populations can start booming. It doesn’t help that most species are capable of quick reproduction without even the requirement for a mate. This asexual or parthonogenic reproduction also skips egg laying as live young (nymphs) are laid and they quickly attain maturity. These clones keep multiplying during warm conditions. For some species there will be production on winged adults when conditions are overcrowded or the plant is running out of resources. Winged adults can seek out new host plants with some ability to sense weakened plants (eg heat stress or imbalanced nutrition). Of course it’s an easy job for them to spread if there

is a large area of a susceptible species planted by itself. Part of aphid management then is to provide some biodiversity. Several crops in the area rather than just one monoculture is a start but many flowers are also useful to include to promote the levels of natural enemies of aphids. You can plant strips of phacelia for hoverflies or buckwheat for a range of predators and parasitoid wasps; and flowering members of the carrot family, daisy family and brassica family are also useful. Not overdoing nitrogen is also a good strategy. This reduces the chance of lush easily pierced plants and avoids an easy picnic of nitrogen for the aphids to build their proteins from. Aphids don’t access significant protein from the plants but the bacteria in their guts make amino acids from sugars and from the free nitrogen available that is present more in young shoots and plants over fed with N.

strength to resist aphid stylets better. Foliar fertilisers can help stimulate growth reducing the amount of free nitrogen and sugars present. It also makes sense to water to avoid dry stress weakening of plants. Sprays should generally be a last resort used if populations have got out of hand. The less you spray generally, the better that natural enemies populations will build up. Sprays can have a direct impact on predators and also reduce their levels by taking away their prey. Neem sprays have less direct effect on beneficials than even many other organically permissible sprays (but still avoid spraying where bees are actively foraging). Just spraying with a strong jet of water can be effective on a small scale by dislodging the pests but leaving their stylets behind.

“Ladybird larva consuming an aphid, adult lady birds can be encouraged with the right flowers.”

NZ Made for NZ Conditions You deserve to benefit from the durability, simplicity and accuracy Allen Custom Drills deliver superior seeding results


• 5" or 6" row spacings • 3m to 8m drilling widths, folding to 3m transport width • Various bin options: Fertiliser, Insecticide & Slugbait • Crane option for loading up to 1000kg bags • Painted in colour of your choice

ORDER NOW... T-D Series – Tyne Drill starting at ................................... $41,999 P-D Series – Packer Drill starting at ................................... $74,999 H-D Series – Heavy Duty Disc Drill starting at ................................... $96,999 C-D Series – Contour Drill starting at ................................. $111,999

Plentiful calcium and perhaps boron can be useful to improve plant cell wall

To advertise in the Canterbury Farming Please call 03 347 2314

or email

13 McLean Street Ashburton Ph: 03 308 4094 | Email: Fax: 03 308 4093 | Web: CRAIG ALLEN: 021 861 440


your farm machinery specialist



October 2012

Wool Perspective Wool Perspective From Rob Cochrane From Rob Cochrane GM, Procurement, PGG Wrightson GM, Procurement, Wool PGG Wrightson Wool

Market ‘off the bottom‘ — standard must improve A more positive tone to the New Zealand wool market has been evident in recent weeks and most observers agree that the market appears to have lifted ‘off the bottom’. Whilst prices have only improved slightly exporters and brokers have become cautiously optimistic given the better (than earlier) clearances at auction, recently reaching between 80% and 90% In recent sales the majority of passed-in wools have mainly been those of shorter and/or mixed staple length, and those which may have been passedin at previous sales subject to reserve prices well ahead of market price.

GORDYS FLYTRAP FITTING® Available from CRT, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands UV Protected Polycarbonate. Fits on any container with a flat surface. Instructions supplied with the fitting.

$20 plus p&p


Interest in New Zealand wool, from wool processors and manufacturers in Europe, China and the USA, has been noticeably better during the past couple of months and, in many cases, has resulted in confirmation of sales of (mainly) scoured wool for shipment in coming months.

Email: Patented in New Zealand/Australia

WOOL BUYERS Providing direct wool links from farm to

At the most recent Napier wool auction held on October 4, and compared to a week earlier in Christchurch, most crossbred types, apart from a few of the shorter second-shears, were quoted as firm.

user with a low cost marketing pipeline

The previous week at Christchurch had seen a slight easing in price for finer crossbred, a trend which was expected to correct itself at following sales, however the rather mixed (particularly for length) offering of these types at Napier proved difficult to quote but appeared to remain fully firm.

TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS, ON FARM - IN YOUR SHED: Rakaia River North - Don Kars 0274 500 769 Rakaia River South - Gavin Crump 0274 316 555 Email: Website:

quote compared to the levels close to 400 cents clean reached at Christchurch on September 27. Corriedale wool types have experienced good support of late and recent Christchurch auctions have contained a useful selection of these types. Prices have reflected world-wide demand with 28.5 micron fleece wools returning more than 700 cents clean, down to 30.5 micron wools at approximately 620 cents clean. With a return of say $25 to $28 per head for wool alone, this breed type continues to be a good option for many Marlborough, Canterbury and Otago sheep farmers. Whilst the ‘long-game’ is about sustainability, the ‘shortgame’ definitely revolves around sales to ensure the ‘long-game’ is achievable. PGG Wrightson Wool is continually exploring opportunities for growers and a very good selection of fixed price forward contracts, with delivery dates variable throughout the year, is available. An example of the variety of the approximately twenty crossbred wool contracts* currently on offer, is a Wools of New Zealand Laneve™ compliant lambs’ wool contract for the 2012/13 season. Along with opportunity, comes the requirement for growers to supply wool to meet acceptable ‘fit-for-purpose’ standards. My ‘hardy annual’ is that growers do maintain high preparation standards in the wool shed in

order to maximise wool returns, and I offer no apology for that. During the current season and (probably) because wool prices have slumped from levels of 18 months to two years ago, it has been noticeable that some growers have lowered their standards of preparation to the extent where exporters and processors are now providing negative feedback. This does not paint a good picture for New Zealand wool, regardless of type. If the ‘longgame’ is about sustainability then the standard must improve.

With A&P Show season again, the Canterbury A&P Assn will be hoping for a large turnout to its 150th celebration of this iconic event. The ‘Campaign For Wool’ Patron, HRH Prince Charles, will be in attendance, so no doubt the Sheep & Wool sections will attract special attention. Best wishes go to the Canterbury A&P for another fantastic three days. That’s my view. (*contact your local PGG Wrightson rep for more details)

Full-length fleece types were few and far between at Napier and again difficult to

For advertising call 03 347 2314 or email Lincolns are the “Heaviest wool producing breed known” 8kgs+ per sheep stock unit wintered…

Minimise Risk. Maximise Return.

1. Cross breeding with Lincoln will increase wool production by up to 23% in one cross. 2. Bring wool production back to an economic level in one cross over any breed. Ten+ years quicker than any comparative wool breed. “Guaranteed” 3. Rams available in Central Hawke’s Bay, trucked to any part of NZ with one phone call. 4. Largest Flock in NZ 2000 Purebred Ewe base allows selection for: a. Commercial traits i.e. open face, high twinning (also will be

Contact a PGG Wrightson Wool representative today: Doug McKay

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Helping grow the country

exaggerated by hybrid vigour from crossing with your flock) b. Selection for worm tolerance for over 32 years. c. Easy care traits. Selected for commercial traits not show traits. d. High yielding wool clip, averaging 83%. When run in conjunction with Romney stud for ten years Lincolns wool yield was 1-4% greater than Romney’s: Commercial Fact. 5. Wool sold at Auction in Napier has many times topped the crossbred market, aided by low Y-Z factor = Whiteness 6. Heavy clipping Lincolns are high twinning ewes.

Bruce M. Worsnop Associated with Lincolns for over 50 years Tikokino Central Hawke’s Bay Email | Phone 06 856 5857 or 021 856585

October 2012


Bad times before the good times by Rob Cope Williams

Since she was given a bad mannered pony at the age of twelve, Nicola Laing has battled with ponies and horses that others didn’t want, until now She has always wanted to be successful in the dressage ring, but a lack of money and access to polite or well trained mounts has meant that she has always had a battle on her hands.

EWES & RAMS WANTED Heavy Rams: earn 1.5 vouchers Med Rams: 1.25 Lights: 1.0

However her persistence and her love of horses has swung the battle her way allowing her to get brilliant results in spite of her horses having a raft of hang ups.

Heavy Ewes: 1.25 vouchers Med Ewes: 1.0 Light: 0.5

One had been lunged for ages with one front leg tied up so he wouldn’t allow anyone to bend it even during shoeing. He hated men, but quickly learned to trust and do anything for Nicola and did very well in the dressage ring.

1 voucher = 6 x 3kg Work Rolls or 18kg Station Mince (value $54.50) 3 vouchers = 40kgs Station Biscuits Minimum 10 head Limited Time So Hurry!

One helpful thing has been the support from her mother and her husband Shane. Both have helped her through the hard times, the tears and the frustrations. Shane rides show jumpers and ‘breaks horses in’ so he has a great understanding of what Nicola has been going through.

Cash option for rams only See our website for more info: Freephone: 0508 364 366

Snowlea Romney Open Day

Thursday 22nd November — from 1pm — 677 Pig Saddle Rd Russells Flat Sheffield

So after putting in huge volumes of energy into horses that were, in some cases their last chance before becoming pet food, Nicola has turned the corner and is about to soar.

Bred for ea performance sy constitution,— fertility, grow and SIL recorded.

Simply put, she discovered Sue Fowler and the Astek stud. Nicola is now working three Astek horses and says

that the difference is amazing. A twinkle comes into her eye and she almost giggles as she explains what it is like to have a horse that loves working, has a fabulous nature, but just as importantly that have never had anything bad done to them — a blank sheet to work with. Nicola recognises that the nature and the will to work has come from years of careful breeding and selection of sires and dams, something she is now able to utilise and certainly appreciate.

So now well mounted, the dressage world is opening up for her, but she insists that it is only possible because of the help of her mother and husband.

There is a saying that suggests if you want something done, give it to a busy person. That certainly applies to Nicola.

With two very young daughters her day-to-day work load is huge, as any mother of small children will agree, and with working several horses daily and competing most weekends, the pressure is always on.

So where to next? Take on the Aussies and show them that New Zealand does now have the horses and the riders to beat them, but all done in the typically humble way Nicola does things.

Quality that has stood Quality the testthat of time. has stood the test of time.

We are still open in the back of

MD & JD Wason

210 High Street, Rangiora Phone: 03 313 6056 Kevin Orchard

Phone Dene Wason 03

318 3771 021 133 9194

Come and see Kevin for: Freephone 0508 333 654


If you are reading this then so are your customers

As an Elders Primary Wool client you can expect great service from a nationwide team of wool experts who will support you with the advice and expertise to deliver improved returns for your sheep business.

CANTERBURY Mark Greenlaw Roger Fuller Tim Black Grant Andrew

027 227 8898 027 683 6993 027 600 5067 027 481 6219


• Specialist advice for merino, mid-micron or cross-bred wool • Elders is the world’s largest broker of greasy wool • No marketing levies Talk to your local Elders Primary Wool Representative about maximising the returns on your wool clip.

~ A large range of equestrian gear ~ Horse covers and repairs ~ Stockfood ~ Horse supplements ~ Leatherwork ~ Saddle repairs ~ Canvas work ~ Trampolines (new tops or repair work)

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October 2012

About reapin’ wot ya sow? “Ya no Dog, the grass stops growin’ afta 28 days eh?” Now that staytmint froma Boss had me rollin’ me eyes a bit, as we wuz snuggild down ina long grass under tha lee ofa ridge upa backa tha farm fer a bita smoko time. Tha westily wind was fair howlin, an I looked up and give the eye to a cupla herons flyin’ in froma harbour. They wuz acherly flying backwids. We wuz sharin’ Boss’s ham sammich wen he made this startlin’ commint about grass not growin’. In my

Big Flat Deck - Small Truck

2003 Nissan MK205

4x2, 200hp, 6 speed manual, 10,600 kg GVM Trailer towball, higher kms, straight and tidy truck. Plenty of room on this deck.

$ 20,000 + GST. Kim Harris Mobile 027 545 7973

0800 379 899

sperience, which is pretty long, grass duzzint stop growin’ ter order. But thena Boss went on. “Ya see Dog, ole Jack, wot used ter do sum sheerin’ here, but busted his leg an’ his hip an’ stuff wen he fell offa tracta and got run over. He hada give up werk an’ retire, and he got the pinshin. (Pinshin is wot tha guvmint gives old codgers ‘parently.) “Well,” seda Boss. “There’s bin a hole lotta stuff ina papers ya git at tha cattil stop each day, wot sez computas is going haywire ina govmint. Speshly that WINZ outfit, anna ACC. Fact is, tha govmints callin’ in experts ta fix all its computa sistims. “Well let me tel yer Dog, there’s nothing wrong wiv sum computas ina govmint! Ole Jack went ta Ostraylia ta see his gran-kids, an he wuz away fer a cupla month. Win he got back, he gotta letta from tha Guvmint an’ it told him what flite he left Orkland on, at wot time, and the same — ‘is flite numba and time win he came home agin. “Sed he wuz outa tha country fer more than 28 days, ana Guvmint had take back sum of his munny, Ya see Dog, Jack had a wee allowince ta pay fer a bloke ta mow his lawns, cos’ he coodint do it. “But if he got that, he wuzzin’t allowed it if he wuz outa kiwiland fer more’n 28 days. So tha Guvmint computas tracked ‘im win he went ta see ‘is grandkids, an’ then docked ‘is ‘llowince. “So Jack reckins that must proov that tha grass stops growin’ an’ duzzin need cuttin’ after 28 days eh? “Just goes ta show wot them computas can do eh? Can’t keep nuthin’ secrit anymore. But then acorse that cut’s both ways eh? Seems wot tha Guvmint’s computas take in at one end, they spews out tha other. Yeah, Dog,



it’s all a bit like feedin’ tha pigs. Ya kin garintee that wen ya feed ‘em at wun end, ya gonna get…” Well, Boss trailed off, like he duz win his flossify starts getting’ komplicated. But I gotta messij pritty clear. Wot goes in, if its pig or a Govmint computa — it’s gunna come out ina end. Cheers then. Billy

Square Bale Feed Trailers from Plucks Engineering

Four models to choose from

3 Bale Double up, carries and feeds 6 of Big squares at 2.2 meters long each. Also carries and feeds 4 of Balege on the bottom level and 3 of Straw on top.

3 Bale double up, loaded to first level only.

6 Bale double up, carries and feeds 12 of Big squares at 2.2 meters long each. Also carries and feeds 8 of Balege on the bottom level and 6 of Straw on top.

Standard 6 Bale, carries and feeds 6 of Big squares at 2.2 meters long each.

185 – 240 hp FUEL EFFICIENT, EASY TO OPERATE – MAKES ANY JOB EASY. Machine of the Year 2012 Winner, Agritechnica, Germany Golden Tractor for Design award MF 7624 Dyna VT transmission 4 award-winning models from 180hp – 240hp Generation II SCR engine technology for more power efficiency and great fuel economy The best transmission choice for precision work in the most demanding applications Contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer for more information.

is a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation

See your local dealer today.

Peter Huges (Tim) 027 458 9873

Garry Pratt (Tim) Terry Gordon (Chch/Ash) 027 560 0695 027 260 7820 Maurice Jordon (Chch) 027 260 7821

Nick Wilson (Chch) 027 498 7044

36 Hickory Place, Hornby, Christchurch Ph 03 344 5645 9 McGregor Lane, Ashburton Ph 03 307 6031 280 Hilton Highway, Washdyke, Timaru Ph 03 688 7401

 Carry and feed out all Medium and Big Square bales of any type: Hay Balege or Straw.  Only One Moving Part on single row models and Only Two Moving Parts on two row models.  Very basic hydraulic drive system with variable speed feed rate and relief valve back up.  Extra heavy duty bearings and sprockets etc.  Only six grease nipples on the whole machine.

 Heavy duty jack for free standing loading.  Bale strings cut and lifted out all at once by your tractor in the yard.  10 minutes to load and 10 minutes to feed out.  Adjustable spring loaded finger bar on the rear to control feed out rate.  New Zealand National Fieldays Award Winner.  Feeding out made quick, efficient and easy.

Phone NOW 0800 PLUCKS 0









7 • Main South Road Rakaia 7710, Mid Canterbury

October 2012



October 2012

Rural Market Place RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL • Heat Pumps • Garden Lighting • House Re-wire • Kitchen Re-fits • Spa Pool Installation • Telephone Extensions • Shop Fitting • New Builds/Extensions

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LT-A500XP $5,460 deposit

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Take home a new Suzuki KingQuad 500 or 750 Power Steer today for 1/3 deposit (or use your old bike as a trade in), pay a third in 12 months, and the final third in 24 months with 0% interest. LT-A500XP $15,995rrp – LT-A750XP $16,995rrp. *Conditions apply Talk to your Suzuki dealer today!

Avon City Suzuki

Greg Horton Electrician

Authorised Mitsubishi Installers

Epsom Road, Sockburn, Christchurch • 03 341 3490

Venue for hire

Multi-purpose open span 80 x 40m facility Very suitable for agricultural expo or similar Parking for large numbers Three phase power and sound system Seminar Room with kitchen facilities Arena Coordinator | Christine Fitzsimon Phone 027 550 3682 or 03 348 4374 Email

Domestic Water Wells • Free Site Consultation • Professional Job at a Competitive Price • Prompt and Efficient Team • Workmanship Guaranteed • Over 18 Years Experience • NZ Drillers Federation Member Ph GLEN DALY (Owner Operator)

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Hosta specials! Panel-beating ♦ Sandblasting Car & Truck Refinishing Insurance work: cars and trucks Sandblasting: all farm machinery Refinishing: trucks, trailers, horse floats Car windscreen replacements Loan cars available

826 Jones Road, Rolleston (03) 347 8703 (0272) 282 854

All hostas

LESS 25%

See our website for more details 851 Waterholes Road, Templeton

Open Sat 9am–12noon Mon–Fri 8am–4.30pm

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Ready for a change? We’re looking for a new sales person

FENCING Quality Rural Fencing Malcolm McCorkindale Ph: 027 208 6810 A/H: (03) 308 9254 Friendly, Professional Service

You are a great communicator who’s brimming with confidence.

• Dairy Conversions • Deer

• Sheep

Domestic, Lifestyle & Irrigation Wells • Pump Design, Sales & Service • Site Investigation & Soak Holes • Well Maintenance • Down Hole Camera • Domestic Wells from $120 per metre

• Subdivision • Sheep & Cattle Yards • Residential

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TIMBER Town & Country Timbers

Furniture & GiFts Ltd


Although sales experience is a distinct advantage, we’re more interested in your life experience and the unique skills you bring to the role. We are an independent NZ owned media company publishing rural community newspapers in Northland, Waikato, Taranaki, Manawatu and Canterbury. Our dramatic business growth in recent years looks set to continue as a direct result of our progressive leadership combined with a tight-knit supportive team environment. In this role, you’ll benefit from access to some of the best advertising sales people in the business, an ongoing training programme and the opportunity to earn income commensurate with your success. The role is based in our Darfield office and carries a retainer plus commission.

Gifts | Home Decor | Solid Furniture | Free Gift Wrapping

2239 Main South Rd | 03 347 6190 26 Crombie Road, RD25 Temuka Phone: 03 615 9343

Your excellent communication skills mean you’re comfortable with people from all sorts of businesses and you thrive in a team environment.

Open Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat & Sun 11-3

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October 2012





NEW MACHINERY IN STOCK VEE RAKES – Order now and save! PADDON RP10 10 Reel V-Rake ............................................ WAS $16,380 $15,250 PADDON HD12 12 Reel V-Rake ........................................... WAS $30,680 $28,500 PADDON HM300 3m PTO Tedder Rake ........................................ Special $6,995 PADDON Universal 400 4m PTO Tedder Rake .............................. Special $9,850 SITREX SR420/11 4.2m PTO Hay rake .......................................... Special $14,350 SITREX RT5800H 5.8m PTO Tedder .............................................. Special $15,495 TONUTTI Raptor V12 12 reel V-Rake ............................................. Special $16,990 TONUTTI Dominator V14 14 reel V-Rake ....................................... Special $25,990 DISC MOWERS – In stock now ready to go! REECE 2400 2.4m 6 disc mower c/w hyd lift........................ WAS $12,995 $11,990 KRONE AM283 2.8m 7 disc mower c/w hyd lift .................. WAS $16,650 $15,990 USED MACHINERY IN STOCK DUNCAN Renovator Mk 2 19 run 2 box c/w disc openers ................................. $25,500 DUNCAN Renovator Mk 2 19 run 1 box c/w disc openers ................................. $24,500 DUNCAN 701 20run arable drill c/w R& T Box – top order! .................................. $2,150 DUNCAN Vibroflex 9 tine HD Cultivator ................................................................ $1,950 HOOPER 2020 Series wheel controlled discs 28 blade excellent condition ....... $14,250 CONNERSHEA 9 Tine HD trailing chisel plough c/w hyd lift ................................ $2,850 CLAAS 255 Rotocut baler – very tidy ................................................................. $25,000 CLAAS 290 7 disc mower ..................................................................................... $8,990 REECE/UFO 3400 3.4m trailing mower – ex demo ............................................. $17,990 RATA 504 16’ Trailing 1” coil tine cultivator ........................................................ $12,500 HOWARD 3.0m PTO tedder rake .......................................................................... $3,950 USED MACHINERY BEING PREPARED MAXAM 3300 drum mower c/w wilter .......................................................................POA REECE/UFO 3100 4 drum trailing mower..................................................................POA BAMFORD 7 reel hay rake (2 to choose from) ..........................................................POA GEHL 1470 Variable chamber baler...........................................................................POA KRONE VP1500 Round baler ....................................................................................POA Prices Exclude GST


• Cutting mowing time since 1987 • Models from 30” to 72”

SPRING PRING OI OIL SA S LE Dynatrac Tractor & Truck 15W40

$30/7L or $650/drum Tractor Universal Powertrac 7884 Plus


Challenger 4T 10W40 for 4 wheelers

$30/4L or $50/10L

Distributor enquiries welcome

03 318 1262

03 314 8213



acity in class * Largest towing cap capacity *20% increased load r * Speedo & hourmete * New Bench seat

All prices delivered, include GST

For orders enquiries

53 Main Rd Amberley


• Powered blower grass catchers • Dealers nationwide


TRAILERS Bale & Pallet


743366 RIDEON




WAS $23,100+GST


NOW $21,100 available only while stocks last

Rangiora Motorcycles 10 Albert St Ph 03 313 4593 Kevin a/h 027 4361 974

• • • •

New 12 & 14 Ton Built to Last Removable Sides Optional Rear Extensions Available

Arriving December Enquires: Fred Bull 03 318 8229 or 021 346 955


We have all the tractor mounted machinery to keep your property looking spick and span:

Supplying custo

mers around th

e country for ov er 10 years

• Ute decks • Towbars – WOF – COF • Contract and fabrication work • Maintenance and repair work • Experienced trailer & horse float repairers • Galvanised horse jumps and hay feeders • General engineering


10 Grant Place RANGIORA

P (03) 313 9221

EMAIL HOURS Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm

Rotary slashers, topper & finish mowers from incl. GST


Wood chipper - 120 & 150mm chipping capacity from incl. GST



Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery Ltd Tel. 03-347-4956 • Mob. 0274 770 070 Email. Web.


,500 10 KingQuad 300 4x4 manual



ARTHUR BURKE LTD North Canterbury Suzuki Dealer Markham Street, Amberley

Phone 03 314 0132

Special offer only while current stocks last and not available in conjunction with any other offers.


October 2012

High density bales. Low running costs. High speed bale capacity. • 0.7-1.68 metre diameter bale • 2 metre wide galvanised pick-up • 15 knife chopping unit

• Crop roller as standard • Drop floor unblocking system

Call today for a DEMO!

The McHale V660 makes baling simple.

FINANCE 1.95% 12mths* 2.95% 24mths* DEAL 3.95% 36mths* 4.95% 48mths*

SEASONAL OR YEARLY PAYMENT OPTIONS* * Normal lending criteria & conditions apply

CHRISTCHURCH Power Farming Canterbury 03 349 5975 ASHBURTON Power Farming Ashburton 03 307 7153 TIMARU Power Farming Timaru 03 687 4127

Ben Hart 027 704 5407

Michael Bone 0274 350 884 Carl Painter 0276 483 300

Simon Jackson 0275 127 205 Neil Stuthridge 0275 824 545 Ross Dawbin 0272 810 042 Russell Burgess 0275 200 120 Dave Laughton 027 507 7631

Canterbury Farming, October 2012  
Canterbury Farming, October 2012  

28,500 copies distributed monthly – to every rural mailbox in Canterbury and the West Coast.