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May 2013

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Introducing new generations to the equestrian lifestyle

By Hugh de Lacy

A ‘Tight Five’ of industry experts is to be assembled by the Meat Industry Excellence Group (MIE) as big turnouts to farmer meetings round the country demand a restructuring of the loss-making industry. From the first meeting of more than 1000 farmers in Gore in March, producer demand for reform has swept up the country, with upwards of 500 attending each of the half-dozen meetings held at the time of writing. Meat-and-wool-farmer gatherings on such a nationwide scale haven’t been seen since the compulsory wool acquisition furore of the early 1970s. Tapanui, West Otago, sheep and cereal-crop farmer, Richard Young, is fronting the campaign as MIE chairman, and “The Tight Five will be the brains trust that will develop models we’ll take back to all the stakeholders,” he told Canterbury Farming.

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2013 NZGFA National Conference

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“We’ve got to come back with probably three or four models — who knows? — and then find the one that suits everybody best. “An important process with this Tight Five too is that all the stakeholders have got to have input, because if they do the adoption’s going to be a hell of a lot easier at the end of it.”

was much more widely based than earlier ones. “This time it seems everybody realises we can’t carry on doing what we’re doing. “The status quo’s no longer an option. “The companies are saying that too — not all of them, but everybody’s on the same page,” Young said. For reform to take place it was vital that farmers buy in to the process since they were the biggest stakeholders through their farm businesses and their co-operative ownership of around twothirds of the processing and marketing sector. MIE has otherwise set the goal of getting 80% buy-in of the off-farm sector to the development of a model that will “get this red meat sector functioning the way it should be, profitable and sustainable for all.”

No names had yet been put forward for the Tight Five because MIE was still seeking the buy-in of farmers.

Young said at present all the meat companies “are doing a lot of good stuff, and they’ve got a lot of good people as well, so it’s using those skills that are already in the industry, putting them together to stop the duplication between companies in marketing and innovation.”

Young said the current drive for reform of the meat industry

The model chosen would not necessarily require the

amalgamation of the two big co-operatives, Silver Fern Farms and Alliance Meats. “The co-ops believe that amalgamating in isolation (to other industry developments) would cost them business, and I tend to think that if you just amalgamate the co-ops all you’re doing is rearranging the deck-chairs. “Perhaps we need to address the direction of the ship,” Young said. The need for farmers to drive reforms arose because the industry body, Beef and Lamb NZ (BLNZ), wasn’t empowered to do that job. BLNZ was a key player in the Government’s $65 million Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) plan, which aims to build on the findings of the 2010 Red Meat Sector Strategy document by reducing beyond-the-farmgate gaps in technology transfer, and by improving co-ordination between organisations and individuals working for farmers. The Red Meat Strategy didn’t cover industry structure because it was outside the parameters of the PGP. “But we believe that there are huge gains to be had on

Richard Young is assembling a team of top industry experts to spearhead a new meat industry excellence initiative

the procurement side and the marketing side, but at the end of the day it’s all got to be marketdriven,” Young said. The MIE wanted its restructuring initiative to be inclusive, and in the short term the organisation was aiming to get a wider geographical and representational spread among farmers. Funding would be a later consideration, and “Every stakeholder — if they want a

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better industry, they’ve got to invest in it. “We’re funding ourselves at the moment just with farmers’ support. “At the end of the day every stakeholder within this industry and every industry-good body have got a part to play, because to get the best results we’re going to have to employ some pretty top-line people, and they don’t come cheap,” Young said.


May 2013

DOC and Fonterra a perfect marriage by Kate Wilkinson CONSULTING SURVEYORS Rural & Urban Subdivisions Cross Lease/Unit Surveys Resource Consents Topo/Site Surveys

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The exciting announcement of a new partnership between Fonterra and the Department of Conservation made recently that will see them working together to improve the natural habitats of key waterways around New Zealand over the next ten years is fantastic news for all of us and another example of farmers and conservationists working side-by-side and farmers working as conservationists. The partnership announcement also included Fonterra’s commitment over the next ten years to $20 million of community investment funding — the largest ever corporate contribution to conservation work. It has already been said that whilst this investment is important what is even more significant is the partnership itself — getting farmers and conservationists working together side-by-side doing the practical work to improve our waterways. The programme will enable wetland habits to be restored, better control of nutrients, reduction of pests and weeds, and thereby WRIGHT ENTERPRISES BUILD LTD



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the enhancement of native wildlife. It is part of Fonterra’s Living Water initiative and will initially focus on five areas — one of which includes the Te WaihoraLake Ellesmere water catchment. This is New Zealand’s fifth largest lake — it is nationally significant not only for its high cultural values but also as home to 166 species of birds, several wildlife reserves and a range of native fish. This latest programme builds on the commitment previously made back in 2011 when $11.6 million was pledged to clean up the lake comprising contributions of $6.1 million

from the Government, $3.5 million from Environment Canterbury, $1.3 million from Fonterra, $500,000 from Ngāi Tahu and the balance from the Selwyn District Council, Waihora Ellesmere Trust and Lincoln University. As the Minister said at the time ‘This is the most significant fresh water cleanup project New Zealand has undertaken because of the severity of the pollution and the size of the lake. It has taken 50 years for it to get into this mess and it will take a long-term commitment to put it right. The significance of today is that Ngāi Tahu, farmers, SAFE - Bait is enclosed and contained safely away from pets, children, working dogs, livestock and non target wildlife. ECONOMIC - Grate systems stops bait being carried away for storage, no wastage. Bait is eaten inside the Bait Station. FILL AND FORGET Requires minimal attention. USE ANYWHERE Sheds, homes, chicken coops, forest, gardens, factories, town or country.


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Kate Wilkinson MP for Waimakariri

community representatives, local, regional and central government, as well as New Zealand’s largest company, are committed to working together to drive the changes needed to reduce pollutants entering the lake and put it on the road to recovery’. This new DOC/Fonterra partnership epitomises the concept that stewardship of our land is vital — it is vital for farmers and it is vital for conservationists. We must all leave the land better than before. I have often said that the similarities between farmers and conservationists are obvious. Just as the Department of Conservation is steward of public land, so too are farmers stewards of private land. The concept of stewardship is the same for both — and this latest partnership demonstrates and reinforces this. So whilst some may have thought Fonterra and DOC to be strange bedfellows I think this is a marriage that is working, is timely, and will endure. It comes with a significant dowry! There is obvious determination and commitment from all to make it work. It is a win for Fonterra and farmers. It is a win for DOC and conservationists. It is a win for the environment. It is a win for Canterbury. It is a win-win for all of us.

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May 2013


From the Minister

Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries

Working smarter brings great rewards Over the last 30 years agriculture and the primary industries have been the star of New Zealand’s economy in more ways than one. These industries are now two and a half times more productive than they were in 1978. What this means is that not only are we working harder, but smarter as well. For example, we now produce the same amount of lamb meat today as we did in the early 1980s but with half the number of sheep. We know that an annual one percent increase in productivity means an extra $4 billion a year in exports by 2025. Farmers have made great use of science, technology and innovation over the years to become world leaders. This doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels though — in the future we need to do even better. This is why the new Lincoln Hub is an exciting development, creating a world-class agricultural research and education facility near Christchurch. The Hub will bring together scientists, researchers, academics, students and the private sector into one place to share knowledge. The plan has been put together by Lincoln University, Dairy NZ, AgResearch, Plant & Food Research, and Landcare Research. It will also help tackle the challenge of attracting young people into the primary industries. The average age of a New Zealand farmer is around 57 and we need to get the best and brightest of our young people involved.

Tradition swinging back in dairy breeds

This capital investment by AgResearch and Lincoln University will help to attract the best students into our pastoral-based industries and complement the strong links that Massey University has with agriculture.

As an observer it is interesting to see that the Jersey breed is joining some of the traditional sheep breeds and are talking up their stock.

As a Government we have the ambitious goal of doubling our primary sector exports from $30 billion to $60 billion by 2025. This won’t be achieved through business as usual — we’ll need to make the most of new technology and research.

The huge dominance of ‘Black and Whites’ in our national herd is as obvious as the need for more understanding by the city dwellers when it comes to farming. (Yes I know, but it is a pet subject of mine.)

A total of $650 million is being invested into the Primary Growth Partnership with half of this funding coming from industry themselves. This is funding 13 research projects that have the potential to generate major returns in areas like forestry, red meat and fishing. Some of the partners in these projects are involved with the Lincoln Hub which will create even more synergies. On top of this, the Government is budgeting $60 million to tackle some of the biggest scientific issues facing New Zealand. One of these areas will be ‘Land and Water’ — finding ways to boost our productivity on land while protecting our waterways. I’m convinced that agricultural and environmental science can help us find new win-win solutions for these big challenges. Back in the 1980s many commentators, including David Lange, claimed that farming was an unskilled, old-fashioned ‘sunset industry’. They couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m excited about our future in agriculture.

What isn’t acknowledged very much is the numbers of crossbreds in our national herd and the part that the Jerseys play in that arena. For many the Jersey went out of vogue when the call for protein became louder than the call for butter fat. However like so many sheep breeds, the Jersey breeders moved and have changed their stock to meet the market. Using a bull called Manhatten, they have bred an animal that offers great protein, has brilliant fertility, and easy calving despite the size of the dam. However there is still a problem, or perhaps challenge, for the breed — how do you convince a corporate board of directors that they should swing away from what they see as an ideal cow with size meaning milk volumes, and breed up a herd of smaller cows that will eat less and still perform very well.

When I suggested Jerseys would make a comeback because there’s still a base of farmers who love tradition and probably drive British cars, it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that farmers can no longer farm that way and the breed can and does stack up on its own performance and attributes. With only a smallish percentage of the national herd being purebreds, I think it is under 20 percent, they have a lot of work to do, but perhaps when you consider what they have added to the national herd, their task may be easier. Personally I think the temperament of Jersey cows is great and they look great, but as the man said: ‘It’s the performance that is vital, and with the right statistics backing the breeders the swing may well happen sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Jersey breeders, have you thought of marketing your milk as something special that people in the supermarket will buy because they know that it is from a special cow and is just what the consumer wants? I will leave you to come up with the sizzle, but don’t lose sight of the fact that consumers love to think they are enjoying something special others haven’t discovered yet.


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May 2013

Native Plants

Start your 2013 planting NOW!

O’Connor Comments

Specialists in eco-sourced native plants

With Damien O’Connor, Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture

Prices from approx $2 pp plus GST based on quantity

Palm kernel concerns addressed

We can contract grow to spec whether you need 100 or 10,000 plants

The Minister of Primary Industries cannot give any assurances that palm kernel extract (PKE) coming into New Zealand does not pose a serious biosecurity risk to New Zealand.

HARDY PLANTS SUITED TO YOUR LOCAL CONDITIONS Eco-sourced from Canterbury “The Native Plant Specialists”

48 Watsons Rd, Christchurch Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm

Phone: 03 359 2458 Email:

If you’re reading this, then so are your customers To advertise in the Canterbury Farming please call 03 347 2314 or email

In answer to a series of official information requests (OIAs) I asked about the findings in a report by two farmers who visited Malaysia, the minister admits that he and the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) rely upon assurances from Malaysian officials that PKE is free from contamination. A visit to Malaysia by farmers, David Clarke and Colin Mackinnon, and their subsequent report on what they found, shows the very possible scenario that PKE could be contaminated by animals and rodents from areas where foot and mouth disease is endemic.

The minister’s reply states he relies on documentation from Malaysian exporters and inspection by New Zealand importing companies to keep NZ free from foot and mouth and other unwanted diseases,

required and is planning to send officials to Malaysia. The question I have is “does the PKE now in NZ and purchased prior to any changes pose any unnecessary risk to our farming sector?”

The question I have is “does the PKE now in “ NZ and purchased prior to any changes pose any

unnecessary risk to our farming sector?” which in my view is both naïve and dangerous. The minister has now admitted a full review of the Import Health Standards is

We import over 1.5M tonnes of PKE and the feed is widely used across the dairy sector. Dairy cows could be directly exposed to foot and

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Be Ready with CaseIH

mouth disease through any carrier contamination during storage in Malaysia. The system is simply not good enough and this is another clear example of this National Government’s slack approach to biosecurity and cause for alarm. Every farmer I discuss this with understands the potential danger and wants an assurance that when they buy PKE they are not contributing to the possible importation of foot and mouth disease. Devastation of the kiwifruit industry from PSA in the Bay of Plenty, the growing threat to the brassica industry from the Great White Butterfly pest in Nelson and the possibility of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Disease (PRRS) from imported raw pork are all the result of a biosecurity system that has been squeezed by a National Government that has cut funding to this vital area of government responsibility. The cuts to most areas of government responsibility and services especially in the regions, further undermines the capacity for our primary sectors to prevent and address an outbreak of any pest or disease that might get to New Zealand. The recent auditor general’s report spells out that risk very clearly and it is about time the government sharpened up biosecurity protection for our farming industries. More money in the budget is essential or we will continue to play roulette with our future.

ROPS Option-JXU105 & Loader $84,923 + GST

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your farm machinery specialist

May 2013


Canterbury’s supreme award winners

by Rose Rees-Owen

Methven arable farmers, Craige and Roz Mackenzie of Greenvale Pastures Ltd, won the Supreme title at the Canterbury Ballance Farm Environment Awards. The couple grow mainly specialist crops, with the season’s rotation including radish, chicory, wheat, ryegrass, fescue, barley and faba beans. Along with 200ha, the Mackenzies also hold a 50 percent equity share in a neighbouring 330ha dairy unit. And with their daughter, Jemma, they co-own a company that utilises precision agriculture technology to provide agronomic support and solutions to farmers. The judges described the Mackenzies as progressive and say they have taken technology to the next step on their |irrigated farm ‘using every available tool to improve their production and cost efficiency’.

This includes electro– magnetic soil mapping to give a clear picture of water holding and productive capacity within specific zones, and variable rate irrigation to ensure crops are never over-watered. “As judges we are not saying that this level of intensive precision agriculture is where all farms need to go to be sustainable, but what Craige and Roz are doing is leading edge and deserves recognition through the awards,” says judging co-ordinator, James Hoban. The judges praised the Mackenzies for regarding their staff at Greenvale as ‘the most important aspect of their operation’. They noted the couple’s

effective utilisation of soil test and plant requirement information to plan and monitor nutrient use efficiency. Fertiliser is dispersed using a variable rate spreader equipped with technology that allows targeted nutrient application to meet specific crop requirements. Judges also commented on the couple’s strategic use of irrigation to ensure maximum seed germination while enhancing the activity of applied chemicals and increasing nitrogen use efficiency. As well as the Supreme Award the Mackenzies also collected the Ballance Nutrient Management Award, and the Environment Canterbury Regional Council Water Efficiency Award.

Canterbury Supreme Winners Craige and Roz Mackenzie



Infrared Detecting System. Approx 2 years from one set of 4 “D” batteries

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Approx 50 kills from one set of 4 “AA” batteries

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May 2013

Directors John H Falloon B.Ag.Com, B.Com, F.C.A. Aaron B Allred B.Com, C.A.

Call us for all your farm accounting requirements 208 Havelock St Fax 03 308 3519

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Call your rural accounting and business advisory specialists, Capon Madden.

Capon Madden can help maximise your return on the time and effort you invest to meet your business, family and personal financial goals. Specialist Services Business Valuations, Charitable Trusts, Estate Planning, Farm Accounting, Orchard Accounting, Rental Property, Retirement Planning, Selling a Business, Succession Planning, Trusts

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73 Burnett St, PO Box 395 Ashburton 7740

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Think SBS Bank We're proud of our history with the rural community. Our success lies in our people first philosophy and the fact that we're proudly New Zealand owned. If you need rural finance or investment options, then talk to us about the choices we can offer. After all, SBS Bank has been helping members on to their rural properties and into their homes for more than 140 years. Phone us on 0800 502 442 to find out how SBS Bank can help you develop a practical financial solution for your rural business.

Our normal account opening criteria and Terms and Conditions apply. Full Terms and Conditions for residential and agribusiness lending apply. Personal loans are provided by Finance Now Limited, a subsidiary of SBS Bank (Southland Building Society). SBS Bank insurance products are administered and managed by Southsure Assurance Limited, a subsidiary of SBS Bank. Full Terms and Conditions for residential and agribusiness lending and copies of our current Investment Statement and disclosure statements are available on request and free of charge from any branch or agency of SBS Bank or viewed on our website

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The Canterbury earthquakes have had a major impact on all property owners affected by the earthquakes. Major changes to dwelling insurance cover will take place over the remainder of this year. This is as a result of overseas re-insurers demanding that NZ insurance companies cease to provide replacement insurance for homes. On the annual renewal of insurance policies this year the new term will provide for a sum insured instead of replacement cover.

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Changes to dwelling insurance

The sum insured is to be nominated by the property owner and there is assistance for calculating the sum insured on-line. However calculating the ‘sum insured’ is not a simple task and advice may be obtained from a registered valuer. The sum insured is the maximum amount the insurance company will payout so each property owner should include not only the cost of a new house but also, costs of demolition of the former dwelling, paths

driveway fences etc. If the sum insured is too low and a disaster occurs a property owner could find themselves under-insured.

“It is not difficult

to conclude that insurance companies will not pay a cent more than they are obliged to. There is a hefty onus on property owners to put a realistic sum insured on their policy at the time of renewal.

On the other hand if a house is replaced for less than the sum insured, the insurance company will only pay out the actual cost. One insurance company sets out its options: (1) It may pay up to the rebuild cost or the sum insured whichever is lesser. (2) Repair or replace the damaged portion of the dwelling up to the repair or replacement cost whichever is less. It is not difficult to conclude that insurance companies will not pay a cent more than they are obliged to. There is a hefty onus on property owners to put a realistic sum insured on their policy at the time of renewal. While it is always possible to challenge insurance companies’ decisions the cost and stress involved would be huge. So it is vital to get insurance cover which adequately covers the property owner’s needs, and a realistic ‘sum insured’ is vital. This article has been prepared by Bessie Paterson, a Partner with Ronald Angland & Son, Solicitors, who may be contacted on phone number 03 349 4708 or e-mail bessie@

Offeringthe the best best Offering in legal advice legal advice and and service service Bessie Paterson throughout Canterbury wide Hornby (03) 349 4708 Canterbury John Angland Leeston (03) 324 3033

0800 502 442

Ronald W. Angland & Son LAWYERS


May 2013

Money Talk

W ith Andrew W yllie

We’re getting towards the business end of the Super Rugby competition and the Crusaders will be glad to have both Kieran Read and Dan Carter available as we head towards some very crucial games in the coming weeks.

Globally overall market sentiment remained positive despite events in Europe, including banking issues in Cyprus and Slovenia hoping to join the list of those seeking bail-out funds. Similarly, disappointing economic data from the United States and China failed to dent investor enthusiasm. Instead, market sentiment focussed on the renewed efforts of central banks to stimulate economic activity and to stem the emergence of deflationary risks. This received a large boost from Japan’s announcement of wideranging and large-scale asset purchases, while the re-election of outgoing Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano, provided some certainty for European markets. The United States Federal Reserve targets a long run annual inflation rate of 2.0% but inflation rose only 1.1% during March, down from 1.3% in February. Weak inflation data is also evident in other global markets. While we’re familiar with the concern that prices may rise faster than the upper inflation limit allows for, low or negative inflation (or deflation) is also a substantial risk to economic performance. So, while there will ultimately be an end to current monetary stimulus through low interest rates, government asset purchases and ‘quantitative easing’, the threat of deflationary pressures suggests that authorities will ensure economic growth is well embedded before withdrawing that stimulus. This suggests

that current accommodative policies still have some way to run, in which case asset prices will continue to be supported. The accommodative monetary policy backdrop continued to buoy equity markets with moderate gains seen in most regions. Of the markets we follow, Japan was the best performer in response to a change in government policy intended to more aggressively promote growth.


New Zealand Government bond yields hit record lows as offshore investors sought the higher yields available in New Zealand and Australian bond markets.

returns were more modest. European and emerging markets were the laggards, declining in New Zealand dollar terms. Global interest rates responded to mixed economic data and the continuation of the current accommodative policies by declining over the quarter. Locally, New Zealand Government bond yields hit record lows as offshore investors sought the higher yields available in New Zealand and Australian bond markets. Corporate bond yields also fell to record lows despite strong rallies in other asset classes. In recent months the forecast track for interest rate rises has been steadily pushed out. No change to this trend is expected and short-term interest rates are expected to remain low. Similarly, longerterm rates are only likely to move higher on evidence of growth recovery and price stability improvement. If you would like to confidentially discuss your investment requirements please give me a call.

New Zealand shares provided high single digit returns, helped by the information technology and aged-care sectors. In the United States, shares continued to move ahead with the current reporting season providing enough to support prices, even though revenue growth seems to have undershot forecasts. Australian returns were driven by very strong support for financials, consumer shares and telecoms. Weaker Chinese growth and lower commodity prices meanwhile weighed on resource sectors such that

Andrew Wyllie is an Authorised Financial Adviser with Forsyth Barr in Christchurch. For information on portfolio management, fixed interest and investments he can be contacted on 0800 367 227 or andrew. To find out more about Forsyth Barr visit This column is general in nature and should not be regarded as personalised investment advice. Forsyth Barr acted as a New Zealand Retail Offer Manager for the Mighty River Power offer and received a fee in relation to this role. Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.

Keep in touch with the markets and investment views wherever you are To download our FREE Forsyth Barr iPhone App, scan this QR code or search ‘Forsyth Barr’ in the App Store, and ● Create and monitor a watchlist of your favourite securities ● Access Forsyth Barr’s investment view ● Follow market news To find out more, contact Forsyth Barr Authorised Financial Adviser Andrew Wyllie on 03 365 4244 or

Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.

FBCH2108 - © Forsyth Barr Limited December 2012

So what has been happening in the markets? The big news locally has been the recent listing of Mighty River Power and what has turned out to be a very successful float. This is the first of the State Owned Enterprises to undergo a partial sale and is now listed on the NZX Main Board. Many people have now purchased the first share they’ve ever owned and are now part owners of this company. Once listed the Mighty River Power (MRP) share price will change in value depending on various factors and investor’s views of the company’s prospects. At the listing price, the after tax dividend yield was around 5% — slightly better than most term deposits. It’s expected that several other companies will list on the NZX for the first time this year — some of these as government partial privatisations and others where private owners are selling to the public.





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May 2013

Introducing new generations to the equestrian lifestyle by Andy Bryenton

“I’m very lucky,” says Liz Thomas, chief coach and instructor at Canterbury’s Kowhai Residential School of Riding. “So many people would love to swap their office for mine, any day!”




And it’s easy to see why. The picturesque farm and equestrian destination is situated in rolling hill country which epitomises rural New Zealand — a slice of the ‘clean green paradise’ which tourists pay to come here and experience. Add to this stunning backdrop a family endeavour which aims to introduce the love of all things equestrian to those who would otherwise miss out, and you have a match made in horse lovers’ heaven.

Liz grew up in a farming family, and has been involved with horses from a young age. She rode a pony to school, like many rural Kiwi kids of her generation, but her dedication didn’t end there. At the age of 14, not knowing that New Zealand already hosted an official pony club organisation, she took it upon herself to write to one of the oldest established pony clubs in the world, in the United kingdom, for information on starting her own club.

“They didn’t know that they were talking to a 14-yearold,” she says — but they were forthcoming with a wealth of knowledge. It was from seeds like these that the concept of Kowhai was born, growing and burgeoning to become what it is today. Looking at where the Kowhai Residential School (and close friends and affiliates the View Hill Pony Club) is in 2013, it’s hard to believe that in 1969 this vista of fields and


bio YCLE


BIOCYCLE SOUTH LTD Phone 0800 246 292 or 03 359 4443 One of the only Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems designed to exceed all standards email:

The team at Kowhai are proud to introduce novice riders to the world of equestrian — including foreign visitors and city kids who may never even have seen a ‘real live horse’ before

Conserve feed with Shear Grabs

facilities was gorse and scrub. A lot of hard work has gone into transforming it into a 90 horse working farm and riding school, but the rewards far outweigh the labour. “One girl first came here at the age of six — and she still rides with us today at age 40,” says Liz. “People form a bond with their horses, and many of our folks have gone on into farming vocations — dairying, equine care, veterinary medicine and more.” One of the major aims of Kowhai is to introduce city kids to the Kiwi countryside, and give them their first taste of horse riding. As well as trekking and enjoying time with the animals, guests pitch in with grooming, caring for tack and all aspects of equine care — a more holistic approach which shows them just what it means to work in partnership with these magnificent animals. Local farmers have proven great allies in the growth of the farm and school.

Through the combination of the clean cut obtained from the serrated knife and the rounded front design of the shear grab, the machine leaves a sealed pit face, which eliminates secondary fermentation. The side wall knife and closely spaced tines minimise silage / maize loss during transport.

n High tensile steel P n Robust frame P n Powerful rams P n Telehandler Spec P n Available widths 1.2m to 2.4m P



Dealers NZ Wide

Contact us for further information 0800 802 478



May 2013 “One of our greatest strengths is the generosity of the local farmers — letting us ride across private land,” says Liz. She notes that with their kind assistance the area open to Kowhai horse trekkers and riders has been opened up vastly, giving access to a real taste of the countryside.

visitors from Japan, South America, Europe and even as far afield as Greenland sharing a bunk-house with Kiwi riders.

As well as the many, many local kids and adults who have come to experience the Kowhai way of life, people have travelled from around the world to share in the place which Liz and her family have built.

And it really still is a family endeavour here in the gentle hill country above the Waimakariri — Liz fulfills the role of chief coach and instructor, while her son, Chris, runs the farm and takes care of administration. Daughter-in-law, Becci, is not only Kowhai’s farrier and an accomplished teacher in her own right — she’s also head chef, providing nourishing meals for the groups of almost thirty at a time.

It’s not uncommon to find

At Kowhai there is no set

“One of our greatest strengths is the generosity of the local farmers — letting us ride across private land” ‘system’ of horsemanship — just common sense, mutual respect and a love of horses and the outdoors. “We provide the most important thing for beginners,” says Liz, “A safe environment for their first experience.” This approach means that there are all kinds of horses

to have ‘their own’ horse — without the need for rural space of their own. Meanwhile new faces and novice riders, both young and old continue to flock to the green hills and fields outside of Oxford, and the View Hill Pony Club (in a way, the culmination of the dream instigated by Liz at age 14) is going from strength to strength too. This year View Hill sent three riders to compete with the Canterbury team at the New Zealand champs, and more are sure to follow.

and ponies in the stables at any given time — Welsh ponies, Arab horses, even some thoroughbreds. Some long-time riders come to feel that through the Kowhai School they have been able


It’s been a long road from riding a single pony to school near Ashburton to running a thriving residential school and farm today, but Liz insists that it’s definitely paid off. “We’ve met so many people, and had so many great people through here over the years, which has made it all worthwhile,” she says. It’s certain that all of those who have been introduced to the equestrian world in this uniquely Canterbury way feel that it’s been more than worthwhile too.


Buy Alpine, Buy Peace of Mind  Galvanised box section rafters  Bird proof  Complete kitsets  Best value  Best service Phone now for a free brochure pack Horse riding is great fun anywhere, but against the majestic backdrop of rural Canterbury it takes on a whole new dimension. Kowhai Residential School of Riding enjoys access to many local farms to offer a wider range of riding options

Sun, Sea Views and Spacious Apartment Living Spectacular sea views and all-day sun, this 10-year-old top-floor apartment is one of two, in one of Wellington’s top locations — Houghton Bay.

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May 2013

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May 2013

Preventative use of Rotagen Combo gaining momentum Rotagen Combo is increasingly being used as a fence at the top of the cliff rather than the ambulance at the bottom when dealing with calf scours. That’s the message from veterinary supply company Vetpak, which says there was a noticeable lift last season in the number of farmers using this unique product as a preventative option rather than just as a treatment. “Farmers with small numbers of calves from unvaccinated herds or calf rearers who were unsure of their animals’ immune or colostrum intake status were giving a five- day course of Rotagen as soon as the calves reached the rearing shed. If dairy farmers had elected not to vaccinate for Rotavirus this gave them and their vet an opportunity to offer some protection against Rotavirus to their heifer replacement calves. The Rotagen Combo range remains unique as non-toxic, non-withhold, vet only antibody treatment for calves affected by common pathogens, he says. “Time and again we hear from farmers that it can make a big difference when dealing with the stress of a scours outbreak.” The Rotagen combo range is based on Globigen, a spray-dried egg yolk powder derived from vaccinated chickens which contains

IgY’s specific to a particular organism — rotavirus 6 and 10, coronavirus, salmonella, cryptosporidium, and E.coli (K99). “Globigen is made by vaccinating high health status flocks against a specific pathogen. The hen then passes maternal immunoglobulins from serum to the egg yolk which is collected, then spray-dried, heat-treated and standardised to a determined IgY titre.

The product can be used with calves of any age and treatment can be initiated at any stage of infection. Calves of any age or weight can be treated at the same dosage rate. For prevention, the recommended dose is 10 grams per calf per day for five days. For treatment, farmers should dose calves with 10g twice

daily for the first day, then 5g twice daily for three to seven days. Appropriate rehydration is essential and Rotagen can be used in conjunction with electrolytes or milk feeding. For more detail phone Vetpak on 07 870 2024. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997. No. A9928.


Water Ballast Rollers Spiral Welded Pipe Grain Augers Range of standard sizes available or made to your required size.

16 Robinson Street Ashburton 7700 Phone/Fax 03 308 9623 Dave Stockdill

Rangiora Landscape & Garden Supplies Ltd

“This is then formulated into a Rotagen combination product by Vetpak here in NZ. Any Rotagen combination of the above IgY’s can be produced on request to meet a specific challenge.”

Post peelings, sawdust or shavings Ideal bedding for calf pens big or small

The IgY antibodies provide a passive immunity effect in the gut in the same way bovine colostrum would. “Studies have shown that IgY’s successfully passes through the gastro intestinal tract in an active form and are not altered by the digestive process. Their ability to bind to antigens is maintained within the local gut.” As the Rotagen products are based on a local gut immunity provided by immunoglobulins, there is no issue with toxicity and no withholding period.

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May 2013

Viewpoint The 2013 Budget has been delivered and with very little money to spare, there should have been no surprises. I don’t think many people were expecting any. As I was in Wellington on business, I took the opportunity to sit in the gallery of Parliament, and watch the Honourable Bill English deliver the Budget first hand, which was an interesting experience.

Farm Bridges - Precast and Prestressed Concrete

At Stahlton we pride ourselves on delivering cost effective and sustainable solutions for the rural sector. Specialising in precast farm bridges, Stahlton will provide you with a fit-for-purpose solution designed and installed with your environment in mind. Irrigator bridges • • •

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Spans available: • 7,000 max (200mm deep) • 12,000 max (300mm deep) • 18,000 max (400mm deep).

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What budgets always highlight to me, is the importance of agriculture, even though it is never as exciting as our city-based business people would like. Their businesses are often hyped to the max and underdeliver in macro-economic terms, whereas agriculture is like the strong silent type — doesn’t get much attention but underpins everything. Having said that, I am sure that all farmers will

by John Barnes

welcome the irrigation initiatives in the Budget, which have been in the pipeline for ages, are long overdue, and now hopefully about to become a reality. As the Primary Industries Minister, the Honourable Nathan Guy said, ‘we do not have a water shortage [problem] so much as a water storage shortage’. It seems that this will now be attended to. It emphasises the critical role of agriculture in our economy, when a drought can upset the Budget predictions as much as it has, and I am sure that this has stirred some people into action. Without wishing to rain on their parade, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that New Zealand agriculture will not take the huge leap in productivity

gains that this Government seeks, unless we become more aware of our soils, and the critical mass of organisms that they contain. Why is it that research in this area of science has been languishing for the past fifteen to twenty years? I have my suspicions, but suffice to say that we at Fertilizer New Zealand base all of our programmes on a sustainable basis, looking at both the short-term fertility and the long-term health of our soils, which are the lifeblood of agriculture. Unless our Government understands this, they will not succeed in meeting their targets. Nevertheless we will be doing our bit to ensure that they do at least come close to those ambitious goals.

May 2013


My point of view Allen Cookson

Casino, conventions, confusion Government’s arrangements with SkyCity over their convention centre and casino have been described as unconstitutional by opposition parties. and in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. National’s politicians lack comprehension of the economics and prospects of service industries such as gambling and tourism. These are low wage industries. Gambling’s social costs are not met by the revenue it provides. A continuing rise in jet fuel costs can be expected as oil becomes harder to find and extract. As these and other cost increases impact on potential conference attendees (except nearby Australians), they will be less likely to come or be sent on a junket to the nether end of the Earth. What will happen, with improved technology, is substitution of video-conferencing for

difficult to deny the need to minimise use of fossil energy. Even manufacturing with a well paid work force using renewable energy will then be competitive with low wage countries burdened with carbon taxes.

Why is the Key government hell-bent on selling the most precious publicly-owned assets— our hydro and geothermal generators? New Zealand is possibly the country most well-endowed with renewable energy. Why sell these assets to foreigners? Cheap, sustainable energy is crucial to a country’s high standard of living. It is the means by which backbreaking menial work is avoided. Think of the history of farming. Irrigation and dairy shed operations need cheap electrical energy. Nitrogenous fertiliser could be made sustainably with electrical energy.

The IMF told Greece that sale of their assets drove them towards bankruptcy. Is New Zealand to follow?

At present dealing with climate change appears too difficult. When severe weather events become common and low-lying land becomes flooded by rising sea level, it will become too

The Original Spouting Specialists

“Whether it’s a homestead or a farm shed CONTINUOUS has the solution for you.” • 21 years experience installing throughout Canterbury and Westland. • 6 spouting profiles to suit your requirements. • Installation crews servicing your local area. • Strong brackets and robust snow protection to handle the rural climate.

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The attempt to bind future governments for the next 35 years to current gambling and employment laws can be overridden by any future government as parliament is supreme in this sovereign democracy. However, rash amendment of National’s law concerning SkyCity could provoke worrying reactions from foreign investors and their governments. Nevertheless there are plenty of options for addressing concerns about the casino without amending the special deal between government and SkyCity. What is most worrying is the clear willingness of the Key government to abdicate its sovereignty, and that of its successors, in this case

traditional conferences. This affects airlines’ and airport terminals’ profitability. Sell Air NZ now while it is performing better than nearly all other airlines. Soon it will falter, like the others.

A Instant Finance, we’re here to help. We can tailor a loan to help you out At with farm equipment, farm maintenance or a personal loan. We offer flexible w tterms and easy loan repayment options, so you can clear your debt faster and really get ahead. Apply online or phone us anytime.

Helping Kiwis get ahead

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May 2013

Live life out of the wind

As we all know the Canterbury plains are prone to severe winds from nearly every direction that play havoc on stock, newly established plantings, and most all — US. Prevention is the logical solution. Disadvantages of shelter are that they may harbour insect pests, they compete for soil moisture and nutrients, there may be a shading effect, and there is a cost of establishment and maintenance. However the benefits of shelter far outweigh any disadvantages. A good shelterbelt should: — Be sited directly across harmful winds to give maximum protection — Be at intervals between belts not exceeding 10 times

the ultimate height of the shelter above what you are sheltering eg. A 10m tall shelterbelt sheltering a 5m tall crop or house would provide shelter for 50m in the lee of the shelter — Be as long as possible — avoid gaps — Have a permeability of about 40% (ie 40% light should be visible through the belt) — Be sited at least 6m from powerlines, 4m from water races, 1.5m from fences, and not so it shades a road in winter — Be functional

Arrive Alive

Don’t Drink and Drive

and aesthetically pleasing At Southern Woods we have been growing and supplying plants in Canterbury for this

purpose for over 25 years. It is still our main focus. We’ll work to provide a solution that is functional and aesthetically pleasing

to you. Plantings can be designed to complement existing shelter or gardens. Check us out on-site Main South Road,

Templeton, online on our extensive website www., or phone 0800 800 352 for a free catalogue.

TARPAULINS FOR THE FARM Super Cheap Waterproof Vinyl Tarps

These brilliantly priced tarpaulins have been pre-used as advertising banners and are available in a number of sizes Sample picture only

NEW STOCK AVAILABLE Full range of Concrete Block Sizes from 1.2 m x .600 x.600 to 1m x1m 1m Aqua Lock Blocks for retaining walls Easy lift certified lifting inserts

6m x 3m 12m x 3m 15m x 5m 16m x 4m 16.5m x 7m

Fast and affordable forWalls-Bulk Storage-Animal Weather Protection-Retaining Solid construction with certified concrete

Special: Buy five 6m x 3m tarps and get one free

Ph Alwyn 021709429 or e-mail or visit my display at 11 Broughs Rd, Christchurch. 6 Questions you should ask yourself before choosing your next shelter plant supplier... 1. Will I get exceptional advice on which shelter varieties are suitable to grow on my site? - YES! 2. Will the stock quality be second to none? - OF COURSE! 3. Are there display shelters on site to show me what a mature shelter looks like? - ABSOLUTELY! 4. Will I get really great value for money? - YOU BET! 5. Is there a great range of shelter stock to choose from? - ALWAYS! 6. Can the stock be freighted locally and nationwide? - NO PROBLEM!


for your free catalogue!

0800 800 35 2

Call us NOW for your shelter needs!

www. Fax (03) 347 9223 Main South Road, Templeton, Christchurch

$75 $150 $550 $550 $750

Contact Mike to order yours now Ph 021 644 903

Chook Manor Your one stop chook shop

Quality Built Chicken Coops Stockists of quality poultry products:

• Free range layer hens • Layer pellets & chick feeds • Poultry feeder & drinker systems • Natural animal healthcare products • Eft-pos & credit card sales welcomed • Large Range of incubators

Ph 03 325 1236

May 2013

Keep on top of battery sulphation and get a ten year battery life Sulphation is a major problem with lead-acid batteries and the less they’re used the worse it is. “From the moment they make a battery and charge it up it starts to sulphate,” says Gerard Anselmi of Recharge, “The sulphation deposit eats the lead plates away and causes a mechanical fault and premature battery failure so you buy them with sulphation and they only get worse till they die.” Recharge will dissolve those sulphur ions back into the electrolyte to hold the charge again. “The battery regains its capacity and stops corrosion of lead plates,” says Anselmi, “and a lot of battery users in our Recharge Conditioning Programme are getting 8–10 years from most batteries and a whole lot more from some of their better quality and deep cycle batteries. Simply dose them early, treat every two to three years and keep them charged. This programme effectively eliminates the sulphation problem” “After 14 years on the market in New Zealand and eight in Australia we have a very strong following especially in the farming and motor-home fraternity so if in doubt please ask some of your fellow users or check out the testimonials on our website,” says Anselmi. “Buying Recharge in the 500ml bottle, a car battery can be treated for about $5.” Recharge is available from Farmlands or AutoOne in the North Island and CRT Farm centres or Butlers AutoMarts in the South Island. Gerard and the Recharge team will be at their usual site ‘K19a’ at Mystery Creek Field Days again this June

Answering back pain One of the most vexing ailments for mankind has always been back pain and an innovative kiwi company has found a solution for many sufferers. Inversion New Zealand was started nearly six years ago by Dave and Nancy Hare, and their Teeter HangUp product, a specially designed apparatus, will be on display at Field days. Dave had suffered over 20 years of back pain from degenerated discs and had basically given up and decided to just live with it. “To me surgery was never an option — as long as I could still walk, there was hope,” he said. While on an overseas trip, Dave discovered the Teeter Hang-Ups.

12–15. For more info visit or see us on Facebook. And yes you can treat sealed batteries just email or call 0800 36 33 36. Recharge is also great for

deep cycle batteries like forklifts, golf-carts, scissorhoists and lighting batteries all of which can be worth many thousands of dollars so you may as well make them go as long as they can and save on unnecessary replacement cost.

Battery additive National Field Days Site K-19a

Battery Revitalizer & Conditioner A lot of people in our Recharge Conditioning Program are getting 8 to 10 years out of their batteries. Just dose them when you buy them, treat them every two years and give them an overnight charge twice a year between treatments and eliminate the sulphation problem,

A car battery can be treated for around $5. Available at :


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Transfer your old video tapes to DVD A lot of these tapes are deteriorating to the point they will disappear. We can save them for you. We can convert: Slides, old VHS tapes, Video 8 tapes, mini DV tapes, old 8mm movie, vhs-c tapes.

“The first time I tried it, the pain completely disappeared and was gone for about 30 minutes. Nothing had done that before.” Dave did not believe it would fix him but he knew he had a place to

“To my surprise the more I used the table the longer the pain stayed away, until after nearly three months I was completely pain-free.“I couldn’t believe it. “I had spent around $15,000 in ten years on every form of treatment available, and here was something I had never heard of sorting it out for me in a very short period of time.”

“This year we have doubled the size of the stand in the Lifestyle marquee at Gate Four, so we can treat more people” said Dave, adding that if he had he not tried the Teeter he would never have bought one.

“Over the years INZ has helped thousands of people get amazing relief from pain and we have seen excellent results not only with backs, but hips, knees, necks, posture, circulation, increased height, blood pressure, and lots more.

“That is why we do the shows — people need to try it for themselves. We let the tables do the talking. Come along for a free treatment. If you have completely resigned yourself to having back pain for the rest of your life, the chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.”

“We have testimonials from people with over 50 years of back problems, and even have the Teeter in

BACK or NECK PAIN? If you suffer from Back or Neck Pain then come along to our stand in the Lifestyle Marquee at the National Fieldays on the 12th to the 15th June. In 2006, a three and a half year medical study using the Teeter Hang-Ups was completed in the Regional Neuroscience Centre at Newcastle General Hospital. It was conducted by one of the UK’s leading Neurosurgeons and authorities on back care and it was found that Inversion Therapy reduced the need for spinal surgery for Sciatica by 77% compared to 22% with traditional methods of treatment. We will set the table to the relaxing angle of 20 degrees, which gently relieves the pressure on your spine and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. After nearly six years in NZ there are now enough people using the Teeter Hang-Ups to dispel the last of any doubts that these really do work if you suffer from Back or Neck Pain or simply just want to age healthily, bring this ad along for a free 10 minute treatment. “I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised!”

Inversion NZ Ltd

0800 62 62 83


20% off for readers


INZ now has a division putting the product into industry, as back pain costs companies a considerable amount of lost production.

The Hare’s decided to introduce Teeter into New Zealand, and Inversion New Zealand was born.

We have been in Merivale for 22 years, your tapes are safe with us

In temporary premisis UPSTAIRS in Merivale Mall Phone: 0800 226 372

a number of schools in New Zealand for their special needs children.” Dave adds that “blood to the brain helps these kids and the results are excellent. For the ageing population it maintains the health of the brain as we all get older.”

go every time he wanted some relief.

We courier to all areas, signature required, safe and reliable.

Discounts for bulk quantities


Ellis Road RANGIORA Ph. 03 313 8339

Show Specials Bring this ad along for a free treatment

Inversion helps to: • • • •

Relieve Back Pain Relieve Neck Pain Relieve Muscle Tension Stimulate Blood and Lymph Flow • Improve Posture • Increase Flexibility • Reduce the Effects of Aging caused by Gravity



May 2013

Irrigation Issues Dr Tony Daveron

Surely not? I was sure when I last wrote, the need for irrigation and the 2012-13 irrigation season had ended. Not so, the golden summer had not ended and sunny weather demanded irrigation. What can I say — long ago Napoleon Bonaparte said — ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Certainly a picture tells its own story, and that story is shaped by the mood of the person at the time it is seen. In April I noted that for all bar one irrigator I had seen, the 2012-13 irrigation season had come to an end. Well it seemed that 12 April was far

too soon. As the photograph testifies, it was a blue sky day, there was little wind and distribution was nearly as good as it can get for a roto– rainer. Yes, a perfect day for irrigating. I’m not sure what Napoleon Bonaparte would have done if he had been around today — but I guess if that had been an English man–o–war sailing down his channel there would have

been a volley of canon fire. Napoleon also said — ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake’. So despite sunny Saturday weather with 30–60mm rain forecast for the Sunday night, it was a matter of driving on by and not becoming too upset nor disappointed. Oh well, there is an upside. Irrigating at this time of this season will certainly assist with groundwater recharge immediately down gradient of the property. Wouldn’t do much for the nutrient balance though! Recharge — yes it is time to consider what sort of winter we would like so that groundwater irrigation is sustainable in 2013-14. One of my favoured monitor bores is M36/1926 in the mid-plains area above


Independent Irrigation Specialists • Water Meter Data-logging & Telemet T ry • Independent Irrigation Design • Irrigation System Evaluations


CONTA T CT: TA Matthew Bubb Ian McIndoe Neal Borrie Greg Barkle

(03) 307 6950 (03) 964 6512 (03) 964 6519 (07) 858 4851

Experience – Expertise – Excellence

w w w. a q u a l i n c . c o m

SH1. As the plot of water levels shows, we gave the groundwater a bit of a hammering for a month or two this season, contributing to the drop in the regional water level by nearly 10m. You can see when everyone ‘turned off’ — the sharp kick back began after the end of February and continued through March. Good sign that most had decided there was not much need to irrigate in March and April. Furthermore, recharge has begun — evidenced by the more gradual rise in water levels through to midApril. I would expect the heavy rainfall on May 5 and 6 will make a significant contribution and will be seen in the May measurements. What is needed is a rise

back to — 45mbgl or more. This will take some decent rainfall events — sorry, we need a couple of 50–100mm events in the next month or two to set up water levels for the next season.

I am sure Napoleon would be happier with what I hope will be the water level in the next month than for another photo like I led with to be the headline.


May 2013


Forecast — Canterbury

Although bringing more westerly quarter airflow, especially northwesterly airflow than the previous few months, airflow from other directions was still dominant, with anticyclones taking various paths over and around the South Island, and low pressure systems still able to develop in the Tasman Sea and affect Canterbury. Unlike March, rainfall was above normal, with totals generally 120-150% of the usual, but some areas of North Canterbury 150-180% of normal, as were some alpine areas. Days with rain were greater than normal also. Temperatures were warmer than normal, generally by +0.5 to +1.0deg overall, but for many places night time minimum temperatures were very much above normal, with departures of +1.0 to over +2.0deg. A few very warm days for the time of year were recorded, with mid-20s temperatures experienced late in the month. Sunshine hours were lower than normal, with increased cloudiness keeping sunshine to 80-95% of the usual. This was due to recurring easterly airflows bringing onshore low cloud, balanced by high

cloud days in northerly or northwesterly airstreams. In the tropical Pacific conditions remain mixed and overall in a neutral state. There is no clear trend towards either El Nino or La Nina, and although the Southern Oscillation Index has trended up and down during the month, no other indicators show a clear trend. There looks to be good reason to expect on-going neutral conditions in the tropical Pacific for at least the next few months, and probably well into spring. Sea surface temperatures off the Canterbury coast remain near normal, while temperatures are warmer than normal in the Tasman Sea. This may be a key driver in weather patterns over the next two to three months.

Computer models show no clear trend expected towards either El Nino or La Nina in the next six months, with models showing considerable diversity. With little change from our last outlook, our expectations for the next few months are to see substantially reduced westerly airflow over the South Island right through winter, with anticyclones still tracking across the South Island regularly, but also the on-going development of low pressure systems in the Tasman Sea. The interactions between these low pressure systems and the anticyclones will likely bring frequent (but not continual) periods of easterly airflow over Canterbury. For this reason we confidently expect the winter season to be

cloudier than usual. While some frosty periods are likely with the anticyclones, we generally expect fewer frosts than usual. Overall we expect day time temperatures to be colder than normal due to reduced sunshine, but night time temperatures milder than usual. These are likely to balance out only a little colder than the long term average. Rainfall is likely to be at least normal in June, with indications that July could see the Tasman Sea low pressure systems becoming more dominant, and likely bringing above normal rainfall. July could be a stormy month with significant snowfalls. August may see anticyclones becoming more dominant with rainfall more likely to be near normal or a little drier, and possibly more frosts then.

Providing WatEr SuPPLy SoLutionS to thE CantErbury rEgion for ovEr 25 yEarS






A little wetter than normal

A little colder than normal

Cloudier than normal

Light easterly airflow


Wetter than normal

A little colder than normal

Cloudier than normal

Low pressure systems affecting the country


Near normal

Near normal cold nights

Near normal

More anticyclones


Near normal

A little warmer than normal

Near normal

More anticyclones

The easiest way to get an accurate weather forecast? Call the only LOCAL Canterbury weatherline…

0900 4CAST Calls cost $1.29 per minute

We can help with custom forecasts for local areas, snow warnings, frost prediction, long term and seasonal forecasts

Blue Skies Weather The only weather forecasters located right here in Canterbury

03 314 7318 email:

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Pivot Servicing

Service your pivot before irrigation season. We service all brands.

Come in and visit or call us on 03 3243 880 22 Station Street, Leeston

Email: Web:



May 2013

Low planting lifts water quality The benefits of keeping stock out of waterways with fencing can be boosted by a planted margin, which will help improve water quality.

• Stock Water Troughs (in various sizes) • Holding Tanks • Cattle Underpasses/Box Culverts • Certified Farm Bridges • Pivot Irrigator Bridges • Dog Bowls • Pipes and Accessories • Fenceposts • Headwalls • Stays & Blocks Almost all your on farm requirments

03 308 2397 21 Malcolm McDowell Road Ashburton

To advertise in the Canterbury Farming please call 03 347 2314 or email


Long dense grass, flax, sedges and rushes, serve as a filter to help remove sediment, bacteria and nutrients (mostly phosphorus) from surface runoff. The planting provides shade in narrow waterways (less than 2m) and improves the habitat for fish. There are a number of locations where low planting will be most effective at improving water quality, such as along drains and small lowland streams that feed into main rivers; areas with significant runoff; and beside waterways which are strip grazed in autumn and winter.

Other ideal locations are beside vegetated drains in areas with poor soil drainage or pugging and moderate slopes, and where paddocks are cultivated. In general, the steeper and longer the slope feeding into the waterway, or the more poorly drained the soil, the wider

the planted area needs to be. For gently rolling land, a margin width of 1-3m per 100m of slope feeding into the waterway is ideal. In areas with steeper slopes or poorly draining soils, a grassy margin of 10-15m per 100m of adjacent slope is recommended.

Getting plants in the ground Here are some simple reminders to help get plants off to a good start:

the roots in a natural position and continue filling with soil, firming as you go

plant on an overcast, wet or windless day (if you can)

• stake plants to help find them again at weeding time.

handle plants carefully to avoid root damage

set plants out to check for correct spacing

• dig a good size hole and loosen the soil • set the plant in the hole and fill three quarters full. Give the plant a very gentle lift to set

on farms. They can be viewed at in the Farmfacts — environment section.

Weed growth (especially gorse, broom and blackberry) can be a real problem in low planting areas, so it’s important to manage it from the outset. This article is adapted from the fourth in a series of nine DairyNZ Farmfacts on managing waterways

Domestic Water Wells

Reduce the risk of electrocution and electrical fires on the farm. Contact Orion to arrange free onsite advice. 0800 363 9898

• Free Site Consultation • Professional Job at a Competitive Price • Prompt and Efficient Team • Workmanship Guaranteed • Over 18 Years Experience • NZ Drillers Federation Member Ph GLEN DALY (Owner Operator)

027 663 9961 Daly Water Wells After hours 03 329 5625


May 2013


FENCING Get the best results New Temuka site manager for Great Southern group, Mark Robertson, has a wealth of knowledge in all aspect of posts and timber. Mark has also built Great Southern farm buildings for a number of years so can help you get the best results with your new farm building projects. Mark is proud to be associated with a company with a long standing reputation for quality and service in farm fencing, timber solutions, farm buildings and concrete products. Great Southern group are proudly local, with a great understanding of the local market and offer a full range of wooden posts and poles. They also have a reputation for going the extra in building farm sheds to customer’s specifications. Their concrete divisions have a reputation for producing one of the best ranges of concrete products available. All of these products are made from high strength 35-40 MPA concrete, which is reinforced with fibre, steel or both.

full range of concrete troughs, including the popular 1,500L round with a separate trough chamber. New to their range are single and double-sided

Today they treat with pure oxide chemicals which leave much less residue on the wood surface and make the product cleaner and safe to handle. They are also less corrosive on wire and staples.

cattle feed troughs. They also produce water tanks, fuel bunds, septic tanks, dangerous goods and storage sheds, posts, pavers and ornaments.

Great Southern boasts a




manufactured treated wooden fence posts and timber since the introduction of treatment chemicals in the early 1960s. Today they treat with pure oxide chemicals which leave much less residue on the wood surface and make the product cleaner and safe to handle. They are also less corrosive on wire and staples.

Mark Robertson (Site Manager) and Kyle Hayward (Yard Supervisor) seeing off a load off deer post to another satisfied customer

“We pride ourselves on having superior products and have a very rigid quality control programme in place, ensuring a high standard of finish across all our products” says Mark. Mark and his team are looking forward to being able to handle your enquiries and orders quickly and efficiently, and are committed to going the extra mile for you. Phone Mark on 027 222 3319

Posts & Strainers Against at tack from insects & fungi

Generously Sized. Guaranteed. Processed locally. Competitively priced.

We recommend that you use proven high strength Southern Tough posts.

• qualified fencing contractor (NZQA) • dairy conversions • lifestyle block fencing • high country fencing • deer, cattle & sheep yard construction • explosive/blasting certified • member of the NZ Fencing Contractors Association

Place your order with our experienced team now

No. 1 for Posts & Timber

027 454 2020


Southbrook Rd Rangiora Ph 03 313 8339 Fax 03 313 3767 Email

Oamaru 434 8658 Waimate 689 6369

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Temuka 615 5725 Ashburton 308 5304

• Deer Posts • Stays • Strainers • Poles • Sheep Posts • Trellis Posts



May 2013

HIGH COUNTRY FENCING • All RURAL fencing • DAIRY CONVERSIONS • Post & rail fencing • Yard building • Residential & Security • Specialist bulldozer and side-mounted post-driver setup

• High or Down Country • Explosive licence

Geoff Rogers 021 640 748 |

Summerfield Fencing Ltd Fencing the greater canterbury area

Registered and Qualified contractors with 30 years fencing contracting experience... We can build your...

• Small & Large Scale Fencing • Post driving • Sheep & Deer Fencing • Sheep & Deer Cattle Yards • Dairy Conversions • Vineyards • Sub-divisions • Lifestyle Blocks

• Horse Fencing, arenas, yards & corrals • Alpaca Shelters • Post & Rail • Fowl & Chicken runs • Shed’s, Garages & Lean-to’s • Rural & Urban sheds • Garden & Wood sheds • Bike Sheds • “MAN” Caves

We can help with your planning and design. Phone John or Carol Ph: 03 3124747 Cell: 0274 473474

E: • Web:

daY l to Calfor all Your gardening needs shelter belts

• general garden maintenance • farm plantings • plans • lawns lay/maintain • spraying

Proven by experience Practical experience counts, and because of it, NZF Products Ltd is proud to be New Zealand distributor for the Christie Engineering Petrol Powered Waratah driver. “The ergonomic design makes installing steel Y posts quick and efficient. Using a Honda GX35 FOUR stroke motor, the machine starts effortlessly and reliably every time,” says Hamish Hurst from NZF Products. “Our family have a steep hill country farm near Parnassus, North Canterbury, with an extensive hill country fencing programme. We were trying to install about 80 Y posts a day, by hand, into hard rotten rock and we brought a Maxi 73mm model from Christie Engineering and were installing up to 100 posts an hour in hard country. “The labour savings and increased productivity have meant we have saved thousands.” Selfpowered with no hoses and compressors to worry about, it is a simple easy to use system. “The old Ponjar rock drill has only been out

for 40 posts during this period where we would have had to use it for half of all steel posts installed. Two Maxi machines have been going strongly since October installing over 4,000 posts per machine, and contractors in Australia report machines still going strong after 20,000 steel posts. This reliability is due to the machine being fully manufactured and precision machined locally in Sydney from the highest grade of materials possible, plus being coupled with a genuine OEM approved Honda FOUR stroke motor with a three year warranty, make it a winning combination.” There are two models ex stock, the Standard 50mm model which weighs 13kg, then a Maxi 73mm model at 16kg. The Maxi model can drive two Y posts welded back to back where traditionally heavy T Irons were used on hand fenced corners,

plus has 20% more power due to a larger diameter piston. “Up to 200 Y posts an hour can easily be installed in good ground much faster than compressed air or hydraulic systems, while in harder ground the machine can break through rotten and shaley rock where traditionally rock drills had to be used where it was too hard for a sledge hammer,” Mr Hurst adds.

“The Maxi will drive old T irons, flat standards and 50x50 square pointed wooden battens. The design allows steel posts to be easily thumped to full length for tie backs and tie downs, saving valuable hours, plus does not damage the tops of posts.” For sales, service and enquiries contact NZF Products on 027 469 4301, sales@ or

Summerfield Fencin

PH: 03 308 5076 • MOBILE: 027 420 3815 email: The Christie Post Driver developed by Christie Engineering has been designed for the harsh Australian environment. Weighing 13kg it is lightweight and portable while being powerful enough to drive a star or Y steel picket post into the hardest ground in a matter of seconds using 1720BPM hammer action . The design enables the operator to move along a fence line with ease much faster than traditional air and hydraulic driven units.

Powered by the ultra reliable Honda GX35 1.0kW motor and featuring a Honda throttle assembly the unit has been built to last. Covered by a 3 year motor and 1 year assembly warranty the Christie Post Driver is ready to tackle any fence.

• All Types Of Fencing

All Internal components are manufactured from the highest quality precision machined materials to give the longest tool life possible. The harsh hammering action is isolated from the operator via spring dampened handles allowing many hours of fatigue free operation.

Summerfield Fencin

Specialising in post & rail, cattle & sheep yards

Agricultural Contractors

• Hay & Baleage • Cultivating • Direct Drilling • Digger hire

Craig Wakelin Owner/Operator

0274 783 104

Lightweight alloy configuration

Ph: 027 469 4301

Up to 500 posts per litre

Spring dampened handles

Reliable Honda motor

Suits standard star and Y posts

Sole NZ Agent: NZF Products Limited, 201 Maces Road, Bromley, Christchurch

Handle mounted throttle

May 2013




1949 Veterinary Handbook COWS: Impaction of the Paunch Visit the KINGHITTER Site No. C72 at Northland Field Days 2012

A form of indigestion, in which the paunch is overloaded with food. Common causes are overfeeding, so this condition

more commonly affects stall-fed cattle. In addition, a sudden change to feed to which the animals are unaccustomed, and excessive

feeding of indigestible foodstuffs, such as damaged silage, are all liable to result in impaction.

2. Withhold all food, and administer a drench of 1¼ lbs. Epsom Salts in a quart of water.

3. Massaging the left flank will also help to relieve the condition.

What to do 1. Symptoms develop gradually. Cows go off their milk, and appear dull. Distension of the left flank is a feature.

See uS at NatioNal FieldayS Site No’S B41, M61, M63

KA SE E D MU E (1984) LTD T Sealy Street, Temuka Ph/Fa x: (03) 615 7913

Stockfood Manufacturers • Calf Meals/Nuts High-Low Protein • All Purpose Meal eg. Hen, Pig, Goat • Sheep Nuts

• Rolled Barley with molasses • Dairy Meals • Feed Grain eg Barley Wheat Peas

For all your seed, dressing, drying & mixing requirements Free Mixing Ryegrasses, Brassicas, Clovers, Cocksfoot, Timothy, Chichory

FREEPHONE 0800 615 7913 0274 499 062

ATTENTION ALL FARMERS CASUALTY CALF & LAMB COLLECTION Nichols (NZ) Ltd operates a casualty stock collection in your area. If you require a fast, professional and prompt service please contact our Head Office below. We will organise to have a local contractor collect regularly from you. Farmer payments are made in December to you or a charitable organisation of your choice.

Nichols (NZ) Limited

PO Box 19758, Woolston, Christchurch 8241 P: (03) 384 3260 • F: (03) 384 3014 Email: • Web:



May 2013

Wool Perspective From Rob Cochrane GM, Procurement, PGG Wrightson Wool

Wool prices may well have some ‘upside’ It has been anticipated for a while now, but reality has definitely hit home in the past couple of weeks, that wool supply is substantially limited due to the prolonged dry conditions which affected much of the country during the past six to eight months.

WOOL BUYERS Providing direct wool links from farm to user with a low cost marketing pipeline

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North Island brokers were forced to cancel their auction sale scheduled for May 16, due to very small quantities and whilst South Island auction quantities were not as badly affected only limited supply was available there during mid to late May. The weakening counterpart past month

Kiwi dollar’s against it’s major ($US) over the has also begun to

pressure wool prices globally. The ‘Kiwi’ cross rate against the ‘Greenback’ on May 20, 2013, was approximately $US0.8150, versus approximately $US0.8630 on April 8 this year (a devaluation of around 5%), however relative values were still a long way from that of May 13, 2012, when the Kiwi was buying approximately $US0.7500. While our wool price records show that currency movements are (usually) not fully reflected in the wool market place, current conditions of low supply and a better exchange rate for exporters could suggest that wool prices may well have some upside in the near future. At time of composition, the most recent wool auction held in Christchurch (May 9) witnessed increases in value for all types on offer with clearance from the auctioneer’s rostrum of around 95%. Price improvements of between 3% and 5% compared

Woolshed servicing

to the previous South Island auction (April 24) were achieved as buyers seized the opportunity to purchase wool from what was likely to be the largest offering for another few months. With smaller quantities expected for the remainder of the current season’s auctions (May 23, June 6, 20, and 27 ) it’s anticipated that prices should be very solid. Contamination: The age old problem of contamination of wool by foreign objects somehow making their way into wool bales on-farm, has reared its head again with a recent spate of issues becoming apparent at wool scours. Emptying the contents of wool bales at a wool scour is often the first stage where contamination becomes obvious, although the grab sampling process in brokers’ stores does identify many issues, and bales identified as containing contaminants are rejected for further scrutiny through a sorting and binning process. Contamination can be from a wide variety of things such as metal wool-press bars (many of these are discovered in brokers’ stores and wool scours each season), bale hooks, marker pens, soft-drink

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cans, towels, clothing items, polypropylene twine, shearing hand pieces, wallets, cigarette packets, lighters, gumboots, wet weather gear, and in one extreme case a complete double ended grinder was found in a bale! It must be appreciated that, when wool has been tipped into a wool scour, which is obviously a large and expensive machinery process, if any contaminant is missed there could be extremely costly consequences for machinery damage and downtime (particularly from metal objects), but also in the further contamination of the actual wool (particularly in the case of other fibre from clothing and/or twine) and its rendered uselessness for its intended customer resulting in again extremely costly claims. I can assure you that a small piece of polypropylene twine can cause unbelievable damage over many thousands of kilograms of sliver or yarn. As far as contamination of your wool is concerned, prevention is far easier and less expensive than cure, therefore it is absolutely imperative that growers and shearing contractors explain to their staff the huge implications that carelessness can cause. That’s my view.

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May 2013

Canterbury Branch NZ Deer Farmers Assn Sponsored By Mountain River Processors Ltd

Weaned deer and transport The time of year is fast approaching when the weaners are yarded and the tagging, sorting and actual weaning process begins before sending them off to sale yards or to other farms. With a greater than ever emphasis now being placed on animal welfare right across the board, it’s quite timely to look again at the issues involved with these practices. We all know that stress is a big killer of deer so consider this: The weaning of deer according to scientific data is the most stressful time in that animal’s lifetime. Couple this with ear tagging and drenching and this adds to the stress during this process. Transport is the second most stressful time in an animal’s lifetime according to the same data. With that in mind it’s important to recognise why both the Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Deer and the DeerQA Transport Programme have standards specific to weaned deer. The minimum standards in both of those documents have been put

in place to protect the welfare of the animals. There was an amendment added to the Code of Welfare for Deer a number of years ago to bring it into line with the DeerQA Deer Transport Programme. This change gives those farmers who don’t have the appropriate facilities to wean and hold deer an alternate option at weaning time. The change affects Minimum Standard No.15 page 43 in the Code of Welfare for Deer: ‘Unweaned deer (dams or fawns) and deer that have been weaned for less than 10 days (dams or fawns) must not be transported’. This standard

has been replaced with the DeerQA Transport standard 4.7, weaned deer (page 13, DeerQA Transport Programme): ‘Where deer are transported at weaning they must proceed directly from farm to farm immediately following weaning and the total duration of yarding and transport must not exceed six hours’. Unweaned deer and deer weaned for less than 10 days must not be sent to saleyards or (dams) to slaughter. Statistics from NZFSA (now MPI) at processing plants show an increase in death rates for hinds being sent to slaughter during the weaning period.

rence It is not too late to make a diffe s! es to this year’s Calf Rearing succ

New Zealand’s best known and most successful Calf Rearing Concept in use since 2001

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right environment weaners will travel perfectly fine for longer distances and time frames in the right environments however on the downside of that given the wrong environment such as cold, wet and muddy conditions and inclement weather during the journey, then things may not go according to plan.

48 hours or more after being weaned on the farm to arriving at their final destination.

HINDSITE In the earlier days of the DeerQA Transport Programme transport operators clearly identified that the area of most insurance claims against them were for losses with weaner deer. It was also identified that in some instances these deer were being subjected to stressors like transport, sale yards and going without food or water for anything up to


The implementation of the DeerQA transport standards back in 1993 dramatically changed the situation and insurance claims dropped to a very low percentage for losses. Although the system didn’t suit everybody it certainly worked and the animal’s welfare certainly benefitted.

Nobody likes to see animals dead on arrival so if everybody involved in the process of weaning and transport work to the standards and consider those down the chain from where they are and don’t push the limits too far, then the process will have the desired outcome.

Some deer transporters comment that last season in some instances they were being asked and expected to transport unweaned deer for greater distances and times than the standards allow. All things being equal and with the

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May 2013

Forestry Market Report Allan Laurie MNZIF Laurie Forestry Ltd

Rubber trees

After the big snow in ‘92 there was a fair amount of damage throughout the forests in Canterbury. Ashley Forest was no exception. As one would expect the predominant type of damage was where the snow got so heavy in the canopy that the stem snapped. However in some compartments trees actually bent over.

Again this was thought to be expected especially in the younger stands. After about a year these trees either straightened up or would be thinned out. However in some compartments these ‘Rubber trees’ were not young but very mature, in fact some trees had a DBH > 45cms. (see photo).

significant reduction in tracheid (fibre) length and diameter as well as cell wall thickness. Probably more important were later findings that showed the number of tracheids per sq cm were also significantly reduced and replaced with parenchyma cell (weak packing cells). Hence the reason why there is increased number of 4 x 2 rejected after drying due to bowing and cupping. So when we read from a Dutch research paper that 12 grams of elemental boron per Ha is deposited onto coastal lands each year, we wondered if this was the reason why conifers such as P.radiata, Cup macrocarpa, D.fir and redwoods are endemic to Coastal North America. So we went to find out. More about this next month.

Joke time: A true story. A middle aged couple went shopping but just as the car was pulling into the car park it broke down. The husband suggested that she go and do the shopping while he fixes the car. On her return she noticed a group of people hanging around their car. On further inspection she noticed a couple of hairy legs protruding from underneath the car. However she noticed that her husband forgot to put on any under pants and his private parts were in plain view. This unusual phenomena was only present in certain compartments which were later found to be the only compartments not treated with boron. Samples of these ‘rubber trees’ were sent to FRI for analysis. Results showed that there was

To hide her embarrassment she quickly bent down and put her hand up his shorts and tucked his jewels away so no one good see. On getting back on her feet she noticed her husband standing nearby with a horrible look on his face. And the AA guy had to get three stitches in his forehead.

Log markets have continued in a positive tone with demand across both domestic and export segments good. Prices are either holding steady or firming slightly and an optimistic mood continues to pervade.

to support them with log supply is critical.

The China market continues to dominate all segments with consumption remaining at or about expectation. An increase in log shipments from the Pacific North West was expected to ease prices as supply was anticipated to exceed demand.

In broad terms, nationally, we are harvesting about two million tonnes of logs per month give or take. So although it looks like there are a lot of logs on the wharves, it is important to remember there are just as many being delivered to local mills.

At the current levels it will not take much for a swing in demand, or supply from other sources to upset the apple cart. We certainly need to avoid the boom and bust cycles that have dominated our industry until recent times. In Canterbury we continue to wait with baited breath for the large surge in lumber demand consequent on the rebuild. At present all mills are busy, have good order books and lumber prices are showing signs of upward pressure. Thus far that pressure hasn’t filtered down to the forest gate.

However the market has shrugged off the additional volume and prices have held steady. The key market indicator A grade is now selling at CNF US$148 per cubic metre. At this level A grade at New Zealand wharves is NZ$100+ per cubic metre which means the forest owner can enjoy a much improved return.

I have noted a couple of the larger mills in Canterbury are struggling for log supply. That is likely the consequence of a change in crop type harvest by some of the bigger players, as it is a function of better export prices.

I indicated in last month’s report I felt it would be dangerous for NZ suppliers in China to force prices any higher. Despite an apparent robustness to the market and promise of more to come, I continue to hold that view.

These local mills are so fundamental to the success of our wider industry, continuing

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FARMING DRAIN WORK FORESTRY SANDSTONE MUD PAPA CLAY SNOW ICE co m e P l e a s e s at t h e it u a n d v i s a l Fi e l d a y s N at i o n J 2 1 –J 2 3 S i te

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For the most part shipping costs have been holding firm and in recent days there are the slightest signs of softening. This combined with a slightly weaker US/Kiwi$ exchange rate, has seen prices at the wharf gate, NZ, firm very slightly for May and early June shipments.

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Thus it is time for many more to now follow suit and it has never been more timely to remember the only way forward for climate, country and the planet is to get out there and plant more trees!

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Shipping has remained challenging in terms of trying to work out just where the supply demand balance is on any given day. There are a huge range of factors which impact shipping settlements and a lot of smoke and mirrors, rumours and balderdash pervading negotiations. As a consequence settlements are often very late which make price planning problematic.

As stated last month forestry is certainly enjoying a sustained level of improved prices with anticipated supply demand statistics globally, appearing to support continuing strength. Despite the earlier prediction we might see price softening in China, for the moment everything is holding steady. And forecasts suggest we are in for more of the same at this stage.

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If we took a snapshot of our national harvest we are now exporting approximately 50% of the log volume and 50% continues to be sold domestically. This emphasises the importance of a vibrant sawmilling industry.

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Peter Clark writes...

Separating the wood from the trees Rotorua business supports Prime Minister’s trade delegation to China Peter Clark, CEO of local Rotorua forestry business PF Olsen Ltd, is representing the New Zealand forestry sector on the Prime Minister’s current trade delegation to China. China is going through an infrastructure and housing build at a pace that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. Although concrete is the primary construction material this development also generates massive demand for wood. A total of 7.22 million government-subsidised housing units were set to be finished by the end of 2012, with a plan to add 36 million units during the 12th Five-Year Plan running from 2012-2017. China’s sawmilling industry revenue reached $9.1 billion in 2012, reflecting 24.8% annualised growth over the past five years. There were about 915 enterprises operating within this industry in 2012. This sawmill industry has been fed a diet of Russian, North American, and New Zealand softwoods, as well as hardwoods from Africa, PNG and Solomon Islands. Russia, Canada and Chile amongst others have been successful in establishing profitable and growing trade in sawn timber, but from New Zealand the growth in trade has been dominated by logs. The chart below tells the story: The log trade is very valuable and important to the New Zealand forestry sector, and should continue. By the time a NZ-grown pine tree has been cut into logs and sent to either mill or an export port, our forest owners have turned a 10 cent seed into a set of logs worth about $200 delivered. That is a lot of economic value added using New Zealand land, labour and other inputs.

And we do that profitably and efficiently by world standards. At present around one half of the New Zealand log harvest is processed within New Zealand, with the other half processed overseas. The single biggest contribution the forestry sector can make to New Zealand’s GDP is to process a higher proportion of our forest harvest within New Zealand. That idea is the essence of the Woodco Strategic Action Plan. Peter Clark is part of the current Prime Minister’s trade delegation to China to help open doors for business to business contacts in China’s growing construction sector. This mission also aims to signal to Chinese politicians and authorities that New Zealand welcomes investments and joint ventures that can increase the trade in sawn timber and finished wood products from New Zealand to China, or direct to China’s export markets (eg the USA). The main messages delivered in Mr.Clark’s presentation at the Partnership Forum in Beijing on April 12 are: 1. There is an opportunity to build on the existing trade and grow both the volume and value of forestry exports from New Zealand to China. The success of this would have energy and environmental benefits for China, deploy Chinese investment capital to New Zealand and create jobs in New Zealand. 2. Investment in wood processing can be supported by an expansion of available log supply out of New Zealand — from the current 25 million to over 30 million m3/annum in 2020 and beyond. These forests are sustainably

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grown with a large proportion of them Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. 3. Increased exports of New Zealand pine logs to China have been a critical component of the strength of the relationship between New Zealand

and China since the Free Trade Agreement was signed. However our goal is to increase the forest industry’s contribution to GDP, by expanding the proportion of New Zealand’s forestry exports to China that are in the form of processed products. Direct Chinese investment in new processing plants in New Zealand should be fostered in order to build long-term relationships and supply chains from New Zealand’s large sustainable plantation resource. 4. The case for this has been advanced to date via Project Softpower which was focussed on new processing in Taupo in the Central North Island but there is an opportunity for

May 2013

Source: NZ Ministry of Primary Industries – Forestry Trade Statistics

investment across the wider New Zealand forestry and wood processing sector — hence Project Change. 5. Research from Chinese’ NDRC has identified the building sector as a major energy consumer at 25% of all energy — and rising. Increasing the use of pine as a construction or decoration material could contribute significantly to NDRC policies to curb energy consumption in the building sector. 6. Production of kiln-dried timber, interior apartment fit-out components, furniture or cross laminated timber (CLT) panels close to forests in New Zealand would reduce energy consumption in China. New Zealand saw millers have existing capacity to increase saw timber

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production. They are ready to engage but they need access to Chinese distribution chains via relationships (Guãnxi). 7.

A new mill development and/or re-manufacturing plant for production of furniture, light-coloured timbers for apartment fitouts or panels should be examined. New Zealandbased manufacturing may be more trade efficient for furniture destined for USA markets.

8. Project Change has already put the Chinese MDF manufacturer, New Development Group [NDG], and New Zealand mouldings manufacturer, Tenon, together for joint marketing of their respective products in China and USA.



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May 2013

Are your muscles complaining? Muscle pain is one of the most common complaints. This may be anything from statin myopathy to PMR or Fibromyalgia. Statin myopathy is of the most common forms of muscle pain. This is a collection of muscular and other symptoms caused by side effects of commonly prescribed cholesterol lowering statin medication. Statins drugs are very effective at reducing the amount of cholesterol in our blood. They do this by inhibiting an enzyme needed to make cholesterol. Unfortunately this enzyme is also needed for the production of Co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Statins reduce both cholesterol and CoQ10. The main function of CoQ10 is to produce energy needed for our body demands especially for our muscles. Think of CoQ10 like the spark plugs and exhaust system in your car engine. Without a good spark a petrol engine will not run properly. With insufficient CoQ10 the trillions of little engines (mitochondria) in your muscle cells will not produce enough energy and you feel that as general fatigue and weakness, stiffness and pain in

your muscles. Low CoQ10 levels can have a disastrous effect on muscles. Alarmingly, the highest levels of CoQ10 are found in heart muscle. If you think you have these symptoms you should talk to your doctor as sometimes a change in medication or doses can help. I recommend everyone on statins take 100mg of high grade CoQ10 to compensate and there are an increasing number of doctors who suggest CoQ10 supplementation to counter statin myopathy. The CoQ10 I prefer is a trademarked product that is proven to increase cell CoQ10 levels and includes vitamin E compounds known to help cholesterol balance. For those on statins my first goal is to prevent or reduce any statin myopathy but just as importantly to create a full cardiovascular nutrition programme. I invariably add a range of nutrients to help with circulation and to protect blood vessels especially coronary arteries from the free radical damage and inflammation central to the formation of artery-blocking plaques.


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May 2013

Methven Conference 2013


2013 New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers’ Associations NATIONAL CONFERENCE

The NZGFA national conference in Methven will once again be an opportunity for members, suppliers and associated industry to come together to showcase new products. More importantly it is the opportunity for the industry as a whole to join together and develop strategies and formulate ideas for the on-going development of the industry. The NZGFA has a proud record in developing new initiatives within the industry to help its members meet the ever increasing environmental and compliance requirements. A prime example of this is the Spreadmark certification scheme which ensures the certified trucks are applying the fertiliser evenly and are environmentally sustainable. This scheme was developed by the association in the 1980s and now is an internationally accepted compliance model which has been used as the template for other countries’ schemes. Spreadmark gives farmers confidence that they are getting the best back for their fertiliser bucks. Losses from poor spreading are not only very costly to the farmer but are not environmentally acceptable. Combining




company certification ensures your spreading company has sound operating procedures, and with the recent implementation of proof of placement, and the driver training provided to NZGFA members, the association brings a lot to its members. NZGFA is also a national advocate for its members – particularly when it comes to legislation such as overdimensional vehicles, rucks, and health and safety just to mention a few. While the association often goes unnoticed its work has been instrumental in bringing the application of New Zealand’s fertiliser into the 21st century. The Spreadmark scheme incorporating truck certification, company auditing, driver training and proof of placement assures all New Zealanders that fertiliser being spread by certified operators is done so

in a sustainable manner and is safe to the environment.

Sunday, June 30 through to Wednesday, July 3.

At the NZGFA conference there will be speakers and sessions looking at how to get the best out of Groundspread Fertilisers, with the theme ‘Spreading for the Future’. The conference is being hosted by the Canterbury Branch in Methven from

Surrounding the conference venue, Methven Resort, there will be plenty of machinery on display and delegates will be able to discuss the latest advances directly with the suppliers. continued on page 28…


NORTH CANTERBURY LTD Locally Owned & Operated


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Temuka Transport, members of New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers’ Association Inc.


CovEring All your SprEAding nEEdS WiTh CompuTEriSEd limE & SupEr SprEAdErS And gpS TrACEAbiliTy

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Also specialising in water cartage for house hold and stock, bulk grain and all other stock and general cartage requirements

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May 2013

2013 NZGFA NATIONAL CONFERENCE …continued from page 27 Inside will be companies with products to fine tune spreaders and their business, from GPS to hydraulics. Canterbury Chairman, Ron Smith, says it is not too late to register for the conference. They will be taking registrations right up to the week before the conference starts. Ron has made sure that everyone will go home with useful information from the conference by mixing up the agenda from previous conferences and adding a full day tour. “I want people to leave the conference having learnt something, and to go home with an appreciation of the Mid Canterbury area. Going to a national conference full of likeminded people is when you have the chance to meet others, discuss their operation and to learn new ideas,” says Ron.

With Mt Hutt skifield set to open on June 15 the conference is the ideal time for delegates to take in all that the Methven area has to offer. Whether that is some skiing at Mt Hutt; a hole or two at Methven’s golf course, or at Terrace Downs; skydiving or hot air ballooning over the Plains; jet boating with Discovery Jet up the Rakaia; or going through the NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter (amazingspace. can help you with your planning). Take advantage of Kids 4 Free where children aged 10 and under can ski, travel, stay, eat and play for free when accompanied by a paying adult – see for selected businesses and conditions. Any further conference updates, as well as registration and accommodation forms see

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Spreadmark the mark of the future

Methven Conference 2013

May 2013


2013 New Zealand 2013 New Zealand Gro Groundspread Fertilisers’ Associations NATIONAL CONFERENCE NATIO

“Spreadmark independently assures that a fertiliser spreader company meets the standards set by the Spreadmark code,” says New Zealand Groundspread Fertiliser’s Association President, Stuart Barwood, of Fairlie. “Spreadmark is the fertiliser placement quality assurance programme,” says Stuart. “The independent Spreadmark test verifies the actual capability of the fertiliser spreader and the Spreadmark company audit ensures that Spreadmark companies meet the Spreadmark standard set by the Fertiliser Quality Council.” The Spreadmark scheme accredits fertiliser spreading companies, when they have certified spreading machinery, trained their drivers and have appropriate quality management systems in place. This gives farmers and growers the knowledge that their fertiliser application outcomes will be met and environmental sustainability will be protected. Precision placement of fertiliser requires many separate things to be well done. It depends on skilled drivers, tested spreading equipment and fertilisers with known particle sizes and particle strength. It is the integration of all of these things that is at the heart of the Spreadmark scheme. Spreadmark is voluntary, but all fertiliser groundspread

companies are encouraged to become involved. Spreadmark is promoted to farmers and regulators as providing an independent audit which ensures that both farmers/growers and Regional Councils have confidence in the programme. New Zealand Groundspread Fertiliser’s Association President. Stuart Barwood, says farmers need to be convinced that using Spreadmark accredited companies makes good financial and environmental sense in their farming business. “Independent research by the Centre for Precision Agriculture at Massey University has shown that poor quality spreading on dairy farms can cost a farmer $60 a hectare,” Stuart Barwood said. “Massey research has also shown that spreading at a CV of 50% will reduce plant yield by 20%. In addition we have some Regional Councils insist that Spreadmark operators are used to spread fertiliser closer to sensitive environmental areas.”

Environment Canterbury has recognised the Spreadmark quality standard in their existing water quality chapter. In the ECan rule WQL19 Spreadmark accredited spreading companies may apply fertiliser closer to sensitive areas, such as waterways and wetlands. “The message for farmers is that the benefits of Spreadmark can be measured in dollar and environmental terms.” There are currently 88 Spreadmark accredited spreading companies and 10 approved Spreadmark testers. The Spreadmark scheme is governed by the Fertiliser Quality Council consisting of representatives from fertiliser user groups, NZGFA and fertiliser manufacturers. The Spreadmark scheme operates closely with its sister scheme, Fertmark. The two schemes operate to ensure that quality fertiliser is produced to Fertmark standards and spread to Spreadmark standards. This assures the best agronomic and environmental outcomes and makes Spreadmark the mark of the present and the future.

• Precision Nitrogen Application • Lime & Super Spreading • Advanced GPS technology • Mapping capability Our modern fleet of Scania and Isuzu spreaders are fitted with the latest Topcon and Trimble computers and guidance systems to deliver precision placement for each and every application.

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May 2013

New is nice

Recently I drove back-to-back two very similar SUVs, the Subaru Forester and the Honda CRV, the car that really started the small SUV industry 20 years ago even before the term was coined. Both these cars are five seaters with an equal number of ANCAP safety stars. Both run four cylinder motors and both offer up much the same levels of refinement. But that’s where it stops.


Forester Subaru has marketed the only real SUV in their fleet for more than 15 years. OK there’s been the slightly awkward and thirsty Tribeca and arguably the Outback, which leant towards SUV status. In reality the best and most obvious contender continues to be the Forester. Never more so than in this its fourth generation. As with all Subaru’s [exception the BRZ Sports car joint venture with Toyota] it uses full time asymmetrical AWD and their theme tune boxer engine for all variants

4x4 FOR WINTER 2003 Mercedes Benz Atego 1528AK/33 280hp, 12 speed manual transmission, 4WD full lock up drive line, trailer brakes, tidy truck for spreading or feed out work.

$49,000 + GST Kim Harris Mobile 027 545 7973

0800 379 899

I attended the launch of this latest version in the Queenstown


Subaru Forester further cements its rural credIbility with outstanding off road ability

Lakes District where Subaru NZ had ‘organised an extensive off-road programme for key Automotive Journalists’ said Managing Director, Wallis Dumper. And so it turned out, we avoided the tourist roads to test out its metal on the metal. I always liked the Forester in these conditions with its ‘Boxer’ giving a low centre of gravity COG allowing real press on regardless prowess. I was even more impressed with the fourth generation for the bold aggressive looks and the improvement in power and economy. I was paired with another journo who liked to hear the roar of the revs so our economy suffered on all four versions we drove. Still it was fun to ‘rally’ the 220mm ground clearance equipped Subie over some atrocious potholed and washboard corrugated tracks. That however is only half the story as we also allowed the electronics to work their magic

on some steep inclines and downhill sections. Equipped with Subaru Speak X mode that includes Traction Control Unit TCU allowing 25% increased clutch pressure controlling rotation between front and rear

Control Unit TCU allowing 25% increased clutch pressure controlling rotation between front and rear wheels.

wheels. A Vehicle Dynamics Control VDC, enhancing limited slip diff counteracting different rotation speeds between left and right or even diagonal wheels as well as ESP and Hill Descent Control

MASSIVE LOWS ACROSS NEW ZEALAND Suzuki Fieldays™ has arrived again, bringing some much-needed relief with it! Take the pressure off with the exceptional quality and low prices of the best value farm vehicles in New Zealand DR200SE






• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • 200cc electric start 4-stroke • 5-speed • Comfortable seat • Handlebar-mounted carrier • Large mudflaps






Mudbug LT-A500XL3





• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • Comfortable seat • Handlebar-mounted carrier • 125cc 2-stroke • 6-speed



KingQuad 500 4X4 AUTO

• Liquid cooled fuel injected 4-stroke • CVT transmission with Hi/Lo Ratio and reverse • Push button 2WD/4WD select with diff-lock option • Independent front and rear suspension • Fully sealed oil-bathed multi-plate disc rear brake • 24 Month/15,000km warranty

North Canterbury Suzuki Dealer Markham Street, Amberley • Phone 03 314 0132 James Carr • Phone 027 706 4856

COG. It exhibited little or no body roll by the combination of boxer engine and double wishbone independent rear suspension with McPherson strut at the front. At home for a week with the mid range 2.5 litre 126kW 235Nm six speed CVT auto Sport model the changes in design over its predecessor are evident from the bolder higher bonnet now made from Aluminium to the A pillar 200mm forward giving both an enhanced interior space and a more purposeful look making the previous model bland in comparison. The five seater provides 170mm more rear leg space now in line with the Outback and has changed the feel of the older cramped inside to a spacious full sized SUV within its very compact 4.6m length.


The Suzuki Fieldays Forecast offer is valid until 30 June 2013 or while stocks last. Prices are recommended retail, excluding GST. Savings shown includes GST. Offers not available in conjunction with any other promotions.


Various trim and spec levels for the petrol model include such niceties as leather seats, sunroof, powered rear door, ‘eyesight’ cruise control that keeps a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead — even fully stopping if needed.



On the road the Forester holds plenty of speed through corners thanks to that low

with Subaru Speak “X Equipped mode that includes Traction


HDC, allowing feet off braking downhill that really worked brilliantly on some steep loose shale rock.



0800 002 313


CANTERBURY Au to Dis ma ntl ers

We buy all cars, Dead or Alive

pstown 491 St Asaph St Philli C H R U H C T S CHRI 8 phone 03 381 221


May 2013

litre Sport model, 140kW and 222Nm at $51,700, with Sat Nav, reversing camera, leather and electrics for seats and rear door. I achieved 8.3l/100km which came easily suggesting an economy even better is on offer. Gone are the awkward looks of the previous styling replaced with a shorter but more appealing look with passengers seated 40mm lower in a more car like feel and yet still giving a ‘panoramic view’ signature of the SUV style.

Honda CRV stays true to the original concept of maximum space in a new shortened body

All come with ABS child seat anchors, seven airbags including curtain reversing camera, Bluetooth auto stop start, and three 12/120w power outlets. Sat Nav on the top spec models is on offer with heated seats and mirrors. Available for the first time in a soon to be released diesel six speed automatic, two litre Turbo developing 108kW and 350 Nm {expected price $59,990} along with the XT turbo petrol auto two litre 177kW 235Nm $59,990, and the two litre manual only

as being a real option for private buyers who need an SUV.

110kW198 Nm at $$39,990, Subaru expects the biggest seller to be the 2.5i $45,490 or 2.5 Sport [tested] $47,990. Also marketed is the 2.5 Premium $59,990.

CRV Also a fourth generation model — the only Honda SUV we see remaining true to its roots.

On launch we averaged around 11.3 L/100km. While at home for a week I bettered the claimed 8.3 by a small margin at 8.1 l/100km. Towing is rated at 1,800kgs braked.

Though the same dimensions as the Forester the CRV rides even softer and starts the range at $39,990 with 2WD, two litre 114kW 190Nm engine it is a real honey and propels the CRV with real alacrity soaking up only 7.9l/100km. I drove the all singing 2.4

The Forester covers many bases and will appeal to both fleets in the rural sector needing good driving dynamics and excellent off-road ability as well


10,999 ,


hills thanks to the effortless five speed auto. Towing is conservatively rated at 1,500kgs braked, though experience shows most will cope with a higher loading.

safe to tackle muddy winter farm roads.

Off the road the overhang reduction front and rear makes it more competent even with only 190mm clearance. It will traverse most tracks and given different tyres would be quite

Overall the CRV in its latest generation is the best yet, and with sharp pricing compared to much of the opposition is a real contender again for both fleet and private buyers.

That said it is a soft option with the assurity of AWD and will be at home on most surfaces.

Top Quality Vehicles at Sensible Prices

The front seats are the place to be as the CRV has lost nothing of its driver orientated performance with the big comfortable bucket seats cosseting in all the right places.

Finance Available

Come and see us for all your mechanical repairs, batteries, servicing and tyres.

The cargo area is accessed by a single top hinged door and feature power outlets and a really useful seat arrangement allowing both lengthy and big volume luggage to be swallowed up even with four or five aboard. On the road the CRV is in its element especially off the seal where the AWD system copes with traction changes seamlessly.

RMVT 160 King Street • Temuka Phone: 03 615 8786

Alan: 027 473 2992 • Aaron: 027 869 6818

I liked the power that it exhibited not changing down even on moderate to steep



We have all the tractor mounted machinery to deal with it for you!

TRX420 4W 4WD

Rideaway ideaway



while stocks last



$6,US5GS9T0 PL


Rotary slashers, topper $ and finish mowers from

1,550 GST INCL



Connect directly to the household switchboard — auto starts when electricity is interrupted and stops when it is resumed.



Working with NZ farmers for 40 years



TRX420FM $10,999+GST TRX420FPM $12,599+GST

10 Albert St Ph 03 313 4593 Kevin a/h 027 4361 974

TERRITORY T ITANIUM +LIFESTYLE PACK Running Boards, Roof Racks, Carpet Mats & Mud Flaps. FROM RSP



2,100 GST INCL

Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery Ltd Tel. 03-347-4956 • Mob. 0274 770 070 Email. Web.

Rangiora Motorcycles

0800 38 44 50

Towbar and Wiring Kit.








Come see us for a great deal

Cnr Main South Rd and Epsom Rd, Sockburn | CHRISTCHURCH | 03 348 4129 or 0800 655 551 Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | 03 313 7059 |




19” Wheels, Leather Seats and Trim, Reverse Camera, Premium Audio System and Dual Zone Climate Control.

Avon City Ford

YYear Anniversary

• 6.5kVA — diesel engine powered • Remote controlled starting • 11 hours continuous run time • Single or three phase • Electric start • 12 and 230 volt

16” Alloys, Sports Seats, Sports Body Kit.



Conditions apply, for more information see

Go Further

Fieldays offers valid 1st May – 30th June 2013, while stocks last. Lifestyle pack is only available on Territory Titanium models; Territory Titanium RWD Petrol - RSP $57,990 + On Road Costs, Territory Titanium AWD Diesel – RRP $69,990 + On Road Costs. Luxury Pack is only available on 2013MY Falcon XR6; RSP $45,990 + On Road Costs. Tow Pack is only available on Transit Custom SWB; RRP $49,490 + On Road Costs. Prices shown excludes ‘ORC’ (On road costs). Only available from participating Ford New Zealand Dealerships. These offers are not available in conjunction with any other special offers.



May 2013



WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE VEHICLES Cars, vans, 4WD’s, trucks, tractors, farm machinery. Pickup anywhere in the South Island. FREEPHONE

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More power for novice riders

Recent changes to the motorcycle learner’s licence have seen a host of new machines opened up to novice riders, all the way up to the power and torque of 650cc models. Leading the charge for Suzuki is a very popular multi-role bike indeed — the ‘bulletproof’ DR 650. It’s the perfect machine for riders accustomed to offroad sports or hard working farm bikes, and it traces its pedigree back to the grueling baja rally, with a big 650 single sitting at this spot in Suzuki’s range since 1990. Riders appreciate

the reliable on-demand torque of the gutsy single overhead cam mill, as well as the commanding riding position, making this one of the easiest 650s on the market to handle, no matter what the terrain. Successive generations

of the DR 650 have seen weight pared off and power added, leading up to the 2013 iteration we see today. And now that this popular machine is available to new bikers, it’s the perfect first step into touring for aficionados of trail riding

If you’re reading this then so are your customers To advertise in the Canterbury Farming please call 03 347 2314 or email

and dune busting. The size and power of the big Suzuki make it perfect for the ‘big boys’ too — those riders who may find a small 250cc racing bike a little too dainty! All that low-end power means that the big 650 is very stable and sure-footed, even through tough terrain, and the roads of the north with their gravel, potholes and unexpected patches certainly qualify. Knowing that the machine you’re riding is built to face much worse can inspire confidence in novice riders, allowing them to contemplate bigger riding adventures and tours. Here in Canterbury you’ll find the DR 650 instore at your local Suzuki dealership, along with everything you need to take your riding career to the next level — from the paddocks and the bush to the open highway.




Suzuki Fieldays™ has arrived again, bringing some much-needed relief with it! Take the pressure off with the exceptional quality and low prices of the best value farm vehicles in New Zealand.











KingQuad 500 4X4 AUTO


• Liquid cooled fuel injected 4-stroke • CVT transmission with Hi/Lo Ratio and reverse • Push button 2WD/4WD select with diff-lock option


• Independent front and rear suspension • Fully sealed oil-bathed multi-plate disc rear brake • 24 Month/15,000km warranty









6,995 $1,955

KingQuad 400



The Suzuki Fieldays Forecast offer is valid until 30 June 2013 or while stocks last. Prices are recommended retail, excluding GST. Savings shown includes GST. Offers not available in conjunction with any other promotions.

Avon City Suzuki Epsom Road, Sockburn, Christchurch • 03 341 3490 • Give Geoff a call on 0274 372 790

• Handlebar-mounted carrier • 125cc 2-stroke • 6-speed


Sealed rear brakes Twin shock rigid rear axle Comfortable T-shaped seat 24 Month/15,000km warranty



• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • Comfortable seat


KingQuad 400 MANUAL


3,195 $220

$1,500 • • • •

• 5-speed • Comfortable seat • Handlebar-mounted carrier • Large mudflaps



• Electronic Fuel-injection • 4 stroke, 4 valve engine • Hi-Lo ratio, selectable 2WD/4WD • Torque-sensing limited slip front differential

• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • 200cc electric start 4-stroke

• • • • • • •

Fuel-injected 4 stroke, 4 valve engine Semi-auto 5-speed or CVT transmission Hi-Lo ratio, with reverse Sealed rear brakes Smaller turning circle than most 4x4s Twin shock rigid rear axle 24 Month/15,000km warranty


May 2013


Global reach for all-new SUV

by Andy Bryenton

Ford’s global strategy has certainly paid dividends in recent years, with the bold new direction taken by the US auto maker giving us ‘world champion’ vehicles like the Focus, Fiesta, Ranger and even the new Transit Custom, now confirmed as Europe’s ‘van of the year’. That’s why the reimagining and upgrade of the Ford Kuga mid-sized SUV is so important — not just because of competition with other brands within the market, but because it has to

of gadgets and driving feel. What remains is the practical design brief for the car itself — Ford demanded of its engineers an economical, family-friendly SUV with clever use of space and the ability to actually tackle off road conditions. The new Kuga delivers all of this, along with a refined new shape which is sure to turn heads. With so many SUVs in this bracket to choose from (even

live up to the high standard set by other cars wearing the blue oval badge. This is no mere facelift. Everything about the 2013 Kuga is new, including its dimensions, body panels, suite

Peugeot and Maserati have their own similar-sized 4x4s), Ford have upped the game with clever touches. Walk up to the tailgate with groceries in hand and the boot opens for you. Click your key fob and the door closes. The fold down trays in the rear don’t cut into valuable legroom, and they’re the right size for a tablet PC to stand up on. The instruments centre on a single multi-function dial cluster which makes

Thrill Yourself Don’t Kill Yourself Talk to us about 4x4 Quad UTVs & UTV Quad Trackers — the cost effective, safe alternative to ATV’s

But in the end, it’s all about the ride — and this is where Ford have the competition cornered. The Focus is a worldwide favourite for a reason and the new Kuga feels and handles like a ‘big brother’ to Ford’s flagship hatch, ironing out the bumps, nimbly attacking each apex and

We have all the tractor mounted machinery to deal with it for you!

Rotary slashers, topper $ and finish mowers from

1,550 GST INCL



Connect directly to the household switchboard — auto starts when electricity is interrupted and stops when it is resumed.

Sefton Service Centre

571 Upper Sefton Road, Sefton, North Canterbury

Ph 03 312 9713

Our quality NZ made SRT Trailers are built to a Standard, not to a price.

This mixture of no-drama performance and responsive handling is there across the whole Ford range — even the Transit van — but in the Kuga it’s very noticeable indeed and a great reason to take a test drive!




providing ample pickup with only the merest soupçon of turbo lag in its diesel iteration.

everything from parking to selecting music easy.

2,100 GST INCL

• 6.5kVA — diesel engine powered • Remote controlled starting • 11 hours continuous run time • Single or three phase • Electric start • 12 and 230 volt

Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery Ltd Tel. 03-347-4956 • Mob. 0274 770 070 Email. Web.


All New MF7614 AwArd winning Technology ThAT SpeAkS for iTSelf

• • • • • •

Fie ld Free Spec Day Spa ial valu re Wh e e $28 d at el 0*

Hot Dip Galvanised Full Chassis Quality NZ made components Competitive pricing Can freight nationwide We include standard what others see as optional extras – call us to see!

140 hp Fuel eFFicient, easy to operate – makes any job easy. machine of the year 2012 Winner, agritechnica, Germany Generation ii scr engine technology for more power, efficiency and great fuel economy Dyna-4 transmission featuring 16F/16r speeds, left hand power control lever and 4-speed powershift

SRT Trailers Ltd For more info or to order yours phone

0800 697 886 • e-mail: * Offer open to every trailer ordered until the end of june 2013

standard air conditioning

JJ Christchurch your local dealer today. 36See Hickory Place,Hornby CHCH Ph 03 344 5645 Sales: Nick Wilson 027 498 7044 Maurice Jordon 027 260 7821 Service: Dave Paris 0272 607 822

JJ Ashburton 9a McGregor Lane, Ashburton Ph 03 307 6031 Sales: Terry Gordon 0272 607 820 Bede Prendergast 0277 066 682 Service: Christoph Kalin 0272 607 833

JJ Timaru 280 Hilton Highway, Washdyke, Timaru Ph 03 688 7401 Sales: Peter Hughes 0274 589 873 Service: Warren Harrison 0275 222 417



May 2013

Hoof Print With Fred Hoekstra

Lameness and laminitis education

We know now that lameness is caused by laminitis, but what do we do about it? I am not yet convinced that the majority of New Zealand dairy farmers really believe that we have laminitis in this country. I still come across many farmers who are surprised at the effects of laminitis within their herd. Most farmers are still talking about stone bruises and pointing out to me where in the yard or track their lame cows come from. Even if the evidence shows differently it seems hard for people to change their attitude towards physical damage.

Some of the things that I am talking about here are the fact that most cows have higher outside claws than inside claws. The horn tissue in the outer claw is thicker than the inner claw and therefore the live tissue in that outer claw is better protected from outside forces — just as soldiers are

Ground Supplies Try us for your compost/mulch requirements We deliver to all areas, or available ex yard

better protected from flying bullets in an army tank with good thick steel compared to a tin shell like our cars — yet most of the so called ‘stone bruises’ (which are not actually stone bruises at all) are in the outer claw. Or the fact that many of the haemorrhages and defects are symmetrical in left

and right leg claws. Or the fact that many beef cows have haemorrhage in their claws yet they are not being pushed over tracks at all

Fresh Feed to your Farm

— they don’t even know what a stone looks like. So I think that we have still got a lot of work to do to get farmers educated. I see my primary role as being a professional hoof trimmer and teacher in that area. With that comes the

need to teach people the recognition of different claw diseases. Laminitis is one of those diseases and I can make farmers aware of the existence of this disease here in NZ and help them to understand what they can do from a hoof trimming point of view to minimise it.

Stockfeed made fresh onsite or delivered premixed.

• Composts • Bark/Wood chip • Ground cover mulch • Soil • Spreader avail for large areas

Canterbury Greenwaste Processor Ltd P O Box 5321 Christchurch

Mobile units specialising in Dairy and Calf meal. Large roller mill and hammer mill available. Additives can be supplied and mixed or blended with molasses if required. We fill your silos or supply in bulk. *see website for more details*

Phone: 03 352 2909 email:

FEEDMI Ltd Dave Campion. Ph 03 308 8665 | 027 608 6455

STONE CRUSHING Our Heavy Duty Machinery is Perfect for Roading and the Development of Stoney Farm Land




• Stone paddocks upto 300mm in diameter down to 25mm • Laneways and Driveways • Raw River Bed Gravel (unscreeened) • Coarse Lime Rock • Recycled material - concrete, brick etc.

Ploughing • Subsoiling • Discing Stubble Incorporation • Power Harrowing • Cultivation Direct Drilling • Roller Drilling • Conventional Drilling Drilling with Fertiliser • Mowing • Pivot Tracks

RESURFACE DAIRY LANES Contact Graeme & Kay Murphy Ph (03) 693 9406 • Mobile (027) 451 8553

Contact David Buckley 027 659 6596 • 03 317 9522 •


Soil Matters — with Peter Burton Why soil fertility is much more than just a mathematical equation

What is not up for debate is the fact that in areas with intensive dairying the levels of nitrate nitrogen in ground water, streams, and rivers is steadily increasing, and in many instances now well above acceptable levels. It is also a fact that the water available for irrigation has already been over allocated and if everyone used their full allocation a major and rapid overhaul of the system would be required. And the fault lies with no one individual or group. It’s just what happens when there is rapid growth of any industry. It’s not been possible to foresee the full environmental consequences of rapid intensification of land use, but the results are now being measured. There are solutions that can be implemented with significant benefits for all parties. There doesn’t have to be a trade off with someone losing for someone else to win. The solution lies with the soil. The present disregard of soil quality by the farming industry at large means that there is the ability to grow both greater volume of crops and pasture with a few sound fundamental changes.

It declines because when nitrogen fertiliser is over-used, and anything other than a little strategically in late autumn and winter, the periods when clover is largely dormant, is overuse, the humus content of the soil declines. Humus is the ‘glue’ that holds soil together and stores both moisture and nutrient including nitrogen for plant use, and with less humus pasture growth becomes less even and total growth steadily declines. I’m often told that if there was an easy way of breaking the dependency on fertiliser nitrogen less would be applied. Here’s a couple of ways to start the restorative process that will result in more production over the next twelve months. Where magnesium fertiliser is a requirement apply 200–250

HARBOURS NO BACTERIA SO CAN HELP IMPROVE HOOF CONDITION Waikari Lime Rubble is lighter and goes further than competing lane rock products

With improved physical structures plant roots penetrate more deeply accessing greater amounts of both nutrient and moisture. This ensures more even and stronger growth as soils start to dry. The energy content of the plant also lifts and a better balance of carbohydrate and protein is achieved, resulting in firmer dung, cleaner cows, and less weight loss after calving. And this next suggestion is another that over the last ten years has always worked. When applying nitrogen over autumn and winter reduce the amount of each application by 20%. I have yet to find anyone who has done this recording less growth as a result. With



“7 reasons why local magnesium provides best results”


314 7254 or 0274 323 250


03 323 7797

At last: A Travelling Effluent Irrigator… PATENT No. 578084 Covered by:

That: r Meets even the toughest New Zealand

r Has a Rain Rate of 5mm or less across

Effluent Enviro Standards

total wetted width, not just the centre area. (please see in the independently proved graph)

r Has the Most Even Rain Cover over

wetted width in New Zealand by far

For the article and/or the price of dolomite delivered to your farm or spreader

call 0800 4 Dolomite



This will ensure fewer calcium/magnesium related metabolic disorders around calving and higher per cow levels of production. As dolomite is also a proven soil conditioner excess moisture will drain more freely. Drier soils warm more quickly as sunlight hours increase which encourages early growth.

pastures, healthier cows, higher milk-solid production, and lower costs, the coming season can be one to genuinely look forward to. For more information, please call Peter on 0800 436 566.


kg/ha of Golden Bay Dolomite any time before calving.


So if lower quality means less is actually growing how then is the sale of nitrogen fertiliser rationalised. The reality, in our view, is that when pasture growth over twelve months is driven by regular applications of fertiliser nitrogen total growth declines.

•Reduce the number of lame cows •Reduce amount of manure in dairy shed •Reduce travel time to & from dairy shed


There would be little if any discussion on the merits of different products, whether liquid fertilisers replaced solids or are best are used in conjunction with, or whether the cheapest form of nutrient provides better value than a higher priced product.

With increased volume comes improved quality, that’s just the way natural systems work. Healthy fruit trees always produce more fruit that tastes better and has greater nutritional quality — and that’s the same for all crops including pasture.

Use Waikari Lime Rubble for your cows dairy lane


If soil fertiliser requirements was just about putting soil test numbers into a spread sheet that spat out a nutrient recommendation which was both effective and efficient, life would be very much simpler.


May 2013

The new irrigator is still backed up by our very tough and well proven drive system, no blockage mast, booms and nozzles.

0800 436 566

NZ’s Finest Magnesium Fertiliser Bio-Gro Certified too 

Applied Depth – Depth 5 4 No 0–5 32 Overlap mm 01

just 5 mm applied depth!

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

      ••••   ••  •  •    ••  •• •  • • • •   • •   • • ••    • • •  • •  • 







Distance (m)







Take your Effluent Pond from crusty to aerobic to this …

from this …

Your pond will stay clean, crust free, sludge free and look outstanding for good!

using one of these:

This pond took only 12 weeks to go from crusty and stagnant to aerobic and biologically active.

The EPS Stirrers come in a All the bearings are above the water line and are number of different Hp sizes and all of them fitted with auto greasers that grease for 12 months unattended. are very low kW/Hr, starting at .75kW. Call us now to find a distributor and installer in your area

0800 PLUCKS 0









7 Main South Road, Rakaia 7710 Mid Canterbury



May 2013

“In the field”

Pasture tips with Pasture First by Nigel Johnston

Successful management of your new pasture CONCRETE BLOCKS FOR SALE

If you have invested in pasture renovation this autumn, it is important that you put the right management practices in place to ensure you get the best out of this investment. Below are some quick tips to help get the best out of your new pasture. ‘Pluck’ test

*1.5T *Ex Rangiora *Easily moved with forklift Suitable for •Storage Bins •Loading Ramps •Fertiliser Bins •Retaining Walls •Silage Bins •River Protection

another few weeks and reassess then. Young stock

Before the first grazing, the new grass should be given the ‘pluck test’ to assess whether or not it is ready to be grazed. This should be done by simply plucking the new grass with your thumb and forefinger.

The first grazing of this new pasture should be done with young animals, preferably calves or young heifers. This first grazing should only last about 24 hours or until the stock have lightly and evenly grazed the paddock.

If the new grass breaks off when ‘plucked’ the pasture is ready to be grazed. If the grass is pulled out of the soil wait

The purpose of this first light grazing is to encourage the

Tillering growth



tillering of the ryegrass. Tillering out is essential for grasses to perform to their maximum ability. This early first grazing will also give clover a chance to compete with the new grass by reducing the shading effect of the faster establishing grasses. Nitrogen An application of Nitrogen will also aid in the tillering process as well as enhancing pasture growth. Regular applications of small amounts of nitrogen (about 30kg N/ha) will be more effective than fewer and larger applications. However it is important to regularly graze the new pasture to give the clover a chance to compete. Gibberellic Acid should not be used on new grass or pasture under 12 months of age. Weed spraying Early applications of herbicides should be made

Enquiries phone Mike Winter 027 313 7338

to ensure that the weeds are sprayed when they are young. Waiting until the weeds are big will reduce the effectiveness of the herbicide and will cost more money! Selective, clover friendly herbicides such as Select and Thistrol Plus (MCPB/MCPA), and Preside and Valdo (Flumetsulam) etc. should be used on new grass and clover. Products like Baton (2,4-D Amine) should only be used after the new grass has been grazed a few times to avoid clover damage. Pasture First can provide the right products and advice to ensure you are getting the best out of your new grass. For more information contact Nigel Johnston on 03 347 6440 or 027 777 2877 or visit www. Nigel Johnston is a Pasture Agronomist and Managing Director of Pasture First.

Concrete Water/Feed Troughs • Precast Panels • Silage Pits • Water Tanks / Effluent Tanks • Concrete Bunkers • Pump / Agri-Chemical / Killing Sheds For any quotes or enquiries contact us on 03 308 4816 or call into the yard at 205 Wilkins Rd, Tinwald Ashburton. email:

• Underpasses • Box Culverts • Dairy Lanes

CALF SHED BEDDING We have procured good clean wood chip at an excellent delivered price. Limited supply. Be quick. Removal of old and placement of new bedding at good rates. Truck & trailer capacity now 90m3. For more information phone Brent 0274 746026 or A/H (03) 3070077

Ashburton Contracting Limited

P 03 308 4039 A South Street, Ashburton W



May 2013


Control without chemicals – twitch

by Dr Tim Jenkins

Twitch or couch (Elymus repens) is a perennial grass weed which spreads by rhizomes. Any fragment of rhizome that includes a node has the potential to form a new plant. The trick then is to cultivate again before the fragments have the chance to establish plants that begin to build up underground resources rather than draw on the limited resources to build new shoots.

Twitch rhizomes rarely go deeper than 15cm and this helps with control since the rhizomes are accessible to cultivation, prone to competition from other plants (if the twitch is weakened). The aim in garden and cropping areas should usually be eradication as it is a difficult weed to deal with around established plants. Although twitch can spread by seed, seedlings are much easier to manage than rhizomes — just get the grass seedlings early before they set down rhizomes.

Depending on conditions, this means cultivating again in three of four weeks’ time. Don’t wait longer than four weeks though or the shoot regrowth will definitely have started replenishing underground resources. The follow up cultivation should not be another rotary hoeing (repeating this can be very detrimental to soil structure) but rather grubbers or flexi-tines than are able to disrupt the establishing twitch and leave much of the rhizomes on the surface.

Regeneration from disturbed rhizomes can be rapid and, unless carefully planned, cultivation can therefore produce more trouble than there was in the first place. Twitch is susceptible however, to repeated cultivation.

Don’t cultivate sooner than two weeks though as resprouting rhizomes won’t have been so depleted of energy and you’ll be over-cultivating with little benefit. Much of the killing of twitch rhizomes comes from drying out on the soil surface. Test some exposed rhizomes by bending — if they snap they still have sufficient moisture

A good way to start on a twitch infested area is to do an initial rotary hoeing preferably starting in the late spring or early summer. This will produce many fragments that will start to grow again but each fragment will have a limited pool of resources with which to grow.

to survive so consider waiting as long as emerging new plants are not yet established. Control like this is easier in dry summer conditions.

Rhizomes disturbed and depleted of resources by repeated cultivation are also susceptible to rotting in the soil. This will be more pronounced in soils with greater biological activity. Liming acid soils can therefore improve twitch management as can the addition of compost where practical. An alternative cultivation method is to plough and grub then let older ewes graze on the rhizomes. On a smaller scale, initial forking and removal of as much rhizome as possible is a good start and then have a routine of returning every three weeks to remove new shoots that have been produced — this can be effective even if you only hoe as long as you get all shoots and don’t miss a sequence. Try concentrating on a size of area that you can handle on this strict routine and then move to other areas once the weed is controlled. Some cover crops can compete strongly against twitch eg a buckwheat summer crop. Be aware that follow up weeding will be required to achieve eradication. An interesting technique is to roll out a round bale on a twitch patch and then roll it back up again months later complete

with a network of twitch rhizomes (other surface covers like sacks will also encourage many twitch rhizomes to grow on the surface rather than in the soil). Once the cover is removed, follow up weeding is also required to achieve eradication from the soil but it will be an easier task. In a pasture situation, adjust grazing to badly affected areas to reduced pressure in the summer and increased pressure in the autumn. Use fertiliser to grow clover and desirable grass species stronger. A well fed and moderately grazed pasture sward can better compete with the twitch.

Specialising in:

Dairy Shed Platform Maintenance Yard Alterations Farm Implement Repairs On-Site Repair / Maintenance

Phone Website

Alistair 027 452 6657 or A/H 03 318 7088

Riverdown Steel Products 90 Zig Zag Road, RD 12, Rakaia Gorge 7782 | P 03 318 6934 | M 021 143 3469


Heavy duty super circle.

High density feeder.

This heavy duty super circle feeder comes in two halves and bolts together in 3 places down each side for extra strength and support. 20 feed spaces. 2135mm (7’0”) diameter x 1450mm high with 670mm deep welded base.

This heavy duty tucker box is an open bottom feeder ideal for large Heston bales, has two corner clamps for extra support so it cannot flex out of shape. It is bolted on all four corners in three separate places. 24 feed spaces. 3050mm long x 1520 wide x 1450mm high.




Heavy duty tombstone feeder.

Big bale hayrack and manger unit.

This heavy duty tombstone feeder is perfect for feeding out to bulls or horned cattle. It comes in 3 sections and bolts together for extra strength. 12 feed spaces. 2285mm (7’6’’) diameter x 1150mm high with 670mm deep welded base (made in 3 sections).

This big bale hay rack and manger will feed up to 20 animals and comes complete with 3 point linkage for ease of movement when winter strip grazing or feeding dairy stock from paddock to paddock. Would also be ideal for feeding horses. 1700mm (5’7’’) long x 1450mm wide x 1900mm high.


$1350 +GST Feed bin on skids.

Steel Trough with drainage holes drilled in each corner. Pre-galvanised sheet metal trough with feed barrier surround and full length skids for ease of movement. One side panel drops down for loading. Another feeder ideal for winter strip grazing. 1370mm wide x 1360mm high x 3050mm (10’0’’) long with 22 feed spaces. $1,550+GST

All enquiries, sales and orders please phone...

All email enquiries...

Keith Baker - Sales Coordinator P 03 318 6934 | M 021 143 3469


Sheep circle feeder. 1800mm (5’11”) diameter - 26 feed spaces. 905mm high with a 290mm deep welded sheet metal base and coupling bar fixing.




May 2013

Getting a grip on dairy solutions


 50–100kVA,  4 pole, 1500rpm  AVR auto voltage regulator  Uses include a portable power plant for irrigation, pumps, cool rooms etc,

PTO Generator + 3 Point Linkage Frame

PTO Generator + 3 Point Linkage Frame + 1/3 Phase Plugs




Durability = Complete Peace of Mind Dependable Kohler water cooled Diesel Engine

 16-97 kVA  Genuine Sincro 1500rpm, 4 pole alternator  Heavy Duty Sincro oil filled gearbox  Mounted onto a purpose built, low profile 3 point linkage frame  Dependable Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR) - for cleaner, safer, quality power  Large, easy to read digital meter  Completely safe and Certified

 3.5-150 kVA  Soundproof Enclosure  Integral Fuel tank giving up to 24hrs run time  Single source warranty  ISO 3001 Accredited  Easy installation and maintenance  AVR - Automatic Voltage Regulation  Digital Controller with Auto start  Clean 50Hz  1/3 Phase options

Alan Hayward has been involved in the concrete industry for 30 plus years. Four years ago he established Concrete Grooving Services when he saw a need to provide the dairy industry with a service grooving worn and slippery concrete. Grooves are cut 10mm wide and 75mm apart and are in both directions which gives cows hooves something to grip on when moving through

the concrete yards. This provides a safer and more stable surface for both animals and staff. After concrete has been grooved the surface can

be walked on immediately, minimising disruption to your daily routine. Grooving reduces slips and injuries, cows are

happier with more stable footing, flow is improved through the cow shed, faster milking, and it can improve water runoff. Protect your valuable stock. Alan has saws for all applications, from yards to pens and races, and we offer this service throughout the South Island. Alan can work around milkings during the season, he can also groove through the night after your last milking, or he is available during your off-season.

Why Buy from OMC Power Equipment? • Inlet connections and cable lengths supplied to match shed • All units shipped ready to connect for instant backup • Items shipped freight free NZ wide • Ask us about leasing - 90% tax deductible - cash flow friendly


FINANCE, LEASE TO BUY · 100 Gasson St, Christchurch

PHONE 0800 662 769 toll free ·

To advertise in the Canterbury Farming

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03 347 2314


Call Alan on 027 4328 442 or visit

Cut your Dairy Effluent Disposal costs and pump breakdowns through regular maintenance weeping walls • holding ponds • wedges • saucers We have a fleet of trucks designed for this purpose. Stirrers also available. Family owned and operated Robson Environmental Services Ltd Phone (03) 349 8871

16mm high tensile – Our 12mm-16mm spiked are all available in mild and high tensile steel. We alsO have standard mild 20x24m spiked harrOWs.

phone/Fax 03 347 8516 | |


May 2013


Gypsy Week On the road again

baleage with free access to water. •

Booking stock transport in advance and asking for an estimated time of arrival to allow cows to stand off for the recommended minimum time.

Checking the transport operator has a plan for the journey, covering effluent disposal sites and adequate stops and rest periods, particularly for cows on long journeys.

Talking to the farmer at the other end about when to expect stock to arrive.

by Paul Campbell

The annual migration of the New Zealand dairy industry is coming around again with two to three busy weeks which herald the start of the new dairy season, with farms changing hands and share milkers moving on to new contracts. Dairy herds will also be moving on to new pastures, but in all likelihood, movement will be somewhat restricted after the prolonged drought, which has yet to see any real recovery of feed stocks as winter closes in. Recent heavy rains across the country will certainly kick things along, but drought relief for the farming sector will stay in force until September, when spring growth will see things settle back to something like normal. But drought or not, the sheer weight of the dairy industry, with more cows than people in New Zealand makes Gypsy Week a significant event. To the forefront at this time

are local councils, as stock take to the road in trucks, or in local cases, to the road on the hoof. Stock transports are being reminded to keep the highways and byways clear of effluent discharge or spillage. Stock should be ‘stood’ overnight, before being embarked. Road transport officials point out that effluent from trucks can create hazards for motorists, especially at this time of the year, when stock movements are intensified. Waterways can also be fouled with effluent washed into them. ‘Truck drivers should ensure their effluent storage

tanks are emptied before each load and regularly use stock truck effluent disposal sites,’ states a Federated Farmers advice leaflet. As well as animals, hundreds of households may be on the move as well, as being a sharemilker taking up a new contract means having all of your household possessions in a truck with your stock not far behind. Federated Farmers has issued tips to smooth the way over Gypsy Week. These include: •

Standing cows off green feed for a minimum of four hours and up to 12 hours to empty themselves, instead feeding them straw, hay or

Unit for hire with owner operator

Affordable Rural Broadband

0800 726 724

High Volume Pumping Unit

Pond Buster Stirrer for Hire

Pond Treatment

Enquire about our IMPACT Effluent pond activator Live bacteria imported from the USA showing incredible results

new SerViCe in YoUr area now! TIMARU » CHCH » MACKENZIE » OAMARU

Providing bulk and general freight service twice daily through Canterbury to the MacKenzie Country and North Otago.

Curtain Siders, Flat Decks, Bulk Tippers, Container Lifter. MacKenzie Supply Services will cart all your bulk or general freight requirements. Carting up to 24 tonne, 15m long and as the only freight company to offer same day transport services from Christchurch through South Canterbury and the MacKenzie Country and Oamaru we pride ourselves on the ability to respond quickly to your needs.

For pickups, deliveries and enquiries do not hesitate to contact our team!

we have recently purchased a new hi-Spec MUCK SpreaDer from ireland hi-Spec is recognised as the most efficient MUCK SpreaDer on the market. we can spread anything: • Straw from calf-rearing sheds • Stone trap effluent

1 Thomas Street, Temuka, South

Ph 03 615 6282 or 0800 10 50 10

• feed pads • weeping walls • Scrapings from dairy lanes

• piggeries • pond effluent • Compost

29 Maze Road 12RD, Pleasant Point 7982 P 03 614 8994 | M 027 464 6763 | F 03 614 7547 E



May 2013

Before you pack up, back up Heading to greener pastures this Gypsy Day? Before you pack up your computer, whether it’s an old faithful desktop or a more portable notebook, have you backed up its hard disk drive? If the answer is no, ask yourself what impact losing the information stored on your device would have on your family and your business. There’s probably photographs of long forgotten family

events, important financial records and a to-do list this upcoming season. Before packing up grab yourself an external hard disk drive — about twice the capacity of your machine’s hard drive is ideal. Drives from the likes of manufacturers like Western Digital cost a hundred or so dollars and come with their own automated

backup software. If the enclosed instructions aren’t clear try Googling the make and model online with the word backup.

before next April when Microsoft ends support for the operating system by no longer providing security patches over the internet.

The last three versions of Windows, Vista, 7 and 8, also come with their own backup software. Find out how to use it at and search for the word backup.

It’s a good idea to have more than one backup in case your hard disk drive fails. Don’t rely on USB drives, which are small and can be easily lost, or CDROM or DVD-ROM discs, which can be scratched and have a reasonably short life.

If you’re running Windows XP you should consider buying a new machine

500Gb backup drive Adata HD710 500Gb durable drive is ‘farmer tough’. This little beauty will keep all your data safe. This amazing price includes backup software and all courier charges. To order call Need A Nerd 0800 63 33 26.

Need a Nerd to help? Why worry about all this tech stuff when we have nerds that will come to you, and turn your temple of dread into a tower of power today!


Up to 90 minutes onsite Travel charges may apply

Call now to grab either or both of these amazing deals

offers expire June 30 2013


0800 63 33 26

Boost your GPs accuracy from $12.50/week! Purchase any OmniSTAR™ signal on a section licence for just $650 and get 12 months peace of mind, increased driver comfort, greater efficiency and reduced input costs. For more information please call 0800 88 88 64. Photo and range fence are for illustration only and are not to scale. To take advantage of this offer you will need to

If you’re reading this then so are your customers To advertise in the Canterbury Farming please call 03 347 2314 or email


supply the longitude and latitude coordinates of your property. © 2013, trimble Navigation Limited. all rights reserved. omnistar is a trademark of trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the united states and in other countries. all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. tPs-032 (04/13)

We will design and construct your effluent pond from start to finish and:

NICK’S PET FOOD LTD For all your unwanted animals, cattle, sheep, calves, horses Phone Nick Mobile: 027 210 1621 Factory Shop - Ph: 03 348 9439 15 Michelle Road, Wigram, Christchurch, 8042

• Save you time and money • Give you environmental protection • Reduce the risk of effluent non-compliance • Be more effective in utilisation of nutrients and water Liner options include Clay, GCL and HDPE

For a free no-obligation quote call

Kerry Bartlett (Jacko) on 0275 746 803 • Dairy Conversions • Water Storage Ponds • Stock Races • Siteworks • Underpasses • Track Maintenance • Driveways / Landscaping • Forestry • Tree Removal • Border Dyking • Bulk Earthworks • Screening

p 0800 773 2002 m 0275 746 803 e


Gets the job done

May 2013


Efficient grain handling

For all types of grain handling and storage equipment, for both dairy and cropping farmers, and from a range of top suppliers, look no further than PMR grain systems.

are designed for varying feeds and delivery methods,” says Mr Whitbread.

Effluent ponds are a vital part of dairy farming — but they’re no use when they’re overflowing. To keep yours in top working order, call SJ Allen Ltd. The business that has been emptying ponds for 20 years has a huge fleet of trucks available and can usually have the job done in a matter of days.

pond stirrers, which with just a few hours of operation in the pond will have broken up the crust and bought the solids from the bottom of the pond up to become a slurry, which can then be spread evenly onto paddocks.

The Timaru-based company has 14 staff in South Canterbury and another seven at its Christchurch branch.

“We’re very flexible with what we can do,” he said, from effluent ponds, underpasses, saucers, wedges, and stone traps, being just some of the many services that can be provided to the dairy industry.

Between them they cover the area from just south of Kaikoura down to Palmerston, running 15 effluent trucks. Manager, Darren Ladbrook, said the company takes care of all effluent matters, including providing

Staff are also fully upto-date with changing disposal regulations — a vital component as dairying comes under increasing environmental scrutiny.

“The effluent sucked out of farmers’ ponds is spread onto whichever paddocks they want sprayed with liquid fertiliser,” Mr Ladbrook said. For the larger ponds in the district, containing one to two million litres, SJ Allen will take in five or six trucks and complete the task in one weekend, he said. Dairy farms that will be affected by the up-coming ‘gypsy day’ should call the SJ Allen freephone number 0800 155 669 to tee up a visit. The pond needs to be emptied ready for the incoming staff, and to ensure no mishaps with overfilling if and when the rains come. SJ Allen offers a sevendays-a-week, 24 hour service.

“Systems can be customised to fit dairy shed configurations and PMR’s team of experts can visit to ascertain requirements and make recommendations.

“A recent addition to the team has been Dave Shaw, who oversees the new dairy feed systems that the business now offers. He is well known in the rural region with previous lengthy experience in the irrigation business,” says PMR owner, Paul Whitbread. Dave will be dealing with the GSI system, which is suited for rotary and herringbone dairy sheds and takes feed efficiently from the silo to the feed trough. The system includes storage silo, auger, roller mill and coreless auger. It can be installed into grain storage silos ranging from five to 40 tonnes. Grain storage silos to contain

from 75 to 500 tonnes are also available. The dairy feed system is the latest product offered by PMR, which has been operating from purpose-built facilities at Hinds for the past two years, after first being established in Geraldine. The company can organise the whole system, from consultation and design, through to engineering, installation and repair. We also hold an extensive supply of warehoused spares and have three service vans operating in the area. “New Zealand dairy farmers use a variety of supplements to improve cow condition and milk production, and feed systems

“Let us take your WASTE away”

“Once equipment has been delivered, we have a fully experienced and trained installation team who are able to install a full range of products. PMR offers a full commissioning service from set-up to operation.” “PMR can cater for small orders such as a single elevator or conveyor replacement, to the construction and development of new storage and milling complexes. Everything is designed to the requirements of the customer from tonnage per hour to total storage capacity.” Mr Whitbread adds that he can also provide drying floors, continuous flow dryers, aeration silos and humidity burners.



PMR are pleased to announce that they are now able to supply total dairy feed systems through our supplier GSI into both rotary and herringbone complexes. PMR offer • Site Consultation

• Supply

• Design

• Installation and Repairs

The range of products include bulk storage silos, hopper bottom silos, roller mills, flex flo coreless augers and grain augers.

Specialists in Farm Waste Turning Waste into Liquid Fertiliser

WAKELY ROLLER MILLS PMR are pleased to be able to supply the Wakely Roller Mill. Wakely Engineering have been manufacturing Roller Mills for the last 30 years and manufacture mills from 1.5tph through to 30tph plus.

Bulk Liquids Removal & Disposal • CCTV Inspection of Drains High Pressure Water Blasting • Pipe Cleaning & Unblocking Septic & Holding Tank Cleaning • Farm Waste Spreading Grease Trap & Sump Cleaning • Effluent Stirrer Available Hydro Excavation • Farm Effluent Ponds & Sump

We service Mid & South Canterbury, North Otago & Lakes Districts 100% Locally owned & operated

GSI SILOS Flat bottomed or hopper. 10 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes. Can be fitted with stirrers and unload systems. Dairy Feed Systems now available. Dairy Feed and Crop Storage Specialists

Call Free 0800 155 669 Email:

Tel: 03 303 7266 Mobile: 0275 146 609 | Email Web:



May 2013

Delivering the goods at ground level

The ever increasing cost of artificial fertiliser, and the environmental issues surrounding slurry management are huge problems faced by dairy farmers today. But with the clever use of new technology both of these problems can be reduced, or even eliminated. A slurry tanker with a dribble bar applicator is the latest tool in the agricultural contractor’s repertoire to tackle these issues. By spreading the slurry in thin bands directly onto the ground the ‘gassingoff’ of the nitrogen content in the slurry is reduced. This makes extra nitrogen available to the plants at pasture level, improving the value of the slurry and reducing the amount of artificial fertiliser required.

This method of spreading is also very controlled. It puts the slurry exactly where it is needed, and a GPS management system allows great accuracy and proof of placement. Another advantage of the dribble bar is that the slurry can be applied year round with minimal contamination to pastures, speeding up paddock rotation. This also enables ponds to be emptied

on a more regular basis which avoids the build up of solids and makes emptying quicker and cheaper. Used in conjunction with a pond stirrer, a 14,000 litre machine can handle slurry with large amounts of solid matter. This new technology is proving to be very advantageous in many areas — not least in keeping down the costs of slurry handling.

Need Cultivation? Deep Roots, High Yields Using the Claydon compaction busting tyne drill means no smearing in the wet like single or triple disc drills.

Where there is Muck there is money! Phone Roger 027 223 0406

Moving stock on Gypsy Day? • Tag & register your cattle with NAIT • Record & confirm cattle movements 0800 NAIT ID (0800 624 843)

For an ultra fast and efficient job I now offer a 14000 litre slurry tanker with turbo filler and dribble bar Keeps the Nitrogen on the ground and saves the cost of

artificial fertiliser

May 2013 Another hilarious effort was three grown men trying to get the forty into a set of hurdles in the corner of the paddock so they could be drenched and treated for lice.

Rob Cope-Williams gets ...

Small block holders and Perendales

‘Horses for courses’ is a saying that comes to mind as I ponder the stories involving Perendales and small block holders. While the breed is ideal in the conditions they were bred for, wide open hill country for example, there are horrific stories about them finding their way onto small blocks. Their ability to go under fences, jump over people’s outstretched arms and gallop through small settlements has become folk lore. Sadly I can talk from first-hand experience.

A very good friend of mine has ten acres on the edge of Rangiora and being a supportive type of chap, I asked a mate to organise 40 lambs to help the horse and two steers get the pasture under control. He delivered 40 Perendales. The funny thing is that every time I mention the story to any farmers it is met with giggles and comments such as ‘You are grazing them over a large area then?’

is now sizeable hoggets back into the paddock with her Mercedes Sports. A pointless exercise but great fun to watch.

Even the race horse had helped — working like a quarter horse trying to stop the flight of the bloody minded sheep — but to no avail. It took about 15 attempts before the sheep won and several hours bringing the escapees back into the paddock they had burst out of. Very recently I noted with interest that one of the flock was in fact a ram hogget. I admit to not


having got close enough to notice that before and it was only obvious now because he was determined to have nature take its course. Despite a lack of preventative animal health, the flock look in great order and we may even make a return on the outlay when prices rise in the spring as demand for stock lifts. With lambs at foot or as in-lamb hoggets hopefully there will be a demand, but two things; I suggest that another small block holder doesn’t buy them, and that whoever does buy them is happy to do so — ‘As is where is’.

The bottom line is that the battle to fence the things in is as frustrating as being a Black Caps fan. You close three holes and there’s another four gaps by morning. The neighbours’ sense of humour has waned and relationship have become tense so a professional fencing contractor has been employed to even the odds. Hopefully that will lead to less occasions when the landowner will no longer have to try to drive what

Rural Market Place Fitter/Welder

Need us now?

Specimen trees

Due to continued growth we are in search of a fitter/welder to join our great team based in Ashburton.

FREEPHONE us today!

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RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL • Heat Pumps • Garden Lighting • House Re-wire • Kitchen Re-fits • Spa Pool Installation • Telephone Extensions • Shop Fitting • New Builds/Extensions

Greg’s Mobile: 021 22 77 275 Ph: 379 6644 Fax: 379 6645 PO Box 7778, Sydenham Christchurch 8240

0800 277 275

Bare-root deciduous trees Arriving in June Limited stocks — order now to avoid disappointment!

EXCEEDING our Customers Expectations

See our website for more details Authorised Mitsubishi Installers

Greg Horton Electrician

851 Waterholes Road, Templeton

Open Sat 9am–12noon Mon–Fri 8am–4.30pm

Tel: 03 349 4582 Email:

UK opportUnity


FArM WorKer

Supply and inStall or Supply only

For 800 ha cropping farm Required start July 2013 Finish September 2014 Good Machinery Operator HT an advantage Good Rugby player will be really welcome!

phone Fred Bull 021 346 955

All insurance work – snow damage included Free quotes • 10YR guarantee on all our workmanship

Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

Allen Custom Drills Ltd has been operating for over 10years and is leading manufacturer of Air Seeder Direct drills. Being proud of delivering proven great results from a durable and reliable product.

To be a successful in this role you require the following skills; Mig welding experience from light to heavy. Ability to interpret CAD drawings. To be reliable and demonstrate good time management skills. Display a strong H & S focus. Current drivers license. This role will suit someone who is a team player, has a can do attitude, is flexible and takes pride in their workmanship. If you would like to be part of a growing company where no two days are the same please apply immediately. Part time/Temp/Full time Email you CV and Cover Letter to or phone 03 308 4094 Address: 13 McLean Street, Ashburton • PO Box 71, Ashburton 7740 Phone: 03 308 4094 Email: Fax: 03 308 4093 Website: CRAIG ALLEN: 021 861 440


timber Town & Country Timbers

Sheep GratinG Fence StakeS h4 Fence DropperS Dropper h3.2 Farm SheD timber Sheep YarD timber Suppliers to CRT

26 Crombie Road, RD25 Temuka Phone: 03 615 9343

May 2013


AGROTRON TTV630 (224HP) • Deutz DCR Technology • Stepless transmission • Air cab suspension



URY B R E T N A C N I Call for a Demo Today

Deutz engines are built to be the best, by the best.

AGROTRON M620 (166HP) • • • • • •




Deutz 6 cylinder DCR. 24x24 Trans 4 speed PS, 40Kph ECO Hyd 120L c/w 4 spool valves Hydrauic 6200kg lift capacity Front axle suspension Cab suspension


1.95% 12 months • 2.95% 24 months • 3.95% 36 months • 4.95% 46 months*



Seasonal or yearly payment options available.* *Based on 40% deposit. Normal lending criteria and conditions apply.

CHRISTCHURCH Power Farming Canterbury 03 349 5975 Rod Lewis 027 706 4147

ASHBURTON Power Farming Ashburton 03 307 7153 Simon Jackson 027 512 7205

TIMARU Power Farming Timaru 03 687 4127 Ross Dawbin 027 281 0042

Canterbury Farming, May 2013  

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