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ACORN North Shore Country Day School • Spring/Summer 2012

A Winning Year for the Raiders




Commencement 2012

SPRIN G/SUM M ER 2012 The Acorn is published by the Marketing & Communications Department of North Shore Country Day School twice a year for alumni, parents, grandparents and friends. Its goal is to connect our school community, celebrate recent accomplishments and capture the essence of life and learning at North Shore. Tom Doar III Head of School Tura Cottingham Director of Marketing & Communications, Editor Art Jessen ’70 Webmaster & Photographer


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Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 1

Reflection I think it’s fair to say that I have seen more graduations than most because I have spent most of my life in and around schools. Some might think I have reached my limit, or that I am tired of the annual ritual whether it’s North Shore’s Lower School Closing, 8th Grade Graduation or our Upper School Commencement. I am not. In fact, with each successive graduation I find myself energized and, in many instances, very moved. I’m a creature of habit, whose internal rhythm needs an early June “graduation fix.” Since graduations come at the end of the year, one could argue that I am simply relieved to have made it to the finish line of another academic year. While both reasons clearly contribute to my enjoyment

of the year-end events, I think the reason I enjoy graduations so much is they truly focus on the most important part of education—young people. At North Shore, our young people—our students—are an exceptional group. They are multitalented and multifaceted individuals who fully invest themselves in “their” school. Their complete commitment, coupled with the strong sense of ownership they feel about North Shore, leads to marked and meaningful growth. It is this growth—intellectual, social and emotional—that is celebrated at graduation. Memories are shared, stories are told, and acknowledgements of the roles of others—classmates, teachers, coaches and parents—are touching, sometimes humorous and always powerful. There is a general sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves and the School. It’s

“At North Shore, our young people—our students—are an exceptional group. . . . Their complete commitment, coupled with the strong sense of ownership they feel about North Shore, leads to marked and meaningful growth.”

2 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012


as if the collective group of our graduates, our teachers and parents, relatives and friends is privy to “inside” information as they hear about the particular dynamic of the class and the bond between classmates that has played such a critical role in the development of the group. Those of us in schools remain energized and inspired by young people—their energy and spirit, their passion and potential. Those of us at North Shore feel all the more energized as a result of the relationships that are so meaningful and close. North Shore teachers and administrators know long after the commencement ceremony has ended, the speeches will be forgotten, but the personal relationships will be remembered.

Below // 1 Samuel Roszak ’21, David Mueller ’21 and Evan Kaspi ’15 2 Daisy

Stone ’25 3 Middle School Field Days 4 Carlos Hunter ’12 and Quintin Bar ’25

Opposite page // Tom Doar and Mary Sturgis ’12

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 3

4 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Taking Action Bake Sale for Branswallow

Race Against Hate

Erika’s Lighthouse

The 2nd grade held their annual Bake Sale for Barnswallow, a refuge for injured and orphaned birds of prey, in May. The organization was founded and is operated by Linda Breuer ’69. This year, the class adopted “Buckeye,” a baby great horned owl that fell 50 feet from its nest, and was rescued and saved by Linda. The event is a favorite of students and faculty throughout the School. Over $1,800 was raised to help Linda continue her work to save and protect birds of prey.

North Shore’s Parents’ Association Multicultural Affairs Committee was a sponsor of the June 17 Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate in Evanston as part of the committee’s community outreach. A team of North Shore parents and students participated in the 10K/5K run/walk.

North Shore students participated in Erika’s Lighthouse 9th Annual Rock & Rally Walkathon on May 20. Erika’s Lighthouse is an educational organization dedicated to raising awareness of adolescent depression and mental health for young people. The organization, founded by two New Trier parents whose daughter, Erika, died by suicide, strives to break the stigma and raise awareness about mental heath issues.

Recording History As a part of an oral history and memoir project, the sophomore class visited the North Shore Senior Center in April. Students recorded interviews with seniors, illustrating the value of oral history and how stories uncover meaning. The students edited their recordings and shared their work at an evening presentation on campus. After showcasing all the students’ work, the seniors were given copies of their interviews to take home.

Heartland Animal Shelter Julie Block ’13 organized a fundraiser for Heartland Animal Shelter where she volunteers once a week to care for cats. In total, she raised $217, along with 24 cans of cat food, 30 dogs toys and multiple bags of newspapers for the shelter.

The Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate honors and remembers the former Northwestern University men’s basketball coach after his tragic death from a hate crime. The event brings people together from all over the Chicagoland area to run and walk in unity against racial hatred and violence. Proceeds from the Race Against Hate further the mission of the YWCA Evanston/North Shore towards racial justice, ant-racism, and violence prevention and intervention programming.

Starkey Foundation As part of the Lower School’s yearlong Communications theme, Northwestern Professor Jane Hornickel met with 1st–5th grade students to discuss “How Brains Interpret Sound.” Meeting in small groups, students experimented with hearing aids and asked questions during group discussions. The event was followed by Lower Schoolers making wristbands to sell during lunch to the entire school to support the Starkey Foundation which provides hearing aids to children. The activity raised nearly $1,300.

Three North Shore students are on Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Board: Heather Mabie ’14, Sarah Vrotny ’14 and Mayree Nolan ’14. The Teen Panel raised awareness about the “red flag” thoughts or behaviors that are the warning signs of depression and what kids can do to take care of themselves and get support. North Shore students presented their Teen Panel to three 8th grade health classes at the Sears School and encouraged students to participate in the Walkathon. The club also held two days of cotton candy giveaways to promote participation in the Walkathon.

Left // Sarah Beth Sommer ’22 at the Barnswallow bake sale.

Acorn AcornSpring/Summer Spring/Summer2012 2012 55

Taking Action

Walk for Compassion In April, the 9th grade completed a five-mile Walk for Compassion to support a range of non-governmental organizations including Kids Against Hunger, International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Oceana, as part of their service-learning experience for the year. The fundraising event began by walking along the lakefront and to the Baha’i Temple before returning to North Shore. Students raised over $5,200 that was divided among 11 organizations.

Project Linus Upper School students made nearly 50 fleece blankets in their advisories to benefit Project Linus. Community Service members prepared the material before advisories create the final blankets. Project Linus is a nationwide non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children in need.

Honor Flight The Middle School integrates service learning into the curriculum for one week every year. This spring, students learned about and supported Honor Flight, a nonprofit organization that honors

Photos // 1 Rebecca Reategui ’12 and Josselyn Hernandez ’15 work on Project Linus. 2 Robert Wright ’19 and Thacher McCoy ’25 at a fund raiser for Starkey Foundation.

3 Avery McCall ’16 speaks about Girl Up at MEX. 4 Art Ajar 5 Viv Falls ’18, Jessica Hourihane ’18, Abby Gifford ’18, Haniya Ghazi ’18 and Thandi Steele ’18

America’s veterans and helps transport them to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials. Students raised money by selling snacks at the Science Olympiad held on campus, a bake sale and raffle tickets to win gift cards. Teachers integrated education about veterans and the wars they served in, and invited veterans, active duty servicemen as well as an Honor Flight representative to speak to classes. In addition, Middle School Arts Teacher Becky Flory and her students created a 4-hole mini golf course. The course was open to students to play at the cost of $2 with proceeds directed to Honor Flight.

Bottle Caps The JK classroom collected enough plastic bottle caps to fill a 30-gallon trash bin. The project began when JK Teacher Janet Lord heard that Aveda, a cosmetics company, was partnering with schools to recycle plastic bottle caps. Students enjoyed bringing something to share with the class and were amazed as their collection grew. In addition to talking about why recycling is important, students sorted the caps by color, size and graphic, and used them for counting practice. Aveda recycles the collected caps into new caps for their products.

support an Honor Flight bake sale. 6 Heather Mabie ’14 and Rory Kelly ’10 support Erika’s Lighthouse. 7 Julian Miller ’25, Daisy Stone ’25 and Razaan

Ghazi ’25 sort bottle caps. 8 Front row: Amy Muslin ’17, Owen Hiland ’18, Will O’Connor ’18 and Meggie Richter ’17. Back row: Emily Powers ’16, Charlie

Girl Up Avery McCall ’16 is one of 14 teen advisors, and the only representative from the Midwest for Girl Up, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation. In May, Avery traveled to New York to speak on a United Nations panel as a youth representative for Girl Up, talking about why it’s important to educate girls and how people can help. Girl Up strives to give adolescent girls in developing countries access to education, healthcare and safety. In addition to attending monthly meetings with the other teen advisors, Avery organized fundraisers to support the cause. She held a bake sale at school and a Walk-a-thon in Winnetka that raised $30,000 for education in Ethiopia.

Art Ajar The spring gallery exhibit had a dual purpose: showcase creative artwork and raise money for the Northfield Pantry. “Art Ajar” opened on March 16, featuring artists of all ages throughout the Chicago area, including some of North Shore’s very own. An artist entry fee and sales of the jars raised more than $1,000 for the Food Pantry.

Filip ’16, two active duty servicemen, Roy Walker ’17, Dylan Cotter ’17 and CJ Charnas ’16 pose after an Honor Flight presentation.

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 7


8 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

ment 2012

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 9


Excerpts from Upper School Commencement

Senior Class Message George Eisner Class of 2012

Above // 1 Graduating seniors sing “Wake the Echoes” at Commencement. 2 Alex Bergman ’12, Brandon Wilson and Melissa Ostroff Opposite // 1 Graduate George Eisner gave the Senior Class Message and Teacher Cassandra Hiland delivered the

Commencement Address. 2 Lifers Cassi Formolo, Emma Colman, Charlie Morris, Mary Sturgis, Jeannie Peters, Grace Flickinger and Aleda Deuble 3 Aleda Deuble, Sam Barker and Alex Barker 4 Annie Roge and Kelly McKnight

“If there’s one piece of advice you can take away from me today, it’s this: No one gets through anything in life alone. You need people. You need someone advocating on your behalf. And you only get that when you put yourself out there. “To the teachers and staff members, who have shown consistently that they want nothing but the best from us, and the best for us. They are tough and demanding, but it’s all out of their desire for us to succeed and journey beyond this place. They serve as the same force that lifts and propels us towards our goals in life through education. They are our friends, they are our coaches, they are our instructors, and they are our guides. Without them, we would be lost. “To North Shore in general, I am truly blessed. Let outsiders claim whatever they want to, it is impossible to understand the magnificence of this place until you have spent time inside. The opportunities and potential of every person here are

10 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

unrivaled by anywhere else. Here you can play your favorite instrument while winning a state championship in your favorite sport. Here you can dive into your appreciation for theater during the day and then host dance parties at school by night. Here you can find yourself on the verge of going to New York for a National Model UN one minute and the next anticipating an upcoming trip to Costa Rica for community service. There are no limits to what you can do. This is not a place that removes itself from the rest of the world. Rather, North Shore provides all the resources for us to learn from it, and all we need is the motivation to use them. There is nothing gated about this community. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here for two years or twelve. None of you are classmates. None of you are friends. To me, you’re all part of a whole that makes up this experience and together we are the community that North Shore strives so hard to maintain year after year. Some of us are scholarship athletes, scholarship mathletes, drama queens, drama geeks, humanitarians, hipsters, future musicians, and even future presidents, but together we become something bigger than ourselves as I did on my first day around all of you.”

Commencement Address Cassandra Hiland Upper School English Teacher

“When I think of this class, my head spins with images of its members engaging in pursuits into which they have poured their hearts and their souls and from which they have gained a rock solid sense of themselves: they are readers and writers and poets, runners and jumpers and shot-putters and gymnasts; they are actors and improvisers and filmmakers, chefs and bakers and cake decorators; they are volunteers and ceramicists and slam poets and football players and golfers and leaders of all sorts; they are delegates and debaters, tennis and rugby players; they have achieved high rank at military camp, they practice Brazilian jujitsu, they have written entire novels, and one of them

may know more about the Kennedy clan than even Mr. Randolph; they are singers and knitters and linguists and photographers and artists; they are basketball and field hockey and baseball and chess players, world travelers and scientists and equestrians and dancers, synchronized swimmers and musicians and DJs and sailors—and most of them are many of those things all at once. Their enthusiasm and diligence and devotion to their pursuits make those of us who have watched them know that they act out of joy and passion at their very core. To their own selves they are most true indeed. “What I hope is that the class of 2012 will remember to listen deeply and to listen fully; to dig deeper, past what is on the surface. If you become a skilled listener, one who seeks out the whole story and many stories, one who asks questions and allows time for answers, you will understand people and the world they inhabit better. You will come to know how you in turn should behave, either because you find a good example or because you recognize a bad one, like Polonius. You

will understand why people do what they do, and you will judge with more temperance. You will act with more compassion. You will be a better student and a better colleague and a better citizen; a better child to your parents, a better sibling, a better partner and a better friend. “You are living in a world where you have access to—and are even bombarded with—information all the time; that information can be wonderful, and it can be deafening. At times you need to face the flood and filter through it, listening hard to hear what is important; at other times, however, you will need to turn off the electronics and do your listening live and in person, to the people around you, to the natural world around you, and, perhaps most important of all, to yourself. Seeking out the stories around you and inside of you and then listening deeply to them will lead you to know what you value and how you should put your values into practice. Then you will have a self to be true to.”

“. . . those of us who have watched them know that they act out of joy and passion to their very core.” Cassandra Hiland

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 11


“. . . your ability to adjust and respond and move forward . . . compels me to say without equivocation that I admire you very much . . .� Tom Doar

12 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Photos // 1 Rachel Mabie ’12 and Heather Mabie ’14 2 Sam Akainyah,

Farewell to Graduates

“Determination to get things right”

Tom Doar Head of School

“High expectations”

“Passion and heart” “Energy and flair” “Commitment and focus” “Humor and encouragement” “Organized and clear”

“My sense is that you, the Class of 2012, have learned a great deal in your time at North Shore.Your academic skills have grown immeasurably—your ability to read and write, analyze and debate, examine and clarify—you have mastered material, you know a great deal about mathematics, history, science, literature, language, art and music. As a result of your hard work and focus and the quality of the education you have received to date, you are a learned group. “Beyond accumulating a great deal of knowledge and strong academic skills, it is my belief that you have also been taught by your teachers to be thoughtful and responsive people. You have been taught to be wise, determined, open-minded and aware. I know this because these are the qualities that your teachers have exemplified; these are the qualities that you have been exposed to on a daily basis from your teachers, your advisors and our coaches.

“Genuine, open and responsive” “All phrases that describe good teaching, all phrases that describe an effective adult, all examples that you have been constantly exposed to in your years at North Shore—from your teachers—and in many respects—from your classmates, teammates and friends. “It is my hope that with this graduation today that you not stop learning from the example of those that are a part of North Shore. Instead, that you hold fast to the lessons that you have learned and the examples that have been set.

Steve Smith and Zach March 3 Lisa and Rebecca Reategui

spirit and enthusiasm, to your involvement in service and outreach to others—you have constantly stepped up, responded and delivered. As you worked though the college process—you got it. As the leaders of the Upper School—you got it. Finally, as friends and classmates—you got it— or should I say ‘you get it.’ It is this ability to have ‘done school’ so skillfully, your ability to adjust and respond and move forward that compels me to say without equivocation that I admire you very much and thank you for your example—your energy and your focus.” To capture the essence of this year’s commencement speeches, each in a few paragraphs, does not do them justice. Use the following link to read each in its entirety. You will be enlightened with personal stories, Shakespeare and glimpses of the members of the class of 2012. Use this QR or go to

“As a class you have been first-rate. As I have been asked about you as you have moved through the Upper School, I have always described you as a class that has seemed to ‘get it.’ The ‘it’ describes a wide range of things from responsiveness in the classroom, to commitment and excellence on the athletic field or gyms, to the quality of your performances in the theater and the art room, to your energy,

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 13

Class of 2012 College Choices 2 Sam Akainyah Valparaiso University




20 32


19 4

1 Meg Airey Emory University

23 44 12


34 36 15













26 27


31 47

22 25 37













3 Carlos Angeles University of Illinois at Chicago 4 Dylan Ball Colorado College 5 Alex Barker University in Australia 6 Sam Barker University in Australia 7 Alex Bergman University of Connecticut 8 Colan Biemer Drexel University 9 Jake Bruce University of Kansas 10 Michele Cervantes University of Illinois at Chicago 11 Max Chung Tulane University 12 Emma Colman Bennington College 13 Nick Deng University of Illinois (College of Engineering) 14 Aleda Deuble Colorado College 15 George Eisner Ohio State University (College of Business)

21 Jon Green Carleton College

37 Jeannie Peters Miami University

22 Carlos Hunter Valparaiso University

38 Rebecca Reategui Bennington College

23 Harin Jang Northwestern University

39 Annie Roge Whitman College

24 Kim Kahnweiler Bowdoin College 25 Jake Kann Denison University

41 Katherine Simmons University of Richmond

26 Jack Kelly Providence College

42 Stephen Smith Trinity University

27 Rachel Mabie Denison University

43 Mary Sturgis Kenyon College

28 Kelly MacFarland Hobart & William Smith Colleges

44 Amanda Tazioli Denison University

*29 Zach March Denison University 30 Patrick McClanahan University of Missouri

16 Grace Flickinger DePauw University

31 Kelly McKnight University of Miami

17 Cassi Formolo University of Wisconsin

32 Charlie Morris Ithaca College

18 Blair Francke Bucknell University

33 Danielle Mulligan Tufts University

19 Ellery Gitkin Davidson College

34 Rose Nelson Lawrence University

20 Ben Goren Northwestern University

35 Melissa Ostroff University of Miami 36 Alanna Peccia Oakton Community College

14 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

*40 Danny Schur University of British Columbia

45 Torrey Thomas University of Missouri 46 Matt Touhy Centre College 47 Emily Vasiliou Connecticut College 48 Tess Weiner Rice University 49 Patrick White Fordham University 50 Brandon Wilson Northwestern University

*Not pictured


On Campus Grandparents’ Day North Shore welcomed nearly 150 grandparents and friends to campus on May 4 for Grandparents’ Day 2012. During a brief presentation, Head of School Tom Doar provided an overview of the state of the School. Guests tapped their toes as the Upper School jazz band performed a few selections including In the Mood and My Favorite Things. Teacher Camille Dominguez and student Kim Kahnweiler ’12 shared their perspectives on their North Shore Country Day experience before Grandparents visited classrooms.

Focus on History Speaker Dr. LeeAnna Keith, author of The Colfax Massacre, the first full-length book to tell the history of this decisive event, and teacher at The Collegiate School of New York, was the 2012 Focus on History Speaker. During her visit on March 5, she spoke to the Upper School and met with several U.S. History classes. The Colfax Massacre took place on Easter Sunday, 1873, in the tiny hamlet of Colfax, Louisiana. More than 150 members of an all-black Republican militia, defending the town’s courthouse, were slain by an armed force of rampaging white supremacists. The most deadly incident of racial violence of the Reconstruction era, the Colfax Massacre unleashed a reign of terror that all but extinguished the campaign for racial equality. The Focus on History Speaker series brings working historians, and others working on history in the larger sense, to North Shore to interact with students. The series is funded by an anonymous, generous donation from a parent of North Shore graduates. Photos // 1 Judy Majkowicz, Ava Khan ’20, Elise Gupta ’20 2 Geoff Flickinger ’24, Ed Matthews, Mariel Flickinger ’24, Smith

Flickinger ’24 3 Sydney Shafer ’14, Lonny Karmin, Alex Karmin ’15 4 Matt Morette ’16 with his 8th grade identity project. 5 Dr. LeeAnna Keith

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 15

On Campus Student Kudos Seeds of Peace

Darling Kittoe ’13 has been accepted into The Seeds of Peace program for the summer of 2012. Seeds of Peace is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of lasting peace in regions of conflict. Upper and Middle School Artists

The Wilmette Arts Guild hosted its annual student art show for middle and upper school students. Jack Colley ’14 received an award in photography, Hannah Lumberg ’15 for multimedia assemblage, Ian Talty ’15 for mixed media, and Carlos Hunter ’12 and Matt Touhy ’12 for their ceramic work. Multiple Awards for Gifted Writer

Hayun Cho ’13 was awarded two Regional Gold Keys for her short story Ms. Kim and her poem Laura, Wednesday, Reminder, in this city, by the 2012 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and a Gold Key Award for her poetry from the National Stage of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers/ Scholastic Awards. She also received an Honorable Mention from the Claudia Ann Seaman Awards from Young Writers for Ms. Kim. Her piece was selected out of over 2,000 entries to be published in the August 2011 issue of Polyphony H.S., a student-run national literary magazine for high school writers and editors. In addition, Hayun was awarded a full scholarship to the 2012 Telluride Association Summer Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, “Modernism through Modern Art and Theater.” Admission to this sixweek educational program of college-level seminars for gifted and highly motivated high school juniors is highly selective.

Photos // 1 Josh Hoeflich ’15, Will Skinner ’14 and Sophia Mondi ’13

2 Hayun Cho ’13 3 Mixed media artwork by Ian Talty ’15.

Model United Nations, Around the World

National Student Editors

Eight North Shore students attended Harvard Model United Nations held January 26–29. This international event included 105 schools from overseas (25 from China and 12 from Turkey alone). There were over 2,500 students at the conference. Students who received recognition were Ilhana Redzovic ’13 and John McHugh ’14, representing the Philippines in the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), awarded Second Honorable Mention. Other North Shore students who participated include Andrew Rice ’14, Emily Vasiliou ’12, Meg Airey ’12, Amy Isaacson ’14, Daniel Viellieu ’15 and Alexander Mitchell ’15.

Several North Shore students are members of the Polyphony H.S. student editorial panel. They edit and provide feedback to their peers around the country who submit work to the magazine. Students include Hayun Cho ’13, Hanna Cunningham ’13, Matt Griffin ’14, John McHugh ’14, Annie Murnighan ’13, Ilhana Redzovic ’13, Olivia Scheyer ’13 and Alexandra Theodosakis ’14.

Seven Upper School students participated in the Northwestern Model United Nations Conference on April 21. Fifteen Upper School students attended the National High School Model United Nations in New York City, March 7–10. A select group of Upper School students traveled to London, England to attend the Haileybury Model United Nations March 23–25.

16 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Chinese and French Language Competitions

Three Upper School Mandarin students competed in the Fourth Midwest Chinese Speech Contest on April 21 at Northside College Preparatory High School in Chicago. Josh Hoeflich ’15 and Sophia Mondi ’13 received silver medals in level 1 and level 3 groups respectively. Will Skinner ’14 received a gold medal in the level 4 group. Three Upper School French students participated in a French oral forensics competition on April 21. Sydney Shafer ’14, Hannah Klaeser ’13 and Ilhana Redzovic ’13 were awarded the highest recognition in oral competition for their Reader’s Theater piece.

French Exchange Program In April, North Shore initiated the first part of a French exchange program welcoming ten 10th graders and two teachers from Lycée Les Rimains in St. Malo. The program’s goal is total immersion in everyday life as an American student. The French students sat in on classes, participated in sports and even attended the Upper School Prom. North Shore’s host students showed the visitors the Chicago area with excursions to the Hancock Tower, Chicago History Museum, Millennium Park and a Bulls game. In the fall, North Shore students will travel to St. Malo during Interim Week in November to complete the second part of the exchange and reconnect with their French friends.

The Franke Family Fund North Shore’s 2011–2012 Franke Family Fund program had feet tapping across campus. This year’s program was developed by Upper School Drama Teacher Julia Macholl. During the week of April 23, the School hosted Chicago Tap Theatre. Through performances and workshops, students were taught the history and art form of tap dance and storytelling. The group used jazz, modern music and beat boxing to share different ranges of discovery and expression. Julia selected Chicago Tap to visit North Shore “because their mission is to keep tap dance alive and perform through storytelling and rhythm, reaching out to all. Since Communication is this year’s theme in Lower School, and is constantly utilized throughout all three divisions, I thought Chicago Tap would be a perfect, active art form that students can try.”

The Franke Family Fund was established in 2008 as an endowment for programs that enhance students’ experiences during the academic year. The Fund encourages faculty to develop creative and unique ideas that are school-wide in scope, broad in interpretation and application, and significantly and positively impact the School community.

Benefit Board Grants and Sabbaticals Each year, North Shore’s Benefit Board funds several enrichment opportunities for faculty and staff. The purpose of this Fund is to support the advancement of North Shore’s academic program— curricular advances, studies in teaching and learning, in-depth analysis and study—to shift and upgrade programs, and more powerfully impact students. Congratulations to those who received Benefit Board Grants:

• Lucila Felcaro will travel to France and Italy to connect with the history, art and culture

• Patrick McHugh will travel to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

• Caitlin Prouty will visit Costa Rica in a program taking Spanish and surfing lessons

• Cassandra Hiland will visit Paris to be immersed in the French language and reconnect with her high-school French teacher

• Tom Kowalczyk will assist the St. Bernard Project, rebuilding homes in New Orleans Drea Gallaga has received The Vera D. Wavering Sabbatical, established to renew the spirit, invigorate teaching and enhance the School community. Drea will be engaging in spiritual renewal, including volunteering, retreat and reflection.

Photos // 1 French exchange students 2 Jennifer Healy, Margie Blair ’22 and Judith Nerad at the 2nd grade Gathering of the Greats. 3 Kim

Kahnweiler ’12, Rachel Mabie ’12 and Jeannie Peters ’12 serve ice cream to Upper Schoolers. 4 Chicago Tap Theater

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 17

On Campus

Science Olympiad North Shore’s Middle School continued its Science Olympiad winning streak. The team placed 2nd out of 18 teams at the Regional Science Olympiad held at the College of Lake County in Grayslake on March 10. All 27 students participating earned at least one medal, and North Shore earned medals in 21 of 23 events in the varsity division. The team’s placement qualified them to advance to the Illinois State Finals at the University of Illinois in ChampaignUrbana on April 14 for the fourteenth consecutive year. The team placed 7th out of 47 schools. This is the ninth consecutive year North Shore has finished in the top third at the State Tournament.

Photos // 1 Middle School Science Olympiad Team 2 Benefit Board President Laura Bergman and

Auction Chair Diane Chandler-Simon 3 Steve and Lisa Hagerty, and Julia and Conrad Winkler

18 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Annual Auction Raises $220,000 “The Purple Wave was a wonderful example of how so many in the School community function in a manner that advances the School. It was a great evening on so many levels and we have the Benefit Board to thank,” commented Head of School Tom Doar. For more than 30 years, dedicated Benefit Board volunteers have stepped up to organize the annual Auction party. This year, the event welcomed over 300 to a social and productive evening. Parents, alumni, faculty and staff all connected, and raised over $220,000 to enrich teaching and learning at North Shore. Students were also involved. A Middle School art class created the graphics for the theme, and Upper School seniors helped sell raffle and “head or tails” tickets at the party. “On behalf of all of us, I thank the Benefit Board leadership and all the volunteers who contributed to make the evening such a success,” Tom said.

Susan Marshall ’76 Concert Ben Manis, a 17-year-old cellist from Chicago, performed during Morning Ex on May 16 as part of the Susan Marshall ’76 Memorial Concert series. He studies with Richard Hirschl of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and is co-principal cellist of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. A member of the Principal Players ensemble of CYSO, the Bosworth String Quartet, Ben is an avid chamber musician. Last year, his trio won the Rembrandt Chamber Competition held at Northwestern University and also advanced to the semifinal round of the prestigious Fischoff Chamber Music Competition. Beginning in the fall of 2012, Ben will study with Ronald Leonard at The Colburn School in Los Angeles. Susan Marshall ’76 Memorial Concerts are annual events featuring young emerging artists. The programs are endowed in memory of Susan Marshall, Class of 1976, and her love of music.

Diversity Day Upper School held its annual Diversity Day on April 20. The theme, “Uncovering: Discovering, Exploring and Sharing Ourselves,” focused on identifiers including race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ability/disability, age, class, gender and body image. Guest speakers, students and faculty presented a wide range of workshops including Jewish Culture, West African Culture, A Fight to Live, Our Heteronormative Society and Erika’s Lighthouse. Diversity Day is organized by Kaleidoscope, a student club.

Spanish Poetry Fourth and 5th grade classes created a poetry project entitled Poesía Lenta as part of their study on sloths and Costa Rica. Students in 4th grade wrote and illustrated haikus relating to their Japan study, while 5th graders wrote odes to sloths inspired by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.






Especia bestia pura San oso perezoso animal hermoso, cariñoso y perezoso que abraza el árbol como si fuera un amigo querido animal peludo, lento y dulce que acaricia las hojas con sus uñas gruesas como un oso de peluche suave como el rey de los árboles

Photos // 1 Susan Marshall ’76 Memorial Concert performer Ben Manis plays for the Lower

School. 2 Upper School Diversity Day workshop on Jewish Culture. 3 3rd grade Hot Chocolate House

cool cats. 4 Ben Goren ’12 and Dylan Ball ’12 look through the Mirror yearbook.

Gavin: Especia bestia pura San oso perezoso animal lento, peludo y lindo que duerme y abraza animal boca abajo, despacio y lindo que come la hoja como el mono que trepa como la tortuga lenta

Eno: Especia bestia pura San oso perezoso animal lento, largo y lindo que vive en el árbol animal cómico, simpático y marrón que abraza el árbol como un oso peludo como un mono lento




Caroline R.:


Especia bestia pura San oso perezoso animal lindo, lento y largo que vive en la selva tropical animal despacio, peludo y simpático que vive en América del sur como los koalas como los caracoles

Especia bestia pura San oso perezoso animal lindo, lento y peludo que vive en la selva tropical animal cómico, despacio y boca abajo que come la hoja como la tortuga lenta como el mono



Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 19

On Campus

20 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Arts Showcase Alice’s Adventures with Poorly Cooked Cafeteria Seafood

In this take on Alice in Wonderland, author Don Zolidis presents an adolescent girl having the worst day possible and her series of bizarre hallucinations after eating seafood in the cafeteria. You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

The 4th–5th grades performed this play by Clark Gesner based on the “Peanuts” comic strips by Charles Schulz. The Gondoliers

The Upper School Spring Musical was The Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan which is a satiric tale of switched identities, mixed up royalty and a quest for true love. Andromeda’s Galaxy

The Middle School performed this play by Alan Haehnel in which teenager Andromeda filters all the events of her life through hilarious sci-fi scenarios. Take 10 Play Festival

This comedic festival of five 10-minute shows was all written, directed and performed by students of the Upper School Advanced Theatre class. Photos // 1 Clayton Durning ’18 2 Artwork by Emmett Bluhm ’20. 3 Painting by Tala Glass ’16. 4 Photo by Eno Dynowski ’19. 5 Molly Biggs ’22 and Lily Ainsley ’22

6 You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown 7 The Gondoliers 8 Lower School painting 9 Upper School ceramics 10 Andomeda’s Galaxy

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 21

On Campus

Upper School Athletics Scoreboard The Raiders had one of their best years in recent memory. Here are just a few statistics: 5 Conference Team Championships 3 Regional Team Championships 2 Sectional Titles 2 State Trophies 1 State Title

Following are highlights of the winter and spring seasons. Boys’ Basketball had the most memorable season in North Shore sports history. They finished the regular season 14–4 and advanced to the state final four in Peoria. On the way, the team clinched the ISL Conference title and became the first boys’ basketball team in North Shore history to win a Sectional Title and a Super Sectional title. Nearly 300 Raider fans attended the state game. The team’s final record was 19–6. Boys’ Baseball finished the season 15–4 and won the Conference Championship for the third consecutive year. The team won the Regional Championship for the second consecutive year before falling to Illinois Lutheran 12–7 in the Putnam County Sectional Championships. Girls’ Soccer finished with a record of 6–6 (4–4 conference) making it to the Regional Championship but falling just short to Regina Dominican. Track earned its fourth consecutive Girls’ Indian Trails Conference Championship. The team qualified two jumpers (Heather Mabie ’14 for triple jump and Rachel Mabie ’12 for high jump), shot put entrant Sam Akainyah ’12 and relay team (Aleda Deuble ’12, Cassi Formolo ’12, Rachel Mabie ’12 and Heather Mabie ’14) to the Illinois Class A Track meet. Boys’ Tennis finished the season 5–5 and placed 3rd in the Conference Championship. The team had three players (Dylan Ball ’12, Andrew Bedford ’13 and Will McClanahan ’12) advance to the quarterfinal round of the Sectional Championship, one round away from the State Tournament.

Photos // 1 Tim Morette ’13 2 Dylan Ball ’12 3 Olivia Scheyer ’13

22 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

4 5 6 7

Aleda Deuble ’12 Rachel Mabie ’12 Jake Kann ’12 Andrew Case ’15

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 23

Development News Spring Phonathon/Notathon A big thank you goes to volunteers who called and wrote notes to classmates. We appreciate their help and critical support of North Shore’s Development efforts! Thank You to Our Volunteers Bill Bach ’87

Suki Lipman ’70

Jay Bach

Danny Lowinger ’08

Hugh Bowles ’58

Molly Ingram McDowell ’80

Michael Creatura ’11 Cece Ewen Durbin ’67

Jackie Melissas

Bob Geraghty ’65

Midge Chase Powell ’49

Samantha Gray ’10 Hall Healy ’59 Pete Henderson ’47 Elizabeth Ingram ’82 Katrina Wolcott Kelley ’43 Sally Simmons Kiper ’56

Scott Olson ’79

Dina Healy Richter ’89 Nancy Green Whiteman ’71 Courtney Williams ’88 Alice Pirie Wirtz ’49

What motivates you to continue your support of North Shore each year, and how do you encourage other alumni in your decade to participate?

Decade Representative Profile: Alice Pirie Wirtz ’49 What part of your North Shore Country Day School experience has remained with you in your life?

My desire to learn was enhanced by going to a small private school with many oneon-one experiences with the faculty and student body. Without these friendships, I would have been lost in a sea of learning.

2424 Acorn AcornSpring/Summer Spring/Summer2012 2012

Over the past years, I have seen North Shore grow into the finest possible education one can receive in the area. This has been supported through the commitment that alumni and the entire North Shore community have been willing and able to make. The lasting friendships I have made over the years enable me to stay in contact with others who were at North Shore around the same time. I am fortunate to live within close proximity to the School and it is easy for me to relate my enthusiasm for North Shore to alums who are out of the area. The bond we share is a love for the School that we all attended. We all have an appreciation for the School, its students and faculty, and the talents of the School’s leadership.

Why is it important to you to support Annual Giving?

In order for the School to remain a leader in education, our Annual Giving commitment is a necessity. Participation from alumni and the North Shore community helps the School meet the needs it’s faced with each year. The life and times of the School must continue, and we must consider support for North Shore to remain in the forefront as the outstanding educational institution that it is. Alice Pirie Wirtz ’49 has embraced the role of Decade Representative by serving as a liaison between Alumni Class Representatives and North Shore. She has made a tremendous effort to reach out to 1940s alumni, promote Reunions and be a resource for information on alumni activities. She is an active Alumni Board member and phonathon volunteer. We graciously thank her for her constant dedication to North Shore and her support as a loyal donor to Annual Giving and the Capital Campaign.

Photo // 2012 Alumni Class Reps, Jeannie Peters ’12, Jake Kann ’12 and

Grace Flickinger ’12 enjoy the Alumni welcome luncheon with classmates.

Class of 2012 Welcomed into the Alumni Association The Senior Class was welcomed into the Alumni Association at a special luncheon in their honor. Newly elected Class Representatives Grace Flickinger, Jake Kann and Jeannie Peters will serve as liaisons between their classmates and North Shore. They spoke about staying connected with each other through alumni and school events, Facebook and email. They set an example of “Live and Serve” by encouraging classmates to join them in a 4-year pledge to Annual Giving. At the luncheon, each senior received a gift of a North Shore Country Day School Class of 2012 mug imprinted with the names of all their classmates.

What is one part of your North Shore Country Day School experience that you appreciate?

“The part I appreciate most is the comfortable and welcoming environment the teachers have created. It is such a special place because students are free to express themselves and ask questions.” Grace Flickinger ’12

How will you stay connected with your fellow classmates and faculty?

“Homecoming has always been my favorite week of the school year and Homecoming is a great way to see people you have not seen in a while. Facebook and email will also help us stay in touch.” Jeannie Peters ’12 Why was it important for you to make a 4-year pledge to Annual Giving?

“It is important to me to make a 4-year pledge because this school has given me so much that it is only fair that in return, I give something back.” Jake Kann ’12 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 25

Alumni Connections 13th Annual Golf Outing The 13th North Shore Country Day School Golf Outing was held on June 11 at the Highland Park Golf Club. Alumni, faculty and staff, parents, parents of alumni and friends enjoyed a great round of golf and camaraderie. A fun awards dinner followed with Golf Co-Chairs Chris Charnas ’83 and Bill Bach ’87 who thanked and acknowledged this year’s golf outing sponsors: Aon Corporation, William Blair & Company, Anthony E. Blumberg & Associates, LLC, The Bransfield Family, J.E.M. Traffic Control Services, Kemper Sports, Links Capital Advisors, Turtle Wax, Inc., Jim and Tricia Valenti and Wirtz Beverage Illinois. The winners were: 1st place Jake Lesnik ’15, Dustin Kreft, Kevin McCann and Bill Bohr; 2nd place Bill Bach’87, Cy Oelerich ’89, Brooks Harding and Bill Flood; and 3rd place Tom Doar, Scott Bondurant and Duff Stevenson.

Photos // 1 Kevin Randolph and Chris Jessen ’00 2 Scott Bondurant, Chris Charnas ’83, Bill Bach ’87 and Tom Doar 3 Hillary

26 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Wirtz ’97, Erin Quaglia, Bob and Berkley Wellstein 4 Danny Lowinger ’08, Bobby Sullivan ’08, Tim Callahan ’04 and Peter Callahan ’09

Lunch in the Loop—Putting It Together North Shore’s spring Lunch in the Loop program, Putting It Together: The Evolution of North Shore’s Performing Arts, was held on April 19 in Chicago at the Union League Club. Head of School Tom Doar provided remarks about North Shore today followed by the presentation by Upper School Performing Arts Department Head and Upper School/Middle School Music Teacher Michael Querio and Upper School and 8th Grade Drama Teacher Julia Macholl on North Shore’s performing arts program and experience for students. Alumni, parents of alumni, current parents and friends attended.

Great Fountains of Chicago with Bill Hinchliff ’64 Bill Hinchliff ’64 led a daylong exploration of Chicago’s many delightful fountains on May 24 for alumni, parents of alumni and friends. The tour included the Nicholas J. Melas Centennial Fountain on the Chicago River, the Fountain of the Great Lakes at

the Art Institute, Storks at Play in Lincoln Park, The Fountain of Time near the University of Chicago, the Drexel Fountain (Chicago’s oldest) near the Obamas’ house in Kenwood, the Joe DiMaggio Piazza fountain and the most famous of them all—the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain in Grant Park.

Alumni, Faculty & Student Baseball Game Play Ball! Alumni, students and faculty came to campus on a picture-perfect day for the annual baseball game on June 3. The 20 players, which included a number of Raider baseball team players, enjoyed a fun and friendly competitive game. Alumni and students participating were Cy Oelerich ’89, Andrew Brown ’87, Miller Bransfield ’80, John Anton ’89, Art Jessen ’70, Benjy Blenner ’02, Jordy Blenner ’09, Jim Deuble ’76, Bill Bach ’87, Alex Moffat ’00, Bruce Blair ’69, Jay Bach, David Deuble ’11, Rob Voges ’10, Trey Surpless ’10, Jake Kann ’12, Zach March ’12, Andrew Rice ’14, Manuel Hodzic ’15, Andrew Case ’15, Justin Savin ’15, Ryan Nolan ’16, Matt Kann ’17 and Buckley Oelerich ’23.

Photos // 1 Baseball game participants 2 Larry Gordon and Suzanne Folds McCullagh ’69 3 Julia Macholl and

Michael Querio 4 Bill Bartholomay ’46, Jeff McCarter ’88 and Pete Henderson ’47 5 Great Fountains tour group

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 27

Alumni Connections

28 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

North Shore on the Road— Regional Gatherings North Shore was on the road for regional gatherings in January, February and March. Gatherings for North Shore alumni and friends of the School were held in Boulder, CO; San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Naples and Fort Lauderdale, FL. These events are a fun way to reconnect, and include updates on the School today from the Alumni Office, North Shore Faculty and Head of School Tom Doar. Photos // Boulder 1 Mary Pat Hepp and Susan Palm Waltrip ’59 2 Ernie Porps and Marina Florian ’70 San Francisco 3 Kimberly Reis, Nick Johnson ’72 and Chris Avery ’87 Boston 4 Roderick Mobley, Nora Philbin ’11, Noah Swartz ’06 and Will Finlay ’10 5 Carol Marshall Allen ’74, Paul Krajovic and Alice Marshall Vogler ’69 6 Sophie Smith ’06, Tom Doar and Katie Bulter ’05 Portland 7 Alice Suter Hardesty ’55 and Paul Loomis ’56 8 Tom Stibolt ’67 and Peter Dammann ’72 9 Diane Holliday Johnson ’43, Bob Johnson ’43 and Lee Holliday Hascall ’46 Seattle 10 Adair Dammann ’74, Macgill Lynde ’68, Tom Freisem ’76, Betsy Bruemmer ’76 and Vicki Leslie ’73 Fort Lauderdale 11 Bruce Blair ’69, Lucy Sievers ’80 and George Mitchell Naples 12 Lynne Wavering Shotwell ’60 and Molly Shotwell Oelerich ’87 13 Alice Graff Childs ’37 and Bob Graff ’40

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 29

Homecoming 2012

30 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Friday, September 14 1:30 p.m. Student Pep Rally 4:30 p.m. Field Hockey Game Soccer Game Tennis Match Volleyball Game 5–8 p.m. Art Exhibit Opening John Almquist Gallery 6–8 p.m. Complimentary Cocktail Party for Alumni, Parents of Alumni and Faculty Hall Library 7:30 p.m. Student Homecoming Bonfire

4:30–5:30 p.m. Alumni Touch Football Game 7 p.m. Off Campus Reunion Class Events Hotel Accommodations Highland Park Courtyard Marriott 1505 Lake Cook Road, Highland Park 847.831.3338 reserved rate of $84 a night Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel 933 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook 800.468.3571 reserved rate of $99 a night Sheraton Chicago Northbrook Hotel 1110 Willow Road, Northbrook 800.325.3535 reserved rate of $99 a night Contact Us All campus events are complimentary. For further information please contact Director of Alumni Relations, Nancy Green Whiteman ’71, 847.881.8848

8 p.m. Informal Reunion Class Gatherings

Upper School

Welcome and School Update with Head of School Tom Doar 10:30 a.m. Francis R. Stanton Recognition Presentation to Peyton Young ’62 11 a.m.–12 p.m. “Back to the Future” Classes & Tours Experience the redesigned Upper School. Attend mini-classes with faculty. 12:30 p.m. Alumnae vs. Varsity Field Hockey Game 1:30 p.m. Football vs. Luther North College Prep

Class of 2002 Benjy Blenner Class of 1997 David Gorelick Hillary Wirtz Jordan Lockwood Class of 1992 Michaela Murphy Class of 1987 Chris Avery Bill Bach Dan Bloedorn Lauri Reagan Harris Molly Shotwell Oelerich

Class of 1977 Jane Alexander Beck Lauren Stone

Saturday, September 15

10 a.m. Alumni & Parents of Alumni Program

Class of 2007 Idalia Gabrielow Jack Reedy Bill Reitz

Class of 1982/1983 Elizabeth Ingram ’82 Jennifer Stone ’82 Bob Vieregg ’82 Budge Cooper ’83 Alison Rosen-Vogel ’83

9–11 p.m. Alumni Classes ’00–’08 and Faculty Gathering Tommy Nevin’s Irish Pub, Evanston Complimentary Refreshments

10 a.m. Volleyball Match Soccer Game Little Raiders Field Hockey Clinic— grades 1–5

Reunion Committees

Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition The Stanton Recognition is given annually at Homecoming/Alumni Weekend to an alumnus/a of the North Shore whose life work exemplifies the School’s motto “Live and Serve.” This year’s recipient is Peyton Young ’62, an expert on social norms and how they relate to the design of policy. He has also written extensively on political representation, voting and distributive justice. He is the James Meade Professor of Economics at Oxford University. In addition, he is an American game theorist known for his contributions to evolutionary game theory and its application to the study of institutional and technological change.

Class of 1967 Wick Loomis Blasi Cece Ewen Durbin Patty Missner Johnson Molly Brown Stephan Lorraine Dille Williams Class of 1962 Ted Boal Tom Geraghty Jim Howe Fred Bowes Scott Russ Rick Fall Class of 1957 Joan Palm Johnson Class of 1952 Reunion committee pending Class of 1947 Pete Henderson Jean Cullin Mertz Class of 1942 Liz Price Hunt Class of 1937 Alice Graff Childs

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 31

Alumni Connections Photos from Our Past Help identify these pictures in preparation for our 100th anniversary. We like to build on our archive photos. Send in your photos or any memories you would like to share to Director of Alumni Relations Nancy Green Whiteman ’71, 310 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL 60093, or, 847.881.8848.

32 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 33

Class Notes 1930s North Shore lost a very special friend and wonderful alumna with the death of Julia “Judy” Mason Drake ’35 on June 12, 2012. Judy was a “lifer” at North Shore, not just in the traditional definition as a student who attended kindergarten through 12th grade, but also through her life-long commitment and involvement with the School.

She received the School’s Foster Hannaford Recognition in 2002 to acknowledge her commitment to and impact on the School. Head of School Tom Doar stated at the time of the presentation, “As goodwill ambassador for North Shore Country Day School, Judy Mason Drake has done it all. As a volunteer to event host to school supporter extraordinaire, Judy remains a model for all. She knows the value of a North Shore education and expresses that appreciation in every way she supports the School. Her network of friends in the community makes us stronger with her connection to alumni and friends. Her willingness to host events allows us to communicate and advance the School’s mission. Her enthusiastic volunteer work in the Alumni/Development Office helps to accomplish a variety of tasks through outreach to our more than 3,000 alumni. Courage, success and confidence are the building blocks in our School, and Judy is a significant part of the School’s foundation.” Judy graduated from Smith College, after which she and her husband, Dimmick, had three children who all attended North Shore: Jane Drake Piechota ’66, Judy Drake Berkowitz ’64 and Harry Drake ’61 . Her daughter-in-law, Barbara Bulger Drake ’66, is also a North Shore graduate. Throughout her many years as an alumna, Judy remained in close touch with her classmates from the class of 1935 as class representative and active Alumni Board member, and subsequently as an Honorary Alumni Board member. As Chair of the Alumni Senior Class (those alumni who have celebrated their 50th Reunion or more), she recruited others to stay connected. Several years ago, Former Head of School Julie Hall reflected on Judy’s philanthropy and said to her, “Your continuing support of the Annual

34 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Fund helps ensure our ability to have the best teachers, those who really change the way the students see the world. With all your hard work for North Shore and your generosity we can keep on being the School we have been, are and should be in the future.” Franny Stanton, class of 1927, once said to Judy, “You are ever faithful.” North Shore is forever grateful for our friend, Judy Drake. A Memorial Service will be held at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, August 18, Elliott Chapel, Westminster Place, 320 Grant St., Evanston, IL. Dorie Warner Sills ’38 is “still the class historian though I am only aware of two, possibly three, remaining historical characters (Anita Straub Darrow, Larry Howe, Bud Goodrich). Mr. Corchran’s (Dean of Students) favorite class quote, ‘You were my favorite class because you were always in trouble and it was always so creative.’ Thank you David Corchran + Amen . . .”

1940s Betty de Lescaille Curtis Bates ’42 writes, “We are well and busy. Winter in Florida and summer in Vermont. I have 2 great grandchildren!” Barbara Favill Marshall ’46 received the Marion M. Lloyd Life Trustee Award presented by the Ravinia Associates at the July 8, 2012 Life Trustee and Past Women’s Board Chair dinner. This award was given in recognition for her dedication as a Life Trustee and extraordinary contributions to Ravinia through many years.

1950s Rufus Jeffris ’53 is “enjoying life on the ‘left’ coast. Went skiing at Lake Tahoe with my grandchildren and some friends. We celebrated our 50th anniversary on March 3, 2012 with our kids.” Kate Gilbert Phifer ’54 writes, “Here’s the news on our new home—we’re still in Florida! Thanks for the very impressive Acorn mailing—I love it. Love to all at NSCDS!”

1960s Melissa Burke ’61 is the co-author of Great with Money: The Women’s Guide to Prosperity. The book is available at Tom Geraghty ’62 received an award from Student Funded Public Interest Fellowship Program (S.F.P.I.F.), a public service organi-

zation that supports pro bono legal services to the needy. He also received the James Haddad fellowship/chair at Northwestern on April 12, 2012. Carla Ingersoll ’62 wrote, her cousin “Holly Dunlap Smith Pedlosky died of cancer on April 5, 2012. Holly’s grandfather was founding Headmaster Perry Dunlap Smith. Holly did not attend NSCDS, but many of those who were NSCDS alums knew Holly or were close to members of her family. Holly is also survived by her father, Hamlin Dunlap Smith ’37 and her uncle, Simeon Baldwin Dunlap Smith ’48 .” Jean Gillispie Carpenter ’63 was recently in touch with Buff Winston ’63 and Mitch Sisskind ’63 and Wally Pugh ’63. She spends about half her time working in upstate New York in the Hudson River Valley area for a nonprofit meditation retreat center. Her son, Tyler, married last September and lives in Seattle. Her daughter, Leela, lives in Sea Ranch, CA and works as a museum docent at the historical Pt. Arena Lighthouse. Jean’s husband, Tim, is contractor on a large building project which has led to a bi-coastal existence. Bob Geraghty ’65 reported, “Our daughter Susanne, who lives in San Francisco and is married to Samuel Sloan Petke (son of Mimi Hobart Petke ’65), is expecting her second child in June. This will make seven grandchildren for us.” Bill Davis ’65 wrote, “Bob ’65 and Elisabeth Olson Geraghty ’65 visited in March. It was Elisabeth’s first trip to Sewanee and the Mountain. She ‘gets it’ so we know they will be back!” David Misch ’68 ’s “first book, Funny: The Book / Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Comedy, was published June 5, 2012).” He’s also been teaching at USC and UCLA and his first play, Occupied, will be produced in Los Angeles later this year. Even at this late stage in life, David is exploring exciting new ways of working incredibly hard for no money. His daughter is an opera singer in NYC. Linda Breuer ’69 (pictured below) provided a Morning Ex on Barnswallow—Raptors and Wild Birds on March 7. Once again, she worked with the 2nd grade in their studies of birds and each year they visit her facility.

Suzanne Folds McCullagh ’69 has become the Anne Vogt Fuller and Marion Titus Searle Chair and Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago. As head of the department, she succeeds Douglas Druick, who was selected as the Art Institute’s President and Eloise W. Martin Director in August 2011.

1970s Katherine Franke ’77 in March had an inspiring and interesting work project with the Women’s Committee of the Palestinian Bar Association.

1980s Susan Bransfield ’77 and Jeff Foreman ’80 (pictured below) ran into each other at a Blackhawks game.

director of a non-profit here called Tribe One. I have also been contracted to work on a Racial Healing and Equity Project in Knoxville for the Highlander Research and Education Center. Highlander has been in existence for over 80 years and has been the training ground for civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and more!” Danny Shatz ’03 has a new position as an Associate at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in Florida. Kelsey Andersen ’06 emailed she is engaged to Miguel Manual Sanchez Alvarez. A wedding is planned for the fall of 2013 in Spain. She is completing a two-year masters program in translation at the Universidad Complutense, while teaching in-company English at John Deere Iberica. Miguel works as an analyst at Accenture. The couple resides in Madrid.

Karen Block ’09 and Julie Block ’13 (pictured below) were on campus to see their sister Rachel ’19 in the Lower School Closing ceremony. Mark Herzog ’87 writes that he and his wife Deborah Bentley Herzog “have two girls, Katherine (born 2006) and Caroline (born 2008). I am the head of a state trade association representing the life sciences in Virginia. My mother, Julie Simpson, also lives in Richmond. She was very active at NSCDS as a volunteer when I was a student (K–3). I wish everyone well and hope the reunion is a big success.”

2000s Talin Hitik ’00 emailed, “I am currently living in Yerevan, Armenia. I am a law professor at American University of Armenia.” Lauren Segal ’02 is moving to the U.K. Mickeeya Murray Harrison ’02 was in touch with faculty member Kathy McHugh and wrote, “I am so thankful for such a wonderful education at a place like North Shore, where more than academics, I learned so much about the value and importance of a healthy community. I’ve been selected as the executive

Samantha Gray ’10 was among six University of Michigan field hockey team members who were named to the Division 1 National Academic Squad by the National Field Hockey Collegiate Association.

Former Faculty The following former faculty and staff attended a fun luncheon followed by a tour of the redesigned Upper School: Bob Beerheide, Lorrie Braidman, Diane Dorn, Beth Foster, Betsy Gray, Harriet Hahn, Carolyn Howard, Liz Price Hunt ’42, Joan Palm Johnson ’57, Joyce Lopas, Carol Radloff, Linda Semel, Helen Turley and Anne Whittlesey.

Charlie Greengoss ’07 writes, “I’m working for a media company in Manhattan called Triton Digital. It specializes in both audio and video advertising in the realm of internet radio. I’m currently an account coordinator, and am excited to have gotten the opportunity to work in an industry that continues to grow and expand each year.” Bert Kelly-Jarchow ’07 graduated in May from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Cy ’89 and Molly Shotwell Oelerich ’87, write, “Our son Buckley ’23 will be in 2nd grade at North Shore in the fall. Dixie ’26 will be starting in JK. Cy continues to coach football, basketball and baseball there also. I just finished my 21st year at MB Financial. Life is good!”


Alex Kaplan ’09 is a member of the Hamilton College Choir. In December, the choir performed concerts in the Chicago area including the Alice Millar Chapel at Northwestern. Several North Shore friends and faculty attended. Lucy Roque ’09 is studying psychology, business and international relations at Lake Forest College. She is a senator for the Class of 2013 on Lake Forest’s student government, a member of the Intercultural Advisory Group, a mentor for first year students with First Connections, a team captain for the Relay for Life and serves on the Global Fest Planning Committee. Lucy was awarded a Rising Star Award her freshman year for student leaders who have shown tremendous growth in their first year. She was inducted into the International Foreign Language Society—Phi Signa Iota—and was just chosen in May 2012 as one of the Lake Forest College’s Forrester Senior 25—a distinction awarded to 25 outstanding students entering their senior year based on academic excellence, leadership on campus, commitment to service and extracurricular participation.

Betsy Gray, current Lower School Reading Specialist Emily Denesha, Carol Radloff and Harriet Hahn

After 15 years at North Shore, Director of Admissions Dale Wentz retired at the end of the school year. A reception was held for faculty, her family and friends to honor her contributions made to the School. When Dale began her tenure in the Admissions Office enrollment was under 400 and grew to 510. Dale stewarded the admission process—from introducing parents and their children to the school, to shepherding them through the admissions process, to supporting their smooth transition to their first weeks at North Shore. In doing so, she connected and formed friendships with many.

Dale (center) stands with those who made remarks at her reception including Adam Mangana, Barbara Castilla, John Foley, Pam Walley, Cori Chandler and Tom Doar. Bonnie Helen Pick , former Director of the Girls’ Physical Education Department, died on May 31, 2012.

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 35

Engagements Kelsey Andersen ’06 to Miguel Manual Sanchez Alvarez

Marriages Andrew Hill ’03 to Lauren Rich March 31, 2012

Births Arden Paige Hemphill Netzky February 2, 2012 Pam and Ashley Hemphill Netzky ’91 Winston Chester Shotwell April 12, 2012 Nelly and Henley Shotwell ’95 Story Alexandra Lockwood April 17, 2012 Andy and Jordan Rutledge Lockwood ’97 (pictured below)

Spencer Franklin Janson May 14, 2012 Marie and Rick Janson ’87

Events Alumni/Homecoming Weekend September 14 –16 (Complete schedule on page 31)

Annual Giving/Hannaford Recognition Event October 25

Lunch in the Loop November 14 Union League Club, Chicago

College-Age Alumni & Faculty Breakfast December 21 On Campus

Young Alumni & Faculty Gathering December 21 Tommy Nevin’s Pub, Evanston

Alumni & Faculty Basketball Tournament TBD Mac Gym

For more information on events, contact the Alumni Office,, 847.881.8848.

Stay Connected Facebook (North Shore Country Day School) Twitter (NSCDS) flickr (North Shore Country Day School’s Photostream) LinkedIn (North Shore Country Day School Alums)

In Memoriam Kenneth H. Montgomery ’67 March 10, 2011

John Malpede December 16, 2011 Father of Michael Malpede ’72 Grandfather of Brian Malpede ’06 and Kevin Malpede ’10 Wickliffe S. Loomis January 17, 2012 Mother of Wickliffe Loomis Blasi ’67 and Jack Loomis ’69 Marianne Hoover Davis February 11, 2012 Mother of Bill Davis ’65 and Jim Davis ’64

Jeanne A. Lipman April 29, 2012 Mother of Laurie (Suki) Lipman ’70, Brandon Lipman ’73 and Michael Lipman ’77 Cory Marder April 2012 Wife of Larry Marder ’69 Susanne Carson Jessen May 13, 2012 Mother of Art Jessen ’70, Ned Jessen ’73 and Gwen Jessen ’76 Grandmother of Chris Jessen ’00 and Brian Jessen ’02 Mother-in-law of Diane Flint Jessen ’70 and Lynn Lillard Jessen ’74

Charles F. Cross March 4, 2012 Father of Leigh Cross ’01 and Ashleigh Cross ’05

Jane Burns (former Foster Hannaford recipient) May 27, 2012

George W. Blossom ’36 March 12, 2011

James B. Kohnen May 29, 2012 Husband of Patricia Ostrom Kohnen ’60

Rev. James J. Reagan April 22, 2012 Father of Lauri Reagan Harris ’87

36 Acorn Spring/Summer 2012

Jim Costello June 5, 2012 Husband of Gail Wirtz Costello ’72 Father of Katy Costello ’03 and Kevin Costello ’05

Emily Harmon Wolff ’36 June 6, 2012 Julia Mason Drake ’35 June 12, 2012 Mother of Harry Drake ’61, Judy Drake Berkowitz ’64 and Jane Drake Piechota ’66 Mother-in-law of Barbara Bulger Drake ’66 Ellen “Tina” Vaughn Howe June 24, 2012 Wife of Larry Howe ’38 Mother of Jim Howe ’62, Ellen Howe ’65, Eliza Howe Earle ’67 and Sam Howe ’73 Mother-in-law of Russ Hoyle ’65 and Mary June Newman Howe ’63 Barbara Favill Marshall ’46 July 13, 2012 Sister of Elaine Favill ’54 Mother of Alice Marshall Vogler ’69, Irl “Bucky” H. Marshall ’71 , Carol Marshall Allen ’74 and the late Susan Marshall ’76


There’s an App for That! Introducing North Shore Country Day School’s exclusive Alumni App. This new program connects you with classmates through your iPhone, iPad or Android. With the NSCDS Alumni App, you can:

•Securely access the directory for classmates •Locate alums in your area, whether you are at home or on the road •Submit photos and class notes •Check the latest school news and Alumni events •Network with fellow Raiders on Facebook, LinkedIn and more

Download the free NSCDS Alumni App today! Visit the iTunes App Store for iPhone or iPad, or visit Google Play for Android. You will need to use your Alumni website/portal username and password to access the NSCDS Alumni App. Contact Director of Alumni Relations Nancy Green Whiteman ’71 at 847.881.8848 or with questions.

Acorn Spring/Summer 2012 iv

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