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• A Monthly Publication For The Students of North Shore Community College, Danvers, Lynn & Beverly, Massachusetts •

BY CHRISTOPHER DUFORT This summer you probably noticed we made a few small changes to the College website. OK, a few big changes. In an effort to keep up with the everchanging way people use the internet, we decided it was time to redesign the College website from the ground up. A team of representatives from many areas of the College was assembled and we worked on the design and architecture of the website for over a year. Programming of the website took almost 6 months, and it went live July

profiles will change throughout the semester and we’re always looking for more. Know a student who has been through a lot to get here? Know a faculty member who has made a difference in your education? Let us know! • Links are grouped by audience. After intense research we identified 6 main audiences that use the College website. We created an area for each of these audiences containing the links they visited most often. Clicking on the “Current Students” link will take you to

the computer lab page, you can click on the “Course Search” tab and get the computer related courses. Click on the “Faculty and Staff Search” tab and you get a listing of the professors in the Computer Science department. All the searches you use are linked together and you can click from one to their other just by clicking on the tabs. The searches are also now listed on every single page of the website. They’re in the upper right corner, right next to: • The A- Z Directory. Every major area of the website


Welcome to North Community College!


achieve your personal goals – whatever they may be.

You will find that everything we do is guided by our shared core values: respect; learning; teach-

President Wayne Burton

North Shore Community College prides itself on being a source of hope and opportunity for all and a regional leader for social and economic change. We sincerely believe that the college’s greatest contribution is the success and achievement of our students.

1st. Here is a summary of the main features of the new NSCC website: • We’re turning the spotlight on you. All photos on the website are now of NSCC campuses, students, faculty and staff. On the home page and throughout the site we’re also profiling our students, faculty and staff, and alumni. These


the Current Students landing page. All the links you need are here. Everything from how to register for courses to types of financial aid to academic advising are here for you. Bookmark this page and you’re good to go! • The website searches are so much better. How? We’ve combined them all. If you search the website for “computer” you not only get the link for

is listed alphabetically in the A – Z directory. Just to make sure you can find what you’re looking for, they’re listed under different headings as well. The tuition costs page is not only listed under “Tuition & Fees,” you can also find it under “Cost to attend.”

As you use the website, you’ll CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

You are about to embark on one of the most stimulating and rewarding ventures of your life. You’re joining a student body that is made rich by its diversity. Our students are recent graduates, returning students, career changers and adult learners. Students are here seeking shortterm career certificates, associate degrees, lifelong learning programs or transfer opportunities to a four-year college or university. No matter what brought you through our doors, our mission is to help you

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ing; engagement; sustainability and growth. We foster a diverse and caring community of learners where all are welcome and each is challenged.

Whether you're on our Danvers, Lynn or Beverly campus, you'll meet dedicated faculty, counselors, advisors and professional staff, all of whom are committed to helping you succeed. I encourage you to take full advantage of your time at NSCC and the many opportunities available to you. Fully utilize our technologically advanced facilities, talented and knowledgeable faculty and staff, support services and Student Life programs for all ages. If you are taking classes on our CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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find many more changes. But these are the major ones we’ve made - so far. We aren’t done yet! We’re still refining the website, and we’re still looking for feedback. Over the course of the school year we will be having student focus groups to find out how you use the site, what you like, and what you don’t. We’ve also added an email link at the bottom of every page for feedback. If there’s a link missing from the A – Z, let us know. If something isn’t turning up in your search results, let us know. We want to hear from you.

New Orleans Labor of Love

BY LISA MILSO North Shore Community College’s Labor of Love Committee is looking for 10 students to volunteer in New Orleans from January 5th-15th, 2011. Students selected will be assisting other volunteer groups in the Hurricane affected areas of this city who do not have the resources or power to rebuild their neighborhoods and homes without the support of volunteers. The work will be physical and at times emotional, but also rewarding as well. We will be gutting, cleaning, and helping local residents with their needs. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about New Orleans, to develop new friendships, increase knowledge of self and gain a deeper understanding of social issues. Housing will be provided by the United Methodist Church communal style in bunk beds or if you prefer on the floor on air

mattresses. We will have access to kitchen facilities, showers and bathrooms during our stay. We will be responsible for preparing our own meals and will have opportunities to eat at a few restaurants. Please note that all College rules and policies will apply on this trip. NSCC is a drug and alcohol free campus, so this will be a drug and alcohol free trip. Any student who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action upon return.

Transportation will be by air and vans. The cost of these will be absorbed by fundraising efforts on behalf of the Labor of Love Committee and members of the North Shore Community College Student Association. Each student will be required however to pre-pay $200.00 toward the cost of groceries and housing. Students may also wish to bring some additional money for incidentals.

Katrina; the need has never been greater. Join us in making a difference. Apply to volunteer your time and skills. The rewards of caring await you.

Applications to apply for this service trip are available from the Office of Student Life in Lynn LW171 and in Danvers DB132. The Deadline to apply and submit all the required documentation is September 22, 2010. Questions regarding this trip may be directed to the Director of student Life, Lisa Milso at

Engineering at North Shore

BY JOYCE JEONG Welcome to a new semester. If you are an engineering student or interested in engineering, the following are some of the frequently asked questions and answers to help you get familiar with the engineering programs and advising process. You are encouraged to attend the Fall Fest on Wednesday, September 22 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM to meet with your advisors (depending on their teaching schedules) and the officers from the Engineering Club. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference between Pre-Engineering (PET) and Engineering Science Transfer (EST)? A. Pre-Engineering is designed for students who need to take remedial math courses such as elementary algebra and pre-calculus. The pre-requisite math for Engineering Science

Five years later after Hurricane

Transfer Program is Pre-calculus 2.

Q. When can I change from PET to EST? A. Your advisor will help you fill out a form once you complete calculus1, 2, physics 1, 2, and general chemistry 1, 2

Q. Why are there three physics courses instead of the two courses that most of the fouryear colleges are required? A. There are two reasons for it. First, the Engineering Department faculty who teach both physics and engineering courses recognize the strong correlation between a strong physics foundation and a successful engineering study. Past NSCC engineering graduates have contributed to their success to the solid foundation in math and physics that they have experienced at NSCC. Secondly, the engineering graduates are transferring to differ-

ent engineering colleges therefore the three physics courses will ensure to cover most of the curricula at four-year colleges.

Q. Who will be my advisor? A. Due to a large number of engineering students, your advisor will be either an engineering faculty member or a math professor who works closely with the engineering department. You may find out who is your advisor by logging on your Pipeline account. Choose "School Services" tab. Select "Student Services and Registration". Under "Students Records" choose "Student Information". You should be able to see your advisor's name there.

Q. What should I bring when I meet with my advisor? A. Bring your program sheet (from Student Support Center or online) and transcript (from CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

$F$: On the Money

Bringing you what’s new in financial aid In our inaugural edition of SFS: On the Money, we will focus on some of the changes that have occurred in financial aid for the 2010-2011 academic year, and explain how they might affect you. The purpose of this column is to address issues that affect students receiving financial aid at North Shore Community College, and to answer any overall questions students have about financing their education. If you have ideas or suggestions for future topics that you would like to see in our column, please drop us a line at Here are this month’s most-asked questions. Question #1 – Why do I see loans on my financial aid package this year, when I didn’t apply for them? For the 2010-2011 academic year students will automatically be considered for federal loans when they submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This means you will still be considered for grant and scholarship funding (free money), but you will also be notified of loan eligibility, as well. Loans must be repaid after you graduate. You are not required to use the loans, and should only accept the amount you need to help pay for tuition, fees, books, or other supplies. You are also encouraged to use federal loans BEFORE applying for private loan options, as federal loans carry lower interest rates and flexible repayment options. After you submit your FAFSA, you will be notified of your eligibility for loans via your financial aid award letter and/or your student Pipeline account. If you plan to accept your loan for 2010-2011, you must sign a new Master Promissory Note MPN with the federal government. If you have never borrowed loans before, you must also complete an Entrance Counseling requirement. For more information on these steps, please visit the Student Financial Services webp a g e , aid. Question #2 – If I borrowed loans before and have already done an MPN, why do I need to do another one? Due to the recent federal law changes, all colleges must participate in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, effective July 1, 2010. This change eliminated the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), in which students previously borrowed their Stafford and PLUS loans from private lenders. With this change, all federal loans

processed through NSCC will be disbursed directly by the federal government. The Direct Loan Program offers an easier and more streamlined process for our borrowers. You will need to complete a new Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN), because you will now be borrowing from a new lender, the U.S. Department of Education. You may complete this online at Once successfully completed, your MPN will be valid for ten years. Question #3 – I haven’t received my award letter yet. How come I don’t have one? In order to give you the most accurate picture of the financial aid you are eligible for, it is important that we receive all of your financial aid documents before awarding you financial aid. This is another change for 2010-2011 – you must fully complete your financial aid file before you can expect to receive your financial aid award. Doing this allows us to correctly calculate your award up-front, and will minimize the amount of changes to your aid during the semester. (It is important to note that any changes to your enrollment may still affect your overall financial aid.) It is important for you to be aware of the status of your financial aid application. After you complete your FAFSA, there may be additional documentation we need from you. This could range from verification paperwork, parent tax returns, or citizenship confirmation. Please bring this information to our office as soon as possible, so that we can process your award more quickly. If you have not yet been notified of what you are missing for financial aid, you may check your student Pipeline account for missing items to complete your file or important updates. As always, the Student Financial Service team is here to help and guide you and make your experiences at NSCC one which will have a lasting impact. We understand, for many of you, paying for college is an enormous financial challenge, not to mention the added stress that is often associated with cost, fees and other expenses. That is why the SFS team is staffed with a team of astute, dedicated and caring professionals both in Danvers and Lynn to help you maximize your aid eligibility. Therefore, we ask that you frequently visit the SFS page and read our column in the Pennon monthly to stay current with what’s happening in SFS. We wish you the best of luck and great academic success this academic year! Student Financial Services

Eleven North Shore HS Seniors Accepted Into Presidential Scholars Program

BY LINDA BRANTLEY Eleven graduating north shore high school seniors, who will attend Shore Community North College this fall, were welcomed into its Presidential Scholars Program at an orientation luncheon August 17.

NSCC’s Presidential Scholars Program is a unique leadership development program which recognizes high school students who have risen to top academic ranks and who provide leadership to others in their schools and communities. Students must apply and be accepted. Acceptance comes with a $500 scholarship for each semester of participation.

The program fosters student success through academic and personal mentoring and opportunities to participate in leadership development initiatives. Students learn about networking, advocating for themselves, leadership skills and serving others.

Scholars serve as ambassadors for the President’s Office at campus events and have participated in many internal and external business and community meetings. “This program is transformational for our students. My favorite part is to see them arrive at orientation, scared, not knowing what to expect and unsure of their abilities then watch them grow and mature to the `Ah Ha’ realization that they have become a student leader. That’s the best moment for me,” said Victoria Pasciuto-Dogramacian, program advisor and Coordinator of Student Activities.

She added, “Students in the program learn how to conduct themselves in high energy leadership situations and the skills they gain will help them perse-

vere to obtain either a four- year degree or career. Many use this experience as a launching pad to get much more involved in activities, community service and advocacy.”

Scholars may return for a second year, when they will mentor

new scholars. Laura Timmons of Danvers is a second-year scholar. “The program has made me more confident to get involved in my school and my community. . .being a Presidential Scholar has taught me balance between being a leader and a listener. . .a good leader is a listener that is ready to help and volunteer at any time.”

The program is meeting its goal as scholars average a 97% retention rate and 88% graduation rate, with average GPAs being 3.3.

The 2010 Presidential Scholars are: Nathaly Baez, Salem High School; Sara Barrientos and Alyse Comeau, both from Lynn English High School; Sara Benahmida, Northeast Metro Technical High School; James Broderick, Triton Regional High School; Alexandria Kluge, Beverly High School; Kirstin Morse, North Shore Technical High School; Shannon Murphy, Pope John XXIII High School; Samantha Newbegin, Danvers

High School; Benjamin Shutt, Saugus High School and Ruth Fisher, Fisher Home School. Returning scholars include: Margaret Asaro of Gloucester; Brendan F. Edmonds of Newburyport; Cala Elder of Saugus; Amanda Frost of Stoneham; Katherine Lachapelle of Rockport; Sophie

Plamowski of Beverly; Stephanie Robinson of Winthrop, Laura Timmons of Danvers; and Angela Panevino of Peabody.

The August 17 orientation featured a welcome from NSCC President Wayne Burton, a keynote by Melanie McKinnon, community volunteer, activist and creator of “It Starts With Me”, workshops, campus tours and lunch.

The Presidential Scholars Program is open to all graduating high school seniors who have been accepted to NSCC. Since 2006, the College has recognized 31 worthy graduating high school seniors and 20 returning scholars who meet academic and other eligibility requirements. For more information on NSCC’s Presidential Scholars program, contact Pasciuto-Dogramacian at 978762-4000, x5471 or Dr. Joanne Light, Interim Vice President of Student Enrollment Services, at 978-762-4000, x4356

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Welcome Back: Continued from page 1

Danvers campus, you know that construction is still underway on our new zero net energy health professions and student services building. While we are still on schedule for completion of the building by fall 2011, digging the geothermal wells for the new building has caused a slight construction delay which will result in a temporary parking crunch. As we will have reduced use of Parking Lot 6 for a few weeks in September, we have arranged for off-site parking at the Topsfield Fairgrounds, 207 Boston Street, Topsfield. Full details, additional info and shuttle schedules are available on the NSCC website under featured items ‘September 2010 – Danvers Campus Parking Update.’ Parking on campus will be on a first come, first served basis. To accommodate our students, I have asked staff who are able to, to go directly to Topsfield to alleviate congestion for these few weeks. We will evaluate the parking situation by the end of the first week and make any changes warranted by the situation at that time. Your understanding, patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. This fall we also begin undertaking a self-study of expansion needs on our Lynn campus.

It is amazing to me that this fall I begin my second decade as President of North Shore Community College. I am incredibly proud of all that we at the college have been able to accomplish together, and equally excited about all that the future holds for you, our students, the college community and the residents of the North Shore. For instance, one of the highlights of my summer was being the guest of President Obama at The White House’ commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act. This was particularly relevant as the college is experiencing a surge in the number of students with autism, Down’s Syndrome and

intellectual disabilities. Thus I was pleased to accept President Obama’s handshake and call to action on the anniversary of the passage of the ADA and recommitted to equal access and opportunity for all – particularly NSCC students.

I am also proud of NSCC’s recent designation as a “Military Friendly School,” an honor bestowed on only 15 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools which are deemed to be doing the most to embrace America’s veterans as students. With veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and last year’s passage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, more and more veterans are seeking advanced education. Our veteran student population is growing and we are striving to do everything within our power to meet their needs, and those of their families.

Lastly, I look forward to serving as New England’s representative to the national Committee on Measures of Student Success. The committee, created by the US Department of Education, is tasked with how best to define and measure student success at community colleges. This has been a challenge when compared to four- year colleges given that so many of our students transfer prior to graduation, earn degrees over many years or take remedial courses before beginning degrees. I look forward to this challenge and to being able to contribute to the national dialogue on this important topic. Whether you are starting your college career or completing your degree, changing professions or updating skills, North Shore Community College is here for you. Thank you for choosing NSCC as your partner in success. Have a great year! Wayne M. Burton President

A Word from the Vice President


Let me begin with an introduction. My name is Joanne Light, and this semester I will be serving as interim Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services. Donna Richemond, whom many of you know, will be on leave until the New Year. I hope you will feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have in the past directed to VP Richemond.

So, first and foremost welcome

new students to North Shore Community College and welcome back returning students!! Whether you are a first-year, a new transfer, a continuing student, a student returning from a break in your higher education, or an adult student training or re-training, we are delighted to have you at NSCC. We are a community of approximately 8,000 credit learners and we pride ourselves on providing individuals with individual experiences. We are growing CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Vice President: Continued from page 3

Page 4 – NSCC Pennon

and changing each year and hope you are students who can grow and change with us! We in Student Services are here to make your educational experience both positive and fulfilling. Take the time to learn about all the services and activities available to you on campus both in Lynn and in Danvers. We assume a major responsibility for helping to create an environment that enhances and supports your learning. It is by virtue of our caring and supportive culture that we intend to foster your sense of identity and loyalty for our institution. NSCC has a host of services to make your experience positive. The Student Life Office will offer a range of social activities, clubs, events and leadership opportunities. The Student Support and Advising center will help you plan your educational goals and career goals and offer assistance with problems you may encounter in your transition to college. Your professors are happy to help; approach them with questions and dilemmas during posted office hours. Health Services is concerned for your wellness and welfare. Veteran services are in place with advising access and help with benefits. Financial Services will answer your questions about paying for school, work study possibilities and maintaining on time payments. Enrollment Centers are open 3 nights a week until 7 on both campuses. Stop by to get information or use the computers to pay bills, add or drop classes, get your grades and schedule, etc.

The Student and Enrollment Services division has adopted email as its primary means of communication. Please regularly check your Pipeline e-mail account for information on events, schedule changes, deadlines, etc. You should know that you can easily forward your Pipeline e-mails to your personal account or smart phone e-

mail. In this age of connectiveness that is an easy fix. NSCC is present on Facebook, so you can be updated there as well. We value our technology and fully use it, but please balance it with personal connections. We know our most successful students are fully engaged and find a face to face relationship vital to their success.

I am proud to be part of an educational institution that is focused on access and success. We aim to provide you with high quality education and real opportunities to meet your goals, whether to graduate with a degree or certificate, to transfer to a four -year school, improve your English skills, or learn altogether new skills. We will do our best to do our part, but I highly encourage you to do yours. Make a commitment to activities and events on campus. Seek the tutoring you may need, information and guidance from your advisor, support from your teachers. Ask for assistance if you need it; don’t assume you will get the “run around.” If you don’t ask, we won’t know how to help or what you need. I welcome any questions or concerns or suggestions you may have.

Finally good luck with your studies but remember to value balance in your life; study hard, work hard, but find time for fun, fitness, friends, and family. Also something of great importance is to make time to give back to your community, even if in small ways. We will provide you with opportunities to do that. We need to learn to learn and think for ourselves while respecting our differences and similarities. Find your voice and be accountable for yourself. Again welcome to the NSCC community.

Grassfields: A Good Place to Feast


In June the Pennon Staff and I enjoyed our end of the year gathering at the Grassfields restaurant in Danvers. Each of

Each of our meals were fulfilling and and appetizing. I ate a chicken caesar salad which was fresh and the homemade dressing was also very enjoyable. I was very pleased with my meal

us ordered our meals as we discussed our achievements with the student run newspaper and what we felt that we could fix in the semesters to come. We enjoyed our meals together and we continued to rejoice about the Pennon’s successful year.

and had some left over to take home. Other members of the Pennon enjoyed steak which they stated was juicy and well prepared. Another member enjoyed a filet menon which he stated was “better than expected and well worth it”.

BY ZACH ANDERSON As the new President of North Shore Community College's Student Government Association, I would like to welcome every one back for the 2010-11 school year. Hopefully you all have had a good summer, and are ready to get back to work to further yourselves down your own respective paths towards completing your education here. Not to say we cant have fun along the way in forms of broadening our social networks, getting involved in the community, or other activities as well.

The Student Government, SGA, will be looking for people to run for senators this month. The more people we can get to run, the more exciting it will be come time for elections. The roll of Senator is critical to the continuation of a more efficient SGA and also offers us a more in-depth look at what it is that’s needed to better this establishment as a whole.

The consumption of the food was a delight and very enjoyable experience. The staff was also very pleasant and courteous.

When we were done with dinner, we decided to order dessert. Many of us choose to order the Avalanche which was Richardson’s vanilla ice cream topped with pecans, caramel and whipped cream. It was the most flavorsome vanilla ice cream I had ever tasted! Some of the other staff members ordered Strawberry Shortcake which I was told was phenomenal.

We enjoyed our time together at Grassfields and would recommend to this restaurant to other clubs at North Shore Community College and to any family who wishes to enjoy a night out. Altogether the night was a success thanks to great friends, great food and great memories.

A Word from the SGA President

We here at the College will be looking for your help this year as we ready ourselves for the push to make everyone’s social experience better than last year.

SGA is a very active group within North Shore and are always looking to lend a hand. In the past we have sent delegates down to the State House to lobby in favor of help for the homeless, participated in breast cancer walks, helped in soup kitchens with My Brothers Table, and clean ups of the Lynn Woods reservation just to name

a few and many others that I have more than likely forgotten to mention. The SGA has some lofty goals that we hope to accomplish this year that have yet to be resolved from last year and undoubtedly more will come up this year. With more voices and people getting involved this fall, there is no reason why we can’t have our voices heard and our concerns taken care of in the manner that they should be. We look forward to your participation in the school, if not directly with the SGA, then with whichever group you decide to join. And all of us here with Student Government would like to wish you all the best of luck with this school year!

To ps f ie ld F a ir g r ou nds /D a n v e r s Ca m p us S h ut t le S ch e du le

Due to ongoing construction and increased enrollments, beginning Sept 8th and until further notice, motorists should anticipate parking shortages/traffic delays on the Danvers Campus and are encouraged to arrive on campus early. On-Campus parking will be on a first-come-first-served basis with peak hours of traffic between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. To accommodate vehicle overflow, FREE off-site parking will

be available at the Topsfield Fairgrounds located at 207 Boston Street in Topsfield. A shuttle will transport riders, from 8:00 a.m.-5:45 p.m, between the Topsfield Fairgrounds and the Danvers Campus Monday through Friday. \Please note that schedule is subject to change. Please call 978-762-4000, x5483 for more information.

Departure Times from Fairgrounds to Danvers

7:15am, 7:30am, 7:45am, 8:00am, 8:15am, 8:30am, 8:45am, 9:00am, 9:15am, 9:30am, 9:45am, 10:00am, 10:15am, 10:30am, 10:45am, 11:00am, 11:15am, 11:30am,

11:45am, 12:30pm, 1:15pm, 2:15pm, 3:45pm, 5:15pm

Noon, 12:45pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm, 4:15pm,

12:15pm, 1:00pm, 1:45pm, 3:15pm, 4:45pm,

7:30am, 7:45am, 8:00am, 8:15am, 8:30am, 8:45am, 9:00am, 9:15am, 9:30am, 9:45am, 10:00am, 10:15am, 10:30am, 10:45am, 11:00am, 11:15am, 11:30am, 11:45am,

Noon, 12:15pm, 12:30pm, 12:45pm, 1:00pm, 1:15pm, 1:30pm, 1:45pm 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm

Departure Times from Danvers to Fairgrounds

Page 5 – NSCC Pennon

BY JULIA JOHNSON I traveled to the country of Colombia and had an incredible experience. For a country that has suffered so much in its history, I was amazed at how beautiful and friendly it was. I traveled first to Cartagena and then to the capital city of Bogotá. Both cities were very different but particularly special in their

own way. Cartagena was a vacation paradise where daylight went by too fast and the warm weather was pleasant whereas Bogotá was a big, beautiful, mountainous city full of history and wonderful sights. The Colombian people were extremely friendly and I was often called “Mona” which means blonde girl because there were few people with blonde hair in that region. During my stay I stayed in an area known as Bocagrande along the Oceanside. I would often hear the “chiva rumbera” (party bus) go by playing typical Colombian party music.

A Trip To Columbia

Cartagena has a beautiful 17th century “old city” surrounded by walls where there was colonial style buildings painted with bright colors reflecting the vibrant lifestyle in the city. The streets are always busy with people and full of life. One night I went out to a small salsa dancing club where I danced until the crowd was too big to find space! intriguing Another aspect in Colombian culture was the beautiful landscapes. Colombians take a lot of pride in their culture and maintain a certain authenticity in their land heritage. From the beautiful coast of Cartagena to the vast and breathtaking mountainous view in Bogotá, the natural wonders are very unique to Colombia. Another thing I noticed were the beautiful flowers apparent nearly everywhere. Colombia is known for its beautiful flowers and that has made them the world’s largest exporter of flowers. Also, while in Cartagena, I visited “La Popa” which is a 400-year-old monastery. “La Popa” is built on the foundations of a razed Indian temple. The monastery sits on a 500-ft hill and contains a statue of the Virgin of Candelaria who is recognized with delivering the city from the ravages of disease and pirates. After seeing Cartagena, I went

to the capital city of Bogota. While in Bogota I visited “El Cerro de Monserrate” which is a white church built on the mountain summit, 3,200 meters high, that looks over the entire cityscape. The way we got to the top was by a cable car which was very exciting. Pilgrims, devoted to the Senor Caido (a statue of Christ inside the church), visit to pay their dues for the idol's generosity. It is a famous religious site though many come for its spectacular view. There is another statue in a glass case (The Lord of Monserrate) which hundreds of cripples flock to and kiss and then retreat to the church to pray. There are also restaurants, cafés, handicraft and food stalls, and the park. During my stay I tried many new foods typical to Colombia. One of the foods was Bandeja Paisa which consists of grilled steak, fried pork rind, chorizo sausages, on a bed of rice and frijoles, then it is topped with a fried egg, sliced avocado and sweet plantains. This plentiful dish was one of my favorite meals. However, by far my favorite thing to eat was arepas which were usually served at breakfast. Arepas are made of cornmeal, served hot, and then topped with butter and c h e e s e . These meals were completely

new to me as well as the setting for meals. In Colombia, everyone would sit down together for breakfast, lunch and dinner and these meals were a time to bond

lives. I loved how the importance of family was emphasized in their culture. My trip to Colombia was an overall wonderful experience. I

and connect with one another. I found this very special that the family was a great importance in the values and traditions in Colombia. Colombian people don’t take family for granted. For example, I asked if there was any such thing as nursing homes for the elderly in Colombia and was surprised to hear that whenever mothers, fathers or grandparents became old, they moved in with their children. I found this very beautiful in that everyone takes care of each other and loves one another throughout their entire

was very amazed that such a beautiful place exists. The trip was defiantly and eye-opening experiences to what other cultures in the world are like and how people live. I would love to travel to other Latin American countries because I think the culture is fascinating and beautiful. It would have helped tremendously to know more Spanish so I am continuing to learn more in hopes to travel and expand my knowledge of the Latin American culture.


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Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Threatens Massachusetts BY: AMANDA FROST

Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is a rare but serious viral disease spread by mosquitoes that can affect people and horses. EEE can also cause disease in captive birds such as the ringnecked pheasant, emu, quail and ducks. Mosquitoes become infected by feeding on infected birds. Infected mosquitoes will then occasionally feed on horses, humans and other mammals, spreading the disease. During the months of summer, over 1,450 gallons of pesticide were dropped over Southern Massachusetts due to the high level risk presented by the EEE virus. The state of Massachusetts did not wait for a human case of the EEE virus to arise before they recommended an aerial spraying over the state. During the month of August, four additional EEE-positive mosquito pools were reported in

Middleboro and Freetown in addition to other thirty four already identified. Within those pools, fifteen of them were a mammal-biting species located in the Bristol and Plymouth counties. The disease has no cure, and approximately 3 out of every 10 people afflicted with it die. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage people to apply an insect repellent that contains DEET, and avoid being outside between dusk and dawn during the summertime.

Symptoms of the virus arise between three to fifteen days after the initial bite. These symptoms consist of excruciating headaches that rapidly build in intensity, a stiff neck, high fever that leads to confusion and an overall lethargic feeling throughout the body. The virus is often misdiagnosed as bacterial meningitis until blood work is done to test for meningitis. The only treatment for the EEE virus is to keep the fever down and to ease the pressure on the brain and spinal cord.

The most severe symptom of the EEE virus is a coma. A patient is more likely to succumb if he falls into a coma from the virus; if he survives the coma, the patient will face serious disabilities, including nerve damage and neurological disorders that delay the ability to walk, thought processing and talking.

Some ways you can minimize your exposure to the EEE virus are to close windows and turn off fans, turn off air conditioners if they don’t have a setting to re-circulate indoor air, keep pets, livestock and domestic animals inside, wash vegetables and fruit that may have been exposed to the spray and wash exposed skin or clothing with soap and water. Contact your doctor if you begin to experience any of the symptoms of the EEE disease.

Android Or iPhone


The Red sox and Yankees, the Patriots and the Colts, Chelsea and Manchester United ,and don’t forget Star Wars and Star Trek. These are all well very well known rivalries. They will be soon joined (if they haven’t already) by The Android family of Phones and the iPhone. The phones are both on the cuttingedge of smart phones and continue to break new ground while trying to top and beat each other daily. With all the new technology and terms such as “amoled screen”, it can really become confusing on which will work best for you. Well folks, worry no more because I have assembled a crack team of the best scientists and tech junkies I could find on Craig list that would work for free to sort it all out and help you find the right phone. So here we go:

The Carriers: This is as far as most people need to go because it comes down to two basic questions, the first is: who’s your carrier (cell Service Company)? And the second is: do you like to gamble? If you answered anything other than AT&T for the first and “no” then welcome to android! The big issue here is that unless you have AT&T, then to use your phone on any other carrier you need to “unlock it.” Unless you’re a tech guru, unlocking is very hard and risks “bricking” or locking your phone. Android, on the other hand, has many phones on many carriers and that wide variety is very nice. Winner: Android.

Applications/OS This is the big one here, because Android is free and available to anyone who builds hardware, carriers sell Android phones with a variety of screen sizes and processor speeds. This means there are many different android phones, making it really hard to review any single one. Applications on the other hand are more than reviewable. Apple

has a lead over android with 230,000 apps and counting in the App Store while the Android platform now claims 70,000. There may be a big difference between the two on paper but in four of the most useful categories to a student, iPhone and Android square off and surprisingly, it's not

totally one sided. Each platform has its own victories

Social networking: Who doesn’t want to post how boring….I mean exciting class is on facebook whenever you can? Reviewers have often commented that iPhone is not being a very friendly social networking platform. You can set up your phone to get alerts from Facebook and Twitter, sometimes through third-party apps that cost money (like Boxcar). However, you can't really browse your feeds in a comfortable way without diving deep into the apps. Motorola and others have developed apps for Android that are specifically geared to feeding you social updates quicker. All of the new Android phones now have Facebook and Twitter widgets that let you browse quickly right on the home screen without launching any apps. Winner: Android Your Music Movie and Photos: When it comes down to media playback, the iPhone still is what Steve Jobs called his "best iPod yet." Syncing songs, playlists, TV and movies (even rented movies) through iTunes is easy. Once the media is on the iPhone, it's also very easy to manage . For people who own their own music and movies, it's

still top notch. For Android users, media help for the moment has to come via third-party software. My favorite for now is DoubleTwist, sort of an “diet” iTunes that runs on Macs and PCs and syncs music to most phones, and even helps organize movies and photos too. Winner: iPhone

Streaming Music: I think we all know that even with a library of 6,000+ songs you can still get bored of them and want to stream something new to listen to. When it comes to streaming music Android suffers no disadvantage. All the popular iPhone streaming music apps like Pandora, Slacker, Rhapsody, Mog, and even the music identifiers like SoundHound and Shazam are all available on Android too. The difference is, most of them get widgets in Android. Pop open your phone and flip through tunes, stop one service for another or, if your feeling creative, play two or three songs at the same for an artistic and freaky mashup performance. All without leaving the comfort of your home screen or opening an app. You can't do that on an iPhone. Now, Apple's newest OS release does give most of those apps the ability to be played from the iPhone's multitasking menu, but only once you open the actual app. If you launch a new one, you have to go back to another app to get it to play again; so there's no way to switch from, say, Rhapsody to Pandora, without going in and launching Pandora to take precedence over Rhapsody. Winner: Android E-Books: I like this one a lot because if you know what you’re doing you can get all your text books on your phone. Which means that you could lighten your book load tons and never have to worry about forgetting one because we all rarely forget our CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

Inception Goes Green


The critically successful psychological thriller was not only innovative cinematically, but environmentally too. The multi-

million dollar brainchild of Christopher Nolan was powered by over 72,000 watts of pure solar power that was not only silent, but also emission-free. The solar-powered set idea came from A-list actor and “Inception’s” main character, Leonardo DiCaprio. Playing Dominic Cobb, Leonardo puts on the performance of his career as a special agent who’s specialty pertains

to “extraction” which is taking an idea from another’s dream. After a botched job, Cobb is hired to perform “Inception,” or the insertion of an idea, to aid a financial power-house who only

has one company in their way from obtaining a monopoly. DiCaprio founded his “Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation” in 1998 in hopes to raise awareness to environmental issues with the use of some star-power. DiCaprio himself is a part of various environmentally aware organizations; he is on the board of trustees at the Natural Resources Defense Council, a member of Global

Green USA, and is also on the honorary board of directors at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. According to his website (http://www.leonardodicaptio.or g): “The foundation I've established to help the environment, the new e-Activism Zone in Santa Monica aimed at education young people to make a lifelong commitment to the environment, along with many other conservationist projects I've been active with” DiCaprio pitched the idea to the men on the set and received overwhelming approval to construct a solar patch with enough energy to power the entire base camp where the filming and editing for “Inception” was Also supporting done. DiCaprio’s idea was actress and Green Peace advocate Marion Cotillard (who play’s Cobb’s on-screen wife) and actress Ellen Page (playing supportingcharacter Ariadne) “Inception” is the first “green” movie that Mr. DiCaprio has worked on. “We do a lot of things in the world that are wasteful. We keep talking about this all the time. Hopefully, fingers crossed, with these small steps, we'll make that transition on a much larger scale in the future” Leo said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In the end, according to the same interview, Leo hopes to “do stuff like that every day, not just in making movies but everything in the world.”

North Shore Uncensored

Page 7 – NSCC Pennon

North Shore Uncensored is a North Shore Community College Pennon column that answers health questions that have been sent anonymously to ( . If you have any questions please send them to the column address. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone and you have the choice whether or not your question will be published.

Question: I had a friend last year who thought she had something put in her drink and woke up not remembering anything. Is there any way to tell if someone has slipped me something in my drink?

NSU: Thank you so much for this very important question. Often, it is very hard to tell if you have been given a date rape drug, such as Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine. Most times a victim does not remember anything from the night before, including the drug or an assault. You possibly might not be aware of the attack until eight or twelve hours after it has occurred. These drugs also leave the body very quickly. Here are some signs that you may have been drugged: •You remember having a drink, but cannot remember anything after that. •You feel intoxicated but did not have anything to drink the previous night, or you feel the effects of drinking are stronger than usual. •You wake up feeling the effects of drinking and have no memory of a certain period of time. •You find your clothes torn and not on right. •You feel like you have had sex

but cannot remember it.

If you feel that you have been drugged or sexually assaulted, please receive medical care right away. Call 911 or have a friend or family member take you to the hospital emergency room. The hospital should immediately take a urine sample to test for the date rape drugs. It is very important not to urinate, douche, shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands, change clothes, or eat or drink before you go. All of these things may remove evidence of a possible sexual assault or a rape. The hospital will then use a "rape kit" to collect the evidence needed.

To protect yourself from being a victim of a date rape drug always be sure to: •Not accept drinks from other people. •Open containers yourself. •Keep your drink with you at all times, even if you have to go to the bathroom. •Be sure to not share drinks. •Be sure not to drink from punch bowls or other open containers. They may possibly already have drugs in them. •Go with the person to get your drink if they have offered to buy or get you one. Watch the drink being poured and carry it yourself. •Be sure to not drink anything that tastes or smells strange. GHB sometimes tastes salty. •Pour out your drink if you realize you had left it unattended.

If you or friends have any more questions about date rape drugs please visit or call them at 1-800-994-9662.

Android Or iPhone: Continued from Page 6

phone. The arrival of e-book apps on smart phones is a huge deal, and Android has pretty much caught up to iPhone. When it comes to big namebook apps, both platforms have Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, and Borders’ Kobo. Android doesn't have Apple's iBooks, obviously, and Apple is

variety of gadgets, including iPad, iPod and iPhone. Android phones do have a small e-book advantage of their own: You can copy files to an Android device via USB without needing iTunes or some special app. As more and more titles are available online this will keep things simple. There will always be third-party ways

bound to grow it and possibly even release it for other platforms. Still, you'd be out of your mind to spend money on iBooks now, when the other services are accessible from such a broad

to move files to an iPhone and read them, but Apple might try to limit what files can be recognized and transferred through iTunes. Chalk one up for Android openness. Winner: Tie

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Black & White: The NOT Ballet

BY TANYA GREEN I found myself to be a very lucky person when I won a raffle: two tickets to a Boston Ballet Company ballet. If you have not guessed, the performance I was to go see was Jiri Kylian’s “Black and White,” I had never heard of it before, but was still rather excited. It was a

beautiful May evening, perfect for seeing a show in Boston. The Boston Opera House was lovely as usual with its grand stairway and gold leafing that borders the walls and ceilings. Not long into the performance, I was very delighted that I had won the tickets (meaning I did not have to pay for the disaster unfolding before my eyes). Overall, I would describe the show as being more of an amateur dance team performance from the 1980’s as opposed to a ballet. Having said this, I would be doing a disservice by not describing my feelings act by act. So, yes, I will give a blow-by-blow and hope that it is not as bizarre or as annoying as this so-called ballet. The performance was comprised of five “ballets” No More Play, Petite Mort, Sarabande, Falling Angels, and Sechs Tanze. There were also two intermissions during the show that lasted about 30 minutes apiece! No More Play and

Petite Mort featured traditional ballet movements. Although that is what one would expect at a ballet, the choreography was so lame that my cat could have written more challenging works. Not to mention that both of these ballets were without themes and in serious need of guidance. Sarabande was the strangest most bizarre thing I have ever seen and heard in my entire life. The music (if that is

what I dare call it) was a continuous drum beat with what sounded like screeching jungle birds. This piece featured men only who were stripping to the “music” while underneath ball gowns that were suspended in the air. All of a sudden these men began doing the robot. Then they began running

around the stage as if frightened by something. If I had to analyze what this piece was about I would say that it had something to do with a bad experience shopping for clothing at Hot Topic. No offense to Hot Topic; it is one of my favorite stores, which is why I’m 95% sure that the ball gowns were either purchased there or inspired by their merchandise Falling Angels was a female only performance that I can only really describe as heinously annoying. First off the dancers were wearing black bathing suits from the 1930’s. In regards to the music, it was as if the orchestra pit was abruptly invaded by STOMP. During this piece, the women began doing the worm across the stage and other line dances. Overall Falling Angels was like watching synchronized swimming without water. I have no idea where the falling angels come into this performance; it certainly was not angelic and I did not see any falling. The grand finale, Sechs Tanze, (which was more like a grand mish-mosh) can best be described as the 1700’s having a head on collision with the Sci-Fi Channel. The costumes were from the 1700’s, the dance moves were extremely modern and the music was a collision between the two. The music sounded as though Mozart and the composer of Star Trek got together to write the music. The dancers left the stage without warning and returned to the stage covered in either white chalk or bleached flour. Following the collision of ages and the attack of either the possessed chalkboard or disgruntled baker, two men in drag (circa the 1800’s Civil War) enter the stage. These drag queens then engage in a sword CONTINUED ON PAGE 11

The Expendables

Rated: R (for strong action and bloody violence throughout, and for some language)

BY: NICK STILIANOS Here’s an idea! Let’s try and round up every action star that has made it in Hollywood and have all of them star in the most explosive movie to end the summer. The only thing is that they waited so long to think of an idea as simple as that. Actor and director Sylvester Stallone, 64, may not have been able to get Van Damme, Seagal, or Norris in the picture, but did manage to give the audience a big bang out of it with an opening of $34.8 million in the box-office. Stallone also managed to pull Schwarzenegger away from his desk in California to star in a five minute cameo as well. Viewers would have to agree too that this is the best picture by Stallone since he directed Rocky IV; which was one of the starting points into Dolph Lundgren’s career in acting. “The Expendables” is about a team of mercenaries (played by Stallone, Statham, Li, Couture, and Crews) who head to South America to overthrow a dictator and an army of over a hundred soldiers. Simple! Just add in a few more big names in minor roles and several scenes that

steers the audience away from the violence and see who they are and what they do despite all the killings. With every movie such as this, there are some good and bad flaws in it. First, it was phenomenal to get as many action guys in it to make it happen. Secondly, I loved the five minute scene with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Willis when the three characters discussing the mission. Lastly, Stallone kept the violence down to a minimum. If it was blood and guts throughout the movie, then Stallone would have definitely brought it over the edge. For example, the fourth Rambo movie had more blood and gore than its three predecessors (and the body count for the movie

Studio Madness

BY: NICK STILIANOS Studios in Hollywood can be hard to understand. Despite how the economy is looking today, spending money

is not a big devastation to them. They obviously have no trouble giving away any amount of money on a picture or an idea, or even giving an actor X amount of money for a picture or an episode on TV. For example: Charlie Sheen cashed in $1.25 million an episode on “Two and a Half Men” and Oprah Winfrey makes about $315 million a year on her talk show. Still if the show is a hit, then someone deserves a raise. The worst thing it is that once the idea has been made into the general storyline, it can be a challenge to go into it deeper. What really matters is the creativity of the story and the intensity/ratings it has on the people. That being said, what shows and movies has Hollywood cancelled or has


thought about cancelling that were very touching or thrilling for the audience who were waiting for the next chapter to come? Movies: 1.Spider-Man

It has been over three years since Spider-Man has spun his web into heroism. The confirmation is that the web-slinger will be back in 2012 all over again (in the form of a re-boot). Due to creativity problems and fallouts between Sony pictures and director Sam Raimi, the result is that the Spider-Man franchise will be telling the story all over again in a different way. Yup! NO TOBEY MAGUIRE, NO KIRSTEN DUNST, and NO SAM RAIMI. The reboot is due to arrive on July 3, 2012, directed by Marc


You Don’t Know Jack

BY CHRIS RICCI In the early sixties, the work of guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton slowly became a prominent fixture in rock-and-roll. His solo work and the work he did with his bands (The Yardbirds and Cream), though intrinsically different from eachother, are still (to this day) respected highly and regarded as the finest examples of rock in the sixties and seventies. Though Clapton continues to perform to this day, he seems to have hit a

creative crossroads; struggling to keep up with his work in the sixties, Clapton has released various cover albums as of late and takes a leisurely five year break between albums. As Clapton began to trickle off of the radar, it was speculated that another upcoming artist would be strong enough to take up the mantle. This man (ironically another masterful guitarist) is Jack White. Born Jack Gillis (taking his wife’s name in marriage), Jack

The White Stripes Album Pick: Elephant

Jack’s first band features him on

guitar and his ex-wife Meg on drums. The duo’s six albums each show a unique blend of alternative music, blues rock, punk and indie rock. However, their fourth album “Elephant” stands out as the defining moment of the band. This Grammy-winner is all-in-all one of their heaviest albums. From homage’s to old-school garage rock (a’la “Black Math”

White started to gain an audience in ’97 after the formation of his first band, “The White Stripes.” Now being the founding member of two other bands, Jack White has definitely made a remarkable name for himself. Does it, however, compare to Clapton’s work in the 60’s and 70’s? In short, yes. Jack is seemingly doing what Clapton did to rock-and-roll, but in the indie and alternative genre. Since Jack is highly active with music as of late (recently releas-

and “Hypnotize”) to incredibly well done blues rock (“Seven Nation Army” and “Ball and Biscut”) and even to lighter ballad-esq songs reminiscent of Neil Young (“ You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket” “Who’s to Say”) “Elephant” is definitely the defining moment of The White Stripes (if not Jack White’s entire career).

TOP TRACKS: Seven Nation Army, Hypnotize, Black Math, Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine

The Raconteurs

Album Pick: Consolers of The Lonely

they became to be called, was in a music scene, it’s apparent that decidedly faster direction than the the band was just testing the White Stripes; focusing more of a waters. “Broken Boy” resulted in revitalist “Who” or “Led a strange hodge-podge of music Zeppelin” sound as opposed to obviously inspired by the rockthe garage/alternative sounds of scene of the 70’s. “Consolers of The White Stripes. Though they the Lonely” also takes from this scene as well, but at the same only have two albums, the time finds its own unique sound. Raconteurs have already built up quite a resume ranging from mini- The hard-rocking title track is reminiscent of “Houses of the malist blues-rock to borderline What started as a duo between Holy” era Zeppelin initially but country/folk. Out of the two Jack and keyboardist Brendan albums, it’s clear that their second quickly turns into a truly unique Benson quickly formed into a album is superior in a similar blues track that single handedly full-fledged band after exdefines the band. Needless to say, respect to “Elephant.” Though Greenhornes’ bassist Jack their first album, “Broken Boy it will be hard for The Raconteurs Lawrance and drummer Patrick Soldier”, was highly impressive to top themselves after “Consoler Keeler joined (per-request of Mr. and is still one of the better of the Lonely.” Jack White). The Raconteurs, as albums out of the alternative TOP TRACKS: Solute Your Solution, Rich Kid Blues, Consoler of the Lonely, Many Shades of Black

The Dead Weather Album Pick: Horehound

Jack’s third and most recent musical endeavor is easily his hardest and most unique. Deciding to put the guitar down and pick up drumsticks, this is the only band of his that he doesn’t front. The lead vocals are taken up by “Kills” singer Allison Mossheart and lead guitar duties are left to “Queens of the Stone Age” guitarist Dean Fertita. Also in this band is Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence. The music here is a lot

heavier than anything Jack White has touched prior; The Dead Weather is, more or less, keyboard and riff driven blues with angst-ridden lyrics. The androgynous vocal styles of Allison Mossheart sound eerily similar to those of Jack White to the point where it’s hard to distinguish between the two. Between their two albums, it’s very hard to pick one that’s seemingly superior to the other. However, musically it’s clear that their first album “Horehound” is their best. The album provides a kick to the chest to any unknowing Raconteurs and White Stripes fan with the eerie and sincere first track “60 Feet Tall”; a dark and bluesy track reminiscent of 60’s experimental artist Captain Beefheart. What follows is a dark tour-de-force

unlike anything else Jack has ever done. At sometimes overpowering, Horehound does include some mellow tracks (“Will There Be Enough Water?” definitely being a prime example). However, they are few and far between and honestly, they aren’t really necessary. Despite being his strangest and hardest band, The Dead Weather still triumphs on a pure heavy blues-rock level; something that couldn’t be achieved by his other groups.

TOP TRACKS: Cut Like Buffalo, Treat Me Like Your Mother, Bone House, Hang You From The Heavens

ing the sophomore album for his third band and talking about re-uniting the White Stripes after he finishes touring this summer), it’s only respectable to take a look at his music catalog and see what’s best to dive into:

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Page 10 – NSCC Pennon

We need your written opinions to fill up this page.

Send us your opinion about anything! Up to 500 words. Preferably in MS Word Document. Send to or drop off at any Student Life Office or The Pennon Office (DM 127). It will be edited for spelling and grammar. Opinions and editorials are not necessarily those of The Pennon.

Unfortunately, Arizona does NOT have it Right


There is no question that the citizens of Arizona, like the citizens of all of the southern border states, face grave and outrageous dangers from the invasion of illegals rushing across the borders. Private property is being destroyed; crime is skyrocketing; costs for schools and hospitals is forcing bankruptcy on local communities; and violence is becoming a way of life. No American, living in a nation where rights are supposed to be protected and guaranteed, should be forced to live under such conditions.

The problem, of course, is that the federal government refuses to take the actions necessary to stop illegal immigration. It refuses to secure the border either by placing more border patrol agents in place or allowing local police forces to take action when they have a known illegal in their custody. In addition, the federal government refuses to allow local and state agencies to withdraw taxpayer services like schools, healthcare and welfare to illegals. As a result, the lure of easy money and free housing, health care and schools looming just across an unprotected border draws those now living in the failed socialist Mexican system. The risk is low and the rewards are high. And so they come in ever growing numbers, swamping the systems that were set up to serve American taxpayers.

Desperate Arizonians have had enough and have taken steps to do something about it. As a result, the state has passed and is ready to enforce legislation (SB1070) that has become a national debate on how to best secure our nation against this ever growing invasion. The problem is, in spite of its courageous stand as an example to the rest of the nation, Arizona may not have it right and will do more harm than good to the allimportant fight to stop illegal immigration. Worse, it may stand as a direct threat to the liberties of all Americans, which the law was actually intended to protect. To understand the potential threat to Americans liberties posed by SB1070, it must be put in the proper context of what the federal government is driving towards – a total surveillance society, seeking any and all information about each and

every American citizen.

In that vein, it is important to note that information is power and currently, only the federal government is collecting such

Motor Vehicle AdministratorsAn international organization by their own admission that currently includes the provinces of Canada and the states and territories of the United States and

when officials decide that there are compelling reasons to do so.

In a 2007 article in the same publication Mocny stated “We’re starting the process of biometrifying [sic] a good proportion of the world population.” Robert Mocny also stated that “information sharing is appropriate around the world, and DHS plans to create a “Global Security Envelope of internationally shared biometric data that would permanently link individuals with biometric ID, personal information held by governments and corporations.”

Department of Mocny’s Homeland Security is the same government agency that has stated nearly all

information. SB1070 could change that, not only in Arizona, but in states that are now considering enacting similar laws. Moreover, the information the federal government is collecting is your information and it is being shared with international law enforcement agencies and foreign governments at the discretion of the federal government.

There is no question that our country must deal with the problem of illegal immigration. The purpose of SB1070 is to identify people in our country illegally, specifically Arizona, and insure those people are sent back to their country of origin. But how is that to be accomplished, according the SB1070?

The federal government wants the personal information of Americans either through direct electronic access or indirect access. Currently the “federal government” has much of our personal information already. The fact is “that information” is spread out over many departments and agencies of the federal government. DHS wants a more centralized system and thus we have witnessed the Real ID Act 2005 and now the PASS ID Act. Because the standards for both Real ID and PASS ID are the adopted standards of two international organizations, AAMVA (American Association of

the ICAO, the driver’s license would become not simply a national ID but more accurately an international ID. International standards are only used to facilitate global information sharing.

U.S. citizens should know that their federal tax dollars were used to provide states with grant money in order to assure that the districts of Mexico are added to AAMVA’s jurisdiction. AAMVA wants a single jurisdiction of the United States, Canada and Mexico. It was no accident this single jurisdiction concept began in 1994 when the NAFTA treaty was signed. The Fed’s “free pass” – Exemption

The following comes from a February 2006 GCN (Government Computer News) article: (Mocny/DHS) said, ‘We have a responsibility to make a Global Security Envelope that would coordinate information policies and technical standards.’

Robert Mocny, of the Department of Homeland Security, conceded that each of the 10 privacy laws currently in effect in the United States has an exemption clause for national- security purposes. He added that the department only resorts to its essentially unlimited authority under those clauses CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

Americans are potentially domestic terrorists. Under Real ID, the Secretary of DHS is given the authority in the “Official Purposes” section to add restrictions at his or hers own discretion. Real ID currently restricts entrance to a federal facility, flying on a commercial airliner or entering a nuclear facility. Tomorrow we could see restrictions on purchasing weapons, ammunition or even prescription drugs. This kind of unfettered authority is unacceptable.

In Mocny’s statement we see that DHS can decide when to ignore our privacy laws. He never mentions consulting with Congress or even the President for that matter.

SB1070 does not create a national ID card but it does embolden the federal government. States should not and must not depend or rely on the federal government when the states themselves can go a long way towards resolving the issue of citizenship. There would be times when the federal government might be needed but first every state has a responsibility to only involve the federal government when all other means have been exhausted. We cannot comprehend why a state would offer up/volunteer their own citizen’s personal information to a department of the federal government that has made their intentions clear. Let us not forget DHS had made it clear that it believes domestic terrorism is a much threat as terrorism initiated outside our borders.

Soft Landi ngs, Ferti le Soil


Progressing onward, we move towards the eternal truth, no matter if it be known or not. Like the chestnut nestled in the shade of a tree, just waiting to be found, waiting… It is there, it holds its significance unto our lives. For by the moon our tides are driven. Also by our lunar neighbor, we obey its integrity. Once in our journey around the sun, twice…a journey that is pure is always anew. The truth is in you. All that you want, need, desire…it is in you. The belief that anything is attained outside of ourselves is the thorned-vine twisted on our strongest bough. Illusion sets in too all, but only some can see its disguise. It hides in our thinking, and our outside world is the physical indication of its grip upon us. Are you addicted to drugs, gambling, overthinking? It is not because of the existence of temptations, but more because of the temptations of your mind. In the twisting of the thorned vine of illusion, it pulls us towards the wrong decisions. By doing so it then sucks the energy out of its victim. I wish I could explain more to you what this illusion is. For to put it into words would be an illusion in itself. For all things, big and small, are true miracles of creation. From the tiny atom to the large redwood forests…it is a divine miracle. In day to day living we say-“this is mine” or “I want this”. This is not necesarrily a bad thing, depending on your perception of it. If your journey turns into a miserable one that continualy awaits the freedom gates to happiness upon the arrival at your destination then this is where illusion starts its choke hold. Its-“this will make me happy” statements that leave you in a state of wanting. While starting out in this mental trap, it spirals down within our minds, and then can show signs within our bodies as well. It causes anxiety, depression, and a mixed up, unbalanced external world. You see, the truth is, we have what we need, for the most part. In most cases, we are healthy, have people to talk to, access to employment, which are three critical aspects of living a happy life. With these three things, we are essential CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

Studio Madness: Continued from Page 8

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Webb (“500 Days of Summer”) and with Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”) as the new Spider-Man.

2.2. James Bond

Over the past 47 years, MGM has brought us 23 Bond movies and has ranked in over $5 trillion dollars total worldwide. Wow! Bond has been MGM’s greatest character who has survived the danger and the class of various baddies and, of course, lovely women. Has the studio finally lost their touch for the 007 agent to save the day after all these years? The horror franchise knew how to bring back Freddy, Jason, and Michael at least a dozen times.

TV: Kyle XY 1. You know who he is, “The alien kid with no belly button”. Just last year the stories just stopped after the third and final season aired and was released on DVD. The major reason that it may have stopped was because the riddle of the show was answered in the second season “Who is Kyle XY?” The thing is that this show brought out the drama and

mysterious to family, friends, and even science to a boy with special gifts. What some people just cannot stand is to watch a show that ends when the final episode is a turning point into

another plot of the story.

Terminator: The Sarah 2. Connor Chronicles

Before this show came out on television, the terminator was a cybernetic organism whose mission was to prevent the events of the future from happening in the past for good or bad reasons. There were obviously a couple

of things that went bad with this show from time to time when it was on. First, Schwarzenegger stole the spot-light in the first three movies and for many people; the show would not seem right without him. Secondly, the show starts out after the results of the second terminator movie have been told; before the events of the third movie even occurred. Having to watch something where we already know the outcome sometimes just does not catch the audience’s attention that well. That being said, It was a surprise that “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was a hit. However it wasn’t a big shock that this show wouldn’t last. Things are hard to understand. You know when you were a kid and you ask your parents a question that they never give an answer or when they did it would be “wait till you are older and then you will know?” Hollywood is like our parents in this case, and we are going to need a better answer.

Black & White: Continued from Page 8


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fight. At the end of the sword fight one of the men looses his dress and is left standing wearing only a G-string and a fig leaf. At this moment the show was suddenly over. All in all Black and White would be a complete waste of time and money for a ballet fan. Although I can look back at what I saw and laugh, not to mention my guest and I now have endless material for inside jokes. It is a shame that the show is really that much of a disappointment. I feel as though

I was disappointed because I was expecting to see a ballet. Black and White is described as an abstract ballet. This brief description is very misleading because it leads one to expect ballet. A better description of the show would be; An abstract collection of modern dances inspired by ballet and with ballet as its root and foundation. This description that I have come up with is still brief yet it does not lead one into expecting ballet. Black and White is the

ideal experience for anyone who likes modern things or likes dance performances in general. A ballet fan could possibly enjoy it when knowing what to expect, although I would not count on it. In my and my guest’s opinion it was a good laugh and we are both glad the cost for us was the price of a raffle ticket at a charity event. We both were feeling for anyone who paid for their tickets and did not enjoy the show due to being mislead into believing it was a ballet.

The Expendables: Continued from Page 8

was 234 to be exact). The thing that would have made it better would be a bit more character development to the other stars..After watching it, it seemed that about 85% of the non-violent back-story was shown only for Stallone,

Statham, and Rourke’s characters. As a matter of fact, those three shared the most amount of time on screen than any other member of the group. This movie, in conclusion, is a reminder that an action hero eventually does get to the age

where they really have to call it quits. For instance, Stallone suffered 14 injuries making this movie (which included breaking a tooth, rupturing his ankle, and also getting a hairline fracture in his neck). I must say this, if more stars at Stallone’s age keep doing stuff like this a soon to be title that fits what is going in their heads is “Grampy Action Men: We Never Die”.


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Pool Tournaments Thursday, September 30, 2010 10a - 2p Thursday, October 28, 2010 10a - 2p

Ping Pong Tournaments Thursday, October 7, 2010 10a - 2p Tuesday, November 9, 2010 10a - 2p

Volley ball Tournaments Tuesday, October 19, 2010 10a - 2p Tuesday, November 30, 2010 10a - 2p

Intramural Soccer Wednesday, October 13, 2010 12p - 4p Wednesday, October 20, 2010 12p - 4p Wednesday, October 27, 2010 12p - 4p

Intramural Basketball Friday, October 15, 2010 12p - 4p Monday, October 17, 2010 12p - 4p Monday, October 25, 2010 12p - 4p

DANVERS TOURNAMENTS Pool Tournament Thursday, September 16,

Ping Pong Tournament Wednesday, October 6,

Pool Tournament Thursday, October 21,

Ride tickets nscc photo id

Ticket 9/8/10


The Ropes Course is a one day outdoor shared adventure for individuals of all ages and abilities. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a series of structured activities on the ground and beyond with the guidance of professional facilitators.

Made up of trees, wires, rope, and other equipment, the course is designed to promote and enhance group cooperation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. It enables participants to expand their comfort zones and to recognize fears that may otherwise block their personal achievements.

Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether a person is climbing, supporting "on belay," or finding an effective way to encourage a teammate. Teams work together in a safe supportive environment to

Complete 300 hours of service and receive $1132.28 Education Award Contact: Cate Kaluzny Service-Learning Coordinator 978-739-5571

Contact Cate by Friday, September 17th to receive an application packet and find out about orientation times and dates. Please Note: Field Placement hours along with federal work-study hours can count towards the 300 hours of service required for the scholarship.

For Student & Faculty/Staff Photo ID/Library Cards in LW171 & DB132

$19.00 with



Learn the “Ropes” with Student Life

Sign-up to attend our FREE Leadership Ropes Course to be held on Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 9am-5pm at Project Adventure in Beverly MA.

You can be part of this AmeriCorps program recognizing student service within the Community

Extended Schedule

Topsfield Fair Tickets

Topsfield Fair Tickets can be purchased at the Student Life Office LW171 & DB132 “While Supplies Last” Admission Tickets $8.00 with nscc photo id

Consider joining AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service

negotiate the elements and to successfully meet the challenges presented.

Always dynamic, and at times challenging, it is without a doubt a fun way to build confidence, develop new friendships and to reach new heights!

For more information, contact Lisa Milso, Director of Student Life at or at X6242. Deadline to sign-up is Thursday, September 23, 2010. Don’t delay, space is limited! This is a PACE Card Event!

Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Tuesday

9/8/10 9/9/10 9/10/10 9/13/10 9/14/10 9/15/10 9/18/10 9/21/10

8am-12pm 1pm 8am-12pm 1pm 8am-12pm 1pm 8am-12pm 1pm 8am-12pm 1pm 8am-12pm 1pm By Appointment 8am-12pm 1pm

Regular Schedule Monday thru Friday 9am-12pm &

–3pm –3pm –3pm –3pm –3pm –3pm –3pm

5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm

1pm – 3pm

Please feel free to contact Student Life with any questions or concerns regarding this schedule Lynn LW171 at 781-593-6722 X2164 or Danvers DB132 at 978-762-4000 X5536

Arizona does NOT have it Right : Continued from Page 10

The Real ID Act and the PASS ID Act breeder documents (documents needed to obtain a driver’s license) must be authenticated. Nearly all citizens of the United States have birth certificates or an acceptable alternative. We suggest a “hub” system be put in place that is solely controlled by the states. The hub itself would not retain any information, only act as a conduit. All DMV’s would have the capability to communicate with the state issuing agencies or departments of birth certificates. Not everyone has what is called a birth certificate. Certificates of Birth and other similar documents can be authenticated just as birth certificates can.

The federal government wants birth certificates digitized and we agree. We go one step further and believe all birth certificates must be numbered starting with the two letter abbreviation for each state. Once a birth certificate is presented to acquire a driver’s license or other form of identification the birth certificate number would go into databases as active. If anyone else attempted to use that same numbered birth certificate the “system” would show that birth certificate had been used previously to obtain an ID document or driver’s license. At that point it would be very simple to determine if someone was attempting to use another person’s birth certificate or if a person was using a birth certificate that was not in the “system”.

SB1070 is enabling DHS to gather much more personal information of citizens. Domicile information is not the business of DHS. We would ask that Arizona legislators work with the legislators of the other states and agree to create the hub system described above. Telecommunications companies tell us that the network could be in place in a short period of time. A focused and coordinated effort must take place to digitize and number birth certificates.

It’s easy to beat the biometric net. We, as a country do not have the biometric data of most Islamic extremists or for that matter many of the people entering our country illegally through Mexico or Canada. If a person comes into our country and we do not have their biometric data there is nothing right now to stop that person from “beating” the “system”. That person can obtain counterfeit breeder documents including a birth certificate and social security card for a couple of hundred dollars.

Yet, our government is insisting all Americans be enrolled into a single global biometric identification system (facial recognition). There is a reason facial recognition is not used to see if a person has a driver’s license in other states. The technology does not work when hundreds of millions of images are compared. (Source: 2003 AAMVA sponsored report conducted by the IBG (International Biometric Group).

Recently the talk of all forms of a “national/international ID has sparked debate over the cost of such an ambitious effort. Estimates run in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The cost of putting in place a hub system that would allow for the issuing agency at the state level of state driver’s licenses to authenticate a birth certificate with the issuing state agency that is responsible for birth certificates would be far, far less and the states would control the hub – not

The only reason the Real ID Act and PASS ID do not violate the 1974 Privacy Act is that the states that are collecting the personal information of citizens that DHS wants. The states are being used as surrogates. SB1070 is tantamount to giving a child a free pass in a candy store. In this case Arizona is feeding DHS citizen’s information.

Another proposed “solution” to the illegal immigration problem has been the E-Verify system. It is not only included in Arizona’s SB1070, but in other tough imigration laws touted in states like Oklahoma. It must be understood that the SSN database is riddled with errors with estimates running as high as 13 million errors. Admittedly most are not serious errors but that being said there is a problem causing E-Verify to correctly identify those in our country illegally less than 50% of the time.

Another part of the equation is a company named L-1 Identity Solutions. L-1 and the World Bank have reached an agreement to insure all people in the world, including third world countries, are enrolled into a single global system of identification that translates into a single system of control.

Why is L-1 significant? L-1 is the largest biometric company in the United States and arguably the world. L-1 provides nearly 95% all state driver’s licenses. It is involved in the production of all passports and passport cards. It is a global company that has had or does

have the former Directors of the CIA, FBI, TSA and others on its Board of Directors. L-1 also has an intelligence division that has contracts with nearly every intelligence agency of the federal government. In addition to losing a contract for misleading the client and being accused by the SEC for insiders selling stock in advance of adverse financial news (settled suit) L-1, under its previous name Viisage Technology overstated the capability of its biometric technology many documented times. Why should a citizen care that L-1 is a global company and what does it mean to individuals? L-1 also provided their facial recognition technology knowing that technology was going to be tested by the Red Chinese government. Naturally the Chinese wanted to use the technology to identify dissidents. That proves the power of the system and the danger to individuals when in the hands of dangerous dictatorships.

Today thousands of surveillance cameras on nearly every street corner are pointed at you. It does not matter if you are in your hometown or Paris, France. You can be identified through the use of facial recognition technology, biometric and CCTV technology. This is nothing new and has been going on for some time. Viisage Technology, now called L-1 Identity Solutions used facial recognition technology to capture the digital facial images of people who entered the Super Bowl in 2001, before the attacks on 9/11.

Under the provisions of the Patriot Act, the FBI has been given legal authority beyond what they previously had. The result has been abuses of NSL’s (National Security Letters) The FBI can issue an NSL to L-1 Identity Solutions requesting information such as, but not limited to, citizens biometric samples/data/templates and you would know nothing about it. States have archived databases for their DMV’s that L-1 controls. State DMV’s would not know the information was provided to the FBI. NSL’s require that the company not discuss the NSL with anyone. There are no search warrants or other legal instruments needed before the FBI issues NSL’s.

This is a violation of the Constitution in so many ways. Congress must address the issue of L-1 and insure if L-1 is to remain the primary vendor for identification documents that

there are strict laws put in place to protect citizens from L-1 sharing any information unless a court order exist.

It is incredible to know that almost 9 years after 9/11 our borders are still wide open. More incredible still to know that DHS has a goal of only stopping 29% of the illegal people and goods entering our country through authorized Custom Border Patrol checkpoints.

One should realize just how much of our borders do not have authorized Custom Border Patrol checkpoints. What percentage of illegal goods and people are entering in those areas? Understand that if the goal is to only prevent 29% that means 71% will get through.

The problem continues to be the failure of the Federal government to secure our nation’s borders. Arizona has tried to address the problem with SB1070 and now other states are looking at the law as a possible model. People are desperate to save their country.

In reality, SB1070 has been packed with models for federal law, such as E-Verify and the SAVE Act (the “Secure America Though Verification And Enforcement” Act). These very bad laws have not been able to pass Congress and so supporters are now seeking success on a state by state basis. The bottom line is SB1070 has become the Trojan Horse in the drive to create an International ID system that will track our every move. It is not freedom and it is not security.

It is refreshing that there are elected officials like Arizona’s governor who are willing to stand against massive pressure, even federal lawsuits, to try to do what is right. And it is exciting to see that leasers in other states are willing to do the same. It is part of the new and growing revolution against federal tyranny. But these leaders must also be careful to watch for the pitfalls that may result in their actions. There is most certainly a need for strong legislation to stop the largest invasion our nation has ever experienced. But such legislation must focus on prohibiting illegals from coming here, rather than forcing the rest of us in a surveillance straight jacket. Toward that end, unfortunately, Arizona’s SB1070 accomplishes very little except sacrificing liberty.

Page 13 – NSCC Pennon

S of t L and i ng s : Co n ti nu e d fr o m P ag e 10

vital, social, and secure. So where does the turn come? When do we begin to swerve in the wrong direction if we already have these things? The answer lies in not observing the beauty, being thankful for every breath, and being awe struck by the stars above. You don’t need money or a significant other to be curious and to want to make a change in the world. You don’t have to have that raise that’s going to allow you to by that boat in order to smile and be thankful. You most certainly do not need a fat paycheck to walk up to a tree and listen to its leaves blow in the wind. For all who have ears, let him hear, and all who have eyes to see, let him see; and blessed are your eyes, for they can see, and blessed are you ears, for they can hear. Have we forgotten, while stuck in traffic, or frustrated about money, the infinite processes that took place for us to be born? Have we forgotten when we say, “I can’t do this” or “that just takes too long” that these processes are taking place every second. Do you know that somehow, someway, we have 100,000 miles of nerve fibers within our brain? Where has the miracle gone when you can’t catch a fish on you first day? Where did it go when you haven’t got that great salary in the first 3 years of trying? Where has the miracle disappeared too when you find yourself not taking the steps to fulfill your dreams. The miracle is still there my friend. The awareness of the miracle however, is being choked. For the vine will keep on pulling, twisting, and sucking your energy until you can see it. Once you see it, it disappears. Do you want to attain everything and anything that you could ever imagine without the depleting longing for more, more, more? Watch the stars in the night sky, listen to the forest whisper, stop and listen to a stream-or a song bird, realize that this moment, is always the moment. We are in the eternal Now forever. Be at peace, exercise every morning, know precisely what you want and take action. If you believe, trust me, science can never prove that God is not smiling down at you, forgiving you for everything, and saying softly, “You are a part of me, I love you, and you can do whatever you put your mind to on this Earth. Enjoy your life, help others to do the same, and one ray of loves secret will come shining through you, making the world a better place, with everyone you meet”.


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Program Council Partners With Northeast ARC

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Pennon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Victoria Pasciuto . . . . .DB125 .x.5471 Performing Arts Council . Matthew Woods . . . . . .LW172 .x.6228 Program Council . . . . . . . Victoria Pasciuto . . . . .DB125 .x.5471 Student Government . . . . Victoria Pasciuto . . . . .DB125 .x.5471 Women’s Center . . . . . . . . Victoria Pasciuto.............DB125 x.5471

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Attention Club Advisors and Members!

Information about your club can be featured here. This is YOUR page and if you want other people to know about your club or what your club is doing, then contact us! E-mail:

BY TANYA GREEN At the close of the spring semester in May the Program Council sponsored the annual Battle of the Bands. This event is an annual event on the first Friday evening of May that features multiple bands that are both local and currently on

Warp Tour. Each year that we host this event we donate some of the proceeds to Northeast ARC in Danvers. This year the Program Council not only donated a check, we also went in person to deliver the check where we met with some of the staff and

toured the executive offices. While visiting the ARC we learned about their numerous programs to support the disabled and were also told about some volunteer and community service opportunities. Our trip was also high lighted this past month in the Lynn paper.

"School Services" in Pipeline).

( and or dropping by their office at LW321 during their office hours. Their schedules are on their office doors.

Q. What is Engineering Club? A. Engineering Club is a student organization that consists of engineering students or anyone who is interested in engineering. The Club advisor is Professor Mary Beth Steigerwald. The officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. New officers are elected in early April. The club meetings provide an opportunity for engineering students to meet to discuss any subjects that concern or interest them. It can be viewing videos of engineering marvels, discussions of engineering events and course problems, inviting guest speakers, or just a relaxing social hour.

Engineering: Continued from Page 2

Q. I know what courses I need to take by following the program of study sheet. Do I still need to see my advisor? A. Definitely. Your advisor not only checks whether you have chosen the correct courses but also has the knowledge of whether a certain number of courses will run for a given semester or not.

Q. Can I still talk to an engineering faculty if my advisor is not an engineering faculty? A. Absolutely. You are welcome to meet with Mary Beth Professor Steigerwald or Professor Joyce Jeong. The best way to contact them is by sending e-mail

Q. Why is it important to meet with an engineering faculty? A. An engineering faculty can assist you in planning a successful engineering career as early as possible. He/She will help you choose proper courses each semester so that you will be able to stay on the right track of your curriculum and graduate on time. An engineering advisor can also guide your through your transfer process from NSCC to a four-year engineering college.


F i r s t a n d T h i r d Tu e s d a y 2 - 3 P. M . September 21’stLW 307, DB 308 (Video Confrence) October 5’th DH 119, LW 225 October 19’th LW 307, DB 308 (Video Conference) November 2’nd DH 119, LW 225 November 16’th LW 307, DB 308 (Video Conference) December 7’thDH 119, LW 225 December 21’st LW 307, DB 308 (Video Conference)

September 2010 Calendar of Events

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September 1, 2010 September 6, 2010 September 8, 2010 September 8, 2010 September 8, 2010 September 8, 2010 September 9, 2010 September 13, 2010 September 13, 2010 September 14, 2010 September 14, 2010 September 15, 2010 September 15, 2010 September 15, 2010 September 15, 2010 September 16, 2010 September 17, 2010 September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010 September 17, 2010 September 17, 2010 September 17, 2010 September 18, 2010 September 20, 2010 September 20, 2010 September 21, 2010 September 21, 2010 September 21, 2010 September 21, 2010 September 22, 2010 September 22, 2010 September 22, 2010 September 22, 2010 September 22, 2010 September 23, 2010 September 24, 2010 September 28, 2010 September 28, 2010 September 29, 2010 September 29, 2010 September 29, 2010 September 29, 2010 September 30, 2010


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NSCC Fall 2010 Academic Schedule

Sept. 21st No refund on fees. . Sep 14, 2010 to Sep 21, 2010 After 5 p.m. no refund. Deadline to change from audit to credit or credit to audit . . . . Sep 21, 2010

Weather Hotline (978) 762-4200 DECEMBER Last day to drop a course or withdraw with a W grade . . . . Dec 1, 2010 Deadline to petition for fall graduates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dec 9, 2010 Day classes end . . . . . . . . . . . . Dec 17, 2010 Evening classes end . . . . . . . . . Dec 20, 2010 Final Exam period, day classes Dec 20, 2010 to Dec 22, 2010

Class of 1988 Alumni Corner

Page 16 – NSCC Pennon Page 16 Spetember 2009– NSCC Pennon

worked so hard she was soon tutoring other ESL students. Anh Dao and three of her brothers attended NSCC’s Engineering Science program and she received several scholarships for academic excellence. Upon graduation all four siblings transferred to Tufts University where they received competitive merit-based scholarships.

Alumni Profile- Bola Fayoda

The recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus award was Anh Dao Tran-Moseman, a 1988 graduate of NSCC’s Engineering Science Transfer program. She currently lives in Missouri where she is Director of Quality Operations at S a n o f i - A v e n t i s Pharmaceuticals. Anh Dao left South Vietnam in 1983 with

her mother and seven siblings to escape political discrimination, leaving behind her father, Colonel Nghia Tran, who was forced to remain in North Vietnam as a prisoner of war.

Despite hardships and challenges, Anh Dao excelled in her new country. She and her siblings enrolled in NSCC's English as a Second Language (ESL) program where she

Anh Dao earned both her Bachelor's Degree and Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering at Tufts, graduating in 1993 with honors. Now married with two children and a very successful career, she has expressed her thanks to NSCC for encouraging her and helping her realize her dream to become a successful American citizen. In addition to academic and career success, Anh Dao is active in her community, volunteering her time to build and repair homes for people in need and teaching Sunday school.

Anh Dao returned from Missouri to the North Shore for NSCC’s 2010 commencement, taking time to spend the morning at graduation rehearsal. She congratulated the graduates and encouraged them in their pursuit of higher education and career goals. After the rehearsal Anh Dao attended a luncheon in her honor where she visited with current and former faculty, staff and administration. Anh Dao was thrilled to see Elaine O’Brien, retired Special Programs Coordinator who she remembers fondly from the ESL program - teaching, supporting and reassuring her in her early days struggling to learn English and the culture of her new country. Anh Dao also enjoyed reconnecting with Dean Nancy Alberto who she said “treated her like family, helping her with every aspect of her education” and she says she considers Nancy a role model to this day, as well as Professor Frank Day, “an exceptional professor who

helped me find my passion for chemistry.” Anh Dao said “Throughout the years, these memories still affect me every time I think about them… They are the most dedicated teachers/professors . . . [and] have touched my life in a big way.” NSCC’s Alumni Association was very proud to recognize Anh Dao with this year’s Distinguished Alumnus Award for her numerous achievements. She exemplifies the highest standards of hard work, commitment and giving back to others and demonstrates the success and potential that can be realized with access to education and encouragement. Anh Dao appreciates the chance that she and her family had to reach for their dreams of higher education. Her success, gratitude and “pay it forward” perspective is an inspiration.

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