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MAY 2011


Class of 2011 Commencement Speaker

Nobel Prize Winner Visits NSCC

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D avid Antin, a liber-


graduation ceremony. Antin, who plans on continuing his education for his bachelor’s

David Antin

al arts student at North Shore Community College, has been chosen as commencement speaker for the class of 2011’s

degree in social work at Salem State University, was thrilled to be chosen as the student speakCONTINUED ON PAGE 15

A Reading From January Gill O’Neil crowd was A full captured by the


stirring poetry of January Gill O’Neil, North Shore’s Visiting Writer this past month. I had the luxury of sitting front row, transcended by January’s rich, singsong voice as she began with “How to Make a Crab Cake,” a poem weaving life’s complexities with that of a recipe; intricate yet simple. This is only one of the many inspiring poems you will find in her debut book “Underlife,” revealing the mysteries that transpire behind the scenes of ordinary life. Many of January’s poems are food-based; reminding her


of the comfort of her childhood home in Virginia. She magically threads life’s themes of love, sex, motherhood, family, race and work with a candid yet graceful honesty that only January can create. She describes the sweet seduction of new love in “Sugar,” and the deliciousness of her infant daughter’s toes in “Tangerines.” January possesses the amazing ability to transport the reader to a place inside themselves, to their unconscious. This awareness is depicted from her disappointment and disgust of her father’s alcoholism in the provocative “Drinking,” to the raw, carnal lust in the exposed “Sex and CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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Peter Diamond, D r.recipient of the


Nobel Prize for 2010 in Economic Sciences, spoke about the labor market and answered questions at the Lynn Campus on April 20. Sharing the honor of this unparalleled award were co-recipients Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A. Pissarides. Diamond received his PhD at MIT in 1963, and in 1966 he came back and has been a professor since. In 1997, he was named an Institute Professor, which is the highest honor MIT faculty can receive. He has writ-

ten influential books, received prestigious awards and fellowships, and was nominated in 2010 to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank. Diamond is a regular speaker at numerous colleges

and universities. “I get an invitation by email to speak a day. This is one I jumped at the chance because I am really appreciative of the quality of education North Shore Community College has provid-

Bennett recited. Tanya Green, who is not a newcomer to the NSCC Talent Show, played the violin,

Another singer, Kleber Costa, chose the song “You Raise Me Up,” by Josh Groban. As good as Groban is, Kleber, at times,


Talent Show 2011



nother Talent Show in the books for NSCC, and this one did not fail to make its mark. Something that typically happens at concerts, performer David Kent came out and asked the audience which song we wanted him to play. He gave us two choices: “What I’ve Got,” and “Bad Fish” by Sublime. The audience chose “Bad Fish.” His voice was remarkably similar to the original, but his talent with the guitar was what really impressed the judges. Andre Bennett performed a monologue, but started it off by singing a short piece. He had great stage presence and a powerful voice. “How much do I owe? My son, Jesus, paid that bill a long, long time ago,”

“Endless Days,” a New Short Story Page 9

Talent Show winners Lev Neyman, announcer Richard Joseph, Jill Sabina, and Michelle Melendy one of the many instruments she was able to hold his own with knows well. Soulfully singing him. the song “Taking Chances,” by There were two Celine Dion, was Leanna Faro. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

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As May 26th approaches, we want to congratulate all graduating students. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off, and we honor you as you prepare to walk across the stage and receive your diploma. It is our hope you take what you have learned with us and share it with others. We hope that from your experience here, you recognize the importance of lifelong learning. Do not doubt yourself and continue to dream and accomplish your goals. Try to remember the “community” in your college experience and become engaged in your own community. There is reward in doing the right thing and influencing others to do the same. The Commencement speaker, Dr Peter Diamond, a Nobel Laureate and professor at MIT, promises to be inspirational and practical as he addresses graduating students, and their families. We look forward to seeing you at the Salem State University’s O’Keefe Center for the May 26 event. If you were unable to hear Dr. Diamond during the lecture that was given on

Dean’s Corner

A Farewell From the Editor-in-Chief


April 20 on campus, you missed a treat and will undoubtedly, be inspired by his address at Commencement. If you believe you are eligible for graduation from a degree or a certificate in May or August of this year, be sure to submit your “Application to Graduate,” which is available online and in either of the Enrollment Centers. Staff will evaluate your application and contact you with your status as well as further information. It is not too late to apply. You want to be sure to receive your credential in a timely manner! This will be valuable in both your job search or transfer application. Continuing students, congratulations to you on moving forward with your academic progress. Consider summer as a means of making up time or moving ahead in your degree or certificate pursuit. Check out your eligibility to receive financial aid with the Financial Aid office on either campus or check out the information available on the web: ncial_aid/1011_forms/summer_ application-2011.pdf. There is still time to register for summer classes. This season we are offering a variety of six-week,

eight-week, and ten-week options. Be sure to check out the course listings on the Web: mer/courses.html As the end of term draws near, good luck with final papers and final tests; do not relent now, even as spring fever may hit. Use tutoring and advising services available on campus to you. Fall registration also is ongoing. Seek out your advisor and be sure you have a sense of your career or transfer path as you choose your classes for next semester. Meet all your deadlines for applying for financial aid and arranging for payment of your bill. We want to serve you and meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to let us know what those may be. Have a productive, safe and healthy summer. For those who are continuing, we look forward to seeing you in September and to your participating on campus! For those who may be graduating, know that the faculty and staff here at the College are proud of each and every one of you!!!

feedback relating to SGA matters, and by being generally unable to assist in the furthering of the Student Government agenda

no guidance.” He also admitted to his lack of presence over this semesters meeting and his lack of involvement in most SGA events. After his testimony, the accusers had a final say; stating that “it should be pretty clear by now that SGA has a lot on our plate” and that, after acknowledging that Zach admitted to his lack of involvement, “he has ridden your backs thus far.” In response, Mr. Anderson concluded that he doesn’t see “any reason to interject myself where I am not needed.” After a quick deliberation, Zach was founded in violation of all four charges and was immediately dismissed as SGA president. Though he was dismissed, he can run at another time if he chooses to do so.

Student Government President Impeached

BY CHRIS RICCI After an intense trial and a unanimous vote, SGA President Zach Anderson was removed from his position. The case, brought forth by Senator Konstantine Papageorgiou, who accused Zach to be in violation of four essential requirements as SGA President. Mr. Anderson was charged with the failing to meet the following requirements for position as President. 1.Failure to preside over all meetings of the Student Government Association. 2.Failure to make appointments of student representatives to standing and ad hoc committees of the College and receive reports of all committees and subsidiary organizations. Do you plead in violation or not in violation? 3.Failure to meet the requirements of service as official representative and spokesperson to the College and community. 4.Failure to maintain proper channels of communication with fellow Student Government Association members, by providing little to no

The witnesses brought forth by Mr. Papageorgiou, reiterated the accusations. “It should be the responsibility of the president to be aware of all activities involved in SGA,” stated a witness “and he was not.” In his defense, Zach made a clear and defined counter-argument. Zach claimed that, due to a conflicting class schedule, he was unable to attend some meetings this semester. He also stated how that, in his absence, the vice president and other SGA members were “doing well and needed little or

It’s hard to believe that after nearly four years, this issue of The Pennon marks the last issue I will be working on. After I graduated from BHS, I came to North Shore with a sturdy background in Journalism. I never expect that I would eventually rise up and act as the Pennon’s executive editor. When I started out, the paper was having some trouble; the staff was pretty thin and the

reviews for many new movies and albums. I made contact with many clubs and asked that, if they could, try their hardest to submit articles to The Pennon with the hope that the publication would stir interest in more of the on-campus based activates. While I’ve worked on The Pennon, I’ve met some amazing people and have worked with many incredible organizations at North Shore that, at times, go criminally unnoticed. I didn’t think this

Chris Ricci and Kayla Boucher

workloads were pretty heavy. What I found to be miraculous was how, despite the hardships the staff faced, the paper managed to come out. The motivation the staff had at that time was contagious and it certainly wasn’t something I wanted to avoid. As time went on the numbers got even thinner and yet the paper still miraculously came out without any trouble. As times got harder, I took more of a work load to assure this near-to-perfect release streak would continue. I started as the editor for the Arts and Features page but that title was only the tip of what was my true position at The Pennon. We all worked together to make sure everything was great - regardless if you were an editor or a staff writer. We all wanted to get the paper out, and we did. As the spring semester of 2010 came to an end, the editor-in-chief at the time announced that she wasn’t going to be around the following semester. That was when I got an e-mail marking her recommendation for me to take her title for the following semester. I was absolutely flattered and, after a few tests, got the title. As I took the title, I made it my objective to make The Pennon as student-orientated as possible. I worked hard to include plenty of features on clubs that were prominent on campus as well as various things the members of the staff were doing on the side. On top of that, I tried to focus in on including more relevant things for the casual reader; including special health columns and

was fair and really wanted to try and change this around for the better. I understand that North Shore is a commuter college and that some people may not have the time to focus in and really look at what the school has to offer extra-circularly, but I really think this should change. There are plenty of great clubs and organizations offered at this school that really try their best to make a difference not only in the school, but in communities locally and nationally. If I’ve learned anything from my time at The Pennon, it’s that getting involved and working with your fellow students at North Shore is almost as important as taking classes here. The amounts of influential and important people you have a chance to encounter outside of the classroom here serve as proof that the “Community” in North Shore Community College is truly strong. While I was in HighSchool, a professor told me that the friends I was going to make in college would be the ones I would keep for the rest of my life. At first I didn’t believe him and now, as I leave North Shore, I don’t think he could be any more right. The Pennon truly changed my life while I’ve attended this school, and I hope that I’ve done a good job as the editor-in-chief. I hope that, in my absence, The Pennon continues at an even stronger pace. Thank you Chris Ricci.


Cuaranderos (Healers)


‘Curandero’ is derived from the word ‘curar,’ which means to heal, and this is exactly what curanderos were (and still are) expected to do. The Encyclopedia of Women’s Health says that “Curanderismo, healing by curanderos, is a combination of Greek medicine, JudeoChristianity, European witchcraft, ancient Arabic medicine, and Indian herbal medicine”; so although curanderos are Aztec or Mayan in origin, they actually represent a variety of different cultures and places other than Mexico. Curanderos can be found all over Mexico, and are often used in place of physicians in cases of serious illness. The way curanderos view plants for healing is quite simple: red flowers and plants are for blood-related issues, or a rash or burn that might turn the skin red. For the liver and spleen, yellow plants are used to cure ailments, because yellow represents the color of pus and bile. Blue plants are used as sedatives and to treat the nervous system, and a curandero wouldn’t dare to touch a white plant, which is often poisonous. Curanderos are very faith-driven, believing that their powers are sent from God or spirits and that a person cannot be healed by a curandero unless they believe in this ability. Some curanderos believe that if they do not use these healing abilities, they will die. Curanderos are known to perform “cleansings” or “limpias,” often done with an egg, that will cleanse the soul. Although curanderos use “white magic” and “black magic” in their cleansings, they are not witches. They feel that medicine should focus more on the environment, and what Mother Nature has given us. For upper respiratory infection, a curandero is likely to use a variety of herbal teas for treatment. For osteoarthritis and rheumatism, the patient is usually given a lotion or body mist made from plants such as rosemary, arnica, and chaparral. Another such illness a curan-

dero might treat is the folk illness susto, also referred to as “fright sickness,” in which it is believed that the soul has left the body. The illness sounds quite similar to the disease we know as posttraumatic stress disorder, because in both cases, “the cause is a sudden frightening experience such as an accident, a fall, witnessing a relative’s sudden death, or any potentially dangerous event” ( ispanicHealth/Courses/mod7/su sto.html). Although the events may vary from those of Americans who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (war, rape, violent attack); in both cases, the victim has clearly experienced some form of trauma. When susto has occurred, it is up to the curandero to perform a ceremony called barrida, which is performed as many times as necessary until the soul returns to the body. The ceremony involves sweeping the body with herbs, plants, or maybe an egg, while certain prayers are recited over and over. As mentioned above, the curandero may incorporate an egg into a ceremony. The way in which this is done is quite interesting. First, a raw egg is rubbed over the body of the afflicted. The curandero then breaks the egg in a glass of water and examines the egg to get a feel for the patient’s soul and what kind of treatment they may need. Although, as I have listed above, there are certain plants or ceremonies known by all curanderos, each curandero will be unique in his treatment. It would be impossible for all curanderos to interpret things in the same way, and some prefer different methods than others. This is what makes curanderos so fascinating: that they are such a traditional part of Mexican history, but still remain somewhat of a mystery.

Pregnancy Related Hispanic Myths and Beliefs


Hispanic moms-to-be often hear lots of pregnancy advice based on traditional beliefs. The advice has no basis in fact, but may be taken quite seriously by older members of the family. If you’re an expectant mom in a Hispanic family, this well intentioned advice added to all the normal worries

about your baby can be a source of anxiety. At the same time, the old beliefs are a fascinating part of Hispanic cultural heritage. So if your grandmother, your elderly aunt, or your mom wants to share with you what worked for her, you can listen with love, especially once you know what's true and what's not.

Always satisfy a pregnant woman's cravings!

If you don't satisfy an expectant mom's cravings, you'll get a dark mark on your nose Although many momsto-be may wish they had that power, no link has been established between letting cravings go unsatisfied and developing a blotch on the nose.

Having the baby listen to music!

Babies who don't listen to music during pregnancy end up being deaf

Once your baby's ears have developed, he'll be able to hear your voice and some things that happen around you. Although he may enjoy certain types of music (many babies seem to prefer classical; mine liked “Dropkick Murphys,” maybe because his daddy is part Irish), listening to tunes from the womb won't affect his hearing one way or the other.

Guessing the baby's sex

If your belly is pointy, the baby will be a boy, and if it spreads out to the sides, the baby will be a girl This is one of the most widespread myths, but it has no foundation. Before ultrasounds and amniocentesis existed, guessing the baby's sex was elevated to an art form, but belly shape actually has to do with the mother's build. If the mom is small and thin, her belly will look different than if she is bigger and taller. If your face looks rounder, the baby will be a girl, and if you gain weight on your rear end, the baby will be a boy Where a pregnant woman carries her extra weight has to do with her own body type, not with the sex of her baby. If a woman tends to gain extra pounds on her rear rather than her stomach or other body parts before pregnancy, the same

thing will probably happen when she's expecting. Tie a hair to the mother's wedding band and suspend it above her belly. If it goes around in circles, the baby will be a girl. If it sways from side to side, the baby will be a boy.

How you move and what you see can endanger your baby

This myth belongs to the art of moving the ring using the hair. No scientific theory proves that the movement of the ring is in any way related to the baby's sex, but it could be an entertaining game for a party or a baby shower. If you lift your hands above your head, your baby could be strangled by the umbilical cord The movements of your arms are in no way related to the movements of the umbilical cord. Exercising is very beneficial for both you and for your baby, and lifting your arms or sorting out the closet will not affect your baby's cord at all. Some babies are born with the cord wrapped around their neck, but it's caused by the baby's own movements inside the womb.

If you see something or someone ugly when you're pregnant, your baby will be ugly, too Genes determine your baby's looks. What you see during your pregnancy has no effect on your baby's appearance.

You can't take a bath during pregnancy because the dirty water will reach your baby As long as the water isn't too hot, you'll find a bath very relaxing, especially near the end of your pregnancy. Don't worry about the dirty water, either. Your uterus is sealed by a mucus plug to protect your baby, so the water can't come in. If you watch a lunar eclipse during your pregnancy, your baby will have a cleft lip This ancient myth has CONTINUED ON PAGE 5


Health Services Fit and Fun Health Fair

Health Services would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2011 Fit & Fun Health Fair on April 6th in the Lynn Gym. This well-attended, community event happened through the generous donation of time, talent and materials

from over 45 community agencies, organizations and departments. Whether you hosted a table, provided materials, offered hand massages, Reiki, stress management, took surveys, helped with set up and clean up, or simply attended, we thank you. We particularly

appreciated all our wonderful student volunteers. Thank you for volunteering your time, your talents, and for making this year’s health fair a successful and fun-filled community outreach for all. ~ The Health Services team

Miosoty Rosario and Lorimer Kaplan Amy Ness, Kristen LeBlanc and Vanessa Crespo (front)

Maria Kachinski, Bonnie Porter Huggins, Vanessa Crespo, Amy Ness, and Kristen LeBlanc

Nurse Education Nurse Education students celebrated Patient Safety month on March 8, 2011. North Shore Community College Nurse Education students Marcia Morris and Donna D’Agostino, student co-leaders for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Northeast Health Systems Chapter, spearheaded a patient safety awareness event at the three schools of nursing on the North Shore: North Shore Community College, Salem State University and Endicott College. The IHI Open School is an international group of healthcare students who network to improve leadership, quality and safety in healthcare organizations. The North Shore students and Salem State University students created a mock hospital room on both campuses replete with patient safety hazards. Students participating in the awareness event were asked to assess the hospital room and identify patient safety hazards. To enhance participation in the event on the North Shore campus, first year nursing students competed against second year students to see which group could identify the greatest number of safety violations. Second year students did garner

first place in the competition, albeit by a very small margin, and trophies were awarded to each class. A hospital humor theme was used in the design of the trophies; a gold urinal for #1 and a silver bedpan for #2. Salem State University students who participated in the event were eligible to submit their names to win a gift certificate to the University bookstore. Four gift certificates were awarded. On the Endicott College campus, nursing students used a different approach to involve the entire campus in the awareness event. The students developed and distributed an electronic quiz on patient safety. The intent of the quiz was to get everyone on campus to think about patient safety. The events at all three schools were instrumental in increasing the students’ and the community’s awareness of patient safety errors and demonstrating how to prevent them from happening. Morris and D’Agostino will be graduating this May, but hope to see the patient safety awareness event continue on an annual basis. They report that it was a great way to make learning fun and teach one another, as well as the greater community, how to recognize and prevent health care errors.

Check Out This New Website Just for You!

There’s a new website out, Student Sex Life, that was developed by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy expressly for students at community colleges. It’s a user-friendly portal that you can use to help make smart decisions about sex and relationships, which can affect your educational success. Student Sex Life provides links to reliable sources of information about topics such as birth control information, STDs and healthy relationships. There’s even a “man cave” section with information just for males. This site was developed with input from community college staff, faculty, and students, and we hope you will find it useful. You can take this Sex IQ quiz from or you can just go the homepage and take it online. (Answers are below.) 1. If you have sex standing up, the girl can’t get pregnant. True or False?

2. If a guy wears two condoms, that's more effective than one. True or False? 3. The pill is only 50% effective in preventing pregnancy. True or False?

4. If you have had unprotected sex and you haven't gotten pregnant or made someone pregnant, it probably means that you are infertile. True or False?

5. A girl can't get pregnant during her period. True or False?

6. Sperm can live in the vagina for up to 6 days after sex. True or False?

7. Wearing a condom dramatically cuts down what you can feel during sex. True or False?

8. Apart from not having sex at all, the only way to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs or STDs) is the male or the female condom. True or False? 9. A woman 17 or older can get emergency contraception without going to a doctor or a clinic? True or False? 10. A woman with a regular 28-day cycle is most likely to get pregnant about two weeks after the first day of her period. True or False? ANSWERS

1. False. There is no sex position that provides protection against pregnancy! 2. False. Wearing two condoms is far less effective because of friction and tearing. If used properly, condoms are 98% effective. And there's an added benefit of condoms: they protect against STDs! 3. False. The Pill is over 99% effective if taken correctly ad consistently. 4. False. Most young people are fertile. 5. False. It's never safe to skip birth control. 6. True. Sperm remain in a seminal pool just in the vagina below the uterus and can travel up the uterus into the fallopian tubes. 7. False. Is it like wearing nothing? No, but you can still feel sensations AND you are getting to have safe sex--safe

from STDs and 85--98% safe from pregnancy. 8. True. Only condoms are effective against the spread of STDs. The pill, the IUD, the patch, the Shot, the Ring... none of the other birth control methods prevent the spread of STDs. 9. True. Emergency contraception, also called Plan B, is now available over the counter. If taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, emergency contraception is 89% effective in preventing pregnancy. (A prescription is still required for those under 17.) You can get it at HQ for $25! 10. True. A woman with a regular 26 to 32-day cycle is most likely to get pregnant during days 8 to 19. However, fertility patterns vary from woman to woman and, for some women, from month to month.

Pregnancy Continued from Page 3

been traced back to the Aztecs. They believed that an eclipse was a bite on the face of the moon. If a mother watched it, the same thing would happen to her baby. For protection, the mom must carry something

Surprising effects of what you eat and your digestion

metallic, such as a safety pin, on her underwear. Although it's a beautiful myth, the truth is that a cleft palate is caused by a blend of genetic and environmental factors that in no way include the planets.

If you have heartburn, your baby will be very hairy This is one of the most widespread myths. In reality, the amount of hair depends on the genes your baby inherits. If your husband or you have a lot of hair, it's possible that your baby will, too. Heartburn during pregnancy is related to other factors, such as the tissues being

more relaxed because of hormones or the pressure of your uterus on the stomach.

If you don't eat a lot of fruit during pregnancy, your baby will be "dirty" Eating fruit is always a healthy habit, and when you're pregnant it provides vitamins and minerals that are essential for your baby's growth. But there's no way of preventing your baby from being "dirty" at birth. Newborns are covered with a white, cheesy substance called vernix caseosa, which protects their skin as they float in the amniotic fluid in your belly.

If you eat a lot of cheese or dairy products, your baby will be born with cradle cap Dairy products are a healthy and necessary food group, and during pregnancy they provide the calcium required for your baby's growth. Cradle cap — those scaly or crusty patches that

appear on some babies' heads — is not related to what the mother eats. It's caused by an excess of oil in the baby's scalp. It's harmless and very common, regardless of how many dairy products a mother consumes. Cradle cap goes away on its own, but there are some things you can do to minimize it. I am now 3 months pregnant with my second child, and I hear all this myths from my abuelita and my mom. In fact I remember when I was pregnant with my first one, I went to visit my family in Colombia, and they did the guessing games. Not to mention that I could hardly do anything with out them telling me that it was bad for the baby. It is interesting to see that this Hispanic traditions/ myths are still around today, though we have all the technology available that proves they are not true. However to keep my grandmother happy, I just listen and go along with it, though I know what is true and what’s not.

Talent Show Continued From Page 1

Performer Nick Lovasco dancers in this years Talent inal song, titled “I Live in a Show. Nayroby Polanco danced Dream.” His style would blend to Ginuwine’s “Show Off.” well with the popular alternative Starting off by easing us into her rock bands on the radio today. routine, she suddenly turned it With a dream to up and kept us interested become a professional musithroughout. Elaina Albert chose cian, James Parsons sang “Lil Freak,” by Usher and acapella, and his song choice Nicky Minaj, giving us an undewas the famous “Imagine,” by niably sexy, sultry performance. John Lennon. Adam Arsenault Nick Lovasco, SGA performed a medley of different Vice President, has nine years of numbers on the piano, including experience playing the guitar, the song “With a Little Help and about two years singing. He From My Friends,” the Wonder sang his own song “Dying in the Years theme song by Joe Desert.” "This is a song about Cocker. loneliness. Its about discovering Coming in third place loneliness, and being creative was Michelle Melendy, doing with it rather than letting it sink stand-up. Having done comedy inside,” Lovasco said, before at Salem State University twice, giving us an increasingly she was not out of practice, as aggressive, yet emotional pershe easily grabbed our attention formance. and got us all laughing. “If I Playing the guitar wanted to date someone that since he was thirteen, Marco bled all the time, I’d date a Cataldo also performed an origwoman,” Melendy said, crack-

ing on the lyrics to “Grenade” (“Id throw my hand on a blade for ya”), a Bruno Mars song. The second place winner was Jill Sabina, who sang the Whitney Houston hit “I Will Always Love You.” The judges agreed that Sabina looked beautiful on stage, and her voice was amazing. She has been singing since she was three or four, and this was clearly obvious as she sang one of the most difficult songs out there with ease. She believes it’s important to “live each day as if it were your last.” The winner of the Talent Show was Lev Neyman, playing drums on buckets and pots, but making some of the coolest beats you will ever hear. Last year, he was the second place winner, but this years performance was flawless. You could compare his sound to those from Stomp, a well known and worldwide show that has been around since 1991. Neyman would fit right in. He said, “If you want to see me play, you’ll find me in Boston on a hot, sunny day.”

Performer Marco Cataldo


North Shore Uncensored

All About Consent

The North Shore Uncensored column in the North Shore Community College Pennon Newspaper provides educated harm reduction responses and alternative options to students who have any questions related to sex, drugs, alcohol or any other health concerns sent anonymously to ( . All responses concerning harm reduction, health, and safety follows NSCC’s commitment to their students and their well being. If you have any questions please send them to the column address. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone and you have the choice whether or not your question will be published.

Question: I work at a crisis center and I hear a lot about sexual consent. I feel like no one has a clear cut definition about this important topic and I was wondering if you would share it in the Pennon before the semester ends.

NSU: Thank you for your work and for the mention of consent. Sexual consent relates to every North Shore Community College student, faculty, and staff and should be discussed. Consent is very powerful, sexy, and can make a significant impact in a person’s sexual relationship. Consent is a topic that should be discussed whenever you're thinking about a possible sexual encounter. Many colleges have adapted the “Consent is Sexy” campaign which provides clear answers to what is consent, what is sexy, and why is consent sexy.

What is consent?

- Consent is a voluntary, sober, imaginative, enthusiastic, creative, wanted, informed, mutual, honest, and verbal agreement - Consent is an active agree-

ment: Consent cannot be coerced - Consent is a process, which must be asked for every step of the way; if you want to move to the next level of sexual intimacy, just ask - Consent is never implied and cannot be assumed, even in the context of a relationship. Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that you have permission to have sex with your partner - A person who is intoxicated cannot legally give consent. If you’re too drunk to make decisions and communicate with your partner, you’re too drunk to consent - The absence of a “no” doesn’t mean “yes” - Both people should be involved in the decision to have sex - Consent is an important part of healthy sexuality - It is not sexy to have sex without consent.

What is sexy?

- Challenging myths about sex and consent, such as the stud vs. slut stereotype - Communicating with your partner about sex - To know and be able to communicate the type of sexual relationship you want - Knowing how to protect yourself and your partner against pregnancy and STIs - Acknowledging that you and your partner(s) have sexual needs and desires: Yes, it is okay for women and men to both want and enjoy sex - Knowing your personal beliefs and values and respecting your partner’s personal beliefs and values - Confidence and self-esteem - Challenges stereotypes that rape is a women’s issue - Challenging sexism - “Never assume. Ask before you proceed. A good lover is a good listener. A bad listener is at Continued on Page 18



On This Day In Red Sox History

April 20 is an important date that holds so much significance in Boston. On this date, Fenway Park, the oldest ball park in the world, turned ninety-nine years old. On this date, next year, Fenway will turn one hundred. The Yankees and other teams have opened newer more state of the art parks in the past few years, which was unnecessary. What sets Fenway apart from the others is the improve-

ments that happen every year and the upkeep. Red Sox management has made one of it’s goals to keep Fenway standing for as long as possible. They have done this by keeping up with the times. This season,

three high definition video boards were unveiled, and a few seasons ago they added seats to the famed Green Monster. Not only is April 20 Fenway’s birthday, in 1939 it is when the late great Ted Williams made his major league debut for the Boston Red Sox. Ted Williams is also the last player to hit .406. April 20 is an important day for Red Sox Nation. With the Red Sox, history is everything and history is always made.

Nobel Prize Winner Continued from Page 1

ed for my son who is studying Occupational Therapy,” Diamond said. The speech began as Diamond delved into specific aspects of unemployment, by taking a closer look at the intricacies that go on. “The idea

that they were not able to pay back. Banks were lending out more than they had, and then the capital market fell apart. “You cannot have a functioning economy without a capital market. When everybody is panicked and not willing to lend to any-

behind the mathematical structure in the labor market is to think about the flows, to think about what happens from month to month,” he stated. Understanding what is happening within the hiring processes as well as the mindset behind the job search is very important. “Its important to think about both sides.” Touching on how our economy became unhinged, Diamond identified the reasons for this and how things are much brighter than they could have been. A major part of the downfall was the housing boom, in which many took on loans

one else, the economy starts to tank, and indeed that’s what happened at the start of the Great Depression,” he said. Not everyone agreed when the government helped out the big banks and other major companies from going under, but Diamond believes it had to be done. He said, “As much as it is upsetting to bail out the big firms that were a major part of the cause, the alternative would have been a lot worse.” Toward the end of the event, a Q&A session, moderated by Professor Moon Su Han, took place. Han acknowledged

his excitement and appreciation for Diamond having chosen to visit the college. “My dream and the college’s dream was realized,” Han said. There was a wide range of questions asked by both students and faculty. Among some of the inquiries were topics such as structural unemployment, hiring incentives for the unemployed, and the effects of globalization. It is unavoidable that we will continue to lose jobs overseas due to globalization, and we must realize that the internet and technology is a large part of the reason. But if we learn from these changes, we can figure out how to better combat the negative results. “When you have an economy that is open, you have growth and development,” Diamond explained, using India as an example. “The question is, how should we adapt, and protect our workers.” With a friendly and humble demeanor, Diamond conversed with the surrounding crowd of people who approached him after the event. In answering a question about how he has kept at his work with such intensity and motivation, he said, “I’m a very curious person. Reading, writing, talking, listening – those are the things I like to do the most.” A curious and hard-working mind will always produce results. Speaking of how he feels about his work since receiving the Nobel Prize, Diamond said, “It ups the standard I’m setting for myself for what I want to do next.” For decades, Diamond has been doing work that exemplifies the highest standard as an economist, a professor, and also, someone who genuinely cares about the outcome of the combined efforts we all can make in making this a better place to live.

January Gill O’Neil Continued from Page 1

Pizza.” Her simple, straightforward narrative somehow extracts a deeply profound and wondrous journey for each individual who experiences her poetry. Between readings, a poised yet relaxed January easily conversed with her audience, revealing that she creates her poetry from experiences and memories. Her work from “Underlife” originated from a period of coming into her own as a poet, interweaving her childhood and witnessing her parents’ struggles while growing up, as well as her conflicted emotions from her experiences of marriage, divorce and motherhood. She likes to take “an ordinary experience and make it extraordinary,” which she manages to accomplish seemingly effortlessly. Most of January’s poetry is free-versed and she admitted she usually doesn’t follow form, that rhyming scares her. Free-versed or form, it’s obvious that January fully believes in her philosophy of “if you do what you love to do, success will follow you.” When asked how long it takes to finish a poem, January surprisingly responded that a short poem can, most times, take only an hour; a moment in which she is enveloped in what she wants to evoke to her readers. She also admitted that most of her poems are first drafts and amazingly does little revision to her work. However, since working on her most current book, she is striving for longer, more “dense” poetry, one taking almost a year to finish. January’s poetry is changing as she changes, growing as she does, and the topics of her new manuscript are more broader than her last, touching on nationally known tragedies such as the oil spill disaster. January started writing poetry in college but she never envisioned doing this then, creating poetry and speaking publicly as she is today. Instead, she thought she wanted to have a business career, so she went to grad school in New York, married and had two children. She confessed of how empty she felt later, newly divorced and working full-time at a job she hated,

so she started to write, welcoming the release of emotion it gave her. “Writing is the cheapest therapy,” she says. She quickly found herself at a place where she had enough poems to try and publish, so she started her blog, appropriately named “Poet Mom,” and connected locally with a community of writers, as well as writers all over the world through the Internet. It took her roughly two years to get up and running, sharing her poetry with other bloggers and sending out her manuscript, but her persistence and talent paid off when CavanKerry Press accepted her work and “Underlife” was published. January ended her speaking engagement by saying how blessed she feels to be where she is today, sharing her experiences with people and loving what she does. It’s evident after hearing her poetry that her readers are just as blessed as she. You can connect with January on her blog at, or if you’d like to hear some of her poetry collection, as well as many other talented poets, come be a part of an amazing collaboration at the 2011 Massachusetts Poetry Festival in downtown Salem on May 13th and 14th. January currently is a senior writer/editor at Babson College, while juggling single parenting of two young children and her busy schedule as a visiting writer. Her poetry has appeared in The MOM Egg, Crab Creek Review, Crab Orchard Review, and Seattle Review, among others. She is a fellow at Cave Canem poets. In December 2009, she was awarded a Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Artist Grant. She was featured in Poets & Writers magazine’s January/February 2010 Inspiration issue as one of its 12 debut poets. One of her poems has been nominated for a 2011 Pushcart Prize. Most recently, she was added to the advisory board/planning committee for the 2011 Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

Tuesday May 3, 2011 from 10am to 3pm Wednesday May 4, 2011 from 11:30am to 3pm

politely ask faculty and students if they would care to play a role in giving relief to those who have been adversely affected in what has now become a global crisis. In addition, we will play a photo slide show on a cafeteria television to give faculty, and students an actual picture of how horrific this natural disaster actually was (non-graphic photos will be used). All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross' effort in Japan.

SGA Fundraiser for the Victims of Japan's 2011 Earthquake

The Student Government Association is holding a fundraiser in an effort to raise money for the victims of the recent disaster that has devastated the people of Japan physically and emotionally. A donation box will be put on a table in the main lobby facing the entrance, where SGA members will


If You Could Redesign Our Educational System, What Would You Change? What Do You Most Wish to Impart to Others? How Would You Impart it?


oday's educational system, particularly public school education, is fundamentally flawed in that it is treated as a preparation for life and not actually an experience in living. Because educators view it this way, students develop the idea that their schooling is detached from their lives somehow, as if they truly begin their “lives” once they are in college, or out of it. This idea cripples the ability of students to acquire lifelong learning skills and successfully utilize their knowledge from school in everyday activities. The idea that school should be part of life and its lesson, rather than a preparation for it, it is a key idea in Educational Progressivism. If I could redesign our educational system, I would redesign it using the principles of Educational Progressivism. E d u c a t i o n a l Progressivism would encourage students to take charge of their education by molding schools into places viewed as communities, rather than institutions. Like the everyday societies around us, communities are diverse and connected. A diverse and connected school

careers, but learning those skills for use now, in their everyday lives. Not only would skills such as teamwork flourish in an involved and connected school, but the utilization of skills in the subjects students are taught will as well. For example, if third graders are shown slides about the damages done to the Gulf’s ecosystem by the BP oil spill, they will not grasp the idea due to a lack of interest and lack of value seen in the information. If

should. Funding for field trips should continue through high school education as well, handson learning and fascination with the world around us does not have to stop when elementary school does. I believe that a more hands-on, connected and involved school experience would benefit students by not making them well prepared for the “real world,” but by having them immersed in it from the start. The next prominent

do not make a successful person; responsibility, a strong work ethic and determination do. Today's education system is based on the fact that these qualities will carry over to grades and translate into an “A.” This is simply not the case, as Howard Gardener has proven that there are many different kinds of intelligence, some of which cannot be tested by shading in the correct bubble on a test sheet. Textbooks further

the same students are taken on a walk to the local marsh and see how the plants, bugs and aquatic species all connect with their own eyes, while the teacher explains the ecologic aspects of the food chain and environment, the students are much more likely to grasp the full effect of the BP oil spill on the Gulf’s organisms and ecosystem.

issue I would tackle in redesigning our educational system would be to eradicate textbooks and standardized tests completely. Students would be more likely to retain what they learn in school if they utilized it every day than if they crammed for a test the night before. Most of the tests I take I could not take a week later without going

complicate the situation by creating the idea that all of life’s problems and questions have answers that can be found in a book. A student may not thoroughly analyze the impact of the Napoleonic conquests on the various aspects of European societies at the time, because they know that the textbook will tell them if they just read

environment would foster lifelong social and teamwork skills amongst students. Students would not be learning teamwork and social skills for “later in life” when they will be useful in

A way to impart this style of hands-on learning style would be to encourage schools to put more funding into field trips, which currently do not get nearly as much attention as they

through my flashcards dozens of times. A month later, I have forgotten the majority of the information I learned from that test. This type of study is not beneficial to anyone. Tests and grades

through the next paragraph. This creates the illusion that students in history class who have memorized most of the textbook answers are smarter than those who haven’t. Unfortunately,


what teachers fail to realize is that the student who may not have memorized the text all that well may have also been the student whose mind was wandering while imagining how hard life was for the families left in Napoleon’s wake of devastation. Some may say that this student will just make up for his test grade by writing an impressive paper, but what if this student isn’t talented at organizing his ideas and expressing them in writing? Intelligence and learning is too complicated and diverse to be accurately represented by a number or letter grade. These numbers and letters breed nothing but contempt for school and stress for today's students. I believe that the only way we can truly impart these methods of education is to place more emphasis on student interest and student-teacher connection. In order for students to value their education, teachers must first value them as individuals, and not just one collective body. What I wish to impart most to others is the sense that school is not a prison where you need to be at the top of your class if you ever want to do well in life. What I wish most is for

“The next prominent issue I would tackle in redesigning our educational system would be to eradicate textbooks and standardized tests completely”

future students to realize that they are already doing well in life, and that the time to start using what they’ve learned in school is now.

We need your written opinions to fill up this page! Send us your opinion about anything! Up to 500 words. Preferably in MS Word Document. Send to or drop off at any Student Life Office or The Pennon Office (DM 124). It will be edited for spelling and grammar.

Opinions and editorials are not necessarily those of The Pennon.



Misunderstood Chaos


Life has been hard Ever since I came back. No more bullets to dodge, no camo, no rucksack.

No more bullets, I say? The battle's begun. We're at it again, before nearly each day is done. It starts with something small, most likely avoided. The flames flare up, no winner decided.

You see me shut down, and block out the emotion. Despite the butting heads, you still have my devotion.

It's difficult to talk, when all that you've been taught is to shove emotion away, when a battle's to be fought.

My training's left me scarred, so hard to stop my modes. But once we've gotten started, our relationship erodes.

A warrior puts his duty first, and once done, can let out emotion. But you must be satisfied first, second is duty, coming first is emotion.

You may think that I'm shutting you out, not caring, no emotions. But this is what they have made me, to fight, and remove emotional complications. So please, next time, understand, I'm not trying to shut you out, and that I love you so much, and my feelings for you are devout.

The Arrival


One summer’s dawn in June a child was born. As the warm sun pulsed its amber beams towards the heavens, my baby burst into this world in a diligent frenzy. I heard her pealing cries vibrate through the air as she slipped from darkness, refuge. Mindless was I to comprehend life’s miracle--breathe--reality returned, taken from expert hands by hasty nurses who cocooned her in softness, placed gently into my trembling arms for the very first time. Spellbound, watching as she slept soundlessly, murmuring sighs of contentment, wondering if she were dreaming of where she existed before her arrival, in infant eternity where she had crawled the halls of the Almighty perhaps? You know, I never believed in Him before that moment, before that one incredible moment, but I’m a believer now, meek in His infinite mercy forever. No other could have designed her tiny fists that grasp my finger while she nurses from voluptuous breasts that seem not my own. My heart brims with joy as her rosebud mouth trustfully suckles drops of my milk, nurturing her like dew on a petal of the most flawless flower. Her profound dark eyes vanish behind a black thicket of lashes that gently fall against cheeks of peach. Breathless am I, captivated by her indescribable baby scent, inhaled over and over in awe. My love is as boundless as the beauty that gleams from her presence always: my daughter, my child, my life.

The Colors


The colors, they jumble Mix up, and hide Red, yellow, green They energize One, two, and three, Sometimes somehow making four Differences and decisions galore The colors, they regenerate And also form new thoughts The idea, though Is that one never knows which way they will go One day, ten are here Maybe one the next day But the colors are never here to stay.

Poems by Dalan Luzaj Translated by Rozi Theohari


Come at twilight to the Spring Waterfall. When the sun somehow changes its path and splits its rays Between the rocks. Come with me to watch the spilling lava-The most spectacular view in the world— The burning sky-- like an embroidery—is falling Covering the guardian olive trees. Come, the lava heaves the blue and the azure; The lava spreads the water's wave-Under the olive trees for sleeping. Fingers touch the moon—sparkling hair We try to find one another inside us.


He sucked the blood from Medusa's lips With his teeth he bit and chewed them. A hostage, she wriggles like A live fish cooking on the hot coals. Like a pendulum voices moving toward us—a heavy interjection.

She saw—the girls swallow the apple down their throats The boys--still today it is stuck there. The building shivers from the light I don't know if the apple's petals or ashes Fell to earth.


Memory locked the door. You are not anymore. It is not so easy—to enter or to leave spirit. My quietness—is becoming a voice! Like compensation, It sleeps for me.

Finding Myself


In a beautiful moonlight I can see in a slow motion my life. The best and the worst moments I have been through Come back to me like a slide-show album And I wonder? Is life like a war That you have to fight to win. Or is it like a storm When it passes comes the sun. Many times I have wondered And never find the answers. Maybe the battles and the storms in my life Made me a stronger, and a better person, Because now I now who I am And where I want to be. Maybe I needed to fight to find harmony with myself. I can find the happiness In the simplest things in life. And I found them In the laughter of a child In the eyes of the people who loves In the center of a flower In the song of a bird In the heart of a lover.


“Move, you dirty pigs, MOVE!” barks the SS guard as we file toward our fate. He thrusts the muzzle of his rifle against my ribs, sending shivers of pain through my side. I knew this day would come. It was inevitable really. “Tomorrow will be the day,” was my silent mantra all those months cooped

The smoothness of my daughter’s scalp still startles me, almost luminous as we march in the moonlight. Chestnut curls flood my mind and I reach out, yearning to grasp her silky strands, a lifeline from other worlds. I close my eyes, remembering her scent. I am roused from my reverie by another excruciating blow to my side as we are

up in that stuffy attic. This superstitious ritual somehow eased the anxiety of uncertainty spent in hiding. Now, tomorrow had finally arrived. Barefoot, my daughter and I shuffle along with the other women and children through the gates of Auschwitz, weak from days spent in a freight car without food or water. The smell of sweat, excrement and an unfamiliar smoke permeate the still night air, but the stench of fear is suffocating, destroying any sense

ordered by the guard to halt. He curses in senseless German dragging my daughter to the ground, her fragile body barely resisting. Then the screams begin, guttural in my ears. “Shhh, someone may hear you.” I am bathed in the cold clamminess of terror. I open my eyes, adjusting to the attic’s shadows as I hear my daughter’s urgent whisper. I cradle her body in our cramped cot, her hair falling against my face. I inhale her sweetness, and the pounding in my chest begins to

of faith. All I hear is the faint moaning of the walking dead and the sizzle of the barbed barricade surrounding us.

subside as her breath evens. “Tomorrow will be the day,” I silently tell myself, “but not tonight.”


“Imagine That” L


ittle Liana cowered in the corner because she was unable to endure what was happening to her and her family. At only eight, it was just too frightening for her to imagine. Her Dad was already hurt bad, lying on the deck of their boat, and blood was slowly surrounding him. She peeked out every few seconds, just to make sure her mother and older brother Kenny were still okay. The three pirates had come aboard, demanding money, and anything else they had. “Please don’t hurt my Mom,” Kenny begged, trying to hold back his tears. He couldn’t figure out how he could possibly stop them, since his father was unconscious, maybe even dead. One of the men was pulling her toward him, smiling and laughing, and looking her up and down. He had plans for her, but then so did the others. Liana heard her mother cry out, and saw her being thrown around by one of the men. Her entire body trembling, Liana was becoming irritated that she couldn’t see exactly what was happening to her mother. The two other pirates had their backs facing her, partially blocking the scene. What she saw next made the trembling go away completely. They ripped off her clothes, right out in the open. Her little heart began to beat faster than ever before, but she was more mad than afraid now. She didn’t see the knife go into her Dad’s chest, but she could imagine how embarrassed her Mom must feel at this moment, especially with strangers watching. Liana didn’t quite understand what was about to happen, but she did know that being naked in front of anyone had to be the worst thing ever. After a bath, her mother taught her to cover up right away, even in front of her. It was just the proper thing to do. Watching these men do what they were doing, Liana knew she had to do something. She took the deepest breath she could remember ever taking, and ran toward the men. With all the commotion, they didn’t even hear her coming. Liana extended out her arms and ran right into one of the men,

Critical Decisions pushing him, making him lose his balance just enough to fall over the edge and into the water. Even Liana didn’t expect this to happen. The other pirate, utterly surprised with the tenacity of this little child, turned to grab her. Kenny, seeing his opening, knew what he had to do, as he sprinted over to the pirate, grabbed his dagger from its sheath and immediately stuck him with it. The blade went into his ribs and his stomach, dropping him onto the deck. The pirate that had been holding down their mother, Lily, pulled his pistol out and

gun from Kenny and ran it over to her mother. At the same time, the pirate aimed his dagger, held it by the tip, and then threw it at her. Lily grabbed the pistol from Liana and simultaneously pushed her to the deck. The knife whizzed past her, just inches away. Lily walked slowly up to the only pirate left standing, pointing the pistol at his head. She had a smile on her face. She thought of what they had done to them, and she knew that her husband was probably gone. Her anger was spilling over the edges from it all, but she knew her children had gone through

shot Kenny in the shoulder. Luckily, it was not a fatal shot. Lily immediately struck at his hand from behind, making him drop his weapon. The second he threw his fist at her, Liana came over and picked up the pistol. Lily was hit hard in the face, but she quickly looked over to Kenny to make sure he was okay. “Liana honey, give your brother the weapon.” “Get yourself over here, kid. You do it now!” he shouted. “Honey, run!” As she ran to her brother, so did the pirate. Kenny reached out and grabbed the pistol from his sister, and fired, seconds before he was mauled by him. He fell right on top of him, dead, making it impossible for him to move. “Mom!” cried Kenny. “He’s coming back!” The pirate that Liana pushed into the water had managed to pull himself back onto the deck. A fast learner and a smart kid, Liana grabbed the

an ordeal, and she needed to hold back this time, for them. It was just too much for any child to handle. “Get back in the water,” she ordered. “Now!” He looked at the blood dripping from her body, at the look in her eyes, and at her finger molded against the trigger, and jumped overboard. Lily kept pointing the pistol at him, wanting so badly to fire, as the current gradually pulled him away. “Momma, here, you can put these back on now,” Liana said, as she handed her clothes to her. She was so happy to be able to help her mother that her fears seemed to fade away as quickly as they had originated.“ You’ll feel a lot better now.” Liana would be fine, luckily, and even as Lily was unaware that her husband was still breathing, she knew she had made the right decision.


Blackfield “Welcomes” a New and Different Sound

“Scream 4”


suspect. It is also no coincidence that these killings are happening on the tenth anniversary of the Woodsboro murders (the murders/events of the first “Scream” movie). To make it even worse, the list of probable targets include Sidney’s aunt, her cousin Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts), and all of Jill’s friends too. Now with the original characters back together; Dewey, Sidney, and Gale must work with a new generation of people to assist into stopping these repetitive killings which are

related to the “Stab” movies (the movie in the movie which retells the murders of Scream 1, 2, and 3). Some would say that “Scream” is just another serial killing series, but it is also an education for film on observing the rules of any scary movie. In each movie, you catch a brief scene of a character that is illustrating the rules of what to lookout for in a horror movie anthology.


Generally speaking, large gaps in between the release of albums leads to a lack of grandeur for a future release. However, Blackfield’s four year gap between their second and third album certainly is an exception to this rule. Blackfield is a pseudosupergroup featuring prog-rock band Porcupine Tree front man

are unlike anything that Steven would bring to the table. Another major change between Welcome to my DNA and the other Blackfield albums is the addition of an orchestra. “Oxygen” and “DNA” certainly stick out with their usage of an orchestra and how it adds a whole new intense dimension to the already interesting lyrical and structural qualities that Blackfield has had over the

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” is one of the most horrifying frequently asked questions in the unforgettable horror series. The series that has redefined all the rules of the horror franchise has come back “killing” for an answer. Eleven years has passed since the last Scream movie came “screaming” to the audience, and for the fans it was so worth the wait. Ye,t after that much time, director Wes Craven and fellow actors David

Steven Wilson and Israeli solo artist Aviv Geffen. For the most part, the sound of Blackfield is unlike anything Steven or Aviv have worked on before. Their core sound is more alternative than progressive and, lyrically, pretty depressing. This being said, Steven and Aviv’s Blackfield project is far from a back-burner project; the dense and sleek production provided by Steven rivals that of Porcupine Tree and is more con-

years. It’s a welcome surprise to hear this orchestra and its effect on Blackfield’s music and one hopes that this is a direction they will stick with for years to come. Aviv has definitely evolved as a singer and songwriter over the years. It came as a surprise how drastically Aviv’s voice has changed over the past four years. On their previous efforts (and on his solo works), Aviv has had trouble

Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Courtney Cox Arquette were able to return and keep the franchise fresh and not make it into a cheap slasher movie that most horror films/sequels have become. Shockingly, “Scream” is the only horror movie franchise that has had its main cast members star in after a long period of time between movies. Once again, the movie revolves around the three survivors of the last three Scream

sumer-friendly than his progrock group. Blackfield’s third album, Welcome To My DNA, is without a doubt the group’s strongest endeavor. Not only does it feature the classic sound of their previous two albums, but it also includes an incredible depth production-wise that is unlike anything the group has released beforehand. One of the more interesting qualities of this album is the division of labor between the two primary members. The two previous albums were predominantly Wilson-written and definitely had a similar feel to his other projects. However, Welcome To My DNA is almost entirely written by Aviv Geffen due to Steven working on his second solo album. Notably, the Arabic influenced track “Blood” and the, so to say, positive upbeat feel to “Oxygen”

singing and speaking in English; and it was pretty obvious on Blackfield II that he had trouble with pronunciations (notably “Epidemic”). Now Aviv has come full circle and barely struggles with any of the lyrics on Welcome To My DNA. This makes the album less distracting vocally and allows the listener to truly home-in on Blackfield’s sound as opposed to their singing. The only really noticeable Wilson song on Welcome To My DNA is “Blood” which sounds less like a Blackfield song and more like a Porcupine Tree B-Side. Other than that track, Blackfield stick to the dark and mopey sound that they are so brilliant at and, with the addition of some orchestral arrangements, prove that a bleak album can be an incredible sounding one too.

Neve Campbell

movies; Dwight “Dewey” Riley (David Arquette), Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), and cinema’s favorite horror movie heroine Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) who are all settling down and has moved on from the Ghostface killings. They may have moved on, but a new generation has yet to come. When Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro (her hometown) finishing off her book tour of her new self-help book which talks about what she has been going through those years in hiding from the psychos trying to kill her; the blood and bodies start spilling over town making everybody a

Scream 1, tells what the basic don’t of what not to do in a horror movie to stay alive. Scream 2, narrates on what makes a successful sequel. Scream 3, lets us in on what to expect in the concluding chapter of a trilogy. Finally, Scream 4, shows that the rules have been altered making this movie a “remake”. “New Generation, New Rules.” Would this imply to the fact that Scream 4 is the beginning of a new trilogy and that there will be a Scream 5 and Scream 6? Maybe, but it depends on how Scream 4 does in the box-

Celebrity Birthdays


Birth Date

May 2, 1972 Fast Five) May 6, 1961 May 9, 1940

May 12, 1962 May 13, 1986 May 14, 1961 May 16, 1986 May 18, 1970 May 31, 1930 May 31, 1976




Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Wrestler/Actor: 39 George Clooney (Actor: Ocean’s Eleven films) 50 James L. Brooks (Writer/Producer: The Simpsons) 71 Emilio Estevez (Actor: Young Guns) 49 Robert Pattinson (Actor: Twilight Movies) 25 Tim Roth (Actor: TVs Lie to Me) 50 Megan Fox (Actress: Transformers Movies) 25 Tina Fey (Actress: TVs 30 Rock) 41 Clint Eastwood (Actor: Dirty Harry) 81 Colin Farrell (Actor: Minority Report) 35

- Sadly, Megan Fox has dropped out of the Transformers series, and has been replaced with Victoria Secret’s model Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is coming to theaters on July 1st. - Tina Fey may be her stage name on TV and in movies, but her birth name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey. - Robert Pattinson will be receiving an estimate of $25 million to star in the next two Twilight movies plus an extra 2.5% on both movie grosses. - James L. Brooks has won 19 Prime Time Emmy awards which is more than any person in history. Out of those awards, nine of them are due to his work on The Simpsons.

Gorriliaz “Fall” for the Ipad Craze


Generally speaking, when the term “musical instrument” comes to mind, images of guitars and pianos are conjured up mentally. The always crafty and innovative Damon Albarn, on the other hand, took a glance at his shiny new Apple iPad and decided that THAT was a fine

enough instrument. So much so that he decided to record The Gorillaz fourth album entirely on said iPad. Technically, this isn’t the first album entirely recorded on a device readily available to the public; Nine Inch Nails’ 2007 masterpiece “Year Zero” was almost entirely recorded/mixed on Trent Reznor’s Macbook while Linkin Park’s album “Minutes to Midnight” was done using Windows Vista. This being said, Damons usage of the iPad for “The Fall” puts those previous efforts to shame. Each and every track on “The Fall” was recorded at each indi-

vidual stop on The Gorillaz’ American tour last year. When you take this knowledge into consideration while listening, you can hear a stark thematic divide in between tracks. The album is definitely the most personal one Damon’s digital group has released. The album is predominantly instrumental

but, as mentioned before, the moods of these instrumentals drastically vary. The pretty fun, but criminally short instrumental “Detroit” is definitely one of the brighter tracks while the menacing “Little Plastic Bags” is pretty weighted down by eerie synthesizers. The definite highlights on “The Fall” are the tracks that include some sort of vocals, particularly “Amarillo” which is definitely one of the more memorable Damon Albarn vocal tracks. It’s clear from the star this album is incredibly different that the previous albums



A film, new to DVD, about revenge, primarily “Faster” breathes action from start to finish, with an undeniably dark, yet cool feel to it. The main characters are identified only as Driver, Killer, and Cop. Dwayne Johnson, Driver, is released after ten years in prison to avenge the murder of his brother. Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Killer, takes his job very seriously, as he hunts down Driver, his hardest target to date. Billy Bob Thorton, Cop, is a heroin addict trying to get clean so that he can retire and move back in with his wife and son. He is also on the hunt for Driver, as he tries to stop him from continuing his path of destruction. an interview, In Johnson said, “I truly believe that if this happened to me, I would do the same thing.” This is a pretty bold statement, even for a man of his caliber. He is in the Hollywood spotlight, and his words could be seen as a challenge to the crazies out there. Then again, I think most men would feel a similar way in defending the life of a family

“Faster” member, even though in reality, certain boundaries should not be crossed if you value your future. One thing I will say is that it felt good to place myself in Johnson’s shoes in this film. As Driver goes after his enemies one by one, there are some predictable moments, but it doesn’t take much away from the strength of his character. In his eyes alone, you see a world of pain and fury in every move he makes. You can almost feel what he feels. All three characters are interesting to watch, and unique. Toward the end of Driver’s mission, some changes take place within him. He


remains ruthless for the most part, but his inner turmoil seems to wear on him. You know that he has a good heart, and if it wasn’t for what they did to his brother, he would never have shown such brutality to anyone. In his mind and in his heart, he is doing this for his brother, who was killed in a manner than can never be forgotten. This is his purpose, his mission, and his reasoning for the things that he has done. The movie is even more exciting knowing that Johnson himself backs every move that his character makes. Does he go too far? Decide for yourself.

Summer Movie Preview


If final exams have you stressed out and your searching for some escapist fun, look no further than your local cinema. Yes, folks, the summer movie season is upon us once more. Each year, Hollywood pins its financial hopes on the May-toAugust corridor and offers audiences a bevy of eye-catching, big-budget attractions. This year’s line-up boasts some familiar staples – comic book romps, raunchy comedies, action spectacles – but there are some exciting dark horses in the mix as well. By the time you read this, the season will have already kicked off with the release of “Fast Five” (April 29th), the fifth installment in the long-running “Fast and the Furious” franchise. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joins the cast as a federal agent assigned to track down Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and Dom Toretto (Vin Deisel), who have fled to Rio de Janeiro. The Weinstein Co. counters with its animated offering “Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil,” a sequel to the 2006 surprise hit. Coming five years after the original and without much demand, “Hood” could struggle to find an audience. Comic-book adaptations have become a mainstay of the summer box office, and this year is no different. May 6th features the latest Marvel production “Thor,” starring Chris Hemsworth as the titular war-

Dwayne Johnson

rior. The flick also features Natalie Portman, fresh off her Best Actress win at the Oscars. Other choices for the ComicCon crowd include “X-Men: First Class” (June 3), “Captain America: The First Avenger” (July 22nd), and “The Green Lantern” (June 17th). One of the most successful and popular franchises of all time comes to an epic close on July 15th, as Harry Potter takes on Lord Voldemort in “Deathly Hallows: Part Two.” The first Potter flick hit theaters way back in November 2001, when many of us were in elementary school. Six films and $6.3 billion in revenue later, Warner Bros. will finally bid

nothing special, so “Cars 2” will be hard-pressed to top “Toy Story 3.” Another sequel looking to score big is “Kung Fu Panda 2” (May 26th) which, oddly enough, is executive produced by “Hellboy” director Guillermo del Toro. “Spy Kids 4” (August 19th) hopes to revive the franchise after an 8year absence, while “The Smurfs” (July 29th) is the latest classic kids show to get the Hollywood treatment. Perhaps the summer’s most intriguing offering comes in the form of “Super 8” (June 10th), which boasts the bigname talent of J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg. The plot concerns a group of kids who wit-

adieu to its perennial cash cow. Parents looking for family-friendly entertainment will have plenty of options. Pixar aims to keep its hot streak going with “Cars 2” (June 24th), featuring the voices of Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy. The first “Cars” received a fairly lukewarm critical reception (by Pixar standards), and its box-office performance was

ness a train crash while filming a Super 8 movie. Soon after, their town is beset by supernatural events and mysterious disappearances. With enticing trailers and the broad appeal of Abrams and Spielberg, “Super 8” could become this summer’s “Inception.” The summer movie season can’t come soon enough CONTINUED ON PAGE 18

2011 NSCC Graduates


August Kent J Ballard Ashley Mae Barnes Carly A Bebergal AndrĂŠ Bennett Matthew T Bernard Sarah Ann Bollermann Tash Montgomery Burt Anna Elizabeth Busta Suzanne Marie Carignan Tiffany Castillo Christina M Chambers Debora P Chase Shimon Chevnov Ronald E Ciampa Jr. Amanda Marie Clough Warlley S Coelho John Joseph Curran Jr. Kathleen E Czuchra Nicole Damato Michael DeMars Jordan Stephen Desisto Deanna DiTroia Nancy M Doyle Sokhen Eam Judith Egan John Iminna Erevwiohwo Clifford Forcillo Wesley Rocha Fornero James Ingham Frazer Mark M Garniss Valerie Regina Giannusa Kathleen Jane Griffith Andrea M Hansen Kristi-Lee Hardy Andrew Hare Melissa Lee Mahoney Kraig M Hill Allison Marie Hoffman Eriko Houlette Jennifer A Hughes Lansana Mahmoud Kallon Kyle Krigest Janelle LaJoie Michelle Legere Shequitta Mable Heather MacDonald Delinois Marc Cory S Marcinuk Christopher W Marino Jodie Marie Mascari Brenda Elyse McAfee Stefanie A McCarthy Raymond James McKinley Deana M McKinnon Michael L McQueen Odalis Medianero Richard John Mottola Nicholas Moulton Kassandra C Moustakis Abdessamad Mrani-Alaoui Alexa Danielle Mullin Tina Marie Nelson Joya Nigro Donna M Nolan Anne A O'Hara Dhanisha Pandey Trina Particelli Jessica Elizabeth Pascucci Courtney Peterson Michael Picard Marly Nicole Pinchinat Amy K Potter Jessica Lee Riess Kathy J Rodriguez Nicole Rogato Robert Russo Elizabeth Sampson James R Sawyer Stephen Scully Thomas J Siebertz Victoria Slazar Gorden Souza Elizabeth Rose Stevens

Jann Taylor Lisa Marie Thomas Kathleen Marie Toomey Sara Ann Walsh Jane W Waruingi Caleb Michael Webb Andrew Zagarri

January Stephen D Abell Jr. Deborah Olayinka Adewale Adam C Allen Rena Andreottola Tatiana Antonevici Bonnie Arata E. Jonathan Armstrong II Jeffrey A Arn Isabel Ayuso Jessica Lysandra Balcacer Kimberley Bartlett Arianna S Bjork Charys Julissa Bones Jacqueline Bosak Thomas Joseph Bourgeois Anita W Brewer-Siljeholm Meghan Burke Amy Marie Burns-Price Naomi M Burtt Julie Anne Cafarella Ian Michael Calder Victoria Ellen Adams Amanda-Lee Carnevale Linda J Carter Deanna Marie Cataldo Katrina D Christensen Sean Daniel Clarke Michelle Cohen Adam R Connolly Ingrid Constanzo Amanda Rose Cosgrove Caitlin Rose Costello Jacquelyn B Crothers Bornier Cruz Kimberly D Cunha Shawn Cushman Kevin A Czarnecki Wilmer Vinicio Delacruz Lisa DelTorchio Maryann R Devaney Nicole Dilorenzo Mohamud Shariff Dinow Joseph A DiSanto Michelle Kathleen Dixon John Leo Donohue III Megan Doran Lori Dossett-Diaz Laura Jean Dow Stephanie Ariane Dunn Alycia Dunton James Durney Larry Eav Osaigbovo Violet Abbe Ebieshuwa Donna O Eldridge Chinonye Eleazu Rosalind Sahara Rose Erikson Candice Marie Esters Marie Yamileh Shaelle Figaro Cory John Fisher Wesley Rocha Fornero Matthew Charles Fredrick Laura Elizabeth Freeman Maria Raquel Fuentes Escalona Annmarie Chiappini Gallien Jeleiny Garcia Rijo Lisa M Garofalo Lucia Gauna-Mongiello Vera Evangeline Gibson Allison Danielle Gray Jennifer L Greenberg Alison M Greenberg Ariel Alexsander Guzman Michael Jason Hannaford

Jonathan R Hart Caitlin Marie Heffernan Aurora Jacqueline Hernandez Floriedel Hernando Roger Myles Hickey Anthony Kouvy Horgan Carolyn Jennie Hudson Donald Johnson Zachary Joseph Johnson Marilyn E Jollimore Caitlyn W Kinney Rachael Lynne Kozlowski Kathryn Ryan Krippendorf Grzegorz Kubel R Matthew LaBonte Wladimir D Lahens Denise Lynn Larity Elibel Laureano Stephanie M Lawler Mishelle Lazarus Melissa Lee Cicera Lisboa de Melo Brian R Long Jillian Rose Lunde Joel Emilio Machado Pacheco Jennifer C MacLeod Richard J Madden Jr. Stacy Marie Maglione Daniel Richard Mahoney Mentor A Maksutaj Marika Mamillo Katie M Maney Lisa Lynn Manganiello Sreyleang Mao Doreen S Marquis Sabina Martinez Alexandra Martinez Nicole M McClear Aaron McComber Marnie J McDonald Katie McManus Mariano Melo Karin G Mercedes Michelle D Michaud Edis Miljevic Maria Monserrate Morales Bret Linwood Moyer Maryellen J Murphy Olivia Nambi Nisrine Naqqad Jean Pierre Ndayizeye Katherine Newman Nguyen Van My Duyen Sarah Lynne Nickerson Justin O'Brien Owen O'Reilly Patrick J O'Kane Lydia E Olofson Melissa Ozual Rachel Ann Palazzolo Megan Grace Pallazola Nikos Panagiotakopoulos Brandon Scott Pariseau John Robert Parker Kate Parsons Jessica Partridge Nicole Peterson Susan K Phillip Malis Chan Moth-Phonyothy Aldea A. Potorski Ian F Potts Jennifer Marie Raymond Elizabeth B Reeves Nicole Richard Jody A Richardson Jessica Riess Joseph Thomas Riggi Jonathan Edward Ring Spencer Ethan Ringwood Julio Rivera Kelly Ann Rivers Johanna V Rodas Karina Marisol Rodriguez Yoel J Rosario-Santana

Susan Elizabeth Ross Many Lena Roun Alexander Brendan Roy James R Roy Courtney J Ryan Priscilla C Saboya Eric Safner Lacey Tyler Sampson Amalia Sanchez Albert David Sarafian Kristen Sawyer Christian T Scioletti Eric Thomas Sclafani Benjamin R Shaffer Lauren N Sheffield Anna Koczkodon Erika Rose Silva Anthony John Silveira Corey George Simone Amanda Simpson Caitlyn D Sinclair Cassandra Staffieri Shannon Killeen Stefano Robert L Stone Meghan Catherine Sullivan Gregory Mark Sylvia Nathaniel Jospeh Taraska Jeffrey L Taylor Debora E Taylor Caitlin A Tee Maryvett Milagro Tello Michael Paul Terry Justin Carlos Testa Erica Thomas Saarla Thompson Ryan Nichole Tilton Anthony J Tiro Patrycja Tobis Joy Carolyn Tomassi Thang Quoc Tran Grant Alan Tucker Wilnick Tunis Leah Ventresca Meghan Siobhan Webber Karen Ann Wetmore Dawn Wilton Kimberly A Wohlen Nan Yung Mark W Zermani Caitliln Zeuli


Patience Izienabe Abbe Alisha Abesamra Livan Robinson Adames Veloz Elizabeth Adams Stacey Dever Adrien Amanda Leigh Ahnfeldt Rachael Lynne Akerley Justin W Alfonsi Liaqat Ali Hallie Frances Allison Elona Allushi Joseph P Amato Caitlyn Marie Ambrefe Jessica Ann Amelio Jodi Lynne Amor Krystina M Analetto Michele L Anderson Wendy J Anderson Holly Lynn Andrews Lisa Andrews Tetyana Andrushchenko Kaley T Antonsen Rafael Arturo Ardon, Jr Nicholas Arria Kevin Roger Arsenault Michelle A Arsenault Kathleen M Ashley

Lorector Ngelefack Asongwed Tania Atkinson Evelyn Atocha Ariana Catherine Auger Nicholas Michael Baczkowski Karen Marie Bailey Jermaine J Bandoo Elizabeth Baraw Stephen Barone Erin C Barrett Michael Clayton Barrett Heather M Laub Raidelin Batista Carol Ann Beattie Maureen Beecy Adam Michael Belanger Brittany Beliveau Lisa M Berg John Robert Bernard Tara Marie Bernard Alexander Joseph Bernardo Tia Bettencourt Randall David Blackie Robyn Marie Blomerth Meredith Blood Eric P Bloom Danielle Bolton Sherlyne Bonhomme James O Bonsignore Melissa Booth Glenney Maureen L Boucher Edermeson Bourdeau Robert M Bowen Deanna Bragger Carla Marie Brancaccio Erin Elizabeth Brings Jose R Brito-Dominguez Leanne Broughton Kara M Brown Keyana M Brown Stephen A Buitkus II Emily S Bullard Corie Ann Burke Adam Burnett Theresa Marie Bursey Donna E Bush Krista K Bushong Kasaundra C Butler Brittany Lee Button Paul J Caisse Christine Callahan Cindy Antonia Camacho Colleen Cameron Yulia V Cameron Kimberly I Labrie Vanessa Alexandra Gomes Campos Maricely Cancel-Ortiz Keder Cantave Christina L Capobianco Alycia Marie Carangelo Lisa Anne Carey Margaret Carlson Stephanie Carnevale Frank Carolan Robin Ann Carpenter Lynnette R Carrington Shawn Carty Tabitha Lynn Carty Kristin Anne Caruso Gabriel Robert Castiello Christina C Chabra Eric Charles Chandler Jeffrey Chane Adelard J Charron Kiley Ann Chianciola Christine Mary Chiaradonna Krystle Lee Chisholm Edoualda Chrispin Suzanne B Cinelli Elizabeth Gates Clay Roudi-Mi-Love Clerge Jill Clifford Kelly Anne Clough

Michael Roland Cochran Robin Gail Cohn Amanda Marie Colanton John B Colantoni Brett H Collins Deborah Ann Collins Ronald Colombo Jennifer Marie Colosi Krystal Lee Columna Chad M Connors Marie R Conroy Shawn Michael Conway Jody E Cooper Keith J Cooper James J Corbett Amaryllis Correa Michele Karen Cosgrove Michelle A Cox Selia Grace Cox Krystina Heather Creel Andrew William Crocker Marie Suzanne Crookes Jacinta Claudia Croteau Beth A Crothers William Michael Crowley Ingrid M Cruz Hernandez Alexander Edward Culver May Montesa Curran Casey Lynn Curtin Cassey Lee Cyr James Michael Cyr Donna Marie D'Agostino Franci Da Luz Quynh Giang Dang Emily Renee Darisse Cody A DaSilva Maria L DaSilva Daniel Davis Brandy Lyn DeAlmeida Daniel J Dean Patricia Deblas Andrea DeCotis Tom De Giacomo Jamie DeJesus Sabrina Delance Romulo Giovanni Del Cid Amy Lynne Del Core Joselyn S DeLeon Jennifer L DeMario Lisa Ann Dempsey Karen Dery Matthew Louis Myrick Diamond Michael Anthony Diaz James Andrew DiCarlo Taryn Marie DiFilippo Olivia DiGiammarino Christina A DiGregorio Janice Lynn DiMare Christina DiPesa Peter A DiPietro Ralph A DiVirgilio Robert A Doane Karen Ann Doherty Sean T Doherty Jonathan Domingue Erin Donahue Angelet Dorvilas Emily Elizabeth Doyle Michael Christopher Drinan Donna Lynne Drinkwater Sergey Drobov Fiordaliza Duran Michael Paul Duwart Amanda Lee Dwyer Mary L Dyce Wade M Dyce Sogeata Eam Voleak Eav Brendan F Edmonds Yvonne Ellis Catherine A Emerson Nicholas J Ennis Karima Erriahi Gina Etienne Lesley M Evans Naika Z Ezaty Dusty Farris

Kristin Favreau Quaneka Ann Felton Arthur R Fennelly III Jason Hae Koo Feran Cynthia Ferguson Lataya Ferguson Elicia Nicole Ferro Anthony Roberto Ficara Elizabeth Angelique Figueroa Clayton Fiore Michael Fiore Gina J Firicano Janet Elaine Fisher Kieley E Fitzgerald William F Flanagan Jeffrey S Floriddia Travis Fontaine Anna M Forlizzi Anthony Forlizzi Devin Darnelle Francis Sarah M Freeman Christopher John French Elizabeth Caitlin Freni Amanda Frost Jenny R Frost Heather A Fuller Paige Leigh Gallagher Annmarie Chiappini Gallien Matthew Ganley Maritza Garcia Jeleiny Garcia Rijo Christina Jay Gardino Jennifer Lynne Gauvain Melissa Jean Gaynor Mitchell Lear Gaynor Kristine Geary Jennifer Lynn George Deanna Gerardi Yleana Geronimo Ozuna Danny J Gianitsis John Edward Gill Michelle Lee Gilmore Desiree' Ginepra Laurie Giovannucci Nicole E Giunta Carter Glass Katrina Nicole Gogolos Amy Michelle Goldweber Jonathan D Goll Christopher Gomez-Farewell Christopher Joel Gonzalez Maria Angelica Gonzalez Derrick W Goodwin Geena Marie Grabowski Gary C Grace Maria Josephine Graffeo Sarah Jean Greaves Kelley C Greel Tanya Celeste Green Cheryl Ann Griffin Kellie Griffin Kaltun A Guled Robert Cummings-Gunther Alexandra Guzman Malinda Hachlafi Matthew Hahn Brittany Haley James Barrett Hall Lisa Lorraine Hall Robert M Hall Lisa M Hampton Do Hang Shannon Hanson-Thomas Lauren C Harris John Harrison Robin Harrison William P Hart III Tori Anna Hartman Meaghan E Hatch

Janessa Heger Ewart Megan Kathleen Heitz Solida Heng Diana Hernandez Haile Miguel Hernandez Kellie Higginbotham Kerry Lee Hildebrand Kendra Eve Hillier

Daniel Jost Hillinger Nicholas E Hinckley Justin Hinkle Lauren Jean Hinkle Ho Phu Dang Khoa Christopher P Hogan Robert Hromada Michelle G Harris Lauren E Huntoon Michelle Liane Hurton Najla Husidic David M Hussey Benjamin Thomas Ibey Maher Fuad Ibrahim Patricia Enarena Igbinosa Lydia Ursula Ikhine David M Ingham Christopher Ryan Irvine Rubia Eiko Iwano-Gattis Cory John Jackson Erin Jackson Loredana Jacques Emma E Janson Chedly Gerard Jean Gilberte Jean-Mary Keith D Jenkins Linda A Jodice Hanna Kristin Geniveve Johnson Kevin E Jollimore Albert Ronald Jones II Emily Jones Michael John Jordan Ricky Kevin Jorge Berline C Joseph John Kadim Peter N Kamande Anne Kamau Fatmata Kanu Stephen Bernard Kapuza Megerdich Kassabian Mandeep Kaur Danyelle D Kavanagh Lyda Mae Keefe Bette W Keva Samina Khatoon Brad J Kingston Euripides Kodomanolis Emma Marie Kolenda Christopher Robert Koller Jonathan Craig Kress Kate Elizabeth Krouzek Rose Heather Krueger Christopher R Lambert Heather Elizabeth Lane Susan M Lane Ashley Larivee Kerry Puopolo Laurenza Lynn Ann Lazdowski Christine Caren Leaver Jennilee Leblanc Kelly Michelle LeBlanc Shaquitta Renee Leday Arleia LeDonne Michelle R Leonard Ryan Sante Leone Rebecca DiNitto LeSaffre Kimberly E Levasseur Taryn Valia Levinson Brenda V Lewis James S Lewis Andrew Phillip Liebman Sandra C LoGrande Tara Lopes Maria Katherina Lopez Jahaida Marie Lozada Shane D Ludden Wayne S Lumb Nancy J Gutierrez Janae D Lundstrom Brendan Gregory Lynch Alek Bak Macam Matthew James MacDonald Michelle A Macera Samantha Madigan MacKenzie Amy L Madden Richard J Madden Jr Christina Marie Maggio

Stacy Marie Maglione Julia Elise Magnet Michael Angelo Maguire Patrick J Maher Melissa J Maitland Alexander Drake Major Nicole Lynn Malatesta Alyson C Malavich Brittney Malionek Amanda Lee Manning Kristopher M Manning Kimberly Marchant Aleesha E Marchetti Galvin Marenco Sabrina Monique Markham John Paul Marotta, Jr Angela Corricelli Martin Christine R Martin Max Anthony Martins Richard S Mattson Brenda Elyse McAfee Bart McCarthy Brenda Ann McCarthy Peggy McCarthy Theresa McDonough Janet Marie McGinley Anna Louise McGinness Lisa Jean McGowan Lauren Elizabeth McGrane Brittany Nicole McGrath Kelly Gene McGrath Caitlin A McGuirk Erin Julia McLaud Stacey E McMahon Katie Teresa McManus Karen McMaster Meredith McNeilly Kerry Rose McNulty Nicole McPhee Angel L McRae Chantel Melendez Michael Melo Patricia Hart Justin leonard Mercier Sandy B Merida Malorry Ernest Merlin Rachelle Merome Syrena Merrow Charles Meyers Jean E Michaud Tania Mileski Kerline Millien Dawn M Mineo Christopher Matthew Miranda Amy L Mitchell Laura L Mitchell Maureen Catherine Mitchell Norman Mitchell Nuru Mildred Mkeremi Lenis Molina Debra H Moore Yaritza Sofia Morales Gonzalez Mark Allen Moreschi Dedra Morin Lauren M Morrical Marcia J Morris Nathaniel David Morris Matthew P Morrison Sara A Mscisz Amy Lee Mulholland Jaime Daniel Munoz (N w/ atilde) Gomez Leno Muralles Patricia L Murphy Rhiannon ALexandra Murphy Ashley M Murray Matthew Casey Murray Alicia Muse Jean Marie Musto Christopher Gregory Nassor Jessica Lynn Natti Chimere Neboh Richard Nelson Jr Cameron Nickell Meghan Elizabeth Nickola Kerrin Nims Alexander C Nirgianakis Tara Pietropaolo Noble


David Andrew Noseworthy Donna L Noufal Raymond Novia Nicholas P Nuccio Ana Soraida Nunez Carol Nzeribe Victoria Obey-Fabiyi Nicole Rose O'Brien Peter M O'Brien Jennifer O'Brien Justin O'Brien Suzanne K O'Brien-Wallace Kristen Patricia O'Connor Jeremy A Oldham Derek John O'Leary Corinne Alexandra Oliva Christopher T Olivolo Laney O'Malley Meaghan Jo-Anne O'Neil Michele M O'Neil Antonina A Orlando Bianca Jacinta Ortiz Yelizaveta Osipova Robert Oteri Lindsey Rae Ouellette Regina M Pacor Andjelka Palavra Megan Grace Pallazola Jose A Palma Heidi Anne Panzner Brandon C Paquette Alicia Parini Fred Eugene Parker Margherita Patricelli Thomas R Pattee Jr Jennifer M Peczka Maria Elena Peguero Johanna Perates Lady J Perez Michael D Perham Michael G Perry Nicole Frances Pesce Margaret M Peters Mollyka Pheng Casandra Lee Picanco Josue E Piccirillo Joseph Pignato Catherine Grismelda Pimentel Kairem Nohemi Pimentel Isabel Emilia Pimental Quiroz Fernandito Piris Rodriguez Nicholas Pirrotta Meagan Jean Plotner Jodi Anne Pollock Carla N Pujols Mejia Danielle M Puopolo Kelsey Purdy Lorejna Qoshja Brett Quimby Ergys Qyrasi Kathleen W Rabe Deidre Ann Raimo Ronald C Ramos Rachel E Rattan Hayley Rose Raymond Tiffany Reams Gerard J Reardon Jeron Rachard Reddick Alexander Lee Reddy Matthew E Redlon Monica S Reid Chelsie M Reilly Christopher Ricci Teddy E Richards Jr Kathryn J Richardson Ryan Riley Minerva Elisa Rivera Shayna C Robinson Ashley M Rocca Kimberly Rochon Aisha Lee Rodriguez Christine Rodriguez Mishele Rodriguez Josefina Rojas Sheila Roman Pena Stephanie E Romig CONTINUED ON PAGE 18


Police Reports

3/30/2011 10:05am Lynn Campus Report of an irate student in room W108. Male party was cleared. Apparently he was looking for information. 3/30/2011 7:14pm Lynn Campus Party reports that she had lost her black wallet sometime between yesterday and today and was 80% sure that it was at the college when she lost it. She reports that she had one debit and two credit cards. One of the credit cards has since been used at numerous stores. She stated that her purse was unattended in the café for a few moments while she heated up her lunch and made a purchase. Party was advised to contact her credit card companies and bank to cancel her cards. She was also advised to contact Lynn Police to file a report. 4/1/2011 1:08pm Lynn Campus Party reports his motor vehicle broken into at the MBTA garage. MBTA Police notified. Ofc. Lopes taking report. Ofc. Lopes reports stolen from the vehicle was five dollars in change, a Tom Tom GPS, and a Garmin GPS. There were no signs of damage to said vehicle. The owner spoke with the MBTA Police, who will be taking a report.

4/1/2011 1:50pm Danvers Campus Motor vehicle off the road near the entrance to the college. Female operator complaining of abdominal pains and is requesting an ambulance. Lyons Ambulance on scene. Danvers Engine 2 on scene. Party transported to Beverly hospital. 4/2/2011 12:40pm Lynn Campus A disturbance at the T bus stop was reported. MBTA was notified, but the party calmed down, according to Ofc. Salvo. MBTA will stand down and scene returned to normal.

4/4/2011 12:44pm Lynn Campus A student walked up to the desk to report his vehicle was possibly struck while parked in the far end of the main lot student parking area closest to the Lynnway.

4/5/2011 3:28pm Lynn Campus Party walked up to the desk and confronted dispatcher Knight in regards to a previous incident. Party was loud, disruptive and

was causing a scene. Officers asked the party to leave campus. Partty left and refused to produce an I.D. Party was giving a verbal no- trespass warning.

4/8/2011 2:48pm Danvers Campus Ofc. Salvo reports that he in Lot 1 where two parties are in a vehicle engaged in suspicious activity. Cpl. Gaudenzi was dispatched to assist. Two involved parties were spoken with and moved along. 4/8/2011 4:38pm Lynn Campus Party called dispatch to report a student that was causing an argument with her. She states that the student was female, wearing a purple hat and leather jacket. She also had a female with her, wearing a blue sweater. Cpl. Pierre and Ofc. Ventura were dispatched. They took statements from all of the parties involved.

4/11/2011 9:26pm Danvers Campus A party reported a possible intoxicated male party was in the Allied Health building DH110. Ofc. Martocchio and Ofc. Claudino were dispatched to the area. Party received a ride home from a femalefriend. Party left the college property. 4/12/2011 8:54am Danvers Campus Fire drill started. First and second floors cleared. Drill over. 4/13/2011 6:09pm Lynn Campus A verbal confrontation was reported to Sgt. Vaccaro. He went out to investigate and found two parties having an argument. A male and female party were separated and sent on their way. The matter has been resolved. 4/14/2011 12:33pm Lynn Campus A motor vehicle possibly struck while parked in the main lot student parking area.

4/14/2011 4:24pm Lynn Campus A party walked up to the NSCC control desk to report a possible hit and run in the main lot. Ofc. Martocchion took pictures and a report was issued. 4/15/2011 9:03am Lynn Campus A witness told Sgt. Vaccaro that the vehicle next to her was hit by another car in a hit and run. Sgt. Vaccaro and Ofc. Matton

went out to the vehicle to investigate. Information was collected and a report was issued.

4/15/2011 11:46am Danvers Campus Party called and asked for assistance with a student. She was unable to provide any further information on the phone. Cpl. Gaudenzi and Ofc. Salvo were dispatched. Cpl. Gaudenzi advises that a student wished to report that they are being harassed by another student. Cpl. Gaudenzi to file a report. 4/19/2011 9:28pm Lynn Campus Officer observed male and female inside a vehicle in the rear of the parking lot with their clothes off. After an in-house check and WMS on both, parties came back negative. Both are not students of the college and have been verbally warned not to trespass. 4/21/2011 1:10pm Danvers Campus Student reports vandalism to her vehicle in Lot 7. The fuel tank area and rear truck was vandalized with a key. Matter will be under investigation.

Campus Police Presentation


Chief Doug Puska conducted a presentation on April 5 and 6 that informed students, staff, and faculty of his Pilot Program, which was approved by both the Lynn and Danvers Police Department Chiefs. This program, when set in place, will begin to arm campus police supervisors “in phases,” as Puska described. The training that these officers will receive will mirror the training of any other city or state officer. The State Police

attend the same sixteen week training academy and firearms instruction as the NSCC campus police will. They are also currently trained medically as 1st responders, which is a requirement for any officer. Puska spoke of occurrences in which NSCC officers were present during shootings, and because they were unarmed, were unable to help diffuse the situation. “Unfortunately, this is the world we now live in,” Puska said. “We have to be prepared.”

Puska, who has been in law enforcement for thirty years, reiterated what he has said many times about his officers. “I can assure you that the officers working in this building are among the finest I’ve ever worked with.” In times such as these, being prepared may be the smartest move we can make. Please check out the video titled “Lightining Strikes: Shots Fired,” by signing into Pipeline, and clicking My Northshore, Campus Police, and the video.

Paws Picks of the Month BY TANYA GREEN

Kick off your summer with this terrific trio from PAWS. Although this brother, sister, and best friend do not have to be adopted together, it would be nice if they were. Carla and Chester are not only

bother and sister, but they were born in the same litter and share another unique bond that you will learn about when they introduce themselves. Vicky is Chester’s longtime girlfriend and they are quite fond of each other. Without further adieu, here they are!

is a gorgeous fluffy tiger who clearly has some Maine Coon genes! He loves to cuddle with his sister Carla and race around his foster home with his best girlfriend Vicky. Much like Carla, Chester’s eyes don't work as well as they should, and quick movements, new environ-

ments and unfamiliar people can easily spook him. Your soothing voice and consistent love will be rewarded with the fun of watching Chester play and explore in his unique way.

More about Vicky: MVP seeks Family to Value and Love Her Let me introduce myself: I am Vicky, a Most Valuable Pussycat (MVP). I pull no punches, and am honest and in tune with who I am. What you see is what you get. I am savvy, loveable and fun—all rolled into one beautiful ball of fur. I am a torbie (a tortoiseshell with tabby markings) with striking swirls of brown, black, orange and tiger stripes and white paws, chin and chest. Do you seek affection? I do! If you also like petting, purrs, and rubs, I think we might have a LOT in common. I'm looking for someone who enjoys good times and togetherness. At only two years old, I still have that kitten energy that surfaces from time to time. Throw a toy mouse down the hall and watch me stalk and chase it. I can be quite entertaining to play with or even watch. I also love to be a sidekick to other felines, but, unfortunately, just don’t seem to bond as well with young humans. C’est la vie. If you are looking for a team player, I am definitely up to bat and ready for the

About us: - General Color: Brown - Color: Brown - Current Age: 4 Years 5 Months (best estimate) - Microchipped: Yes - Declawed: No - Housetrained: Yes Special Needs: sight impaired

More about Carla: Carla is a sweet girl who loves to play with her brother Chester, and the other cats in her wonderful foster home. Both Carla and Chester are adorable with their cute, crossed eyes. Since their eyes don't work as well as they should, they can be easily spooked by quick movements, new environments, and unfamiliar people. Chester and Carla are each looking for a special person who is willing to help them adjust to a forever home. Your soothing voice and consistent love will be rewarded with Carla's sweet meows. You will also find it fascinating to help her adapt to limited vision - toys with bells and chirps thrown down the hallway are endless fun, but she needs the sound to guide her hunt! You will have the fun of watching her love for other cats too. Would your cat like to show Carla around her new home? Could you be the special person to give Carla a family of her very own? More about Chester: Chester

You will also find it fascinating to help him adapt to his limited vision - toys with bells and chirps thrown down the hallway are endless fun but he needs the sound to guide his hunt! You will have the joy of watching his love for other cats too. Would your cat like to show Chester around his new home? Could you be the special person to give Chester, maybe along with Carla or Vicky, a family of his very own? He is not very good with dogs or children.

About me: - General Color: Brown Tabby - Color: Tricolor / Tabby - Current Age: 4 Years 4 Months (best estimate) - Declawed: No - Housetrained: Yes Owner Experience Needed: None

first pitch.

To find out more about these and the other pets that PAWS has to offer please go to p a w s w a k e PAWS is also on Facebook. PAWS has recently teamed up with Flower Power Fundraising; this is the ideal opportunity to help the homeless pets at PAWS and get a little something for yourself. 50% of all purchases go to PAWS. There will also be discounted rabies shots, microchipping, and nail trimming at the VCA hospital in Wakefield on April 23rd. All proceeds from this event will go to PAWS. For additional information please go to the PAWS website, visit on Facebook, or call PAWS at 781246-6111.


NSCC Spark Launch


On April 7th, students and staff gathered together to celebrate the third annual edition of “Spark.” The Spark literary magazine for those who are not familiar with it is according to the front page “A Review of NSCC Student Literary and Artistic Expression.” It is also fairly new because the first published issue of Spark came out in 2009. Next to the school paper, Spark is your second choice for the opportunity to show off either your poems, creative stories, or even your own works of art. Everyone from

writers to the Student Enrollment Committee came for their support of student’s work, time, and effort of putting together their own collection of work. So if you are interesting in having your masterpieces being published, head on over to the Student Life Office or Student Enrollment Services for questions on how to get involve for next year’s issue. Be sure to pick up your copy of Spark Magazine located inside of the Student Services Office located at both the Danvers and Lynn campus too.

Goodbye From Ashley


Four years ago, I came to NSCC not knowing what I wanted to do, like most students going to college for the first time. But it was through the student newspaper, The Pennon, where I discovered my passion and what I wanted to do.

I realized while writing for the Pennon, that I wanted to be journalist, but not just any journalist - a sports journalist. This semester, being my last at NSCC, I want to say thank you to everyone on the Pennon staff for helping me realize what I want to do for a career.

Commencement Speaker Continued from Page 1

er, and he is excited for this opportunity to give back to the school in honor of his academic experience at NSCC. From math and biology studies to language and speech classes, David has thrived within the wonderful social network he has found here on campus and he’s thankful for the steady encouragement and support of NSCC’s faculty and staff, as well. His psychology professor, Sheldon Brown, was especially incentive in David’s decision to speak on commencement day, giving him the motivation and incite to sub-

mit his speech for consideration. David wishes to convey to all students his incredible journey of learning, a “transformation of self,” he says, that has reshaped his life in so many positive ways. The class of 2011 is excited to be a part of this wonderful celebration of learning and growth for all of our graduating students, and we look forward to hearing David’s inspirational speech at the commencement ceremony on May 26, 2011.

Page 16 NSCC Pennon

AIDS Walk Boston, Sunday, June 5, 2011

You are invited to join the North Shore Community College AIDS Walk Boston team for the 6.2 mile walk on Sunday, June 5, 2011. The event begins at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. The event’s purpose is to raise awareness and money for the AIDS Action Committee, New England’s oldest and largest AIDS organization. If interested, you’ll need to pick up a participation packet. Also, if you would like to monetarily contribute, please send donations to LW-169 and addressed to Will Dowd. Contact Will Dowd, MACC Americorps*VISTA, at for more information.

North Shore Community College would like to congratulate our newly inducted Phi Theta Kappa members for the 2011 spring semester, listed below:

NSCC AIDS Walk Boston Team

The Overnight Walk

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BY CAITLYN AMBREFE Suicide is always a hard subject to talk about. The word has just become a whisper in public, and is hardly acknowledged. Today, more and more people are taking action and bringing suicide “out of the darkness” by raising money for depression suicide awareness and prevention. This fundraising event is run by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and is called The Overnight Walk. This walk has been going on for seven consecutive years now, and each year the results are better and better. This past summer the walk was held in Boston, Massachusetts and raised over two million dollars! The 18 mile trek begins at sunset and continues until sunrise. Last year I completed the walk in just eight hours, and raised $1800 dollars on my own. I walk for one of my best friends who took her own life in December of 2008. What was worse was I was the first to find her. The Overnight Walk is a really good outlet for me to remember my friend in a happier way. I met dozens of people walking last summer who were from all over the country, and each person had a different story about the same happy people we all used to know. We walk because we care, because we want to make sure that no more people have to go it alone. In today’s economy, suicide has become a big problem that soon no one will be able to ignore. This coming summer the walk will be held in New York City. I will be walking yet again in Carly’s name, and I will be wearing her name on my shirt, and I will tell her story yet again. Don’t let suicide hide in the darkness anymore, take a stand. Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by suicide. Please visit for more information on this awesome cause. Walk, volunteer, or support a walker, the results could be life saving! If you would like to support me in my coming walk this summer please visit:

Awards Presentations

The Mathematics Department and the Engineering and Industrial Technology Department will present awards to outstanding students in a joint meeting on May 3rd. The Engineering Science Transfer Award will be presented to Guito Joassaint. The Engineering Department Award honors students who excel in physics and engineering courses and perform in the highest diligent and most consistent manner. Guito's assignments are always thoughtful and thorough. His hard work and dedication in maintaining an outstanding level of academic achievement is commended. The Math Department will present its Departmental Award to Guito Joassaint and Younes Zarhani. This award is given to a student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the upper level of mathematics courses at North Shore Community College. Guito distinguished himself as one of the most engaged and accomplished students of his class. He brings a well-rounded understanding of the topic to critically analyze problems and form apt solutions. Guito showed outstanding results in both Calculus 3 and Differential Equations—maintaining a perfect “A” with exemplary enthusiasm and work ethic. Younes Zarhani is an immigrant from Morocco, who is completing his engineering degree next semester, and plans to transfer to one of the UMass campuses then. He says that the best part about NSCC is the teachers. They all care about you, and make sure you do your best. The Math Achievement Award recipients are Charlene Logue and Albert Andino. This award is given to a student who started studying mathematics at North Shore at the pre-college level. Math Team Awards will go to Kleber Costa and Jack Zaharoff (top scores), Gilberte Jean-Mary, Michael Eaton, Chimere Neboh, Albert Andino, Djibril Niang, and Samantha Sprague. The Math Team participates in a national competition sponsored by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Kleber Costa and Jack Zaharoff will also receive an award from the New England affiliate of AMATYC. Contact Information: Joyce Jeong X6250

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Attention Club Advisors and Members!

Information about your club can be featured here! This is your page and if you want other people to know about your club or what your club is doing, then contact us! PENNON@NORTHSHORE.EDU

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Page 17 NSCC Pennon

New Student Club at NSCC: The Environmetal Club

NSCC continues to "go green!” Bringing "sustainability" to the NSCC campus has many components. Maybe the most important - beyond education - is student involvement. As of last week, a large group of students on both the Lynn and Danvers campuses came together to create a forum and studentactivist network for environmental issues at NSCC and beyond. Many students are members of the college's new Environmental Studies Program (EVT) or are taking Green Curriculum courses at NSCC. Others are active in the popular Philosophy Club (yes, Philosophy and environment have come together around the topics of ethics and justice). Many students feel the need to empower themselves and meet likeminded people who share their concerns and desire to make changes, small and large. This inspired and diverse group will be meeting regularly on both campuses and is open to new members. All levels of involvement are acceptable - from regular to occasional, which acknowledges the reality of our busy, commuter-student population. If you wish to be on the Environmental Club e-mail list so you can be informed of upcoming campus events, meetings, and opportunities for activism, please email Franci Daluz <> or Professors Joe Modugno and Greg Reppucci, who are serving as co-faculty advisers to the club. (Prof. Modugno is based in Lynn; Prof. Reppucci is in Danvers). The group has also established a Facebook page. Check it out at Get involved on any level that works for you! As anthropologist Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

SGA Fundraiser for the Victims of Japan's 2011 Earthquake

Proposed Dates: Tuesday May 3, 2011 from 10am to 3pm Wednesday May 4, 2011 from 11:30am to 3pm

The Student Government Association wishes to hold a fundraiser on the dates listed above in an effort to raise money for the victims of the recent disaster that has devastated the people of Japan physically and emotionally. A donation box will be put on a table in the main lobby facing the entrance, where SGA members will politely ask faculty and students if they would care to play a role in giving relief to those who have been adversely affected in what has now become a global crisis. In addition, SGA wishes to play a photo slide show on a cafeteria television to give faculty and students an actual picture of how horrific this natural disaster actually was (non-graphic photos will be used). All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross' effort in Japan. Thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal. This is a horrible disaster that has caused tragic loss of life, altered the economy, and may have permanently damaged certain crop areas, due to radioactive chemicals. According to HuffPost, since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan a month ago, over 13,000 people have been reported killed and over 14,000 still remain missing. “There have been over 900 aftershocks recorded following the initial 9.0 earthquake, including four (7.0 M. 7.7 M, 7.9 M, and 7.1 M) that classify as earthquakes themselves.”

SGA Election Results

Hudson Henriques NEW Vice President Holding the position of Vice President of SGA consists of several duties. Among those is, of course, performing the duties of the president in their absence. Coordinating meetings for SGA, working with committees on policy and new ideas, and assisting in the development said ideas and possible policies are some of the focuses of a Vice President. Additionally, a VP is supposed to be a good representation of SGA. I believe I am a good representative for our student body. Like many other students here, I study and work. Understanding the obstacles of a student/employee is important in my opinion. I also have a main objective as a vice president in SGA. I plan on initiating more fundraising efforts from our college, with a focus on getting more people from the student body involved. I believe our college, being a community college, should have a more active stance in our cities and towns. In doing so, we are improving our presence to the public, while unifying our student body. The fundraising is beneficial to both the communities they are targeted for, and the students participating. I believe in working together for a common purpose, and, additionally, would like to see our student body doing exactly that.

Nick Lovasco NEW President I currently serve as Vice President for the Student Government association, and am proud to serve as your President this upcoming year. Each vote to me represents a promise, not a number. As your President, I promise to continue my work towards developing our college into an even more intimate, creative, and involved community. Every day portrays itself to me as an opportunity to reach out, and build stronger bonds between administrators, professors, and students alike. Being an active member of the college gives one a richer experience that enhances life skills, which are necessary for success. I find myself in the corridors, library, and cafeterias talking with different students, and simultaneously searching for issues relevant to students, which SGA can solve with reason, research, and diplomatic thought.

Ryan Nolan NEW Trustee My name is Ryan Nolan. This is my fourth semester at North Shore Community College pursuing a degree in environmental studies. The Student Trustee is the representative of the student body to the Board of Trustees at North Shore Community College. The Student Trustee is responsible to ensure that the Board of Trustees is fully aware of all the issues and concerns the student body may have. As Student Trustee, I plan to develop stronger ties between the Board of Trustees and the student body. Student Trustee is entrusted to voice the opinions of all the students at North Shore, I pledge to develop and maintain a strong connection between the student body and the Board of Trustee so we can coordinate together to make a positive difference for our future here at North Shore.



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Samantha E Rooney Thaiz Martins Rosa Carlos O Rosado Elizabeth Rosario Manuel A Rosario Andrea Rovedo Mark F Rubchinuk, Jr Robert J Rubchinuk Crystal Lee Russell Eric Christopher Ryan Kailie Ryan Degrace Elizabeth Saint Dic Annalisa Salustri Shane Lewis Salvanelli Christopher T Sanborn Jacquelyn Sanford Emanuel Santa Airony Santana Damian Lyn Santana Greysa Santana Stan Edward Savage Heather R Scanlan Deborah Scarfo Lia Scharaffa Christine M Schwab Hillary Goodhue Scott Erichson S Seang Eva Seelley Gordon Egbabga Sekegor Kimberly Marro Semenza On Son-Seng Nikki A Shackleton Jonathan Scott Shapiro Clyde D Sheppard Noah Joseph Shibley Swati Swaphil Shinde Majlinda Shuka Britney Jane Silva Saindy Sim John Nicholai Noval Simbajon Ronnie Vincent Sinclair Deena Sirignano Gensei Kai'U'ilani Smith Susan B Smith Susan T Smith Thomas A Smith Chantana Sok Whiriker Daniel Soto Amanda Sousa Christen Noel Spacer Alessandra Reeve Spaulding Matthew Joseph St Pierre Kaitlyn Janice Standley Julie Michelle Stanley David Strassburger Brittany Susan Supino Kerry Sweezey Matthew Shelton Swift Courtney Marie Tainter Grace T Takang Melissa Rose Tapley Eric M Tarr Jaimie L Tartis Shar' Day P Taylor

Lisa Thibeault Rhys Dylan Thomas Wendy Nicole Thomas Sandy Timmer Yulia Tkachova Theresa F Toe Brittany Marie Torres Kelly E Tracy Thanh Soc Tran Tuot Tran Jessica Tries Cristina Marie Triglione Meaghan L Twomey Yarrow Unger Marilyn Urrea Nahimatu Muazu Usuman Hawawu Usuman-Muazu Joseph Adam Viscione Raycel Y Vittini Hoangoanh Christy Vo Eli Vollmer Brittany Waalewyn Douglas Waitt Adriel Wajda Kristina Ann Walker Nicole L Walton Rebecca Ruthellen Ward John R Warren Kathleen Gayle Watson Aaron Anthony Wear Tess Catherine Webb Andrea Wegner Kristy Romano Weishaar Roslyn Wetherald Samantha Dana Weymouth Ariel Mary Wheeler Jacqueline C Whitmarsh Adam J Williams Catherine Williams Kevin Flynn Williams Christine E Wilson Crissy Marie Wilson Ashley Wonson Andrew David Woods Kerri Lyn Worth Stanley Young Alissa Younkin Sarto Yun Frank Joseph Zagarella Jack Zaharoff Sharon Zajac Renee J Zierten Wendy Zimmerman Roselynd Ravelo Odelee Tema Kelly Dee Owens Vanessa Anne Kelley Kim Fournier Pamela J Lannon Danielle Robins Karen deSteuben Heather L Linehan Steven Juncosa Hernandez Nicole Lombard

Katelyne Jessica Connolly Deborah Jean Diaz Amy Arnold Goulart Shantae Lewis Jenni-Lyn Rogers Brieana Elizabeth Saunders Dorothy Stupakiewicz Nicole Danielle Tracy Preston Holden Meghan Ciruolo Julie A Robertson Haydee A Rivera-Florian Leslie A Bodvar Maria Cronin Rosemary Ifeoma Anaba Ana E Figueroa Charles L Donnelly Jr Ruth E Perron Michelle Brozonos Laura Elisabeth Timmons John Anthony Gardner Matthew Ryan Walsh Cheryl Anne Quinn Tina-Marie Denis Rachel Angela Conant Valerie A Tecci Medelyn Barbosa Gondim Markelin Kume Stephen F Solimini, Jr Jennifer A Beal Brian George Worcester Lauren Mary Troisi Melissa Parziale Crystal Marie Arsenault Abigail M Verga Kristina N Johnson Keri Ann Perry Purity W Munyu Amy E Conley Kayla Mae Burke Nicole Mary Ragusa Cyndi White Katie Elizabeth Zarni Amanda C St Germain Kathryn Elsa Schylander Courtney Ann Lemire Brittany Lee Foley Deborah Briant Rudloff Ashley Elaine Rice Sunita Shrestha Maureen L Palla Rachel Ann Duggan Alicia Marie Eastman Susan J Chick Hannah Kiongo Susan Olson Debora Souza Junior Kristin J Oliver Richard Oren Maltagliati Karen Alves Sousa Oscar Javier Argueta-Escalon Alexander R Carey

Pennon congratulates all graduates and wishes everyone a safe and fun summer!

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best a bad lover and at worst a rapist.”

Why is consent sexy?

- Communication, respect, and honesty make sex and relationships better - Asking for and obtaining consent shows that you have respect for both yourself and your partner - Positive views on sex and sexuality are empowering - Questions traditional views about gender and sexuality - Eliminates the entitlement that one partner feels over the other. Neither your body nor your sexuality belongs to someone else - It is normal and healthy for women to expect to be included in the consent process

How can you make consent sexy?

Show your partner that

you respect her/him enough to ask about her/his sexual needs and desires. If you are not accustomed to communicating with your partner about sex and sexual activity the first few times may feel awkward. But, practice makes perfect. Be creative and spontaneous. Don’t give up. The more times you have these conversations with your partner, the more comfortable you will become communicating about sex and sexual activity. Your partner may also find the situation awkward at first, but over time you will both be more secure in yourselves and your relationship For more information and examples of sexual consent please visit

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released by The Gorillaz. For starters, there really aren’t many guest stars on this album. Sure, former Clash musicians Paul Simonon and Mick Jones play on one track and Bobby Womack contributes an entire song, but this doesn’t nearly reach the star-studded peak of their discography. However,

itself, causes a major problem with the commercial image of The Gorillaz; some fans might be expecting the next Clint Eastwood or Dirty Harry and may be a little discouraged when, instead, they receive Revolving Doors (a more minimalist and ethereal track in comparison to the hard-hitting

this isn’t entirely a bad thing; instead of focusing on how he can possibly incorporate a plethora of highly respected musicians into his music, Damon is free to do whatever he pleases artistically. This does, however, come with a price. The price in this case is the lack of any real radio-friendly cut. This, in

rap tracks of Gorillaz past). In the end, this was Damon’s real intention of forming the Gorillaz; having a personal music project with little-to-no outside influence. This is what Damon successfully accomplished with this album, and it’s definitely the proper direction for the Gorillaz.

for the struggling industry, which is off 19% from last year. Will this year’s crop be strong enough to end the box-office slump? Hard to say, but with

everything from “Winnie the Pooh” (July 15th) to “Conan the Barbarian” (August 19th), it’s sure to be a mighty entertaining summer.

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May 2011


Program Coucil Meeting DB208 & LW307 2-4pm Billiard Tournament Lynn Gym 10:30am2:00pm 2


SGA Meeting DB208 & LW308 3:00pm4:30pm PC Meeting DB208 & LW307 Danvers 2:00pm-4:00pm Veterans Club Meeting DB130 11:30am-12:20pm




Game Day Danvers DB129 10:00am-1:00pm SGA Japan Fundraiser 11:30-3PM Danvers



SGA Japan Fundraiser 10:30-3PM Danvers


Women’s Center Meeting DB130 11:30pm-12:45pm

Program Council Spring Fling Lynn 11:00am-2:30pm Intramural Basketball Lynn 12:00pm-4:00pm




Awards Ceremony Lynn Gym 2:30pm PAC Play “The Government Inspector” Lynn Arts 7:00pm 5



Battle of the Bands Danvers 6:00pm

Performing Arts Play “The Government Inspector” Lynn Arts 3:00pm-7:00pm 7




19 Pennon Meeting DB208 & LE307 2:00pm-3:00pm






Game Day Danvers DB129 10:00am1:00pm

Program Council Spring Fling Danvers 11:00am2:30pm Day Classes End


Green Symposium Lynn 12PM






Important Numbers

CONNECTING ALL DEPARTMENTS: Lynn: (781) 593-6722 Danvers: (978) 762-4000 Beverly Cummings Center (978) 236-1200



3 Veterans Services and Career Fair Lynn Gym 3:00pm-6:00pm


Math & Writing Lab Lynn x6254 Danvers x5417 Hawthorne x1544 Computer Lab Lynn x6296 Danvers x5569


Lynn (781) 477-2133 Danvers (978) 762-4000 x.5526

Book Store

Lynn (781) 477-2127 Danvers (978) 762-4046

Weather Hotline (978) 762-4200



Events are Subject to Change


Commencement Salem State University

NSCC Spring 2011 Schedule Day Classes End May 13, 2011

Evening classes end May 16, 2011

Final Exam period, day classes . . . . . . . May 16, 2011 to May 18, 2011 Commencement no evening classes (4 p.m. and later) . . May 26, 2011

Memorial Day - no classes . . . . . . . . . . . May 30, 2011

Summer Session One: Six-week session dates . . . . . . . . May 23, 2011 to Jun 30, 2011

Deadline to withdraw and receive 100% refund of tuition/fees . . . . . . . May 26, 2011 Deadline to change from audit to credit or credit to audit . . Jun 2, 2011 Bunker Hill Day no classes . . . . . . . . Jun 17, 2011

Last day to drop a course or withdraw from the college with "W" grade . . . Jun 18, 2011

Low enrolled courses canceled for Session One:Sixweek session . . . . . . May 19, 2011 Session One: Sixweek session dates . May 23, 2011 to Jun 30, 2011



There are students who come to this school and some-

Faces in the Hall: become an integral part of this school in so many ways – a true “face in the hall.” Sometimes though, there are those who

Jill Sabina performing “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston

how, they are just always around. You see them hanging out in the Recreation Room, they take tons of classes, and for a couple of years, they have

enter this school from out of nowhere, immediately illuminating their surroundings, and leaving everyone to wonder just how far they will go. They come

Jill Sabina into our lives and are gone before we know it. Jill Sabina is graduating this May, and has so much to look ahead to. Already a leader during her high school years, Sabina was a cantor for her quire at Austin Prep. Later, at Providence College, she sang the National Anthem on two occasions. Most recently, she won second place in the NSCC Talent Show for singing the song “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston. When Sabina came to this school as a new student, she didn’t know a single person. She credits her speech class, with instructor Yusef Hayes, for “giving her a whole different outlook. The people in that class were so supportive,” she said. After graduation, Sabina plans on going to one of three schools: UMass Amherst, Salem State University, or the University of New Hampshire. When she hears back from them and decides, she plans on majoring in Business, and of course, will be involved in whatever singing groups or competitions that they have to offer. “Somehow, I will definitely be incorporating music into my

Jill Sabina and Talent Show announcer Richard Joseph future,” she said. Sabina should have no problem This summer, Sabina continuing successfully on will be auditioning for whatever path she chooses. American Idol. If Randy, When you also take into account her humility and her genuine, Steven, and J Lo like what they caring heart, you will agree that hear, she could actually begin a career in music, sooner than she she deserves all the success that thinks. comes her way. Sabina is most grateful for having her family with her every step of the way. Besides her parents, she has a brother and a sister. “People always need others to stand by them,” she said. “Family is everything to me.” Someone as talented as

NSCC May 2011 Pennon  

The May 2011 issue of the Pennon. The North Shore Community College student newspaper.

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