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Obama’s Meanest Streets

By James W. Porter II, NRA President


he Chicago Crime Commission has named the head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, as the city’s “Public Enemy Number 1.” At the same time, President Barack Obama brought his gun-ban road show to Chicago citing the daily bloodletting on the meanest streets in America with 502 murders last year as a reason for pushing his agenda on the rest of America. Centered around “universal background checks,” his scheme creates national gun owner registration— the key to future confiscation. Obama’s gun-ban nightmare for Americans is also the top item on the agenda of his political campaign turned presidential grassroots-lobby, Organizing for Action (OFA), with its highly sophisticated 15 million member political contributor list, cranking out emails demanding his “commonsense” gun-ban restrictions. Americans are being told we must pay the price—with our loss of Second Amendment rights and liberty—for Chicago’s obscene daily grind of violence fed by a Mexican world-class bandit. So who is Chicago’s new Public Enemy Number 1? Guzman is a billionaire Mexican crime boss operating one of the world’s biggest criminal profit centers from his base in Sinaloa, Mexico. According to a profile: “It is estimated that El Chapo controls at least 60,000 square km (23,000 square miles of rugged mountains in Sinaloa and Durango. You’d need 100,000 soldiers surrounding the area and even then I’m not sure you’d succeed [in capturing him].” That’s the number of street gang “soldiers” Guzman has in Chicago alone. If Guzman’s nickname trans-

lates to “Shorty,” his army of armed gang criminals are called “shorties.” A June 20, 2013, Guardian Express article says: “The cartel is primarily involved in the smuggling and distribution of Colombian cocaine, Mexican marijuana, methamphetamine and Southeast Asian/Mexican heroin into the United States. “From their location in [Chicago’s] ‘Little Village,’ the Cartel wholesales their drugs to local street gangs. The city of Chicago has documented over 120,000 gang members. One gang, ‘The Gangster Disciples,’ works with the Cartel. From this location alone, they distribute two metric tons a month.” February 18, 2013 coverage of this public enemy said Guzman “is responsible for up to 90 percent of all the drugs on the street, bringing in over $1.8 billion in ill-gotten cash.” NBC News toutedthe president’s “push for stricter gun laws” reporting “Obama pointedtorecent incidences of violence, including the murder of Hadiya Pendleton,the Chicago teen who was gunned down shortly after performing withclassmates in Obama’s second inaugural parade.” But described the senseless truth about that 15-year-old girl’s tragic death:“The real public enemy No.1 in Chicago has 100,000 young faces. It is these shorties who are committing most of the mayhem in the city... In the Pendleton case, two young men from the SUWU gang were allegedly seeking retribution for attacks by members of the 46Terror gang. The two SUWU shorties opened fire on what they mistook for rival shorties in a park, huddled under a canopy during a rainstorm.

The targets were in fact a group of eminently blameless teens who had just taken final exams.There was no shelter from the bullets, and Pendleton fell fatally wounded.” There isn’t one single thing in the Obama-Bloomberg “commonsense” agenda that would have prevented this senseless crime. Yet there are three powers possessed by the president that might have prevented her death: enforcement of felony provisions of federal firearm laws that can be used to surgically remove armed criminals, gang members and drug dealers from society. Prison terms under those laws are harsh and certain. But Chicago ranks 90th—at the very bottom of U.S. federal judicial districts for prosecution. Then there are racketeering statutes that could root out gang power. And there is closing the southern border to cartel drug smugglers, something the administration refuses to do. As the president and his minions refuse to enforce ample laws against Guzman’s army in Chicago, the daily toll in death and mayhem, and in fear and terror for ordinary Chicagoans, simply drones on. The Second Amendment and law-abiding Americans are not the blame for this carnage. The blame lies with those who are not aggressively attacking criminals and getting them off the street for good.

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CAMP PERRY 2013 by Lars Dalseide, Manager, NRA GO Marketing & Media Relations

Port Clinton, Ohio The 2013 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships came to life this summer at the Ohio National Guard Base known as Camp Perry. Renowned as the “World Series of Shooting Sports”, the National Championships bring the best shooters on earth to this seldom seen Ohio town – and some it brings to their knees. Resting on the banks of Lake Erie, the Championships are divided into six separate events; Pistol, Smallbore 3-Position, Smallbore Prone, High Power, High Power Mid-Range and High Power Long Range. Each had their champions, each had their heartbreaks and each were nothing less than thrilling. Most of the winners were new. Joseph Hall took the Smallbore 3-Position title, Brandon Keith Green won High Power, Mid-Range went to David Tubb and Tryel Cooper became the Long Range champ. While Tubb could be labeled as a returning champion given that more than a dozen NRA trophies rest upon his mantle, the Mid-Range event is new so his win is as well. Some of the championships were blowouts while others were razor thin. Pistol falls in the blowout category as Top Shot All-Star Brian Zins went on to win his 12th overall title by an astounding 16 points. High Power and Long Range were as tight as tight could be. Cooper’s win in Long Range went down to the Xs. He with 71 while his teammate, 4 • nra sports magazine • Fall 2013

Green ended up with 64. For those of you unfamiliar with the NRA scoring system, an X is basically a bullseye. Worth ten points, the X-ring is a tiny circle inside the ten ring. Also worth 10 points, it’s that extra bit of separation officials use to determine the winner. Such a tie-breaking system was not available in High Power. When all was said and done on the High Power Rifle stage, Brandon Keith Green was tied with 10-time High Power champ Carl Bernosky. So they went to the Xs. The only problem was that they were also tied in the X count. Standing at 2384-126x each, officials employed a distance system. High Power is a combination of matches shot at a variety of distances. To break the tie, officials first went to the matches shot at 600 yards. Green had 35, Bernosky had 34 and Green had the win. Now Camp Perry has gone quiet. Competitors have returned home, returned to work and their every day lives. But those efforts and accomplishments produce more than just memories. For some, like this year’s Smallbore 3-Position Rifle champ Joseph Hall, his drive to succeed at Camp Perry created an opportunity to flourish. “There is no limit to where this sport can take you,” said Hall. “I’ve seen more places than most people have read about. This sport has taken me everywhere I’ve wanted to go and beyond. College scholarships, my job (with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit), and now this. “I will never be able to give back as much as the sport has given me.”

Arizona Highpower

by Peter Lawless, Event Support Coordinator, NRA Field Operations

Arizona Junior Team Rattles the Competition at Camp Perry Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team. You may not have heard of them, but at the Camp Perry National Trophy Matches they need no introduction. Team Director Tom Kirby writes, “We are proud to say that the Arizona Junior Rifle Team program has trained several hundred young rifle shooters over the last 25 years … We are one of the most decorated and respected teams in the CMP’s cache of Junior Rifle teams. I believe we run a well-respected and responsible program that represents the NRA, CMP, ASRPA, our sponsors, and associates with honor and respect. We are proud to be part of the NRA.” As Baseball Hall-of-Famer Dizzy Dean used to say, “It ain’t braggin’if ya can back it up.” And the Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team can more than back up their claim to fame. Tyler Rico – firing member from 2007 to 2012 – became the youngest marksman to earn the coveted Distinguished Rifleman Badge at age 13, and currently holds several national records and more accolades than could be listed here. It is no surprise that Tyler was a natural pick for appointment to the US Air Force Academy. Alexandrea Provine and Joey Kendrick, both accomplished former members of the team, have also accepted appointments to West Point and the Naval Academy, respectively. Alexandrea is also an alumna of the NRA Youth Education Summit, an expense-paid leadership week for high school juniors and seniors held annually in Washington, DC. Apart from the individual accomplishments of the junior shooters, Arizona Junior High Power has proven itself to be a tenacious team to compete against. Team accomplishments in recent years include several awards for top placement among the Junior teams in

Infantry Team Trophy (a fast-paced service rifle match popularly known as The Rattle Battle) and earning medals in the Whistler Boy Junior Team Match. And that’s just the National Matches. The list of regional and local match trophies goes on and on. And it takes more than good marksmanship to earn your place on the team. All members are required to sign a code of conduct that applies both on and off the range and maintain good grades in school. According to Kirby, “We are not all about winning at any cost; we are more concerned about building character, teamwork and leadership skills and other important attributes that our kids will need to be successful in their future endeavors.” However, Kirby attributes his team’s success to the quality of the teenagers in his program. Attitude has just as much a place as aptitude on the team. Still, while any High Power competitor will tell you that discipline and character are paramount, you can’t do much without a good rifle, ammunition, and equipment. Thankfully, Friends of NRA grants have allowed Arizona Junior High Power to field their team with the best gear and supplies on the market, from Creedmoor shooting coats to Kowa spotting scopes to Krieger barrels and match-grade ammunition components. It comes back to the grassroots fundraising efforts of Friends that have given programs like the Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team the equipment and the opportunity to make their mark in shooting sports history. To the volunteers that make programs like this possible, good work. And if you find yourself competing against Arizona Junior High Power, good luck. Fall 2013 • NRA Sports MAGAZINE • 5

2013 Isaacs Challenge Winners The Isaacs Challenge is made possible by the generous donation of the Isaacs family to The NRA Foundation. The Isaacs Challenge Program is designed to encourage individuals to expand their shooting experience and clubs to expand their available programs by providing an incentive to compete in several different shooting events in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. There are individual and NRA club awards with the Isaacs Challenge Program. In the individual award category there is an award rifle for the individual who achieves the most Distinguished Expert (DE) ratings in a calendar year and also the Isaacs Challenge Certificate for each individual who achieves three or more Distinguished Expert ratings in a calendar year. The 2013 winner A. Futro achieved 3 Distinguished Experts Ratings in one calendar year his third

and final DE was achieved on August 13 2012. Mr. Futro will be receiving as an award for his achievement a Henry .22 Lever Action Rifle. The Isaacs Challenges NRA Club Award is for NRA Clubs that have the most Distinguished Expert Ratings earned in one of three categories: rifle, pistol or shotgun in a calendar year. They are as follows: Rifle Centennial State Shooting Club in Aurora, Colorado with 13 Rifle l DE’s

Pistol Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club of Cheyenne,Wyoming with 28 DE’s.

Shotgun Paradise Rod & Gun Club Inc., Paradise California with 3 DE’s

2013 NRA National Matches Junior Smallbore Camp By Russ & Vickie Evans What a sight to see! 72 junior smallbore shooters between the ages of 12 and 18 filled all 72 firing points on Petrarca Range at Camp Perry, Ohio. The NRA National Matches Junior Smallbore Camp finished another successful season in July, 2013. The line was once again the supervision and trained eye of 17 NRA certified smallbore coaches. As a matter of fact, this year’s coaching staff had over 171 years of coaching on Petrarca Range at this camp. The juniors consisted of 43 young men and 29 young women from 18 different states. There were 50 new campers this year and 22 campers were repeats who came again for more great instruction. The camp is held each summer at Camp Perry, Ohio during the National Outdoor Championships. Supported by the NRA, as well as the CMP and the Ohio National Guard, all provide significant resources for a successful camp experience for the participants. The range is a beautiful covered range that lends itself to conducting a smallbore camp. Along with the 72 covered firing points, it offers protection from the weather as well having room for a classroom and office. Junior Smallbore Camp began in the mid 1980s when the range was built and has been a perennial favorite of junior shooters in the years since. Many juniors have been campers for a few years and then moved onto the National Matches down on the “big line”. The weeklong camp provides ample shooting time


as well as covering topics geared to increasing the shooter’s skill level. Presentations are given about each of the shooting positions such as 100 yard shooting and sight in, nutrition, exercise, goal setting, mental training, positive attitude, scoring your target, and rifle care and cleaning to name just a few. Each junior works with a certified coach for the week and each coach have an average of 4 to 5 juniors in his coach group. An indication of shooting time allowed for during camp would be the 1200 to 1500 rounds fired by each camper during camp week. The 2014 National Junior Smallbore Camp is scheduled for July 5 through July 10 on Petrarca Range at Camp Perry, Ohio. There are several requirements to attend this intermediate level camp. Each junior must have their own equipment; be between 12 to 18 years of age; have an adult sponsor to supervise them during the off hours from camp; and provide their own housing and meals. They also must have fired in an NRA Junior Position Sectional or JORC match and include a copy of the match results with their score highlighted. Applications for the 2014 camp will be posted online in early March at: Camp has usually filled up by mid-May so be looking for the application if you are an interested junior shooter or the coach of a junior team!


In Competition By Peter Lawless, Event Support Coordinator, NRA Field Operations

Fifteen-year-old Robert McClain of Walkersville, W. Va., won the M16 Excellence In Competition Match at the Small Arms Firing School (SAFS) at Camp Perry, Ohio, on July 28. By the rules of that particular match, competitors fire an AR-15 rifle issued by the Civilian Marksmanship Program at a distance of 200 yards. No special hardware or optics – these rifles are externally identical to a military-issue M16A2. The top 10% of eligible competitors would receive four “leg points” towards the Distinguished Rifleman Badge, the highest individual award authorized by the U. S. Government for excellence in marksmanship. Competitors must accrue 30 leg points to become a Distinguished Rifleman, consequently requiring years of persistence and exceptional skill to earn the title. Over 600 competitors from all over the country attended despite inclement weather that had frequently disrupted SAFS throughout the weekend. “I never got to practice Saturday on account of the weather,” McClain recounts. “And I only had five sighter shots to get myself sorted out just before the match.” The particular rifle was completely new to McClain; he had not handled it until the day of the match. Not only did he not have the rifle sighted in, but it was significantly lighter in weight and had a much heavier trigger mechanism than his personal AR-15 that he uses in competition. Despite his unfamiliarity with the rifle, McClain stayed calm: “I just took my time and squeezed all my shots.” McClain finished the match with a score of 390-4x, just ten points short of a perfect score. He knew he did well, but did not know exactly how well. “I guess everybody knew I won before I did,” commented McClain, “ As I was walking up to the ‘wailing wall’ [scoreboard for the competition] people started asking, ‘Are you Robert McClain?’ and shaking my hand. I was just thinking ‘okay, what’s happening?’” Eventually somebody broke the news to him: he had won the match outright. For his accomplishment,

Robert took home the top prize of a trophy plaque and a Colt AR-15 rifle. He looks forward to competing at the National Matches again next year. After such a great accomplishment at Camp Perry, one can hardly believe that McClain is a rookie competitor, having started shooting with the West Virginia Junior Marksmanship Program (WVJMP) last November. However, he has performed like a seasoned champion since his very first match. WVJMP Coach Dick Whiting writes, “He will be someone to watch as he progresses. I expect him to be classified by NRA as a High Master [97/100 average and above] in less than two years. His first 80 shot match he scored a 776-20X, a High Master score. Outstanding for a new shooter.” WVJMP got its start in 2010 when Whiting and Mike Moore, a former Marine, recognized the need for a special program to help junior shooters in W. Virginia. They started training competitors on air guns and .22 rifles, and then graduated them to High Power once the program acquired a few match-grade AR-15 rifles. By 2011, WVJMP fielded a complete six-man junior team at the National Matches at Camp Perry. The program has only gained popularity since then, and recently WVJMP received a $6,000 grant through the fundraising efforts of Friends of NRA. McClain winn-ing the M16 EIC Match goes to show that investing in the future of the shooting sports has its returns. Coach Whiting claims, “[McClain] is where he is today in large part to the Friends of NRA grant and other sponsors who have kept this program moving forward.” Keep pulling that trigger. We’ll be watching.

Fall 2013 • nra SPOrts MAGAZINE • 7

The 2013 BSA National Jamboree By Larry Quandahl, Manager, NRA Youth Training

After three years of anticipation and planning, July 15, 2013 marked the first day of the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree at the new Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Mount Hope, West Virginia, making it the fifth largest city for ten days in the state of West Virginia. As the sun rose over mountain peaks, 28,500 Scouts and their leaders experienced many incredible and challenging events that have not been offered at Jamborees in the past. Add to this milestone, the fact that youth who are members of BSA’s Venturing program, including young women, could, for the first time in history, participate in events alongside of Boy Scouts. With the numerous pursuits a Scout could choose from, the shooting sports area, also known as “The Barrels & Bows” drew Scouts by the thousands. This year’s Jamboree offered several, first time ever, exciting options for a Scout to select from. Shotgun shooting presented youth the opportunity to sample not only Trap and Five-Stand, breaking clays over a vast, sprawling valley below, but also test their shooting skills with a challenging sporting clays course. Scouts lined up for an entertaining arcade type of duck shooting game, as well as the new “powderball” event where the Scouts shot hard powder balls at moving targets. Standing Rifle and the chance to shoot small bore, high power, .223 caliber at 100 yards or a .308 caliber rifle with electronic scoring was exciting for the enthusiastic participants. Scouts were more than willing to hike up to the ranges for the prospect of shooting pistols, which again is a first-time occurrence for Boy Scouts. The pistol range offered steel plates with .22 caliber pistols or 9mm pistols and electronic targets creating memories that Scouts will talk about for years to come. Along with rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting, Scouts could also enjoy Archery at the Bows. A 3-D walk-around course as well as static archery, long distance archery and sporting arrows challenged the best of shots. The Jamboree Shooting Sports Chair, Richard Heft, stated that “I would like to praise the shooting sports staff and express my gratitude for the time everyone took out of their busy lives and the expense to volunteer at the ranges. They not only successfully accomplished an immense job in providing a safe shooting environment for the Scouts; their expertise provided the Scouts with approximately 100,000 shooting experiences over the 10 days”. Heft also added a “special thank you” to the National Rifle Association on behalf of the BSA, for their donation of training materials and for the hours spent training over 100 shooting sports staff at the Jamboree as NRA Range Safety Officers and NRA Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol Instructors. The NRA’s dedication to the BSA ensured that the Scouts would have a safe shooting experience on thoroughly supervised ranges. As the 2013 Jamboree came to a close and the final shots rang out across “The Barrels & Bows”, Scouts and staff of all ages will always remember the 10 days they spent at The Summit and its first Boy Scout Jamboree. 8 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2013

What is NRA SPORTS? Established in 2013, the NRA Sports Department was developed for NRA members who have a genuine interest in the recreational shooting sports. NRA Sports brings you several programs that appeal to all NRA members, no matter what your interest is. The NRA Sports family of events help recruit, retain and refresh club members. Here are just a few of our programs:

FUN & EXCITEMENT Looking for a way to attract new club members or get a youth program started? Our newest and most exciting program is our NRA Sports 3 Gun Experience (3GE). This program is designed to create a fun shooting event where both kids and adults can learn how to shoot rifle, pistol, and shotgun in either airsoft or .22 in a fun, mildlycompetitive environment. Intended to help ranges reach new shooters, NRA 3GE will maximize the number of participants reached in any given day or weekend event. Set up is easy and there are many affordable options. NRA 3GE is guaranteed to help bring in more revenue to your facility! For more information on how you can host an NRA Sports 3 Gun Event at your club, visit aspx, contact NRA Sports Recreational Shooting at 1-800-672-3888 or email YOUTH ENRICHMENT & HUNTING Is your interest in Hunting? The NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is recognized as the most comprehensive youth hunting program anywhere in North America, and offers a “graduate studies” program in outdoor skills and safety training for young hunters. YHEC is conducted under simulated hunting conditions to provide the best practical environment for reinforcing and testing a young hunter’s skills. From rifle, bow and muzzleloader shooting at life-sized targets, to wildlife identification, to map-and-compass orienteering and more, YHEC participants get handson training in eight skills areas, giving them expertise in all methods of take and all types of game. Interested in hosting your own local or state-level YHEC program, contact NRA Hunter Services to get started today! Visit to find out how to request to host a local event, receive financial assistance, and get materials for your upcoming event! BRING IN NEW MEMBERS Thinking about hosting an Open House at your club this fall, why not make it a Brownells/NRA Day? These events provide adults, youth, families, hunters, sportsmen, competitors - literally everyone - the opportunity to come together under a formal program to learn, experience,


share, and grow in appreciation of the shooting sports. The event themes offered in the program are designed for discovery, including everything from basic shooting to competition, youth activities, hunting skills and everything in between! Register your upcoming event today to get free materials and t-shirts by visiting http:// or email us at WOMENS INTERESTS Women On Target®Instructional Shooting Clinics create more opportunities for women to learn all about firearms, and to gain confidence in newlyacquired shooting skills. Create an environment for women to learn safe firearms handling, safe storage, and hands on experience to learn to shoot. Gain new members and open the door for new shooters. Instructional Shooting Clinics create a family activity that they whole family can enjoy! Free program materials are available. For more information visit Are you a woman looking for fun and firearms? The NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape provides women 18 and older with an eight-day getaway opportunity to gain a firearms education with exposure to a wide variety of shooting sports activities and an array of enticing hunting and outdoor related activities. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, it’s an experience that will prepare you for your next adventure! No experience is necessary, and all firearms and ammunition are provided for you. You’ll learn to shoot smallbore rifle silhouette, scoped/tactical carbine, long range high power rifle, conventional and tactical pistol, historic firearms and shotgun (five-stand). Upon completion of training in the pistol, shotgun and rifle disciplines, attendees earn the NRA FIRST Steps Firearm Certificates. Register for our upcoming program at the NRA’s Whittington Center this fall by visiting http:// Check back in our next issue for more exciting programs brought to you by NRA SPORTS!


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through our Online Instructor Train revamped course takes 12 hours to then you can hold Refuse To Be A V in your community. Great for com neighborhood watches, church grou else who wants to take a proactiv safety. Please watch for this cours on For mo visit us at


Refuse A Victim®, the NRA's efuseToToBeBe A Victim®, theaward-winning NRA’s awardcrime prevention and personal safety program, is winning crime prevention and personal celebrating its 20th year! Over 100,000 people safety program, is celebrating its 20th year! have attended Refuse To Be A Victim seminars Over 100,000 people have attended Refuse To where they have learned everyday tips and Be A Victim seminars where they have learned strategies that they can use to avoid criminal everyday tips and strategies that they can use confrontations. Help spread this important crime to avoid criminal confrontations. spread prevention message by becoming anHelp instructor this through important crime prevention our Online Instructor Training! Themessage newly by becoming an instructor for this nationally revamped course takes 12 hours to complete, and recognized The Instructor Development then youprogram! can hold Refuse To Be A Victim seminars Workshop takes 12 hours to complete, and then in your community. Great for community groups, you neighborhood can hold Refuse Tochurch Be Agroups, Victimand seminars watches, anyone in who wants Great to take for a proactive approach to yourelse community. community groups, safety. Pleasewatches, watch for this course coming soonand neighborhood church groups, on anyone else who wants For to more take information, a proactive visit us at approach to safety. To find an instructor course

near you, please visit For more information, visit

10 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2013

ning! The newly o complete, and Victim seminars mmunity groups, ups, and anyone ve approach to se coming soon ore information,

Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 11

Distinguished Experts We would like to welcome you to the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program — an informal, year round activity that provides incentive awards for the developing and improving of marksmanship skills for everyone! The program is self-paced with highly attainable awards for every level of shooter. The most prestigious level is the Distinguished Expert, and with hard work and dedication you can achieve this nationally recognized award. The NRA would like to congratulate the following shooters as the newest Distinguished Experts.

Triple Distinguished Jered Campbell, Aurora, CO Robert Davis, Aurora, CO Dennis Franklin, Fremont, CA Douglas Hamilton, Sr., Littleton, CO Doug Hamilton, Jr., Littleton, CO Casey Ipema, Littleton, CO Robert Minton, Chico, CA David Tehan, Chico, CA Wayne Ward, Paradise, CA Quincy Winship, Martinez, CA

Double Distinguished Jeff Anderson, Paradise, CA Richard Couk, Paradise, CA Dennis Franklin, Fremont, CA Gary Gervais, Aurora, CO Vincent Herrera, Paradise, CA Kevin Martin, Stroudsburg, PA A. Duane Menefee, Paradise, CA Byron Montague, Pleasant Hill, CA Michael Morrow, Shenandoah, TX Donald Van Putten, Aurora, CO

12 • nra sports magazine • Fall 2013



Jered Campbell, Aurora, CO Michael Congdon, Paradise, CA Robert Davis, Aurora, CO Christopher Errington, Millbury, MA Chris Loyer, Centennial, CO Robert Minton, Chico, CA Kevin Morris, Montville, NJ Quincy Winship, Martinez, CA

Gregory Acosta, Chino Valley, AZ Joshua Anderson, Toledo, OH Jerry Brandon, Hurst, IL Earl Brigham, Snohomish, WA Matthew Brigham, Snohomish, WA Lance Brunner, Clark, NJ Christina Cassel, Fuquay Varina, NC Shelton Chun, Los Angeles, CA Ronald Damiani, Pottstown, PA Paul Desgravise, Brighton, MI K. DeWitte, St. Louis, MO Terry Floyd, Gainesville, GA Brenda Gossett, Buford, GA Drew Griffin, Holly Springs, NC William Haas, Boulder, CO Lee Halverson, Clayton, CA Ray Heyde, Denton, TX Dan Highley, Greenfield, OH Cathy Hill, Tucson, AZ Jeffrey Homan, Blanchester, OH Nathan Hyatt, Dayton, OH Casey Ipema, Littleton, CO M. Lasater, St. Louis, MO Al Mabanag, Clayton, CA Leslie Mamrosh, Winter Haven, FL Lonnie Marchbanks, Von Ormy, TX Byron Montague, Pleasant Hill, CA Michael Morrow, Shenandoah, TX Michael O’Hare, Anaheim, CA Eric Replinger, Lone Tree, CO Ronald Savioni, Clayton, CA Antoni Scott, Mount Bethel, PA Therom Scott, De Soto, IL Milton Sick, Dublin, OH James Stephen Shi, Alto, GA Adam Smith, Anthem, AZ Glen Stevens, Arvada, CO Sean Thompson, Raleigh, NC Stephanie Trapasso, Redwood Valley, CA Donna Vandermolen, Conroe, TX Addie Waxman, Nampa, ID Jann Williams, Brighton, MI Bruce Winship, Clayton, CA Christopher Soohoo, Clayton, CA Soo Yu, Clayton, CA Mark Zimmerman, Thun, Switzerland

Rifle Jeff Anderson, Paradise, CA Tom Bryant, Chico, CA Richard Couk, Paradise, CA Dennis Franklin, Fremont, CA Gary Gervais, Aurora, CO Douglas Hamilton, Sr., Littleton, CO Doug Hamilton, Jr., Littleton, CO Vincent Herrera, Paradise, CA Cindy Keel-White, Paradise, CA Kevin Martin, Stroudsburg, PA A. Duane Menefee, Paradise, CA Dolores Sparre, Paradise, CA Thor Sparre, Paradise, CA David Tehan, Paradise, CA Donald Van Putten, Aurora, CO Ronald Walker, Bellefonte, PA Wayne Ward, Paradise, CA Quincy Winship, Martinez, CA

NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award By Claudia Olsen, Co-Op Programs Coordinator, NRA Youth Training Second Place: Jared Hill

The winner of this year’s NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award is: Allie J.Taschuk from Andover, MN.

Third Place : Dillon Ward

The NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award recognizes junior shooters who best meet the standards of excellence in both the shooting sports and educational achievements. Requirements include: outstanding academic achievement, completion of an NRA Firearm Training Course, participation in a Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program and submission of an essay on:

“What the Shooting Sports has Taught Me” Allie is a sophomore at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas where she is part of the Women’s Rifle Team, a Division I rifle team. At the age of fourteen, Allie joined a junior rifle team and began competing. She has competed in matches all the way to Junior Olympics and the Olympic trials. After all the hard work she puts in with school and the countless hours of practice required to be able to compete at a national level Allie still finds time to volunteer and help people in her community. To quote Allie,

“I believe community service should be done without an expectation for acknowledgment and praise, instead solely based on the desire to give of one’s self for the benefit of others. There are many things throughout the community that I prefer to do anonymously and without recognition as I believe that is the best way to give selflessly.”

Second place winner is: Jared Hill from Salem, NJ. Jared is a member of not only a Royal Rangers shooting group but also participates in the 4-H and has shot in numerous national competitions. When he is not practicing his sport he is out spreading the word about the importance of our 2nd Amendment rights and attending events to teach youth all about the shooting sports. Third place winner is: Dillon Ward from Nacogdoches, TX. Dillon was the youngest youth to ever compete in the Colorado YHEC which started his career in the shooting sports. He is not only a competitive shooter he also ropes almost as well as he shoots. Ward was part of the National High School Rodeo’s Shoot program where he also competed in team roping. He still visits his local 4-H group were he presents to the new members what the NRA and the shooting sports have to offer them.

Fall 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 13

NRA-Institute for Legislative Action Federal Update On April 17th 2013, the United States Senate rejected a gun control agenda that President Obama has adopted as his own over the last few months, but to which other gun control supporters have bitterly clung for years: banning an everlengthening list of semi-automatic firearms, banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and expanding background check requirements to require government permission for many transfers of firearms among private citizens. Within minutes of the Senate’s votes, which one political commentator called the “biggest loss” of Obama’s presidency, the President theatrically stood beside a prominent crime victim and several family members of other victims in the Rose Garden, beginning his comments in a somber tone, so that the anger to which he would dramatically build over the next 13 minutes would, in contrast, appear more sincere. Obama should not have been surprised by what happened on Capitol Hill, however. A CBS poll in March showed that support for gun control had dropped 10 points since December and a Gallup poll in April showed that only 4% of Americans believed that “guns/gun control” is the biggest problem facing the country. Obama--whom The Washington Post gave Three Pinocchios for lying about the background check issue--also claimed that “the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the [background checks] bill” by saying it would implement gun registration. What the NRA had said is that a report from the National Institute of Justice concluded that requiring background checks on otherwise private firearms transfers would be “ineffective” without requiring

14 • nra sports magazine • Fall 2013

gun registration. That was not a “lie.” It was, and is, a fact. The bill Obama wanted to see pass was S. 649, by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the “universal background checks” provisions of which came from Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). Because Schumer’s legislation was too severe to have any chance of passage, Senators Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), along with Schumer, proposed a compromise amendment in the hope of winning additional votes. However, the amendment was riddled with pitfalls for gun owners, and even some potentially pro-gun provisions added to sweeten the pot were inherently flawed. The amendment fell four votes short of the 60 that were required for passage under a rule the Senate adopted to avoid a filibuster. That enraged Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who, when she rose to introduce her amendment to ban “assault weapons” and “large” magazines, accused the Senate of cowardice. Refusing to stop speaking after her allotted two minutes had expired, Feinstein ranted about the Senate’s 60-vote rule, knowing she would not get 60 votes but apparently believing that she would get at least 51, which under other circumstances would have enabled her to claim victory. One can only wonder what she must have thought when her gun and magazine ban was rejected 40-60. Perhaps she held hope that Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s amendment to ban only the magazines would fare differently, but it too went down to defeat, 46-54. An NRA-supported amendment by Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), to reduce law enforcement grant funding to states that publish the names of firearm permit hold-

ers, was approved. Unfortunately, three NRA-supported amendments fell shy of the 60 votes necessary for passage. Obama, near the conclusion of his remarks in the Rose Garden, said the defeat of gun control in the Senate was only “Round One,” and vowed that “This effort is not over.” Indeed, it’s not over. We can promise the president that our effort to protect and fully vindicate the rights of good Americans to keep and bear arms for self-defense and other legitimate purposes will continue as long as those rights are attacked. Gun owners and other Americans who support their rights have come together like never before, letting their elected representatives know that they stand in support of the Second Amendment, and against taking away people’s rights under the false rationale that all Americans should lose some rights because of the misdeeds of madmen and criminals. We will not abandon that noble cause. Senate Majority Leader Reid has pulled S. 649 from the floor for the time being, but will almost assuredly bring it back in the future. And today, there are reports that Obama will soon announce further unilateral gun control actions by the executive branch. For now, please contact your Senators, confidently expressing your support for their pro-Second Amendment votes, and respectfully expressing your dissatisfaction with their anti-gun votes. In other words, prepare for round two. For more information, please visit

New Shooting Range Opens in Middle Tennessee By Jon C. White, Strategic Edge Inc.

A brand new outdoor shooting club is becoming the hot topic of conversation for a good number of middle Tennessee gun and hunting enthusiasts.

The Strategic Edge Inc. gun range officially opened its doors and began accepting membership applications on July 4th of this year, answering the prayers and imaginings of rifle and handgun shooters all across Tennessee’s substantial sized mid-region. Firing range co-owners Tony Shankle and Chris White said that they wanted to provide a safe and comprehensive shooting facility for hobbyists, hunters, competitors and those interested in self-protection to practice their shooting skills and obtain specialized training without having to travel long distances. “I think it’s fair to say that we have built the best shooting facility in middle Tennessee”, said Tony Shankle who also emphasized the lack of shooting facilities that support long-range precision rifle shooting in Tennessee. Boasting a covered rifle range with substantially safe sized earthen berms and 100, 300, and 500 yard shooting positions as well as a 4 position 1000 yard range with a video target verification system (VTVS) along with two auto-nomous 50 yard pistol/carbine ranges, members have a wide variety of infrastructure to keep them challenged. A wide array of introductory and advanced level training courses are also available from its staff, some of whom also work as defense contractors who specialize in tactical CQC training for elite U.S. and foreign allied combat units. For comfort and convenience, members have access to an airconditioned lounge with clean restroom facilities, classroom and a retail counter offering a variety of shooting and tactical accessories, ammunition,

targets, as well as hearing and eye protection. Members get their own access codes to the gated entry and secure building for a 7 day a week, daylight to dark shooting experience unlike anything else within 100 miles. In the short time that Strategic Edge Gun Range has been open, they are well on their way to filling its first-phase membership goal of 500 members. The owners plan to enlarge the facility and add several other components once their phase one goals are met then increase the membership numbers once the facility can be enlarged to support the additional numbers. If you are living in the middle Tennessee area and interested in joining the Strategic Edge Gun Range, you can find the range on Hwy 270 between Chapel Hill and Shelbyville, Tennessee or contact them from their web site at

Fall 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 15

Shooting Sports Payments Package Payment Alliance International (PAI) is the endorsed merchant services provider for the NRA’s Business Alliance, Clubs and Associations. PAI will reduce your credit card processing costs while helping to support the association. Program Benefits n Rates starting at 0.75% n Gun Friendly credit and debit card processing n Website credit card and check processing n Mobile payment solutions for gun shows n NRA, NSSF, NASGW and SASS endorsed n Experts who truly understand your business n Easy integration with and’s check out system n NEW! 3 and 6 month deferred payment plan with up front and guaranteed funding n Digital Donations program that gives back to the NRA

Payment Alliance International and the NRA are proud to serve and protect your 2nd amendment rights For more information or to receive a no obligation rate review please call: 866.371.2273 Opt. 1 or email us at Payment Innovations for a Changing World. 16 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2013

NRA SS-0413

© 2013 Payment Alliance International, Inc. All rights reserved. PAI is a trademark of Payment Alliance International, Inc. Other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner.

Defending S

























the Second Amendment Stroud; President, at the Local Level David Texas State Rifle Association As the leader of the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), I oftentimes reflect upon previous issues of NRA publications seeking guidance on national issues in our fight for defending the Second Amendment that easily translate at the local level. While re-reading NRA President James W. Porter II’s column in the August issue of American Rifleman, NRA’s Commitment to Liberty’s Friends, I was reminded of the important role that each of us plays in our fight for gun ownership rights at all levels. Like many of my fellow Texans, I am proud of the rich heritage and liberty that my state has earned through the sacrifices made by men and women committed to the ideals of freedom from intrusive forces. If you were to read the history of Texas, as that of many states across our Republic, you would quickly learn that our beginnings very much parallel those of the United States through the sacrifices of men and women who were devoted to freeing themselves from the tyranny of a limitless government. And while we are proud of our state’s legacy - earned through the efforts of our forefathers such as Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, William B. Travis, and countless others - at no time in our history has our commitment to those ideals been more important than it is today. Contrary to popular beliefs romanticized through endless stories in words and pictures, Texas is not the ‘Wild West’ many believe it to be. With an ever-expanding population of nearly 30 million people, we are front and center in the political battles being waged in Washington. We control major ports of entry into the country by land, air, and ocean. Our state is a leader in technology, medicine, and energy production. Truth be told, we could very easily return to a Republic and sustain ourselves if needed, protecting the lives of our families and property through our God-given right to bear arms. But while each of these deeply embedded strengths give us the resolve to forge ahead, they also present significant challenges to all of us as we work to secure these invaluable resources. Make no mistake about it, national battles for the heart and soul of our nation

are being waged on local turf - here and everywhere. There are factions, within Washington and in our state, interested in restricting the rights and ruling the inhabitants of OUR Republic. As these groups race down the path of creating a collectivist society ruled by a centralized base of power - one of their biggest fears is the inability to control an armed population. And while there are no certainties that any group of freedom fighters can stop overwhelming forces, history shows us that an unarmed population is easily crushed into subservience under the weight of an overbearing government. That is why it is critical for all of us to be involved, not only at the national level in our continued battle to protect our Second Amendment Rights, but at the state level as well. From humble beginnings in 1919, the Texas State Rifle Association has grown to become the largest affiliate of the National Rifle Association at the local level. Representing more than 40 thousand members, our organization is on the front lines of our continued fight to not only maintain our rights as Americans, but in protecting our rich heritage and history for future generations. As the standard bearer for Second Amendment Rights in the State of Texas, we employ a full-time lobbyist in Austin whose job it is to make sure that the interests of our members are fairly represented on the political battlefield - while allowing us to fight against those whose interests are against freedom. Having our own lobbyist on staff also provides valuable relief to our partners at the NRA to work in other states that do not have as strong an Association as the TSRA. And to be clear, we are an organization that has tirelessly and proudly worked across party lines in promoting Second Amendment rights for all citizens. As an example, in this most recent legislative session, we worked hand-in-hand with representatives from across our state to pass a record number of pro-gun bills. But our work is not done, the work of preserving freedom is never done. As we look to the future, there are unforeseen challenges that we will face,

but there are also limitless opportunities. Through the continued efforts of the TSRA and our members, we ARE making a difference every day. Not only are we drawing lines and establishing bulkheads on the political battlefield, but we are making a difference in communities across our state through efforts and programs you would never hear about through traditional news channels. Through the TSRA Foundation and a partnership with Midway USA and The Potterfield Foundation, we provide education to people of all ages in how to safely handle firearms. Our Youth Shooting Sports Program is designed to introduce shooting sports to youths in a safe environment. Local shooting organizations and events are sponsored by the TSRA across our state on an almost daily basis. And above all else, we are continuing to develop new programs that will help us to expand awareness of the works we do and bring new members into the fold as we build a secure future for our members, and citizens across this great land. The path to freedom is navigated by a never-ending commitment to our principles. At the TSRA, we are committed to our mutual journey down that path and will continue to provide the guiding light on treacherous and sometimes uncertain roads. But we cannot do it alone. As a member of the NRA, you have taken a significant step in securing the future for us all through your belief in the Second Amendment. My challenge to you is that you take the next step by joining us, or your local affiliate of the National Rifle Association, as we continue to work in securing our heritage and freedoms for future generations.

Fall 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 17

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18 • nra sports magazine • Summer 2013

By Kyle Lairemore, Mid-Missouri Outdoor DreamExecutive Director

Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream is a non-profit organization which has been in existence since 2000 and is based out of Owensville, Missouri. The mission of the organization is to provide youth the opportunity to experience the outdoors, give them life long memories, education and the tools needed to adopt a lifestyle that includes hunting, fishing, shooting, and love for the outdoors. The organization supplies the opportunity to all youth in the area by providing the equipment needed to learn safe gun handling and shooting techniques/skills. The activities provided through our program are: air rifle and pistol, small-bore rifle and pistol,shotgun, muzzleloader, archery and hunter education/firearm safety. Providing many programs for youth has created a very successful 4-H and FFA Shooting Sports Program. Shooting two nights per week in two different shifts, there is a waiting list of youth that want to participate, but we know how many we can handle each night. We only take a certain number of shooters per shift, because if you have too many, then shooters are just waiting around rather than shooting. Since we don’t have members we found it’s easier to seek out other groups or organizations such as 4-H, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, which do have members to sponsor events and programs. We have the advantage of having good equipment for the kids to shoot, thanks to the Friends of NRA grants and also an indoor range which allows us to shoot year round. The recent purchase of property will allow us to have a headquarters and the ultimate goal is to build a shooting sports facility which will include an indoor and outdoor rifle/pistol range, archery range and shotgun ranges (trap, skeet and sporting clays). We currently shoot air rifle, air pistol and archery at our indoor range twice a week, smallbore rifle and pistol

at the local gun club during the summer months as well as shotgun throughout the year. We also host our Annual Mid-Missouri Dream Hunters Special Needs Youth and Disabled Veteran Deer Hunt as well as assisting with the Annual Governors Youth Turkey Hunt. Other events we host or assist with include National Wild Turkey Federation JAKES, Wheelin’ Sportsmen or Women in the Outdoors Events, outdoor events sponsored by Quail Forever and Civilian Marksmanship Program rifle camps. We also have a cargo trailer which is used as our mobile outdoor education center when we travel to different locations hosting outdoor education or firearm safety events. Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream just recently purchased property with the long term goal of developing a shooting sports facility which will be used for all shooting disciplines as well as organization events and programs. “Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream and NRA have provided me with the opportunity to participate in shooting sports activities and I can’t wait to get to the range each week. I wish there was a program like this in every school, so more kids could participate.” —Youth Shooter “I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights and I have these rights due to the hard work of the NRA and local organizations like Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream that are out there teaching youth the right way to handle a firearm and giving them the opportunity to participate in shooting sports activities that many groups are trying to take away from us.” —Parent of Youth Shooter “I think it is important to teach these kids how to respect firearms, how to properly handle a firearm and how fun it is to get out and shoot guns. Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream does just that, their number one focus Fall 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 19

and rule is firearm safety, but then it all revolves around the kids just getting out and having fun shooting. Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream isn’t just about shooting, their mission is also about outdoor education, wildlife, hunting and fishing. They host hunting events for special needs youth and disabled veterans, giving them an opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors when they might not normally have the ability to do so on their own. It is very rewarding to be a part of an organization like Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream, helping with the many programs/events and seeing the smiles on all the kids faces. Thanks to the Friends of NRA and the grants we’ve received we have the equipment needed

to provide these opportunities to kids to shoot. We need more organizations like Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream and NRA out there to help teach, support and protect our freedoms.” Organization Leader

For more information or questions about our programs or would like to participate or volunteer please contact: Kyle Lairmore Mid-Missouri Outdoor Dream – Executive Director 1701 Pigg Hollow Rd. Owensville, MO 65066 or (573) 291-9147

Ammo Alley – Hartsburg, MO Summer time is trigger time in the state of Missouri as Ammo Alley hosts the Show-Me State Games. Every July, Missouri holds an Olympic-style sports festival with more than 40 sports for all ages and ability levels. In addition to the summer games, the appropriately named Show-Me State Games (SMSG) offers events throughout the year to promote health, fitness, family and fun. The shooting portion of the SMSG’s consists of five shooting events; Indoor Silhouette Pistol, IndoorYouth Small Bore Rifle and Indoor Modified Practical Pistol Completion are held at Ammo Alley Indoor Range facilities near Jefferson City, MO. There are two other shooting events, Muzzle-loading, Skeet and Trap hosted at Prairie Grove Shotguns Range, near Columbia, Mo. Youth participation has been the centerpiece of the Show-Me 20 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2013

Games shooting events. The Youth Small Bore Rifle event was added based on a program that Ammo Alley had already been hosting and is now a cornerstone of the games. Youth now also participate in both handgun events during the games, of course with proper adult supervision. “We have seen an increase in young shooters every year. Many are the case of younger siblings, but also

lots of new faces”, said Mr. Alley. “Not to neglect the adults that come out and participate, I just really love to see young shooters so excited and eager to get involved in the shooting sports.” Ammo Alley intends to continue hosting the Show-Me State Games, so long as they continue promotion and expansion of youth interest in shooting sports.

Safari summer school in Central Oregon By Gary Lewis, High Desert Outdoorsman

It’s for moments like this a hunter carries a double rifle. In the meager shade, a lion stood... yellow eyes focused on the object of its hatred. Keith Kearcher thumbed two cartridges into the twin tubes of a 450/400 Nitro Express double rifle. The lion needed little motivation to charge. “Shooter ready?” shouted Ron Hooper from Cascade Bad Boy Buggies with his foot on the accelerator. A rope ran through a pulley to the cardboard lion. Tied to the back of the all-electric ATV, the two-dimensional lion reached a top speed of 25 miles per hour in about two jumps. The target hurtled toward the shooter from a distance of 40 yards. Kearcher fired, picked up the target again over the top of the front sight and squeezed the trigger again when the lion was 15 feet off his barrel in a cloud of dust. Sunlight streamed through two holes centered between the eyes, less than four inches apart. We called it the Big Bore/Double Rifle Safari Shoot, an invitational event to prepare hunters for safari. Our first event of this type was held at the Central Oregon Shooting Sport Association range, east of Bend two years ago. This year, we decided to employ the cardboard lion, provided by 15-year-old artist Ashley Walker, who spent several days examining pictures, sketching and coloring. How did our shooters do? We counted 53 bullet holes in Walker’s cardboard creation at the end of the day. 24 bullets punched through the kill zones between the eyes and in the heart.

The next test was the walk-through course where the hunters, accompanied by a professional hunter and a teenaged assistant, engaged a swing-out buffalo and a Bill Fockler-designed plywood elephant that stepped out from behind a tall juniper. A pop-up warthog, an in-your-face black mamba, a leopard and a running paper impala finished out the big game portion of the safari. Spencer Tabor, of Central Oregon Sporting Clays, provided his mobile tower for the wingshooting stage. Overall winners were Keith Kearcher and Rick Johns, shooting double rifles and Joe Cullison and myself who carried bolt guns. Joan Hardy from Azalea, OR, took first place in the ladies wingshooting stage with a score of five out of ten targets. Winners took home prizes donated by Bob Rhodes, Carter Cutlery, Leupold, Nosler, COSSA, Big Bore Productions and more. The lessons learned in the junipers were not lost on our party of 21 shooters and two dozen spectators. No matter what rifle you carry – whether you’re planning a two-day deer hunt or a two-month safari – practice, and only practice, will help you make the shots when they count. Gary Lewis is the host of High Desert Outdoorsman and author of John Nosler – Going Ballistic, Black Bear Hunting, Hunting Oregon and other titles. Contact Lewis at

Fall 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 21

What would you do to protect yourself? Did you know the legal implications of being involved in an act of self-defense could cost you as much as $100,000?*

Starting at just $165 per year, Self-defense Insurance provides you with affordable protection if you’re involved in an act of self-defense. Protect yourself and your assets with Self-defense Insurance. Purchase these coverages online:

• Summer • nra sports magazine • Spring 2013 2013 22 •22 nra sports magazine

ArmsCare Plus Instructors Plus Liability Hunt Club Liability

Self-defense Coverage Retired Law Enforcement Self-defense Coverage

*Hayes, Marty, J.D. “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know about Self-defense Law,”Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc., 15 May 2013. NRA Endorsed Property & Casualty Insurance Program is administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC. All coverage descriptions are a summary and not complete descriptions of all terms, exclusions and conditions in the master policy on file at NRA Headquarters. NRA Member dues or contributions are not used for this promotion, program or any other related expenses.

Protect Your Club & Firearm Business with NRA Endorsed Insurance by NRA Endorsed Insurance Program

he NRA Endorsed Insurance program for NRA Business Alliance members and Club Affiliates was born over a dozen years ago with the purpose of making a simple task of securing insurance for clubs and businesses in the firearm industry. The program is administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC—a leader in insurance program administration— and offers a broad range of insurance, from basic coverage for a club’s firearms to million dollar liability coverage for retail operations, and more. Insurance for Club Affiliates One of the key elements to a club’s success is its protection if someone is injured. Securing a liability insurance policy is the surest form of protection. The NRA program offers custom coverage plans depending on the scope of the club’s activities.

shooting competition at another club, participating in a fundraiser, or other normal club activities that occur away from the club premises, the club and its members are covered. Coverage for club activities conducted in other states: General liability coverage applies in the coverage territory which includes the U.S. and its territories, Puerto Rico and Canada. Worldwide coverage applies for an insured, whose home is in the coverage territory, while away for a short time on business. The policy excludes any premises used for the purpose of holding one or more gun or firearm shows. These can be insured separately. Coverage for club members: Coverage includes club members as insureds. This means an individual member, as well as the club, would be defended for allegations of negligence relating to club activities. Coverage for guests: Members are insureds on the club’s policy; however, guests are not covered in the same manner. If a guest using a range injures another person in a shooting exercise, or damages property, the guest causing the injury is likely to be named in a complaint, and because the incident happened on club grounds, the club is also named in the complaint. Under this insurance, the club has protection for the guest’s actions, but the guest is not covered. The same would hold true for a trespasser that is injured on

Club activities occurring away from the club: Coverage is not restricted to activities held just at the club premises. Whether attending a

club property. The club has coverage, the trespasser does not. Insurance for Business Alliance Members The business insurance policy insures the risks of doing business in the firearm industry—protecting businesses that sell and service firearms, FFL holders, firing ranges, firearm instruction businesses, guides and outfitters and gunsmiths.

More than

8,000 Clubs & 2,500

Firearm Businesses insured.

The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program also offers individual property and casualty products including ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance, Gun Collector coverage, Excess Personal Liability, Firearms Instructor Liability, Gun Show Liability, and Self-Defense coverage—many are available for purchase online. For more information or to purchase your insurance, visit or call (877) NRA-3006. Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 23

The NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor Program By Matt Fleming, NRA Hunter Services

The NRA Hunter Clinic Program is designed to give hunters detailed information beyond the basic how-to’s of hunting. The program will expand hunters’ knowledge of hunting, improve their skills specific to the species or discipline they’re interested in, and increase their awareness of safety, responsibility, and ethics. The program is made up of and supported by a corps of dedicated volunteer instructors. The entire clinic program serves to help new and experienced hunters further appreciate the privilege of hunting. As hunters learn more about proper hunting techniques, wildlife management, and defending hunting against the antihunting movement, they will emphasize responsible activities while afield and educate others to do the same. NRA Hunter Clinics provide a method for presenting timely and accurate information the following list contains the topics covered in all NRA Hunter Clinics to maintain consistency and continuity of the information being presented in clinics throughout North America. • Hunter safety, • Gear selection & responsibility hunt preparation • Biology & behavior • Hunting strategies • Natural history • Hunter Marksmanship & management • Field care & tablefare The NRA Hunter Skills Series is a developing library of books on hunting and related activities. For the existing NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor courses available. The following list includes the titles of the books used in the NRA Hunter Clinic Program. • Wild Turkey Hunting • Whitetail Deer Hunting • Western Big Game Hunting

24 • nra sports magazine • Fall 2013


An individual applying for a rating to teach the Western Big Game, Wild Turkey or Whitetail Deer Hunter Clinic must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below: ∙First and foremost, the applicant must possess a strong background in the appropriate hunting topic, or be a professional educator, or a state or provincial hunter education instructor, or wildlife professional. ∙Applicants must also be 21 years of age or older. ∙Having met those requirements, all must satisfactorily complete an NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor Training course for their desired topic(s). Training can be completed by either a correspondence course or by the endorsement of the NRA Hunter Skills Training Counselor at a training session. ∙The applicant must then successfully complete the appropriate NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor application and examination with a score of 90% or higher. ∙Finally, the applicant must submit the application with the proper processing fee of $35.00 for NRA members and $45.00 for non-members, per instructor certification rating, for two years of certification. *All processing fees are non-refundable. For additional information contact:

NRA Hunter Services Hunter Clinic Instructor Program 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (703) 267-1516 or email:

The 2013 NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) By Matt Fleming, NRA Hunter Services

10 miles SW of Raton on Hwy 64, New Mexico, happens to be the address of the NRA’s world renowned shooting facility, The NRA Whittington Center. The center is a 33,300 acre shooting and wilderness paradise with over 30 shooting ranges. Any type of shooting imaginable can be had here, from sporting clays and skeet to the 1000 yard high power rifle range and everything in between. This year’s YHEC showcased 303 of the country’s best youth shooters/hunters and their coaches. Over 50 Teams from 17 states put forth their best effort to be recognized as the Nº 1 hunting and shooting team in the country. Participants came from far and wide, many traveling over 2000 miles to participate! There were eight event challenges including .22 Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Archery, Wildlife Identification, Orienteering, Hunter’s Safety Trail and the Hunter’s Responsibility Exam. All events emphasized hunting and hunting safety. This year’s top overall winners were: Hunter S. Efird in the Senior Division and Zachary Meyer from the Junior Division The number one team from the Senior Division was the North Carolina Gray Stone

Marksmanship team and the best Junior’s were the North Carolina Park Ridge Sharpshooters. All the participants are winners at NRA’s YHEC, but the highest scoring individuals and teams procured 2013 YHEC bragging rights and sponsor packages which included hunting gear such as CVA Muzzleloading Rifles and Hoyt Compound Bows. Top Individuals also received a prestigious whitetail deer hunt provided by Gsell’s Whitetail Refuge of Fayetteville, PA. This five day event was put together over the preceding week by NRA staff and over 100 experienced and generous NRA volunteers. Some of these benevolent volunteers have been involved in YHEC for over 25 years! Next year, NRA’s YHEC will be back on the east coast at the Mill Cove Environmental Area in Mansfield, PA. July 20-25. For more information about NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge or to participate or volunteer visit: org or call (703)-267-1503. NRA YHEC is Sponsored by: Remington, Swarovski Optics, Federal Premium, Midway USA, Hodgdon, Cabela’s, Drury Outdoors, Gsell’s Whitetail Refuge and Hoyt.

Fall 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 25

Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Receives Support from NRA By Scott Taetsch, Senior Field Representative, Field Operations

3D Rendering (front view) of the to-be-constructed WTA Learning Center

TOWN OF ROME, WI – On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association celebrated the grand opening of their new 280-acre Shooting Complex, Learning Center, and RV-Park located in the Town of Rome, Wisconsin. This shooting range, with 30 trap lines and one Olympic-style shooting bunker will be comparable to the U.S. Olympic Shooting Center in Colorado Springs, CO and the St. Louis Trap and Skeet Club in St. Louis, MO. At the Grand Opening Ceremony, the WTA was presented with two substantial grants from the National Rifle Association. The WTA received $50,000 from The NRA Foundation – Wisconsin State Fund – Friends of NRA to be used in the construction of the new Education and Learning Center. The WTA then received $25,000 from the NRA Public Range Fund for the construction of the Olympic bunker and skeet field. These grant awards make the National Rifle Association the largest contributing organization to date for the WTA’s Home Grounds Project.

Wisconsin State Representative Warren Petryk

The WTA is excited to showcase the 3D renderings and designs for the new Education and Learning Center that is set for construction in the spring of 2014. There are still several phases of development to be completed before the entire project is finished in 2015. The WTA is committed to promoting firearms and hunting safety, enhancing marksmanship for those participating in the shooting sports, educating the general public on the history of trapshooting, teaching youth development, and providing a range that is open to the public. The Wisconsin Trapshooting Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit and donations can be sent to The Wisconsin Trapshooting Association, 1015 Bay View Court, Mukwonago, WI 53149 or online at http:// Please check out our website at 2013 marks their 114-year anniversary as an organization. The WTA would like to formally thank the NRA for all of their support for the overall success of this project.

At the Grand Opening Event for the new Shooting Complex, the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association received grants from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and the National Rifle Association.

26 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2013

Get to know the NRA Range Technical Team! Providing on-site assistance to shooting range facilities, the NRA Range Technical Team is a nationwide network of volunteers trained in the field of shooting range development, design, and operations. The Range Technical Team was developed to provide an extension of NRA Headquarters to range owners and operators at the local level. Services provided by Range Technical Team Advisors (RTTAs) include: • Range Planning Assistance • Range Use and Procedural Evaluations • Range Safety and Design Evaluations To initiate RTTA assistance, please send an RTTA request form to the NRA Range Services Department. Information on this form can be found online at:

Contact Eric Whitescarver, NRA Senior Range Services Coordinator for direct assistance at (703) 267-1279 or via email at Upon receipt of the RTTA Request Form, NRA will prepare a consultant agreement that must be signed by NRA and the requesting range prior to a RTTA visiting your site. Please allow 10-14 days for the completion of this process.

Ranges requesting on-site RTTA services will be responsible for cost recovery as outlined below. RTTA Cost Recovery Profile NRA Affiliated Club/Organization: $250 Case Origination Fee - includes one day of on-site assistance ($100 for each additional day of service). Case fees are inclusive of expenses incurred relative to transportation, lodging, meals, telephone, etc., for initial visit and for all follow-up visits. Non-NRA Affiliated Club/Organization: $300 Case Origination Fee - includes one day of on-site assistance ($100 for each additional day of service). Case fees are inclusive of expenses incurred relative to transportation, lodging, meals, telephone, etc., for initial visit and for all follow up visits. For more information on the benefits of becoming an NRA Affiliated Club or Business Alliance Member, please call NRA Clubs & Associations at (800) NRA-CLUB or go to or

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NRA Affiliated State Associations ALABAMA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. James Moses, President 256-534-7968 • Mr. Ramon J. Samaniego, Jr., Secy/Treas 256-534-2644 ALASKA OUTDOOR COUNCIL, INC. P.O. Box 87-1069 Wasilla, AK 99687 (907) 841-6849 • Mr. Rod Arno, Exe. Director ARIZONA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 74424 New River, AZ 85087 623-687-4251 • Mr. Noble C. Hathaway, President 623-687-4251 • Mr. Ed Roberts, Vice President 480-694-5090 ARKANSAS RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 2348 Conway, AR 72033 501-327-4702 • Mr. David Joyner, President (479) 263-6665 • Ms. Ann Fairless, Sec./Treas. CALIFORNIA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. • Jim Shea, President (714) 992-2772 • Mr. John C. Fields, Exec. Director 714-992-2772 COLORADO STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION 609 W. Littleton Blvd, Suite 206 Littleton, CO 80120 720-283-1376 • Mr. Tony Fabian, President 303-663-9339 • Mr. David Gill, Vice President 303-378-8608

CONNECTICUT STATE RIFLE & REVOLVER ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 754 North Haven, CT 06473 • Mr. Brad Palmer, President 860-480-4600 • Mr. Randy Bieler, Director 203-272-1725 DELAWARE STATE SPORTSMEN’S ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 94 Lincoln, DE 19960 • Mr. Daniel Lindbergh, Vice President 302-475-4228 • Mr. John C. Sigler, President 302-678-9962 FLORIDA SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION, INC. 14629 SW 104 St #188 Miami, FL 33186 407-701-1030 • Mr. Al Dart, Secretary • Mr. Robert Stokes, President GEORGIA SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION PO Box 1733 Macon, GA 31202 478-955-7068 • Barbara Senbertrand, President 912-778-4577 • Mr. Tom Patton, Secretary/Treasurer 478-275-2752 HAWAII RIFLE ASSOCIATION • Mr. Harvey F. Gerwig, President (808) 306-7194 • Bill Richter, Secretary 808-261-2754 IDAHO STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. Neill Goodfellow, President 208-452-4183 home • Mr. Jon Carter, Secretary 208-888-2829 phone/fax

ILLINOIS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 637 Chatsworth, IL 60921 815-635-3198 • Mr. Richard Pearson, Exe. Director 815-635-3198 • Mr. Donald Moran, President 815-370-2966 INDIANA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. c/o 7527 State Route 56 Rising Sun, IN 47040 812-534-3258 • Mr. Jerry Wehner, Executive VP • Mr. William B. Thomas, Jr., Secretary 812-948-8226 IOWA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION 240 Prospect Road North Liberty, IA 52317-9660 (319) 626-2710 • Mr. Bill Besgrove, Secretary • Mr. John Klopfenstein, President 319-986-5267 KANSAS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 219 Bonner Springs, KS 66012-0219 • Ms. Patricia Stoneking, President (913) 667-3044 • Ms. Elizabeth Brown, Secretary (913)608-1910 LEAGUE OF KENTUCKY SPORTSMEN, INC. 2500 Handy’s Bend Road Wilmore, KY 40390 859-858-0135 • Rev. Tom Cottingim, NRA Liaison 859-533-8896 • Mark Nethery, President LOUISIANA SHOOTING ASSOCIATION 350 Quill Ct. Slidell, LA 70461 985-781-4174 • Mr. Daniel Zelenka II, President 504-421-1323 • Mr. Danny Hudson, Secretary 337-396-9650

NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

NRA Affiliated State Associations (ME) PINE TREE STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC • Mr. Ronald Vaillancourt, President • Angus N. Norcross, Treasurer 207-882-4713 MARYLAND STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. Richard Kussman, President 410-838-1734 • Mr. Douglas Self, 1st Vice President 410-592-6188 (MASSACHUSETTS) GUN OWNERS’ ACTION LEAGUE P.O. Box 567, 37 Pierce Street Northboro, MA 01532 508-393-5333 508-393-5222 • Mr. James Wallace, Exe. Director • Mr. Jon Green, Director Training & Education MICHIGAN RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 71 Marshall, MI 49068-0071 • Mr. Leo Cebula, President • Mr. Gary Duda, Sec./Tres. 586-727-1977 MINNESOTA RIFLE & REVOLVER ASSOCIATION, INC. 4737 CR 101, Box 114 Minnetonka, MN 55345-2634 • Mr. George Minerich, President 320-968-6898 MISSISSIPPI STATE FIREARM OWNERS ASSOCIATION • Mr. Douglas Bowser, President 601-341-8797 • Ms. Deborah Withers, Secretary 601-888-4973 MISSOURI SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION PO Box 10170 Columbia, MO 65205 573-449-2849 • Lee Koester, Secretary/Treasurer • Mr. Kevin Jamison, President 816-455-4669 816-413-0696 fax or

MONTANA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 48 Ramsay, MT 59748 406-782-3450 • Jamey Williams, President • Ms. Zona Mowrer, Secretary NEBRASKA MARKSMANSHIP ASSOCIATION 13105 Sky Park Drive Omaha, NE 68137 402-933-4881 • Mr. Bill Keil, President • Mr. W. Aaron Woehler, Secretary 402-679-1147 NEVADA FIREARMS COALITION 5575 Simmons St, Ste I-176 North Las Vegas, NV 89031 • Mr. Don Turner, President (602) 799-6466 • Mrs. Megan Ferrante, Secretary (702) 933-3273 GUN OWNERS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, INC. P.O. Box 847 Concord, NH 03302-0487 603-225-4664 • Mr. Mitch Kopacz, President • Mr. Ralph Demicco, Vice President 603-485-5000 ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUBS, INC. 5 Sicomac Road, Suite 292 North Haledon, NJ 07508 • Mr. Scott L. Bach, Exe. Director (973) 697-9270 • Kathy Chatterton, President 201-251-0933 NEW MEXICO SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 30850 Albuquerque, NM 87190-0850 505-856-6574 • Mr. Ed Dresner, President 505-206-4842 • Mr. Ken Laintz, Secretary 505-6723507

NEW YORK STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION,INC. 90 S. Swan Street Suite 395 Albany, NY 12210 510-272-2654 • Mr. Tom King, President 518-424-1349 • Mr. Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr., VP (518) 389-8322 NORTH CAROLINA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 910-295-7220 • Mr. David McFarling, President 919-929-9585 • Mr. David Prest, Secretary 910-295-7220 NORTH DAKOTA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 228 Bismarck, ND 58502 • Rick Jorgenson, Executive Director 701-662-4760 • James Ladwig, President 701-484-5236 OHIO RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 43083 Cincinnati, OH 45243-0083 513-891-1325 • Mr. Bob Sacco, President 513-239-2618 • Ms. Mary Sacco, Secretary OKLAHOMA RIFLE ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 850927 Yukon, OK 73085-0927 405-324-8498 • Mr. Charles Smith, Executive Director 405-324-2450 office/fax • Mr. Rick N. Baker, Secretary 405-867-4460x239 OREGON STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION • Mr. Dan Sweet, Secretary • Mr. Nelson Shaw, President (541) 928-2460

NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

NRA-affiliated state associations Cont’d PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. Jack Lee, President 724-865-2597 • Mrs. Becky Dutra 814-236-0708 RHODE ISLAND STATE RIFLE & REVOLVER ASSOCIATION PO Box 10177 Cranston, RI 02910 • Mrs. Gail Hogan, Secretary 401-573-0260 • Mr. Charles Hawkins, President 401-828-1424 GUN OWNERS OF SOUTH CAROLINA P.O. Box 211 Little Mountain, SC 29075 • Mr. Gerald Stoudemire 803-945-7677 • Ms. Peggy Bodner 803-329-8668 SOUTH DAKOTA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION PO Box 3 Dell Rapids, SD 57022 605-428-5488 • Mr. Dan Anderson, Director • Mr. Tom Raines, President TENNESSEE SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION, INC. 6653 Jocelyn Hollow Road Nashville, TN 37205 • Dr. Ray Harvey, President 615-352-3954 • Mr. Eugene Paranick, Director 615-791-1879

TEXAS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200 • Robert Butler, Executive Director (512) 615-4116 • David Stroud, President (512) 615-4200

UTAH STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. Elwood P. Powell, President 801-449-9763 • Ralph Schamel, Vice President 801- 277-4016 VERMONT FEDERATION OF SPORTSMEN’S CLUBS, INC. • Mr. Clint Gray, President 802-467-8445 • Mr. Evan Hughes, VP/NRA Liason 802-272-8544 VIRGINIA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 • Mr. Lucien Charette, Exec. Director 540-672-5848 • Ms. Andrea T. Smith, Secy/Treas 540-672-4570 WASHINGTON STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 382 DuPont, WA 98327 • Mr. Duane Hatch, Secretary 253-853-7533 • Mr. James Crosier, President 206-853-4657 WEST VIRGINIA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 2504 Buckhannon, WV 26201 304-472-5174 • Ms. Amy Tenney, Treasurer 304-472-5174 • Gary Bailey, President WISCONSIN FIREARM OWNERS, RANGES, CLUBS AND EDUCATORS • Mr. Jeff Nass, President 920-687-0505 • Gary Nichols, Secretary 262-246-3317 WYOMING STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION, INC. • Mr. Mark Spungin, President 307-836-2188 home • Mr. Roger Sebesta, Secy/Treas 307-335-9323

NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

NRA Field Representative Directory EASTERN REGION Eastern Regional Director Brian Hoover 740-297-4255 Area 1 (ME, NH, VT) Brian Smith 207-255-1000 Area 2 (NY) Jay Rusnock 845-298-7233 Area 3 (CT, MA, RI, NJ, Lower NY) Louis Fico 914-337-0196 Area 4 (DE, Eastern PA) Kory Enck 717-689-3200 Area 5 (Western PA) Thomas Baldrige 724-861-0447 Area 7 (WV, Western VA, Western MD) Jim Kilgore 304-255-2916 Area 8 (Eastern NC) Lloyd Edwards 910-256-0746 Area 12 (Southern OH) Dave Meszaros 740-868-8044 Area 42 (Western NC) Robert Doug Merrill 828-628-0410 Area 45 (DC, Eatern MD, Eastern VA) David Wells 434-696-2189 Area 49 (Northern OH) Marc Peugeot 419-636-3171 CENTRAL REGION Central Regional Director Chad Franklin 217-536-6978 Area 14 (IN) Craig Haggard 317-496-5381 Area 15 (KY) John LaRowe 859-363-7681 Area 17 (WI) Scott Taetsch 715-873-3360 Area 18 (Northern IL) Michael F. Huber 815-652-0033 Area 19 (MO) Gregg Pearre 573-761-5466 Area 23 (IA, NE) Tim Bacon 515-576-1285 Area 43 (TN) Mike Webb 901-382-4789 Area 51 (MI) Allan Herman 989-686-3013 Area 52 (Southern IL) Donald Higgs 217-496-6490 SOUTHERN REGION Southern Regional Director Al Hammond 386-462-5421 Area 9 (SC) Dale Carwile 864-223-9900 Area 10 (GA) Brad Ward 770-228-8218 Area 11 (Northern FL) Patrick “Bret” Eldridge 352-726-0059 Area 16 (LA) Chad Bowen 318-697-5012 Area 22 (AL, MS) Gene Newman 205-489-1288 Area 25 (Northern TX) Chris Griffin 817-441-7700 Area 26 (Southern TX) Liz Foley 281-298-0672 Area 39 (AR) Greg Stephens 479-705-1815 Area 47 (Western TX) Jack Cannon 325-617-4460 Area 48 (Southern FL) Tom Knight 941-748-7676 MID WEST REGION Mid West Regional Director Tom Ulik 507-993-1824 Area 20 (OK) Darren DeLong 405-692-8672 Area 21 (MN) Scott Lembke 218-844-2000 Area 24 (KS) Rick Chrisman 913-294-9956 Area 27 (NM) Peter Ide 505-281-6721 Area 28 (MT) Joseph Crismore 406-293-2498 Area 29 (WY) David Manzer 307-746-2520 Area 30 (CO) Brad Dreier 720-583-2653 Area 32 (Eastern NV, UT) John Kendall 435-652-3062 Area 41 (ND, SD) Clay Pederson 701-522-9622 WESTERN REGION Western Regional Director Brad Kruger 208-305-0945 Area 31 (AZ) Greg Gearing 623-566-4998 Area 33 (ID) Steve Vreeland 208-286-0950 Area 34 (HI, OR) Mike Carey 541-385-9404 Area 35 (Northern CA) Daniel Wilhelm 707-994-5877 Area 36 (S. CA, S. NV) Mike Davis 714-368-0451 Area 37 (Central CA) Jason Quick 805-239-4246 Area 38 (Southern AK) Vacant Vacant Area 40 (Western WA) Keifer Lewis 360-985-7749 Area 46 (E. CA, W. NV) Steve Wilson 209-847-4826 Area 50 (Mid California) Bob Anderson 209-723-0233 Area 53 (Northern AK) Josh Toennessen 907-479-4119 NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

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