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By David Keene, Former NRA President


ast year, I was invited to cut the ribbon at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., the largest of its kind in the country. This year, the show was cancelled when hundreds of vendors dropped out to protest the organizers’ decision to ban the display of the sorts of semi-automatic firearms that are vilified by President Obama and Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It all happened within just a few days in late January when Reed Exhibitions, the British-owned company that had run the show for years, announced the ban and, within hours, exhibitors began dropping out. Within a few days, a Reed spokesman announced that the show was being “indefinitely postponed.” As the Pittsburgh papers reported at the time, the revolt against the show organizers involved “hundreds of companies, many of which do not sell guns.” The papers were right, and that’s why what happened in Harrisburg was so important. The collapse of the show destroyed the mythical narrative the president and others are trying to sell the media and legislators: that it would be safe to vote for their ideologically driven anti-firearm agenda this time because, after the Newtown tragedy, the “world has changed.” The NRA, they assured legislators, no longer really matters because we no longer represent gun owners and hunters, but simply shill for the gun companies who “finance the NRA.” They even came up with bogus polls to “prove” that NRA members and shooters were solid supporters

of the Obama administration’s anti-gun agenda, and they claimed that NRA members were quitting in droves because of our refusal to support what the president likes to call his “common sense” restrictions on firearm ownership. To set the record straight, the NRA polled members and published the results. We let the media know that our financial support from the firearm industry amounts to about 1 percent of our revenues, and that most of our financial support comes as it always has, from our members—the very people the president insists are on his side on Second Amendment issues. Gun owners are continuing to express their true feelings by joining the NRA—in droves. On the day the president delivered his televised anti-gun diatribe, more than 58,000 Americans picked up their phones and joined the organization. Total NRA membership is now nearing 5 million. At the same time, Congress was deluged with hundreds of thousands of calls from gun owners and Second Amendment supporters protesting this latest assault on our constitutional rights, and tens of thousands of men and women were showing up at state capitols around the country to let their elected officials know where they stand on firearm freedom. All of this has been critically important, but the collapse of the Harrisburg show demonstrated something that the president and his supporters were hoping wouldn’t happen. They had been trying

desperately to divide Americans on firearm policy; to isolate those they are going after this time and persuade others that their rights would remain intact. Harrisburg proved that gun owners and millions of others weren’t falling for this “divide and conquer” strategy. The first people to walk out when the decision to ban modern semi-automatic rifles was announced were the bow hunters, followed by Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops and other retailers. Within days, more than 320 exhibitors announced they were abandoning the show and it was over. The unity of the outdoor community shocked everyone. This was a show that attracts as many as 1 million people each year and generates about $80 million in business for the city hosting it. Fortunately for Harrisburg and the sportsmen and women who look forward to the show each year, in late April NRA Executive Director of General Operations Kyle Weaver announced that NRA has reached an agreement with the state of Pennsylvania to operate the show. The newly named Great American Outdoor Show is going to become a national show with implications way beyond the borders of Pennsylvania and Harrisburg. It’s going to attract people from all over the country—not just next year, but for years to come.

Summer 2013 • NRA Sports magazine • 3

4 • nra sports magazine • Summer 2013

Youth Hunter Education Challenge! By Bob Davis, Manager, NRA Hunter Servicess

As the United States becomes more urbanized, opportunities for young people to enjoy the outdoors are rapidly decreasing. The Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is the National Rifle Association’s effort to expose young people not only to the joys that hunting can bring. It also provides safe and responsible hunters to the field. YHEC is open to hunter education course graduates up to 18 years of age. The program allows students to test their skills and a variety of hunting techniques in simulated hunting conditions that provide instruction and safety. As part of their experience, hunters have the opportunity to fire at life-sized game targets with a rifle, shotgun, bow, and muzzleloader. Participants learn how to use maps and compasses in the wild, as well as wildlife identification skills. The challenge presents hunters with eight events: .22 rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, archery, orienteering, hunter safety trail, wildlife identification, and a written hunter safety exam. All the shooting events are designed to simulate actual hunting situations as closely as possible. More than 10,000 young people participate in NRA’s YHEC program each year. In 2013, NRA expects to conduct over 100 State-and provinciallevel YHEC programs, hosted by local sportsman groups, gun clubs, NRA affiliated clubs, 4-H and FFA clubs and home school groups that are supported

by thousands of volunteers to conduct the events (NRA expects to draw over 10,000 participants this year). Hunters who perform well at their State YHEC site have the opportunity to attend the International YHEC event. The 2013 International YHEC event will be held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. With the increased participation at the state and local levels, we expect recordbreaking participation this July. The Youth Hunter Education Challenge not only teaches young people how to become better hunters, it instills in them the importance of perpetuating a tradition that Americans have enjoyed for generations. These participants and future leaders will carry with them the lessons they learned during their countless hours of practice for competitions. Their experiences with YHEC will inspire passion for the outdoors and action on behalf of hunters and wildlife across the country. For more information on NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge Program, please contact the NRA Hunter Services Department at (703) 267-1503, via our webpage www. or visit our Facebook page at

Summer 2013 • NRA Sports MAGAZINE • 5

The NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape Open for women ages 18 and older, this eight-day and seven-night getaway can appeal to women from all walks of life. They’ll be exposed and educated on all different shooting sports disciplines. Participants will learn to shoot long range high power rifle, smallbore rifle silhouette, scoped/tactical carbine, conventional and tactical pistol, historic firearms, and shotgun (five-stand). They’ll also have the opportunity to learn tree stand safety, archery, and actively participate in a mock hunt. After a fun filled day of shooting, participants are able to unwind with evening events such as game calling, survival training, game night, and a wine social. All experience levels are welcome and no experience is necessary. The NRA Whittington Center is without a doubt one of the nicest shooting complexes in the nation. The facilities are located on 33,000 acres within the scenic mountains of New Mexico. Anticipate on seeing amazing wildlife including deer, elk, and antelope that call the Whittington Center their home. While staying at the Center, you’ll share a room in the competitor housing, eat in the dining hall, and make friends for a lifetime. Food, lodging, ammunition, guns, targets, instruction, evening events, are all included in the $1,800 fee. Join us for the 2013 Women’s Wilderness Escape and make memories that will last a lifetime! Hurry! Spots are filling quickly!

For more information and to obtain a registeration packet, visit: or email:

6 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2013

2013 Dates Session 1 - September 21-September 28 Session 2 - September 29-October 6

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Congratulations to all the 2013 Gold Medal Clubs! The NRA offers special recognition by awarding Gold Medal status to NRA affiliated organizations that promote and support the purposes, objectives, policies, and programs of the NRA. Members of these clubs have united to reach a common goal. Everyone wants to protect the Constitution, their freedom, and ensure the future of the shooting sports. Reaching this elite level sets your club apart from others in the area. Each year numerous organizations apply to achieve the Gold Medal status; an honor presented to clubs that meet the following 5 specific criteria :

• Be a 100% NRA Club - Being a 100% NRA club helps make the NRA stronger by increasing its membership numbers and providing a larger representation of the shooting public. • Have a Club Newsletter – A newsletter helps the club communicate to its members. Club members are kept in the loop of club activities and community issues. • Belong to the NRA State Association of your state – Joining your NRA State Association shows support on the state level. Their mission is to promote and support the purpose and objectives of the NRA while providing programs and support to clubs on the local level. • Have administered, or currently incorporate an NRA Youth Program within the Club’s agenda - Incorporating a youth program helps introduce f irearms safety to younger shooters. Encouraging them to shoot at an early age will help keep the shooting sports going for future generations. • Actively participate in NRA’s Membership Recruiting Program - participating in the NRA recruiting program helps bring new members in at a reduced price, helps generate income for your club, and helps to grow NRA numbers. Clubs that meet the criteria above will be awarded a plaque along with an inscribed bar listing the year. Current Gold Medal clubs are encouraged to renew their status every year and will be given an inscribed bar with the renewal year. A club that is applying for an NRA Range Grant will be given preference if they achieve and maintain Gold Medal status.

8 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2013

Here are this year’s

Gold Medalists! Airf ield Shooting Club Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee American 1800 Adventure Club Apple Valley Gun Club Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club Bismarck Mandan Rifle & Pistol Assn. Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club Boulder Rifle Club, Inc. Branford Gun Club, Inc. Buffalo Creek Gun Club Inc. Cairo Sportsman Club Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club,Inc Castleton Fish & Game Prot Assn Cheboygan Hunter Safety Comm Coastal Georgia Gun Club Colorado West Gun Club JR Div. Cumberland Riflemen Delaware State Pistol Club, Inc. DeQuincy Police Association Rifle & Pistol Club Downers Grove Sportsman’s Club East Hook Sportsmen Assn,Inc Eastern Nebraska Gun Club, Inc. Eaton Employee’s Gun Club Elgin Rifle Club, Inc. Emerald Empire Gun Club Estacada Rod & Gun Club Florence Gun Club, Inc. Forks Rifle Club Fort Hill Rifle and Pistol Club Four Corners Rifle And Pistol Club High Rock Shooting Assn, Inc. Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club HomeSafety Academy Jefferson State Shooting Association Kalicoontie Rod & Gun Club, Inc. Kent Rod And Gun Club Kern Shooting Sports, Inc. Lafayette Gun Club Of Virginia, Inc. Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club Lima Sabres Shooting Assn Livingston Gun Club Manzano Mountain Gun Club Martin County Sportsmen’s Association, Inc. McDonald Sportsmen’s Assn, Inc.

Miamisburg Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club Mother Lode Gun Club, Inc. Negaunee Rod and Gun Club,Inc. New Paltz Rod and Gun Club New Pittsburg Sportsmen’s Club New Sportsman’s Club Nicolet Rifle Club, Inc. Norfolk County Rifle Range Northern Dutchess Rod & Gun Club, Inc. Northwestern Gun Club Old Trails Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc Paradise Rod & Gun Club, Inc. Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc. Rappahannock Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc. Richwood Gun & Game Club Ridge Rifle Association River City Rifle & Pistol Club Roanoke Rifle & Revolver Club Rochester Rod & Gun Club Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. Shoot Right Shoshone Co. Public Shooting Range Silver State Shooting Sport Association Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association South Jersey Shooting Club, Inc. Southwest Gun Club Stonycreek Shooting Center Inc. Streetsboro Sportsman Association Strong Arms International Marksmanship Assoc. Tallahassee Rifle & Pistol Club The Great Lot Sportsman’s Club, Inc. Tremont Sportsman’s Club Tri City Gun Club Tri-State Gun Club, Inc. True Sportsman Club Villa Park VFW Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. Waldwick Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc. Waynesburg Sportsmen Association White Oak Rod and Gun Club Inc. Wilkes Barre Pistol & Rifle Club Willmar Rifle & Pistol Club

The annual deadline for the NRA Gold Medal Award is February 15. Applications will be mailed out to all NRA Aff iliated Clubs that have given proof of 100% NRA Membership in the month of December. To access the application online, please go to

Summer 2013 • nra SPOrts MAGAZINE • 9

The 2013 Clubs & Associations Workshop in Houston, TX


ver 86,000 NRA members gathered this year in Houston, Texas to attend the 142nd NRA Annual Meeting. Whether it was trekking through the George R. Brown Convention Center exhibit hall filled with over 550 vendors, listening to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre deliver a powerful speech at the Annual Meeting of Members, bidding on one-of-akind firearms at the NRA Foundation Banquet, or just meeting fellow NRA members, there was something for everyone during this jam packed weekend. One of the popular returning workshops was the NRA Clubs & Associations workshop on Sunday morning. This year’s topic was focused on introducing NRA Sports. Established in 2013, the NRA Sports Department was developed for NRA members who have a genuine interest in the recreational shooting sports. The programs offered appeal to a wide variety of clubs, ranges, hunters, novice shooters, and shooting sports enthusiasts. The programs that make up NRA Sports are Clubs & Associations, Recreational Shooting (3 Gun), Hunter Services, NRA Day, Range Services, and the Women’s Wilderness Escape. Speakers from each of these programs presented how attendees can incorporate NRA Sports into their clubs and lifestyles. Introducing new programs to a club or having a variety can help attract potential new members and retain current members.

10 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2013

By Son Nguyen, Marketing Manager, NRA Clubs & Associations

The workshop is a free event and a platform for attendees to network and exchange ideas with each other. Often times a club is faced with an obstacle that another club may have encountered in the past. These attendees are encouraged to share experiences on how to overcome these adversities. Join us next year in Indianapolis to strenghten bonds, share tips and ideas, see familiar faces, and fortify the future of the shooting sports. For more information about NRA Sports, please go to Speakers: Herbert A. “Herb” Lanford, Jr., Member, NRA Board of Directors; Chairman, Clubs & Associations Committee Son Nguyen, Manger, Clubs & Associations - NRA Sports Bob Davis, Manager, Hunter Services – NRA Sports Andy Lander, Program Specialist, Recreational Shooting (3 Gun) – NRA Sports Kara Schlifke, Program Specialist, Women’s Wilderness Escape – NRA Sports Dick Leeper, Executive Director, Midway USA Foundation

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Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 11

In the Spotlight:

Mila Gonzalez, Age 9

12 • nra sports magazine • Summer 2013

NRA Youth Day at the

2013 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits By Samantha Olsen, NRA Sports Recreational Shooting

The 2013 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits were held May 2-5 in Houston, Texas, and capping the event was the first ever NRA Sports NRA Youth Day. Made possible through support from sponsors including Aimpoint, Boyt Harness Company, Brownells, LaserShot, Henry Rifles, Marlin, Pyramyd Air, Remington, Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and Winchester Ammunition, the event was open to all including non-members. Kids of all ages and from different walks of life filled the space with joy and excitement as they learned about many of the programs NRA offers. Programs that were featured included the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC), the Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.), the Youth Wildlife Art Contest, and NRA’s InSights magazine, which provided computers for kids to explore articles and features from the online publication. Parents and kids were also able to find out information on how to start a youth program in their own hometown. Interactive exhibits like LaserShot, NRA 3 Gun AirSoft, and an Eddie Eagle coloring table created an engaging environment for attendees, while the Sponsor Safari in the exhibit hall provided hands-on involvement. Participants were given a Sponsor Safari Track Card, and they had to visit each of the NRA Youth Day sponsor booths to complete it. A Brownells/NRA Youth Ambassador was positioned at each sponsor booth to mark and sign off on the track cards. By completing the Safari, participants received a raffle ticket for a drawing of prizes donated from Aimpoint, Boyt Harness Company, and Brownells. Mila Gonzales, a nine-year-old from Baytown, Texas, has attended every Annual Meeting except St. Louis in 2012, since she was born. Mila was the first person to register for the NRA Youth Day as well as the first person to successfully complete the Sponsor Safari. “Since Mila’s birth, we have made the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits our yearly vacation,” said Cindy Gonzales, Mila’s mother. “Each year we look forward to seeing all of the new products and familiar faces.” By the last day of past meetings, Mila is ready to go home, but this year was different, Mila couldn’t get enough of the atmosphere created by the NRA Youth Day. The NRA Youth Day sparked an interest for Mila but also formed a bond for mother and daughter as they visited all of the familiar exhibit floor booths on the quest to complete Mila’s Sponsor Safari card. They practiced shooting at the NRA 3 Gun AirSoft, colored while learning gun safety with Eddie Eagle, and enjoyed the delicious snacks available to all event attendees of the event.

“We really enjoyed this time while [her father] leisurely journeyed through the exhibits,” remarked Gonzales. “We would like to say thank you for a great experience as this year was our favorite Annual Meeting so far! We proudly support the NRA and so look forward to next year!” Over 500 kids and their parents participated in the inaugural NRA Youth Day at the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits and the NRA Sports staff couldn’t be more pleased with the results and turnout. It was a great way to wrap up a great event in Houston! For more information on NRA Youth Day, please contact Samantha Olsen in the NRA Sports Recreational Shooting Department at

Proudly displaying her new NRA Sports bag, Mila exclaimed,

“ daddy has to buy me a BB gun!” Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 13

More 2013 Youth Day Pics!

14 • nra sports magazine • Summer 2013

Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 15 Spring 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 15

NRA-Institute for Legislative Action Federal Update On April 17th 2013, the United States Senate rejected a gun control agenda that President Obama has adopted as his own over the last few months, but to which other gun control supporters have bitterly clung for years: banning an everlengthening list of semi-automatic firearms, banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and expanding background check requirements to require government permission for many transfers of firearms among private citizens. Within minutes of the Senate’s votes, which one political commentator called the “biggest loss” of Obama’s presidency, the President theatrically stood beside a prominent crime victim and several family members of other victims in the Rose Garden, beginning his comments in a somber tone, so that the anger to which he would dramatically build over the next 13 minutes would, in contrast, appear more sincere. Obama should not have been surprised by what happened on Capitol Hill, however. A CBS poll in March showed that support for gun control had dropped 10 points since December and a Gallup poll in April showed that only four percent of Americans believed that “guns/gun control” is the biggest problem facing the country. Obama--whom The Washington Post gave Three Pinocchios for lying about the background check issue--also claimed that “the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the [background checks] bill” by saying it would implement gun registration. What the NRA had said is that a report from the National Institute of Justice concluded that requiring background checks on otherwise private firearms transfers would be “ineffective” without requiring 16 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2013

gun registration. That was not a “lie.” It was, and is, a fact. The bill Obama wanted to see pass was S. 649, by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the “universal background checks” provisions of which came from Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). Because Schumer’s legislation was too severe to have any chance of passage, Senators Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), along with Schumer, proposed a compromise amendment in the hope of winning additional votes. However, the amendment was riddled with pitfalls for gun owners, and even some potentially pro-gun provisions added to sweeten the pot were flawed. The amendment fell four votes short of the 60 that were required for passage under a rule the Senate adopted to avoid a filibuster. That enraged Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who, when she rose to introduce her amendment to ban “assault weapons” and “large” magazines, accused the Senate of cowardice. Refusing to stop speaking after her allotted two minutes had expired, Feinstein ranted about the Senate’s 60-vote rule, knowing she would not get 60 votes but apparently believing that she would get at least 51, which under other circumstances would have enabled her to claim victory. One can only wonder what she must have thought when her gun and magazine ban was rejected 40-60. Perhaps she held hope that Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s amendment to ban only the magazines would fare differently, but it too went down to defeat, 46-54. An NRA-supported amendment by Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), to reduce law enforcement grant funding to states that publish the names of firearm permit holders, was approved. Unfortunately, three NRA-supported amendments fell shy of

the 60 votes necessary for passage. Obama, near the conclusion of his remarks in the Rose Garden, said the defeat of gun control in the Senate was only “Round One,” and vowed that “This effort is not over.” Indeed, it’s not over. We can promise the president that our effort to protect and fully vindicate the rights of good Americans to keep and bear arms for self-defense and other legitimate purposes will continue as long as those rights are attacked. Gun owners and other Americans who support their rights have come together like never before, letting their elected representatives know that they stand in support of the Second Amendment, and against taking away people’s rights under the false rationale that all Americans should lose some rights because of the misdeeds of madmen and criminals. We will not abandon that noble cause. Senate Majority Leader Reid has pulled S. 649 from the floor for the time being, but will almost assuredly bring it back in the future. And today, there are reports that Obama will soon announce further unilateral gun control actions by the executive branch. For now, please contact your Senators, confidently expressing your support for their pro-Second Amendment votes, and respectfully expressing your dissatisfaction with their anti-gun votes. In other words, prepare for round two. For more information, please visit

By Jeff Nass, President, Wisconson FORCE

Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, and Educators, Inc. (Wisconsin FORCE), was established in the 1920s and incorporated in 1963 as Wisconsin Rifle and Pistol Association. In 2008 in a push to be more inclusive, the Board of Directors changed the name and expanded the areas that the Association impacted the state. With the rich history of hunting and the outdoors, Wisconsin has always been fertile ground for developing great shooters and programs that further the cause of freedom. In 1995, then volunteer Scott Taetsch, with a great supporting cast, designed and held the first Youth Outdoor Fest, which is now NRA Day. After that, success continued with NRA Women’s SportsFest, now Women on Target® (one of the volunteers, Diane Danielson, is now the NRA’s National Coordinator of Women on Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics), NRA Youth Shooting Programs Seminar, State Block Grant program, State President’s Council (now Club University), and USMC/ NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Fundamentals Camp (originally the Poolee Program, now NRA US Armed Forces Pre-Basic Service Rifle Camp), which since 2004 has served 3880 signed Marine recruits. There has also been a re-invigoration of the State Junior Service Rifle program. The program is headed by a fresh group of volunteers and NRA Secretary Edward J. Land Jr.’s NRA Volunteer Field Support Team. In 2007, after the very successful 2006 NRA Convention held in Milwaukee, NRA Field Representative Scott Taetsch and Wisconsin Field Support Team Coordinator Jeff Nass started the NRA/Wisconsin FORCE Annual State Convention. The State Convention was developed as an awards weekend for volunteers, and NRA and Wisconsin FORCE members. Governor Walker is now a regular guest to the convention along with the NRA’s top people. The Field Support Team has also developed a program to fund NRA Range Technical Team Advisor education which has developed into a great asset for the state. With the great success of range seminars at the State Convention, Jeff Nass, working as the local “boots on the ground,” is giving clubs and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources a local source that connects them to the NRA’s Range Department and advises them on upgrading their ranges. Wisconsin FORCE is currently running Range Conferences across the state and offering individual Range Conferences to member clubs. One of the great ranges in Wisconsin is the Winnequah Gun Club. Winnequah has ranges out to 1200 yards, and in 2011 hosted the F Class Nationals. Politically, Wisconsin FORCE has made its presence

known in the State Capitol, hiring a lobbyist and joining the Hunters Rights Coalition (HRC). HRC is a group of a variety of hunting and conservation organizations that work together to improve conditions in Wisconsin. Working with NRA-ILA and HRC during the “dark days,” they helped stop numerous legislation that would have further reduced the rights of the citizens of Wisconsin and passed a good upgrade in range protection. Working with NRA-ILA “Grassroots” helped promote and elect candidates that respect freedom, and helped Scott Walker, a stellar Second Amendment supporter, become Governor and win a recall election. With ILA Representative Brent Gardner and Darren LaSorte, Manager of Hunting Policy for NRA-ILA, they helped pass one of the best personal protection bills in the country along with numerous legislation, including Castle Doctrine legislation. They continue to work on legislation to restore and protect the rights of Wisconsinites. While continuing to publish its traditional quarterly newsletter, the “Hunter Marksman,” then Communications Coordinator Paul Baumann and the Board of Directors of Wisconsin FORCE, started an electronic monthly newsletter, “The Trigger,” and special “Quick Shots” to help keep in contact with membership. Along with traditional articles, there is information on range improvements and other areas of interest including Friends of NRA events, items from the merchandize package, and projects of the recipients of the funding. With the success of the Association over the last six years, including NRA’s Association of the Year and NRAILA’s Organization of the Year in 2011 under President Jeff Nass, the current President, Tom Sermersheim, and the Board of Directors, including NRA Board Member Buster Bachhuber, hired Nass as Executive Director after his second three-year term expired. As the NRA’s chartered state association, Wisconsin FORCE looks to continue the great working relationship with the NRA, promoting its policies, programs, events, and helping to ensure the future of Wisconsin and the Nation.

Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 17

International Internet Air Rifle Competition THE GRIP: Griffin’s Regional Independent Press

With the assistance of adult volunteers and a little technology, four Spalding County athletes had a rare opportunity to participate in an international Internet rifle competition Saturday when junior air rifle athletes competed against German counterparts at The Ole Mill Range, a USA Shooting Certified Training Center. “We have a young man who is from Germany who has joined our club. He’s a software designer, and he’s here with his company. He’s an air gun shooter and thought it would be interesting to shoot against a German club,” said Level 3 Coach Roy McClain. “We had a camera set up and used Excel spread sheets, so scores could be seen by both teams as they were posted. Unfortunately, we lost, but it was a great experience.” McClain explained that the competition was similar to golf ’s Ryder Cup, with each athlete competing head-to-head against the other team’s members. 18 • nra sports magazine • Summer 2013

By Sheila A. Marshall, Staff Writer

“The German club had electronic targets, but we have the old fashioned paper kind that had to be rolled back and forth on a string,” McClain said. “They had a nicer setup, but they’ve been around since 1925, and they have more money than we do.” Even so, he said the competition was tight, and plans are underway to repeat the endeavor. “We’re talking now about doing this more on the line of every month to two months at the most,” McClain said. “Over the course of the season, we definitely expect our athletes to improve. Of course, it was just plain fun to compete against this other team because at the end of the day, they’re just kids, after all.” Despite the disparity between the two facilities, The Ole Mill Range is even more unique when compared to other shooting training facilities in the United States. According to McClain, there are currently three level 3 coaches

training athletes in Griffin, with two more soon to be certified. These local coaches are the only level 3 coaches in the state of Georgia. “Most states don’t even have one, much less five,” he said. In addition, The Ole Mill Range stands out as one of only three rifle certified training centers teaching Olympic-style shooting, with the others located in Los Angeles, CA (Los Angles Rifle and Revolver Club) and (Palmyra Sportsmens Association) Palmyra, PA. “We have the facility, the training and the environment to train these national-level athletes. It’s kind of the perfect storm for them to train,” McClain said. “We can pretty much guarantee them success. We’ll ask them how good they want to be, because their competition is training that day. Most of these athletes are self-motivators, but it’s got to be fun, too, because if it’s not fun, what’s it worth?”

My Experience With Starting a Shooting Club On a hot, humid Texas day you might hear gunshots coming from a piece of land in the small town of Montgomery. With a closer look and the smell of gun powder in the air, you would see a bunch of teens concentrating intently on the proper way to hold a pistol and apply steady pressure to the trigger. You would also get the distinct feeling that these young people were having a lot of fun and doing some serious bonding over their discussion of which is better, a Glock 23 or a Sig 229. You would be right. In August of 2012, after having the privilege of attending the NRA’s Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.), I started an NRA youth shooting club, called the Montgomery Junior Shooters. Our goals are simply to become better shooters, have fun, and serve our community. Montgomery Junior Shooters had their first meeting September 16th, 2012 and have been on a roll ever since. At first, there was a legitimate problem for the club: Where would we shoot? However, we found a place at the Gun Emporium, a business in Conroe, Texas, that generously lets us use their range for free. Sometimes we also use our own personal range on my family’s 20 acres. Because both of these facilities are free, we are able to keep our cost for our members extremely low. Our instructor and supervisor is my dad, a police officer with over 20 years’ experience. He stresses accuracy and safety to us while challenging us to keep learning. Through our meetings, each member has improved his or her shooting ability, honing in with a 40-caliber or 9mm handgun. One of our favorite ways to increase accuracy is through our club competitions. Shooting at a very small target, two members will take a step back for every time they hit the target until someone misses. Whoever misses first is out, and the winner stays in to shoot against the winner of the next group.

By Wyatt Saltarelli

These competitions are a lot of fun, but they also improve our shooting ability. Along with the teenagers, several parents have improved their shooting also, getting in some lessons at the end of our meetings. It is interesting to add that our club encouraged several parents to go ahead and exercise their Second Amendment rights, making the leap to becoming gun owners. To our shooting club, community service is imperative. Recently, we visited an elderly neighbor of mine who is a former Army veteran in a wheelchair and cleaned up his 3-acre yard. Fallen trees were hauled away, leaves were raked, and weeds were pulled. Very soon, we plan to do more. On February 3rd, at the old Montgomery Community Center, we will have introduced the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program to children ages 3-9 in Montgomery County for free. We are very excited to teach these kids what to do if they encounter a gun: “Stop, don’t touch, leave the area, and tell an adult.” It is going to be a fun time. In fact, Eddie Eagle himself will be there in full costume. We are anticipating about 60 kids and their families. We are looking forward to introducing more NRA programs into our community and continuing our service as a club. Finally, I want to emphasize that all of this has been possible because of the NRA. Being able to have the NRA supporting our club and allowing access to these programs has made all the difference. Personally, I have had opportunities this year because of the NRA that I never thought would happen to me. I have learned about government, stepped into some new leadership, expanded my skills, and forged life-long friendships because of the NRA. I firmly support the NRA as do the Montgomery Junior Shooters. We believe wholeheartedly what founding father George Washington said, “A free people ought to be armed.” Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 19

20 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Spring 2013

Protect Your Club & Firearm Business with NRA Endorsed Insurance by NRA Endorsed Insurance Program

he NRA Endorsed Insurance program for NRA Business Alliance members and Club Affiliates was born over a dozen years ago with the purpose of making a simple task of securing insurance for clubs and businesses in the firearm industry. The program is administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC—a leader in insurance program administration— and offers a broad range of insurance, from basic coverage for a club’s firearms to million dollar liability coverage for retail operations, and more. Insurance for Club Affiliates One of the key elements to a club’s success is its protection if someone is injured. Securing a liability insurance policy is the surest form of protection. The NRA program offers custom coverage plans depending on the scope of the club’s activities.

shooting competition at another club, participating in a fundraiser, or other normal club activities that occur away from the club premises, the club and its members are covered. Coverage for club activities conducted in other states: General liability coverage applies in the coverage territory which includes the U.S. and its territories, Puerto Rico and Canada. Worldwide coverage applies for an insured, whose home is in the coverage territory, while away for a short time on business. The policy excludes any premises used for the purpose of holding one or more gun or firearm shows. These can be insured separately. Coverage for club members: Coverage includes club members as insureds. This means an individual member, as well as the club, would be defended for allegations of negligence relating to club activities. Coverage for guests: Members are insureds on the club’s policy; however, guests are not covered in the same manner. If a guest using a range injures another person in a shooting exercise, or damages property, the guest causing the injury is likely to be named in a complaint, and because the incident happened on club grounds, the club is also named in the complaint. Under this insurance, the club has protection for the guest’s actions, but the guest is not covered. The same would hold true for a trespasser that is injured on

Club activities occurring away from the club: Coverage is not restricted to activities held just at the club premises. Whether attending a

club property. The club has coverage, the trespasser does not. Insurance for Business Alliance Members The business insurance policy insures the risks of doing business in the firearm industry—protecting businesses that sell and service firearms, FFL holders, firing ranges, firearm instruction businesses, guides and outfitters and gunsmiths.

More than

8,000 Clubs & 2,500

Firearm Businesses insured.

The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program also offers individual property and casualty products including ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance, Gun Collector coverage, Excess Personal Liability, Firearms Instructor Liability, Gun Show Liability, and Self-Defense coverage—many are available for purchase online. For more information or to purchase your insurance, visit or call (877) NRA-3006.

Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 21

Spend more time shooting and less time checking targets! Oakwood Controls’ Electronic Target Systems bring a new level of instant feedback to precision shooting, marksmanship training and competition. Developed by a team with decades of experience in military sensor programming, our target systems break previous price and performance barriers and make this technology accessible to the civilian market. When using our Electronic Target Systems, shooter simply shoot through our target frames and shots are displayed on a computer beside the shooters. No more walking downrange to check targets. No more squinting through a spotting scope hoping to see new bullet holes. No more pit duty!

Immediate Benefits for Clubs and Ranges From weekend shooters to the most seasoned competitor, Oakwood Target Systems provide precision, speed and convenience for all users. Individuals will enjoy rapid‐fire feedback while shooting clubs and commercial ranges can boost business efficiency, as members and customers can spend more time shooting and less time checking targets. The system can be permanently installed and powered using 12V cabling or can be portable, powered by rechargeable batteries, so that it can be stored when not in use. Specifications: Connectivity between firing line and targets: • Buried wire recommended for permanent installations. • Long range Wi‐Fi used for portable systems. Target frames available in 36”, 48” and 72” sizes. Ruggedized, weather proof computers can be supplied for shooter display stations.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

Provide instant feedback for your shooters! Contact Oakwood today.

• Summer • nra sports magazine • Spring 2013 2013 22 •22 nra sports magazine

Oakwood Controls York, PA USA

T +1.717.801.1515 F +1.717.326.1054


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The NRA Range Development and Operations Online Course is designed to educate potential and current range owners and operators in identifying potential problems associated with range development, environmental issues, and safety.

Online Course Fee: $375 Search

e-mail: phone: (877) NRA RANGE

Brought to you by the

Range Services Department and your National Rifle Association of America

Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 23

24 • nra sports magazine • Summer 2013

With The Help of Many Eddie Eagle has reached


Years of Safety!!

By Eric Lipp, National Manager, Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program

The party has started- the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program is celebrating 25 years of keeping kids safe! That’s right, it’s Eddie’s 25th anniversary and in all these years, Eddie has taught more than 26 million children with his life saving message. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program has enjoyed resounding success across the country and proven to be an accident prevention plan that really works. In fact, in the last 25 years fatal firearm accidents among children have declined more than 80% according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The effectiveness of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program is undeniable. Staff and volunteers continually hear stories from grateful parents whose children avoided tragic firearm accidents because of the safety rules they learned from Eddie. Its popularity with the schoolteachers and law enforcement officers who teach the program prove that that Eddie is the best firearm accident prevention program around. Created in 1988 by former NRA President Marion P. Hammer, the program was especially designed for children through the combined efforts of teachers, clinical psychologists, reading specialists, curriculum specialists, and law enforcement personnel. These experts knew that Eddie’s four important safety steps (If you see a gun: STOP! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.) would be easy for children to remember. The friendly character we know as Eddie Eagle facilitates and reinforces the children’s learning experience. The safety message is further reinforced by the use of a fast-paced and animated DVD and fun-filled activity books. Finally, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program is easy

to teach. With simple-to-use instructor materials along with flexible time and location requirements, the Eddie Eagle Program is almost as easy to teach as it is to learn. The program can take place in one session or in multiple segments that fit into any schedule. Locations can include anything from school classrooms to auditoriums, safety fairs, churches, local meeting halls, campgrounds, etc. In fact, thousands of children each year hear Eddie’s important message from one of our valuable volunteers. These volunteers work locally with groups like 4H, scouts, daycares, local shooting clubs and ranges, and many other community groups. Volunteers also work with their local law enforcement and schools to ensure Eddie Eagle reaches their communities youth. If you would like to learn how you or your group can volunteer with the Eddie Eagle Program please contact us at 800-231-0752 or email We rely on your help to reach thousands of children each year. In his 25 years, Eddie has garnered numerous accolades and awards from a variety of organizations, including: the U.S. Department of Justice, (through its Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention); the Journal of Emergency Nursing Online; the National Sheriffs’ Association; the Association of American Educators; The American Legion; and the Police Athletic League (PAL). It has also received bipartisan support and been recommended by from the governors of 26 states and 25 state legislatures. With all of its successes we want to say Happy Anniversary, Eddie! And may your message continue to reach our nation’s children! Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 25

NRA Range Grants

NRA range grant funds are made available at NRA’s sole discretion to qualifying NRA-aff iliated clubs and associations by approval of the Range Development Committee -- a standing committee of the NRA Board of Directors. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS AND PROJECTS In reviewing grant applications, the Range Grant Subcommittee will apply the following criteria and recommend to the Range Development Committee only those projects that conform to these guidelines:

Any NRA-affiliated club or association of which 100% of the club’s members are also NRA members is eligible to apply for an NRA Range Grant. Preference will be given to recipients of the Gold Medal Club Award. Projects and activities eligible for funding include: acquisition, development and/or improvement of shooting facilities; projects designed to enhance community relations, NRA “Range Day, public shooting, and junior programs; and projects addressing range safety, as well as environmental issues i.e. lead reclamation.


The following activities or projects are not eligible for funding: 1) Deficit financing. 2) Projects related to commercial ventures. 3) Applications from clubs or associations that have not submitted final reports for previously awarded grants. COMPLETING THE APPLICATION Applicants must be a 100% NRA membership NRA-Affiliated Club, with preference given to Gold Medal Clubs. This Range Grant program is limited to $5,000 per applicant per year, and the deadline for submission is August 1 annually.

Applications are available online at

For more information, please contact us at (877) NRA RANGE (672-7264) or email us at 26 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2013

Why is competitive shooting beneficial to your club? There are so many benefits that come from running competitive shooting matches at your club. I will list and discuss a few of the more important reasons in this article. Offering your club members activities such as the NRA Club Champion Challenge is a great way to get your club started in running shooting competitions at the grassroots level. There are no strict equipment requirements, it includes easy and fun courses of fire for all ages and abilities, and provides a fun atmosphere for everyone involved. You are able to teach the basics of firearm safety, marksmanship, and a healthy competitive spirit to your youth and adult competitors alike, all while having a lot of fun. Running competitions at your club is a great way to grow your membership. Let’s face it, unless you are predominantly a “hunting club”, chances are you have members who are interested in various competitive shooting disciplines. Some of these members would jump on an opportunity to learn about what different competitions are out there and how they can get involved. Use the competitive shooting sports to promote your club and market what your club has to offer as far as ranges and amenities etc. Running NRA competitions of any kind can put your club in a good position to apply for an NRA Range Grant. If you currently hold or plan to hold “sanctioned” NRA Competitive Shooting Disciplines at your club, you are a step ahead of the rest when applying for an NRA Range Grant. When approved for a range grant, you will be able to make improvements to your ranges, making them more competition friendly i.e. add more burms/ backstops to your ranges, build a covered shooting area, or install a new target system. After you have your ranges set up for “Action Shooting” you can start working on promoting and growing your matches. Once you have established monthly matches and your attendance is at a good level, you can start thinking about how to attract sponsorship for your competitions and for your club in general. If you have more than 50 competitors attending your matches every month, start approaching local business’ that offer a product or products that your competitors use and ask them to donate something to your match. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something that would benefit your competitors and promote your sponsors product/ business. For more information on how to start competitive shooting sports at your club, contact

Damien Orsinger, Pistol Program Coordinator, Competitive Shooting Division

or call 703-267-1478. All of us here in the NRA Competitive Shooting Division want to help you start or continue growing competitions across the country. Getting youth involved in the shooting sports is vitally important, if our youth are not interested in the sport of competitive shooting, the sport will ultimately die.

See you on the range!

Summer 2013 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 27

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Recreational Shooting 3GUN Peacemaker National Training Center Inwood, WV - June 29th Annual Members Picnic @ Izaak Walton League Centreville, VA - July 6th Izaak Walton League National Convention Fredricksburg, VA - July 25th 3-gun-shooting-events.aspx

NRA DAY PA State Intermediate Jr Smallbore Rifle Camp @ the Clymer Rifle Club Indiana, PA - June 19-23rd Yellow River/Youth Trap League/NRA Special Interest @ Wilcox Sportsmans Club Cadott, WI - June 2-30th Florida Outdoor Adventures - NRA Day @ Florida FFA Center Haines City, FL - June 16-19th 1st Annual NRA/ISRA Teen Shooting Sports Camp @ ISRA Range Bonfield, IL - July 13th NRA Youth SportsFest Camp @ East Aurora Fish & Game East Aurora, NY - July 27th Alquippa Bucktails Youth Field Day @ Alquippa Bucktails Alquippa, PA - July 27th nra-shooting-sports-camps.aspx

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NRA Field Representative Directory EASTERN REGION Eastern Regional Director Brian Hoover 740-297-4255 Area 1 (ME, NH, VT) Brian Smith 207-255-1000 Area 2 (NY) Jay Rusnock 845-298-7233 Louis Fico 914-337-0196 Area 3 (CT, MA, RI, NJ, Lower NY) Area 4 (DE, Eastern PA) Kory Enck 717-689-3200 Area 5 (Western PA) Thomas Baldrige 724-861-0447 Jim Kilgore 304-255-2916 Area 7 (WV, Western VA, Western MD) Area 8 (Eastern NC) Lloyd Edwards 919-776-0922 Area 12 (Southern OH) Dave Meszaros 740-868-8044 Area 42 (Western NC) Robert Doug Merrill 828-628-0410 David Wells 434-696-2189 Area 45 (DC, Eatern MD, Eastern VA) Area 49 (Northern OH) Marc Peugeot 419-636-3171 CENTRAL REGION Central Regional Director Chad Franklin 217-536-6978 Area 14 (IN) Craig Haggard 317-496-5381 Area 15 (KY) John LaRowe 859-363-7681 Area 17 (WI) Scott Taetsch 715-873-3360 Michael F. Huber 815-652-0033 Area 18 (Northern IL) Area 19 (MO) Gregg Pearre 573-761-5466 Tim Bacon 515-576-1285 Area 23 (IA, NE) Area 43 (TN) Mike Webb 901-382-4789 Area 51 (MI) Allan Herman 989-686-3013 Area 52 (Southern IL) Donald Higgs 217-496-6490 SOUTHERN REGION Southern Regional Director Al Hammond 386-462-5421 Area 9 (SC) Dale Carwile 864-223-9900 Area 10 (GA) Brad Ward 770-228-8218 Patrick “Bret” Eldridge 352-726-0059 Area 11 (Northern FL) Area 16 (LA) Chad Bowen 318-697-5012 Area 22 (AL, MS) Gene Newman 205-489-1288 Area 25 (Northern TX) Chris Griffin 817-441-7700 Area 26 (Southern TX) Liz Foley 281-298-0672 Area 39 (AR) Greg Stephens 479-705-1815 Area 47 (Western TX) Jack Cannon 325-617-4460 Area 48 (Southern FL) Tom Knight 941-748-7676 MID WEST REGION Mid West Regional Director Tom Ulik 507-993-1824 Area 20 (OK) Darren DeLong 405-692-8672 Area 21 (MN) Scott Lembke 218-844-2000 Area 24 (KS) Rick Chrisman 913-294-9956 Area 27 (NM) Peter Ide 505-281-6721 Area 28 (MT) Joseph Crismore 406-293-2498 Area 29 (WY) David Manzer 307-746-2520 Area 30 (CO) Brad Dreier 720-583-2653 John Kendall 435-652-3062 Area 32 (Eastern NV, UT) Area 41 (ND, SD) Clay Pederson 701-522-9622 WESTERN REGION Western Regional Director Brad Kruger 208-305-0945 Area 31 (AZ) Greg Gearing 623-566-4998 Area 33 (ID) Steve Vreeland 208-286-0950 Area 34 (HI, OR) Mike Carey 541-385-9404 Area 35 (Northern CA) Daniel Wilhelm 707-994-5877 Mike Davis 714-368-0451 Area 36 (S. CA, S. NV) Area 37 (Central CA) Jason Quick 805-239-4246 Area 38 (Southern AK) Vacant Vacant Area 40 (Western WA) Keifer Lewis 360-985-7749 Area 46 (E. CA, W. NV) Steve Wilson 209-847-4826 Area 50 (Mid California) Bob Anderson 209-723-0233 Area 53 (Northern AK) Josh Toennessen 907-479-4119 NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

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Range Development and Operations Conference The NRA Range Development & Operations Conference is designed to educate potential and current range owners and operators in identifying potential problems associated with range development, environmental issues, and safety. Join us at one of next year’s conferences by visiting http://www.nrahq. org/shootingrange/development.asp or call (877) NRA RANGE.

Sept. 29- Oct. 2 in Fairfax,VA