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What Is NRA Sports? NRA Sports gives clubs and ranges the chance to take individuals beyond the everyday, and offer an experience in recreational shooting sports. Men and women of all ages and experience levels will find something that meets their interests and can challenge or improve their shooting skills. The wide-range of programs is designed to do one thing, bring people and families together to enjoy their passion for shooting sports.




Marksmanship became a recreational sport by the 10th century and today there are more than 19 million Americans actively participating in the shooting sports.

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NRA Sports programs are designed to help shooting clubs enhance member benefits, increase attendance and promote NRA’s mission to further the shooting sports. Affiliating your organization will not only give you the ability to offer these programs but your club will be marketed to over five million NRA members in NRA magazines, print mailings and online. Shooting ranges provide the foundation on which responsible firearm education, training, and programs stand. They offer a place for shooters to practice and share their interests with fellow enthusiasts. However, one of the greatest challenges for ranges is maintaining and improving an existing range or the construction and building of new ranges. The NRA Range Technical Team Advisors (RTTAs) do just that by maintaining and improving existing ranges or helping to build and construct new ranges. Your club’s success is dependent on members, benefits and programs offered. Get the most value for your club by partnering with the NRA.

In exchange for their support, affiliated clubs and businesses receive the following benefits: • Access to the NRA Endorsed Insurance Program. • Discounted services such as credit card purchasing, shipping, computer software and more. • Discounts on NRA Range Services. • Access to the NRA Range Technical Team Advisors for help planning, designing, improving and maintaining your range.




3 Gun Experience (3GE)


Our newest and most exciting program is the NRA Sports 3 Gun Experience (3GE). NRA 3GE is designed to offer a fun, exhilarating and physical activity that exposes kids and adults to the fastest-growing action shooting sport in the world. Challenge competitors with obstacle-laden courses using a combination of a rifle, handgun and shotgun. Give them an experience that will test physical abilities, shooting speed and accuracy. Set up is easy and there are many affordable options to bring this event to your club. 3GE is growing rapidly so reach new and existing shooters by bringing this program to your facility!



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NRA 3GE was designed with individual’s creativity in mind. Organizers are encouraged to design an original course to uniquely challenge their participants. Phone: (800) 672-7435 Email:


Women’s Wilderness Escape Title


With increased interest from women of all ages in shooting sports and the outdoor lifestyle, the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape is an opportunity of a lifetime. The program offers women ages 18 and older, a seven-night getaway to the NRA’s Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, where they will be exposed to many different shooting sports disciplines from tactical pistol and shotgun to archery. Participants also get to unwind with entertaining evening events while making friendships with fellow shooting and outdoor enthusiasts. The NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape welcomes all experience levels. Encourage women at your club or range to participate in this unique event, and you’ll have dedicated members for a lifetime.



In 2013, 450 NRA Instructional Shooting Clinics were held teaching firearm safety and marksmanship to over 14,000 women.

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Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program


Whether it’s Pro-Marksman or Distinguished Expert, the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification program offers youth, men and women of all ages, the opportunity to be recognized for their shooting skills. The program provides incentive awards for developing and improving marksmanship skills, taking shooters from beginning through intermediate, up to a nationally recognized skill level that parallels a competitively classified Sharpshooter. While qualification shooting can be self-administered, clubs and ranges can offer members additional benefits by providing on-site knowledge, guidance, materials and venue. Invite individuals, groups or even families to participate in this fun-filled, competitive challenge.



Qualification shooting can be conducted anywhere— on public ranges, at your favorite club, or even on your home range.

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Title Hunter Services NRA


When it comes to hunting and skills training, America’s 13.7 million hunters have known for years where to go: The NRA. Working in cooperation with the State of New York in 1949, we developed hunter safety training as it is known today. Since then, as our proven hunting education principles have been adopted by one state after another, we’ve expanded our services and assistance to hunters. Now, we need your help. Your club or range can be an ambassador for continuing the expansion of these services, skills and training. Let us provide you with the information you need, so you can spread the word by becoming the go-to hunting knowledge center in your community.



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The Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 has provided over $2BN in federal aid through a tax on firearms and ammunition.This money is used to manage wildlife and their habitats with the goal of creating a better hunting experience for everyone.


Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC)


The NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is recognized as the most comprehensive youth hunting program anywhere in North America, and offers a “graduate studies” program in outdoor skills and safety training for biys and girls 18 and under. YHEC is conducted under simulated hunting conditions to provide the best practical environment for reinforcing and testing a young hunter’s skills. From rifle, bow and muzzleloader shooting at life-sized targets, to wildlife identification, to map-and-compass orienteering and more, YHEC participants get hands-on training in eight skills areas, giving them expertise in all methods of take and all types of game. Interested in hosting your own local or state-level YHEC program, contact NRA Hunter Services to get started today!

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KNOW? The single fastest growing group of participants in the Youth Hunter Education Challenge is young women. Phone: (800) 492-4868 Email:


Brownells/NRA Day


Brownells/NRA Day is a program designed for discovery. The collection of events exposes adults, youth, families, hunters, sportsmen, and competitors to the many different activities available in the shooting sports. Your club can host one or many and offer the opportunity for individuals to come together to explore the shooting sports in a safe environment.

Safety and Firearms Education* An informal orientation that teaches participants how to safely handle load shoot and unload a variety of guns.

Basic Shooting* An NRA Certified Instructor teaches an NRA Basic Shooting course (10 - 14 hours) or an NRA FIRST Steps course (3 hours).

Competition Shooting* Event staff teaches participants the rules that govern the game and how to hone and refine the skills that give a competitive edge in matches and tournaments.

Youth SportsFest** All ‘youth only’ events fall into the NRA Youth SportsFest category.

Shotgun Shooting* Event staff teaches participants the basics of shotgun shooting and the specifics behind Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays.


Brownells/NRA Day

NRA Sports 3 Gun Experience (3GE) NRA Sports 3GE is designed to offer a fun, exhilarating and physical activity that exposes kids and adults to the fastest-growing action shooting sport in the world. This is a safe family-fun mildly competitive recreational event. Utilizing modern sporting .22 rifles .22 pistols and shotguns as well as AirSoft rifles pistols and shotguns.

Hunter Events (Several Options) State Hunter Education Course* A state certified Hunter Education Instructor presents a formal course that includes range time for shooting practice and personalized instruction. NRA Hunter Clinic Event staff provides a selection of the four-hour responsibility and the four shooting events in the program. An NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor will teach a Wild Turkey, Whitetail Deer or Western Big Game clinic. NRA Sponsor’s Choice* Event staff develops a hunt or hunting related program based on the knowledge and expertise of their local staff.

Special Interest*** Special Interest events feature a restricted program that is designed for a specific audience other than youth.


In order to conduct a Brownells/ NRA Day event, you must submit the application and fee of $20.00. The fee includes up to 50 t-shirts, unlimited participant and volunteer certificates, unlimited NRA Sports pins, 15 staff hats, and unlimited Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program books. You must have NRA Instructors at the event as well. Applications must be submitted 60 days prior to your event.

* Family event open to everyone. ** Closed event limited to youth attendees. *** Closed event limited to a specific audience.

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NRA Sports gives clubs and ranges the chance to take individuals beyond the everyday, and offer an experience in recreational shooting sport...


NRA Sports gives clubs and ranges the chance to take individuals beyond the everyday, and offer an experience in recreational shooting sport...