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I’m Honored To Have Served You By Ronald L. Schmeits, Past NRA President


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President’s Column

I’m Honored To Have Served You By Ronald L. Schmeits, Past NRA President


y the time you read this column, my two-year run as president of the National Rifle Association will have come to an end. It’s been one of my life’s highest honors and a truly humbling experience. Fifty-nine people served in this position before me, each one raising future expectations with their success. I pray I’ve lived up to those expectations. We’re the world’s largest and oldest civil rights organization for a reason. As NRA president, I have gained a new understanding of your deep passion and conviction for the Second Amendment and all of our other freedoms. It’s that conviction that makes us, as far as I’m concerned, the world’s most successful civil rights organization, too. When I became president in 2009, I wasn’t planning on making any major changes—we had a dedicated leadership team that was committed to and capable of protecting and expanding our freedoms. Their efforts were extremely effective prior to my term, and I have no doubt they’ll continue to be effective. I would particularly like to thank my friends David Keene and Jim Porter, whose support and hard work have been invaluable to me. We’re stronger now than ever. While I’m proud of our experienced and accomplished leadership, it’s clear to me where the unique strength of our organization lies: in our millions of selfless, united members from coast to coast. Over the past two years, I’ve watched your energy win victory after victory. McDonald v. Chicago made clear to our opponents what we already knew: that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual, nationwide Right to Keep and Bear Arms. And last November, we sent a message that reverberated throughout the halls in Washington. Thanks to our unparalleled grassroots network, NRA-supported candidates enjoyed tremendous success while enemies of freedom were swiftly removed from public office.

It’s my sincere hope that the momentum we’ve spent years building will continue to grow in the face of new challenges. When power-hungry politicians try to blame our freedoms for crime, we must aggressively push for strict enforcement of existing laws and prosecution of those who violate them. Should they try to pick and choose the laws they want to follow, it’s our duty to swiftly replace them with people who respect all of our freedoms. And we must always ensure that our leaders adhere to the Constitution and the will of the American people—not the whims of foreign governments and gun-ban extremists. A strong NRA is a good thing for American gun owners and non-gun owners alike. We must continue to expand our reach. There are too many people who still don’t understand how critical we are to the continuation of freedoms they may take for granted. We’ve accomplished an incredible amount—be proud of it! NRA membership is an investment in freedom.

“As NRA president, I have gained a new understanding of your deep passion and conviction for the Second Amendment and all of our other freedoms.”

Finally, I’ve often used this space to urge you to participate in our organization’s numerous programs, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t do that one last time. We’re the most powerful force in Washington because votes are America’s greatest currency. An NRA member is a guaranteed vote for freedom, and an active, visible NRA will attract more members. Grassroots participation is the lifeblood of our association, and our cause is too important to sit on the sidelines. These past two years, I’ve met members from all corners continued on page 6 Volume 16, Number 2 club connection l 3


Targets T

he National Rifle Association has developed a program to increase awareness of Electronic Target Systems and their use for recreational shooting. NRA members, recreational shooters, and first time shooters will be invited to participate in events throughout the country to try shooting on electronic target systems and see how fun and enjoyable of an experience it can be. Select Clubs/Ranges will host shooting events with targets provided by NRA for the purpose of educating shooters on the recreational use of electronic targets to further promote the shooting sports. NRA will administer each event and collect data/ feedback from these shooting events to determine future involvement and promotion of electronic target shooting. To register for one of these upcoming events, please visit our website at target_shooting_events.asp. Interested in hosting an event in 2012? For more information, please contact NRA Range Services at (877) NRA RANGE or email

4 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

2011 Schedule of Electronic Target Events August 20 October 1

Illinois State Rifle Association – NRA DAY Belfast Range – SC DNR – Hunter Sight-In Day

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 5

NRA Day State Coordinators Win Henry .22 Rifles

By: Claudia Olsen, Co-Op Group Program Coordinator NRA Youth Programs

Congratulations to Sandino Stornelli of New York, Steve Gibbs of Wisconsin and John Leinberger of Missouri for being the 2010 top NRA Day State Coordinators. The year started with NRA Youth Programs challenging its NRA Day State Coordinators to increase the number of events held in their states. Youth Programs would be awarding the top three Coordinators a Henry Lever Action .22 caliber rifle as an incentive. NRA Day is a program which gives a community the opportunity to come together under a formal program to learn, experience, share, and grow in appreciation of the shooting sports. The event themes are designed for discovery and include: Basic Shooting, NRA Youth SportsFest, Competitive Shooting

Clinics, Shotgun Shooting, Special Interests and Hunting. As a result of all the hard work of our amazing volunteers, the NRA Day program had a banner year. 147 events were held with a total of 16,854 youth attending, 3,733 adults attending and 6,226 volunteers helping them make their events a day to remember. NRA’s Youth Programs will continue this incentive program for 2011 and is counting on the help of their cadre of volunteers to have another banner year. For more information about the NRA Day program, please contact Claudia Olsen at or by calling 703-267-1591.

President’s Column continued from page 3 These past two years, I’ve met members from all corners of the country and all walks of life, and yet I’m struck by the singular vision we all share. Freedom is our most cherished possession, and we will not allow it to be taken from us—or any future generation. Were it not for members like you, our Second Amendment, taken for granted by millions of Americans, would have been gutted or erased long ago. Thank you. I grew up out in the country, and I’ve spent countless hours

6 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

hunting and enjoying the outdoors. I’ve spent many more sitting in offices and conference rooms dreaming about doing so. I suppose I’ll have a little more time now to do what I love— but it’s thanks to your endless dedication that I’m comfortable knowing my right to do so is in good hands. It’s been an honor serving as your president.

Congratulations 2011 Gold Medal Clubs to all the

The NRA offers special recognition by awarding Gold Medal status to NRA affiliated organizations that promote and support the purposes, objectives, policies, and programs of the NRA. Each year numerous organizations apply to achieve the Gold Medal status; an honor presented to clubs that meet the following five specific criteria:

Clubs that meet the criteria are awarded a plaque along with an inscribed bar listing the year. Current Gold Medal clubs are encouraged to renew their status every year and will be given an inscribed bar with the renewal year. A club that is applying for an NRA Range Grant will be given preference if they achieve and maintain Gold Medal status.

• Be a 100% NRA Club • Have a Club Newsletter • Belong to the NRA State Association of your state • Have administered, or currently incorporate an NRA Youth Program within the Club’s agenda • Actively participate in NRA’s Membership Recruiting

The annual deadline for the NRA Gold Medal Awards is February 15. Applications will be mailed out to all NRA Affiliated Clubs that have given proof of 100% NRA Membership in the month of December. To access the application online, please visit

67 Gun Club Airfield Shooting Club Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee Americana 1800 Adventure Club Apple Valley Gun Club Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club Asheville Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. Bedford Rifle & Revolver Club Bell City Rifle Club, Inc. Branford Gun Club, Inc. Buccaneer Gun Club Butler Co. Sportsmen’s Rifle & Pistol Club Capital City Gun Club Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club,Inc Caribou Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. Carolina West Shooting Club Cheboygan Hunter Safety Comm Colorado West Gun Club & Junior Columbus Sportsmen’s Association Inc Cumberland Riflemen Delaware State Pistol Club, Inc. Downers Grove Sportsman’s Club East Hook Sportsmen Assn,Inc Eastern Nebraska Gun Club, Inc. Eaton Employee’s Gun Club Elgin Rifle Club, Inc. Emerald Empire Gun Club Estacada Rod & Gun Club Fayette 4-H Shooting Sports Program

Folsom Shooting Club, Inc. Forks Rifle Club Fort Hill Rifle and Pistol Club Hat Creek Rifle and Pistol Club Hawkeye Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club Humboldt Rifle And Pistol Club Kern Shooting Sports, Inc. Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club Lima Sabres Shooting Assn Lincoln Rifle Club,Inc.& Jr Division Major Waldron Sportsmen’s Association Manzano Mountain Gun Club Martin County Sportsmen’s Association, Inc. McDonald Sportsmen’s Assn, Inc. Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club Mountain Valley Sportsman’s Association Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club-Jrdv Nescopeck Hunting & Rifle Club, Inc. Norfolk County Rifle Range Northern Dutchess Rod & Gun Club, Inc. Northwestern Gun Club Old Trails Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc Pine Tree Gun Club Putnam County Fish & Game Assn Inc. Rappahannock Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc.

Richwood Gun & Game Club Ridge Rifle Association Roanoke Rifle & Revolver Club Rochester Rod & Gun Club Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. Shoot Right Shoshone County Public Shooting Range, Inc. Silver State Shooting Sport Association Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association So. Cuyahoga Sportsmen’s Assn Southern Chester Co. Sptmn’s & Frmrs Asn Southwest Gun Club Spalding County 4-H St. Maries Gun Club, Inc. Stonycreek Shooting Center Inc. Streetsboro Sportsman Association Syracuse Pistol Club, Inc. The Great Lot Sportsman’s Club, Inc. Tremont Sportsman’s Club Twin City Rifle Club Waldwick Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc. Waynesburg Sportsman Association West Liberty Gun Club, Inc. White Oak Rod and Gun Club Inc. Winnequah Gun Club

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 7

8 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club

Wins NRA Recruiter of the Year honors! By Randy Clark, Recruiting Programs Manager NRA Recruiting Programs

NRA affiliate Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club was recently named the recipient of the 2010 Club Recruiter of the Year award. It was the ninth straight year that Tulsa Red Castle recruited more NRA members than any other club in the NRA Recruiting program. In addition, their efforts earned them an extra $4,700 to put back into their treasuries! Would that benefit your club? Last year the club recruited 844 NRA members through the program. According to club Secretary Alan Woodside, they are just doing their part. “If you’re a gun owner than you

should be a member, it’s as simple as that. It’s kind of scary how many folks aren’t.” For their efforts, Club representatives will be recognized at the NRA Board of Directors meeting this fall. Does your club have the potential to challenge Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club for the top Club Recruiter spot? If so, your club could be earning thousands of dollars to put back into its treasury and could even be recognized with an NRA Achievement.

Are you looking for a way to raise funds for your club or association? The NRA Recruiting program provides your club with a year round opportunity to raise money while strengthening the NRA. For more information on how to join the NRA Recruiting Program call us at (800) 672-0004 (option 2), email us at or visit us on the web at Are you already a part of the NRA Recruiting Program? We’d like to hear from you too. Please email your suggestions to and tell us how we can help you recruit more members.

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 9

South Carolina

Department of Natural Resources opens Belfast Rifle Range Just off of Highway 26, between Columbia and Greenville South Carolina, is a little town called Kinards. A rail line splits the sweeping acreage between family homes, small town streets, and an abundance of open land. It’s the open land, specifically the Belfast Wildlife Management Area, which made Kinards the perfect place for the nation’s first NRA funded public range. “The National Rifle Association established the Public Range Fund in 2009,” said Kyle Weaver, NRA’s Field Operations Managing Director. “It’s a matching grant program that encourages agencies and municipalities to build or improve public ranges.” Opened Wednesday through Friday in daylight hours and from 2 p.m. until dark on Sundays, the Belfast Rifle Range was also financed through funds collected by way of the Wildlife Restoration Act. “A portion of the money put into this facility came from excise taxes on arms and ammunitions,” explained South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Director John Frampton. “I think it’s appropriate for us to use some of those dollars to build ranges. “ Local media, South Carolina DNR officers, NRA Board

Member Herb Lanford and NRA’s Eastern Regional Director of Field Operations Brian Hyder were among the many who attended the May 6th opening. “When we developed this program, one of the first calls I made was to John Frampton,” said Hyder. “He is one of those far-reaching, far-sighted Wildlife Directors who understands the relationship between shooting and hunting.” As the ceremony closed, Frampton asked Emily Cope (his Assistant Director of Special Projects and National Affairs) to fire the first shot. “She was involved in just about all the negotiations for this property and pushed all of our staff to get the range developed.” Since 2009, the NRA has awarded more than fifteen Public Range Fund grants to local, state and national agencies throughout the United States. With a little luck, an NRA funded public range will be built in your neighborhood. “I cannot tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this day,” said Landford. “This range is an extraordinary asset that will serve the people well for many, many years.”

Funding provided through NRA Public Range Fund

10 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Eligible Applicants and Proj NRA range grant funds are made available at NRA’s sole discretion to qualifying NRA-affiliated clubs and associations by approval of the Range Development Committee -- a standing committee of the NRA Board of Directors. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS AND PROJECTS In reviewing grant applications, the Range Grant Subcommittee will apply the following criteria and recommend to the Range Development Committee only those projects that conform to these guidelines: Any NRA-affiliated club or association of which 100% of the club’s members are also NRA members is eligible to NRARange RangeGrant. Grant.Preference Preferencewill willbebegiven giventoto apply for aanNRA recipients of the Gold Medal Club Award. Projects and activities eligible for funding include: acquisition, development and/or improvement of shooting facilities; projects designed to enhance community relations, Range Day, NRA “Range Day,public publicshooting, shooting,and andjunior juniorprograms; programs; and projects addressing range safety, as well as environmental issues i.e. lead reclamation. RESTRICTIONS ON FUNDING not eligible for for The following activities or projects are also not eligible funding: 1) Deficit financing. 2) Projects related to commercial ventures. 3) Applications from clubs or associations that have not submitted final reports for previously awarded grants. COMPLETING THE APPLICATION Applicants must be a 100% NRA membership NRAAffiliated Club, with preference given to Gold Medal Clubs. This Range Grant program is limited to $5,000 per applicant per year, and the deadline for submission is August 1 annually. Applications are available online at shootingrange/grants.asp or by calling (877) NRA RANGE. Please note that 2011 will the last year that paper applications will be accepted for this program. If possible, please complete the grant application using the online system.

Awarding Grants

Commercial ventur

Guidelines Restrictions on Funding


Range Grants

Completing the Appli


Gold Medal Club 100% NRA Membership

Awarding Grants

Fina ncing

Commercial ventur

Eligible Applicants and Projects

For more information, please contact us at (877) NRA RANGE (672-7264) or email us at

Restrictions on Funding

Completing the Application Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 11

12 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

New Media & Social Networking for The Second Amendment

Categories Facebook Twitter YouTube

Join Now!

The value of internet social networking and new media has exploded in recent years as more and more NRA members and gun owners are now using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. These on-line communities foster an important connection between their users, and allow distribution of usergenerated content (like pictures, profiles, music, video, and text). NRA-ILA has been a part of this social technology for some time now, with a presence on each of these sites. By actively participating in these new media avenues, we are able to reach out to more potential members and supporters than ever before. And now more than ever, politicians are also taking full advantage of these new political techniques in an effort to drum up more youth support heading into the 2012 elections. Newt Gingrich even recently tweeted from NRA’s 140th Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Pittsburgh: “What’s better than a royal wedding in London? Attending the @NRAILA Convention in Pittsburgh. I speak at 1:15 p.m.” The current king of on-line social networking is Facebook. If you are not an NRA Facebook “fan” of NRA, please do what over 900,000 supporters have already done and join our Facebook group, “National Rifle Association of America (NRA) – Official Fan Page” at National-Rifle-Association/22561081832. YouTube is the current leader in on-line video sharing, where users can upload and share video clips on the website. Many political campaigns are also producing videos exclusively for YouTube, as it is essentially free to broadcast on the web compared to the exorbitant cost of traditional media buys. NRA has its very own channel on YouTube, broadcasting videos, speeches, and all our latest ads. To view the NRA Channel on YouTube, please visit: user/NRAVideos. Finally, Twitter is the latest social phenomenon that NRA-ILA has an ongoing presence on. Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows users to send regular, realtime text updates (known as “tweets”) to “followers” who have subscribed to them. To sign up to receive NRA-ILA “tweets,” please visit If we are going to actively reach and recruit the future leaders of the pro-gun movement, we must take full advantage of these on-line social networking resources. By launching our profiles on these sites, the torch has been lit for the next generation, so please be sure to help us in promoting NRA and the Second Amendment by joining us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter!

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 13

State Association Spotlight:


State Rifle & Pistol Association: Proud Past - Unlimited Future

Submitted By Joseph DeBergalis, Jr., VP of Operation New York State Rifle and Pistol Association

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association (NYSRPA) is the state’s largest and nation’s oldest firearms advocacy organization. Since 1871, our organization has been dedicated to the preservation of Second Amendment rights, firearm safety, education and training, and the shooting sports. Our membership consists of individuals and clubs throughout the state. Our tradition of serving and protecting our Second Amendment heritage helped “rock the cradle” at the inception of the National Rifle Association incorporated in New York City with the assistance of the NYSRPA. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization and proudly claim the title of the official NRA-affiliated State Association in New York. The NYSRPA Board of Directors further enjoy the service of three sitting NRA Board Members in NYSRPA President Thomas King, NYSRPA Board Member John Cushman and NYSRPA Vice President of Operations, Joseph DeBergalis. A full service organization, the NYSRPA enjoys the ability to offer shooting opportunities for everyone’s interest from black powder to black rifle. The NYSRPA offers competitive programs in High Power, Junior High Power, Air Rifle, Smallbore, Light Rifle, .50 Caliber Rifle and Pistol through the work of volunteer Shooting Directors, We further offer muzzleloading through our affiliation with the New York State Muzzleloaders Association and Sporterifle through the New York State Sporterifle Association. Our advocacy for the shooting sports becomes quite evident with our involvement and sponsorship of events such as the Captain Andy Houghton Memorial Two-Gun Match at West Point, the New York State International Rifle Festival, the New York State Single Action Shooting Society’s (S.A.S.S.) State Championship and a variety of other shooting opportunities. Along those lines, NYSRPA is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming 2011 World Police & Fire Games that will take place in New York City this summer. The WPGF will host 65 events with nearly 15,000 participants from around the world. Disciplines include large and smallbore rifle, pistol, skeet, sporting clays, archery and paintball. The NYSRPA enjoys the services of a nationally known firearms and tactics trainer, Chris Fry of MDTS Training, fully certified Range Development Officer in Brian Pemberton and a Veteran affairs Committee headed by Congressional Medal of Honor nominee David Bellavia. Our “Women in the Shooting 14 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Sports” Committee is headed by Jackie Emslie who also doubles as one of the leading volunteers in New York State’s Friends of NRA efforts. Our strong presence in the Conservation arena is headed by Dr. Daniel Platt and our efforts to support, equip and train our Law Enforcement and Public Safety officials is aptly helmed by Brad Morritt and John Comperetto. Ensuring that our rights are defended in the New York State Legislature, we have a very vibrant grassroots and advocacy program that we believe is “second to none” throughout the country. Chaired by Vice President of Legislative and Political Affairs, Jacob Rieper, the rights of New York State citizens to defend their homes, their families and themselves are paramount to our legislative efforts. The ability to go afield with family and friends to pass on the hunting heritage is a cornerstone of our legislative platform as well as having the right and ability to possess firearms of all calibers are solid planks within our legislative platform. These efforts are supported everyday by a cadre of Regional Directors that stand vigilant watch over our ability to keep and bear arms in New York State. The NYSRPA prides itself on being responsive to new and emerging programs and has recently associated itself with the great efforts of Revolutionary War Veterans of America to help assist in their very successful “Project Appleseed” initiative. We have formed a “Black Rifle Taskforce” to ensure that we are able to utilize the AR platform to its fullest potential; have created a Single Action Shooting Society Committee; and supported efforts to help establish Cowboy Mounted Shooting in New York. Further, we have joined forces with the Niagara County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs in sponsoring their highly successful “Mobile Air Rifle Range” which last year allowed over 10,000 children experience air rifle shooting in a safe environment supervised by NRA certified Instructors. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is proud of its history - for it is through our past that we stand guard over the “birthplace” of the NRA. We look forward to a bright and successful future. We wholeheartedly encourage and welcome support from our brother and sister NRA State-Affiliated organizations, so please feel free to contact us should you feel we could be of assistance. Sharing the torch of freedom is our best defense against those who would see it extinguished across our great land.

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ReRleyloynoFneFdeEdxEFxrFeriegihgth. t. Congress • •DaDy-adye-151 fidneifitneitdF-rated eeldiveelirvyeoryf oLRepresentatives. Tf LLT(lLes(lse-stsh-atnh-atnru-tcrkulcokaldo)afThe dr)efirgehitg112th .ht. • •ReRliaeblilaebwill ,lree,srpeocontain snpsoinvseivneexnte-258 xdta-ydaaynA-rated dansdecsoencdo-ndd(+32) a-ydareygrieognand iaolnsael rs133 veicrvei.ceF-rated . (-18) • •TakTeakaedvaadnvtaangteagoef ovaf lvuael-uaed-daeddesdersveicrveiscessucshucahs aasnao-nfoe-efemeomneoyn-ebya-cbkack Members. guagruaanrtaeneteaendanFdedFEexdEFxreFirgehitghAtdAvadnvcaencNeoNtioceti®c.e*®*.**

• There were pro-gun election upgrades in 27 House

ReRleyloynoFndistricts. eFdeEdxEExxEpxrpersess. s.

• Note: •TheThbeesbteAs csht ocihcof oeicfeotoday, rfoyor uyrour9 guerngraces tensht isphmiremain pemntesn.ts. too close to call. • •RaRpiadp,irde,lriaeblilaeb,ltei,mteim-dee-fidneifitneitdeeldiveelirvyeoryf odfocduom cuemntesn,tpsa, cpkaacgkeasgeasndanfdrefirgehitght shisphmipemntesnetsacehacbhusbiunseisnsesdsayd.ay.

ReGubernatorial RleyloynoFneFdeEdxEG x rGo& ruonuState dn.d. Legislatures

by the • •FedFEexd•EGxrOf oGurnoduthe nisd fias21 sftaesrtgubernatorial etor tmoomreorloeclaotciaotnisonthscandidates atthaUtPUSPGSroGurnodu.nendorsed d. NRA-PVF, 15 were victorious. (Note: Two races ® ® • •ReRsiedseindteinatlidael ldiveelirvyearyvaivlabillaebvleiavFiaedFEexdEHxoHmoemDeeDliveelirvyer.y .

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We want to thank the tens of millions of gun owners who actively volunteered for pro-gun candidates and who voted.

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Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 15

Does Your Club Have A Club Officers’ Guidebook?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Organizing A Club Club Finances NRA Grant Programs Club Shooting Programs Public Relations and Much More




or your is f e m a n a s up with do you do? Thi e e m o c Th u t a . o shoot; y NRA. Now whthey are formed and o t e k i l t e s b ce ha th friends tyour club with g clubs have onp strengthen clu 0 1 e v a You h also affiliate s that shootin Guide to hel rs’ nd on group, ahe many questiRA Club Office mittees, m o t f N C o e b . e h u t on direction uties, Cl d much more. veloped D r e c ffi n NRA de em in the right a n on O g Programs, g programs and o h i t t a t n m i r o p tin nfo r tin s down icruitment, Shoof different shooblic relations foion k a e r b e t e o d u This gui ces, Member R enting a series romote good p bs and organizaclubs, n p u m a ll cl o le Club FinA suggests imp ooting events tinterest to keep to be used by alined h The NR community s erate member ide is intended e concepts out heir running ; as well as genclub officers’ guy embracing th d an asset to t the clubsbanding. The and purpose. B e successful an y from di ss of their size tioned to becom n. Newlithout o i t a z i e i l s n d o a r w rg rega e, a club is p ave the odership positionto use to e l d r i o u g n n i ow lea rce ity. ay step dly step into the be a great resou m r e commun c ffi ide will to quick mes an o ds Often ticers will be able club officers’ gu b depenClub u l e c ffi r o Th u . d o k e y r f A elect ft in the da eration ocopy of the NRbs at . p e n l o o e i g t v n i i i s t e c b lu ffe ted the tran guide. E uest a free prin contact NRA C r a y l facilitate n o a e q il ble fo s s i e a a r v s e i a l o h p t T o , s . , l s s e a t s n Of cour leadership efforted Organizatiorg. The guide is r a o i . u l upon yo’ Guide for Affiail clubs@nrahq cers-guide.asp s r m Office 72-2582 or e (800) 6 ad at www.nrah downlo

16 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Merrimack, New Hampshire

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 17

18 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2


of becoming a

100% NRA Membership Club 100% Membership

Range Grants

Gold Medal


Why should your organization become a 100% NRA Club? What’s in it for your club? A club becomes a 100% NRA Club when all members of the NRA- affiliated Club actively maintain individual NRA membership. This can be done simply by requesting proof of NRA membership when signing up new members to your organization and/or including NRA membership as Membership requirement in your organization bylaws. An example of wording used for the bylaw amendment is “Membership Eligibility: All members must maintain a membership in good standing with the National Rifle Association”. One of the two main benefits of this elevated status of Club Affiliation is access to a special NRA Range Grant program that is only open to 100% NRA Clubs. It will allow your club to gain access up to $5,000 per year to make improvements to your range. The deadline for this special grant program is August 1 annually. For more information on this range grant program, please visit our website at to download an application.

Secondly, 100% NRA Membership status also fulfills one of the main requirements for the NRA Gold Medal Club Award. The other remaining requirements are to produce a club newsletter, be an affiliate of your NRA State Association, be actively involved with an NRA youth program, and participate in the NRA Recruiter program. The deadline for this exclusive program is February 15 each year. More information on the NRA Gold Medal Club program is available at goldmedal.asp In addition, the NRA Recruiter program could generate revenue for your club; for each new NRA member your club affiliates your club will receive $10 and $5 for each renewal. To start earning commission as an NRA Recruiter, please visit their website today at If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding becoming an exclusive 100% NRA Club, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) NRA CLUB (6722582) or visit

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 19


Club Leadership

& D e ve l o p m e n t Wo r k s h o p



For more information, visit or call (800) NRA-CLUB 20 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2 144 Front street West, Suite 725 Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2L7, Canada

Member Management Magic

Need help with membership and website management? Wild Apricot Offers An Easy & Affordable Solution Wild Apricot is an affordable membership website system that’s used by thousands of small associations, clubs and member organizations. It is designed so anyone comfortable with Microsoft Word can easily update website pages, membership lists, event registrations and much more.


A Professional Website r Management Magic form Online member application

So go ahead — replace your spreadsheets and paper filing system with easy, reliable software.

Members-Only Pages and Profile Member Management Magic Secure access with individual passwords

Event calendar and registration

Member self-service to update profile, register for events & renew memberships

Discussion forums & blogs

Members-only content, such as premium research and member directory

Free templates

Automatic membership renewals

Secure Administrative Access for Staff and Volunteers Create & manage website pages with “Word-like” page editor Update contact and member database Manage financial records Membership renewal automation Event management Send email blasts (newsletters)

Easy & Affordable Flat fee starts at $25 a month

Nothing to install! Try it right from your favorite web browser.

No setup fee or per-transaction fees Unlimited email and phone support No contracts to sign

NRA Clubs & Associations can benefit from using Wild Apricot for their membership management. To learn more & sign-up for your 30-day free trial, visit or call 1-877-493-6090.

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 21


MEXICO Tech Rifle Team

Places 10th at the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club National Championships

Submitted By Virginia T. McLemore, Coach New Mexico Tech Rifle Team

Four New Mexico Tech Shooting Sports Club members (Camille Bryant, David Best, Alex Egerton, and Elizabeth Barteau) and coach Virginia McLemore traveled to Charleston, South Carolina April 6-11, 2011 to compete in the NRA National Intercollegiate Rifle Club National Championships at The Citadel. The NM Tech team qualified for this national competition with their scores shot in January 2011 at the New Mexico Colligate Sectional Championship (http://www.nmt. edu/nmt-news/336-2011/4044-shooting-team-defeats-unmfor-regional-title). The competition consists of 20 shots in each of three positions: prone, standing, and kneeling using a precision .22 rifle. Although the team placed 10th out of 10 teams at the national championship, three of the team members shot their best scores and the 4th team member was only 5 points behind his average score窶馬early 200 points above the team score at the sectional that qualified them to go to the national championship! Team member Elizabeth Barteau was the high scorer for the team and placed 12th in the individual .22 rifle championships (out of 30 shooters)! Three of the team members are freshman shooting in .22 position rifle competition for the very first time this year and the fourth is a sophomore with some competition experience. The NM Tech Shooting Sports club has provided experience in air rifle and pistol, small bore rifle, and high power rifle for more than 20 years. This is the first time the students were interested in competition beyond the club and state level. Not too many colleges are as supportive of the shooting sports as NM Tech, who provided some of the traveling funds. New members of the New Mexico Tech Shooting Sports Club are welcome. The club has regular practice at the New Mexico Tech Gym Classroom every Monday at 5-7 PM during the fall and spring semesters.

The team takes great care of their equipment as shown here cleaning their rifles

For more information contact, Virginia T. McLemore, Coach New Mexico Tech Rifle Team, Faculty Sponsor New Mexico

The team prepares for practice at the range

Shooting Sports Club (505)720-1537 Nmtshootingsports@

22 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Background Photo: New Mexico Tech Rifle Team

Submitted By Fred Shapiro, Director


Phoenix Junior Rifle Club


ichard Layton, 19 years old and a sophomore at Arizona State University has made history by winning the Arizona prone championship. Richard shot a 3192 x 3200 to become the first Junior in the history of the match to win this very difficult two day event. He is another proud member of the Phoenix Junior Rifle Club and has been coached by Tom Kempley of Minden, Nevada. Tom was also responsible for the success of his two children, daughter Reya and son Tarl becoming world class shooters. Richard started out as a right hand shooter until it was discovered he was left eyed dominant. He switched over to a left hand gun without missing a trick and so history was made. The quality of competition will be enhanced when he takes his act to Camp Perry this summer. For more information on the Phoenix Junior Rifle Club contact: Fred Shapiro, Director, Phoenix Junior Rifle Club (623) 544-1254 or by email

Jack Arnold awarding the plaque to Richard Layton

Matinecock Rod and Gun Club Hosts Junior BB Gun Match

Submitted By Matinecock Rod and Gun Club Locust Valley, NY


he Matinecock Rod and Gun Club hosted their First Annual Al Eisen NRA BB Gun Postal Match at their clubhouse on March 27. During the all day event, 26 kids between the ages of 8 thru 15 fired the official NRA course of fire required for a BB Gun Postal Match. Each shooter fired 10 shots from each position which were standing, sitting, kneeling and prone. Each shooter has had their targets and official scores entered in the NRA’s National BB Gun Postal Match. An NRA postal match is one conducted via the U.S. mail and targets are sent in from across the country. “It was great for our club to be able to host this event” said President Rick Lucidi. “Our membership put quite a bit of planning and effort into the shoot and it was great to see so many kids participate. We were a little nervous at first about holding the shoot in our clubhouse but we were able to design a simple and safe BB gun range. Over 1,000 shots were fired without

incident and it was great to see how much each kid improved. I just want to say thank you to all who helped out with planning, construction, financial support, scoring, administration and everything else that goes into running an event such as this. It was a great day!”. Along with each individual entry the club established five teams of five shooters each and entered them into the team matches as well. The teams were the Matinecock Osprey, Matinecock Indians, Matinecock Stripers, Matinecock Bluefish and the Matinecock Snappers. The top five shooters shot for the Matinecock Osprey and they were Cole Madden, Emily Cartagine, Matthew Pemberton, Alyssa Morris and Matthew Norelius. The match was named in honor of Al Eisen who was a longtime club member and supporter of NRA’s youth programs and the Second Amendment. Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 23



Griffin High School Rifle Team Claims First Ever State Riflery Championship

Submitted By Griffin High School Rifle Team Griffin, Georgia

A State Championship Title was contested at Ft Benning’s Pool International Rifle Range April 2nd: Griffin High School brought home all the Gold and a Bronze Medal Riflery has been formally contested in Georgia since 1944 with Air Rifle being the recognized leader over Smallbore .22 Rifle since 1992. The Griffin High School Rifle Team came close to Gold in 1992 and 2003 with Silver Medal Team Finishes. Griffin brought home Individual Gold and Silver Medals along with their Silver Team Medals in 2003. This is the 7th team qualification and trip to the State Championship match. State Championship appearances for Griffin High School include;1992 (2nd ), 1993 (4th ), 1994 (6th ), 2002 (8th ), 2003 (2nd), and 2005 (14th).

Jay Cross standing with his final scoring of the day at the Ft. Benning’s Pool International Rifle Range

24 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Griffin High School’s Sara Howell set the pace early by posting for only the second time this year in the 290’s with a 291, the high score of all 63 individual competitors on the day. Team members Ale Gonzalez and Kayla Collett kept things close with their 287 and 280 respectively. Golzalez score was good enough for an eighth place spot in the coveted Finals. She would go on to better that with a 95.2 to improve to seventh overall on the day. Jay Cross had four shots left in his final (kneeling) position, when East Coweta’s Tyler Dayton made a critical error; he posted four “9s” in a row for a total score of 288. Jay Cross could not know what every spectator behind him knew at that point. It was numerically possible that East Coweta had a small chink in their armor. As the Chief Range Officer called “2 minutes remaining,” Jay shot two 9’s in a row for shots 7 and 8. Shot 9 found its way into the ten ring and every coach and spectator knew that Jay needed an 8 to tie or better to win. The crowd held their collective breath as Jay steadied his aim. With nerves of steel, he placed a .177 caliber pellet into the 10 ring, giving Griffin a 2 point win over Silver Medalist East Coweta and claiming Griffin High School Rifle Team the first ever State Riflery Championship. Riflery consists of Individual Competitor scores that make up the Team Aggregate. By the time the final two shots were tallied on the electronic scoreboard, Griffin managed a two point victory for their first ever State Riflery Championship. It was then time to restart the lineup with the top eight individual scores to see who among them would be the Individual State Champion. This format is taken directly from the Olympic Riflery Finals and is designed to get the crowd and media more involved. Think NASCAR without TV. It can get quite loud as fans cheer their personal favorite champions.

CHAMPIONS ARE MADE OF Sara Howell took her single point lead into the Finals and posted some of the deepest 10’s (10.8, 10.7, 10.5 and a 10.1) of that part of the competition. Sara worked hard for those 10’s, but two 8’s crept in to steal her lead and she held on to a hard fought Bronze .5 ahead of fourth place finisher Kelsey Moral of East Coweta. This was to be Jay Cross’s day, when he posted a 290, good enough for a third place start in the finals. Jay would go on to post the high score in the finals, 99.7 to overtake the lead and win the Individual State Championship Gold Medal. This was the culmination of a long year of hard work. When the dust settled, a mere 9 points out of the 409 possible separated the top 8 contenders, and 3.5 points separated Individual Gold from paper. This was a hard fought and very close competition that changed leads almost with every shot, and

was emotionally draining on athletes, coaches and the spectators. Riflery is often more about committing to the process than natural talent. You get back what you put into it, and many Riflery Athletes will tell you that you win, by tenths of a point and what you log into your Shooters Journal. Jay Cross started a single point out of first place, and by virtue of a tie breaker for the Finals, wound up in third place. Jay had to earn every tenth of a point the hard way. Nothing came easy. For more information contact: Roy McClain CMP State Director GSSA VP Ed & Tng (770) 412-6604

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 25

Smart Phone Mobile Payment Processing Accept credit cards from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy Tab or other Android device. QwickPAY™ is the latest mobile solution in the PAImobile™ suite of products, and is available to any size merchant. Now all merchants can process swiped payments from mobile devices without the high fees associated with traditional wireless processing accounts. Rates as low as 1.35% Gun Friendly credit & debit card processing Website credit card and check processing Wireless payment solutions for gun shows NRA, NSSF and SASS endorsed Experts who understand your business 24/7 world class customer support (USA) To learn more about the PAI QwickPAY solution contact: 866-371-2273 option 1 or email us at

In Association with HSBC Bank, USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY 26 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Smartphone Mobile Payment Processing Now Available for Shooting Sports Industry Offer Part of Comprehensive PAImobile™ Suite of Solutions

Payment Alliance International (PAI), a leader in electronic payment processing solutions and the Electronic Transactions Association’s (ETA) 2011 “ISO of the Year,” is pleased to announce smartphone mobile payment processing capabilities for its Shooting Sports Payments Package. The new mobile payments capabilities garnered widespread attention and resounding support earlier this month when introduced at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa. The Shooting Sports Payments Package is an ongoing collaborative effort between PAI and shooting sports industry leaders. The goal is to provide payment solutions that meet the needs of firearm retailers and related professionals. Along with traditional brick-and-mortar and ecommerce card processing and check services, PAI now offers shooting sports merchants a cost-effective way to accept mobile swiped card payments. Simply attach a Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) to any of these devices:     

iPhone iPad iPod Touch Galaxy Tab Android

Rather than prohibiting service to the firearms industry, PAI has embraced it, resulting in the Shooting Sports Payments Package being endorsed by the major associations, including the NRA’s Business Alliance, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). “As a committed partner to the unique firearms market, we are constantly looking for ways to benefit our customers,” explains Nathan Danus, vice president of PAI’s target marketing group. “We are very excited to help the shooting sports industry use payments technology to grow revenue, whether it’s in a retail store environment, through an e-commerce website or via mobile processing. We’re there every step of the way.” To learn more about the PAImobile suite of solutions and the Shooting Sports Payments Package, please visit or call us at 866.371.2273 (option 1).

PAImobile is a trademark of Payment Alliance International (PAI). Other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner.

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 27

NRA-affiliated state associations Alabama State Rifle & Pistol Association

2244 Central Point Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35215 • Mr. James Moses, President • Mr. Ramon J. Samaniego, Jr. Secretary/Treasurer 256-534-2644

Alaska Outdoor Council, Inc. PO Box 1069 Wasilla, AK 99687 907-841-6849 • Mr. Denny Hamann, NRA Liason • Mr. Rod Arno, Executive Director

Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association PO Box 40962 Mesa, AZ 40962 623-687-4251 • Mr. Noble C. Hathaway, President • Mr. John Hard, Vice President

Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

PO Box 272 Clarksville, AR 72830 • Mr. David Joyner, President 479-263-6665 • Mr. John Malinowski, Vice President 479-484-7898

California Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

271 Imperial Highway, Ste 620 Fullerton, CA 92835 714-992-2772 • Mr. Walt Mansell, President • Mr. John C. Fields, Executive Director

Colorado State Shooting Association

609 W. Littleton Blvd, Ste 206 Littleton, CO 80120 720-283-1376 • Mr. Tony Fabian, President 303-663-9339 office • Mr. David Gill, Vice President

Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association

PO Box 754 North Haven, CT 06473

28 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

• Mrs. Shelly Albino, President 203-467-1150 • Mr. Randy Bieler, Director 203-272-1725

Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

PO Box 1786 Wilmington, DE 19899 302-764-6899 • Mr. John J. Thompson, President • Mr. Daniel Lindberg, Vice President 302-475-4228

Florida Sport Shooting Association, Inc.

• Mr. Thomas Brusherd, President • Mr. Michael D. Langfield, Secretary

Georgia Sport Shooting Association PO Box 1733 Macon, GA 31202 478-275-2752 • Tracy English, President • Mr. Tom E. Patton, Treasurer

Hawaii Rifle Association

PO Box 543 Kailua, HI 96734 808-261-2754 info line • Mr. Harvey F. Gerwig, President • Bill Richter, Secretary

Idaho State Rifle & Pistol Association PO Box 140293 Boise, ID 83714-0293 • Mr. Neill Goodfellow, President • Mr. Jon Carter, Secretary

Illinois State Rifle Association, Inc.

PO Box 637 420 E. Locust Street Chatsworth, IL 60921 815-635-3198 office 815-635-3723 fax • Mr. Richard Pearson, Executive Director • Mr. Don A. Moran, President

Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. c/o 7527 State Route 56 Rising Sun, IN 47040 • Mr. Jerry Wehner, Executive VP • Mr. William B. Thomas, Secretary 812-948-8226

Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association

240 Prospect Road North Liberty, IA 52317-9660 319-626-2710 • Mr. Bill Besgrove, Secretary • Mr. John Klopfenstein, President klopfenstein@iowastateriflepistol. org

Kansas State Rifle Association

PO Box 219 Bonner Springs, KS 66012-0219 • Ms. Patricia Stoneking, President 913-667-3044 • Ms. Elizabeth Brown, Secretary 913-608-1910

League of Kentucky Sportsmen, Inc.

• Mr. Bill Haycraft, President • Rev. Tom Cottingim, NRA Liaison

Louisiana Shooting Association

115 Pine Ridge Rd DeRidder, LA 70634 337-396-9650 • Mr. Daniel Zelenka II, President • Mr. Danny Hudson, Secretary

(Maine) Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. 14 Pine Rd Wiscasset, ME 04578 207-882-4713 • Mr. Ronald Vaillancourt, President 207-622-7989 • Mr. Angus N. Norcross, Treasurer

Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association 832 Bear Cabin Drive Forest Hill, MD 21050-2734 • Mr. Richard Kussman, President 410-838-1734 • Mr. Douglas Self, 1st Vice President

(Massachusetts) Gun Owners’ Action League – G.O.A.L. • •

PO Box 567, 37 Pierce Street Northboro, MA 01532 508-393-5333 office 508-393-5222 fax Mr. James Wallace, Executive Director Mr. Jon Green, Jr., Director Training & Edu.

Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association

PO Box 530637 Livonia, MI 48153-0637 • Mr. Leo Cebula, President • Mr. Mike Wesner, Secretary/Treasurer

Minnesota Rifle & Revolver Association, Inc.

MRRA Secretary 4737 CR 101, Box 114 Minnetonka, MN 55345-2634 • Mr. George Minerich, President • Mr. Mark Rohmann, Membership Sec. MN_Rifle_Revolver_Assn@mynra. com

Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association

PO Box 1061 McComb, MS 39649 601-249-3315 • Mr. Douglas Bowser, President • Ms. Deborah Withers, Secretary

Missouri Sport Shooting Association

PO Box 10170 Columbia, MO 65205-4002 • Mr. Kevin Jamison, President 816-455-2669 816-413-0696 fax • Lee Koester, Secretary/Treasurer

Montana Rifle & Pistol Association

PO Box 48 Ramsay, MT 59748 406-782-3450 • Mr. Matt Egloff, President • Ms. Zona Mowrer, Secretary/ Membership

Nebraska Marksmanship Association

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

PO Box 1023 Troy, NY 12181-1023 518-424-1349 518-449-1332 fax • Mr. Thomas H. King, President • Mr. Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr., VP

North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association

13105 Sky Park Drive Omaha, NE 68137 402-933-4881 • Mr. Bill J. Keil, President • Mr. W. Aaron Woehler, Secretary

P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 910-295-2480 • Mr. David McFarling, President • Mr. David Prest, Secretary 910-639-4742 office

Nevada State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

North Dakota Shooting Sports Association

• •

PO Box 7512 Reno, NV 89501-7512 775-762-1494 office 775-355-8088 fax Mr. Robert E. Smith, President Mr. Mark Geldmacher, Secretary/ Treasurer

Gun Owners of New Hampshire, Inc.

P.O. Box 847 Concord, NH 03302-0487 603-225-4664 • Mr. Mitch Kopacz, President • Mr. Ralph Demicco, Vice President

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc.

• Mr. Scott L. Bach, President • Ms. Judith Iorio, Recording Secretary

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

76 Pinon Hill Pl, NE Albuquerque, NM 87122 • Mr. Anthony Trennel, President 505-856-6574 • Ms. Karma Whelchel, Treasurer 505-872-5364

PO Box 228 Bismark, ND 58502-0028 • Mr. Eric Pueppke, President • Mr. James Ladwig, Vice President

Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association

P.O. Box 43083 Cincinnati, OH 45243-0083 513-891-1325 • Mrs. Gwen Bailey, President • Mr. Keith V. Bailey, Secretary

Oklahoma Rifle Association

P.O. Box 850602 Yukon, OK 73085-0602 • Mr. Charles Smtih, Executive Director 405-324-2450 office/fax • Mr. Rick N. Baker, Secretary 405-867-4460 x239 office/fax

Oregon State Shooting Association 2815 South Shore Drive SE Albany, OR 97322 • Mr. Tim Pitzer, President • Mr. Stan Pate, Vice President 503-652-9931

Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association • Mr. Jack Lee, President 724-865-2597 phone/fax

Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 29

NRA-affiliated state associations • Mr. James G. Johnson, Secretary

Rhode Island State Rifle & Revolver Association

PO Box 8537 Cranston, RI 02920 • Ms. Gail Hogan, Secretary

Gun Owners of South Carolina

PO Box 211 Little Mountain, SC 29075 803-945-7677 • Mr. Gerald Stoudemire, President • Ms. Peggy Bodner 803-329-8668

South Dakota Shooting Sports Association

PO Box 3 Dell Rapids, SD 57022 605-428-5488 • Mr. Dan Anderson, Comm. Dir. • Mr. Tom Raines, President

Tennessee Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

6653 Jocelyn Hollow Road Nashville, TN 37205 • Mr. Ray W. Harvey, Jr., President 615-352-3954 • Mr. Eugene Paranick, Membership Dir. www.

Texas State Rifle Association

314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200 office Mr. Stephen Hall, Exec. Director 512-615-4116 office • Mr. Don Strickland, President

Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association

4834 Van Buren Avenue Ogden, UT 84403 801-449-9763 office 801-476-8274 fax • Mr. Elwood P. Powell, President • Mr. Ralph Schamel, Vice President 801-277-4016 30 l club connection l Volume 16, Number 2

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc.

• Mr. Clint Gray, President 802-467-8445 • Mr. Evan Hughes, Vice President

Virginia Shooting Sports Association

P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 540-672-5848 • Mr. Lucien Charette, Executive Director • Ms. Andrea T. Smith, Secretary/ Treasurer

Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. P.O. Box 382 DuPont, WA 98327 • Mr. Duane Hatch, Secretary • Mr. James Crosier, Vice President

West Virginia State Rifle & Pistol Association P.O. Box 2504 Buckhannon, WV 26201 304-472-5174 • Ms. Amy Tenney, Treasurer • Mr. Gary Bailey, President

Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs and Educators

• Mr. Jeff Nass, President 920-687-0505 • Mr. Gary Nichols, Secretary 262-246-3317


PO Box 94 Guernsey, WY 82214 • Mr. Mark Spungin, President • Mrs. Beverly Spungin, Vice President 307-836-2188 • Mr. Roger Sebesta, Secretary/Treasurer

NRA Endorsed Insurance Program Participant

NRA Field Representative Directory


•Eastern Regional Director Area 1 (ME, NH, VT, N. NY) Area 2 (NY) Area 3 (CT, MA, RI, Lower NY) Area 4 (DE, Eastern PA) Area 5 (Western PA) Area 6 (MD, NJ) Area 7 (DC, Western VA, WV) Area 8 (Eastern NC) Area 42 (Western NC) Area 45 (Eastern VA) CENTRAL REGION

•Central Regional Director Area 12 (Southern OH) Area 14 (IN) Area 15 (KY) Area 17 (WI) Area 18 (Northern IL) Area 19 (MO) Area 43 (TN) Area 49 (Northern OH) Area 51 (Southern MI) Area 52 (Southern IL) SOUTHERN REGION

•Southern Regional Director Area 9 (SC) Area 10 (GA) Area 11 (Northern FL) Area 16 (LA, Southern MS) Area 22 (AL) Area 25 (Northern TX) Area 26 (Southern TX) Area 39 (AR, Northern MS) Area 47 (Western TX) Area 48 (Southern Florida)

Brian Hyder Michael Langton Jay Rusnock Eric Bieler Kory Enck Thomas Baldrige Brian Swartz Jim Kilgore David Wells Robert Doug Merrill Bob Hipple

276-579-9828 603-938-2860 845-298-7233 860-426-1478 717-689-3200 724-861-0447 973-343-2104 304-255-2916 252-456-2097 828-628-0410 540-631-0633

Philip Gray Bryan Hoover Steve Teutsch Larry Summarell, Jr. Scott Taetsch Michael F. Huber Gregg Pearre Mike Webb Lloyd Edwards Allan Herman Chad Franklin

740-773-4119 740-297-4255 317-946-7260 270-586-5031 715-873-3360 815-652-0033 573-761-5466 901-382-4789 419-646-3669 989-686-3013 217-536-6978

Al Hammond Dale Carwile Brad Ward Howell Lancaster Dick Kingsafer Gene Newman Chris Griffin Liz Foley VACANT Jack Cannon Tom Knight

386-462-5421 864-223-9900 770-228-8218 904-388-9782 601-794-0068 205-489-1288 817-637-4574 936-273-6397 VACANT 325-617-4460 941-923-7676

•Mid West Regional Director Area 20 (OK) Area 21 (MN) Area 23 (IA, NE) Area 24 (KS) Area 27 (NM) Area 28 (MT) Area 29 (WY) Area 30 (CO) Area 41 (ND, SD)

Tom Ulik Darren DeLong Scott Lembke Tim Bacon Rick Chrisman Peter Ide Joseph Crismore David Manzer Gwen Chermack Clay Pederson

509-895-9407 405-692-8672 218-844-2000 515-576-1285 913-294-9956 505-281-6721 406-293-2498 307-746-2520 719-539-9574 701-522-9622

WESTERN REGION •Western Regional Director Area 31 (AZ) Area 32 (S. ID, Eastern NV, UT) Area 33 (Northern ID, Eastern WA) Area 34 (HI, OR) Area 35 (Northern CA) Area 36 (Southern CA, S. NV) Area 37 (Central CA) Area 38 (AK) Area 40 (Western WA) Area 46 (E.CA, W. NV)

Brad Kruger Donna Cassity Jerald Olsen Steve Vreeland Mike Carey Daniel Wilhelm Mike Davis Jason Quick Marc Steinke Keifer Lewis Steve Wilson

907-235-9074 520-316-0620 801-317-4878 208-286-0950 541-385-9404 707-994-5877 714-368-0451 805-239-4246 719-322-4072 360-736-2838 209-847-4826


Volume 16, Number 2 l club connection l 31

Nonprofit Org U.S. POSTAGE PAID Dullas, VA Permit No. 67

Club Connection National Rifle Association 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030

Range Range Development Development & & Operations Operations Conference Conference

Sept. 24, 2011

with with Business Business Planning Planning



OCTOBER OCTOBER 15-19, 15-19, 2011 2011

University March 19, 2011 For more information contact us at 877-672-7264 or For more information, please visit or call (800)contact NRA-CLUB us at 877-672-7264 or more information