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2010 Bianchi Cup


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Cover photo: 2010 Bianchi Cup Champion Doug Koenig and 2010 Bianchi Women’s Champion/Friends of NRA TV Show host Jessie Abbate

2 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

Kayne Robinson

Executive Director, General Operations Executive Director, Institute for Legislative Action

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President’s Column

You Helped NRA Win in 2010 By Ronald L. Schmeits, NRA President

With the 2010 elections past, as we face a new year, now is a good time to review some of the pro-gun, pro-freedom successes that your voice, your vote and your NRA membership have made possible over the past year. No doubt, the biggest win for gun owners this year was the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in McDonald v. Chicago. This landmark decision built upon our 2008 victory in District of Columbia v. Heller by establishing—for the first time in U.S. history—not only that the Second Amendment protects your individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but also that no city or state may infringe upon that right. In many ways, this victory was the product of NRA’s decades of support for academic research by constitutional scholars into the history and case law surrounding the Second and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Although the legal battles over your Right to Keep and Bear Arms are far from finished, the McDonald decision represents a historic clarification and reinforcement of your rights. We’re winning in the legislative arena, as well. Even with an anti-gun White House and gun-ban advocates in key leadership positions throughout Capitol Hill, we held the line on new federal anti-gun legislation this year. Major bills, ranging from a ban on gun shows as we know them, to a secret “blacklist” scheme that could deny your Second Amendment rights and your right to due process, even if you’ve never committed any crime, were killed in committee or died on the vine. We even won major support for pro-gun reforms in the 111th Congress. A bill to establish national reciprocity among Right-toCarry states garnered 209 co-sponsors in the House and a similar amendment won 58 votes in the Senate. The Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, which would improve upon the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 by

removing additional onerous provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968, was supported by 182 co-sponsors in Congress. And the Second Amendment Enforcement Act, which would tear down many of the roadblocks the Washington, D.C., city council erected to prevent D.C. residents from exercising the freedoms restored to them by the Supreme Court’s Heller decision, garnered 37 co-sponsors in the Senate and 243 co-sponsors in the House.

“... active participation at the local level are what give NRA the credibility and clout to succeed.” We’ve won impressive victories in state legislatures this year, as well. So far in 2010: • Nine states, from Arizona to Virginia, improved their Rightto-Carry laws. • Arizona became the third state—after Vermont and Alaska— to afford law-abiding citizens the Right to Carry without a permit. • Iowa replaced its “discretionary” Right-to-Carry permit law with a true “shall issue” system. • Indiana protected gun owners’ privacy by limiting public access to lists of Right-to-Carry permit holders; codified the right of employees to keep legally owned firearms in their vehicles on employers’ parking lots and banned the confiscation of lawfully owned firearms during declared states of emergency. • Alabama and Kentucky both passed no-net-loss laws requiring that if a state hunting area facility is closed down, another area of equal size must be opened. We even won—at least for now—what might have become a major federal regulatory battle after radical groups petitioned the continued on page 11 Volume 15, Number 4l club connection l 3

Club Awards NRA President, Ron Schmeits (far left) and Executive Director of NRA General Operations, Kayne Robinson (far right) present Illinois State Rifle Association with the Outstanding State Association Award.

Is your club eligible for a National NRA Award? The deadline for submission for consideration of these awards is December 1 each year. Applications can be downloaded on the NRA Clubs & Associations website at or may be obtained by contacting the Clubs & Associations department at (800) NRA-CLUB or via email at • • • •

Outstanding Club Award Outstanding Youth Club Award Outstanding State Association Award Public Service Award

Winners are invited as an official guest of the NRA at the Fall Board of Directors Meetings as well as the President’s Reception. Your visit will include a trip to NRA Headquarters, allowing you to visit the NRA National Firearms Museum and the NRA’s stateof-the-art shooting range, in addition to a driving tour highlighting some of the historic sites and places of interest in Washington, D.C. The NRA covers the cost of travel expenses, meals and lodging for the award winners.

NRA President, Ron Schmeits (far left) and Executive Director of NRA General Operations, Kayne Robinson (far right) present Outstanding Youth Club Award to Julian Beale from Augusta, Maine. 4 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

NRA President, Ron Schmeits (far left) and Executive Director of NRA General Operations, Kayne Robinson (far right) present the Public Service Award to Joe Nava from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Congratulations 2009/2010 NRA Award Winners 2009 Outstanding Club Award Fifty Caliber Shooters Association - Monroe, Utah. 2009 Outstanding State Association Award Illinois State Rifle Association - Chatsworth, Illinois 2009 Outstanding Youth Club Award Capitol City Junior Rifle Club - Augusta, Maine. 2009 Public Service Award Mr. Joe Nava - Fairbanks, AK. 2009 Most Outstanding Friends of NRA Committee award PA’s 1st Friends of NRA Committee - North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 2010 NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Nathan Switzer - Newport News, VA. 2009 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Sergeant Dave Lawler - Linn County Oregon Sheriff ’s Office 2010 Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award Former Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin 2009 Jay M. Littlefield Memorial NRA-ILA Volunteer of the Year Award Ken Hanson - Powell, Ohio Mark Becker - Stuart, Florida 2009 NRA-ILA Volunteer Organization of the Year Award Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC), of Iowa. 2009 Gun Show Recruiter of the Year Award David Fitzmorris - Goldsboro, North Carolina. 2009 Dealer Recruiter of the Year Award Danny Carr, Owner of Target World - Chalfont, Pennsylvania 2009 Instructor Recruiter of the Year Award Dan Starks of Starks Training Institute - Charlotte, North Carolina. Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 5

Volume 15, Number 4l club connection l 5

NRA Action Pistol: I

2010 MidwayUSA / NRA Bianchi Cup

n an effort to make it easier for all members of the NRA and all members of the competitive shooting community, the NRA Competitive Shooting Division has made the following changes to the NRA Action Pistol Sport. 1. The NRA Action Pistol Committee and the NRA Board of Directors developed and approved a new division back in 2009. The “Production” Division has been added to the NRA Action Pistol program, and is equal to the Open and Metallic Divisions. This division is designed to make it easier for local clubs to run Approved NRA Action Pistol Matches for out of the box firearms. National Records and Action Pistol Distinguished points and medals will be awarded for this new division. This is the fastest growing division in the Pistol Shooting discipline today.

2. The NRA Competitive Shooting Division has changed the approval process for local clubs applications to hold Approved, Registered and Regional NRA Sanctioned NRA Action Pistol Matches. Clubs and match sponsors will no longer be required to run the same events run at the NRA Bianchi Cup to be approved and sanctioned by the NRA. Clubs will only need to run two of the Championship Events that are run at the NRA Bianchi Cup. The remaining events can be any of the 16 approved NRA Action Pistol courses of fire. These can be found in the current NRA Action Pistol Rulebook. The 2010 32nd Annual MidwayUSA / NRA Bianchi Cup is generously sponsored by our Title Sponsor – MidwayUSA, Event Sponsors – Colt, Safariland, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Universal 6 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

Coin & Bullion, and Division Sponsors – Caspian, Glock, Sierra Bullet, and sponsored support from more then 55 other industry sponsors. The championship has always been comprised of four stages, which make up the match aggregate. Each of these stages consists of 48 rounds for a total possible score of 480 for each stage and 1920 for a perfect overall score. Competitors shoot all these events from both standing and prone positions and are also required to shoot with both strong and weak hands at various stages. Class awards are awarded to high law enforcement, high women, high junior, high international, high newcomer, high senior, high grand senior, high service, high semi-auto, high revolver, and a multi-gun aggregate.

The four shooting events are:

1. The Practical Event: Sponsored by Universal Coin & Bullion. From the appropriate shooting line, the shooter fires at distances from 10 yards to 50 yards under varying time limits and using strong and weak hand marksmanship. 2. The Barricade Event: Sponsored by Safariland. From within shooting boxes and behind barricades, a shooter fires at targets on either side of the barricade at different distances and under varying time limits. 3. The Falling Plate Event: Sponsored by Smith & Wesson. From the appropriate shooting line, the shooter fires at 8-inch round, steel plates arranged in banks of six at distances from 10 to 25 yards under varying time limits.

4. The Moving Target Event: Sponsored by Sig Sauer. From within shooting boxes at distances ranging from 10 to 25 yards, the shooter fires at a target moving from left to right with the target being exposed for only 6 seconds. 5. The Colt Speed Event: Sponsored by Colt. From within shooting boxes at a distance of 10 yards, two shooters compete head to head against the clock shooting at (5) five steel falling plates. The fastest competitor in the Open, Metallic, Production, Women, Junior and Senior Category with the fastest score wins their category, the overall fastest score wins the Speed Event. The Championship also had two members of the Country Music Industry, two actors, and the 2010 World Champion Mounted Cowboy Action Shooter to celebrate and compete in the 32nd Annual MidwayUSA / NRA Bianchi Cup. Mark Wills, Michael Peterson, Marshall Teague, Michael Talbot and Kenda Lenseigne attended and competed in the Championship. On Saturday, May 29, 2010 the Celebrity Pro-Am Event was held for the second time. This event was conducted and shot by the top pistol shooters in the world, as well as industry, press, and celebrity shooters. This event was covered by local and national TV, and media. This event and the rest of the Championship were open to the public and are always free of charge for spectators. There were two side events ongoing during the championship, The Ray Chapman Speed Star Event, sponsored by Secure Firearm Products, and the Ruger Rim-Fire Event, sponsored by Ruger Firearms. The conclusion of the match was highlighted by the Awards Dinner on Saturday night May 29, 2010. In Hollywood style winners were paraded down a red carpet for official photos. The Competitive Shooting Division was honored to have

Joyce Rubino of Colt Manufacturing presents the Bianchi Cup to Doug Koenig

Colonel Donald “Doc” Ballard, USA (Ret.)as the Key-Note speaker. Col. Ballard is the recipient of the Medal of Honor. The event originated in 1979, by former police officer John Bianchi of Bianchi International. With the help of 1975 IPSC World Champion, Ray Chapman of the Chapman Academy of Hallsville, MO. In 1984, the National Rifle Association re-designated the event the NRA Bianchi Cup - National Action Pistol Championship. NRA Action Pistol has become one of the NRA’s crown jewels, and is renowned as one of the world’s most prestigious shooting events. Hundreds of competitors from all over the globe shoot and practice NRA Action Pistol shooting with the intent to compete in the NRA Bianchi Cup and the NRA World Action Pistol Championship. The NRA and the Competitive Shooting Division would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generosity and our competitors and volunteers for their undying determination and support of NRA Action Pistol, and all the NRA Shooting sports. We are all looking forward to having a better year in NRA Action Pistol World Wide and watching NRA Action Pistol grow bigger and better then ever in 2011 and beyond. If you are looking to start an NRA Action Pistol Match at your club, please contact Damien Orsinger at dorsinger@nrahq. org or 703.267.1478. Join the excitement, come and compete with your production firearm, the goal is to get everyone that has a firearm out shooting at your local club and association. The sport is growing; the prizes at the Championship are bigger and better then ever before! New exciting side “events,” an improved range, and new celebrity faces promise to make the 2011 Bianchi Cup the best yet!

From L to R: Rob Leatham, 2010 Midway USA/NRA Bianchi Cup Champion Doug Koenig, 2010 Bianchi Women’s Champion Jessie Abbate, John Pride and Dave Sevigny.

The 2010 NRA Bianchi Cup Champions are: Overall: Doug Koenig-1920-179x Metallic: Robert Vadasz-1904-146x Production: Kyle Schmidt-1856-121x Women: Jessie Abbate-1906-163x

Senior: John Pride-1911-163x Colt Speed Event: Doug Koenig Junior: Tiffany Piper-1845-132x Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 7

2011 Club Recruiting Challenge By Randy Clark, Recruiting Manager NRA Recruiting Programs

A new Club Recruiting record. That’s the goal for 2011. NRA measures its growth in membership, an area where Club Recruiters have a direct impact. The challenge for 2011 is to reach 30,000 NRA members! Club Recruiters have hit the 25,000 mark for two straight years putting over $300,000 back into their treasuries. Now we must look at how we can continue to grow NRA as an organization in preparation for the 2012 elections. • Set goals- Set a target for success. Exceed last year’s results by 10%. • Go 100% and verify annually - Every member in your club should be an NRA member, right? Convince them to sign up. If the club is already 100%, look at ways to recruit non-club members as well. Example: sign up a club member’s spouse! • Additional Venues- Does your club have a newsletter? Include a membership application. Website? Add a membership link. Have a range? Set up a recruitment table. Growth in your recruiting numbers means extra money in your clubs treasury and a stronger, healthier NRA. I’m looking

forward to the challenge of recruiting 30,000 members through our recruiting clubs. You should be too. But we need every club to do their part. Are you looking for a year round way to raise funds for your club or association? The NRA Recruiting program provides your club with a year round opportunity to raise money while strengthening the NRA. For more information on how to join the NRA Recruiting Program call us at (800) 672-0004 (option 2), email us at or visit us on the web at www. Are you already a part of the NRA Recruiting Program? We’d like to hear from you too. Please email your suggestions to and tell us how we can help you recruit more members.

NRA Online Tournament Sanction Program By: Mike Krei, Competitive Shooting Director NRA Competitive Shooting Division

One of the most important 2010 objectives for the Competitive Shooting Division was to have a fully operational web based online sanction program up and running by year end. Well, the work is complete and the program will go up online October 1, 2010. You can start using this system today by going to the following URL: Match sponsors will now be able to go online to fill out all of NRA’s sanctioning paperwork for Approved and Registered tournaments, attach a match program, hit the submit button and your tournament is in the system. You will receive an email with a number to track your tournament once the NRA receives and approves your paperwork. You will find this system to be very simple and easy to use. We are working on the back end of the system that will allow you to upload your final report, scores and fees online. We will keep you posted on the status but the anticipated project completion date is the end of 2011. Please contact Shelly Kramer at 703-267-1459 should have any questions. 8 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

NRA Volunteers

Intercollegiate Pistol Championships Fort Benning, GA March 16-20 Contact: Victoria Croft, NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits Pittsburgh, PA April 29- May 1 Contact: Dennis Eggers, 270-522-0909/

Range Development and Operations Conferences Bianchi Cup Columbia, MO May 18-23 Contact: Damien Orsinger, 703-267-1478

Now, more than ever, is the time to get involved. NRA Field Reps all over the country are looking for local volunteers to take photos at events, sell fund raising event tickets, and more. And the NRA headquarters staff needs your help to successfully run NRA competitive shooting championships and annual meeting of members & exhibits. Don’t know where to start? You can stay up to date with volunteer opportunities using our new volunteer Facebook page (http://www. Or simply tell us what you are interested in by filling out our “General Volunteer” application (, and we will contact you based on the criteria you select. There is an NRA event out there that needs you. Now is the time to support your organization, there is no better gift than your time.

NM Award Engraving – NRA Headquarters Fairfax, VA March 2011 Contact: NRA Volunteer Dept. 703-267-1485 National Matches Camp Perry, OH July 12 – August 19 Contact: NRA Volunteer Dept. 703-267-1485 BPTR Creedmoor & Mid-Range Championships Raton, NM July 7-16 Contact: Jonathan Leighton, 703-267-1465 For more information on volunteering visit:


Range Development and Operations Conferences

NASHVILLE March 26-30

June 4-8



October 15-19

Call 877-NRA-RANGE or e-mail T o R e g i s t e r , v i s i t h t t p : / / w w w . n r a h q . o r g / s h o o t i n g rVolume a n g15,eNumber / d e4v club e l oconnection p m e n t . 9a s p l


NRA YHEC Mid-America Expansion Project By Kerrin Brinkman NRA Media Relations

YHEC participants in this years Shooting and Archery Events


he NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) program celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Since its inception, YHEC has reached countless young hunters and NRA is aiming to continue the program’s success for years to come. We’ve developed the NRA YHEC Mid-American Expansion project to achieve this goal by increasing the number of local YHEC events in the Midwest. We want to expand YHEC’s reach into states such as Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee to introduce more young people to hunting and foster a love for the sport that they will carry with them into adulthood. In order to do this, we need local clubs and ranges to host a YHEC event at their facility. NRA staff will provide you with guidance and support along the way to get your YHEC program up and running. Your YHEC will become an annual event that local youth will look forward to each year as they compete in up to eight different marksmanship and outdoor knowledge challenges. Four events are designed to test the competitor’s hunting and outdoor knowledge. Known as the “Responsibility Events,” these four challenges focus on a variety of skills used in the field such as orienteering and wildlife identification. The other Responsibility Events are the Hunter Safety Trail, which covers safety, ethics, and decision making, and the Hunter Responsibility Exam, which is a multiple choice test covering all areas of hunting and outdoor knowledge. 10 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

The remaining four events are all about marksmanship and are aptly known as the “Shooting Events.” The Shotgun, Muzzle loading, .22 Caliber Rifle, and Archery events have participants literally setting their sights on the prize. You can choose the events that you would like run at your YHEC based on your club’s resources and facilities. Only one responsibility and one shooting event are needed to hold a YHEC event and air rifles can be used if no formal ranges are available. After participating in their first YHEC event, youth can advance from local events to a state-level YHEC or the International YHEC held each July in Raton, New Mexico or Mansfield, Pennsylvania. Clubs in the Midwest have already come onboard with the NRA YHEC Mid-American Expansion project kicking off this past October with events in Linwood, Kansas and Louisville, Nebraska. Between these two events, over 40 youth had the opportunity to develop their hunting and outdoor skills while enjoying camaraderie with like-minded young people. With the success of these events, more and more clubs have come on board to host their own local YHEC, and your club could be next! If you’re up to the challenge, we’re ready to get you started on your YHEC event. The NRA YHEC Mid-America Expansion Project is made possible thanks to a generous donation from Brenda and Larry Potterfield, owners of Midway USA. For more information on the YHEC program or to get involved with the NRA YHEC MidAmerica Expansion Project, contact the NRA Hunter Services Department at 703-267-1503 or

President’s Column continued from page 3 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the use of lead in ammunition nationwide under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Fortunately, when TSCA was passed, it incorporated language blocking EPA from regulating firearms and ammunition. After NRA reminded EPA of that, the agency backed down, admitting that it “does not have the legal authority to regulate this type of product” and adding, “nor is the agency seeking such authority.” (For more details, see this month’s “ILA Report.”) Although NRA led the fight on many of these fronts, your NRA membership and active participation at the local level are what give NRA the credibility and clout to succeed. For that, I cannot thank you enough. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. But I also urge you to remain vigilant and involved, because the fight for freedom never ends. From New York Mayor Bloomberg, who’s using his billions to push New York-style gun bans nationwide, to the United Nations, which continues working to abolish your Second

Amendment rights through international treaties, to the fights we face against gun-hating politicians in Chicago and big cities from coast to coast—your rights are still in danger. If you want to keep your firearms and your freedoms in 2011, 2012 and beyond, you need to remain a part of the strongest force fighting for freedom in America today—the NRA. Again, I thank you for all you’ve helped NRA achieve. And I wish you and yours a very safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

Volume 15, Number 3 4 l club connection l 11


2010 National Police Shooting Championships “Everything came together and I was able to walk away with the win.” By: Lars Daleside, Senior Media Specialist NRA Media Department

The 2010 National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico opened early Monday morning on the 20th of September. Welcomed by Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry, Chief of Police Ray Schultz, and Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales, competitors stood at attention as their opportunity to claim the National Police Shooting title approached. At that point it was anybody’s game, but all eyes were upon 2008 winner Robert Vadasz – and for good reason. With a comprehensive score of 6150-412X, the Senior Border Patrol Agent snatched his second title in three years. Besting his closest rival by 24 points, Vadasz’s clearly puts him in the position of favorite for the 2011 title. “When you win here in Albuquerque, there seems to be even more pressure to win another championship,” said Vadasz. “This year, everything came together and I was able to walk away with the win.” The comprehensive score combines totals from semiautomatic pistol, revolver and shotgun competitions. It was in the latter match - shotgun – that some thought they could overcome Vadasz’s talents with a pistol. But the difference wasn’t enough. “I knew I probably wouldn’t win shotgun,” explained Vadasz. “But if I kept it close, then I’d be in a great position (to win the overall crown.) One thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t be here without my teammates, our coaches, and the overall support of the agents, the officials – everyone who works with the United States Border Patrol.” Vadasz’s dedication to his agencies is reflected in his actions. A number of his individual and team trophies are currently on display at the Border Patrol Museum El Paso, Texas. “I try to keep the trophies attached to the Border Patrol,” he said. “Of course, the rings stay with me,” he said with a smile. In addition to his teammates, Vadasz finds camaraderie with 10-time NPSC champ Phil Hemphill. “As close as I am to my father, Reggie Vadasz, I would consider Philip to be like a second father to me,” Vadasz said. “For the past 11 years he has been an incredible friend, champion, mentor, and the type of person you can ask anything of.” In time, Vadasz believes he too will play the role of coach and mentor to another young aspiring shooter. But that part of his life will have to wait. For now he’s concentrating on titles – and his concentration is almost as staggering as his shooting.

12 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

Robert Vadasz in the 2010 NPSC in Albuquerque, NM


• High Woman Dorica Meador 6078-317x Ft. Worth Police Dept • High New Shooter Alan Culbertson 6056-296x San Diego County Sheriff • Hi-Non U.S. Citizen Alberto DeMacedo 6038-260x Policia Judicial Venezuela • High State Trooper Dan J. Rawlinson 6101-334x Mississippi Highway Patrol • High Conservation Officer Ricky McDaniel 6037-255x MWEOAI • High Retired Officer Michael J. Dowd 6106-327x Colorado State Parks


• Winner Robert Vadasz 6150-412x United States Border Patrol • 2nd Place Doug Goff 6126-380x Customs and Border Protection • 3rd Place Jerry P. Eason 6126-352x Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

An Invitation to Women By: Diane Danielson, National Coordinator Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics

Women participating at an NRA Women on Target® event in Manchester, TN


he reasons are endless and their ages span generations, but the question from women across the country remains the same – “Where can I learn to shoot?” This question has become the golden opportunity for all clubs and ranges to expand training opportunities, and ultimately, membership to the newest and largest segment of the community who wants to learn to shoot – women. Many clubs are facing declining memberships because of the economy. There is no better way to bring your current membership together, to encourage new shooters and potential new members than through an NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic. NRA Women On Target® creates opportunities for women that they have never had before. They’re designed to teach safety and basic shooting techniques much like the NRA Shooting Sports Camps/NRA Days have for our youth for many years. The courses help build confidence through a safe and fun environment where there’s no pressure to perform and the entire course is just for women. As we enter the 12th year of the program, the demand for courses geared specifically toward women continues to grow and the demand for women to teach those courses increases exponentially. More than 10,000 women have participated in NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics since January. Those 10,000 women were taught at 315 clinics across the country which makes 2010 another record breaking year for Women’s Programs and the NRA. The sad statistic is that those clinics were taught in only 189 clubs. The saddest part is that there are waiting lists for nearly all of those clinics because there are not enough ranges involved in the program.

This is my plea to all the NRA affiliated clubs across the country – get out there and get moving. The demand and the opportunities are huge. Some women want to learn a new skill, some want to share the experience with their family, some find themselves alone for the first time in their lives and want to feel safer in their home, and most want to connect with women who share the same interest. They’re all looking for a place to learn the skills our clubs and ranges are geared to promote. Look at the advantages of opening opportunities for women at your club: You grow your membership and family participation in your club; you grow your volunteer base; and most importantly, you grow the number of Second Amendment voters in your community. This is even more critical now that urban sprawl is claiming more and more of (y)our ranges and clubs. Getting started is easy; gather your core group of volunteers, decide what firearms you want to use and the range space you have available. This will determine how many women you can comfortably teach without creating too much down time for the ladies. Start small and work your way up to larger groups. Start with .22 pistol or rifle and work your way up to larger calibers and other disciplines. Start with one event and add more as the word spreads and demand increases. Watch the program widen like the smiles on the faces of your participants and volunteers. Most importantly, encourage other clubs and ranges in your area to hold clinics, too. You can custom tailor your own event by contacting our Women’s Programs Department Instructional Shooting Clinic Coordinator at (800) 861-1166 or going to the NRA Women’s Program webpage at Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 13

Is Your Club or Business Protected? No one likes to deal with insurance, but it could mean the difference between saving or losing your business or club if an accident were to happen. The NRA has made finding an insurance plan designed specifically to meet your needs a simple task by offering the NRA Endorsed Insurance Program administered by Lockton Affinity. The program was developed exclusively for NRA Business Alliance and Club Affiliates and currently insures over 11,000 clubs and 1,500 businesses. As the only insurance program endorsed by the NRA, the program understands the nature of your business and the coverages you need to be properly insured. The program offers a broad range of insurance products, whether its basic coverage for your club’s firearms or million dollar liability coverage for your retail operation. The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program offers one-source for your insurance including Property, General Liability, Business Auto (auto in selected states) and more. Recently made available for online purchase, the NRA Endorsed Insurance Program offers a simple solution for insuring your Hunt Club. The Limited Liability Coverage is designed for clubs that need liability coverage for the landowner and hunt club, but only covers operations on the designated premises. Broad Liability Coverage is also available for clubs who need coverage off the designated premises. More information on these coverages can be found at www. The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program also offers individual property and casualty products including ArmsCare Firearms Insurance, Gun Collectors Coverage, Excess Personal Liability, Firearms Instructors Insurance, Gun Show Liability, and Self-Defense Coverage. For more information on these coverages, or to learn how to properly insure your club or business, visit or get a free quote by calling representatives at (877) NRA-3006.

NRA Endorsed Property & Casualty Insurance Program Administered by Lockton Risk Services, Inc. All coverage descriptions are a summary and not complete descriptions of all terms, exclusions and conditions in the master policy on file at NRA Headquarters. NRA Member dues or contributions are not used for this promotion, program or any other related expenses.

14 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

election day 2010 E

lection Day 2010 was a great day for the Second Amendment and NRA members, and positions us well for our future defense, and advancement, of the Second Amendment! The most important fact about Tuesday’s elections for gun owners is how many more pro-gun lawmakers we will have in the next legislative session and how many fewer antigun lawmakers there will be. Here are some highlights from Tuesday’s contests:

U.S. Senate • 19 of NRA-PVF’s 25 endorsed U.S. Senate candidates won. This marks a pro-gun upgrade of eight Senate seats. • In the 111th Congress, there were 43 A-rated and 34 F-rated Senators. The 112th Congress will contain 50 A-rated (+7) and 33 F-rated Senators (-1). • There will be 12 pro-gun Senate freshmen. U.S. House • Of the 262 candidates endorsed by the NRA-PVF for the U.S. House, 225 were victorious, for an 85% winning percentage. In every case but one where an NRA-PVF endorsed candidate lost, a pro-gun challenger replaced him. • In the 111th Congress, there were 226 A-rated and

151 F-rated Representatives. The 112th Congress will contain 258 A-rated (+32) and 133 F-rated (-18) Members. • There were pro-gun election upgrades in 27 House districts. Note: As of today, 9 races remain too close to call. Gubernatorial & State Legislatures • Of the 21 gubernatorial candidates endorsed by the NRA-PVF, 15 were victorious. (Note: Two races remain too close to call.) • We made major gains in state legislative races, which will position us well in the upcoming legislative sessions next year.

We want to thank the tens of millions of gun owners who actively volunteered for pro-gun candidates and who voted.

Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 15

John G. Rocovich, Jr. Regional Shooting Sports Complex

Submitted By W.E. Skelton 4-H Center Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia


he dedication ceremony of the John G. Rocovich, Jr. Regional Shooting Sports Complex at the W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center in Smith Mountain Lake, VA on June 16, 2010 marked a milestone for future generations of youth in shooting sports. The dedication was headlined by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. Designed following specifications developed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), the 12,500 square-foot complex accommodates youth and adult archery, air rifle, .22 rifle, and bullseye target pistols up to .9mm. It includes classroom space for safety education, bathrooms, dry fire and armory rooms, and offices. Utilizing the best of both indoor and outdoor ranges, the $1.8 million hybrid facility will enhance youth shooting sports and provide law enforcement a site for training and qualification. The 4-H shooting education program, which teaches firearm safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals, has been active in Virginia since the national 4-H shooting education program began in 1980. Shooting sports is also one of the top requested programs during summer 4-H camps held each year at the 4-H Center. Also participating in the dedication event were Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President, NRA; Garnett Smith, Vice President for Development, Skelton 4-H Center; and retired Advance Auto

From L to R: NRA Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre, Gov. Bob McDonnell, John Rocovich, Commander Adnan Barqawi and Garnett Smith participate in the ribbon dedication. 16 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

executive and former Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Commander, Adnan Barqawi. The facility is named in honor of John G. Rocovich, Jr. who has served on the board of the directors of the W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center for 16 years and currently serves as board President. Rocovich also served on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors from 1997 to 2005, as rector of the board from 2002 to 2004, and was recently reappointed to the board of visitors by Governor McDonnell. He is also a long-time member of the NRA and a member of the Ring of Freedom. John has a long-time interest in youth shooting sports and safety education, which was instrumental in securing funding for the project. The main focus of the youth shooting sports program at the Skelton 4-H Center is educational instruction for archery and firearms safety. The shooting sports program is designed to teach campers basic rifle skills including shooting safety, equipment selection, proper handling of a firearm, loading, and safe discharging of a firearm. Campers have multiple opportunities to shoot at stationary targets at various distances utilizing .22 caliber rifles. This program also develops self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility and sportsmanship while developing life-skills, self-worth, and conservation ethics. Campers also learn basic archery skills including bow safety, stance, arrow design, equipment information, loading, and release. Participants have multiple opportunities to shoot at stationary targets and are taught sound decision making, self-discipline and concentration. The 4-H Center at Smith Mountain Lake’s mission is to provide dynamic, research-based, hands-on learning experiences for 4-H youth, other youth, and adults that will enable them to become self-directing, contributing and productive members of society. In fulfillment of this mission, the W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center at Smith Mountain Lake is committed to implementation of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship in each of its educational and recreational programs to its youth participants in the years to come.


New Range at Horseshoe Fish & Game

“The new range makes shooting handguns much safer, since there is now a dedicated shooting station.� Submitted By: Bill Lowman, President Merrimack, New Hampshire


n September, 2010, the Horseshoe Fish & Game Club in Merrimack, NH, completed construction of a new 25 yard range which can be used for both handgun and long gun target practice. The NRA grant made construction of this range possible from a financial standpoint. We identified the need for the range several years ago, but had difficulty with the funding until the NRA grant became available to add to the money the club had in its budget. The new range will provide several benefits, both to the club and the general public. The new range makes shooting handguns much safer, since there is now a dedicated shooting station 25 yards from a new back berm. Prior to this, handgun shooters had to walk halfway down the 50 yard range to be close enough to that berm for safe shooting, and no one could use the 50 or 100 yard ranges while anyone was shooting at 25 yards. The new short range has a 20 foot berm on three sides, which makes it safe to use at the same time as the rifle or skeet ranges. Because of the safety features of the new range, the club will be able to conduct more hunter safety classes and sponsor more fun shoots to introduce handgun and long gun sports to the public. By offering an annual fishing derby to fund college scholarships, providing local hunter safety courses, and providing venues for both clay sports and target shooting to the public when members are present, the Horseshoe Fish & Game Club is a valuable resource to the local community. Club members are also active participants in Friends of NRA fundraising events. Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 17

2010 BSA


By Connie Elliot

at the OK Corral

NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer

Attending the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Jamboree as staff is a different experience than participating as an adult Troop leader. Both have their own merits, however, attending as a staff member and seeing Jamboree emerge from bare land to a city for thousands is exhilarating. As an NRA Certified Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer, you see and hear many things while helping on a range. There are those that ask why we would want to give up two weeks of vacation to spend it with scouters and scouts we have never met before. I had the good fortune of being selected as staff for the Venturing Exhibit’s OK Corral and there are Jamboree scouts that have helped change the way I look at our youth today. The OK Corral consisted of 12 stations where scouts competed against each other by shooting air rifles at five targets. The first scout to knock down all five of their targets won that round and progressed to the darkened indoor range where they experienced shooting the Night Stalker air rifles with lighted scopes. Needless to say, this was a highlight and the scouts that did not win their round scurried back in line to try their shooting skills again and again. As NRA Certified Instructors, we enjoy helping others learn to shoot and discover a passion for the shooting sports. As scouts walked by our OK Corral, we would invite them to test their skills on our range with the anticipation of being able to shoot one of the Night Stalkers. This is where I met David, a young scout whose first big event was the 2010 Jamboree. I invited him to shoot at the OK Corral and he looked at me with large eyes and said he would pass as he was afraid of guns. When asked why he was frightened, David informed me that he was told it would hurt to shoot and he did not want anything to do with getting hurt. With my promise to David that he would not get injured and that I could lend a hand with helping him learn how to have fun shooting safely, he decided to give it a try. To say David was a bit nervous is an understatement, but after teaching him how to hold the air rifle, find a sight picture, and standing by his side, David shot for the first time. The smile on his face when he knocked down one of the targets is a smile I will never forget. David did not win that round, but when he was finished, he looked at me with a new sense of confidence and thanked me, asking if he could get 18 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

back in line to try it again. David was just one of the scouts that made an impact on my Jamboree experience. Numerous scouts came through our range and for me, having the opportunity as an instructor to help youth shoot for the first time or improve their skills, reminded me of why we do what we do. With the ever-changing times, fewer youth have the chance to come into contact with the shooting sports. The Boy Scouts of America offers scouts the ability to gain the proper attitude, skills and knowledge they need to participate in the many shooting programs that are available. The next BSA National Jamboree will be held in 2013. I look forward to the opportunity to once again be part of this event and I would encourage others to participate as well. What better way to utilize your NRA Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer or Coach skills than to help youth experience the fun and excitement of the shooting sports?



Instructors monitoring shooters at the BSA Jamboree 2010

If you would like to become involved with the next BSA Jamboree in 2013, there are several avenues in the shooting sports to choose from. Action Centers where scouts can shoot air rifles,

shotguns, and participate in a Bikeathon are options, and a big hit for Jamboree 2010 was the new Camp Thunder where scouts experienced the thrill of modified 5-stand clay target shooting. Imagine 50 shooting stations across the open field and the thrill of the scouts as they successfully break a clay target. The NRA offered Coach training for all of the Camp Thunder staff so that they would have a better understanding of how to help first-time scouts walk away with the memory of watching clays turn to dust.

Safety Officer or NRA Coach, you will not need any further training. If you do not have the NRA training, but would like to participate in an NRA course, you can locate NRA training courses in your area by checking out By becoming an NRA Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer or Coach, the knowledge and skills you receive can open up many doors in the shooting sports and introduce you to others that share the love of the sport.

"Enjoy helping others learn to shoot and discover a passion for the shooting sports" The Venturing air rifle range is another option that challenges the scout with a competitive shooting experience. Finally, if you are interested in working with scouts to help them earn their Rifle or Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge, Merit Badge Midway is the place for you! It’s not too soon to think about the 2013 Jamboree. A list of interested individuals has started to form, and you can become part of the group that helps make 2013 a year to remember. If you are already an NRA Certified Rifle or Shotgun Instructor, Range

For more information regarding BSA Shooting Sports programs or how you can become involved with the BSA National Jamboree, please contact NRA Youth Programs Coordinator Mark Belli at or 703-267-1550. Mark is a long-time scouter and helps the NRA works with BSA to develop shooting sports programs for the Boy Scouts. Mark is also a member of the BSA National Shooting Sports Task Force.

The Great Lot Sportsman’s Club Awards Scholarships Submitted By Guy Case, Secretary The Great Lot Sportsman’s Club West Leyden, New York

The Great Lot Sportsman’s Club, located in West Leyden, NY recently awarded scholarships to three graduating Adirondack Central School seniors. This years 2010 recipients were:

• Dora Redner • Martin Candee • Alex Grenier The Great Lot Sportsman’s Club Scholarship Program is designed to provide scholarships to qualified candidates pursuing a degree in an environmental course of study such as wildlife management, natural resource management, environmental law enforcement, environmental engineering, and other related fields.

We applaud this year’s recipients for all their hard work and are confident that they will all continue to succeed with their education. Congratulations Dora, Martin and Alex!

The 2010 Great Lot Sportsman’s Club Scholarship winners from L to R: Dora Redner, Martin Candee and Alex Grenier

Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 19

License to Carry Firearm & Concealed Carry Weapon Course I have a new respect for the responsibility of carrying a weapon

Submitted By Littlestown Fish and Game Association Littlestown, Pennsylvania

On August 14 and 15, Littlestown Fish and Game Association (LFGA), in partnership with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, hosted a LTCF/CCW Course. Nineteen men and two women attended the two day course. The course consisted of classroom instruction and live fire on the range. Sheriff James Muller stopped in at the class each day to answer questions and show his support for citizens interested in exercising their Constitutional right to carry and defend themselves. Len Supenski (Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Lethal Weapons instructor and LFGA member) was the primary instructor along with Galen Krebs (LFGA member and NRA Certified Instructor) and Hal Heagy (Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer, LFGA member, and NRA Certified Instructor). Classroom instruction focused on the responsibilities and liabilities that come with choosing to carry a concealed firearm, along with the legal issues and ramifications should a person actually use that weapon. Instruction on the range consisted of repeated drills to take the gun from the holster to the firing position. This drill is a three step process that brings the gun from the holster to direct center aim on the target. When these three steps were followed correctly the course attendees were right on target at the end of their draw

20 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

and ready to fire accurately. Course attendees were soon made familiar with the stress of defensive shooting when time limits were placed upon them. Each attendee fired shots while moving backward, sideways, and diagonally. These movements by each attendee were safely guided and controlled by the instructors keeping a watchful eye on the shooter and their gun, further ensuring a safe environment. On the last day of the course, each attendee was time tested in 3 to 4 different shooting scenarios. To pass this qualification, shooting under a time limit, each shooter had to hit their target with at least 75% of their shots. All participants qualified and earned a certificate of successful completion. Course attendees were overheard making comments such as, “I’m glad I took this course”; “this is an excellent course”; “I have a new respect for the responsibility of carrying a weapon”. It is indeed a very serious matter to carry a firearm, and even more serious to have to use it and perhaps take another person’s life in defending yourself. This course adds much value in educating and preparing citizens for the use of a gun, if need be, for their defense, as well as the legal ramifications of carrying and, God forbid, using a gun defensively.

THE IMPORTANCE OF INCORPORATION WHAT IS INCORPORATION? Incorporation provides protection from liability to the shareholders, members, officers and directors of a corporation. This means that if a club is incorporated, the shareholders, members, officers and directors of the corporations, when acting in good faith and maintaining corporate formalities, are not usually personally liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation. If a business, range, association or gun club is not incorporated, then the individual owners or members are held personally liable for the debts. This means that the personal assets of the owner and/or members may be exposed to the claims of creditors of the business, range, association or gun club. For example, if you are a member of an unincorporated hunting club, your home, personal bank account and any other collateral you own, may be exposed to the claims that someone has against the hunting club. In other words, you as a member may be held liable for such debts. Incorporation protects the members and/or owners of a business, range, association or gun club from this type of liability. If there are debts and obligations the business, range, association or gun club cannot meet, then, if incorporated, the corporation would be responsible for such debts and not the members. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if an injury is caused by a member’s negligence, that particular member may be exposed to liability. However, if the club is incorporated, the other members should be shielded from liability. With certain exceptions, like the one listed above, the corporate shield should generally protect the personal assets of the members and/ or owners from the claims of creditors of the corporation. HOW DO YOU INCORPORATE? Corporate law is governed and determined by each state. Usually, Articles of Incorporation are filed with a state agency along with a filing fee. Once the Articles are approved by that state agency, then the business, range, association or gun club is incorporated. Most states require that the corporation create and keep certain documents, such as Bylaws, and minutes of annual board and annual membership meetings. These documents will need to be kept by the corporation in its corporate books but do not need to be filed with the state. An attorney should be retained to incorporate the business, range, association or gun club. Alternatively, you can contact the state agency and request information as to how to incorporate. Basic incorporation costs should be minimal. WHAT IS TAX STATUS? If you are a commercial for-profit business, then you will not be able to claim tax-exempt status. A disadvantage for corporations is double taxation. A corporation is taxed when it receives income. When the corporation passes some of its earnings on to the employees or owners in the form of salaries or dividends, that is taxed as well. Businesses will want to avoid this double taxation by applying for Subchapter S status. Subchapter S status allows for the pass-through of earnings and avoids the problem of double taxation. There are certain restrictions for Subchapter S status, but if you are a small business you should be eligible.

If you are a not-for-profit entity, then you should be able to claim tax-exempt status with the IRS and your state tax agency. All organizations are subject to federal income tax unless they have a specific exemption under the provisions of Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. Your organization is not tax-exempt unless the IRS and your state tax agency grant you that status. You should consult with a tax attorney or a certified public accountant when planning your organization’s tax-exempt application, finances, income and tax returns. WHAT IS LIABILITY LAW – NEGLIGENCE? Negligence law is basically “accident” law. Just because someone has been injured does not necessarily mean that someone has to pay the injured party. In order to find a defendant liable, there must be a finding that the defendant was negligent. Basically, a judge or jury must find that the defendant failed to act reasonably. SHOULD THE BUSINESS OBTAIN INSURANCE? The first thing an organization should do is to incorporate. The second thing an organization should do is to obtain liability insurance. It is advisable for an organization to carry a good amount of liability insurance coverage. If your organization produces goods, you should also obtain a product liability policy. NRA affiliated associations, gun clubs, hunting clubs and ranges may purchase various insurance policies from various insurance companies through the NRA’s insurance administrator, Lockton Risk Services, Inc. For more information call (877) 487-5407 or visit www. WHAT ARE RELEASES AND WAIVERS? Another good way to limit the corporation’s liability is to require participants or members to sign a full release and waiver for any liabilities. However, the law on this subject varies from state to state. You should have an attorney draft a release and waiver form that is effective under your state law. You may want to also post written disclaimers, prominently displayed, which state that a person enters and takes part in the range or hunting activities at their own risk. You may also want to post a disclaimer that states that the corporation will not be held responsible or liable for lost or stolen items or items left behind. Again, some states may not enforce such disclaimers. THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS PRESENTED WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THE PUBLISHER AND AUTHORS DO NOT RENDER ANY LEGAL, TAX, ACCOUNTING OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICE OR ADVICE. BECAUSE OF THE DIFFERENT LAWS IN DIFFERENT JURISDICTIONS, AND THE RAPIDLY CHANGING AND COMPLEX NATURE OF THE LAW, THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ABOVE IS NOT INTENDED, AND IS NOT TO BE TAKEN, AS LEGAL ADVICE OR AS A RESTATEMENT OF THE LAW. USERS OF THIS PUBLICATION ARE STRONGLY URGED TO SEEK THE ADVICE AND COUNSEL OF AN ATTORNEY LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW IN THEIR STATE. IN NO EVENT, AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, SHALL THE PUBLISHER AND/OR AUTHORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMANGES (DIRECT, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL) RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PUBLICATION.

For more information, please visit p4221nc.pdf. Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 21

S ta r t i n g a n N RA - A f f i l i at e d C l u b

Pebble Beach, California

The Stevenson Hunting and Shooting Club

Submitted By Andrew Clark Stevenson Hunting and Shooting Club


eptember 2007, Club Sign-Up Day: The rumble resonating off the marble steps of the amphitheater could not so much be attributed to the music blaring from the Reggae Club’s monstrous speakers, but to the range of bellows and shrieks tempting students to sign up for a plethora of clubs. As I stood on tiptoe to survey the amphitheater, I felt completely overwhelmed. Although options ranged from Young Republicans and Democrats to the Ping Pong Club, I could not find an issue or idea I was passionate about and wanted to fully commit my time to.

22 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4


September 2009, Club-Sign-Up Day: With the help of two club officers, I scream like a madman, hoping to entice students to join my own club, the Stevenson Hunting and Shooting Club (Pebble Beach, CA). As the last students dwindle out of the amphitheater, we have 67 new members! What inspired this dramatic change? As a freshman, I didn’t join a club but still made friends with a common interest—the shooting sports. As a passionate

videos [of club activities] because if we can’t meet in a classroom it still enables us to learn from each other.” My acceptance into the prestigious 2010 NRA Youth Education Summit significantly contributed to the club’s success. Through publicity from the NRA Blog, Monterey Herald, and Sirius Radio Channel “Patriot Radio” the club obtained a generous donation of ammunition for our trips to the range from an

“I realized that the best way to share our passion was through a school club”

hunter and shooter, I was approached by students involved or interested in the shooting sports. I realized that the best way to share our passion was through a school club, so I secured a club affiliation with the NRA during my sophomore year. Two friends and I officially founded the club in our junior year and generated unexpected interest. The responsibility to provide an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for the club’s membership now fell to me and the other officers. As the club’s president, I soon realized that motivated, passionate club officers are the most important component of a successful club. We faced many obstacles and challenges as a new club and have come to realize the three aspects for our club’s success: dedicated club officers, innovation, and a willingness to use technology. The problem of boring classroom meetings was solved by beginning every meeting with a short multiple-choice quiz on firearms and hunter safety. This encouraged active participation while fulfilling the club’s goal to inform members about shooting sports and firearm laws. We used regular trips to the local shooting range to teach students proper and safe shooting techniques. With vigorous academic workloads and numerous activities, some interested students were unable to attend during school time allotted for club meetings. Our club’s approach to connecting with members was therefore modified and modernized, most notably through social media. We started a club forum where meetings and photos are posted, and we are in the process of developing a club Facebook page. We also established an electronically distributed quarterly club newsletter with several articles written by club members to keep members connected, and with the librarian’s permission, we placed issues of American Rifleman in the school library. We also created a club YouTube channel (RLSShootingClub), which documents various trips to the ranges, firearms reviews, and features a video with the club’s mission statement. Club member J.B. Morey describes the channel as “a great way to show

alumnus of our school, Mark Cary. While the summit was an incredible experience for personal learning and growth, I am also extremely grateful for the benefits it provided to our club. The Stevenson Hunting and Shooting Club has overcome challenges and embarked upon a bright future. The outstanding success of this NRA affiliated club can be attributed to dedicated club officers, innovation, and a willingness to use technology. However, perseverance and a true passion for hunting, the shooting sports, and the Second Amendment are the most important beliefs of any club devoted to the shooting sports.

Andrew Clark assisting a fellow club member at the range.

Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 23

® Clays

Crush 'n Making a Difference Submitted By Crush ‘n Clays®


t’s been said in America, it’s easier to make a buck than it is to make a difference, but the Virginia Shooting Sports Association and the Arlington-Fairfax Izaak Walton League of America have proven it’s possible to do both. For the last 12 years, VSSA and ARL/FFX IWLA have hosted the Crush’n Clays®, Clay Target Charity Classic to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee. This event has raised over $230,000 since inception to support the kids of St. Jude’s. Crush’n Clays® is not only, the longest running shooting charity that supports the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but also the longest consecutive running shooting charity event in the country. The trap shooting event includes both an individual and team competition. Individual awards are based on a “Lewis” class system, so everyone has a chance to win regardless of ability. Besides the main event, throughout the day shooters can participant in an Annie Oakley event. The event has large spectator appeal, pitting the skills of one shooter against another. Half of the entry fees of the event we awarded to the winner of each squad and 24 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

the other half was donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The success of Crush’n Clays® goes well beyond this singular event. After its inception and resulting publicity, other shooting organizations have launched similar St. Jude’s events, most notably the Memphis Sport Shooting Association. The Arlington – Fairfax Izaak Walton League of America in located in the metro Washington D.C. Area of Centreville, Virginia. It is the largest IWLA chapter in the country with 2,200 members. The Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA) was originally founded as the Virginia State Rifle and Revolver Association in 1938. VSSA is an official state association of the National Rifle Association. Please visit for more information. Crush’n Clays® merchandise is also available at http://www. Crush’n Clays® is a registered trademark of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association.


Gold Medal Awards Why should my club apply to be gold medal status? The NRA offers special recognition by awarding Gold Medal status to NRA affiliated organizations that promote and support the purposes, objectives, policies, and programs of the NRA. Each year numerous organizations apply to achieve the Gold Medal status; an honor presented to clubs that meet the 5 specific criteria. • Be a 100% NRA Club • Have a Club Newsletter • Belong to the NRA State Association of your state • Have administered, or currently incorporate an NRA Youth Program within the Club’s agenda • Actively participate in NRA’s Membership Recruiting Program Clubs that meet the criteria above will be awarded a plaque along with an inscribed bar pertaining to the awarded year. Current Gold Medal clubs are encouraged to renew their status each year and will continue to receive an inscribed bar for each renewed year that follows. Becoming a Gold Medal Club is a superior status every club should strive for each year. Clubs are granted this award for its continual participation at the club level and are honored for their great efforts and support to the NRA. This elite status will also give clubs a higher preference of standing when applying for an NRA Range Grant.

NRA Gold Medal Club

Clubs continue to make every effort in gaining an advanced standing upon others, and having the Gold Medal Club status is superlative for NRA Clubs to maintain. The annual deadline for the NRA Gold Medal Awards is February 15. Applications will be mailed out to all NRA Affiliated Clubs that have given proof of 100% NRA Membership in the month of December. To access the application online, please go to For more information please contact the NRA Clubs & Associations department at 1-800-672-2582 or email us at

Average Club

Volume 15, Number 4 l club connection l 25

On The Front Lines

of the Chicago Firearms Ownership Battle

Submitted By Fidelity Investigative Training Academy Chicago, Illinois

Fidelity Investigative Training Academy was established in July of 2000, in Chicago, Illinois, as a training facility for contract security officers and private detective employees. Founded by Andre Queen, Executive Director, and administrated by Jose Rodriguez, President, the goal was to provide quality basic and advanced training at a price that was affordable. Fast-forward ten years, Fidelity finds itself on the forefront of the national Second Amendment battleground in Chicago, IL. Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling, and in response to the City of Chicago’s new handgun ordinance, our staff decided to provide the now-required Chicago five-hour firearms training course. We drafted the course, discussed it, and developed a program that meticulously matched what the City of Chicago required. On July 17th, five days after the new handgun ordinance went into effect, we held the first “Chicago Firearms Permit Course”. As the first state-licensed firearms training school to actually provide the training to city residents, we were instantly covered on local television network news broadcasts and local and regional newspapers. In addition to being the first to provide the training, we also advertised the lowest priced course, making it accessible to more residents. Although this brought new business to our doors, it also brought new problems. We learned that there are still very many individuals looking to eliminate all avenues of firearms training, who are willing to do anything to accomplish this. We know that there are individuals looking to shut down licensed firearms schools in and near Chicago, because they have looking for an avenue of attack. Luckily the state offers some protection from such individuals. We look forward to continuing to provide the required training for citizens who decide that handgun ownership is essential to their safety and that of their families. In addition, residents of suburbs that had handgun bans similar to Chicago’s are also attending the classes, thinking that their cities and towns will draft ordinances similar to the Chicago ordinance. Students of the new “Chicago Firearm Permit Course” have included doctors, teachers, paramedics, nurses, bus drivers, bank employees, accountants and many others. Already in development, are additional classes for citizens who have completed the mandatory “Chicago Firearm Permit

26 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

Course”, and want to advance their skills, knowledge and ability. As a rule, for those going through the course and firing a handgun for the first time, there is no going back to not being armed. Once the door is open to handgun ownership in Chicago, it won’t be shut, but the battle is far from over. Currently, due to Chicago’s ban on commercial firing ranges within the city limits, students and instructors must drive to the suburbs for live-fire training. Our next major battle: an indoor range for our students, onsite at the Academy. We are raising money to make it happen, and, as a private range for our students only and not open to the general public, we believe we can operate it lawfully as part of the overall academy campus. If you find yourself on the northwest side of Chicago, near Belmont and Pulaski, come in and give us a word of support. It will be appreciated.

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NRA-affiliated state associations Alabama State Rifle & Pistol Association

2244 Central Point Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35215 • Mr. James Moses, President • Mr. Ramon J. Samaniego, Jr. Secretary/Treasurer 256-534-2644

Alaska Outdoor Council, Inc.

PO Box 1069 Wasilla, AK 99687 (907) 841-6849 • Mr. Denny Hamann, NRA Liason • Mr. Rod Arno, Executive Director

Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association

PO Box 40962 Mesa, AZ 40962 • Mr. Noble C. Hathaway, President (623) 687-4251 office • Mr. John Hard, Vice President (480) 209-0518

Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

PO Box 272 Clarksville, AR 72830 • Mr. David Joyner, President (479) 263-6665 • Mr. John Malinowski, Vice President (479) 484-7898

California Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

271 Imperial Highway, Ste 620 Fullerton, CA 92835 • Mr. Walt Mansell, President (714) 992-2772 office • Mr. John C. Fields, Executive Director (714) 992-2772

Colorado State Shooting Association

609 W. Littleton Blvd, Ste 206 Littleton, CO 80120 (720) 283-1376 • Mr. Tony Fabian, President (303) 663-9339 office

28 l club connection l Volume 15, Number 4

Mr. David Gill, Vice President (303) 663-9339 office 303-713-0785 fax

Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association

PO Box 754 North Haven, CT 06473 • Mrs. Shelly Albino, President (203) 467-1150 • Mr. Randy Bieler, Director (203) 272-1725

Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

PO Box 1786 Wilmington, DE 19899 (302) 764-6899 • Mr. John J. Thompson, President (302) 764-6899 • Mr. Daniel Lindberg, Vice President (302) 475-4228

Florida Sport Shooting Association, Inc.

• •

Mr. Thomas Brusherd, President P.O. Box 14024 Jacksonville, FL 32238 Mr. Michael D. Langfield, Secretary 5921 Blackthorn Road Jacksonville, FL 32244

Georgia Sport Shooting Association

PO Box 1733 Macon, GA 31202 (478) 275-2752 • Tracy English, President • Mr. Tom E. Patton, Treasurer

Hawaii Rifle Association

• Mr. Harvey F. Gerwig, President 1039 Kupua Street Kailua, HI 96734 808-306-7194 • Bill Richter, Secretary P.O. Box 543 Kailua, HI 96734 808-261-2754 Info Line

Idaho State Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. Neill Goodfellow, President 8156 North Penn Avenue Fruitland, ID 83619 208-452-4183 home • Mr. Jon Carter, Secretary 1065 River Heights Drive Meridian, ID 83642 208-888-2829 phone/fax

Illinois State Rifle Association, Inc.

PO Box 637 Chatsworth, IL 60921 (815) 635-3198 office (815) 635-3723 fax • Mr. Richard Pearson, Executive Director • Mr. Don A. Moran, President

Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

• •

c/o 7527 State Route 56 Rising Sun, IN 47040 Mr. Jerry Wehner, Executive VP Mr. William B. Thomas, Secretary 812-948-8226

Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association

240 Prospect Road North Liberty, IA 52317-9660 (319) 626-2710 • Mr. Bill Besgrove, Secretary • Mr. John Klopfenstein, President

Kansas State Rifle Association

PO Box 219 Bonner, KS 66012-0219 • Ms. Patricia Stoneking, President (913) 667-3044 • Ms. Elizabeth Brown (913) 608-1910

League of Kentucky Sportsmen, Inc.

• Mr. Bill Haycraft, President 4902 Determine Lane

Louisville, KY 40216 502-299-1929 • Rev. Tom Cottingim, NRA Liaison 353 Atwood Dr. Lexington, KY 40515 859-533-8896

Louisiana Shooting Association

115 Pine Ridge Rd DeRidder, LA 70634 • Mr. Daniel Zelnka II, President • Mr. Danny Hudson, Secretary

(Maine) Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

• •

Mr. Ronald Vaillancourt, President 307 Riverside Dr. Augusta, ME 04330 207-622-7989 Angus N. Norcross, Treasurer 14 Pine Road Wiscasset, ME 04578 207-882-4713

Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association

832 Bear Cabin Drive Forest Hill, MD 21050-2734 • Mr. Richard Kussman, President • Mr. Douglas Self, 1st Vice President

(Massachusetts) Gun Owners’ Action League – G.O.A.L.

PO Box 567, 37 Pierce Street Northboro, MA 01532 (508) 393-5333 office (508) 393-5222 fax • Mr. James Wallace, Executive Director • Mr. Jon Green, Jr., Director Training & Edu.

Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association

PO Box 530637 Livonia, MI 48153-0637 (231) 781-1223 • Mr. Mike Wesner, Secretary/Treasurer

Minnesota Rifle & Revolver Association, Inc.

MRRA Secretary 4737 CR 101, Box 114 Minnetonka, MN 55345-2634 • Mr. George Minerich, President • Mr. Mark Rohmann, Membership Sec.

Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association

• Mr. Douglas Bowser, President P.O. Box 1061 McComb, MS 39649 601-249-3315 • Mrs. Deborah Withers, Secretary P.O. Box 2486 Madison, MS 39130-2486 601-888-4973

Missouri Sport Shooting Association

• Lee Koester, Secretary/Treasurer Po Box 10170 Columbia, MO 65205 • Mr. Kevin Jamison, President 6140 N. Wagontrail Road Columbia, MO 65202 816-455-2669 816-413-0696 fax

Montana Rifle & Pistol Association

• •

PO Box 48 Ramsay, MT 59748 (406) 782-3450 Mr. Matt Egloff, President Ms. Zona Mowrer, Secretary/Membership

Nebraska Marksmanship Association

13105 Sky Park Drive Omaha, NE 68137 (402) 933-4881 • Mr. Bill J. Keil, President • Mr. W. Aaron Woehler, Secretary

Nevada State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

PO Box 7512 Reno, NV 89501-7512

• •

(775) 762-1494 office (775) 355-8088 fax Mr. Robert E. Smith, President Mr. Mark Geldmacher, Secretary/ Treasurer

Gun Owners of New Hampshire, Inc.

P.O. Box 847 Concord, NH 03302-0487 (603) 225-4664 • Mr. Mitch Kopacz, President • Mr. Ralph Demicco, Vice President

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc.

• Mr. Scott L. Bach, President P.O. Box 651 Newfoundland, NJ 07435 973-697-9270 • Ms. Judith Iorio, Recording Secretary P.O. Box 1397 Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

• •

76 Pinon Hill Pl, NE Albuquerque, NM 87122 Mr. Anthony Trennel, President (505) 856-6574 Ms. Karma Whelchel, Treasurer (505) 872-5364

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

PO Box 1023 Troy, NY 12181-1023 (518) 424-1349 (518) 4491332 fax • Mr. Thomas H. King, President • Ms. Brenda Leder, Office Manager (518) 272-2654

North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association

• •

P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 Mr. David McFarling, President Mr. David Prest, Secretary P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 (910) 639-4742 office

NRA-affiliated state associations North Dakota Shooting Sports Association

• Mr. Eric Pueppke, President PO Box 228 Bismarck, ND 58502 (701) 967-8450 • Mr. James Ladwig, Vice President 1102 Main Ave. Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 232-9440

Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association

P.O. Box 43083 Cincinnati, OH 45243-0083 (513) 891-1325 • Mrs. Gwen Bailey, President • Mr. Keith V. Bailey, Secretary

Oklahoma Rifle Association

P.O. Box 850602 Yukon, OK 73085-0602 • Mr. Charles Smtih, Executive Director (405) 324-2450 • Mr. Rick N. Baker, Secretary (405) 867-4460 x239 office/fax

Oregon State Shooting Association

• •

Mr. Tim Pitzer, President 2815 South Shore Drive SE Albany, OR 97322 Mr. Stan Pate, Vice President (503) 652-9931

Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. Jack Lee, President 100 Wycliff Way Butler, PA 16001 (724) 865-2597 phone/fax • Ms. Lorraine Little, Secretary 405 Hilltop Road Paoli, PA 19301

Rhode Island State Rifle & Revolver Association

Mr. Paul Boiani, President P.O. Box 41148 Providence, RI 02940 (401) 233-0771 office

Gun Owners of South Carolina

PO Box 211 Little Mountain, SC 29075 • Mr. Gerald Stoudemire, President • Ms. Peggy Bodner

South Dakota Shooting Sports Association

• Mr. Tom Raines, President P.O. Box 3 Dell Rapids, SD 57022 • Mr. Bruce Plate, Vice President (605) 624-8418

Tennessee Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

6653 Jocelyn Hollow Road Nashville, TN 37205 • Mr. Ray W. Harvey, Jr., President (615) 352-3954 • Mr. Eugene Paranick, Membership Dir.

Texas State Rifle Association

314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 (512) 615-4200 office • Mr. Don Stricklund, President • Mr. Robert Butler, 1st VP

Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association

4834 Van Buren Avenue Ogden, UT 84403 • Mr. Elwood P. Powell, President (801) 449-9763 office (801) 476-8274 fax • Mr. Ralph Schamel, Vice President (801) 277-4016

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc.

• Mr. Clint Gray, President PO Box 225 Lyndonville, VT 05851 (802) 467-8445 • Mr. Evan Hughes, Vice President 16 Milestone Blvd. Barre, VT 05641 (802) 272-8544

Virginia Shooting Sports Association

P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 • Mr. Lucien Charette, Executive Director (540) 672-5848 office • Ms. Andrea T. Smith, Secretary/Treasurer

Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 382 DuPont, WA 98327 • Mr. Duane Hatch, Secretary (253) 853-7533 • Mr. James Crosier, Vice President (206) 853-4657

West Virginia State Rifle & Pistol Association

P.O. Box 2504 Buckhannon, WV 26201 (304) 472-5174 • Ms. Amy Tenney, Treasurer (304) 472-5174 • Mr. Gary Nichols, Secretary (304) 539-2617

Wi-FORCE (Wisconsin Rifle & Pistol Association)

• Mr. Jeff Nass, President N615 Silver Lane Pulaski, WI 54162-8320 (920) 687-0505 • Mr. Gary Nichols, Secretary W271N7055 Hansen Dr Sussex, WI 53089 (262) 246-3317

Wyoming State Shooting Association, Inc.

PO Box 94 Guernsey, WY 82214 • Mr. Mark Spungin, President (307) 836-2188 • Mrs. Beverly Spungin, Vice President (307) 836-2188 • Mr. Roger Sebesta, Secretary/Treasurer

NRA Endorsed Insurance Program Participant

NRA Field Representative Directory EASTERN REGION

•Eastern Regional Director Brian Hyder Area 1 (ME, NH,VT, N. NY) Michael Langton Area 2 (NY) Jay Rusnock Area 3 (CT, MA, RI, Lower NY) Eric Bieler Area 4 (DE, Eastern PA) Kory Enck Area 5 (Western PA) Thomas Baldrige Area 6 (MD, NJ) Brian Swartz Area 7 (DC, Western VA, WV) Jim Kilgore Area 8 (Eastern NC) David Wells Area 42 (Western NC) Robert Doug Merrill Area 45 (Eastern VA) Bob Hipple

276-579-9828 603-938-2860 845-298-7233 860-426-1478 717-689-3200 724-861-0447 973-343-2104 304-255-2916 252-456-2097 828-628-0410 540-631-0633


•Central Regional Director Philip Gray Area 12 (Southern OH) Brian Hoover Area 14 (IN) Steve Teutsch Area 15 (KY) Larry Summarell, Jr. Area 17 (WI) Scott Taetsch Area 18 (Northern IL) Michael F. Huber Area 19 (MO) Gregg Pearre Mike Webb Area 43 (TN) Area 49 (Northern OH) Lloyd Edwards Area 51 (Southern MI) Allan Herman Area 52 (Southern IL) Vacant

740-773-4119 740-297-4255 317-946-7260 270-586-5031 715-873-3360 815-652-0033 573-761-5466 901-382-4789 419-646-3669 989-686-3013 Vacant


•Southern Regional Director Al Hammond Area 9 (SC) Dale Carwile Area 10 (GA) Brad Ward Area 11 (Northern FL) Howell Lancaster Area 16 (LA, Southern MS) Dick Kingsafer Area 22 (AL) Vacant Area 25 (Northern TX) Vacant Area 26 (Southern TX) Liz Foley Area 39 (AR, Northern MS) Mike Nevins Area 47 (Western TX) Jack Cannon Area 48 (Southern Florida) Tom Knight

386-462-5421 864-223-9900 770-228-8218 904-388-9782 601-794-0068 Vacant Vacant 936-273-6397 479-754-0282 325-617-4460 941-923-7676


•Mid West Regional Director Tom Ulik Area 20 (OK) Darren DeLong Area 21 (MN) Scott Lembke Area 23 (IA, NE) Tim Bacon Area 24 (KS) Rick Chrisman Peter Ide Area 27 (NM) Area 28 (MT) Joseph Crismore Area 29 (WY) David Manzer Area 30 (CO) Marc Steinke Area 41 (ND, SD) Clay Pederson

509-895-9407 405-692-8672 218-844-2000 515-576-1285 913-294-9956 505-281-6721 406-293-2498 307-746-2520 719-322-4072 701-522-9622

WESTERN REGION •Western Regional Director J.P. Nelson Area 31 (AZ) Donna Cassity Jerald Olsen Area 32 (S. ID, Eastern NV, UT) Area 33 (Northern ID, Eastern WA) Steve Vreeland Area 34 (HI, OR) Mike Carey Area 35 (Northern CA) Daniel Wilhelm Area 36 (Southern CA, S. NV) Lissa Davis Area 37 (Central CA) Jason Quick Area 38 (AK) Bradley J. Kruger Area 40 (Western WA) Vacant Area 46 (E.CA, W. NV) Steve Wilson

480-357-4057 520-316-0620 801-317-4878 208-286-0950 541-385-9404 707-994-5877 714-832-1355 805-239-4246 907-235-9059 Vacant 209-847-4826

Club Connection National Rifle Association 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Dulles, VA Permit No. 67

Chicago Sept. 24, 2011



Phoenix March 19, 2011

For more information, please visit or call (800) NRA-CLUB