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President’s Column

The Gift of Freedom This Season The holidays are here again, and on behalf of this association, I’d like to extend my best wishes from the NRA family to yours. So in the spirit of the season, I’d like to call on you to think about all that we have to be thankful for—and all that the idea of being thankful and diligent and vigilant entails. In the U.S., hunting season is in full swing. Whether or not you’re a hunter, I think we can all be thankful for the bountiful harvest from our farm fields or our forests, the blessings of life, liberty and security. Our health. Our families. Our freedom. It’s entirely fitting and proper that we are mindful of all our blessings at Thanksgiving. But I believe giving thanks is only one part of what being thankful really means. I believe we also have a duty to try to protect, preserve and perpetuate the blessings with which we’ve been endowed, for the good of our children and their children. This is a natural and appropriate time of year to do so. Think about it. Whether you’re winterizing your home, getting new tires and anti-freeze for your vehicles, or sheltering your livestock and planting cover crops for wildlife and soil conservation, so much of what you do at this time of year revolves around being a good steward and protecting what you have for the future. I believe we should do the same for our freedoms. And one of the best ways we can do so is by giving our freedoms new friends. Let me explain. By now, you’ve heard the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of McDonald v. Chicago— a case that could give the Second Amendment the same protection against state and local government action contained in the First, Fourth and Sixth Amendments to the Bill of Rights. This is monumental news. Many legal scholars believe the mere fact the Court has decided to review the case bodes well for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But even if the Supreme Court were to build a permanent, impenetrable wall of protection around Second Amendment freedom, that freedom couldn’t be truly safe without citizens to exercise, cherish and give it new relevance

with each generation. After all, with the ranks of hunters aging and thinning, with gun owners Ronald L. Schmeits, too often belittled by the NRA President media and Hollywood elites, and with young people faced with a widening array of activities competing for their time, interest in firearms and the shooting sports could slowly decline—if we let it. That’s where you fit in. Over the past few months in this space, I’ve asked you to reach out to anyone you know who doesn’t know about hunting, shooting, firearms or the freedom to own them— but who might take an interest in such things if only they had a chance to experience them. I’m hoping you took my words to heart and made a real effort to give firearm freedom some new friends by introducing your friends to the shooting sports.

Whether or not you’re a hunter, I think we can all be thankful for the bountiful harvest from our farm fields or our forests, the blessings of life, liberty and security. If so, it’s fairly likely that you have some newcomers at your deer camp, in your duck blind, or visiting your gun club, shooting range or sporting clays courses. If that’s the case, I thank you, I congratulate you and I urge you to take the next step. You’ve introduced them to firearm freedom. Now introduce them to the one group that does more than any other public or private institution in America to ensure that freedom is exercised safely, effectively, lawfully and extensively now and in the future: the National Rifle Association of America. When you’re standing around the fire in your deer camp, talking quietly in your duck blind or attending a holiday event this season, make it a point to tell fellow shooters, continued on page 5 Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 3

NRA Programs

NRA Club Award Winners The NRA National Awards are presented to individuals and organizations in recognition of their outstanding achievements and service to the NRA and to all legitimate firearm owners around the world. The Outstanding Club Award is presented annually to an NRA-affiliated club with a highly distinguished record of service and organization. The club selected to receive this award must epitomize the ideals to which all NRA-affiliated clubs should strive. The recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Club Award was the Tusco Rifle Club of Midvale, Ohio. The Tusco Rifle Club is a family oriented club with the purpose to educate and promote safe shooting sports. This club has many shooting events throughout the year for rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooters. In 2008, over 150 matches and events were held, including an International Silhouette competition, 5 youth events and 2 Women On Target ® Clinics. The Outstanding State Association Award is presented in honor of a state association’s effectiveness in carrying out the purposes and objectives of the National Rifle Association in their state. The recipient of the 2008 Outstanding State Association Award was the Texas State Rifle Association of Austin, Texas. In 2008, TSRA coordinated and hosted the official Texas State Championship matches in 20 shooting disciplines, conducted a Women’s Hunting Program modeled after NRA Women On Target® and sponsored youth memberships for young people in the Texas Hunter Safety Education course. TSRA is active in keeping members informed with The TSRA Sportsman, a bi-montly informational newsletter of state and federal firearm related news with a circulation of 37,000+. Additional communication includes updated webpage, email alerts and a weekly online newsletter highlighting Second Amendment and firearms related news. TSRA is also very active in their state legislatively and took a leadership role in getting 40 NRA State Associations to sign into the State Firearm Association Brief in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller. The Outstanding Youth Club Award is presented annually to an NRA-affiliated youth club that has demonstrated noteworthy achievement in all aspects of club operation. The recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Youth 4 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

2008 Outstanding Club Award Tusco Rifle Club Midvale, Ohio 2008 Outstanding State Association Award Texas State Rifle Association Austin, Texas 2008 Outstanding Youth Club Award Gasconade County Youth Shooting Sports Owensville, Missouri 2008 Public Service Award Cowboy Six Shooter Historic Foundation Apache Junction, Arizona 2008 Most Outstanding Friends of NRA Committee STX-1 Friends of NRA Committee Corpus Christi, Texas 2008 Dealer Recruiter of the Year Award Greg Tropino Owner of G.A.T. Guns, Dundee, Illinois 2008 Gun Show Recruiter of the Year Award David Fitzmorris Goldsboro, North Carolina 2008 Independent Recruiter of the Year Award Jim Scoutten Franklin, Tennessee 2008 Jay M. Littlefield Memorial NRA-ILA Volunteer of the Year Award Gregory Howard Lawrenceville, Georgia 2008 NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Collin Wietfeldt Hemlock, Michigan 2008 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Officer Timothy A. Stringer Ferguson Township Pennsylvania Police Department 2009 Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award Ms. Linda Walker Alexandria, Ohio

Club Award was Gasconade County Youth Shooting Sports of Owensville, Missouri. This organization was founded in 2002 by the TriCounty Friends of NRA in Owensville, Missouri. The club currently has over 75 youth members, ages ranging from 8 to 18. Each participant is trained in shotgun, air rifle, air pistol, .22 rifles, .22 pistols, muzzleloaders and archery. The group currently participates and helps with the following events: National Wild Turkey Federation “Jakes” and “Women in the Outdoors”, NRA and MSSA youth camps and Women On Target®, Missouri Department of Conservation Hunters Education, Quail Unlimited, Quail Forever and Ducks Unlimited events. The Public Service Award is presented to the individual or club whose volunteer activities have been instrumental in promoting objectives of the NRA on a national level or whose activities have had a national impact on the shooting sports.

2008 Outstanding Youth Club Award Gasconade County Youth Shooting Sports

The recipient of the 2008 Public Service Award was the Cowboy Six Shooter Historic Foundation of Apache Junction, Arizona. The Cowboy Six Shooter Historic Foundation mission is to promote public awareness, education, appreciation and the preservation of the American Cowboy Six Shooter Heritage. They actively support the protection of the Second Amendment by introducing citizens to the recreational Cowboy Six Shooter experience. Interested in gaining National Recognition for your organization, the NRA Club Awards deadline is December 1 annually. More information about this program can be found by visiting or calling (800) NRA-CLUB.

2008 Outstanding Club Award - Tusco Rifle Club

President’s Column continued from page 3 hunters, gun owners and believers in freedom what the NRA is and what we do. Tell them why you’re a member. Then urge them to join. Better yet, take that one extra step that can turn a freedom believer into a freedom advocate, and buy that new friend an NRA membership. Call (877) NRA-2000 (672-2000) now to give the gift of an NRA membership this season. In so doing, you’ll be giving the gift of freedom—a gift that comes to us from our Creator, but that depends upon us for sustenance and survival.

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 5

NRA Programs

Experience Friends of NRA A Friends of NRA banquet isn’t your typical fund-raising event. It’s an exciting grassroots fund-raising program which fosters community involvement and gives 100% of net proceeds to qualified local, state, and national programs. At a Friends of NRA banquet you’ll experience food, fun, fellowship, and firearms – all in the name of fund-raising for the future of the shooting sports. Experience Fun. There is something for everyone at a Friends of NRA banquet. From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere is brimming with excitement. Whether you’re keeping an eye on that unique item in the silent auction, trying your luck at the game tables, or just dining on some delicious food, you’ll be sure to have a good time. It’s a family-friendly event chock-full of everything from exclusive, limited edition merchandise, firearms, knives, art, jewelry, and more. Not to mention all the great people you’ll meet in the process!

NRA attendees look at items to bid on.

Experience Fellowship. Nothing makes a Friends of NRA banquet more unique than the people who make it all happen. Working with NRA Field Staff, thousands of dedicated individuals across America, passionate and concerned about the future of the shooting sports, participate in the program by organizing committees, securing donations, selling tickets, and hosting a Friends of NRA banquet in their communities. Whether you’re serving on the committee or just attending, you’ll meet fire chiefs, engineers, local business owners, law enforcement, and teachers – all mainstream citizens working together to secure the Second Amendment and raise money for the shooting sports. 6 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Friends of NRA Committee members show off one of the many firearms up for bid.

Experience Fund-raising. Amongst the fun and fellowship, Friends of NRA banquets boil down to one goal— fund-raising for the future of the shooting sports. Since its inception in 1992, Friends of NRA has held over 12,000 events, reached over two million attendees and raised over $140 million for The NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Each year, The NRA Foundation allocates half of all net proceeds to fund projects within the state in which the money was raised and uses the other half to fund similar projects with a national scope. Committee volunteers are appointed to State Fund Committees to make recommendations for local grant funding in areas such as youth firearm safety and education programs, hunter education, range development and improvement, women’s training seminars, and wildlife conservation efforts. Recognizing that America’s young people represent the future of the shooting sports, State Fund Committee grants are frequently given to youth programs, allocating more than 50% of grant monies to this important area. So whether you attend a Friends of NRA banquet for the fun, fellowship, or fund-raising, you can be confident that you are helping safeguard programs across the nation that prepare today’s generations to be tomorrow’s guardians of the Second Amendment. To learn more about the Friends of NRA program and find events in your area visit




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Coming This fall: New si web site In January 2010, will become The redesigned site will focus exclusively on topics relating to personal defense. From concealed carry to precision marksmanship to AR15 customization and beyond, promises to be the definitive source for the modern, web-savvy shooter. So be sure to join us for the launch of Shooting in 2010!

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC has determined the slide lock safety and/or the recoil spring guide pad on certain semi-automatic pistols were not manufactured to Colt specifications and must be replaced. Instructions are posted on Colt’s website at Recall instructions can also be obtained by e-mailing recall@colt. com, or by calling: (800) 962-2658 Mon-day-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.; 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. EST, and selecting option “2”.

Max Michel Named World’s fastest Shooter for a Third TIme Max Michel of Covington, LA, joins Doug Koenig, Jerry Barnhart and Jethro Dionisio as the only other shooter to win the Steel Challenge three times. Michel again won the title of World’s fastest in August when he dominated a field of the best shooters from around the country.

Match Results NRA sponsors and/or sanctions over 11,000 matches each year. Just a few of the many tournaments conducted each year in 47 disciplines include: Precision and Sporter Air Gun, BB Gun, Muzzle Loading, Progressive Position Pistol, Conventional Pistol, Action Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, High Power Rifle, Black Powder Rifle and Pistol, Hunter Pistol Silhouette, Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette, Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette, Smallbore Silhouette and others. For all the scores, go to nationalchampion.asp.

NSSf awards Grants to Shooting facilities To encourage the development of new marketing strategies that will motivate people to go target shooting and hunting, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has awarded grants totaling $245,531 to 12 shooting facilities around the country. For more information, contact Bill Brassard, Jr. at (203) 426-1320 or

Shooting Illustrated Offers Video of aR15 Cleaning A new web-based video on walks owners through the cleaning process, step-by-step, after Shooting Illustrated Assistant Editor Bob Boyd completes the disassembly with the help of a little electronic wizardry in 10.5 seconds. For more information, visit Look for Shooting Illustrated, The Definitive Source for the Modern Shooter, at a newsstand near you, or subscribe by calling (877) 232-3840. Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 7

NRA Programs

YHEC 2009 By Kerrin Brinkman Writer, Media Relations Held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, from July 27-31, this year’s YHEC welcomed 310 participants from 18 states. Known as North America’s most comprehensive hunter education program for youth, YHEC has reached more than 1.2 million young hunters since it’s inception in 1985. The country’s most talented young hunters competed in their state or regional YHEC events before coming to the NRA Whittington Center to square-off against other topranked competitors. “You are the best of the best,” NRA President, Ron Schmeits told participants during Opening Ceremonies. Participants can compete in teams of five and as individuals, divided into the junior (14 and under) or senior (15 to 18) age category. Coaches compete alongside the youngsters, getting a real taste of just how challenging YHEC can be for both young people and adults. As they moved through the eight YHEC events, each youngster focused on hunting skills and marksmanship. Four of the YHEC events are “Responsibility Events,” known for testing the hunting knowledge and outdoor skills of competitors, while the remaining four events are “Shooting Events” that simulate hunting scenarios that use firearms or bows.

For many YHEC participants, coming to the International event each year isn’t just about proving their skills and testing their knowledge, it’s about making new friends and catching up with old ones. YHEC is a place where young people with similar interests can come together to have fun and form lasting friendships. “It’s great to be able to meet people who you have things in common with,” said 17-year old Colin Wait from Durango, Colorado. After the competition concluded each night, the youngsters had the opportunity to relax and bond during special events. This gave participants, their coaches, and parents time to wind down and enjoy the company of others who enjoy hunting and the outdoors. Each night at the Coors Pavilion, teams would set up picnic tables with trinkets and keepsakes during the Swap Meet. The youth traveled from table to table, bartering and trading patches, pins, hats, and other hot ticket items. Outside, everyone could take part in the Crossbow or Flu-Flu Arrow Shoot to learn about types of archery not included in the competition. But the event that everyone waited for was the annual Tug o’ War, where teams faced off in a muddy battle. Heavy rains had soaked the grounds of the Whittington Center, and there was no doubt that this year’s Tug o’ War was going to get dirty. Teams took turns on the rope, with participants and coaches slipping and sliding through the mud. It may not have been clean, but everyone certainly had fun. Amid the fun, a year’s worth of hard work and dedication was paying off in the competition. Teams from Oregon, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina were leading the pack for most of the week, and all three states were on the top of the leader board last year. In the end, North Carolina ended up sweeping the 2009 International YHEC, taking top honors in both the team and individual categories. With continued on page 13

8 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Outstanding! By Kerrin Brinkman Writer, Media Relations Three of the National Rifle Association’s top Junior Members have been selected to receive the 2009 Outstanding Achievement Youth Award, recognizing their accomplishments in the community, the classroom and the shooting sports. A total of $10,000 in scholarship money is awarded to the winners, thanks to the generosity of Brownells, one of the world’s leading suppliers of firearms accessories and gunsmithing tools. Eighteen-year-old Collin Wietfeldt of Hemlock, Mich., won first place and a $5,000 scholarship. Collin’s impressive shotgun skills earned him spots on the 2009 U.S. World Championship Shotgun Team, the U.S. National Development Team and the 2009 ATA All-American Junior Trapshooting Team. Collin recently returned from the Shotgun World Championships, held August 7-16 in Maribor, Slovenia, where he earned a silver medal as a member of the Men’s Junior Trap Team and finished in seventh place as an individual. Earlier this year, he took first place in the Trap Championships at the 2009 Shotgun Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs, Colo. In addition to his shooting skills, Collin is also very active in his school and community. At Hemlock High School, he’s a member of the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA), the CPR Team and is a regular name on the honor roll. His community involvement includes being an active member, volunteer and coach with the Saginaw Field and Stream Club, serving as a coach for the Scholastic Clay Target Program and being a frequent blood donor (he was presented with the Donor For Life Award in 2008). In addition, Collin has participated in the Michigan State Youth Hunter Education Challenge and NRA Advanced Shotgun Camps. Collin has been invited to be a resident athlete at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. With great honor, Collin accepted this offer and has moved to Colorado Springs, where he will attend the University of Colorado, in addition to training at the Olympic Training Center. “Reviewing the applications for the 2009 Outstanding Youth Achievement Award made me very proud of all of the candidates, and speaks to the tremendous effect that the shooting sports and NRA programs have on young people. The shooting sports community gives so freely of their time, money

Collin accepts his award from NRA President Ron Schmeits

and, most importantly, their mentorship; not just to these three winners, but to all youth involved in their programs,” said Larry Quandahl, Manager of NRA’s Youth Programs Department. Second place and a $3,000 scholar-ship were awarded to 18-year-old Tanner Brooks of Walkerton, Ind. Tanner is a member of the Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association and has placed first in several competitions, including the Indiana State Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) Championships and the National SCTP Skeet Championships. In 2008, Tanner was selected to attend the NRA’s Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) in Washington, D.C., and also traveled to the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Ky. In his community, he’s even helped teach children about firearms safety by presenting the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program to numerous elementary schools. Samuel Fowler, a 17-year-old from Orchard Park, N.Y., took third place and earned a $2,000 scholarship. Fowler is an NRA Life Member, as well as a member of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. As a Smallbore Rifle shooter, Samuel has competed in the National Matches at Camp Perry for the past three years and numerous other local, state and national competitions. In addition to his achievements as a competitive shooter, he’s also an exemplary student and has volunteered at a local Friends of NRA dinner. HEY, I’m Outstanding, Too! All NRA Junior Members (or NRA Regular or Life Members under the age of 18) who are also current members of an NRA-affiliated club or state association, and have completed one NRA Basic Firearm Training Course, are eligible for the Outstanding Achievement Youth Award. An applicant must have additionally earned at least one rating continued on page 13 Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 9

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ILA News


he National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund’s (NRA-PVF) endorsed candidates for statewide office in Virginia -- Bob McDonnell (R) for governor, Ken Cuccinelli (R) for attorney general, and Bill Bolling (R) for lieutenant governor -- won handily in Tuesday’s general election. The statewide candidates prevailed with 59 percent, 57 percent, and 58 percent of the vote, respectively. Additionally, 98 percent (58 out of 59) of NRA-PVF-endorsed candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates won their respective races. “Candidates who support the constitutional rights of lawabiding gun owners and sportsmen prevailed in up and down ballot races yesterday,” said Chris W. Cox, Chairman of NRAPVF. “These exceptional numbers are an indication of the solid support and influence of the Second Amendment and the NRA on voters.” NRA-PVF actively campaigned across Virginia and other key states to secure the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners. In Virginia, Steve Shannon (D), candidate for attorney general, was the only statewide candidate to actively campaign on a gun control platform. He lost by double digits. In New Jersey’s gubernatorial race, NRA-PVF urged NRA members and gun owners to vote against ‘F’-rated Jon Corzine. He was also defeated. NRA-ILA’s grassroots efforts in Virginia were in full force since the summer and their efforts paid off in spades. NRAILA Grassroots staff and its Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) recruited hundreds of new volunteers; registered hundreds of new pro-gun voters; distributed tens of thousands

Governor-elect Bob McDonnell with NRA-ILA Staff, Seth Waugh and Brock Phillips.

of pieces of candidate literature and stickers, and thousands of signs; visited scores of shops, clubs, and ranges; knocked on tens of thousands of doors; and made tens of thousands of phone calls. Our grassroots field efforts culminated with a VOTE (Vote On Target Express) Tour, in the final eight days of the campaign, where staff and CFRs toured the entire state in RVs, hosting rallies and assisting with phone banks and precinct walks. “We are pleased at the outcome of these important elections and are thankful to NRA members and gun owners who continue to exercise their constitutional freedoms,” continued Cox. “NRA is looking forward to working with these newly-elected officials.”

Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling at NRA tailgate at a Virginia Tech football game.

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 11

NRA Programs

State Association Spotlight: California Rifle & Pistol Association The California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) was founded in 1875, just four years after the NRA itself, and is one of the largest and oldest state associations and NRA state affiliates in the country. Our membership stands at 34,500 active paying members as of October 2009 and we’re proud to state that we are now steadily increasing our membership each month. We have begun a dramatic transformation of the CRPA over the last two years. It is a vibrant, fresh new organization that is thinking outside the box, recruiting more youth, women, and minorities than ever before. CRPA offers membership for $22 per year with benefits such as: Support of CRPA’s full-time lobbyist in Sacramento. Mr. Tom Pedersen, our new CRPA Legislative Liaison, has revitalized our government affairs program. He works side by side with NRA’s California Lobbyist Ed Worley, fighting adverse firearms legislation, promoting wildlife conservation and management, and advancing laws that will protect gun rights. Support of CRPA’s Counsel for Litigation and Local Affairs. Mr. Chuck Michel is the leading firearms attorney in California. He files appropriate litigation against the state, counties, or cities that pass unconstitutional or illegal illconceived gun control laws. He also monitors local legislative efforts and mobilizes CRPA’s resources to oppose those efforts as necessary. Access to the valuable current information found in CRPA’s monthly publication, The Firing Line and on its newly revised website, Members are kept up to date with current legislative and shooting news, as well as offering a public forum so members can express their views in print. Receive annual copy of Know Your California Gun Laws, It’s a Matter of Safety and Frequently Asked Questions booklet, which imparts educational information to the public regarding firearms use and abuse and updated regulations of each citizen’s rights for such use. Support of CRPA’s promotion of the shooting sports as we conduct state championship matches for adults and young shooters, teach firearms safety, and support state teams to the national championships each year; including Civilian Marksmanship Program National Championships. 12 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

CRPA has been the recipient of two NRA grants over the past two years. The first was a $9,500 NRA Foundation Grant from the Central California region, which provided the funding for a ”Training the Firearms Trainer” class with 12 students who will now train others throughout the Central California region. The second was an NRA State Association grant in the amount of $6,000 which will provide support to CRPA as we reconfigure our membership development program. One of our biggest challenges has been turning membership around. CRPA was losing about 300 members per month or nearly 1% of the total membership two years ago. We have begun to turn things around, adding nearly 100 new members each month through: re-establishment of a productive relationship with the NRA, creative marketing, updating our bylaws, staff changes in our government affairs program, and development of new recruitment programs, materials, and volunteers at gun shows. Membership development is the first priority for the CRPA. New members increase legislative clout in Sacramento, increase fundraising success, and add fresh new blood and innovative ideas to the leadership team. It is only through the aggressive recruitment of youth, women, and minorities that our state association will grow and thrive. There are estimated to be approximately 4-5 million gun owners in California and it is our goal to increase CRPA membership to 100,000 in 5 years and to 400,000 in 10 years. Aggressive goals? Yes, but they are attainable if and only if the California gun community is willing to rally around the CRPA flag. Stay tuned…

YHEC 2009 continued from page 8 a score of 1596, 14 year-old Todd Patterson of Yadkinville, Pennsylvania was the Junior Individual Overall Winner. Winning was twice as sweet for Patterson as his team, the North Carolina Forbush Junior Claybusters were named the Junior Team Overall Winners with a score of 7053 for the second year in a row. “It’s takes a lot of experience, and it’s the rush of a lifetime when you get the win,” said an elated Patterson. After scoring an impressive 1775 points, 18 year-old Austin Warner from Troy, North Carolina was crowned the new Senior Individual Overall Winner. Although he knew that he had performed well throughout the competition, Warner was surprised to be named the winner. “I’m overwhelmed, I wasn’t expecting this,” said a breathless Warner. “I came to win, but I really wasn’t expecting it.”

Taking the title of Senior Team Overall Winners was the North Carolina Forbush Senior Red Team with a score of 8171. Just weeks before the competition, the team lost their coach, shooting range, and funding due to budget cuts. Despite this setback, the group rallied to forge on and take first place. YHEC will return to the Mill Cove Environmental Area and Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania next year from July 26-31, where it was held in 2008. If you like to hunt and enjoy the outdoors, get involved in the YHEC program to ensure the future of hunting and meet people who share your interests. To learn more, call (703)267-1503 or visit so you can find or start a YHEC program near you!

Outstanding! continued from page 9 through the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program, submit three letters of recommendation, provide a copy of his/her school transcript and write a 1,000-word essay entitled, “What the Shooting Sports have Taught Me.” In addition to these core requirements, an applicant must also participate in at least five NRA-sponsored programs. These elective requirements may include, but are not limited to: presenting the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program, attending the Youth Education Summit, competing in the Youth Hunter Education Challenge, participating in the National Matches at Camp Perry or attending an NRA Shooting Sports Camp. Applications for next year’s Outstanding Achievement Youth Award are due at NRA Headquarters no later than May 1, 2010. For more information on the Outstanding Achievement Youth Award, please contact NRA’s Youth Programs Department by calling (703) 267-1505 or by visiting

Samuel Fowler, 3rd place, earned a $2,000 scholarship

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 13

Club News

Hunting and Fishing Ministry Overwhelmed With Boys “Wild At Heart!” San Antionio,Texas Cross Trail Outfitters Cross Trail Outfitters (CTO) is a non-profit hunting and fishing club for boys ages 7-20. Activities center on hands-on, in-the-field hunting and fishing trips. Our goal is to provide opportunities for each participant to go on at least one outing per month. These outings include the full spectrum of outdoor sports - all kinds of fishing, wing shooting, big and small game hunting, and even “dream trips.” Mike Arnold, a lifelong hunter and fisherman, founded CTO just over four years ago. After several years in media and politics, Mike’s professional outdoor career started as the business director of Texas Trophy Hunters and he has also served on the board of Safari Club International. Since starting CTO over four years ago, he has personally guided over 175 kids through shooting their first big game animal, but is much more proud of having personally led many more kids than that to Christ in that time. “Most men have an inborn desire that craves the outdoor experience. We are ‘Wild at Heart’ from birth”, says Arnold. Only two decades ago, hunting and fishing engaged over 40% of the adult population. Now, the number of kids getting involved has dropped off dramatically. Due to broad cultural trends, there are fewer and fewer people today to pass on this traditional way of life. Hunting and fishing is a heritage, and has always been passed down from generation to generation by close, personal relationships. These relationships are scarce today and this is

14 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

exactly the gap Cross Trail Outfitters (CTO) has proven to fill in. Ranch owners donate the use of land and critters. Fathers and others volunteer as guides and rangers. All events are coordinated and supervised by a team of CTO professional outfitters. The relationships formed in the outdoors are strong and life-long. Every outdoorsman can point to a friend or relative who helped mentor them in the outdoors, whose impact in their life went way beyond the wilderness. That’s the nature of our ministry. Relationships like this are the Christian foundation of true ministry. Making disciples is a process, not an event. Many churches, ministries, youth groups, and missionaries only dream of finding a way to forge relationships at this level. There’s something about being outdoors that opens our hearts to the Lord. Every major character I’ve ever studied in the Bible went into the wilderness to have their closest fellowship with God. The wilderness is a natural avenue for introducing people to their Savior, and helping them grow in Christian maturity. Bob Woolard Cross Trail Outfitters 210-568-7774

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The Business of Freedom. Save. Support. Conserve. Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 15

Club News

Burnet County 4-H Shooting Sports Rifle Team: Youth Program Growing Marble Falls,Texas By Guy Taylor, Team Coach Any organization in existence knows that in order to sustain itself over a long period of time, it must continually seek to increase its membership within the organization and improve its services offered. The Burnet County 4-H Shooting Sports program is only one of many similar programs in Texas, and is working in partnership with the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), 4-H Shooting Sports, and The NRA Foundation to address the problem of retention and recruitment. Participation in the past was usually centered on individuals at the individual club level, but over the last five years things have changed. Guy Taylor, Mark McClennen, and County Extension Agent Wade Hibler, teamed together to create a county level cooperative effort that is centered on providing access and opportunity to a larger group of participants. In order to complete this task they consolidated what little equipment they had at one location and sought training for the few coaches available. They purchased a small utility trailer to allow them to store and control the equipment at one centralized location, and equipment was checked for safe operation. One of the first orders of business was to insure that every participant received training in accordance with 4-H and NRA safety standards. A safety course was developed

The completed firing line is 150 feet long and 15 feet wide allowing for 25 six feet firing points. The target shed was also donated and refurbished.

16 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Team members of the Burnet County 4-H Precision Rifle Team

based upon the established guidelines of both organizations. Diverse age groups of shooters are given a written safety test developed by education specialists upon completion of training. They were allowed to participate if they passed. The same opportunities for training were opened to parents, offering a great child/parent activity. Interest in youth rifle shooting in Burnet County has skyrocketed and has spread to neighboring counties that do not have a rifle program. Currently, there are four coaches that are 4-H certified, two of which is also a NRA certified rifle coach. Two coaches also hold Level I USA Shooting Coach status. The sudden rise in participation created other problems. The club suddenly found it limited in equipment with only five entry-level target rifles and two smaller light rifles for the smaller participants. They also practiced on a borrowed range that is only 60 feet wide and 50 feet long and not designed for small-bore rifles. Instructors found themselves praying that shooters did not arrive for practice at the same time. It was common for shooters to have to wait for a rifle. Lack of activities for young shooters created supervision problems as their young and short attention spans were tested. Having too many participants is a good problem to have; however coaches recognize the possibility of losing potential lifetime shooters. With the intent to encourage further competitive participation, TSRA and The NRA Foundation created grant programs to address equipment shortages for young continued on page 18












The Range Development & Operations Conference is an exciting and informative five-day industry seminar on learning how to build a shooting range. The conference teaches methods for either identifying or avoiding common problems associated with range engineering, administrative controls, environmental issues, and safety. Registration for the conference is $450.00 (non-refundable), which includes all conference materials as well as a copy of the NRA Range Source Book on CD-ROM.

Topics Will Include: • Business Planning • EPA Lead Standards • OSHA Lead Standards • Construction • Sounds Abatement • Range Equipment Costs

• Master Planning • Range Maintenance • Range Safety • Law Enforcement • Insurance • Public Hearings • NRA Programs

2010 SCHEDULE Charlotte, NC

March 20-24

Portland, OR

July 12-16

San Antonio, TX

October 9-13

For more information contact us at 877-672-7264 or Volume 14, Number 4 club connection l




Americana 1800 Adventure Club Breaks Ground Santa Clarita, California By Jay L. Myers, Treasurer

On August 1, 2009, the Americana 1800 Adventure Club conducted a ground breaking ceremony on the new skeet range. This Skeet Range will be built in assistance with a grant from the National Rifle Association. The event had a wonderful turnout. There were over fifty members and family in attendance as well as Vice President Ted Drago, Secretary David Ash, Executive Officer William Fox and Treasurer Jay Myers.

Burnet Rifle Team continued from page 16 participants. The TSRA “Club in a Box” program is intended to help 4-H and other youth organizations at the beginning level. They also provide grants allowing expansion beyond the beginning level and assist with participation in more advanced levels of NRA and Jr. Olympic competitions. Most of this equipment is beyond the financial abilities of families struggling to meet their needs, especially the large number of single parent families in today’s society. The NRA Foundation provided grants directly to small clubs in order to provide necessary equipment and expand participation. Currently 4-H members compete in a number of matches. Burnet County 4-H has competed in the 4-H district and state matches as well as NRA matches and Jr. Olympic matches. Members have also traveled to Camp Perry and visited the stage for awards for winning and placing in national matches. They have had members in the state matches for 4-H, Texas State Championship Matches, Jr Olympics in Colorado Springs and Ft. Benning Georgia, and at the National Matches in Camp Perry. The new equipment and range has allowed them to expand beyond the local 4-H project level but continue with a lifetime year round sport. Now fathers and mothers can shoot alongside their sons and daughters. The range they currently use is located in one of the largest private parks in Texas. The Hidden Falls Adventure Park has over 2,800 acres of nature trails for camping, hiking, hunting, and four-wheel vehicle trails. When someone shoots at the matches at Copperhead Creek they also have the entire park to enjoy. By working together in a spirit of cooperation, the Burnet County 4-H and Hidden Falls Adventure Park have increased participation in shooting sports by youth and adult alike. Through grants from NRA, TSRA and programs like 4-H shooting sports, the future of shooting sports as a recreational and competitive activity can be expanded. Contact Guy Taylor at 512-755-6772 for questions. 18 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Kit Carson Youth Clinic Moffat, Colorado Kit Carson Rod and Gun Club On August 22, 2009 the Kit Carson Rod and Gun Club (KCR&GC) completed a four day Youth Clinic for firearms safety and Olympic style training. This event was made possible by the help of a Saguache County sales tax grant, the Colorado Dept. of Wildlife (CDOW), and volunteer members of the KCR&GC. 13 students from Bonanza, Center, Crestone, Saguache and Moffat, ranging in ages 10 – 17, completed classroom instruction on Colorado State and US Federal firearms laws taught by John Baker, and hunter education taught by CDOW Agent, Jason Surface. Practical Firing Range safety instruction and Olympic style shooting positions were taught by KCR&GC Range Officer Gerald Robertson, a former Olympian, and his son Gerald Robertson Jr. a competition shooter throughout his school years and military service. Coaches at the range for practical training and the competition were volunteers from the KCR&GC and included John Baker and Joel Haldeman from Moffat, and Steve Winn, Andrew Slivka, Chuck Grant and Jim Maxwell from Crestone. The Clinic ended with a barbeque organized by Mary Skoglund, Secretary/Treasurer of the KCR&GC, with the parents who were out supporting the young shooters. Saturday

Congratulations to the clinics top three shooters: Ian Smith of Moffat, Ben Potter and Rebecca Potter of Crestone, and their coach Joel Haldeman

afternoon included a freestyle shooting session for the students and their parents together. All the students worked hard and were particularly conscious of safety with the firearms. This clinic was a very rewarding experience for all of us.

Front Row (L to R): Ian Smith, Kailou Cleary, Ben Potter, Justin Miller, Trevor Storm, Matt Potter, Carlos Valencia; Back Row (L to R): Joel Haldeman, John Baker, Rebecca Potter, Andrew Slivka, Zac Potter, Latisha Valencia, Gerald Robertson, Steve Winn, Bill Folk. Not Shown: Nick Farrell, Pat Farrell, Jordan Farrell

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 19

20 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

ClUB News

NRA Gold Medal Club Awards 68 clubs across the country were recognized with the NRA Gold Medal Club Award for 2009. Gold Medal Clubs receive a wall plaque to display proudly at their club to show off their achievement. Clubs are required to reapply each year in order to maintain Gold Medal status. Every club that reapplies will receive a gold plate with the year of renewal to mount onto their plaque. To receive the NRA Gold Medal Club Award, your club must meet ALL of the following criteria: 1. Become a 100% NRA Membership Club A club becomes a 100% NRA Club when all members of the NRA-affiliated club actively maintain individual NRA membership. By becoming 100% NRA, your club will also become eligible for to receive funds from the NRA Range Grant program. More information can be found at Please submit a list of your members or a copy of your bylaws stating NRA membership is required to be a member of your club. 2. Produce a club newsletter Club newsletters do many things for the members. It helps to keep the members informed of the club’s happenings and it can address information on local and statewide issues. Newsletters help to provide the communication within the club to its members to help them stay in touch in this busy world. The newsletter may be in digital or print format. 3. Belong to the State Association within your own state Your State Association will help to keep your club informed on the latest updates within your state that may affect your Second Amendment rights. Joining the Official NRA State Association enables your club to be informed with up-to-date information about your rights as a gun owner at the state and local levels of government. State Associations also have access to offering grants to local clubs who are members. More information about your State Association can be found at clubs/state.asp 4. Administer or currently incorporate an NRA Youth Program into the club’s agenda Your old gun in the hands of a new shooter is one of the best things to help carry on the shooting sports. Youth Programs are used to teach the responsibilities and the pleasures of shooting and hunting skills. As the nation’s population continues to age, it will be up to clubs to educate and recruit youth to be the next leaders and to help continue to protect the Second Amendment. For more information, visit 5. Be an active participant in the NRA’s Membership Recruiting Program NRA Clubs throughout the country are earning money for their club through this program. Clubs can earn up to $10 for each new membership submitted and $5 for each membership renewal. This is a no cost program, and all supplies are even provided by NRA for free! For more information, contact the NRA Recruiting Department at (800) 672-0004 or email The application deadline is February 15th annually. Applications are available online at or by phone at (800) NRA-CLUB. Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 21

Range Report

Keeping Your Range Open: How the NRA Range Techinal Team Can Help! By Brian Pemberton, NRA Range Technical Team Advisor New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Did everyone at your range get bored shooting at the same old paper targets at 25 and 50 yards so you are now shooting at bowling pins or falling steel plates?. Or did you put some pistol targets at 50 feet on your 100 yard rifle range? Are you shooting any of the action pistol games forward of the firing line on your indoor or outdoor range? Did you change any style of shooting on your range from what the range was designed for? Times change and so do our interests. It is more fun to watch something fall down after shooting it than it is to put a hole in it. Many of us like the action of moving the gun from target to target at a fast pace instead of shooting slowly at a black dot on a piece of paper. This is a common occurrence on shooting ranges across the country. We like to change the game, but we don’t design the range to accommodate the new game. The result quite often is projectiles ending up in unintended areas both on and off of the range. If you changed a course of fire on your range and you are no longer impacting on the backstop you can rest assured that rounds are either escaping the facility or ending up in places on the range where you didn’t expect them to. Adding 50 foot pistol on your 100 or 200 yard rifle range will most likely result in rounds hitting the ground and then skipping off over the back stop. Putting falling steel plates in the middle of your outdoor pistol range will guarantee very little impact on the backstop and nearly all shots being redirected up or down, depending on the design, and hitting the ground or going over the backstop. A steel dueling tree will send the shots up, down, right or left. Rounds will shatter on impact, copper jacketing will detach itself from the lead and splatter will head in several directions. If you have moved the firing line to a location that is up close to the backstop there is a good chance of back splatter or copper jacketing injuring someone on the firing line. If you are up close to the target you may be firing downward

22 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Did your range add something like this that will change the direction of the bullet going down range?

and striking the ground or firing upward and shooting over the back stop. These types of changes result in using your range for what it not designed for. You may want to consider a re-evaluation of your current activities if they are not the original ones you started out with. It may require physical changes to the range and how it is operated. NRA’s Range Technical Team is prepared to assist you with questions or problems you may be encountering on your range at (877) NRA-RANGE (672-7264). If the problem requires an onsite evaluation, you may want to request an NRA training Range Technical Team Advisor visit your facility. You can visit shootingrange/technicalteam.asp and download the request form to begin the process of opening a range case with NRA Range Services. There are some costs and legal requirements involved but many ranges have utilized the program to help get them through some problems. Remember!!!! IT IS SAFETY THAT SAVES OUR SHOOTING RANGES!!!!!!

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Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 23

Range Report

Is Your Range Handicap Accessible? By John Joines, NRA Range Services Specialist Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of our Veterans. When you take a look around your gun club, what do you see? For the most part, you may have a group of old gray haired and balding guys. There are a few young people, but look around, some may be on crutches, walking with a cane, others could even be wheel chair bound! A lot of these men served their country along with ones that lost their lives; others became handicapped for this cause, Freedom! You may say they have every thing they need, but in fact do they? “They never complain”, you say, but in fact every time one of these individuals asks the club for help you probably tell them to go to the range down the road that has those amenities. Don’t bother us, we’re too busy, we don’t have any money, we can’t. If you have this type of attitude, you never will either. But guess who suffers, in silence with their battle scars, because they don’t want to be a burden to the club and they shouldn’t be, because the club should pick up the reigns and accommodate these individuals without being asked. Have you looked at your ranges, access to your club house, and even your bathrooms? Of all places, a gun club should be the one place where these individuals are accommodated and feel at home. Your club should demand that these men be treated as equals and that you will work toward making their lives a better place, at least at your club. 28 CFR Part 36, revised July 1, 1994 is the handicap code. By law, you have to provide reasonable accommodation at the firing line, provide parking spaces with easy access to the club house, the range, and reasonable accommodation to the targets. What will this cost you? Did you ask these Veterans what sacrifices they made so you would be able to have a shooting range, and the right to own a firearm? Maybe, just maybe, I have stirred your heart strings enough to bring you to your senses. You may ask, “What can we do?” Well, the first thing I would do is to get all of these members to a meeting with the board of directors, and listen to what they have to say. You might be amazed at how little it would take to make your range more handicap friendly. Some continued on page 26

24 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Lawmakers and Firearms Industry Celebrate Dedication of Clark County Shooting Park Dobson, North Carolina

Las Vegas, NEVADA. – United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senator John Ensign (R-NV), Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV), Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons (R), Clark County Commission Chairman Rory Reid and Commissioner Tom Collins joined with senior executives from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) – the trade association for the firearms industry – in dedicating to Clark County (NV) 178 acres of the Clark Country Shooting Park (CCSP) as a public module. Set to open later this year, the CCSP public module includes: Shotgun Center: This feature contains 24 combination Trap and Skeet fields, a 5,443 – square-foot shotgun center with a reception area, a pro shop, shotgun storage lockers and a cafeteria. It also features 80 full-service RV sites, a clay target storage building, lit ranges and shade ramadas. Public Rifle/Pistol Center: The Public Rifle/Pistol Center offers 30 shooting points up to 50 yards; 15 shooting points up to 200 yards; 15 points up to 100 yards, night lights, shade ramadas, concrete shooting tables, covered shooting areas, a 3,000 – square-foot building with a convenience store, a reception area, a 30 – seat classroom, restrooms and a pro shop. Hunter Education Center: This 4,400 square foot building contains three 30-seat classrooms expandable up to one 90-seat classroom, two offices for Nevada Department of Wildlife use, and restrooms. It also features night lighting, a 100-meter archery range with 10 positions, a 100-yard range with 10 positions and a 50-yard range with 20 positions. It will also contain a shotgun range and two walking field courses. Archery Center: The Archery Center houses a knowndistance archery range, covered firing points, classroom area, restrooms, and shade ramadas. “As the largest shooting park in the world, this state-ofthe-art facility represents Nevada’s pride in gun ownership and shooting sports,” Senator Reid said. “In addition to providing a safe place for Nevadans to hone their shooting skills, the park will provide important firearms training and gun safety programs. I am glad to have been a part of securing land and

funding for this project and I thank everyone involved with the project for making it a reality.” The CCSP is a member of NSSF’s Association of Shooting Ranges (NASR), the National Rifle Association (club member) and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. The NASR is the leader in shooting range management and operations and has established a “five star” program, which sets standards for recreational shooting ranges. The CCSP has been designed to meet and exceed this “five star” rating. “We congratulate the people of Nevada on establishing a premiere shooting facility where all law-abiding Nevadans, and visitors to the Silver State, will have an opportunity to engage in firearms training and the shooting sports,” said NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane. “We as an industry are thankful to the many legislators at the federal, state and local levels of government who have played a role in helping to develop the CCSP. In particular, we would like to thank Sen. Reid for his outstanding leadership in this regard.” The general manager for the CCSP is Don Turner, who has been an officer of the NASR and has previously served as Chief Rangemaster for the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (Arizona) and the statewide project leader for shooting ranges in Arizona. “In 2002, Sen. Reid and Sen. Ensign, Rep. Gibbons (now Governor), and Rep. Berkley submitted a bill to transfer 2,900 acres of land to Clark County specifically for this shooting park,” Turner said. “All of the shooters in Nevada appreciate their help, the great support from the Clark County Board of County Commissioners and our very dedicated 30 – member Citizen Advisory Committee for allowing this facility to be realized. There can be no doubt that the CCSP is a community project with tremendous backing from the public.”

Media Contact: Ted Novin 203-426-1320 (o) 202-253-1860 (c)

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 25

business news

Gould & Goodrich Unveils Advanced New Duty Holster - Model 391 Lillington, NC - For 25 years Gould & Goodrich has worked with law enforcement agencies around the world. These agencies have provided a forum for extensive market research. This research data has driven Gould & Goodrich to design a duty holster that meets the needs of law enforcement professionals as they face the rigorous demands of their jobs. The model 391 holster offers a fast, smooth draw and a revolutionary, patented retention system. This advanced system gives you the option to deploy the strap release lever and change your holster’s status from Triple Retention to Double Retention. You can also simply press the thumb slide for a synthesized release of the strap and internal retention device. When you holster your weapon, you get instant audible retention with a single motion. The model 391 is constructed of high grade, durable Black Kydex and solid stainless steel for maximum durability. The holster’s outer shell resists scuffing under the stress of normal activities. A sueded liner protects your gun’s finish. The holster offers a rear sight pocket and front sight channel. Multiple finishes are available in right- or left-hand versions. Gould & Goodrich products are available nationwide through law enforcement distributors and your favorite gun shops, as well as through online and catalog retailers. For more information on new sizes or to request a free catalog of our leather, nylon and synthetic gear, CALL 910.893.2071 or 800.277.0732. FAX 910.893.4742. E-MAIL WEB

Range Accessible continued from page 24 of these Veterans are in the autumn of their lives; some are just beginning, they have served this country well! The one thing they get the most enjoyment out of, going to the range, pulling a few triggers, and seeing their friends. It is your community, it is their community, and you might, just might get to know some of the greatest men alive. They have seen the elephant and lived to tell the tale. For information about obtaining grant funding to assist with these facility improvements, visit our website at www. range/grants.asp or call us at (877) NRA RANGE (672-7264).

26 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 27

NRA-affiliated state associations Alabama State Rifle & Pistol Association • •

Mr. James Moses, President 2009 Rodgers Drive, NE Huntsville, AL 35811 256-534-7968 home Mr. Ramon J. Samaniego, Jr. Secretary/Treasurer 2505 Isabelle Circle, NE Huntsville, AL 35811 256-534-2644

Alaska Outdoor Council, Inc. • Dick Bishop, President P.O. Box 73902 Fairbanks, AK 99707 907-455-6151 office • Rod Arno, Secretary/Treasurer P.O. Box 87-1069 Wasilla, AK 99687

Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association • Mr. Landis Aden, President P.O. Box 40962 Mesa, AZ 85274-0962 602-524-4437 office 480-854-8823 fax • Mr. Noble C. Hathaway, Vice President P.O. Box 40962 Mesa, AZ 85274-0962 623-687-4251 office

Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

Colorado State Shooting Association

• Mr. Tony Fabian, President 510 Wilcox Street, Suite C Castle Rock, CO 80104 303-663-9339 office 303-713-0785 fax • Mr. David Gill 510 Wilcox Street, Suite C Castle Rock, CO 80104 303-663-9339 office 303-713-0785 fax

• Mr. Randy Bieler P.O. Box 754 North Haven, CT 06473 203-272-1725 203-239-2106 fax

Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

Illinois State Rifle Association, Inc.

Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association

• Mr. John J. Thompson, President 113 North Road Wilmington, DE 19809 302-764-6899 302-658-3031 fax • Mr. Daniel Lindberg 2010 Kynwyd Road Wilmington, DE 19810 302-475-4228

Florida Sport Shooting Association, Inc.

• •

California Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

Georgia Sport Shooting Association

28 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Idaho State Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. Neill Goodfellow, President 8156 North Penn Avenue Fruitland, ID 83619 208-452-4183 home • Mr. Jon Carter, Secretary 1065 River Heights Drive Meridian, ID 83642 208-888-2829 phone/fax

• Mr. Al Alberius, President 15424 Hartford Street Little Rock, AR 72223 501-217-0217 • Mr. Fred Buzen, Vice President 4275 Hwy 51 South Arkadelphia, AR 71923 870-246-2029

• Mr. Thomas O. Thomas, President 271 East Imperial Highway, Suite 620 Fullerton, CA 92835 714-992-2772 office • Mr. John C. Fields, Executive Director 271 East Imperial Highway, Suite 620 Fullerton, CA 92835 714-992-2772

Hawaii Rifle Association

• Mr. Harvey F. Gerwig, President 1039 Kupua Street Kailua, HI 96734 808-306-7194 • Bill Richter, Secretary P.O. Box 543 Kailua, HI 96734 808-261-2754 Info Line

Mr. Thomas Brusherd, President 5921 Blackthorn Rd Jacksonville, FL 32244 Mr. Michael D. Langfield, Secretary 5921 Blackthorn Road Jacksonville, FL 32244 407-701-1030 home 407-273-9356 fax

• Dr. Paul Broun, President #450 2300 Bethelview Road Suite 110 Cumming, GA 30040-9475 706-227-0510 home • Mr. Scott Bosso, Secretary/Treasurer #450 2300 Bethelview Road Suite 110 Cumming, GA 30040-9475 706-227-0510

• Mr. Don A. Moran, President P.O. Box 637 Chatsworth, IL 60921 815-635-3198 office 815-635-3723 fax • Mr. Richard Pearson, Executive Director P.O. Box 637 Chatsworth, IL 60921 815-635-3198 office 815-635-3723 fax

Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

• Mr. Jerry Wehner, Executive VP 7527 State Route 56 Rising Sun, IN 47040 812-534-3258 home • Mr. William H. Jordan, President 755 W. 300 N. Greenfield, IN 46140 317-462-3270

Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. John Klopfenstein, President 606 S. Harrison Pl Mt Pleasant, IA 52641 • Mr. Bill Besgrove, Secretary 240 Prospect Road North Liberty, IA 52317-9660 319-626-2710

Kansas State Rifle Association • Ms. Patricia Stoneking, President P.O. Box 117 Bonner Springs, KS 66012 913-667-3044 • Ms. Linda McCune, Executive Officer P.O. Box 1119 Wichita, KS 67201 316-264-2727

League of Kentucky Sportsmen, Inc. • Mr. Rick Allen, President P.O. Box 8527 Lexington, KY 40533 859-276-3518 home • Mr. Robert Fraley, NRA Liaison 1620 Old Beechwood Road Owenton, KY 40359 502-750-7565 cell

Louisiana Shooting Association • Mr. Daniel Zelnka II, President 11 Carolina Ct. Covington, LA 70433 504-565-3727 direct 504-588-9750 fax • Mr. Danny Hudson, Secretary 603 S. Texas St. DeRidder, LA 70634 337-396-9650 direct

(Maine) Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. • •

Mr. Ronald Vaillancourt, President 307 Riverside Dr. Augusta, ME 04330 207-622-7989 Angus N. Norcross, Treasurer 14 Pine Road Wiscasset, ME 04578 207-882-4713

Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association • Mr. Richard Kussman, Chairman 832 Bear Cabin Drive Forest Hill, MD 21050-2734 410-838-1734 home • Ms. Margaret Clark, Vice President 14 Brewer Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401 410-268-5000

(Massachusetts) Gun Owners’ Action League – G.O.A.L.

• Mr. John Durkin, Jr., President P.O. Box 567, 37 Pierce Street Northboro, MA 01532 508-393-5333 office • Mr. James Wallace, Executive Director P.O. Box 567, 37 Pierce Street Northboro, MA 01532 508-393-5333 office 508-393-5222 fax

Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. Leo Cebula, President P.O. Box 530637 Livonia, MI 48153-0637 269-781-1223 • Mr. Mike Wesner, Secretary/Treasurer P.O. Box 530637 Livonia, MI 48153-0637 888-655-6772 office 269-781-1223

Minnesota Rifle & Revolver Association, Inc.

• Morgen Dietrich, Secretary 14500 45th St, NE Foley, MN 56329 320-522-1934 • Mr. George Minerich, President 14500 45th St NE Foley, MN 56329 320-968-6898 home

Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association

• Mr. Douglas Bowser, President P.O. Box 1061 McComb, MS 39649 601-249-3315 • Mr. Samuel Richardson, Secretary P.O. Box 2486 Madison, MS 39130-2486 601-898-9832

Missouri Sport Shooting Association

• Mr. Kevin Jamison, President 6140 N. Wagontrail Road Columbia, MO 65202 816-455-2669 816-413-0696 fax • Lee Koester, Secretary Po Box 10170 Columbia, MO 65205

Montana Rifle & Pistol Association • Mr. Matt Egloff, President P.O. Box 4394 Butte, MT 59702 406-782-5704 • Ms. Zona Mowrer, Secretary/Membership P.O. Box 48 Ramsay, MT 59748 406-782-3450

Nebraska Shooting Sports Association • Mr. Ronald L. Grapes, President P.O. Box 1585, 3407-19th Ave. Kearney, NE 68848 308-237-7902 home • Mr. Terry Copple, Secretary 10285 North Aspen Avenue Hastings, NE 68901 402-744-2049 home

Nevada State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. • •

Mr. Robert E. Smith, President P.O. Box 7512 Reno, NV 89501-7512 775-762-1494 office 775-355-8088 fax Mr. Mark Geldmacher, Secretary/ Treasurer 8220 Mount Logan Ct. Las Vegas, NV 89131 775-762-1494 office 775-355-8088 fax

Gun Owners of New Hampshire, Inc. • Mr. Mitch Kopacz, President P.O. Box 847 Concord, NH 03302-0487 603-225-4664 • Mr. Ralph Demicco, Vice President P.O. Box 847 Concord, NH 03302-0847

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. • Mr. Scott L. Bach, President P.O. Box 651 Newfoundland, NJ 07435 973-697-9270 • Ms. Judith Iorio, Recording Secretary P.O. Box 1397 Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 29

NRA-affiliated state associations New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

• Mr. Roger Buelow, President P.O. Box 30850 Albuquerque, NM 87190 505-345-3646 • Mr. Ken Laintz, Secretary P.O. Box 753 Los Alamos, NM 87544 505-667-0034

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

Oklahoma Rifle Association • Mr. G. Don Scott, President Rt. 2, Box 23 Maysville, OK 73057 405-867-5234 home • Mr. Charles Smith, Executive Director P.O. Box 850602 Yukon, OK 73085-0602 405-324-2450 office/fax

Oregon State Shooting Association

• •

Mr. Tom Raines, President P.O. Box 3 Dell Rapids, SD 57022 Mr. Greg Iversen, Secretary 21421 Richard Road Sturgis, SD 57885 605-428-5488 605-428-5502 fax

Tennessee Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

• Mr. Thomas H. King, President P.O. Box 1023 Troy, NY 12181-1023 518-424-1349 518-449-1332 fax • Mr. Joseph DeBergalis, VP of Operations P.O. Box 1023 Troy, NY 12181 518-389-8322

• •

North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. Jack Lee, President 100 Wycliff Way Butler, PA 16001 724-865-2597 phone/fax • Mr. James G. Johnson, Secretary 405 Hilltop Road Paoli, PA 19301 610-647-2374

• •

North Dakota Shooting Sports Association

Rhode Island State Rifle & Revolver Association

Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association

• •

Mr. David McFarling, President P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 919-929-9585 home Mr. David Prest, Secretary P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 910-639-4742 office

• Mr. Eric Pueppke, President PO Box 228 Bismarck, ND 58502 701-967-8450 • Mr. James Ladwig, Vice President 1102 Main Ave. Fargo, ND 58103 701-232-9440

Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mrs. Gwendolyn Bailey, President 175 W. Main St. New London, OH 44851 419-929-0307 • Mr. Keith V. Bailey, Secretary 175 W. Main St. New London, OH 44851 419-929-0307

30 l club connection l Volume 14, Number 4

Mr. Tim Pitzer, President 2815 South Shore Drive SE Albany, OR 97322 541-928-2460 home 541-981-2064 fax Mr. Stan Pate, Vice President 503-652-9931

South Dakota Shooting Sports Association

Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association

• •

Mr. Paul Boiani, President P.O. Box 41148 Providence, RI 02940 401-233-0771 office Mr. Donn C. DiBiasio, Secretary P.O. Box 17452 Smithfield, RI 02917 401-233-0771 office

Gun Owners of South Carolina • Mr. Gerald Stoudemire, President P.O. Box 211 Little Mountain, SC 29075 803-945-7677 home • Ms. Peggy Bodner 1080 Pinecrest Dr Rock Hill, SC 29732 803-329-8668

• Mr. Ray W. Harvey, Jr., President 6653 Jocelyn Hollow Road Nashville, TN 37205 615-352-3954 • Mr. Ralph Walker, Secretary 1436 Right Prong Blue Buck Road Duck River, TN 38454 615-662-9116

Texas State Rifle Association

Dan Walker, President 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200 Mr. Charles Cotton, Executive Director 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200

• Mr. Elwood P. Powell, President 4834 Van Buren Avenue Ogden, UT 84403 801-449-9763 office 801-476-8274 fax • Mr. Willis K. Smith, Secretary 1349 West 2600 North Clinton, UT 84015 801-589-5825 home

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc.

• Mr. Clint Gray, President PO Box 225 Lyndonville, VT 05851 802-467-8445 • Mr. Evan Hughes 16 Milestone Blvd. Barre, VT 05641 802-272-8544

Virginia Shooting Sports Association

Mr. Lucien Charette, Executive Director P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 540-672-5848 office Ms. Andrea T. Smith, Secretary/Treasurer P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 540-672-5848 office/fax

Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.

• •

Mr. Ken Littlefield, President Mr. Duane Hatch, Secretary PO Box 382 DuPont, WA 98327 253-853-7533

West Virginia State Rifle & Pistol Association

• Mr. Barry Hogue, President 1220 Philippi Pike Clarksburg, WV 26301 304-624-5363 • Mr. Richard C. Whiting, Secretary Rt. 1, Box 272-2 Buckhannon, WV 26201 304-623-6093


• Mr. Jeff Nass, President N615 Silver Lane Pulaski, WI 54162-8320 920-687-0505 • Gary Nichols, Secretary W271N7055 Hansen Dr Sussex, WI 53089 262-246-3317

Wyoming State Shooting Association, Inc.

• Mr. Mark Spungin, President P.O. Box 94 Guernsey, WY 82214 307-836-2188 home • Mrs. Beverly Spungin, Vice President P.O. Box 94 Guernsey, WY 82214 307-836-2188 home • Mr. Roger Sebesta, Secretary/Treasurer 625 Sweetwater Street Lander, WY 82520 307-335-9323

NRA Field Representative Directory EASTERN REGION

•Eastern Regional Director Brian Hyder Area 1 (ME, NH,VT, N. NY) Michael Langton Area 2 (NY) Jay Rusnock Area 3 (CT, MA, RI, Lower NY) Eric Bieler Area 4 (DE, Eastern PA) Kory Enck Area 5 (Western PA) Thomas Baldrige Area 6 (MD, NJ) Brian Swartz Area 7 (DC, Western VA, WV) Jim Kilgore Area 8 (Eastern NC) David Wells Area 42 (Western NC) Robert Doug Merrill Area 45 (Eastern VA) Bob Hipple

276-579-9828 603-938-2860 845-298-7233 860-426-1478 717-689-3200 724-861-0447 973-343-2104 304-255-2916 252-456-2097 828-628-0410 540-631-0633


•Central Regional Director Philip Gray Area 12 (Southern OH) Brian Hoover Area 14 (IN) John Crone Area 15 (KY) Larry Summarell, Jr. Area 17 (WI) Scott Taetsch Area 18 (Northern IL) Michael F. Huber Area 19 (MO) Gregg Pearre Area 43 (TN) Mike Webb Area 49 (Northern OH) Lloyd Edwards Area 51 (Southern MI) Allan Herman Area 52 (Southern IL) Wayne Steele

740-773-4119 740-297-4255 317-946-7260 270-586-5031 715-873-3360 815-652-0033 573-761-5466 901-382-4789 419-646-3669 989-686-3013 217-233-6784


•Southern Regional Director Al Hammond Area 9 (SC) Dale Carwile Area 10 (GA) Mike Cockerham Area 11 (Northern FL) Howell Lancaster Area 16 (LA, Southern MS) Dick Kingsafer Area 22 (AL) Craig Pace Area 25 (Northern TX) Tommy Easterling Area 26 (Southern TX) Gayle Carter-Cook Area 39 (AR, Northern MS) Mike Nevins Area 47 (Western TX) Jack Cannon Area 48 (Southern Florida) Jonathan Blum

386-462-5421 864-223-9900 478-472-4640 904-388-9782 601-794-0068 334-821-3200 903-677-6803 361-972-2166 479-754-0282 325-617-4460 305-447-3989


•Mid West Regional Director Tom Ulik Area 20 (OK) Darren DeLong Area 21 (MN) Scott Lembke Area 23 (IA, NE) Tim Bacon Area 24 (KS) Rick Chrisman Area 27 (NM) Peter Ide Area 28 (MT) Joseph Crismore Area 29 (WY) David Manzer Area 30 (CO) Marc Steinke Area 41 (ND, SD) Clay Pederson

509-895-9407 405-692-8672 218-844-2000 515-576-1285 913-294-9956 505-281-6721 406-293-2498 307-746-2520 719-322-4072 701-522-9622

WESTERN REGION •Western Regional Director J.P. Nelson Area 31 (AZ) Donna Cassity Area 32 (S. ID, Eastern NV, UT) Kim Rappleye Area 33 (Northern ID, Eastern WA) Vacant Area 34 (HI, OR) Mike Carey Area 35 (Northern CA) Daniel Wilhelm Area 36 (Southern CA, S. NV) Lissa Davis Area 37 (Central CA) Jason Quick Area 38 (AK) Bradley J. Kruger Area 40 (Western WA) Jim Williams Area 46 (E.CA, W. NV) Steve Wilson

480-357-4057 520-316-0620 435-213-3274 Vacant 541-385-9404 707-994-5877 714-832-1355 805-239-4246 907-235-9059 253-904-8941 209-847-4826

Volume 14, Number 4 l club connection l 31

Club Connection National Rifle Association 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030


anapolis, IN Indi

FL Orlando,

Please register at


.2 M 9 5.10

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