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On Cover: Shooters participating in a ‘Moving Target” event. “The impetus for development of these systems has always been, and continues to be, the need for effective training systems that will adequetly prepare combats for the inevitable confrontations they will encounter in a war zone, whether that zone be in an actual armed confluct between nations or in an urban setting pitting cops against criminals.” (pg. 21) Stay on Point With This Years Programs

For further reading about “Moving Targets,” turn to page 21

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President’s Column

By David A. Keene, NRA President

Gun-Hating Politicians Are Out Of Order Gun-hating politicians are willing to ignore the law, the Supreme Court and due process to harass those of us who believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Early one morning last month my phone began ringing. I stumbled out of bed, glanced at the clock and wondered who would be calling me before dawn. It was a friend who said a mutual acquaintance had been arrested, handcuffed and hauled off to the slammer on a felony firearm possession charge as he was checking in for a flight at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, and he needed a lawyer fast. He used his one call to telephone his wife who told my friend to contact me. Surely the president of the NRA could help. It was hard enough just to get me up at that time of the morning, but I was able to get an attorney familiar with New York’s crazy gun laws to go down and get our friend released from jail, pending disposition of the charges against him. The attorney and his new client met with me the next day. The good news, said the lawyer, is that our friend won’t have to spend the next 15 years at Attica because the case won’t go to trial. He was sure he could cut a deal with the Queens County prosecutors if our friend would plead guilty to “disorderly conduct,” pay a stiff fine, court costs and acquiesce in the seizure of his handgun. Our friend protested that he hadn’t

done anything wrong. His handgun was in a locked case as required, he declared it as he was checking his luggage, and the cops apologized as they were handcuffing him. The airlines and the TSA personnel at the scene found no fault with what he was doing, yet he found himself in a holding cell in Queens facing felony charges. This happens. A particularly outrageous arrest took place last year at

him and dragged him off for bringing a firearm into the Windy City. This is more than just troubling. The Firearms Owners’ Protection Act is supposed to prevent this sort of arrest, but unfortunately recent court decisions in NRA-supported cases have made this right of free travel extremely difficult to enforce. An anti-gun jurisdiction ruled by someone like New York’s Michael Bloomberg can have a legal firearm owner

“Defending the Constitution requires more than lobbying legislators or winning arguments in court. We need to stand up to and replace politicians -- federal, state and local”

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. A competitive shooter flying home on Delta Airlines via Chicago was stranded at O’Hare when a storm forced the airline to cancel his flight. Passengers were told to collect their luggage at baggage claim and then were taken by bus to a hotel where the airline had thoughtfully booked rooms while they waited for the next morning’s flight out. When the competitor checked in the next morning and dutifully declared his firearm, Chicago’s finest handcuffed

transiting his fiefdom arrested and force him to raise his right to transit as a defense at trial. These arrests are made with the full knowledge that taking them to trial will probably result in non-criminal plea deals or dismissals, but they are made anyway to harass innocent travelers, burnish the mayors’ anti-gun credentials, and make money for their cities and their lawyers. I asked the attorney the NRA had rounded up to defend our friend in New York if many people last year had run Volume 17, Number 1 club connection l 3

into similar problems at LaGuardia. He said that in the last five years there had been something on the order of several hundred arrests at local New York airports; none of the cases he handled went to trial as all had been resolved by motions or pled down to non-criminal charges like, you guessed it, “disorderly conduct.” In the twisted mind of New York City’s mayor and his political cronies (like Queens County D.A. Richard Brown) anyone who believes in the Second Amendment is apparently guilty of “disorderly conduct” for siding with the Founders, the Congress and the Supreme Court rather than with them. As a result, hundreds of people have been

forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines and court costs, surrender hundreds of valuable firearms and hire expensive lawyers to spring them. I’d like to have someone explain how that makes New York any different from a 1950s speed trap or how Michael Bloomberg and his like-minded bedfellows are any different from rural sheriffs more interested in fines than justice. All of this happens in spite of the legislative victories we’ve won because liberal, gun-hating politicians are willing to ignore the law, the Supreme Court and due process to harass those of us who believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms or who engage in the shooting sports.

Defending the Constitution requires more than lobbying legislators or winning arguments in court. We need to stand up to and replace politicians— federal, state and local—who are willing to ignore our constitutional rights and who misuse their power and authority to make us suffer for our beliefs and faith in the traditions and values that have made this country great. We can do that this November— and we must!

NRA Clubs Workshop: Expand your club April 15, 2012 | 9:00am

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with other club leaders and Second Amendment supporters! Join us for tips on how to increase and develop your club membership, retain existing members, generating additional revenue for your club by becoming 100% NRA, becoming an NRA Recruiter, marketing and promoting your club, and much more! State Association networking session to follow workshop. Contact us at (800) 672-2582 or Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel | Landmark Ballroom 1/2/3 | 800 Washington Avenue | St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Pre-register at

4 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

Meet us in St. Louis S

t. Louis – home of the World Series champions, Judy Garland’s screen classic Meet Me in St. Louis, riverboats, westward expansion, the infamous arch, and in 2012, the NRA Annual Meetings. Approximately 70,000 people will convene in St. Louis this April for a true celebration of American values. As they gather to rally around the cause of freedom, they will have the opportunity to view the latest products from the gun industry, hear from today’s most prevalent voices on second amendment rights, and take part in some outstanding fundraising events to show their support. Friends of NRA and The NRA Foundation invite you to “meet us in St. Louis!” The NRA Foundation has the privilege of kick-starting the weekend with a spotlight on the future of the shooting sports at the National NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction. This annual attendee favorite will feature elite firearms custom-designed by some of the best names in the industry, world-class hunting excursions, and hard-to-find gear. The evening will begin with games and raffles, offering chances to win firearms starting at just $20. Once the doors open, attendees will have the opportunity to bid on some of the exclusive items in our silent auction before sitting down to enjoy dinner and the much-anticipated live auction. As with all NRA Foundation and Friends of NRA events, this night is not just about fun and firearms; it’s about fundraising. Since the NRA Foundation’s inception, over $164 million dollars have been granted in support to eligible programs and projects across the country. More than 70% of that amount grants youth-based programs like Boy Scouts of America, Junior ROTC, and varsity trap and skeet teams the equipment necessary to prolong the traditions of our industry. Additional funds support range improvements that make clubs like yours a success. At the NRA Foundation, when we see dollar signs, we see impacted lives – more than 20 million of them. Will you consider joining us for an evening of fun, firearms, and fundraising on Thursday, April 12th? Tickets for this event are available online and by phone now, and they are selling out fast. Make plans to celebrate American values in St. Louis in April, and buy your ticket today to an evening you won’t soon forget.

A few highlights: • Osceola Turkey Hunt in Florida with Quality Guides • Hawaiian Adventure Hunt and Lodging for Four • Friends of NRA 20th Anniversary Commemorative Colt 1911, 1 of 1 • Winchester Custom Tribute Model 70, 1 of 1 • Select 30-06 M1 Garand Military from Civilian Marksmanship Program • Unique Whale Harpoon and Baleen Collection with Alaskan Sightseeing Cruise

anquet & ndation B

RA Fou

N National


r ica’s Cente r e m A , e nes Dom Edward Jo uri Misso St. Louis, 012 April 12, 2 Thursday, pm 0 n at 5:0 Doors ope gin at $75 Tickets be

.org or m a a r n . w w ilable at w a v a s t 17 e k c Ti 3)267-14 0 7 ( g n i l cal


Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 5

ST. LOUIS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The 2012 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits will be an exciting weekend as thousands of NRA members come together April 12 - 15 in St. Louis, MO. You can contribute to the success of our meeting by participating as an Annual Meeting Volunteer. If you can spare time from an hour to a full shift or even more while attending the St. Louis Annual Meeting, you can assist the NRA staff in making this year’s Annual Meeting our best yet. Participating in the Annual Meeting as a volunteer is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable activities you will ever experience as an NRA member. Volunteers are needed in a wide variety of activities including the NRA Store, Membership Services, the Airgun Range, Firearms Inspectors and many other venues. The NRA store requires lots of manpower; especially those volunteers who have cashier experience. Membership services is a busy place as many members renew or upgrade their memberships and this year we will need more volunteers than ever before. NRA-certified instructors are needed to assist young people at the air gun range. There are many other jobs and we can find one that will use your talent and you will enjoy.

To volunteer or for more information, visit NRA’s website at or contact Missouri Field Representative, Gregg Pearre at or Gayle Carter Cook, volunteer coordinator, or call 208 274-2670.

See you in St. Louis! 6 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

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Business Alliance

The Business of Freedom. Save. Support. Conserve. Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 7

NRA Recruiting

NRA Affiliated Club Is

The Top Club Recruiter For 10th Straight Year!

Year after year, you can count on Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club to set the pace in our Club Recruiter rankings. 2011 was no exception. They finished as the number one NRA Club Recruiter for the tenth straight year! Last year the club recruited 878 members, a 4% increase over 2010. According to club secretary Alan Woodside, they are just doing their part. “If you’re a gun owner than you should be a member, it’s as simple as that.” The club uses many different methods to recruit. NRA members receive a substantial discount on club dues making NRA membership an easy sell for those joining the club. They have a web link on their home page, membership information in their newsletters and on the spot sign-ups at various club functions. NRA membership is also encouraged at their range and in their concealed carry courses. For their efforts, the club amassed over $5,000 in 2011 to put back into their treasuries through the NRA Recruiting program. A great way to strengthen the club and NRA at the same time! Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club and NRA Recruiting is truly a win-win! Are you looking for a productive way to raise funds for your club or association? The NRA Recruiting program provides your club with a year round opportunity to raise money while strengthening the NRA. For more information on how to join the NRA Recruiting Program call us at (800) 672-0004 (option 2), email us at or visit us on the web at recruiter Are you already a part of the NRA Recruiting Program? We’d like to hear from you too. Please email your suggestions to and tell us how we can help you recruit more members.

8 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 9


Marksmanship Qualification Prog

By Sheri Judd, Co-Op Program Coordinator NRA Youth Programs

We would like to welcome you to the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program—an informal, year round activity that provides incentive awards for the developing and improving of marksmanship skills for everyone! The program is self-paced with highly attainable awards for every level of shooter. The most prestigious level is the Distinguished Expert which with hard work and dedication you can achieve this nationally recognized award. The NRA would like to congratulate the following shooters as the newest Distinguished Experts. Congratulations to all the new Distinguished, Double Distinguished and Triple Distinguished Experts! We would also like to extend good shooting to our Distinguished Expert earning his 4th Distinguished Expert rating – Chris Loyer from Colorado! Good Shooting! To learn more about the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program email or visit

l o t s i P

ert d Exp e h s i u g Distin ert ouble D ed Exp h – s i R u g O n , i ert ist an ed Exp angem – Double D h B s i . u A g Bruce Distin i, CA TN Savion A – Double d l a n aynes, Ro ip, C llip H h i s h n P , i en PA April W Rivas, CA ll Tost o AL d n a R e F. ie, Jr., g v A r a o C e D , l G n GA ear Clayto rtoszewicz, ry L. P a k c a a Z .B A , NC Paul J iller, P archer A L P , d s n s Lee M o u a Raym , CO R. Kn . Mack C Jeffrey B N , d y d o n Fl , CO C olla ancini ers, N Joel H w M o l k F n en, CO Fra m E. C n Putt a N V , Willia y d l a a d Don E. Dil e, FL schett James s, ID a k C c i l r e T d Jo en ross, C t, WA C t Carl H o n i r r v a r CO Ma W. P N llivan, M u , S Jeffrey d n a , CA Glen M. Re NJ kousis o l o Ethan , K e CA Gary H. Ric z, PA rboza, a B a ., MI r e Ernest l ejand ger, Jr onza l n G i A n o i n Arcad on Ne O Glenn ark, C t S MT n a H l Al ,O Tracy, o n r a e s c u n S hl, VA Pa uanda Cathy ro, OH Q e y c r n r a a L as P CA Thom naga, a Y . J Linda l l 10 10 l club club connection connection l Volume Volume 17, 17, Number Number 1 1

K B Sa Jam Elen Jeffre Willia Peter M Louis E John Ma Nicho las


gram-Distinguished Experts



Chris L oyer, C O Eric Ho skins, W – 4th Disting uished V – Trip Expert le Distin Cather guished ine Dav Expert is, CO David Lane, T X Mark S hackelf o r d , TX Doug M iller, CO David Faingold , CO latest earned their Allegheny d Jeff Knauss , the an r ub ze cl r el ei M th ia N at Jerry Melzer, Expert medals shooting ed Distinguish Club. County Rifle

Jeffrey K Blanc nauss, PA – o L. W Triple illiam D Virgin s , ia NC – istinguishe d Exp Doub Gerar Melzer, PA ert le Dis d Mel – Dou t i z n e b g r Chris l , u e P i D s A h isting – Dou top uished ed Expert ble D Lee M her Custer, Exper isting AK – iller, P uished t Doub A–D Kurt Z E x l pert e o uble D Distin urvale gu c, ist Bruce Bange MI – 3rd D inguished E ished Expe rt m x i stingu pert an abrina ished Krafft , OR E xpert , MI mes E pling, W V na Ou tlaw, V A ey Kn auss, P A am R . Pfun d, PA Mund y, CA Essma n, AL artin, AL Stauro vsky, CT

e l f i R

Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 11

12 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 13

By Amber Niblock Shorter, Event Services Coordinator - NRA Event Services Department

14 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

“Well, when Jessie wasn’t jet-setting all over the world winning shooting competitions, we were on the road shaking things up for Season 2 of Friends of NRA TV,” Matt said. “We got to do a lot more this season. We traveled to even more locations, met even more really amazing Friends of NRA, and had a whole lot more fun.” He wasn’t exaggerating when he said “more” either. This season, Matt and Jessie racked up some serious miles, journeying to places like Tennessee for some Tactical testing, Wyoming for a Weatherby family reunion, Pennsylvania for a pit stop at the NRA Annual Meetings, and much more. Season 2, Matt and Jessie traveled to Las Vegas, NV for the NRA Country Concert and Charity Clay Shoot where they spent time shooting the breeze, and skeet, with country music celebrities like Craig Morgan. “In Season 2, you get to witness the making of diva,” laughed Jessie, referring to Matt. “He just loved getting his picture taken at NRA Country and meeting all those country stars. He’s just one step away from sinking his hands into a block of cement to make it official.” In their visit to New York and New Jersey, the two experienced one of their all-time highpoints in filming when they met with the Friends of NRA committee that hosted their banquet just days after the tragedies of September 11th occurred in 2001. “But being able to talk to the volunteers who hosted their event right after 9-11 and hearing all of their moving stories about patriotism and pride for not only the country but the Friends of NRA program too, really hit home with me,” said Matt. “It was without a doubt a high point for both Jessie and me.” As far as low points go— it’s a split decision. “There haven’t really been any low points for me in filming Friends of NRA so far,” Matt said. “Unless you count getting the truck stuck in the mud for the second season in a row,” laughed Jessie. “One of the only low points I can really think of right now was not getting to make it out for the Hawaii episode.” “Don’t worry though, I was texting Jessie the entire time to give her the play by play of what she was missing,” Matt said. “I never wanted to leave, but I do wish Jessie would have been there to see everything and meet everyone. The Hawaii Friends of NRA were so welcoming. They really rolled

Traditions 11Q4.indd 13

out the red carpet for the crew and I, and getting the opportunity to hunt in Hawaii is something I’ll never forget.” Jessie still had her fun too, though. She and Matt traveled to South Dakota, where the audience will get to see Jessie in a completely new light. The pair visited Deadwood, S.D. where the champion shooter, Jessie, transformed into the roughrider wrangler “Jasmine Jessie” for a day. “Getting to play dress-up in Deadwood, South Dakota was unlike anything else I’ve ever done before,” said Jessie. “I got to put on all these old-fashioned, larger-than-life costumes with big belt buckles and leather fringe— the whole nine yards. I felt like I was in my own wild-west movie living out every kid’s dream of becoming a cowboy when they grow up.” Not to mention the full-auto shoot later that week. With all the new and exciting parts of Season 2 playing out, it is nice to know that some things will never change. Friends of NRA fans can still expect to see more of the relentless rivalry between Matt vs. Jessie. “Absolutely,” Matt concurred. “Whenever there is an opportunity for a competition, you can be sure one will break out.” “All I can say,” Jessie added. “Is anything he can do, I can do better.” Season 2 premieres the first Sunday in January on the Outdoor Channel, 10:30 PM EST. Tune in to the most tuned-in show on shooting and get a taste of what really keeps our firearm industries and traditions thriving. There’s more to the NRA than meets the eye, and Friends of NRA TV hits all the marks. Be sure to catch all the exciting beginnings of Friends of NRA TV: Season 2 on the Outdoor Channel every Sunday at 10:30 PM EST starting in January. It’s one season opening you don’t want to miss! Follow Matt & Jessie’s Friends of NRA travels before the episodes even air! Become a fan of Friends of NRA on Facebook at for updates on their travels!

3/15/12 11:11 AM

NRA-ILA Update: Have a question, suggestion, or need more information on a political or legislative issue?

By Suzanne Anglewicz, Manager of Political and Legislative Activities NRA-ILA Grassroots

If so, the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division is your first point of contact. Half of our staff consists of Information Specialists who handle upwards of 90% of the incoming calls, letters, e-mails, and faxes sent to NRA that deal with legislative and political issues. The reason the Grassroots Division handles these contacts is we believe that someone who takes the time to contact ILA -- for whatever reason -- is demonstrating that first virtue we are looking for in a volunteer -- the willingness to take action. Thus, in addition to responding to these inquiries, our Information Specialists work to recruit these individuals to become Second Amendment activists via another program we in the Grassroots Division run -- NRA-ILA’s FrontLines™ Volunteer Program. When it comes to grassroots activism and programs, the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division, through its staff of state Grassroots Coordinators, has plenty! In addition to the FrontLines™ volunteer program, our other programs include: • NRA-ILA Speakers Bureau Program. Whether you are interested in securing an ILA speaker to give a speech or to participate in a debate or panel discussion, the NRA-ILA Speakers Bureau is the place to turn. To request a speaker, call at (800) 392-8683 or via email to • NRA-ILA Election Volunteer Coordinators (EVCs). EVCs are individual NRA members who act as the liaison between NRA members, Second Amendment supporters, and pro-gun campaigns. EVCs and their volunteer networks also work to promote ILA’s legislative agenda. • Second Amendment Activist Centers. These are primarily gun-related businesses that serve as local distribution

points for ILA materials, including NRA buttons, fact sheets on legislation and issues, volunteer sign-up forms, voter registration materials, and information on grassroots activities and events. • NRA University. Rapidly becoming one of NRA-ILA’s most popular Grassroots programs, NRA U brings NRA staff to college campuses to conduct training sessions on the facts about the gun control debate and what students can do to promote the Second Amendment on and off campus. • Political Training. Whether conducting workshops on improving political activism, managing NRA-ILA’s Campaign Field Representatives in the field or conducting voter registration drives, ILA’s Grassroots Coordinators are the tips of NRA’s grassroots arrows to ensure more supporters of the Second Amendment are fully engaged in the battle to protect our rights. • Freedom’s Voice Newsletter. The monthly Freedom’s Voice newsletter provides practical tips for improving your personal level of grassroots activism. Contained in Freedom’s Voice you will find strategies on how to effectively influence the outcome of gun-related legislation as well as how to work in your area to elect pro-gun candidates to office. In addition to the stories written by Grassroots staff, you’ll find an “In The Spotlight” feature where we’ll highlight a lawmaker for his or her meritorious defense of the Second Amendment, or a particular piece of legislation. Periodically, we will also run “The Activist’s Corner,” where we encourage Freedom’s Voice readers to submit stories highlighting their own, personal activities. (To submit a piece for “The Activist’s Corner,” send your submission to:

For more information on NRA-ILA’s Grassroots programs, please visit or call 800-392-VOTE (8683) 16 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1



Part III. Other Taxes

By Stefan B. Tahmassebi, Deputy General Counsel, NRA


Copyright © 2011

Besides income tax, there are a variety of other state and local taxes. For instance, sales and use taxes, property taxes and employee withholdings. Although your club may obtain tax exempt status from both federal and state income taxes, this does not mean that the club is exempt from state and/or local property taxes or from collecting and remitting state and/or local sales and use taxes and withholdings taxes. For instance, even though your club is tax exempt, a state sales tax may be applicable to sales of goods and services by your club, such as shooting supplies, clothing, and other products, etc. In some states only the sale of goods is taxed; in other states both the sale of goods and of services is taxed. There is usually an “exemptions” section in the state sales and use tax law that exempts a variety of goods and services from taxation. There may also be an exemption for certain tax exempt organizations, but this is usually limited to 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations and applies only when they purchase goods, not when they sell goods. If your organization does qualify for a sales and use tax exemption, then you should apply for that status and obtain a sales and use tax exemption certificate. You can then present this certificate to a seller when your club purchases goods and the seller should then not charge you a sales tax. You must consult with your tax attorney or accountant in regard to the sales and use tax laws, regulations, rules and exemptions in your state and local jurisdiction. If your club has employees, it must comply with federal, state and local laws that require the withholding of taxes. Generally speaking, the club will still be obligated to withhold federal and state income taxes from employee wages and pay FICA taxes on such wages as well. Again, your tax attorney or accountant will be able to assist you in complying with these laws and in establishing accounting procedures for handling these matters.

Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 17


s m r a e r i F d n a l ng Is


orn and raised in Deer Park, NY on Long Island, Steven Blair is a married father of two and continues to live on Long Island. He has a vision of a Pro-2A New York and is working hard to make it a reality by demystifying firearms and breaking stereotypes. In 2009 he formed a website that serves the NYC and Long Island demographic called Long Island Firearms (LIF). He chose to begin this endeavor due to a lack of useful information regarding firearm ownership rights in New York, specifically Long Island. The website, was created as a means for like-minded individuals to come together to discuss licensing, hunting and other firearm related topics. However, today it has morphed into an all encompassing forum that reaches record numbers of members and website hits monthly. There are currently over 4,500 registered forum users. Long Island Firearms is an excellent online resource for both the new and veteran shooter as well as those interested in other activities on Long Island. Due to popular demand LIF has expanded its forum boards to include camping, hunting, 4x4, fishing, and much more.

18 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

Steven has expanded Long Island Firearms to include Club LIF, an NRA and NYSRPA recognized firearms club also affiliated with CMP. For those who wish to delve further into the sport and meet with other firearm owners for recreational shoots, group buys and special discounts to local merchants they can apply for membership. He did not end there. Steven also started a non-for-profit organization called LI Second Amendment Preservation, (LISAPA) with goals to ensure our rights are not infringed locally. Knowing all too well support is needed here on Long Island. Steven along with Long Island Firearms and LI Second Amendment Preservation Association are not afraid to get their feet wet and jump into issues directly affecting New Yorkers’ 2A rights, donating more than $2,000 in support of the SAF lawsuit against Westchester County regarding concealed carry laws. LIF and LISAPA are also named as a participant in the Amicus Brief that was filed with the court in 2011. As a result of his willingness to break stereotypes, portrayed by the media of firearms owners, Steven began a

community service side of the forum. Today the community service aspect of the forum entails such things as helping military members to donating blood. By helping our fellow man, especially in these difficult times, it not only brings a sense of accomplishment to those involved but also shows others that firearms owners are outstanding citizens. LIF/LISAPA works with several organizations to accomplish its community service goals. Those organizations include the NY Blood Center, One Warm Coat, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Jacob’s Light, SAF, Town of Brookhaven Adopt a Highway Program and Cell-Phones for Soldiers to name a few. LIF/LISAPA currently has its 2nd annual coat drive going on now with One Warm Coat and Burlington Coat Factory. In its first year, over 600 coats were collected and it is poised to surpass that number in 2012. Together with the NY Blood Center, Long Island Firearms hosted its 3rd annual blood drive last July. LIF hosts its blood drive in the summertime when blood banks experience their greatest shortages in hopes that the 40 pints collected will help diminish that shortage. Steven and LIF were inspired to host blood drives in honor of the son of one of the forum’s members. The young boy has a rare condition known as Diamond Blackfan Anemia which has required him to receive transfusions every 2 weeks of his life since he was 15 months old. The boy is now 7 and thankfully in remission. Members of the LIF forum participate in packing care packages for our active military overseas through Jacob’s Light Foundation. Each week members work hard to put

together donated items to be sent to those soldiers who so desperately miss the comforts of home, such as; magazines, toiletries, books, candy and more. Over the summer Long Island Firearms along with LI Second Amendment Preservation Association participated in a St Baldrick’s Foundation pizza eating contest as one of the teams. LIF raised over $1,000 for the foundation. Members came out to eat and support one another as well as the organization. St. Baldrick’s is an organization that focuses its efforts into the research of childhood cancers. LIF/LISAPA has collected over 1,000 cell phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers. The cell phones collected are turned into calling cards that are then sent overseas to active duty military so they may reach out to loved ones. Steven Blair, Long Island Firearms and LI Second Amendment Preservation Association work hard to make a difference in the 2A community as well as the local communities and hope to continue the unprecedented growth in the coming years. Long Island Firearms is a web based community founded in 2009 to promote a sense of community within firearms enthusiasts on Long Island. You can find us online at The Long Island Second Amendment Preservation Association was founded in 2011 to promote a vibrant and focused effort to maintain the civil liberties or the people of Long Island New York. Their website is Community activities performed by Long Island Firearms members can be found by visiting: http://www.

For more information: Long Island Firearms, LLC P.O. Box 1481 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Office: 631 274 1340 Fax:508 302 8539

Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 19 144 Front Street West, Suite 725 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7 Canada

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Moving Targets By Oliver Shapiro, Associate Editor Reprinted with permission from Shooting Sports Retailer, Jan. 2012

Where once paper targets were sufficient to determine the accuracy of a gun and its operator, 21st Century target shooting has redefined the carnival Shooting Gallery with the latest tricks in shooting entertainment. Mechanization, motorization, digitization, and automation are such integral parts of 21st-century life these days that the majority of us take it all for granted. They permeate our personal lives, medical needs, career activities, and entertainment constantly; almost incessantly. This is, of course, just as much true for us recreational shooters and our favored pastimes as it is for anything else. When we go to the shooting range these days, we are increasingly likely to be using or encountering any of the recent spate of specialty targets. Paper bull’s-eyes, animal silhouettes, or ersatz “perps” are well and good, but we are rapidly approaching a time when these mainstays of a trip to the range will be long gone. The primary consideration? Keep things moving.

There’s An App For That “The Apple/I-Pad generation is very comfortable with incorporating advanced technology in their everyday lives,” smiles Travis Parrish, speaking for Meggitt Training Systems in Suwanee, Georgia. “Why should you have to return to the stone ages because you’re at a shooting range?” The majority of offerings and availabilities in moving target systems (outside of the well-established reactive target products available, which include everything from dueling trees to knock-down/stand-up popper targets) have been initially geared to military and law enforcement markets. But, as the industry has seen countless times over the decades, products and activities

that start in these markets more often than not find their way into consumer contexts. “Our primary market is almost exclusively law enforcement and military,” says Dave Mathis, Marketing Director for Action Target, Inc. (Provo, UT). “But there are some gun clubs that use our portable system.” “We sell pretty much to the military and law enforcement markets,” concurs Ralph Petroff of Marathon Targets (Huntsville, AL). “But there’s been great interest in our products from the recreational market.” The impetus for development of these systems has always been, and continues to be, the need for effective training systems that will adequately prepare combatants for the inevitable confrontations they will encounter in a war zone, whether that zone be in an actual armed conflict between nations or in an urban setting pitting cops against criminals. “The problem we’ve been addressing is the lack of training in moving-target, live-fire training,” points out Petroff. “For example, enlisted men currently don’t shoot moving targets of any kind. It’s necessary to have systems to address realistic, livefire ‘moving marksmanship,’ otherwise you end up with a situation where the first time a soldier or officer shoots at a moving target is in combat.”

Robo Targets There are currently two broad categories of these moving Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 21

target systems. One utilizes pulleys, tracks, and the like to manipulate targets (whether they be dedicated reusable items, or carriers that have paper representations added to them) such that the person or persons using them have to deal with targets moving linearly (side to side, forward and/or back, diagonally, etc.) and/or rotationally (turning targets, typically seen in shoot/no-shoot decision-making scenarios).

Computer controlled targets present multiple targets in motion.

The second main category includes those units that are remotely controlled independent units, typified by Northern Lights Tactical (Prescott, AZ) and their TRACS Robot System. Because the majority of these systems are geared largely to customers with deeper pockets (U.S. Military, large-city law enforcement departments, and similar entities), they are often accompanied by a price tag of corresponding magnitude. Entry-level setups can start at a couple thousand bucks, and others might exceed the $1 million mark. “Doing live-fire training well will never be cheap,” Mathis states. “To do it well, you have to spend the money on the equipment. These aren’t items you can just pick up at your local hardware store.”

Shootin’ Gallery One notable exception to this pricey scenario is the Shootin’ Gallery from the Battenfeld Technologies company, Caldwell Shooting Supplies. This battery-operated unit, available for retail prices under $300, can provide a relatively inexpensive means for .22 rimfire shooters to have a fun and interactive session with moving targets. The unit has targets moving from one side to another, reminiscent of traditional carnival shooting galleries; any target knocked back by an accurate hit gets reset and comes back as a fresh target. The company indicates that one full battery charge provides up to eight hours of run time. “This is great for kids; it helps with hand-eye coordination, and it’s fun for adults also,” says company representative 22 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

Brandon Butler. “It weighs about 55 pounds, so it’s easy to transport as well.” It is not, however, for all shooting scenarios; it is designed for use only with rimfire equipment (no airguns either) and the company recommends that it be set up at least 75 feet from the shooter. And, unlike most of the other product systems that involve sophisticated or complex moving targets, the company is targeting retailers and consumers for sales, rather than government organizations. Mathis also admits that despite its popularity, not every retailer might be interested in carrying stock on these. “It’s kind of an odd product,” he remarks. “It might not represent good shelf space utilization at the retailer’s. But everyone loves it.” The amount of realism that any of these systems can provide varies tremendously, but at the higher end some of the results are almost uncanny. For example, Northern Lights’ new Hannibal Reactive Target System, intended for use in conjunction with their TRACS Robot system, provides a reactive target on top of a moving platform. “This is a unique reactive target,” explains company representative Blair Burton. “It has a unique double-jointed design; when it’s hit it collapses down on top of itself. And it can be programmed with sound, to produce yells and screams. Or taunting; you can get it to pop up and say, ‘hey, man, I’m gonna kill you.’ It ups the ante on stress for the student.”

Smart Targets Marathon Targets has gone even further, and Petroff has gone so far as to tell us that, to the best of his knowledge, their “smart targets” are the first autonomous targets available. What does he mean by “smart targets?” The units can be programmed in unexpectedly sophisticated maneuvers. For example, if you shoot one, the others will run for cover, providing levels of training realism that until now could only be dreamt of. “Five years ago,” he observes, “all products of this kind were joystick-controlled. With target systems like these, we often see improvements in skill in as little as 30 minutes. One person made an interesting observation; he said that comparing a stationary target to our smart moving target systems is like comparing T-ball to major league baseball.” For many, the expense involved in obtaining any of these may cool motivation, but most of our sources agree that they have real potential to pull shooters in. “These systems definitely bring more shooters to the range,” says Jim Potter at MGM Targets. “Reactive and moving targets are simply more fun to shoot.” “I think that it is highly probable, in fact very likely, that systems like ours can increase traffic at a range,” agrees Petroff. “We get pretty much the same feedback from anyone who uses

them; they come off the range with a huge grin and saying things like ‘wow that is really fun.’ It’s definitely a crowd pleaser.” How will demand for these systems evolve over the coming years? The overwhelming consensus has it that more and more shooters will be looking for exciting and dynamic target opportunities in the future, both for tactical training needs as well as rewarding recreational experiences. “I see an increased demand for these in the future,” says Parrish. “The commercial markets are always looking for the next best thing to separate their range from the competitor’s facility. And the demand for an outdoor system by the military will provide a robust market.” “We’re seeing more and more places adopting this concept,” Burtan adds. “Once one organization or agency has it, the neighboring one does also. The early adopters get it and like it. We also keep our customers happy, and if they like it, they tell their friends. Everyone has budget issues, but people find the money somehow.”

Targets for the 21-Foot Rule More than two decades ago, Salt Lake City law enforcement officer Dennis Tueller conducted research to investigate the question: Just how much time does an armed combatant really have when an assailant, armed with an edged weapon (knife, sword, etc.), charges? His findings suggested that a typical attacker can cover 21 feet in the same amount of time that it takes the average peace officer to recognize the threat, draw his or her firearm, and fire two rounds at the attacker’s center mass. A number of training systems have been developed to simulate this scenario, typified by a target or target holder moving towards the trainee, starting at 21 feet away at a speed mimicking that of a charging attacker. A number of the sources we consulted provide targets that address this kind of training. One is MGM Target’s Dynamic Attack Target, also called the Running Man Target. This can be purchased as a completely portable system that can be set up in a facility that has sufficient space and backstop. Another company, with whom Tueller has worked and still provides some services to, is Action Target with its AT Runner and other offerings. Northern Lights Tactical’s TRACS system, designed about a decade ago, was also developed in large part to fulfill this training need.

...But Don’t Overlook Those Reactive Targets Either

nized target products, there has been no shortage of reactive targets over the years, and many of them have been resounding successes with the customers who have purchased them and/or use them at their local shooting ranges. An excellent cross-section of these is represented by the product line of Nashville, Tennessee, company Do-All Outdoors. The company has an extensive line, ranging from a number of Dueling Trees for both centerfire and rimfire firearms; Blast Back systems in which targets are knocked down but can be reset by shooting a special black target; Body Shot targets that react when hit and then bounce back; Spin Cycle targets that involve spinning-windmillstyle targets (“perfect for sharpening accuracy, speed and rapid target acquisition,” according to the company) that return to up and down set position after each shot; Ground Bouncing targets that fly, bounce, roll, or run unpredictably after each impact; Spinners; Auto Reset targets that spin and lock in the upright position as a bullet strikes (shooting the center reset targets swings the targets back into lower position); and many more.

Moving Target Sources Action Target, Provo, UT 801-377-8033, Battenfeld Technologies, Columbia, MO 573-445-9200 MGM Targets, Caldwell, ID 208-454-0555, Marathon Targets, Huntsville, AL 256-990-0224 Meggitt Training Systems, Suwanee, GA 678-288-1090 Northern Lights Tactical, Prescott, AZ 310-376-4266 Strategic Systems, Inc., Decatur, IL 256-301-5400, Do-All Outdoors, Nashville, TN 800-252-9247,

Although this story primarily examines truly mechaVolume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 23

n E i t S oo h E NG ’ s S

a A c i r R e RA A m

N Saving

S E C I RV g

What good is the Second Amendment without a place to shoot? The NRA Range Services department offers a variety of different assistance program for all types of ranges varying from the NRA Range Source Book to on-site assistance and everything in between. NRA is dedicated to the preservation and management of existing ranges as well as providing assistance to those looking to build new facilities.

Range Source Book

Registration for the conference is $450.00 (non-refundable), which includes all conference materials as well as a copy of the NRA Range Source Book on CD.

Range Cases The NRA Range Technical Team is a nationwide network of volunteers trained in the field of shooting range development, design, and operations. The Range Technical Team was developed to provide an extension of NRA Headquarters to range owners and operators at the local level. Services provided by Range Technical Team Advisors (RTTAs) include: • range planning assistance • range use and procedural evaluations • range safety and design evaluations

The NRA Range Source Book provides both basic and advanced guidance to assist in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of shooting range facilities. The source book discusses methods and technologies which may result in a fuller use of range operations. For more information on how to purchase this invaluable resource, visit http://www.nrahq. org/shootingrange/sourcebook.asp or call (800) 336-7402.

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s e g an

Applicants must be a 100% NRA membership NRAAffiliated Club, with preference given to Gold Medal Clubs.This Range Grant program is limited to $5,000 per applicant per year, and the deadline for submission is August 1 annually.

NRA Foundation Grants Since its inception, The NRA Foundation, Inc., has funded more than 15,000 grants totaling over $100 million, becoming America’s leading charitable organization in support of the shooting sports. State Fund Grants are awarded to eligible applicants for qualifying projects or activities that promote firearms and hunting safety; enhance the marksmanship skills of those participating in the shooting sports; educate the general public about firearms in their historic, technological, and artistic context; or contribute to the general well-being of the public at large. Completed application forms are to be submitted directly to the NRA Field Representative within the respective state. Contact the NRA Field Representative prior to application submission to inquire whether there are additional state specific requirements. More information can be found at

currently building or improving, public ranges, and is able to provide proof of ability to 100% match awarded funding in revenue, labor, equipment, materials, etc. to ensure the project’s completion. • Generally, grants are awarded on a 50-50 matching basis with 50% of the cost of the project being provided by the applicant and 50% awarded from the NRA Public Range Fund. In-kind services of labor, materials, and equipment may be considered to provide the applicant’s 50% contribution to the project. Applications for grant funding will not exceed $25,000 for any qualifying applicant per year and all applicants will be required to show proof to provide the matching amount of requested funding. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis as funding is available. For more information on any of these programs, please contact NRA Range Services at (877) NRA RANGE (6727264), email at or visit our website at

NRA Public Range Fund The NRA Public Range Fund was established in 2009 as a matching grant program to encourage city and county governments, and state or federal agencies, to work with NRA on efforts to build and improve public ranges across the United States. At the NRA’s sole discretion, grants are awarded to qualifying city and county governments and state or federal agencies to assist with the acquisition, development, and improvement of public shooting facilities. Grants are also awarded to assist qualifying agencies or local governments with projects designed to improve community relations and to address environmental issues related to range operations. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: • An applicant may be any city or county government or state or federal agency that plans to build or improve, or is Volume 17, Number 1 l club connection l 25

O. S. H. A. Cracks Down On Shooting Ranges In the past 6 months, the United States Department of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has released two press releases citing two range industry companies who have been fined in upwards of $2 million for exposing workers to lead and other hazards. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. OSHA’s role is to assure these conditions for America’s working men and women by setting and enforcing standards, and providing training, education and assistance. To report workplace accidents, fatalities or situations posing imminent danger to workers, call OSHA’s toll-free hotline at 800321-OSHA (321-6742). For more information, visit 26 l club connection l Volume 17, Number 1

ELECTRONIC TARGET EVENTS The National Rifle Association has developed a program to increase awareness of Electronic Target Systems and their use for recreational shooting. All are invited to participate in events throughout the country to try shooting on electronic target systems and see how fun and enjoyable of an experience it can be.



NRA Event. 2012 Dates and Locations May 19

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For more information please visit: electronic_target_shooting_events.asp

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