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We Must Vote I

to Preserve the Rule of Law

cannot remember a time when so many good, hardworking Americans were asking one another such starkly foreboding questions: “What is happening to our country? Will our freedom survive? Will our children know and enjoy the America that we and our forebears built?” All of those questions revolve around something more fundamental: “What is happening to the rule of law; to the protections and precise order for our Republican form of government as enumerated in our remarkable U.S. Constitution?” Before the Obama era years ago, I could not have imagined that we would be facing the immediate fundamental crisis that Jonathan Turley, perhaps the most respected liberal constitutional scholar in legal academia, calls “a tipping point.” “… You have the rise of an uber-presidency,” Turley warned. “… There could be no greater danger for individual liberty, and I really think that the framers would be horrified by that shift. …” Uber-presidency. That’s where we are. And with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s aggressive complicity, the U.S. Senate is no longer a counter-weight to the theft and abuse of presidential power. Arch anti-gun U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the second most powerful man in President Obama’s Senate, declared that to carry out his agenda, the president must and can “borrow power” from the legislative branch—the power to enact law, to appropriate funds and to tax. For our nation to survive this destruction of the constitutional separation of powers with three equal branches of government, Harry Reid and his acolytes must be retired from their majority. The framers never intended the Senate to “lend” or give its power to an all-powerful president. It is and must be the legislative body where minority rights are honored through a methodical, deliberative process. It is the emergency brake of our Republic. Without that check, we have an administration that routinely ignores laws created by Congress; writes and rewrites federal statutes absent constitutional authority; violates existing criminal and civil statutes; misappropriates funds; lies to the American people; lies under oath to Congress; thwarts congressional and court oversight; destroys duly subpoenaed material; violates every sunshine law on the books to become the most opaque administration in history, and abets and encourages violation of federal law. Obama’s White House has hijacked the rule of law and replaced it with a lawless, corrupt regime. For gun owners, that lawlessness has come in the form of a series of executive edicts and presidential directives circumventing gun owners’ victories in the national legislature.

By James W. Porter II, NRA President

With regularity, Obama embraces the confiscatory gun bans in New York, Connecticut and California. He repeatedly endorses the forced “buyback” ban in Australia as the future for the U.S. I am certain he believes it can be done without Congress, a step at a time. It was no accident that the first major gun control upheaval in this administration was Operation Fast and Furious, the Justice Department’s cross-border gun-running scheme intended to be the basis for a new ban on semi-automatic rifles. Fast and Furious was responsible for arming drug cartels, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican nationals and contributing to the murder of at least two federal agents. With the Fast and Furious investigations on Capitol Hill, administration officials lied, and Eric Holder’s Justice Department refused to answer subpoenas. All of this resulted in Holder becoming the first sitting cabinet officer in our nation’s history to be found in criminal and civil contempt of Congress. But this lawlessness is everywhere in the Obama regime. Obama’s abuse of power has been struck down as unconstitutional at least 20 times, including unanimous 9-0 decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court that included harsh reprimands by his own nominees. “Transformation” by the uber-president? Look no further than a weaponized Internal Revenue Service used to intimidate and shut down the free political speech of those who oppose Obama’s “rule”—and lying about it before the United States' Congress. Then there is his electronic and digital spying by the National Security Agency in an unlawful net, capturing and storing the private communications of Americans and lying about it before Congress. The latest crisis is the invasion of the U.S. by thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens, including countless criminal gang members. This is a result of Obama’s refusal to build security structures ordered and funded by Congress to physically secure the nation’s borders. And in this, the administration lied to Congress. There is only one way to stop all of this; to reverse the course of Obama’s systemic “change” of our Republic. As NRA members—5 million strong—we must each work to educate fellow voters and get them to the polls this November 4. It is imperative that we “transform” the hamhanded, rubber-stamp senate majority of Harry Reid and keep the pro-gun majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Another year...

Another GREAT International Youth Hunter Education Challenge! By Nicole Waugh, Special Projects Coordinator


ummer is coming to a close and the dedicated NRA Outdoor Recreational Programs staff, volunteers, participants, and families have put another very successful International Youth Hunter Education Challenge (IYHEC) on the books. Attracting nearly 300 participants from 15 states, the 29th annual International YHEC impressed upon both attendees and participants alike the tradition, friendship, and camaraderie so commonly found in hunting and shooting sports. In addition to their various awards and NRA gear, this future generation of aspiring hunters left Pennsylvania with lifetime friendships and a deeper connection to the outdoors. Spanning the week of July 20-25, YHEC consisted of four responsibility and four shooting events: Wildlife Identification, Hunter Responsibility Exam, Hunter Safety Trail, Orienteering, Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloading, and Archery. Each of these events are designed to reinforce skills learned in basic hunter education and encourage safer, responsible hunting tendencies. YHEC programs are exceptionally unique due to the presence of live fire events, which give youth participants a greater respect for the importance of firearm and hunting safety. In addition to the standard events, competitors also had the opportunity to participate in special events such as Cherokee Run, Flu-Flu Shoot, and Tug-ofWar. Undoubtedly, the star of YHEC was NRA's 3 Gun Experience. Making only its second appearance at IYHEC, the 3 Gun Experience event drew over half of 4 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

the participants, with kids shooting well into the night. A multi-faceted test of outdoor skills, IYHEC draws strong competitors. Youth must compete at the state or local level to qualify for the International event. As with any other sport, individual participants and teams dedicate countless hours to practice and studying before they compete, reaffirming a commitment to the hunting tradition. The competition was fierce this year, with several participants receiving perfect or near-perfect scores and tie situations in multiple events. For the top competitors, studying paid off well. Tiebreakers were awarded to participants with the higher Hunter Responsibility Exam score, keeping in line with the "safety first and foremost" policy of the

International Youth Hunter Education Challenge. Although IYHEC is ultimately a competition, volunteers, coaches, and NRA staff all note the high levels of sportsmanship, courtesy, and respect exhibited by the young hunters. The same volunteers are drawn back to the event year after year for the same reason – great kids exhibiting and fueling an interest in a greater American tradition. For all involved, IYHEC is more than a competition or weekend away; it's quality time spent outdoors, building friendships and skills that will keep the American hunting tradition thriving.

Host a YHEC event locally! Obtain the NRA's YHEC Guidebook by visiting

Greater Fitness, Better Hunting By Nicole Waugh, Special Projects Coordinator


unters have one thing on their mind with fall's rapid approach – hunting season. However, with summer cookouts and festivities lingering, it is easy to neglect fitness levels that will make adventures into the field easy and enjoyable. In order to prepare for and get the most enjoyment out of a hunt, now is the time to become fitness conscious and make small adjustments to your everyday life. It is always important to consult your physician before beginning an exercise regimen. Fitness levels take time and patience to build – begin your program slowly, build gradually, and remain persistent. Each hunter's training will depend on their initial fitness level and should be tailored accordingly. A simple way to begin an exercise program is to incorporate walks into your daily routine. Walks can easily be modified to fit your level and build the endurance needed to trek into the field and after game. Slowly increase the duration, pace, and intensity of your walks and consider incorporating hills or bleachers in order to prepare you for obstacles

encountered in field. Hikes are also a great exercise that will expose you to varied terrain and, depending on location, provide excellent scouting opportunities. Practice carrying a weighted backpack and ample water on your walks or hikes in order to prepare for the weight of your hunting gear and game. Running, biking, and swimming are also good cardiovascular exercises that will provide variation in your fitness routine. Not only will cardio exercises condition your heart and lungs for long hours of physical exertion encountered on hunts, they boost endurance and muscle strength, keeping your overall hunting abilities up to par. Strength exercises will further build muscles needed for hunting excursions. At-home exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups increase endurance and build strength in the arms and back, crucial for hauling gear. Lifting free weights or using weight machines are also good options for exercising the entire body and offer ways to target specific muscle groups that may need further development. Strength exercises should be done

three days a week, rotating between muscle groups and areas of focus. No matter what workout regimen you pursue, always remember to stretch muscles both before and after a workout. Spend roughly 30 to 45 seconds stretching each muscle group; muscles may feel tight but be sure to ease off if you feel pain. Stretching also promotes flexibility, keeps muscles loose and limber, and reduces the risk of injury, all of which will improve efficiency when moving through rough and wooded terrain. Whatever kind of hunt you partake in, higher levels of fitness will improve your enjoyment and performance. Fit hunters are quieter and swifter on their feet and can endure longer treks, all of which increase chances of a successful hunt. Instead of a chore, think of your time training for fall hunts as an opportunity to scout, enjoy extra time outdoors, and most importantly boost health for many seasons to come.

To book your next hunt, visit


Camp Perry 2014

By Lars Dalseide, NRA Media Relations Manager


’s National Rifle & Pistol Champion ships at Camp Perry were full of surprises; the biggest being that not all of the championships were actually held at Camp Perry. Smallbore Rifle, traditionally taking place after Pistol goes quiet, went three hours west to the Wa Ke De' Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana. But that’s just the beginning. Starting the second week of July, the National Championships began, as always, with Pistol. Centerfire, .22, and .45 pistols to be exact. A quick review of the record books reveals that Brian Zins has won about a dozen of these in the last thirteen years. Odds are he’s going to win again, right? Welcome to surprise number one. Though putting up a top 10 performance following hip surgery a few weeks prior, Zins finished a good 17 points out of the championship ring. Inside the ring, you’ll find a trio of members of the United States Marksmanship Unit. The top dog, SSG Patrick Franks, had a feeling this would be his time in the spotlight. "This year was my first 1st place win at Interservice (the 55th Interservice Pistol Championships at Fort Benning)," said Franks. "A lot of our team matches at Interservice and at Canton were milestone performances 6 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

and looking back at those I just kept going with it while I'm here.” Surprise number two, the afore mentioned move by Smallbore to Bristol, had a number of new winners of their own. 19 year-old Dan Lowe of the U.S. Army Marksmanship United took the Metric 3-Position title. 18 year-old Jacob Buchanan out of Texas turned some heads by winning the Conventional 3-Position crown. Kevin Nevius captured Conventional Prone while Lowe displayed more Metric dominance with a win in Metric Prone. “It’s a beautiful location with great facilities in a wonderful community,” said Smallbore Rifle Match Director Howard Moody. “We had our fair share of wind and rain, but the competitors seemed to like the new setting. Good thing given we’ll be back here next year.” Back at Camp Perry, they moved from Pistol to a collection of High Power Rifle matches. The NRASpringfield M-1A match reserved just for that classic rifle. The Mid-Range Rifle Matches shot from distances of 200 to 600 yards. This would be the spot for surprise number three and four. While weather has always been an interesting aspect of the National Matches, never were they more of a

distraction than the day before the finals. High winds tossed targets around like a third grader launching his Legos. Hence the day’s matches were cancelled. But one less day of shooting was enough for Joe Hendricks - to win his first High Power title. The wind might have played more of a role in that win than you think. "When the matches were cancelled, I went back and cleaned my long range gun," he said with a laugh. "I just relaxed." Apparently he was relaxed enough to jump from fifth to first place on that final day. Surprise numbers five and six come by way of the Long Range Championship. First there was the return of 2009 Long Range champ Sherri Jo Gallagher. Though consistently finishing near the top in following years, Sherri made the jump (literally) from the US Army Marksmanship Unit to the Golden Knights – the Army’s skydiving team. That translates into no more time for shooting. But this year she made time … and it’s a good thing she did. Surprise number six is that her sister, Michelle Gallagher, won her fourth Long Range title. Her first in 13 years, Michelle pulled a feat similar to that of Hendricks by

moving from sixth to first on the final day. To make matters worse, the runner-up just happened to be her mother Nancy Tompkins. “After my final shot I still thought she won,” Gallagher laughed. “But she dropped a few more on the final string. I would have been happy either way.” The final surprise took place at the Fullbore Rifle Championships. Fired from 300 to 1,000 yards, we had a new overall winner and a familiar runner-up; Ben Emms from Australia and Michelle’s mom Nancy Tompkins. Sometimes you just can’t catch a break. It’s those surprises - along with the familiar faces, sights and sounds – that made this National Championship one to remember. Whether a new champion or old, a new place or old, the matches continue to bring out the best in shooters from around the world. So break out that rifle, send a few down range, and see if you’re ready to create a surprise of your own next year.

For more information on NRA Competitive Shooting Programs, please visit

Summer 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 7

By Kyle Jillson, NRA Media Specialist

The University of Michigan Rifle Team poses for a group photo after receiving their 2014 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships trophy.


he University of Michigan Wolverines won their second consecutive NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships this past March at Fort Benning, Georgia, after shooting a combined smallbore and air rifle score of 4404 out of a possible 4800. Hosted by the US Army Marksmanship Unit at their world class Pool International Range Complex, the championships featured more than 50 shooters representing 14 college rifle clubs from all over these United States of America. Michigan has now won three national titles since the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships began in 2010. North Dakota State University placed second with a team score of 4235 and Clemson University finished third with 4131. Georgia Yarbrough, a sophomore from Central Piedmont Community College, took this year’s Overall Aggregate, scoring 1128 out of 1200. Miss Yarbrough had only recently taken up the shooting sports, possessing just a year and a half experience with an air rifle and only six months on smallbore. “I was surprised by how well I did,” Yarbrough said with a chuckle. “I was just focused on making sure I had my fundamentals down and not worrying about my score.” In the first day’s Smallbore Championship, the Wolverines established a practically insurmountable 60-point lead after shooting a 2146 of 2400. Despite the comfortable margin, Michigan was determined not to relinquish their advantage, no matter how comfortable the standings appeared. Only after a solid team effort in the second day’s Air Rifle Championship, sealing the national title with a 2258, did the Ann Arbor shooters relax. "I'm extremely proud of my team," said Coach Michael O'Connor. "They all worked so hard and pushed each 8 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

other to reach the championships' qualifying scores." The camaraderie among Michigan's shooters wasn't just developed on the firing line. Between the half-hour drives to and from their range and the team building exercises each off-season, the team really knows one another and works hard to become the best shooters they can be. Talent runs deep in the Michigan roster, as demonstrated in their back-to-back wins. They'll need it next year when they're forced to replace six seniors, but O'Connor has confidence that the team can step up and be just as competitive. "There are some freshmen and sophomores that need a tiny bit more to reach the level of our current seniors," said O'Connor. "Their goal is to shoot this same score next year, and I think they can do it." Not all of the seniors who graduated will disappear, though. Former team President Tyler Hughes recently started a job with the University of Michigan after graduating and plans to return as an assistant coach, passing his knowledge of the firing line on to the next generation of Michigan shooters. "This year’s championships couldn't have been better," said NRA National Manager of Collegiate and School Programs, Tori Croft. "Each year we get a little bigger and the students always look like they’re having fun. At the end of the day we’re trying to get more new faces enjoying the shooting sports and that’s exactly what’s happening.”

To start a collegiate shooting team in your area, please visit

2014 Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships (page 8)

Overall Aggregate winner Georgia Yarbrough (foreground) takes aim during the Air Rifle Championship.


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By Frank Saccoccio, Treasurer of the Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition


he Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition was founded in January of 2013. It was formed after the tragic events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. With all the media frenzy, we realized that there would be a strong push for new, overreaching and oppressive firearm legislation. Our initial goal was to quickly unite all the local sportsmen clubs and firearm organizations. We knew that this was going to be a very difficult task but one that was essential if we were going to be successful. Within a few months we were able to unite a majority of the Rhode Island sportsman clubs and other pro Second Amendment organizations. Both Michael O'Neil and I spent countless hours volunteering our time traveling to and speaking before sportsmen’s clubs, firearms stores and other organizations across the state. They were all very receptive and supportive of our efforts. Because of the generosity of so many groups and individuals we were able to hire our own full-time lobbyist. We realized that we were going to need to focus our efforts at the legislative level. The Second Amendment community came together and worked hard as a united force against the antifirearm legislative onslaught of 2013 and 2014. We were able to stop all of the overreaching and oppressive legislation from being passed in Rhode Island. Our organization worked closely with NRA lobbyist Darin Goens; Elizabeth Clupny, NRA volunteer lobbyist; the Federated Sportsman Clubs; RI FLO; the Liberty Project; Daria Bruno (DB live fire); and RI Gun Blog. As we traveled across the state of RI, we had the pleasure of meeting a lot of knowledgeable and experienced second amendment patriots. One person in particular that we would like to recognize is Jack Peters. He has over 40 years of experience and wisdom

educating our Senators and Representatives relating to all the financial aspects and benefits of the sporting community. Jack Peters also took the time to educate us on how to effectively testify against the firearm bills. The National Rifle Association recognized our efforts by naming the Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition as the official NRA State Association for Rhode Island in 2014. Having the backing and full support of the NRA means that we will now be nationally recognized as the RI State Affiliate. Being an NRA affiliate opens the door to new educational and organizational opportunities. We now have additional options through which we can strengthen our community. In the next few months we will begin to expand our shooting programs, offer classes on firearm safety along with proper handling and storage of firearms. This is not just limited to the guys; we will be expanding our educational efforts through our associates to women and youth organizations in Rhode Island.

We are proud to be at your service and will continue to be vigilant in protecting your Second Amendment rights. We put this message at the end of all of our emails;

Let you voice be heard! Stop being a Spectator in Life!! Remember to "Get Involved" these are your Second Amendment Rights at stake. “All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” Proudly at your service,

Frank Saccoccio and Michael O’Neil Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition

For more information or to join the Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition, please visit Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 11

From fighting for FREEDOM ... to fighting for MEDALS

CRPA helps veterans compete in the Golden Age Games

By Morgan McLaughlin, Communications Specialist for CRPA


ot all the news about the Veterans Administration is bad these days. The California Rifle and Pistol Association and The CRPA Foundation are proud to partner with the Jerry L. Pettis Veteran Administration Hospital in Loma Linda, California this year to help veterans get their day in the spotlight. The National Veterans Golden Age Games, a 27 year old program, is the world’s largest sports and recreation competition for military Veterans 55 years of age and older and was held June 28 - July 2. California VA Hospitals coordinated the Veteran’s transportation and housing arrangements to get our state’s entrants to the games. This year, The CRPA Foundation donated $500 to help veterans compete in Air Rifle. The Games showcase the rehabilitation value that fitness provides in the lives of older Americans. “Keeping active is important to overall health and this program is a great way to highlight those 12 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

seniors in our state that not only have dedicated their life to serving our country but also have committed themselves to staying healthy in their golden years,” said John C. Fields, CRPA Executive Director. “We wanted to make sure that money wasn’t an issue in sending our California veterans to compete this year.” CRPA (founded in 1875) and The CRPA Foundation are organizations of sportsmen committed to the preservation of our American heritage, dedicated to protecting firearm freedoms and promoting shooting sports in California. John Fields presenting check to Pat Moreno, Volunteer department coordinator at Loma Linda VA.

For more information on CRPA contact Morgan McLaughlin at For more information on the National Veterans Golden Age Games visit

The National Public Range Conference Hosted by Arizona Game & Fish Dept.

By John Lightle, Manager, NRA Range Services


n May 12-14 2014, the NRA and the Arizona Game and Fish Department hosted a National Public Range Conference at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. This was the first time this conference had been hosted since 2000. In preparation for the conference a questionnaire was sent to potential attendees to assist in the topics that most agencies needed information or needed assistance to enhance their State or Federal shooting ranges. The following topics were identified as areas of importance to cover in the conference and included: Lead Management; EPA and OSHA; Pittman Robertson Funding; NRA Public Range Grants; Outdoor Range Development; and Outreach Programs. Along with presentations, an opportunity was provided to

interact with agency leaders on both State and Federal levels to address topics related to public range development. The Panelists were the following industry experts: Susan Recce, NRA ILA Conservation Wildlife & Natural Resources; Tom Decker, US Fish & Wildlife; Tim Toplisek, US Army Corps of Engineers; Lori McCullough, Tread Lightly; Jay Cook, Arizona Fish and Game; and Brian Hyder, NRA National Liaison. The discussion panel allowed for opportunities to develop relationships that can aid all State and Federal Agencies to construct and maintain public shooting ranges across the nation on a national level. While the groups were not in their think tank sessions they were on the various ranges being exposed to how the Arizona Game and Fish manage,

train, and maintain the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. The success of this conference was determined by communication and discussing of various topics that are in the shooting industry. All agreed to conduct the National Public Range Conference bi-annually working in close concert with the agencies by hosting the event in different states.

For more information on Public Range Development in your area, or other support offered by NRA Range Services, please visit

Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 13

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Starting at just $165 per year, Self-defense Insurance provides you with affordable protection if you’re involved in an act of self-defense. Protect yourself and your assets with Self-defense Insurance. Purchase these coverages online:

14 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2014

ArmsCare Plus Instructors Plus Liability Hunt Club Liability

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With Election Day 2014 (November 4) rapidly approaching, you need to ask yourself, as the tip of NRA's grassroots arrow, "what am I waiting for"? By beginning your grassroots election program NOW, you will be in much better position to ramp it up to the fullest extent when Election Day is imminent. Our goal should be to simply be able to flip a switch for our f inal activation, when our efforts will count most.What should you start doing TODAY to ensure success on November 4? Here are some suggestions:

√REGISTER PRO-GUN VOTERS. Nothing is more important than ensuring our supporters are registered to vote. If voters who support the Second Amendment don't register to vote prior to the voter registration deadline, they don't have a voice on Election Day. Start your voter registration drive NOW and bank these registered voters early to ensure you don't have to cajole them to do so as the deadline approaches, and so you can fully integrate them into your other volunteer activities. √RECRUIT MORE VOLUNTEERS. Many hands make light work, and nowhere does this axiom apply more than in campaign activities. The more volunteers you recruit early and with whom you keep in contact, the more boots on the ground you will have for precinct walks, phone banks, and other activities. You can never have too many volunteers! √HUNT WHERE THE DUCKS ARE. Whether registering pro-gun voters or recruiting pro-Second Amendment volunteers, focus your efforts on places where our supporters can be found. Our goal isn't to empower the opposition, it is to engage our supporters. Gun shows, gun shops, gun & hunting clubs, ranges—what we call gun owners' "natural resources"—are the places on which you should concentrate your primary efforts. California: Saul Rios (818) 404-7206 Colorado: Regina Thomson 720-371-9218 Connecticut: Rebecca Michlin (860) 538-1435 Florida: Michael Horanburg 505-261-2087 Georgia: Steve Chenoweth 828-421-7838 Andrew Yates 864-497-6296 Iowa: Michael Shirley 407-580-3294

16 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

√RAISE AWARENESS. Letters to the editor of local papers in support of our candidates and on issues of concern to the gun-owning community are a great way to inform and educate your fellow Second Amendment supporters to issues of mutual concern. Write a letter to the editor in support of an NRA-PVF endorsed candidate or NRA issue. Encourage others to do so. And, keep an eye out for pro-gun letters that are published, and work to contact the authors to commend them and recruit them into your network! √JOIN OUR EFFORTS. Contact your local Campaign Field Representative (CFR), 20 CFRs will be living and working within targeted states and districts between now and Election Day, working non-stop with one goal: to activate Second Amendment supporters to elect pro-gun lawmakers to office. They will need help making calls, knocking on doors, handing out literature, and ensuring our supporters to Vote Freedom First on November 4! To do your part, contact the CFR near you to get involved today (see list below). Even if you don’t have a CFR near you, you can help make phone calls on behalf of candidates right from your home!

Kentucky: Natasha Montague (Louisville area) 502-536-3422 Matt Hissey (Lexington area) 859-904-9619 Louisiana: Chelsea Mason 321-652-4741 Michigan: Hunter VanDusen 919-280-2794 Minnesota: Daniel Kane (626) 290-3727 North Carolina: Trey Ramsey (Greensboro area) 717-448-3426 Daniel Fitzpatrick (Charlotte area) 315-247-1600 Ohio: David Conte 703-431-3942

Pennsylvania: Mike Slatinsky 484-614-2221 Virginia: Tiffany Bambeck 804-925-5943 Washington: Keely Hopkins 541-910-3395 Adina Hicks 425-351-4088

The one factor in any campaign that is finite and equal is time. Every day in which we are not working to increase our volunteer ranks is a day lost that we will never get back. As the calendar turns and we get closer to Election Day, things only get more hectic. That is why RIGHT NOW is a great time to get your ducks in a row to ensure you can maximize your effectiveness in those crazy days and weeks leading up to Election Day. Why would you wait?

NRA Assists with Range Construction


Blacksburg, VA By Brian D. Hyder, National Liaison, General Operations Programs


ometime this fall, shooters in the southwest Virginia and West Virginia area will be treated to a newly renovated and expanded shooting range near Blacksburg. The project is a cooperative effort between the United States Forest Service, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the National Rifle Association. Materials for the project will be provided by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the NRA’s Public Range Grant Program. Most of the labor will be provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Initiated in 2009, the NRA Public Range Fund has helped to construct nearly 50 ranges from Florida to Alaska. These ranges are built on public lands and are available for use by the general public. In 2014 alone, 10 new projects have been approved and funded in Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina. Over $1 million has been provided for range development in the U.S. by the NRA since the inception of the program. The Blacksburg range is on the Eastern Divide Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service near Blacksburg. Construction at the range is estimated to take one month to complete. “Improvements to the shooting range will take place during the middle of the week to minimize disturbing as many visitors as possible,” says Acting District Ranger Woody Lipps. “Facility improvements, combined with an increase in security will make for an overall better experience for visitors to the shooting range.” When completed, the range will have nine new shooting benches, all covered with a shelter and insulated above to reduce sound levels. The new range will have handicap accessibility and will be available not only to local shooters, but also Boy Scouts, 4-H

clubs, VA Tech ROTC, Radford University ROTC, hunter safety classes of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and an increased presence and usage by local law enforcement. It is estimated that over 20,000 people will benefit from the range from the West Virginia and southwest Virginia area. Rick Busch, Assistant Director, Bureau of Wildlife Resources Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, had this to say about the project: “We at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries are excited about the project to substantially improve the U.S. Forest Service shooting range near Blacksburg. It’s been our privilege to work with both the Forest Service and the NRA to make this happen. The project includes expansion of the shooting stations, doubling the shooting opportunities for users at this very popular facility. And, in a first –of-its kind agreement in Virginia, the Montgomery County Sheriff ’s office has agreed to provide an enhanced law enforcement presence at the site for the next 2 years. Deputies assigned to this duty will be available to answer questions regarding rules for use of the range and provide a visual deterrent to vandalism. We’re proud to be a part of this team effort and look forward to completion of the project later this fall.” The National Rifle Association works with local governments and state and federal agencies nationwide to provide safe and accessible places for the American public to hone and refine their shooting skills.

For more information about the NRA Public Range fund, visit

Congratulations to the 2014 NRA Public Range Fund Recipients NE Hunter Education/NE Game and Parks Comm.

Lincoln Shooting Park and Education Center

NE Hunter Education/NE Game and Parks Comm.

Outdoor Heritage Shooting Park

NC Wildlife Resources Commission Town of Chugwater

Cleveland County Shooting Range Construction SE Wyoming Economic Development - Public Range

SD Game Fish and Parks

Oahe Downstream Range

ID Department of Fish and Game

Farragut Shooting Range

Meriwether County Board of Commissioners NC Wildlife Resources Commission

5 Stand/Sporting Clays/Trap & Skeet Range Project Holly Shelter Shooting Range Construction Project

SC Department of Natural Resources Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Platte County Shooting Association

Twin Ponds Range Improvements

Waushara County Public Shooting Range Improvements Shelter /Building Over Existing Shooting Benches Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 17

Shooting Sports Payments Package Payment Alliance International (PAI) is the endorsed merchant services provider for the NRA’s Business Alliance, Clubs and Associations. PAI will reduce your credit card processing costs while helping to support the association. Program Benefits n Rates starting at 0.75% n Gun Friendly credit and debit card processing n Website credit card and check processing n Mobile payment solutions for gun shows n NRA, NSSF, NASGW and SASS endorsed n Experts who truly understand your business n Easy integration with and’s check out system n NEW! 3 and 6 month deferred payment plan with up front and guaranteed funding n Digital Donations program that gives back to the NRA

Payment Alliance International and the NRA are proud to serve and protect your 2nd amendment rights For more information or to receive a no obligation rate review please call: 866.371.2273 Opt. 1 or email us at Payment Innovations for a Changing World. 18 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

NRA SS-0413

© 2013 Payment Alliance International, Inc. All rights reserved. PAI is a trademark of Payment Alliance International, Inc. Other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner.

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You can now become a Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor by taking NRA’s Online Instructor Course! You can now become a Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor Online Instructor Course! Refuse To BebyA taking Victim® NRA’s is an award-winning personal safety and crime prevention program. Refuse To Be A Victim® award-winning Participants learn how is toan improve their personal personal safety and crime prevention safety strategies, and what techniquesprogram. and tactics Participants learn how to improve their can be used to help avoid becoming easypersonal victims of crime. safety strategies, and what techniques and tactics cTopics an be used to help avoid becoming easy victims of crime. include: • Home Security • Mental Preparedness Topics include: • Physical Security • Cyber Security • Home Security • Mental Preparedness and Much More! • Physical Security • Cyber Security and Much More!

e Online Instructor Program is a great way to earn your instructor rating even with a busy schedule. Upon signing up for the course, you will be assigned to an online Regional Counselor to walk you through the training. Students are able to access the course 24/7 and have 2 weeks to Instructor complete all assignments. eway course is interactive, with an online professor available to answer along the course, way. e Online Program is a great to earn your instructor rating even with a busy schedule. Uponquestions signing up for the you will be assigned to an online Regional Counselor to walk you through the training. Students are able to access the course 24/7 and have 2 weeks to complete all assignments. e course is interactive, with an online professor available to answer questions along the way.

Ensure your community has the information to prevent crime.

Ensure your community has the information to prevent crime.

Click Here to Become an Instructor Today. Click Here to Become an Instructor Today. Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 19



he Americana 1800 Adventure Club, together with Tom Watt, Chairman of the Southern California Grant Committee of the Friends of NRA, celebrated the completion of its project to upgrade the club’s rifle range on June 12, 2014, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The goals and objectives of upgrading our existing rifle range was to accommodate bench rest and high power shooters by extending the range pad by an additional eight feet and building ten additional bench rests. The addition of a 16’ x 8’ concrete pad and 4’ walkway has also been completed. The club’s objectives to enhance the safety of its members and guests while shooting and accessing the range have been further realized by the extension of the range pad. The extension provided more space for the shooters and allows the Range Safety Officers to fulfill their important role more efficiently. Clearly, the addition of the walkway has provided a safer pathway to the range. The opportunities for club members and members of the public to shoot have increased. Instances of enjoying, experiencing, learning about, and safely participating in shooting sports, in the geographical region, have increased as well. Our range now provides closer facilities for bench rest shooters located in Southern California. Other recognized groups and organizations have benefitted from the addition of an improved and more professional shooting range, meeting the standards of the NRA in Southern California.

For more information on the American 1800 Adventure Club, please visit their website at

20 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

Our Club was established with help from the National Rifle Association on July 28, 1975. We currently have 260 members. We offer NRA FIRST STEPS orientation training throughout the year. Junior Shooting Program members are encouraged to participate in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification program. We also offer Range Safety Officer (RSO) training, Instructor Training, and participate in the Commissioned Recruiting Program. All of our weekly club matches are open to the public. We also allow other groups and organizations to use our range, e.g., International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), National Bench Rest Shooting Association (NBRSA), American Rimfire Association (ARA), and 4-H. We've also hosted youth groups from the Civil Air Patrol, Explorers, and Maclay Middle School. Shooting disciplines offered at our Club: Center Fire Rifle Pistol Rim Fire Rifle Shotgun

Skeet Trap Bench Rest Junior Shoot


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Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 21

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22 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Summer 2014

Calling all of our most

accomplished clubs!!! We want to brag about you and exemplify, “What it means to be an Outstanding NRA Club!”

... as well as $1,000 award... among other perks!

Your club could receive national recognition and status above all others as an example of what the National Rifle Association considers the BEST of the BEST of our

Clubs & Associations. All submissions must be received by December 1st 2014

For more information call (800)NRA-CLUB or email Apply online at The Donn C. DiBiasio Outstanding Club Award is presented annually to an NRA-affiliated club with a highly distinguished record of service and organization. The club selected to receive this award must epitomize the ideals to which all NRA-affiliated clubs should strive. The previous recipient of this award was the PSC Shooting Club of Friendswood, Texas. The Outstanding State Association Award is presented in honor of a state association’s effectiveness in carrying out the purposes and objectives of the National Rifle Association in their state. The recipient of this award was Illinois State Rifle Association.

2012 Outstanding Club Award PSC Shooting Club The Outstanding Youth Club Award is Recipient: Secretary, David Kimbrough presented annually to an NRA-affiliated youth club that has demonstrated noteworthy achievement in all aspects of club operation. Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club of Baltimore, Maryland received the honors last year.

2012 Outstanding State Association Award Illinois State Rifle Association Recipient: Executive Director, Richard Pearson

The Public Service Award is presented to the individual or club whose volunteer activities have been instrumental in promoting objectives of the NRA on a national level or whose activities have had a national impact on the shooting sports. The proud recipient of the 2012 Public Service Award was Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute of Chicago Heights, Illinois. The previous year's awards were given to recipients by current NRA President, James W. Porter II and Executive Director of General Operations, Kyle Weaver.

2012 Outstanding Youth Club Award Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club Recipient: Coach, Charles N. Sayre

2012 Public Service Award Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute Recipient: President, Brian C. Smith Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 23

Hunting & Fishing Destinations NRA

Announces NRA Outdoors Hunting & Fishing Destinations Program

The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce NRA Outdoors Hunting & Fishing Destinations, a new adventure travel program offering cost-effective outdoor excursions and long range marksmanship training. Previously a NRA affinity partner, NRA Outdoors has been brought in-house to complement the organization’s existing hunter-oriented services, including the Women’s Wilderness Escape, hunter clinic instructor program, Youth Hunter Education Challenge, as well as hunter education classes. NRA Outdoors has built relationships with outfitters throughout the world and maintains an extensive catalog of hunting and fishing trips featuring information on amenities, success rates, personnel, trophy photo, gear lists, and more. “My life’s work has been to seek out the best hunting and fishing trips in the world and bring outdoor enthusiasts an adventure they will never forget,” said Director of Hunter Services, NRA Recreational Programs and Ranges Greg Ray. “I’m proud NRA Outdoors has become a part of the number one organization for hunters in America and I’m excited to help NRA members enjoy their Second Amendment rights to the fullest.” Additionally, the program conducts a Long Range

24 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

School, designed to help hunters become experienced, confident, and ethical marksmen in real hunting conditions. Classes are taught by accomplished long range shooters, arming attendees with the knowledge and ability to make shots up to 1,000 yards. “NRA Outdoors is the perfect addition to the NRA’s extensive list of programs and services for hunters,” said Managing Director of NRA Recreational Programs and Ranges, Elizabeth Bush. “Backed by the resources of the organization, NRA Outdoors now has the opportunity to grow and provide even more incredible outdoor experiences and shooting instruction courses than ever before.” For more information on NRA Outdoors, contact Director of Hunter Services, NRA Recreational Programs and Ranges, Greg Ray at (918) 258-7817 or NRA Outdoors links NRA members with hundreds of the f inest hunting and f ishing outf itters around the world. Its vetting process guarantees an approved outf itter maintains a standard of quality that provides the best chance for success.

For more information about NRA Outdoors, please visit

We're Still Accepting Entries for the George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest By Kyle Jillson, NRA Media Specialist ow that summer break has come to an end and schools across America have opened their doors to a new year of learning, it's important to remember that education is not all reading, writing, and arithmetic. If you have a talent for the visual arts and would like to practice your techniques, build your portfolio, or just earn a little spending money, the George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest is for you. This year’s contest features a total of $7,000 in cash prizes and is open to artists in grades one to twelve (including home-schooled children). Interested? Artwork may be of any North American game bird or game animal that can be legally hunted or trapped in the United States or Canada. You can use any 2D medium you choose, so break out the pens, pencils, charcoal, pastels, paint, or whatever you like. The composition of your entry must be original, but photos can be used for reference. NRA membership is not required. When is the deadline? November 3. Make sure your entries are postmarked by that date. The judging will take place one week later followed by the announcement of the 2014 winners. Now, we recognize there is a large difference in skill between a first grader and a senior in high school. To make the competition a little more balanced, entries are divided into one of four categories based on the artist’s grade:


Category I for grades one through three; Category II for grades four through six; Category III for grades seven through nine; Category IV for grades ten through twelve. Entries will be judged by a panel of professional artists for their creativity, anatomical accuracy, composition, and effort. A first, second, and third place winner will be selected from each category, receiving prizes of $750, $500 and $250 respectively. Additionally, a $1,000 Best In Show prize will be awarded to the single best entry, across all categories, as chosen by our judges. George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest entry forms can be found and printed out online at http:// We also require the artist’s name, age, home address, phone number, and grade be printed on the back of the entry or on a note attached to the back of the entry in case the contest entry form becomes separated. One entry per artist will be accepted. After the winners are announced we’ll be sending everything back free of charge. It takes a while, but all entries will be returned by February 2, 2015. The NRA is not responsible for lost or damaged entries. Visit for the complete set of rules and call (703) 267-1531 or email if you have any questions. We're really looking forward to this year's contest and all the amazing pieces of art that will come in. Good luck artists!

Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 25

The National Rifle Association would like to recognize and thank Smith & Wesson for becoming the official sponsor of the NRA 3 Gun Experience program. Smith & Wesson has also demonstrated their support of NRA's recreational shooting programs by donating ten rifles and pistols to the Women's Wilderness Escape. NRA 3GE events are fun, exhilarating, and physical activities that expose new and intermediate shooters to the popular 3 gun competition. Events feature .22 or AirSoft rifles, pistols, and shotguns, and create a level playing field among participants. Although competitive, the primary focus of 3GE events is to educate shooters on the rules of the sport in a safe environment. 3GE events are a fun way to attract new shooters to your range and create thrilling experiences for club members. Smith & Wesson's sponsorship will provide participating ranges with 3GE gear, promotional materials, and certificates for staff and attendees.

26 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • Fall 2014

The Women's Wilderness Escape provides women 18 and older with an eight-day get away on the 33,000-acre NRA Whittington Center, an outdoor enthusiasts' paradise near Raton, New Mexico. Women's Wilderness Escape participants are introduced to a wide variety of shooting sports activities, hunting, and outdoor related activities with help from NRA Certified Instructors. The Escape's goal is to help women become familiar and comfortable with firearms by learning several shooting disciplines with a group of similarly experienced individuals. "We are excited to work with a renowned firearms manufacturer in Smith & Wesson," said Managing Director of NRA Recreational Programs and Ranges, Elizabeth Bush. "Together, we are looking forward to increasing interest in the shooting sports through fun, recreational shooting programs." For more info on NRA 3GE or to register an event, please visit For more info on the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape, please visit

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Fall 2014 • NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE • 27

NRA Affiliated State Associations ALABAMA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION 2009 Rodgers Dr Huntsville, AL 35811 256-534-7968 • James Moses, President ALASKA OUTDOOR COUNCIL, INC. 310 K St Ste 200 Anchorage, AK 99501 907-264-6645 • Rod Arno, Exe. Director ARIZONA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 74424 New River, AZ 85087 623-687-4251 • Noble C. Hathaway, President ARKANSAS RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 2348 Conway, AR 72033 501-327-4702 • David Joyner, President CALIFORNIA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. 271 E Imperial Hwy Ste 620 Fullerton, CA 92835 714-992-2772 • Jim Shea, President COLORADO STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION 609 W Littleton Blvd Ste 206 Littleton, CO 80120 303-663-9339 • Tony Fabian, President CONNECTICUT STATE RIFLE & REVOLVER ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 754 North Haven, CT 06473 860-480-4600 • Brad Palmer, Vice President DELAWARE STATE SPORTSMEN’S ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 94 Lincoln, DE 19960 302-697-2529 • Daniel Lindberg, Vice President

FLORIDA SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION, INC. 14629 SW 104 St #188 Miami, FL 33186 407-701-1030 • Robert Stokes, President GEORGIA SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION PO Box 1733 Macon, GA 31202 478-955-7068 • Barbara Senbertrand, President HAWAII RIFLE ASSOCIATION PO Box 543 Kailua, HI 96734 808-306-7194 • Harvey F. Gerwig, President IDAHO STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION PO Box 140293 Boise, ID 83714-4183 208-452-4183 • Neill Goodfellow, President ILLINOIS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 637 Chatsworth, IL 60921 815-635-3198 • Richard Pearson, Exe. Director INDIANA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. 7527 State Route 56 Rising Sun, IN 47040 812-534-3258 • Jerry Wehner, President IOWA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION 240 Prospect Road North Liberty, IA 52317-9660 319-626-2710 • John Klopfenstein, President KANSAS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 219 Bonner Springs, KS 66012 913-608-1910 • Patricia Stoneking, President

LEAGUE OF KENTUCKY SPORTSMEN, INC. 2500 Handy’s Bend Road Wilmore, KY 40390 859-351-7113 • Thomas J. Mansfield, NRA Liaison LOUISIANA SHOOTING ASSOCIATION 350 Quill Ct. Slidell, LA 70461 985-781-4174 • Daniel Zelenka II, President (ME) PINE TREE STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC PO Box 373 Yarmouth, ME 04096 207-882-4713 • Ronald Vaillancourt, President MARYLAND STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION 341 Whitfield Rd Catonsville, MD 21228 410-838-1734 • Margaret Clarke, President (MASSACHUSETTS) GUN OWNERS’ ACTION LEAGUE 361 W Main St Northboro, MA 01606 508-393-5333 • James Wallace, Exe. Director MICHIGAN RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 71 Marshall, MI 49068-0071 269-781-1223 • Leo Cebula, President MINNESOTA RIFLE & REVOLVER ASSOCIATION, INC. 4737 CR 101, Box 114 Minnetonka, MN 55345-2634 320-968-6898 • George Minerich, President MISSISSIPPI STATE FIREARM OWNERS ASSOCIATION PO Box 1061 McComb, MS 39649 601-341-8797 • Douglas Bowser, President

NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

NRA Affiliated State Associations MISSOURI SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION PO Box 209 Columbia, MO 65205 314-440-3811 • Kevin Jamison, President MONTANA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 48 Ramsay, MT 59748 406-868-4181 • Jamey Williams, President NEBRASKA MARKSMANSHIP ASSOCIATION PO Box 390311 Omaha, NE 68139 402-880-4868 • Bill Keil, President NEVADA FIREARMS COALITION 5575 Simmons St, Ste I-176 North Las Vegas, NV 89031 702-353-5935 • Don Turner, President GUN OWNERS of NEW HAMPSHIRE, INCORPORATED P.O. Box 847 Concord, NH 03302-0487 603-225-4664 • Mitch Kopacz, President ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUBS, INC. 5 Sicomac Rd Ste 292 North Haledon, NJ 07508 973-697-9270 • Scott L. Bach, Exe. Director NEW MEXICO SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 753 Los Alamos, NM 87544 505-286-8449 • Gayle Dye, President NEW YORK STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. 90 S. Swan Street Suite 395 Albany, NY 12210 518-272-2654 • Tom King, President

NORTH CAROLINA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 4116 Pinehurst, NC 28374 910-295-7220 • David McFarling, President NORTH DAKOTA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 228 Bismarck, ND 58502 701-255-4601 • Kevin Fire, President OHIO RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 43083 Cincinnati, OH 45243-0083 513-891-1325 • Bob Sacco, President OKLAHOMA RIFLE ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 850927 Yukon, OK 73085-0927 405-324-8498 • Charles Smith, Executive Director OREGON STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION 34423 Brewster Rd Lebanon, OR 97333 541-409-3358 • Nelson Shaw, President PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION 1573 Chestnut Grove Hwy Grampian, PA 16838 814-236-0708 • Jack Lee, President GUN RIGHTS & SAFETY ASSOCIATION of PUERTO RICO PO Box 191919 San Juan, PR 00919-1919 • Rafael Torres, President 787-691-1919 RHODE ISLAND 2ND AMENDMENT COALITION 928 Atwood Ave Johnston, RI 02919 401-944-1600 • Frank Saccoccio

GUN OWNERS OF SOUTH CAROLINA P.O. Box 211 Little Mountain, SC 29075 803-345-5761 • Gerald Stoudemire SOUTH DAKOTA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION PO Box 3 Dell Rapids, SD 57022 605-428-5488 • Tom Raines, President TENNESSEE SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION, INC. 6653 Jocelyn Hollow Road Nashville, TN 37205 615-352-3954 • Ray Harvey, President

TEXAS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200 • David Stroud, President UTAH STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION 5926 S Fashion Point Dr #200 Ogden, UT 84403 801-499-9763 • Elwood P. Powell, President VERMONT FEDERATION OF SPORTSMEN’S CLUBS, INC. PO Box 225 Lyndonville, VT 05851 802-535-7111 • Clint Gray, President VIRGINIA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 540-672-5848 • Lucien Charette, Exec. Director WASHINGTON STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. 17541 Fremont Ave N Shore Line, WA 98113 206-427-8257 • James Crosier, President

NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •


WISCONSIN FIREARM OWNERS, RANGES, CLUBS & EDUCATORS PO Box 583 Merton, WI 53056 920-687-0505 • Ted Weber, President

WYOMING STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION, INC. 625 Sweetwater St Lander, WY 82520-3044 307-335-9323 • Roger Sebesta, Secy/Treas

m a g a z i ne

NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

NRA Field Representative Directory EASTERN REGION Eastern Regional Director Bryan Hoover Area 1 (ME, NH, VT) Brian Smith Area 2 (NY) Jay Rusnock Area 3 (CT, MA, RI, NJ, Lower NY) Jim Reardon Area 4 (DE, Eastern PA) Kory Enck Area 5 (Western PA) Thomas Baldrige Area 7 (WV, Western VA, Western MD) Jim Kilgore Area 12 (Southern OH) Andrew Root Area 45 (DC, Eatern MD, Eastern VA) David Wells Area 49 (Northern OH) Marc Peugeot CENTRAL REGION Central Regional Director Chad Franklin Area 13 (Northern MO) Travis Scott Area 14 (IN) Craig Haggard Area 15 (KY) John LaRowe Area 17 (WI) Scott Taetsch Area 18 (Northern IL) Michael Huber Area 19 (MO) Gregg Pearre Area 23 (IA, NE) Tim Bacon Area 51 (MI) Allan Herman Area 52 (Southern IL) Donald Higgs SOUTHERN REGION Southern Regional Director Al Hammond Area 8 (Eastern NC) Lloyd Edwards Area 9 (SC) Charles Johnson Area 10 (GA) Brad Ward Area 11 (Northern FL) Patrick “Bret” Eldridge Area 16 (LA) Chad Bowen Area 22 (AL, MS) Gene Newman Area 42 (Western NC) Robert Doug Merrill Area 43 (TN) Mike Webb Area 48 (Southern FL) Tom Knight MID WEST REGION Mid West Regional Director Tom Ulik Area 20 (OK) Darren DeLong Area 24 (KS) Rick Chrisman Area 25 (Northern TX) Chris Griffin Area 26 (Southern TX) Liz Foley Area 27 (NM) Peter Ide Area 30 (CO) Brad Dreier Area 39 (AR) Erica Willard Area 47 (Western TX) Jack Cannon WESTERN REGION Western Regional Director Brad Kruger Area 21 (MN) VACANT -------------------------------------Area 28 (MT) Joseph Crismore Area 29 (WY) David Manzer Area 33 (ID) Steve Vreeland Area 34 (HI, OR) Mike Carey Area 38 (Southern AK) Greg Stephens Area 40 (WA) Jim Windrem Area 41 (ND, SD) Clay Pederson Area 53 (Northern AK) Josh Toennessen SOUTHWESTERN REGION Southwestern Regional Director Jason Quick Area 6 (NV) Steve Wilson Area 31 (AZ) Winston Pendelton Area 32 (UT) John Kendall Area 35 (Northern CA) Daniel Wilhelm Area 36 (Southern CA) Mike Davis Area 37 (Central CA) Paul Rodarmel Area 46 (Eastern CA) Cole Beverly Area 50 (Middle CA) Bob Anderson NRA Clubs & Associations • 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 •

Nonprofit Org U.S. POSTAGE PAID Dulles, VA Permit No. 67

NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS National Rifle Association 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030

m a g a z i n e

Club Leadership Development O









Is your club looking for new leadership? Are you a current club officer and need an update? Check out the NEW NRA Club Leadership Development Online Course to obtain your NRA Approved Club Officer Certificate. The NRA Club Leadership & Development Online Course is designed to educate current and incoming club officers and leaders in club operations, programs, and membership development.

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