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Established 1995 and published quarterly by the Field Operations Division of the National Rifle Association of America. 6SREPH07GLQIMXW

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4PER2S[XS%XXIRHXLI =IEV´W&MKKIWX'IPIFVEXMSR SJ%QIVMGER*VIIHSQ As president of this Association, I’d like to personally invite you to attend the greatest gathering in freedom’s name of the entire year, in the entire country. As one who shares your commitment to the Second Amendment, I’m calling on you to join me and tens of thousands of like-minded citizens to celebrate and safeguard firearm freedom as the birthright of all free Americans—now and in the future. Just about 10 weeks from when this magazine arrives in your mailbox, the 139th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina. I want to see you there. The enemies of our firearm freedoms need to see you there as well. Today, as terrorist fanatics, foreign governments and U.S. politicians seek to redefine, reduce or destroy the freedoms we hold dear as Americans, we who cherish those freedoms have a duty to stand and defend them from harm. I can’t think of any more vocal, visible or fun way to demonstrate that unity and resolve than by attending the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits May 13-16. When you consider all there is for your entire family to do and enjoy, I think you’ll agree. In the huge exhibit hall, you can see and handle all the latest and greatest guns, shooting accessories, reloading components, hunting gear, clothing, electronics and outdoor equipment from hundreds of manufacturers whose representatives will be there to answer all of your questions. Hunting guides from across the U.S. and around the world will be there to discuss and help you plan, price and schedule your next hunt. Chances are, your kids have learned the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe® Program in school, so they’ll be thrilled to meet the Eddie Eagle mascot there in person. Better yet, take them to the on-site air gun range for some safe, supervised shooting fun or competition. As an NRA member, you’ll have free admission to the exhibit hall. But that’s just the beginning of the fun, entertaining and educational events planned for the weekend.

Friday at noon, we’ll present the NRA 6SREPH07GLQIMXW Celebration of American 26%4VIWMHIRX Values Leadership Forum, where you’ll hear powerful, provocative and patriotic speeches from some of America’s top political leaders, opinion makers and inspirational speakers. Saturday morning, you’ll want to attend the Annual Meeting of Members to participate in the official business of our Association. There, you’ll hear official reports from NRA officers detailing the threats our freedoms face and our strategy to meet those challenges head on. Saturday evening, don’t miss the premier social event of the weekend—the Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience—featuring a nationally known patriotic keynote speaker. Seating is limited, so be sure to reserve your tickets early.

8LI26%%RRYEP1IIXMRKWKMZI QIERMRKVIPIZERGIERHZEPYIXSSYV QSWXJYRHEQIRXEPJVIIHSQPMOIRS SXLIVIZIRXSJXLI]IEV Throughout the weekend, you can attend special receptions and seminars on a variety of topics, from the NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop and Clubs and Associations Workshop, to the Annual Firearms Law Seminar and more. In addition, you’ll have opportunities to sit down, break bread and make new friends at events ranging from the National NRA Foundation Banquet Thursday evening and the Sportsmen’s Brunch and Auction Friday morning to the 2010 Prayer Breakfast Sunday morning. All weekend www.NRANews.com will be in Charlotte, broadcasting live from the exhibit hall and from key events. So be sure to stop by and say hello to hosts Cam Edwards and Ginny Simone. Or, if you can’t make it to Charlotte, catch all continued on page 5 :SPYQI2YQFIVl'09&'322)'8-32l


26%*SYRHEXMSR&ERUYIX EX%RRYEP1IIXMRK In May of this year, thousands of NRA members will gather in the racing capitol of America to show their support of the Second Amendment and the shooting sports at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings. A highlight of the week-long event is The NRA Foundation’s Auctions where attendees can bid on many unique items while helping raise funds in direct support of clubs and programs across the nation. The National NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction to be held Thursday, May 13th in the Crown Ballroom at the Charlotte Convention Center will feature a fantastic family-friendly environment. The night of fun and fund-raising will be filled with games, raffles, and live and silent auctions featuring amazing high-quality merchandise and unique firearms. At the 2010 Sportsmen’s Brunch and Auction, held the following morning in the same room, you’ll have the opportunity to bid on custom hunting rifles and once-in-a-lifetime hunts you can’t find anywhere else. It’s the premier event for the outdoor enthusiast. Both of these amazing auctions raise funds that directly impact those involved in the shooting sports, helping keep them alive and well in America. Last year, The NRA Foundation’s Auctions at the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, raised over $200,000. In Charlotte, N.C., we are expecting our biggest crowds ever and looking to break records! If you’re interested in finding out more or purchasing tickets, please visit www.friendsofnra.org/annualmeeting. Even if you can’t attend, we hope you’ll take a look at the Online Auction Catalog for a list of our generous donors, and next time you have a purchase to make, we hope you’ll think of those that support our common cause. Be part of the excitement coming to Charlotte in May and come out and support the NRA and The NRA Foundation at these electrifying auctions. These are two events at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings you won’t want to miss!

:SPYRXIIVW2IIHIHMR'LEVPSXXI Once again, the NRA is seeking volunteers to help at the 2010 NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, May 12 – 16, 2010. To a large degree, the success of each year’s NRA Annual Meeting is dependent on the contributions of our volunteers. And you can be a part of that successful effort this year! A number of volunteers are needed to help with set-up on Wednesday and Thursday, May 12 and 13, 2010 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. During the actual exhibit and meetings Friday through Sunday, volunteers will work in the NRA Store, Membership Services and the Airgun Range, as well as a number of other venues. To volunteer or for more information, visit any of NRA’s web sites or the Annual Meeting site (ZZZQUDDPRUJ). Or contact Dennis Eggers, Annual Meeting Volunteer Coordinator, at 270-522-0909. The e-mail address is '(JJHUV#QUDKT RUJ. Thank you. l'09&'322)'8-32l:SPYQI2YQFIV

2EXMSREP1IXVMG 'LEQTMSRWLMT'EYWMRK)\GMXIQIRX Excitement is building as the NRA staff prepares for the first 2010 National Metric Position and Prone Championships. The National Metric Championship will feature a Three-Position Championship and a Metric Prone Championship contested in July 2010. These Championships will be fired over two days using these two categories: metallic sights and any sights. Located just off Interstate 80, and about three hours from Camp Perry, the Wa-Ke-Da Range in Bristol, IN features a 100 point asphalt covered firing line. The range sits in a large grove of trees providing a beautiful setting and shelter from the wind; ideal for a metric competition. Competitors who like to camp will have plenty of opportunity with a KOA Campground located just a mile away from the range. In addition, the range has 20 RV hookups to support 20 early birds. Competitors who want to stay in a hotel do not need to look very far for a place to stay. There are a few hotels located about two miles from the range in Bristow and about 15 miles away in Elkhart, IN. Numerous restaurants surround the local area for competitors and staff to take advantage of. Food service will be offered at the range for folks who want something to eat during the day. The Position and Prone Team Championships will have a different twist. The teams will be made up of two shooters. The team matches will be a “paper match” with the scores coming from the Individual Championships. A Metric Team Champion and an Any Sight Team Champion will be awarded for position and prone. There will also be a National Metric Position Team Champion and a Metric Prone Team Champion whose scores will come from both the Metallic Sights and the Any Sights Team Championships. The Tournament Program is expected to be ready in March in time to begin accepting registrations beginning April 1, 2010. When a competitor or a coach calls to register and pays the tournament fee they will be given their squadding and a confirmation will be sent to them in the mail. Only 200 competitors will be accepted for the Position Championship and 200 competitors for the Prone Championship will be accepted due to range limitations. Please contact H.Q. Moody, National Manager – Rifle, NRA Competitive Shooting, for more information at (703) 2671475 or via e-mail at KPRRG\#QUDKTRUJ.

President’s Column continued from page 3 the fun at www.NRANews.com or Sirius Satellite Radio Patriot Channel 144. For many Americans, Independence Day is the year’s biggest celebration of American freedom. But, for me, the NRA Annual Meetings give meaning, relevance and value to our most fundamental freedom like no other event of the year. After all, firearm freedom sparked the American Revolution. It won America’s independence. It protects our families and helps us feed our families. And it keeps us free today. As former NRA President Charlton Heston said, the Second Amendment is our first freedom, the one right that allows all other rights to exist at all. To honor, protect and perpetuate that precious freedom, please join me and the rest of the NRA family in Charlotte May 13-16 for the 139th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Between now and then, please visit www.nraam.org for all the details on the weekend’s events. See you there!



;SQIR3R8EVKIX‹EX XLI%MV½IPH7LSSXMRK'PYF By Dale Mullin, Clinic Director Wakefield, Virginia Hurricane Ida was no longer at hurricane strength when it visited Southeastern Virginia the week of November 9, 2009, but it still boasted strong winds and lots of rain. Virginia’s Governor declared a state of emergency as the rains that started on Wednesday continued well into Friday. Some of the ladies who had signed up for our clinic the following day could not attend due to flooding, but 21 intrepid ladies did attend and what a GREAT group they were! We started the morning with a safety briefing and then divided the ladies into three groups. One group went to shoot pistols, another went to shoot rifles, and the third group went to shoot shotguns. The groups rotated on a fixed schedule and our two volunteer coordinators, Kelly and Linn, did a superb job of helping us to stay on schedule. When all of the ladies had sampled each of the three shooting disciplines, we gathered in the Airfield 4-H Center’s dining room for a very nice luncheon buffet. After everyone had eaten, ASC President Tim Drewry, told the ladies about the club and about other shooting opportunities available to them. After lunch the ladies had the opportunity to choose their favorite shooting discipline and to spend the rest of the afternoon doing more shooting in that discipline. They also had the opportunity to shoot some of their personal firearms.

We have received lots of e-mails from the ladies saying that they had a good time and learned some new things. In speaking with the instructors it is clear that the ladies weren’t the only ones enjoying the day at the range. As previously mentioned, this was a very good group and our instructors truly enjoyed working with them. Curtis Stone, one of our instructors, graciously volunteered to take photos at the event. You can read his account of the day and watch a short video clip at his blog site. KWWSVDLORUFXUWEORJVSRWFRPZRPHQRQ WDUJHWKWPO For more information about Women On Target Clinics coming to your area, contact NRA Women’s Programs at (703) 267-1398 or by visiting KWWSZZZQUDKTRUJ ZRPHQLQGH[DVS


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&VS[RIPPW26%2EXMSREP=SYXL 7LSSXMRK7TSVXW%QFEWWEHSVW NRA Youth Programs is proud to introduce the 2010 Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors and to welcome Brownells as the program sponsor. The 2010 Ambassador term promises to be a very exciting year. Returning youth organizations include: Boy Scouts of America, National High School Rodeo Association, Royal Rangers and Venturing. The program has been expanded this year to include National Scholastic Sportsman Program, USA Shooting and 4-H as well. We would like to introduce the following Ambassadors that will be representing their youth organizations and the NRA for 2010. Ben Hayes, Boy Scouts of America: Ben is 19 years old from Delaware, OH. He is presently attending Ohio State University. Jessy Hagey, National High School Rodeo Association: Jessy is 16 years old from Tremont, IL. She is currently a junior in High School. Michael Carter, Royal Rangers: Michael is 18 years old from Nampa, ID. Michael is attending Idaho State University. Amy Carter, Venturing: Amy is 19 years old and from Annapolis, MD where she is attending Anne Arundel Community College. Kyle Loyd, National Scholastic Sportsman Program: Kyle is 16 years old and from Vienna, IL. He is currently a sophomore


at his Illinois High School. Rachael Heiden, USA Shooting: Rachael is 18 years old and a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Collin Wietfeldt, NRA: Collin is 18 years old and a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador program was designed to bring a youth’s perspective on the shooting sports. The program offers participants a wide array of benefits, ranging from cash award and travel opportunities, to meeting national shooting celebrities. Not only does the Youth Ambassador program encourage growth of the shooting sports, but it also encourages increased industry support of youth shooting. The NRA invites co-op youth groups to submit their candidates for a one year term. To become an Ambassador, contact one of the NRA’s co-op youth group partners (BSA, Venturing, National High School Rodeo Association, Royal Rangers, USA Shooting and NSSP) for their criteria and selection process. For more information on the Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador Program, contact Claudia Olsen at (703) 267-1597 or via e-mail at FROVHQ#QUDKTRUJ.


























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6WDWH$VVRFLDWLRQ6SRWOLJKW 9LUJLQLD6KRRWLQJ6SRUWV$VVRFLDWLRQ State Association Hopes New Media Will Help Increase Membership By David Adams, Past President, Legislative Committee Chairman VSSA, probably not unlike many state firearm associations, has a membership that equals only a small percentage of the NRA members in the state. The question continues to come up among VSSA leadership, “How can we increase our membership?” Members drive everything in organizations like VSSA. Without annual members, there is no annual income. And without income, the organization ceases to exist. In August of 2009, VSSA applied for, and received a $5,000.00 grant from the NRA to totally revamp the association’s website. Over the last three years, NRA has sent on VSSA’s behalf, direct mail and e-mail solicitations to Virginia NRA members. The direct mail was funded in part by a grant from NRA, and the remaining costs were paid by VSSA. These measures met with some limited success but one of the things we heard from people interested in joining was “Why can’t we join online?” When the decision was made to include online memberships as one of the ways people could join the organization, VSSA decided to do this as part of a website makeover. The idea was to make it more user friendly, and integrate the other “New Media” web presence that VSSA has been building over the last two years. In 2007, VSSA created a web log (Blog) that allows information related to legislation and other news of interest to Virginia gun owners, to be posted instantly from almost any location, even by e-mail and mobile phone. In 2009, VSSA also created a Twitter account so that members and gun owners in general could subscribe to updates so they will know instantly when information has been posted on the blog. The blog address is ZZZ YLUJLQLDVKRRWLQJVSRUWVDVVRFLDWLRQEORJVSRWFRP and the Twitter page is ZZZWZLWWHUFRPYVVD. VSSA also has a YouTube channel where audio and video clips are posted of things like appearances on NRANews. com and video clips from the very successful Crush’n Clays® fundraiser benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. VSSA also has a group page on the Facebook web site. All of these resources will be hot-linked on the website home page

providing one click access for any visitor to see. The website will also include a “Members Only” section where members can make changes to their address, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as renew their membership, much like NRA members currently do on the Member Services page of the NRA website. Finally, the new website will give VSSA the capability in the future of posting digital versions of its member publication, The Bullet. Digital (online) versions of the member publication will reduce printing and mailing costs. While we will still print enough to send to members that still want hard copies, a digital version will allow members to keep a file copy indefinitely. Because the publication is a benefit of membership, the digital version will only be on the “Members Only” side of the new website. VSSA expects to have the new web page completed before the spring. We have already seen how powerful a tool the Internet can be with the success of our Reloading Clinics that were held statewide last fall. NRA-ILA posted the clinics in the weekly Grassroots Alert and we received interest from gun owners in several states and had attendees come from Delaware, Maryland, and Tennessee. It only makes sense that improving our web presence will bring success in other ways too. The “New Media” has changed the way we live, changing everything from politics to the way we watch TV. By upgrading our web presence to make better use of this new media, the association hopes to see an increase in membership and interest in what the organization does for Virginia gun owners. It should be noted that this project would not have been possible without the NRA grant. State associations should take advantage of this opportunity if you have not done so in the past.



%*MJX]=IEV8VEHMXMSR ;IPPW6M¾IERH4MWXSP'PYF Wells, Minnesota In August 1956, 10-firearm safety instructors established the Wells Rifle and Pistol Club. In October 1956, the Wells Rifle and Pistol Club became affiliated with the National Rifle Association and later became incorporated in July 1957. As of 2010, our club has expanded to more than 150 members. In the beginning phases of Wells Rifle and Pistol Club, we were able to fundraise money by hosting food stands at town celebrations. In 1960 we had our first Gun Traders Show with 30 tables rented. By 1962 we had outgrown our first location forcing us to move to our current location at U.S.C Public High School in Wells, Minnesota. With the turn of the century in place, the Gun Traders Show took on its new name, the Sportsman Trader Show, in the early 2000’s. Our trade show has significantly changed throughout the years gaining more than 100 vendors and renting out more than 300+ tables. Sportsman Trader Shows take place the second full weekend of March and is a two-day event. Items contained at this event include: modern and antique guns, knives, coins and collectibles. More than 3,500 people attend this event each year appealing to crowds of both men and women. Funds raised from our shows are used to help maintain and improve our shooting range and partial donations are given to many causes including: Ducks Unlimited, Deer Hunter Association, Pheasants Forever, NRA-ILA, USC School,

+YR7LS[MR1EMR+]Q l'09&'322)'8-32l:SPYQI2YQFIV

and community events. From our collective funds from shows throughout the years, we have been able to upgrade our facilities to better our members. Our range includes a 200 yd. highpower rifle range, trap site and installed lights for our night shooters. Along side our exciting range includes a clubhouse that was built by many of our devoted members and volunteers. This 48 x 24 ft. clubhouse was built in 1980. By the mid 80’s we were able to build a 23 ft. high tower for throwing high clay targets, which now has a portable thrower, used for shooting games. By 2002, the club purchased a 5-stand sporting clay system and in 2005, archery stands and target area were input, as well. More recently, we updated our trap range in 2008 with a new thrower, voice release, and handicap-useable shooting sidewalks. Our indoor range is used for Firearm Safety and is taught by our local instructors. As of 2010, we have welcomed over 2,000 students who have successfully completed their training at our facilities. Our gun show has been a great success for our club and our community throughout the years. From a small town of 2,600 people, the Wells Rifle and Pistol Club is very proud of its success. With the continuance of support from our community leaders and local businesses, we hope to continue strong for another 50 years.


'LIET7LSXW+YR'PYF Kingman, Arizona The Cheap Shots Gun Club holds monthly “shoot-outs” at our local range. At these “shoot-outs”, each member is scored for his or her proficiency in a particular category. Each member that places first, second, or third is then awarded a certificate of excellence at our monthly meeting. After six months, the scores from all of the “shoot-outs” are added up and the members with the highest numbers are then awarded medals. This past month we were excited to conduct our first medal ceremony. Contact Information: Tim Rosenbauer, President Cheap Shots Gun Club 3762 Potter Ave Kingman, AZ 86409 8ST6S[ 0XS6 6YH]7LIPXSR 1MOI(SVR :4 'EVP7RIIH 6SHKIV/MRK 1MHHPI6S[8MQ6SWIRFEYIV



6SGLIWXIV6SH +YR'PYF By Patricia Reinhard, Secretary New London, Ohio Nestled in a back corner of Rochester Village in Rochester, Ohio, a modest plain clubhouse stands on 49 acres. Founded in 1940, Rochester Rod and Gun has a 60-member quota with active members and a constant waiting list of people wanting to join. Headed by our President, Joe Yusko, our 60 members have yearly requirements of work, party, and meeting participation. Every month Basis First Steps or Concealed Carry, PPIH (Personal Protection in the Home), Self Defense Shooting or High Caliber Instruction is offered to each of our members. When March comes around, the absolute best Wild Game Dinner is offered by the Rod and Gun. Other events Rod and Gun participate in include the Friends of NRA Banquet in the spring and the Lorain County Fair in August. At the Friends of NRA Banquet, Rod and Gun members occupy multiple tables along with an in-house auctioneer present. When the Lorain

County Fair comes to town, an NRA recruiter is placed at an NRA tent where Rod and Gun members assist in recruiting for the NRA. This year alone, over 140 individuals were signed up! As a hunting club, we have much appreciation to the landowners in the area. These individuals permit us to hunt on their property and release pheasants, as well. Twice a year we cook a Landowner Appreciation Dinner to recognize the landowners and their families. With each approaching fall season, two important continued on page 23 :SPYQI2YQFIVl'09&'322)'8-32l


%GXMZIMR2IZEHE 7XMPP[EXIV*MVIEVQW%WWSGMEXMSR By CPO J.L. Rhodes, USN (RET), Board of Directors and Public Affairs Officer, Fallon, Nevada Stillwater Firearms Association (SFA) was incorporated as a Nevada non-profit organization in 1979. Like many organizations, SFA enjoyed periods of high tempo activity and suffered through periods of inactivity. In 2003, SFA was experiencing the latter; the membership roster indicated 62 paid members and monthly meeting attendance was typically 6 to 10. A small group of like-minded people decided it was time to revive SFA and were elected to the Board of Directors. From 2004 through 2009, membership steadily increased. In 2009 we concluded with 692 paid members with typical monthly meeting attendance of 65 to 85. So how did we do it? Became active! Hosted events! “Build it and they will come!” Some of our endeavors included: Bowling Pin/Handgun Shooting Matches, Steel Plate/Handgun Shooting Matches, Rifle “Hunter Class Style” Benchrest Shooting Matches, Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit Training Classes, “Ladies/Youth Only Introduction to Firearms Seminars,” Free “Introduction to Steel Plate Shooting” Seminars, State Legislature Lobbying Activity, Club Logo/Promotional Items Sales/Gifts, Club Dinners/Raffles Events, Shooting Range Events/Barbecues, and Press Releases to the Local Media.



Most important is to get the word out! Utilize your local newspapers and radio stations. Our local media has been very helpful and print virtually every event notice, match results, and more. The internet is also a powerful tool to utilize. Shooting forums and discussion groups are widely available, and/or build your own website. If you’re not delivering your newsletter by e-mail, do so; 82% of our membership receives the newsletter via e-mail, resulting in very significant cost savings. Host a booth at your local gun show and farmers market events. You’ll be amazed at the number of people that didn’t know your club exists and want to become a member! Invite a guest speaker and local dignitaries to your meetings and events – and publicize it. Among our guest speakers have been our Nevada governor, lieutenant governor, legislators, and several candidates for congressional seats. Visit your state legislature. Testify in support of/ opposition to pro/anti firearms related bills. I was unfamiliar with the approach in this arena until 2007 when I became active in legislative matters in our state. But I can safely say SFA has since made a positive difference in Nevada legislation! The NRA YES program is a wonderful program, which selects rising high school sophomores and juniors from across the nation to attend a week long educational experience in our nation’s capitol. Although Friends of NRA pays all expenses while in the capitol, transportation to/ from is not covered. SFA was honored to have local students selected in 2006 and 2007. For 2010, SFA is proud to offer airfare funding for any selected Nevada student. SFA “Ladies/Youth Only Introduction to Firearms” seminars have proven quite popular. Female NRA Pistol instructors provide safety instruction and a ladies’ perspective on firearms issues in a 1.5 hour weeknight classroom environment and all attendees are invited the following Saturday to our range for live fire familiarization and training under the watchful eyes and guidance of SFA Safety Officers and NRA Range Safety Officers. SFA continued on page 27





  Business Alliance The Business of Freedom. 6DYH6XSSRUW&RQVHUYH :SPYQI2YQFIVl'09&'322)'8-32l



*SVQIQFIVWSJXLI*SVOW6M¾I'PYFWLSSXMRKMWE ]IEVVSYRHTYVWYMX[LIXLIVMX´WGSQTIXMXMSRSVNYWXJSVJYR By Brad Dokken, Herald Staff Writer Reprinted with permission from the Grand Forks Herald “Okay – shooters to the line,” Danny Martin says, instructing the competitors to take their places. Danny Martin, of Emerado, N.D., oversees the Light Rifle League with club member Tim Coons. Nearly 20 shooters had gathered at the club’s indoor shooting range southwest of Grand Forks to compete in the winter Indoor Light Rifle League. Every Monday night from January through March, shooters test their skills with .22 rifles, firing two sets of 20 rounds each at five tiny targets placed on 8½ x 11-inch sheets of paper 50 feet away. They finish out the evening shooting at 20 silhouettes — five each — depicting chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams. Even with a good scope, hitting the 1-inch silhouettes at 50 feet is a challenge, but it is all part of the fun! Full slate During the winter months, different clubs and leagues will participate in weekly activities. Monday night’s, the Light Rifle League is only one of the offerings available to area shooters during the winter. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, a core of Rifle Club volunteers oversee young shooters ranging from ages 12 to 17 in the Junior Marksmanship Program. Wednesday nights is a time for some of the club’s more serious shooters who compete in the Four-Position League to test their skills from the prone, standing, sitting and kneeling positions. Lastly, on Friday afternoons, more young shooters gather to plink at targets with air rifles. For the first time this winter, the Forks Rifle Club is offering an indoor handgun league on Friday nights. “This is great for taking care of seasonal “cabin fever”,” said Tom Reiten, secretary-treasurer of the Forks Rifle Club and a member since 1977. “You can only go so long without smelling gunpowder before you go into withdrawal.” But as Reiten will attest, there’s no reason for that to happen - he shoots nearly 1,000 rounds a month. In addition to weekday leagues, the Forks Rifle Club hosts several indoor shooting matches during the winter and outdoor events during the summer. Club members can access the outdoor shooting range any time of year as long as there’s no event in progress. There is something going on, l'09&'322)'8-32l:SPYQI2YQFIV


constantly. Indoor attraction The centerpiece attraction during the winter months is the club’s indoor shooting range. Built with club funds and grants from the National Rifle Association’s Range Development Program and the Friends of the NRA Foundation, the indoor range has gratefully been open since 2004. Reiten said club members invested “a pile of sweat equity” to build the indoor range over a period of about five years, doing everything but erecting the shell of the building and some of the concrete work. The facility, which sits on the club’s 120-acre site about 15 miles southwest of Grand Forks, features a 40 x 80-foot shooting range with eight lanes and a 24 x 24-foot clubhouse. There have been several improvements since 2004, most recently the installation of overhead baffles that allowed them to open the facility for the handgun league. “It’s a huge improvement,” Reiten says, from the days when club members had to haul equipment to indoor ranges at UND and in the basement of the U.S. Border Patrol office or the four years when adult shooters trekked to Halstad, Minn., some 50 miles away, every Wednesday night during the winter due to unavailable indoor ranges. “I just smile every time I walk in the range,”


Reiten said. “We have good ventilation, a good facility and good equipment for the juniors and it’s showing. The juniors nowadays, with the equipment and the opportunity to shoot, are shooting much better scores than when we were scraping along with just the barest of equipment.” According to Reiten, the Forks Rifle Club formed in 1933 for shooters focused on competitive events. Over time, more people became interested in the range for sighting in hunting rifles and testing hand-loaded bullets. The club has been at its current location since the mid-1970s. Even during the dead of winter, the outdoor range is a popular spot for predator hunters to sight in their rifles. Reiten explains that the number of people interested in recreational shooting compared to competitive shooting has grown to about two-thirds of the adult membership. “Most of our efforts right now are focused on improving the sighting-in range for the recreational shooter,” he said. The club is planning to construct a three-sided building over the top of the outdoor sighting-in range so shooters can use the facility in inclement weather. Giving it a shot Marcus Moeglein of Reynolds, N.D., was one of the shooters competing in Monday night’s Light Rifle League. Moeglein does not hunt, yet enjoys shooting. That interest, he said, led him to try the club’s high-power rifle league last summer. For the first time this winter, Moeglein was shooting light rifle Monday nights and four-position Wednesday nights. “It’s a good way to spend a winter evening,” he said.

“It’s a nice facility, and it gets me out of the house two nights a week,” Moeglein said. Monday night, Moeglein was shooting the 1950s-vintage Montgomery Ward .22 he received as a gift when he was about 12 years old. His grandfather gave him the rifle, and it still has the same two-power scope that came with the gun. It’s not the most precise rifle, Moeglein said, but it’s fun to shoot a gun with so much history. “I’m not here to win any trophies,” he said. “It’s a personal challenge.” Monday night, Moeglein scored a 181 out of a possible 200 during his best set of 20 shots. “Any score in the 180s is pretty good,” he said. “Get into the 190s, and you’re an excellent marksman.” The Forks Rifle Club’s winter season began Jan. 4, but there’s still time to sign up for a league. Results are based on their top five scores; therefore, shooters don’t necessarily have to attend all 10 weeks of competition. A basic club membership costs $45 annually, which gives members access to the outdoor facilities throughout the year. There’s also a charge of $45 for each of the indoor leagues. Youth memberships cost $15, and they can participate in all of the events at no additional charge. “The future of the shooting sports like any sport is in getting people involved,” Reiten said. These days, the future of the Forks Rifle Club looks very bright indeed. Dokken reports on outdoors. Reach him at (701) 7801148; (800) 477-6572, ext. 148; or send e-mail to bdokken@ gfherald.com.








)RZMVSRQIRXEP1EREKIQIRXJSV7LSSXMRK 6ERKIW0IWWSRW0IEVRIH6IKEVHMRK0IEH By Stuart Z. Cohen, Ph.D., CGWP Wheaton, Maryland Shooting ranges are potentially subject to four major federal statutes in the environmental and occupational areas. They are the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA), the Comprehensive Environmental Resource, Compensation & Liability Act (CERCLA, the ‘Superfund’ law), and the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA). (The Americans with Disabilities Act and regulations administered by the BATF may also apply.) The extent to which these laws apply depend on whether: the range is indoor or outdoor; shoots over or into ‘waters of the United States’; a citizen complaint/lawsuit has been filed under one of these statutes; the range generates hazardous waste (e.g. lead or lead-contaminated soil that is abandoned or disposed, rather than recycled); and other considerations. We have been working in this area for almost 19 years. For five of those years, I also taught the subject for the NRA at its Range Development Conferences. We cannot do more than scratch the surface in the space allotted for this comprehensive subject. Therefore this article presents a few lessons we have learned - - we learned several of them the hard way - - that may help you. They follow in no particular order. Range Design and Operations. Develop, or hire an expert to develop, a Best Management Practices (BMP) program. This will go a long way toward protecting the environment, and mitigating, or even thwarting, lawsuits, news media exposés, and regulatory citations if the BMP is prominently displayed in the office or the clubhouse. Include in the BMP plan a clear schedule of actions (e.g., reclaim lead from the backstops every 5 years or million rounds, whichever comes first). Work with an environmental scientist and/or an environmental engineer in the design phase to ensure spent bullets and shot pellets do not cause the release of hazardous metal compounds to water resources and offsite. Citizen and News Media Inquiries and Attacks. Understand that risk is a function of toxicity and exposure; i.e., ‘the dose makes the poison’ (a paraphrase of a 16th century toxicologist known as Paracelsus). Lead metal in its l'09&'322)'8-32l:SPYQI2YQFIV

pure or alloy state cannot yield concentrations in soil, surface water, and ground (aquifer) water, unless it first oxidizes (like rust) and dissolves. This process happens slowly; typically 2%, 1%, or even less of the spent lead per year converts to the toxic form and migrates into the environment. Further, it is easily contained, physically and chemically. Thus it should not automatically be assumed that lead shot and bullets lying on the ground pose an imminent threat to adjacent properties and natural resources. (For you technical types, request a free copy of my chapter that explains the scientific basis for BMP measures to control lead [Rome, 2004].) The presence of lead does not necessarily constitute an unreasonable risk, but a management program should be in place (see above). Try to be open and understanding when you deal with reporters and concerned neighbors. Don’t be combative. But when you are not sure about an issue, tell them politely that you will call them back shortly after you check with someone like me or the information resources below. Broken Target Fragments. Shotgun ranges typically have piles of them. In most cases, they can simply be disposed in construction debris landfill, but you will probably have to show the landfill that the fragments have passed the EPA’s TCLP test and related tests for hazardous characteristics. These tests sum to a few hundred dollars. We have been unsuccessful in finding recycling options for these materials. We can cover more issues in a future issue. We would appreciate hearing your concerns about this subject, and we will try to address them. Useful Websites: http://www.epa.gov/superfund/

lead/guidance.htm#smallarmshooting (risk assessment at shooting ranges); http://www.environmentalandturf.com/ firing/ (our web page on shooting ranges); http://www.rangeinfo.org/resource_library/resLibDetl.cfm?CAT=Facility%20 Management&SubCat=Environmental%20Management (NSSF list of relevant publications); http://saami.org/Environment/ index.cfm (important SAAMI statement). We developed the first industry best management practices guide for firing ranges, â&#x20AC;&#x153;EPA and OSHA Compliance Guide for Small Arms Ranges: A Focus on Leadâ&#x20AC;? in January 1997. The updated and revised third edition was issued in April, 2009.

Small but Mighty! continued from page 15 activities take place. The first event is the annual Kids Fishing Derby. Each year, approximately 50 local children come with fishing poles in hand, to catch trout that is stocked for the event. The club provides hooks and needed bait. The second event is our Pheasant Release. As part of a wildlife conservation plan, Rod and Gun annually hosts a two-day event where 150 pheasants a day are released on Landowner Property. The pheasant release is a very popular event and members eagerly look forward to it. On a monthly basis, the Rochester Rod and Gun offers Family Trap Shooting. This event offers club members and relatives/friends of club members to come with long gun in hand and shoot clay targets under our recently built, enclosed, clay target-shooting house. This year, Rochester Rod and Gun started Tactical Shooting at the club that is available to all members. For the confident shooters, Fun-N-Gun is an annual OFCC (Ohioans for Concealed Carry) fundraiser. This event is a combination of basic tactical training and IDPA type scenarios shoots. It is geared for both beginning and advanced shooters, and is held regardless of weather. In January of 2009, our club voted and changed our by-laws, requiring every member to belong to NRA. The vote was passed unanimously, and briefly we not only joined the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association, but also became a 100% NRA member club. In doing so we also created a web site, and began monthly newsletters along with setting up e-mail

communication systems for our members regarding meetings, events, and work parties, and building usage availability. We are extremely proud of all our achievements we have been able to accomplish. Want to practice your handgun skill or maybe sight in your rifle? Our new four bay pistol range will accommodate that goal, as well as our brand new 100-yard range! Precious items come in plain wrappers. Some clubs may be fancier and bigger. Some clubs may be smaller. Rochester Rod and Gun, however, is a mighty force. Our leadership is strong. Our members are active, interested, and 100% NRA dedicated!








4MIVGI&YPPIX7IEP8EVKIX7]WXIQW 4PIHKIW3RI1MPPMSR(SPPEVWXS&IRI½X XLI2EXMSREP6M¾I%WWSGMEXMSR FAIRFAX, VA – Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems has pledged one million dollars to benefit the National Rifle Association (NRA). The announcement was made by Dennis Pierce, President of Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems on January 20, 2010 during the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems is a long-time supporter and sponsor of the NRA’s Competitive Shooting programs and is now expanding its involvement by securing the future of the association. “I have been very blessed with a prosperous business and now the time has come to redouble our efforts to strengthen the Second Amendment and the shooting sports. There has never been a more important time to support the work of the NRA and I hope others will come forward and join us in investing in the future of freedom,” said Pierce. Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems manufactures, sells, and installs state-of-the-art shooting targets, target backers (frames), uprights, number boards, repair kits, and ammunition/utility boxes. Pierce target systems are all-weather proof, withstanding temperatures over 150 degrees and below zero. The frames can be shot on in the rain and heat, and responds very well to high winds. The company’s reach is worldwide with a diverse client-base that includes military, private shooting ranges, and law enforcement agencies. “We are grateful for Pierce Bullet Seal Target System’s distinguished philanthropic leadership,” commented Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President. “Dennis Pierce’s innovative vision for his company and his generous spirit will benefit all Americans now and for years to come.” To learn more about making a gift to benefit NRA programs, contact Nicole Capossela, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, NRA Office of Advancement, (703) 267-1122 or visit ZZZQUDJLYHFRP.



(YGO&YGOGSQ3RPMRI2IX[SVO JSV,YRXMRKERH*MVIEVQ)RXLYWMEWXW In November of 2009, DuckBuck.com was launched by LHG Enterprises, a Texas corporation. DuckBuck.com is a free, state-of-the-art, online network for hunting and firearm enthusiasts. The site hosts many free tools for its users, including a personal or business profile, forums, blogs, games, photo albums, videos, classifieds, event announcements and many additional features. The site is a great way for hunting outfitters, firearm dealers, hunting supply businesses, taxidermists, and other organizations to advertise their services. This site is a great place for hunters to discuss their year while providing opportunities for friendships to build through the sport. The site is relatively new, but is growing rapidly with thousands of visits daily, and members from all over the country. DuckBuck.com proudly promotes the NRA on the home page of its site, offering the opportunity for all members and guests to join the NRA. Contact Information: Tyler Gentry Vice President LHG Enterprises, Inc. 806.741.1247 www.lhginc.com www.lhgarms.com www.duckbuck.com


0MQTSTS%VQW Situated in the heart of the Towers Business Centre, Limpopo Arms is just a stone throw away from OR Tambo International Airport in East Rand, South Africa. Limpopo Arms has a well-equipped and organized stock shop where one can find accredited and competent staff to assist you with all your outdoor and hunting needs. Our supplies include ammunition, clothing, wing shooting, bow hunting, and security and camping accessories all in one location. This store not only offers hardware for this exciting hobby, but also provides assistance in planning a safe and pleasant trip. At Limpopo Arms, we value our customers and are always pleased to service them. At Limpopo Arms, we strive to assist you in any means possible. We have a variety of handguns, shotguns and rifles for those who collect for hobby or sport. We also offer assistance in applying for licensing and pride ourselves in excellent service and knowledge of our products and relaying them from staff to customer. Custom clearanceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and airport transfer services also offered. Clothing brands such as Old Camo, Sniper, Wolverine, Winchester, Remington, RWS, Lee, RCBS, Lyman, are all available in our store to match your required need of use. Visit us or our blog on KWWSZZZOLPSRSRDUPVLEORJFR]D and have a look at our stock list, contact details provided for assistance.

Active in Nevada continued from page 16 members provide a variety of firearms and SFA funds the ammunition costs; the fee to attend both is only $5. SFA Free â&#x20AC;&#x153;Introduction to Steel Plate Shootingâ&#x20AC;? seminars have also proven popular to the public. This seminar provides everyone a chance to see what steel plate match shooting is all about! We frequently hear shooters say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I like to shoot, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not good enough to compete.â&#x20AC;? We have just the solution! All shooters are classed by shooting ability, from Master Class through Classes A, B, and C (novice/beginner). The seminar covers match format, range safety, shooting tips, and live fire at steel plate targets at 15 yards. The only requirement is a solid knowledge of safe firearms handling. SFA Safety Officers and NRA Range Safety Officers supervise the event. Host a shooting match! This can be as formal or informal as you like; but, ensure you host a quality event. Providing shade, water, and even lunch will go a long way. Keep entry fees reasonable and award inexpensive trophies, plaques, medals, mugs, etc. Sure, it is competition, but keep it friendly and helpful â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and never discount the â&#x20AC;&#x153;socialâ&#x20AC;? aspect of events. Nothinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to it! It just takes some time and effort! The possibilities are endless in how to productively impact your club in your local area. Stillwater Firearms Association is dedicated to promoting public interest, skill and safety in the use of firearms, target shooting and social recreation for its members as well as the public at large. SFA is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program. For more information, visit www.stillwaterfirearms.org, call President Elynda Long, (775) 867-2224 or Vice President Alan Frank, (775) 217-6218, or write: Stillwater Firearms Association P. O. Box 665 Fallon NV, 89407 %QSRXLP]QIIXMRKEX7XMPP[EXIV*MVIEVQW%WWSGMEXMSR


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• Mr. Eric Pueppke, President PO Box 228 Bismarck, ND 58502 701-967-8450 cpueppke@polarcom.com • Mr. James Ladwig, Vice President 1102 Main Ave. Fargo, ND 58103 701-232-9440 james@curtslock.com  [[[RHWWESVK

• Mr. Paul Boiani, President P.O. Box 41148 Providence, RI 02940 401-233-0771 office • Mr. Donn C. DiBiasio, Secretary P.O. Box 17452 Smithfield, RI 02917 401-233-0771 office

OHIO RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. G. Martin Capito, Vice President 175 W. Main St. New London, OH 44851 419-929-0307 gmcapito@gmail.com • Mr. Keith V. Bailey, Secretary 175 W. Main St. New London, OH 44851 419-929-0307 kvbguns@msn.com  [[[SVTERIX



GUN OWNERS OF SOUTH CAROLINA • Mr. Gerald Stoudemire, President P.O. Box 211 Little Mountain, SC 29075 803-945-7677 home • Ms. Peggy Bodner 1080 Pinecrest Dr Rock Hill, SC 29732 803-329-8668 mbodner@comporium.net  [[[KSWGSVK

SOUTH DAKOTA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION • Mr. Tom Raines, President P.O. Box 3 Dell Rapids, SD 57022 ltraines@sio.midco.net • Mr. Bruce Plate, Vice President 605-6248418 shooterplate@hotmail.com  [[[WHWLSSXMRKWTSVXWSVK

TENNESSEE SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION, INC. • Mr. Ray W. Harvey, Jr., President 6653 Jocelyn Hollow Road Nashville, TN 37205 615-352-3954 tnssa@earthlink.net • Mr. Ralph Walker, Secretary 1436 Right Prong Blue Buck Road Duck River, TN 38454 615-662-9116 Ralph.walker@columbiastate.edu  [[[XIRRIWWIIWLSSXMRKWTSVXWEWWSGMEXMSRSVK

TEXAS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION • Dan Walker, President 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200 dwalker@aeps.us • Mr. Charles Cotton, Executive Director 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 300 Austin, TX 78752 512-615-4200 ccotton@tsra.com  [[[XWVEGSQ

UTAH STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION • Mr. Elwood P. Powell, President 4834 Van Buren Avenue Ogden, UT 84403 801-595-1701 office 801-622-2200 fax 1dpowell@sisna.com • Mr. Ralph Schamel, Vice President 801-277-4016 vicepresident@usrpa.org  [[[YWVTESVK

VERMONT FEDERATION OF SPORTSMEN’S CLUBS, INC. • Mr. Clint Gray, President PO Box 225 Lyndonville, VT 05851 802-467-8445 • Mr. Evan Hughes 16 Milestone Blvd. Barre, VT 05641 802-272-8544 VTGUNS@aol.com  [[[ZXJWGSVK

VIRGINIA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION Mr. Lucien Charette, Executive Director P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 540-672-5848 office vssamain@verizon.net Ms. Andrea T. Smith, Secretary/Treasurer P.O. Box 1258 Orange, VA 22960 540-672-5848 office/fax andrea.smith@myvssa.org [[[Q]ZWWESVK

WASHINGTON STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Ken Littlefield, President president@wsrpa.org â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Duane Hatch, Secretary PO Box 382 DuPont, WA 98327 253-853-7533 secretary@wsrpa.org [[[[WVTESVK

WEST VIRGINIA STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Barry Hogue, President 1220 Philippi Pike Clarksburg, WV 26301 304-624-5363 â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Richard C. Whiting, Secretary Rt. 1, Box 272-2 Buckhannon, WV 26201 304-623-6093 Mountaineer063@yahoo.com [[[[ZEWVTESVK

WI~FORCE â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Jeff Nass, President N615 Silver Lane Pulaski, WI 54162-8320 920-687-0505 nass@athenet.net â&#x20AC;¢ Gary Nichols, Secretary W271N7055 Hansen Dr Sussex, WI 53089 262-246-3317 [[[[VTEGSQ

WYOMING STATE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION, INC. â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Mark Spungin, President P.O. Box 94 Guernsey, WY 82214 307-836-2188 home â&#x20AC;¢ Mrs. Beverly Spungin, Vice President P.O. Box 94 Guernsey, WY 82214 307-836-2188 home â&#x20AC;¢ Mr. Roger Sebesta, Secretary/Treasurer 625 Sweetwater Street Lander, WY 82520 307-335-9323 wssa@wyoming.com [[[[]WWESVK


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Â&#x2C6;1MH;IWX6IKMSREP(MVIGXSV %VIE 3/  %VIE 12  %VIE -%2)  %VIE /7  %VIE 21  %VIE 18  %VIE ;=  %VIE '3  %VIE 2(7( 



;)78)626)+-32 Â&#x2C6;;IWXIVR6IKMSREP(MVIGXSV %VIE %>  %VIE 7-()EWXIVR2:98  %VIE 2SVXLIVR-()EWXIVR;%  %VIE ,-36  %VIE 2SVXLIVR'%  %VIE 7SYXLIVR'%72:  %VIE 'IRXVEP'%  %VIE %/  %VIE ;IWXIVR;%  %VIE )'%;2: 




Â&#x2C6;'IRXVEP6IKMSREP(MVIGXSV %VIE 7SYXLIVR3,  %VIE -2  %VIE /=  %VIE ;-  %VIE 2SVXLIVR-0  %VIE 13  %VIE 82  %VIE 2SVXLIVR3,  %VIE 7SYXLIVR1-  %VIE 7SYXLIVR-0  7398,)626)+-32



'09&'322)'8-32 National Rifle Association 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030






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Club Connection Volume 15, Issue 1  

NRA Club Connection Quarterly Magazine, an official publication of the National Rifle Association for clubs, associations and ranges

Club Connection Volume 15, Issue 1  

NRA Club Connection Quarterly Magazine, an official publication of the National Rifle Association for clubs, associations and ranges

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