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Piers Park Sailing Center Annual Report 2017

Dear Friends, I am humbled and overjoyed by your incredible support this year. 2017 provided us with a lot to celebrate. We recovered from a difficult financial deficit and returned the strongest year in our 19 year history programatically, financially, and through the impact we created for hundreds of children, seniors, military veterans, and people of all level of physical ability and cognitive typicality. Sailing is unique. It makes us stronger as a community because of the bonds it creates between people. Piers Park Sailing Center changed my life as a child. The experiences I had sailing Boston Harbor and exploring its islands were incredible, but it was the relationships with the mentors and peers I met here that stayed with me years later. To return this year as Executive Director has been a great honor. Some of our best highlights this year include a new and dynamic Board of Directors, new programming for military veterans, the acquisition of a new sip-and-puff system for quadriplegic sailors, the reinstatement of the East Boston High School Sailing Team, and for the first time ever, year-round Ocean Science After School programming. To me, perhaps the best indicator of our success is in our staff. Of the 26 sailing instructors employed at PPSC this year, all 26 learned to sail here in their childhood. We are more committed than ever to our mission of inclusive empowerment through community sailing, and we are able to live our values of inclusion, empowerment, mentorship, and equal access because of your support. When you stand up for Piers Park Sailing Center, you send a strong message: that you believe in the power of teamwork, confidence through experience, and accessibility for all. Thank you.


Alex J. DeFronzo Executive Director

Dear Friends, By supporting Piers Park Sailing Center, you are not just sustaining a positive community program. You are enabling a growing community to experience prosperity and learning through something incredible and unique. Having grown up attending the youth sailing programs, I can speak first-hand about the impact created by Piers Park Sailing Center’s programs. Our aim is to have the children, adaptive sailors, and the community at large experience the same effect we did; to feel that they can develop unique skills, gain confidence and new responsibilities, begin working, or just connect to the Harbor and have fun with friends on the water. Piers Park Sailing Center is not just a summer camp to our youth sailors. Many grow through the program to become young adults that mentor new generations of students with the knowledge gained over weeks, months, and even years of time spent with us on the water. Each and every one of our instructors in the 2017 season came to us in years prior as students in our Science of Sailing and Harbor Explorers programs, later honing their skills through our Future Leader training. The generational knowledge and community spirit they bear ensures that Piers Park Sailing Center will continue to enrich the lives of every person it serves.    Thank you for helping us make this possible.


Daniel Moreno Operations Director

 Youth Programs TOTAL SERVED: 1,087 OUT OF SCHOOL & SAILING AFTER SCHOOL: 144 Out of School Time: 96 EBHS Sailing Team: 12 Sailing After School: 36 SUMMER PROGRAMS: 943 Harbor Explorers: 217 Science of Sailing: 369 Community Sailing : 357


 Adaptive Programs TOTAL SERVED: 438 VETERANS PROGRAMS: 65 Heal on the Water – Bedford & Brockton VA Heidrea for Heroes & Adaptive Scholarships ADAPTIVE YOUTH: 303 Heated Lions Basketball East Boston Neighborhood Health Center CATCH Program Cotting School Charlestown Public Schools Riverview School Massachusetts Alexander Graham Bell School Inclusive Youth Development Program ADAPTIVE ADULT: 70 Charlestown Waterfront Coalition/Spaulding Adaptive Day Path-Way Walnut Street Center

 Community Programs TOTAL SERVED: 904 Adult Learn to Sail: 41 Adult Returning Members: 138 Opening Day Celebration: 184 ICA Play Date: 228 Eastie Pride Day: 280 East Boston Community Soup Kitchen Appreciation: 33





In 2017, Piers Park Sailing Center increased enrollment from the CREW area (Chelsea, East Boston, Revere, and Winthrop) by going into schools to recruit participants. More than 749 children from East Boston set sail on Boston Harbor in 2017, the most of any season in PPSC’s 19 year history. Piers Park Sailing Center remains the only public access point to Boston Harbor from East Boston. The program is 100% accessible and more than three quarters of students qualify for financial need and sail for free. All students in the summer program receive a free lunch Monday through Friday. Every Friday in July and August, students sail to one of the Boston Harbor Islands to explore the history and ecology. Inclusion means Piers Park Sailing Center is accessible to everyone. This year our sailors identified more than 40 different diagnoses. This season, PPSC’s new sip and puff system, designed for quadriplegic sailors, helps them to take the helm. The new equipment was purchased with support from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust. There is no limit to what we can achieve in an inclusive environment.

“ M “ O

ur son Christian, who is 11, has participated in Harbor Explorers, the Science of Sailing, and Learn to Sail. He begs to go back to Piers Park Sailing Center every summer because, in his words, ‘You learn to sail, meet new friends, and learn in a fun way.’ We’ve seen his confidence improve as a result of sailing, as well as his knowledge of sailing. In fact, he impresses his friends and adults with the sailing terminology he’s picking up. PPSC is such a valuable resource to the East Boston, and our family is better because of it.” y son Sam has been attending Piers Park since he was

seven years old. He looks forward to Piers Park every year - he loves being out on the water all summer, he loves the Sonars and, as an Eastie kid who hasn’t attended school in East Boston since he was four, he loves spending the summer in his own neighborhood. This past summer was his second as a Future Leader and it was his favorite season yet. He spent more time out on the water than any other season, he had some really fun opportunities to race, and he worked more closely with the instructors that he ever had before. He may have known this before, but the lesson he most learned this summer was how vital it is for instructors to be inclusive and thoughtful and kind when teaching diverse groups of kids. I’m so grateful that he’s involved with an organization that models inclusiveness as Piers Park does, and that Sam has had so many wonderful opportunities on and off the water for these past eight years.”


oyce has been attending Piers Park Sailing Center since summer of 2014. She absolutely loves being on the water and PPSC has given her the opportunity to learn and explore the wonders of the ocean! Joyce looks forward to meeting new friends and bonding with the instructors every summer and now, in the after school sessions. It’s great to see how much knowledge and leadership skills she’s gained from being in the program. She hopes to become an instructor one day!”




Revenue By Category



 Grant Funding



 Program Income



 Direct Public Support



 Special Events Income



 Board Member Contributions



 Sale of Boats



Statement Of Financial Position As of October 31, 2017



















Total Liabilities and Equity


Accrual Basis Fiscal Year 2017 (11/1/16-10/31/17)


Brett Van Gelder: Chair GE Piers Park provides me the ability to support a great cause and promote one of my passions (sailing ) at the same time. The mission of PPSC, specifically the adaptive component, resonates with me on a very personal level. One of my dear friends is a world class adaptive (Paralympic silver medalist) sailor, and I have seen first-hand the impact and restorative power sailing can have. I am proud to have served the community and mission of Piers Park as a BOD member for the past 10 years.

John Peter Dunn: Vice Chair RETIRED Piers Park provides an opportunity to “give back” in a way that is meaningful to me. I’ve seen that learning to sail empowers people, including my own children in their youth.

Michael Bruno: Treasurer COMPETITIVE POWER VENTURES Piers Park Sailing Center provides unique opportunities that in many cases are otherwise unattainable. My experiences as a child at Piers Park Sailing Center have had a huge impact on my life and provide the motivation to work toward a sustainable future for the sailing center that provides access for everyone in the community for many years to come.

Mary Cole: Clerk RETIRED When I moved to East Boston in 2016, I was excited about the opportunity to work with Piers Park Sailing Center. Over thirteen years as a volunteer sailing instructor for the Houston Girl Scouts, I saw the impact that sailing has on young people.  Sailing rewards hard work, while teaching responsibility and independence.

Shannon Viera, RN HOME CARE AGENCY Piers Park Sailing provided me with a purpose, sense of direction and supportive community during my teenage years. I want to be here to ensure local youth continue to benefit from all it has to offer, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Jane Derderian BOSTON HARBOR CRUISES Piers Park Sailing Center embraces the leadership and empowerment training that enabled me to pursue a career in a field dominated by people unlike me. Providing this opportunity for all people has immeasurable value, and I am determined to support future generations of conscientious leaders.

Michael Hansen


Timothy Brown SOLSTICE Piers Park Sailing Center taught me how to sail, and in doing so gave me an empowering new way to enjoy and appreciate the ocean. Every summer, I see PPSC instructors doing the same for hundreds of local kids.

Coleman Nee TRIANGLE, INC. As kid growing up in Boston to working-class parents, I would never have known the joy of sailing or the beauty and peacefulness of the Harbor and its islands were it not for a non-profit community sailing center. Piers Park Sailing inspires me every day to share this experience with new generations of Boston youth, as well as building a culture where all of residents can experience our natural resources, regardless of economic status or ability to pay.

Mark Whitney WHITNEY LAW GROUP As a 20+ year keel-boat racer, I know the mental discipline and physicality that sailing and racing involves. PPSC’s work of offering sailing and racing to a broad audience, especially with children who might have trouble affording it, is what attracted me to the Board.

Robert Hughes, MD MD² Boston I learned to sail in Boston Harbor. It changed my life, all for the better, and I want to help others share that experience.

Maureen McKinnon US SAILING As a past director of the Adaptive Program, a Paraplegic, mother of a youth sailor and a Paralympic Gold Medalist, I remain interested in the unique space Piers Park holds in the recreation world to provide affordable and accessible sailing to all.

Johanna Young GIBSON SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY I want to ensure the experience and skill set I received through sailing as a student and instructor is available and affordable to a diverse membership across the Greater Boston area.

Tim Gover NAVY BLUE CRUISE I approached Piers Park Sailing with a partnership idea. Seeing the work they are doing for the youth of East Boston I simply feel compelled to want to be involved. I see the constant struggle of raising funds to keep the program viable and hope to help PPSC achieve success.

Alex DeFronzo: Executive Director Alex first became involved with Piers Park Sailing Center in 2001 as a child in the Inclusive Youth Development Program. He learned to sail at PPSC and the program inspired him to become more involved in community building and outreach. Alex went on to manage a number of group homes and worked in development for the Northeastern Family Institute of Massachusetts, a nonprofit human services agency. He returned to PPSC in the spring of 2017 as Executive Director. Alex holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University. “Piers Park Sailing Center truly changed my life as a child and teen. To be able to return and serve an organization that had such a profound impact on my life is a great honor and responsibility. Seeing so many children experience the same incredible adventures that I had in my youth brings me a colossal amount of joy.”

Daniel Moreno: Operations Director Daniel was also introduced to sailing and Boston Harbor through Piers Park’s programs in his childhood. He refined his skills serving as crew on ships on the harbor and racing competitively in local regattas. Having skippered and maintained boats from 13ft to 30ft long, Daniel has collected a vast bank of marine knowledge, fundamental to the sustained operation of the fleet and facilities. Daniel works to make sure Piers Park’s sailing, racing, and adaptive programs are equipped to provide safe and enjoyable education and recreational experiences for everyone. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and has been a resident of East Boston since emigrating from Colombia in 1994. “Sailing provides a sort of freedom that can’t be found elsewhere. Regardless of where someone is from, what they do for work, or how old they are, they can escape to the open air to find comfort”

Catherine Domina: Youth Program Director Catherine has been part of Piers Park since 2007. She started as a student in the youth program and worked her way up from Future Leader to Instructor to Assistant Youth Coordinator; since 2013, she has steered the helm of our youth program as Youth Program Director. Catherine graduated Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, studying the humanities on their New Hampshire and Rome campuses. In the off-season, she teaches high school math in Winthrop, and enjoys coaching their sailing team during the spring. “Working in the youth, adult, and adaptive programs throughout my time here, I have been part of all the great things Piers Park has to offer.”

Jasmine Nijjar: East Boston High School Sailing Coach Jasmine joined Piers Park’s programs when she turned 8 years old. After developing her sailing skills and knowledge of marine ecology over several summers, she began to mentor others. She has since honed her sailing and teaching skills further, and now leads the East Boston High School Sailing Team into their first competitive season against other Massachusetts based schools. Jasmine works through the winter months to help prepare the fleet and facilities for another successful summer season. “Piers Park Sailing Center has provided me with many opportunities to grow my passion for sailing and share that passion with others.”

Kim Anastas: Grant Writer Kim plays a major role in PPSC’s development as an organization. For ten years, Kim served as the Grant Manager for the YMCA of the North Shore. She brings great experience and stewardship to PPSC along with a deep knowledge of the philanthropic sector in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “I am so proud to be a small part of Piers Park Sailing Center. It is truly an organization that does a lot of good on a small budget! I am amazed at how many deserving children and teens benefit from the summer and after-school programs at little or no cost to their families. When visiting the center, you can see that the staff are caring, kind and devoted.  The children are engaged and happy; to see their faces light up as they maneuvered a boat, touched a crab, or participated in a team-building activity was very rewarding. The Board of Directors’ commitment to the Center’s mission, vision and success are impressive. Executive Director Alex DeFronzo’s passion for the organization’s continued growth and success is unbridled and contagious!”

Staff Joseph Bosco

Garrett Ruszkowski

Paula Diez

Bashir Sahrour

Giulia Fenton

Omar Sahrour

Ali Ferhani

Isabel Skomro

Nicole Forina

Manuela Villa Gomez

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Adam Vitale

Erick Morales Claire Ohman Therese Ohman Harley Petrillo Dante Pina Zachary Polizzi Cameron Pozark Cristopher Rivera


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PPSC 2017 Annual Report  

2017 Annual Report for Piers Park Sailing Center. Located on the waterfront in East Boston, Massachusetts, Piers Park Sailing Center (PPS...

PPSC 2017 Annual Report  

2017 Annual Report for Piers Park Sailing Center. Located on the waterfront in East Boston, Massachusetts, Piers Park Sailing Center (PPS...