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Building Green, Respecting the Environment, and Protecting People.

As a member of USGBC, Nox-Crete supports the LEED program and the adoption of green building processes. This brochure is intended to provide a basic overview of the ®

contributions Nox-Crete products can make in conjunction with a project’s LEED certification application, based on LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations

Green Engineered™ Products

Rating System. The final determination of points calculation is decided by the certification bodies as set by the USGBC. To learn more about LEED online, visit

Complying Products


Complying Products

Today’s design and construction professionals must navigate constantly changing benchmarks for sustainable design, project certifications, environmental protection and worker safety. Understanding how Nox-Crete products can help achieve green building processes and project certifications can help you make the right product choices for your

When selecting products for use on projects seeking LEED certification, remember: • LEED and the USGBC do not certify, endorse or otherwise approve contractors, products or construction processes. Only a project can earn LEED certification. • Only chemical products which are permanently installed on a project can help achieve points.

For more information on LEED, visit Products are not reviewed or certified under the LEED Rating System. LEED credit requirements cover the performance of materials in aggregate, not the performance of individual products or brands.

Managed by the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provides third-party review and certification of a building’s green status using a set of defined criteria established by the USGBC. There are currently multiple LEED systems available, including systems for New Construction, Existing Buildings, Core & Shell, Schools, etc. LEED is used by people who design, own, build, finance, sell, maintain and tax buildings in the United States as a benchmark for the impact that a building has on the environment. Nox-Crete is a member of the USGBC and supports the Council’s efforts in sustainable design.

company and your projects.


Safer For People & The Environment

Our Green Engineered™ line of performance-driven products have all been manufactured with the world in mind by using safer raw materials.


Our Green Engineered™ product line is manufactured using safer raw materials and includes products that are:

• Low VOC • Low Odor • Water Based • Biodegradable

Products may offer one or more of these advantages. Read individual Product Data Sheets for specific attributes.

Green Engineered™ Products Nox-Crete has been involved in developing products that are safer for both people and the environment since the early 1980s. From this has come our Green Engineered™ line of products.

health. Water based products also are low odor, creating both a more pleasant environment for workers during the construction process and for afteroccupancy tenants.

The cornerstone of our Green Engineered™ concept is our research and development of water based products. By using water based products, the impact on non-renewable resources such as petroleum and its distillates is reduced.

Green Engineered™ products from Nox-Crete are performance-driven and designed to the highest quality standards using safer raw materials.

Workers who apply water based products are exposed to fewer harmful substances. The low VOC nature of water based products lessens both the impact on air quality and on workers’

With Green Engineered™ products, design and construction professionals can meet the expectations for project design and construction without compromise to product performance or the world we share.


Concrete Cleaners


Cures & Sealers

Bro-Cure Cure & Seal 100, 150 & 250 E Cure & Seal 1315 LVOC

Bio-Strip Cure & Seal 1200 E Eco-Seal XF/XO/XC Res-Cure DH / DS

Decorative Stains/Sealers

Sparkl-Seal E Sparkl-Seal LVOC


Floor Coating Systems

Dauercast DQ Dauerseal SQ Dauergrout E

Blast-Off Deactivator E

Form Release Agents

Alumi-Con Alumi-Nox E Bio-Nox Form Clean E Nox-Crete Form Coating E Nox-Crete Form Coating EB

Dauerseal 60E Dauerseal 30E

Form Clean E

PCE Pallet-Nox PR80 E Pro-Release RA #10 E Utility Release

Dauercast SQ/DQ• Epoxy/Resin Broadcast Quartz Flooring Systems Dauergrout E• Epoxy/Polyurethane Copolymer Flooring System Duro-Nox• Silicate Based Hardener/Sealer Duro-Nox LS• Lithium Silicate Based Hardener/Sealer Duro-Nox LSC Controlled Performance Liquid Floor Hardener Duro-Polish Low VOC• Synthetic Polymer Floor Polish Duro-Polish Plus Low VOC• Synthetic Polymer Floor Polish & Stain Blocker

MR 3

5% & 10% Building Material & Product Reuse

Regional Materials

MR 5

10% & 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally

Nox-Crete products are manufactured in our Omaha, Nebraska area production facilities. Choosing Nox-Crete products for use on projects within a 500-mile radius will help to reduce the impact on transportation emissions which can occur when products are not selected regionally and must travel extended distances to reach the project site.

Indoor Environmental Quality


Hardeners & Polishes Duro-Nox Duro-Nox LS Duro-Nox LSC

Low-Emitting Materials Duro-Polish Duro-Polish Plus

Joint Fillers & Joint Filler Stain Blocker

Dynaflex JF-85 Dynaflex 502

Tilt-Up Cure & Bondbreakers

Silcoseal Select Silcoseal LVOC

Clean Shave

IEQ 4.1

Adhesives & Sealants

Dynaflex JF-85• Polyurea Joint Filler Dynaflex 502• Epoxy Joint Filler

Low-Emitting Materials

IEQ IEQ 4.2 4.3 Silcoseal 2000F

Surface Set Retarder

Maintain 55, 75 or 95% of existing walls, floors & roof / Maintain 50% interior non-structural elements

Materials Reuse

Form Treatments

Crete-Nox TA

Water Repellents/Sealers

Materials & Resources

The following products can assist in the restoration and improvement of existing concrete floor slabs, MR 1.1 & MR 1.2, and reducing the need for virgin building materials, MR 3.

MR MR 1.1 1.2


800-669-2738 • 402-341-2080

Nox-Crete is a member of the USGBC and supports green building initiatives.

Building Reuse

Evaporation Reducer

Complying Products

In accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating Systems, Nox-Crete has determined that the products listed below can contribute to the acquisition of points in the indicated LEED categories.

Bonding & Patching Agents

Form Maintenance & Cleaning ®

Stifel GC Stifel VC Stifel SC More information about our Green Engineered™ products is available online at

Paints & Coatings / Flooring Systems

Dauercast SQ/DQ• Epoxy/Resin Broadcast Quartz Flooring Systems Dauergrout E• Epoxy/Polyurethane Copolymer Flooring System Cure & Seal 100 E• Curing & Sealing Compound Cure & Seal 1200 E• Curing & Sealing Compound Eco-Seal XO/XC• Curing & Sealing Compound Duro-Nox• Silicate Based Hardener/Sealer Duro-Nox LS• Lithium Silicate Based Hardener/Sealer Duro-Nox LSC High Solids Floor Hardener Duro-Polish• Low VOC Version Synthetic Polymer Floor Polish Duro-Polish Plus• Low VOC Version Synthetic Polymer Floor Polish & Stain Blocker

• These products are also Green Engineered™

Green Engineered and LEED Guide  

Nox-Crete products listed in this brochure can contribute to the acquisition of points in the indicated LEED categories.

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