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Cover photo by Andrea Mead Cross on location in Flagstaff, Arizona with pro rock climber, Sierra Blair-Coyle.


Brittany Lincicome playing in the 2018 PGA Barbasol Championship. Photo by Sterling Sports Management



She is one of the top pro rock climbers in the world, she models, and she has serious grit!





He’s a four-time Olympian coming back with a vengence in hopes of making it number five in 2020. #TOKYO

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aving first climbed professionally at the tender age of 14 years young, six years after her first climb, Sierra Dominique Blair-Coyle has crafted a compelling body of work. With her efforts raising awareness about the sport, while showcasing the potential of women to excel, she has taken on the role of both sporting icon and role model. Educated at Arizona State University, where Blair-Coyle graduated in 2016, specializing in marketing, she is known for having a very gentle personality who is equally driven to be her best as a professional rock climber. That drive was evident even before turning professional, when at 11 years young, she climbed, what is ranked on the Hueco Scale, as a V9 boulder, an impressive feat. Blair-Coyle’s career, which included membership with Team USA starting in 2010, has gradually progressed towards elite status. Enjoying a pair of US National titles as a junior competitor (2005, 2007), she was also featured in Teen Vogue. She gained valuable competitive experience in her formative years in the Teva Games, the predecessor of the GoPro Games, and earned a pair of top five finishes in the Mammut Bouldering Championships. Even during her time at Arizona State, she maintained a focus on climbing, participating in such notable events as the Boulder Bash, ABS Nationals and World Cup events in both Canada and the United States. After back-to-back top 10 finishes at the Open Bouldering Nationals in 2017 and 2018, Blair-Coyle would establish herself as a world-class athlete, competing at the 2018 edition of the IFSC World Cup in Hachioji, Japan. In the same year, Blair-Coyle experienced another pair of significant milestones. Winning first place at the Mesa Rim ProAM, part of the USA Climbing National Series, signified her first professional win. With a strong field of competitors, including Brooke Raboutou and Maya Madere, who placed second and third at Mesa Rim, the achievement was complemented by another proud feat. Adding the title of 2018 PanAmerican Bouldering Champion, contested in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to her athletic resume, it heralded her arrival as one of the sport’s elites. Running parallel to the brilliance of her ambitions in rock climbing is an intriguing modeling career. Among the brands that Blair-Coyle has modeled for include ROXY, Spy, MAMMUT, and Sanuk. Such presence in front of the camera has produced a fanbase of over 100,000 followers on various social media platforms. Stunning photographs of Blair-Coyle radiating an infectious personality and a warm smile, typically with climbing as part of the background, endears her to both sports and non-sports enthusiasts. She represents an empowering and confident generation of athletes who take tremendous joy in their sporting endeavors and approach to other ventures. It’s this zest for life that sets a positive example for other athletes to follow.

NowVIZ: Every pro athlete has challenges throughout their career. What challenge(s) have you faced and how did you work through them? Sierra: My biggest challenge in climbing was balancing university life with my climbing career. It was quite the stressful balancing act! But I learned some valuable time management skills. I am also proud to have a marketing degree. Graduating from university was one of the best days of my life because I was less stressed after graduating. NowVIZ: Rock climbing takes endurance, strength, agility, and flexibility. Can you describe your overall training regimen? Sierra: My training regimen is generally three days on, one day off. Day one is power climbing and finger training. Day two is more power climbing and power endurance, and day three is strength training and volume. I change my training schedule based on my needs for the season and what my body can handle at different times. NowVIZ: You climb both outdoors and indoors. What do you prefer and what are the benefits of doing both? Sierra: They’re different and I enjoy them in different ways. Indoors is creative and quickly evolving, while outdoors is a complete immersion in nature and amazing places.

Sierra: Climbing is generally safe when the proper safety protocols are followed, so that helps mitigate some fear. It helps to do things that scare me. I never do anything that absolutely terrifies me, but if I’m a little fearful of something, I work to overcome it. By doing this, slowly I am able to overcome bigger fears over time.

NowVIZ: Obviously climbing is dangerous and not for the meek. How do you deal with the fear factor? What inspires you to stay on top of your mental game?

Photo credit: MAMMUT


NowVIZ: You are a firm believer in “clean eating.” What role does this play in your climbing? Sierra: Diet differs for everyone, but I feel better and perform better when I am healthy. I am a firm believer in listening to my body, so that means my diet can vary each day. If I am craving more proteins, fats, carbs, etc., I’ll listen to what my body needs. I also pay attention to my cravings and try to steer myself towards healthier options most of the time. But hey…sometimes you just want a cookie and not an apple! NowVIZ: Both your mom and dad are very involved in your climbing career. How does that work for you? Sierra: My parents have always been very involved with everything in my life. They have always put me first and have been at every practice, competition, photo shoot, etc. Their support has made me feel like I can do anything. NowVIZ: You have been climbing professionally for over a decade. What changes, if any, have you seen that have help grow the sport? Sierra: Climbing has become much more popular. The number of gyms has nearly doubled in the past few years. You can find climbing gyms almost everywhere now and the prevalence of youth teams is amazing. So many younger climbers are getting into the sport whereas a few years ago the sport was more adult focused. NowVIZ: You have had the opportunity to infuse modeling throughout your climbing career working with company’s such as Roxy, Spy, Sanuk, and Mammut to name a few! How did your career begin? Sierra: Photo shoots have flowed naturally into my climbing career. I started doing climbing photo shoots when I was around ten or so and they haven’t stopped since. Recently I have done more non-climbing shoots at home and abroad. I really enjoy getting to explore that side of modeling as well.


Awesome photo shoot in Flagstaff, Arizona!

NowVIZ: Many top athletes have a mentor that helps navigate them through tough situations. Is there someone throughout your career that has been your guiding force? Sierra: My parents have had the biggest influence in my life and in my climbing career. NowVIZ: Is there a place you’ve never climbed on your bucket list? Sierra: Virgin Gorda! I am dying to climb there. NowVIZ: When you’re not training or competing what is your passion? Sierra: I love, love, love reading. Sometimes I’ll read one book per day!

Ryan Lochte is back. With a new TYR sponsorship, and a wife and two children to drive his competitive edge, the personal trials of the past are over. It’s now about focus; resilience. Redemption. Tokyo 2020. At 35, Lochte is older and wiser and more determined than ever to recapture and perhaps even build upon his storied swimming career. This 12-time Olympic Medalist, 65-time World Championship Medalist, and World Record Holder wants more gold. Being a sports icon and Olympian with pop culture status has taken Lochte on his share of media rounds. From People magazine’s 2012 “Sexiest Man Alive” list, to model contracts and guest appearances on such TV shows as 30 Rock and Beverly Hills 90210. But now, as a family man, it’s less about him and more about them. He takes life seriously but he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. The new TYR marketing campaign, “Just Let Me Work” speaks to his current attitude. The video, shot in black and white, is set to the tune “Grindin’” by NF, Marty. In slow motion Lochte breaks out of the surface of the water in his signature backstroke. As he churns water with Herculean power, the song’s mantra repeats: “Just let me work…I’m out here grindin’” Career milestones flash across the screen; a sportscaster fades in, “…You can NOT catch Ryan Lochte. Look at him GO!” You can almost see the twinkle in his eye. Playful, yet intense. He has clearly moved on. “I’m having fun again,” he said this August after winning the 200-meter individual medley at the U.S. national championships at Stanford. “I haven’t had fun since the 2012 Olympics.” Watch out Caleb Dressel. He’s ready.

NowVIZ: You have accomplished so much in your career. World Swimmer of the Year, American Swimmer of the Year, three time FINA Swimmer of the Year, set world records and won 90 international medals. You still seem to be enjoying yourself! What continues to motivate you to get in the pool everyday? Ryan: It’s really been my children who motivate me to keep trying to reach my goals. NowVIZ: Since the past Olympics you’ve struggled publicly with some missteps, but it seems you’re on the rebound with newfound momentum. What has been your driving force? Ryan: Becoming a dad has really changed my life. I want to become a better person and a better role model for them. NowVIZ: Staying on top of your game can be extremely difficult on many diffident levels and you’ve done it for well over two decades! What do you attribute your success and resilience to over the years? Ryan: I am never satisfied with my swims. I always feel I could have done better. I am still trying to have a perfect race. It hasn’t happened yet. NowVIZ: Your training has obviously been modified throughout the years. How have you been able to maintain that intensity both mentally and physically? Ryan: I’m the athlete that loves trying different approaches and challenging my body. I love putting my body through pain. The more I do it, the more confident I get.

NowVIZ: With Tokyo 2020 on the horizon can you give us your thoughts and vibe? Ryan: It’s another year and another Olympics. I don’t think too much about it. As far as I’m concerned it’s just another swim meet back when I was a little kid just having fun. It’s just called a different name.

Photo credit: TYR

NowVIZ: You are married with a beautiful wife and two children! The most recent a baby girl in June. Congratulations! How has being a father changed your life? Ryan: It’s the best thing ever. I’m walking on Cloud 9 everyday. It’s what I have always wanted. Anything I do from now on is for my family.


"I am never satisfied with my swims. I always feel I better. I am still trying to have a perfect race. It has

I could have done sn't happened yet.�

NowVIZ: What philosophy do you live by? Ryan: It used to be go big or go home, but now it’s just enjoy the process.

Photo credit: TYR

check out @tyrsport

NowVIZ: You’re into fashion and fashion design and have even graced the covers of Vogue, Men’s Journal, Outside, Men’s Fitness, Time, Sports Illustrated to name a few. What is it about fashion you like? Ryan: Wear whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good. NowVIZ: Outside the swim arena you’ve been involved in many different projects, TV shows, and movies that include, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Big Brother, 90210, 30 Rock and your own reality show. What’s next? Ryan: I’m always up for a challenge. I’ll try anything as long as the opportunity presents itself. NowVIZ: What does life look like after swimming? Ryan: Doing speaking engagements, telling my story; helping others. Teaching kids how to swim or writing a book or books.



NowVIZ: What is it like to design for a company like Under Armour and, by the way, where are you located? Angelo: To be honest, every now and then I have to pinch myself when I walk to work. When you arrive on the campus and the first thing you see is a huge bridge that reads: Under Armour World Headquarters, it’s pretty amazing. The company is located in Baltimore, Maryland, which is great because it’s close to other cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and even Pittsburgh. We are located downtown, unlike some of our competitors who have their campuses in the suburbs. We are in it! We have amazing open spaces that look towards the Harbor. Our office sits right above the gym, which is awesome, because when you peek outside, you never know who you might see working out—from Cam Newton, Joel Embiid, Steph Curry. As a sports fan it’s a sick little perk. NowVIZ: You’re designing lacrosse gear for UA. How do you go about the design process and what, if any, are some of the challenges you face with the sport? Angelo: I’m a firm believer that what makes a great designer is having a great process. I have worked in a variety of industries from cars, boats, super yachts and now sports equipment. I have been able to do this because of my design process. It starts with research, which can be boring at times, but necessary to see what’s currently on the market. The research is then followed by the emotion of the product. When I design, I like to have a feeling in mind that I want the user to experience when they first see my product. I achieve this by coming up with three words. I then find three to five key images that depict the feeling I am trying to achieve. Finally, I put pencil to paper to capture that feeling visually. As for challenges, well, I have never played lacrosse in my life! So here I am, the key designer for a sport I knew nothing about. I had to learn a lot of things on the fly, from the different positions, rules, etc. At first I was overwhelmed. But then I realized having a fresh approach was actually an advantage. Since then I have never looked back. So far it’s been the highlight of my design career. You never realize what you’re able to do unless you’re put in that situation. NowVIZ: As a top product designer what has been one of the most important lessons you’ve learned working in the sports industry. Angelo: I’m not sure I would call myself a “top designer.” I’ve always seen myself as the underdog. But, I like the chase. It drives me and pushes me to new heights as a designer. A key lesson I have learned is having the opportunity to see athletes committed to improving their game and how demanding they are of themselves. That drive and determination, even when they fail, is remarkable. It challenges my own design work. Not only in sketching, but in how we can improve and design our products better, lighter, safer, and stronger.

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ey lesson I have learned is having the opportunity to athletes committed to improving their game and how anding they are of themselves. That drive and determination, when they fail, is remarkable. It challenges my own gn work. Not only in sketching, but in how we can improve design our products better, lighter, safer, and stronger.�


NowVIZ: Is there a particular project that has become an important addition to your portfolio? Angelo: The project I did for a James Harden shoe. The concept was to design a shoe from the fans perspective. I went so deep in my research that I found out information that even James Harden didn’t know about himself! Ultimately it was the ability to package that information into a shoe design that told the Harden story. NowVIZ: All designers get inspiration from many different sources and areas when beginning new work. Where do you gravitate to get jump started? Angelo: I always go to the things I love: Nature, fashion, cars, planes and architecture. Interesting enough, throughout history most design changes come in architectural design, then fashion, and finally products and transportation design. What I choose to look at depends on the product I’m working on and the type of emotion I’m trying to capture. NowVIZ: As a designer are you able to stay active and in shape? If so, what kind of training do you do? Angelo: Under Armour is huge on staying active! I box twice a week, run seven miles a day, and do light weight training. NowVIZ: When you’re not designing what keeps you fresh? Angelo: Travel, museums, cooking, and enjoying life. Travel is essential as it exposes me to different ways of thinking. It’s important to see how others might have a different solution to a similar problem. It gets my designer side going. It makes me ask the most important question of all, why? I like to go to museums to explore different materials and colors and see how fine artists get their emotions across. Cooking is another creative outlet because it’s about plating something beautiful that took time, thought, and precision. And you get the opportunity to create something that others can engage with using all their senses. Spending time with family and friends is key because if you are not enjoying your life with the people you love what are you doing? Time is the only thing we can never get back. So investing my time in these ways helps me stay fresh. NowVIZ: If you could be anything besides a designer, what would you be and why? Angelo: I would be a teacher. I had a high school teacher who we all called “K.” She impacted my life in such a positive way that I now want to help younger ones achieve their goals through design.

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actly one size fits all,

the Alabama State University HoneyBeez are the embodiment of self-love and actualization. Their attitude and energy has been such a game-changer for the plus size community that Nike launched the Dream Crazier campaign. The video has since been viewed more than 3 million times. The HoneyBeez were created by ASU’s band director, Dr. James Oliver. Year after year he watched the more petite-size girls make the ASU Stingettes cheerleading team positions leaving the plus size girls on the sidelines. So, in 2004, he decided to assemble a group of plus size girls who wanted to audition for the dance team. What began with five girls doing a little club and street dancing during the ASU’s Marching Hornet Band’s halftime shows, became the first exclusively plus size dance team, ever. Since then, the HoneyBeez have become a national sensation; a movement. They have even appeared on America’s Got Talent. Oliver’s ultimate goal is get the HoneyBeez featured on Black Girls Rock!, an award show created to “celebrate black women who are dynamos.” And, for their coach, Anna Marshae Williams, their fame is particularly sweet. In the early 2000s, she attended ASU and tried out for the Stingettes three times. She blamed each rejection on her size. When she took the position of coach in 2014, she knew first hand what these girls had been up against. Now, every time the HoneyBeez come off the field they get a standing ovation. On the days when they aren’t performing, they make school visits to talk about their life-changing experience. “Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do something because you’re plus size. Any size, really,” says one of the HoneyBeez. “You can be male, female, big, small, black, white. It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want to do as long as you put your mind to it.”


NowVIZ: In every successful group there is usually some characteristic that bonds everyone together. What is that special ingredient for you? HoneyBeeZ / Andrea: The bind that keeps this group together is the brains behind-the-scenes—our coach, Ms. Williams. She always shows confidence, love, and appreciation by the way she leads. Every year the group changes and that means new personalities, attitudes, and fitness/dance levels. She keeps the bond by showing us how to work together. NowVIZ: You are all very positive young women who have had to endure some challenging experiences such as bullying. How did you handle those situations and move forward? The HoneyBeeZ / Asia: Dealing with bullying was tough, but I came to a realization that I am just as tough. What people say doesn’t matter. I am too mature to dwell on words so it’s easy to move on. Every morning when I look in the mirror I see a beautiful, plus size woman. I know what I am so no one can tell me otherwise. NowVIZ: Along with being a full-time student, what training regimen is required to be a HoneyBeeZ? The HoneyBeeZ / Asia: We are required to train. Ms. Williams instructs Zumba, running, cycling, exercise routines, weight training, and dance class/routine rehearsals. It is not as easy as most people think! NowVIZ: What attracted you to become a HoneyBeeZ? And what has been the coolest part of being one? The HoneyBeeZ / Johnae: Before becoming a HoneyBeeZ I wasn’t aware of the clout or fanbase the HoneyBeeZ bring to the world. The coolest part was when we performed on Showtime at the Apollo. Mid-dance and our music cuts off. The energy was so strong on the stage though, that we could feel it. We just kept dancing! Nobody stumbled or looked around. We kept going as if the song was still playing and ended like we Bad BeeZ! The crowd went crazy! We got three standing ovations!

“We are mentors for any and everybody wa their real selves. I think we inspire others t I know that I am unapologetically.� -Asia B

Quiana Reliford

Asia Banks

anting and struggling to be to live their dreams because Banks

Andrea Hanna

Johnae Dean


NowVIZ: How do you feel you are mentors for girls who may not strive to their fullest because of society’s expectations? The HoneyBeeZ / Asia: We are mentors for any and everybody wanting and struggling to be their real selves. I think we inspire others to live their dreams because I know that I am unapologetically. NowVIZ: As a HoneybeeZ what motivates and inspires you? The HoneyBeeZ / Asia: Knowing that some little girl or some shy plus size woman, or anyone for that matter, is looking up to me (us) as their gateway to confidence, inspires us to stay positive and push through everyday. NowVIZ: Lizzo is making a mark in music. She was recently a huge hit at Coachella. How do you think she is helping change stereotypes for successful music artists? The HoneyBeeZ /Quiana: A lot of plus size women in the industry end up staying behind the scenes writing, producing, and singing backup vocals. Lizzo is breaking that wall down. She is showing that a plus size woman can be the headliner! NowVIZ: What legacy do you hope to leave for the next group of HoneyBeeZ? The HoneyBeeZ / Quiana: I want to show them that the world is at their fingertips. We’re performing and spreading the message of self-love and confidence so when the next group comes in, they’re just grabbing the baton and finishing the race. I want the next group of HoneyBeeZ to be able to perform, dance, mentor, inspire, and enjoy their college experience through the amazing opportunities that comes with being a HoneyBeeZ! NowVIZ: As the HoneyBeeZ coach, what are some of your future goals? The HoneyBeeZ Coach / Anna Marshae Williams: I hope the HoneyBeeZ get to dance with some of their favorite artists such as Beyoncé, Missy, my favorite, Janet Jackson, or Ciara. I also plan to keep pushing myself creatively to see what I can do that might shock the world. Number one priority however, is getting out to more schools and communities to uplift and teach awareness of body shaming. Your size should not matter and does not matter. It’s all about promoting healthy movements to keep us active and living healthier lifestyles as a plus size community.



rust y joiner

is more than a beautiful body. Underlying the successful modeling career and acting cameos is a man who walks the talk and wants to inspire others to follow. This family man started out as one of the most sought-after models in the industry, working campaigns in Milan, Paris and South America for some of the hottest labels. His drive to be at the top of his game, mentally and physically positioned him for success, landing him an exclusive contract as an underwear model and spokesman for Structure, TV guest appearances on shows such as Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E! News Daily and The View. Suddenly Joiner found himself on the screen with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in “Dodgeball;” on hit programs such as “The Closer,” “CSI: Miami,” “ER,” and “Spin City,” (opposite Heather Locklear) among others. International commercial work soon followed, including a six-commercial deal for Suzuki. Now, he’s producing and starring in programs that educate children.

Being cut like Michelangelo’s David may have attracted such legendary photographers as Greg Gorman, Bruce Weber, Harry Langdon, David LaChapelle and Annie Leibovitz, placing him on the pages of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue Homme, but his claim to fame was as the former national spokesperson for Men’s Fitness magazine’s “Fat To Fit Tour,” the magazine whose cover he graced twelve times. What makes Joiner different from other model-actor-spokesmen is his genuine and compassionate personality. Like a fitness and nutrition guru, he espouses what’s good for the soul and right for the body. And he’s dedicated to sharing the wisdom. Joiner is proof that a grateful disposition and dedication to health is the ultimate gift to yourself. He’ll make you a devotee before you know it.

NowVIZ: As a top fitness model having worked in Milan, Paris and South America landing exclusive campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Prada, American Eagle, and Levis, to name a few, how do you stay on top of your game? Rusty: I always felt it’s important to be in the best mental, physical, and spiritual shape to be at your best. But being grateful comes first. I have two parents with physical challenges. I look at them for motivation. That includes my physical appearance as well as my attitude and demeanor. I made a promise to never take one day for granted and that I would try to encourage others to do the same. My profession is a perfect fit for my philosophy. Once I set a standard I could never let up. I played three sports in high school. My determination and discipline helped me push beyond being average. If you train average, you’ll be average. Go above and beyond as a way of life and you will find yourself in the winner’s circle as a way of life. NowVIZ: You have been in the fitness business for over 20 years, in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue Homme, former Cover Model and National Spokesperson for Men’s Fitness Magazine, Movie and TV actor, producer, motivational speaker, and author. How did you get into the business and how have you succeeded in so many areas beyond modeling? Rusty: I was discovered in Atlanta by a top modeling agency called Elite Models. I was told I should be living in Milan as a model. Next thing I know, I’m in Milan. A total fish out of water. I was 5’11” and muscular wearing Levis and sporting a southern accent. But, it wasn’t for me. I came home and the timing was perfect. My agent arranged for a series of fashion campaigns that changed my life. I went from being a broke kid struggling to finish college teaching gymnastics, to having my picture in every magazine I had seen growing up. I was the new face of the Powerade campaign; my picture was on every sports bottle and coke machine in the world. I entered and won a worldwide underwear model search and became the exclusive face and body of the brand Structure. Looking back over the last 20 years I have been so blessed to accomplish what I have. I learned a very valuable tool that left an impression. In the beginning of my modeling career I was living in Miami trying to make my mark as a model. I met an amazing guy. We quickly became friends because I enjoyed his outlook and the way he treated everyone. He told me, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Those words stuck with me. Kindness has always been my approach. It’s one of the reasons for my success.


“I invite you to go to my website and watch two videos that I hope speak to those searching for their best selves. One video is called VISION; the other, and most important video, is called MOTIVATION. Please watch them and challenge yourself to make your own VISION and MOTIVATION videos. Commit to the purpose behind what you want out of life and you will succeed. I believe in you!�

NowVIZ: You have launched a new book this year called, “Cover Model Abs: The Truth About Nutrition.” Congratulations! Tell us about it and why you decided to write a book? Rusty: My approach to life comes from being grateful to be healthy. My father was in a wheel chair my whole life; my mother had a rare form of arthritis. I was given an incredibly healthy body. But more importantly, I was given a mindset, drive and purpose to be my best and to share that with the world. I spent many years sharing information with people I met along the way to my success. I turned 41 when my first child was born. I understood the value of wanting to be in the best shape of my life, so I could raise my children with a playful spirit. I wanted to share that passion for being in the best shape of my life with other men my age. So, I decided to release a nutrition book. Everything you expect from your body starts with what you put in it for fuel. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym! NowVIZ: You are featured in film roles including “Dodgeball” (with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn), “Resident Evil: Extinction” (with Milla Jovovich) and in television you have an impressive list of gueststarring roles to your credit including hit shows such as “The Closer,” “Bones,” “Close To Home,” “CSI: Miami,” “ER,” and “Spin City” (opposite Heather Locklear). Between film and TV acting what do you enjoy most? Rusty: As a kid I never thought I would wind up crossing the Georgia State line much less end up in Hollywood. I didn’t do theater or drama in high school or college. But something about the movies just stuck. I love acting. Film gives you the opportunity to hyper focus on one detailed, long journey into a character. I don’t know what’s next but I know it’s going to be something wonderful. NowVIZ: You have recently made your producing debut with the made for TV historical documentary, “The Black Robed Regiment.” How did this come about and do you enjoy producing? Rusty: I have always loved American history. I was naturally drawn to writing, producing, and directing. I was approached to get involved to bring to life some American history stories. We took pivotal moments in history and brought them to life on film. I helped produce a documentary called “Bringing Back The Black Robed Regiment.” I star as the actor who gives one of the most impactful speeches that inspired the small colonies to take a stand against the British Invasion.

NowVIZ: What’s your passion outside of maintaining your fitness? Rusty: Family! I was raised by a single mom. As a kid, I started making a list of things I would do when I became a father—the way I would treat my kids, how I would make them feel safe and give them the things in life I wish I had growing up without a dad. NowVIZ: What’s your life philosophy? Rusty: When given the choice to be right or kind, be kind! Be purposeful. Give life your all. Enjoy it; be grateful for what you have now. Give freely. Life feels good when you give to others. When something negative is directed toward you, don’t personalize it. Send back kindness. It may be exactly what a hurting person needs to change the course of their life. NowVIZ: You have two gorgeous children, a beautiful wife and a little one on the way. How do you juggle your demanding schedule, fitness regime, and family? Rusty: The impact you want to make is a never-ending journey. When you have children you really learn discipline and time management. You are tested beyond measure. I lost my mother, an unborn baby, my grandmother, started and finished a sixmonth course on behavior change, wrote a one-year continuing education course for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, began to write my new book “Cover Model Abs: The Truth About Nutrition,” traveled and filmed three movies and two commercial campaigns, stayed in elite physical shape to film 35 fitness videos and launched a fitness brand called “Mastering Men’s Health,” all while working from home with two children under the age of three. Without an amazing and relentless sense of purpose and drive to succeed, it is impossible to do all of those things in one year. Be the first one up and the last one standing and you will accomplish your heart’s desires, no matter what life throws at you. NowVIZ: What motivates and inspires you day in and day out? Rusty: Wanting to be my best. Never taking a moment for granted. I truly believe I was given an exceptional drive to pay it forward and encourage others to be their best. Helping is living for me!”


what’s pumpin’ thru your headphones?

Asia Banks: Some old school R&B like Anita Ba

Andrea Hanna: Right now I’m listening to “Form

Johnae Dean: “Truth Hurts “by Lizzo and “Hypoth Quiana Reliford: I’ve been listening to Lizzo as “Homecoming” album. Both get me pumped up I have to accomplish!

Anna Marshae Williams: Jekalyn Carr “You Will W

Ryan Lochte: I haven’t had much time to listen on my headphones, but mostly the music that’s playing these days is lullabies for the kids (laughing).

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Rusty Joiner: I love upbeat modern pop. I love so sprints. I love, to my core, hip-hop music. I have Kanye, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Common, and so many m grateful-to-be-alive mode is some old school g for me is everywhere and all the time!

Sierra B

aker and Angela Winbush.

mation” by Beyoncé.

hetically” by Lyfe Jennings. well and the new Beyoncé and ready to conquer whatever

Win” & Janet Jackson “Made for Now.”

ngelo Villalba: That’s a tough question because it really omes down to what product I am working on. Most of the time just go to Spotify and look for a playlist based on my mood. It an be anything from opera to Justin Timberlake.

ome Justin Timberlake when I run e a huge list: Drake, Eminem, Tupac, more. But my go-to when I’m in a gospel and worship music. Music

Blair-Coyle: I listen to a crazy mix of music. A lot of Chill Nation and Justin Stone!

Off the grid with pro rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle.


On the fourth floor with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

The HoneyBeeZ on point and a sweet 1957 Chevy Impala.

RUSTY Joiner kickin’ it!

CREDITS+THANk YOU’S We’re super excited and extremely fortunate to welcome Hilary Stunda to our NowVIZ team! She brings her enthusiasm and a wealth of creative experience to the table having worked as producer for Outdoor Life Network, Editor-in-chief of Modern Luxury Aspen, writing for Lexus, Art in America, Interview, ARTnews, just to name a few. She jumps into this NowVIZ issue writing feature athlete intros for, four-time Olympian swimmer, Ryan Lochte, plus size dance team, The HoneyBeeZ, and top fitness model, actor, writer, producer, Rusty Joiner! You’re an incredible addition and look forward to the future! Huge thank you to writer Mark Staffieri for his depth and mastery in writing the feature athlete intro for pro rock climber, Sierra Blair-Coyle. He captures her delicate balance of talent, articulation, and strength. We love your vibe Mark! Big thank you to Rusty Joiner’s agent at APA, Jessica Ellis. We’re very appreciative of your efforts and guidance. We wish you and your team the best this year with Rusty’s new book, “Cover Model Abs: The truth About Nutrition.” To Dr. James Oliver and coach Anna Marshae Williams, for your dedication, strength, and vision to create and oversee the wildly successful dance team The HoneBeeZ. It takes people like you to make the world a better place! Thank you! Lastly, we’d like to thank Ryan Lochte’s agent, Jeff Ostrow of ProPlayer Sports for his help and efforts! Additionally a big thank you to TYR’s Brandon Reed and Sunny Oellantoni for your hospitality! We wish you and your athletes the best of luck this upcoming 2020 Olympic year! And to photographer Andrea Mead Cross who has been essential in the inception, development, and launch of NowVIZ sports + beyond mag! Her vision and creativity continues to exceed expectations. We’re fired up she is part of the NowVIZ Team! Thank you AMC! Rock on! Design and layout for this Fall issue is by Kelley Kwiatkowski. Hope you enjoyed the ride! All inquires please email us at:

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