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Cover photo by Andrea Mead Cross on location in Indy with race car driver, James Hinchcliffe + actress and Fiancee, Rebecca Dalton.

Brittany Lincicome playing in the 2018 PGA Barbasol Championship. Photo by Sterling Sports Management


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Designer Duane Lawrence gets to work with some of the best athletes in the business creating some of the coolest shoes on the market!



NowVIZ checks out the latest trend in fitness highlighting Soleil Schwabe-Chiquette, owner of LET’S SWEAT. It’s a kick ass gym in downtown Tucson, Arizona!



Photographer Andrea Mead Cross takes an up close and personal look at world-class athletes outside their arena in her most recent book, Sports Souls.

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Andrea Mead Cross, a former world-class athlete, has traveled across the globe competing on US teams as a competitive swimmer and in the triathlon. Sponsored by top companies in the industry, she ranked among the top 10 in the world. Transitioning from sports into the corporate world, she started her own design business, working with many national and international clients, including Parade, Huffington Post, ESPN, and HSBC while teaching Visual Communications as an adjunct professor for both Florida International University and Miami Dade College. Photography soon became Andrea’s passion, which she turned into a thriving career photographing some of the best athletes on the globe. Her work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Fitness, and MORE, in addition to Oprah Winfrey’s, “Super Soul Sunday” and ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer. Andrea recently released a collection of her photographs entitled, Sports Souls the book, featuring over 25 world-class athletes, available on Amazon.

NowVIZ sports + beyond

Photographer Andrea Mead Cross on location in Indianapolis

Best known for his insights on women’s ice hockey, Mark Staffieri is based in Canada’s capital region and has reported on events such as the Clarkson Cup and the Women’s World Football Games. With works included on Bleacher Report, along with features for Hockey Canada during its coverage of the 2013 IIHF Women’s World Championships, Mark has also covered WWCFL football. Among a group of writers that recently voted for the inaugural NWHL Awards, Mark is currently a regular contributor to Women’s Hockey Life and Women Talk Sports.

Mark Staffieri, Writer

Kelley Kwiatkowski, Producer + Designer



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Kelley Kwiatkowski has always had sports in her blood as part of a family who lived and breathed them. Growing up with a father and uncles who played or coached professional football, sports filled her existence. Following in the family tradition, she became a professional triathlete and for over a decade was one of the best, competing for the USA worldwide on national teams, world teams, and the Pan Am team. Seeking new challenges as her athletic career came to a close, Kelley began working in NYC at one of the top firms in the country using her background in industrial design to design products for companies such as, American Airlines, AT&T, and Polaroid. Eventually, she started her own business relocating to South Florida, where she worked with Disney and Warner Brothers, while also teaching both undergraduate and graduate students at Florida International University. For the last ten years, she has been collaborating with Andrea Mead Cross, producing projects and designing all media content. Her most recent design work can be seen in Sports Souls the book, by Andrea Mead Cross and in this issue of NowVIZ sports + beyond!


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longing to a highly talented generation of illustrious competitors on the LPGA Tour, Brittany Lincicome known affectionately as “Bam-Bam,” shines among its brightest. This past year she joined the likes of luminaries such as Annika Sorenstam, Suzy Whaley, Michelle Wie and Babe Zaharias, as she gained entry into a ground-breaking and historic sorority that saw her become the sixth woman to compete in a PGA Tour event. At the 2018 Barbasol Championship in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Brittany assembled a solid performance and in spite of missing the cut, her empowering presence was felt. She became the second woman ever to break par on the PGA Tour, recording a respectable score of 71 in the second round. Worth noting, Lincicome is not unaccustomed to competing alongside male competitors on the fairway. In her pre-teens, she played with her brothers Bryan and Hunter, and by the time she reached high school in Florida, she was capable of besting her father, Tom, a scratch golfer, signifying a major turning point. For three years at Seminole High School, she participated in regular season tournaments as a member of the boys’ golf team, capable of launching the ball over 250 yards off the tee even during such a pivotal time. Averaging an astounding 278 yards per drive, the Florida native, possessed experience in over 100 amateur events before turning professional at the tender age of 19. Among the highlights during those formative years involved participation in both the US Women’s Open and State Farm Classic as an amateur in 2004. Upon turning professional, one of Lincicome’s earliest milestones involved gaining a spot on the US team that competed at the 2007 edition of the Solheim Cup. Contested in Halmstad, Sweden, such an achievement would mark the first of six consecutive appearances with the US. Of note, Lincicome’s debut in Solheim Cup play also brought with it a strong element of coincidence, tapping into her roots while bridging generations. Competing against Laura Davies, one of the game’s contemporary legends, and the owner of 20 LPGA Tour titles, in match play, it rekindled fond memories of a 12 year-old Lincicome carrying Davies’ scoring sign when she competed at the JC Penney Classic. Having won a pair of majors as a professional, there is a tinge of coincidence in the fact that Lincicome won the same event twice, although its name changed throughout the seasons. Founded in 1972 as the “Dinah Shore Classic”, named after the legendary television personality and honorary inductee into the LPGA Hall of Fame, it became the Kraft Nabisco Championship when Lincicome emerged victorious in a pulse-pounding 2009 victory, besting Kristy McPherson on the final hole with an eagle! Fast-forward six years; Lincicome would capture the title in dramatic fashion once again. Recording a nine under par for a winning score of 279, Lincicome battled back from a third place tie after the third round, defeating fellow American Stacy Lewis in a thrilling playoff.

Make up: Magdalena Czudak Styled by: Studio No. 25

Although Lincicome considers herself a tomboy, as her current array of interests include fishing, boating and Texas Hold ‘Em poker, there is also a sympathetic and tender side. Such an inspiring facet took on exceptional meaning with Barbie’s “I Can Be…” campaign in 2010. The iconic toy maker partnered with a group of 10 wondrous women, which included Lincicome, Gretchen Bleiler, and Danica Patrick, all exemplary in their resolve to achieve their goals. Through this empowering alliance, she not only hosted numerous clinics to encourage young girls to consider golf as an athletic endeavor, the result was also a line of Barbie branded Accu-Length junior golf clubs, revealed at the 2010 Kraft Nabisco Championship. While Lincicome is proud to encourage young girls to be themselves, empowering them to follow their dreams, her values of dedication, enthusiasm and persistence can truly inspire all. The greatest example of such values was evident through her empathic efforts at the inaugural RR Donnelly LPGA Founders Cup in 2011. Half of the prize pool was split among the top 10 finishers at the event, each donating their winnings to a charity of their choice (the other half went to the LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program). Finishing in a tie for second with Paula Creamer, Brittany’s earnings were designated for The First Tee, of St. Petersburg, Florida, geared at providing golf instruction for kids of all ages along with educational programs that focus to instill positive values. She’s definitely become a tremendous role model for the organization and as an Official Ambassador for the LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program, her landmark 2018 certainly demonstrated the potential that women have to make a positive impact regardless of their chosen field. Complementing the historic appearance on the PGA Tour earlier this year, Lincicome experienced another proud milestone, capturing the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic for the second consecutive year. Marking the first time that she won the same event in back-to-back years, it was a victorious validation of how hard work, character and determination remain important hallmarks in her own captivating career, setting a standard that the next generation of golfers can inspire to.

Lincicome playing in the 2018 PGA Barbasol Championship. Photo by Sterling Sports Management


NowVIZ: How does it feel to be one of the few prestigious pro women to be asked to play a PGA tournament, the Barbasol Championship this past July, and what’s your most notable moment? Brittany: At first, I was torn between feeling so honored and also a bit afraid. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what type of reactions I might receive when the news broke. Overall, I am so happy and thankful to have done it. I had so much fun the entire week and felt very supported by all the amazing people I encountered. My most memorable moment of the week was when I holed out for an Eagle during Round 2. I think that is a shot I will remember forever.

NowVIZ: You are one of the most thought of players on Tour and your nickname is lovably “Bam-Bam!” Can you give us some history on how that started! Brittany: A few girls on the LPGA Tour began calling me “Bam-Bam” because of my ability to drive the ball really far, and the nickname just stuck after that. I think it’s very fitting and I’ve really grown to love it. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll see it’s written on my shoes most weeks!

NowVIZ: As one of the top golfers in the world how do you keep the passion to play year in and year out? Brittany: It’s the competition. Nothing compares to the feeling when you’re in contention on Sunday and you’re coming down the stretch. That’s the feeling every golfer, every athlete dreams about. That’s what I love the most about what I get to do and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

NowVIZ: You are not only one of the top players, but you have one heck of a drive! How did your talent for golf begin and is their anyone in particular that helped you realize golf was your game? Brittany: I was nine years old when my dad first introduced me to golf. I fell in love with it right away. For me it was about my family. I have a lot of wonderful memories on the course with them. When I was growing up, we lived near a great little par three that was lit up at night, so we were in the habit of going after dinner a few nights a week. I quickly realized that if I was going to keep up with my two older brothers, I would have to learn how to hit the ball harder. So that’s what I did. Looking back, I can see how much that worked to my benefit. My dad and the rest of my family have been a strong influence on my career ever since.

NowVIZ: You’ve been on tour now almost 14 years—what changes have you’ve seen that have helped to grow the sport in a positive way? Brittany: The LPGA Tour Commissioner, Mike Whan, is truly amazing at what he does. He is both passionate about and skilled in growing the sport, and it has really made a difference since he first assumed the position. During his time as commissioner, he has generated more events, more support and more TV time for the LPGA. Another thing I have been encouraged by is the increase in the number of young spectators during tournament weeks. The more we can encourage younger generations to watch the sport and play the sport, the more we will see it grow in a positive way.

NowVIZ: As one of the best athletes in golf how do you stay on top of your game both mentally and physically? Brittany: I am always trying to spend more time working out, as physical health and wellness can really improve your game. However, I find the mental aspect to be the most difficult part. I am so thankful for my caddy, Missy Pederson. She helps me calm down when I’m anxious by talking me through my shots or reminding me to slow my breathing. Sometimes she helps me by just talking to me about anything other than golf! In those moments we are usually discussing fishing or my new puppy, Dexter.

“It’s the competition.

Nothing compares to the fee and you’re coming down th That’s the feeling every

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eling when you’re in contention on Sunday he stretch. y golfer, every athlete dreams about.

most about what I get to do at keeps me coming back for more.�

NowVIZ: Give us a slice of your off season! (We understand your husband surprised you with a new chocolate lab puppy!) Brittany: I love the off-season and usually take the whole month of December off from my game. I can usually be found hanging out or relaxing at home. This year, my husband Dewald and I have also spent a lot of time fishing or playing with our new puppy, Dexter, who is absolutely wonderful. We hope Dexter will start fishing with us soon!

NowVIZ: As Ambassador for the LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program you definitely are one of the most involved in helping the next generation of girls. What advice are you able to give that can help these kids understand what it takes to be a professional athlete? Brittany: Ultimately, my biggest encouragement to young kids is to stick with it. Golf is a really difficult game some days, and there will always be ups and downs. If you love the game enough, you’ll keep coming back regardless of those challenges. I would also tell young golfers that quality is more important than quantity during practice. You probably don’t need to hit for five hours a day if you’re doing it the right way, but it’s really important to play whenever you get the chance. Try hitting balls from random places and see if you can get them up and down. NowVIZ: We heard you’re a dynamite Texas Hold’em poker player! Brittany: I love playing cards – especially Texas Hold’em. The bummer is that I never have the time to play. However, when I visit my grandmother in West Virginia, we play Nickel-Dime-Quarter poker – big money!

Thank you Brittany and good luck this year!

DESIGN for performance

Duane Lawrence

is the Footwear Design Director for Anta Basketball He oversees the Anta basketball footwear design direction, leads and manages the NBA athlete signature shoe design process, develops product strategy, launch innovation and support brand communication! NowVIZ catches up with this busy guy for a quick Q+A session! Check it out!

Sport design



Q+A with NowVIZ


NowVIZ: As a designer you’ve had the opportunity to work with many high profile athletes. Is there a favorite story you could share with us that has made a lasting impact on your career? Duane: I'd have to say my favorite moment in my career was the success of my first shoe. I had wanted to design sneakers for as long as I could remember going as far back to middle school. I worked tirelessly throughout school with that one goal in mind and I finally got that opportunity in 2004 when I landed a position with Converse. Dwyane Wade is one the hottest players on the planet and I'm teamed up with him to release his first signature shoe. I don't think I realized the magnitude of the project then. After months of development, you can feel the excitement building at the company, but no one could predict the explosion it created in the marketplace. The shoe couldn't stay on the shelves and Wade couldn't be stopped on the court. Converse quickly realized they had to take advantage of the moment, one they hadn't seen in basketball for many years, and went about supplying the growing demand. The saga continued all the way into the playoffs and I was lucky enough to get invited to not one but two Miami Heat Final’s games. And there I am in the crowd and there's D Wade at the line shooting two, in my shoes! Just years prior, I was a ball boy for the Miami Heat sitting on that same court waiting to hand players a towel. Now I'm watching as the MVP knocks down two clutch shots in my shoe design! There's Shaq, there's Gary Payton--my favorite players. There's my old boss who would ask me to rebound for guys during warm up and there's my shoe. That particular shoe ended up selling over a million pairs, which those kinds of numbers weren’t happen during that time, and yet people couldn't get enough of that shoe!

NowVIZ: You’ve played basketball since you were a kid! Do you feel there is an important aspect the athlete contributes directly to the final design and why? Duane: Absolutely. Whether you play yourself or not, focusing in on what the athlete needs is critical to the design. Form follows function, so understanding what the athlete needs, how they play, their biggest challenges, etc. all factor into the design. I grew up playing sports so some of it is innate, but mostly it gives you a perspective on what makes the design authentic. Also being part of the shoe culture gives you a frame of reference for what design has already been done, what worked, and what didn't work. NowVIZ: You’ve designed many successful shoes throughout your career! What’s the key to your success?! Duane: I try my hardest not to repeat what I see. So I use my designs to discover solutions I haven't used before. Collaboration is also an important aspect in making sure products appeal to more than just your own taste. As well as, being a sponge to my environment, staying inspired by what's going around me, and changing my scenery if it’s lacking inspiration.


NowVIZ: During a project is there one stage or phase of the design process that happens to be more productive then another? Why? Duane: The best stage for me is sampling. It’s watching it come to life; seeing the ideas go from a flat sketch to something you can hold. Ideation is fulfilling as well, but sometimes it’s just an endless exploration. But being able to move the idea one step closer to reality is where I see the most progression. Once you get a taste of what’s possible, sampling creates a whole new set of ideas. You can build and go in different directions based on what you've created to that point. It brings so much clarity to the concept. NowVIZ: Throughout your career you’ve had the opportunity to design for many of the industry’s top high performance companys both freelance and full-time. What do you enjoy most and what challenges have you faced? Duane: The biggest difference between freelance and full-time work is the consistency. With full-time obviously, the work is consistent, but you can find yourself going through the motions, being jaded by company history, or hindered by standard practices, etc. Whereas I've found in freelance, you are given a little bit more liberty to keep your ideas loose. But with that comes less financial security, you must be self-motivated, and you’re always negotiating your worth. It’s definitely a challenge, so you must choose what’s best for you. NowVIZ: When you’re not designing what keeps you fresh? Duane: Staying in shape. Writing and recording music. Picking up skills I can take into new arenas.

Awesome work duane!

Make up: Barbara White Styled by: Studio No. 25

NowVIZ Q+A NowVIZ: What is the best thing about you two that you just love! What makes your relationship tick?

H+D: Honestly, the way we can laugh together. Our first date was three hours of laughing and we haven’t stopped since. We use humor to get through tough times, too. We really are best friends, so it just works.

NowVIZ: You both are immersed in high profile careers that you are very passionate about and even though you’re in different fields are there similarities with the things you do to be at your best? H+D: Obviously both careers are pretty demanding. The individual needs of each are pretty unique, but I think we share a passion for what we do and know the amount of work that has to go in behind the scenes to achieve what we want to. That’s why we are great partners for one another, because we both understand the sacrifice required to be successful and we can support one another in those moments.

NowVIZ: You both are obviously very active people and must be conscientious of the health choices you make. What kind of lifestyle best describes you both and why? H+D: We’re both very active and try to be healthy all around. Becky certainly has to push me on the clean eating side! She is more disciplined than me there, I have to admit! I’m lucky to have her in my corner on that one! But it’s a balance, too. We know when to have a cheat day, or take a day off from training and stay in sweats all day. Everything in moderation! NowVIZ: Fitness regimes are very hard to continue and maintain on the road. How do you both handle the challenge? H+D: This is one of the tougest parts, for sure. But it really just comes down to discipline and time management. If you break it down, there are very few times you can’t physically fit in some training on the road, plenty of times you don’t want to, but it helps to have each other in those times because we can motivate and push each other. One of us might be feeling too tired but the other one of us will make you get up and go, we swap those roles all the time.

NowVIZ: James is there one of Becky’s movies or TV shows you enjoy most?! James: I love everything that she is in! She has great comedic timing and when she had a sitcom, Spun Out, I think she was really in her element. NowVIZ: Becky what’s the coolest thing you can think of about James on a race day?! Becky: I really enjoy when he pees his pants in the car, I get a lot of entertainment out of that! Lol! But unfortunately for me, no matter how much I try to hydrate him, those days are few and far between. I just love watching him get pumped up, hop in his speedy car and do what he does best. We are people that don't take ourselves too seriously out in the world but when he gets in his pit and has his game time face on, I must say, it is quite sexy. Oops! I mean cool, it’s really cool.

Photographer Andrea Mead Cross on location with James Hinchcliffe and Rebecca Dalton.

NowVIZ: During the short down times you have throughout the year what fun are you able to plan together? H+D: We love going to our cottage in northern Ontario. That’s kind of our getaway spot, for sure. We love traveling, too, and try to plan a trip or two a year with friends. With that said, for how much we travel, an off day here or there you’ll probably find us in our basement on the couch catching up on Netflix! NowVIZ: You have a babe in the family your dog Lucy! Could you give us a run down on your girl and yup she even has her own Instagram! @louthecockapoo H+D: Lucy was accidentally born in Hamilton, Ontario, not in Indianapolis, so the universe conspired how to get Lucy to James. That’s where Becky comes in. You hear this romantic story of high school prom dates rekindling their connection years later, but the truth is, this was all for the love between Lucy and James.


Best of luck to you both this year Thank you James + Becky!

first draft

book review

She began with a love of photographing world-class athletes, a passion for helping animals in need, and the ambition to combine the two successfully. Over a two-year period, Andrea Mead Cross traveled across the country to capture an up close and personal moment with each athlete. The beautiful full color portraits are unassuming and fresh with a unique perspective away from the competition arena. The bold series includes and features renowned athletes Misty May-Treanor, Beach Volleyball star and three-time Olympic gold medallist. Taylor Phinney, two-time Olympian Cycling; Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux, two-time Olympian silver medalists Ice Hockey; Sam Mikulak, Olympian and seven-time NCAA champion Gymnastics; Lauryn Williams, two-time Summer Olympian; gold and silver medalist for Track and Winter Olympian, silver medalist Bobsled and Diana Nyad, history-making Marathon Swimmer. Also featured Christy Gardner, USA National Sled Hockey Team; Tony Azevedo, five-time Olympian and silver medalist Water Polo; Mirinda Carfrae, triathlete and three-time Ironman World Champion; Connor Jaeger, Olympian and American record holder Swimming; Anna Tunnicliffe. Olympian Gold medalist for Sailing; Steven Langton, Olympian and two-time bronze medalist Bobsled and more! The athletes also write their inner struggles, philosophy on life, and what it takes to be the best. The body of work is truly inspirational for those who appreciate awe-inspiring images and the quest for perfection. Andrea is recognized as one of the premier sports photographers in the country. Her work has been published in numerous magazines including Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Outside, Fitness, has been shown on Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday” and on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Additionally, her photographs can be found in the projects of well-known athletes published by Random House, Knopf, and Crown Publishing.



Nouveau TRENDS

Health and fitness



NowVIZ: Could you give u

Soleil: I love the idea of get Hence - spin + strength. I ch to the beat and before you k

NowVIZ: What are some o

Soleil: At LET'S SWEAT ou minutes doing strength trainin the strength training portion equipment and attacking the

us the premise of LET’S SWEAT and how it evolved?

tting your cardio and strength training done in 1 hour. We all have too much to do! hose cycling because it is meditative and fun - you can just close your eyes, move know it you're dripping in sweat!

of the key elements that make LET’S SWEAT unique from the rest?

ur most popular class is spin + strength where we spend 30 minutes cycling and 30 ng. To ensure balance in the body we cycle through 4 different kinds of workouts during - endurance, high intensity, strength + foundations. Therefore, you're using different e body in a different way everyday plus you always get your cardio!

LET’S SWEAT located in downtown Tucson, Arizona is a must for anyone stopping through and wants a great workout!


Soleil's baby, Bonnie, makes sure everyone is workn’ it!

NowVIZ: Give us some highlights of what LET’S SWEAT has to offer? Soleil: Spin + Strength is very popular, but because we are a small local shop we have a variety of classes from TRX to yoga and our classes continue to evolve based on our clients preferences. We recently introduced Spin + Yin, which is 30 minutes on the bike followed by 30 minutes of slow, stretchy yoga. It's a hit! NowVIZ: For most getting fit and staying fit is a challenge. How do you keep your clients coming back?! Soleil: It's all about community. The LET'S SWEAT experience starts the moment you walk in the door, you're greeted with a smile because are so glad to see you! In a world where many people work from home and stare at a computer most of the day - LET'S SWEAT is sometimes the most human interaction they have in their day - this is the glue - that human connection. The SWEAT is a bonus!

NowVIZ: What’s the current vibe he you draw from that energy?

Soleil: Tucson is the best place in th Tucson is all about local, supporting o cool town, and I think LET'S SWEAT example, people show up 5-10 minute but that's ok - it's Tucson!

NowVIZ: Tucson is an active town t people! What type of person would gym?

Soleil: Anyone! All of our classes are levels. Want to have fun with cool peo

NowVIZ: What drives you personal own fitness regime day in and day

Soleil: I think being accepting of important. One of my favorite quote nature that blooms all year long, so do either."


ere in Tucson and how do

he world (in my opinion!) one another, small town, emulates all of that. For es late to class all the time,

that seems to draw active d best benefit from your

e programmed for all skill ople and SWEAT? Join us!

lly to keep up with your out?

ebs and flows in life is es is "There is nothing in on't expect yourself to do so

You ROCK Soleil!

I listen to rap I listen to ra gthe insound between! What's pumpin hen I’m in the st hop, country, hop, countr m in the states, ten to rap, hip-hip listen to rap, erything in be enIto rap, hiperything in b listen to rap, , country, ev Icountry, listenand toand ra hop, When I’m in t Becky Dalton: The soundtrac country, and ev I listen to rap When I’m in hop, country, thinghop, inDuane between country erything in betw Lawrence: Me hing in between hop, country erything in be sten to rap, hiplisten to rap, hip en I’m in the sta erything in b Andr When I’m in the s ten to rap, hipJames Hinchcliffe: en I’m in the stat erything in b The soundtrack I’m from When in th p, country, and e hop, country, and When I’m in ,listen country, and ev IA listen Star Is Born to ra When I’m in to rap, hip ything in betwee erything in betw I listen thing in between Soleil Schwabe-Chiquett hop, country hop, country, and Pitbull haha. I l hen I’m in the sta When I’m in the s LPGA golfer /

Actress /

Brittany Lincicome: I li everything in between to Pandora while I’m w are Hip-Hop, BBQ, Sugar

Designer /

INDY driver /


of cla lately


Owner of LET’S SWEAT /

and Bo before

p, hip. ap, hipn' through your headphones?! tates, y, and evry, and ev,petween! between! p, hipevap,evhipnd the states, ck from A Star is Born vp, hipn the states, , and evn! ry, and evween! eek Mill. "Championships." n! y, and evetween! pates, between! rea Mead Cross: states, tes, between! the states, evd evn the states, vap, hipthe states, pen! ween! n to rap, hipn! te: Madonna and y, and evnd evlove reggaeton! ates, states, music


isten to rap, hip-hop, country, and n! When I’m in the states, I listen warming up. My favorite stations rland, and Tracy Chapman.

definitely a staple assic rock , old school funk, classic jazz. y its been Early stones, Chris Stapleton g writer), Amy winehouse (tragic), jess Glynn ob Moses, Gotta have some upbeat jams e a shoot or workout!

listen to your world

her /

behind the scenes

on location



behind the scenes


on location





keep innovating. Photographer Andrea Mead Cross and crew on location with James Hinchcliffe + Rebecca Dalton.

Huge thank you to Mark Staffieri for his efforts and mastery in writing the Feature Athlete intro for LPGA golfer, Brittany Lincicome. His talent is amazing and we’re very fortunate to have him onboard at NowVIZ sports + beyond! We want to thank Jeff Chilcoat and Ayla Berrigan of Sterling Sports Managment for all their help and efforts! And thank you Glenn Scapin and the Staff at Pasadena Yacht and Country Club for their hospitality and spectacular location! Additionally, a BIG thank you goes to Veronica Knowlton and Fiona Hewitson! You guys rock and the best of luck in 2019! And to photographer Andrea Mead Cross who has been essential in the inception, development, and launch of NowVIZ sports + beyond Mag! Her vision and creativity continue to exceed expectations and we’re fired up she is part of the NowVIZ Team! Thank you AMC! Rock on!

digital magazine

sports+ beyond



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