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Cover photo by Andrea Mead Cross on location in Phoenix, Arizona with NFL wide receiver, Christian Kirk. Cover photo by Andrea Mead Cross in South Florida with top p ro t e n n is p la y e r, S h e l b y Ro g e r s .








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Senna leith

Senna is a professional snowboard cross athlete from Vail, Colorado. He competes on the World Cup circuit for Team USA and recently raced to a top 10 finish in Veysonnaz for the World Cup Finals. He is also a killer photographer taking some incredible pics at the venues he travels to--Check it out!




Singer, songwriter and musician Becca Mancari has been hailed as one of the year’s best by Rolling Stone, who lauded her album for its “confident vocals [and] spacious, hazy production.” Currently based in Nashville she has garnered widespread acclaim for her honest songwriting and emotionally riveting performances.


Find out what our feature athletes and rockers are listening to!



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One of the hottest product designers in the fitness market today is senior industrial designer for Garmin International, Camille Jean. He talks about what it takes to design for today’s fitness/health training styles and his latest design, The Forerunner 45 running watch!


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He is one of the top wide receivers in the NFL and just signed a $84 million dollar contract to begin the 2022 season with the Jacksonville Jaguars! Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona he played college at Texas A&M and in 2018 was a second round draft pick to the Arizona Cardinals.





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Senna: The highlights of my world are the moments when I am immersed in nature, pushing my limits physically and enjoying the people that are important to me. That, for me, is the complete human experience. NowVIZ: You’re on the US National Snowboard Team and compete full-time on the FIS World Cup Tour for Snowboard Cross (SBX). You’ve established yourself as one of the top up-and-coming athletes in the world. What’s next? Senna: My main goal right now is to chase as much success as I can at the World Cup and Olympic level. Beyond snowboarding, I am always exploring my passion for photography and video work, and incorporating that with the brands I work with. Once I move past competitive snowboarding, I see myself making a career through photography. NowVIZ: You take some wicked cool photos! How did your love of photography start? Senna: I have always loved taking pictures from a young age and bought my first real camera as soon as I could. I am fortunate to be able to travel to many beautiful places, so my photography has really developed the more I have traveled. My biggest passion is landscape and nature photography, but I also love street photography and am working hard to develop my portraiture. Photography is a huge part of my life on the road. If I am stressed at a competition, I can take a walk to clear my head and capture the beautiful mountains and scenery. Sometimes when we are flying out of various cities I will go on walks to capture the city and the mood. I love being able to look back on my travels and be transported to these places through the photos I take and the stories those photos tell.


NowVIZ: It looks as though you were born on a snowboard and that your life and principals revolve around the outdoor lifestyle! If you had to describe the highlights of what makes your world what would that be?



NowVIZ: As an athlete, is there one person or mentor that has helped you through the difficult times as well as the successful times? Senna: My coaches and teammates have been crucial. They truly are a second family. When I have a tough day or am going through something personal, I have an open channel of support. I can talk to them about anything. It is important to have people that you can be vulnerable with, especially when you are on the road. Life is tough sometimes, and everyone has their own challenges. Having a reliable support system is so important. Our team actually has a reputation on the World Cup tour for how we celebrate one another’s successes. When one of us wins, we all win!

NowVIZ: As one of the top athletes in the sport, how do you stay on top of your game both mentally and physically? Senna: Staying on top of my game mentally and physically is crucial to my success. I am a firm believer in meditation. I meditate twice a day, 20 minutes each. Meditation helps me work through whatever I am going through in my life. It puts things in perspective and brings calmness. Another thing that helps me mentally is visualization. I love to visualize everything from the courses we train on, to goals in my life. When it comes to maintaining my physical health, I am fortunate to have a great strength program through our national team. I work with strength coaches to achieve my goals focusing on strength, endurance, and mobility. Our training programs vary throughout the season depending on what our goals are — from heavy loading in the middle of summer, to maintenance workouts on the road throughout the competition season. NowVIZ: How do you fuel your body nutritionally throughout the season? What are some of your go-to meals on the road? Senna: Nutrition is crucial. You are what you eat. If you want quality performance, you need to feed yourself quality nutrients. I am all about balanced meals and making sure I get my daily protein, vegetables, carbs, some fruits, etc. I am on a daily vitamin regimen as well and have a greens powder drink every day. During COVID we started cooking more meals for ourselves while we were on the road. My go-to meals are shrimp pad Thai, chicken pesto, green coconut curry, steak wraps, chicken stir fry, and shrimp spring rolls.



NowVIZ: What inspires you daily? Senna: It might sound cheesy, but I get super inspired by seeing people getting stoked on life. I love to see people who love snowboarding for the purity of it. Being in the competition scene, it’s easy to get caught up in seeing snowboarding as “work” and lose track of why I love this sport in the first place. Seeing people living life to the fullest and soaking up that experience inspires me to do the same.

“Manny Pacquiao is the greatest fighter in history.” --Justin Fortune

BTS NowVIZ: How do you mentally prepare for race day? Senna: Beyond my morning meditation, listening to my race day playlist really helps get my head in the zone. I have quite a few songs that trigger me mentally and help me dial into the right headspace. While listening to my music, I visualize my goals for the day and the things I want to achieve. I am a big believer in manifesting!


NowVIZ: What do you do when you’re not on the snow? Senna: When I am not on the snow you can find me hiking, mountain biking, skateboarding, free diving, playing disc golf, spending time in the gym, and sometimes pouring lattes at my family’s coffee shop! Getting outside and pushing my limits is what makes me feel alive. I am always chasing that feeling through different sports and activities.




I’ve never wanted to be just one genre,” says Becca Mancari. “I’m an artist and a musician that wants to try everything.” Before going solo, the Nashville based folk/indie musician was part of the band Bermuda Triangle with bandmate powerhouses Brittany Howard and Jesse Lafser. The band was formed on a lark—they discovered they shared an uncanny camaraderie and vocal songwriting blend that worked. It was also the ideal staging ground for Mancari to explore and even rework her own songs, like “Golden.” Even though the band only released two songs, they gained a worldwide fan base. Today all three musicians have continued on their solo careers with Mancari releasing two solo albums, Good Woman, known for its pop cadences, steel guitar and ethereal vocals and the critically-acclaimed The Greatest Part, last June. The record is a collection of sharp indie-pop songs that feature infectious instrumental hooks and explosive percussion as well as Mancari’s acoustic guitar and confident vocals. The lyrics take us on an unwavering emotional journey. A fan once described her songs as “shiny pop surfaces float on top of dark lyrical undercurrents of pain and memory.”


Mancari grew up gay in a Puerto Rican/Italian fundamentalist Christian home in Staten Island. Much of the singer-songwriter’s music is tinged with sadness and longing; making peace with some of the seminal moments in her life. The song, “Hunter," recalls the time she received threatening letters from a person she knew from church as a teen. It recently aired on an episode of CSI: Vegas. “I’m Sorry,” “First Time,” and “Stay With Me,” point to her experiences of coming out, love, frustration; body image. Her latest digital EP entitled Juniata, named after a river in Pennsylvania where she spent much of her childhood, layers in string arrangements to create a more intimate atmosphere. The EP also presents acoustic versions of three tracks previously featured on The Greatest Part as well as a dreamy and lush string quartet featured on the single, “Annie.”

According to Mancari, the subtlety and range of this album, evoked by mellow acoustic guitars, playful horns, and piano, was inspired by producer Zac Farro (Paramore, HALFNOISE). “This EP is about moving beyond my own small story… forgiveness and healing is a universal struggle, and so as you listen, I hope you feel like you are also at your own riverbed hearing the gentle words, “It’s ok, you can let go.’”


On location with musician BECCA MANCARI

NowVIZA +Q NowVIZ: What led you to the world of music? Becca: It started at a very young age when I was seeking to connect to the spiritual. Music was my safe place—a way to express things that felt unreal almost, you know? Music has always been the most important thing in my life. A gift more than anything else. NowVIZ: Living in Nashville and considering yourself part of “Americana” music, was it challenging to differentiate yourself from the country music scene? Becca: I don’t consider myself “Americana” anymore. But yes, leaving that genre has been challenging, but the best decision of my life. I feel more free in my music and in my queerness. There is a true lack of diversity in the “Americana” world. Many times artists who are not white or heteronormative are exploited in the genre. I believe change is coming, but it needs to be a deep kind of change that goes to the root of things.

NowVIZ: Your most recent album, The Greatest Part was an upbeat departure from your previous record, Good Woman, which was listed at number 19 on Rolling Stone’s “40 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2017.” What was the motivation and inspiration behind the two albums? Becca: At the time that I made Good Woman, it was heavily infused with my live band. So, I will always love it because of the people who played on it. It was a true representation of where I was at the time and how I was trying to find myself in a place like Nashville. But I have grown since that first record. When it came to The Greatest Part, it felt like an embrace of my queerness and my personal story and the trauma that can so me time s ha ppen coming out. This record is a step forward in my journey to be more free.

Photo credit Bryan Ling

concert pi

Justin Fortune vs Lennox Lewis, 1995, The Point, Dublin, Ireland.



NowVIZ: The Becca Mancari + Ron Gallo nationwide tour was this past Fall 2021! How did it go? Becca: To play these songs live for the first time from The Greatest Part was such a joy. I didn’t think we would be able to tour on this record, so to see the reactions of new fans that have started listening to the music was pretty amazing. Playing live shows is why I got into making music! NowVIZ: Do you have any exciting plans? Becca: I have a new record in the works and I am tirelessly working on getting it ready. There will be a few weeks of touring this year. But mostly I just want to make the best record I can. I love it when it’s time to be in the studio. I’m really looking forward to that.

On location in the desert Tucson, Arizona

NowVIZ: What types of music did you listen to growing up and did it affect your music? Becca: I listened to a lot of songwriter music. But honestly, I had to sneak a radio into my bedroom at night because I wasn’t allowed to listen to “secular’ music except for The Beatles because my dad loved them. The influence of spiritual music did play a role in inspiring me to connect to others through music. NowVIZ: You started the band called, Bermuda Triangle, with Brittany Howard and Jesse Lafser. What is it like working with the girls and are there any plans for the future? Becca: It was incredible to be in a band that pretty much started as a joke, and then people just really loved it! And man, it would not have been a band without Brittany! No plans for the future. It was a time and place in life and now we have all moved forward with our solo projects. NowVIZ: What music is inspiring you lately? Becca: The latest record by Japanese Breakfast really floored me. She is truly one of the greats of our generation. I have also been listening to classic Nat King Cole and the like. It makes me happy and more peaceful.


NowVIZ: Is there a person or mentor in your life that has helped you through the challenging and successful times? Becca: There have been so many, but I would have to say Brittany Howard. We have been through it all together. I really look up to her as an artist.


Ryan Lochte



Third s Camil

+ QA


story le






NowVIZ: As a senior industrial designer at Garmin International, can you tell us a little bit about what your job entails?

Camille: Garmin is a company that specializes in GPS technology for aviation, sport, automotive, marine, and outdoor activities. My role is to create a diverse range of compelling design options for a variety of Garmin consumer products and to bring those designs to life through 2D sketching and 3D renderings. Through the design process I consider the materials, form, and function of a product, as well as the type of emotions we want to evoke when our customer experiences that product. I collaborate with teams across the company, from engineering, marketing, management, and of course design, in order to translate goals into design solutions. As a senior industrial designer, it is important to approach product design not only from what may look cool and what the end consumer may need, but to make sure it aligns to the Garmin brand and makes sense from a business standpoint. NowVIZ: The Forerunner 45 GPS running watch is an awesome watch! How did this watch evolve? Camille: The Forerunner 45 running watch evolved tremendously since its vintage version, the Forerunner 15. Throughout this product’s history the design intention has been to create a watch that is lightweight, cost-effective, with an intuitive and approachable design. With the Forerunner 45, we tried to push the technology, incorporate more intuitive running-centric features, and push the sleekness of the design. One of the biggest changes on the Forerunner 45 was evolving from the square form factor of the Forerunner 15, 25, and 35, into the consumer preferred round form factor. The design process included printing many 3D models to get the fit and comfort right for our end users. We also reviewed a multitude of colors that would be appropriate. The biggest reason our consumers love this product is because it fits their active lifestyle, is accommodating to their needs, and functions as it should. NowVIZ: The sports and fitness world has changed immensely over the years with athletes and weekend warriors measuring their daily, weekly, and yearly workout improvements and performances. How does this influence your design? Camille: The desire for products that track health-related and well-being factors is no longer limited to the gym-rats, sports athletes, and diehard runners. This market has broadened to include users that may just want to count steps to keep active, or track cardio activities such as Zumba. This broadening of the market has influenced the aesthetics and functionality of the product to make it less intimidating to the consumer. That being said, we never forget our original hard-core user groups and how much they rely on the data functionality to help them push their own physical goals and boundaries. At Garmin there are many employees who are also experts in a lot of these sports and fitness activities. Whether it’s an engineer who is a rock climber, an electrical engineer who is a diehard runner, a sales person who is a Cross Fitter, or a manager who is a mountain biker, these experiences make it easier for our designers to have expert resources on hand to ensure that our designs are what the consumer wants and needs.


NowVIZ: You’re into a healthy lifestyle and working out. Does this give you additional design insight? Camille: Yes, constantly trying to improve my health has given me tremendous insight into the design needs for our products. I try to be empathetic to the consumer needs and consider the value the product brings. Throughout the design process I ask myself questions like would I buy this product and how does this product help me? These questions allow me to consider useful design features I have seen with other products or design features on current Garmin products that I enjoy, as well as design features I wish were available during my use. The insights I gain through my own experiences are always in the back of my mind when I sketch new design ideas, or when we pick colors and materials for the product, discuss functionality features, or are coming up with questions to challenge the engineers or product managers. NowVIZ: As a top product designer what have been some of the most interesting challenges you’ve faced working in the sports industry? Camille: Keeping up with the pace of technology for fitness, implementing technology that optimizes consumer experience, and keeping up with the variety of training styles that our consumers use. In terms of fitness/health tracking, designing for the variety of training styles is really interesting. For example, we may have an end user who is a marathon runner. For that user, functionality of the tracking capabilities and comfort and lightweight factors may be the most important factors. On the other hand, there may be users who want to track other steady state cardio functions, weight training functions, or track steps in a high activity work environment. For those users, the need for functionality tracking may be less complicated while the desire for aesthetics is higher since they use the products everyday. In those instances the color, finishes, and overall aesthetics are more important. As a designer, it’s my job to make sure functionality and aesthetics are blended to make a great product for multiple user groups. Keeping up with trends is a constant battle. But that’s an industrial product designers’ job and problem to solve.

NowVIZA +Q NowVIZ: Is there a particular project that has become an important addition to your portfolio? Camille: The Descent™ Mk1 watch is a special project to me. Traditionally dive computers tend to be bulky and not visually pleasing. The opportunity to design a full-featured dive computer, but make it more of a watch-centric product, was extremely exciting. This product used my skill set and knowledge from previous watch design experiences and allowed me to design a compelling product that is also heavily tech-centric. This product has proven to be very useful to the dive market and has received great reviews. NowVIZ: What’s your passion and inspiration outside of the design world?

Alex Palou pushing the #10.

Photo Shutterstock

Camille: I have many passions outside of the design world. One is to give back and try to make the world a little better where I can. Right before COVID hit, I was able to take a mission trip to Haiti. Being of Haitian descent, the chance to serve people from my culture was incredible. I was able to rely on another passion of mine during that trip—photography, to capture some very compelling and emotional images of children at an orphanage we serviced. I hope to use those photos someday to create a non-profit gallery where the proceeds are donated to the children at that same orphanage in Haiti.


NowVIZ: Give us a glimpse into what you do on your time off. Camille: On my day off I try to do any one of these activities: Weight training, boxing, playing basketball, playing billiards, photography, cooking, dancing, inspiring young designers, going on long walks listening to TD Jakes. NowVIZ: Is there a question that you haven’t been asked that you’d like to answer? Camille: How did you come across industrial design? Looking back, I am always amazed at how a single decision or one person can change the trajectory of your life. I grew up in the inner city of North Miami. In middle school we were encouraged to start thinking about our future careers. Some of the alumnae of my middle school did a presentation to our class about a design and architecture high school and all of the great things they were doing there. After hearing that presentation, I was like “sign me up!” I applied and was accepted to that very high school. That’s when the trajectory of my career life changed. I loved that school, and it was there that I met Ms. K and was introduced to industrial design. She was an amazing teacher, mentor, and my design mom. Meeting her shifted my entire future. I will always be grateful to her. As a fun side anecdote, I was recently cleaning out my childhood home and came across a career assessment I did in 7th grade. On that assessment, despite not knowing what it was at the time, I had written down industrial design. It was so interesting to see that assessment I had forgotten about and to know that is what I am doing now!



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How much of athletic greatness is genetic and how much is learned? It’s the million dollar question. For David Epstein, who wrote the book, “The Sports Gene,” it’s 100 percent of both. “No two people respond to training in exactly the same way because of their genes,” he claims. But we all know an athlete when we see them. They possess flash, nimbleness, and grace, yet are strong and powerful. They have something extra. But it isn’t enough to be born with the goods. DNA aside, one needs the opportunity to use the gifts; to play them out and test them over years of trial and error, weeding out combinations that don’t work. Athletic prowess involves years of dedication, intrinsic motivation, optimal nutrition, gallons of water, the right environment, a body that recovers and responds quickly, and a sprinkle of luck.

Christian Kirk has them all. He runs a 4.47 40 yard dash; has a vertical leap 35.5 inches high. The 25 year-old wide receiver from Scottsdale, Arizona has been playing football since he was a kid, through elementary, middle and highschool, then at college at Texas A&M until he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft.


In 2021, he finished the season as the Cardinals leading receiver with a career-high 77 catches for 982 yards and five touchdowns in playing all 17 games (12.8 yards per catch). Kirk had 236 catches for 2,902 yards and 17 touchdowns with the Arizona Cardinals, and his five touchdown catches of 50-plus yards since the start of the 2018 season are tied for fifth in the NFL. Then fortune came knocking, again. On the opening day of free agency, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed Kirk. The four-year, $72 million contract has a maximum value of $84 million if he manages to hit all the incentives. In the lucrative world of professional sports, even this amount was a surprise. The offer could change how NFL athletes are paid and how teams are formed.

$18 million per year, for a receiver who just started earning significant time as a starter in 2021. That’s how much speed and versatility is valued. Kirk has also been referred to as being a great decision-maker. “We can line him up all over the formation,” says Press Taylor, the Offensive Coordinator for the Jaguars. “He can do a number of different things. He can win on the outside.” And that just might be the plan. Let the NFL figure out the business of building teams because Kirk will continue to do what he’s always done. And, do it extremely well.


“I don’t play football to be average. I play football to be one of the best. I came here with the same attitude and mentality and I’m gonna work everyday to do it while I’m here.” -@ckirk

On location with NFL wide receiver, Christian Kirk.


NowVIZ: You are one of the top receivers in the NFL making it happen every weekend. How did you get your start in the game and what did it take to get to this point in your career? Christian: I started playing football at the age of 5 and instantly fell in love with it. Once I found the desire to achieve greatness within the sport, the sky was the limit for me. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance I have been able to live out my life long dream of playing in the NFL. NowVIZ: Your position as a wide receiver requires you stay at an optimum weight while possessing the power and speed to battle! Do you have a particular diet or nutritional regimen that helps you attain your goals? Christian: I try to follow a pretty strict diet during the season. It is important for me to follow it closely because it can make or break how well I can perform and recover the day after a big game. NowVIZ: Can you discuss the type of training you maintain to stay at the top of your game? Christian: My training consists of a lot of position specific training that contains extensive amounts of speed training. Heavy weight training is also incorporated with that to help maximize all of my ability and get me to my peak level of performance.





Photo Peter Mundy/Speed Media/Shutterstock

Rogers on her way to a win over Maria Sakkari at this year’s 2022 Adelaide International 1, Australia


NowVIZ: As a NFL wide receiver, what does it take mentally to be successful on the field? Christian: It takes a lot of confidence to play the position. It’s a competitive position and draws a lot of attention due to the impact we can have on the game. So I would say if you are confident in what you do, it will set you up for success. NowVIZ: Is there a specific game or time period in your career that has made a lasting impact? If so why? Christian: That’s a tough question. I think every period of my career from Pop Warner, high school, college, and NFL has had a lasting impact on my life. I’ve learned so much about life through the game of football. I am grateful. NowVIZ: Do you have a mentor, friend, or someone in your corner to offer guidance through the challenging times in your career? Photo courtesy of Cort Carpenter

Christian: I would say my parents are my biggest mentors. I call them my cheat codes for life. They’ve been there every step of the way, especially during the hard times. They have instilled in me that you don’t get anything, or anywhere, in life without hard work.




TS NowVIZ: What motivates and inspires you on a daily basis? Christian: Fear of being average. I don’t play football to be just another guy. I play it to be one of the best. I love the pursuit of perfection with football.

r Andrea Mead Cross working with Shelby Rogers on location Delray Beach, Florida


NowVIZ: What does your off-season look like? Christian: My off season is pretty chill usually, but this year I have taken it upon myself to travel a little more. So far we have gone to Bermuda and Punta Mita which are both beautiful, tropical places. One hobby I have picked up over the last year is golf. I spend a lot of my free time on the course because it has quickly become one of my favorite things to do.



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SBX USA Team racer Senna Leith

ehind the scenes

s senna


Photographer Andrea Mead Cross and Whitney Dosty.

s senna


On set with photographer Andrea Mead Cross and musician, Becca Mancari.

behind the scenes


In the desert with Kane Ritchotte and Malcolm McRae of more*


behind the scenes

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Behind the scenes with more*



Becca Mancari behindMead the scenes. Photographer Andrea Cross on the set with more*


Working with top pro tennis player, Shelby Rogers.

behind behind the the scenes scenes

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On set with NFL wide receiver, Christian Kirk.



Photographer Andrea Mead Cross working with Christian Kirk. On location in South Florida with Shelby Rogers.


s 4b

It’s a wrap with Christian Kirk! Photographer Andrea Mead Cross and Shelby behind the scenes!


CREDITS+THANk YOU’S The definition of success starts with believing in yourself. This issue features super talented individuals that have come through the ranks humble, willing to sacrifice and focused on their goals. Pro snowboarder, Senna Leith, singer and songwriter, Becca Mancari, senior industrial designer for Garmin International, Camille Jean and NFL wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Christian Kirk. We love their vibe and the way they roll--thank you for sharing a piece of your world with us!


NowVIZ editor and writer, Hilary Stunda brings her wealth of creativity and experience to our team having worked as producer for The Outdoor Life Network, Editor-in-chief of Modern Luxury Aspen, writing for Lexus, Art in America, Interview, ARTnews, SPIN, and Wallpaper* just to name a few. She works this issue writing the feature music intro for Becca Mancari and NFL wide receiver, Christian Kirk. We love her vision and originality! Thank you to photographer Andrea Mead Cross who has been essential in the continued growth and development of NowVIZ! Her vision and creativity exceed expectations and we’re excited she continues to be a part of the magazine! We’d also like to mention and acknowledge a group that has been intregral to the behind the scenes success and continue to energize each issue, writer Mark Staffieri by way of Toronto, Canada who has been with our team since its inception. Having written for Bleacher Report, Hockey Canada and Legends Football League (Canada), he continues to infuse his talent into each assignment. Also to the super talented graphic technician, Beckett Knolls, vi sua l s pecialist, Emma St ark , m otion g r a p h i c arti st, Raf Breuer, motion, logistics, and research, Finley Nelson and Marc Cohen. Thank you all for your incredible talents and positive vibes! Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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NFL wide receiver, Christian Kirk.

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