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SPRING + SUMMER 2019 CONTENTS FEATURES 18 PURPLE RAIN Inspiration from the musical artist PRINCE.


Bridal fashion and décor at the beautiful New Orleans Fair Grounds

64 SUPER FOODS A health-conscious wedding menu from Pigeon Catering. 74 SOMETHING BORROWED Have some fun with hip elements and charming vintage furniture. 84 GOING GREEN NEVER TASTED SO GOOD An environmentally friendly wedding menu


Amanda Rose and Tyrell Lee


Ashley Martinez and Jeffrey Stewart


Kimberly Babin and Corey Burlette

104 Rachelle Blouin and Jamal Miles 116 Talia Aull and Jessica Wax

CREDITS ON LOCATION: The Cannery PHOTOGRAPHY: Brian Jarreau Photography MAKEUP: Jennifer Peters of the Tracy Branch Agency HAIR: Tracy Branch of the Tracy Branch Agency FASHION: Town and Country Bridal HEADPIECE: Halo Mimi JEWELRY: Brilliance in Diamonds MODEL: Geraldlyn Slack

2 | N.O.W |

Photo by Jessica Burke

Photo by North Photography

Cake by Gambino's Bakery





N.O.W. Wedding Planner 13 Wedding Budget Planner


Always A Bridesmaid

16 Planning Timeline


Let Them Eat Cake

38 What's Your Style?

108 Your Event Planner

102 B IG DAY BEAUTY Expert tips to ensure your bridal makeup is pure perfection

40 Your Rehearsal Dinner

110 Wedding Décor

42 Ceremony Planning


Wedding Flowers


46 Reception Planning


The Fine Print

62 Bon Appetit

120 Memories Captured

114 BOUQUET SHAPES & STYLES Find the bridal bouquet that's perfect for you.

90 Entertainment Planning



125 Your Honeymoon

122 A GUIDE TO GROUP PHOTOS Tips to make sure everyone looks great in your wedding photos.

96 Well Groomed

Featured Articles 12 L ET'S GET REAL Advice for setting a realistic budget

The importance of vendor contracts

Your Gown

98 Beautiful Bride

126 Your Day Of Wedding Checklist

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STYLE FILES 34 Purple Perfection 60 Lucky In Love 82 Rustic Revival


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APRIL 2019 PHOTOGRAPHER: Brian Jarreau Photography | ON LOCATION: The Cannery | HAIR: Tracy Branch of the Tracy Branch Agency | MAKEUP: Jennifer Peters of the Tracy Branch Agency | GOWN: MaeMe The Bridal Boutique | HAT: Halo Mimi | MODEL: Geraldlyn Slack

Vikki Reed GRAPHIC DESIGN Jennifer Vogel WEBMASTER WRITERS Lindsey Benoit Leah Berhanu Jessica Burke Tina Rodosta Marielle Songy Rena Sweeney

JUNE 2019 PHOTOGRAPHER: Ryan North, North Photography | ON LOCATION: Fair Grounds Race Course + Slots | MAKEUP: Mallory Fitzgerald of the Tracy Branch Agency | EARRINGS: Brilliance in Diamonds | GOWN: Couture Bridal Collective | HAT: Halo Mimi | MODEL: Chelsea Brown


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AUGUST 2019 PHOTOGRAPHER: Sandra O’Claire, Eau Claire Photographics | GOWN: Town and Country Bridal | HAIR: Nicole Pigeon | MAKEUP: Megan Marks | BRIDE: Kimberly Babin Burlette

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Let’s Get Real. Advice from an event planner about realistic budgets for New Orleans weddings. By Rena Sweeney, Alchemy Events

AS A WEDDING COORDINATOR IN NEW ORLEANS FOR THE LAST TWO DECADES, ONE THING THAT I SEE AGAIN AND again is clients coming to me with unrealistic budget expectations. Typically, they find a book, magazine or online article that shows average costs for weddings around the country. However, even though New Orleans feels small (everybody knows everybody!), when it comes to weddings, we operate much more like a large city. Our market is a popular destination wedding location and the pricing here is reflective of that and does not follow the national average. I am known for unique weddings and events, so while I know all too well that not all of these categories will apply to everyone, this is a starting point for what you can expect to pay for some of the most popular wedding goods & services here in New Orleans. The largest part of your budget will go toward your main event or reception. Typically, if you can find a venue that offers an all-inclusive option that provides tables, chairs, linens, in-house catering, etc., you’ll find this ends up being priced better than a blank space where you must bring everything in yourself. I often have clients who want to get married at home or on a private estate, but they don’t realize the additional needs this can bring, such as generators, restroom trailers, or renting everything down to the flatware for their reception. The average starting price for a midrange, all-inclusive venue will typically start around $3,000 for the rental fee, $1,000 for a ceremony fee and then you will likely have a food & beverage minimum which often will start at around $10,000 for a Friday night (more for Saturdays). Menu & bar packages average in the $70-90 per person range but again, can go up if you select premium food & liquor. It is also important to be mindful of tax and service fees which can sometimes add up to 30% to the cost of your bill. Entertainment, such as a live band for your reception, will usually cost between $3,500 – 6,500 and if you are doing a Second Line, that will typically average around $1,000 for 12 | N.O.W |

a 30-minute parade. Photography is of the utmost importance for your wedding day in my opinion. These are the memories you will keep forever, and it is also important to hire someone who has an artistic style that matches your taste. These photographs will hang in your home for the rest of your life! Most photographers average around $4,000 – 5,000 for wedding day coverage but this, more so than other vendors’ pricing, can range very widely depending on how many hours of coverage you request, if an album and prints are included, how experienced or in demand the photographer is and if there are other days/events you would like them to cover as well. Videography can then add on another $3,500-5,000 to that. When it comes to flowers, you should expect to spend $1,500 - $2,000 for the basic personal flowers for yourselves, a large bridal party, family, etc. As with everything, of course, the pricing can be much more depending on your selection of flowers, the time of year, how many personal items you need, if you are decorating the ceremony site or going over the top at your reception. Likewise, centerpiece costs can vary wildly based on the same factors! Some indemand florists may have a minimum of $3,000-5,000 depending on the time of year your wedding is. Finally, the end of the evening means dessert! When it comes to cakes, most midrange bakers charge $3.50-5 per slice for a

simple buttercream frosted cake. More detailed designs, hand work, fondant, and sugar flowers instead of real flowers all add to that cost. You’ll also want to consider the cost of renting a cake stand which can start at $30 on the lower end and go up to several hundred dollars for the more unique, ornate specialty stands. I encourage all of my clients to start their planning process with a budget analysis & spend time talking about what aspects are the most important to each of them. Then, like everything with marriage, you must compromise. Is the food important to you, but your fiancé really wants a live band instead of a DJ? It’s time to compromise! Do neither of you particularly care about the cake? There is no rule saying you must have one! Consider these things when you begin looking at vendors and deciding where you will spend your money. At the end of the day, remember that your union is the most important aspect of all so during the planning process, remember to take time to love and appreciate each other & remember why you fell in love in the first place! ABOUT RENA: Rena Sweeney of Alchemy Events has been creating exceptional event experiences in New Orleans and around the world for two decades. Her clients have a strong sense of style and she helps them embrace their wildest dreams and make them a reality while also maintaining a stress-free experience. Visit to learn more!

Your Budget Planner BEFORE YOU SAY “I DO,” you need ask “How Much?” Traditionally, the bride’s family carries the majority of the financial responsibility. But with the cost of weddings growing as well as the average age of couples increasing, many couples are picking up some of the wedding expenses. Grooms’ families are also chipping in more than just the traditional rehearsal dinner and other small expenses. But no matter how the bill is divided, couples need to decide on a budget and stick with it.




$____________ Ceremony Location $____________ Officiant’s Fee $____________ Marriage License $____________ Reception Venue $____________ Caterer $____________ Bar $____________ Rentals $____________ Cake $____________ Transportation $____________ Wedding Planner

$____________ Save-the-Date $____________ Invitation & Envelopes $____________ Reply Cards & Envelopes $____________ Programs $____________ Seating Cards and/or Menu Cards $____________ Thank-You Notes $____________ Postage $____________ Calligraphy $____________ Announcements $____________ Other

$____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST

ATTIRE $____________ Wedding Gown $____________ Headpiece/Veil $____________ Shoes $____________ Trousseau/Undergarments $____________ Jewelry $____________ Hair & Makeup $____________ Groom’s Tuxedo/Suit $____________ Groom’s Shoes $____________ Wedding rings $____________ Other $____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST

$____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST

FLOWERS & DÉCOR $____________ Ceremony Decor $____________ Bridal Bouquet $____________ Attendants’ Bouquets & Boutonnières $____________ Corsages & Boutonnières for Family $____________ Reception Centerpieces/ Decor $____________ Delivery Fees $____________ Other $____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST

$____________ Photographer’s Fee $____________ Videographer’s Fee $____________ Engagement + Bridal Portrait Sessions $____________ Wedding Album $____________ Additional Album(s) $____________ Additional Prints + Video Copies $____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST

ENTERTAINMENT $____________ Ceremony Music $____________ Reception Band/DJ $____________ Second Line $____________ Artists (Live Painters, Photo Booth, Etc) $____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST

DETAILS & GIFTS $____________ Attendants’ Gifts $____________ Parents’ Gifts $____________ Guest room Welcome Gifts $____________ Favors $____________ Toasting glasses/Cake Knives $____________ Second Line Umbrellas $____________ Guest Book $____________ Announcements $____________ Other $____________ BUDGET $____________ ACTUAL COST | N.O.W | 13




Image Credit: All Images by Eau Claire Photographics

To-Do Before “I DO” DO YOU FEEL AS THOUGH you have a million things to do before you say, “I Do”? Not to worry. We’ve compiled a time line to help organize all your wedding events. Review the numerous wedding professionals at and let them help plan your perfect wedding.



n Announce engagement to family and friends and plan an engagement party n Choose wedding date, preferably more than one in case your preferred venue and/or vendor is booked n Select wedding attendants n Establish budget early, with maximum amounts for each event/vendor/etc. n Decide on the style, formality and guest-list size for the wedding n Select wedding planner n Reserve ceremony and reception location n Secure wedding officiant n Begin compiling guest list and mailing addresses n Start the selection process for wedding professionals, including photographer/ videographer, entertainment, ceremony music, caterer, transportation, florist and stationery n Start the wedding gown and wedding attendants’ dress search n Consult travel agent for honeymoon plans. If traveling abroad, you will need valid passports and up-to-date immunizations

n Select gift registries n Order wedding gown & accessories, including veil, shoes and undergarments (wear to fittings) n Order menswear for groom and attendants n Take engagement pictures n Select and order bridesmaids dresses, schedule fittings, etc. n Engagement party n Finalize wedding professionals: Baker Caterer Florist Photographer Party Rentals Ceremony Music Reception Entertainment Stationery Videographer Other __________________________

16 | N.O.W |



n Finalize guest list and mail Save-the-Date announcement n Reserve rehearsal dinner location and/or caterers n Order wedding invitations and thank-you notes n Hire calligrapher n Create wedding website with directions, accommodations, local attractions and other wedding details n Reserve accommodations for wedding night and out-of-town guests. n Book honeymoon and finalize travel documentations, if necessary n Order wedding cake, groom’s cake and any other confections n Research all legal requirements — ­ permits + licenses n Purchase/rent any decor to be used during the ceremony and/or reception

n Confirm all appointments and finalize professional services: Baker Lodging Reservations Beauty Appointments Party Rentals Caterer Photographer Ceremony Music Reception Entertainment Entertainment Transportation Florist Videographer Honeymoon Reservation Other_________________________________ n Order wedding gown & accessories, including veil, shoes and undergarments (wear to fittings) n Arrange for pick-up of wedding gown, if you haven’t done so already n Plan seating arrangements, if necessary n Pick up marriage license n Plan honeymoon wardrobe, obtain travel tickets and confirm reservations n Remember to update wedding website with any event changes

TWO TO FOUR MONTHS PRIOR n Purchase wedding bands and have engraved if desired n Order favors and gifts. Purchase cake knives, toasting crystals and other accessories n Mail out-of-town invitations n Reserve wedding day beauty appointments for bride and attendants n Select wedding readings n Confirm menu selection and/or bar with caterer n Book specialty services, including photo booth, ice sculptures, rentals, Second Line, etc. n Continue writing thank you notes for previous bridal parties, couple showers, etc.

FOUR TO SIX WEEKS PRIOR n Mail local invitations n Take bridal portraits and have framed for reception display n Begin addressing wedding announcements n Pick up wedding rings n Complete name-change documents n Print ceremony programs n Remember to update wedding website with any changes n Review banking and insurance information and see what needs to be updated after you’re married n Fill out a Change-of-Address at post office, if necessary

ONE WEEK BEFORE n Schedule pick-up and return of groom’s and groomsmen’ attire, if rented n Prepare final checks to wedding vendors, as well as donations to ceremony officiants and musicians, if necessary

THE DAY BEFORE n Welcome family and friends from out-of-town n Have honeymoon bags packed n Gather all wedding day items n Attend rehearsal dinner and give gifts to wedding party and family

YOUR WEDDING DAY n Arrange to see hairstylist and make-up artist BEFORE your attendants n Be dressed and ready about two hours before ceremony for photos

RELAX... saying “I DO” is the easy part! | N.O.W | 17




With the musical artist Prince as our inspiration we set out to capture the essence of his music and his personal style and translate it into wedding dĂŠcor and fashion. Ladies and gentlemen, we present: PURPLE RAIN.

18 | N.O.W |

Add a pop of color with this plum paisley shawl tuxedo jacket from John’s Tuxedos.

CREDITS ON LOCATION: The Cannery, PHOTOGRAPHY: Brian Jarreau Photography, MAKEUP: Jennifer Peters of the Tracy Branch Agency, HAIR: Tracy Branch of the Tracy Branch Agency, FASHION: MaeMe The Bridal Boutique, | Pearl’s Place, | Town and Country Bridal, | John’s Tuxedos, | Southern Bridal Dreams, HATS: Halo Mimi, LINEN + PILLOWS: Nüage Designs, WEDDING CAKE + CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: Gambino’s Bakery, JEWELRY: Brilliance in Diamonds, INVITATIONS: Upscales Custom Collection, MODELS: Morgan Pete, Geraldlyn Slack | N.O.W | 19

This high neck, fit to flare gown, available at Pearl’s Place, features a dramatic open back and intricate bead work. Geraldlyn is wearing a 14k yellow gold, oval shape amethyst gemstone ring on her right hand and a 14k rose gold, square step cut amethyst gemstone ring on her left hand, both from Brilliance in Diamonds.

20 | N.O.W | | N.O.W | 21

Morgan is wearing an Ivory Glazer knit bandage fit to flare bridal gown available at Town and Country Bridal. The elongated bodice is embossed with opalescent foil and the cascading tulle skirt features horsehair trim. A wide brim, heavy weight fur felt fedora with metallic silver leather under brim from Halo Mimi and 14k yellow gold, oval shape amethyst gemstone ring from Brilliance in Diamonds complete her look.

22 | N.O.W |

BELOW RIGHT: Feel like a princess on your wedding day wearing this couture pinkchampagne inspired beaded ball gown from MaeMe The Bridal Boutique. This gown has an allover illusion beaded bodice that leads into a natural waistline and features a plunging neckline, ruffled skirt with horsehair trim and a low V-back. A smoked gray contemporary felt hat with feather plume from Halo Mimi adds a modern sensibility to this romantic look.

ABOVE LEFT: This mermaid style gown, available at Pearl’s Place, with illusion side panels and gemstone-embellished back detail, dramatically shows off your curves. | N.O.W | 23

ABOVE: Geraldlyn Is wearing a lace bodice with beaded illusion straps and subtle sweetheart neckline from Southern Bridal Dreams. A collection of amethyst rings from Brilliance in Diamonds pair beautifully with this elegant look.

24 | N.O.W |

This purple paisley tuxedo jacket, available at John’s Tuxedos echoes the detailing on the lace bodice with sweetheart neckline from Southern Bridal Dreams. A sheer scarf detail from Pearl’s Place, black liquid leather leggings and amethyst rings in yellow and rose gold from Brilliance in Diamonds complete this modern look. | N.O.W | 25

26 | N.O.W |

BELOW RIGHT: This modern, strapless fit and flare gown, available at Southern Bridal Dreams, features flattering princess panels that hug your curves. Completing this classic look is a patent leather flower crown with floating halo from Halo Mimi.

OPPOSITE PAGE AND ABOVE LEFT: This simple wedding dress, available at Southern Bridal Dreams, features a shaped train, perfect for the modern bride. The bodice features a sweetheart neckline and lace details that extend slightly onto the gown’s skirt. A 14k yellow gold, oval shape amethyst gemstone ring from Brilliance in Diamonds adds an opulent finishing touch. DETAIL: Raspberry Sequin Pattern Accent Pillow from Nßage Designs. | N.O.W | 27

Geraldlyn is wearing an intricately beaded, all over sparkle gown with a deep V neckline and deep V back, available at Town and Country Bridal. A patent leather flower crown with floating halo from Halo Mimi and 14k rose gold, square step cut amethyst gemstone ring from Brilliance in Diamonds add the finishing touches to this regal ensemble.

28 | N.O.W | | N.O.W | 29

This black velvet tuxedo jacket from John’s Tuxedos adds a soft touch to this edgy, sleek look.

30 | N.O.W |

INVITATION: The Artist Invitation by Upscales Custom Collection is a purple sequin gatefold invitation with center brooch, complete with center clear acrylic invitation and gold foil details. CAKE: Purple and white three tier cake by Gambino’s Bakery. The fondant covered cake features gold dusted purple rock candy, macarons and fresh fruit as decoration. | N.O.W | 31

FASHION: All that glitters is rose gold. This dramatic princess ballgown and glitter net cape, available at Pearl’s Place, feature all over patterned glitter and pearl details. TABLE AND DESSERT: Black Allumettes Linen from Nüage Designs dress this sweet heart table, perfectly contrasting the zebra print chairs and purple leather shag pillows from The Cannery’s in-house décor collection. Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles from Gambino’s Bakery.

32 | N.O.W | | N.O.W | 33



Purple Perfection Wedding essentials in perfect purple hues







7 7

34 | N.O.W |

1. Sequin jumpsuit by THEIA found locally at Town & Country Bridal, 2. Tera jumpsuit by Monique Lhuillier, 3. Gemology Luna Eardrop by Colette Malouf, 4. Modern styled shimmery straw with deep purple floral accent by Genevieve Rose Atelier, genevieveroseatelier. com 5. KELLEY 100 is a painterly brocade pump with gold metallic Nappa leather piping, by Jimmy Choo. 6. Gemstones and gold bracelet by Jered Lher jewelry is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. 7. Mon Paris Eau de Parfum by Yves Saubt Laurent, available at Nordstrom,

Happily ever afters begin at...

Stacy Marks Photography

Genovese Ashford Studios

Stacy Marks Photography | 1901 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, Louisiana | 504.644.4100 | N.O.W | 35


real wedding

Amanda Rose & Tyrell Lee NOVEMBER 10, 2018

“A LOVELEE ROMANCE.” WRITTEN BY: Marielle Songy and Jessica Burke | PHOTOGRAPHER: Justen Williams, 343 Media

ONE NIGHT, AMANDA WAS HAVING A DRINK WITH HER COUSIN AT Balcony Bar on Magazine Street, when a patron began bothering them. Tyrell intervened, the man left and Amanda returned to her conversation, but unbeknownst to her, Tyrell stood watch to make sure that the man had indeed moved on. After some time, Tyrell asked Amanda if she would join him for a drink. At first, she declined, but eventually decided to give Tyrell a chance; she was taken by his charm and found herself truly enjoying his company, as if he were a long, lost friend. Fortunately, the night was young and after a few hours of fun, Tyrell seized an opportunity to steal a kiss, moving himself officially out of that “friend zone.” For their wedding, it was important for Amanda and Tyrell to incorporate traditions of their beloved New Orleans. The couple chose Lawless Chapel at Dillard University, where Tyrell attended college, for their ceremony and the Patrick F. Taylor library at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art for their reception. Even though Amanda is a professional event planner, she counted on the

36 | N.O.W |

support of her friends and family to make sure that everything was perfect for their wedding day. “Invitations, favors, décor, set-up and breakdown was all orchestrated by myself and our families,” shares Amanda. It was a huge undertaking, but Amanda wouldn’t have had it any other way. One of the most important parts of the day was when Amanda’s 96-year old grandfather walked her down the aisle. “It was a moment I will never forget,” she shares. At the end of the ceremony, the couple “sealed the deal” by jumping over a broom that the bride’s mother had custom made. One of Amanda’s favorite parts of the wedding was the sweetheart table at the reception. “The floral altar literally made my knees weak and I cried immediately after making it through the entire day without shedding a tear,” she shares. “It was so breathtaking- it literally took my breath away.” At the end of the evening the couple paraded through the streets leading their guests in a traditional Second Line – the perfect ending for a New Orleans wedding!


FEATURED VENDORS RENTALS: TRUE VALUE RENTAL For the complete vendor list, visit

See more N.O.W. Real Wedding Inspiration at: | N.O.W | 37

What’s Your Style?

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

FIGURING OUT WHERE TO START AND HOW TO CREATE a wedding that’s “your style” can often be intimidating. We’ve compiled a list of questions to help guide you in the early planning stages. Some answers will help you determine what style of event is right for you. Others will help you focus on what’s really important.









n How did you meet? n What is your proposal story? n Who designed/picked the ring? What do you love about it? n What are 5 adjectives you’d use to describe yourselves as a couple? n What are 5 adjectives each of you’d use to describe the other? n What type of artwork do you own? What do you love about it? Describe the style. n Where do you like to spend vacation time? What types of activities do you participate in? n Who is your favorite clothing and accessory designer? n Who will be involved in the wedding planning process?



O. W.



Check back with your answers frequently throughout the planning process to make sure you’re staying true to YOU as you make decisions.

38 | N.O.W |

PAST EXPERIENCE n What have you liked about other weddings/events you’ve attended? n What have you disliked about weddings/events you’ve attended in the past?

WEDDING EXPERIENCE n What are 5 adjectives you’d like to describe your wedding? n What are your “must haves” for your wedding? Each pick one. n Are there any cultural or religious traditions you wish to incorporate? n What locations do you love? Indoors or outdoors? n Do you want the ceremony and reception to take place in the same location? n Describe your ideal location and your favorite things about it | N.O.W | 39

Your Rehearsal Dinner THE REHEARSAL DINNER IS THE TIME TO REFLECT and enjoy the company of close friends and family before tomorrow’s big event. It’s a wonderful time to present gifts to family members and the wedding party and thank them for supporting you during all of your wedding festivities. Restaurants, hotels and other establishments in NEW ORLEANS WEDDINGS MAGAZINE are some of the most beautiful in the country. Visit some of our amazing vendors and sample what they have to offer!

WHO HOSTS Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts and pays for the Rehearsal Dinner.

WHERE There are no rules for location, but ideally it will be somewhere convenient to the ceremony site (if doing an actual rehearsal). Private residences, restaurants or a unique location special to the couple are all great options.

WHO TO INVITE All immediate family (parents, grandparents, siblings and spouses), members of the wedding party (and their plus ones), and out of town guests; other wedding guests may be invited if the budget allows.

LEVEL OF FORMALITY This is entirely dependent upon the couples’ desires and wedding style and the hosts’ budget. Anything from an informal backyard crawfish boil to the most formal 5 course seated dinner at a restaurant may be chosen.

WHEN TO BOOK Book your rehearsal venue, caterer and other vendors at least 3-6 months prior. If you would like a very popular or specific location, it is wise to reserve your location as far in advance as possible. 40 | N.O.W |

Questions To Ask n Will your ideal location be an appropriate size for your expected guest count? n Is there convenient and sufficient parking available? n Will you want to bring in entertainment (Jazz Trio? Piano player?)? n Do you want a formal, seated rehearsal or something more casual? What places do you love that might be good locations for this event? n Will you want to bring in décor and florals? n Will you want a photographer or videographer to capture this party? n Will you want to give any formal speeches?

g rand. g lamorous. i ntriguing.

g uest r ooms | r ehearsal d inners | W edding r eCeptions , C eremonies & B runChes

C lassiC l uxury r eimagined Glamorous and grand, the reimagined Le Pavillon Hotel greets guests with a rich, storied past and lavish design. Boasting 226 newly reinvented guestrooms and eclectic suites, a newly concepted lobby bar, Cachette 1907, and signature ballroom, Bijoux. The historic hotel entices guests with an intimate rooftop pool and decadent function space, defining classic luxury reimagined.

504.581.3111 www.lepavillon .com 833 Poydras Street | New Orleans, LA 70112

YOUR CEREMONY LOCATION IS ONE OF THE FIRST decisions you’ll make when starting the planning process. Availability and location of your preferred ceremony site will often determine your wedding date and many other decisions about the wedding.

Ceremony Site WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n Is the facility open to non-members (e.g., Church , Synagogue, Private Clubs, etc.)? n Are there any restrictions on the day or time of the event? n Are there any restrictions for lighting, cameras, audio/video equipment? n How far in advance should we reserve this site? n Is there a mandatory dress code and/ or attendant number? n Do you have musicians available? Will we be permitted to use outside musicians? n Are we permitted to decorate the site? n Are there rest/dressing rooms? n Is the site handicap accessible? n What are the payment terms? n What is the cancellation policy? 42 | N.O.W |

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

Your Ceremony

Ceremony Musicians WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n May we see references and a demo cd/video? n Are you performing locally any time soon? May we attend the performance? n Can we see a song list? Can you perform particular songs we might want that are not on the list? n What instruments/vocalists are available? n Are you able to perform in outdoor venues if needed? n How far in advance must we book? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?

Your Officiant WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n Will you perform the ceremony at a non-religious site, such as hotel ballroom, etc.? n Is there a standard format? Can we write our own vows and select the music? n If we have been divorced, or if we are not of the same faith, will you officiate? n Will you file the marriage license after the wedding? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?


free printable planner our

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real wedding

Ashley Martinez & Jeffrey Stewart DECEMBER 8, 2018

“TWO TRADITIONS COMING TOGETHER AS ONE” WRITTEN BY: Marielle Songy and Jessica Burke | PHOTOGRAPHER: Trent Spann, Images by Robert T

ASHLEY AND JEFFREY’S ROMANCE STARTED THE WAY MANY modern romances start - with a little help from a mutual friend. Jeff’s coworker, who was also Ashley’s high school friend, decided the two would be a perfect match and introduced them via Facebook. Apparently, she was right, because after four nights of hours-long phone conversations, the two made plans for dinner and have been inseparable ever since. When it came time to propose, Jeff made arrangements to visit the Biltmore in North Carolina with the hopes of making Ashley’s dream of picnicking in a field of flowers come true. Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out; they weren’t able to picnic that day. Ashley was nonetheless thrilled to see all the beautiful fields of blooms at the estate. As Ashley was admiring the tulips, Jeff suggested they ask a couple at the garden to take their photo. Once they were positioned perfectly for the photo, Jeff got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. Ashley began crying and laughing and of course said, “Yes!” For their wedding day, the couple knew that the wanted to include traditions from Jeff’s Scottish ancestry and Ashley’s Isleños and Filipino roots. This New

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Orleans wedding included a bagpiper in Jackson Square in full regalia who serenaded guests as they arrived and played “Highland Cathedral” as he led the procession down the aisle. Ashley felt like royalty as she and her father rode to St. Louis Cathedral in a horse-drawn carriage. As a nod to the bride’s family’s Filipino tradition, the couple exchanged arras (13 blessed coins) during the mass and fortunately, the weather cleared just in time after the ceremony for a traditional Second Line to the reception at The Presbytere Museum. Jeff is an avid duck hunter who is learning to carve decoys and Ashley’s uncle is famous for his hand carved Isleños-style decoys. Although he no longer practices decoy carving, they were able to find a decoy that Ashley’s uncle had carved through a collector. The couple was thrilled to be able to add this special touch to the groom’s cake. Bound by love and tradition, Ashley and Jeff created a wedding experience that reflected who they are as a couple and created memories that will last a lifetime.


FEATURED VENDOR PHOTOGRAPHY: IMAGES BY ROBERT T For the complete vendor list, visit

See more N.O.W. Real Wedding Inspiration at: | N.O.W | 45

Your Reception THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST ELABORATE PARTIES you will ever host. It is also the ideal time to thank your family members, friends and guests for being there with you throughout the exciting festivities. Before making your final choice, ask yourself if this location fits your wedding style. Is it within your established budget? If not, are you willing to compromise your budget to secure the location?

Reception Site WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n Is this location easily reached from our ceremony venue? n Is there an outdoor reception area available? n Is this location handicap accessible? Is parking available? n Will there be any changes to the location between now and our event? n What are the menus/prices/packages available? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy

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The Location’s Coordinator/Manager WHAT TO ASK n May we see references and photographs of other receptions held here? n May we tour the area? Are there any specific restrictions? n How far in advance must reservations be made? When do you need the final guest count? n Are there specific minimums we must meet? n What area/rooms are available? How early can we set up? How late can we stay? n Is there a dressing room our wedding party will have access to? n Are there enough electrical outlets for our entertainers? Do you provide any type of sound system? Are there any lighting or sound restrictions? n How large is the dance floor? Can you provide a stage or raised platform? n Do you provide tables, chairs, linens and/or table settings? n Do you have a caterer on site? Bar service? Are we required to use the onsite caterer or is an off-site caterer permitted? Will they have access to your kitchen? n Who will be the main contact for our baker, florist, caterer, event planner, etc.? n Will you provide the serving staff? How many and in what capacity? n Can you provide parking valets, coat check and/or door attendants? n What is the maximum capacity, both seated and standing? n Do you have any other events scheduled on the day of our wedding? n Are you insured for liability? Will you provide security, including the parking lot? n What is your rental fee? For how long? Does that include service, catering and/ or clean-up? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?

Photo Credit: 1216 Studio | N.O.W | 47




RACES Join us for a day at the races as we explore the beautiful New Orleans Fair Grounds in this fashion and decor editorial. CREDITS

ON LOCATION: Fair Grounds Race Course + Slots, PHOTOGRAPHY: Ryan North for North Photography + HD Cinema, MAKEUP: Mallory Fitzgerald of the Tracy Branch Agency, FASHION: Couture Bridal Collective, HATS: Halo Mimi, LINEN, NAPKINS + PLACEMATS: Nüage Designs, TABLES, LANTERNS, + CHAIRS: Big Easy Events, WEDDING CAKE: Gambino’s Bakery, FLORAL DÉCOR: Herbivore Floral Designs, JEWELRY: Brilliance in Diamonds, INVITATIONS: Upscales Custom Collection, MODEL: Chelsea Brown

48 | N.O.W |

This strapless ivory Mikado fit and flare gown, available at Couture Bridal Collective, features a soft tulle skirt. We paired this gown with an ivory ribbon belt with rhinestone embellishments. Chelsea’s look is completed to perfection with a telescope crown, wide brim heavy weight fur felt fedora from Halo Mimi. | N.O.W | 49

50 | N.O.W |

BOTH PAGES: Chelsea is wearing the lacy “Dalora� gown by Pantora Bridal, available at Couture Bridal Collective. This gown features a sexy fit and flare silhouette with a whimsical train. A pure white, heavy weight fur felt wide brim fedora from Halo Mimi and three stone diamond circle studs and 2.17cts round diamond halo engagement ring in 18k white gold setting from Brilliance in Diamonds completes her look. | N.O.W | 51

RIGHT: A simple sprig of greenery on each plate is the perfect finishing touch, with, of course, this antique style Emerald diamond engagement ring from Brilliance in Diamonds

.TALBLE DÉCOR: Delightful Pimm’s cups and Mercury Glass vases overflow with lush florals by Herbivore Floral Designs. Nüage Designs’ Pebble placemats form an impromptu table runner, and beautiful contrast for the colorful arrangements while Nüage Designs’ Blush Metallic Burlap linen and Copper Penny satin napkins add a simple, elegant touch. Sprays of greenery adorn silver Chiavari chairs from Big Easy Events.

52 | N.O.W

This stunning Floral Hoop Bouquet by Herbivore Floral Designs is the perfect backdrop for this ceremony in the Paddock at the Fair Grounds Race Course. Colorful blooms, greenery and wispy branches climb the sides of the hoop in an asymmetric arrangement. Simple white chairs provide guest seating and decorative brown metal lanterns from Big Easy Events line the aisle. | N.O.W | 53

54 | N.O.W |

The Grandstand at the Fairgrounds provide a stunning backdrop for this Naama and Anat gown “Devine�, available at Couture Bridal Collective. Fall in love with the plunging illusion neckline and lace appliques that adorn the bodice of this fit and flare gown. Rose gold diamond hoop earrings from Brilliance in Diamonds and an alabaster fur felt hat with soft leather under brim and dandelion accent from Halo Mimi add a sophisticated elegance to the ensemble.

The Classic Invitation by Upscales Custom Collection is a Chanel inspired leather clutch style invitation closed with a matching brooch. The inside is lined with lime green leather and a cute pocket for event information. | N.O.W | 55

What could be more perfect for a Day at the Races themed wedding than a delightful derby hat cake?! Gambino’s Bakery decorated this soft coral colored hat with a bold fondant flower, gingham ribbon and a feather. The cake sits atop a table draped with Nüage Designs’ White and Gold Oslo linen.

56 | N.O.W

The sleek lines and sweetheart neckline of this ivory fit and flare gown, available at Couture Bridal Collective, show off Chelsea’s curves fabulously! We’ve paired this gown with a pearl and rhinestone embellished belt, also available at Couture Bridal Collective. To top it off, a soft gray velour hat with luxe braid finish under brim and multi colored polka dot tulle by Halo Mimi adds a whimsical touch and a vintage style. Engagement ring and 1.00ct diamond stud earrings from Brilliance in Diamonds add just the right amount of sparkle. | N.O.W | 57

58 | N.O.W |

ABOUT THE VENUE Experience a day at the races! The Fair Grounds Race Course features a number of versatile spaces including their Grandstand, Clubhouse Dining room with a panoramic view of downtown New Orleans, and of course the Paddock where many greats in history have paraded!

Amazing embellishments adorn the sides and shoulders of “Baira� by Pantora Bridal, available at Couture Bridal Collective. This Scuba fit and flare gown features V-neckline and lots of sparkle! A custom Emerald diamond engagement ring in a platinum setting and pearl earrings from Brilliance in Diamonds are the perfect finishing touches. | N.O.W | 59



Lucky In Love Inspired by a spring day at the races



5 2



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1. Troienne woven straw with feather accent, perfect for race day, by Genevieve Rose Atelier, 2. Farrah Ohana Print Chiffon gown with plunging halter neckline from Jenny Yoo, found locally at Town & Country Bridal, 3. Cropped ruffled bodice halter gown in blush by Allure Bridals, found locally at Pearls Place, pearlsplace. com. 4. Jinsoon Dolly Pink nail lacquer available at Nordstrom, 5. Mini pave horseshoe and clover necklace by Sydney Evan, sydneyevan. com. 6. Christian Louboutin Crossfliketa pump will add the perfect element of style to your race day attire, available at Nordstrom, 7. Pillowtalk luxury eyeshadow palette by Charlotte Tilbury, | N.O.W | 61

Bon Appetit IF THERE IS NO ON-SITE CATERER at your reception location, the catering professionals in NEW ORLEANS WEDDINGS MAGAZINE are among the very best in the business. Do your research, accept recommendations and be sure to taste-test! A full-service caterer provides linen services, waiters and table service. Choose one who will listen to your ideas and help plan a menu for a delightful, memorable event.

62 | N.O.W |

What To Ask Prospects n May we see a menu and package samples? n Will you be at the reception? Who will be assisting? How will your staff be dressed? n How many servers do we need for a seated/buffet reception? What is the estimated cost per person for each? What does that include? n How much floor space do you need for preparation, serving and bar service? n Are you licensed/insured for bar service? n What is the bar fee? What does that include? How many bars and bartenders can you provide? n What amount of liquor do you recommend based on our guest list? n Will we be charged for unopened bottles/can those be returned? n What bar supplies do you provide? n Can you provide cash/open bar services? n What time will the bars close? n When will we need to finalize our menu? n When do you need a final guest count? n Can you provide special dietary food? n What are the taxes and gratuities? Are there any additional fees? n How much set up time do you need? Are you full-service? n How is the food presented? Do you provide any decor for buffet tables? n Are we able to do a tasting? If yes, when? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?


Celebrate. 4846 MAGAzinE ST, nOLA 504-304-0567 | | N.O.W | 63




Incorporate health-conscious food into your wedding menu without compromising flavor

SUPER SALAD: Kale, spinach, arugula, fresh avocado, quinoa, red onions, edamame, garbanzo beans, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, and pine nuts tossed in a little lemon juice, fresh pepper, and olive oil.

CREDITS PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Burke for New Orleans Weddings BY: Leah Berhanu, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pigeon Catering and Events MENU + STYLING: Geoffrey Rhode, Culinary Director + Tessa Carrington, Event Producer + Designer: Pigeon Catering and Events, 64 | N.O.W |

ORANGE TURMERIC MARGARITA: Organic sugar, turmeric, gold tequila, fresh orange juice and lemon juice Rim: ground turmeric, ancho chili powder, coarse salt | N.O.W | 65

YOGURT BAR: Greek yogurt, chia seeds, grain-free granola, starfruit, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, fig, almonds, honey served with green tea and orange juice - Great for brunch wedding events.

66 | N.O.W |

HEALTHY ENTRÉE: Glazed salmon topped with pan roasted pomegranate, roasted brussels sprouts, yellow and red beats on a bed of fresh arugula

This editorial presented by Pigeon Catering and Events focuses on foods that fit pretty much every diet glove. | N.O.W | 67

LATE NIGHT PASSED DESSERT OPTION: An assortment of Fuji apples dipped in dark chocolate and topped with sliced almonds, chopped hazelnuts and coconut shavings - A great wedding cake alternative.

68 | N.O.W |


real wedding

Kimberly Babin & Corey Burlette NOVEMBER 3, 2018

“AN INTIMATE AFFAIR” WRITTEN BY: Marielle Songy and Jessica Burke | PHOTOGRAPHER: Sandra O’Claire, Eau Claire Photographics

KIMBERLY RECALLS THE MOMENT THAT WOULD CHANGE HER LIFE forever - the moment that her husband Corey proposed. For months, Corey had planned a vacation to Cabo and coordinated an elaborate proposal. The itinerary included sailing aboard a yacht that would take the couple to Lover’s Beach and the Arch of San Lucas with a photographer aboard to capture portraits “for Christmas cards.” As they posed on the bow of the boat, Corey dropped to one knee and presented her with a ring. Of course, Kimberly said “Yes!” Kimberly and Corey were married at Maison Lafitte in Mandeville where they also celebrated their reception.

70 | N.O.W |

Kimberly describes standing at the altar with Corey as her favorite part of the day. “Looking into the eyes of the man I have loved for over six years and feeling such happiness and love - I just cannot describe that type of feeling!” she shares. After the ceremony, Kimberly and Corey were ready to celebrate with friends and family and dance the night away. They treated their guests to a Champagne bubbly bar, mini king cakes and they orchestrated a sparkler exit before heading to a cozy after-party at The Barley Oak with close family and friends. “It was so fun to continue the party and have those we cherish most with us!” Kimberly shares.


FEATURED VENDORS PHOTOGRAPHER: Eau Claire Photographics BRIDE’S GOWN: TOWN & COUNTRY BRIDAL For the complete vendor list, visit

See more N.O.W. Real Wedding Inspiration at: | N.O.W | 71

504.467.1351 3600 Chateau Blvd. Kenner LA 70065

Photo: Theresa Elizabeth Photography

72 | N.O.W |

Images: (bottom) Marissa Lambert (top) Joseph Lin

610 South Peters Street | NOLA 70130 504-521-8055 | Brent Bogan |




Have some fun with your wedding décor and fashion by incorporating hip elements and charming vintage furniture into the mix.

CREDITS ON LOCATION: Generations Hall, | HAIR + MAKEUP: Tina Rodosta for Verde Beauty Studio, | FASHION: MaeMe The Bridal Boutique, | Pearl’s Place, | Town and Country Bridal, | John’s Tuxedos, | Southern Bridal Dreams, | HATS: Halo Mimi, | LANTERNS + CANDLE DECOR: Jazzi Events, RENTALS: Distressed Rentals + Revival, | WEDDING CAKE: Gambino’s Bakery, FLORAL DÉCOR: The Plant Gallery, | BOUQUET: Something Borrowed Blooms, | JEWELRY: Brilliance in Diamonds, INVITATIONS: Upscales Custom Collection, | MODELS: Charlotte Treuse + Michael Richard II

74 | N.O.W |

GOWN & ACCESSORIES: Featuring interwoven gauzy blossoms, this romantic tulle and lace gown, available at Southern Bridal Dreams, features beaded embroidery along the neckline and straps. A custom round brilliant shape diamond engagement ring in a halo setting and round diamond halo drop earrings from Brilliance in Diamonds add the perfect amount of sparkle to this look. MENSWEAR: A light grey vest and dark grey bow tie are paired with tan pants from John’s Tuxedos to create a dressy casual look. Halo Mimi’s “Busker” hat, a distressed tan tear drop fedora, completes the ensemble. BOUQUET: Champagne, ivory and peach roses and white mini ranunculus are paired with rosemary and olive branches and grey lambs’ ear in the lush Olivia Bridal Bouquet from Something Borrowed Blooms. | N.O.W | 75

BRIDE’S LOOK: Charlotte is wearing an Amethyst floral sequin ball gown from Town & Country Bridal paired with the “Flora” hat by Halo Mimi featuring floating dried flowers in a wired vinyl brim, available at Century Girl Boutique. Her look is completed with a custom cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring and pearl earrings from Brilliance in Diamonds. GROOM'S LOOK: For this look, we paired slim fit navy pants with a tan vest and Love’s Blush bow tie from John’s Tuxedos. An oyster colored Panama straw hat with raw brim edge and gray leather band from Halo Mimi and 14k White Gold men’s Milgrain wedding band from Brilliance in Diamonds completes his look. DÉCOR: For this ceremony setting, Distressed Rentals collection of mismatched vintage benches provide seating for guests. To define the altar area, vintage rugs and ladders from Distressed’s collection were draped in colorful twinkle lights. Wooden lanterns from Jazzi Events line the aisle which is filled with red heart “petals”.

76 | N.O.W |

BRIDE’S LOOK: So romantic! This silk dupioni ball gown, available at MaeMe The Bridal Boutique, features an illusion jewel neckline. Buttons lead the eye from the gown’s hemline to the elegant lace back. TABLE & DÉCOR: Distressed Rental’s Napa Table and Camel Leather Benches form the main table seating at this non-traditional reception. A floral garland graces the table and simple greenery arrangements, all by The Plant Gallery, sit atop a trio of low Sahara Tables from Distressed Rentals. Vintage rugs and pillows from Distressed Rentals extensive collective complete this reception setting. | N.O.W | 77

BRIDE’S LOOK: This lace and tulle A-line gown, available at Pearl’s Place, features a cathedral train and fun, feathery embellishments. Halo Mimi’s “Flora” hat, available at Century Girl Boutique, provides a fanciful alternative to a traditional veil. Brilliance in Diamonds custom designed a round brilliant shape diamond engagement ring in a crown platinum setting. GROOM'S LOOK: For this look, we mixed heather grey tuxedo pants with a slate vest and added a pop of color with a persimmon bow tie, all from John’s Tuxedos. We completed the ensemble with a twotone vinyl record hat with tear drop fedora crown by Halo Mimi. 78 | N.O.W |

BRIDE’S LOOK: There is so much to love about this ivory and gold embroidered lace wedding dress with illusion neckline from Southern Bridal Dreams. This flattering mermaid silhouette has a tiffany train and features elegant beading throughout. A European Diamond Art Deco Vintage Shield Ring in 18k white gold from Brilliance in Diamonds pairs perfectly with this gown. INVITATION &:RING: The Boho Invitation by Upscales Custom Collection is an oval cut white washed wood invitation with gold foil lettering wrapped with suede string and feather accents. Each invitation is paired with a matching feather designed envelope and tassel. From Brilliance in Diamonds, a custom oval diamond engagement ring in basket style setting pictured with a men’s hammered style wedding band in 14k yellow gold and ladies 14k yellow gold diamond wedding band.



See more wedding inspiration online at: | N.O.W | 79

BRIDE’S LOOK: This sparkling fit and flare wedding dress with floral details from MaeMe The Bridal Boutique is a glam update to the traditional lace wedding dress. The illusion bodice and sweetheart neckline offer a sexy look, while the tulle off-the-shoulder straps bring a sense of romance. The gown’s tulle skirt extends out, embellished with lace appliques, dimensional flowers and subtle shimmer. A luminous sparkle tulle gives the dramatic train the perfect finishing touch. Adding even more sparkle to this look are a custom oval diamond engagement ring in basket style setting, diamond bangle bracelet in 14k yellow gold and 14k yellow gold and round diamond halo drop earrings, all from Brilliance in Diamonds. GROOM'S LOOK: Michael is wearing a hammered style wedding band in 14k yellow gold from Brilliance in Diamonds with a tan Allure tuxedo, available at John’s Tuxedos, paired with a heather grey vest and charcoal bow tie for contrast.

80 | N.O.W |

BRIDE’S LOOK: This A-line gown, available at Town & Country Bridal, features a structured bodice with a slight plunge. The off-the-shoulder neckline adds a bohemian vibe. Floral French lace covers the gown extending through the dramatic train. A vintage floral diamond ring, diamond bangle bracelet in 14k yellow gold and round diamond halo drop earrings from Brilliance in Diamonds complete this elegant look. CAKE & CAKE TABLE: This precious 2-tier ivory buttercream cake with fondant leaf details in ivory, gold and rich chocolate brown by Gambino’s Bakery is the crown jewel sitting atop the Sonoma Table from Distressed Rentals. A greenery garland by The Plant Gallery encircles the table’s circumference, echoing the leaf details on the cake. | N.O.W | 81



Rustic Revival


What's old is new...lace, velvet and romantic warm hues.



2 4




82 | N.O.W |

1. Noor fine woven straw baret with whimsical bow accent, by Genevieve Rose Atelier, 2. Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaids gown available locally at Town & Country Bridal, town 3. Lockledge vintage ring from Trumpet and Horn, find similar styles at trumpetandhorn. com. 4. Logan velvet bridesmaid dress by Jenny Yoo for BHLD, 5. Berta sheer lace fit-to-flare strapless gown with high neck caplet, Berta styles are available locally at Town and Country Bridal, 6. Herbs and Wildflower wedding invitation by Paper Culture, 7. Flora, silk satin with mesh embroidery was designed by Claire Pettibone for Bella Belle, see the entire collaboration at





Executive Chef Molly McLaren of New Orleans’ only 3 star certified green catering company, Marie’s Fleur De Lis Catering, shares some of her favorite menu items for weddings.

CREDITS PHOTOS: Jessica Burke for New Orleans Weddings CUISINE: Marie’s Fleur De Lis Catering, 84 | N.O.W |

If being environmentally friendly is important to you check out Chef McLaren’s innovative menus that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

OPPOSITE: Prosciutto, Fig, and Cantaloupe Arugula Salad drizzled with balsamic reduction and olive oil ABOVE LEFT: Peanut Chicken in a Purple Endive Leaf ABOVE RIGHT: Mini Fish Tacos with lime wedge taco stands, cilantro drizzle, and micro cilantro | N.O.W | 85

86 | N.O.W |

OPPOSITE: Top Left: Cochon Egg Roll with BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw Bottom Left: Duck Confit Bruschetta on a Crostini ABOVE LEFT: Crab Cupcakes with scallion frosting ABOVE RIGHT: Devils on Horseback: Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with bamboo paddle picks | N.O.W | 87

ABOVE LEFT: Salad Trio with Fleur de Lis Salad, Farro and Roasted Beet Salad, and Asparagus and Artichoke Salad ABOVE RIGHT: Grilled Filet and Jumbo Shrimp with shrimp boil mashed potatoes and grilled okra OPPOSITE: Top: Crawfish Etouffee with fresh French Bread Bottom: Mini Beignets in bamboo cones 88 | N.O.W | | N.O.W | 89

Entertainment WHETHER YOU’RE “A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY” or he’s “a little bit rock ‘n’ roll,” the entertainment needs to be accommodating to please you, your family and guests. New Orleans musicians can provide that versatility from classical music ensembles to funk bands. You might also choose to have additional entertainment, such as a photo booth or live event painter at your wedding! Choose your entertainment with as much care as you would with other items for your wedding.

Image Credit: Images by Robert T

Band or DJ Prospects WHAT TO ASK n Are you performing locally any time soon? May we attend the performance? n Can we see a song list? Can you perform particular songs we want that are not on the list? n How will you be dressed? n Do you provide lighting/special effects? n How far in advance must we book? n Will you be the master of ceremonies at the reception? n How many breaks do you take and for how long? Do you require a break room and/or food to be provided? n How many sets do you play and how long is each set? n Do you charge a total rate or by the hour? n When do you start overtime rates? How much? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy? 90 | N.O.W |

Other Prospects WHAT TO ASK n What is included with your service? n How many hours are included? n How much space do you require for setup? When will you arrive to set up? n How will you be dressed? n How far in advance must we book? n Do you charge a total rate or by the hour? n When do you start overtime rates? How much? n What are your payment terms? n What is the cancellation policy?



Your reception is all about making lasting memories on the most important day of your life. Let us help you make those memories.





Your Gown N.O.W. the fun begins - the search for the perfect wedding gown and styling your wedding day look. Be sure to choose a dress that looks and feels like it was made just for you. Be realistic about your budget and let your bridal boutique attendant know both the style and price range you’re looking for. But remember, this is all about you. Don’t let outside opinions get between you and your dream dress!


Image Credit: G. Chapin Studios

n Do you have any gowns in stock, or must they be ordered? n Can you guarantee a delivery date? How far in advance do I need to place my order? n How many fittings should I schedule? n Do my attendants need to be here in person to order their dresses? n When can you offer alterations and fittings? Can you make last-minute alterations? n What is your return policy? n What are your payment terms?

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics


92 | N.O.W |

n Where are you getting married? Your dress should be appropriate for the level of formality of your event and also the time of year. n Do you want to wear a veil or other headpiece? n Does your ceremony site have any restrictions pertaining to clothing? n What style gowns are you most drawn to? Bring photos of gowns that catch your eye to give your bridal boutique attendant an idea of what you like. n Are you planning any major body transformations before the wedding? Ask when the latest you can order is so that your gown will fit as comfortably as possible. n Will you need any particular foundation garments with the gown you choose? Be sure to bring these and your wedding shoes with you to all alteration appointments! n Are there any special accessories you wish to wear? n When shopping for your dress, a small group of trusted friends who know your style is best. Resist the urge to bring everyone you know shopping.


get on our radar #featuremeNOW

| 3331 Severn Ave #102 Metairie, LA 70002


94 | N.O.W |



1514 St. Charles Avenue 504.523.7027 @townandcountrybridal | Town & Country Bridal

4114 Veterans Memorial Boulevard 504.459.4350 @linenjoliebridal | Linen Jolie Bridal

Well Groomed THE TASK OF SELECTING the groom’s attire is his decision. Whether purchased or rented, his attire should complement the time and feel of your wedding as well as your gown and bridal party’s attire!

Men's Formal Wear







96 | N.O.W |



O. W.



n What type of attire do you suggest based on the time, date, location and formality of our event? n Do you have the attire that we want in stock or does it need to be ordered? n Are shoes and accessories included in the price? n How far in advance do we need to make reservations? n Do the members of the groom’s party need to be fitted in person? Do you offer fittings, pressings and last minute alterations? n When does the attire need to be returned? n What is your damage policy? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?

Image Credit: Theresa Elizabeth Photography, Menswear: John's Tuxedos



Select and order menswear 6 months prior to your wedding date.

The most important accessory to the perfect wedding dress is you. All the hair and makeup professionals in NEW ORLEANS WEDDINGS MAGAZINE are ready and willing to professionally pamper you for your special day. Visit your stylist and discuss your hair color and cut well before your wedding day. Take your headpiece (if you’re wearing one) with you so your stylist can have a good idea of what they’ll be working with and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Always schedule a trial run of your wedding day hair and makeup a month or two in advance – this is a great opportunity to schedule pre-wedding portraits in your dress too!

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Hair and Makeup Artist By Tina Rodosta, Verde Beauty Studio

1. HOW MANY WEDDINGS HAVE YOU DONE? First of all, make sure you ask about bridal experience in particular. What it requires to be a bridal specialist is quite different from an editorial, commercial or “Instaglam” artist. Bridal Hair + Makeup is not only about creating a beautiful look, but LISTENING and translating what a bride wants into reality. For hair, if you’re considering using your normal stylist, be sure to check with them about how confident they feel about event styling– not everyone who is talented at cut and color is as good at special occasion hair, and vice versa. Most regular hairstylists haven’t had the advanced training of a special event artist. 98 | N.O.W |

Image Credit: Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Beautiful Bride

2. DO YOU HAVE A PORTFOLIO? A WEBSITE? All professional hair & makeup pros will be able to show you a good, varied portfolio on request. Nowadays, your artist should have an up-to-date website or blog for you to have a look at, making it easy to browse at your leisure. One red flag to look out for is if the looks they showcase are always the same, only show images of themselves or if they’re only showcasing images from styled shoots with professional models – you want to make sure they can create the look you’re going for! 3. ARE THEY RECOMMENDED BY OTHER PROS YOU TRUST? Unfortunately, some wedding “pros” are dishonest by using images of other professionals’ work on their websites and portfolios. To be absolutely sure, it’s worth calling other vendors that recommend them and chatting with them directly. If your artist is a true professional, working in your area they should have name recognition from others in the wedding field. 4. WHAT DO YOU CHARGE? This seems like an easy question, but this can vary based on location, experience level, client base and demand. If they are a singular artist, artist working for a team or working for a

salon - different artists prices are based on skill level and your artist or team may have several rate levels. Most bridal pros charge a premium for services due to the limited nature of wedding dates, luxury of their service and amount of training that goes into what they offer. This is more than a haircut that can grow out, the service your bridal pro provides will last a lifetime in photos and has to transcend trend and remain timeless. Be sure to ask about additional fees on top of the base rate; travel costs, tattoo cover up, additional artists and touch ups throughout the day. If you’re asking your pros to work on your bridesmaids, mom, etc. as well as the bride, then you’ll also want to know whether they charge per person or per hour, and how many people they can accommodate. Another important cost question to ask is how much they charge for a retainer. 5. DO YOU HAVE A CONTRACT? Now that being a makeup artist is a trendy career, lots of people seem to be setting up shop without a contract and very little experience. It’s good for everyone involved to have a clear written record of what is and isn’t included and what’s expected. Be sure that the contract includes information on payment, deposit, schedule, and provision for unforeseen events. A contract is there to protect the artist and the client and a HUGE red flag is lack of a contract.

exclusive, especially on a spring or fall Saturday. However, you also need to know they won’t be rushing off before you’re happy. Make sure their scheduling is on point or see if they allow for exclusivity for an additional fee. 9. CAN YOU WORK WITH MY SPECIFIC NEEDS? Most brides have special requests. Perhaps you have sensitive skin, fine hair that needs clip in extensions, or you just want to know that your artist can work with your complexion. You should always feel comfortable asking your artist about specific requests. They would rather know up front what to expect. “Difficult” hair textures, acne prone skin, discoloration and a number of other issues are quite common for event artists but should be asked about - if your artist is a pro it’s something they have dealt with before. Importantly, if you have a tattoo or scar that you want covered – this can cost extra. Whatever your needs, be sure to chat about them beforehand. 10. HOW FAR IN ADVANCE DO I NEED TO BOOK? You’ll be surprised how far in advance pro artists book but depending on how important looking beautiful in images is to you, will determine how far in advance you should book. If your artist won’t take your booking more than 6 months out, be wary. This may mean they are anticipating a life change or career change and if you have to force someone to take your money, maybe you shouldn’t be booking them.

6. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT ON MY WEDDING DAY? We’re all human – things happen. Your artist should have a good plan for the “what ifs.” Working with a team of artists is the best way to ensure there is someone else to be there when needed. Since there are multiple artists that work with a team, then you have the peace of mind that there is more than just one person you are relying on. A good hair & makeup pro will have a backup plan in place, so ask. 7. WHAT BRAND OF PRODUCTS DO YOU USE AND DO YOU SELL THEM COMMERCIALLY? This one’s most relevant when it comes to makeup. No matter how good a brand is, it’s not going to be right for every single skin tone or type, and a good makeup artist will have a range of quality products in their kit. There are several direct sales brands calling their sales people “artists” - You don’t want you or your bridesmaids to have to listen to a sales spiel. 8. WHAT IS YOUR TIMING LIKE? HOW MANY WEDDINGS CAN YOU DO IN ONE DAY? Timing is a big deal, some artists take 60-90 minutes per service, per person. If you have a large party, this becomes an issue. Your artist should be confident in their timing and be able to give you a solid answer of how many people can realistically be done. Many artists take multiple bookings in one day, this is nothing abnormal, but confidence in their timing is key. Of course, you can’t expect your pro to be | N.O.W | 99

Always a Bridesmaid BEING ASKED TO BE A BRIDESMAID OR MAID OF HONOR is a huge honor! When you accept, you’re signing on for certain responsibilities. Be sure to consider if you have the time and finances to make the commitment before saying yes!

n Help plan and pay for bridal shower n Help plan and attend the bachelorette party (consider travel costs if applicable) n Attend as many pre-wedding events as possible n Go dress shopping with the bride (if she asks) n Get fitted for and order your dress on time n Help with wedding projects (if the bride asks and you can commit the time) n Be there for the bride

WHAT A BRIDESMAID PAYS FOR n Your own dress, shoes, jewelry n Your own hair and makeup n Travel costs to the wedding and overnight accommodations on the wedding day n A shower and wedding gift (may be group gifts from all the bridesmaids) 100 | N.O.W |

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics


THINGS FOR THE BRIDE TO THINK ABOUT n Consider your bridesmaids’ budgets when selecting the gown, shoes and accessories you’d like them to wear. If your maids have limited budgets you might consider allowing them to select their own dresses (with color and style parameters you provide) that work within their budget. n If you’re expecting your bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup professionally done, consider offering to pay for this or allow them to do their own hair and makeup if they prefer. n Think of unique gifts for each of your bridesmaids to say thank you – remember – they’re all individuals and don’t have to have matching gifts! n Consider treating your maids to a bridesmaid’s brunch before the wedding as a fun treat and a way to say thank you for everything they’ve done for you.



photo: stacy marks

The Lakeview Hair Salon

wedding up-dos |make-up great lengths extensions cut + color

504-265-8761 /NolaReviveSalon

steven pawlowski photography

234 W. Harrison Ave | NOLA

You’ve got questions. Staci has answers.


hair makeup on

ask anything

location to book @tracybranchagency | N.O.W | 101

Big Day Beauty Tips from a Makeup Artist to Ensure Your Bridal Makeup is Pure Perfection

By Lindsey Benoit, Owner/Lead Makeup Artist, About Face of New Orleans Photo credit: Syda Productions

WANTING TO LOOK YOUR BEST ON YOUR WEDDING DAY IS A GOAL FOR NOT ONLY YOU, BUT YOUR MAKEUP ARTIST. It is the most important day of your life and emotions are running high. The last thing your makeup artist wants you to be is stressed, anxious, or nervous about bridal makeup. To ensure pure beauty perfection, here are some top tips from the makeup experts at About Face of New Orleans.

SCHEDULE A MAKEUP TRIAL Scheduling a makeup trial is something all makeup artists will encourage. It gives you and the makeup artist time to become acquainted, get a glimpse of each other’s personalities, and to gauge the makeup artist’s work. During the trial you can work together to create the perfect look for your wedding day. This also gives you the opportunity and freedom to tweak your bridal look before the big day. If you’re planning on spray tanning for your wedding, it is imperative that you let your makeup artist know. Often times, tans develop into a darker color than what was originally color matched. To avoid mismatching, we recommend giving your spray tan a go a few days before your trial so we can color match the foundation perfectly. Be sure to arrive to the appointment with a clean, makeup-free face so we can build up to the picture-perfect look. 102 | N.O.W |

INSPIRATION As much as we would like to be, we are not miracle workers. If you have any inspiration or a look you are considering, make sure the look suits you. It’s fine to ask to look like Kim K., but if you have Taylor Swift’s skin tone, some adjustments will need to be made! Bring a photo of your “inspiration” to your bridal trial to guarantee your makeup artist understands exactly what look you are trying to achieve. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY SKIN ROUTINE AND EXFOLIATE! A perfect canvas is a makeup artists dream. Creating that perfect canvas starts with having a healthy skin care routine. Keep your beauty routine simple but be sure to exfoliate. It is important to exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week to rid your face of dead skin cells and to produce an even skin tone. The Repechage Honey Almond Scrub is a perfect exfoliator to help achieve results. It is just as

important to exfoliate your lips, as they become dry and flakey. Make sure to do this the night before the wedding. You can use the About Face lip scrub to rub over your lips and rinse. Then apply the About Face lip balm to pack in the moisture. DON’T TRY ANY NEW TREATMENTS THE WEEK OF YOUR WEDDING Many brides make the mistake of booking all, and I mean ALL, of their beauty services the day before their wedding. I am talking about lash extensions, microdermabrasion treatments, spray tanning, and waxing. While you may have NEVER had a reaction before, that doesn’t mean one won’t occur. All pampering should be done at least 3 days BEFORE your wedding day to steer clear of any potential flare ups. HYDRATE HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Achieving a flawless, long lasting look is difficult when working with dry, flakey skin. It is important to keep your skin and lips moisturized. Besides hydrating daily with a moisturizer, using a hydration serum, such as Glo Skin Beauty’s Daily Hydration, will conquer your skin’s thirst with an instant, skinquenching boost. The Hydrating Sheet Mask by Patchology is a last-minute treatment that is safe for you to apply the night before or morning of your wedding. You can use a rose quartz roller to penetrate the left-over serum into the skin to depuff and hydrate. Don’t forget about under your eyes! Make sure the delicate area is moisturized prior to sitting in the chair for your makeup application. I often recommend the Repechage Four Layer Facial to all of my brides for the week leading up to the wedding. This facial hydrates, plumps, and brightens the skin, leaving it silky smooth for the wedding day.

Your Beauty

EMERGENCY KIT Since not all makeup artists stay until the bride is walking out of the door, a beauty emergency kit is a must. Prepare your own emergency kit with this checklist: n Powder n Compact n Lipstick n Mascara n Safety Pins n Travel Size Hair Spray n A Compact Mirror n Oil Blotting Pads n Hair Pins, Tampons n Band Aids, Clear Nail Polish n Hand Wipes n Travel Size Tissue n Tylenol.

DON’T STRESS While some stress is inevitable, know that in the end, your wedding day will be one that you will remember and cherish for your entire life. Sure, things will happen that you weren’t expecting and some things will not go as planned, but none of it will take away from the ultimate goal, which is marrying the love of your life. Take a deep breath, remember who is waiting for you, and feel like the luckiest girl in the world because at the end of the day, you will be one with your soul mate. About Face of New Orleans offers a variety of products and services to meet your cosmetic and skincare needs. To Schedule a complimentary consultation with a licensed esthetician at About Face of New Orleans, call 504-304-1556 or visit | N.O.W | 103


real wedding

Rachelle Blouin & Jamal Miles SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

“SNOWBALLS AND LOVE EVER SINCE” WRITTEN BY: Marielle Songy and Jessica Burke | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ryan North, North Photography

IT ALWAYS SEEMED AS IF RACHELLE AND JAMAL WERE MEANT TO be. As many romances do, theirs first began as a friendship, after first meeting through a mutual friend in the summer of 2013. After discovering that Rachelle had never had a Hansen’s snowball, Jamal remedied the situation by asking her out on their first real date to the famed snowball stand one sunny afternoon. She couldn’t resist the offer! In Raschelle’s word’s “it was love ever since.” On the day that Jamal proposed, Rachelle thought that she was just going to spend some time with friends at Clue Carré, a local escape room. Little did she know that Jamal was about to pull off the surprise proposal of a lifetime. The couple was separated into two different groups, intentionally, she’d learn later. Jamal’s group “needed help” solving a puzzle and an employee asked Rachelle if she would step in to a secret room to assist, which she reluctantly did. As Rachelle walked out of the secret room, she read the final clue, "The door shall unlock and free our guests, if the question is asked and the answer is YES"! It was at that moment that everyone stepped aside and Rachelle saw Jamal down on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring.

104 | N.O.W |

Rachelle’s parents walked her down the aisle at The Arbor Room in City Park where Jamal’s uncle, Kevin James, officiated their ceremony. Her sisters and best friends stood as her bridesmaids; Jamal‘s best friends served as his groomsmen. After the ceremony, the couple celebrated with family and friends. Rachelle’s mother always attended church on Sundays, prayed and lit candles in church, so the couple wanted to incorporate candles throughout the wedding venue. Rachelle’s father surprised the couple with three handmade custom candle stands for the occasion. Rachelle describes her favorite part of the reception – her five-tier wedding cake! The cake sat beautifully on two acrylic cake stands which were made by Jamal, in front of a gorgeous candlelit backdrop. Of course, the evening ended with a Second Line in true New Orleans fashion. From snowballs one fateful, sunny afternoon to candlelight on their wedding day, Raschelle and Jamal’s story is filled with light and love.


FEATURED VENDOR PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEO: North Photography + HD Cinema BRIDE’S AND BRIDESMAIDS’ GOWNS: MaeMe The Bridal Boutique For the complete vendor list, visit

See more N.O.W. Real Wedding Inspiration at: | N.O.W | 105

Let Them Eat Cake NO MATTER HOW BIG, STYLISH or expensive your wedding is, it won’t be complete without a wedding dessert. Traditionally this dessert is in the form of a wedding cake, but don’t feel like this is your only option. Have some fun! Wedding pie anyone? Milk and Cookies bar? Your options are limitless and oh so sweet! Beware though…choosing your pastry chef is an important task that requires some hard work: taste testing!

Bakers & Pastry Chefs n May we see your portfolio and hear about your culinary background? Do you offer tastings? n How soon should we order our cake? Are delivery and setup included? If so, how far in advance before the reception will the cake be delivered? n How do you price your cakes? n Can you create a custom wedding and/or groom’s cake from a photograph, fabric swatch, flower, etc.? n Do you specialize in certain styles or flavors? n Can you accommodate special dietary needs? n Can you make extra sheet cakes if necessary? n How far in advance will you make my cake? n Do you provide cutting instructions for servers? n Do you supply a container to freeze the top layer? Boxes for left-over cake? n Is there a charge for supports or bases? If so, may we return them and be refunded? n Do you rent cake stands? n How far in advance do I need to get my cake pulls to you? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy? 106 | N.O.W |

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics


ALSO CONSIDER n Edible treats as favors are very on-trend, and quite tasty! From traditional New Orleans pralines to custom designed cookie favors, the sky is the limit!



The cake charm tradition dates back to Victorian times, but it’s still an important tradition at New Orleans weddings! Check out the meanings of popular charms below! n AIRPLANE/CAPTAIN’S WHEEL - A life of adventure and travel n ANCHOR – A life of stability n BABY BOTTLE/CARRIAGE - A life filled with healthy children n ENTANGLED HEARTS – An everlasting love n FLOWER – A Blossoming relationship n FLEUR DE LIS – Good luck n FOUR LEAF CLOVER – Good luck in your future n HEART – Your love is true love

we have

lots of sweet ideas

n HORSESHOE – Good luck will come your way n MONEY – A life of financial security n PICTURE FRAME – A happy marriage n RING – Engagement in near future n ROSE – A life of beauty n STAR/WISHING WELL – A wish will be granted n TELEPHONE – Good news coming your way n UNICORN – A life of fantasy n WISHBONE – A wish will come true n WREATH – A happy home

@NOWMagazine504 | N.O.W | 107

Your Event Planner

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

AN EVENT PLANNER will be your new best friend in the months leading up to your wedding day. Meet and interview some of NEW ORLEANS WEDDINGS MAGAZINE planners and choose the best fit for you. Discuss everything from design details down to the budget, and let them help make your dream wedding a reality.







n Does this planner “get” my vision? n Have they given me realistic options and advice? n Do I feel comfortable with them? Do our personalities mesh? n Do I like their overall style shown in their portfolio? n Do they understand the religious and/or cultural traditions that are important to us? n Am I comfortable with the cost of hiring them? n What about this planner makes me think they’re “the one”?


108 | N.O.W |



O. W.



n May we see references and your portfolio? n Tell us about previous weddings you’ve coordinated. n Have you planned weddings similar to ours (size/traditions/venues/etc)? n How much or how little are you willing to handle? n What services do you offer? Planning? Design? n Do you have a recommended vendor list? n Do you base your fees on the total cost or by preset packages? n How can you help my wedding day run smoothly and stay on budget? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?


Interview 3 potentials in each vendor category before making your selection.

Image Credit: North Photography + HD Cinema

Your Wedding Décor IF YOU’RE PLANNING YOUR wedding at a “blank canvas” site, you’ll definitely need to make use of rental services. Even if you hold your event at an all-inclusive venue, you may find that you want to personalize the space with specialty linen or furniture. Décor rental companies have so much to offer from practical items like tables and chairs to fanciful thrones, ambiance creating lighting and special effects and more.

Rental & Décor

Image Credit: North Photography + HD Cinema


110 | N.O.W |

n May we see pictures from past weddings you’ve done? n Have you worked at our location before? n What are your delivery/setup/breakdown fees? n What type of lighting options are available? n How can you help us create the ambiance we are envisioning? n What rental items do you suggest to help us create our vision while staying within budget? n What type of specialty items do you offer? n Will you be present to oversee set up on the wedding day? n Are you insured? What are your policies for damages/ missing items? n How early do you need to arrive for setup? n When should we expect to receive a quote and decor plan? n Do you secure necessary permits for tenting? n What are your payment terms? n What is your policy for cancellation?

Your Wedding Flowers

Flower Checklist ___ Bride’s Bouquet ___ Toss Bouquet ___ Maid of Honor’s bouquet ___ Bridesmaid’s bouquets ___ Flower Girl bouquet/basket ___ Groom’s boutonniere ___ Groomsmens’ boutonnieres ___ Mothers + grandmothers’ corsages ___ Fathers + grandfathers’ boutonnieres ___ Ceremony Arrangements (Altar, pew markers, gifts) ___ Reception Arrangements (Guest Tables, Buffet Tables, Cake Table) ___ Other _______________________________________ 112 | N.O.W |

Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

Your flowers should reflect the personalities and tastes of the “complete” couple and create a fragrant and beautiful treat for everyone. Get your ideas together, along with a picture of your wedding dress, style and colors of your wedding and a maximum budget figure. Confirm deliveries and pick-up times and as with all things, sign a contract and secure your preferred floral artist with a deposit!

Florists WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n May we see pictures from past weddings you’ve done? n Are any of our flower choices restricted by season? n Do you suggest any particular flowers based on the time of year and/or location? n Will you be present to set up on the wedding day? Will someone assist you? n Will you deliver personal flowers to our getting ready location? Transfer arrangements from the ceremony site to the reception? n Do you provide decorations and equipment, like arches, trellises, candles, etc? n How fresh will the flowers be on the wedding day? n What are your delivery/setup/breakdown fees? n What are your payment terms? n What is your policy for cancellation?

Contracts 101 WEDDING PLANNING IS FUN AND EXCITING, but it’s also a business. As a bride, you need to be business savvy as you finalize all the details of your big day. One of the most crucial things to consider is having a clear and solid contract for every wedding vendor and service. example, may want to substitute Chilean n Get everything in writing and make salmon with Alaskan salmon because of sure you’re clear on all the terms. A what’s in season or pricing differences. It verbal agreement may seem like a good may not be a big deal for you and you deal at the time, but without a written and your fiancé(e), but it’s fair that you agreement, your spoken understanding should know about the possible changes. doesn’t have much merit. It may seem uncomfortable to ask for every detail in writing, but it’s worth it in the long run, CONTRACT TIMELINES especially if you need to reference the n To make sure you’re getting good written agreement in the future. service, a good product and a good n A contract should also cover payment contract, get quotes from two to three timelines. An industry standard in other vendors in each category. catering is to pay the estimated food n Once you’ve found a vendor you and beverage costs 30 days prior to the like, make sure you seal the deal in event, which is non-refundable. a reasonable amount of time. The n Check with your vendors about their timeline for signing a contract can vary, but typically contract timelines can be substitution policies too. A caterer for

as short as 24 hours or as long as two weeks. n Most of the time, a contract is considered final once it’s signed by both parties. Still you may have some flexibility if you need it. n Ask your vendors if they allow changes or modifications to a contract. They may allow it, but they may charge extra for the courtesy. For liability reasons, most vendors want to make sure they’re covered in case of an accident or wedding day mishap. With all vendors, make sure you have a backup plan in case of an emergency and always try to be calm and fair. Remember having a contract is a good thing. It protects you and your vendors on your special day.


wedding dream team: your

check out our list of wedding pros!

<3 | N.O.W | 113

Bouquet Shapes & Styles Find the bridal bouquet that’s perfect for you

WHEN YOU SEE A BOUQUET THAT APPEALS TO YOU, ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU like about it; is it the shape, size, color, style, or the way the stems are gathered with a beautiful satin ribbon? To help you select the bouquet that will blend seamlessly with the other elements of your wedding, here is a breakdown of traditional bouquet shapes and styles. . CASCADE A cascade bouquet, also called a “shower” bouquet, is very formal and the most traditional bridal bouquet. Like a waterfall, this bouquet flows and is designed to gently cascade downward. This bouquet is often designed with larger flowers at the top, using smaller blooms as it begins to taper down and land gracefully over the bride’s hands. Lisianthus, lilies of the valley, stephanotis, dendrobium orchids, and other smaller flowers are commonly used in this shape of bouquet, along with accents of trailing ivy, vinca, or other delicate greenery. If you are wearing a full-skirted or ball gown-style wedding dress, this shape of bouquet may work for you. However, if you are a very petite woman, another shape of bouquet may be a better choice. COMPOSITE If you’re looking for a truly unique look in your wedding flowers, and you can’t find a particular variety of flower that appeals to you, a composite bouquet might be the perfect choice. This intricate creation is composed by taking individual petals from flowers (such as amaryllis, roses, or lilies), wiring them together on a single stem and creating the look of one giant bloom. This style of bouquet would be the ideal complement to a simple 114 | N.O.W |

gown with little ornamentation, or one with a very sleek silhouette. HAND-TIED For this more relaxed style of bouquet, a variety of blooms that tie in with the wedding theme are wired or loosely gathered together and tied with a satin ribbon or a combination of ribbon and lace. Some popular flower varieties for this style of bouquet are French tulips, day lilies, coneflowers, purple statice, lisianthus, stem roses, and other hardy garden flowers. With its natural, justpicked from the garden look, this bouquet is a nice choice for an informal wedding. NOSEGAY A combination of simple style and elegance, the nosegay is a densely packed mound of flowers and greenery. When choosing flowers for a nosegay, compact blooms such as roses, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, calla lilies, and ranunculus work best. These blooms may be mixed, or for a simple look, you can stick to just one variety. An ideal choice for any style of wedding, a nosegay bouquet can be dressed up or down depending on the flowers you choose and how it’s tied together, with a wire, ribbon or other stem treatment.

PAGEANT The pageant bouquet, also known as a “presentation” bouquet (think of the flowers presented to Miss America when she is crowned), is a bunch of long-stemmed flowers that the bride carries cradled in her arms. A pageant bouquet can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like, depending on the style and formality of your wedding. Some of the best floral choices for this type of bouquet are those with long stems or branches such as, calla lilies, roses, delphinium, tuberose, lisianthus, or French tulips. The blooms are then secured together with a beautiful satin or fabric ribbon. However, when selecting the flowers for your pageant bouquet, make sure the blooms are not longer than what can fit comfortably along the length of your lower arm. POMANDER A less-traditional bouquet, the pomander is a small, compact bloom-covered ball that is usually four to six inches in diameter, and then suspended from a ribbon that is worn around the wrist. This is a good choice for the bride who wants her hands to be free. A classic floral choice for a pomander is roses, but it may also be made with hydrangeas, delphinium, dendrobium orchids, or any other flowers suggested by your floral

designer. While a pomander may not be the look for you, it’s an adorable alternative for junior bridesmaids or flower girls. Just remember to have it sized accordingly so its shape is appropriate for their age and size. POSY Similar to the nosegay but smaller in size, the posy bouquet is perfect for a petite bride with delicate hands, or for a bridesmaid’s bouquet. When selecting flowers for a posy, those with smaller blooms are ideal, such as spray roses, grape hyacinths, ranunculus, and pansies. However, some large-headed flowers such as gardenias or peonies can also make quite an impact. ROUND The classic round bridal bouquet is usually compiled of large flowers that are loosely arranged. This shape and style of bouquet is a good choice for a formal wedding, or for the bride who wants a look less conspicuous that a cascade bouquet, yet bolder than a simple nosegay. Many varieties of flowers will work in the round bouquet, but some popular choices are roses, tulips, lilacs, stephanotis, hydrangeas, day lilies, peonies, and seeded eucalyptus.


real wedding

Talia Aull & Jessica Wax SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

“A LITERARY KIND OF LOVE” WRITTEN BY: Marielle Songy and Jessica Burke | PHOTOGRAPHER: Brian Jarreau, Brian Jarreau Photography

TALIA AND JESSICA FIRST MET IN 2008, WHEN THEY WERE INTRODUCED by their best friend, Michael at Mellow Mushroom in Baton Rouge. After dating for a while, they parted and for five years went their separate ways, living in different states. It was their friend Michael who brought them back together in the fall of 2014 when he cast them both in a four-person rework of Stephen Sondheim's "Putting It Together" for his theater company in Illinois. By the end of the play’s run, the two were a couple again and had decided to move to Atlanta to begin their lives together. Both Talia and Jessica knew that this time their relationship was forever. Ever the creative type, Talia created a scavenger hunt proposal around the city of Atlanta and sent Jessica out to solve the clues. The hunt included stops that held meaning for them as a couple; takeout from their favorite Thai restaurant, a picnic with their best friends, a stop at a Mellow Mushroom restaurant, and finally, the Botanical Gardens. Each spot contained special memories that were meaningful to the couple, moments when Talia knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jessica. Jessica proposed to Talia as well, creating a rose petal path through their house, leading to vows in each room.

116 | N.O.W |

Talia and Jessica were married at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens at City Park on September 28th, 2018. The couple included their love of literature in details throughout their wedding. Talia shares, “I made the centerpieces with books from our library, because we like to read together and love literature and stories in all genres: written fiction, live theatre and opera, as well as TV and film.” Paper roses made from pages of Harry Potter books decorated their cake table. The brides’ toasting flutes were etched with the words "My Sun and Stars" and "Moon of My Life", a reference to Game of Thrones. Talia’s shoes had "CXVI" inscribed on the sole as a reference to Shakespeare's 116th Sonnet: "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment..." The couple also took every line of their vows from poetry and literature, including Christina Rosetti, Shakespeare, George R.R. Martin, and Robert Herrick. Talia and Jessica danced the night away in the Garden Study Center in New Orleans City Park and ended the evening in a shower of red rose petals before departing on their honeymoon to Little Cayman.


FEATURED VENDOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Brian Jarreau Photography For the complete vendor list, visit

See more N.O.W. Real Wedding Inspiration at: | N.O.W | 117

The Fine Print MAKE THE RIGHT FIRST IMPRESSION with your guests and wow them with stationery that sets the tone and style of your big day.

Image Credit: North Photography + HD Cinema

Stationer WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n May we see references, samples and your portfolio? n What style of invitations do you recommend for our wedding? n How long does it take to process orders? n Does the invitation I’m interested in require additional postage? n Can we get matching thank-you notes and stationery? n How many invitations should I order based on my guest list? n If I need to order additional invitations, what is the cost and how long will this take? n What customizations are available? n Can you recommend a calligrapher? n What are the payment terms?

DON'T FORGET n Envelopes should be addressed by hand n Record RSVPS to your Master Guest List n Record the dates of each mailing

118 | N.O.W |

Stationery Checklist ___ Save-the-Dates ___ Invitations + Envelopes ___ Reply Cards + Envelopes ___ Programs ___ Seating Cards and/or Menu Cards ___ Thank You Notes ___ Postage ___ Calligraphy ___ Announcements ___ Other _______________________________________

we’re spotlighting real couples! announce your engagement NOW

submit online | N.O.W | 119

Memories Captured Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

CAPTURE THOSE ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME memories with professional photography and video! Make sure your photographer and videographer will catch all the important aspects of your wedding. You need to decide on this service as soon as possible in the planning phase to be sure you get the best available.

Photographers & Videographers WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS







120 | N.O.W |



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Image Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

n May we see your references, portfolio and past wedding samples? n Will you be the one photographing/filming my wedding? n What style do you specialize in (candid, portraits, etc.)? n Have you ever worked in our wedding venue before? n Will someone assist you on the wedding day? n Are you familiar with the lighting and layout at our venue(s)? n What are your packages and what do they include (number and size of photos, albums, additional costs)? n For videographer, what is the price for additional copies? Do we need to provide a song list to be played along with the video? n Do you offer overtime? What is the rate? n Can we purchase the negatives/digital files/raw footage? If not, how long do you keep them on file? n What are your payment terms? Are there any additional charges we should know about? n What is your cancellation policy?


Make a list of “must-have� shots for your photographer and videographer.

A Guide to Group Photos WEDDINGS ARE THE PERFECT CHANCE TO SCORE SOME GREAT FAMILY PHOTOS – SERIOUSLY, HOW OFTEN DOES YOUR whole family get together while they’re all dressed up AND a professional photographer is on hand? Since weddings can be very fast paced here in The Big Easy, we’ve put together some suggestions to make this process run smoothly. n Create a list of photos you want to take, who needs to be in them and the time frame they’ll be done (Before or after the ceremony? During the reception?). n Be sure to tell anyone you’d like to be in formal photos well in advance about when and where they’ll need to be for pictures.

n Try to schedule your photos as early as possible before everyone starts partying. It can take much longer to collect a large group once they’ve scattered at the wedding reception.



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n Consider appointing a “photo coordinator” who knows who everyone is (you know Aunt Sally would just love this job!). Have them be responsible for reminding everyone of the schedule the day before and be on hand to make sure no one is missing when the photographer snaps the picture. n Keep in mind that a good photographer will need an average

of 3 minutes to pose and photograph each grouping. This means 10 groups could take 30 minutes or more to photograph. Be sure to allot enough time for the number of photos you want to take or pare down the list to fit the time you have available.

122 | N.O.W |

and warm demeanor, very clean and smart dress, as well as knowledge of the city. NOW: What are the most important questions you should ask your transportation provider before you hire them? KB: What is the difference between a charter and a transfer? Can I BYOB? Can alcohol be stocked in the vehicle and included in the cost? Will I receive contact info for my driver? Is there a cancellation fee?

Transportation YOU AND MANY OF YOUR OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS will need transportation for all of the wedding events. New Orleans has a variety of luxurious transportation companies to help you get to the ceremony on time! We asked Kristen Black of Audubon Limousine our top questions about wedding transportation in New Orleans.

Q&A NOW: Are there any special considerations for transportation in the French Quarter? KB: No 55 passenger buses are allowed on the inner streets of the French Quarter, but 55 passenger coaches can pick up and drop off on the perimeter of the French Quarter. Additionally, no buses at all are allowed on Bourbon Street at any time and no bus larger than a 29 passenger is allowed through the French Quarter. NOW: What are the most popular vehicle types this season? KB: We’re seeing requests for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans, Grech shuttle buses, limousine party buses, and luxury SUVs NOW: What details do you need about the wedding day as a transportation provider? KB: We need set up details, times and exact locations of wedding events, who the point person is and their contact info along with any special requests or needs. NOW: What should clients expect from a driver/chauffeur? KB: Clients should expect complete professionalism, a friendly 124 | N.O.W |

NOW: How far in advance should wedding transportation be booked? KB: We suggest 4-6 months in advance typically, or longer if the wedding day is near Mardi Gras. NOW: Are there any times of year in New Orleans that book up faster than others? KB: Yes! Mardi Gras, Festival Season, and holidays all book up quickly. NOW: What are the benefits of providing transportation for your guests for the wedding? Is there any situation that the couple *should* always provide transportation? KB: Transportation should be provided if the venue is outside walking distance from the place where you or your guests are staying. Providing transportation allows your wedding party to get that extra special treatment and feeling of appreciation. For guests, it allows everyone to get to the same location at the same time, without getting lost, or arriving late. NOW: Are there any special upgrades that can be added to transportation packages? KB: Of course! Two of our most popular are Beverage Packages and Romance Packages which include roses & champagne. NOW: How can a prospective client know what transportation companies are reputable? KB: Find out if they are a preferred vendor from your planner or venue. This can go a long way, because if they are preferred this means that the planner or venue trusts them, and they have made an impressive impact with their previous clients. Of course, online reviews are also a great resource. Audubon Limousine provides transportation for all types of weddings and events. They have an impressive fleet of vehicles to accommodate events of all sizes. Learn more at

Travel Agent WHAT TO ASK PROSPECTS n How long have you been in business? n What special packages and rates can you offer for our honeymoon? n Do you have a Honeymoon Registry? n How far in advance must we make reservations and arrangements? n Do you offer cruises, air travel, car rental and other types of reservations as well? n What paper work will we need for specific travel plans? n Do you notify the manager of the hotel that we are newlyweds? n Do you offer traveler’s insurance? n What are your payment terms? n What is your cancellation policy?

Your Honeymoon








DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to decide where, when and how long your honeymoon will be. If you don’t have a “dream” location in mind, consult a travel agent to help you find the perfect romantic locale!



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Names on travel reservations must match what is on your government issued ID. | N.O.W | 125

Your Day of Wedding Planner Personal Packing Checklist Getting to the ceremony on time may not be enough! You also need to have everything you will need for the day with you. Here is a list of items you will be glad you have on hand. Depend on your Maid of Honor and Best Man to help you remember these items. Better yet, make your own “Emergency Kit” to have at the ready.

BRIDE'S ATTIRE nD ress nA ccessories nS hoes n Foundation garments nH eadpiece/Veil n I ron/Steamer n Pins/Tape/Sewing Kit nM akeup n J ewelry n Hair Products/Styling Tools

GROOM’S ATTIRE: n Suit or Tuxedo n Accessories, Shoes n Undergarments/Socks n Iron/Steamer n Pins/Tape/Sewing Kit n Hair Products n Shaving Kit

MISCELLANEOUS NECESSITIES n Bride’s Ring + Gift n Written Vows n Medications/Pain Relievers/Antacids n Glasses/Contacts n Tissues/Handkerchief n Deodorant n Cologne n Nail clippers

Groom – Remember to:

n Give the bride’s ring to the Best Man n Give the officiant’s fee and tips for other service providers to the Best Man

MISCELLANEOUS NECESSITIES nT issues/Handkerchief n Written Vows n Ring Pillow nG arter n Lucky Coin/Something Blue n Groom’s Ring + Gift nG lasses/Contacts n Medications/Pain Reliever/Antacids nP erfume nD eodorant n Mints (no gum please!) nT weezers n Nail File, Clippers, Polish

BRIDE – Remember to:

n Give the groom’s ring to your Maid of Honor n Switch your engagement ring to your right hand n Put your hotel room key in your purse 126 | N.O.W |


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Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse...............................................61

Gambino’s Bakery.................................................................. 107

Columns Hotel, The................................................................ 72

Fair Grounds Race Course.................................................. 47

InterContinental New Orleans............................................11

Federal Ballroom.....................................................................43

BRIDAL FASHION + ACCESSORIES: Couture Bridal Collective....................................................93 John’s Tuxedos.......................................................................... 97 Linen Jolie Bridal.....................................................................95 MaeMe, The Bridal Boutique..............................................94

Le Pavillon Hotel.......................................................................41 Maison Dupuy Hotel...............................................................39 New Orleans Hotel Collection.........................................8, 9 Royal Sonesta............................................................................43

Pearl’s Place...............................................................................94


Southern Bridal Dreams ......................................................94

About Face of New Orleans.............................................103

Town & Country Bridal..........................................................95

Revive The Lakeview Hair Salon.......................................101

CATERERS: Bourbon House.........................................................................61


Pigeon Catering & Events....................................................69

Brian Jarreau Photography..................................................121

Palace Café.................................................................................61

Eau Claire Photographics....................................................122


Images by Robert T................................................................123

ENTERTAINMENT: The Phunky Monkeys..............................................................91

New Orleans Board of Trade..............................................69

New Orleans Hotel Collection.........................................8, 9 Pat O’s on the River................................................................ 72 Republic NOLA........................................................................ 47

Messina’s Catering..................................................................63

True Value Rental.....................................................................115

Messina’s at the Terminal......................................................63


Abbey Printing..........................................................................119

Jazzi Events..............................................................................109

Maison Dupuy Hotel...............................................................39

Verde Beauty.............................................................................99

Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse...............................................61

Big Easy Events ........................................................................111

Le Pavillon Hotel ......................................................................41

Palace Café.................................................................................61



InterContinental New Orleans............................................11

Tracy Branch Agency.............................................................101

Café Royale................................................................................63 Marie’s Fleur de Lis Catering..............................................63

Generations Hall......................................................................83

Revelry............................................................................................7 Royal Palm .................................................................................35 Royal Sonesta............................................................................43

North Photography & HD Cinema................................. IFC

The Chicory............................................................................... 73

Your Day Video and Photography...................................122

The Elms Mansion....................................................................61 The New Orleans Steamboat Co.................................14, 15

PUBLICATIONS: Clarion Herald.......................................................................IBC



Bourbon House.........................................................................61

Jazzi Events..............................................................................109

Chateau Golf and Country Club....................................... 72


Club XLIV...................................................................................35


Grow With Us............................................................................113

Columns Hotel, The................................................................ 72

Paradise Vacation Escapes.................................................125

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happily ever after.

“True love stories never have endings.� - Richard Bach

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