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Bid. Buy. Show. Win. Book Your s n o i t c u A Online TODAY! Pigs have sold to more than 41 states. Nearly 11,000 registered bidders. More than 73% of listed pigs sold in 2011 – more than 6,600 pigs! More than $5.5 million in sales and $3.5 million in sales in 2010. More than 150,000 unique visits in 2011. More than 10 million page views. Kevin Wendt, Auctioneer Phone: 419-566-1599 E-mail: Katey Brattain, Marketing Manager Phone: 614-403-0726 E-mail: A Division of The Wendt Group, Inc. Š2012

The first step in Show Pig Success . . . begins with MoorMan’s® ShowTec®! Whether you’re raising show pigs for sale or for early exhibition . . . performance counts! Count on your first step with MoorMan’s ShowTec to produce top-notch, in demand, growing show pigs.

Start in the farrowing crate with MoorMan’s ShowTec Prestarter CBX No. 12097APY

1 bag per litter

• Created specifically for early-weaned pigs weighing approximately 8 to 15 lb • Contains select ingredients and components to give vulnerable pigs the edge on early performance • Complex, complete, mini-pelleted feed provides 24% protein, 7% fat, and 1.7% lysine

Transition pigs to MoorMan’s ShowTec Burst Starter CTC/DEN No. 24020AYW

2-3 bags per litter

• Formulated with most advanced nutritional components which are critical in preparing young show pigs for sales and early exhibition • Contains components needed to enable young pigs to rapidly develop exceptional muscle expression and bloom within 7-10 days

enhance the products’ effectiveness

• Show pig producers observed the following when feeding Burst Starter ◆ Pigs appeared fuller and fleshier with a more bloomy look ◆ Overall better visual presentation of pigs ◆ Exceptional feed consumption ◆ Very good pellet quality ◆ Prefer the CTC/DEN medication ◆ Exceptional stool condition

and performance potential.

• Complete, mini-pelleted feed is designed to be fed from 15 to 50 lb

All three products provide several ADM innovative, patent-pending and proprietary feed ingredients to

• Provides 21.5% protein, 6.5% fat, and 1.5% lysine

Two weeks before show pig sale date, top-off with 1 bag per litter

MoorMan’s ShowTec Sale Prep Starter No. 12006AXU

• Formulated with ingredients and components necessary to build more expressive muscle shape in growing pigs • Complete, mini-pelleted feed can be fed from 25 to 75 lb body weight • Provides 20% protein, 5.5% fat, and 1.25% lysine

MoorMan’s ShowTec . . . It’s the right first step!

an’s ShowTec k! ®

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