Novatec R5 tested in L'Achateur Cycliste No103 - Eng

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NOVATEC R5 RIM Width: 24 mm, height: 50 mm HUBS Aluminium RAY Sapim CX sprint PRICE 1499 EUR WEIGHT 1435 g OUR OPINION Richard: Bombs! Top competition. Rigid, hard, even the R5 are a treat to be taken. Masculine too! These Novatec wheels are built to perform. The way they behave is great. Their performance is assured. They are to be categorized among the wheels that have "positive inertia." There are numerous wheels in this category, for example the first Mavic Cosmic Carbone who weighed ... 1.85 kg. The "pros" worshipped them. We didn’t… With a weight less than 1500g we enter a new dimension. Thanks to Novatec R 5’s performance you will forget their weight. In fact they are “little” Boras, their resemblance is striking. I even prefer them over Bontrager because I find them more aggressive and simply better in performance. For this price it is an excellent deal! And I already know that I am going to use them often together with Corima ... A splendid and wonderful surprise for that money! Run! Alex: Very easy to mount, very pleasant and very comfortable! Compared to Shimano’s Dura-Ace 24 C, which I tested this morning. I was not able to get them into difficulties not even on very strong accelerations on small gear ratio (39x23 in the ... 9%). In my opinion they are to be placed a little below the Bora Ultra Two.