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Issue 14 September 2012

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September 2012


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September 2012


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y Phil Nielsen All content Š2011 - 2012 by Nourish Your Body Mind Soul Nourish Your Body Mind Soul is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life. All articles are the express views and beliefs of the writer and are provided as guidelines to the readers. Ultimately each reader is responsible for their own choices and decisions. The articles are meant as guidelines and the reader is encouraged to expand on the knowledge presented within these pages to form their own opinions.


September 2012


Someone actually posted somewhere it was 4 months till Christmas not that long ago! I thought “it is 4 months till December 21st. ! “ I don’t really expect much to happen that day any different for each of the days we have been living for the rest of this year. It is kind of like the anticipation around New Year’s Day 2000. The beginning of the millennium and wondering what would take place then. We shall have to see how the rest of the year leading up to this takes shape. Within this issue Nourish is very pleased to welcome Tamira! Tamira will be adding a Astro Tid Bit column to our magazine each month. Check out the article starting on page 24, then surf on over to her website, .

It’s a wrap! Summer that is. Well not officially a wrap until the 21st of September, but with the start of a new school year it denotes the end of long lazy days spent sleeping in and late nights gazing at the stars. OH, who am I kidding! Life for me will continue on as normal. I don’t go to school, I work, so pretty much as long as the weather is nice summer will continue in much the same fashion as it has since June 20th. I am sure I am not the only one who at times misses those long ago days when the excitement of a new school year was anticipated with thoughts of friends and brown bag lunch surprises. Or the moment when your own children rushed out the door with their own brown bag lunch, lovingly prepared by you and a rushed hug. Off on new adventures.

The regulars are back as well! This month Kaye talks about EMF’s - Electro Magnetic Fields. Jeannie will be starting a new adventure herself this September that will run until December 16th, check out 100 Days of Intentional Practice. You just might want to join in this adventure, all are encouraged to join in and support each other. Marilyn has us looking at flowers with new eyes, part one of edible flowers can be found on page 10. Have a flip through the pages yourself, once again Nourish is packed full with a diverse range of articles that offer inspiration and wisdom. I do love the beginning of September; it means that fall will soon arrive in all her glory. Leaves of red, orange, and gold will soon start to fall softly to the ground to be swirled up on the wind to bring joy to all who take a moment to see the kaleidoscope patterns they make. Until next month, Namaste!


September 2012


Late Summer The woods are silent, summer birds preparing to leave with the tourists. First indicators as a change in season approaches quietly, more yellows. Summer damp begins to lift, thinning of leaves, nuts on the lawn. Each stage full with memories of the yield from summer. Margie Kivel

You will notice within these pages, the Maya Calendar Horoscope is missing. Nourish would like to thank Marguerite for contributing to the magazine over the last 6 months. I feel honored that you were a part of the “family� for that time! The amount of work, with attention to detail that went into each article was stellar. Nourish readers and I have had the opportunity to learn from a master, the integral part the calendar plays in not only our past, our present, but the future as well. Nourish readers, please do not despair, you can still check out the Maya Calendar Horoscope at Marguerite’s website. Again my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful energy you brought to the magazine.


September 2012


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you ever been at the end of your rope and felt like the only option left to you was to give up? I am sure that many of us have been in this situation, perhaps more than once in our lives. Life can become overwhelming. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have cussed, cursed, and asked to no one in particular (out loud more often than not) “why is this happening to me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” And finally when I calm down a tad and stop having a pity party I will send out a plea to no one in particular for help to get me through it. The call is always answered, often in ways that I could never have imagined. It might not always happen when I think it should but eventually I can see a distinct pattern from the day of my request to the day help arrived. Some unseen force was there helping me. I have always believed in a higher source that looks out for us even if it was not skewed to one religious denomination. 13 years ago I started working with the angels, who, before any of you get your knickers in a knot, work directly with the big guy (it does not matter what name you choose to call him, we all know who the big guy is). It started off with little things like asking for parking spots and divine outcomes for different situations that made me uncomfortable. Slowly but surely the angels

and I developed a relationship. I have come to realize that while each of us has angels by our sides, there is a deeper movement going on. It is about growth within self, to accept that all the answers reside within us for any given situation we find ourselves in. The angels are there to guide us towards that inner solution, as well as providing the tools or items we need for our journey through life. When I work with the angels, instead of feeling like I am asking an outside source for help, I feel that I am connecting with my inner source. The angels and I have become one (please do not take this to mean that I feel like I am an angel, I know I am far from that). Like we are truly a team, not of individuals but a force of many combined into one. I am starting now to believe that it has been this way since my birth and perhaps before my birth. If we are created in the likeness of “the big guy” and we are him and he is us, this makes sense to me that the guides who are helping me are not separate but in fact within me. Many people will disagree with me on that statement. I am working with the angels, who are working through me, to help me have the best possible life I can have. This connection comes in a knowing that was not present be-

September 2012

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fore the request for help went out, or it is by paying attention to the signs being placed before me. I often have a small quiet voice whisper guidance as well. When I am deep in the chaos of a situation and I am not able to tune in enough to see/feel/or hear the guidance I use oracle cards. In all the years I have been working with this team of helpers, I am always amazed when people tell me they cannot connect, or that they ask and nothing is forth coming. Even when clients have had a reading with me, they often still cannot see the solutions or gifts being presented to them. I have no judgments around this, as each person will receive what they need at the exact time they need it. I have however noticed a small pattern occurring. It seems that if something does not happen instantly, or land in their lap; people often toss aside the idea of having divine helpers like yesterday’s dish water. It feels to me like many people want instant results without having to do the work. Read any book or article, or attend any angel workshops and you will consistently hear- “in order to have the angels help you, you must first ask” This gets everyone asking for help even if they don’t really want to believe in the possibility that they really could have an angel ready to help them. Next, most of these gurus will tell you that you have to pay attention to the signs or they will share an experience whereby they asked for help and it arrived. I agree with the authors and facilitators, however, somewhere in the translation of the words from the book, or the facilitator’s lips the receiver blocks the part about having to have a part in it. They have to be willing to listen to the guidance, or follow the signs presented. I will grant you that both can be daunting when first starting out, yet over time you and your angels/guides will have a relationship and it will get easier. Through trial and error you will begin to understand how they communicate with you. As an example; one of the signs I receive in the morning are crows. If they fly over silently my day is usually smooth, however, if they are raucous, I pay attention as I find there will be many hurdles to overcome that day.

I lovingly refer to my angels and guides as “the gang”, no need for individual names, just “the gang”. There is a real subtle space between me and them. I can feel that space and know when it is the gang guiding or my ego yelling out directions. Every time guidance is filtered through me; I have to take steps to follow it. If I left it up to the angels/guides totally, I am pretty darn sure not much would happen. It would probably keep coming around until I followed the guidance. The important message here is to take action and responsibility for my life. Just because I have angels/guides helping me does not give me the right to blame them for what my life lacks. In fact the opposite is true. As soon as I make a choice, I am making a statement that I believe this is the best course of action for me at this time. In that moment I am accepting responsibility for whatever the outcome is. Paying attention to the guidance being offered to me and following that guidance is like an insurance policy that, even if I can’t see the bigger picture and it might take a few years to see it (we all know hide sight is 20/20) I can act on it and let go of the outcome. For the angels always have my best interest at heart. I should mention here that if you receive negative guidance, or are asked to do something that could harm others, you are probably listening to your ego masking as the small quiet voice. The angels will never ask you to do something that can hinder or hurt you.


by asking for help when you are not at your wits end. See if you can hear the small quiet voice guiding you. Start paying attention to the signs that show up in your life. My rule of thumb is, if it comes up 3 times or more I should probably figure out why it is coming around. The more you start working with your angels/ guides (inner guidance) the smoother your life will become. World Peace starts with one…. YOU. That is what your angels and guides wish for you. A life filled with peace, tranquility and serenity. They want you to be the best that you can be!

September 2012

Marlene Cobb 7

Gwen Randall-Young There is an awkward time during adolescence, when we are neither child nor adult. At times we revert to our child-like ways, overpowered by emotion and self-centeredness, and other times we are selfless, compassionate and noble, seeing right into the heart of things. Amongst our peers are those who seem hopelessly immature, causing us to speculate as to whether they will ever grow up. And there are those who astound us with their maturity, insight and social conscience. As humans, we are now squarely in the adolescence of our evolution, complete with identity crises. Yes, we saw how Mother Theresa and Terry Fox dedicated their lives to a cause greater than (Continued on page 9)

September 2012


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themselves. Yes, we have compassion for those who struggle, and indeed we make our charitable donations. Our hearts are in the right place, but we are not, for the most part, ready to give up our way of living, renouncing our own pleasures to devote our lives to the wellbeing of others. And that is okay. Nowhere in the Universe is there a point system or rating scale with highest marks going to the most noble. We do not rate babies according to the age at which they roll over, begin to crawl or how early they talk. Evolution is an emerging process. We must have gentle patience with ourselves. At the same time we must firmly nudge ourselves in the direction of taking some responsibility for choosing a path of growth. The fifteen -year old who claims immunity from responsibility because he is ‘just a kid’ becomes the forty-year old who blames everything and everyone for his own stagnation. Awareness of the next steps in our own evolutionary path is the beginning of responsible evolution. I have yet to meet an eighteen year old who was not at least a little daunted by the prospect of leaving childhood behind and having to make conscious choices that would determine his or her future. As we stand on the brink of our own evolutionary transition, knowing that we will inevitably have to let go of ego and trust the guidance of our own soul, there is the same trepidation. Moving out of ego is like moving away from home for the first time. When you move away from home, you have to begin to feel at home with, and trust the world. When you move away from ego, you have to begin to feel at home with, and trust the Universe. It is a much larger (and infinitely more multidimensional) playing field! The child sees things from his or her own perspective, largely unaware that other perspectives even exist.

tative steps, trying out new perspectives and behaviors. Of course we will slip back to old ways, particularly when we are tired, vulnerable, or stressed. Carlos Casteneda suggested that we must be ruthless in the destruction of the ego. This was in the context of becoming a spiritual warrior. The term ‘spiritual warrior’ seems a bit of an oxymoron, and ruthless destruction is probably unnecessary. Ego is not the enemy, but it absolutely does compromise our evolutionary progress. We will have to move beyond it as surely as the adolescent must grow beyond self-centeredness if she is to become a mature adult. And just as being kind, honest and caring about others does not, for the teenager imply a newfound religious conviction, nor does becoming more soulful necessarily imply a spiritual path. It can, but that does not make it better. One could live a life based on an understanding of a co-creative Universe and the principles of quantum physics, or based on a belief in survival of the wisest, transcending ego not for spiritual reasons, but simply because it becomes irrelevant. We can grow just because life works better when we do. Feeling guilty, un-spiritual or less evolved will turn us into evolutionary adolescents with cosmic selfesteem problems. The media, which has created mass dissatisfaction with physical appearance and material wealth, could do the same with our evolutionary coming of age. It is important to remember the hallmarks of the evolutionary perspective: it does not polarize, and it is non-judgmental. It is not about good and bad, right and wrong, lesser or greater. It is about being conscious, honoring the highest parts of our being, and providing encouragement, support and acceptance to those who share the journey.

Time, experience, teaching and modeling result in a broader, more inclusive view. So it is with ego. We need to grow, to experience life, to be exposed to ideas that carry us beyond the limitations of our own thoughts, and to have models who demonstrate more evolved ways of being. Then, we can begin to take

September 2012

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


By Marilyn Dyke

Well summer

has finally arrived…. big-time. (I’m writing this in the middle of August) I’m not sure about the timing though I’ve got carrots in the garden that look like they want to throw in the towel and go to seed which just isn’t natural as carrots don’t go to seed Oh well until the second year? at least the weeds are still doing great! This month I want to talk about something a little more refined and elegant, dare I say gourmet?

Nothing brings more drama to a dish than edible flowers. With a few blossoms strewn about an otherwise drab green salad, it’s instantly turned into something exotic. Your family will wonder what the occasion is. Except of course, “The Son” who only considers something as food if it is a

burger, pizza or spaghetti, he calls these free range edible ingredients "funky" and that's not in a good way. How can you diss something that so beautifully feeds the eyes, stomach and soul?

A couple of reminders firstOne thing to remember with all of this edible flower/weed eating is that you must be sure you don't pick your flowers from roadsides or areas that are contaminated with chemical fertilizers or herbicides. It is also important to know what you’re picking. If you’re not absolutely sure don’t eat it! Some edible plants can only be safely identified at certain times in their growth cycle. Foxglove comes to mind here…...

Still wet behind my herb-loving ears a friend inflated my ego one day by asking me to identify a plant growing in her back yard garden. I glanced at the plant and immediately said, “Oh, that’s Comfrey”. Even after closer inspection I was still pretty sure it was Comfrey, but thought to include the caveat that I couldn’t be absolutely sure until it begins to flower. It turned out to be Foxglove! Both are medicinal plants, but in very different capacities and to the best of my knowledge only Comfrey is edible in the early spring. Before starting I should also point out that although it is tempting to wash the flowers before using them I wouldn't recommend it. They are so delicate that they usually come out ruined. Check carefully for any bugs and pick them off or lay them on a cloth or paper towel (Continued on page 11)

September 2012


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and put them in the fridge for a while. think its winter and head for Arizona.

The bugs

Now on with the flowers!

rock. -Put fresh picked rose petals in the bottom of the pot around the rock and just cover them with water. -Flip lid over and set on top of pot. - Fill the lid with ice cubes *I usually freeze 2 or 3 lids full of water before hand.

The Rose

is unequalled in my opinion, roses bring so much happiness to our lives it's hard to imagine life without them. I'm not a big fan of those unscented roses though, I mean why bother, I want the whole package. I was at the farmers market a couple of years ago and bought some fresh salad greens all washed and dried ready to go. In amongst the greens were a few rose petals....nice I thought. Later when I opened the bag to make salad I was hit in the face with a gust of rose scented air that I will never forget. I spent the next 15 minutes sniffing the bag in hopes of re-creating that moment.

-Now bring water and rose petals to a boil then turn down and simmer (careful not to burn) -When all of the water from the bottom of the pot has evaporated take the pot from stove and carefully lift the stainless steel bowl with freshly made floral water out. -Pour Rose water into a clean jar, label and keep in it the fridge.

Violets and Pansies

Rose petals have so many uses; they are an ancient gentle skin care ingredient, they can be eaten, used for scented sachets, bathed with or even walked on. After the blooms have faded you can make a delicious jelly from the rose hips which are chock full of vitamin C. You can use petals from your own garden roses or from our wild roses, both will do the job equally well, after all a rose, is a rose, is a rose! If you have sensitive skin I would recommend using rose products that you know are natural. Here is a method of making Rose floral water that can be used as a mildly astringent wash for your face.

Rose Floral Water -Find a rock about 5 inches across that is flat on both sides, scrub this rock with a brush and soap thoroughly. -Set this (clean) rock into the bottom of a large stainless steel cooking pot that has a lid that can be inverted. -Set an empty stainless steel bowl on top of the

Did you know violet leaves are a good source of vitamins A & C? Violets, Violas and Pansies are a very popular choice for the garden. There are actually about 400-500 species distributed around the world. Hildegard of Bingen, a famous 12th century German Nun who was also a herbalist made a salve of violets (Viola spp.) and used it for the treatment of cancer. Pansies and Violets are a very pretty addition to salads, and you can add a few leaves too. Turn plain frosted cake into something that looks like it was decorated by the fairies by lightly pressing Pansie or Viola flowers into the frosting.

September 2012

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or cream to promote healing of burns, infections, and rashes. Most Health Food stores carry Calendula salve or cream.

(Continued from page 11)


I’ll have to pause this column for now, it’s getting too long, but I’ll continue talking about edible flowers next month. Until then Bon Appétit!!

Calendula or Pot Marigold is easy to grow you can easily find the seeds in any garden store. They happily bloom all summer long and if you allow a few to go to seed you will be rewarded next year and every year there after. Calendula petals contain vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and over 20 phytochemicals, giving these yellow and orange petals the ability to protect your body, cells and DNA from free radical-induced damage.

Marilyn Dyke is a spiritual regressionist trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She has been an active teaching and healing Reiki Master for many years (Usui & Karuna), visit her web site to see her fall schedule of Reiki classes. Summer is spent messing about in the garden producing herbal creams, slve, tinctures, teas etc. It is Marilyn's pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your quest for balance, peace and physical well being! Visit Marilyn at

Calendula also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antiparasetic, anti-HIV, anti-tumor and antibacterial properties.....Whew! Calendula is used most often as a topical herbal salve

September 2012


Caterpillar Soup I am making caterpillar soup‌ being the main ingredient creates a tension of participant witnessing the molecular dance. Dissolution has its own timetable differing from that of resolution; the space in between, the void moon, bubbles on the back burner of belief. What was behind is now in front doing the foreground dosado; lines of movement rearranged as synapses do a grand promenade. Caterpillar dissolves into butterfly as I transform in life’s heat into lighter being, iridescences of fragile wings crossing continents. Yielding to the force of blending brings forth the meal that feeds the changeling hungry for love and opens the sealed doors. As brief as a drop of saliva in arid winds, moon flowers open in the night to yield their heady celestial scent. I breathe it in, stretch and extend wings, antennae, all parts, to open the framework. aerating my life experience‌ digestion at work. Margie Kivel 23 October 2011

September 2012


Vera Enshaw There are some oils that grow on one—and Elemi is one of them. The first time I smelled it I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to do that again—only after a couple of minutes I needed to sniff it— just to make sure it really did have that odor. It did. Only this time it wasn’t so bad! I was drawn to it again and again, using it aromatically to elevate my mood and to expand my psychic/ intuitive awareness. I also use it topically, rubbing it on my skin in whatever area I am drawn to. The elemi tree is native to the Philippines and the resin that is produced has been used for centuries

both for physical and spiritual/mental well-being. This gentle oil is suitable for all but the most sensitive skins, and is great for skin care. It is used commercially in skin creams and lotions. Put a couple of drops with some Shea butter or coconut oil and use daily. Use it in the bath—regularly! Mixed with lavender essential oil, it has been used with good results on sunburn; with wintergreen it has been helpful for pain relief. The name means “as above, so below” and Elemi works in much the same way as Frankincense. Diffuse it into your meditation space to September 2012

bring a sense of peace and well-being into the area. Any space that you are in could use an infusion of Elemi! Putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball and strategically placing it in a room will help to balance the energies of the room—and those of the people in it! Whatever you do— please ensure that the elemi essential oil that you use is organic, therapeutic grade oil. And...have fun! Enjoy experimenting and researching your favorite oils. Don’t

be afraid to try new oils. Blend them and use them in as many ways as you can imagine. 14

My search for true perfection leaves me disappointed and mortified. It often eludes me completely. To narrow down my search, I find the early morning, dawn, and the on set of darkness, twilight, moments of perfection. Along with enjoying the quiet of these times, there might be unforgettable sunrises and sunsets to add to our experience. One is welcoming the day and the other a salute of goodbye. In our lives we celebrate and mark various events, stages and passages. These might be considered sunrises and sunsets or beginning and endings. Often the pressure to look for perfection in our daily routines, meetings, encounters and travels, is over done. The author, Ian Brown refers to a Buddhist saying in his book, The Boy in the Moon , "The Buddhists says the way to enlightenment, to pure being, is by getting your mind out of the way. " This can be interpreted from numerous angles. By hanging on to our envisioned plans, original goals, we could be missing a new and unexpected experience. This might be called "letting go" or "letting be." Perfection can be found everywhere and can be found in every moment. By Abby Armstrong

September 2012


that wants out. Sometimes it needs coaxed through a timed intuitive flow writing activity or over tea with a friend. Or as Tristine Rainer, author and fellow journal writer, has said: “Write fast, write everything, include everything, write from your feelings, write from your body, accept whatever comes.” If anger comes; accept anger. If frustration and guilt come after; accept frustration and guilt. If stories of love, joy and peace shine brighter take the road heading in that direction.

Anger, frustration and guilt are great fuels. They drive us into action and

down the road of discovery. I have flipped through my journals and noticed how different my entries are. I know when I am angry by the dismissal of page lines or of the dotting of i’s and the crossing of t’s. I am angry! It is not a time to be polite and write in a fashion my school teachers’ would have been proud of. Is it ok to get angry in a journal? Shouldn’t I stick to what happened throughout the day? I don’t want to regret what I write… These used to be questions I thought about as I put my pen to paper. When asked how to write in a journal I explain that it is up to the story

It is important to follow your intuition. What is so amazing about journal writing is that it can be your complete judgement-free zone. As I have developed my journal writing styles I have learned to make each of my journals mean something to me. I open the first page and decorate it with the questions, concerns and thoughts I want to explore. That journal intuitively takes on a life of its own as I explore through words and drawings the answers that I sought. This is a great space to play! Allow anger, joy or any other feelings to fuel your writing, and watch the words flow. It is a great space to release from the: “I shouldn’t have said that...” or “what IF someone thinks...”. The journal is there for your emotional release and it is best to be honest within your writing. As I read through Tristine Rainer’s book “the New Diary” (2004) what she wrote about “Writing Honestly” really connected with me as I read through the book. I turned to page 20 many times as I read; Rainer wrote: “Honesty in a diary has less to do with the ‘truth’ than the way you reveal your ‘real self’ as distinguished from social roles you play and masks you wear to make an impression. It involves an openness about what you really feel, what you really want,

September 2012


what you really believe, what you really decide. Sita-Rani is a journal writing facilitator who has Through diary writing this real self can become the provided workshops across Canada. Locally Sitavital center of your psychic life.” Perfect! Rani has facilitated workshops for the BC ChilBefore reading this I played it safe since I was fairly new to writing (after several years of journal writing neglect!). My intuitive writing sessions were haunted by my internal editor and a big red pen. At times I had to restart the clock more than once as I hesitated on the topic. I struggled with finding my voice again and being comfortable with the “mistakes” I was bound to make in writing quickly. Sometimes after my 5-10min of freewriting (intuitive writing) I would think it was a masterpiece and ready for publishing and other days I hid it far away. Some of my early entries had words scratched out and rewritten or grammar changes. This was before I had become comfortable with the feelings, thoughts and emotions that released through the writing process. And, that is very much ok!

dren’s Hospital, Helping Spirit Lodge Society and The Grind writing group on Main Street in Vancouver BC. She has also facilitated writing workshops at The Great Moon Gathering in Ft. Albany, Ontario and was a writing instructor at the Native Education College. She provides workshops for a variety of audiences from children to veteran writers; especially those who claim to not be writers. She received her Masters in Literacy Education from the University of British Columbia in 2010 and has written her paper on Journaling for the 21st Century: Journal writing for personal growth. For writing tips follow her on twitter @questionWWLD or Facebook Visit Sita-Rani’s website to find out more about her work or inquire about a workshop in your area!

Like SARK says: “Relax - True Wealth is Inside You - Take a Deep Breath You Are Safe” and pick that pen back up! (or laptop. Paintbrush...etc.) This month take some time to recognize your emotions as you write. Ask yourself: What did I feel? What do I think about this situation? How do I feel about him/her/them and the situation? What do I REALLY think? How do I honestly feel? How does that feel? Namaste

Sita-Rani MacMillan, M.Ed. Post Script: I thank the many journal writing pioneers that have taught me a lot of the techniques I have adapted to meet my writing style. I am grateful for the work of SARK and Tristine Rainer who have inspired this month’s article.

September 2012


Phil Nielsen The rune for the month of September is


It is the

rune of the Great Mother and as such is a symbol of fertility. This could be the birth of a child or an idea. As with all things, both need nurturing to grow. In business, success does not come without effort and attention. When surrounded by positive runes it shows a favorable outcome, while negative runes indicate your success may be short-lived. In reverse Berkana will usually indicate family problems and domestic troubles. It shows much friction between you and those closest to you. It is not a portent of certain doom; it is merely a warning, unless surrounded by truly negative runes. In reverse it can forecast a bad family situation or the receipt of some worrisome news about a family member. In business, it usually indicates that any venture contemplated will now fall through at this time and may be better put off until a later date. Skaal

The next rune in the Elder Futhark is Raidho and according to Frank Joseph, in his book Gods of the Runes, it is associated with Ran, the Goddess of the Sea and Aegir’s queen. In this book, we learn that although the Norse claimed descent from the first man and woman, Askr and Embla, which were transformed from a pair of trees, they actually originally lived as a people on Atland. The island was known for its great mountain, At, the Upholder of the Heavens, as it appeared to be doing when the summit was covered by clouds. Atland was rich in forests and was so fertile that two crops could be harvested a year. It was a

September 2012

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temperate climate and for many years the Norse forefathers lived in peace and prosperity. But then one day, Mount At, growing tired of supporting the heavens, exploded, dragging Atland and most of its inhabitants to oblivion. Some barely survived with their lives and little else, by taking to their ships. Once on the sea, they prayed to Ran for mercy and guidance. She took pity on them and appeared in the dreams of two brothers, Nefthuns and Inka. She told them to go in the direction they felt was right and they would find happy destiny. After they awoke, they were surprised that they both had the same dream but they could not agree on a direction. Nefthuns thought that the sensible thing was to sail eastward, towards what is now the European continent but Inka wanted to sail westward into the open sea to honor Ran with their bravery. Unable to decide, they left the rest of the survivors decide. Just over half sided with Nefthuns and they soon came to, what is now known as Gibraltar, where Africa and Europe almost touch. They sailed into the Mediterranean, where they reestablished their worship of Fasta, the earth mother, which the romans later deified as Vesta. Nefthuns and his followers sailed further eastward and a princess named Min-erva founded Athens. After her death, she became the Greek goddess Minerva. Nefthuns sailed along the northern shores of Africa, finally settling in what is now Tunisia. Following his death, the Etruscans named their sea god after him. He later became the Roman god, Neptune.

brave, show guts, and throw caution to the winds. The upright Raidho shows it is time to get on with your life and is a portent to change. Ran’s gemstone is jacinth, which is recommended as an amulet for travelers. Its reputation to grant those who wear it a warm welcome as a guest, echoes Ran’s hospitality for those who die at sea. Her glyph is the same color as her gemstone, red. Jacinth, a transparent jewel of the zircon family, is also associated with prudent business affairs. Her rune belongs to Sokkvabekk, August 29 to September 30. As in the story of Nefthuns and Inka, this rune signals a time to leave the “two minds” scenario and make a decision. In terms of business, the upright Raidho shows that it is the right time to buy or sell. An inverted rune could lead to disagreements, arguments, and ensnaring contracts better left unsigned if proper counter measures are not taken. Like the sea, Ran is capable of carrying us to good fortune and happiness or drowning our chances for success. Fisherman may earn a good living from their catches but if they ignore signs of bad weather, they do so at their peril. An old Viking belief held that if the ghosts of drowning victims showed up at their own funerals, then Ran had accepted them to her underwater palace among the sunken ruins of Atland Until next month

Skaal, my brothers and sisters.

As for his brother who sailed west with his people, nothing more was heard from them but his name, Inka, suggests that he to, was a cultural founder who bequeathed his name to the Inca of South America. In both cases, Ran had blessed the survivors of drowned Atland with long lasting prosperity. Ran’s rune signifies positive movement or travel. When drawn, it tells of a journey one will soon embark on. This may not be a physical one, but rather a journey of illumination. Be

September 2012


By Dr. Divi Chandna August is coming to a close which means that the fall is rapidly approaching. Like most of you, my summer seems extra busy with family events, travelling, loving the sunshine and of course enjoying the beauty of Vancouver. Sometimes, the summer seems like such a hectic time because we all want to get so much in. It feels like Christmas but without all of the food and gifts. This summer, I decided to try an experiment to be more mindful and emotionally aware. It has been working out very well! I found that it helped me to stay in the moment, be calmer and really live every moment with true emotion. Because it went so well, I am going to carry it through to the fall. I will share with you what I’ve been doing and if it grabs you, why don’t you give it a try? If you do, you may notice that your life moves more smoothly and effortlessly which has been fun to experience. It is like the adage of floating downstream in a river raft, rather than upstream against the current. What I’ve been doing is trying (the operative word is try) to stay more in the moment and to bring greater awareness to my emotions. I am blessed that I get a chance to get away from everything in

the morning and practice my yoga before most people even wake up. Yes, I am a morning person! It is a great way to start the day. Moving your body and taking deep, mindful breaths is a fantastic way to limber up. Every morning as I wake, I do a gratitude list and set my intention for the day. After my yoga class, I make an intention to stay mindful and open through the day. It has worked really well for me. Sometimes when I am busy and rushed at work, it can feel like a chore. Every day, but especially on those crazy days, I make a concerted effort to pause three times per hour and take a big belly breath in and a large belly breath out. While I am taking these breaths, I close my eyes and focus inwards. I ask myself how I am feeling. It is a big difference from asking what I am thinking. One of the biggest differences is it forces me to go to my emotional center. As a physician, I have spent most of my life in my mind. I have been working on heightening my awareness of my emotions. If you are a real thinker

September 2012

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like me, the expression I developed a few years ago that really helped is:

trying to hide or repress. My internal organs functioning seem to be balanced as well – my digestive system, my hormonal system and my immune system have been working well. This is nothing compared to the ease with which life has been going. When I take a few moments to center (and really, it is just a few seconds), a few times an hour, it is like I am taking a lid off of the pressure cooker, and letting all of the steam go. At the end of the day I may feel tired from the early morning wake up but I am excited about the evening and what emotions I can play with.

“Think with your heart and feel with your mind. “ I was always programmed to use my mind, that this little play on words really made a big difference and helped me to focus inwards more. As I focus on my emotions, I then ask myself if this feeling is heavy (angry, resentful, fearful or sad) or is it lighter (joyful, excited, blissful or love). When I feel the emotion, I allow myself to feel it. I then simply make a mental note of how much difference I am feeling in that moment from how I was feeling in my blissful yoga class in the morning. I don’t judge it and make it wrong or right. I just feel it, stay in the moment and allow it to pass. If I am feeling angry at the moment, then there is usually a very large discrepancy between the two emotional states. In the past, I would have immediately pushed away the anger and hid it behind closed doors. With this experiment, however, I simply look at it and acknowledge how I feel. I then really allow myself to feel the anger and sit with it for a few moments or however long it wants to stick around, but I don’t let myself get worked up by it. If I do this, it always passes very quickly. When I label it and identify with it then I enter what feels like a never ending stream of heaviness. As an aside, I have informed my very close friends and family that if I am feeling angry in the moment to not push it away from me or think I am getting angry at them. I have made it clear that my anger is my anger. The anger means nothing about them. It is my anger alone. It is just what I need to feel at that moment. When they heard that, it helped them to realize that I just want to be clear of how I am feeling and they were actually quite supportive of this experiment. Some of them have even taken it on themselves.

This has been a fun experiment. I will update you next month if there is more to add, and I am excited for all of you to try it. It is so simple and yet it has been so affective in ways. Have fun with it and if you feel so guided, connect with me through my website and let me know how it has been for you. Have a great start to back to school and don’t forget to breathe.


Dr. Divi Chandna is a family doctor and an intuitive healer. She loves to work with clients who want to get to the root source of their disease process. Dr. Divi believes that illness is not a one way road, but all disease can be unravelled and healed. She stands in her life mission to help people understand the majestic beauty of who they are, and to realize that they have the ability to self heal and release into their own supreme perfection. She intertwines her gifts of intuition and her practical, cognitive mind of medicine to help people on their healing path. Dr. Divi practices in Vancouver and does sessions in person, on phone and via Skype.

As the experiment has gone on over the summer, I have generally felt much lighter. It is like my body isn’t carrying around any old emotions that I am

September 2012


by Kaye Castleman People come into my office with a wide variety of complaints. If it affects your health in any way, I can usually get a reading on natural therapies that will be helpful. This is the essence of my practice as a health intuitive. Over the last decade one causative factor has been appearing with increasing frequency, no matter what the symptom presenting for the client. This growing menace is the disruption of our biological electromagnetic fields (EMF's). We live on a magnetic planet, with a north pole and a south pole, just like any common magnet. Holistic medicine understands that our biology is linked to this fact. Just as many species use the magnetic poles of earth for migration, orientation, gestation and other primary functions, humans are in harmony with the natural electromagnetics of the earth,

which support many of our functions. For instance, the brain is essentially a super computer, coding and decoding binary electrical information . Our central nervous system is the transport mechanism for carrying this flow of information throughout the body. Our entire structural system is governed by electrical impulses, telling us how to move, when to stop, where to reach, etc., and coordinating this information with such finesse that we are capable of the most delicate articulation. Even the beat of our heart is regulated by electrical signals. EMF’s are a key part of our biology. Can you imagine what chaos there would be in our body if this information flow were to get disorganized? This is exactly what happens when our EMF’s are

September 2012

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overwhelmed by artificial electrical signals. Unlike the harmonic relationship that our bodies have with the electromagnetics of the planet, man-made electrical frequencies have a disruptive effect. In smaller doses this is not usually a problem, since there are built-in regenerating processes that support our EMF's, keeping them strong and healthy. However, when the disruptive input of chaotic man-made frequencies overcomes our ability to generate and repair our own electromagnetic fields, this is when we have problems. Where do artificial EMF’s come from? The big three culprits are generally acknowledged to be microwave ovens, cell phones and computers. If you have any of these in your life, it is probably a good idea to take some steps to support your EMF’s. If you have all three, you may want to take a serious look at how they may be affecting your health. But these are not the only villains. Every electrical appliance and tool, home wiring system, radio, television, light, or battery is contributing to the confusion. Refrigerators emit a powerful field that goes right through walls. Electric clocks sit by your head through the entire night. Electric blankets coat your body in artificial electrical waves. Overhead power lines hum with their own unnatural rhythm. And satellites beam down on us from space! We’re awash in this expanding sea of chaotic frequencies, and it’s playing havoc with us. When I began my practice over ten years ago, I was aware of the issue of electricity on overall health, so I made sure to include the electrical system in my intuitive scan. Since then the incidence of EMF distortion as a causative factor in health issues has risen steadily for my clients. In the last two years it has become the single most frequent source of problems – surpassing all other single issues. Having noticed this trend in my practice and in my family, I am always on the lookout for effective, natural ways to counteract the effects of artificial EMF’s. The most obvious approach is to first simply restrict our exposure to the most damaging emitters - by texting instead of talking on our cell phones, limiting computer time and getting rid of the microwave oven in your home. This alone would reduce exposure significantly. There are also many opportunities to actively protect and support our own electromagnetic fields, and anyone can find a combination of ways that work for them. Not all solutions are equally effective for all people, but I urge you to find some that work for you and make them part of your routine for self care.

around for several decades. Also magnetic jewelry, such as necklaces, anklets or bracelets, all available in a wide variety of styles and prices. (A caution here. NEVER wear a magnetic bracelet while using a laptop computer. Chances are the bracelet will be positioned right over the hard drive while you are using the computer, and a bracelet with a significant gauss rating – the measurement used to determine the strength of a magnetic field - can completely destroy the hard drive. Personal experience talking here!) The essential oil blend of Spruce, Frankincense, Idaho Tansy and Rosewood, worn on the bottoms of the feet, at the base of the spine and the back of the neck, is a balancing blend for the entire electrical system. There is an effective copper therapy that has helped many of my clients, a device with rotating magnets that feels delightful and cleans up EMF’s super fast, and many cleansing crystals and stones from all over the earth. There are discs to attach to your cell phone to dampen their harmful effects. Also crystals or rods to place in front of your computer. Even a spray to neutralize the artificial EMF’s in the environment. You can purchase magnetic mattresses, pillows, seat covers and beds for your pet. Many products have been introduced to the market that address the escalating EMF issue. Not all products are created equal, however, and I suggest you deal only with reputable people and companies when purchasing products for this purpose. Next month I will share with you some ways to recognize over-exposure to artificial EMF’s, as well as three simple practices that I have found to be excellent for clearing and balancing our biological EMF’s. They work for me and my clients, and have wonderful therapeutic benefits beyond their EMF effects. In the meantime, see what you can do around your home and workplace to minimize EMF radiation.

Kaye Castleman, B.A., M.A., Health Intuitive, Channel for Archangel Chamuel, Reiki Master and Certified Attunement Practitioner, has been a practicing alternative healer in the interior of British Columbia for over a decade. She offers massage, Raindrop Technique and body realignment treatments, as well as in house and long distance healing sessions, nutritional counseling, magnetic therapies, and recommendations for all types of holistic health issues. She also offers a collection of therapies and techniques to clear the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of the true health and wellness that are ready to enter your life. To arrange a phone, email or Skype session, contact Kaye at 250 -395-2239 or

There are magnetic insoles, which have been

September 2012


by Tamira Over the past few months we have been experiencing extreme sudden events asking us once again to challenge the old order. This has created sporadic sparks of internal realizations that may have helped you recognize your boundaries and limitations (this includes how much pushing around we will take from the old order), some of these internalization will begin to manifest in our external world. During this time it is very important to hold light in your heart. Work on your inner silence and connection to that which is greater … Oneness. Continue to gather knowledge and expand your ideas… think big!

New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to the night sky, when we do this we inherently connect to collective energy helping us recognize genetic habits and patterns.

The transiting New Moon on

September 15th at 24 degrees Virgo. Use the energy of this New Moon to infuse details into your goals by breaking down your larger goals into something more manageable. What current habits can you tweak or add-to in order to accomplish your goal.

The transiting Full Moon on September 29th at 8 degrees Aries use this time to connect to the passion of your goals – how are you going to action them into completion. In the monthly individual horoscope you will find a combination of your a solar and lunar energy. Ride the wave to set new goals and re-evaluate completion of old goals as you move forward in the month. Writing down your goals is an important step, but being passionately connected to each goal is vital to achieving them.

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September 2012


Aries (Continued from page 24)

(March 21-April 20) New goal setting opportunities are September 2 and 3rd as well as the 30th You may find that your goals suddenly materialize or come together in unexpected ways. Re-evaluate goals on the 16th and 17th … Open and honest communication will help you put the pieces of the puzzle together … think Completion! Your motto this month is … “Be prepared”. Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you or erupt out of the blue. Set aside a few minutes each day to meditate and contemplate your passion as you move through the veil. Work on creating balance between your connection to oneness and your commitments of service to others … it is important to pay it forward, give a helping hand where ever you can.


(April 21-May 21)

New goal setting opportunities are September 4th and 5th Hard work and connecting to your passion will go a long way in achieving these. Take time out of your busy social schedule to have a little fun … bring a little bit of romance back into your life. You have an extra boost of charm and magnetism available to you in all of your modes of communication this month.



New goal setting opportunities are September 7th and 8th Luck = opportunity + preparedness … are you ready?

New goal setting opportunities are September 12th and 13th Magnetic charm and ability to manifest at will are available to you (be careful what you wish for)

(May 23-June 20)

You may feel tension or emotional stress resulting from old habits and patterns that create conflict between your public or career life and your home life. Take the time to review this stress when you are reviewing your goals … are they in conflict with these areas of your life? Be sure to communicate your feelings and goals to your family make sure that everyone is on the same page … full support is what you need to keep you moving forward full speed ahead.


(June 21-July 20)

New goal setting opportunities are September 9th 10th and Connect your emotions 11th to your passions and ability to communicate these feelings to others for support Keep your dream journal and a pen on your bedside table … before your feet hit the ground in the morning jot a few notes down about any dreams or thoughts that may be fresh in your mind. See if you can fit in a regular massage or beauty regime into your schedule this month. You may be feeling like you need to break out of the ordinary or mundane daily tasks try submerging yourself in some philosophical curiosities

(July 21-Aug. 22)

There may be an explosion of light shed on what you need and want to surround yourself with, (possessions, security). Make sure you have a healthy attitude about money and what it means to you – solidify your money mantra? Ask yourself what are you investing your time in right now and where is that going to lead you … does it match your goals?

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) New goal setting opportunities are September 14th and 15th Action and passion combined with your incredible strong will … holds the key to your goal setting endeavors. If your birthday falls near the 15th you may find that this year is a big year of New Beginnings. It will be doubly important for you to go through your list of goals and add ones that stir up a new found passion. Be sure to take off your rose coloured glasses if you are making important decisions about your close personal and business relationships. Growth is inevitable and it will most likely occur in the public eye so put your best foot forward!

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September 2012


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Happy Solar Return (Birthday) Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months. It is important that you soak it all in. Walking meditations will be a great way to get out and enJoy the Sun’s rays and to create that inner dialogue about what you want to accomplish in the coming year.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

New goal setting opportunities are September 16th and 17th Balanced … fair communication is highlighted use this to keep your goals obtainable Your focus this month is on your one-on-one relationship with your god (goddess/ higher self). It is important that you take the time to have an honest conversation about what help you may need to take this relationship of oneness to the next level. What ways can you use your unique gifts and talents to serve the greater good… Soup kitchen, clothing drive for children starting back to school, an animal advocate … or just buying a sandwich for someone hungry and in need. It’s your time to make a difference.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) New goal setting opportunities are September 18th and 19th As you are working on your goals be sure you are coming from a place of passion and

not anger, some goals may feel like they are going to take too much work to accomplish, it is better to take those off your list for now. Join a walking group or exercise club, but set yourself up for achievement by making sure that it is a group activity where you will receive and give support to accomplish your physical goals. You may find that your best method of “getting into the void” (meditation) is to take a painting or clay class, shake off some of that seriousness you are carrying on your shoulders. Whatever way fits … just get creative, it is important for you to get back to having some fun.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) New goal setting opportunities are September 20th and 21st … Have you included goals that will find a venue for you to share your truth, writing/ teaching/speaking? You may find that your close relationships (both business and personal) may somehow assist or influence your public image and career this month. This needs to be balanced with a safe haven created at home, even a small simple space with a meditation pillow, a candle and your journal. Each day even if for just five minutes go to your sanctuary … take a deep breath in … let go of all your worries … and relax.

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) New goal setting opportunities are September 22nd 23rd and 24th Action toward transformation … married with hard work will propel you forward. Plan a trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the world – if this

is not possible in person … gather together the necessary books and pictures and travel via your mind/astral body. Have you been working on a meditation goal to communicate with your higher-self, angel or guide? A breakthrough moment you may have been waiting could be just around the corner.

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) New goal setting opportunities are September 25th and 26th You have the Midas touch – set your goals high but don’t be a rebel without a cause. Communication – remember to think before you speak – otherwise something may come out in a career limiting moment. Focus these thoughts on internal strategic communication there may just be a flash of brilliance ready to burst out. Emotional security may be creating some limitations for you, it is important to focus your meditations on opening your heart center, especially to receive, as giving can be much easier. Know deep in your heart the universe supports and loves you unconditionally.

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September 2012


“To Complain is always non-acceptance of what is.”

Eckhart Tolle

Pisces (Continued from page 26)

(Feb. 18-March 20) New goal setting opportunities are September 27th and 28th Take your meditations to the next level … find a mentor or class to support you. You may feel like you are holding too much emotion on your body (emotional eating can be one indicator). Swimming laps may be a great way to release tension or emotional holding. Once you get into the pace you can work into that moment of everything coming together … “oneness”, not only are you in the water … you are the water. Get together with as many of your close friends this month as you can, the pressures of life will all seem worthwhile

when you share with those you love and care about. Tamira is currently a Masters Candidate in Integral Psychology and Consciousness Studies;and holds a BA in East West Traditions/Religions/ Astrology 2007NCGR Certified Level III. Tamira is the Past President of the local San Diego chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR). Yoga Teacher – RYT Certified. As a practicing Usui Reiki Master (since 1996) and a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master through theInternational Center for Reiki Training; and a Meditation Teacher she is a dedicated Energy Worker. Level II certified with Dolores Cannon Method in Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing September 2012


by Vera Enshaw Last month you began to awake to your ability to read and interpret that which is visible in eyes. In your practice you looked into your eyes and are now familiar with much of what is there. You may even find this month’s practice redundant!

Emotional, mental, spiritual, physical. Small self-large Self. “Good” or “bad,” “positive” or “negative”. Find opposites: fear/courage; love/hate; joy/sorrow; abundant/greedy.

I spoke to you of qualities. I would like you to make a list of all the qualities that you can imagine. Enlist the help of friends, see who can come up with the most unique qualities. Make a game of it! The longer your list, the easier it will be to name those qualities as you gaze into that same friends’ eyes. Remember that qualities are not always positive: while love is a quality, so is hate. Joy is a quality—and so is sorrow. When you have the list done, organize it in several ways. Do a plain alphabetical list. Do lists that categorize the qualities:

Each one of us is able to list our notso-pleasant qualities at the drop of a hat. We are familiar with our own qualities of fear, anger, hatred. We can tell the listener what we did wrong at work and why we are not worthy of love. And there is a lot that we “know” to be “true” about ourselves that we are not willing to share. The time we stole something. How we have gossiped about an event that we had the details wrong about—that ended up hurting someone. Yes, we are very familiar with our “dark”

September 2012


sides, and even eager to share them. We have the opinions of those who live with us, work with us, play with us. Remember that those “negative” qualities are truly “in the eyes of the beholder.” Stubbornness = persistence, picky = thorough. Envy is only not knowing fulfillment. Go through those lists and see where you can find positives where you think there are only negatives.

Read Me Look into my eyes and tell me: What do you see when you look there? Do you see the love and joy I have? Do you see the sorrow, the sadness The deep, deep fear?

Tell me—how will you tell me What you see? I have enough critic in me Why will you do these lists? Because I do not need your critic the more words you have at your disposal your criticism as well the better you will be at knowing what you No. No, I don’t.

see and the better able to gift the person I do need to be acknowledged. you are “reading” with love and hope. Go through the notes you created while gazing into your eyes this past month. See where you can upgrade qualities, or define more clearly what you saw. Find a loving partner—a good friend, a family member—into whose eyes you can gaze and who will give you honest feedback. Prepare yourself first, with centering and balancing. Then, look for a few minutes. Tell the person what you see. Look away, look back and begin again. If this person is someone who is also interested in expanding awareness, share the information and read each other! For the rest of the month, practice. It is fun to gaze into the eyes of a pet—feel the love, and see if you can see the beloved qualities that you witness in their eyes as well as in their actions! Take notes. A record gives you something to refer back to when you encounter something you cannot quite name yet know you have seen before. Given that each encounter is new, even with ourselves (we are all changing constantly!) notes also give us study materials. Until next month…..Namasté!

I need you to tell me what you see In such a way that it warms me and my process, my path, the path I walk on this planet in this lifetime. Tell me. Tell me—what do you see? How will you tell me you see envy there, and greed? How will you tell me so that I can hear? I do not want to shut the door On what you have to say And yet if you tell me thus In a heartless way that is what will happen. I will close the door, close my ears, close my heart And I will not hear What I so desperately need to hear Do not hold back for fear of fantasy But tell me. Tell me everything you see. When you see crow and raven flying When you see bear in these eyes of mine Deer and otter, dragonfly You tell me, and do not ask why you should be given eyes to see Secrets that dwell within this me. And I? I will thank thee from the bottom Of my heart With newfound hope of who I am And what I can become

by Vera Enshaw

September 2012


Learning How to See the chicken’s eye view is a sliding scale of perceptions traveling to the beak… yellow buttercups wave on skinny stems as head tilts, bobs and appraises amber eyes of cheetah scan rhythms along the plain, strides of movement reflecting the offbeat hesitations, as body waits like a coiled spring the cow’s gaze is a slow, soft meditation on the flavors of chewing cud, morning sun, new shapes in the far pastures and human approaches with grain buckets a black giant schnauzer calculates, looks for familiarity in the approach of objects on the horizon, honing intention before leaving the porch human views are based on the acceptability of size, sex and color; whether the object fits into their scheme of things. it lacks the attention of chicken, the steady focus of cheetah, the balanced calm of cow and the assessment of risk by black dog. we have glasses, binoculars and telescopes, and still cannot see clearly the Grace that sits next to us on the long, lonely ride home. Margie Kivel 13 October 2011

September 2012


The month of September will see a time of rapid, intense “personal (spiritual) growth”. For many of you this will mean past issues coming to the surface, for others it will mean health issues. With this energy; confusion, excitement, fear and wonder may flood your emotional body. You might feel aches, pains, or other symptoms within your physical body. Mentally you might feel exhausted and scattered. Accept when you are exhausted and take a break. Review any past issues that come up and let them go. Deal with any physical concerns that arise. No matter what comes up don’t allow fear to take a hold of you. Seek advice and ask for help to see you through this time. Reading, meditation, and exercise will be beneficial, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present. Lao Tzu

Again we want to bring up the subject of “forgiveness”. As your angels, we guide you to release anger and irritation. We realize that you may be perfectly justified in feeling angry. Yet, we ask you to look at the high price you pay for being the vessel of anger. Be willing to release all the anger and resentment you have accumulated over the years. Forgive, not only the people who have hurt you but also yourself for anything you feel you could have done better, or where you feel guilt. In other words, get over it! What happened is in the past, it is now time to move forward. Things should start to ease off by the end of the month. It might feel like you are trapped in a never ending cycle of peeling layer upon layer. Yet, the more you can stay focused on working through it, the sooner you will be filled with a sense of freedom. It is all a part of the bigger picture for 2012. This is the year of healing self, working on you. The focus has not been meant to be on world issues but on you. Through working on healing self, you are creating a better world.

September 2012


By Suzanne Robinson

Kia ora, Greetings. ‘Listen Listen to the rhythm of the waves upon the sand. This will tell you what there is, and what there is at hand. Listen to the weather, and it will tell you when. Listen to the animals, and they will tell you how. Listen to your heart, and this will tell you why. ‘ Soul grounding assists us to remember our relationship with all creation. Grounding within, with your soul enables you to connect more deeply with a love that is universal, be it God, Great Spirit, or Creator. This relationship strengthens your relationship with yourself and others. It is a way of finding peace and harmony.

Why is soul grounding important? Last month I asked you how you felt. It was a clue to find out how grounded you are with your soul. When you have sore ears, sometimes that is a message from your body to listen. Who is trying to connect with you? I generally do a check in with God to ensure they are on the universal love vibration. This quickly dispels energies that are not in your best interests at that time.

So you can feel? Why soul ground? Soul grounding connects with your spiritual center on a vibration that is in harmony with the earth’s vibrations. Soul grounding helps you discern your truth using both your emotions to access your internal passion, and your mental acuity. Soul grounding enables you to be able to be relaxed and alert in all situations. To support environments that have encourage harmonious relationships. Harmonious relationships value respect, responsibility and relaxation simultaneously. A 10 step process to soul grounding follows a pattern that begins with you and your senses. To

‘know’ your whole self, which was a new concept, given I thought I knew myself. Many of us think that we know ourselves by using our mind. I started getting sick, and tests came back with no results. I began to wonder what I could do to relieve the pain I was in. I was riding the stress waves. I wanted to know my whole self. I wanted to shake hands with the other half. When I stood in front of some plants and questioned within, the answer that came back surprised me. I just couldn’t get my head around communicating with plants, and the thought that came in was ’That was the whole idea’. It had to be felt. In the previous article I referred to the step 1. ‘Choice of path’. The choice is how you are going to choose the love path. Your soul is already there. You choose how to get there. How you are going to connect with your soul. Both fighting the flow and making it a challenge, trying to deny the love, and getting angry with life or trying to leave or choosing a path that is simple yet not easy. A ‘love path’ that requires you to trust in yourself. To trust what you feel. To trust what is not in the books cannot be qualified, quantified and analyzed. This is where you put to one side your rational mind, until you have connected with your sacred gift, your emotions which guide you to your soul. Then you can bring together your rational mind with a sacred communion. If you are ready for that leap of faith here is the first step.. Step 1. Making a choice or commitment to yourself, to make a decision to follow a path of love here on earth. It is not enough to just think it, there has to be a physical action that supports the decision. For example when we left N.Z. we decided to only pack what we loved. It made everything easier. We left everything else whether because of a belief system, or heritage. We had to love the item or else dispose of it to someone else who had the opportunity of loving it. The order of disposal is important as it followed the love flow from within the self to family to friends to others. This is about changing a way

September 2012

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of living. Understanding a relationship based in love or a relationship based in money. Understanding which attitudes and beliefs supported the harmonious growth, and which supported just growth. This is about wanting to be a participant in the universal love flow. This change in attitude was about loving to live. This was to be a new way of living.

This month is focused on knowing yourself through your sense of feeling, to get you out of your head, your questioning mind. Awaken to your own healing by being aware of your senses, and emotions and using your own body as your teacher. By feeling the smell, taste, touch, colours, rhythm and sound within your body. This part of the soul grounding is all about love, and loving and knowing yourself. A ‘love’ that is universal to all creation. I remember growing up with a belief that love had to be qualified as conditional or unconditional. This was a huge mindset with many attachments that I had to let goplants and nature have no conditions with love. Now I have awakened to a love that is experienced, felt, unseen, and a mystery. I have discovered the love that resonated with the soul was much deeper, and the animals, plants, rocks responded to it. Try this ….’When you give gratitude to the plants in a prayerful way…. wait….. and re-

To feel love for all, is the greatest feeling to accept. This is first to feel love for the whole self, so that you are able to love and accept through love, all others. To be in balance with the universe we must accept who we are. We are human and we are present on earth at this time. The gateway to our intuitive side is through our emotions. To love our unseen or intuitive side we need to acknowledge it. Earth helps us to feel and to understand that part of ourselves. This perspective is given with love, light, wisdom and peace. Aroha nui and many blessings Suzanne

ceive thanks back from the plants.’

Love is an emotion, it is felt, it is experienced, and connects us to the universal love flow. This month is about acceptance of this new way of living. Step 2. The acceptance of who you are on the

love path.

To be at peace, first within the soul self, acknowledging your soul, and then with nature. Humanity has shown you how to see, and think. Nature shows you how to feel. You are learning to accept your whole self. Mother earth has shown both storms and sunshine, in order to communicate that feeling gives depth to communication.

Bio; Suzanne has a background as a landscape designer and has been exploring the inter -relationship of people, plants and places for over 30 years. She has published a book, “Soul Gardening” to assist people to become more aware of how to change their way of life just by understanding their personal subtle energies through their senses, emotions, thoughts and words, and how to apply this integrated way of being in everyday lives for harmonious relationships. Suzanne has private sessions to assist people through their healing process and has follow-up workshops to assist maintaining the soul grounding with different techniques she has developed. To learn more about ‘soul grounding’ see Suzanne’s web site;

September 2012


Archangel Chamuel is most commonly known as the angel of love and compassion. (S)He can be helpful in dealing with communication issues, relationships, ethnic and racial tension, and to assist in situations where we are looking for things we have lost, or cannot find. As a channel for messages from Chamuel, I have found he has a strong desire to support the opening of our heart chakra, especially at this critical time in our development.

Blessings to you, Dear One, and welcome to the vibrations from the angelic realms. It is I, Archangel Chamuel, here in conversation with you again. Before you read my words, I ask you to take a long and conscious breath to centre your inner being. This will allow you to receive my messages with more clarity, since much of my communication is sent in vibrational form, in addition to the words you read. As you still your mind, eliminating other distractions, all that is here for you to receive will be heard. This is true for each individual person, who will hear their own message as it is intended for them. Do not be confused if another person understands something else from the same message, for there is no single interpretation of either the words or the vibrational message. There are many layers of communication that may be heard by each of you as you are open to them, and each has its own interpretation, according to the individual. The enormity of this data may seem overwhelming to you, as even your supercomputers are incapable of relaying so much information in an instant, but I tell you now, this is how it is with Spirit, and the divine physics of the universe. In a single moment a communication can be shared with all of you that is precisely tailored to each situation, unique and specific for you, and unlike that which is received by anyone (Continued on page 35)

September 2012


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else. This is why it is so important for you to listen with your heart, so you can understand these individual messages, and recognize what is meant for your heart alone. And with that, I invite your questions....


Dear Archangel Chamuel, I am so confused! Nothing is going right. The more I try to do the right things, the worse things seem to get. Everything is falling apart. I thought if I did good things and lived a good life, then the universe would see that and send me good things. Instead, I'm very unhappy in my relationship, my job is getting on my nerves and I can barely keep up with my bills. What am I doing wrong? Why are my angels not helping me?

AA Chamuel:

D e a r Heart, I thank you for your question and for speaking for so many who are feeling the same way. The first thing I would ask you to do is to sit down, or even better, to lie down, and take several conscious breaths. The healing power of the breath will help to relax your mind, which is taking control of your being. Defining the events of your life as good or bad, right or wrong, is symptomatic of a life being lived in the mind. From the perspective of the angels and any higher vibration, there is no such duality. There is only all that is. If you can relax the grip of your mind, then your being will be able to see a new reality. It may take a while, and it may take several attempts, so I suggest you commit to this practice at least twice a day, morning and evening. It does not need to last long, and you will know when your breath is truly relaxed that you are then done. While

you are breathing, I recommend you remind yourself of a single fact - that the universe does not return to you what you want, it returns to you what you ARE. So long as you ARE doing good things in expectation of a certain return, then the universe will continue to send you good things to do, like a relationship to work on, a challenging job, and so forth. It all begins with you, Dear Heart. If you decide that you have a blessed relationship, or that you are done with this partner, then you will begin to receive something else. Does this make sense to you? Your angels have sent you many opportunities to shift these situations, but in your desire to be the person who lives a good life, you have not recognized their influence or taken advantage of those opportunities. When this happens, they are inclined to intervene less often. All this can be changed, and the most simple and effective way to do this is to spend a few minutes each day breathing, while holding the thought that it is not what you want, but what you are, that you are manifesting. If you do this faithfully twice a day for the next two weeks, then things will begin to shift for you, I promise. We will work together on this....


Life is going so well for me lately, I feel really grateful. Is there anything you can tell me about the next couple of months? (Continued on page 36)

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September 2012


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AA Chamuel:

Thank you, Dear One, for your sincere question. It may seem to be the opposite from the question before it, but, indeed, the answer to both is very similar. It is important to tell you that you have drifted from your spiritual centre, and this has caused turmoil in your life, a sense of confusion and disconnection, which is the most painful feeling of all for someone who is intensely spiritual in their inner being. Recently you have turned again to a place of more balance, and this is an opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual core. If you do this, you will experience not only greater inner harmony and power, but also improved health, abundance and more loving relationships in your material world. This is a recommendation to become closer to who you really are. To do this, create a ceremony that connects you with your inner self, and practice it every day. It may take only a few minutes, but the daily practice is important. It may include breathing, walking, yoga postures, prayer, or any ritual that feels comfortable and is meaningful to you. I suggest you also include some material objects that are special or sacred, like a stone, a gift from someone special, a photo or piece of jewelry. Hold this mini ceremony in the same place each time, because the energy you build in that environment will grow and quickly become part of the ceremony. Remember to steer your heart and mind to uplifting thoughts of gratitude, joy or love while conducting the ceremony. Other than this, there need be no formal practice or ritual. You may drink a glass of water for cleansing, thank the universe for all your blessings, inhale love and exhale burdens while holding a yoga pose, or sing a happy song while walking through a field on your property. Any one of these things could be your ceremony, or any other that appeals to you. If you bring a simple little ceremony into each day – the same time every day is best – then not only will you begin to rebuild your vital spiritual core, but you will continue to invite blessings into your life. Many more wonderful opportunities are waiting for you to receive them. Creating a regular, intentional ritual in your day will facilitate their arrival. Wishing you continued blessings, my dear Angel of Earth.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

September 2012


In every yoga class there is a starting point. Sukasana also know as Cross Legged Pose or Easy Pose is where we start today.



s the ideal pose to begin your home practice to get grounded and present in your body. Calming the mind, opening the hips and coming back to your breath. Sukasana in ancient text means “Easy pose – a

posture through which steadiness can be gained” (George Feuerstien, The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga). This pose

is recommended for those beginning meditation especially for those who can’t sit comfortably in the more difficult poses like full lotus. Begin sitting on a firm cushion or block a 2-3 inches thick to raise the hips slightly and then bring the legs into a comforta-

ble cross-legged position. Take a deep breath and relax the knees down. Breathe. On your next inhale stretch and elongate the spine as though you had a string running from your tailbone all the way up to the crown of your head. Bringing it into a straight line. Draw the chin slightly towards the chest. Breathe. Gently close the eyes and journey inwards focusing on your breath beginning to lengthen the inhale and the exhale. Staying present with your breath continue to follow your breath for the next couple minutes. As you continue sitting in Sukasana take a scan of your body. Be mindful of your knees. This posture if you have any kind of knee problems can be very challenging I encourage you that if you are experiencing any pain in you knees to come out of the pose. If you legs are falling asleep you may need to start with a shorter duration September 2012

and work your way up as the body becomes more limber. Start with 30 seconds and then over time you can work your way up to 10-15 minutes. Placing a folded blanket or a block under each knee can help to relieve some of the tension as well.

This pose is very beneficial to help strengthen the back muscles and the torso creating flexibility in the hips and ankles. Please give love to your knees though and listen especially if they are feeling unhappy.

Once you have mastered sitting comfortably in Sukasana you will be able to still the mind and enjoy a peaceful meditation session with the aid of your body cooperating to transport you into a deep state of relaxation. Enjoy!

By Jeannie Magenta 37

Since I live in a thriving city with over 2,000,000 people I was amazed to see a coyote on my way to work one morning. There he was standing on the sidewalk. He was looking at a dog, and to me it appeared that he was contemplating if the chase would bring breakfast or if it would cost him his life. The dog was being walked by his owner, and other people were around. The first thing that is almost always mentioned by everyone who works with power animals is that Coyote means deception, or trickster. Yet I did not get that impression or feeling when I saw this lone coyote that morning. For me it was about survival and discerning which path would take him there. Coyotes are about adaptability, as was shown to me that morning. He did not look straggly or mal-nourished, a testament to being adaptable in whatever environment they choose to live in. Part of that probably comes from coyotes being an intelligent species that are able to figure out what needs to be done to survive. They can be cunning and will often run down their prey to exhaustion. When one coyote tires another takes its place, and eventually when their prey is exhausted another coyote is waiting to finish the kill. This relay assures success. Coyotes also eat roots, berries, and grass.

By Marlene Cobb

Being able to work together shows us humans a strong community bond. Coyotes are very much pack oriented, even if you see one alone, not too far off there are others. Typically coyotes run in pacts of 6. While I thought it was strange to see one in my neighborhood a little research turned up that there are an estimated 2000 3000 living in the Metro Vancouver area. Coyotes are seen as a good addition to the city as they help to keep the rodent population down. Typically they will not attack humans unless they have lost their fear of them. Coyotes are very vocal. Most people have heard its distinctive howl along with the coyote’s yips and yelps. Each of these sounds is their way of communicating with the rest of the pack. Be it a social gesture, like us saying hello, a warning to be on guard, or just a rousing playful game of chase. They are such social animals that their communications can also indicate loneliness, much (Continued on page 39)

September 2012


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like us reaching for our phones to call someone. Coyote asks us to trust in our own abilities and try not to make things more complicated by our choices. We have the knowledge and wisdom to survive and adapt to whatever life throws us. Keep life simple and use humor to help ease life’s challenges. Strive for a balance between wisdom and folly, for they go hand in hand. In others we can often see our own foolishness and gain wisdom so as to not make the same mistakes. Lastly Coyote is considered the teacher. Watch out for traps that you may get caught in or for ways that you are fooling yourself. It is time to look at something you have been avoiding. Especially with regards to your relationships (be that family, lovers, or career), that is when we fool ourselves the most. Coyote’s messages are there to teach us, we have the choice to learn willingly or push against the tide until it is forced upon us. Learning from our mistakes and adapting to move forward. Tomorrow is another day, and if we remember another aspect of Coyote, then we will learn to laugh at our mistakes instead of getting stuck in the pain and drama of them.

The bold are helpless without cleverness. Euripides

Photo by Phil Nielsen

September 2012


Creating a daily intentional practice is powerful. What you choose requires some careful thought as you have a hundred days of it to go. The funny thing is though whatever you choose as your intentional practice it will have a ripple effect through everything in your life. For example take a hundred days of going for an hour-long walk. Sounds simple, doable, and a great source of exercise. Right? Yes, and that is only the beginning. You may feel more relaxed, at peace in your life, that walking becomes the time where you have a chance to sort out your feelings, to let stuff go, and be really honest with yourself about what is happening in other areas of your life. All by walking for an hour. Know that what you choose as your practices becomes the next vessel for change to flow through. Here are a few suggestions before you take the leap: Take sometime to decide what your practice will look like. You may come up with many things you would like to add in on a daily basis. Choose one. By trying to change a bunch of things at once you may reduce your ability to carry all of them out long term. Start with one and if you feel ready to add another in two weeks then go ahead as long as your first one takes priority over all the new additions. Be sure your practice is sustainable over a long period of time for your being, your schedule, your commitments and your pocket book. Choose something that brings you closer to your hearts desires it will make it much easier to find the time I promise you. Allow within the practice that there is an aspect that in doing your practice it takes care of you. Self-care should always be a consideration when planning for the long term. Ask yourself if you would consider doing this past the hundred days. Your answer may be very revealing. Write in your journal about why you chose this practice. What you would like to see transpire as a result of doing your practice. Write a little about how you envision it is going to look each day. Imagine how you will feel at the end of 100 days.

By Jeannie Magenta

While the buzz of anticipation grows take a few moments and ask yourself honestly what is going to get in the way of doing this everyday? What will the excuses be to practicing? Why am I not doing this already in my life? Yup take that little excuse right there as your first priority to address. While doing your practice is one aspect, to address our excuses is the other. We all have a million of them and some of them are really valid. However if you know you are the first to put your own needs behind you for the

September 2012

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sake of another’s. Guess what? Chances are you will sacrifice your practice for something else. Planning a regular allotted time as though it was an important meeting you will avoid being derailed. Which brings me to the next concern everyone has on his or her mind. What if I miss a day? Does that mean I have to start all over? No. Continue on with whichever day you left off at and carry on. Let it go. The hundred days of an intentional practice is to practice and not get bogged down in the why you didn’t practice. Consider the missed day a mental health day and you have 5 of them for your 100 days. Hopeful you will be so balanced and excited you don’t need any of them and if you do that is okay too. Are you ready to get practicing? Sweet! Enjoy this time as a personal gift to yourself. When we follow our heart and challenge ourselves to do great things, amazing things happen. Right now you are at the beginning of something amazing. How very exciting. As an additional bonus you can have a 105 days of support in this journey starting September 16th, 2012 going through until Dec. 29th, 2012. By simply going to Facebook and joining the group “100 Days Of An Intentional Practice” you can meet and hear from others on the same journey. Everyday there will be little posts to encourage you

and keep you moving forward. September 16th is also the new moon and what a great day for a new beginning for the next chapter of life. Private coaching sessions are available as well for a fee if you would like additional one to one support. May this journey of a 100 steps be the beginning of 1000’s more to come! To book a coaching session email

Jeannie Magenta runs a weekly non-profit Laughter Club and presents laughter workshops, Sessions, and conference energizers for corporate and non-profit organizations. Jeannie is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Wellness Counselor. She has always had a passion for people and spreading joy and once you meet her you will understand why she can help so many find more joy in there life. She can be found at

September 2012



Our Fool has been busy with life up to this point. He started off; the young adventurer, not knowing where he was going or what would lie ahead. His path has lead him to many interesting people yet the one he is about to meet will have a most profound effect on him. One evening our Fool, while walking home from a meeting, comes upon a robed man looking up at the moon and stars. “Sir, are you lost and trying to find your way” Our Fool yells out to him. The robed man slowly turns to look at the Fool. “Once I would have said yes to you, but tonight I know exactly where I am.” The Fool does not know what to make of this strange man and just stares at him, wondering if he should walk away or engage him in talk. “I am not sure I understand what you are saying, sir” says the Fool. The man smiles at him and gives him a once over. “Once I was like you. I too was on an adventure. I ran along the path gathering knowledge and wisdom from all I met. One day I realized I was tired. Tired of running here and there, looking for answers from whomever crossed my path, as to how to live life.” “That sounds very much like me” replied the Fool “however, if I stop going along this path searching for knowledge, I fear life will be over and done with. My neighbors will get the better of me, and I will become a puppet in their adventure” “Not so, young man. In taking sometime for yourself and removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of life, you can gain great knowledge. In fact, you will be a better person. All those answers you are seeking from those who cross your path are already within you. Quiet time alone will help them bubble to the surface.” The Hermit was indeed the Fool. After years of building, creating, loving, hating, fighting, compromising, failing, and succeeding; he decided to retreat from the world. Living in a small house deep in a forested area, the Hermit studies, reads, cleans, organizes and rests during the day. During the evening he ventures out of his home with his staff and lantern to explore the world around him and see what he has been missing in life. (Continued on page 43)

September 2012


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If we look at the Hermit as the Fool, grown, we realize that the staff is the same only now he holds it out front and uses it to walk with instead of slung over his shoulder holding his pack. His pack, of which we did not know the contents, has now become his lantern, signifying the wisdom he has gained. The Fool contemplates all the Hermit has said and sees the wisdom in this. “I believe I will try this for a while, take a break from all the pressures of life and just see what wisdom comes to me. Or more importantly, see what wisdom I already have within me.� If the Hermit shows up in a reading for you, this is a special time. It is time for a retreat from the day to day. A quiet time that will allow all the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Go for long walks, hide in your room, or go on a retreat. When you rejoin your life you will have a better understanding of your life and yourself.

I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams When the city sleeps And I'm the only one and I walk alone


September 2012


Spirit Quartz Spirit Quartz is an unusual stone that has many very small crystals growing on a central stone. Each tiny crystal radiates energy with all of these little crystals working in harmony to radiate a very strong vibration. Spirit crystals can come in a variety of colors, pink, purple, green, grey, yellow, and clear. Spirit crystals are only found in South Africa where one tribe is responsible for the mining of it. The women of the tribe find and clean the stone... taking great care while doing this. What attracted me to buy a Spirit crystal was the way it sparkled, even in low light it twinkled and caught my attention. I later learned that the healing and metaphysical properties were very powerful and made them excellent stones to aid spiritual growth. One small crystal is all that you need to have in your kit. However the beauty of it might have you looking for a larger piece or several small pieces. What brought it to the front for this month’s feature crystal is its ability to help heal past issues. The year 2012 is the year of ascension. It is the year of change, personal change, and due to this many of us are feeling the effects of the shift happening

within us. These shifts are including old issues most of us thought we worked through years ago. We are going through a process whereby we need to rewire our way of thinking and perceiving. Not an easy job. We are more than half way through the year and many that I have been speaking with feel like the energy is ramping up, like building towards a crescendo. Now I bet you are asking how this little crystal can help with this ascension stuff. Spirit Quartz carries the vibration of universal love. It can assist you in letting go of past issues, forgiving yourself and other people, thereby helping in the healing process that will bring you to wholeness. Because of their high vibration they are able to align all the chakras. Chakras are energy fields within your body that correspond to different aspects of life. If we are worried or stressed about certain issues in life, say money, the corresponding chakra (Root) clogs up. Spirit crystals work to get them balanced and clear. That is what makes it an excellent crystal to have right now. It can help keep you balanced and assist in clearing out deep past energy you are carrying around.

September 2012


Basically Spirit Quartz energy helps to stimulate group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together. If you are working on a major project with others at work, pack one on your person during the course of the project. If you are going through major transitions at home, place one in the center of your home. Spirit quartz brings qualities of peace, and positive energy. Emotionally it is used to elevate one’s self-worth, remove fear, bringing emotional peace and happiness. Physically Spirit quartz has been used for skin disorders, allergic reactions, colon disorders, detoxification, obsessive disorders, and stress disorders. It has also been used to stimulate the manifestation of abundance in one’s life. Spirit Quartz has the ability to both draw in and transmit energy from its numerous points, making the crystal both an effec-

tive healing tool for direct hands on healing and/or magnifying the effect of other crystals/minerals in its presence. Mentally it aids in creativity, ‘light bulb’ moments are enhanced in the presence of Spirit Quartz. Whether you are a writer, artist, composer, inventor, actor or budding performer, this crystal will assist you in tapping into inspiration. If you are on a spiritual journey this lovely crystal may assist you to move forward more quickly. If you feel drawn to releasing the bonds that are holding you back, and living a more authentic life, then Spirit Quartz may assist this process. When using the crystal in meditation, ask to have identified, the obstacles that are holding you back. You can gain a sound understanding of why you have created them and what you are to learn from them.

Overall, Spirit Quartz is just one of those crystals to have, hold and love in your life, a treasure to be enjoyed.

Marlene Cobb

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