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Issue 16 November 2012

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November 2012





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Natural Easy Ways to Stay Healthy this Winter

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November 2012


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November 2012


I would rather have a mind opened by wonder, than one closed by belief. ~ Gerry Spence ~ The quote above speaks to me as this past month while out shopping I came across a % off sale. OK when I am in a store and there is money involved my brain somehow shuts down and I can not for the life of me figure out percentages. It is like all logic runs amok and I end up just walking away. I use to whip out my phone and quickly do the math that way, which sounds like a really silly, but it worked. Until that is I got an iPhone. I should let you know here that I have had my iPhone over a year and to the best of my knowledge there was no percentage button. I would agonize over the formula, now was that $$$ x 0.25 or $$$ x 0.025 and eventually… yup you guessed it walk away. I am sure my wallet thanks me as I really did save it some money by not spending. On this particular trip when I got back to the car and was relaying the story I was first reminded that really 90% was very easy to figure out, and yes I did figure out that 10% was what I would have paid, duh!! In the moment though the excitement of saving a vast amount made my brain mush. Then gently I was shown that the “stupid iPhone” as I was calling it, really did have a percentage button. I just had to flip it onto it’s side!! There in that moment I was in awe, here for over a year my belief was that this intelligent phone that had more apps than Carter had pills could not do a simple function. Never mind about me and how I was functioning. All it took was one moment of wonder and being open to learning something new and viola, problem solved!

Keeping a mind open to wonder is sometimes hard to do. Over time we come to believe what we believe and that is the status quo. We forget how to be in learning mode. Yet these times are asking us to do exactly that, be open to shifting our perspective to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Often even when we think we are open to the new, the old is still there like a warm blanket begging us to fogedaboudit, there is comfort in being in our space and not expanding our horizons. That one moment was all it took for me to start looking at what I believed in. To see if I was closed off to new ideas and possibilities. In the days that followed, I would question things that came up in conversation, silently to myself. I was ensuring that what I really knew was mine and not a belief of someone else. Did I know it to be true? How did I know this was true? Could I be missing the bigger picture? So much of what we believe is programmed from past experiences. If we open our mind and become a blank slate what will we discover? Will we still believe all our programming or will we in wonder discover a new way? I like to believe that we are always changing and evolving. We are like great explorers out there in the day to day muck, sweeping up all the debris, looking for gems to stash away and treasure on days when the sun is not shining so brightly. This month as you flip through the pages of this magazine, keep your mind open, you might discover a wonder that will open a new door for you! Blessings!


November 2012


It is time to sweep clean my studio of life making; to discard the old drawings, and find new tools and colors. An early morning cup of tea yields a gift of instruction floating among the leaves:

The Ways of New Beginnings: - Make it malleable, prepare to reshape, emptying in joyful surrender to what will be, make it useful, make it pretty‌ - It can hold the moon and stars in this unbounded soul space perched on the tip of a nose, tilted to pour pure love water. - Weave it into house baskets to hold glistening gold fish, the living promise that swims within the arches of the heart. - Bedeck it with precious gems reflecting other potent worlds, kisses from the Beloved and long eyelashes to veil the eyes. - Make it sacrosanct, keep it safe among the divisions of spirit and matter, that it might shimmer in the morning light.

November 2012

Margie Kivel 5

Here in Vancouver, the rains have begun. I love this transition time of fall, when the leaves start to fall and the colours change. It is incredibly beautiful. The temperatures have recently dropped a few degrees, which mean that many of us are spending more time indoors. For some of us, we find this equals more coughs, more colds, more sniffles and sometimes even more bad infections.

very different ways. One group is a result of our old bad teachings, in which people still come in at the sign of any ache or sniffle for an antibiotic. They still have the old thought that taking the antibiotic will cure this virus quickly. As most of us know, viruses do not respond to antibiotics and they need to be treated with rest, fluids and TLC (tender loving care).

For years gone by, many physicians would automatically treat ever runny nose with an antibiotic. This was found to be over-call and now we are se ei n g a much more mindful approach and even health-care campaigns against the use of antibiotic for flu bugs.

A second group is that of people who are adamantly opposed to antibiotics. They will never fill a prescription, even if their fever is mounting, the chest x-ray shows a pneumonia and they are coughing up green sputum. Eventually, due to the worsening of the illness, they usually end up starting the antibiotics just in the nick of time! Then, the third group is the one that is by far the majority. This is the person who is mindful of their illness and don’t want antibiotics, but will take them if necessary, but do not resist them like the second group would.

Despite these changes, I still see three primary groups of people who deal with their infections in

November 2012

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At some point during the flu / illness season, almost everyone who gets sick wonders and questions if there is something they can do to curb their illness or better yet prevent it. What I always tell people is that there is. Stress – of all types – is the biggest factor in illness manifestation. Even if you are exposed to flu bugs, viruses, and even bacteria, your body can create a defence wall (also known as a strong immune system) that can prevent you from getting ill. It is truly that simple. Outside of my medical career, I have spent over a decade teaching and practicing yoga. I have found that the practices of meditation and yoga (amongst others) are fabulous at decreasing stress levels and thereby increasing the immune system. This forms a wall up against infections, thereby decreasing your chance of illness despite all of the external exposures.

courage you to take heart because you can do something about it. You can take care of yourself. You can increase your immune system, do greater self –care and feel better through the entire fall/ winter season. If you are like me, I will see you in yoga class and on my meditation cushion to calm my mind, help my body relax and gain the benefit of a heightened immune response!

Dr. Divi Chandna is a family doctor and an intuitive healer. She loves to work with clients who want to get to the root source of their disease process. Dr. Divi believes that illness is not a one way road, but all disease can be unravelled and healed. She stands in her life mission to help people understand the majestic beauty of who they are, and to realize that they have the ability to self heal and release into their own supreme perfection. She intertwines her gifts of intuition and her practical, cognitive mind of medicine to help people on their healing path. Dr. Divi practices in Vancouver and does sessions in person, on phone and via Skype.

We have been taught very differently, and as a result of that teaching, we all feel like we are possible victims of what is coming our way when we get into the month of November. In my experience, it does not have to be that way. Stress reduction has the clinical affects of heightening the parasympathetic nervous system, which decreases blood pressure, decreases heart rate, decreases our breathing rate and simultaneously increases our immune system and our digestion! These are real perks for keeping us healthy. So, if you are nervous going into the flu-season, I en-

November 2012


Wash your hands frequently one of the best defenses

Hydrate - staying hydrated keeps our kidneys, mucous membranes and the lymphatic system operating at maximum capacity and carries toxins out of our system

Drink more tea especially green tea which is a great immune booster Get enough protein in your diet many of us are reaching for more veggies and fruits during the day but protein fights fatigue and helps the body build antibodies to fight infection. How much is enough? 0.37 g of protein per pound of body weight (0,8 g/kg body weight)

November 2012


Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements or boost your intake of foods that provide these vitamins

Probiotics - eating one probiotic rich yogurt each day can help stave off infections

Avoid stress - make sure you exercise, take a yoga class, or meditate, or spend quiet time doing something you love to reduce stress

Get enough sleep most people require 6 - 8 hours per night to recharge

November 2012


Marlene Cobb

Do you ever think of yourself as a street sweeper? Probably not, yet in some respects that is what you are. HUH?!?! What do you mean Marlene? I mean by virtue of your energy field. If you are on your spiritual journey you know by now that you have an energy field, in fact everything has an energy field. What you probably don’t know is that your energy field extends out from you about 9 feet in all directions. For the metric conversion that is just less than 3 meters. Think about that for a moment, 9 feet above you, in front of you, behind you and to each side of you. Holy bat cave Robin, that is larger than some rooms of apartments I have lived in.

Our energy field is unique to each of us. The energy contained in this circle is our personal signature. If you are aware of energy you can usually feel a friend’s energy before you see them physically. Within this energy field we carry around our thoughts, any illness that is within us, our joyful moments and our sadness. Think of your energy field as your RAM drive (computer term for the memory space that makes your computer programs work), everything is stored there. If you think, feel or experience something, there it is, following you around in this big invisible bubble. Now let’s take a look at another diagram of a crowd, and super impose our energy field over one of the people in the crowd.

The above diagram gives you a rough visual of what your energy field would look like. (Continued on page 11)

November 2012


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Do you see what has happened? Our energy field is intermingling with a whole bunch of people. Our energy fields are picking up their energy. Eventually it filters through to our body and we might start feeling their feelings - angry, happy, sad, confused or panicked. Just as their energy field is picking up and transferring our energy to them. Some of you are now ready to flip the page to the next article going yah, yah I know this already and I have tools I use to clear this. Yes you do have tools. WE all have tools if we have been aware for a while and understand energy. How often do you use those tools? Do you use them daily? Or only when you are in large crowds or feel a particularly nasty energy that you don’t like?

We could use any of these techniques and push our energy out from us to clear out our field. Yet would we push out far enough? Would we know when we had reached all the far flung corners? Walking in nature is a good way to clear out your field. All the plants, trees, and shrubs act as scrubbers, latching onto any energy residuals. As you kept walking all the “energy debris” from your field would be wicked away by the plants. Nature is our natural cleaner. A great way to clean out our energy field is to imagine we take it off, much like we would a cloak, once we have removed it, visualize throwing it into a giant washing machine. Once the machine stops put it back on.

Clearing our energy field needs to happen each day. And not just with the intent to blow it out, which does help. With the vibration of the earth’s energy’s ramping up this year, more and more people are feeling the effects. Some have touted these effects to the ascension of the soul, of us rising to a higher vibration. Others are putting it down to being tired and lethargic from over doing it or just having too much on their plate. It boils down, in part, to our energy fields being street sweepers. No matter what we do in our day to day activities, we are helping to clean up mother earth or at the very least, the energy field of mother earth and the people who inhabit it.

Another technique is to visualize a vacuum cleaner taking away all of the debris.

Most of you are probably already familiar with the usual clearing techniques. Some of those techniques work with our physical body to clear out the immediate energy we feel from others. One technique that comes to mind is breathing in through our crown chakra and pushing it out our solar plexus chakra. This is a marvelous tool to clear any unwanted energy you pick up. It also lets you know if the energy/feeling is yours or if it belongs to other people. If you still feel the feeling or energy after a few minutes of this clearing it is your own and you need to deal with it in another fashion.

My point is, you take care of your emotional, physical, and mental health, your spirit deserves the same attention. Your energy field is part of your spirit. This is a part of you. Eventually all matter from spirit filters into your being. A few minutes a day will keep your outlook positive, your physical body revived, and the sparks of mental clarity firing.

Have some fun with this, picture you are on the Enterprise, and say “beam up the debris Scotty!” then see it gathering up and going up an invisible tube, being transported to another universe. The main purpose of this article is to help you be aware that your energy field is bigger than you think and it requires cleaning daily. Hey, you have an important job to do here on earth and having a clear energy field will help you do your work. Just like taking a shower a day helps keep the doctor away. Or was than an apple a day?

Even if this sounds hokey to you, go on give it a try, what is the worst that could happen?

Grounding the energy out of our system is also another technique we use, where we open our crown chakra and allow the energy to flow through us and out our feet to be transmuted into the ground. You probably have your own technique that you call upon regularly.

November 2012


November 2012



are many pathways along the journey to higher consciousness, and many teachers on the path. Often individuals search to find the one path that suits them, and upon finding it, embrace it fully. There is a security in this, because the structure allows them to be followers. Others have blazed the trail, and the followers need only heed the directional signs. Sometimes it may be difficult to stay on the path, so the struggle is simply to stay focused, and to keep coming back to it. Following is one way to progress along a path. It prevents one from getting lost and wandering around aimlessly. A subtle shift in consciousness occurs, however, in individuals and groups, when one path is embraced in favor of all others. At the individual level, there is a surrender to the ideals or leaders of that path. At the group level, there may be a process of detachment, as the group separates itself from the rest. It does this by defining boundaries, including what is ‘our path’ and excluding what is ‘their path’, or ‘no path’. What is often lost in this process is the unity consciousness, the all inclusiveness, the love and acceptance of all beings as equals. Whether it is overtly stated or not, beneath the outward acknowledgement and acceptance of all paths, lies the inner certainty that ‘my path is the true path’. Followers of one path may reinforce and validate one another, strengthening their belief that they are ‘right on’. A path, however, is not ‘the way’. ‘The way’ is more like an internal flight path. Think of the birds who migrate from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere in the fall. They can cover great distances, returning each year to the exact nesting ground from which they left. Our souls may be like that. We may ‘migrate’ onto the Earth for a lifetime, yet in the moment we are born, we are beginning the return journey. We each have an ‘internal flight path’ which leads us surely and safely home.

uniquely through oneself. It means trusting yourself to be a reflection or embodiment of the highest consciousness. It means allowing the breath of spirit to move through you, as through a flute or pan pipes, sounding the unique note that is the co-creation of the wind and the instrument. We are the instrument through which God, Buddha, Allah, the Tao, or universal intelligence find expression on Earth. Even if there was not a single path to follow, nor a single leader or teacher, we could still find ‘the way’. Sometimes as we get caught up in the verbiage of a particular path, we drown out the silence which holds eternal truth. As we listen to the voices of others, we may lose the ability or motivation to give voice to truth as it awakens within us. Spirit is evolving, like everything else in the Universe, and always there must be those in each generation or era who express its evolving essence as it manifests within their consciousness. In the past, such thinkers may have been called heretics or mystics, and the truth of their visions may not have been validated until hundreds of years later. Individuals who have the courage to express their own awareness of spirit can awaken others. Like a flashlight beam illuminating the way ahead, the light of their understanding moves us all forward. How fortunate we are to be living at this time. The wisdom of the many spiritual traditions is readily available to all, at the same time as we are becoming aware that we are spiritual beings. We can embrace the wisdom of the wisest of our ancestors, filter it through our evolving consciousness, blend it in the loving crucible of our hearts, and then release it through expression out into the field of the collective consciousness. What powerful fertilizer for growing human awareness. Just as a seed provides the nutrients for an emerging flower, human consciousness is the seed for the blossoming of spirit in our world. It blossoms through each and every one of us.

The more closely we tune into that inner knowing, the more authentically we live. Living authentically means being ourselves: genuinely, clearly, openly. Spiritual authenticity means allowing the energy of spirit to express itself

November 2012

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


On a hot day in August of this year I had the glorious experience of a visit to the Center of the Universe at Vidette Lake in the southern interior of BC. The area is incredibly beautiful—how could the Center of the Universe be anything but? Best of all were the beautiful juniper trees that seemed incredibly abundant. I love juniper trees. The wisdom they hold feels easily available—for me they are grandfather trees. The scent of juniper essential oil carries all of that wisdom. I open the bottle, put some on my hands, cup my hands together and breathe deep. Mmmmmmmmm. I am instantly transported to the high, big sky country. The clean, clear scent of Juniper oil can help us to become more spiritually aware. Diffuse it during meditation and see what happens for you. How deep can you go when you are assisted by the vapors of this gentle tree? How high can you climb. Mix with lavender oil for dreams that bring you closer to your spiritual goals (this blend may also help with headaches!). Juniper is also beneficial when we are agitated and experiencing stress in our lives. Diffuse in your home, or put a couple of drops on a small cotton ball and carry it with you. When you begin to feel overwhelmed by stress pull out the cotton ball and allow the scent to permeate the air around you. This would be a great place to use a small jar with Epsom salts and an essential oil—keep it in your desk. Every time you open your desk drawer you will be greeted by the warm scent of the high country. If you are experiencing pain from gout or arthritis, you can mix 2 or 3 drops with an organic carrier oil and rub on location—or put a few drops in the bath and allow it to soak into your body. Juniper essential oil can be helpful when dealing with oily skin or acne. Depending on your skin sensitivity you may be able to use it undiluted on a cotton ball, or diluted in an organic carrier oil or cream. To use as a home disinfectant, use about 5 drops in 1 quart of water. Put in a spray bottle and shake before using. (Apparently the vapors of juniper oil assist with hangovers…..give it a try next time you overindulge!)

Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils. May your oil journey this month be a sacred and satisfying experience!

Vera Enshaw


November 2012


Tamira has over 20 years’ experience working in the “Arts” Tamira holds a BA in East West Traditions/ Religions/Astrology and is NCGR Certified Level III. She specializes in Soul/ Spirit centered Astrology.

Other interests include:  Certified Yoga Teacher and a practicing Usui Reiki Master (since 1996) and a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master through the International Center for Reiki Training; and a Meditation Teacher she is a dedicated Energy Worker. Certified Level II with Dolores Cannon Method in Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing

Email: for more information on how a Consultation can help you with any transitions you are experiencing in your life.

November 2012


Phil Nielsen

My rune for this month is Ehwaz. It is the rune of movement and its symbol is the horse. Horse and rider work together to bring forward movement with mutual support for each other. Ehwaz indicates steady progress is likely now with shifts and changes accompanying new growth. Be aware of personal boundaries. Travel may be in store soon. This could simply mean a visit to friends or relatives but it could also mean a change of home or neighborhood. Reversed, the meaning basically stays the same, however the travel may not be beneficial to the subject and may be out of necessity and could be totally unexpected. If the subject is planning a long trip or beginning a new venture, it would be wise to put such plans to one side for the time being as they are unlikely to prove fortuitous.

On our journey through the letters of the Elder Futhark with Frank Joseph in his book “Gods of the Runes� we come to Gebo and the goddess Gefion, known as the Sacred Benefactor.

There once was a North Teuton king, not really bad, but his prosperity blinded him to the poverty of his subjects. Because of their hard work, he had gained numerous tracts of land while they were forced to farm small pastures to eke out a meager living.

November 2012

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One evening the king and his court were casting runes as an after dinner amusement. The runes all came up negative for the king, who realized the significance of such a cast. He was being warned of his greed but brushed off the reading as so much superstition. The next day, the prince and heir to the throne, became deathly ill. Skilled physicians and even renowned sorcerers could not cure the prince. The king pleaded with the gods to save his son and almost at once an old ragged woman appeared at the gate of the great hall. “My name is Gefion, majesty, and if you allow me, I can cure your son.” “If you can do that,” said the king, “I will give you anything you want.” Gefion said, “you may decide my reward according to your honest judgment.” Under her care, the prince soon regained his health and the whole kingdom rejoiced at his miraculous recovery. The king was overjoyed but his avaricious mind thought that, seeing as she was so old and frail, he would offer her as much land as she could plow in a day as her reward for curing his son. His courtiers laughed with him at the thought of the old woman plowing the fields. “To do with as I see fit” she asked? “Absolutely” he chuckled. She thanked him and shuffled from the hall to the great amusement of the court.

citadel. Consider yourself fortunate as I could take all your land and leave you a pauper. You will find the love of your subjects more rewarding than any other riches you owned.” The chastised king relocated to his humbler estate from which he ruled with generosity and fairness. As the goddess foretold, now that his people possessed their own lands, their productivity increased so much so that the king and his people became wealthy beyond measure. Gefion had lived up to her name - The Giver. Her rune signifies gifts or the act of giving. It is a positive rune, it has no reverse. It may also indicate that apparent difficulties are actually gifts in temporary disguise of trouble or loss. There is caution however, as nothing in life is free and gifts received come with responsibilities. In order to receive gifts we need to be generous with our gift giving. This concept was behind the idea of sacrifices to the gods. The Norse believed that “a gift demanded a gift.” Astrologically, Gebo parallels Libra, September 23 to October 22 known by the Norse, as the Hall of Splendor, or Glitner. Gefion’s rune color is azure and her gemstone is jade. These, as French symbolist J.E. Cirlot pointed out, represent “power, spirituality, and sublimation” Azure signifies dignity in giving and receiving. It is the color of jade, a stone once used as a grave good, a parting gift from the realm of the living to the beloved dead.

When she came to the richest land in the kingdom, she put her hand to the plow. Suddenly she became possessed with superman strength and faster than any team of horses began to plow field after field. On lookers were amazed, and the king hearing their cries of wonder, came to see for himself. The old woman had already plowed a vast ring and had connected it via a beautiful stone canal to the local river. As the canal filled with water, it created an enormous moat and a huge island. This accomplished, she raced around plowing field after field until, by sundown, Gefion had claimed every tract of land in the kingdom. The king finally realized she was a goddess who he had offended and cried that she had ruined him. “Not so” she said kindly, “You have brought this upon yourself. Otherwise I would not have had to come here. I hold you to your promise that I may dispose of my lands any way I see fit. All lands outside of the moat revert back to the people. You will move your hall to the island, for that is your new

November 2012



(Arctium minus) is a plant I take all of the time in capsule form, but I have never tried as a vegetable. On second thought maybe I have in Japanese food, but not knowingly. This is going to change soon as I have some lovely first year Burdock in the garden and now is the time to harvest them! As I said, I take Burdock all the time in capsules of dried powdered root. I take it on a regular basis with other herbs as a way of detoxing my system. This is probably one of the most important things I do for my health and I’ll be writing more about this in the New Year. For now we will explore the virtues of this very edible weed that was introduced to North America from Eurasia. This member of the daisy family quickly spread to all corners of the land via its burrs which stick to any clothing or fur that happens to brush up against it. Some speculate that it was purposely brought to North America as a medicinal and food crop. First Nations people quickly made good use of it as medicine and by eating the first year tap-roots and the second By Marilyn Dyke

November 2012

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year stems. Burdock is a biennial plant meaning that it grows for two years and then dies. In the first year it produces large heart-shaped, irregularly lobed leaves that look similar to rhubarb. In it’s second year it grows much taller (up to 4 feet) sending up branches ending with lavender colored flower heads which by end of summer turn into sharp, Velcro-like burs. “The Husband” tends to worry about my Burdock plants unnecessarily. Whenever he sees those second year flowers setting into burs he comes to me with dire warnings of impending spread! I just smile sweetly and let him rant because I know that next spring I’ll only find two or three more Burdock shoots come up near where the previous year’s mature plant grew, not what I would call invasive…..all is good! I find it’s always interesting to note where a plant will decide to grow if left on its own. Burdock likes a moist soil and is often found in waste areas that often contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals. This gives us a clue as to one of the medicinal use of Burdock as a blood purifier. Although I like to promote free range edible eating, when you take into account its wild growing habits, it is probably safer to either grow Burdock in your garden or buy commercially grown burdock root from an Asian market. Digging up a burdock root takes a little patience though as the tap-root grows to a depth of 2 – 3 feet down. So it’s best to clear the soil from around the root until you reach the bottom. The roots are whitish and look very much like parsnips. The roots used medicinally or as food should be harvested in the first year in the fall or early spring when the goodness has moved back down to the root and before it sends up leaves.

This is a recipe for a classic Japanese soup made with Burdock: Peel and slice fresh burdock root into thin rounds, then sauté in olive oil for 5 minutes. Add sliced carrots, onion and Bok Choy. Add about a cup of rehydrated hiziki or wakame seaweed to the vegetables. Then stir in 1 ½ cups of water per serving of soup. Simmer until all vegetables are tender. Strain off 2 tablespoons of broth for each serving and combine with 1 heaping tablespoon of miso in a bowl. Remove soup from heat and stir in miso/ broth mixture and serve.

The health benefits of Burdock are many and we would do well to include Burdock in our diet as often as possible. Burdock is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins-E and C, folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin minerals and powerful antioxidants that help the body fight infections and cancer. Who was it that said “Take your medicine as your food and your food as medicine?” Very sound advice I think! In keeping with the season, next month I will talk about our local cranberries, not the kind you see growing commercially though. Until then- Bon Appétit! Marilyn Dyke is a spiritual past life regressionist trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy©. She has been an active teaching and healing Reiki Master for many years (Usui & Karuna). Her summers are spent messing about in the garden producing herbal creams, salves, tinctures, teas etc. It is Marilyn's pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your quest for balance, peace and physical well being!

Visit Marilyn at

Almost all parts of this plant are edible but each part must be picked at specific times. The (first year) root is a sought-after specialty in Japan where it is called Gobo, it’s flavor is said to be much like potato and can be mashed, made into patties and fried, or sliced thinly and stir fried or battered and deep fried. The root can also be roasted and used as a coffee substitute. The young leaves and stems can be used raw in salads, added to soups and stews or cooked on their own. The inner pith like material of the stems can be eaten raw. Second year stems, peeled boiled about 10-15 minutes are said to taste much like parsnips

November 2012


Part 1. When it’s Our Turn to Carry the Light Here I sit with my teapot and cuppa, pondering. I love pondering with my morning tea ceremony. I hold my warm cup of tea against my heart and drift off on strands of wondering or wishing. Frankly I wish I was in Hawaii. Or is it I wish I were in Hawaii? That too! I feel the need for the winds and waves to refresh my spirit. Where I live I’m in for about 8 months of west coast rain and 90 percent humidity. And my eagle family I talk with on my ocean walks have left the ‘family tree’ in search of salmon or other winter foods. One of them usually flies over and calls out to me in what I imagine to be eagle greeting for, “Oh there you are! Well met dear human friend.” Seeing my eagle friend always inspires me….and that’s what I am wanting most this time of year….in spirit ‘ing.’ Inspiration. As we move into the caving season, days become shorter,

the sun shines fewer hours and mostly out here, we don’t even see it hiding behind the clouds. We begin to cycle into the time of hibernation. But we don’t get to hibernate anymore. Instead, the holidays are winding us up and our activities are increasing even while the available energy that keeps us motoring is decreasing. I‘ve mused on that a lot over the years and sitting here with my teacup cradled against my heart, I just got it! And it’s a big ‘aha!’ for me. In the Fall and Winter it’s Our Turn to Carry the Light and Call Forth Inspiration When the sun shortens the incoming light, women and our inner feminine nature even if we’re guys) take the sun’s place. Let me explain how I got to this realization.

Earlier this week I was looking for items that took me into the dollar stores, Wal-Mart and a few home decorating stores. In each place, to my surprise, I found aisles and aisles filled with Halloween items. Not just a shelf or two, but the entire aisle filled with all kinds of Halloween costumes, decorations - everything imaginable. At first I thought it was because of changing times and increased materialism. I heard a gentle knock on my head and the Empress of the Universe’s nudge. (Reminder: EU is my concept of Mrs. God, or the SheForce.) At her prompting I stretched out my heart in order to see the bigger picture and I saw something that almost made me cry with wonder and joy. What I saw is how our inner feminine carries the light during the low light season when the sun is resting (winter.) It’s up to us. We do it as a mass conscious(Continued on page 21)

November 2012


candles you light and other ways you decorate.)

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ness agreement, albeit subliminal. We women lead in bringing in and shining the light to the world with our creative intent and we do it largely through decorating for the seasons. If we are men, it’s our inner feminine that delights in stringing lights and creating tableaus. THAT is no small task indeed! Nor do I mean it in a superficial way.

We used to do it only at Christmas times, or other high holy days. Then as we have been changing our energy here on earth we have expanded our holiday celebrations, even creating more new celebrations. What once was a candle in a pumpkin in years upon years of trick-or-treating has become an amazing

To clarify this she-he reference, within each person lives the feminine energy (the right brain) that brings inspiration and creativity and the big picture. There’s the other side of ourselves, which is our inner masculine (left brain energy) that takes action to carry the light forward and spread it around personally, in the family, business and society itself. The feminine instinct in us gets the urge to create and light up with decorations for the particular season. Into our sacred relics we go for the candles, Christmas decorations made by children and saved over the years, and those handed down from other generations’ holidays. For more details on right and left brain aspects within each of us. please refer to Issue 12, p. 24 “Do You Know

What Your Sacred Twins are Doing?”

I found myself going back to the Christmas season I spent working in Copenhagen. There they use white lights and hearts to decorate every street. I loved it. Now the image makes sense to me because it’s the perfect metaphor. When the sun light offers us less

light, as humans, we pick up the slack. (NB. I am using Christmas because that’s the one I’m more familiar with. But if your customs are different, think of the

show of delight-ful yards and doors and windows filled with two types of energy. The energy of the people who created the display (and hence have imbued it with their intent, and the plugged-in kind of energy of light bulbs, outdoor spotlights, candles… both of these are forms of energy, either spiritual or material. But the key point I’m trying to make is that we are carrying on with keeping the energy bright even while the sun takes it’s lesser route. One Halloween a few years ago I found myself walking home after dark down one of the streets in Toronto’s Beach area. There before me were amazing sights and sounds and wondrous tableaus in people’s yards and windows, even a witch who’d crashed her broom into a tree nose first. The one thing they all shared was light. Light was spar-

November 2012

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kling out into the dark evening from their lawns and inside their houses. I felt something light up in me as I passed by and ‘caught’ the intent of their celebrative displays. I felt happy and pleased and yes, delighted. A little more than a month later I was walking down the street again, and now it was early in December and the houses were alight with lights and the holiday’s seasonal decorations twinkling out into the dark night and bringing me and other people passing by joy, uplifting inspiration and yes, once again, delight.

Now sitting with my legs curled under me and holding my warm cup of tea, I see it all so clearly. We aren’t just decorating for the fun of it, but that in itself actually increases the energy frequency within us. We are working together from an unconscious but very connected agreement to add more light to the world right now. Not only because we are in transition at a global level, but because at a community level, we want to increase the vibration and keep it as high as we can to help during this transition. The thing that made my hair stand on end with excitement is realizing that as a species we work together with Mother Earth and the Sun and the Angels and all other invisibles to keep Earth balanced and help stabilize it in times of stress and/or when the energies around the world or in our communities are low, confused, or generally dark. Just like we have Source within us, we carry bits of the sun energies within us too. So when it’s necessary to increase the energy, humans rise to the occasion. That means we open up our right brains and allow our spirit energies to flow into us and out through our hearts, minds and hands as we help to form that energy into just the right kind of

inspiration with which to adorn the holiday (which ever one, which ever month) or the important event, (new baby, graduation, new job, new life, new house, new partner, new divorce…or just celebrate a new day.) In each of these events or situations we can consciously (or subconsciously) decide to bring forth inspiration and create ways of raising the energy and adding sunshine and inspiration to the occasion. It’s time now that we think more about the power we have to change events, bring forth positive energy and help to build a more loving space (from inside our own hearts to cross-community and global sharings of light and inspiration. Years ago I worked with governments globally and nationally helping them to create policies to stimulate and guide the developed world’s health care systems into looking at wellness in equal balance to sickness care. Writing policy was only one step. It was the easy part. The hard part was finding agreement and it took years often times, as vested interests all put on their different and personal vests and argued over who would win and who would lose. It was politics just as seriously played out as national security or presidential elections. Sitting at a conference table in one conference on HOW to create these healthy public policies someone offered the fact that there’s policy making the male way, the way I explained above. Male, as in left brain policy making is where win-lose battle scenarios erupt and are played out in the same manner as little boys setting up their plastic soldiers and playing war games. Only now they have grown up, are called generals who have traded their plastic soldiers for flesh and blood human solders. Whether it’s on the battle field or in the board rooms, the same game is played out and someone wins and someone has to lose. There’s a different form of policy making and the conference participant offered a name for it: kitchen table policy making. That’s what really happens in the day to day world around the dinner table, at meals or teatime when family and friends come together to

November 2012

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talk and share. Here’s where decisions are made in a win-win scenario and instantly put into place. No war games or win-lose scenarios here. We need to help the children, the church, the school, the club. We see a need, a problem, and we come together to fill that need….we bring inspiration to the topic and create a way of addressing the need. Kitchen table policy making at it’s best. That is where ourinner feminine, our right brain shines forth and inspiration lights the way to making truly helpful and wondrous changes in the family, community and across the globe. When people come together over tea and talk about it. Bonus too, because it’s win-win. Which brings me back to the spirit of the season and how we make our own light in the world and we bring that inspiration through us and shine it like the sun. The more people who join together, the greater the power of that inspiration and the greater that light shines forth. The greater the light shining forth, the higher the frequency of vibration. The higher the vibration the better we feel, the more inspired we are to keep running more and more lines of light from inside our hearts and augmenting them by plugging in the electric light bulbs….a physical manifestation of our hearts that are lighted up and filled with inspiration. ET had it right when her heart pulsed in love. We are doing the same thing every time we imagine a way to decorate and celebrate.

About Gail Siler, PhD Dr. Siler, an international consultant and social scientist worked for more than two decades with people from international organization and governments to communities to help them create positive change in their personal lives. She was Associate Professor with University of Toronto for many years and taught at Humber College School of Business. Gail is the founder of The Inner Entrepreneur and Champions of Change programs and creator of the Personal Energy Management Curriculum. Dr. Gail offers counselling and workshops on maximum wellness and personal energy management, including counselling on management of obsessive-compulsive disorders and addictions. Gail’s new book, Decoding the Butterfly Promise describes how we return to our power. To purchase or learn more about the book go to

And perhaps we are also answering the Empress of the Universe’s call. Bring on the inspiration, let your inner feminine fill the earth with light. This is part one of a two part article. Next month in Part 2. we will examine Getting to the Source of our Personal Inspiration. Until then, BE the light. Visit our radio program archives at Keeping the Promise on Blogtalkradio to learn more about your personal energy management and join us on Thursday evenings at 8pm PST for our half hour live show. You can phone in with your questions.

November 2012


Zuchinni Fritters 3 cups grated zuchinni 1 egg Salt, pepper 1/4 cup flour 1/2 cup grated cheddar Mix all ingredients together., Drop by spoonful into hot lightly oiled pan. Cook about 2 minutes then flip over and cook for another 2—3 minutes. If you wish serve these with a light drizzle of ranch dressing.

Low in calories Cholesterol free Great source of vitamin C Very good source of Magnesium, vitamin A, fiber, Folate, copper, riboflavin & phosphorus Abundant in potassium High in beta-carotene Reduces risk of heart attack & stroke Helps reduce high blood pressure Anti-parasitic Helps symptoms of BPH Anti-inflammatory Benefits eye health Helps maintain healthy bone structure Calcium absorption, enzyme creation, & bone building Helps with blood sugar regulation Rich in B vitamins Blood thinning effects Protects against cancer November 2012

Roasted Squash 2 lbs acorn squash 2 tbsp. olive oil Salt, pepper and thyme to taste Cut Squash in half, scoop out seeds. Quarter the squash, place in casserole dish flesh side up. Brush olive oil on flesh, sprinkle with salt, pepper and thyme. Bake at 425°for 25 minutes or until tender. Enjoy!!


The copse of trees below the tracks lays still save for meandering leaf falls, soft breeze that ruffles shrub and fern in passing through, portent of coming rain and season change. With fits and jerks the ground begins to move as tiny sumo wrestlers take their stance – a flock of white throated sparrows toss leaves, performing tap dance chug for seeds below. Alive with movement, rearranged by bird and rodent raking, bed of leaves gives way to zig zag course of energy after late summer’s torpor, haze of fullness leaping from the page of fall – the last hurrah! Margie Kivel

November 2012


November 2012


This past month I was invited to participate in a workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Kelly Chamchuk, owner of LumaSoul, on the art of vision boards. A vision board is a tool used to focus your desired aspirations and dreams. Originally I had said no to participate in this workshop due to the time involved. I have taken other vision board workshops after the release of the book “The Secret” and had great success with my creations; did I really need to take another class? At the end of the day I was very glad to have taken this workshop. Alright, the day arrives gray and rainy, a perfect day to spend indoors being creative! I awake early and immediately my mind starts thinking about what I want to achieve today at the workshop. I will, of course, gather information to be able to write an article for Nourish, but I should have a personal goal to place on the board. Something I want to focus on and manifest into my life. Nothing comes to me. After a moment of panic I decide to trust that, when the class starts, the universe will show me what my focus needs to be. Phil would also be taking the course with me and he had never participated in the making of his own vision board. It was turning out to be an exciting day for both of us. Lunch packed we headed off to Port Coquitlam where the class was being held.

workshop to begin. It was the opening ritual! Now it was time to bring on the fun!! Rip and Tear! Looking through magazines we were asked not to focus too much on what we were placing on the board but to rip or tear anything out that drew our attention, made us go awe, or just inspired us. Ripping and Tearing takes a long time and for this portion we were given about 1.5 hours. This was bonding time within the group. Participants sharing kernels of wisdom about their life and what brought them to the workshop. What path they were currently on and where they wanted to go in the future. There was much laughing and also sharing of pictures when others came across something that would fit with your manifestation.

Upon arriving at the workshop we were warmly greeted by Kelly and a few participants who had arrived before us. I immediately noticed how well the space was set up! Kelly spares nothing in regards to details. It is the small things that draw my notice. Each station is set up with a blank board, glue, pens, notebook, bottle of water and a magazine.

After a short lunch break it was time to start placing what we had found onto our boards. It was a process of placing, gluing and building up one layer at a time. All too soon time was running out and it was time to share our boards with the class. All the boards were beautiful. The stories behind the boards and what was brought out in the process were equally amazing

All the participants arrive and we begin. This means, and if you have attended any kind of meeting, workshop or group you will know what is coming, a round robin of introducing yourself to the group. A little blurb about you, what drew you to participate in the class, and what you would be focusing on in regards to building your board. A very neat twist is each participant had a Soul Coaching® card at their station. After giving a brief overview of what you were planning to manifest you turned over your card. The cards, though randomly chosen for that space, matched each person to a T!

and beautiful. We, as a class, were cheering and celebrating each person’s a c h i e v e ments, giving support to dreams unfolding.

Next we were asked to relax with a brief meditation to set the space within ourselves for the task at hand. The meditation lasted approx. 10 minutes and then Kelly walked around the class asking each of us to pick a flower from the bouquet she had. One by one we walked to the front of the space and cut the stem close to the flower and placed the flower into a bowl of water. Soon the bowl had 8 beautiful flowers floating in it and to top it off Kelly placed three floating candles. The premise was to set the space, connect us to each other and the workshop, and to provide a beautiful oasis to gaze upon for inspiration should we need it during the day. This was a very beautiful touch and for me it allowed the

We shared then closed the space with a brief meditation. The class was over, there was nothing left to do but take our boards and dreams home with us. I left feeling buoyant and ready to follow the path to my dreams and desires no matter where it took me.

Oh yes.... my board was about pulling together the space for my consulting company and Nourish. The card that was on my board was “Inspiration”. The insight I gained from participating was that I needed to listen to my inspirations, not rush things along, and that all would happen in divinely inspired time! Kelly, thank you, you are a marvelous facilitator. I recommend to all Nourish readers to connect with Kelly at and take a class or two from her. Your investment will be well worth it!

November 2012


November 2012 by Tamira What is a Retrograde? Any planet that moves retrograde has the illusion of moving backward in the sky retracing its steps. See this as an inward spiral – your thoughts or actions moving inward for contemplation and reconnection with your Core. This provides opportunity to re-work, re-do, re-invent, re-write, re-vise … you get the jest. We have our final mercury retrograde for the year, starting November 7th – finally moving direct on November 27th. How does this energy work for us personally? It is a great time to go through your email or filing cabinet and delete or shred the stuff you no longer need – sometimes I come across a gem of information that I need to re-read and/or re-focus on. It is not an optimum time to sign contracts or purchase electronic equipment (especially computers) during this time but life happens and we cannot always wait – so just make sure you have crossed your T’s and read the fine print including the return policy. Neptune… sometimes known as the “Great Cosmic Astral Plane”… moved retrograde in June after moving into Pisces for the first time in 160 years. November 11th Neptune moves direct! We live in a world that requires a delicate balance of light and dark, Neptune can definitely bring us the extreme of opposites. We can look forward to an increase of spiritual growth and advancement but also be aware of the trap … indulgences such as TV, food, self-pity, alcohol and drugs (including prescription medicine) can also increase in growth. I will write more about Neptune in Pisces over the next few months after all we have plenty of time to play with this energy as this transit through Pisces will last until 2026 Over the next while we will still experience deep intense and often sudden changes happening – think of a Twister suddenly touching down and just as quickly lifting off – this leaves deep empty energetic spaces that need attention. For some the collective energy hits closer to home as these planetary actions directly involve the personal birth map, for others not directly affected … support the ones you love that are struggling with the energetic signature!

New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to the night sky, when we do this we inherently connect to this energy helping us recognize genetic and collective habits and patterns. The transiting New Moon/Solar Eclipse on November 13th at 22 degrees Scorpio The Collective New Moon – External energy reveals new directions and possibilities for the next 6 months. The general feeling surrounding this Solar Eclipse is that we may be provided opportunities to go above and beyond our normal expected responses – step up to the plate. The opportunity may be something we have very little experience with and will seem very alien to us … this may have something to do with intellectual property and investments. Keep your mind open ;-) The transiting Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on November 28th at 6 degrees Gemini The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse casts a light into our darkest corners, this may bring up negative emotions or fear … this internal emotional energy is ready to bubble into the collective awareness over the next 6 months. The general feeling around this Lunar Eclipse is a theme of hope, trust and protection, on the other hand let’s not become complacent or lulled into a quiet deep sleep.

In the following individual horoscope you will find a combination of your a solar and lunar energy for the month. Ride the wave to set new goals and re-evaluate completion of old goals as you move forward in the month. Writing down your goals is an important step, but being passionately connected to each goal is vital to achieving them. All times are Pacific Time. Aries Horoscope (March 21-April 20): New goal setting opportunities are from November 22nd at 5:12pm to November 23rd at 5:34 pm. How can one person ‘Save the World’? Step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park … you might just be surprised how much you can do. Let your goals reflect this. If you have been struggling with Meditation see if you can find a social group, even just a few friends that you can meet with regularly – take turns teaching each other to move into that quiet space that lies within your heart. (Continued on page 29)

November 2012


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Taurus Horoscope (April 21-May 21): New goal setting opportunities are from November 25th to November 26th at 4:57pm. If you had all the comforts in the world and all your desires met … what would think of next? How can you incorporate a little bit of above and beyond into your life. Dream BIG! You may find yourself only seeing the flaws in your mate … thus creating tension in your relationship & commitments ;-) Call in reinforcements – your friends can remind you how great your relationship (and partner) really is! How about a double date.

Gemini Horoscope (May 23-June 20): New goal setting opportunities fall on November 1st and if your Gemini Sun falls at 6 degrees you will feel the effects of the Collective Lunar Eclipse on a very personal level for the next 6 months. You will also have another opportunity for New Goal Setting on November 28th until 5:04pm. Keep a pen & paper handy everywhere you go – allow your mind to expand you’re your heart without limits or boundaries …. Notice how you feel when you do not limit yourself. Create a goal that will allow you to discover the greatness within. Don’t forget to journal. It is all about work – and career this month. You may be pushed out of your comfort zone and be asked to expand who you are and how you greet the world. Cancer Horoscope (June 21-July 20): New goal setting opportunities is November 3rd. What feels good … sensual … and comforting to you … Create a special place you can go … in your meditation or mind … that fulfills these needs every time. Create a goal that will allow you the time and motivation you need to go to your special place every day (even if just for 10 minutes). Do you have a special space in your home dedicated just for you? Short on space … be creative make it portable (pillow as your seat – portable tray to write/alter. Allow your creative juices to flow.

Leo Horoscope (July 21-Aug. 22): New goal setting opportunities are from 11:40 November 5th to early November 7th Your deepest closest relationships make the best mirror – try it on for size and see how you feel? Are there any changes you need to make? If so … then set a goal and go for it. You may find yourself being approached with an opportunity to increase your income through writing or a creative endeavor. Just make sure that the work comes directly from your heart & soul.

Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): New goal setting opportunities are late November 7th to 4:30pm November 9th. If you could do anything you wanted to … other than be a workaholic – what would that BE … think with your heart … not your head! Pay extra attention to your health this month. What can you add to your current regime that will bump it up a notch? Try to fit some extra exercise in as well – your body will love you for it! Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): New goal setting opportunities are from 1:38am November 10th to November 11th 9:13pm. What does it feel like when you picture everything in your life operating in balance? How can you create this feeling every day? There may be moments when you feel like you are not being seen or heard. Don’t be overly critical especially with yourself. Think of it as being cloaked … and you only need to take off the shield (when desired) and your light will shine out. Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): New goal setting opportunities are from November 12th at 3:10am to late November 13th. Create … Play … and Lighten the Load – notice how that feels … are you taking yourself or others too seriously? Unravel the mystery of money … Invest some time in marrying your passion with your income, don’t just think about how this investment might affect you today but think long term as well. Happy Solar Return (Birthday) Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months. It is important that you soak it all in. If your birthday Falls on November 13th (and your Sun is at 22 degrees Scorpio) you will feel the effects of the above Solar Eclipse very personally for the next year. Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22-Dec. 20): New goal setting opportunities are from November 14th to late November 15th. What does your “clan” look like … create a family tree, notice how it feels when you connect to your heritage on a deeper level. As much as you enjoy sharing your life with others (and you will have plenty of opportunity all month long) … don’t be surprised that you actually crave Solitary moments this month. Grab a good book – light a candle, lock the doors and take the phone off the hook or put your phone on silent J. (Continued on page 30)

November 2012


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Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): New goal setting opportunities are from November 16th to late 9:54pm November 17th. Imagine if you felt completely secure with an unlimited income … how would that feel. Now go ahead and create a goal that will meet these needs. You may come across some incredible opportunities to take your career to deeper levels. You will need to balance your need for security with your need to climb the ladder. Remember the grass always looks greener …

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 21-Feb. 18): New goal setting opportunities are from November 18th to November 19th evening. What is your optimum body, how does it feel, look and act? Set a goal that will help you sculpt yourself into your wonderful and wacky idea of perfection. You may find yourself unhappy about where your career is going … or has been. Don’t catch yourself in front of the refrigerator with the door open … or standing at the cookie jar swaying back and forth – like a big mesmerized bear J recognize where your emotions are coming from and take steps to make changes – it might be easier than you think!

For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us. Richard H. Baker

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 18-March 20): New goal setting opportunities are from November 20th to late November 21st. How does it feel when you are one with the world … and all of the other mammals on earth ;-) Do you need to set better boundaries … or let down your boundaries – to be a better participant? You know the drill … goal setting will get you there one step at a time. Do you see the need for a rejuvenating trip in your future? How about a meditation, yoga or silent retreat week-end, you may find some incredible breakthroughs come your way! If you can’t get away get everyone in your family involved in a silent retreat weekend at home – give out prizes for the person that can create the most peace – don’t forget to hand out journals.

“The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried all at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal dawn and gloaming, on sea and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls.” John Muir

Tamira has over 20 years’ experience working in the “Arts” Tamira holds a BA in East West Traditions/Religions/ Astrology and is NCGR Certified Level III. She specializes in Soul/Spirit centered Astrology.

Other interests include:  Certified Yoga Teacher and a practicing Usui Reiki Master (since 1996) and a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master through the International Center for Reiki Training; and a Meditation Teacher she is a dedicated Energy Worker. Certified Level II with Dolores Cannon Method in Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing

Email: for more information on

November 2012


You want things to happen; this is a natural desire all humans have. Yet we see you struggling, striving and forcing that which you desire into being. There is no harmony in struggling, striving or forcing. There is only disharmony. When you strive to make anything happen you are pushing that which you desire away from you. The key here is to allow. Put your desires out into your energy field and then allow the universe to dance the dance with you, together co-creating that which you desire. When you allow the light within you to work at naturally bringing your desires to you, you are co-creating and your desires will manifest that much quicker. Know that even when you are co-creating it does not mean that you will not have challenges to overcome or that you will not suffer to get what you desire. To bring about each desire, there are pieces of the puzzle that have to fall into place. It could mean that something has to end in order for the new to come forward. It could be that your thought patterns need to change, or that you have to let go of a belief, person, job or material item for it to arrive. When you allow and follow the place within you that holds your desire to lead the way you are living in faith that your desire will arrive one day. Let your desires come from your light and have faith that the universe is with you each step of the way dancing the happy dance. We speak of your light and some of you might be asking “what is this light you speak of?” It is your eternal spark that holds all the answers, should you choose to listen to it. This light is your guidance system that each of you has. You are all aware of that feeling you get when you are in “fight or flight” mode. That is your light guiding you to pay attention and take action. It is the feeling that washes over you when you experience joy. All things are possible if you tune into your light. You can discern each step you take by your light. You will know by what you are feeling if you should proceed or hold back. If faced with a choice, see how each choice feels within your center. Not your heart or your head, but your center. If

both choices feel the same, take a couple of deep breathes, then retry each choice. The key to connecting with your light is breathing; it aligns you with your center and brings focus and clarity to each situation. A few deep breathes in any situation will turn up your light and allow you to be ready to take on any task set before you. Following your light allows you to live in alignment with yourself and takes you out of following the crowd. When you follow the crowd, you are living someone else’s truth and not your own. Remember that all the desires you have are achievable. All you need is the courage to desire what you want and then go after it. Use nature as your queue, sometimes you will need to be the mountain. Mountains are built with strong foundations and don’t waiver in the wind or tumble to the ocean at the first sign of an earthquake. A few pieces might break off, adding character, yet underneath it all, the mountain is still there. Day after day, year after year, the mountain stands for us to enjoy. You will need strength and a solid unwavering foundation, yet you will achieve what you set out to do. At other times you will need to take your queue from the lakes around you; Lakes are filled with water, turbulent in storms and calm on clear days. Always fluid they might roll, spill over, or dry out. They are constantly in motion and support a whole eco system we cannot see from the surface. Day after day, year after year the lake provides enjoyment for us. When you are fluid like the lake you are not striving, struggling or forcing, you are in rhythm with the ebb and flow of what you are creating. Each step along your path to bring to fruition your desires with bring peace and joy to you. Want, ask and then be prepared to achieve, dear ones, for your desires are waiting for you.

November 2012


I do not know if they were the whitetail deer (ococoileus virginianus) or the mule deer but when these beautiful creatures appeared un-expectantly in the yard where I was visiting, it changed my day. Several times I was surprised in the early dawn by two does and four fawns dancing in the yard and gracing on the grass. Their graceful movements, delicate structures and alertness, pulled me into another world. At one point they came close enough to the window enabling me to see a young fawn's eye lashes and developing horns. These deer were a tan or reddish brown and soon started changing to a grey-brown for winter. I, also, noticed their colouring is individual and they have their own features and physical design. My opportunity for close observation was a splendid event in my late summer. Spending time quietly observing them and absorbing their presents changed my sense of time and rhythm. Each time they appeared they became more daring and interested in me. We were a mutual admiration society shortly. I could not see enough of them and I believe they wanted my company as well.

I was learning how being in nature is the only way to experience it and fully understand the infinite depth splendor in our world.

There is harmony in the universe and we must stop to find it.

by Abby Armstrong

November 2012


Burnt umber foundation for corn colonies spreading across the hills Each stalk loaded with harvest, bent by the weight… weight of gold bouillon… weight of udders filled with milk… weight of rainbow’s promise. Ghostly in the autumn light patterns of stalks leaning, leaves trailing, ears yielding, opening. We are ready… come, come… eat… fill your soul with kernels of ancient stories. Now waiting for spring, sun’s warmth, to stir the heart once more. Margie Kivel

November 2012


by Vera Enshaw


you go through your day, begin to feel the sacred spirit that walks with and beside you all the time. It is truly true that we are never alone—we are always with our Selves. How aware you are of this Beingness is an indicator of how close you are to realizing your final goal—to know love. What does that even mean, “to know love?” We doubt love, fight love, resist love. We build walls to hide from love. I’m not talking about the love between two people, be they man and woman, mother and child, father and son. I am talking about the love that is everything that exists. The spaces between our cells is love. Our cells are love. The molecules that make up each and every form that exists, be it tangible or not—are love. Even fear is love—it is only not recognized as such. So those walls….are love. Your love. Your resistance….is love. And our quest is to recognize that all that we are is love.

Let me hasten to remind you that knowing love does not negate anger, fear or pettiness. Not in the beginning of our quest, not in the middle— and for all I know, not at the end! Knowing love is recognizing the fear—and becoming adept at acknowledging it, thanking it and moving past it. Knowing love means getting angry—and learning to breathe, to step back and ask yourself the questions that will facilitate moving through that anger without resorting too any of the pettinesses you despair. Knowing love is making poor choices—and recognizing that you have made that choice and paying attention so that the next time you are called on to choose… make a choice that honours who you truly are. One that facilitates your growth as a human angel. (Continued on page 35)

November 2012


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Thus far you have been taught several tools to assist you in your quest. I—and many others in the pages of many books, the faces of many cards, in the articles in this magazine—often speak of your guides, your angels—of Spirit in the myriad forms it takes. Being with your guides, having awareness of them all the time—that is one of the biggest aids to knowing love. Being able to access them is one of the most helpful tools available to each one of us. And we can access them—easily and freely! Begin with deliberate meditation. Using the tools you have been taught relax your body and your mind. Sit—or walk—or lie in silence, listening. Invite your spirit to make itself, themselves, known to you. Trust the responses you receive. If you are out walking and you ask—and then a gust of wind blows the leaves in a crazy dance in front of you….don’t ignore that. Stop. Listen. Feel Use your energy field to reach out. Trust what you receive. If you are in the bath, in the ocean, in a pool floating gently, mind sliding this way and that, gently—and in your mind you see a bird, hear a giggle, feel a soft kiss of air….say hello. Whisper back. Trust what you receive. The next question is often “how can I get them to talk to me? When I want to connect with them, I don’t know how!” Go back to the beginning. Bring yourself to stillness. With your awareness wide open, ask your guide, your angel, your spirit to acknowledge that it is there. Trust the response that you receive. Use a pen and paper—write it down. Close your eyes in front of your computer/tablet/ whatever….and write. Because I promise you—your Spirit is quivering with delight at the possibility of being able to breathe love on you. Jumping and leaping with joy at your desire to get to know them—and so, yourself— deeper and deeper and better and better. You are the best person to bring yourself to that Sacred Space. You can call on others for assistance—readers, teachers—but ultimately it comes down to you.

“There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the

spirit made?

What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”

Take the short cut. Give yourself over to your Self. Welcome to your Sacred Space.


Don Juan deMarco (1995)

November 2012


With the economy the way it is today most people are feeling the crunch of too much month and not enough money. Money is something we all need in order to survive. Perhaps your company recently downsized, leaving you looking for a new job or you might have needed to spend extra dollars making repairs that were necessary. Maybe you retired and your pension just doesn’t cover what your pay cheque did. No matter what situation you find yourself in, and this also applies to those who are not feeling the crunch, you need to look after your money.

does. Hey, you work hard for your dollars and they in return should work just as hard for you. In order to do this you need to be aware of a few facts.

Like it or not, we should always be aware of our deposits and withdrawals. Financial wellness is just as important as our physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. If you have financial struggles, it creeps over into other areas of your life and before you know it you feel like you are stuck in a never ending cycle of doom and gloom.

This might sound like a pain to do, but keep track of where you spend your money for three months. Actually, if you bank online you should be able to download three months of transactions. If you download them, take the time to break them out into different categories. Loans, mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries, dining out, clothes, etc. This will give you an overall picture of exactly how much you spend in each category. You will probably be amazed (unless you already have a budget) at just how much you spend on some things.

How do we go about getting on track financially? Financial wellness is not necessarily about having a million dollars in the bank, but it does mean having enough to pay your bills each month and a rainy day amount set aside for larger purchases or repairs that come up unexpectedly. You need to love your money more than anyone else

Know where you spend your money. Not everyone is aware of where their money goes. It gets deposited into their bank account and then is withdrawn for numerous items. With the advent of debit cards, it has made life so much easier, but it has also made impulse shopping easier. You have a card, you have money, so what is to stop you from spending.

Live beneath your means Which means spend less that you make! If you look at what you spend in a month, are you under what

November 2012


you make or do you dip over? If you are using credit cards, ensure you have included them in your spend- Pay off your debt load ing. If you carry a debt load, look at ways to pay off your highest interest loan first. Credit cards are usually If you do not have a balanced budget, meaning what the most expensive form of debt. Make it a priority to you spend is covered by what you make; you need to put a little extra on it each month until it has a zero look at trimming down some expenses. This is hard- balance. This is where the wants and needs really er than it seems, but really worth it in the long run. come into effect. Until the debit is paid off you will be living only in the needs category. The reward Most people don’t give much thought to that cup of however is better sleep, less worry and stress! Recoffee they buy each day on the way to work, but member to all credit/loan offering companies you are over a year it can add up to $1095.00 - $1825.00. money. The more you owe, the more they make, That is $90 - $150 per month depending if you get period. the regular or trendy cup of joe!

Give back

Stop shopping for fun Distinguish between wants and needs. Needs are must haves to live your life day by day. Concert tickets, the latest and greatest new “i” anything, even sun tanning and pedicures fall into the wants category. I realize that you could say you could not live without the newest iPad but it is not a need, it is a want. Needs are a roof over your head, a means to get to your job (be that a vehicle or transit), food to nourish and sustain you. Clothes fall in under the need category however if you have a closet full of clothes and only wear a few items, you have been spending in the wants area. Take a piece of paper and place needs on one side and wants on the other. Beside your needs write down what it costs you each month for that item. Now on the wants side write down what each item would cost you. The wants are items that you will save up for. This will give you a short term (or long term) goal list. It will feel like a reward for a job well done when you can purchase that new item.

Pay yourself first This does not mean pay yourself by going out and buying everything you want or by rewarding yourself because you work hard. It means paying your savings account first. This is where your rainy day fund starts. Even if you have to start at $50.00 per month it is better than nothing. Try to save up six months of living expenses so that you can weather any financial storm. If you have debt, that needs to be paid down first (we get to that next), but whatever amount you decide to pay yourself each month is the first priority even if it is only 5 or 10 dollars a month. Once your debt is paid down, you can add to your $50 and before you know it you will have 6 months saved up.

Through non-profit foundations and other charitable donations you can contribute to the global community while giving yourself a tax break at the same time.

Plan major expenditures If a house, new car, or other large purchase lies in your future, take the time to make a plan to reach your desired goal. A little planning goes a long way.

Educate yourself Read financial publications and consider taking a course on basic financial management or investing.

Seek wise counsel Don’t try to go it alone when making tough monetary decisions. Consult a banker or financial planners, or turn to friends and relatives who have solid financial habits. The road to financial wellness is not often an easy one. It takes perseverance and often sacrifices but in the long run it is worth it. Having long term goals to work towards makes it easier to stick with your plan. Each time you want to dip into your funds you at least have something to weigh it against, be that a new house, car or your retirement. Here are some great websites to help you along the way. and Gail Vaz-Oxlade also offers this http:// it is well worth the price she is asking as it is full of great tips and tools to help you get a sense of where you are at on the financial wellness scale. A top trending book right now is Dave Chilton’s - The Wealthy Barber Returns, see more about it here http://

November 2012


By Jeannie Magenta


alone for another countless evening, waiting for my soul mate to arrive in my life. Bored with TV, I begin to peruse the singles ads, only to feel frustrated from a lack of choices. If this sounds familiar, now is the time to take actions. What is it going to take to get you out of the house? Quite frankly the chances of your dream date arriving at your door to sweep you off your feet are pretty slim. I am not saying it can’t happen, however you are more than likely going to wait a very long time. Close your eyes and think about the things you enjoy doing and maybe haven’t taken the time to do in a while. Think about the things you love doing solo, like hiking or writing, and find a way to be with a group.

Finding a partner is all about exposure and meeting people that you may not normally cross paths with. Work to move in different circles. You might not find the “one” on the first try, but if you’re doing things you love it will be a win-win. Don’t worry if your budget is frugal, there is this fabulous network out there called “Meet-Up” where folk just like you and me post events that anyone can take part in, and most of them are free to attend, or carry a small cost. Craigslist is another option to connect with like-minded people or even your local community centre. What is a personal goal you have in your own life? What is something you would like to try out or improve upon? Know that, whatever the answer might be, there is someone out there who can help or may have the same goal that you can work with.

November 2012

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Our soulmate might not come in the package we imagine, however when Spirit is involved, your soulmate will be better than you imagined. Align your heart by first loving your life and yourself. Only then is there a place for the love of your life. My homework for this week is to spend time in public places and begin to explore new options of things that make my heart sing. Want to join me? Write a list of the following: What is something I have always wanted to try and haven’t yet? What is something I could include others in that I currently do alone? What is a goal I have where I could enlist the assistance of others? Where am I going to hang out this week that I normally don’t go, and would enjoy?

Easy links to our contributors websites. Just click on their name to the right and you will be taken to their site. From there you can interact with them,

Last but not least, keep in mind when you’re meeting new people online, that they have the same worries and insecurities that you do. Everybody wants to know whether you like them or find them attractive when they send you a picture. If you are not into the other person it’s better to tell them sooner rather than later. In every moment, consider how you would want to be treated, and proceed to treat them in kind. What goes around comes around, and in matters of the heart, nobody likes to have theirs stomped on. So summon your courage and let love come while you’re having fun. Until then, enjoy life and live with an open heart.

Get connected today! Jeannie Magenta Gail Siler Gwen Randall-Young Suzanne Robinson Marilyn Dyke Dr. Divi Chandna Sita-Rani MacMillan M.Ed Tamira

Jeannie Magenta resides in Vancouver and has a passion for people and assisting them on their journey. Offering coaching sessions, reiki energy healing treatments, private yoga sessions and group wellness workshops for individuals and organizations around BC. To every session she creates a nurturing space for clients to journey inwards and she brings a positive energy that is tangible and uplifting. If you’re ready to clear out the internal clutter book a session with Jeannie. She can be reached by email at Live, Laugh, Breathe and Shine On!

November 2012


tem, a warning to be on the lookout for these dangerous predators. Probably this is best portrayed in “The Little Boy who Cried Wolf”, the little boy is able to have the village rush to his rescue just by yelling out “wolf”. Of course the little boy was lying and eventually when the wolf did visit no one came to his rescue.


over the years has been given the role of “big bad” in the fairy tales, wolf is always portrayed as something to avoid at all costs. Stories that have included wolf are “The Three Little Pigs”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids”, “The Boy who Cried Wolf”, “The Dog and the Wolf”, “The Wolf and the Crane”, “The Wolf and the Lamb”. Rationally I think that wolf was included and placed in a role of big bad for people to hold reverence towards them. Let’s face it, back when these stories were told, the woods were considered wild, and I am sure a lone stray wolf probably walked into a village and created chaos amongst the people. Having them appear in tales was like our news sys-

The above mentioned stories did little to put the wolf in a favorable state and as such wolves were much feared and hated. This would lead to them being hunted to extinction or near extinction in some countries. The symbol of the lone wolf howling at the moon came about from the Celts and the Native Americans who regarded the wolf as the (Continued on page 41)

November 2012


way to find the deepest levels of self, inner knowing and intuition. Native Americans regarded them as teachers and pathfinders. Wolf is about taking control of your life by getting to know who you are, undeterred by the beliefs, judgments, or views of others. The wolf teaches us to discover our inner power and strength. To achieve this, we must be willing to take risks and face our deepest fears. Wolf asks us to be truthful with ourselves and learn to listen to the voice within you. Wolf is an independent explorer, going off alone then coming back to the pack to teach what he has discovered. In this manner you are exploring your inner consciousness and will teach others by your actions and sharing of your personal stories. Remember that other “wolves” will come along with wisdom to share with you. Listen with an open mind and allow it to sit with you without judgment. All wisdom is gained through experience either yours or others. Wolf is also an extremely gregarious animal, with a strong sense of family, whilst upholding individualism. Wolves are totally loyal to their pack but do not

give up their individuality. Wolf teaches us to create balance between responsibilities placed on us by family, work and peers and having time for our own personal needs. When wolf shows up we should look at where we are forsaking our personal identity to fit in with the “pack”. Are we being too dependent on others or are we being too independent and not asking for help when we should? Wolves would rather avoid a fight if possible and often a shift in posture, a growl, or a glance gets the point across without violence. We are reminded not to waste resources and to learn how to avoid trouble and confrontations. Wolves are extremely intelligent with excellent hearing, sense of smell and strong feeling. Their howl is hauntingly beautiful. Their very presence shows all who gaze upon them they know who they are and what they are about. When wolf shows up in our lives we are asked to trust our inner knowing and to maintain our integrity and self-esteem. Choose cooperation over competition. Pay attention to new ideas, insights, and teachings coming our way.

Marlene Cobb

November 2012


Having learned the lesson that what goes up must come down and what comes around goes around, the fool feels a sense of inner peace. Walking along he meets up with a person whose whole demeanor and posture means business. Observing her our fool notices the scale in one hand and the sword in the other. The Fool steps forward and asks “hello miss, what is your name?” “I am Justice. My job is to expose the truth and bring light to issues that require attention,” She says. This somewhat frightens the fool. He steps back and takes this lady in. Justice, by her very posture and demeanor, expresses a no nonsense attitude. The fool gets the sense that, if you come upon Justice, you had best have no excuses and be firm, no wishy washy stuff with her. Justice will hold you accountable. Some would hold the Justice card as a negative one, however there is no judgment or disapproval. It simply exposes the facts as they are, with no bias. It asks us to look at what we have done in the past and contemplate future actions. Justice deals with karma and the law of cause and effect. Justice acts as our conscience, letting us know we should be doing something, and wants to know why we are not doing it! It might be a simple message of knowing you should not have had that third chocolate bar or perhaps it is more serious, urging us to return something that does not belong to us. Doing the right thing sums up Justice pretty nicely. If Justice shows up in a reading for you, what was your question in regards to? If it was a concern with work, Justice asks you to exam your work/life balance. Is it in balance or is one area getting more of your attention than the other? For most people, one or the other comes more easily to us. Be sure, that regardless of which field (personal life or work) you feel most comfortable in, you are giving the other part of life equal amounts of attention and energy. Balance is necessary in order to thrive. Perhaps your question was whether you and your long-term partner are likely to stay together. Often when this card appears; the answer is that you are likely to choose to go your separate ways. On the other hand, if you are single, this is a time when

Justice card from Shadowscapes Tarot Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore commitment may be coming your way very shortly. Stay clear about what you most want from relationships, and you are likely to "find it" that much sooner. In regards to money, the Justice cards can mean a small windfall is coming your way! For health concerns, particularly if you have a health related concern going on when the card shows up, consider where you might be out of balance. Stay in the moment, pay attention to what your body is telling you, and remember moderation is an important part of living a healthy life. Justice always evokes the need for fairness, balance and harmony. That includes how you think about and treat yourself. Justice cuts down all illusions and exposes the heart of the matter for what it is.

November 2012


Marlene Cobb

Labradorite This month’s crystal came to me in a rather roundabout way. I was at a rock and gem show and purchased a beautiful piece of Labradorite. Once again the beauty of the crystal and the energy it held within drew me to it and I knew nothing of the properties. My search quickly discovered a piece of information that grabbed my attention and had me choosing to make Labradorite the crystal for November.

“According to an Eskimo legend, the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. It is told that a wandering Eskimo warrior found them and was able to free most of the lights with a mighty blow of his spear. Some of the lights were still trapped within the stone, and thus we have today the beautiful mineral known as Labradorite.� I love the Northern Lights, having lived in Fort Nelson during the winter; I was treated to their truly spectacular displays most nights. It was not like I had not enjoyed the Northern Lights beforehand but the color spectrums of orange, red, purples, pinks, blues, greens and yellow are not seen further south. Mostly I would see yellows, whites and occasional blues. Attention grabbed, I started looking at this crystal in earnest. Labradorite was first found in 1770 on St Paul Island, Labrador, Canada, hence the name Labradorite. It is also found in Norway, and Russia. Traditionally Labradorite is thought to bring good luck. The beautiful iridescent colors seem to draw one into the crystal much like a kaleidoscope with each turn of the crystal new color patterns

appear. Often it appears that the crystal is like a lake and has depth. Labradorite is considered a power stone, allowing one to see through illusions while revealing the truth. Labradorite is said to provide quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self -confidence and inspiration. It is said to dispel negativity and to bring clear understanding by enhancing clarity of thought and improving one's ability to cooperate with others in harmony. Labradorite is also said to give perseverance, strength and enhanced intuition, making Labradorite a perfect crystal when one is experiencing times of conflict and change. Labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress. It regulates metabolism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension. Labradorite treats colds, gout, and rheumatism, lowers blood pressure, and aids in digestion. Given the time of shifts and change the world is experiencing right now, I am very glad that Labradorite called out to me. Many people right now are experiencing change that they are not sure how to deal with. Each of us should own a piece of Labradorite and keep it close at hand. If you own a piece, pull it out and sit quietly with it. Notice any thoughts that come to you or just enjoy the sense of calm that wraps around you. If you do not own a piece of Labradorite, head out to your local crystal shop. A great rock to have in your collection!

November 2012


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November 2012


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Free online magazine to inspire, incourage and enlighten one sentance at a time!

Nourish Publication November 2012 Issue 16  

Free online magazine to inspire, incourage and enlighten one sentance at a time!