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Issue 11 June 2012

June 2012


June 2012


Welcome to Nourish! This past month has been a gathering and growing month for Nourish. Three authors have joined Nourish to share their wisdom with all of us and I am delighted to have them onboard. Please check out their articles along with your favorites that you have come to love each month. I was also very pleased and honored to be able to interview another musician and you will find out all about Peter within these pages. For me Nourish is becoming a delightful, inspiring, knowledge filled read each month. I get a real sense of who the author is, even if I have not had the pleasure of meeting them in person. If you find an article that stirs you, allows you to have an ah-ha moment, let us know. By the same token should you find something lacking or would like to see an article on something not yet featured, please let me know. As we come to the month that will bring us half way through this year, 2012, the earth’s vibration is increasing. Many of us are noticing this shift, almost all of the people I have spoken to in the past month have mentioned this. I have also noticed a tendency for people to be increasing their vibration and not in an energetic sense but in a hurry up sense. People are filling their days with much doing, rushing around, saying they have so many things going on. I decided that my welcome message this month should be a reading so I asked the gang the questions “What is our role right now? What should we be doing while the earth prepares herself for the coming years? How do we prepare ourselves?”

“Slow down. Pay attention to what is going on and really sense and feel the subtle shift that is taking place. Where is your place in all of this? You have a sense of knowing that you need to do something, but are not sure of what exactly that something is. So you take on many projects and go in many directions. You hurry up and rush. The year 2012 is about getting yourself in order, the tools learned in the past will soon be put to use in ways that you cannot imagine. While you feel this shift and realize that you have a part in it you are being asked to hold back, relax, and integrate what is happening into your being so that you are able to be a leader when the time comes. Pause. Learn. Start being and stop doing. For some of you this increase is avoidance to what you really have to work on. You have known for some time the things which you need to let go of, the issues you need to heal within so that you may clear up the past and be ready to move forward. The day has come to start looking at that which no longer serves you. Change can be hard, we have seen many embrace it and many struggle with it. Our message to all is simple, start working towards the changes you need to make. Stop avoiding, pause, listen, let go, walk into that which you fear and you will be supported. You have all planted the seeds well; it is time for a temporary pause in action, release all worry. Be willing to look at what comes your way. If you have self-work to do, start chipping away at it before it is presented to you in a way you can no longer avoid. Spend some time alone in silence to gather your thoughts, tune in with mother earth and see what guidance you receive. This is a time not for action but for learning and selfdiscovery.” Until next month Namaste Marlene

June 2012



musical tastes seem to have evolved somewhat which is good because if you had asked me to listen to The Canadian Tenors, Il Devo, anything country and western, or most classical, it would have evoked a rolling of the eyes and a shrug of the shoulders and I probably would have tried to change the subject. I understand that music is totally subjective, what you like isn’t necessarily what fills someone else’s soul. God knows how many times I have driven someone nuts having to listen to my metal or art rock and by the same token, how many people drove me around the bend with their punk rock drive. Now I like to listen to all types of music, from smoky jazz to all out metal, from classical to C&W, from pop to art rock, as long as it is played well, I will listen. I just bought the new disc, Trespass, by Adam Lambert, last week and that kat can flat out sing. Jennifer Nettles is another singer that I had never heard much from but, on the new show, Duets, shows she has the pipes to sing just about anything she wants. Now that is the mark of a great singer, plus her ego doesn’t get in the way allowing her partner to shine as well. I still pick up the free song from Starbucks whenever they have them and will grab anything else free on iTunes or any other music site as long as it isn’t bypassing the royalty fees. Yes I know, I am still harping on the fact that musicians deserve to be paid for their intellectual property as well as film makers, artists, and writers. What some people forget is that it costs money to go into a recording

dio, pay the engineer and producer, mix and master the disc, distribute the disc, let alone to time that it took to write the trax (usually 10 to 15 make the disc but that doesn’t include all the others that end up on the cutting room floor). A good rule of thumb is that it takes up to 10 hours per song at around $150 per hour. Add it up and you can see why musicians get a bit freaked out when people tell them that they never pay for any music, they just download it for free. Yes, I know we brought this on ourselves by putting out a disc that was composed of 2 good songs and a bunch of filler, but back then, the musician was under the gun to release so many albums in a set period of time by the record companies. Not a lot has changed, although now bands are releasing their music thru different music sites for a lot cheaper than the record companies. Smart musicians have embraced the computer age and have figured out how to get their music out there and give the public a decent deal at the same time. It is the same for the film industry. I know some film makers make a ton of money for a movie but there are way more that lose money even after going to video and distribution rights are factored in. The cost of actors, crew, locations, transport, writers, tutors for the kids still in school, caterers, crafty, directors, producers, lawyers, I could go on but I think you get the picture. All must be borne by the film maker and every time someone down loads a movie without paying at least something, it is one more reason to stop making them. For most musicians it is the playing that is important, not the recording. That process usually ends up with the band not wanting to play those tunes for a while after the disc is completed. They

June 2012

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do take after take after take and eventually the song loses the spontaneity and organic feel that it started out with. Plus, because the recording took a year or so, the songwriters have grown and maybe those trax aren’t as germane as they were when they first started. We have all heard bands say that they are so tired of playing the same songs night after night. They need time away from a song to appreciate it.


is my round a bout way of saying, please, if you like a track, pay for it. It helps the musician and will keep the music flowing, and isn’t that what we all want. Support all of your local artists.

Until next month Keep the music flowing.

Phil Nielsen Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body. Oliver Wendell Holmes

June 2012


confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities

By Marlene Cobb


are so many books, dvd’s, and presentations about manifesting your dreams into reality on the market, that I thought we should look at an aspect of this that I feel is important but is not usually mentioned, Self-confidence. We have all seen people who are indeed selfconfident, it fairly oozes from them. We are inspired by many of these very people as they give workshops and lectures on manifesting our dreams. Yet if we don’t have self-confidence our dreams will probably never materialize. “WHAT” you say, “That sounds a little negative Marlene! “ It is true however, negative or not. If you do not believe in yourself, how can you manifest your deepest desires into your life? Two things contribute to self-confidence;


efficiency and self-esteem.

achieve them. This gives us confidence that comes from knowing if we work hard to learn something, we’ll succeed. It allows us to face challenges and accept that while we might have set backs, if we keep working at it, we will eventually overcome the challenge. Self-esteem is how worthy we think we are. What we feel about ourselves. In essence this should be an easy one to have boosted, yet to gain self-esteem is often the hardest aspect to realize. The need to have approval from those around us is often the measure we use to evaluate ourselves. A person with low self-esteem often has trouble coping with what is going on in their life. They look to others for validation and also help, to get things done. Often they cannot even see what the first step of doing something is. They also have a hard time accepting that they have the right to be happy. Are you starting to see why self-confidence is part

Self-efficiency is gained when we set goals and

June 2012

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and done well? What do you consider your achievements? Even if it was winning the coloring contest back when you were in grade school, list it. When you see your achievements on paper it looks impressive. Hey becoming a parent is an achievement. Passing your driver’s test, getting your first job, moving out on your own, tying your shoe, are all achievements that you have succeeded in.

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and parcel of manifesting? It has its place right there beside our visions boards and prayers when trying to attract that which we desire into our lives. We are a big part of manifesting. No God, the angels, or the universe for that matter are just going to drop it into our laps. We have to meet them half way. If we lack self-confidence, we could manifest until the cows came home, and probably not have one thing come into our life except more of the same of what we already have. Self-confidence is an important aspect in our day to day lives, not just for manifesting. If we lack confidence in our own abilities, then no one else will have confidence in us either. Getting out of this rut can be long term, but well worth it. I believe people (no matter who you are) are constantly working on building self-confidence. The lecturer we talked about earlier might be confident in giving a workshop but could lack confidence in the kitchen to cook a good meal.

Often, insecurity and a lack of confidence are created by measuring yourself against others. Feeling like we do not have enough of something while others have abundance. It does not matter if this is good luck, emotional validation or money etc. If you appreciate what you have, you can combat the sense of being incomplete and unsatisfied bringing about a feeling of inner peace. ♦

What a person needs to strive for is balance. If you are over confident you could come across as arrogant. Not something high on most peoples list to strive for. You might over stretch yourself and end up crashing. You might be so confident that you don’t try hard enough to truly succeed (limiting your true potential)


These little gems have been proven to help, start using them each and every day. Have a few placed around your home that you will see in different locations and repeat them when you see them.

Tell yourself how wonderful you are. If you achieve something, be proud! Stand in front of the mirror and honestly (like you would to a friend or family member) tell yourself, good job!

Fake it!

Stick to your principals.

List your successes. What have you done

Smile at yourself in the mirror.

Set goals!

Set a goal, even if it is going for a walk twice a week for a month straight, and work towards meeting that goal. When we meet goals we set up for ourselves or that others have set out we get a definite boost in the “yay me” area. Which boils down to selfcompetence, you can do it!

Being positive even when you don’t feel it. Our minds are powerful tools

that we only use in the smallest capacity. When we act positive and say positive things about ourselves, eventually our minds begin to believe it. The negative chatter fades into the background. Another great benefit is that when we keep positive, we are not sharing our negative “poor me” attitude with others. When we share our negative “bah humbug” or Eeyore complex, as I have often dubbed it, we are giving away what little power we have to others who keep us in that mode. Most people when hearing our stories will sympathize with us or pity us. Thereby keeping that energy alive and well. Speak positively about yourself, your future and your progress.

If you are under-confident you will avoid stretching yourself at all. Leaving you in exactly the same spot you started in. You would not take risks, thereby never knowing if you liked something or not. You might not even try, never get started. Alright enough talking, you know if you are confident or not, or if you are a little of both. How exactly can we boost our confidence?

Be thankful for what you have.

June 2012

Act confident. Pretend you are trying on confidence and walk around with it. See how it feels, where it takes you. Hold your head proudly, with a smile on your face, and walk with your back straight. It might be tough, but if you believe in something, stand up for it. Start by standing up for yourself! If you don’t have something to believe in, you have (Continued on page 8)


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nothing. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. ♦

Help others.

Last, don’t aim for perfection.

When you lend a hand the most amazing thing happens, you start to feel worthy and you forget about your challenges. Not in the sense that they could not do it without you, but in the sense that you are actually allowing someone else to have a better day. Even just being kind to the folks that ride the bus with you and saying “good morning” in a cheerful voice could turn their day around.

Perfection has a way of paralyzing people. It sets up the chance of failure right at the start. It limits all your ideals and projects, and in some cases they don’t even leave the gate because we think, why bother, it will never be perfect. Instead aim for the best you can do. You will never disappoint yourself that way. Things will get accomplished and you will feel good!


really do believe that confidence in yourself is a key to manifesting your desires. It does not matter what you desire, be it realistic or off the wall and obscure. I am sure most of us remember the story from “The Secret” of the man who built a vision board with a picture of a house he wanted to one day own, on it. The story went on and we were shown his confidence and how he became more and more of a success as the years went by. 5 years to be exact, and upon moving into a new home with his family while unpacking boxes, his son brought a picture to him and asked what it was. It was his original vision board. The shock of seeing the house he had just purchased on his board had him sitting down pretty quickly.

Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks. Joe Paterno


matter where you are on the self-confidence scale, take a few minutes and see if somewhere within you, you are holding you back from manifesting your dreams and desires. Are you over confident? Pull back the reins a little so that you may reach your full potential with the work that is required. Are you under confident? Try a few of the suggestions above and see if you can’t boost yourself up a notch or two. You can list it on your list of accomplishments!

June 2012




a look around you what is your yoga space like in this moment? Does it feel sacred? Have you created an altar to welcome in the Divine? For your next yoga session at home or in nature imagine your yoga mat as your prayer blanket, laying it down with intention. Begin to savor these fragments of time with you and the Divine, whether you sit in meditation or move thru your asana (poses) flow. Lighting a candle in the space can help to set your intention. Serving as a reminder to shine your light no matter the situation around you. Through mindfulness any yoga space can become sacred by the intention you give it. Allow each breath to be a conduit to God. Be mindful. Notice your thoughts. Allow your mind to be a sacred

place to dwell. As thoughts come in, change them to thoughts of gratitude and let them go. This time is sacred. Listen to the body. Tune in. Discover what is really going on. How are you feeling physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Allow yourself to become completely present. This is your time to worship and honor the vessel that God resides in and moves through. Be loving, gentle and compassionate with yourself. Honor wherever you are in this moment. If you need ideas try starting your practice by chanting “OM� the sound and symbol of universal peace. Allow the sound to vibrate through the body healing and clearing any blocked meridians. Letting your breath be your guide thru the entire practice. Through listening we can discover a lot. Noticing the places our body is open and moves easily. Noticing the places where we hold tension and extra breath is required to help ease things and let go. Through breath all things are possible. Our time on Earth is a gift and I encourage you to make each moment as sacred as possible. Giving yourself the gift of yoga while also taking the time to communion with Spirit. Tich nah Hahn teaches his students to be mindful in everything they do and to treat everything as a mediation. Great advice. Yoga is an active meditation journeying to the center of the sacred. Create Your Sacred Space, Breathe Deeply, Set Your Intention, Breathe. Move with Intention, Dwell in the Divine.

By Jeannie Magenta

June 2012


What images, feelings or words came to mind when you read that word? Take a moment. That image, feeling, idea is what I call story and is what creates our re/actions. Journaling brings me back to one of my first journals that I was given at my tenth birthday. It had a chestnut mare on the front cover with a robin's egg blue background. It was small and had a bronze lock on it with two keys included. Awesome. Perfect for keeping all of my secrets away from the eyes of others. A lesson I learned at a young age is that not everyone respects the bronze lock. One day I opened my journal to find comments in red ink beside my declared love for a boy named D.B. Heart crushed, eyes dampened with embarrassment, the book was desecrated and I had no faith in the lock for my stories. I re/acted and hid it away in shame and then later burned it.

Quite a few years later I came to terms with the red ink and prying eyes. A roommate and friend gave me two unused journals. I admired them from a safe distance with pens put away but did not dare open them. Until, a year I picked up where I left off when I was ten years old. It was not a deep love affair with journal writing, but I felt that I had to keep doing it. Something was happening but I was not yet in tune with what. My words changed and evolved. Writing was becoming something I had to do and that I really wanted to.

I noticed that the mere act of writing down events, dreams, wishes, desires and physical pain had me react to it more deeply than if I had only thought of it. By writing I was active in working with the story and being able to change it if I wanted to. How many of us have said “if only I had‌â€?. In my writing I finish that sentence with the dialogue I have created. What I WOULD have said now that I have another chance. I noticed once I started writing out these dialogues to strangers, drivers that cut me off, rude customer service representatives, friends or family that the negative energy surrounding the stories slowly dissipated.

Evolution. If I could dialogue with people could I dialogue with myself? Yes. I had knee pain for about ten years and have done physiotherapy for it for many years. I decided it was time to open up a conversation with the pain. Soon after talking with the pain I realized more about the knee and why there was pain: perfectionism around basketball.

June 2012


All of the sudden there were other parts of me ready to be heard. My mind and my heart were beginning to talk. It was exciting and I had to share this. The word journaling was becoming more than a word, or a chestnut colored mare with robin's egg blue background, this word was becoming my way of being.

When I read the word I remember the laughter and tears of those that take part in my workshops. That we all have stories ready to be shared within journals or with people. Journaling is a place for the creative and for the serious. It is a place for my spirit to flow in any direction. My journals are mixed media, are spoken, are written, are photographs, are shared with others or kept locked away forever. Now I ask: What Would Love Do? Not in the hopes of others to love me but to remind myself to nurture me so I may in turn nurture others. That in finding love of self through the stories I find the love in others.

What does the word journaling bring to mind for you? Write about it, with no editor, write for seven minutes and do not stop to think. Trust yourself, it is all there and ready to come out. If you want to dialogue to someone or yourself you can set it up however it works best for you. I often use the A, B approach. Allow others to come in because sometimes a dialogue turns into quite the crowd! C,D,E might have something to say. Let it flow naturally as it will. The critic can take a back seat or join in the conversation! A. I heard you had something to say to me‌ B. I sure did! Remember that time when‌ A. C? D?

Remember: what would love do? Namaste.

June 2012


Gwen Randall-Young


you found your ultimate love yet? Do you dream of the perfect partner, or sometimes fear losing the one you have? While romantic love is powerful, and the enduring love of a committed partner comforting, this is still love on a small scale, for it depends on the presence of someone else. It is only a small piece of the love available to us.

breathe. If we think of love as a powerful energy that binds and permeates our Universe, then it is everywhere. If it is the life force, emanating from the primordial fireball, it resonates within every cell of our bodies, as it does in every atom in every star. It is the energy of our soul. When we access soul consciousness, we align and merge with the very source of our being. This is like a baby being embraced in the loving arms of the mother, drawing sustenance from her warm breast. In this moment there is no separation, only the love that exists between the two. This feels like home.

I think of my cat, stretched out on the carpet under With the development of ego, we forget our connecthe rectangular patch of sunlight that shines tion with source, for ego is only concerned with self. through the skylight. She basks in it, warmed and It is like it builds a little house for itself, then lives comforted, and looks as inside and sees that inner though, in her mind at least, world as the totality of what she is in heaven. She does is. Having lost connection If we think of love as a not really understand the with the vast endless love out source of this loving warmth, there, ego seeks to find powerful energy that but she savors it. This is her someone who will fill self with little patch of sunlight, and love. This one becomes the binds and permeates she takes what she gets. center of ego’s universe, and is responsible for continour Universe, then it is I, on the other hand, have a ually shining the light of love larger perspective. If I want upon ego. If it starts to grow more sun, I can go outside, dim, or to disappear, ego everywhere. or travel to the tropics. Still, feels as though its very life I am limited, because every force is dying. It experiences twelve hours I still must endure darkness. feelings of loss, sadness, anger, loneliness, rage, victimization, bitterness, rejection, and even loss of self-worth. Ego grieves, and then begins the search for another source of love. we share with another is like the The


little patch of light on the carpet. It is connected to a powerful source, but is a distant reflection. When it is not there, we feel like it has gone away. We could sit there and watch the spot for another twenty-four hours, and if there are no clouds, it will be back. If we think of love only in relation to other people, and as something we get from them, we are limiting ourselves like the cat, who must wait, and basks in the sun only when it shows up in her space.

When we align with soul, and experience our intimate connection with all that is, then we are per-

Imagine how different it would be if we thought of love in the same way we think about the air we


love. We are in a state of love. The petually i heart is open, the mind is clear, and we see the beauty and perfection in all that is unfolding. If you have ever seen northern lights, you understand the feeling of awe that comes in simply watching the dance. We accept that the lights have a dance of their own, over which we have no control. We can only watch and marvel. Life is like that too, if we

June 2012

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view it from the perspective of soul. Ego, on the other hand, chases after the uncatchable, the unholdable, clutching and grasping. This is like chasing after a rainbow. Just when you think you could reach out and grasp it, there’s nothing there, and you are empty handed. Well, it is there, but not in the way ego thinks. Similarly, love is always there, but not always in the way ego would like it to be. When the Sufis write passionate love poems, with deep reverence for the Beloved, they are writing to God, or the divine source. For them, that relationship is first and foremost, bringing, peace, contentment and all the fulfillment any heart could desire. If we allow ourselves to experience our own souls, and their connection to the soulfulness of the whole, however we conceive that, then we are perpetually fulfilled, satisfied, and in a state of love and grace. The love that we then share with a human partner is a portion of the greater love in which we dwell. We are both sharing the love which powers our essence, as opposed to filling each other’s voids.

There is a freedom

and sense of gifting with this kind of love. It is not controlling, manipulat-

ing, analyzing, quantifying, or questioning. It is pure, humble, selfless and undemanding. It does not barter, for it wants nothing in return.

When we recognize that our heart is full of love, and when we open it, we open ourselves to an endless supply, then we will never again be out of love. Stepping into soul, we bring to an end ego’s illusion of separation. Then we are free to enter the dance of life with the fullness of our being. Many special souls will cross paths with ours, and we may dance with them for a day or a lifetime. We can share the joy that is in our hearts, and see where it takes us. As long as we remember we are reflecting back to one another that higher source of love, and never lose touch with it, nor try to own or control it, we allow for the experience of bliss. It doesn’t get too much better than that.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and awardwinning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit

June 2012


I was honoured when Marlene asked me if I wanted to contribute to Nourish. As a physician and an intuitive healer, I am passionate about healing. Anything that brings an enhanced state of wellness and joy to a person’s life makes me tingle! The year 2013 marks 20 years from my graduation from medical school. In some ways it feels like just yesterday that I stepped out into the world, armed with my stethoscope and prescription pad – poised to heal the world. At the young age of 23, it was a bright and shocking experience! These last twenty years has taken me on an amazing journey of personal and professional growth. Being a bit disillusioned by the prescription writing in Western Medicine, I spent a lot of time studying myriads of alternative health remedies, which has cumulated in my practice style now. I am amazed when I look back over the last two decades and see the huge shift in health care, wellness, sickness and the mind sets of people – for the better! (Continued on page 15)

By Dr. Divi Chandna

June 2012


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More people care about what they can do naturally to heal themselves than ever before. Naturopaths are now recognized health care professionals. More people go to see naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and other allied / alternative care providers than before. Twenty years ago, the thought of seeing a massage therapist or chiropractor was considered cutting edge. Today, it has become the norm practice to see an allied practitioner before seeing the general practitioner. This is exciting! What I see coming now over the next twenty years is equally as exciting if not more. What I see now is that more people are interested in the energy of their body. There is a general understanding that our minds, thoughts and emotions are intertwined and directly connected to our overall health. This has been researched and well documented by many of my predecessors – Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. William Tiller and many more. Now, more people are interested in understanding ‘why’ they got ill and what steps they can take to self heal. This is such a huge revolution from the past years in health care. In this nouveau understanding of healing, we take complete ownership of everything that happens to us. We start to understand our body and the rest of the world is not our enemy, but in fact our closest ally. Our will to improve our own health and start to self heal starts from the mastery of the Self. Our healing is not just about fixing the physical, but truly embracing and intertwining our mental, physical, and emotional and ultimately our spiritual. These are exciting times in healing. We are losing the old paradigm that our body is dysfunctional and that we have bad luck that causes us to be ill. It feels like more people are starting to embrace the concepts of creation. In the old paradigm, we have put ourselves in the role of the victim for someone else to fix us. We lose all control. We are stuck only to rely on medications, lab tests, X-rays and surgeries to fix that which is seemingly broken. This is not to say that any of these conventional approaches are wrong. In fact, I believe that healing will be an intertwined loop of this older model and the newer one that we are stepping into. There is never anything wrong with what is, but there is only space for improvement of what could be!

temporarily and also to give you deeper insight into the underlying emotional-spiritual shifts that could help you in the long term to help you return to your healthier state? As we embrace this new paradigm of healing, we really see the old adage of love conquers fear. We truly see how fear can be the biggest hurdle for our minds, our body and our whole well being. When we truly understand this, we see that for many people the creation of the common symptom of heart burn, for example, is often related to the emotions of the heart – sometimes sadness, sometimes resentment and sometimes unspoken anger. There is no one emotion or one way of feeling that mimics all disease. There are definitely some overlaps, but the individuation of how we present with illness and the underlying emotion is very specific to each person. The amazing thing, however, is instead of just relying on medications; more people are starting to understand the emotional and spiritual aspects of their disease. When we really understand this, we can simply unravel the thoughts and emotions that started the process off, thereby truly aligning with our natural, healthy state of incredible well-being. This process takes a little bit of work, but is a fraction of the work involved in taking a daily medication, being tested for complications of the medications and giving up the power you have inside of yourself to self heal. The next 20 years are going to be amazing to watch. The world is truly evolving as each person starts to understand themselves better and thereby heal themselves on a personal level. This is my wish for the next 20 years of health care – What do you think? Do you think it is possible to see a wave of change as we move forward?

Dr. Divi Chandna is a family doctor and an intuitive healer. She loves to work with clients who want to get to the root source of their disease process. Dr. Divi believes that illness is not a one way road, but all disease can be unravelled and healed. She stands in her life mission to help people understand the majestic beauty of who they are, and to realize that they have the ability to self heal and release into their own supreme perfection. She intertwines her gifts of intuition and her practical, cognitive mind of medicine to help people on their healing path. Dr. Divi practices in Vancouver and does sessions in person, on phone and via Skype.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your primary care provider for a medication to alleviate symptoms

June 2012


by Marguerite Paquin, PhD - educator, author, Maya Calendar specialist The Great Cycle of Time, as tracked by the Maya Long Count calendar, incorporates 7200 revolutions of a 260-day cycle known as the Tzolk’in (Count of Days). This Great Cycle, which began in 3114 B.C., comes to a close on Dec. 21 of this year, at which point a whole new Great Cycle of Time begins to unfold.

As is happening on many fronts during this auspicious year, the timing of the full moon in early June this year coincides with other significant events. This June 4th falls on the Maya Calendar day known as 12 Ajaw, a “gathering together” type of force aligned with the full sun and the concept of enlightenment, at the end of the Muluk (water) trecena. As mentioned in the May horoscope, the day before this was 11 Kawak, the day when the grand Royal Regatta unfolded on the River Thames in the U.K., as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, so this 12 Ajaw energy comes into place at the time of a special Jubilee Bank Holiday in that country, at which time a network of 2012 beacons (bonfires) will be lit in honour of the queen. This is a particularly fortuitous energy that “just happens” to be in place at this time. It represents Quetzalcoatl, the great feathered serpent of enlightenment, working in conjunction with Ajaw, which is not only symbolic of the “full sun”, but also representative of kingship.

As it happens, this day has also been deemed to be World Invocation Day – with a call put forward to all of humanity, to people of all spiritual paths, to join together in a day of world prayer, invocation, and meditation. The call suggests the use, on this day, of “The Great Invocation” world prayer, which has been translated into 75 languages, which begins with the lines “From the point of Light Within the Mind of God, Let light stream forth into the minds of [all]. Let Light Descend on Earth.” Also known as the Goodwill Festival of Unification, this event could not be more perfectly matched with the energy of this particular day. Amazingly, this day also marks the point where 200 days remain until Dec. 21st, so again the timing is exquisite. At this time there will also be a partial lunar eclipse in conjunction with the Gemini full moon. This trecena concludes on June 5th, at which time Queen Elizabeth will take part in a special carriage procession to St. Paul’s Cathedral where a National Service of Thanksgiving will be held to celebrate her Jubilee, to be followed by a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace. This will be the Maya day known as 13 Imix, or “transformational birth”, suggesting that something very new is about to make its presence known.

June 2012

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the opening up of new possibilities. These have included Christopher Columbus’ sighting of the “new world” in 1492, the completion of the transcontinental railway in the U.S. in 1869, and the awarding of the contract to build the space shuttle Columbia, in 1972. It also includes the birth of Queen Elizabeth II – not surprisingly on a day aligned with the “activation of opulence” – so even this is on par with everything else going on the the U.K. at this time.

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And indeed, the following day the entire planet will be focusing on the heavens, as the second major celestial event in less than three weeks puts on its spectacular display. Here we have the energy of Quetzalcoatl once again shape-shifted into his wind form, on June 6th, on a Maya day known as 1 Ik’ (the “initiation of wind/breath/ spirit). On this day a rare transit of Venus across the face of the sun will take place, the second of a pair of transits (the first of which took place – also on an Ik’ day – in 2004). It is fascinating to see that this is the same energy that was in place in 1994 at the time of the birth of the first “true” white female buffalo calf since 1933, an event that was seen by Native Americans as a highly auspicious, equivalent to such things as crosses of light, or the second coming of Christ in the Christian tradition. Indeed, the birth of a true (not albino) white buffalo calf has been seen as an sign of great change and great hope, representative of the coming of White Buffalo Calf Woman, the divine entity who originally brought the sacred pipe to the Lakota nation 19 generations ago and taught the people about the sacredness of life, about the fact that all things are connected. She also taught the importance of prayer, and prophecied that she would return “at the end of four ages” to bring back spiritual balance and harmony. So it is fascinating to see that this significant Venus transit is taking place on a 1 Ik’ day, at the end of the Maya “Fourth World”, with both Venus and Ik’ being different aspects of the highly revered Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan deity that was seen as a great Christ-like being of light in Mesoamerica. Strangely, this also happens to be the 10th Tzolk’in cycle anniversary of the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI in an open air mass in St. Peter’s Square, under the I Ik’ influence that was in place precisely 2600 days ago.

June 9th, the fourth day of this trecena, brings in 4 Chikchan, a “Burner” day associated with the “defining” of Lifeforce (yet another Quetzalcoatl influence), and 7 Lamat, on June 12th, the day when Venus emerges as the Morning Star. Also a Quetzalcoatl energy, the Morning Star emergence on this day is intriguing as 7 Lamat was the energy in place at the time of the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876, when General Custer (called “Son of the Morning Star Who Attacks at Dawn” by the Crow) and his 7th Cavalry were annihilated by hundreds of Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors, that they were hoping to attack. This 7 Lamat energy is often associated with the unexpected, often of a windoriented nature, as evidenced by the many devastating hurricanes and typhoons that have manifested under this influence. This juxtaposition of 7 Lamat with the Morning Star emergence of Venus on June 12th this year is particularly intriguing as this will be a “double star” (or double Venus day). Since the Greeks referred to the Morning Star as Phosphoros, “the bringer of light”, and the Mesoamerican cultures considered Venus to be capable of “shooting rays” (or stinging) at the time of its helical rise, this should be an interesting day. Venus had also been seen as “the awakener”, so it will also be intriguing to see what might be brought to light at this time. Father’s Day on June 17th also falls within this 13 day time frame, and will occur under the auspices of 12 B’en, a “grouping together” type of force aligned with personal authority. Father’s everywhere who want to “strutt their stuff” on that day will certainly be in line with the energies of the day at that time. It has also been reported that June 17th is officially the “happiest” day of the year (so say the statisticians).

Traditionally this trecena has been seen as a period of high magic, under the auspices of Chantico, the Goddess of Terrestrial Fire. Although there have been a number of wind-oriented events under this influence, there have also been many inspirational events in the past that have been oriented around

June 2012

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is another Ik’ oriented day on June 26th, with the sun and the wind/breath/spirit aspect of Quetzalcoatl working together at the same time as Uranus squares Pluto, which may trigger that “unexpected” element again. Venus will go direct the following day under the “outwardly projecting” influence of 9 Ak’b’al (associated with earth mysteries), the same energy under which the 1882 Venus transit occurred, prior to the one in 2004.

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The beginning of the next trecena comes in at the time of the new moon on June 19th. This will be the Men trecena, which is quite a powerful force aligned with the idea of “supremacy” and lofty vision. In this past a number of aggressive war-oriented events have manifested during this time frame, as when the U.S. declared war against Iraq on the first day of this period in 2003, at the same time as intense world-wide anti-war demonstrations were taking place. The summer solstice comes in on the second day, on 2 Kib’, a dynamic type of force that can add an extra “push” towards taking the kind of action that will ultimately help to restore order. Intriguingly, there have been a number of instances in the past where major world wide anti-war demonstrations or mass rallies associated with particular causes have taken places during this 13-day period, with the intensity of purpose often building up as the trecena unfolds. In 2008 some of the worst civil unrest in Greece in decades, much of which related to discontent with the government, erupted on 10 K’an (a kind of “opulence” oriented energy that can, at times, “spill over” into recklessness). That same energy was in place when major eruptions broke out on the streets of Cairo in January last year when tens of thousands of Egyptians clashed with government forces in the streets, building up to a “Day of Rage” in that country, on the last day of the trecena. The last time this energy appeared, on 13 Manik’ in October of last year, a day of “Global Revolution” unfolded as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against social and economic equality spread to hundreds of cities around the world, in 82 countries.

June 29th will bring in 11 Chikchan, a “Burner” day oriented around “inspirational lifeforce”. It is not unusual to see significant changes in direction at this point, with people often gearing up to adjust tactics in their efforts to push forward their own interests. The final day of this trecena, coinciding with July 1st, will be 13 Manik’, that heavy duty force that has so often been accompanied by mass rallies. This year this coincides with Canada Day, marking Canada’s Solar return, on the same day as Mexico will hold its general election, so it is likely to be an intense day on many fronts. As we reach July 2nd, the day before the next full moon, we will once again be under the influence of Quetzalcoatl in his Venus form, on the day 1 Lamat. This is Venus as the “initiating star”, an energy associated with leadership. And here we have yet another connection with Queen Elizabeth, as 1 Lamat was the energy under which her coronation was held in 1953. She reached her New Fire anniverary of that day in 2005, so she is now well into her “rebirth” period, and still going strong.

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Although all of this suggests that this would be a good time to “brace yourself” as this trecena returns. The fact that it follows on the heels of the amazing events and alignments of this year’s Ik’ trecena suggests that this time frame might be oriented, at this important time, towards concerns of a more peaceful nature than in the past – perhaps even manifesting through global actions towards the establishment of peace in strife-ravaged regions, as people unite and decide to work together in the interest of overcoming issues of importance to the planet as a whole. Within this context, there

June 2012


LIFE THROUGH TAROT By Marlene Cobb The Fool comes to a cross-road, filled with energy, confidence and purpose, knowing exactly where he wants to go and what he wants to do. But he comes to a dead stop as he comes upon the 6th card in our journey. The Lovers.

Many decks depict a couple in an embrace for this card. So most people when seeing this card in a reading automatically go to love, romance, and marriage and while it can mean those things depending on the reading the Lovers has another more important meaning. It is thought that the original decks called this card the “amorous one” which gives rise to the thought that the card should be titled LOVE, and not the LOVERS. Many would tell us it was a misinterpretation. So really, it's about one person (the querent or person being read for) being "in love" with someone or something. It is about making a choice. Looking at the Rider Waite deck we see that the fool is looking at two choices. One path is marked by a flowering tree (looks more like a flowering stick to me) this is the path he had mapped out, the one he had been planning on taking. The other path is marked by a woman standing in front of a fruit tree with a serpent wrapped around it, leading us to believe this is the path of temptation. Now the Fool (even though we have not spoken of this up until now) is no stranger to matters of the heart. He has met and had relationships with women before. However something is different about this woman. It is like cupid has shot an arrow right through the Fools heart.

As they speak, his feelings intensify; like finding a missing piece of him. It is clear that she feels the same about him. They finish each other's sentences, think the same thoughts. Their souls are in harmony with each other. This harmony is part of the Lovers card. We have all had that rush of excitement that comes from instantly falling in love with something. That something could be a person, a new pair of shoes, a new job or career. No matter how scary, how difficult, irrational or troublesome, you just have to go for it. This is LOVE. When you know if you walk away from this choice, the consequences might be harder to bear than anything having it will cause. Your soul or psyche is making its choice. It recognizes this other person/thing as harmonizing with you; you become "amorous" for it. One should look briefly at the consequences this might cause. Maybe the person you're attracted to isn't a romantic and your dreams of a wine-androses love affair can't be. The new pair of shoes might give you blisters no matter how often you wear them. The new job could have all the same issues as the current job. Or maybe this thing/ person is just inconvenient. The flip side is you can always choose to look the other way, and not go with your “love” of something. Stay on your original path, yet that too could have costs. If you are always hankering for the person/or thing then you are regretting not taking the chance when you had it. If you say no to something, will you be able to let it go and live with that choice? The lovers is twofold, the spiritual soul side of you vs. the mindful logical side of you. Each choice will have gains and losses. The unfortunate part is you will never know what the pros and cons are of each before you make your decision. That is life, never knowing how the choices we make today will affect our future. The Fool has been standing at his crossroad weighing his options. Though it was his plan to follow the path of the flowering tree (stick), and though it could cause some challenges for him to bring this woman with him, the Fool knows he dare not leave her behind. Like the fruit tree, she will fulfill him. No matter how divergent from his original intent, she is his future. He chooses her, and together they head down a whole new road.

June 2012


By Marilyn Dyke

Nettle, more commonly called Stinging Nettle, (Urica dioca) or (Urtica urens) is another one of those incredibly helpful plants that I like to call a Superstar, in the world of herbs. Luckily it's habitat stretches far and wide down the Pacific coast from Alaska, coastal British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon state even into Idaho, northern Nevada and most of California. It grows in moist meadows and along water ways wherever the ground is moist. With that kind of range you would think that it would be easy to find, and it once was very prolific. Since the 90's though it seems harder to find in the wild areas near my home in Maple Ridge. This I attribute to unscrupulous wild crafters who will completely denude a patch of herb simply for economic gain. This is a lesson to us all, when picking plants in the wild it is important to pick no more than one third of the ariel plant, or stand of plants. If it is the root of a plant you want, it is never OK to pull the entire plant out. At most you may carefully take a very tiny portion of one plant's roots and then move on to another. Stinging Nettle will form dense stands traveling

along spreading root systems, growing from 2 to 10 feet in height. It can often be mistaken for mint in the early spring. All types of stinging nettle have stinging hairs on the underside of the leaf and along the square stems. It flowers in late spring through summer. Now-a-days you need to forage for this extremely valuable herb in a somewhat un-orthodox, yet efficient manner. I will outline a step by step process for you that since childhood has never failed me, I almost guarantee it's effectiveness.......let's begin:

June 2012

1) Go for a walk in an area with trees and a varied underbrush that keeps the ground moist and/or travel along a stream. 2) Keep walking until you feel the call of nature to put it delicately, preferably #2, but we'll take whatever we get. 3) Look around you for cover (this should be relatively easy as you have purposely gone to a place with lots of trees and underbrush.) 4) Once you find yourself a nice place, just a little ways off the path you want to back yourself up to an assortment of plant life that will easily provide you cover in the event of visitors, and just in case you are to face the path to keep watch. Note: This

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one can be the look-out.

4) Now you may loosen your pants and start the ......Ahem.....process..... 5) When process is complete hold your pants with one hand and reach around with your other hand for something leafy and soft to......finish the job. Note: This may require

you to switch hands if you haven't backed up close enough to the shrubbery. 6) Pick yourself a handful of leaves and gen tly...........clean up. 7) If you notice a sharp stinging in your fingers, hand, and your private parts CONGRATULATIONS! You have found Stinging Nettle!

Don't worry about the painful sting, followed by a small reddish swelling and prolonged itching and numbness- keep reading. So now that you have found it what the heck do you do with it? Well for starters if you press the juice out of the leaves you can relieve the stinging in your fingers, hands, and private parts. That's because fresh stinging nettle juice is a very effective astringent useful for inflamed urinary tract, kidney and liver conditions, but that's not all! When cooked the leaf stingers are immobilized and are a valuable source iron and many other nutrients and has been used as a winter/spring tonic herb for centuries. When picking Stinging Nettle the obvious is to wear gloves. Carefully pick stems and hang them to dry in an airy, area of the house where they will not get direct sunlight. Once dry the stingers are in-active on the leaves and can be easily stripped off the stems. If you powder (use a blender) the leaves this will provide a high level source of chlorophyll (ditch that pond scum!) and iron. I once read that the First Nations people used the stems of Stinging Nettle to make very strong fish nets…… 'Makes sense' I thought as the plant is a relative of Hemp. In fact the fibers can even be woven into clothing. Interesting fact I thought and then immediately forgot it. The next time I was grinding Stinging Nettle leaves in the blender I thought to myself …"If the leaves are packed with so much medicinal value, surely the small stems will be just as good"….feeling very pleased with myself for this blinding flash of herbal insight, I added a couple of stems to the blender. I'm sure the blender, set at "frappe", didn't do more than 3 revolutions before it came to a sudden stand still. "Hmmmm…. what's the matter here", I thought. The next half hour was spent detangling intact stems from my blender blade….ah yes didn't I read something about fishing nets?

At one time I had my own little stand of Stinging Nettle in the back yard. It grew very happily, and I was able to pick to my heart's content, but The Husband was not so thrilled. As the plants grew in height they would lay over the lawn and he would be attacked every time he went by with the lawn mower. He threatened to mow over them, but I knew this was only an idle threat because also he knew about the fishing nets, can you imagine detangling stems from the mower blade for hours. The end finally came to my little patch the day I heard the neighbor weeding on the other side of the fence. When he loudly exclaimed "Ow, what the @*^%! is stinging nettle doing here! I knew I'd better remove the evidence. To enjoy this wonderful herb year round I mend this Mineral Tea from Michael Moore's the documentary Michael, the herbalist Moore) book (my bible) Medicinal Plants of cific West, Red Crane Books, Santa Fe.

recom(no not Michael

the Pa-

Lightly grind separately and then mix together equal parts by weight of dried Stinging Nettle, Red Clover tops and organic Alfalfa; Put a rounded tablespoon in a cup of boiled (hot)-not boiling water, three or four times a day……Enjoy! As always be extra careful when wildcrafting that you do not pick near roads, landfills or other contaminated areas. Next month I'll tell you why I love Lamb's Quarters- no not quartered lamb!!!. Next month I'm going to talk about the joys of eating of edible flowers….. YAY!!!!

Marilyn Dyke is a spiritual regressionist trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She has been an active teaching and healing Reiki Master for many years (Usui & Karuna). Much of her summer is taken up communing with her vegetable and herb gardens and concocting herbal creams, salves, teas and herbal essences. It is Marilyn's pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your quest for balance, peace and physical well being! You can visit Marilyn at

June 2012



is our natural disposition. Only when pulled off balance does the challenging behaviors and attitudes come forth. Imagine a gemstone on a plate. Now cover the stone with a pile of dirt. The stone becomes no longer visible however it is still present just covered up at this point. Your joy is your gemstone that when visible is a radiant and a sight to behold. Let’s get rid of the dirt that weighs us down and become a little more radiant and carefree.


we are going to take the Express Route to Joy in three simple steps!

Step One – Complaining Pages

Taking a blank sheet of paper you are going to write for ten minutes about all the things that are bothering you. Write on only one side of the page. The things that seem unfair and unbalanced. The things you wish could have happened but didn’t. Whatever it is that is bothering you give a voice to those thoughts today on the page. If you want to express your joy you got to get rid of the gunk. Keep writing. Doesn’t matter if it’s new or super old now is the time to let it go. Once finished continue directly to step two.

Step Two – Gratitude List

Turn over one of your sheets of complaining and begin writing things you’re grateful for. Start at the top of the page and continue writing one item per line until you have reached the bottom. If time permits keep going and flip over each sheet used for complaining to balance things out. We are so blessed in so many ways in our live. When we take time to acknowledge those blessings we give a voice to them and bring those blessings to the forefront of our mind. In This moment embrace an attitude of gratitude.

By Jeannie Magenta

June 2012

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Step Three – Be Happy and Positive for No Reason

That’s right we are going to fake it until we make it! Today try to make eye contact and smile at others. If you see something you like, get excited about it. Allow yourself to gush a little over the item or experience. Doesn’t mean you need to buy the shirt or the shoes but go ahead and try them on. Notice how great they look and feel. Have fun and actually smell the flowers. Practice the art of giving compliments. Acknowledge yourself and others when they look great or have taken extra care and attention. A few kind words can really brighten someone’s day. Laugh out loud, giggle and share your smile. After all, your smile is one of your best assets!


is a habit that is easily achieved through practice. By dedicating yourself to being joyful, as you would, going to the gym or any other activity soon becomes achievable through repetition and practice. So work your smile and let your joy radiate forth!

Jeannie Magenta runs a weekly non-profit Laughter Club and presents laughter workshops, Sessions, and conference energizers for corporate and nonprofit organizations. Jeannie is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Wellness Counselor. She has always had a passion for people and spreading joy and once you meet her you will understand why she can help so many find more joy in there life. She can be found at

June 2012


Gail Siler, PhD “What is personal energy management? Is it like turning off the lights when you leave the room,” a friend of mine asked me the other day when we were having tea. I could tell she was serious under her joking manner? “Yes, but no. It’s not a light bulb outside of you. It’s more like your own inner energy light bulb,” I responded giggling along with her joke. When her eyes glazed over I poured her another cup of tea, we changed subjects and I put that idea on the back burner in that wonderful offline place of wonderment in my mind where I can send problems that I need to solve. It usually happens that after a period of time suddenly, voila, in comes an answer. The answer came to me eventually and has led me to put it into this article in hopes that my tea party friend and you will find it helpful. But let me go back in order to focus forward. I can hardly believe it but I’m decades into my spin round the sun. In fact I actually watched and lived the birth of the New Age and rebirth of spirituality. Back in the 60s I read the books of Carlos Castaneda, Jane Roberts’ Seth books and everything else I could get my hands on. As time progressed I learned about reiki, medicine cards, acupressure, chakras, palmistry, astrology, numerology, herbs, crystals and stones, the power of laughter, meditation, and feng shui. You name it; I had to learn about it. What seemed like centuries and book cases later the light bulb came on and I got it. They all were about the same thing. If you took each one down to its basic unit what did you get? ENERGY. Everything boils down to energy and the flow of energy. Our health, our happiness, our success, our lives are all based on how we manage our energy. It’s All About Personal Energy Management Each of us is a bundle of magnificent and eternal energy packaged into a miraculous human body - complete with our unique structure, personality, markings and finger prints. We are not just the body but we’re also the bubbles of energy surrounding the body outlined in Figure 1. We are also in charge of the flow of the

gy that moves through the body from the top of our head to our feet and from the bottom of our feet back up through our central core and out our crown. Keeping this flow ‘flowing’ is the key to a great life vs. a sick, boring or constantly struggling life. Like a spring, if the energy gets stopped up, it will slow down, get dirty and even create blocks. When blocks happen, the marvelous human system begins to clog up and slow down and we can ultimately manifest everything from discomfort and diseases, to depression and a less than exciting life filled with struggles and disappointments. On the other hand, if we are ‘in the flow’ things come easily to us and for us. We have many accomplishments, we feel good about our lives, life is fun and we laugh a lot. Who knew! But when I realized this I also wondered not without some anger, why we weren’t taught this as we grew up, and where was the simple instruction manual? Why did I have to live it to get it? I found out there’s much more to us than what we can see. We are dual beings: half spirit or invisible energy and half matter. We know about the matter part. That’s our physical body. What we are now reawakening to is the relationship to our invisible energy component. The left and right hemispheres of our brains are our tools that help us communicate with either the physical or the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Our right brain functions give us the big picture and inspire us to have goals and desires. Our left brain excels in turning our thoughts into actions. For more details visit this Daniel Pink YouTube. There’s also a protection system around us that allows the energies of our invisible selves to be ‘stepped down’ and fitted into our human body. Our amazing body vibrates at a much lower energy frequency that allows us to actually participate in our visible physical reality. Invisible to our eyes there are rings of energy that surround us and form an egg around us. These rings of energy vibrate at frequencies that get faster and faster exponentially as they get farther from our physical body. The yellow band of our emotional energy vibrates faster than our physical body and manages our emotions when we are actively managing our own energy or stores and hangs onto our hurts and bad experiences if we aren’t in charge of our energy.

June 2012


The next layer that vibrates at a higher frequency than the emotional is our mental ‘invisible body’ or ring of energy (the blue layer in Fig. 1.)

When you look at all of the new techniques, books, practices, healers, and personal growth and wellness methods out there, they are all presenting ways for us to recover bits and pieces of our energy potential and awaken to our energetic wholeness. We are now entering the time when we are being called upon to awaken to this realization that we are each a dual energy entity and the manager of this incredible personal energy system. Another way of looking at our magnificent self is to say that each of us is a sun that has stepped herself down in order to inhabit a physical human body, and for the time that we are in this body we radiate that speck of sun through our physical body like a light bulb. The higher our wattage, the more sunshine we project through our physical body. And the more we do that, the more fun we have, the healthier we are, the greater our life’s accomplishments, and the greater joys we experience and the more society itself blooms and grows upwards. What an amazing responsibility and power we have!

Figure 1. Human Energy System

This layer of our energy assists us with our thought processes. Beyond that is the (violet) ring of energy that gives us access to our spiritual energies, the purest ring of energy we possess and the fastest energy we can access in our human body energy system. Each of these layers works with our physical bodies as they dance together to make us the delightful and wondrous human beings we are. Our bubbles, or rings of energy, also protect us from the environment, from other people or objects or energies overwhelming or threatening our physical body’s integrity, health or safety; indeed these rings of energy protect our very existence in physical form. We are responsible for the upkeep of this unique and amazing energy management system. Shaman and spiritual adepts are aware of and understand how to manage their personal energy system. That’s the only thing that makes them different from the average population. Somewhere along the way we lost the fact that we’re more than just that physical body. But it’s time to wake up and smell the amazing aroma of the flower we are capable of blooming.

Dr. Siler, an international consultant and social scientist worked for more than two decades with corporations, international organizations, governments and communities to help people creative positive change in organizations and in their personal lives. She was Associate Professor with University of Toronto for many years and taught at Humber College School of Business. Founder of The Inner Entrepreneur and Champions of Change programs and creator of the Personal Energy Management Curriculum, Gail offers counselling and workshops on maximum wellness and personal energy management. Gail’s second book, Decoding the Butterfly Promise that describes how we return to our power and balance will be available through Amazon this summer. For information on this book or to contact her about workshops go to or

June 2012


Or I want to be a Lightworker… but my Depression keeps stealing the bulb! were alive today I would be rushing round to her house with home-bakes and a bottle of champagne, to thank her for an unforgettable relationship with laughter and for inspiring me not only to find humour in the direst of circumstances, but also to write about it, as she did. Among her hilarious works were titles such as: The

Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank and If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits? My particular favourite that also

made me cry because I felt her underlying pain, is her 1974 production, I Lost Everything in the

Post-Natal Depression.

In spite of her share of challenges, Erma remained optimistic. Reading between the lines, I am quite sure she was visited by Depression at times. I am equally convinced that her sardonic rhetoric was her way of managing the condition.

by Jay (from the UK) Atkinson Way back in the 70s, I stumbled across Erma Bombeck in my local library. No, I don’t mean she was IN my local library. Her books were! Erma was an American humourist, who achieved international fame, initially for her newspaper columns that were read twice weekly by over thirty million readers in over 900 newspapers across US and Canada. Her columns were filled with personal anecdotes about her mundane suburban life at home; her work spanned the mid-60s until the late 90s. She went on to write 15 or more books, each one funnier than its predecessor. I recall laughing so much I could not see for the tears rolling down my face. My stomach ached and I couldn’t breathe. Erma’s special kind of humour was based upon observation. She was indescribably perceptive and she did not take herself and her fame so seriously that she forgot she was a housewife and mother. If she

Depression is a fact of life for many people. Surprisingly to a lot of people who know me, I too suffer from intermittently with this condition. My mother suffered with her ‘nerves’ – the common term for ‘women’s ailments’ in those days – as did my grandmother, my sister and my daughter who also suffers on occasion. I have decided I am not going to feel ashamed of this condition any more. I have decided, as did my heroine Erma, that black humour beats having no humour at all! Being a writer, a channeller and a Lightworker, I didn’t believe I had the right to feel depressed. I couldn’t face the fact that on a bad day, life was just too big and scary. On a bad day, I can make a molehill look like the North Face of the Eiger. On a bad day, everyone hates me and everything hurts. On a bad day, I am oversensitive to everyone and everything and I just want to lie in oblivion and endless sleep. On days like these it feels as if I have fallen into the Grand Canyon and do not have the energy to climb out. I have read and researched the condition in order to feel better about it and in order to reconcile myself

June 2012


with the fact that I’m not crazy. I’m just normal. And by the way, Lightworkers are no exception! I found out that many famous people and luminaries across the ages have been depressed. Many of these wonderful people were and are creative genii. Ruby Wax, Stephen Fry and gardener Monty Don are among modern-day sufferers. Spike Milligan and Tony Hancock – both brilliant men in their day - are sadly no longer with us. It is no secret that Spike Milligan, on occasion, would book himself into a sanitarium for weeks on end until he had moved through the darkest of his days and could cope again. He was 84 years old when he finally shuffled off his mortal coil and found peace. Instead of berating myself for not being a bigger, stronger, beter person, I console myself with the fact that maybe it is BECAUSE I am creative and artistically inclined that I feel this way on occasion. In an effort to bring that very Darkness into the Light therefore making me a true Lightworker, I have written my own take on the subject which I hope will bring you some amusement, and I will leave you with a couple of my favourite Erma quotes in her memory. Thank you Erma for giving us the the most precious gift next to life… Laughter.

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.” "My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first one being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint." "Never loan your car to anyone to whom you've given birth." And perhaps the most telling of all:

"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt."


Monday, 28th May Dear God Whoever and Wherever you Art in Heaven (that’s if there is such a place because right now I’m not too sure) I am writing to ask if I can come Home please. I think I must have done whatever it is I came to do because I have reached the end of the road and now I’m feeling a bit lost. I think I must have taken a left when I ought to have taken a right somewhere. I don’t know, the signs aren’t really very clear. There doesn’t seem to be anything left for me TO do, to be honest. Ooo-kay. Here I am. I’ll just wait. Anyway, if you’re listening (well, that’s if you’re there and not some delusion or figment of my imagination) I think Sunday might be a good time for you to come get me. I’ll just be quietly lying in my bed, or maybe hanging out in my DepRessing Gown as usual.

June 2012


Mind you, if I’m asleep it will be all the better, because if I’m right about this, my soul/inner being/ non-physical bit can just go right ahead and ascend into the light. No fuss. No nonsense. Straight into the light. That seems to be pretty much the consensus down here anyway; so let me know if I got that wrong, will you? It’s just that I watched Touched by an Angel the other night on Sky TV and The Light is where it’s at; it’s the doorway to Home, allegedly. Ooh, come to think of it, perhaps you could send an angel or something to fetch me, although I admit I’m a bit confused as to what they look like. There’s a lot of conflicting advice down here. Lots of people think they know and have drawn pictures of them on cards and stuff. So basically, I am not sure whether to answer the door to a handsome bloke in wings and a nightgown, or follow the beam of light smiling benignly through the blue mist. Or is it a pretty girl in a shred of diaphanous gauze? Or maybe these angel things are just like people – you know, ordinary? I’m sure I’ll know one when I meet one, so if it’s easier for you to just send me a regular person, that’s okay with me. Tuesday, 29th May

Hello. It’s me again, God For some inexplicable reason, I God. I feel a little lighter today. No, not because I have only eaten a beansprout for breakfast – juiced not whole, of course – but because I have made a Big Decision! I’ve decided to GIVE UP. Yep… give up on everything. Why? Well, a member of the Light Brigade called me up yesterday just after I wrote to you the first time. I call these people ‘the Light Brigade’ because they always bounce around telling the world they are working for the light and that they are Lightworkers and all that stuff. I dunno… All I know is the experience was not a lot different from when those other God-Botherers call on you, except that they knock politely on the door and don’t tend to break off the conversation with you to answer their cell phones. JW’s are easier to talk to than the Light Brigade although as I understand it, The Light Brigade are allowed to partake of an alcoholic drink or a cigarette now and then; maybe they can even still have sex if they’re still on a low enough vibration? Anyway, I thought I heard a voice today, inside my head. It said quite clearly, ‘Jay, depression is a safety catch for you to release yourself and not a padlock with which you should continue to imprison yourself’… I think I must be going crazy.

Decided to go into the garden where the cats were doing a great job of getting along with each other. Generally they avoid all forms of contact and affection unless it is with a Human. They clearly didn’t know I was watching them and seemed surprised to see me. Tell me God… do cats blush? If so, how can we know? It seems that in the great outdoors they can get along really nicely. In the house, Saffron spits like a she-devil at Twinkle. I just thought… maybe you are trying to give me a sign through the cats? Maybe if I were to get outside more I would get along with myself better? Wednesday, 30th May

Hi God. How are you? Sorry to keep going on but I still need some answers. I hope you can hear me. I walked in the garden again today. It was humid and wet. Then it was sunny and then it rained again. Then a big cloud came and threatened to dump its load on my head, before deciding it had better things to do and shuffled off to fill itself with more rain. Good grief God! I feel just like the weather. One minute I’m Sally Sunflower and I love the world, and the next I want to crawl down the nearest rabbit hole and hibernate forever. I’ve noticed there are a lot of those in our garden. Rabbit holes I mean, though not quite so many rabbits since we got the cats. Twinkle the Younger brings me the gift of death every so often, in the rancid form of a beheaded rabbit. I don’t think she catches them herself. She pretends to me that she does, but really I think its Saffron the Elder that does all the donkeywork. Twinkle, being cute, can quite literally get away with Murder. Thursday, 31st May

Hi God. Will you hurry up and let me know if you’re coming on Sunday, please? I won’t need to pack. I get it that you can’t take stuff with you… I’ve been making a list of all the things I’ve done to try to help myself. It’s not that I’m lazy or anything. It’s just that I’ve come to the end of my tether. I’ve been acupunctured, homeopathed, massaged and healed. I’ve been hypnotized, regressed, didgeridoo -ed, NLP’d, EFT’d and crystal-rainbow-angel-reiki’d. I’ve read thousands of words and watched hundreds of DVD’s. I’ve attended seminars and workshops and festivals and gatherings. And I’m STILL depressed. So I must be doing something wrong. Like

June 2012


I said earlier. I think I turned right instead of left, or something… I woke wearily in the gloomy place again today. I reached for my DepRessing Gown and tried to muster up the enthusiasm for a cup of Earl Grey. My dressing gown is pink, but today I want it to be blue, like me. My thoughts tumble down the stairs in disarray, as I take one step at a time, chatting to my imaginary guest on my late night show.

But mostly, given another shot at

Tell me, Susie Strawberry-Face, has your energy been sapped lately by lack of sleep? Has your energy been sapped by too much sleep? Do you have a dark place inside of you and if so how deep is it? Is the Law of Attraction working for you? Does healing help? Then I heard that darned voice again: You said, ‘one step at a time’ in that last paragraph, Jay. Don’t forget that’s what it takes… Now, in the darkness of your isolation can you sing this song for me? It’s what your granny used to sing to you after she had been to church; remember?

life, I would seize every minute… look at it and really see it… live it… and never give it back. Erma Bombeck

I swear I could hear a crotchety old piano being played by a crotchety old biddy who was banging out a crotchety old tune to these words: Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light Like a little candle burning in the night In this world of darkness, we-ee mu-ust shine You in your small corner and I in mine Big, fat tears splash down my face as I remembered my beloved Granny singing this song to me; and so, for her, I attempt to shine and although still just a dim flicker, I am sure my light is there. Friday, 1st June

I continue to climb the Grand Canyon from the floor. I am almost at the rim now and I can see a view. They do say that ‘on a clear day you can see forever and ever more’. Well, whoever they are, I hope they’re right. From this vantage point, things can only go UP! It’s okay God. You don’t need to come on Sunday now. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and this time it is definitely NOT an oncoming train!

June 2012


By Marlene Cobb Out of the ashes come great opportunities. Last month I interviewed Bradfield and shortly after the May issue hit the cyber waves I was contacted by Peter Clerin who expressed an interest in the magazine. If you have guessed already that Peter is a musician, you are correct. I immediately checked out his website and was greeted with Peter’s smiling face. Yes that is the first thing I noticed. Peter also has listed two things on his home page, Spiritual Vibration Music and PMTA which is an acronym for Personalized Musical Therapy of Archangels. All of you, who know me, know I work with the angels so this intrigued me. I did not go directly to PMTA however; I wanted to hear Peter’s music. I was very pleased to discover that I could listen to a 30 second clip from each song on each of his 10 albums. A teaser that had me wanting more! I spent quite a bit of time just randomly picking clips from each album, listening and allowing the music to evoke whatever it wanted within me. Some had my reiki turning on; others brought my attention to different emotions that swelled within me; peace came over me like a warm blanket from another and so went an hour of my time. Yes an hour because some songs needed a repeat more than once. I finally moved along to PMTA. I was soon to discover exactly what a PMTA was. With the guidance of the Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, Peter composes a musical piece that helps raise your vibration in order to facilitate healing within. There is a list of 63 different ailments or blocks that you can choose from. The process begins with you emailing Peter which area you would like support with. From there

Peter along with the Angels composes a piece that is specific to you. The finished product is a cd that is mailed to you which includes an opening intro that prepares you to receive the healing, your musical interlude which goes to work on a cellular frequency, and a channel from AA Raphael which integrates the music on all of your levels to bring about transformation. Wanting to know more about this remarkable being who came into my life I turned to his bio. It gave me some insight but I wanted to know more! Everyone has a remarkable gift to share with the world; some are born with it and learn how to express it as each year passes. Others discover their gift through life, like finding a hidden treasure after excavating the hard earth over time. Was Peter born with this gift or did he discover it? How did PMTA come into being? Did the Angels just appear one day? Did you always feel a connection between music and healing? Are you classically trained in music? What instruments do you play? Next on the agenda… a Skype session! I will admit that I was blindsided the day of the session. Phil, my partner had met him earlier in the day and it was arranged that when I arrived home from work we would connect. The organized me was like I am not prepared, what the heck am I going to ask…. Ok Marlene … Wing it!! The energy floating around me before the session was so highly charged I knew the angels were at play, cheering me on, letting me know this was important. It was an hour and 20 minutes of sharing which left my head full of information that needed to be assimilated into an interview/article somehow. I felt, like I had been thrown

June 2012


into an energy tornado and finally released to try to gather my thoughts and get my bearings. Being in Peter’s presence was like going to a spiritual retreat weekend and buzzing for two weeks after the event from the level of energy exchanged over the weekend. While Peter is a very special being with an extraordinary gift to share with us all, he is very much grounded in being human. I look forward to a friendship with him for many years to come. After our Skype session and I gathered my thoughts I did indeed have a few questions for clarification so I sent off an email filled with them for Peter to answer. You started playing music at 4, are you classically trained?

No, I am what people call someone who plays by ear. I tried to read music but I was learning too fast and eventually didn’t bother learning to read musical notes. What got you interested in playing instruments and learning to play songs by ear?

My dad played in a brass band and after a while, they decided to stop playing. They wanted to get rid of their instruments, so he got them really cheap. In our house, my siblings and I had our rooms in the finished basement. Dad stacked the instruments under the stairs and at every chance I got, I would pick one and start blowing into it. The tuba was quite big for my young age but I enjoyed the big bass sound that came out of it. When my dad was away I went on the piano and taught myself how to play the songs I liked. When I was 12 a friend of my dad’s gave me a guitar for my birthday. I was really excited and taught myself how to play. I had fun also how to do the bass line imagining I was a bass player too. When I was 15 my older brother brought a drum into the house through a basement window. I had my turn banging on the drums learning about them too. Then I learned to play blues harmonica.

at the age of 15 was “L'Apocalypse des Animaux” by Greek composer Vangelis. I knew one day I would use, like Vangelis, synthesizers for deep profound music but wasn’t ready yet. Computers were still limited and I didn’t know then that with time it would all evolve to be user friendly. At 17, I wanted to be a composer in life with lots of instruments in my house. Then I thought about it and it would take too long to be an expert with each instrument. By that time I was playing all genres of music, blues, rock, jazz, etc. I did some classical music but was not into it very much. I enjoyed piano a bit but let the real piano players do what they are best at. I was more of a composer thinking of composing songs with different instruments. So I continued to compose music and searching for my style. I composed a dozen songs mainly on spirituality. I tried to do my first album but still hadn’t found my musical style yet. When did spirituality come into play with your composing?

When I was 15 I started to meditate. I read books like Edgar Cayce who would talk about reincarnation. As a teenager we move away from our parents beliefs and discover our own view of the world. I was starting to explore what my beliefs were. I also was much interested in energy work with my hands. That started a 15 year journey of discovery. I learned alternative medicine like, acupuncture, reflexology, hypnotism, spiral energy, spiritual reiki a n d m u c h m o r e . Around the age of 30 I was looking for relaxing music to help my children sleep. Then I decided to do it myself for fun. I remembered Vangelis. Inside me my spiritual and my music became one. I realized that many people were living stressful lives so I wondered how I could help with music. I learned that when we get to the alpha zone that our minds are at rest. I realized that’s what I wanted to do to help people go inside for inner peace. It all made sense now. It seems that spirituality and music were always a connected part of me all my life. One can’t be without the other.

What would you say was the pivotal moment in your life that started you thinking you would like to be a composer?

Everyone has a remarkable gift to share with the world; some are born with it and learn how to express it as each year passes. Others discover their gift through life, like finding a hidden treasure after excavating the hard earth over time. Were you born with this gift or did you discover it? (By gift I mean beyond the musical proclivity did you have any clues or hints with regards to your spiritual gifts)

The music album that had the most impact on me

When I was 6, I was with a friend at school and dur-

Out of all those instruments you experimented with, which ones do you play today?

Synthesizers, bass, brass instruments, harmonica, guitar and drums and a little bit of violin.

June 2012


ing recess I got a revelation. I was sad and said to my friend that our school director would be gone and be replaced by another teacher soon. A few days later our school director drowned when he was swimming in the ocean. Later as I said, he was replaced the same teacher I saw, who was the least expected to do the job. I was afraid of this part of me so I put it aside until later in my life. I think we should all be thankful that Peter allowed himself to open up to his gifts later in life. Through his special unique gift of being able to compose music and receive guidance from the divine, we are blessed. With Peter’s help we can take ourselves through the process of relaxing and healing on a vibrational level. Peter has 10 albums out they are as follows, and each can be purchased through iTunes,, and emusic Canada: Heaven on Earth - Music which

takes you into a celestial voyage and makes you take this same voyage within yourself, here on Mother Earth. Highly recommended for meditations. Soul Awakening - Music from the dimension of Beings leaving for their great voyage. Helps you communicate with people deceased as well as your spiritual guides. Highly recommended to help the passage on the other side and help you accept the departure of a loved one. Also helps you awaken to your soul, to who you really are. Ascension - Music which propels you to a bridge of Light. Helps you cross from one dimension to another and elevates you to a state which will help you ascend to something higher in your life.

Love - Therapeutic music, soft

and relaxing. Takes you to a state of unconditional Love. Highly recommended for massages, reiki and other forms of energy therapy.

June 2012

Source - High vibration music which helps you propel your arts, your dreams and your plans for future projects. Helps you to return to your Source. Highly recommended for the beginning of a company or a project. Light - We forget too quickly that we are made of Light and that we make a difference. A candle doesn't appear very bright in the sun, during daylight, but that same candle makes quite a difference in a dark room at night. Never forget your inner Light! It’s an album that honors the archangels. Highly recommended to revive your I nterior Light. Vibration - At the beginning, in the

alpha, there was vibration. From there, we open our merkaba to join the rays that activates our DNA. Then we harmonize our yin yang to reach our sacred geometry. All this brings us in a unification that will raise us to the Star People to reach the Omega. Highly recommended to raise your vibrations.

Welcome to the New Children - We are happy to welcome the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Golden Children and, of course, all the others… These Children, with their psychic powers - and thanks to the Peace and Universal Love -, will help Earth (Gaia) ascend towards a new era. This album is a tribute to the new children who work with their light to bring up Planet Earth towards its ascent. If you have indigo or other children, it will also help them on their path. Highly recommended to help you find your inner child. Mantras - Here are mantras which

will help you rise and transform yourself. They will help you unify with your soul and with the Source. The vibration of the music multiplies the effects of the mantra. Every mantra has its own story and it's up to you to discover it. Vibrate with the Source: dare to try it and see the difference... An explanation of these mantras are also on the album cover. 32

Multidimensional Chakras - Mantras for Multidimensional Chakras Mantras which will reactivate the new Chakras to fusion with your Light Body. With the assistance of music and the Chant of Mantras, you open your Christic Heart to ascend. Music and Mantras together will open your Christic Heart and will guide you in the spheres of Light. An explanation of these multidimensional chakras are also on the album cover. There is an interesting story to how each album name came to Peter, in his own words;

part in his life and while I am sure he would like to sustain himself with just his heart-work his day job brings just as much fulfillment to him. Peter will be stepping outside of his comfort zone this summer and going on tour. If you are going to be in France or Belgium you might want to send an email his way asking for dates. For the rest of us who are not in those areas, or in the Quebec area where Peter holds workshops we can connect with Peter through his website and request a PMTA.

I was guided by the angels this way. Heaven on Earth, How? By awakening our Soul. Then what? We Ascend to a higher level. How? With Love And then go where? To our Source. Then what? Shine our Light with the help of the Archangels. What happens then? We raise our Vibration. Then what? release your inner child. Mantras helps you stabilize your vibrations to a regular level. Then you awaken your multidimensional chakras for the energies of the new age of Aquarius. Like most Lightworkers who share their gifts, Peter has a regular day job, and does his heart-work on the side. From the time I spent speaking with Peter I got a feeling that both play an equal

June 2012



The rune for the month of June that I picked is


Phil Nielsen

next rune in our study of the gods of the Elder Futhark (Futhark simply is an acronym for the first 6

There are two Gods that, depending who you read, are represented by this rune. They are Ing, the God of Fertility and the Vanir God, Yngvi-Freyr, the patron of increase and prosperity who also took part in fertility rites. I will expand on this in a future column as we learn more about the Gods the runes represent. This is almost always a positive rune and shows that it is a good time to complete any projects and also a successful conclusion to the problem at hand. Materially, the appearance of this rune can show the imminent birth of a child, a new idea or a new venture. On a spiritual level it shows that the querent is reaching a state of inner peace and balance, although how long it lasts would be better determined by the other runes in the cast.


. This is Ullr, the letters of the runes) is Glorious One, who was only half immortal (born by the Goddess Sif and sired by Thor’s beloved stepson).

There was a dark time when Odin was banished for nine years by his fellow Aesir. Out of respect he was allowed to name someone to temporarily rule, but only with the other Gods consent. They unanimously approved Ullr who was known for his intelligence, simple means and fair mindedness. He had no use for riches or power and his passions were skiing and archery. His only jewelry was a gold ring given to him by his divine mother, with the admonishment that he would always keep his word by it. (Continued on page 35)

June 2012


(Continued from page 34)

When the day came for Odin’s banishment, Ullr accompanied him to the Asgard frontier, bade him farewell, and swore his loyalty to The All-Father. In the years that followed, he ruled with so much fairness and intelligence that the other gods spoke of making him the permanent ruler and making the banishment of Odin permanent. He said nothing about it and kept his own council in this matter. After nine years wandering throughout the cosmos, the former Aesir king appeared once again at Asgard. He was taken under guard to the Valhalla’s Hall of Judgment. “Where have you been all these years and what have you seen?” said Ullr, still sitting on the celestial throne. Odin addressed the assembly and spoke of the wonders he had seen and the wisdom he had acquired. When he had finished, Ullr rose and said, “You have used your time well Odin and are now worthy of retaking command. Even if you had not, this is your rightful place. I swore it by my ring the day you left us.” This simple speech so impressed the rest of the Aesir, that even those with ill feelings towards Odin began to cheer and approve Odin’s reinstatement.

metal piece of a scabbard) is dated 700 AD and is covered in runic symbols reading “the priest of Ullr”. A fifteen hundred year old shrine was uncovered in 2007 at Lille Ullevi (the little shrine of Ullr), north of Stockholm, which contained sixty-five rings which were Ullr’s symbols that his bond was his word. His color is silver and his sacred stone is topaz. The classic, early-twentieth century authority on the mystical lore of gemstones, George Frederick Kunz, repeats an ancient tradition: topaz was used as a talisman against nightmares and the evil spirits of the underworld because of its association with the life giving rays of the sun. According to Guido von List, Ullr’s rune signifies “resurrection, life after death,” just as spring follows winter. “Know yourself, then you will know all” Rune master McVan believes it “teaches patience, endurance, and courage” Ullr’s time is Landvidi, generally associated with the modern zodiac sign Capricorn, from December 21 to January 19, and Midwinter Day. Until next month,

Skaal, my brothers and sisters

Odin then retook his throne and said “As my first proclamation, I name Ullr to full godhood, as signified by the power of this sacred stone” He handed him a beautiful topaz. To no one’s surprise and to his parent’s immense pride, he used it to create the northern lights. They were not only glorious to behold, hence his name, the Glorious One but they aided night-time hunters like him, in shooting their prey. With his newly won divinity, he became the finest archer and built a humble palace called Ydalir or Yew Dales, after the surrounding forest of yews, which he used to form the best long bows ever made. Ullr usually went about on magical skis that permitted him to travel through the cosmos, thanks to wisdom learned firsthand from Odin. In time, he was revered as the god of winter and the divine patron of archery, hunting, and even skiing. Even today, there are many places named for him all over Scandinavia. Ullern and Ulleval are boroughs in Oslo. Ulleraker and Ullvi are found in Sweden. Germany’s Thorsberg Chape (a chape is a

June 2012



t h a t every time you meet someone, whether it’s a bank teller or a potential sweetheart, we make a connection? ‘Of course,’ you say, ‘that’s basic!’ And you’re right—it is basic. What is also basic, but is only known to a few, is that each connection is accompanied by an aka cord between us and them. An aka cord is an energy connection—and the connections are made between chakras. For instance, my bank manager and I would most likely connect solar plexus to solar plexus. That’s the power center and it’s also removed from emotion. We connect with our children and families, as well as our friends, through several chakras. When we meet someone who draws an emotional response, we are likely connecting through the heart chakra— and possibly the naval chakra and/or the throat chakra. There are probably as many ways to connect as there are people to connect with! The aka cords keep us connected….all the time. Which is great when it’s family and loved ones. Not so great when it’s that bank teller, or an old lover! Even family can be toxic— and we want to remove those connections. The longer we have a connection, the more thicker the aka cord between us becomes.

by Vera Enshaw

June 2012


You cannot cut aka cords. They reconnect almost immediately. You can, however, clear them. And I, dear reader, am going to share with you the aka cord clearing that I learned! You do not need to worry about disconnecting from people you love—as soon as you see them or even think of them you will begin to reconnect! And an interesting thing happens. When you do an aka cord clearing, within a short time you will often hear from an friend family member—or even an acquaintance whom you haven’t had contact with in a long time. When we clear the cords, people notice our absence—and reconnect!

begin to pull out aka cords. You only need to pull them out and release them, sending them back to the people they came from. Pull them out, send them back on the winds of love. Pull until there are none left.

• Now build a clear dome over the chakra, front and back. Visualize it sealing tightly, so that no aka cords can get in.

• Continue clearing each chakra, all the way to the crown. Release the aka cords, clearing them out and sending them back on the winds of love. Build the clear dome over each chakra, front and back, sealing it tightly.

• First, go through whatever relaxation process works best for you. When you have finished, consent to clearing all aka cords that are connected to you.

• When you are done with clearing the aka cords,

body. At your feet see two long, hollow white tubes attached to the bottom of your feet. These tubes go right to the middle of the earth.

begin to fill your body with beautiful white light. Start at the crown chakra and fill your whole being with white light. See and feel the white light washing through your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual body.

• Starting at the top of your head, clear your

• Now focus your attention on your root chakra.

• Now bring white light down through your whole

physical body all the way down—collecting all the aches, pains and any illness you are feeling in your body. See all of them going out the bottom of your feet into the tubes.

See the chakra fill with the most beautiful red imaginable. Allow the red to flow out the chakra front and back. Continue to do this with each chakra—orange for the naval chakra, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, turquoise for the thymus, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye and violet for the crown. When you are done, you will be pulsing with a rainbow of colour—and you will feel lighter, and freer!

• Again, starting at the top of your head, clear your emotional body all the way down— collecting all of the heart aches, all hatred, jealousy, any and all emotional pain. See all of it going out the bottom of your feet into the tubes.

Until next month—Namasté 

• Now clear your mental body—collecting all of your thoughts, your cares, worries and concerns. Again, see all of it going out the bottom of your feet into the tubes.

• Finally, clear your spiritual body—the doubts, the fears, all those feelings of being “less than.” As you gather with intent, know that anything that is not beneficial to you is being cleared. See it all going out the bottom of your feet into the tubes.

• Now, fill up with white light. Fill and fill and fill with light that is so intense it dissolves the tubes at the bottom of your feet.

• Beginning with your root chakra, start to clear the aka cords. Visualize the chakra, front and back. See it as a vessel that can be emptied. (I used to visualize a dryer!) Open the chakra, and

June 2012


by Kaye Castleman


are often confused about the term 'holistic'. What does it mean exactly, and how does it apply to health? There is a general understanding that it is something 'natural', but that term is also pretty vague and subject to interpretation. The word 'holistic' is derived from the same root as the word 'whole', and it refers to the way we view ourselves as organisms functioning in the world. Holistic means that everything is connected to everything else. We are each part of the greater whole that is our environment, even our universe. We are connected to these things and influenced by them. And in the same way, everything going on in our body is connected to all aspects of who we are, and is influenced by them. For those of us practising in the holistic healing arts, we understand that no part of our health exists in isolation, but is constantly affected by and interacting with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors. If we are to determine causes of illness or imbalance in the body, we must view the person as a whole being, not just a collection of organs and tissues. The mechanistic approach to health sees the human body as a finely tuned set of parts, much like a machine. If one part no longer functions, it can be removed and replaced with another part, maybe a plastic or after-market design, one that will perform the same function as the original part. Often the replacement part can be superior to the original piece, since the individual pieces have no other relationship to each other than how they fit together to perform their designated function. This is largely true for machines, but it doesn't always work so well for living things.

Holistic practitioners and holistic remedies appreciate that there are layers of subtle interactions taking place at every level of life. When working with a holistic practitioner, the first thing you will probably find is that they will take some time to interact with the 'whole you'. Whether you have come to see them about a sore knee, the loss of a loved one, a challenging medical diagnosis or a simple check-up, it is possible that factors such as stressful relationships, lifestyle changes and recent or ongoing health issues may play an important role. Your health is affected by all the influences in your life, and any one of them could be the key to finding your way back to wellness. In the earliest years of my practice, a young woman came into my office complaining of headaches. She had been experiencing them regularly since she was a teenager, and as soon as one started she had to stop whatever she was doing and lie down. The headache began at the back of her neck and continued around her head, culminating at the crown. No over-the-counter medication relieved the pain, and the stronger medications she received at hospitals or through doctors made it impossible for her to function in her daily life. She was desperate for a solution and came to see me only after many years of searching elsewhere.


can be the result of an almost limitless number of stresses, including dehydration, food intolerances, electrical interference, emotional issues, structural problems, and many more. Sorting out which one, or which combination of stresses is causing the headache can be

June 2012


a frustrating search. As a health intuitive and holistic practitioner, I asked her body to tell me what was causing her headaches, and received the information that there were two triggering factors....a structural misalignment in one of her cervical vertebrae, and an unresolved emotional issue that she had been carrying for many years. We treated the emotional issue with an essential oil therapy, and adjusted the cervical alignment with a super-gentle bodywork technique called Ortho-Bionomy. Both treatments were completed within a few days, after which her headaches virtually disappeared. When we approach wellness from a holistic perspective, we open the door to all the things that are affecting our life. Limiting our search to only physical causes of pain, or only mental causes for psychological symptoms, doesn't take into account the highly complex beings that we are. Our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, experiences, even inherited traits or cellular memory information may be contributing to the disease we are finding ourselves in. Looking even farther afield, we may be reacting to mass consciousness issues or planetary shifts that are affecting our balance. Take time to consider the whole you next time you are looking to resolve a health concern. When you leave the door open to any possibility, pay particular attention to the thoughts that surface first. This is your intuition guiding you. If you are at a loss for any explanation, you may need an outside perspective, which may include the advice of a holistic practitioner. Because people aren't machines.

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Kaye Castleman, B.A., M.A., Health Intuitive, Channel for Archangel Chamuel, Reiki Master and Certified Attunement Practitioner, has been a practicing alternative healer in the interior of British Columbia for over a decade. She offers massage, Raindrop Technique and body realignment treatments, as well as in house and long distance healing sessions, nutritional counseling, magnetic therapies, and recommendations for all types of holistic health issues. She also offers a collection of therapies and techniques to clear the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of the true health and wellness that are ready to enter your life. To arrange a phone, email or Skype session, contact Kaye at 250-395-2239 or

June 2012


Around about the 10th of May I started wondering what animal I would present here this month. Nothing was really jumping out at me so I asked spirit to present to me the animal I was to share. I was so delighted when on the evening of May 17th while sitting outside I heard a slight noise. I turned my head to investigate, thinking it was a person walking down the alley and saw a movement on the lawn. I stood up to get a better look and there was one raccoon. He was joined by another, and I said “hello� I was so busy noticing how they were moving about, I had never seen a raccoon before, I almost did not notice the third one come along. I instantly thanked spirit for giving me my animal for June. The first thing I noticed is that these beautiful creatures were patting the ground with their tiny delicate front paws. It was like they were feeling their way along even though I knew from reading about raccoons they have excellent night vision. I later learned that a raccoons hand has more nerve endings than a human hand and they use them to investigate everything. They also have a fascination with water, folklore would have us believe that they wash everything before they eat it, but I don’t know that this is actually true. Consider that dumpsters are often their source of food, not many watering holes around them. I guess in a natural environment and not a city this could be true. It is a scientific fact that water makes their hands more sensitive allowing a better examination of items. Using both the intuitive feel of their hands and their eyes they examine everything before eating it.

By Marlene Cobb

Of course we all know the raccoon as the masked bandit. This mask and its ringed tail make it so distinguished that everyone recognizes a raccoon immediately. The mask in regards to being an animal totem speaks of the many masks we wear as huJune 2012


mans. Just like the raccoon our adaptability to blend or fit in and survive in our environment. We do love to dress up at Halloween but for the rest of the year we can be seen wearing masks by how we interact with different people in our lives. Chances are you have a different way of presenting yourself to your boss, your parents, your friends and even your co-workers. If you are really lucky you have a few close confidants that you allow to see the real you, otherwise you flip your persona to reflect what it appropriate at any given moment. Masks are one of the tools of transformation. It helps us to change what we are into what we want to be. Raccoons also teach you how to put asleep the part of you that is not needed and awaken the aspect of yourself that is.

the reminder that I am abundant. I just need to open my eyes to my surroundings and see all that I am graced with. The choice is mine to make my life what I want it to be, which mask shall I put on next?

Raccoons adapt well to any environment. They are scavengers and reuse many things. Often they sleep in abandon nests from squirrels and birds. They are nocturnal and spend most of the day sleeping in well hidden locations. You almost never see just one raccoon, they like community. When foraging through garbage cans looking for nourishment, they use the buddy system. One raccoon stands guard and watches for humans and other predators. I did notice this about the three that were in my backyard. Two were more adventurous than one, he/she just was on the fringe watching, not moving but I am sure if the need arouse the alarm would have been sounded. Raccoons are very intelligent, not only do they adapt to whatever conditions they find themselves in, they also communicate with over 50 different distinct sounds. I did not get to hear them “speak” but curious as to what a raccoon would sound like I checked out YouTube and promptly spent way too much time going through all the videos on there. I am fascinated by these little critters now! When raccoon comes into our lives he will be around for a while. Giving us the lessons and gifts of intelligence, using our own intuitiveness to make the best of things, adaptability, confidence, and assertiveness to protect what is ours, appropriateness. I have had some time to sit with raccoon and believe this little family came along to remind me that I have more resources to tap into that I think I do. That I can adapt to whatever the coming situations require me to be and survive. The message, “reduce, reuse, and recycle” comes to me as well as

June 2012


Wintergreen smells fantastic. This is the smell that we often associate with gum—and any time I wear this oil people say, “what’s that smell?” When I tell them the name, they say, “no, not that. It’s something….” and when I say “gum” they invariably respond with “Yes! That’s it!” [It is also used in root beer, candy and toothpaste :) ] The best use is topical—wintergreen is wonderful for muscle & bone aches and pains. I’ve been gardening. I am blessing wintergreen! It is an oil to be careful with—use it topically and always in a carrier oil. It is one of the origiVera Enshaw nal oils used in Raindrop Treatment. French medicinal uses for wintergreen include relief from rheumatism, cramps, arthritis, muscular pain, tendonitis and inflammation. This powerful little oil comes to us to help us relieve pain. If you have true wintergreen, a small amount diluted and applied to the sore spot(s) will bring relief almost instantly. Use it in a carrier oil to massage achy muscles. It also helps with tension headaches, especially those brought on by too much exercise. A drop in Epsom salts for use in the tub brings relaxation and an easing of tension throughout all body systems.

June 2012


Diffusing this fresh smell into your home or office helps to bring clarity to any situation. If you wish to expand awareness of any of your senses, smelling wintergreen during your meditation or practice will facilitate the expansion. True wintergreen essential oil is produced in very small quantities. Verify the source of your oil to make sure that you have a true oil, not a synthetic version. Always ask to see the third party certification that the oil you are purchasing is therapeutic grade. Remember one very important thing: your essential oil is meant to be enjoyed! So enjoy every drop! NB: There are two safety items that must be mentioned. Wintergreen is not to be used if one has epilepsy. And always test a small area of skin before applying wholeheartedly—some folks are very allergic to methyl salicylate, the main component of wintergreen.

June 2012


Archangel Chamuel is most commonly known as the angel of love and compassion. (S)He can be helpful in dealing with communication issues, relationships, ethnic and racial tension, and to assist in situations where we are looking for things we have lost, or cannot find. As a channel for messages from Chamuel, I have found he has a strong desire to support the opening of our heart chakra, especially at this critical time in our development.

“Blessings, Dear Heart, and welcome to the safe and sacred energy of the angelic realms. It is I, Archangel Chamuel, sending love and the healing energy of compassion to all whose hearts are open to receive it. Those of us who resonate with the energy of the higher realms always have your best interest foremost in our intentions when we communicate with you. This is not necessarily the case with beings that are vibrating at lower frequencies. They may have a more limited agenda than the angels and light beings who operate in service to humanity. Our primary concern is always your highest good. Therefore I encourage you to be mindful of the source of your information whenever you open your consciousness to input from other dimensions. Set the intention for only evolved beings who carry the purest truth for your situation to be welcome. Invite only the vibrations that serve your highest purpose, and this is what you will receive. It is as simple as this, for all energies in the universe respond to your will. Be aware that you influence the source of your inspirations at all times, and by consciously selecting the highest possible information, you hasten the development of your own evolution. And with that, I invite your questions...�

June 2012


Q: Should I strive to be more than a good

person? Chamuel: Thank you for this very profound ques-

tion. Although it appears simple on the surface, many layers of conscious evolution are apparent. First of all, asking if it is required of you that you be more than a ‘good person’, implies that being a ‘good person’ is already a priority for you. Secondly, asking any question that begins with “should” is always difficult to answer, since there is no expected action or behavior from you. The answer is always, “Who do you choose to be?” Your question infers that you have already chosen to be a good person, whatever your definition of ‘good’ means to you. It is up to you to define. And your definition may change from day to day!. On this day you are considering possibilities for your life that stretch beyond simply being good. What other qualities do you find attractive? What characteristics draw your attention? Would you like to mold them into your own personality? What skills or adventures would you like to experience? There is a reason they resonate for you. Perhaps you would like to incorporate them in your life experience. You are here to savour the exquisite delight of being human, dear Angel of Earth. Open your arms and embrace all things that catch your eye. Be good. And be wicked. Be brave. And be shy. Be tolerant. And be angry. There is a full spectrum of sensations for you to explore. You may be any or all that you choose. There is no judgment on this. This fact is most important. You are not cherished any more or less by the universe for your choices. We love you just the way you are. So my advice to you is to dig deeply into the possibilities that are there for you. Wear every hat that catches your attention. Find out what works for you and what does not. No other being, not even the angels, can make these choices for you. However, we can assist you in the choices you make. For instance, if you choose to experience joy, we can point you in the direction of joyful experiences. If you choose to experience sorrow, we can offer you opportunities that create

sorrow. The same is true with all other qualities and experiences. It is your life...yours to design however you choose. Humans often find this is a great freedom and a great weight. But you may choose to be as small or as grand as you like. What is there beyond being good that quickens your heart?

Q: How will I feel about university after I

start? Chamuel: Thank you for your question. I hear the doubt and concern in your words, and I can tell you that love for an experience does not come from outside of you. If you begin with worry, then what you will find is worry in the experience itself. Open your heart to the potential of this new opportunity and you will find exciting potentials there. This challenges you in many ways, but you are ready for these challenges. Decide that you will throw yourself into the possibilities, and you will attract many wonderful people and opportunities into your experience. You will learn many things about yourself and open your mind to new directions for your life. You will also learn some things that are difficult, that test your patience and confidence, and that disappoint you about people and the world. This is all very appropriate, and part of discovering who you are. If you close your heart to this new venture and approach it with doubt and fear, then you will not be able to see all these opportunities that are there for you, and your experience will be very different. So you see, it all lies with you. How would you like to feel about university once you are there?

Do you have a question for Chamuel? Archangel Chamuel is happy to respond! Please submit your question to if you click on this link it will come up in your email format with Archangel Chamuel in the subject line. If you are going to manually email please include Archangel Chamuel in the subject line. Please include your name, it will not be published, sold or used in any fashion it just prevents us from having bots respond.

June 2012


Selenite Marlene Cobb The crystal we are going to explore this month is Selenite. This beautiful luminescent milky white crystal got its name from the Greek goddess Selene, who was known as the moon goddess. When you look at the crystal you can see why it was named after her. What you may not know is that Selenite comes from gypsum. Yes that is correct, the same material that you have in your home and paint occasionally, drywall. Gypsum was formed when the ancient seas and salt water lakes evaporated. I think it is also worthy of a mention that when selenite is heated and all the water is drawn out of it you get a fine powder that is used to make plaster of paris. When hydrated this becomes, among other things, the material which forms casts that hold broken bones in place to heal.

place it with clear quartz for a time or place it in the light of the full moon.

In its natural state it is beautiful all on its own and is commonly known as Desert Rose for its round, rosette like concretions. Selenite is a very soft stone that is easily scratched, even by a finger nail and sensitive to water, breaking down if left in it. This is one stone you would not want to clear in water, running or otherwise. To clear Selenite either

The metaphysical properties that Selenite is said to help with are;

Selenite is often over looked as an important crystal however its metaphysical properties are not to be sneezed at. Even if you are not into metaphysical anything, this is a good crystal to have in your home. It has a calming influence and clears the space of negative energy. There are so many beautiful towers out on the market today for reasonable rates that I suggest you find one, get a color changing light source to place under it and watch the Selenite change colors. It is truly beautiful and one of the best stones to do this with. It becomes a piece of art, and brings a deep sense of peace and harmony.

Meditation, accessing your higher self. Protects from harm and blame

June 2012


Clears away darkness and shadows Unblocks stagnant energy Shifts negative emotions, especially resentment and long standing anger. Brings clarity of mind Expands consciousness. Helps with communication with the angels Imagine coming home at the end of a long stressful day that was filled with many deadlines. You are frazzled and the drive home did not help matters. Take up your piece of Selenite; hold it in your receiving hand (the one you don’t write with) and sit down for 15 minutes. I promise you, that is all the time you will need to have this wonder stone purge the day’s tensions out of you. You can also use Selenite to clear other stones in your home or bag. Just put them all together in a bowl or on a table and place a piece of selenite in the middle. Or on top of if you desire, whatever you are guided to do. Leave it overnight and the Selenite will absorb the gunk. If you are going through any emotional state, pack a piece of Selenite with you at all times. It will help to keep you calm and will help to give you clarity when you need it. It is said to be the stone of truth, bringing forth insight that clears away confusion and brings a deeper meaning to the user. See the forest through the trees.

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Lastly, it is said to help with creativity. We have a few pieces in our home and I am sure the collection will keep growing. You only need one piece of Selenite in your collection. If you don’t have one yet, start the journey to find the piece that is yours. All content ©2011 - 2012 by Nourish Your Body Mind Soul Nourish Your Body Mind Soul is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life. All articles are the express views and beliefs of the writer and are provided as guidelines to the readers. Ultimately each reader is responsible for their own choices and decisions. The articles are meant as guidelines and the reader is encouraged to expand on the knowledge presented within these pages to form their own opinions.

June 2012


June 2012


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Nourish June 2012 Issue 11  

An online magazine to explore body, mind, and soul. Articles meant to inspire and encourage you as you discover your inner light.

Nourish June 2012 Issue 11  

An online magazine to explore body, mind, and soul. Articles meant to inspire and encourage you as you discover your inner light.