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December I love this time of year. There is light everywhere and typically good cheer. The world seems brighter and love seems to be louder than any other month of the year. It is like we lay down our worries and cares and universally gather round to celebrate. Most countries around the world have a tradition that is based on a faith story that has been passed down for centuries. It seems that December gives us hope. Even when we feel all might be lost, it shows up to signal the end of the year and we begin to get excited about what the New Year will bring. There is always something to bring a smile to your face this month unless you are truly a Grinch! But even the Grinch’s heart grew so there is hope for all humanity that peace will reign if only for a brief period. Yes, there is lots to smile about during the year, but this month seems magical. All wishes and dreams can come true if only we believe.

As we step into December, take a moment and give thanks for all that 2016 has brought to you, even the bits that you wish had not transpired. For in gratitude one finds the grace of serenity. Know that you did the best that you could and utilised the tools you had at your disposal. Then as the month unfolds, spend time with loved ones and friends, as tomorrow is never promised to any of us. Ensure you capture as much joy as you can. Give to those who could use a helping hand so that they may have joy as well. Quietly sit and dream about your goals for 2017. And raise a glass of cheer for the dreams you left behind because they no longer fit into your ever-expanding life. Growth is a marvellous thing. It moves us forward beyond who we are, into our future selves who have bigger dreams and goals to achieve. The longest night of the year arrives on the 21st heralding winter. Light a candle and welcome winter along with the promise of spring.

No matter what plans you have for the month ahead do so with joy. Laugh, love and know that you are truly living. Blessings to each of you as we close out 2016, thank you all for being part of my journey and may 2017 be filled with blessings overflowing! Cheers and good will to all!



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Here we go! The last month of the year, and what a year it has been. I think 2016, even though it still has a few weeks to go, will go down in the history books as a tumultuous one. Much has happened on the global stage as well as within people’s personal lives. I am sure if you reflect on 2016 and what has transpired, you and many you know have gone through a year of events that have rocked your/their world. Here we are at the end of the year, and many are cheering, glad that the year is almost over. Ready to step out of the worn, tattered cloak and pull on a fresh robe. They are looking towards 2017 with the hope that there will be a brighter, healthier, and more financially secure year ahead.

self. This is the part of self-discovery that takes you the extra mile. Lying to yourself only harms you and your growth. The gentle energy this month encourages you to express yourself openly and honestly, at least to yourself. We typically add more to our already full plates this month and compound the stress we are already under. Taking a slower, simpler approach to the holidays would benefit you. Don’t strive for perfect, strive for a holiday that will live in your loved one’s hearts and minds for years to come. Buy less, laugh more. Here are three tips to help you survive the hectic season so that you step into 2017 refreshed and ready for the adventure to begin.

2016 has left scars that will take time to heal. However, our greatest gifts and awareness come from our deepest wounds. It is in healing we gain wisdom and knowledge, so don ‘t be too quick to slough off 2016 and jump into 2017. Ensure you allow time to heal the scars 2016 graced you with so that you will carry the wisdom earned into 2017. Not all scars will heal before the new year begins but know that you cannot sweep them under the rug as you step into 2017 and ignore them. They will need proper care and nurturing so that they don’t fester into issues that will cause bigger problems later.

Awareness – Ask yourself “why am I doing this?” What are the payoffs? What are the costs? Chances are you don’t even like the fruit cake you are making. However, it has been ingrained in you that you must have one each year. Or you are doing it because someone asked you to. Yet if the action leaves you with a feeling of dissatisfaction or anger, is it worth it? Could you buy a fruit cake and save yourself some time and angst? By asking that one simple question, you can discover what is truly important to all. Does the fruit cake recipient want a cake prepared in ho-hum gotta do this or worse anger? No, one made with love would taste better.

December, for me, is always a joyful month. One which tends to be filled with good friends, family, great meals shared with laughter and love, drinks shared around tables as we catch up or share views about what is transpiring in our lives. I find myself looking forward to the start of December this year, more so than other years, perhaps there is a small part of me who is seeking peace and calm. As in “all is calm, all is bright.” I want to pull out the decorations, visit my favourite holiday locations, and share the magic of the season with those I love. I also want to look back at the year to gain clarity on all that has changed. I want to say goodbye while I dream about what I can achieve in the coming year. This truly is one of my most favourite times of the year.

Action – Don’t react. No matter what is going on, take some deep breaths and keep your emotions in check. It does not matter if your children are hounding you for the latest and greatest toy that has caught their eye or your husband can’t find his clean socks which have been in the same drawer for 20 years. Pause, and check your emotions. If possible, delegate someone else to help ease the situation, perhaps your husband can divert the kid’s attention, or your children can help dad find his socks. This is good for all year and not just during the holidays. We tend to react, and in doing so, our actions (reactions) are always the same. By stopping and consciously not reacting, you give yourself the freedom to respond, and usually in a different way that is not present in the reaction flash.

If this year has been extremely weird, chaotic, and life changing for you take heart, let your hair down a little, and allow yourself to be filled with joy. December is the month that is about extravagance. We over indulge in all the good things life has to offer. We are filled with hope and excitement as we party on, saying goodbye to this year and hello to the next.

Maintenance – Look after yourself. Self-maintenance is paramount during the festive season. If you get run down, you will not enjoy the season, and will not be able to help others enjoy it. In this season of giving – give to yourself. Indulge in simple pleasures that are catered just to you. A latte while out shopping, turning off the TV after the kids have been put to bed and spend some quality time with your mate, or grab that book you have been trying to read and indulge in a chapter or five.

December is the 12th month which represents the completed cycle of experience. You should feel a sense of accomplishment this month even if it is just for having survived 2016. It also adds up to three (1+2) giving us a nurturing energy that expresses itself with tenderness. A sense of childlike wonder takes hold if our adult self can allow it, giving us illumination, abundance and good cheer. We all can use some good cheer right about now so embrace that childlike wonder and fill your heart and soul to overflowing. Use this rich energy to dig deep and discover what is important to you. Three also represents communication, and as we wind down the year, there is no better time to communicate honestly with your-

December is a month to be enjoyed. Gather as much joy and love in your heart that you can. Then, when January hits, typically a slower month that leaves us feeling let down, you will have memories to pull out and savour at will. Connect with Marlene at facebook 7




Learning has expanded, it has exploded beyond the walls of the traditional school buildings. Alternative programs abound, and now there is computer learning, where currently updated information can leave textbooks hopelessly obsolete.

The creative and intellectual geniuses develop their abilities by focusing on what interests them. They immerse themselves in what they love, and knowledge or experience grows synergistically. It is profoundly nurturing to the human spirit to spend time pursuing that to which we are naturally drawn. Not only is it nurturing, it is the way that we evolve into who we are.

Now more than ever, it is possible to explore whatever intrigues us. Like a child following a path in the woods, stopping to absorb the wonders along the way, we can freely choose our own learning path.

Too often, pursuing what we love is considered a luxury, a leisure time activity. But for optimal wellness, for true alignment of body, mind and soul, we must allow our heart, our joy, to be our compass.

We may have been sidetracked by an educational system that directed our learning for so long. Adults in some far away office decided arbitrarily what should be filling our minds. Then teachers so often conscientiously ignored our natural curiosity and spontaneous intellectual cravings in the interests of meeting curriculum goals. But it was not our curriculum.

When we are deep into an activity or a learning that we are passionate about, we transcend time and space. It is here that have the experience of soulfulness. It is here that we allow the creative energy of the universe to pulse freely through us.

Natural learning was ignored, even discouraged, in favor of structured education. And in order to have this structured education administered effectively, it was necessary to remove us from our natural habitat.

We merge into the co-creative dance that is aeons old and ever new. We are life. Fortunately now, there are more avenues and opportunities for learning than ever before. There are so many ways of learning about our world, learning about ourselves. The Universe is our classroom. No more walls, no more limitations, no rules, no teacher. Only the light, the boundless, the timeless, the eternal.

We were placed in often sterile rooms where even fresh air and natural light were limited. We were prisoners in the sense that we were not free to come and go at will, and had to sit at a hard desk even if the body responded to the lack of movement with restlessness and fatigue. We were not free even to make natural human sounds at will. The end result in many cases was the deterioration of the natural desire for learning. Things are different now. Perhaps not much different in many schools, but different for students in alternative programs, and different for adults. As adults we are now free to re-awaken that natural human desire to explore our environments: inner space, outer space, and all the spaces in between. A young child learns by following what interests him. He may change his direction many times in a few minutes, or may become engrossed in an activity for hours. The learning process unfolds naturally and is fueled by curiosity, and by doing what he loves.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and psychotherapist in private practice. For articles, and information about her books, MP3’s and the “Creating Healthy Relationships” Series, go to and ‘Like’ Gwen on FaceBook!



I pulled a Osho Zen Tarot card this morning for contemplation, Aloneness was the card I pulled.

in creating a day that flows with me engaging in family and work and creativity, aware aloneness and also reading and watching TV.

I find it an interesting choice at this time in my life as I have, in the last 10 years, traveled that path from loneliness to being over scheduled and wishing to obtain moments of Aloneness.

I love the times of intense self-discovery and also creativity that comes to me when I engage in activities that feed my nature and my soul and for me those activities are primary solitary. It is important to have an understanding of your true nature and to find the time and energy to engage in feeding that aspect of self. If one chooses not to for numerous reasons, then I would suggest that the consequences can appear either in becoming overtly passive (shutting down) or by becoming over emotional (acting out). Self-acceptance is the key. To know and to understand and to move into acceptance of your nature is truly important so that you can move forward unimpeded.

Let me define what these two words mean to me. 

Aloneness – actively choosing to be by oneself

Loneliness – sadness because we have no one present in our life.

I know that deep place of sadness that being in a continual state of isolation can bring. The perpetual feeling of not knowing anyone except on a surface level and the loneliness of spirit that comes from being in that place for long periods of time. I have two sides to my nature, one is the part of me who loves to interact and connect on deep levels with people and the other part is the hermit who enjoys having times of solitary for reflection and for relaxation. Both sides of my nature need to be appeased otherwise I feel out of balance.

There is so much truth in those old sayings we often read and in this case there is power in the saying

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. Sun Tzu By understanding what motivates and stops you from moving into your own life fully, you have all the tools you then need to set yourself free to fly. All that it takes is that spark within to be ignited and for you to keep the flame activated.

The danger for me personally is that I can over challenge both my physical and mental energy and move into that hermit side of myself in an unhealthy passive manner. Instead of choosing to meditate/contemplate/ write or connect to my guides for information during my periods of Aloneness I will instead shut down and watch endless amounts of TV.

Have a fabulous month and Blessings and good tidings from my heart to yours this Christmas season.

The joy in pulling that card today was because it reminded me that I am currently in a place in time where I have the choice, I can continue to not place importance around my need for ' quality aloneness'

Namasté Debra Rae

and shut down my mind and spirit by watching too much TV or I can make a decision to create a healthy flow in my life. Knowing myself as well as I do, I do know this will not be easy for me to stick to doing as I do enjoy watching TV.....I am laughing to myself as I reread the above statement because the rebel part of my nature is not happy at being told it will be limited in any way BUT in actuality for me to succeed I know that I need to engage

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In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Mahatma Gandhi

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Welcome Welcome to the places in your heart your home where love dwells Welcome Welcome to the places on this earth your earth where love dwells Welcome Welcome to the places among the stars your stars where love dwells Turn your face Turn your face to the stars to the earth to your home to your heart Find the love that is present in you in me in each and every particle and ion and atom and star Finding it share it Send it out beyond your body beyond your home beyond that which you know and let it find the ones who need it most Share it freely so that the ones who need it most are held in your arms heart to heart I will share my love You will share your love Together we will be Love

Vera Enshaw 16



November Review

I got a little emotional during the monthly energies video, because it has not been the easiest of years from a Lightworker perspective. Yet what I saw in sessions, classes, and communications was a new foundation of courage growing throughout 2016. I have been amazed at what has resolved on an energetic level. I am in awe of the human experience. Areon called 2016 The Year of Clarity, and it has definitely been about clarifying into a purer focus of Light. Whew!

What a rollercoaster! Here in the states we had the shocking election of President-elect Donald Trump. There were protests after the election, mostly peaceful—but tension was high for quite a few days. The Standing Rock protests have continued as well. Certainly, the US is not the only area of chaos by any means, but the tension was palpable for many an empath! How do you maintain your peace within that? It isn’t as easy to maintain your peace in times of increased chaos. You may find it inaccessible for a time. You may find that you go back and forth. This isn’t a bad thing, it is indicating that you are capable of regaining your power in challenging times, or that you are clearing to a place of more strength. You may find that you are unaffected by certain energies. This is the way of it, that there are certain things that your energy is drawn into or not. You have some sort of resonance to clear, or a resonance to hold that assists, Lightworker.

As a brief overview, here is how they’ve defined the recent years: 2013 – The Year of Release (a restructuring after 2012, a lot of brain upgrades that would integrate over a few years) 2014 – The Year of Personal Empowerment (focusing on your foundation before a new wave of awakening in 2015) 2015 – The Year of Creativity (learning to work more directly with the heart/mind complex) 2016 – The Year of Clarity (refining your focus, clearing the foundation for a new strength and courage to begin)

In November, the energy focus was about Opening to Receive. This seemed counter-intuitive during such an emotionally challenging month. Yet this is a core of the path of Ascension—that as a wayshower, you feel drawn to focus on loving potential in trying times, that you are able to sense information beyond the obvious, that you are learning to navigate the potentials that are building rather than just the obvious “what-is.”

As we move into the Year of the Empowered Sovereign, we will see a lot of focus on the individual strengthening, discerning, and focusing. Through that individual strength, a new unity and connection will begin. It will mark a time of learning to move past tribal fears and into a new paradigm of the beauty of diversity. This is natural to the younger generations and Lightworkers, but many still hold a resonance from past fears. Hence, the wave of racial derision that has been coming up to clear in 2016. Your clarity that you refined in 2016 has been building a strength of compassion so that the new energy of connection can begin to embody. Congratulations on the powerful work you have done. I’m deeply grateful for your effort. It will be worth it!

December Energies Soothing Your Soul. It’s an interesting dichotomy that I feel in December. I feel a softening, a quiet moment. It feels like a time of rest and rejuvenation as we come to the end of the year and prepare for a new one. It feels like a flow of peace and honoring flowing in, that we are being nurtured after a somewhat challenging year. The December solstice is one of my favorite, always a powerful energy that feels like a reset (an energy that came up a lot in 2016).

Summary In December, Soothe Your Soul as much as possible and find your rejuvenating peace. Maybe it’s in nature, with a loved one, or with some beautiful music. As 2016 comes to a close, spend some time looking back at what you’ve created within yourself and in your life. Give yourself some kudos for your focus on improvement. Your smallest act of forgiveness is the butterfly effect that transforms the human experience. Never doubt your power. You are a blessing on Earth.

Soothing Your Soul is about taking some time to connect with the sacred breath of life and touch those moments of sweetness. It amplifies a flow of peace and honoring life, keeping you safe in reality and anchoring divinity. This is a culmination of a consistent message from 2016, that it is time to get your energy of Love, your Light into the world. That’s why the starseeds, crystals, indigos, rainbows, and all the other classifications of Lightworkers have incarnated. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Eventually.

Have a blessed December.

At the core of feeling soothed is a feeling of safety to connect with Life. The Light Language transmission had a lot of movement around the heart and the second chakra, opening up the loving, creative flow of connection into the world. This is a great indicator that we are strengthening the lower chakras. It flows right into the energies of 2017.

Copyright: © 2005-2016 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for noncommercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

2017 Overview The Year of the Empowered Sovereign 19

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.� Hamilton Wright Mabi



Photo: © Young Living 22

Open a bottle of angelica essential oil and bring it slowly toward your nose. The scent of this delightful oil will reach your nose long before the bottle gets there! I would not ever call it sweet, but it reaches up and grabs one’s attention. You can never just smell it once – it calls you back again and again. Diffuse angelica essential oil to help create a calm mood in your home or workspace. Because it lacks the floral notes it is more likely to be tolerated by those who are sensitive to scents. You will find that a little bit goes a long way. One drop in your diffuser will be sufficient – although you can always use more if you desire. Diffusing it may help with colds and coughs, making it easier to breathe. You can create an “emergency” kit for yourself by mixing a drop of angelica into some Epsom salts and putting them into a small jar that you can carry in your purse, pack or to leave at work. There are many times though out the day when stress levels can rise, for others as well as yourself. Open the jar and just let the aroma drift up and out for a few minutes. At least you will remain serene – and your serenity will influence those around you. It is also a great little tool to have on hand if you have a cough – again, open the bottle and breathe deeply. As with many of the oils, angelica can be used in massage. Create a blend for your clients that includes angelica – it blends well with so many other oils. It’s a ‘top’ note, so can be used for 20 -80% of the blend. Again, I find a little bit goes a long way-I would be inclined to use the lesser amount. (A blend of juniper and angelica….mmmmmm.) If you are an energy worker, you may find it helpful to rub a drop of angelica onto your palms prior to working with a client who is fearful of looking at their past. Angelica helps to access the higher chakras, promoting a level of trust in their ability to deal with the issues. Those who are experiencing digestive problems, 23

including flatulence, can mix angelica with a carrier oil and massage directly onto the abdomen or on the reflex points on the feet or hands. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, angelica will be a go-to oil to help revitalize the mood. Just opening the bottle and smelling it will tickle you into feeling more alert and ready to relax for the evening in a good mood – or ready to head out into your day with a lilt in your spirit! I find that putting an oil on my skin in the morning, especially on my thymus or heart chakra, keeps gifting me with the scent at odd moments throughout the day. It’s a delightful surprise, and I enjoy it every time it happens. This oil is photo-sensitive – that means you need to make sure that any part of the body you put it on is NOT exposed to sunlight for at least 24 hours, and preferably 48 hours. Enjoy the benefits of this oil blend. And please – always remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils. For more information on Young Living Essential oils and blends, please contact me by email at or go to the website:



Connect with Vera


INSTRUCTIONS 1. Lying on your back, bend the knees and bring the bottoms of the feet together. Bring the feet to the floor with the heels close to the hips. Let the knees open wide apart. 2. Inhale and slide the arms along the floor up over your head. Place the palms together, crossing the thumbs. 3. Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths. 4. To release: exhale and gently release the arms and legs.

BENEFITS + CONTRAINDICATIONS Benefits: Supine bound angle is a simple posture which gently opens the hips and the shoulders. Contraindications: Recent or chronic injury to the hips or shoulders.

MODIFICATIONS + VARIATIONS Modifications: Support the knees, low back and/or arms by placing bolsters or blankets underneath. Variations: A) Rest the arms by your sides, palms facing up. B) Rest the hands on the thighs to encourage the knees to drop towards the floor.


May the lights of Hanukkah usher in a better world for all humankind. Author Unknown



Excellent source of Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper Rich Source Vitamins C, B6, Thiamin, Folate,

High in Vitamins C, A, Source of; thiamine, riboflavin, magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium

Great source of manganese, copper, iron


High in Vitamins E, B6,C Source of; niacin,, magnesium, iron, selenium, manganese

Great source of Vitamins B6, C, K, Source of: manganese, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin

Great source of Vitamins A, C, E, K Source of: manganese, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin,

Vitamin B6 Source of: manganese, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium

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Play with the innocence of a child

As I asked what the power animal was this month otter came through.

As otter came in playing and splashing about: “During all that is happening have fun and play. Have a natural curiosity. Play and enjoy the innocent and total freedom of just being with no judgement. Non – judgement is just being and doing without thought. Be like us swim and play with the innocence of a child. For you are a child of the divine and in that divinity, you can be who you are!!” Yours in play

The Otters

Contact Michelle blog or email me at 31




Sunday Sun-Day

Monday Moon-day

Tuesday Mars-day

Wednesday Mercury-Day

Giving bag – for someone who is in need today – saw it on face book and loved the idea. Take a clear large zip lock bag – put some crackers – handy wipes, pc of fresh fruit, apple sauce, bottled water or juice box and a couple of surprise items.

Thursday Jupiter-Day

Friday Venus-Day

Saturday Saturn-day


2 Mercury moves to Capricorn

3 It is a beautiful day for organizing and getting your activities and lists ready for the holiday season

Must do meditation day. Action opportunities

Double Whammy (DW) = 2 or more hard aspects to the Moon 4





Gratitude and Generosity, give all that you can

Throw a couple extra giving bags in the car today

Best Meditation Day

Venus moves to Aquarius

Watch your inside voice – even though it may start harmonious things might get out of hand (verbally)

Don’t struggle with it … get organized

Get passionate

11 Don’t let someone else’s temper tantrum get you down.


Connect to harmony and peace today

Use this as an opportunity to BE unexpectedly skilled

9 Expect the unexpected is a busy energetic day. Only promise what you truly can and want to give today.



15 DW

16 DW

Full Moon at 4:05pm PT & 8:05 pm AT

Dream Big!

Don’t think with your emotions – it will get out of hand pretty quickly and blow up into something very unexpected.

Don’t let your day run Amuck!


See snap shot of the full moon






Don’t get in a kerfuffle over the little things …. Be the skilled one and let it go !

Mercury is standing still today … Breathe

Set your emotions aside and put your thinking cap on

Winter Solstice

Don’t let the unexpected get in the way of having a grand time

25 Merry Christmas … and Happy Hanukkah A very promising day full of Harmony and Peace

Giving bags today …. Do not give more than you can afford, but time is always a valuable gift

… Action it!

10 DW Step up to the plate and lead with confidence.

17 If you are feeling a little disharmonious take a dash of opportunity … a pinch of hard work … and a splash of genius and turn your frown …. Upside down

24 For those that are hunting for last minute xmas gifts … know what you are buying and why (or at the least – make sure you have a gift receipt for returns)

The solution will come

Watch your inside voice, try not to dwell on unpleasant conversations that are from the past

26 DW






Watch that your temper does not get the better of you if unexpected events get out of control.

Check that you have healthy boundaries in place

Pacific Time New Moon at 10:53 pm

Atlantic Time New Moon at 2:53 am

Only give what you can afford … in time – energy & money

Take care that you don’t make promises you can’t keep because they are too elusive or unaction-able

Mars moves into Pisces

See New Moon Snap Shot for details


Uranus is standing still … carve out of meditation time.


Mercury moves into its final retrograde (inner spiral) for the year on the 19th – make sure you keep all your receipts for any electronic purchases in December and January (in case you need to return items). Take care at the beginning of the month with purchases as you may be a little reckless with your ideas. This can be focused on ‘out of the box’ thinking that may bring intellectual resolution to some problems where solutions may have been elusive. Capricorn and Cancer folk may experience a little more chaos than others during this time period

if needed. Great time to purchase a used car but new cars should be purchased with caution. Great time to re-do … re-organize … re-word and re-start. Take care and back up your computers Capricorn and Cancer folk. Take advantage of Communication … talk it out – 6, 28, Be Skilled with your Communication – 15 … Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! Venus … Evokes Love, Beauty and Security. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful things (art, earthy greenery such as organic gardening, flowers, food, music, colour, gems, sparkly things, money, people) … This month Venus moves through Capricorn where she gets serious about goal setting and then into Aquarius on the 7th where she uses her social skills to partake in holiday merriment. Be sure not to have too many glasses of wine and then try to put your political hat on at your get-togethers.

Uranus pulls out of a deep inner spiral moving direct on the 28th … it will be a long process for him to mirror the internal bridges he has created or changed into our external environment … but by mid-January things will move forward. This long process has been working on our Aries folk – you may feel a jolt of energy and some giddy up and go after the 28th. Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Capricorn’s out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality.

Create something beautiful – 3, 8, 12, 25 … Know what you want and why – 10, 17, 24 … Heartache/domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway!

Winter Solstice December 21 at 5:45 am … Use this day to take a walk back through your year – journal your highs and lows. Formulate what worked and why and use that formulation as you review your goals and plans for the New Year. Light a candle in celebration and as a commitment to your own embodiment of the light that you project into your world.

Mars … Action, Passion and Anger, our ability to do something. It is important for you to connect to and work with your Martian energy – utilizing healthy expressions of action. Mars is zipping along as he moves from Aquarius to Pisces on the 19th. You will need to increase your instincts in order to maneuver around any potential obstacles. Don’t let yourself get into a fog … especially all you Piscean and Virgo folk.

Double Whammy and challenging days 10, 15, 16, 26 … use short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe. Meditation or relaxed days – great days 1, 3, 4, 6, 14, 25, 28… Experiment with different types of meditation such as deep breathing - moving chi gong, walking, music, meditation - silence or guided, gentle yoga or soft stretching.

Connect to Action and Passion – 1, 13, 23, 28 … Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! - 11, 18, 22, 26 … Jupiter… Growth, Wisdom, Opportunities and Expansion. Very slow moving which allows us to settle in and grasp what opportunities are presenting themselves in your life. Jupiter made a very big shift into Libra in September, until the fall of 2017. This will provide an opportunity to see both sides before we ex-

Mercury… Communication in all forms from old fashioned verbal & written to that which travels on sound waves. Mercury moves to Capricorn and then starts his inner spiral on the 19th. Keep your receipts (especially for electronics) so you can make exchanges 37

pand on our ideas and desires. Anyone with Sun or planets in Libra will feel Jupiter’s generosity … take care that you don’t manifest this as weight gain ;-)

your boundaries. The Dwarf Planets … Take care not to get caught up in the harsher side of these dwarfs – they may not have cleared their orbit of debris but they still pack a lot into their symbolic language. We have just begun the exploration of some of the newly discovered. Except for Ceres (asteroid turned dwarf) they are all very slow moving – change is very slow and gradual.

Opportunity is knocking … are you ready? 1, 13, 17, 25 … Don’t give more than you can afford – 2, 4, 9, 15, 30… Don’t lose sight of your budget, over-indulging or overcommitting, watch that others do not take advantage of your generosity.

Pluto… Our planet of change, control (ego) and power. Pluto slowly plods along moving through Capricorn. Pluto continues to push for change in our old and outworn structures of dictatorship and inflexible leadership. Let go of the need to control and simply BE a powerful advocate for change. Pluto is moving direct through Capricorn. Slowly start to release your need to control the details around you … remember – the only control we truly have is to open and allow the destruction and disintegration of the old ways in order to get to the re-Birth, and move to the next level of Being. Capricorn and Cancer folk need to pay more attention to this planetary transit.

Saturn… Boundaries, Restrictions, Limitations and possibly fear, Saturn supports your ability to get organized. Saturn is moving through Sagittarius, picking up speed and working with a wild-fiery optimistic energy. Saturn in Sagittarius will help you infuse flexibility and passion and bounce back into what you are manifesting, focus on healthy boundaries! Anyone with Sagittarius or Gemini Sun and planets will feel this energy more profusely.

Go ahead, set some boundaries and get organized – 3, 4, 9, 17, 22, 25 … Don’t forget to create healthy boundaries – 7, 13, 19, 27 … You may feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE!

Makemake… who brings quantum experiences and unexpected genius; is traveling through Libra – utilize Photo: © - structures that you have been working ondusk to continue to develop your relationship with the earth and bring your microcosm into balance.

Uranus … The Bridge between that which we can see and what we cannot see. Unleash your Genius, this is our planet of sudden ideas and change. Uranus is slowly moving through Aries – creating impulsive moments that focus on new and innovative ideas. Expect ideas to inspire, new energy sources are available. Be a Rebel with a cause – let the radical inner changes move you. Uranus moves direct on the 28th … get ready to unleash your genius on the world …

Eris… only desires equality! This is a strong feminine archetype who will use our ego against us. Evoke and balance and awaken the warrior within. She fearlessly moves through Aries (very slow moving). She is currently moving retrograde (inner spiral). A catalyst for unexpected events, which may appear to feel like a painful Déjà vu. Been there done that … Why Am I Doing It Again! The answer is that you will continue to do it again and again until you evoke the warrior within to break the energetic signature being repeated.

Neptune … Our planet that dissolves boundaries and limitations, the window supporting understanding and wisdom of what is beyond the physical world and our solar system. Neptune continues through Pisces so take care with experimentation of drugs and alcohol and Be MindFul of collective or clan/pack mentality, tune into Love not Hate. Neptune turns direct on the 19th of November. Explore ways that you can expand

Haumea… Facilitator for transformation as the mother of humanitarian efforts … is currently at 24 degrees Libra. She brings a balance back to the goddess signature as she takes back her power on earth. Step up to the plate take on the global issues by choosing to be different and make a change.


Ceres… loves the work or activity of the harvest – a mother figure in our lives, continues is moving through Aries and in a retrograde (inner spiral). Opportunity to go back and replant seeds that did not germinate the first go around.

the old with the new energies in order to move forward. The accessible power to propel us forward will be the need for structure that has the ability to mutate as we evolve the goal.

Solar/Lunar cycles

New Moon at 7 Capricorn, at 10:53 pm PT & 2:53 am AT on 28/29 December

Step outdoors and connect to your early evening sky, do it again in the early morning just as the Sun peaks out from the horizon, consciously wake from one dream and step into another. The lunar cycle is a monthly marker giving us a time line in which to complete old tasks, then birth the new. Connect to our genetic/collective habits and patterns of our multidimensional bodies.

The New Moon is when the moon is dark and does not hinder our view as we peer deeply into our universe, and look beyond our patterns and habits by connecting to something greater than ourselves. The dynamic build toward something new, exciting & un-

known. Snap Shot: This New Moon has a great support system that comes with it. We are still working on new structures and blending energies.

As above So below. Full SUPER Moon at 22 Gemini/ Sagittarius, at 4:05pm PT & 8:05pm AT on 13 of December

You may feel your spiritual warrior kick in during this New Moon, but before you go all Bruce Lee on everyone around you … Check to see if this is a recurring issue, perhaps there is a better resolution. Focus on attracting harmony (via love, beauty, art, music) into your life and it will surely grow into something wonderful over the next year.

When the Moon is full - the sky is lit up and you can see the details of where you are headed. It is a time of completion – or looking to see what needs to be completed in the present moment in order to move forward. In November we had our closest supermoon but we still have opportunity to utilize this special Lunar gift. These supermoons light up the darkest of corners. Get in-touch with your emotional body/mind, what needs to be let go of (habits and patterns) and how you can use your emotions as the tool they are meant to be … to get impassioned and engaged in your life.

Snap Shot: This Full Moon is pretty Intense. Philosophical/Belief systems have direct access to the higher mind, at times this may feel like you are teetering on the edge of the abyss. The knee jerk reaction may be to be a rebel and immediately dismiss the old ways in favour of new and (seemingly) better ways. You will be asked to create structure and Even though you may think you no longer need to follow the old ways, you will need to blend

Email: for more information on how a Phone or Skype Consultation can help you with any transitions you are experiencing in your life. 39

A Crystal Reading for

December 2016 Welcome, dear ones. Take a seat, relax and prepare yourselves for a most delicious ride! This month you will be surprised by how quickly time flies. Before you know it, December will be upon you! Make the most of each day without rushing through it. You choose how you experience the passage of time…this month be aware of all time’s facets. Dear ones, we give to you all the love your hearts can hold. We ask nothing in return. You are Love. Namasté

Vera Contact Vera at

Photo: © VEnshaw


Week 1 – December 1 to 3rd: Green Schist: Let the sparkle in you loose! Decorate your home, your workspace – bring all the power you have to bear in this matter. Days are getting shorter, and having sparkle and light shining in unexpected places can bring instant joy. Help someone who is unable to set up their own sparkle, ask for help with it if that person is you.

Week 2 – December 4 to 10th: Jasper Chalcedony Obelisk: Stand tall in your power this week. Light and dark combine to create something incredibly beautiful. Don’t get lost in the game of “I should be.” It is a never-ending road, and one that only serves to bring pain. Instead, celebrate each and every aspect of your self. Recognize the strength that is you, and recognize that it takes both white and black to create that strength. It is in knowing who you are NOT that you begin to recognize who you truly are.

Week 3 – December 11 to 17th: Azurite: The deep, beautiful blue of the evening sky at this time of year is a colour one can get lost in. It is warm and comforting and fills the heart that observes it with joy. Take some time to see the evening sky. It is a time for you to simply enjoy the moment. Breathe deeply, give thanks, and move on. (Although you might observe the sparkle in the sky as the stars begin their evening dance…)

Week 4 – December 18 to 24th: Epidote: More glitter, as the magic of this season becomes more and more pronounced. The solstice is full of magic, if we but open ourselves to the feeling of it. Step outside, celebrate the light that is, then move back inside to the light within. Use candles to create the soft, warm glow that answers a need deep within. On the morning of the 21st, spend time in solitude. Surround yourself with light that ebbs and flows… flickering candles or a fireplace. If it is a workday, use your transit time to notice all the sparkly lights that move quickly past windows. Be grateful for the light in your world.

Week 5 – December 25 to 31st: Clear Quartz Vogel: Sit this week with the year that has passed. What were the best times? When did you have your biggest challenges? How do you feel, here and now, sitting and looking towards the end of this week? Are you ready for the new year? You had better be, for there is no turning back the clock. Sit with your Self and open to feeling the peace that abounds in the energies of this season. Notice the warmth. Feel the love, be the love. On the last day of this year, sit with your dreams for the coming year. Celebrate your ability to move forward, one day, one week, one month, one year at a time! 41



This month’s messages drawn from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray 44



There is always an anchor of peace and love within you Beloved angels of earth; Know in this time of upheaval there is always an anchor of peace if you would seek it within you. Yes, you must make time to go within and find this peace. Oh, but beloved angels this is well worth the effort. You see beloved ones it really does not matter how long it is for just that it is done daily. You see this time you take for you benefits all humanity more then you know. The world need strong anchors now and you beloved angels of earth can choose to be expertly that if you wish. For you are and can be a beacon and anchored in love help humanity and mother earth through this time. The Guardian Angels of Earth

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Photo: © mcobb 48

Hello my friends, seek out good advice and try to become more positive and progressive.

Because I write for a broad range of people each month, I usually ask the runes to give me a general overall picture, rather than a specific personal reading.

We need to rely on each other to get through this period of uncertainty, distrust, and suspicion of our fellow man.

This month they addressed what is going on in the world very pointedly.

I will not comment on what has gone on politically this past month other than to say, I was blindsided by the result.

The first rune is Algiz reversed. Algiz is a protection rune, but because it is reversed it shows vulnerability. This indicates we are being deceived and misled by others. All forces that we are expending are for their benefit, and not ours. Often we are made the scapegoat for another's failures.

This reading is showing us that no matter what has happened recently, we need to stick together and stay true to our beliefs, which, if we work hard enough, should end up benefiting all mankind, not just 1%.

Algiz can show that an offer should be refused and those people avoided. If we must become involved with such people, we need to be aware and try to turn the tables on them to our advantage. Only then will we eventually benefit.

It is the old adage of, "united we stand, divided we fall." We are the 99 and we are stronger than the 1. Until next month,

The second rune is Othala and is the rune of possessions. It represents the things money can buy, usually something physical, like land or a building.

SkĂĽl min ven Phil

It can also indicate one who is consumed by an ideal or vision and based on the accompanying runes, I believe that is what the runes are telling us. The final rune is Mannaz. Mannaz represents mankind and is the rune of interdependence. This is the time to Contact Phil at for more information. 49

Message from the Angels December 2016 Greetings We come to you this month, and our message is simple. Open your hearts, see beyond what your eyes can see, what your ears can hear and what your lips will speak. Open your heart and freely give love to all you encounter. In return, the gift of love will be bestowed upon you immeasurably. Our mantra for you this month – first love, then love will be returned. You step into a magical month, and with love being the seed you plant, you shall be able to achieve great things. No matter what comes to each of you this month, we promise there are solutions at your disposal. Remember your minds are powerful, we want you to know when you set your mind to anything, you are invincible. Take care not to get worn down. Proper rest and care fuel you so that you do not end up in the pit of despair, wallowing in what could be instead of celebrating what is. Even if you do not get your own way, keep your chin up, because from our perspective, and we wish you could see as we do, everything happens for a reason. If you knew the reason before it happened, you would never achieve anything, for you would never try. Life is mysterious, each day you make decisions without fully understanding where those decisions will take you. Wave your magic wand this month and weave the air with your unique magic. Share the love you have within you to give and see how easily life flows.

other. Give the gift of opening your heart so wide that you see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and speak new words. When love is the gift planted, it grows quickly and spreads faster than the weeds in the garden. You are the keepers of this earth. The love planted this month receives the magic of the season and all the traditions celebrated this month. That magic will continue throughout the year, strengthening hearts along the way and giving hope to those in need. A spirit that is strong cannot be broken. Your spirit is strong. Each of you reading this has a spirit so strong it could move mountains. Be secure in this knowledge even when you feel life is dumping on you. Know that you are strong enough to clean up any mess. You will rise above the challenges with hearts renewed and a stronger sense of who you are. Love is the key. Love yourself and nurture your strength. Magic happens when you see beyond your eyes, listen to the music of the universe beyond your surroundings, and speak with gentle truth and love. Magic feeds your soul, and this month promises to fill you to over flowing, if you will allow it. See the love, hear the love and speak love. Celebrate dears, celebrate. sharing magic and love the power of three

When it feels like you are not catching a break on any level, remember each no becomes a yes somewhere down the road. Continue to place your faith in yourself, your trust in yourself, and keep going. Embrace your story, your life, for you have built a solid foundation so that you have a tower strong enough to withstand time. Every single one of you has built this tower from personal experiences. Celebrate each

Through Mcobb



Whatever you choose to celebrate this month Blessings from our homes' to yours Happy Holidays!

Photo: Š P Nielsen 52

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